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#shoto todoroki x reader

a little peek at what I hope to have ready for friday!

You can honestly say this wasn’t what you were expecting to happen tonight.

Chilled fingers follow the curve of your spine, starting at the base of your neck and trailing downward achingly slow. The hitch in your breathing is loud, and Shouto’s lips curve into a barely there smile. Deftly, he slips a finger between your shoulder and the pretty dress you’re wearing, teasing the bare skin there before you let him brush the fabric aside.

The straps of your dress slide down your arms slowly, and a pair of narrowed, ruby red eyes immediately drag down your body, appraising you as more of your soft skin is revealed. Katsuki licks his lips as the silky fabric pools around your feet, expression nothing short of greedy as he watches the two of you, though he doesn’t move. Not yet. You shiver under his gaze and the icy kiss that Shouto presses against the side of your neck. Hands drag down your sides to grasp your hips, the difference in temperature between the two making you gasp and squirm, but Shouto holds you firmly against his chest.

The boys lock eyes over your shoulder. A silent agreement.

“All right, angel.” Katsuki’s voice is deeper than usual, and startlingly calm. “Be a good girl and moan for me an’ Icy Hot.”

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todoroki shouto x (l/n) (f/n)

warnings: teen angst, kissing

canon au

tagging: @angelikins bc she had to put up with me going “todoroki🥺” every 5 seconds this ones for u kuni. u a real one

word count: 2.3K


Todoroki first meets her when he goes to the corner 24 hour store to satisfy his two in the morning cold soba craving— body clad in tartan pyjamas and multicoloured hair disheveled due to his nap on the edge of his bed. This specific store, about a five minute walk from his house, always has his favourite brand of soba stocked full on the shelves, even when he shuffled through the door at ungodly hours in the morning.

It’s dark outside— a blanket of onyx lays softly over the night sky, stars twinkling against the dark background through the lanes of glass. The (h/c) haired teenager lay against the counter, her eyelids drooping softly as soft snores were emptied from her mouth. Despite taking a small nap against the register, the girl still had three hours left of her shift, which didn’t settle well with her. At all.

The sound of several packets of ramen crashing to the floor ruptured the girl from her nap, (e/c) eyes disappearing behind her eyelids as she blinked herself awake and sauntered towards the shelves where a snowy and flame-like haired boy was crouched, six packets of soba placed in his arms.

A sigh of annoyance left her, before rolling her eyes slightly and crossing her arms over her chest. “Excuse me, sir. Do you need a little help?” Chestnut and aquamarine eyes met her own, uninterested ones that stared at Todoroki as if she had six million better things to do. (nap against the window or register)

“Right, uh.. sorry. I was grabbing the soba and everything just.. fell.” He mumbled, glancing at the mess that had accumulated on the floor.

“Yeah. I can see that.” She huffed, leaning down as she began to restock the shelves with the fallen ramen. Once finished, she leaned back up again and stared at the now awkwardly shuffling boy with several packs of soba in his arms. “Is that all you need, sir?”

“Todoroki.” He states, his feet following hers as they made their way to the register of the store.

“Huh?” She blinks, grasping the packets of soba and sliding them across the surface of the scanner.

“My name. It’s Todoroki. Todoroki Shouto.” He grumbles, his hand fishing out some change to pay for his two in the morning snack. A pair of (e/c) eyes stared back at him, silently waiting for the money.

“Endeavor’s kid?” She questioned. The boy’s face completely drained at the query, his soft eyes hardening like ice like a lake glazed over on an early January morning. Packing his purchases into a plastic bag, the teenager’s ears remained peeled for confirmation to her question.

“Yes. Anyways, what’s your name?” Despite having a nametag pinned on the left side of her shirt, the two toned boy insisted on asking her the most blatant question in the book.

“Todoroki-san. I have a nametag, you can see that, right?” The remark is intertwined with blatant boredom as (f/n) retrieves the money from Todoroki’s outstretched palm and drops it into the register.

Unblinking, the boy tilts his head to the side slightly. A soft grin morphs into his lips, as he realised he is annoying the girl as little. “Yes.”

“Then, why the hell ask me a question you already know the answer to?” She quirks up an eyebrow, selecting a few notes to return to the boy as change.

Heterochromia, star filled eyes gaze at her in amusement as he takes the money into his wallet. “ I wanted to hear your voice.”

The resonance of (f/n) spluttering on air resonances around the vacant store, (e/c) eyes peering up to him underneath her lashes. “Wh.. what?”

He has his bag in hand— at this point, Shouto knows he should leave. But now that he’s gotten a taste of the girl’s bleak walls she’s crafted, he can’t bring himself to walk away willingly. “It’s nice talking to someone who doesn’t want to know about my father or anything hero related.”

“Is this your poor attempt at a compliment or what?” A chuckle is attempted to be stifled, (h/c) locks swaying as the girl shifted somewhat.

“If you want to take it that way, then yes. Yes it is.” The fingers that were encased in her palms tremble slightly due to Todoroki’s upfront nature, as (f/n) can feel herself squirm under his smouldering stare. Logically, she spits out the only thing she can think of at two twenty two in the morning.

“You’re.. weird.”

The jewels of his eyes sparkle at her remark, seemingly finding her embarrassment all the more humorous— especially when she furiously averts her eyes to the side. Not that she’ll ever know that, obviously.

“I’ve been told that before, (f/n). Nice name by the way.” The comment rendered the poor teen girl speechless, before she inhaled a deep breath she wasn’t aware she was holding and directed her gaze to Todoroki, head on.

“Is this you flirting now?” She snides, arms raising to fold over her chest.

His trainers’ clad feet advance towards the doorway of the store. Before he exits the building, his body turns to depart from the (h/c) haired girl with a wave “Nope. Just casual conversation from a store employee to a student.”

“Todoroki-san.. talking to you makes me lose brain cells at a questionable rate.” A breath exits from her lips, as she rolls her eyes at the retreating boy.


That was a month ago, and now— (f/n) finds herself in the same situation. Except, it’s five in the evening and Todoroki Shouto is out with his prestigious U.A. friends and (f/n) is out with her younger brother.

If the ground were to swallow her up right now, she would have no complaints.

Especially when an extremely enthusiastic brunette is acting like it’s a crime investigation as a younger, brown haired boy tried to hide behind (f/n)’s leg.

“(l/n)-chan! How long have you known Todo-kun? He’s told us so much about you even though he’s the super awkward type and aww is this your little brother? He’s so cute!” She squealed, her hands reaching down to squish Hiroaki’s cheeks who only shuffled away in modesty and stuffed his face into his older sister’s leg.

Todoroki can only be an onlooker in this situation, but he tosses the girl an apologetic glance, and (f/n) wonders if he forgot about the part when ‘Uraraka’ told her that he talked about her all the time. (Which she didn’t really mind, in all honesty.)

The sensation of arms wrapping around her leg sprung the girl back to life, as she rather bluntly cut through the brunette’s statements.

“Uh.. thanks Uraraka-san.. but Hiroaki is quite shy so getting all up in his face can freak him out. But thank you. And to answer your question, I’ve only known him for about a month.” Petting a palm against his head (which calmed the boy down), (f/n) glanced back at Todoroki— who seemed to be quite silent. His attitude resulted in furrowed brows from the girl, however she turned and invested herself into a conversation with Uraraka and found herself being a lot more open and less annoyed than usual.

“(f/n)-chan.. I’m hungry.” Hiroaki mumbles into the girl’s shoulder since she was carrying him, petite fists rubbing against his emerald eyes as he stuck out his bottom lip in a pout. Any passerby would’ve assumed Todoroki and (f/n) would’ve been lovers, or at least one sided since Todoroki was gazing at her softly as she grinned and promised her younger sibling to go out for dinner today as a special treat.

“Todoroki-san.” She calls, turning her head back to look at him— standing by his lonesome since Uraraka had left to go with Asui around fifteen minutes ago. “Do you want to join us? There’s always room for one more.” He smiles when the word ‘always’ wafts into his brain— and the fact that she’s smiling. A month ago, she would’ve told him to go to hell or she’d rather keel over and die than eat dinner with him.

It’s nice.

“Sure.” He mumbled, walking towards the giggling boy and smiling (f/n), and he couldn’t help but smile too.

The tap of the soles of shoes tapping against the pavement echoes in his ears, blood gushing to his fingertips, whilst Hiroaki raced on ahead with his arms spread out wide like a plane as he jumped up and down. A comfortable silence blankets itself over (f/n) and Todoroki, both of the teens at peace with the other.

“Todoroki-san.” At the mention of his name, he turns to a pair of (e/c) eyes that are crinkled slightly due to a smile. “I’m sorry. For how I treated you when we first met. Thanks for sticking around as long as you have, it.. you mean a lot to me.”

Her confession leaves him love struck, breathless— any word in a shoujo manga, Shouto is pretty damn sure that he’s feeling it right now. Seeing the once scowling and scornful girl now smiling up carelessly as him, her eyes crinkled in a face splitting grin. “I also want to tell you something.”

He nods, their pinkie’s touching and his breath collapses in his throat. “I’m trying to earn money to pay back my Grandma since she looks after us, and took us away from my mom who wasn’t.. a great parent. What I’m saying is, I was horrible to you because I didn’t want you to find out I was doing two jobs to support my Grandma inucase you thought I was some sort of peasant..”

He stares, so helplessly yet so full of love, and all he can think of doing is embracing her and protecting her from the entire universe. He takes a deep breath, chest shuddering at the sheer weight of it all. “I would never judge you (f/n).. you know that.”

She smiles, again.

“Yeah. I do.”

The two gaze at each other, the breeze shifting their hair slightly and all Shouto can wish for in that moment is that they stay like that— for as long as possible. His hand grazes hers, fingers intertwining almost timidly and his lips part to speak.

“Listen (f/n). I need to say that I—“

“(f/n)-chan! We’ve arrived!”

And all of a sudden, Shouto is pretty sure he may be convincted of accidentally freezing a child and cornering them into a block of ice. With a grumble, he trudges onwards with a pout on his face and mismatched hair shadowing his eyes.

All (f/n) can do is snort out a laugh at his misfortune and follow her brother.


Digging into a fresh plate of katsudon, Hiroaki didn’t pay much mind to the two teenagers in front of him. (f/n) had a bowl of curry, and Todoroki had (to nobody’s surprise) a bowl of cold soba, which made Hiroaki and (f/n) scrunch up their noses in disgust.

“It’s not that disgusting, (f/n).” The girl rolled her eyes and nudged Todoroki with her elbow, even if there was a small smile present on her lips

“Yes. Yes it is.” She replies, spooning some of her curry into her mouth, as Hiroaki slams his fists down on the table causing several chopsticks to go flying onto the floor.

“(f/n)-chan’s right! Cold soba is gross!” Despite being introverted at first, the young boy was now sticking his tongue out at Shouto who returned the gesture. Moments passed, between (f/n) cleaning Hiroaki’s face in between bites, Shouto sticking his tongue out at a three year old and almost erupting into flames when Hiroaki asked if he was his older sister’s boyfriend.

As Hiroaki mumbled to himself, chomping on a piece of ice Todoroki had crafted himself, the (h/c)ette turned to the boy beside her and lowered her voice. “Hey, Todoroki-kun. Are you okay?”

He pretends not to notice the difference in honorifics, and blinks at the girl in question. “What do you mean? I’m fine.”

She lets out a breath, and sets her spoon down on the table with Hiroaki still munching on ice and pork. “You were quiet when me and Uraraka-san were talking.. and you’re bad at lying. You’re super awkward about it. Is it.. something about your dad?”

He flinches. Bingo.

She’s soft, like she always is over late night calls, when she ran to his house because he asked her to at three in the morning, when she held him in the back of the store as he cried about his mother. She’s soft—like always. “You can tell me if you want. You don’t have to, Todoroki-kun.”

He can’t help but feel at ease, his fingers curled around hers. “Shouto. Call me Shouto.”

Blood rushes to her cheeks as she seats her hand in front of her face, hoping to drain away the heat present. “..okay. S-shouto.. you can tell me what’s wrong..”

His head falls to where her neck meets her shoulder, as he lets out a steamed breath at the mention of his first name coming from her lips. He nestles his head into her shoulder, pressing a soft kiss there— his ego enlarging at the sight of her skin burning a whole shade brighter.

“Is he crying, (f/n)-chan?” Hiroaki asks, tilting his head.

“N-no! S-Shouto is just tired, that’s all.” She mumbles, waving her hands back and forth as Todoroki kisses her shoulder again, more forcefully. “Shouto..” she growls, (e/c) eyes tightening into a glare as Hiroaki cheers in the background whilst chanting ‘fight! fight! fight!’ over and over again.

“Aishiteru wa, (f/n).” Her face blossoms into a variation of scarlets and fuchsias, and then wrapping her arms around his neck and rubbing her face into his firm chest.

“Todoroki-san.. you broke my sister.” Hiroaki murmurs, shaking his head— not impressed at all. Todoroki just smirks, petting the hair on (f/n)’s head in an adoringly manner.

Sly bastard.

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Summary: Nothing like sole food for the romance. What do you mean it’s supposed to be soul?

Rating: E for Explicit

Pairing: Shouto (Shoto) Todoroki x Reader

A/N: Listen, is a warning even necessary at this point? I went with a less vulgar name for this one. But same nasty bootlicking content. My first time writing for him soooo ooops if he’s outta character. Aheh. Enjoy!


You count down from one hundred in your head, anticipation and nerves threatening to claim the best of you. Tonight you’re trying something new, something you’ve been seeking for months since you brought it up. Shouto would tell you it all came down to timing and all that jazz but you know it’s more about you both being comfortable enough with each other more than anything. But shortly after stepping into this relationship you already knew he was the one. You would never trust anyone else with the jagged pieces of your submission — Shouto’s the only one worthy. 

3, 2, 1

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Originally posted by sesukes

Here’s the fourth piece in my “If the heart could speak” series! The rest of the works in the series could be found here.

Relationships: Todoroki Shouto x Gender-neutral!Reader

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1.2k

As soon as Todoroki’s eyes peeled open, he gathered himself and glanced at the bedside digital clock. The time reads 12:26, meaning he overslept way more than he used to before.

He runs his hand over his face and lightly taps the side of his cheek to further wake himself up, then gets on his feet to go freshen up in the bathroom. As soon as he’s standing right in front of the bathroom door, he notices a yellow post-it stuck on it. He plucks it off and reads,

“Good morning, Shou! If you’re reading this, I might have already left for that week-long conference thing I was talking about a few days ago. I didn’t want to wake you up because I know you’ve been up late for work again, but rest assured I did give you a little forehead kiss!

P.S. I made some of your favorites in the fridge, it should be enough to last a few days if you aren’t eating all of it today. If they run out, just order pizza hehe.

I love you! ❤”

He reads the note twice- maybe three, four times over and over again, and recognizes the few emoticons you’ve drawn all over the margins of the little slip, the hearts and stars you’ve oh-so-carefully drawn for him. Every re-read pulls at the corners of his lips until he’s smiling widely like a huge idiot in front of the door. He chuckles, then turns the knob on the door and steps inside the bathroom. He sticks the note right at the upper corner of the mirror, and it’s not because he wants to keep reading it while he’s washing up. Totally not.

He sees you two’s toothbrush cup and notices the lonely blue toothbrush–his–sitting inside. You must’ve brought yours with you, instead of a new one up in the cupboard. His eyes land on the other bath products lined on the bathroom counter and notices that you’ve arranged them by height, again. Last time, you color-coded them because you liked the aesthetic of it. Silly, silly you.

His entire routine consisted of brushing his teeth while reading your note three more times and washing his face and trying to arrange the products on the counter the same way you did. When he’s finished, he grabs his phone from the bedside table and makes his way to the kitchen.

Like what you said in your note, you did prepare his favorites. Not just some because by the number of reusable containers filled with broth and other foods inside the refrigerator, you might have cooked him too much food in fear of him starving to death. It’s not like he can’t cook, he just can’t do it without you.

He takes the pink-lidded container labeled “abalone rice porridge,” pours himself a serving into a bowl, and heats it up in the microwave. While waiting for the timer, he unlocks his phone and sees about seven messages from you. They were all along the lines of “Are you awake?” and a few were kissy emojis you slipped in between. The messages make him chuckle once more, and he sends you a little “Just about to have breakfast. Take care. x” before stuffing his phone in his pocket. Once his meal is done heating up, he takes it out and starts digging in.

The porridge tastes heavenly as always, but what caught his attention more were the carrots that you had cut like miniature flowers. He takes a particularly long glance at one piece of the carrot flowers and notes the little ridges and cuts you’ve made on it. It’s not perfect, but it doesn’t look bad either. He carefully scoops it onto his spoon and stares at it like it’s a rare treasure find because how can someone do that to a thin slice of carrot? He can’t even cut carrots evenly! The little carrot flower in his spoon seemed to be more delicate the longer he looks at it and he almost doesn’t want to eat it, but since you cooked this for him, he’ll gladly finish it all.

He sets the dishes in the sink and makes a mental note to do it later, then he trudges to the living room to plop onto the couch. His head rests on top of the backrest as he replays his entire morning–well, noontime–in his head.

Your little yellow note adorned with doodles that put a smile on his face, the ridiculously-arranged bath products on your bathroom sink counter, and the pretty carrot flowers you’ve mixed into his porridge– all of those are the smallest of the bare minimum things he encountered, but it’s just so… you. And he thinks it’s funny that your house is littered with you everywhere that even though you aren’t there, you are.

His hand falls to the spot beside him and he notices the dip in the cushion, must’ve been where you sat before you left for your conference. He lets his hand linger on the spot a while, then he sighs and closes his eyes.

In his head, he imagines you writing the note with a subtle crease in between your brow, you comparing your bath stuff one to another to see which is taller than the other, and you cooking him the best rice porridge while dressed in the cutest apron he’s ever laid eyes on. He also thinks of how you might have looked at him if he had woken up earlier and had caught you doing any one of those.

You’d look at him with your soft eyes and slowly smile at him after taking in his sleepy form. You’d giggle at how his hair’s been messed up from tossing and turning in bed, then drop all that you’ve been holding just to walk up to him and kiss him on the tip of his nose. Just that, because you know he would’ve been so excited to see you in the morning to even freshen up before coming out of the room.

If he hadn’t slept in too much he might have seen you off for the day; taking your cheeks into his palms as he looks lovingly into your eyes, advising you to take care, eat your meals every day, and send him texts about your whereabouts throughout the week. After that, he’d come to wait with you for your train ride, keeping your hand in his left hand the entire time because it’s always cold in the mornings. And then when it’s time for you to go, he’d brush your hair out of your face and place a kiss on your forehead, on the bridge of your nose, and a significantly longer one on your lips. He’d have one last look at you and your loving eyes, before waving you off with a small smile on each of your faces. And as your train moves, you’d mouth him an “I love you” and blow him a kiss, with him repeating your actions.

The scene in his head made him grumble and wish he’d woken up sooner, but the fatigue from yesterday’s patrol was not to be ignored. He sighs, opens his eyes, then takes his phone out of his pocket. He taps onto your message thread and sees that you haven’t replied to his text.

He’s typing… I miss you already. Sent.

He lets his phone drop onto the spot beside him and he sighs one more time.

This is going to be a long week.

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Hey Hey. I don’t write about these two much and I’m busy with this collab, but I wanted to answer your ask. Here you go :3

Katsuki Bakugou

  • Bakugou uses it as a form of punishment. When you fuck with him one too many times the hero pops you on his lap, burying his thick cock deep while he goes about tasks on the computer.
  • This motherfucker has excellent self-control and has no problem enduring your endless squirming and whimpers.
  • If anything you’re just making it worse on yourself. It’s impossible for him to go soft when you’re writhing on it like that.
  • “P-Please Suki,” You’d whine, only to hear him chuckle darkly from behind.
  • “Not a chance Princess,” one hand comes down to spread your folds, toying with your clit just right while you grind with his length deep inside you. His other hand digs into the fat of your hips, preventing you from bouncing. Right, when you’re about to reach your limit, he pulls back, resting his chin on your shoulder and laughing at the way you whine and beg.
  • Don’t worry. If you’re a good girl and take your punishment gracefully, he’ll fuck that pretty pussy til your mind goes blank.

Shouto Todoroki

  • Talk about literal cock warming.
  • While you’re impaled on him Shouto likes channeling heat straight to his cock as he holds you down. Throbbing when you moan and squeal in desperation.
  • Once you’re nice and heated, begging him to cum, he’ll swap the temp, telling you it’s time to “Cool off,” when you get too excited.
  • It honestly turns him on more when you throw a fucking fit. Cursing his name and stomping your feet when he denies you. You could stop at any time, but he knows how badly you want him.
  • Shouto loves you desperate and needy, so he’s not stopping until you’re breaking out in frustrated tears.
  • The second those well-earned pools form at the corners of your eyes, he’s fucking up into you, praising you for being such a good girl and taking it.
  • When you cockwarm him it really tests his resolve, so once he finally decides to move, he’s feral; biting on the mound of muscle between your shoulder and neck, peppering the area with gentle kisses that are in direct conflict with the death grip he has on your hips, and growling ferociously as he fills your needy cunt with thick ropes of cum.


@cherrycolabomb @the-angriestpineapple @saint-eridell​ @katsukisprincess

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“Faking” It- Part Two

Chapter Summary: Things are taking a step forwards! Now that Todoroki and (Y/n) have come to an agreement, its time to get the show on the road! Look out for Bakugo, he is as blunt as ever!

Authors Note: I am back with part two! I hope everyone enjoys !

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Tulips //


Prompt-> Todoroki and his S/o going flower sighting! Until a few surprised guesses tag along..

Pairing-> Shoto Todoroki x Fem!reader

Word count-> 5.4k words

Warnings-> Fluff, flower obsession, tint of jealousy, popping the big one.

Hi! Hope you enjoy this fic, and learn some cool facts about flowers as well. Enjoy! :-)


The tires of the car roll against the broken gravel dirt, as the sun shines off the black cool jeep. Soft music radiates from the radio, as wind blows against your (H/c) locks.

You look threw your tinted brown shades, as you watch trees and people blurring past by. It was pretty warm outside, thanks to the sun. It wasn’t chilly, nor hot. It was a perfect day to go pick flowers, weeds, and stalk birds that soar across the sky.

But what you didn’t expect was your boyfriend tagging along. Don’t get me wrong, they’re some males who find flowers gorgeous! But, The Shoto Todoroki? Shocker.

Peering over your shoulder, you watch as he bobs his head gently to the music, his hand on the steering wheel, looking at the road.

You smile at this, “Sho, are we almost there?”

He glances at you, shaking his head, “Just a few more minutes (Y/n).” Slumping against the leather seat, you grumble. “Does it really take that long to go see some wild flowers?”

He only smiles, as he parks the car on the side of the road. “You suggested it. I’ll be back, I need to fill up the tank when we head home after.” Walking out, he shuts the door. The music comes to a halt, the radio shutting off.

You played with the tip of your shirt listening to the rustling of the trunk. Unbuckling the seatbelt, you jump out the car growing curious on what your boyfriend is possibly going threw to find that plastic container.

Walking around the jeep, you watch as he pulls out the jug from a conveniently shape cardboard box, the liquid jiggling around slightly. Leaning against the window, you ask once more, “Can’t we just walk from here? It really isn’t too far. Plus, we could enjoy the scenery while we’re at it!” He pulls the cap off, positioning the tube.

“I wouldn’t mind.” He replies.

And there, the two of you head off. Hand and hand, furthering away from the jeep. Enjoying the sounds of the birds chirping. You normally had days off at fridays, your agency being nicer for once. So, why not take a stroll to a meadow full of flowers? You had a weird nickpick towards flowers. Not that he mind them anyway.

At first, you had a itch on how todorki will face it. Your home was filled with vases of flowers. Bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, you name it. So, when you let him move into your home, he was shocked. A simple expression that almost made you collapse.

But soon after a while, he was growned to it. He found it cute that you had this weird obsession. Sometimes, he’ll come home from work, and surprise you with a flower.

As the two of you walk, you finally notice a familar patch of flowers. Growing excited, you let go of shoto’s hand, and dash towards the pink peony.

“Ah, sho! They planted a transitional inherited Chinese flower!” Crouching down, you trace your finger against the soft pink pedal. Finally catching up, he grins as he looks at your face. “It’s really pretty.”

You nod your head furiously, “right! These flowers are known for being very expensive. They are also known for beauty. In ancient times, they consisted of being very bashful and evil fairy’s used to attracted them.” He nods, a little interested on where you got the information.

Standing up straight, he walks in the meadow, you trailing behind. “So, is there any other flowers you like-” turning his head, he finds that you already left to scavenge more flowers. ‘Must’ve already found one..’

“Sho! Look at this baby,” being careful not to step on the flowers, he looks at what you’re pointing.

“Guess what the flower it is!” She squeals, her answer almost spilling out. Crouching down he inspects it, “Is it a begonia?”

She nods, crouching down beside him, “yep! It’s a peach one at that.” petting the flower, he asks, “any facts you wanna spill?”

You think for a moment, “There good for flower beds and display! They’re know for their colorful combinations they have.” You giggle, “I didn’t think you would know what kind of flower this is.” He laughs. You stand up, grabbing his hand. “Come, I wanna show you something.”

Dragging him behind you, he admirers you for a bit. What could he do without you? You’re always lighting up his world, and showing him all sorts of things. You carried adventures on your back, even if it’s the most gloomiest day ever, you still had a plan to make things exciting.

“I love you.”

Stopping mid track, you turn around, surprised by the sudden affection.


He shakes his head, caressing your cheek, “I said, I love you. You’re always making me smile and I just wanted to say thank you.”

You blush, holding his hand into yours. “N'awe. I love you as well. It’s my job making people feel great, so I’m happy I got that effect on you!” You giggle, kissing his cheek. He leans his forehead against yours, both of you looking at each others eyes. “(Y/n), can I ask you somethin-”

“Oi, half and half!” Breaking apart, a familiar gruff voice shouts at the two of you.


Trailing behind the explosive pomeranian, his friend kirishima follows behind him, carrying a basket of flowers, waving his hand. “Hey (Y/n), How are you?” As the two pair catch up, shoto lets go of you, feeling a little irritated that the two of you got interrupted. But you seemed not to mind. As expected.

“Ei, Hi!” hugging the bubbly man, bakugou stares at you. “I’m doing really good actually, me and sho are just going sight seeing.” He nods, letting go of you. You stare at bakugou, both of your eyes meeting.

Putting your hands of your hips, you smirk. “Don’t you put your damn hands on me woman- hng!” You laugh, hugging him tightly. “Everyone has to hug if I’m around, You should of already known that!” You laugh.

He heaves out a sigh, wrapping one arm around you. Letting go, you grab your boyfriend’s hand. Patting his shoulder, kirishima pipes out, “Hey todoroki! It’s been a while man.” He only nods, looking away.

“Anway, where you guys heading off to?” He asks, dropping the basket beside him. “Well, I wanted to show shoto this pretty hill I found. It had a bunch of exotic flowers planted around it.”

Lifting a eyebrow, he points a thumb over his shoulder, “That one? Me and bakugo just left from there actually.”

“Really? Was it interesting?” Your eyes glowing with anticipation. He nods, already used to your love towards flowers.

Before you could ramble on more, shoto peeps in cutting you off, “Um, I think me and (y/n) should be heading off now..” grabbing your hand, he pulls you along, furthering away from the confused pair. “What? But we just got here,” he ignores you, walking a bit faster. Trying to keep up, you furrow your eyebrows, yanking your hand back, making him stumble.

“Todoroki! What has gotten into you? I was having a lovely conversation with kirishima, and you just abruptly pulled me away!” He only stares at you, his frown deepening more. He knew he messed up, he knew that action was gonna come right back at him. But, he couldn’t stand watching you two yap back and forth. Your smile only growing more and more when you talked to him.

He wished he could make you smile that big and have long conversations with you. He wishes he can be more of a extrovert like kirishima. Instead, he’s a quite man. Not energized, or a good talker for that matter. Which only makes the situation worse.

Looking down, he scratches his neck. “I just..” you tilted your head, listening. “I was just a little irritated because I was about to tell you something important,”

You shook your head, “Sho, that still doesn’t give you the right to pull me out of no where and stomp away all mad! Y'know, your not always gonna get everything your want.”

He nods, putting his head down. Sighing, you wrap your arms around him. “Don’t be sad. I’m not mad at you, just a little shocked.” He Lays his head on your shoulder, not saying a word. Patting his back, you pull away grabbing his arm. “Now, let’s go back and apologize. I’m sure they’re wondering why you pulled me away for.”

He nods again, walking with you. He hated when your motherly side comes out. He felt immature, and helpless. Embarrased even. But mistakes happen, and you were always there to fix it up. You won’t ever back down with rude, or unpleasant behavior. Which is why you’re so good at keeping bakugou taimed half of the time.

Maybe he’ll pick up on the things you’ll do. Just maybe be like you.


Walking out of the vehicle, you grab two orange pots from the backseat, swiftly closing the door with your bum. Skipping along the steps, your boyfriend catches up with you, pulling the keys out of his pocket, gripping a yellow flower pot.

Opening the door, you sprint to the kitchen setting down the pots. Flickering the light on, you open the fridge, pulling out two water bottles.

Setting down the keys, he follow suits, setting down the yellow terracotta pot next to the two other ones. You pass one water bottle to him. He grins as he opens the cap, you doing the same.

Pouring the clear liquid in the pots, you watch as the flower sprouts up a tiny bit. You found this small flower shop, of course, after you guys left to go out to get drinks with kirishima and bakugou.

It was dusty inside, and the small store was closing soon. You were sad to see it go, so you bought 3 pots of flowers, that were some-what healthy. The other ones, crippling and dead. Being the generous boyfriend he is, he bout all of them only for ¥2233.54 yen.

“Thank you sho. For buying these for me..” you say softly. He grins waving it off, “It’s alright. As long as you’re happy, I’m happy.”

You giggle, hugging his torso. “What kind of flower do you think it is?” He wraps one arm around you. Resting his head on your head. “Don’t you already know this one?” You nod, snuggling closer.

“I want you to guess.” He snorts, “You always want me to guess.” He said. Expecting it a little closer, he sniffs it. You stare at him, flabbergasted.

“Did you sniff it?” Covering your mouth, you stifle a giggle. “Yeah, and?” Growing confused.

You shake your head, looking at the flower. “So, what is it?”

“Their Tulips.

Clapping your hands, you throw a thumbs up at him. “Yep! Good job.” He smiles. “Any information, about these tulips?” He says, in a teasing way. “Well, if you take out the ’t’ and 'u’ and add a ’s’ in the end, you get a word..”

Thinking for a moment, he squints his eyes at you. “Lips..?” Leaning forward, you ask, “and what are lips for?” He stares at you, as if you asked the most oblivious question.


“No, There for kissing!” You wrap your arms around him, both of your lips connecting. He blushes by sudden movement, closing his his eyes, deepening the kiss.

“Hm. My bad.” He says, enraptured by the kiss. You stick your tongue at him, pulling away from him. Grabbing the three pots, you walk up the stairs. “I’ll be back! I’m just gonna bring these guys to my flower room.” turning around, you go upstairs.

Walking to the fridge, he pulls open the door, picking ingredients for dinner. Soon after awhile, the two of you head to work. Making dinner had it’s ups and downs. Picking dishes was a toughie. He wanted cold soba with a cup of dashi and chicken broth, while you wanted tonkatsu, a pork cutlet.

But, you both agreed on making both. It’ll last a couple days, so you wouldn’t have to make meals every night, especially with shoto’s schedule. Grabbing two white plates, you both start digging in. You guys talked here and there, but mostly just chowing down. Finishing your plate, you put it in the dish washer.

Turning off the kitchen light, you yawn, stretching your body. “Ready to go to bed?” He asks. You nod, walking up the steps.

Until two strong arms lifted you up. “Sho?” He hums, as he walks to your shared bedroom. Setting you down gently, he kisses your forehead. “I’m gonna take a shower. I’ll be back.”

Before he could grab his towel, you grip his wrist, “Can I join?”

He shrugs, pulling his hand away. “If you like.” You whisper a small 'yay’ and head to your dresser, picking out your pajamas. Waiting at the door, you catch up to him, going inside the bathroom, him following suit.

Nothing frisky goes on when the both of you take showers, just compliments, and lots of flirterous adirming.

After 15 minutes pass by, you Hop out the shower, you both drying eachother off. Him wrapping his towel around the both of you, your back firmly pressed on his torso. Waddling to the bed, he picks you up, flopping you on the bed, the headboard creaking ever so lightly.

“Can you grab my undergarments?” Ruffling his hair, he walks back to the restroom, grabbing your accessories.

Tossing it to you, you thank him. Tonight, you wores a loose (f/c) shirt, with some shorts. Nothing special.

Turning off the lamp beside the bed, you snug into the warm duvet. You watch shoto pull on a white T-shirt and blue checker pants. “Enjoying the show?”

You gasped, going deeper into the covers, your ears turning red. He chuckles, joining you. “You weren’t that flustered when you pulled that joke on me earlier.” You stick your tongue out at him.

“That’s different..” you mumble. Curling up beside him, he wraps his arms around you, his hand laying on your waist. “Way different” he says.

Silence falls between the two of you, your mind not shutting off. Looking up, you rest your chin on his chest. “Shoto?”

He hums.

“Wh-what were you gonna tell me?” Looking down he stares at you. “What do you mean?”

Shifting a bit, you fiddle with your hair. “I mean, before bakugou and them showed up.”

Rubbing his heterochromia eyes, he turns on his back, his arms behind his head, thinking for a moment. “Oh. I was gonna ask you to marry me.”

Your eyes now fully open you yelp, “What?!”

Unfazed by your outburst, he stares at you. “What?” Sitting up straight, you stare right back at him. “Babe.”

“Haven’t heard that in awhile..” he murmurs.

You slap his arm, “Shoto, you better not be playing with me right now!” You huff. He unravels his arm, sitting up straight. “What? I just wanted to the pull question out.”

You grumble by this. “D-do you not want to marry me?” His frown faltering. You shake your head, grabbing his arms. “I do! I just..”

Before you could let out another word, he hugs you. The both of you sitting there, surrounded by silence once again. You whimper hugging him tighter, “(Y/n)?”

The string finally breaks, as your tears now fall down rapidly. Scared on what he did wrong, he squeezed your shoulder, looking at you. “(Y/n)! Did I do something?” You only shake your head, smiling.

“No, I’m just happy that’s all.” You laugh. He stares at you, watching your tears fall. He sighs, wiping it away with his thumb. “I thought I hurt you..” cupping your face, you both look at eachother.

“So, does that me I’m your husband?” You nod. Letting it sink in you, he kisses your nose. “Thank you.”

Leaning in, he lays a soft kiss your chapped lips. And than another, and another. Until you both are hugging eachother tightly, kissing the brains out of each other.

“I love you,” he whispers Gently, laying his head on your shoulder. “I love you more.” Soon, the two of you lay down, engulfed by eachothers arms. Comfortable silence now wraps around the two of you. The warmth invading your senses.



“I gotta go pee.”

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┌───── *゚⋅ ❀ ⋅ *゚ ─────┐

—❥ Key!

Fluff = 💕

Angst = 💔

Smut = 🖤

Mild Smut = 💜

└───── *゚⋅ ❀ ⋅ *゚─────┘


—☆ Seven Days 💔

—☆ Panic at the Disco 🖤

—☆ Suddenly Yours 💕💔

—☆ A Monster’s Eyes 💔


—☆ Sub!Todoroki scenario 🖤

—☆ “Obey” Sub!Todoroki scenario 🖤

—☆ “Soft” Chubby!Reader scenario 🖤


—☆ Todoroki Kiss HCs 💕

—☆ Todoroki Kink HCs 🖤

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No one asked for it but…

How they react waking up next to ur adorable face for the first time <333

A/n: I’m sorry it’s 2:30 am and I felt like posting something so I threw this hc together


(Shinso, Todoroki, Aizawa and Dabi)



Hitoshi Shinso

  • He would wake up first obvi
  • He’s turn to face u, and just admire your sleeping face
  • His hand would gradually start tracing soft lines up your arm and up to your chest
  • If he woke u up he’d smile and hug u tight, little overwhelmed by the feelings he is feeling
  • He’d lay on your chest and lace his fingers thru urs
  • He’d remeber u two have class
  • When it was around 6:30 he’d get up and make u both coffee and toast
  • He’d have like 3 cups beforehand without u knowing
  • He’d give u breakfast in bed and lay out your uniform

Originally posted by araisonline

Shoto todoroki

  • This boy would get rly confused
  • And than he’d turn around to face u and remeber
  • He’d wake up at a more reasonable time
  • He would run his fingers thru ur hair until u slowly wake up
  • When u do wake up, he’d snuggle into the crook of ur neck and tell you how beautiful u r
  • When u get up he just lazily watches u, admiring ur the dips and turns of your body
  • He’d help u make breakfast in the morning
  • “Love where r ur eggs?” “In the fridge???”
  • “….oh.”
  • He’s not exactly a morning person to say the least…

Shouts Aizawa

  • He’d wake up either late or just before late
  • But ur his baby so he saves time for u
  • Instead of slow things he’d lean up on his elbow and kiss your shoulder and trail down your neck
  • Depending on what mood he’s in he might suck ur neck a little
  • He’d make a large pot of coffee while u hastily get ready
  • He’s loves to tease u before I leave
  • “Sweetheart u should pull ur skirt up a lil more.” “Oh shut up.”
  • He’d just be content watching you do your hair in the mirror
  • He’d end up walking you to the class you were teaching first

Originally posted by dxkus


  • He might wake up in a nightmare
  • So you’d automatically press sloppy kisses to his temple
  • “Y-y/n you died…” “shh it’s ok babe it wasn’t real, im alive.”
  • A lot of morning kisses
  • On mornings where the league wasn’t doing anything, you’d both spend all day laying in bed
  • Depending on the day, he can be a morning person
  • But sometimes he’s rly grouchy
  • But most days he’s rly soft
  • “Doll?” “Yes dabi?” “…”
  • “I love you”
  • You’d just smirk, he’s been doing this all morning
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Hello. I am a fellow human being looking for some soft Todoroki fluff. Can you provide this.

hi anon, i freaking love you now. thank you for giving me an excuse to write about my son. ( also this is short, i am so sorry.  if you’d like something longer i have this :P )
fem! reader, since no pronouns were specified.

beautiful - [ todoroki shoto x reader ] - fluff

synopsis: your new contact lenses are finally here, and this is the first time your boyfriend’s seen you without your old glasses.

Carefully, you unscrewed the tiny container, where the two little pieces of silicone floated in their solution, before carefully picking one up and holding it to your eye. Taking a deep breath, you plop it in and the world - well, more like half the world - spins into sharper focus. A satisfied grin falls over your face as you repeat the process with the second lens and blink a couple of times.

It takes you a few minutes to get used to the feeling of not having your glasses on and still being able to see, and being able to move as freely as you want without having to adjust your glasses every few minutes feels so, so…refreshing.

Slightly heady on ecstasy, you tottered your way out of your dorm room, drinking in all the surprised looks people gave you, and the number of heads that turned to follow your progress down the halls. Feeling slightly overwhelmed, you finally reached the classroom and darted inside…only to collide straight into your best friend, Mina.

“Whoops - I’m sorry! Lemme help you up,” she mumbled, hoisting you up quickly by your elbows, before peering at your face. “Waiiiit, have we met?”

You rolled your eyes, pulling your arms away. “It’s me, [Name]. I just got new contacts, that’s all.”

She gasped. “Ooh, that’s right! You look so different, though! I can finally see your eyes clearly and…well, they’re really beautiful.”

You grinned. “Thanks!”

“Wait till Todoroki sees it, his eyes are going to fall clean out of his head,” she giggled, steering you to your seat and forcing you down. “He’s already whipped for you, and this is only going to make him fall harder.”

You blushed a fiery red, shaking her off. “S-stop.”

“Aww, is little [Name] shy?” She cooed right into your ear. “I don’t see why you should be- oh hey, Todoroki-kun! Look at [Name], do you notice anything different about her- ow.”

Ramming your elbow into Mina’s ribs to get her to shut up, you gave your boyfriend a small wave, not missing Shouto’s wide-eyed expression as he took in the sight of you without your glasses for the very first time. “Uh…hehe….hi…”

“What happened to your glasses?”

“I, um, got contacts…” You decided to focus on a point roughly three feet to the right of his left foot. “I don’t need the glasses any more.”

“Beautiful.” Shouto whispered.


“Beautiful. You were beautiful even with your glasses, but now I see your whole face for the first time. And you, [Name],are beautiful.”

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Summary: Y/N Bakugo is the lead vocalist along side Mina Ashido.Her brother Katsuki Bakugo is the drummer while Eijiro Kirishima is their guitarist and Denki Kaminari is their pianist. A new band called The Uprising is making their way towards fame will Y/N’s group consider them a rival group?

Pairing: Todoroki x reader, Slight Kirishima x reader as well.

Chapter 6: choices.

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angsty texts part 2!



i think shinsou’s my favorite it shows that you have to give yourself time to heal and grow into a better relationship 🥰

hope yall enjoyed!

p.s u cannot tell me izuku has a password on his phone either he doesn’t or everyone knows it because he is so trusting🥺🥺 but then again every gen z'er has a pass on their phone so🤷🏽‍♀️

for @verkhana and @blue-peach14 who asked for a part 2! i got yall😌

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Can I request Todoroki with a S/O that has a very motherly personality

Todoroki with a Motherly S/O


Originally posted by amider

  • Before the attending UA or the sports festival, Shoto’s mind was not set on forming any bonds or making friends. In fact, he dismissed his classmates attempts to befriend him, viewing them just as a mere distraction that would keep him from achieveing his goals. He didn’t need any affection, or so he thought
  • His world was turned upside down when he crossed paths with Y/N. Her tender and gentle eyes were reminiscent of that time during his childhood where his mother would smile at him and pat his head lovingly and delicately
  • Before he knew it, she had already won his heart, and honestly, he wasn’t complaining.
  • There wasn’t a day that went by without his precious S/O sending him messages reminding him to drink, eat, and get enough sleep. So many heartfelt compliments were thrown his way and he could feel that his S/O truly loved him
  • He loves the way she strokes his scar and compliments his quirk and progress in class. It makes him wonder how he was so lucky to encounter the love of his life
  • Although Todoroki is rather dense, he can feel that she is deeply in love with him. In return, he has the same feelings. This is why he tries to be more careful while battling opponents or while training. He loathes seeing her eyes filled with worry or distress
  • He will also take better care of himself. Of course, he feels that his well-being and quality of life have greatly improved due to his relationship with his S/O
  • He loves the affection she gives him. Right after a day of enduring his training, he loves to approach her and just hold her hand lightly. Although this sanction is rather simple, it gives him so much joy and enthusiasm
  • He is incredibly touch starved! But there’s nothing he loves more than those quiet nights were his S/O gently massages his scalp, rub her fingers through his hair while telling him how much she appreciates him
  • He has been through so much already. Having an S/O with a motherly personality will give him a taste of what it is like to have someone that is there for him. It doesn’t matter what day or how late it is, Todoroki knows that he can always count on his beloved



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Originally posted by giorno

Todoroki didn’t get into UA to make friends, yet somehow you had managed to win over not only his friendship but his heart as well. But here’s the thing about relationships, they can’t work if the ones involved don’t mutually respect one another. And Todoroki has always had a  

way of making you feel inferior to him, even though he never meant to. 

See, ever since you were little, proving yourself to people was always something you had to do. Being born with a very average telekinesis quirk did that to people’s perceptions of you. That and being relatively tiny (go with it). Don’t get me wrong you’re strong, very strong, but you weren’t born strong, unlike Bakugo and Todoroki who were born with strong quirks, you were mediocre. Average. And, no matter how hard you worked to prove otherwise, you were seen as such by almost everybody you’ve ever met.

Over the years being underestimated was something you had to get used to and believe me you did. Usually, when it would happen you would just brush it off and take it as a passing comment. But not with Todoroki, Todoroki was different. He was someone you felt comfortable with, someone you didn’t have anything to prove to. So when the both of you were paired in the One on One Fight during the sports festival, and his only reaction was telling you to forfeit, you were just about ready to knock him out. To say you were mad was an understatement. How dare this stupid looking Canadian flag wannabe-model, doubt you to the point of telling you to throw away your dreams so he can get to the top faster. So when he brought up the fact that you should just give up because you were going to lose anyways after his fight with Midorya, you better believe that you told him that he better shut his pretty face up before you would do it for him and then proceeded to get as far away from him as possible. 

He was right though. You knew he was, and denying the fact that he was 100% stronger than you would help no one, but then why were you so angry at his request, why did you rush off to a place he could never reach (yeah, the girl’s bathroom really is a sanctuary.) These questions all had the same answer, it’s because it was him. He told you to quit, he told you to stop, he told you that you were weak, and you couldn’t lie to him and tell him he was wrong. 


It was almost time. You had to go back to your waiting room. As you were just about to step in you heard your name being called. 


The sound of his voice made your heart start to race. No… not now. I don’t need you to distract me. Your thoughts echoed in your mind and just as you were about to ignore him and walk away, a hand rested on your shoulder. 

“Why are you ignoring me?” His voice made you want to throw up. Why was he here, does he want to try to convince you into forfeiting? Does he even care about how much his words hurt you?

“Why do you care? Isn’t your sole purpose in life to get to the top, isn’t that why you told me to give up. Well guess what I won’t let this be easy, you’ll have to fight me, and most importantly you’ll have to win,” your voice sharp, and cold, he’d never seen you so emotionless and brutal before- it surprised him. Why were like this, it didn’t make sense to him. All he did was ask you to forfeit and step out of harm’s way.

“This is an overreaction, you are acting childish. What I asked you to do was a mere suggestion, I didn’t want you to get hurt. No matter what you know I’ll win-”

“And you know I’ll fight,” by now your eyes couldn’t meet his. You were ashamed, ashamed that you had fallen for someone so cruel, and condescending, ashamed that even despite your best efforts his words hurt. 

“I don’t understand why you are being so stubborn!” his booming voice left a ringing in your ears.

“And I don’t understand why you’re being like this,” the second your eyes met his, a shiver ran down his spine, they were cold, lifeless even, “you promised me that you wouldn’t push me away, you told me that I wasn’t like the others. Were those all lies, was I just a stepping stone, were we a lie?” By this point you were holding back tears, you wouldn’t cry for this, not in front of him.

“You wouldn’t understand,” he was trying to keep his cool, but his facade was slipping. You saw the rage and frustration in his eyes, despite that you kept going.

“Then make me understand- dammit!”

“Let it go, Y/N!” His voice was cold and unforgiving. Frost started building up on his right cheek, and down his arm. You noticed the slightest flickering of flames dancing on and off his left fingertips. He was enraged. 

And with that he turned around, he was leaving you there, confused, and broken.

“No you don’t get to walk away from this!” pulling him back towards you with your quirk you lower your gaze. You wanted to get your point across but you were nervous. You don’t want to lose him.

“FINE! I’ll tell you.” You could feel the rage- the heat radiating from his body. And as your frustration grew, your tears couldn’t be held back any longer. His face softened at the sound of your whimpers. And he finally turned to face you.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” Your eyes grew wide at his words, and as you met his heterochromatic eyes lanced with sorrow and desperation, your sobs grew heavier, and your mind became clouded with guilt.

“Shoto,” your voice barely audible, “I trust you…” 

“…then may the best person win.” And with that he left, making the room feel colder than it was. 30 minutes before your fight, and you weren’t sure if you felt more nervous, or if you were actually ready to forfeit.

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Could I request HCs for Todoroki with an SO who comes over for dinner and as his dad is trying to act nice and please his son cuz he’s trying to be better,she straight up starts roasting him then acts like nothing happens after giving him a verbal beat down, ending it with a “but other than that it’s nice to meet you and I hope we get along well!”And todo is like :0 and fuyumi has lost her soul+natsuo has already planned a wedding and Enji is like, “rude, but pls marry into this family I like u”

a/n - thank u for the request anon!! i hope u enjoy this <3

  • shoto would have to trust u ALOT to bring u over, as ur his first s/o and he doesnt want you to hate him bc of his dad
  • so if he trusts you enough to bring you over, that also means he’s told you about how much he hates his dad and why
  • ofc you’re super excited to be going over, you get to meet his gorgeous siblings !!!
  • shoto lets you walk through the front door first because he is a gentleman
  • you greet fuyumi and natsuo with the biggest smiles and they hug you
  • but as soon as your eyes land on endeavour, it’s all over for him
  • shoto has to tell his siblings to prepare themselves
  • out of respect for shoto, you say hi to his dad but you say it in more of a grunt
  • so you guys are eating dinner, you’re sitting next to shoot and across from endeavour, natsuo and fuyumi are sitting next to their dad
  • out of nowhere you say, “did you make this endeavour?”
  • “yes, do you like it?”
  • “no,” fuyumu and natsuo start choking on their food and shoto was just surprise pikachu face
  • “oh and using your fire to make a beard is very unflattering, you should think about stopping it”
  • you just SHATTERED his heart but then again u didn’t care bc he treated shoto like shit :(
  • fuyumi is trying her best to stop laughing but she 100% agrees with it so she’s just dying of laughter
  • then next thing you know, natsuo is also throwing shade at his dad
  • then fuyumi joins his and shoto feels the need to say something too and its just COMPLETE chaos
  • but amid all the mess you say, “but it was great meeting you enji! thank you for having me over!”
  • in which he replies “no worries, can’t wait for you to marry into this family, you seem good for shoto,”
  • hearing him say that melted your heart bc this big grumpy asshole thinks your good for his son
  • when you and shoto leave, you say your goodbyes and fuyumi and natsuo hug you and they really dont wanna let go
  • shoto being the oblivious cutie he his, without thinking about it says, “i agree with my dad for once, i can’t wait for you to be my wife,”
  • you swear if he proposed to you right then and there you would’ve said yes without any hesitation
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The buzz of cicadas died around him. His boots crushed the undergrowth, moulding it into the earth. Nearby, in the shade of a few forbidding trees (dangerous things, which would easily conceal vampires or other such creatures), there was a circle of mushrooms, inside which sat a young woman. The expressions she adorned was one of absolute peace. He startled, reaching for the glinting dagger hidden within his robes. He knew full well that looks could be deceiving. The female made no indication of life - there were no breaths, not even the subtlest, and her eyes were almost zipped shut. She perched on the borders of life and death, legs crossed in deep meditation.

Hunting was often a tedious and tiresome job, yet witnessing something so sublime, so beautiful, was definitely a first. She was obviously a vampire. No mere human could even hope to reach her level of perfection. Her plump lips exploded with colour; they were blood-red, despite the overall paleness of her features. (H/c) hair flowed from her head, ghosting her shoulders and delicately shaping her face.

Sensing an unfamiliar presence, you motioned to the circle.

“It’s reserved.”

He sighed, thankful for the icebreaker. For a few moments, he said nothing. He only stared. You cracked open a single eye, relishing in the beauty of the hunter before you. Instantly, he became captivated - ensnared in your gaze. His hand ripped away from the dagger. He couldn’t kill such a beautiful creature. He refused to. His family could stuff their ridiculous traditions.

“Why are you here? Why haven’t you run? You know what I am, don’t you?” He questioned, watching carefully for any hint of danger.

A strange sound, sort of like laughter, passed your lips. “How should I begin, hunter?”

After realising that you weren’t in the least bit concerned about being around one of his kind, he relinquished, shuffling slightly, but eventually settling down in front of you, just outside the circle. It was amusing - fairy circles were supposed to retain goodness and block out evil. Perhaps you were different to all the other vampires, the typical, blood-sucking, rabid, feral animals that prowled at night, drawing protection from the moon. In his short, sixteen years of life, the young hunter had sought to kill as many of those beasts as humanly possible. He was conditioned into believing that they drove his mother insane, and turned his older brother into a vampire. The image painted on the stained-glass window of his mind was one of utter carnage - dismembered bodies lying in the blood-soaked grass, heads tumbling down hills, or sitting uncomfortably on spikes on the outskirts of twisting towers. They were fashioned to be cannibals. God had not envisioned them at creation. They were the work of the Devil and his henchmen. Yet, this woman didn’t display any of the conventional characteristics. Not as far as he could tell, anyway.

Instead of glowing crimson eyes, with a hungry, predatory look, you possessed simple yet wonderful (e/c) orbs. Rather than being ferocious and lashing out upon discovery, you remained calm, even as he observed you more closely. There didn’t appear to be evident surprise, worry or fear. You hadn’t yet attempted to flee, nor had you endeavoured to maim and devour him. Although you looked quite dead, you sounded very alive. He wondered if you had been mortal once, or spawned into an unfortunate line.

“Tell me why the fairy circle. Aren’t they supposed to represent good? Virtues?” He asked, in an almost wistful tone, which quite alarmed him.

If you noticed, you failed to mention it. “They are called ‘Ronds de Sorcières’ in French, or 'Hexenringe’ in German. Do you know why?”

Shaking his head, he responded, “I only know Japanese.”

A smile carved your lips. “They are associated with witches, fairies or elves dancing. Folks of old often warned against treading into one. You could be cursed or killed. It was said that, if you entered one, you might become aware of the elves; it could put you in thrall to their illusions.”

“Have you ever seen one?” He enquired, leaning forwards slightly.

“I’d like to. I was rather hoping to dance with them.” You commented.

Todoroki frowned. “Isn’t that dangerous?”

You opened your eyes. “I can deal with a few malevolent spirits.”

Placing your hands together, you glanced at the surrounding woodland, half-expecting something to pop out of the darkness. Possibly an elf, or a fairy, confused and angered to find a young woman in their ring - their private space. Perhaps a dragon might fly above you, maybe you would be slain. You had always been a curious, adventurous soul, so risking a second death was nothing extraordinary. You had no parents to speak of, and therefore nobody to advise you against such scandalous activities. You hunted when hungry, slept when tired, played when bored. Your appearance and lack of pulse were all the indication than you were brilliantly different. You knew this boy’s intention, but his resolve had already burned out.

“Would you care to hear a rhyme?” You asked, standing with the grace and elegance of a snow-white swan.

He nodded in confirmation.

“He wha tills the fairies’ green

Nae luck again shall hae :

And he wha spills the fairies’ ring

Betide him want and wae.

For weirdless days and weary nights

Are his till his deein’ day.

But he wha gaes by the fairy ring,

Nae dule nor pine shall see,

And he wha cleans the fairy ring

An easy death shall dee”

Todoroki thought that was a little strange, but decided not to question it. Instead, he allowed your commentary to flood his ears. He realised far too suddenly that he enjoyed listening to the sound of your voice; it was clear and certain, calm and collected, girlish but not squeaky. He felt comfortable enough in your presence to flutter his eyelids shut.

You stated, “A traditional Scottish rhyme, which summarises the danger of fairy rings.”

He hummed, but didn’t bother to form any coherent words. Thinking back to that day, he remembered everything in vivid detail, especially the parts that concerned you. During the subsequent days, he approached the same clearing, trying to find a sign of you. He wanted to see you. Desperately, and he wasn’t too sure why. Obviously, his family knew nothing of his exploits. When about two weeks had passed, Todoroki hauled himself up to the fairy ring, sitting beside it. His mind wandered. He pondered over your enhanced abilities - would you be able to hear him? Did you possess immortality? Could you shape-shift? Were you a telepath? Could you control nocturnal animals or spread plague? Would you kill him if ever he caught you again?

While he was having an existential crisis, you watched from within the shadows of the trees. Their branches curled around your body, twisting so as to grant you sanctuary. You briefly wondered if he might crawl into the fairy circle, in an effort to draw you out.

He didn’t, and for some reason, you felt very grateful.

[Word Count: 1184]

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“Faking” It || Shoto Todoroki x Reader

Part one summary: A basic introduction to our dear (Y/n)’s situation at hand! It seems they have gotten themselves into a pickle, as they have made a bet with our favorite blasty boy, Bakugo

A/n: Okay so long time no see! Things have been slow in the writing department for me, and even rn Im kinda going through something but, hey, writing helps! Annnd the second reason for this smau fic is bc its officially been a year (not quite sure about the exact date but this month) of me being friends with Sofia aka @myherowritings !!! So this is a little surprise fic of her favorite hot and cold boyo,,, so when you see this Sof,,, SURPRISE ILY 💞💞💓

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Bakugou and todoroki with a s/o who’s a hero in training from America. How do they cope with the long distance?

[Anon asked: Bakugou and todoroki with a s/o who’s a hero in training from America. How do they cope with the long distance?

A/N: Thanks so much for the request, Anon! Admittedly, this is my first time writing for Bakugo, so I’m really excited about this.]

Shoto Todoroki

  • You guys met when Endeavor dragged him on a trip to America to show him off. While he may not have gotten a ton out of that trip, he’s definitely thankful for meeting you.
  • To be honest, as much as he misses you, he’s pretty used to isolation. He spent most of his childhood alone, so he’s pretty good at pretending that being alone doesn’t bother him.
  • That being said, you know he’s a lot more lonely than he’ll let on. Which means it’s up to you to make sure he knows that you’re there for him. Whether that means video calling him so he can rant about how he “totally doesn’t hate his dad anymore” or just texting him good morning and good night every day.
  • You guys are really good at staying in touch. You text and call all the time. 
  • Todoroki also likes to send old-fashioned letters, as outdated as those are, especially in this society. You have to admit, it’s really cute how he writes letters.
  • The way he writes is a mix of both formal and sappy that never fails to make you giggle. Though you’re pretty sure he doesn’t realize it.
  • Every month on your anniversary he sends you a gift in the mail using Endeavor’s money out of spite no matter how many times you tell him he doesn’t have to do.
  • Todoroki is also completely oblivious to certain aspects of long-distance relationships. For example, jealousy. 
  • Todoroki never even thought to be nervous about you meeting someone else in America until Denki brought it up one night in the dorms.
  • After that, he got really nervous, though he wasn’t really sure how to tell you. He may write really sappy letters, but other than that, he really has no idea how to express most of his emotions.
  • You, of course, notice something isn’t right almost instantly. 
  • His texts started getting shorter and fewer, and he always sounded a little distant on all of your phone calls.
  • Honestly, you were worried that he was going to break up with you, but you convinced yourself you were just getting anxious over nothing and decided to ask him what was going on, trying to sound as calm as you could while you did. 
  • At that point, he just started ranting about it all at once. To be honest, it took you a couple of seconds to fully understand what he was saying since he was rambling so much.
  • You talk him down and explain that he has nothing at all to worry about. You loved him and there was no way you’d leave him for someone in America.
  • Eventually, you guys go back to your regular schedule of communication, though he does send you an extra gift to thank you for helping him feel better.
  • And honestly, after that, he starts to get a little better at communicating his emotions to you too.

Katsuki Bakugo

  • The way he met you was a little different, seeing as you guys actually started off as rivals. 
  • You go to a hero school in America that ended up being kind of a “sister school” to UA in a way.
  • The two of you met when your schools decided to hold a competition between the two, a bit similar to the sports festival, but only between the hero courses of your two schools. 
  • You two ended up making it to the end, and while he beat you by a little bit, he had to admit you put up a good fight, and he was almost willing to admit you were a decent rival.
  • After that, you two kept in touch and eventually started dating after a few months.
  • Denki and Kaminari wouldn’t stop teasing him about it until he threatened to murder them both.
  • He’s a lot less sappy than Todoroki, but he’s a whole lot more flirty.
  • Between the constant bickering and the flirting, just about everyone who sees you two interact ends up very confused about how your relationship works.
  • That, of course, includes his classmates. Denki even takes it upon himself to ask if you two are actually dating or if Bakugo is just confusing fighting with a relationship. 
  • Contrary to Todoroki, Bakugo definitely doesn’t need any help being jealous. 
  • However, you know right away what’s going, since he’s actually pretty clear with his emotions if you’re able to translate his sarcasm and insults. 
  • He’s pretty easy to calm down from that, too. All you really have to do is give him a bit of an ego boost and he’ll be fine.
  • Aside from his occasional jealous streak, Bakugo is surprisingly good at keeping in contact too. 
  • He more often than not opts for video calls. Especially while he’s cooking. He likes talking to you while he cooks, as much as he’d never really openly admit it. 
  • You two usually call before bed too. His bedtime regular sleep schedule actually make those really easy.

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wassupp girly could you do todoroki meeting his black! Gf family preferably at a cookout thank you !!

this was so fun to write I hope you likeee :)


Originally posted by la-minxx

* your mom texted you and told you that there was a cookout coming up and that you should bring shoto Alongside to let the whole family met him

* And at first you were really iffy on it bc your family is big and can be overwhelming

* But he was like no I’m a big boy and I can handle it

* So y’all went

* And when y’all first pulled up y’all hear ‘ big poppa ‘ by biggie and you instantly felt at home

* you was looking like bad mf bitch as always and todo was looking good too

* anyways

* Before y’all got out you asked him if he was sure and he reassured you he was fine

* so y’all knocked on the door and y’all hear

* “That better be y/n ass , always fucking late “

* and your grandma was the one who opened the door saying “ y/n there’s yo ass come give me a hug “ so you hugged her ofc and when the hug was over she told y’all to come in the house

* Then she looked over at todoroki and said “ who you oh you must be her boyfriend “

* then proceeded to Tell the whole family y/n boyfriend is here

* So your cousins and uncles came out to say hey and to interrogate todo and after a bit of interrogation they say they like him :)

* Then you introduce them to your aunts which goes good they say “ oh y/n how you find a men like him “ “ damn y/n you did good with this one “ “ oh he’s way better than * insert exes name * “ and with that comment todo goes ofc I am

* And that one aunt tried to say something slick about you and he shut that shit down real quick he was not playing with her ass

* Once the food is ready you make him a plate and he wants some of everything and he pretty much likes it all he just doesn’t like greens

* After y’all eat your little cousins are on him asking about his quirk and if they want to play with them

* And you’re just watching it all it’s so fucking adorable and meanwhile you got One of your little cousins in your arm playing with your phone

* And when shoto looks back and sees you with the baby his hear fucking melts 🥺

* Anyways you’re a little cousins teach him dances like renegade and some other tick tok dances

* Then he tells them that he doesn’t know how to Cupid shuffle

* They are just shocked

* So the teach him and omg this boy is so stiff smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

* But soon enough he gets the hang of it

* He’s so adorable

* And then they play the cupid shuffle on the speaker

* And you know everybody and they mama get up and start dancing including you

* And then teach me how to Dougie plays so you teach him that

* And my personal favorite wobble baby plays and he is getting it your ass is hyping him tf up

* later on when everything’s all cooled out he decides to embarrass you

* And he shows A bunch of videos of you acting like a dumb ass and then your grandma decides to match his energy and show embarrassing baby Photos of you

* your gonna get his ass back for it later

* by time it’s time for y’all to leave todo is calling your grandma, grandma ( or whatever name y’all call her )

* And she invites y’all to come over anytime

* And your parents are asking for grand babies

* moral of the story your family just fucking loves todoroki

~ hope you guys like :) and remember to stay in the house and wash your hands we dont want no virus 😌

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