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#shoto todoroki x reader
mari-the-bimbo · a day ago
hello! hcs on rich bf shouto on how he met reader please? 😼
Rich bf Todoroki: how he met you
A/N: OOOH good request! I’m surprised no one’s asked me this before! Sorry if this is unnecessarily long lmao 😭
Tumblr media
How you met? No no no. You got it all wrong.
He already knew you.
After all, you were part of his morning routine at the office, unbeknownst to you.
Whenever Shoto entered his office in his dad’s building in the morning, he’d spend the first 15 mins staring out the enlarged, luxury window, sipping some coffee as he mentally prepared himself for his dull, draining day ahead.
However, his morning felt a bit lighter when he would spot you, the uni student who ran late for uni everyday, running past the building like your life depended on it. It always managed to bring an amused smile on Shoto’s face. What an idiot.
He didn’t actually know anything more about you, your name, age, or what uni you was always running late for.
Well, until he visited a university to present a lecture to aspiring students.
“Omg y/n you have to look at the visitor, he is so hot!” Your friend whispers to you as she nudged for your attention.
You followed her gaze and gasped with her as you watched a tall, handsome guy with mismatched eyes, wearing a Valentino suit being welcomed into your lecture hall by your professor.
“Good morning all, the name is Shoto Todoroki and I’ll be doing a talk today”
You swore you fell in love right there.
His words were so monotone yet so precise. Despite being such a good student, you found yourself not even listening, just focusing on his handsome face.
But you were so distracted, you didn’t realise the lecture had finished and everyone was leaving. You quickly snapped out of your daze and gathered your things.
“Oh shi-“
“Y/n! Since you’re still here, can you guide Mr Todoroki to the reception to sign out please?”
As you looked up, you found yourself locking eyes with a mismatched pair, one dull gray, another icy blue.
You gulped as you felt his heavy gaze on you, his face seemed indifferent, his hands stuffed in his pockets, only being able to see shiny Rolex.
“Sure” you answered nervously, walking over towards him with a nervous smile which he did not return, but his gaze stayed heavily on you, his eyes following your every move.
As Todoroki walked silently along side you across the uni corridors, he wondered what the chances were of meeting you like this. Was this fate?
He faintly remembered his older sister Fuyumi telling him how he’ll know when he’s met his soulmate because it’ll feel like fate. But back then, he only rolled his eyes, knowing it’d be impossible to find someone who isn’t shallow and greedy.
He never thought he’d meet the uni student who brought a smile on his face occasionally. Not that he’d ever tell you though, no no no, you’ll mistake him as a creep.
It was even more difficult because Shoto found himself unable to tear his gaze off you, you were so much more beautiful up close.
“So how are you finding this semester?” Shoto asked plainly, making you look up at his figure that towered over you.
“Oh um, it’s good thank you.” You replied with a smile “how your semeste- wait no! I meant-“ you attempted to correct yourself, rapidly shaking your head, all flustered, mentally slapping yourself for having a dumb moment in front of such a hot guy.
But Shoto bit back a laugh, giving you an amused smile. Looks like you were just an amusing person overall. It was at that moment Shoto realised he wanted you around more.
As you helped him sign out, he turned his head to face you “Apologies, I’m not making you late am I?”
“Oh uh- it’s fine! I can always catch another bus” you reassured him. Why would you mind? You were currently in the presence of a rich hot guy. You were ecstatic!
“A bus?” Shoto asked inquiringly, you simply nodded. “How about I drop you off instead? It’s the least I could do” he offered genuinely, shoving his hands back in his pockets as he followed you out.
“No honestly don’t worry about it! I’ll -“
“I insist” he pressed dominantly, stepping closer towards you, making you blush a bit, before accepting his offer.
However your bashful look soon turned into a look of shock as you entered Shoto’s Bugatti.
Shoto couldn’t help but admire your pretty face with your pretty pouty lips wide open as you took in the car interior. God, you were such a beauty. You had him contemplating to gift you this car right now.
“Thank you dropping me off Mr Todoroki” you said as he drove.
“Please, call me Shoto” he said, looking at you momentarily, making you stare at him wide eyed. “Really?” You asked.
“Of course, maybe we could grab coffee some time?”
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dinolikes · 2 days ago
pairings ❤︎ kirishima eijiro x reader, bakugo katsuki x reader, todoroki shoto x reader
content warnings ❤︎ cursing, slight angst if you squint during kirishima's
summery ❤︎ how the boys react to your cat having a less than loving response to them
a/n ❤︎ ik it was like. just before i left that i said i would start updating more frequently but that was before i got into a car crash and lost all motivation to do anything other then rewatch criminal minds so. laugh out loud ill get better
this is time skip au so you have your own apartment and everything!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when you told him your cat didn't like most -if not all- people he just shrugged it off, telling you he wasn't a huge cat person so he didn't mind
he swore he was telling the truth- it was just that he always woke up earlier then you when he slept over, and your cat was always resting on your stomach, waiting for you to wake up so giving her a few scratches wouldn't change anything
except the cat started waiting for him to wake up first, where he'd give her pets until you woke up, then both of them would go to demand your attention
it became your new routine, to the point where whenever katsuki didn't sleep over, your cat would wake you up earlier then usual just so she could get her morning pets at her new usual time
the next morning when you two were getting your usual cup of coffee, you teased him by mentioning she missed him
he only told you to shut up but swore you caught a glimpse of a smile when he took a sip of his drink
when you invited all of your old classmates over for a drink or two, your cat got startled by midoriya trying to pet her and ran towards katsuki
he continues to deny the fact that he and your cat have a relationship
Tumblr media
he wanted your cat to like him, truthfully he wanted any cat or animal to like him, but if your cat liked him, he felt like that meant he was worthy of being your boyfriend
it bruised his ego a bit when he went to pet the cat cat was ignored
you told him beforehand your cat didn't like most people but he thought it was going to be a magical moment where your cat who didn't like people, liked him and it proved to you that kiri was the right guy
you felt bad but you couldn't help but laugh at the way your boyfriend 'subtly' chased around the cat
you had to drag him onto the couch, giving him a small kiss to momentarily throw him off
"let him come to you"
eijiro finally settled into you and sure enough, the cat approached him
you had to stop him from once again jumping for the cat
you got him to calm down and slowly pet your cat, who at first ran away
over time this became a routine and after each milestone (the cat not running away, the cat purring, going onto his lap, etc..) all got the cat a huge party, including gifts and a catnip cake
you're pretty sure that's partly the reason why your cat warmed up to eijiro so quickly but you weren't going to be the one to tell him that
Tumblr media
he was more hurt then he let on, pretending he was fine with it but on the inside, he was analyzing every little move the cat did, trying to predict how to make it like him
the staring was probably apart of the reason the cat stayed away from him tbh
eventually he felt like he gathered enough information to properly engage the cat
your cat was obsessed with food, purring the instant you were bring out his food and whenever you ate something yourself, the cats head was always shoving his way into your space to try to taste the delicious human foods air
he decides that telling you to take a few extra minutes to nap, that he'd feed the cat instead, was for your benefit
not his and cats relationship. of course.
he bribes your cat with food, toys, anything he thinks your cat will like he buys
and everytime he walks into your house, before he even gives you a kiss, he leans down to let the cat sniff him
you swear he likes the cat better then you
he's treating the cat just like how he treats any human he wants to befriend so honestly it isn't as weird as you think it is, you're just unaware he did the same for you
he thinks hes being sneaky, but you always wake up to him 'pspspsps'-ing the cat, trying to coax him from your side of the bed onto his
the next time shoto leaned down to say hello to your cat, you told him to scratch its chin
"why would i do that?"
"have you ever met a cat before this?"
none the less, shoto tried it and almost instantly the cat was shoving against his leg, purring up a storm
you swore tears were shed that day when you eventually dragged your boyfriend to the couch to cuddle with you and not your cat
you think the cat knows this too, because sometimes when shoto is completely occupied with your cat, it'll stare at you with this smug look in its eyes
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lexxiie · 21 hours ago
Hope you don't mind me asking. Could you make a hero!Touya x reader? Anything wholesome and fluffy will do.
Hope you have a great and productive day.💚
Omg YES!! I love hero!Touya. Have a beautiful day as well.🤍
Tumblr media
Pairing: Touya Todoroki x reader
Genre: fluff
Tumblr media
Hero!Touya Todoroki x Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
First of all, I wanna say that I was struggling on wether to state his hero name as cremation or blueflame (both are translations for dabi) but I decided to go with the latter.
Moving on from that, Touya is a very interesting person.
He isn't as sweet as his little brother Shouto, but he is definitely cooler.
You met Touya at a hero convention.
You work as a reporter, and interviewing one of the heroes on the top 10 would make your boss incredibly happy.
You tried to make it past the hundreds of reporters who had the same idea as you, but it seemed impossible.
Much to your surprise, blueflame himself made his way to you. Why? You had no idea.
When he was finally right in front of you, he dropped to his knees.
You had never been more confused in your entire life.
Until you saw what he was actually doing.
You had some toilet paper attached to your shoe, and he was taking it off.
The embarrassment you felt was completely, utterly immessurable.
"I imagined you would have hated to go home and find out that it was there the whole time" he said while tucking the piece of paper into his suit's pocket. With the biggest smile on his face, as if he was having a blast watching your red face.
He actually said that with a tone that sounded as if he was mocking you.
What a damn bully!
You frowned as you turned around and walked away. No exclusive was important enough to lose your dignity.
You were almost running away, going towards Hawks to try your luck with him, when you felt someone holding your arm and forcing you to turn around.
"You must be terrible at your job. Aren't you supposed to make me some questions?"
"Why should I waste my time with someone with no manners?" You literally saw him smile at this. Is he kidding? What an idiot.
"I'm sorry if I offended you. I was just trying to help. Because I do do my job."
The smirk he gave you after saying that made a vein on your neck snap.
"Fine, you want me to interview you so badly? I will."
His cocky smile made you want to punch him so badly... But you had a better plan.
You proceeded to ask him the most uncomfortable questions you could think of. There were a lot of rumors surrounding the pro hero, and you made sure to address them all.
His smile slowly faded as you kept asking more and more questions.
When the interview was finally over, you walked away again, this time, nothing stopped you as you wore a big smile on your lips.
When the convention was nearing it's end, you decided to treat yourself to a drink at the bar in the auditory.
You sat before the counter, finally relaxing after such a stressful day.
"Well played, reporter." The hero again?
He had said "reporter" almost as an insult, but you didn't mind. You won after all.
"What do you want? Ready for another interview?"
"Ha. Ha. Ha. No. Never again. Actually, I'd like to treat you to dinner."
"As if I would go out with someone with such a big reputation of being a womanizer."
"Oh, right! You seemed very curious about that earlier. Come on, you can run away again if you don't like it. I'll be nice."
"Fine. I'll go just to have one more reason to dislike you."
And the rest is history.
Dating Touya means never getting bored.
And always getting mad.
But in a good way.
Even though his suit is supposed to isolate the heat of his flames, he still gets some terrible burns very often.
Which, by the way, is one of the best kept secrets of the hero world. You were very surprised when you found out, specially since you thought you knew every rumor regarding him.
Tending to his wounds is always a very intimate thing. After you yell at him.
He can feel how much you care about him and that really warms his heart.
Since he met you, he doesn't give a fuck about what the public thinks of him. The only person he wants to make proud, the only person he truly cares to be a hero for, is you.
He tells you everything about his missions, even when they are classified. He just loves that part of the day where he can relax and talk to you.
His relationship with his dad is pretty caothic, to say the least. He complains about him all the time and it's very rude to him, which makes family reunions very uncomfortable.
However, Fuyumi and you are great friends and Rei adores you because she can tell that you make his son happy.
You adore little Shouto. And he really likes you too.
Touya loves him too. You know it, Shouto knows it, but he is a total bully when it comes to him.
He claimes that "the kid is way too spoiled and needs someone who keeps him in line."
You sometimes invite Shouto to the movies with both of you while Touya complains because, according to him, he only gets a couple of free days and he has no intentions of spending them with a brat.
When you two moved together, he decided to buy a new apartment in the middle of the city so that you were closer to your job. The apartment has some beautiful big windows where you both spend hours admiring the city.
He calls you Ms. Todoroki to tease you... Or so he says.
He is actually trying to figure out if you would be willing to marry him.
Contrary with what he makes people believe, he is an insecure man. He fears that you might realize that you deserve better and leave him.
He can't sleep without you. It makes him anxious. He constantly fears that the public might find out about blueflame's girlfriend and someone targeting you.
The amount of girls thirsting over blueflame it's crazy. It does annoy you a bit.
He likes that, though. He likes it when you are jealous.
However, any man who dares to look your way must prepare himself to be burnt to ashes. Not a very hero-like behavior from his part but he doesn't give a fuck.
You both live off fast food. Or at least food that you buy somewhere because none of you has time to cook and he doesn't know how to.
You only make you own food for breakfast or on weekends.
He always gets home late from work, so he makes sure to buy something at your favourite restaurant.
He loves to take baths with you, which is a problem because he likes to shower with cold water.
He always gives you a kiss before he leaves to work. Most of the times you are still asleep.
Such an obscene man. His dirty jokes never seem to have an end.
Even though you must be kept a secret form the public, you go with him to every hero event. He always recieves a lot of teasing from his colleagues about you. Specially from Hawks.
He used to think his biggest achievement was being a hero, but now he is sure that it's being loved by you.
He is just incredibly proud of being your boyfriend. He wishes he could brag about it to the whole world.
He sometimes takes you in his arms randomly and starts dancing around your apartment.
When you get mad at him, he places your favourite tea flavour at the top of the cupboard so that you have to ask him for help.
Remember what I said about his dirty comments?
"You know, doll? I wish I could be a sword so I could bury mysel-"
"Shut the hell up, idiot."
Enji doesn't like you because he says you are a distraction to Touya.
This always leads to terrible discussions between both of them that always end with: "I swear I'll dance on your grave, senile old man!"
Touya knows Enji is right. You are a distraction.
He would leave it all behind for you, but he doesn't care. It would be worth it.
You are his everything, and he'll always do whatever he needs to do to make you happy. He wants to spend the rest of his life by your side.
Tumblr media
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maxzinn · 2 days ago
Friends with Benefits
- characters: shoto todoroki
- warnings: small caps intended!
- sypnosis: in which you and your bestfriend shoto decided to get married after numerous and countless heartbreaks of your past relationships.
“the sky is crying again…” you said to yourself as you watch the heavy downpours of rain outside your window. the sound of water hitting land and the sound of raindrops hits your window, leaving a long trail of water sliding down the glass. you always loved the rain, it was so peaceful and calming to watch while listening to slowed reverb music. wether you have a bad day or not, the rain was your therapy.
but somewhere deep inside, you knew what this meant and the sound of your doorbell ringing proved your theory. you sighed and made your way towards the door, holding the doorknob before opening the door to reveal shoto todoroki, your best friend. wet and soaked from the rain wearing only his white shirt and gray sweatpants.
You examined him for a moment and you knew what comes next, by the way he was looking down at your feet, refusing to meet your gaze— how could you not know?
“it’s that again isn’t it?” you asked but he didn’t reply. you didn’t wait for an answer and invited him in instead.
“come in, you’re gonna catch a cold” he stood there for a moment before entering your apartment, still looking down at the floor. you closed the door and went ahead to take care of him like you always did.
“you should take a shower first, you’re gonna get sick. i’ll bring you towels and clothes then we’ll talk about it later ok?” he didn’t say anything but only nodded, making his way towards the bathroom. you sighed and went to bring him fresh clothes and towels. taking his soaked clothes and putting then in the laundry to clean and dry.
after a few minutes, he stepped out of the bathroom wearing the clothes you gave him and sat at the couch. you gave him hot cocoa to at least make himself warm and he immediately took it, taking a sip. he was still looking at the floor, bangs shadowing his eyes. he hadn’t said anything ever since he came here, you already had a hunch of what happened but you wanted to hear it from him.
“do you want to talk about it?” there was a long pause before he he finally spoke
“she left me…”
ah… there it is again. i knew it
“she’s just like like the other girls, i thought she was different… she said she loved me but i saw her in her room, m-making out with someone else half naked. they were this close on doing it.” his voice cracks as he tells you what happened, your chest pained at this vulnerable side of shoto.
it was always like this… the first one was momo yaoyorozu, his first girlfriend. she said she loved him but she was already engaged to someone else when she broke up with him.
the second girl promised him that he was enough only to find out she was using him for money and sex.
the third one was no good either so as the fourth girl that he was currently crying about today, they were all the same… they only want him for money, fame, and sex. just to brag to their friends they have a hot and rich boyfriend that can buy them anything they wanted.
they were all the same
he sniffled and his sobs can be heard even if he tried to cover his mouth, your heart ached so you sat next to him and pulled him in a warm big hug. he immediately buried his face into the crook of your neck and hugged you back.
hands reaching up to stroke his hair, you kissed his temple and continued your actions. “i’m so sorry to hear that sho, just cry it all out until you feel better. you can stay here as much as you like, just count on me”
you began humming yours and shotos favourite songs, trying to make him feel better. you can feel a pool on your shoulder but you don’t mind. what matters is him.
“i’m tired of this y/n”
“i know sho, i know”
you continued humming your song and stroking his hair, planting kisses on his face in the process until he said something that caught you off guard.
“what if we get married?”
you froze on your spot as you give him a look of confusion and shock.
“w-we? m-married? what are you talking about?”
“there is no one who can truly love us y/n, every other people out there just don’t get us the way we do to each other. we always end up hurting in our relationships, besides… you take care of me better than anyone else and i do too. we did promised each other we’ll be together forever, right?” he said.
you broke the hug and stood up, making your way towards your window. it is true, he was right. he gets you better than anyone else, he takes care of you better than your ex boyfriends. no one can compare to shoto, not even your family. they never really cared for you, and shoto was always there to fill up the hole in your heart. you felt like you were invisible, like you weren’t their child at all. sure they would talk with you but that’s it, it feels like you were strangers more than a family. shoto was your only family.
“but still… do we really have to marry? we could fall in love with someone else in our marriage”
“we may do, but we both know it’ll never last anyways”
you didn’t say anything back to that, it’s the truth anyways.
“i want to be with you, we’re both happy with each other. i want to spend the rest of my life with you and we’ll never be apart”
you would’ve squealed like a little girl right now but you and shoto don’t have any romantic feelings towards each other, you know he’s saying that out of his love for you as his best friend but you still couldn’t help but blush at the sweet words. it would have been different if both of you were really together though.
“are you sure?” you asked
“alright then, let’s get married shoto”
part 2??
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nightowlfandom · a day ago
Villain! BNHA AU- Our Little Apprentice: Episode-Bakugou
Okay you guys know the rules, I’m a grown ass bitch, you are reading about grown ass people.
Episode-PROLOGUE| Episode-Deku
Now playing- Episode Bakugou!
O.R.C.H.I.D- Kink Unlocked : Public Acts
“ORCHID don’t start.” you groaned as you typed in some coordinates.
“I have to! Y/N have you lost your mind?!”
You didn't think arguing with your AI companion was a great way to start the day, yet here you were.
A hologram of a girl in a school uniform with a giant hairbow secures atop shiny silver pigtails appeared on your screen.
“Save it, okay?!” you leaned back in your seat. “It’s for Izu-kun.”
“A WHOLE ASS VILLAIN.” ORCHID emphasized. “Y/N-”
“Shut it!” you snapped. “Get me coordinates for the fight that happened the other day.”
“Fetching coordinates....Y/N, I just don’t want anything to happen to you.”
“Nothing will as long long as Izuku isn’t planning to trick me.”
“I’ve erased all your records of living here so no one will tie your landlord’s disappearance to you.”
“Cool. We gotta go mobile until we can set you up somewhere.”
You watched as each computer began folding on itself into a little compact laptop shaped apparatus. You grabbed the new travel sized AI and shoved it into a backpack.
“I’ve connected myself to your wristwatch.”
Before you could turn around, Izuku walked around the corner. He stretched his arms above his head. He had stayed over after the night you two had. You had snuck out of bed to pack up everything as he instructed.
“Hey Y/N...ready already?” he yawned. He was very disheveled, hair all over the place.
“I don’t own much.” you replied shortly. “All I have that is super important are my suits and O.R.C.H.I.D.”
“Right.” he gave a single nod. “The guys are expecting you already so we can go whenever you want.”
“Right.” you repeated his words. “We could-...There’s no need to stay here y’know...”
“Of course. Don’t worry, the warehouse will feel just like home.”
“I’ll bet.”
You stood outside a weird looking building. You shifted all your weight to one side with a hand on your hip. Izuku pressed a random button on an intercom. “Hey fuck face, let me in!” He had slipped his hand into yours, causing you to feel warm inside. It felt almost nice.
“Everyone’s waiting.” he spoke as you both walked down the hall. “I warn you now, some might be more on board than others.”
“You can say it, Bakugou.” you scoffed. “Who cares what he thinks?” you grumbled. “I did not care about his opinions then, you think I care now?”
“Great! You’ll fit right in here.” he chuckled. “HEY, Y/N’S HERE!” he yelled once he got to a place that looked like a boardroom. It looked very...not like the outside. It was kind of professional looking.
Every chair in the room spun around and you were met by an unsettling amount of familiar faces. Instead of innocent, bright eyes boys they were all scary looking and rugged men. They had all changed intensely.
“Old classmate.” Tenya Iida lowered his glasses. He was sitting in the chair closest to you. “Glad you could join us.”
“How nice to see you after your little show.” followed Denki.
“Glad you see it our way!” Kirishima laughed.
“Good to have” Shoto, who had been facing an open window turned to you with a wink.
“Fuck you.” you snarled, those old feelings rising up.
“Still haven’t forgiven me?” he smirked.
“Izuku I swear to-” you almost raised your fist, but luckily O.R.C.H.I.D cut through the air with her voice.
“Not to interrupt but can we set me up now?”
“Where can I set up my AI?” you turned to Izuku with a sigh, deciding that making anyone mad wasn’t on the menu.
“What’s so great about a stupid computer!” a new voice huffed. Katsuki pushed passed you two, rubbing the back of his head. He has obviously just woken up.
“Okay first of all it’s not a stupid computer. It’s too advanced for people like you guys.” you placed the flat disk on the table.
“Speak your password?”
“Princess.” you spoke loud and clearly.
“Princess? Vain are we?” Shoto turned towards you with an amused grin
“Within my own right.” you huffed.
Everyone watched as it turned into a huge quite literal ‘super’ computer. O.R.C.H.I.D’S avatar appeared on screen. “Welcome back!”
“Alright O.R.C.H.I.D.” You grabbed the handheld keyboard. “Where are the nanobots?” you hummed.
“I built them in my mainframe.”
“Show me...outside.” you ignored the slightly surprised glances your received as every monitor displayed a different part of the parking lot.
“This will be perfect for the heist tonight...”Kirishima commented. “This thing will have us in and out in no time.”
“-and since Bakugou was so welcoming towards Y/N, she’ll be your partner for the night.”Izuku cut in. “He’ll be the one to walk you through your initiation.”
“Deal with it.” Izuku scoffed. “Maybe she can keep your dumb ass under control so you don’t expose us like last time.”
“Not anymore!”
You watched as Bakugou sent a glare your way.
“Cool?” you raised an eyebrow.
... (fast forward)
“O.R.C.H.I.D, Scan the area.” you whispered into your watch. “There’s five guards, they’re understaffed today?”
“How do you know all that?” Bakugou boredly leaned against an alley wall..
“Look.” you held out your phone to him. He stared at you like you had 8 heads for a minute before he grabbed the phone from you. “Shit...maybe you aren’t so useless.”
“I never was.” you sighed. “O.R.C.H.I.D, preform action takedown.”
“As you wish.”
Every single guard collapsed in place. “Tell the others to go, they have 20 minutes before the effects wear off.”
“Heard you loud and clear babe.” Izuku’s voice could be heard in your earpiece.  “You’re good at this, you’ll be a natural in no time!”
“God why did they stick me in a skirt. These things suck.” you whined. You noticed Bakugou was staring at you for a long time, as if trying to see something you couldn’t.
“You really are different than how you used to be.” Katsuki grumbled.
“Glad you noticed. Puberty does that.” you rolled your eyes.
“Not what I meant!” he barked in reply. “Damnit you act like you’re above everyone!”
“Does that sound familiar?” you glared at him with a vengeance. “I seem to remember you had quite the superiority complex towards me...the extra.” you seethed the word he used to call you and everyone else below him. He had gone completely quiet now.
You looked at your camera lens, giving the thumbs up to Momo who stood up straight.
“Did you get my good side?”
“You look great!” you gave her a finger gun. It was graduation day and you were busy getting pictures of everyone to post on your famous Heroes Of The Future blog. 10 million viewers a week. As you pretended to shoot your little finger gun, you noticed a little pastel pink colored fizz come out of your finger.
“What the-”
“Hey, L/N!” a voice howled with laughter. Katsuki strode past the crowd of people. “Just wanted to let you know to stay out my way while your busy taking pictures from the sidelines. I’d hate to see the least useless person in the school get pancaked.”
“The only reason I’m not gonna punch your lights out is because for some reason Izuku considers you a friend. So get out of my way.” you glowered. As you walked away, Bakugou stared at your back.
He went to follow you, to tell you what he had been really meaning to say...that he was sorry you ended up with an asshole like Todoroki...or somethin’
but you had already joined your other friends.
...(Flashback end)
“I’m not the same stupid kid you know.” he grumbled. “People chance.”
“Neither am I...”were the last words you spoke before you tapped away at your screen. Izuku had promised you that your first heist wouldn’t involve any super harsh villain work, at least until you got out of your hero mindset.
“Someone’s coming your way. You gotta distract them, Y/N.” you heard in your earpiece
“Or kill them...your choice.” Came Denki’s voice. “I’d kill them but, your choice, babysteps, cutie!.”
Like they said, a guard came running around the corner charging for you and Bakugou. Before Katsuki could do anything, you grabbed the attackers arm and gave them a face full of radioactive plasma to the face. “O.R.C.H.I.D, Shockwave!”
“As you wish!”
The attacker was practically turned into dust. Was killing a bad person like reverse psychology? Probably. A bad person killing a bad person? Could you even call yourself a bad person. You had never used your quirk for anything other than saving stray kittens from trees.
This was years different.
“Someone else is coming! Be prepared.”
You looked to Bakugou seeing if he had any bright ideas. Before you knew it, he had grabbed your waist and pushed you against the wall, covering your body with his. “What are you-”
You were thinking more along the lines of. He used his quirk next...but this worked too.
Bakugou crashed his mouth over yours, claiming your mouth in a very lewd looking and sounding kiss. He had a fistful of your hair in one hand while the other arm wrapped around your waist, holding you up. He grinded his body against yours.
The more he went on, the more compromising it looked. Whoever had walked around the corner saw. They saw everything. They saw Bakugou anchor his head to kiss a harsh line down your neck and jaw. They saw his hands trail up under your clothes. They even saw his hands creep under your skirt.
“Do you mind?” Bakugou’s glare scared the stranger cold. “I don’t like an audience.” he snarled, holding out a hand. “BEAT IT!” he barked.
Whoever had bolted off and left you both alone, but that didn’t stop Katsuki from slowly pulling down your panties. “The nerve of some people.” he shook his head.
“Bakuou what are you-”
“Shut it! the quieter you are, the more fun we can have.” he smirked. “I’ve always liked you Y/N.” he chuckled. “I ain’t passing this up. You aren’t either.” he hooked one of your legs around his shoulders as he drove his tongue up your slit.
You first instinct was to very abruptly slap a hand over your mouth. You were shaking instantly. He laughed harshly as he lashed his tongue against your clit.
“You and everyone else.” you groaned, feeling your legs shake. It was like you were in a fan fiction or something. “W-we can’t do this here-Ungh..” you couldn’t finish your sentence.
“Oh yes we can, we can do this right here and no one is gonna say shit about it unless they wanna be in a fucking wheelchair, drinking out of a straw for the rest of their lives.” he growled. “You’re rocking your hips against my tongue like a little slut. You want this just as much as I do!” he cooed between harsh licks. “You’re a little whore for me aren’t you? Is daddy gonna teach you to be a good villain? hm?” he thrust a finger into your wetness, making you let out a cry.
He held your hips down, making it hard to move beneath his devilish mouth. He was being mean on purpose. He laid lewd, wet, and loud open mouthed kisses along your sex.
“K-katsuki.” you whimpered. “This feels dirty.”
“’s supposed to.” he mocked your bashfulness. He fumbled with his belt as he rose to his feet. His pants dropped to his knees, then pooled on the ground. “I’m gonna fuck you like this, just like this.” he hoisted you up and pushed you further against the wall, inching himself inside of you.
“K-katsuki!~” you whined. “It’s s-so...”
“So big? So thick? Hell the fuck yeah it is.” he laughed. “You like being man-handled by me don’t you.” he slowly thrust himself into you. “Like a little slut. Face it, you want to be my extra. You love being below me because your a little fucking whore.” he snarled as his thrusts grew more and more strong. “You can’t even stay quiet on a fucking mission because you want some cock so fucking bad.” he insulted you.
Your legs couldn’t move, shit you had been shaking so much you didn’t even realize that two more people had walked by and very quickly fled after a threat from the man using you as a sex doll.
You were first to cum. You practically exploded, feeling every emotion you had release all over his length. Bakugou came shortly after, filling up your tight hole to the brim. To the point where it spilled on the ground.
“Good girl.” he threw his head back. “V-very good girl. Shit...” he messily crashed his mouth over yours against, practically invading your mouth with his tongue to which you shyly responded with affections of your own. “Maybe this was a good idea after all.”
It was all good until you realized....your earpiece was still on...and that everyone could heard you.
O.R.C.H.I.D: Next Episode Unlocked!-  Todoroki (Coming Soon)
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Todoroki Shouto x Reader: Pumpkin Pie
Previous drabble.
List here.
Prompt: Baking a surprise pie for the other 
“You’ve never had pumpkin pie before?”
Todoroki’s response was curt and simple, but it lit a fire in you almost as hot as his left side. You were determined now to rectify this situation, but if you were going to have him try a pumpkin pie, it had to be perfect.
So, you found the perfect recipe and spent the afternoon baking.
Todoroki had no idea what he had started nor what you were thinking. There were several things that he had never tried or done due to the nature of his childhood. So, he didn’t really see this as a big deal.
That didn’t mean he felt apathetic when he came home to such a wonderful smell.
“I looked all over to find the perfect recipe, so I hope you like it,” you told him, gesturing to the pie you placed on your kitchen counter.
Todoroki smiled, walking over and wrapping his arms around you in a loving hug, “You’re so thoughtful,” he said as he leaned down and kissed your lips, “You really didn-,”
“Oh, yes, I did! It’s fall, and you never had pumpkin pie! Now is the time to try it.”
Your words were met by a happy chuckle. The hero definitely made the right choice by allowing himself to fall in love with you.
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lovekyoutani · 7 months ago
𝐌𝐇𝐀 || 𝐄𝐦𝐛𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐞𝐱 𝐦𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬
⤷ inspired by: @/haikyuu-boys-headcanons and my cursed conversation with @goldentsum and some other peeps ;)
⤷ genre: smut, crack fic
⤷ note: smut obviously and all aged up! characters
⤷ artwork.
Tumblr media
❥ 𝐃𝐞𝐧𝐤𝐢 𝐊𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐢
He got really nervous that you’d get grossed out by his dick during his first blowjob since he just got back from working out. He used mouthwash on his dick to make it “taste good” and it burned like hell, you obviously noticed since cocks aren’t really supposed to taste like mint but decided to keep your mouth shut and spare him the embarrassment.
❥ 𝐓𝐞𝐧𝐲𝐚 𝐈𝐢𝐝𝐚
After your first time going down on him he accidentally came in your mouth without any warnings. He had absolutely no idea what to say so he praised you, patted your head and offered you a reward. “Good job— want a cookie?”
❥ 𝐓𝐨𝐠𝐚𝐭𝐚 𝐌𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐨
Unironically told you, “I want to put my willy in you.” He learned his lesson quick since you were suddenly dying of laughter and it instantly killed the mood, it was a learning curve since for him.
❥ 𝐊𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐦𝐚 𝐄𝐢𝐣𝐢𝐫𝐨𝐮
Got a call from the Bakusquad while you were riding him. He told you to keep going, promising that he could keep quiet— he couldn’t. Kept moaning into the phone while talking to them but was too stubborn to hang up. Luckily, they got the hint and decided to end the call themselves.
❥ 𝐈𝐳𝐮𝐤𝐮 𝐌𝐢𝐝𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐲𝐚
You were on your knees for him and he got way too into the blowjob you were giving him that he was literally drooling, it ended up awkwardly dripping onto your forehead but you just wiped it off and kept going cause he looked like a kicked puppy when you pulled away.
❥ 𝐁𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐠𝐨𝐮 𝐊𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐢
Both of you were getting close to your orgasms and he was pounding into you really hard. Unexpectedly pulled his cock out all the way out as soon as he reached his high and had to try and grab his cock to shove it back in while he was cumming. It didn’t work and he came everywhere.
❥ 𝐓𝐨𝐤𝐨𝐲𝐚𝐦𝐢 𝐅𝐮𝐦𝐢𝐤𝐚𝐠𝐞
He wanted to spice things up in the bedroom so he googled up “things to call your s/o in bed”. He started off really strong with ‘princess, love and beautiful’ but slowly got worse and ended up at ‘sweet pea and pooh bear”. You appreciated his effort though.
❥ 𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐨 𝐇𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐚
Cracked a joke while fucking you not realizing that making you laugh would result in you squeezing down on his cock. Tried his best to hold back but ended up creaming inside you before he could make you finish, he was extremely embarrassed.
❥ 𝐇𝐚𝐰𝐤𝐬
He moaned out his name instead of yours, like straight up said “Fuck, Keigo!”. He had to stop for a second to process what he just said and was cracking up while he was still in you but you weren’t as amused as he was.
❥ 𝐃𝐚𝐛𝐢
Told you to get some condoms and you bought them a size too small. He had no idea if he should be offended that you thought his dick was that tiny or proud that it didn’t even fit him.
❥ 𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐨 𝐓𝐨𝐝𝐨𝐫𝐨𝐤𝐢
The first time you guys were having sex, you tried talking dirty in the middle of it so you said “You’re so hot.” he just straight up looks at you and goes “ my temperature?”
❥ 𝐓𝐚𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐢 𝐀𝐦𝐚𝐣𝐢𝐤𝐢
He’s super sensitive and you were trying to be sexy during your first time so you offered to put the condom on. Long story short, he came while you were unrolling it on his dick. It took an hour of consoling him before he was able to look you in the eye again.
❥ 𝐓𝐨𝐦𝐮𝐫𝐚 𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐤𝐢
During foreplay he decided it’d be a good idea to shove his fingers into your mouth. It would’ve been hot if his fingers didn’t taste like fucking cheetos and dust, you gagged at the flavour but he thought it was a good reaction and forced his fingers even deeper.
❥ 𝐀𝐥𝐥 𝐦𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭
Didn’t realize that his dick was that big so he used all of his strength to shove his cock into you and he might’ve accidentally bruised your cervix, lost the privileges to fuck you for a while. Felt really bad about it too.
❥ 𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐚 𝐀𝐢𝐳𝐚𝐰𝐚
He wanted to spend some “quality time” with you since he was away for a while due to hero work but he was so tired that he couldn’t get it up. Didn’t even have the energy to be embarrassed since he fell asleep while you were jerking him off.
❥ 𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐮 𝐇𝐢𝐭𝐨𝐬𝐡𝐢
He was so eager to eat you out that he literally almost suffocated from you sitting on his face—he had no complaints though, he would’ve died a happy man.
❥ 𝐍𝐞𝐢𝐭𝐨 𝐌𝐨𝐧𝐨𝐦𝐚
You had some kinks that he wasn’t sure if he was into but he was willing to try them. Mid-fuck you told him to choke you and he straight up started choking the shit out of you, like from 0-100 with all his strength. It lowkey scared the shit out of you.
Tumblr media
@lalayy @graceraceace @fandomtrash @waitforitillwritemywayout @midnightsun30 @txmxkis @serosmissingtoe @bunniesandvillains @coldspoons @beelziee @vienettacream @mr-bombastic @moonlitsokka @light-castles @amajikibby @devilgirlcrybabiey @kenmasdiscordkitty @leviathans-waifu @shirabuwife @meowmeowmushroom @zukooo @gaideservedbetter @narcoleptiicinsomniac @lenauhbenauh @hedlovesshoto @curiouslilbeast @cherrychan0 @amaejiki @planetofthebarbz @sssjuico10 @jinnbie @itsvicesage @eternallyvenus @local-baka @waywardbabie @honeykami @tanzaniiite @harrycobain @dakusoul @jensdior @you-cant-knock-me-down @kageyama-i-want-tobiors @ph0enixjude @henhouse-horrors @blxemafia @mysticmessofcrap
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Horror Movies w/ The Boys - Part Two
Part One here
Minors DNI
Pairings: Dabi x reader, Tamaki x reader, Kirishima x reader, Hawks x reader, Shouto x reader
Genre: smut & fluff
Warnings: impact play, biting, daddy kink, mommy kink
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You say the words ‘movie marathon’ and he’s sold. He doesn’t even need to know what kind of movies y’all are watching.
It could be a bunch of sappy chick flicks, he’d still be down, because he knows that ‘movie marathon’ roughly translates to ‘rearrange my guts for an evening’
And he will never pass up an opportunity to spend a night buried inside you
So he comes over, bottle of wine in hand, dick already half-hard when you open the door in your short, black nightgown
“Hey, doll,” he grins seductively, running his hand down your spine and over your ass, giving it a quick spank before he pulls you against him.
You swing the door shut, wrapping an arm around him as you take the bottle, “Hey, handsome,” you lean up on your toes to kiss his lips with a smile. “You ready for our movie night?”
“You know it,” he smirks as you bite your lip and lead him toward the bedroom.
When you insist on actually watching the first movie, he rolls his eyes, but he just strips down to his boxers and cracks open the bottle of wine before crawling into bed with you, opening up his arm for you to curl into him as he hands you a glass.
Nights like these have become a bit of a routine, one that you both look forward to, for various reasons.
The sex is always great, but so is the intimacy. He’d never say it out loud, but he gives himself away with the way his fingers dance along your arm. How his lips lazily press to your temple. The slow rhythm of his breathing as he completely relaxes under your touch.
After a couple of glasses of wine each, you’re both getting a little handsy & before you know it, your legs are spread wide, your hands tugging on his hair as his tongue piercing makes another lap around your clit.
“You taste sweeter than the wine tonight, doll,” he smirks against your inner thigh, plunging a finger between your folds as locks eyes with you, flicking his tongue rapidly against your clit as you cry out.
He’s never watched one all the way through, so he’s thoroughly not a horror movie guy
But for you? He’d do anything. So when you said you wanted to watch nothing but scary movies for the night, he just agreed. He couldn’t say no to you.
Lucky for him, the scary movie marathon was a ploy to get extra close to him.
You made sure to wear your skimpiest shorts and your lowest cut tank top, sans the bra and panties, of course.
You’re pretending to watch the movie, but you’re secretly watching him drool over how your breasts look pressed up against his chest.
He’s too distracted by your cleavage and the way that he can see your ass hanging out of your shorts to even know what’s going on in the film.
All you have to do is sit up and arch your back, pretending to stretch your neck as you readjust, a soft groan leaving your lips.
And he’s on you, his lips catching yours as he pulls you into his lap, his hands gripping your ass tight as he ruts his hips up into you.
You moan, steadying yourself on his shoulders as you roll your hips on top of his, “Tama,” you mewl, “touch me, please..”
He groans, tugging your bottom lip between his teeth as he pulls your top down, letting your breasts spill out as he cups them in his hands.
“You think it was a good idea to tease me, bunny?” He pants, slapping at your breast while he takes the nipple of the other one into his mouth, his eyes feral as he lets out a low growl, “I’m so hard it hurts. Guess who’s pretty little pussy I’m gonna take that out on?”
He’s so freakin’ cute, always
So excited to spend a night in with you and he’s pulled out all the stops
He’s ordered your favorite food, made popcorn, turned the couch into a bundle of blankets and soft pillows for you both to cuddle up in.
He remembers you mentioning one movie in particular, so he brings that one up first and takes his seat beside you, asking you if you’re all settled in before he hits play.
The movie’s good and he gets into it, even getting a little freaked himself, but he’s gotta be the manly one tonight, so he’s tightening his arm around you whenever you gasp or make any sudden movements.
When the movies over, you suggest he throw on one that he knows you’ve seen a million times over and he looks at you confused.
“Why that one? Don’t you wanna watch something you haven’t seen?”
“Nah, I just want something on as background noise for a little while,” you smile, running your hand up his thigh.
“Background noise for wha—ahh,” his jaw drops open as you slip your hand beneath his shorts, stroking his cock. “Fuck, baby,” he groans, shifting his hips forward, lifting them up enough to slip his shorts off. “C’mere,” he pats his thigh, curling his fingers at you. “And turn around, pretty girl.”
You chew your bottom lip as you stand, turning to face away from him as you slowly remove your t-shirt. His hands reach out to grab your ass, spanking you once as he mutters a quiet, “Damn,” beneath his breath.
You glance over your shoulder, hooking your thumbs into your panties and ever so slowly bending over as you remove them, giving him a perfect view of your tight, wet pussy.
“Shit,” he swallows, marveling at the sight as he groans impatiently, grasping your hips as he guides you into his lap, “So fucking wet and I haven’t even touched you yet,” he murmurs in your ear as his cock throbs against his lower abdomen, which you can feel as the base of it rests against your ass.
“Daddy,” you mewl, writhing in his lap desperately, “need you so bad.”
“I know, baby,” he coos, fisting his length to align it with your entrance as he guides your hips above his, letting you slowly impale yourself on his thick cock, a sinful moan spouting from your lips.
You barely have the time to turn the movie on before his hands are on you, even though he promised to keep them to himself tonight.
He’s running them beneath your shirt, attaching his lips to any bare skin that he can see as he lays you down on the seat of the couch.
“Keigo, stop,” you giggle, playfully pushing against his chest, moaning as he sucks on the pulse in your neck.
“Mm, doesn’t sounds like you want me to stop, baby bird,” he’s all smiles against your skin, teeth grazing over your neck as he works his way lower, kissing along your collarbone. “We can watch the movie later, I promise.”
“You mean the way you promised that you wouldn’t do exactly this before the movie started,” you grin, carding your fingers through hair as you let your body relax.
“Okay, but I really promise this time,” he peels your shirt up over your head, continuing to pepper a trail of kisses between your breasts as he whispers seductively, “Please, mommy..”
“Don’t mommy me,” you sigh, your breath shallowing as your resistance wains, “It’s too late for you to be a good boy for me.”
“Oh, I don’t know about that,” he murmurs against your belly, looking up at you though his lashes as he settles himself between your thighs. “I can be so,” he kisses your hip, tucking his fingers beneath your shorts to pull them down slowly. “So,” he kisses your other hip, swiping his tongue over it. “Good for you, mommy..”
You moan, tugging on his hair, earning a soft groan from him, “You’re lucky you’re cute,” you smirk playfully.
“I doubt you’d put up with me otherwise,” he grins cheekily, getting up on his knees and leaning forward to kiss you as he removes your bottoms, panties and all.
“Shut up,” you breathe a soft giggle, “You know that I lo—oh, fuck,” you moan the last word against his mouth, arching your back as he slips two fingers into you.
“I love you too,” he smirks, kissing the corner of your mouth, “Mommy.”
It’s a relaxing evening in for the two of you, the type that’s become common in your shared apartment.
Since you came to the realization that there’s a lot of classic movies that Shouto just hasn’t seen. Like a lot.
No wonder so many pop culture references just go right over his head.
So tonight’s agenda is horror.
And he’s handling it well. He doesn’t quite understand the choices that most of the protagonists make, which makes for fun conversation at the scream queen’s expense.
“Why would she go back into the house? Why wouldn’t she just run?” He asks, as if it’s obvious, because it is. To anyone who’s not in a horror film.
You’re laying on the edge of the bed, having moved to the bedroom as the night dragged on. His front to your back, both of you half-dressed to keep cool in the warm, summer evening.
A steamy scene appears on screen and you hear a quiet, “Oh” behind you before you feel the general heat of his left side grow warmer against your skin.
You subtly arch your back, pressing your ass against him as his hand finds purchase on your hip.
He exhales through his nose, his eyes closing as he buries his face in the crook of your neck, inhaling the scent of the shampoo lingering in your hair as he slips your panties down your thighs.
You reach back, tugging his boxers down enough to free his hardening member, stroking it languidly as he rocks his hips into your palm, kissing along the back of your neck, down to your shoulders.
You shift your hips back, lifting your leg enough to line his cock up with your entrance, moaning softly as he sinks into you with an earnest groan.
“Sho,” you sigh, reaching your arm back to push your fingers into his hair, angling his face towards yours as you look over your shoulder.
He closes the distance to kiss you slowly, savoring the taste of you on his tongue as he rolls his hips against yours.
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itsruiblue · 6 months ago
MHA Boys Catch Mineta Perving on You
Ft. Midoriya, Bakugou, Todoroki, Shinsou x fem!reader
Warnings: Swearing, sexual harassment, Mineta being a disgusting human being, violence, mentions of death, lots of Mineta slander (seriously if you have even the slightest ounce of respect for that grape, don't read this) 
Note: this is totally irrelevant, however when I wrote these, I saw them all as second / third years in my head. Not that any of these need explicit age descriptors, that's just how the characters seemed in my brain at the time. 
Also, I'm going to apologise now for the fact that this isn't edited in the slightest. This post is complete undiluted word-vomit in my part and I hope you enjoy :))
Part 2  Part 3
Izuku Midoriya 
Tumblr media
The day Mineta decided to put his hands on you was probably the only time you'd ever seen your boyfriend really, truly pissed. 
You had been having a relatively relaxed school day. There hadn't been any villain attacks, no one had suffered a near fatal injury during training and nobody was stressing about upcoming assignments or exams. You had decided to spend one of your rare moments of free time with two of your closest friends in the class, Uraraka and Asui. The three of you had made plans to spend the afternoon at the mall and you were incredibly excited to finally get off the UA campus after so long. 
You were walking out of the classroom, chatting idly with your two friends when it happened. One minute you were giggling over some silly comment Uraraka had made and the next you felt a grimy hand creeping its way under your skirt. 
With a squeak of surprise, you jumped away from the touch and spun around to see Mineta standing behind you, a sickening grin of delight on his face. Your mouth dropped open in shock and your fists clenched as anger began to immediately bubble within you. However, before you could begin your verbal abuse of the disgusting little pervert, a new hand grabbed Mineta's outstretched wrist. 
The boy's face immediately went white and he slowly turned his head to see Izuku Midoriya standing beside him, his green eyes dark and furious. 
"Apologise," the taller boy growled out in a tone so cold it could have rivalled Todoroki's. "Apologise now." 
Mineta scrambled to get away from your boyfriend, twisting his wrist in a desperate attempt to free himself from the tight grip Izuku had in his arm. His eyes were wide with terror. 
"M'sorry," he squealed out and you were struck with how much he sounded like a terrified pig. "I didn't mean any harm, m'sorry, I swear!" 
The corner of Izuku's mouth twitched into a deeper frown and you could tell that he knew Mineta was lying through his teeth. However you could also see that your boyfriend was very much aware of the odd looks he and Mineta were receiving from passing students. 
With a scoff of disgust, Izuku shoved Mineta away from him. "Go, now," he grumbled out to the shorter boy, who instantly did as he was told and ran for the hills. Then Izuku turned to look at you and his gaze immediately softened. Gently, he ran his hands down your arms. 
"I'm sorry," he mumbled quietly. "I saw what he was about to do from the classroom but I wasn't fast enough to stop it. Are you okay?" 
You nodded and offered him a soft smile. "I'm okay. Thank you for doing that." 
Izuku smiled back at you, the familiar shy grin that you'd grown to love. He leaned down to kiss your forehead softly. 
"Mm, 'course, Pumpkin. Any time." 
Katsuki Bakugou 
Tumblr media
You had seen Bakugou angry many times before. In fact, it was uncommon to see him openly express any emotion that wasn't anger. 
However, the day Mineta decided to try his luck with you was the first day you were ever truly worried that Bakugou might actually kill a classmate. 
Class A had been working on hand-to-hand combat training for the better part of an hour and unfortunately for you, you had been partnered with Mineta. Of course, you tried to be civil with him, since you didn't want to make a scene and thankfully,the pair of you almost got through the entire session without any major incidents. 
Looking back, you probably shouldn't have tried that flip on Mineta, but you were so lost in the training that for a split section you forgot who you were dealing with.
Within seconds, you had the grape pinned easily to the training mat, your body hovering above his. Before you even knew what was happening, one of his hands came up to grope hungrily across your chest. 
You recoiled immediately, a horrified look on your face. At the same time, a loud yell could be heard from the other end of the room. 
In the blink of an eye, there was the BOOM! of an explosion and then your boyfriend came flying cross the training hall and grabbed Mineta by the front of his collar. 
"Katsuki-!" you barely had time to say before Bakugou hurled Mineta with every ounce of his strength at the nearest wall. Your eyes flew wide open and for a split second, you thought the smaller boy was actually going to hit the hard concrete and crack his scull open. However, at the last second he managed activate his quirk and bounced harmlessly backwards. 
Bakugou let out a growl that was so animalistic it brought goosebumps to the surface of your skin. His palms glowed white hot and his muscled tensed as he prepared to dive at Mineta and do god knows what to him. Thankfully, before he could move, he was tackled from behind by Kirishima and Sero.
Bakugou roared as his body hit the floor with a thud. Immediately he began to struggle against his friends' grip, literally trying to claw his way across the room to Mineta, who was cowering against the opposite wall. "Let me at him!” Bakugou growled out furiously. “I swear to god, Shitty Hair, Tape Face! You'd better fucking let me go before I blast both of you all the way to hell-!" 
You scrambled to your feet and ran to your boyfriend, grabbing his shoulders. "Katsuki!" you said in a desperate attempt to calm him down, "It’s okay! I'm fine, I promise, please-" 
"It’s so far from fucking fine," Bakugou spat. He was still struggling against Kirishima and Sero's hold. "He touched you. I swear, I'm going to peel that little fucker's face off!" 
"Not to encourage him," Kirishima said, huffing slightly at the effort of restraining Bakugou, "but I agree. That guy's always being creepy and he never listens when any of you girls tell him to stop." 
"I kinda wish I could beat him up myself," sighed out Sero. "He freaks me out." 
By this time, the rest of the class had figured out what was going on. A few of your other friends, including Mina and Jirou, had advanced on Mineta, their eyes flashing, while the rest of the group where deliberating going to find a teacher. However you ignored all of them and set you attention firmly on Bakugou. Sinking to your knees, you drew him into a soft hug. 
"I'm okay," you mumbled into his hair, feeling the way his entire body trembled beneath your touch. "Mineta is gross and disgusting and I'd like nothing more than for you to blast him off the face of the earth but I don't want you to get in trouble." 
Bakugou sighed heavily, his fists still clenched. However he stopped writhing and went limp against you. Cautiously, Sero and Kirishima released their grips on him. 
You offered your two friends smiles of thanks as they moved backwards, which they acknowledged with grins of their own. Then they turned and headed in the direction of the crowd congregated around Mineta, ominous glints flaring up in both of their eyes. 
Upon seeing them leave, Bakugou buried his face in your shoulder. "Please," he mumbled out. "Please let me punch him. I see him looking at you all the time and I… I have to do something. It just makes me so angry, the way he treats you. And all the other girls too." 
You looked at him with in surprise, the pained tone of his voice catching you off guard. You’d always known Bakugou hated Mineta, however you weren't aware of just how deep his feelings ran. Turning your head, you looked over at the way your classmates were circled around Mineta. The smaller boy looked terrified out of his mind and for a moment, you almost felt sorry for him. 
Then you noticed how even through his fearful tears, he was eyeing up Yaomomo's chest and your resolve evaporated. 
Bakugou stared at you as you released him from your embrace. "What?"
"I'm not going to stop you." You glowered in Mineta's direction. "He deserves it anyway." 
"You mean I can-?" 
"Go for it." You shrugged and pressed a short kiss to his lips. Then you rose to your feet. "Just don't mess yourself up." 
Bakugou's expression darkened into a sinister smirk and he crackled his knuckles aggressively. 
"Oh fuck yes."
Shoto Todoroki 
Tumblr media
Shoto Todoroki had never been the type to get violent when something upset him. 
He was, however, the type to get even, which was arguable worse. 
Mineta had been harassing you for a while. Being the nice human being you were, you'd tried to remain good natured about the situation, however after months of having to dodge his constant remarks and snide glances, he was seriously starting to piss you off. 
The last straw came when one evening, you caught the little creep peering in through your balcony window after having used his quirk to scale the outside wall of the dorm. And, much to your horror, he managed to time his attack perfectly so that he was able to get a peek just as you were changing out of your school clothes. 
Fortunately for you, he also managed to catch you on the day when you boyfriend had been too goddamn lazy to leave to go back to his own room after walking you to yours after school.
Shoto raised his head from where it had been buried in your pillow at the sound of your squeak of surprise. Almost immediately, his eyes locked with those of the disgusting grape who had been staring at you with a sickening expression in his face. 
The world seemed to stop for a second as the temperature in your room dropped. 
"Angel," Shoto then said quietly and his tone was so icy you felt your stomach drop. "Could you look away for a second. I need to take care of something." 
You looked from your boyfriend’s scarily calm expression to Mineta who was still frozen on your balcony, a look of terror on his face. For a moment, you considered interfering. 
But then you remembered that a) Mineta deserved all the pain that came his way, and b) when Shoto had set his mind to something, no one, not even All Might, had the ability to stop him. 
So you did as he asked and turned away, scrambling to pull on the loose t-shirt in your hands as you did so. 
There was the crack of freezing ice and then a small squeak from Mineta. Then deathly silence, punctuated only by the slow tap of Shoto's footsteps against your floor. 
"You alright, Angel?" came the quiet voice of your boyfriend after a pause and your body relaxed when you felt the soft touch of Shoto's hands settling on your sides. A nose pressed to your shoulder. 
"Yeah, I'm…" you gulped and shivered as you remembered the way Mineta had ogled your bra. "I'm okay. He's just so disgusting." 
"I'd love nothing better than to torture him until he laments his actions," said Shoto calmly into the fabric of your t-shirt. "However I doubt that would look good on my hero record. Hopefully he won't try anything with you again though." 
"You're kind of sadistic, Sho," you chuckled softly, turning in his arms to face him. "Not that I'm complaining but sheesh, that was a little scary." 
"I'm sorry, my love," Shoto apologised, kissing your cheek sweetly. "I was just furious. No one should ever violate anyone's privacy like that, especially not yours." 
"Thank you," you mumbled to him, resting your forehead on his chest. "It means a lot." 
"Any time, Angel," Shoto replied softly, kissing the top of your head. 
Hitoshi Shinsou
Tumblr media
You had expected that doing your work study at the same agency as Shinsou would be a dream. After all, who wouldn't want to spend some extra time with their boyfriend while out in the field.
Unfortunately, basically holding the position of a sidekick meant you were obligated to participate with team up mission with other agencies as well. And more often than not, the other heroes you were forced to work with weren't all that pleasant. 
You had a bad feeling in your gut the minute you heard you would be working with Mineta and his mentor on your latest team up. A bad feeling that only worsen as time passed and you were constantly subjected to the uncomfortable feeling of your temporary teammate’s hungry eyes on you. 
Thankfully, the mission was over relatively quickly and you were able to return to your agency with a good few hours of the day left. Flopping down on the couch of the recreation room, you let out a long groan of satisfaction. 
Shinsou chuckled at you from where he stood in the doorway before turning away. “I'm going to shower," he threw casually over his shoulder as he disappeared from your sight. You barely had the energy to muster a half hearted grunt of acknowledgment as you eyes slid closed. 
You dozed for what could have been seconds or could have been hours, stirring only when you felt the couch dip beside you. For a moment you thought it was Shinsou, however when you opened your eyes you were greeted with the face of very much the wrong purple haired boy. 
Mineta offered you a sickening grin. His hand slid onto your thigh. "You looked really hot out there today," he lisped disgustingly. "Did you make your costume tighter?" 
You inched away from him, suppressing a gag. "No, my costume is the same as it’s always been," you replied, your tone clipped. 
"That’s weird," Mineta said, leading forward. You were horrified to see his line of sight was fixed directly on your chest. "I swear I can see the outline of your bra." 
Immediately one of your hands came up to shield yourself from his invasive gaze. You shuffled away from him again as your cheeks flushed with both embarrassment and self-consciousness. "I don't-" 
"It’s alright." Mineta grinned up at you and you felt his hand return to your leg. "I don't mind seeing that stuff. In fact, I'd like to see mor-" 
He was cut off when a smooth grey fibre suddenly wrapped around his head, covering his mouth. 
You whipped round to see Shinsou standing in the doorway, his violet hair still dripping wet from his shower. His capture weapon was steady in his hand, the other end restraining Mineta, and his expression was grim. 
"Don’t you dare say another word, you disgusting little creep." 
Immediately you abandoned your place on the couch and moved towards him, you heart beating furiously. Without missing a beat, Shinsou met you with an open arm, hugging you protectively against his body as you buried your head in his shoulder  . 
"Mfff-" Mineta mumbled out, struggling against the capture weapon. Shinsou glared at him with a look that reminded you so much of Aizawa is was almost terrifying. 
"Don’t even think about trying to escape. You should feel very lucky I’m not allowed to use my quirk on you otherwise I would have told you to go walk yourself off a building." 
Mineta squeaked in fear. 
"God, you really are disgusting," Shinsou spat, releasing Mineta from his hold. His capture weapon snapped back in such a way that the perverted grape tumbled backwards off the couch. 
Immediately, Shinsou turned to look at you, his gaze softening. Cradling your cheek gently in one hand, he let his eyes scan your face as he murmured, "You alright, Muffin?" 
You nodded and turned to bury your nose in the nape of his neck. The tips of his still wet hair tickled your cheek but you ignored them, inhaling his familiar scent. 
"I'm sorry I wasn't here," Shinsou mumbled, glaring at Mineta who had only just managed to get to his feet. "I should never have let him be alone with you." 
"S'okay," you mumbled back. "Can we go just back to the school now. I'm tired." 
"Of course, Muffin," Shinsou kissed your forehead sweetly. “Let's go."
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figaraki · 6 months ago
— nsfw // f. reader + various characters 
— sexting + male masturbation + cum play + more
ft. deku | midoriya, todoroki, iida, tokoyami, fatgum, + shigaraki.
— you playfully ask the guys to “send nudes.”
— 1.3k words 
Tumblr media
midoriya stands in front of his bedroom mirror, leaning back in an easy stance, and drags his shirt up, just past his belly button, baring the slightest peek of skin, sure you can see the dark trail of hair and the fine lines of muscle cutting across his stomach.
with the flash on, glinting as bright as the grin on his face, he snaps the photo, and sends it to you.
you text back in seconds, hungry for more: 
tease. :(
he laughs, shaking his head at how easy you seem to make this little game - you’re predictable, and he loves it. mussing up his hair for the camera, he leans back again, and takes another photo; this time, his shirt is on the floor.
“silly girl... tell me what you really want.”
todoroki asks you why you want him to send nudes.
you say you want to know if the carpet matches the drapes.
he isn’t entirely sure what that has to do with your most recent conversation, but he complies all the same; settling himself on top of his bed with a sigh, he palms his cock lightly, coaxing it to swell and rationalizing the unsavory use of his imagination as kindling.
shoto huffs, quick to dismiss the warmth he felt blossoming through his body at the thought of you, edging towards something more than the shallow lust that burned in the pit of his stomach. he shakes it away, tugging down the waistband of his pajama bottoms. his cock springs free, exposed to the cool air just seconds before he wraps a hot, trembling hand around it. with blood rushing in his ears, he props his phone up against a book, steadying it, and clicks RECORD.
the screen flashes with the countdown; THREE, TWO, ONE...
he gives his cock an experimental stroke, chest heaving at the considerable and innate intimacy of this moment, intended to be shared with you and you alone. his breath comes out in uneven puffs, erring on the edge of a groan, dangerously close.
furrowing his brow, shoto pulls his shirt up past his chest, bringing the hem of it to gather between his teeth as he bares the expanse of his torso for the camera. his muscles are more than tense there, contracting as he nudges his balls with his pinky finger, running the tip of it over the soft flesh, covered in red and white scruff, finally allowing himself a breathy, low whine.
“does it?”
iida is an expert at finding the right angle. he doesn’t come off as someone who typically sends nudes, but he’s smart about it. he starts off slow, testing the waters, snapping a mirror pic straight out of the shower. the steamy photo reels you in, baiting you with a hint of mystery, shrouded by the fog that clings to his mirror, just barely blurring the fluffy towel around his waist, his toned torso, broad shoulders, and dripping-wet hair. he is uncannily photogenic. 
you ask what’s under the towel.
tenya knows you like live photos better; he gives his cock a slow, leisurely stroke for the camera, for you, and presses SEND. 
“your turn.”
tokoyami holds his breath, sure he misread your text. 
he asks if you’re serious, and feels heat flush his neck when you respond: yes.
his heart pounds as he disrobes, fumbling with the zipper of his pants and pushing away the dark, rough canvas with a grunt. he’s hot, too hot, when he coils a sticky hand around his cock, gasping at the first brush of his thumb over the flushed, twitching head.
every thrust into his fist is timed, desperate - the thought of coming for you feels different. 
he allows himself to get sucked into a fantasy, mesmerized. dark shadow’s claws dig into his back without much warning, and fumikage groans, lifting his hips to chase his release, a tribute to you. 
while his beak falls open, tongue lolling out to meet the mouth that isn’t there, he squeezes his eyes shut tighter, unable stop himself from imagining your hands, soft and needy, thrown over his shoulders, with your nails cutting across his skin, instead.
a fire licks up his thighs, curls in the pit of his stomach, smoldering as he holds it back before grounding himself, just enough to turn on his webcam, clicking RECORD with a shaky hand.
with one final pump, one measly fuck of his fist, he comes, feathers fluffing up at the nape of his neck, hips canting to meet his cock, just in time to catch the cum that spills over it, his tongue contorted to each syllable of your name.
he pants, eyes watering, and plays with the messy gobs of cum, as if it doesn’t sting to touch the throbbing, sputtering head.
fatgum asks what you’re doing up, asking for nudes this late; pretty girls like you need their beauty sleep, don’t they?
he grins, lying his phone face down beside the tub, and hums to himself as he entertains the idea, considering it briefly before sinking down into the fragrant, inviting foam of his bubble bath.
it couldn’t hurt.
slumping further into the warm water, he counts the seconds, evenly timed to the steady, muffled thrum of the bass from the stereo across the room.
he wades in the bath, hands smoothing down his belly and over his thighs, fingers fanning over the bulk of his form. a soft sound rumbles up from his chest at the weight of his hand settling on the base of his cock. he allows it to slide lower, aided by the slick of the soap and water, and gently cups his balls, fat and heavy in his palm. 
his mind wanders, strung along by the promise of sticky, sweet kisses and hands so much smaller than his, by the thought of a pliable body bending willingly for him, of a lover.
slow touches and heated promises lull him to a warmer place; his eyelids droop lower and lower, falling shut as he takes his cock back into his hand. tipping his head back, he shifts, pumping a lazy fist up and down his cock, swiping a thumb over the swollen head idly. 
shaking the water off of his left hand to seize his phone, snapping a picture of his cock, curved and sunken, half-submerged in the soapy bubbles.
“you really oughta sleep, sugar.”
shigaraki tells you to fuck off at first.
yanking his shirt off over his head and tossing it aside begrudgingly, he grumbles to himself, something about stupid, needy girls, as if his cock doesn’t jump at the very thought of you possessing evidence like this, something so dirty. 
setting the timer on his phone to TEN, he shuffles, pressing RECORD with a grunt before tucking his phone between his teeth. 
he knows the angle well enough, knows if he arches his back, you’ll be able to watch his body move, twisting and turning, while he comes undone between his palms, and wraps a rough, spit-slicked hand around his dick.
his voice comes out, pitches when he grabs the base of his cock and steadies himself - his tongue is wet on the phone, drool slipping from the corners of his mouth - he feels foul.
half-lidded eyes strain towards the ceiling, and shigaraki whines, barely managing not to crack the fragile screen between his teeth. his stomach muscles draw up tight, clenching as his hips take to moving of their own accord, fucking careful fingers in earnest.
he stretches it out, disregards the needy throb of his dick until he finds himself amidst gobs and gobs of cum, splattered on his hands, on his thighs, on his belly, twitching in his own filth, with a camera between his lips, uttering, “oh... fuck.”
“come clean me up.”
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mari-the-bimbo · a month ago
MHA BOYS: You fall asleep on them
A/N: I’ve added more boys for once lmao
Characters: Izuku, Shoto, Bakugo, Kirishima, Denki, Shinso, Monoma
Tumblr media
Internally SCREAMS
Did his crush really just fall asleep on his shoulder ??!
But his panic disappears when he looks down at you, admiring how cute you look, your nose wrinkling as deku’s curly hair tickles your face, making him softly laugh
He gives you a quick kiss on your nose
He slowly snakes his muscular, scarred arm around your shoulder and pulls you closer, to help you sleep more comfortably
Such a sweetie <3
Tumblr media
An absolute Tsundere
He scoffs at your sleeping form, the second your head hits his shoulder
But then he’ll softly move a strand of your hair out of your face, making sure nothing disturbs you sleep
If any of those extras are too loud while you’re sleeping, he WILL threaten them to shut the fuck up
Not with his yelling of course, that would wake you up. But he’ll silently activate his quirk, small sparks in his hand, as his glares at whoever is making too much noise
“Idiot” he mutters with a small smile, as he watches your sleepy face.
Tumblr media
If Shoto wasn’t stiff enough already, he’s extra stiff now, to ensure you don’t wake up.
The last thing Shoto wants to do is disturb your sleep, if anything seeing your peaceful sleepy form makes him want to sleep and cuddle with you too 🥺
So he wastes no time grabbing the nearest blanket, heating it up with his quirk, before draping it over you and himself.
He nuzzled his head against yours and falls asleep with you
A small smile gracing his face
Tumblr media
You took everyone in the dorm by surprise when you fell asleep on the shoulder of the loudest, chatty, jumpiest person in the room.
Yet Denki is literally love struck the second you fell asleep on his shoulder!
Audibly coos at you
Maybe even pinches your cheeks because you look adorable in your sleep
He tries to contain his love and excitement though, he wouldn’t want to accidentally electrocute you in your sleep 💀
So for once in a LONG time, Denki actually shuts up, peacefully sitting still, rubbing your shoulder as he lets you sleep <3
Tumblr media
The second your head hits Kiri’s shoulder, he feels like his heart is about to burst!
He literally goes from surprised pikachu face to love heart eyes emoji
Also coos at you
Tucks your hair behind your ears, so it doesn’t bother you in your sleep because he’s so thoughtful 😩
Manoeuvres your head into the crook of his neck, and put his buff arm around your shoulder to ensure your comfortable BECAUSE ITS THE MANLY THING TO DO <3
Tumblr media
Shinso promised himself not to befriend or catch feelings for anyone in his new class
Yet when you fell asleep on his shoulder, he could feel his promise crumbling away
Watching your face smushed against his broad shoulder had Shinso’s heart beating very fast.
He lets out a dreamy sigh as he looks at you
And although Shinso barely ever slept, right now napping with a cutie like you seemed really appealing
So he leans his messy purple head on top of yours, and slowly falls asleep with you
Tumblr media
Just like Denki, no one was expecting you to fall asleep on the shoulder of the loudest boy in 1B
Monoma is very proud of the fact you fell asleep on his shoulder and not someone else
Will proceed to boast about this the next 2 weeks lol
But when Monoma actually looks down at your sleeping face, his eyes softens a bit, as he quietly cusses himself for finding you so cute
He’ll give you soft head pats because you deserve it
Monoma the secret softie <3
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azucanela · a month ago
Tumblr media
bnha boys as ____ to lovers tropes headcannons + scenarios [gender neutral!reader]
Tumblr media
featuring: bakugou katsuki, izuku midoriya, todoroki shouto
summary: which one of various “____ to lovers” tropes would they be? friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, rivals to lovers?
warnings: cursing. mentions of violence. mentions of death. crying. 
note: pls i feel like this is bad but i was in a trope mood so enjoy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rivals to Lovers - Bakugou Katsuki
By far the most obvious choice.
Bakugou Katsuki has always wanted to be the best and in order to do that, he must surpass the existing best. While you aren’t as persistent as he is, you have your own ambitions that you’d like to achieve by the end of your school years at UA. So naturally, you’re one of the best in class. 
There’s no denying that especially at the start of the year, certain students stood out. Bakugou already had astonishing quirk control and academic skill, but that’s not all there is to success.
In comes you, someone who the press would actually consider tolerable when you inevitably became a pro. You weren’t explosive, or blunt, or rude. You were a well-mannered student with a good quirk and grades.
AKA Bakugou’s new worst enemy. 
You welcomed the motivation of a rival of course, nothing wrong with a little competitiveness, and when push came to shove at the sports festival, you came in first place. Cementing your place as one of the most promising students in the school.
And boy did Bakugou hate it. 
At this point, you two are just one-upping each other day after day, trying to surpass one another. Who got the best score on class finals? Who does better when it comes to plain sparring? Whose quirk would ultimately beat the others?
But most importantly, Bakugou respects you, and you respect Bakugou. While you’re rivals, its a relationship built on mutual respect for each other’s skills. 
Suddenly he finds that you are complimenting his skills, and you’re partnering together during projects because “no one else can keep up” and then training comes around and he insists that you’re the only one worth fighting. 
Things begin to shift, lines begin to blur, and now you’re friends as well as rivals. Spending time together outside of school for purely educational purposes of course, who studies at the library alone after all?
Suddenly you’re meeting his mom and oh no why are you meeting his mom? WHY is she inviting you over for dinner? Why is she insisting that he’s gonna cook, WHAT IS GOING ON. 
Bakugou is grumbling under his breath as he pushes the shopping cart through the grocery store, cursing his mother’s name as he stops in front of the produce. Y/N had offered to walk him home because their house was on the way, and somehow that turned into inviting them for dinner the following week when his mother saw them.
Stupid hag.
His brows are furrowed as he shoves the potatoes into the plastic bag a little too aggressively, about to move on when he hears someone call out his name, “Bakugou?”
When he turns around the last thing he expects to see is Y/N themself. There’s a pie in their hand, but they discard it in favor of jogging towards him, smile bright on their face. 
“What are you doing here?” Is all that comes out of his mouth, confusion evident in his face as he eyes them. Y/N’s clothes are... dressier than usual— probably because the dinner was in the next hour and that normally meant dressing nicer than just a pair of jeans— and it almost catches him off guard as he meets their gaze. 
“I figured I should bring something to the dinner so I stopped here.”
Bakugou huffs in response, eyes returning the produce before him as he picks up a head of lettuce and examines it. “Not necessary.” Is all he replies with.
Y/N raises a brow, “worried my store bought pie will outdo your...” they look into his cart, “potatoes?”
Bakugou looks to them dully, dropping the lettuce into his cart wordlessly and continuing on through the store. “At least buy a cake mix or something, put in some effort.” He looks back at them with a grin, “unless you can’t even make a simple cake?”
A small laugh escapes Y/N as they bring a hand to the back of their neck, sheepishly, “that’s one thing I know you’re better than me at. I can’t cook.” They meet his eyes, “at all.”
“Are you serious?” Bakugou is walking through the aisles, Y/N now alongside pausing to look through the glass until Bakugou’s hand comes to their forearm to continue dragging them along so they don’t get distracted.
“Completely serious.”
He scoffs, stopping the cart as they hit the baking section, “then I guess I’ll have to teach you.” Y/N looks to him, brow raised at his words, and he simply says, “how am I supposed to prove I’m better than you if you can’t even cook— It’s a fucking life skill how do you not know how to cook?”
Y/N rolls their eyes, gently shoving Bakugou, who in turn moves to turn around and glare until an older woman walks past and says with a smile, “you two are a cute couple.” Turning to the man beside her she taps him, “young love, isn’t it beautiful.” 
The old man beside her hums absently in response, eyes squinting at the product he’s taken from off the shelf, “of course, dear.”
While Bakugou is left speechless, Y/N’s mouth gapes open as they search for words. Do they just go along with what the couple said, tell them they completely misunderstood their dynamic? Y/N is at a loss for words and simply says the first thing that comes to mind, “thank you, ma’am.” Offering the woman a nervous smile as their hands come to press against Bakugou’s back in an attempt to usher him out of the aisle. 
Bakugou seems to come to his senses as the pair turns the corner, whipping around to look at Y/N, it’s then that Y/N notices the faint pink on his cheeks as he says, “what?” 
Y/N’s hands haven’t moved from where they were despite Bakugou’s movement, meaning they now rest flat on his chest, and it’s then that they realize how close they’ve gotten. 
Bakugou seems to notice to this, eyes meeting Y/N’s, he holds their gaze for a moment before blinking, once, twice, and turning back around. “Whatever.” He simply mumbles out, “did you come here by car?”
It’s a stark contrast from his usual persona, loud, arrogant. Y/N can’t help that their response is delayed, stammered out, “uh— I didn’t, no. I walked.”
He scoffs, “were you planning to walk to my house?” When Y/N doesn’t reply, Bakugou nearly whips around once again, “how have you managed to live this long.”
Y/N shrugs, “pure talent and luck.”
“Sure.” Bakugou replies, looking back at them from the corner of his eye, “I’ll drive you then.” 
Something has changed, Y/N can tell, and clearly he can too. A newfound tension in the air that can’t just be washed away by a little not-so-friendly competition. Except now “not-so-friendly” didn’t mean unfriendly it meant... something else. Something a little bit further than friendly. 
Oh dear. 
Tumblr media
Childhood Friends to Lovers - Izuku Midoriya
This one is pretty obivous too tbh.
Izuku has an alarming amount of loyalty and dedication. As soon as you express any interest in being his friend— unlike the rest of his childhood classmates— he is always by your side. Not that you mind of course.
He’s interesting, smart, and his mom cooks pretty well. Sure, he rambles a lot but that’s nothing a younger you can’t handle.
When your quirk shows up, he’s more excited than you are, he asks you loads of questions and gives you about a million suggestions on how to use it. 
And when you two hit middle school, he tells you he’s going to UA, with or without a quirk. Ever since you were kids that his been his plan, and sure as an elementary schooler it seemed nice and you wanted to be a hero too but could you truly attain it? 
Something about his persistence is inspiring, so you decide to follow your childhood dream as well. 
And suddenly you’re both in UA, Izuku has a quirk, he’s lying to you— after years of knowing him, it’s not hard to tell— and there are villains attacking at every turn. Everything goes downhill so very fast that you really can’t keep up with one another, even though you still attend the same school, it’s as though you barely see each other anymore.
And it sucks. It sucks a lot. 
It’s not until his run in with Shigaraki while you’re all out as a class that things really start changing again. Because it’s you he makes eye contact with as Shigaraki’s fingers graze his neck, and the horror in your eyes is inexplicable. 
Shigaraki takes notice of this, and suddenly he’s threatening your life, and Izuku finds that he isn’t as scared anymore.
He’s angry. 
Afterwards, you’re throwing your arms around him, holding him tighter than ever before, and Izuku can’t help the way his chest tightens as his arms wind around you as well. 
For the first time, he finds himself flustered by your presence. 
Izuku Midoriya doesn’t like lying. Especially not to Y/N, the one person who has been by his side since pre-school, but here he is, and it is not going well. Mostly because Izuku simply can’t lie to them, not when they could definitely tell he was lying from about a mile away. 
And worse than that, he was avoiding them. Izuku wasn’t dumb, Y/N would know he was lying the moment he opened his mouth and suddenly his secret would be out in the open. While it was Y/N, and he knew they wouldn’t tell a soul... Izuku couldn’t help the fear that consumed him at the thought.
But after what had happened with Shigaraki, it seemed as though they’d doubled their efforts to confront him, appearing everywhere. Even as Izuku sits in his room, he knows the knock on his door is them. He can’t help but bring the covers over his head, as though that’ll shield him from the inevitable.
“Izuku?” Their voice is muffled through the door but Izuku could recognize it anywhere, “can we talk?”
That’s a rather anxiety inducing sentence. But Izuku doesn’t really have time to consider his next reaction— be it jumping out the window or making a run for it— because his door is already being pushed open. 
“What are you doing?” A small laugh escapes their lips, and Izuku can’t help the smile that finds its way onto his face at the sound. Of course, this moment of peace is once again disrupted by the cover over his head being yanked down to reveal his face.
“Hi Y/N.” His voice is soft, apologetic almost. 
In response, they simply huff, brows furrowing as they shove him lightly, “why have you been avoiding me, asshole.” There’s no malice in Y/N’s words, just hurt. “Is something wrong? Did I do something wrong?”
They’re taking a seat on his bed, sitting at a distance as though coming any closer would offend him, and Izuku finds himself searching for words. He was a planner, he always had a plan. And he knew this was coming. So he had time to figure out some sort of lie, but he hadn’t. Now, he found himself spiraling in search of an explanation.
“If you don’t want to tell me you don’t have to.” Izuku looks up, eyes wide in awe at Y/N’s words, “but quit avoiding me over it.”
Y/N isn’t looking at him, averting their eyes from his, suddenly interested by the hem of their shirt as they await a response. Izuku doesn’t really know when the waterworks start, but Y/N hears him sniffle slightly, drawing their attention back to him. “Okay.” He mumbles out, going to wipe away his tears.
Meanwhile, Y/N is almost alarmed as their mouth gapes open, hands reaching outwards to pull him into a hug. Izuku’s scarred arms wrap around them, his tears staining their shirt. “It’ll be okay.” Y/N murmurs into his hair.
Izuku hasn’t really had much time to sit back and reflect on the chaos that has been his life. He’s destroyed his body for a quirk granted to him by someone he’s idolized since his childhood, villains have attacked left and right— disrupting an already insane school life— and worst of all, that tightness in his chest is back.
Worst of all, Izuku is emotionally intelligent enough to know that the red in his cheeks isn’t from the tears, it’s from the fact that his feelings are toeing the line between platonic and romantic. 
Tumblr media
Enemies to Lovers - Todoroki Shouto
I feel like he is the only one that would ever “fraternize with the enemy.” Nobody else here would ever even consider speaking with the enemy in the first place, but Shouto is... Shouto. 
You’re both high school age, and yet somehow your lives are so different. You were in the League of Villains, and he was a UA student. It almost shocked him to see someone else his age on the battlefield with no remorse. 
You would both clash often, somehow ending up fighting against each other each time the League and UA came face to face. A part of Shouto wanted to hate you because you were well, a villain, but another part of him was curious. You’re both ruthless but the banter you have together on the field is almost equivalent to that of old friends.
Alas, his curiosities didn’t really matter seeing as you were a criminal.
Until... you had a mutual issue. That issue being the fact that in the midst of his third year work study, and your criminal work, you both got stuck under debris. If either of you used your quirks things could easily get very ugly very fast.
Of course, that didn’t mean you were planning on removing the knife you had to his throat. Shouto could tell that much as your eyes wandered around the small area you were now secluded to.
When push comes to shove, you really have no choice but to do so. You both come to a mutual understanding: there’s no getting out of this alive if you both destroy the debris shielding you from getting crushed in the process of a fight. So, a temporary truce is initiated.
Now, you have nothing better to do but talk. Though Shouto doesn’t seem very inclined to do so, you decide you’ll carry the conversation. Rambling on and on.
By the end of it, you’re expecting a rescue team and an arrest when it’s all over, not... mercy. He simply nods to the exit, wordlessly. He lets you leave. And it confuses both of you. 
So, afterwards you approach him, and the only reason he doesn’t immediately report it to the police is because he’s... curious. You tell him to join the League, given his childhood, it would make sense.
Of course, he declines, vehemently. You shrug it off, telling him to think it over. And suddenly your visits become more frequent, asking him if he’s changed his mind. The two of you finding yourselves getting closer despite the fact that this is the opposite of what Shouto wants.
Or at least, what he thinks he wants.
“We don’t have time for this.” He seethed, glaring at Y/N as their knife remained still against his skin. Small pebbles fell to the ground around them, the earth shook, the pair had fallen through the floor and ended up here. 
They huffed, eyes narrowing at him, “then what do you propose we do?” A bitter laugh, “because it looks to me like we’re on our way to death.”
“We wait until after we’ve escaped to finish this.” He exhales deeply, “don’t be an idiot. If we fought this place could easily come crumbling down.” Shouto tilts his head, “I was under the impression that you were smarter than that.”
Y/N scoffed, rolling their eyes as they swiftly pulled their blade from his throat, “fine.” Taking a few steps back, they take a peek behind them before taking a seat on one of the bigger remnants of the building that had just come crashing down on them. “What do we do now then?”
Shouto looks to them with suspicion clear in his eyes as he moves to take a seat as far from them as possible, though distance isn’t very achievable seeing as they were trapped in a much smaller space than he would’ve liked.
Y/N scoffed, “is that a joke? I’m not waiting for authorities to come and arrest me immediately after I’ve escaped.” They tilt their head back, eyes shutting, “this is insane.”
“Do you have any other suggestions?” Malice is clear in his tone as he shoots a glare at his enemy, they were both in the same boat right now, they had no other choice but to ride this out.
“We try to make our own exit.” 
“And risk the entire building coming toppling down on us?” Comes his monotonous response, dull look on his face that made it obvious he viewed the idea as nothing more than the ramblings of an idiot.
“Make an ice dome or something!” Y/N cried out, gesturing to his hands.
“Do you really think my quirk is that simple?” He hissed in response. 
Rolling their eyes, Y/N rests their elbows on their knees and their head in their hands. “Alright then,” they inhale deeply, “what’s your favorite color?”
It’s stupid. Completely and utterly stupid. He has no reason to reply to the question, and yet Shouto finds himself saying, “I don’t have one.”
Y/N explodes at this, whining about you can’t just not have a favorite color. And suddenly one question turns into two, and then three, and they’re about twenty questions and twenty annoyed answers in when Y/N finally asks if he thinks anyone is coming for them.
Shouto didn’t have an answer for that question either. How could he?
He’s witnessed searches like this with his own eyes, participated in them. Sometimes it took days for people to be found, even with quirks. And it could often take longer to safely extract them. Who’s to say they wouldn’t be here for another few days, maybe even a week before they were found? 
He wonders how it came to this, Y/N had been ready to kill him several hours ago after all. Though an experience like this one wasn’t necessarily normal either. Maybe the ramblings were their attempt at calming their mind, unable to find solace in the silence. He doesn’t care enough to ask, but there’s a single question that rings in his mind. One that his been there since he first met the young villain.
“Why do you work with the league?”
They’re his age, with a quirk that easily could’ve launched them into stardom within the hero world, and if Shouto had to guess, they were smart too. 
They scoff, shaking their head, “because I don’t like having to choose between two evils.” Hands tugging at the hem of their own shirt, “at the moment, my interests align with the League.” Y/N looks up, “just like our interests align right now.” 
Shouto doesn’t get a chance to reply as they begin to hear yells, calls for help, “we’ve found survivors!” 
Instantly the pair comes to a stand, and Shouto wonders if things are about to get violent again as a sliver of light becomes visible, until Y/N simply looks to him, blade materializing in their hand. A somber look on their face, one of regret. 
Shouto’s first thought is to tell the rescue team to run until Y/N speaks, “lucky for you, I’m not interested in attacking UA forty days from now,” they stretch their limbs, as though they’re preparing for some sort of athletic event, “the League is though.”
And with that, they’re gone. 
Tumblr media
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sunascumdoll · 2 months ago
how about “letting go of their hand while driving” with Deku, Bakugou, Todoroki, and Kirishima?
ʟᴇᴛᴛɪɴɢ ɢᴏ ᴏꜰ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ʜᴀɴᴅ ᴡʜɪʟᴇ ᴅʀɪᴠɪɴɢ
ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢꜱ: ᴅᴇᴋᴜ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ, ʙᴀᴋᴜɢᴏᴜ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ, ꜱʜᴏᴛᴏ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ, ᴋɪʀɪꜱʜɪᴍᴀ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢꜱ: ɢʀᴀᴍᴍᴇʀ ᴍɪꜱᴛᴀᴋᴇꜱ
a/n: here you go bubs! kiri's makes me sofy i love him so much.
as always reblogs are appreciated. please reblog. ♡
ʙᴀᴄᴋ ᴛᴏ ᴛɪᴋᴛᴏᴋ ᴛʀᴇɴᴅ & ᴋɪɴᴋ ᴇᴠᴇɴᴛ
Tumblr media
why would you do this to him
the second you let go
his mind is racing a mile a minute
what did i do wrong
are they upset with me
are my hands sweaty
the vein in his forehead is about to burst please hold his hand
Tumblr media
it’s izuku’s day off, and he wants nothing more than to spend the day with his significant other. he's been so busy with hero work, so he’s excited to be able to spend time with his lover. he’s happier than he could ever be, content with just being in your general area. he smiles to himself, his thumb rubbing along your knuckles as he subconsciously squeezes your hand.
you hum at his tender action before pulling your hand away. you shift your body, your back facing towards him as you look out the car window. izuku frowns, his eyes turning from the road to your silhouette.
"are they angry? is it because i've been so busy?" he thinks to himself, "i know i've been away, but i'm a pro hero! i have to help people!"
you silently laugh to yourself, turning back over and wiping away the bead of sweat that formed on the green-haired man’s head, “izuku, relax, it was just a joke!”
“oh? okay, good!” he exclaims before extending his hand out to yours,” can i hold your hand again?”
Tumblr media
congrats, this man never wants to hold your hand again
he’ll let it slide the first time
but the second time you let go of his hand??
he’s an grumpy boi
dont ask to hold it again
bc the answer is no
Tumblr media
katsuki’s hand sits flush against yours, your fingers entangling with one another. you pull your hand away and place it into your lap. he grunts, the natural scowl of his face deepening when you pull away.
“what, are my hands clammy or something?” he questions, wiping the palm of his hand onto his pants leg before extending it back out to you.
you chuckle, shaking your head as you reach back out for his hands, “no, it’s not clammy, i promise.”
the two of you sit in comfortable silence, katsuki occasionally giving your hand a gentle squeeze only to growl when you pull away once more. you can feel his intense glare burning into the side of your head. you suck your bottom lip into your mouth, biting down on it to stop yourself from laughing as you turn to look out the window.
he moves his hand away and grips the steering wheel, his knuckles turning white. curses and growls spill from his lips, his eyebrows furrowing as he mumbles to himself, “stupid, dumbass. i didn’t want to hold your hand anyway.”
you roll your eyes and chuckle before turning back towards the blonde, “ you’re such a drama queen. it was just a joke, now give me your hand!” you huff, reaching over and grabbing onto katsuki’s hand.
he quickly brushes your hand off of his, lips tightly pursed into a fine line, “hold your own hand.”
Tumblr media
i mean
dont expect much of a reaction out of him
he literally just thinks you dont wanna hold his hand at the moment
dont get me wrong, he’s a little sad
but he’s not going to make you hold it
the two of you were driving around, enjoying a night out and being in one another's presence.
“are you having a good time, love?” he questions, giving your hand a gentle squeeze.
you nod in response, turning to give him a gentle smile before slipping your hand away from his and folding your arms across your chest.
shoto’s eyebrows twitch in confusion, his heterochromatic eyes looking over at you, then back to the road, “love, are you alright?”
“yeah, why wouldn’t i be?”
shoto weakly smiles and shakes his head. his right-hand moves from the steering wheel down to his lap. he had gotten so comfortable with holding your hand, he was unsure what to do with himself once you let go. his hand rubs up and down his clothed leg, stopping just above his knee. his pale fingers drum along to a random tune in his head. you giggle as you uncross your arms and grab onto his hand once again.
“ ‘m just kidding, sho!”
“oh,” he grins joyfully and interlocks his fingers with yours again before bringing your hand to his lips and pressing kisses to each of your knuckles, “well, i’m glad you were kidding. i enjoy holding your hand”
Tumblr media
this man is clingy idc what you say
you cannot change my mind, i will not hear it
the second you let go he’s asking what’s wrong
will pull the fucking car over
Tumblr media
“babe, it was awesome! i thought that sweet old lady needed help, but guess what she did?”
“what did she do, eiji?”
“she grabbed him by his throat and slammed him into the concrete!”
“oh wow! sounds like today was fun,” you chuckle softly, releasing your hand from his and stuffing it into your pocket.
eijirou hums in confusion and reaches towards the radio, turning it down. he glances over at you numerous times before clearing his throat.
“what’s wrong, sweetheart?”
“huh? nothing is wrong.”
“nothing is wrong? then why’d you let go of my hand?” he questions, his left eyebrow quirking upwards.
“i don’t know, eiji.”
“what do you mean, you don’t know?”
‘i ju-”
you squeal as the car suddenly whips over to the side of the road and stops. before you can understand what happened, a pair of giant hands unbuckle your seatbelt and pull you over the center console. eijirou plants you firmly on his lap, calloused hands gently rubbing up and down your sides. he leans up, pressing kisses along your jawline and cheeks.
“what’s wrong, baby? did i do something?”
“no, no! i was kidding! it was a prank!” you quickly shake your head, giggling and wiggling around in his lap.
“guess your prank had a positive outcome.. kisses!” he exclaims while leaning his seat further back, pulling you down with him to smother your face in more kisses.
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thot-writes · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
you suck their tiddies headcanons — BNHA edition since u know i’m gon do it for other fandoms (18+ NSFW);
Tumblr media
Tamaki Amajiki;
Tamaki’s arm is draped over his face as his lips tremble weakly. a deep shade of pink peaks out from underneath, but he can’t bring himself to stop cowering.
you suck on his swollen nipple, using your free hand to toy with the other one, and his whole body feels like it’s coming undone beneath you.
he’s way too sensitive, it seems like any kind of touch is enough to drive him crazy, and you always abuse that.
he’s far too adorable for his own good, it’s not your fault to rough him up. he should stop seducing you.
“Mmmgh, y-you’re doing too much... it hurts.”
you pull away and give him a small kiss. “Sorry, babe. I got carried away.”
he shakes his head. “It-it’s okay... I liked it.”
“Should I keep going?” you smile.
he doesn’t answer, but you see him nod beneath his forearm.
Denki Kaminari;
“Haah! H-how are you so good— ngh!— at this?”
you fondle his chest with reckless abandon and leave a circle of hickeys surrounding his nipples. they’re already flushed and slick with your spit, and Denki is so painfully hard a single touch would probably send him over the edge
“It just comes naturally to me,” you joke. “I see something I like, I mark it— like that cute little ass of yours.”
he grips the sheets beneath him and looks at you. “Did you have to say it like that? That’s so embarrassing.”
you give a gentle slap to his left pec and he shuts up. “Don’t act like you don’t love it. Strutting around my house shirtless, you were just begging for me to do this.”
he bites his lip and blushes harder. “So... we still going?”
you lean down to lick his chest, keeping eye contact all the while. “Just try and stop me.”
Shota Aizawa;
Shota is leaned back casually at the head of the bed, breathing out a deep, pleased sigh as he drags his fingers through his hair
you’ve cupped his (surprisingly big) chest in your hands as your tongue flicks over the sensitive bud.
when you told him you wanted to do this he looked at you like you grew another head.
“Do I look like a woman?” is what he said to you.
“Your titties are big enough to motorboat, it’d be a waste to just leave ‘em unattended.”
he relented rather easily despite that though, he knew there was no stopping you once your mind was set on something.
he gazed down at you through half-lidded eyes, his breathing louder and sweeter than usual. you take a nipple between your teeth and it sends a jolt through his body, he lets out a quivering gasp.
“Y-you’re having way too much fun there...” he murmurs.
“You say that like you’re not pitching a tent right now.”
Eijiro Kirishima;
“G-geez... this isn’t manly at all...”
sweet Eijiro is straddling your lap with a blush that turns his face almost as red as his hair
you toy playfully with his chest as you eagerly suck at one of his nipples. Eijiro has his hands through your hair to steady himself against the merciless onslaught, and you can tell something feels particularly good when he tugs on it
his sweet, restrained moans fill the room along with the lewd sucking noises you’re making
one of your hands moves from his lower back to grab at the shapely flesh of his ass, and he unwittingly arches into you. he bites down on his lip and slowly gyrates his hips, wanting to feel any kind of contact on his sorely neglected erection
“You’re enjoying this quite a bit, aren’t you?” you coo.
he nods his head and whimpers in response.
you trace your tongue from his chest to his clavicle in one long lick. “I’ll make you feel good for as long as you want, baby.”
Shoto Todoroki;
when you asked to suck his tits, Shoto agreed without really thinking on it.
“Shoto, can I play with your tits?” you asked.
“Sure,” he answered, not missing a beat. it was only later on in the day that he realised what you asked him— he was just so well-trained at this point that he agrees to pretty much everything you ask of him
he’s leaned up against the wall, his hot gaze fixed solely on you as you have your way with his chest
his eyes drift shut and he leans his head back as your mouth encircles one of the sweet, sensitive buds. you have to lean down to get a good angle, but by god is it worth it
his moans and gasps are quiet, as they always are, but the way he presses his body further into your mouth is proof enough that he wants more
you pull away only to squeeze his pecs together and make circular motions on his nipples with your thumbs. you can scarcely hold back your desire for him, he’s just so perfect it’s annoying
when you see his mismatched eyes lingering on yours, you lean in and give him a short but breath-taking kiss.
“I hope you know that these — and you — belong to me forever,” you say as you press your foreheads together.
“Mmh. I’m yours. Do whatever you like with me,” he replies, a small smile tugging at his lips
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yanderenightmare · 2 months ago
oh please can you do the soft boyfriend headcannons for shoto too🥺🥺🥺
TODOROKI SHOTO ! boyfriend headcannons
is this gonna be a trend now
Tip jar
goodiebag WARNINGS: some nsfw, tad bit possessiveness, drinking
He's so in love.
He's honestly obsessed with you.
He thinks of you all day long.
How your hair falls around your ears and shoulders.
How your eyes crease when you smile at him.
Your giggles.
How you bat your lashes at him.
How small your hands are when being held within his.
Your neck.
Your waist.
How your thigh-highs squeeze just a bit into the fat of your thighs.
How your short skirt swings when you bounce about.
How he sometimes catches a glimpse of your panties.
He'll sit quietly at his desk in the middle of class, slight blush dusting his cheeks and a small smile playing on his lips, silently amusing his own thoughts.
He's a bit of a perv, but only for you.
He'll daydream for hours.
Replaying the first time you called him beautiful in his head.
Closing his eyes to try and remember the feeling of your gentle fingertips running over his scar.
That soft look in your eyes and how you brushed his bangs from his face and told him to stop hiding.
He'll wonder what you're up to...
If you're thinking about him...
Often caught zoning out when looking at you.
Even when you're talking to him.
He won't even be listening half the time.
He'll catch the first part of the conversation before tuning out to study how you swing your hands when you talk.
You have to repeat yourself constantly.
It's a bit annoying...
The last thing he wants is to be disrespectful.
But, he's just so easily distracted.
He loves FaceTiming.
He'll call you up in the morning.
He'll call you up all day long.
Even when he doesn't really have anything special to say.
He'll call you before bed so that you can fall asleep together.
He'll fight to be the one to stay up longer, just so he can study your face in all its softness when you're sleeping.
Loves your soft groggy voice over the phone.
Smiles when hearing your snores through the speaker.
Likes to imagine you're lying just next to him.
He asks Fuyumi for advice on the daily.
Regarding EVERYTHING girlfriend related.
Even if it's intimate.
Even if it's sexual.
He literally has no filter.
Was very reserved when it came to touching in the start of their fling.
But feels very on-edge and fidgety if he doesn't have at least one hand on you at all times after a while into the relationship.
Especially if others are near.
He doesn't get too possessive...
Or at least it doesn't come across that way.
It's portrayed more as him being protective rather than jealous.
Especially around grabby guys like Denki and Kirishima.
Despite them being friends.
He doesn't like how frisky they are with you.
He doesn't like when other people touch you at all really...
There are a lot of things, especially intimate, that he doesn't understand that he needs to discuss with you before trying.
Like how: - Just because he's horny, doesn't mean that you're in the mood. - Or like how you don't want to make-out with him in front of your friends and family. - How being horny in some situations are inappropriate. Like the common-room couch, even if no one's there to see them, or in someone else's dorm or the mall...
It goes right over his head and he never really learns.
In the bedroom...
It's a bit of a rocky road in the start.
A road with a ton of ups and downs.
And way too many speed bumps along the way.
He was very EAGER.
He was very ready to make you his.
No words, just action.
Once you give him even the slightest hint that you're ready to take the next step, he's instantly on you, almost aggressively.
He's removing his shirt and tugging you out of yours without a second thought, lifting you up and placing you down, hands squeezing what they want, kissing whatever place his lips are closest to in the moment, not really paying too much attention to see if what he's doing is in the right tempo to the girl beneath him.
Your first time could in one word be summarised as heavy.
And a tad bit one-sided...
He can be a bit overwhelming.
Since he'll often forget his own size and strength compared to you.
Also, in regard to the fact that he can't stand not being the one in control.
As one can expect for a guy who's been raised with an absent mom, strictly to become a fighter and not a lover.
He can't handle not being the one on top.
And he's got some panicking issues when it comes to letting you touch him.
Because you'll sometimes graze places that still give him unpleasant memories.
It's difficult to get him to open up about it, but when he does everything makes sense.
You've had the talk about what places are okay for you to touch and what places are off limits many many MANY times.
His kisses...
Sometimes extremely soft.
Slow and gentle.
Like snow fall.
Barely brushing lips against lips.
Sharing oxygen more than actual kissing.
Or just a million small pecks everywhere but your lips.
Lazy eyes and needy hands squeezing your waist, pulling you closer.
He's a bit of a cryer.
Even letting slip the soft occasional whimper.
Other times however...
His kisses will be the epitome of CARNAL.
He'll be rough.
Nearly scary...
Enough to have your heart pound when he pins you with his strength.
Your wrists held tightly above your head, out of the way for him to do as he pleases.
Teeth and tongue. Bite-marks and growling.
But he won’t ever think too much about how harsh he's being until afterwards.
Seeing the love-bites decorating your otherwise fine skin.
He'll have this look on his face as though he's been slapped.
"Did I do that?"
Sometimes you'll wonder if the aloof innocence isn't just an act, because you'll often swear you can spot a small tug of a smirk playing on his lips only a short while after.
You'll have definitely talked safe-words.
You're the one that brought it up.
He was completely clueless about it, sitting there like the embodiment of a question mark.
Looking almost angry at the explanation you give.
He doesn't understand why you would need such a thing unless you don’t trust him.
It all makes him feel a bit offended and sad.
The last thing he wants is for you to think he’ll ever hurt you.
It makes him feel like his father...
He cried a bit.
You needed to be careful explaining it to him.
Constantly reminding him of how you do trust him.
Telling him how it could come in handy for his sake as well.
Where instead of pushing you off in a panic when you touch places still too painful, he could instead apply the safe-word.
He still doesn’t like it.
Adores sharing the bed.
Especially those first times you stayed over and he still only had the slim twin bed and the two of you would practically have to lie on top of each other.
Hugs and smells your pillow every chance he gets and uses it as a plushie when you're gone.
Enjoys how you wordlessly sneak over to the other side of the bed when you want to enjoy either his cold right side or warm left.
Lowkey dislikes that you got a new Kingsized bed when you moved in together, as he doesn't have an excuse to cling to you as much.
Buys a lot of presents for you.
Every time he comes across something that he wants to see you in.
Could be anything.
Dresses and jewellery.
His merch.
Likes you dripping in silver and gold in a lace-teddy.
Garner-belt and thigh-highs...
It's somewhat of a kink for him.
Poor boy gets upset when he hasn't seen you in a while.
Or when you the two of you are fighting, and he's been banished to sleep on the couch.
He'll be snippy and grumpy with his friends.
Brows set low in a frown.
Snaps and barks and growls at people.
Real violent and reckless in training or on patrol.
As said, he loves face-timing and resorts to it multiple times a day when he doesn't get to see you.
But there's more.
Asking what you're wearing, listening to you explain, always a bit embarrassed when whispering through the phone.
It makes him smirk.
He'll give you instructions...
Soft moans coming through the phone to his side.
Groans and growls sending shivers down your spine on the other.
He prefers it being just the two of you.
He'll join you for parties, but will want to leave early.
He'd rather watch movies and snuggle in bed. Preferably on the smaller intimate screen of his laptop where you have to huddle close.
He doesn’t like your friends that much either…
They’re always telling you that you can’t spend all your time with him…
Talking about stuff they don’t understand.
Nor is he a fan of double-dates either.
He wants to be alone where he's free to touch without you shooing his hand away, telling him to behave.
Has seriously no reservations and does not grasp the concept of space or limits.
Nor the fact that there are times and places for certain things.
It doesn't get better over time.
Almost as though he chooses not to understand what you mean.
He’ll start stuff in public, no care for drawing attention.
Kiss your neck and bite your earlobe.
Whispering dirty nothings into your ear as though they’re not at a gala with all his hero colleagues.
He barely understands that he’s a celebrity, otherwise doesn’t care.
Paparazzi annoys him.
Hates it when people mix themselves up in his business.
Especially regarding his relationship.
Both if it’s the media or friends or even family.
He'll brush of fans when you're on a date like he’s heartless.
You always need to correct him.
Make him give them an autograph.
He makes it sloppy on purpose just to spite them for looking at you with disdainful ugly envious eyes.
He honestly doesn't like his own fans too much.
He thinks they should understand that he's taken and spoken for.
In interviews or any other type of media where he's asked to address all the fans pining for him, he'll always point out how you're the only one for him and how none of them stand a chance and that they should all stop trying.
But despite Shoto being completely careless to all the pretty girls and boys that gawk at him...
You obviously aren’t clueless or blind to how beautiful he is and how large his fanbase is...
It used to intimidate you.
But having known Shoto intimately for a long while you're also completely aware of how little he cares for such things.
He gives you way too much attention for you to feel insecure anyway.
Has a lot of issues with his father.
He's very fragile.
Accuses you of taking Enji's side when you try to suggest he talk to the old man more.
He's the root cause of most, if not all, of your fights.
He’s impossible at family dinners.
Always getting a bit too tipsy.
Causes a scene...
Cries afterwards.
Tip jar
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lovekyoutani · 10 months ago
— Class 1-A reacting to you saying you’d fuck them || pt. 2
Includes: Denki, Kirishima, Bakugou and Todoroki
Request: Please make a part two for the how would they react if you admit you would fuck them! It was great!
Summary: In a game of truth or dare you openly admitted that if you had to fuck someone in 1-A you’d choose them
Iida, Sero, Deku and Tokoyami
⤑ requests are open! masterlist || rules
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
denki kaminari.
“Okay, if we’re being 100% honest I’d totally fuck Denki. He’s hot plus it’d be kinda cool to see what he could do with his quirk.”
immediately perks up when he hears you say that
gets even more flirtatious?? idk how it’s possible but he just is
it makes him a lot more bold
he might appear all confident but he actually has a lot of doubts and insecurities
probably gets very touchy
he’ll put his arm around you shoulders and pull you closer to him
also makes a shit ton of jokes and corny pickup lines to make you laugh
he’ll figure out a way to get somewhere it’s just you two and make a move
you end up in a very heated makeout session before getting caught by Bakugou
neither of you two really care, you just end up going back to what you were doing and a disgusted Bakugou yells at you before leaving the room.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kirishima eijirou.
“Kirishima for sure! The guy just exudes big dick energy plus he’s just so sweet. He’d definitely care about making you feel good too”
blushy kirishima and probably let’s out a nervous laugh
he is shocked that you’d say that so confidently
tries very hard to hide the smile on his face but he just can’t
he’s liked you for the longest time and now he might actually have a chance
secretly proud of what he just heard
you think he has a big dick and he will not disappoint
he is definitely packing
starts aggressively flirting with you because of his newfound confidence
“so kirishima, does your quirk make you hard all over?” you joked
he looks at you with a huge smirk
“wanna go somewhere more private and find out?”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki.
“Um, maybe Bakugou? He looks like he has a big dick and he’d probably go really rough.”
chokes on his drink
could you repeat that please?
it’s takes him so long to process this new information
he is shocked that you said that
because he thought that nobody would be brave enough to say something like that
his face is gonna be super red
he’s used to getting compliments about his quirk but that was a completely new thing
tries to act all nonchalant but he’s kind of freaking out
most of his life has been about being the number one hero and he basically has zero knowledge about relationships
it takes him a while but he eventually stops being a pussy and asks you out
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
shoto todoroki.
“Todoroki, he gives off the vibes that he’d be good at sex.”
his reaction isn’t that obvious but he’ll have the tiniest blush on his cheeks
he’s normally the blunt one
so he wasn’t prepared to hearing you say that
sits in silence for a bit as he’s trying to figure out the next step
literally has no idea what to do all he knows is that he’s interested in you
he’ll be a lot more open and nice when you’re near him
because he has no idea how to voice his feelings
he ends up asking the girls for help
asks you out in a very proper way with a bouquet of flowers and chocolates, you end up saying yes
“Oh and Y/N, if you think that i’m good in bed maybe we should find out together.”
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arlerted · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
WC: 833
TW: breeding, overstimulation, soft dom shoto, husband!shoto, cockwarming, multiple orgasms (m)
Tumblr media
Shoto always looks so pretty when he cums. This is the third night in a row you’re doing this, straddling his dick, letting him fill you to the brim with cum. 
You’re ovulating, Shoto tracked it. Ever since you both decided that you wanted to get pregnant, he’s been following your cycle, waiting until you’re in the perfect condition to breed. It was almost obsessive, the way he’d lay his hand over your tummy and tell you he’s gonna put a baby in it, warm and firm against your skin. 
You gasp over him when you feel him cum, a heavy load stuffed into your cunt. His eyebrows pull upwards, hands firm on your hips as he holds your squirming figure down on his cock. Shoto’s so pretty, hair falling in front of his face and a deep and low groan emanating from somewhere in his chest. You can feel his orgasm run through his body, the way his grip grows tight on your hips and how he angles his chin towards the ceiling. 
You can see the way his face flushes as he cums, spreading across his cheeks and up across his chest simultaneously. It’s almost enough to make you cum again, but you’re spent, nearly collapsing on top of him before he speaks. 
“Turn over. Don’t let me fall out.” Shoto says, though you’re not sure how he could with his size.
He’s not very chatty in bed. Your husband has always been the quiet type, sexy groans and whines rather than filthy vocal words. Though you can recall one night after a bottle or two of wine when he got incredibly chatty. 
You oblige him with a nod, wrapping your arms around his back as he stays seated inside of you. His weight is heavy between your legs while you lay on your back, pelvis aching from the way you’ve been spread open for him all night. 
Shoto fucks his cock into you deeply from there, overstimulating himself. He’s quiet, completely lost in your cunt and his breath shakes with each of his movements, eyes focused on yours. Shoto’s hair falls in front of his face and he leans down to kiss you with a shaky grunt, careful with each thrust to not let any of his cum spill from you. 
“We need to get it deep.” He says, voice strained. “Need to make sure it stays.”
“S’gonna stay, Sho.” You mumble, eyes darting between you both. “Gonna get pregnant n’ have your baby.”
He groans, hips stuttering like he’ll cum again. 
“Yeah? You’re going to be so pretty full of my babies.” Shoto says it matter of factly, like he’s certain that you’ll be the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen carrying his kids. “Gonna mother my kids.” 
Something about it rolls off his tongue so nicely and you clench down around him once again with a slight whimper. Shoto gives you an exasperated laugh, eyebrows pinched together as how overstimulated he is, still fucking his cum back into you. 
He’s so deep in you, both his cum and his cock. You’re gasping as you pull at the skin on his back with the pads of your fingers. He’s breathing heavily into your mouth and it’s all hands and fingers from you as he struggles to hold his weight up on his haunches, part of him just wanting to lay down on you entirely and trap him under him so you couldn’t run from it if you tried. 
You’re both delirious, this slow pace somehow too much. He wants to get you pregnant now. On your first cycle trying. He knows he will. Shoto knows that it’s going to work because with how deep he’s fucking his cum into you, how could it not? 
Shoto’s pace picks up a bit again and he’s groaning again, his unstable breathing becoming a quiet melody of moans and whimpers. 
“Gonna give you another one, okay?” He breathes, hips moving back and forth so steadily that you might lose your mind. 
He can feel himself kissing your cervix in this position, cock finding its way right to where it needs to be, ready to fill you up again. It’s twitching and throbbing, filling you up perfectly. And Shoto crumbles again, thrusts growing sloppy until he’s slowed completely, his body still while he keeps you plugged up. 
Shoto rolls over so you’re both on your sides, legs tangled together and his softening cock still in you. Finally, he removes himself from you, sitting up on the bed and rubbing circles into your tummy. He’s gentle, careful not to apply pressure because he doesn’t want it to spill out. He uses the back of his cool palm to calm you, rubs circles into your nippls and brings you down gently. 
“Mm, yeah.” He hums softly to himself, giving you a soft but cocky smile. “I definitely got you pregnant. Right here.” He places his hand over your lower stomach. “You’re carrying my kid here now.”
Tumblr media
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itsruiblue · 6 months ago
MHA Boys React to You Falling Asleep on Them
Ft. Bakugou, Sero, Todoroki, Denki, Shinso, Midoriya, Iida, Kirishima
Warnings: None
Note: Just a lil something while I work on some bigger stuff. Hope you enjoy :)
Katsuki Bakugou
Tumblr media
Surprisingly, he doesn't actually make a big deal out of it.
He's a little taken aback, of course.
After all, he never expected that someone could feel so at ease in his presence that they're able to fall asleep with their head on his shoulder.
When he first notices your weight on him, he has half a mind to shrug you off.
But then he glances down and sees how you're completely out cold and snoring softly against him.
Something inside him just... melts.
He scowls immediately.
"Dumbass. If you'd told me you were tired, I would've let you get more comfortable."
Grumbles about it from the moment you wake up.
But there's no malice in his eyes and you notice him being slightly more cuddly with you, especially after a long day when he can see you're exhausted.
Hanta Sero
Tumblr media
Cheeky boi.
He's so smug about it, especially since you'd been insisting that you weren't tired.
Brushes your hair out of your eyes to see your sleeping face better.
"Aww, I knew you were lying to me, Lovebug."
He can't help but blush a little though.
Juuuuuust a little.
You just look so damn gorgeous while you're sleeping.
And he's internally doing backflips at the way he can feel how you’re slumped against him, your entire body weight resting against his.
For some reason, he feels really proud that you trusted him to support you while you slept.
Even if you hadn't meant to go to sleep in the first place.
Shoto Todoroki
Tumblr media
He freezes up for a second.
You're asleep on him?
He actually gets properly flustered (internally).
You wouldn't know any of this by looking at his face.
The more he stares down at your relaxed form, the more he worries.
Are you comfortable? Is he too cold? Too warm? What does he do with his hands? Should he wake you up?
You'd never expect him to be a massive over-thinker but when he sees you passed out against him, his brain does a double take.
Eventually he makes the executive decision to adjust his position a little, allowing you to rest against his front rather than his shoulder.
Thankfully, this doesn’t wake you up.
Instead, you actually snuggle into him, which makes him even more flustered.
Denki Kaminari
Tumblr media
For a moment he's sure his brain short-circuited.
You’re asleep? Since when?
He immediately becomes very aware of the fact that you're leaning against him.
Carries on with whatever he was doing before you fell asleep, however he's extra conscious not to move around too much, in case it disturbs you.
He might even shift his arm slightly so he can tuck you more comfortably into his side.
He’s a flirt by nature, but he didn't used to this kind of sincere show of trust.
It sparks butterflies in his stomach and he has to contain his big goofy grin.
Won't stop being giddy for hours after you wake up.
Hitoshi Shinso
Tumblr media
He’s actually pretty chill about it.
Well... for the most part.
When he first realises you're asleep on his shoulder, he really doesn't think much of it.
After all, you were tired after training so why shouldn't you go to sleep?
However as more time passes, and he begins to consider the situation more, he starts to overthink.
He knew you (and the rest of the class) weren't afraid of him or his quirk. He also knew that you trusted him a whole lot.
However this particular show of complete subconscious trust - enough that you allowed yourself to sleep on his shoulder - makes his heart flutter.
He doesn't want to make a big deal out of it though, in case you'd be embarrassed when you woke up.
So he just shifts his shoulder a little so your head rests more comfortably against it and carries on with whatever he was doing.
He can't suppress the small smile on his face though.
Izuku Midoriya
Tumblr media
Blushing blushing blushing.
The moment he realises you're asleep, his face turns bright pink.
Normally he wouldn’t mind as much but, like, this is you.
The most gorgeous person he knows.
He almost stresses to the point where he's muttering to himself in sheer panic.
Until Bakugou has to walk past and say, "Shut up, Deku, or else you're gonna wake that idiot up!"
After that, he pulls himself together.
Arranges himself so you're in the most comfortable position possible.
Gently strokes your hair.
He can't help but wonder what you're dreaming about as he looks down at your peaceful face.
Kinda hopes it’s him.
Tenya Iida
Tumblr media
Surprisingly enough, he's relatively calm.
He could see you were tired form the beginning and so he expected you fall asleep eventually.
The fact that it happened on him, however, catches him off guard.
Wouldn't it be better if you went to bed? At this rate, you're probably end up with a crick in your neck.
However when he shifts, preparing to pick you up and take you to bed, you end up latching onto him tighter in your sleep.
The tips of his ears turn red when he realises you genuinely want to be with him.
Well, it couldn't do too much harm to let you rest here for a few more minutes.
Cautiously he wraps an arm around you.
He doesn't want to do anything that may potentially make you uncomfortable if you wake up.
But the feeling of you sleep against him is just so comforting.
Ejirou Kirishima
Tumblr media
He blushes almost as much as Midoriya.
But he’s also a lot more confident.
The moment he realises you've gone to sleep, he moves you so that you're not in any kind of position that may leave you stiff when you wake up.
Once he's got you situated, he takes a break from whatever he was doing to just.. look at you.
He can't help but feel appreciated - after all, out of everyone in the class you could've fallen asleep on, you chose him.
He’s also gonna make an effort to protect you from your classmates
If someone laughs or makes a comment about you, he gets genuinely annoyed and tells them to shut up.
You're in such a vulnerable state when you're asleep.
It’s the manly thing to do, to make sure no one else takes advantage of that.
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escapenightmare · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
― izuku, shoto, neito, katsuki, tamaki x gn!reader
warnings ;; crack
notes ;; i always end up posting on tumblr when i'm supposed to be doing my school assignments
Tumblr media
“oh, and this is my friend!” ―
IZUKU doesn't show it, but he's downright offended inside. he keeps saying, 'friend...? friend? friend!?' in his head and he sorta looks like this 😃 (or that face he had in s1 e1 while watching that all might video as a child) on the outside. tries to prove what you said wrong by being really affectionate and dropping subtle, or so he thinks, hints. does ask you what it was about when you get back home, "baby, why'd you call me your friend today?"
SHOTO on the other hand, looks at you like you have two heads, muttering "friend?" to himself. grasps your hand in his, and has no shame while calling you all the nicknames he could think of, even ones he'd sworn to never use since it was too cliché (as you said). when you're in private, he asks, "i'm your boyfriend, yes?" and when you nod he says, "i think you forgot that because you said i was your 'friend' earlier."
NEITO replies to the statement in an aghast voice, "excuse me?" "they're lying, we're dating," he corrects you while looking at you straight in the eye. kind of embarrassing to be honest, does not hesitate to correct you and he does not care who it is that you said you both are friends to. keeps asking you about it until you admit why you said that; "did you forget?" "are you sick?" "...did you get brainwashed?"
KATSUKI just flat out corrects you, would literally say, "i'm their boyfriend" even before you can get the complete sentence out. glares daggers at you throughout and confronts you about it on the way home, "i'm a damn friend huh? do you kiss all your friends then?" does not sugarcoat the words and says it just the way he thought it. when you tell him it was a prank he scoffs and says, "what did i expect? you're a fucking dumbass."
TAMAKI deflates and slumps, thoughts racing through his head; most of them, not so pleasant. he overthinks and probably tears up, he still doesn't ask you about it directly though, and instead keeps it to himself hoping you'll bring up the topic. when you ask him, "what's wrong?" he slumps even more and says in the most dejected voice ever, "... are we just friends?" you have to rush in and make up for it and he definitely cries even when you say it was just a prank.
Tumblr media
taglist ; @therealcozyy | reblogs are appreciated!
Tumblr media
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