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nartothelar · 2 days ago
Eye swap but even with Mics eyes, they glow when he uses his Quirk
It's like a torch being shined on a cat, reflective and slightly eldritch
Tumblr media
pretty profound effect
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
even more profound
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sparki3poptart · a day ago
This is now my favorite horikoshi doodle, don't touch me
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ceallachs · a day ago
Tumblr media
Snow Leopard Shouto ❄️🍰
Tumblr media
Congratulations to the softest boy for winning 3rd place again, this is the best animal to pair with him fkdsjf
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mrsketchy · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pop cat present mic at different intensities. Feel free to use in your discord servers.
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birfo · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Finally a star.”
spread I did for the @backdraftzine
leftovers are still going on be sure to check it out! many amazing artists, writers, and cosplayers worked on this project 🌟
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k9pestilence · a day ago
lil doodle of them
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duskjelly · 2 days ago
When they come home late
Tumblr media
Summary: bnha characters when they come home late and find you asleep
Contents: Hc’s for Kirishima, Shinsou, Shigaraki, Dabi and Hawks (in order) for what would happen if they come home late and find you asleep
Wordcount: 2K
A/n: probably gonna do a second part to this post with my Katsuki, Chisaki and Shoto so lmk of you want to see that :)
Tumblr media
Oh my god he would be a literal sweet heart if this were to ever happen
You gave birth a little more than 4 months ago, and this baby was basically kicking your ass, you barely slept full nights any more! It’s why you started to nap and catch up on sleep whenever the baby was sleeping too, so Kirishima wasn’t too surprised when he came home and found you asleep in bed with the baby, despite it only being a little past sundown.
His heart practically done a million cartwheels at the sight. Tiptoeing around the bedroom, giving both you and the baby a kiss on the forehead. He would hate to wake either of you. He knew how tired you’ve been lately, breastfeeding the baby, taking care of it, it’s all been exhausting for you and you deserved that sleep.
But Kiri realised that you were sleeping in an uncomfortable position, using your arm as a pillow while the baby was laid next to you. So being the sweet husband Kiri was, he got a pillow for you, gently lifting your head in the slightest and moving your arm, so he could slip a pillow under your head. He even went as far as to cover you with a blanket, seeing how the baby had it’s own little blanket. Cooing at the adorable sight in the end, Kirishima helped around the house while the two of you slept, feeling the need to take a bit more weight off your back. Doing the dishes, cleaning up the baby’s toys, reinstating order around the house, so you can relax and focus on taking care of the baby when you wake up.
If he gets done cleaning and you’re miraculously still asleep with the baby after an hour or two, Kiri would decide to slip in bed with you, on the opposite side to the baby, smiling so sweetly at the both of you. Everything was calm and peaceful. He may have been a man who enjoyed a good brawl, who loved using his strength in any given chance- but nothing could ever beat the enjoyment he felt when spending time with both you and the baby in quiet moments like these.
Tumblr media
He comes home late, dropping his keys into the small basket the two of you have right in front of the door to make sure you don’t lose your keys. His cat Kuro greeting him at the door as it rubs its head against his legs, purring at his arrival. Shinsou crouches down, smiling sweetly at the cat, petting it’s head before gruffly letting out a quiet voice. ‘Where’s my baby huh?’ He lets out as a joke, as if the cat could even understand him. Getting back up, avoiding to step on the cat, he makes his way to your shared bedroom, taking off his hero gear piece by piece, carrying them all in his hands so he could put them in their rightful place, in the wardrobe in the bedroom.
Upon opening the door, he sees your peaceful frame, snoozing away. With a tired smile he watches as your cat jumps onto the bed, paws padding on it’s space before going to sleep right next to you. ‘My turn now’ he whispers at the cat, changing into a pair of more comfortable house clothes as quick and as quiet as he could before sliding under the duvet cover to join you in bed.
He’d be so sweet, scooting closer to your side of the bed so he could hug you. Getting a king sized bed was pointless at this rate, because Shinsou would always just glue himself to your back by the end of the night.
Peppering small butterfly kisses on the back of your neck, he’d whisper out a small ‘goodnight princess’ , reaching out a hand to pet the cat that was lying close to your stomach, stroking it before smiling and saying ‘goodnight to you too Kuro’. And only then would he try to fall asleep, hugging your back.
Tumblr media
He groans, scratching at his neck in the slightest as he walks closer to his room in the league, last nights mission went absolute shit. Heroes got involved and the police would have shot him in the arm if it weren’t for Kurogiri. And to make matters worse? They lost the high end nomu he was testing out! Things really could not have gotten any worse from there.
Trudging his feet along the dusty floor, he finally made his way to his bedroom, opening the door to see you asleep on his pull out couch. Mumbling under his breath ‘idiot I told you to sleep in your own damn room’. Looking around at the void of trash on the floor, he finds that you’ve cleaned the place, and left him something on his desk.
Approaching it, he finds two cans of beer and a store bought bento of his favourite sushi, a sticky note on top saying ‘make sure you eat Tomu’ he can’t help but smile a little. The cans of beer were still cold, so he assumed it hasn’t been long since you bought them.
Taking one of the cans, he approaches you and crouches down, pressing the cold can to your cheek as he watches your brows furrow, you let out a small groan, turning your face in your sleep.
‘Hey idiot wake up or I’ll drink your beer along with mine’ he says, his voice slightly lowered. He laughs a bit at the mumbles you give in reply, showing that you were still completely asleep. Sighing, he takes your can along with his, putting it in the mini-fridge he has under his desk. He didn’t feel like drinking alone tonight that’s all. He assured himself that his decision was completely his own and he definitely didn’t feel compelled to drink the beer later because you’d be awake.
Nevertheless, he opened the packaged sushi, staring at the sticky note you left for him. He couldn’t help but smile a little.
Tumblr media
Comes again to crash at your place by entering through the window of your bathroom, which you always left open for him. It was summer and the league didn’t have any AC at all. It was unbearable for him, so he crashed at your place almost every other night these days.
Performing his routine as if it were his own house, he took off his boots and coat, leaving them neatly next to your bathtub, where you usually left a pair of clean clothes for him. Nothing too fancy, a white t-shirt and a pair of shorts, since he insisted that ‘it was too hot for damn trousers’
Looking into the mirror on top of your sink, he tries to get off any specks of dirt or ashes in his face. Fixing his hair up, making himself presentable. Something inside him made him want to at least look good whenever he was in front of you, despite continuously telling himself that he didn’t need to.
He finds you asleep on your couch sloppily, your camisole halfway up your back, with nothing but a bedsheet to cover your legs, a mini-fan whirring on the coffee table in front of you. Dabi kisses his teeth while tiptoeing around, pulling the bedsheet up to your shoulders. Whispering ‘don’t want you to catching a stupid summer cold now do we?’
Usually, whenever Dabi came over, you’d be asleep in bed, and he’d go on the couch, but he was too tired to think on what to do, so he sat on your carpet, with his back against the sofa, leaning his head back against the pillow, staring at the ceiling of your home. Most people would have complained, saying they were uncomfortable sitting on the floor, let alone being in the position Dabi was in, however he couldn’t help but feel calm. Your slow breathing and the whirring fan the fan helped put him in a drowsy state.
Before he managed to fall asleep against the sofa, he decided to hum a small tune, making a melody consequently like no other song, yet like every other song. A soft melody. Before laughing to himself softly listening to your breathing once more. ‘Make sure you have sweet dreams about me doll’
Tumblr media
He came home late after a last-minute mission that was put on his schedule, ready to sleep for a good two hours before he had to wake up for his next morning shift. Amazing. The only good thing he was even looking forward to anymore was coming home to see you. He knew it was 3 am and you were probably asleep, so he didn’t have extremely high expectations like an entire hug and greeting when he came home. He was just happy that he’d be back in your arms again.
In a way, his home was his nest, and so were you, when he was at home with you everything felt safe, it gelt like the outside world never existed anymore, because all he needed and cared for was you at the very moment. So you could imagine his sheer delight to see the balcony door to your shared bedroom open, you always left it open just a crack, in case he was too lazy to come in through the front door. Keigo loved that. He could feel his feathers already start to unruffled themselves and settle down as he landed onto the balcony, taking quiet steps into the bedroom.
To no ones surprise, you were asleep, sleeping soundly, hugging Keigos pillow in your arms. You often did this whenever he wasn’t home by nightfall, his pillow smelt like him, so it was nice to sleep with. And Keigo loved it, seeing you cling so dearly to his pillow just because it was a cheap substitute of him made his heart swell.
Smiling and tip toeing through the room, he removed his jacket and boots, dropping them in the corner of the room, opting to sleep in some lighter clothes he also changes himself, even though he’d due to wake up early for his next patrol shift.
Crawling into the bed, Keigo gently cups the side of your face with his hand, peppering kisses all over your face. ‘Baabee wake up- I need my pillow to sleep dove, you can cuddle me instead’ ,he finds himself grinning, his small kisses turning into him pressing his smile onto your lips as you mumble, drowsy and still half asleep.
With half lidded eyes, you let go of his pillow, smiling tiredly while mumbling out ‘welcome home’ before attempting to go back to sleep, lying back down, holding out your arms and mumbling a bit more. Keigo blinks a few times at you, wondering why you were holding your arms out, before realising that you were wanting for him to cuddle you, as a replacement for his pillow.
Huffing out contently, he finally got into the covers next to you, pulling you against his chest while he laid on his side facing you. To which you smile, the dip in the bed next to you finally being filled with your husband. This is exactly what home felt like to both you and Keigo. You in each others arms, even if it was a short lived moment.
Tumblr media
And thats all <3 thought the idea was adorable and I just had to write it
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kokonakamelot · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I loved having to paint Aoyama, twice!
Thanks to the insta giveaway winners for choosing him!
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sharlockart · 10 hours ago
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