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What about Chisaki do you like the most?

Oh boy! Time to pull out the list of reasons!

I have a lot of issues with self worth and self care, being quirkless would mean he views me as clean, pure, trustworthy, perfect and something to protect. He always makes sure im comfortable and safe, he is often busy so when he makes time for me it feels extra special. Ive found myself doing more self care because of him, because even if hes not here, I feel gross if im not clean and healthy for him. He may be strict, cold and have a lot of temper issues, but when hes with me, I calm him down. We also both have mysophobia so certain ‘weird’ things I do are normal to him. Knowing he feels safe with me brings me great comfort, him not being used to hugs, kisses, cuddles and holding hands makes seeing his reactions so much more worth it too.

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Rating: PG-13

Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia

Character: Bakugou Katsuki / Reader

Requested?: No

Summary: You weren’t sure what it was anymore. As you looked in the mirror, you questioned what you could possibly do to fix things. You weren’t even sure what you’d done wrong. You’d given him everything: love, time, space, affection, understanding–what had happened to make him want this? To…to not want you?

Yep, finally happened. I decided to try my hand at Bakugou. He’s admittedly a difficult character for me to write. So that’s precisely why I’ve decided to challenge myself! Hope you guys enjoy and much love! (gif not mine)


Originally posted by smoking-paramount


Dating Katsuki Bakugou was not easy. You were warned of this, of course, by the wonderful extrovert who adopted you: Mina Ashido. You were warned of this by your other friends: Denki, Hanta, and Eijirou. You were given sympathetic stares by Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui whenever you longingly stared at the angry ash blonde every morning. Of all the people in the world, you guessed they wondered, why him?

To you, it wasn’t rocket science: Katsuki was a driven, determined, and hard-working young man. Beneath his sour exterior, there seemed to be so much more underneath. And you had the privilege of getting to know that when one day, after a particularly harsh study session (Eijirou insisted you guys needed help–and Katsuki was a tough teacher), Katsuki asked–actually, almost insisted–that you were both meeting on Saturday for a lunch date.

“Are…should we invite everyone else?”

“…the hell are we doing that for? ‘s just you and me. And don’t you dare be late.”

And it was the happiest few months of your life, albeit hectic–villains constantly springing up here and there, Katsuki being generally unsavory to pretty much anyone–poor Midoriya in particular (to this day, you didn’t quite understand why he mistreated that poor boy so much). Nothing could possibly rob you of those moments of happiness–the harsh training sessions with him would lead to shockingly soft moments where he held you in his arms. The best part? He didn’t have to say a word. You knew, you just knew he felt the same way.

And then one day, he didn’t.

You had been virtually inconsolable when they told you he had been kidnapped by the League of Villains. You had sported a few injuries of your own as you fought off villains alongside Yaomomo and Yosetsu from class 1-B. However, it all meant nothing when you heard about Katsuki. 

You had wanted to go with Midoriya and everyone else to go save him, but your injuries were still bad. Eijirou had reminded you of it while promising to bring him home.

“Listen, Y/N, you gotta take it easy. You took a beating against the Noumu…look, you rest easy, and I’ll bring Bakugou back, okay?”

And he did. You were so relieved and overjoyed and happy that when you did manage to get out of the hospital, the first person you wanted to see was your explosive boyfriend. Was he okay? You just needed to see him. When you visited his home, his parents greeted you warmly. When you went up to his room, however, the door was slightly ajar and the lights were off and you could spot Katsuki at his desk. 

You had knocked (he was never fond of anyone just waltzing on in uninvited), and when he turned, his expression was uncharacteristically grim. His eyes lit up, very briefly in surprise at the sight of you, but you were done dancing around.


You had thrown yourself into his arms, fully expecting him to respond as usual: hold you tightly, not say much of anything other than, “Oi…almost knocked me over, doofus,” and maybe him gently rubbing your back.

But this was Katsuki Bakugou. 

He violently pushed you away, sending you plopping down on his bed. “Back off, will ya?” He snapped coldly, “I’m trying to pack up for the dorms!”

At first, you were hurt. Immensely so. You cried when you left, sobbed like a baby on the entire ride back home. However, by the time you had finished packing for the big move to the dorms, you realized he had just been kidnapped–of course he was out of sorts! You cursed yourself for being so insensitive and oblivious to his needs. You deduced that perhaps he needed some space. Yes, that was all it was. You wouldn’t indulge the nagging voice in the back of your head whispering that he had fallen out of love with you and that he no longer needed you. 

Then that horrible day finally came. 

Katsuki had taken you aside after school one day to end things. When he said he needed to talk, you had assumed it was for training or something like that. When he said he didn’t want to date you anymore, that he didn’t love you anymore, it had shattered you.

“What do you mean…?” You had whispered, but you were cut off.

“Don’t go giving me those teary eyes and desperate pleading. It’s over. We’re done.” He bit out. 

And as you glared at him, tears streaming down your face, you realized everyone was right about him. What did you see in him? You didn’t even know anymore. You wiped your eyes, only for fresh ones to replace them as you retorted in a stupidly wobbly voice,

“F–fine! I’m relieved! I’m glad I don’t get to be with such an asshole like you!” 

You had stomped off childishly, and the moment you turned the corner you’d lost your bravado, sliding down the wall onto the floor sobbing. Poor Mina had found you, cried with you and offered ice cream and a sleepover as condolence. Late at night, when Mina finally fell asleep, you’d chanced washing your face in the bathroom.

When you turned on the light and looked at yourself, you couldn’t even recognize your own face. Your eyes were so red and puffy from hours of crying. Your cheeks were red and splotchy and your lips were dry and cracked. As you turned on the faucet, your thoughts turned back to those horrible moments Bakugou said he didn’t love you. 

You weren’t sure what it was anymore. As you looked in the mirror, you questioned what you could possibly do to fix things. You weren’t even sure what you’d done wrong. You’d given him everything: love, time, space, affection, understanding–what had happened to make him want this? To…to not want you?

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Katsuki Bakugo, April 20 - My Hero Academia


Gon Freecss, May 5 - Hunter x Hunter


Izaya Orihara, May 4 - Durarara!!


Neito Monoma, May 13 - My Hero Academia


Satori Tendo, May 20 - Haikyu!!


Tohru Honda, May 6 - Fruits Basket


Junpei Hyuga, May 16 - Koroko no Basket


Takumi Usui, April 27 - Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!


Takashi Morinozuka, May 5 - Ouran High School Host Club

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Shigaraki becomes an artist (digital and traditional) and become really famous because of it. One day when both he and Izu are young they start talking and become friends. Because of being exposed to the sunshine hero fan boy that Izu is he starts loving heroes again. USJ only happens because Sensei wanted Shigaraki to do something other than draw or talk on the internet. He doesn't do much and just scream-talk with Izu. People are confused but boys are happy cuz they can hug eachother
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I guess a lot of people are seeing Dabi’s reaction to Twice’s death(?) as him not really caring, because of the kinda manic expression on his face. I just wanted to say that everyone has their own way of responding to trauma/loss/grief, and Dabi’s way isn’t bad or “incorrect”

There are a lot of reasons someone’s emotional reactions to trauma/loss/grief might seem “inappropriate”, including a history of trauma and certain mental illnesses. Dabi said himself that he’s physically unable to cry due to his burns, and that would take a serious toll on a person’s emotional health (especially if it happened at a young age)

Also, Dabi might just be putting on a front while Hawks is there. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he’s dissociating to some degree, and Twice’s death(?) won’t really hit him until later. Dabi can’t afford to break down right now, not in front of an enemy

Tldr don’t assume Dabi is cruel or uncaring just because his emotional response is atypical

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I see My Hero Academia fans complain about putting teens in the path of villains, and, honestly, having grown up on Robin, Speedy, and entire teams of independent teen heroes being put right in danger’s way, I honestly feel the series has handled the idea of them still being students well while also bowing to the need for them to, well, be our main characters and invloved.

Spoilers up to manga issue 266:

Seeing Fatgum Taxi out the students in his protective fat was adorable of course but it also emphasized how the pros wanted to keep them in a limited role. It was pretty clear that Mudman and Shroom had very specific area attacks to perform, Chargebolt countered his own specific villain he was perfectly designed to, and Tokoyami, while more in the thick of it than the others, used his ranged attacks with Dark Shadow and quickly went back into Fatgum’s belly fat.

Of course, then he saw Hawks in danger. You know Fatgum is calling out to tell him and is going to berate him to no end after this.

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A/N: this is like almost two months late because i truly suck but this is my piece of the trade fic for @burnedbyshoto​ !!

CHARACTER PAIRING: Todoroki Shouto x F!Reader


WARNINGS: angst, shower sex, overwhelming emotions, mention of blood

SYNOPSIS: one simple sentence can change everything in the relationship. after days of not talking, can you two reconcile?

“i don’t know what you expect me to do. quit my job, my life as a pro-hero? nothing is more important than that, not even you.”

you didn’t know why those few words hit you so hard, but they did. you knew Shouto was dedicated to his work, dedicated to saving people, to being everything his father wasn’t and more, but it still stung, dug a hole deep into your chest and squeezed your heart until there was only pulp and mush left. 

the conversation started out as something simple. you two worked well together, like an oiled machine. this meant any issue, big or small, was usually resolved with a conversation. things got messy sometimes, like it did in any relationship, as Shouto was sometimes quick to judge and you often were clingy, but it was never enough to cause a real problem. today, however, turned into an absolute nightmare.

you had casually brought up date night, something which hadn’t been done in awhile due to busy and conflicting schedules, when things got heated. he didn’t understand why you were so concerned about going to see a movie, going to get dinner, to an amusement park, for a walk in the woods, or whatever other ridiculous idea that was thrown out of your mouth. tensions were high at work, villains were getting cocky and people’s lives were at risk. taking time off was something that just couldn’t be done at the moment.

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I've looked everywhere in the prohero arc and that Hawks frame simply does not exist, nor is there any moment that feels natural for him to do a villain style stare down, putting his hand on his face like something Shigaraki would do. The only time his hand is anywhere near his face is when hiding behind the jacket collar fluff. Okay you know what, maybe Hawks is just pushing his visor back on? Could be that. Why'd it take me an entire day to come to this potential conclusion. Hm, need context.

it could be he’s just pushing his visor back up - possibly before he decides to jump into the fray.

i love how its just considered a villain style stare…honestly reminds me of Gladion from Pokemon ngl

whatever it is…………he looks pretty regardless………pretty bird man

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I predicted that Tokoyami was going to save Hawks weeks ago. I feel a little elated that it came true, but I’m also going on a new prediction for the next few chapters:

Tokoyami saves Hawks and Hawks lives

They end up escaping from the PLF mansion because Dabi wakes up Gigantomachia

Gigantomachia ends up wiping out a number of heroes in the process and they are forced to retreat

Endeavor and Crust end up getting Mirko out of the lab due to her injuries

Shigaraki awakes early, much to Dr. Ujiko’s distress and winds up going toe to toe with Endeavor

The Noumu in the hospital are defeated but the hospital gets destroyed

However all of the Pro-Heroes left in the hospital are saved by Ryukyu (she was with the hospital raid team if I remember)

Endeavor ends up fighting Shigaraki who kills him… In front of Shouto

The hospital raid team can only look on in horror as Shigaraki destroys the entire hospital

There might be a scene were Shigaraki confronts Deku but somehow is not able to fight him or cannot kill him with his Decay

I’m either on the level that Shigaraki gets caught and taken into custody or he escapes but I’m going to go with arrested since he would be able to initiate the prison break

Later on, with the heroes at another hospital, Hawks and Mirko are being cared for when Hawks finds out that Endeavor has been killed

This devastates Hawks, as he feels he was responsible for Endeavor’s death

Later on, Hawks meets a recovering Aizawa (because of course Aizawa would be injured in the process) and they end up discussing Noumu, the LoV and Shigaraki. Hawks ends up finding a confidant in Aizawa and this will play into future arcs

Meanwhile, the LoV winds up getting back together again, though with few of the PLF members. ReDestro is not among them as he has been arrested, a point that many of the PLF are going to reiterate

With Shigaraki imprisoned, Dabi becomes the defacto leader of the LoV and decides that they will need to break into the prison of Tartarus and get their leader and everyone else out of there, including Stain, AFO and ReDestro

And that’s all I have for now, but that’s kind of how I feel the story is going to progress before the second school year commences.

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Things to see in the next episode. The absolute fear when Hawks jumps out the window without his feathers and starts falling + somehow getting them back real quick and switch to flying. Hawks rolling on the roof, the various other times hes tossed around the battlefield. Short haired Rei and Todosibs and Touya. Which, would be the second time we see Touya! Red hair???? Dabi T-posing, baby Keigo watching Endeavor, more pretty Shouto fire-ice panels.

Dabi T-posing…idk why but thats just so funny to think about

the next ep def has a lot going on and i cant wait to see it…makes me feel glad that i watch it early via a stream snfjsks

as for Touya its very likely they’re gonna stick with red-haired Touya like past flashbacks,, its better it stays consistent with the anime as opposed to the manga now?? but they might end up changing it to white, who knows

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