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happy baku
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chippolyta · 20 hours ago
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I’m pretty sure 80% of my obsession with the red string of fate boils down to how pretty it looks whenever you draw it
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dzueni · a day ago
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Helping ‘round the kitchen
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annie-jpg55 · a day ago
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Part four!! I love his spikes but hair down kirishima sob if you agree
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alythekitten · a day ago
Lil mlems 👁️👅👁️
This art was born mainly because my cat (Eijirou Kittyshima) keeps doing this little mlems 😂
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dailykrbk · a day ago
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ohlookanotherbnhablog · 2 days ago
Kirishima: *looking at Bakugou with hearts in his eyes*
Kaminari: Shinso, I think something's wrong with Kiri.
Shinso: What?
Kaminari: He has a stupid look on his face.
Shinso: He's fine. He's had that ever since he was born.
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thingsoverheardatua · a day ago
Bakugou: I hate everyone and everyone hates me!!
Kirishima: I don’t hate you, Bakubro! In fact, I’m proud of how much you’ve grown this school year!
Bakugou: [explodes his face] Bullshit!!
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lostlitany · 2 days ago
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Sunset Snuggles~
This one was so much fun to work on!! The poses, the expressions, even the background and the lighting was fun to play around with. These two make me soft. I just want them to be happy~
Study Night | Sunset Snuggles |
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pervysenpaix · 2 days ago
I honestly don’t understand why people think that my writing is ✨geigh✨ 🌝🌚
Katsuki : There is NOTHING gay about sucking another man’s dick. It’s perfectly fine to drink your friends cum. Are you really bros if you haven’t licked his asshole once or twice ?
You and Kirishima nodding along.
Katsuki: Princess , do you think it’s think it’s gay when I have Kirishima’s face pressed into your cunt while I fuck him from behind? Jerking his dick and pulling his shitty red hair while his tight hole is spasming around my dick ?
*Bakugo leaning forward to hold your jaw
Y/N: Absolutely not , ‘Suki. 🥺
Katsuki: And riding your dick from behind, with two fingers in your ass and three fingers in her cunt doesn’t make me a fruit , right babyboy?
*Bakugo pats Kiri’s cheek and lets his fingers trail down to his lips and he pulls it down with the pads of his thumb.
Eijiro: 😳
Eijiro : Not at all, bro. What’s more manly than taking dick ? ☺️
Katsuki : Exactly! As long as you say “no homo” it’s fine.
Bakugo sighs and pecks both of your lips before laying his head on your thighs and putting his feet in Kiri’s lap.
Y/N: ‘Suki I have a question ?
Two pairs of red eyes glance over to meet yours, urging you to continue.
Y/N: So it wasn’t gay that time when Mina gave me a rimjob and fisted my cunt while I tongue fucked Hatsume?
They both frowned, and Bakugo actually gagged.
Katsuki & Eijiro : that’s fucking gross.
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kiribakuhappiness · 2 days ago
KiriBaku Fake-Dating-To-Get-A-Gym-Membership Preview:
Sometimes you find a meme that you really like and you just have to run with it, amiright?
“Are you fuckin’ shitting me right now?”
Kirishima winces at the harshness of his words, even though it’s pretty much the exact reaction that he had been expecting to receive from his temperamental roommate. He watches as Bakugou tosses the hefty membership packet down onto the countertop of their shared kitchen with a little sneer on his lip.
“C’mon, bro,” Kirishima pleads like a small child begging for the newest toy stocked on the shelves. He collapses down onto the table and presses his elbows harder into the granite. “It really isn’t that big of a deal!”
“Hah?! Not that big a deal?!” Bakugou snarks back at him with an incredulous gesture of his hand thrown up into the air. “You want me to pretend to be your... pretend to be your fuckin’...”
He can’t even say the word. Kirishima would be more offended by that if he wasn’t so focused on winning this argument.
“Not all the time! Just while we’re there!” Kirishima is adamant and desperate. It’s a good plan! And he knows that’s not saying much considering the fact that a lot of his ideas don’t necessarily have a high success rate, but really, what could possibly go wrong here? “We get some fake rings, we tell them that we’re married, and we get the membership deal! No one even has to know!”
“I have to know!” Bakugou berates while he forces frustrated fingers through his disheveled bedhead before he shoves by him on his way to continue making his dinner. “I knew I shoulda fuckin’ poisoned your damn takeout food when we first met. That fuckin’ nerd is always gettin’ me roped into dumb shit. Just try and get along with your new roommate, maybe you’ll even make a friend.”
Bakugou doesn’t mean that, and Kirishima knows it, but he doesn’t think that now is the best time to fight with him. Not when he’s trying to convince him to do this small favor for him.
And that’s all it is, really! Just a casual, simple favor!
The gym membership at the athletic center near their apartment building was outrageously expensive, but for a good reason. Their equipment was top-notch, all of their personal trainers were professionally sourced, and if Kirishima could get friendly with some of their employees and make a good impression, then he might even be able to secure a job there for himself after college. But there was just no way that Kirishima would be able to afford it on his own without applying for some type of discount package, not since he’s started having to pay back on all of his student loans.
And that’s where Bakugou came to the rescue!
The Family Membership Rate was doable - affordable, even - and all it would take for Kirishima to nab his hardy price reduction was if his college roommate, Bakugou, pretended to be his serious life-partner and would take the time to go to the gym with him twice a week at the very least. It was that easy!
“Dude, please,” Kirishima whines some more as he practically faceplants into the stone cold surface. Bakugou’s sharp eyebrows wrinkle in agitation at the sound of his pleas while he scowls harder at his curry. “If you help me with this, I’ll literally do anything that you want and-”
“Okay, move out,” Bakugou interrupts with a forceful rotate of his wooden spoon.
Kirishima groans even louder and smacks his forehead harder onto the counter. “Anything but that! You need to keep a roommate for the whole year man, or you can kiss your scholarship goodbye.”
“Oi!” Bakugou snarls over his bare shoulder at him with a heated glower. “Don’t fuckin’ tell me what I already know!”
Kirishima closes his eyes and takes a deep breath to steady himself before he straightens up and finally catches gazes with him again. “What do I have to do to convince you to do this for me?”
“Nothin’ cause it ain’t fuckin’ happening,” Bakugou grumbles as he turns back towards his dinner. “Why don’t you get one of those other meathead assholes that you’re always bringin’ around here to be your fake bitch for you?”
Kirishima frowns and raises his shoulders up defensively to his ears. “C’mon dude, don’t be like that. Those guys are my friends, and I’m not trying to... make anyone my bitch. Look, it needs to be someone who I’m currently living with. Someone who can prove that we share the same address. And it can’t just be a roommate since it’s a family discount. It has to be a committed thing.”
Bakugou doesn’t respond to that while he continues making his meal. It seems that he’s decided that arguing isn’t getting him anywhere so he’s opted for the brutal silent treatment.
Kirishima sighs and lets his shoulders dip back down in defeat before he drops his head to look gloomily at the counter between his hands. “I just really want to work there someday. They have good benefits, and it’s a stable position, and I’m not... brainy and smart or anything like you are. I don’t have all of these impressive companies begging me to come and work for them after we graduate... this might be my only shot to land something serious, you know?”
Bakugou still doesn’t say anything, and when Kirishima lifts his head to chance a hesitant glance over in his direction, his stomach twists unpleasantly when he realizes that Bakugou has put in his earphones at some point, and he’s probably not even listening to him.
Kirishima watches his roommate cook for another long moment in silence before he lets out another downtrodden sigh and pushes away from the table to head back to his room in defeat.
“Should’ve taken the offer to board with Kaminari this year...”
Kirishima is halfway through his remedial English homework when there’s a loud bang on his bedroom door that cuts over the sound of his Bro Beats playlist and startles him out of his deep concentration. He turns around quick in his seat, and he almost forgets that he’s even been listening to music at all until he spots Bakugou standing in the threshold of his doorframe, yelling about something or another while he flings a handful of papers around.
Kirishima sighs at his irritable roommate’s tantrum and takes one of his earbuds out before he says in a pathetically dejected tone, “Sorry dude, I couldn’t hear you. What’s up?”
Bakugou halts mid-tyrant to glare at him as though he’s been offended in some way before he makes a big show of rolling his eyes and starts over again through gritted teeth like he’s making a huge effort to be patient with him.
“If we’re gonna do this shit, then we’re gonna do it MY way. You got that?”
Kirishima blinks at him in confusion, and then he blinks at the familiar looking packet gripped in Bakugou’s white-knuckled fist. There’s a twinge of hope starting to grow in his chest that he works hard to stifle, but he can’t help the way that he naturally brightens when he sits up a bit straighter in his chair.
“Really?” he asks in disbelief while a little grin begins to hook up the corner of his mouth. “You’ll do it? You’ll pretend to be my-”
“NO!” Bakugou grinds out angrily before Kirishima can finish that sentence. “You’re a fuckin’ moron who doesn’t know how to read things properly.”
Kirishima’s small brows furrow together as he watches Bakugou approach his desk before he slams the Family Membership package down on top of his homework. “Hey, way harsh bro! I know how to read!”
“Not very well!” Bakugou snarks at him before he points aggressively to the fourth paragraph on the first page. “To apply for this membership card and receive the discounted pricing and added benefits, each party in the committed relationship must be able to provide proof of matching address and both members must attend the gym at the same time in order to be granted full access to use of the facilities.”
“Yeah?” Kirishima questions further with a frustrated pout. “That’s what I said?”
“You dolt! A ‘committed relationship’ doesn’t automatically mean marriage! If you tried to pass off being married to these corporate assholes then you would need to provide a forged marriage certificate which is a federal fuckin’ offense!”
Kirishima hadn’t really thought that far ahead yet.
“So... what does your way of doing things look like then?” Kirishima glances up at him to watch as Bakugou crosses his arms over his chest and huffs like the answer is obvious.
“If I’m gonna help you with this, I’m only doin’ it as your pretend boyfriend, and while we’re there, we’re gonna do what I wanna do. None of that dumbass beefcake pumpin’ iron and movin’ weights around bullshit. Pickin’ shit up and puttin’ shit down isn’t working out. It ain’t healthy for your muscles, and it’s a waste of damn time! We’re gonna use the rock-climbing wall, the gymnasium, and the pool,” Bakugou’s list of demands are extensive and inflexible.
“Aw, man,” Kirishima whines some more as he leans back into his spinning chair. “We can’t even use the weight rack at all? What about for curl-ups, or-”
“There ain’t nothin’ you could possibly get out of usin’ those shitty manufactured dumbbells that you couldn’t do with your own body weight. You just don’t know how to work out properly,” Bakugou rebukes his complaints with a dismissive flap of his hand. “It’s my way or it’s nothin’! Do you want my fuckin’ help or not?”
Kirishima did want his help. He really, really did.
There was literally no other alternative here. Either Bakugou pretended to be his fake boyfriend and went to this gym with him, or Kirishima just didn’t go at all. Besides, once he snagged a job at the athletic center, then he could use whatever facilities he wanted with their Full-Access Employee Membership.
This is only going to be temporary, he has to remind himself.
[... To Be Continued]
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king-queenie · a day ago
Just krbk kissin'
Tumblr media
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pxningfo0l · 14 hours ago
"WhY dO YoU OnLy HaVe GaY ShIpS?/???/?/??" stfu emily its because theres a serious lack of lgbtq+ representation which leads to me having mainly fruity ships
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redriotsimp · 18 hours ago
Bakugo: Where's Kirishima, Kaminari, and Sero?
Ashido: They're playing hide and seek.
Bakugo: Where?
Ashido: I don't think you get how this game works.
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mintandcoldwater · a day ago
Kirishima thinks Bakugou’s lips would taste like strawberries, if he ever got the chance to taste them, that is.
It’s not that he spends time thinking about kissing Bakugou or anything, not anymore than the next person would.
~ Pop Rocks, Nerds and Other Confectionery
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dailykrbk · 2 days ago
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desxbkg · a day ago
Drabble/Imagine Request! Pairing: KiriBaku x reader
Request from: katsukisimpsblog <3
Or if not could you do a kiribaku x fem reader where the reader has been super busy with test studies and had been cramming constantly, not giving her boyfriends any attention. Bakugo is ofc like "you've been home for four hours and not once. NOT ONCE HAVE YOU TRIED TO CUDDLE ME. I WANT MY FUCKING CUDDLES" Kirishima has to calm him down but eventually they convince the reader to take a break and they end up cuddling and bakugo falls asleep hugging her side and Kirishima and the reader talk abt him and how much he's changed since high school.
Warnings: None, just fluff and reader stressing.
A/Notes. (notes)
I’m pretty positive I’m sick and I feel like shi- crap :D but I love writing so here I am at 6:30 am writing and I want Kastu :( This was very fun to write and thank you to @atsukisimpsblog for this request! Also, I added in your line about Bakugo wanting cuddles! I hope that’s fine, I wanted to include your piece into the story :)
(y/n = Your name, n/n = nickname)
It was currently 10 p.m. and what were you doing instead of sleeping and relaxing with your needy boyfriends? You were studying. You hated studying unless it was absolutely necessary, you wouldn’t bat an eye towards those damn textbooks. But still, the world still spins and so does life go on. Meaning you had to study for the big upcoming exams. This wasn’t the first time this week that you were up late cramming in studies. You’ve been doing it for almost an entire week and to be frank you were completely exhausted but not burnt out yet. That's the last thing you needed, was to be burnt out by your studies, only to absolutely bomb your test.
Not noticing the sound of the bedroom door open you don’t flinch or look up, hyper-focused on finishing your studies for the night. After all, that’s the only thing you’ve been focused on since you got home. Totally forgetting about your blonde spiky-haired boyfriend and your Clifford the big red boyfriend. (I stand by what I said. Kirishima reminds me of Clifford.) So when you felt the floor vibrate a bit as if someone were stomping you were taken aback but paid no mind to it. Forcing yourself to not pry your eyes away from the textbooks as if it would fly away if you didn’t look at it. Then came a hand banging on the table, trying to grasp your attention. Now at this, you finally looked up at whoever was distracting you from your studies.
Seeing it was only your boyfriend, Bakugo, you looked back down to your textbook and that’s when he finally spoke up, “Oi Y/N, why are you still up studying? You told me that you’d come to bed about two hours ago!” He crossed his arms like an overprotective mother and glared at you. You look up again and sigh, “I know, I know. I’m sorry Suki. It’s just that this test is a day away and I have to pass it. So I wanna make sure I’m absolutely prepared for it.” He gave you a grunt of disapproval. But then after he sighed and uncrossed his arms, trying to speak a bit quieter, seeing your distress state, “C’mon let us just go to bed. I’m sure you’re just stressed and I bet you won’t get the worst score in your class. You’ve studied enough so how about we just go-“ Bakugo paused, well, more like rudely interrupted by you. “Suki, just go back to bed. I’m almost done here it’ll just take another 30-40 minutes. I appreciate your concern but I’m fine. Really.” Bakugo was sure as heck trying his best to be patient with you and your stubbornness but his small patience was beginning to snap. All he wanted was some sleep and cuddles with both of his s/o. But here you were, needing to be stubborn as hell and not let the poor boy rest. He was concerned and knew you were stressed and so was he from work. So what better than to destress with some cuddles.
Of course with that being said, he was just about ready to pick you up or drag your ass across that damn living room and to your guys’ bed. And where was Kirishima in all this? Watching. He was always amused by the two of you and most of the time just spectated the two adults bickering but stepped in when needed to. Kiri had to finish some paperwork for the agency so he was up as well. With a cup of two in his hand as he watched from the kitchen. Sitting at the stools near the island of your kitchen. He sighed as he got up from his own tasks and started making his way to both of his beloved.
Bakugo spoke again paying no mind to his surroundings for once. “Dammit Y/N! Just forget about those damn exams and studies! You've been home for four hours and not once. NOT ONCE HAVE YOU TRIED TO CUDDLE ME. I WANT MY FUCKING CUDDLES! I’VE BEEN PATIENT AND WAITING ALL NIGHT! I'M GONNA DRAG YOUR ASS TO THE BED IF YOU DON’T-“ Bakugo was then yanked back by Kiri. (Mans was about to drag this blonde ✋🙄) Kiri cleared his throat and smiled. “Hey! Alright everyone, what do you say we just calm down and shut it down for the night. We’ve both got enough work done for tonight. Let’s relax with a movie?” He lets go of Bakugo and pats his back. You rubbed your eyes, not realizing how tired you were before from staring at words all day. “Fine, I guess we could…” You stood up and stretched. Bakugo and Kiri both sat on the couch, leaving space for you in the middle. You closed your books and stacked them neatly away on the coffee table where you had been. Finally leaving your books alone you join your boyfriends on the couch.
You all picked a movie to enjoy and fall asleep to. You all were exhausted but at least you had each other. They were your support system and your sturdy rock. They kept you grounded and made sure you were always healthy and taking care of yourself. You were truly grateful for them both. Bakugo snuggled up to your side, quietly whispering an apology. “Hey n/n, ‘m sorry about the yelling.” You smiled softly at his and ran your fingers through his hair, “It’s alright, I know you get cranky when your up this late.” He scowled a bit when you associated the words cranky with him, you always would tell him he was like a cranky old man sometimes. But he decided to let it go just for tonight. You leaned into Kiri as you all watched the movie and when Katsuki eventually fell asleep with his head resting on your lap and your fingers playing with his untamed hair.
Whispering quietly to Kiri as to not wake him up you smiled while you spoke, “Hey Kiri.” He looked down at your face from the movie, “yeah? What’s up n/n?” He smiled and you cuddled your head into his side. “I’m just thinking about how much Suki has grown since UA. I mean sure, he’s still snappy as ever but, I’m proud of him for growing.” He chuckled a bit at your response. “Yeah, you’re right. He has grown a lot. In fact, whenever he sees Deku now he doesn’t immediately wanna blow his face off!” You both laughed quietly and smiled. You were all happy together. You all created a strong bond since UA and have all grown since. You were all proud of each other for the growth and strength you have. Overall you couldn’t ask for anyone better than your two boyfriends.
AHHHHHHHH I FINISHED IT! I’m so proud of myself 😔 Thank you again to @katsukisimpsblog! I take requests from anyone! And I’ll try to make these shorter next time since it’s currently now 7:52 a.m. but that’s probably because my brain was still trying to wake up, being sick and all. Also, I DID NOT PROOFREAD! As I said my brain is not fully woken up so I’m too lazy to proofread. But I’m so happy I got to write :) (THIS IS MY FIRST POST :O) Thank you for reading and remember to take care! And that I’m proud of you! Drink lots of water and stay hydrated! <3 -des.
I do NOT want my work translated or posted on another page/media without my consent or permission, therefore please do not steal my work.
© 2022 desxbkg
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eijirosheart · a day ago
Uraraka: Are you a big spoon or a little spoon?
Bakugou: I'm a knife.
Kirishima: He's a little spoon.
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alythekitten · a day ago
Tumblr media
I know you’re saying tumblr won’t let you post the color palettes, but I see them just fine
Oh yeah! Finally I was able to post this one some days ago! But I still can't post my most recent art because Tumblr keeps crashing D':
Let's try post my "mlem" art now 👀
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kiribakuhappiness · a day ago
Tumblr media
Absolutely in love with the idea of a tiny kirishima and bakugou just sitting up in my brain 😌🧡❤️
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