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by Let Me Sleep2k20


The shriek could be heard all the way down the hallway. The five students’ heads snapped up at the sound.
Bakugou was the first to rise, wrenching the door open just in time to catch a purple-headed figure streaking past.
Mineta squealed as Bakugou snatched him up by his hair, throwing him into the circle of students who were on their feet by now.
Sero lashed out with his tape, catching Mineta by the leg as Kirishima and Bakugou ran out of the room, in the direction where the scream came from. Kirishima’s face constricted with worry as they sprinted past the boy’s dorms.
“It sounded like-”
“I know.”
Bakugou came to an abrupt halt, staggering a bit as Kirishima ran into him. Before he could question the sudden stop, Bakugou was banging on the door in front of him.
The door was almost immediately opened by a very ruffled looking Yaoyorozu. She made eye contact with Bakugou, who nodded.
And then they were moving again, sprinting toward Jirou’s room.

Words: 1820, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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new Kirishima Eijirou x Bakugou Katsuki fic called good fucking mood now up on ao3 

please check it out and if just that didn’t persuade you, here’s a snippet and a summary:

A shake of the head and the grin turns into an amused smirk that worries Katsuki even more. “Kaminari didn’t rope me into anything.”

Katsuki raises his brows unamused. Even if Kaminari didn’t rope Kirishima into anything, Kaminari has something to do with this.

“He dared me.”

Or, Bakugou worries for what stupid thing Kaminari has made Kirishima do, and Kirishima thrives on his annoyance even though it’s clear he’s nervous. It doesn’t help that Bakugou is nervous, too, because he might, slightly, hope that the dare is something spesific.

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hi i love u already can u, in ur free time, when u have energy & are well hydrated, draw kirishima bitch slapping bakugou when he admits an insecurity about himself

one must not question the manly title, not even the title’s holder

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