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#fantasy au

Person A is frozen in a special tube whenever the weather is even marginally warm due to having a severe illness that’s symptoms are only alleviated when it’s cold. So they only get to go out and roam around on cold days. Person B meets Person A, who seems super happy being in the cold and isn’t wearing a lot of layers (due to heat making their potentially fatal symptoms worse/more likely to happen). Person B tries to give them their jacket, but Person A says they’re fine and happy in the cold. The two start spending time together that winter, and Person B talks about what fun things they do in summer that they are sad they can’t do in winter. It makes Person A very curious about these activities they’ve never been able to partake in due to needing to be in cold all the time in order to survive.

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OH this reminds me I gotta finish the next chapter soon! I’m almost done with it ^.^

Hehe yes Katsuki definitely loves his dragon’s wings… They look so cool + feel even cooler + when he’s in full dragon form he can wrap him up reaaaal tight like a nice warm blanket!!

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Person A was a teen who ran away from home and got adopted by a dragon. Now the dragon’s home is under attack by humans, and the dragon is weak, so it grants each of the orphans it adopted, Person A and Person B+ a dragon blessing, which makes them magical girls/boys/people, and giving them the strength to protect their dragon parent and their home. But it turns out the leader of the humans attacking their home has the same powers and was also once an orphan adopted by the dragon and granted powers by it, but who had a falling out with their dragon foster parent and left.

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This is so not what you asked for, but this just hit me and I ran with it.


The name slipped from Steve’s lips in a worried tone, hearing the heavy thumping past her apartment door. He frowned at the frame, watching the silver number three jiggle and fall to the carpeted floor with a heavy thunk. 

What the hell was she doing in there? She’s normally much quieter than this, almost to the point Steve forgot that his new neighbor of a year now was even home half the time.

She’d moved in practically overnight, with nothing but a backpack thrown over her shoulder and a smile on her red lips. Over time the apartment filled with furniture and knickknacks to make the small place home.  She was easygoing and laughed everything off. 

They’d first met when he was carrying too much at once, boxes stacked on top of each other and trying to balance his small frame as he carried them to his front door. He hadn’t seen her, all he saw were a pair of white flats that were suddenly coated in pizza sauce when they’d collided. He heard her fall before he fell himself, the weight of the boxes toppling over and his groceries for the week were spilled over the floor.

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i’m back bitches and i have chapter 5 of glass wings at a good point, mostly finished atm and should be up soon so here’s a peak of jan finally making an appearance

Jan sprung back to consciousness at an alarming rate. No grogginess, only a sudden burst of energy that startled the person leaning over her. Before her brain could catch up as to why there was a concerned elf in a cloak staring at her, something pulled at her. The sensation was willing her to leave the little cottage and venture into the surrounding woods, though that seemed like a bad idea. 

“Hey! Don’t just leave! You’re not really in the state to—!” The elf threw herself to grab the pixie as she jumped off of the bed before stumbling to the floor atop the other girl, her voice failing as they collided with the ground.

“Are you alright? I know you fell quite hard but you just jolted up all of a sudden and it was terrifying.” The other girl spoke slower, a lot quieter that time. She struggled to hold eye contact and seemed scared of Jan. It was a lot to realise someone may be intimidated by her but the pixie tried to keep herself as small and harmless as possible in response. 

“I’m okay, everything hurts though. I’m not quite sure what happened.” 

“Well, you see. I accidentally shot you down from the sky with my bow because I saw you and got scared and defended myself.” Meekly, the elf mumbled out an explanation. Jan felt herself stifling a giggle at how adorable the person in front of her was. She looked too nervous for Jan to want to poke fun at her but the way she blushed, the tips of her pointy ears turning pink was too cute. Although the situation wasn’t good, the pixie couldn’t help but stare, taking in every aspect of the pretty girl.

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Uraraka’s Delivery Service
by birdwrites

Uraraka Ochako is the daughter of the local potion brewers and designated delivery girl with a fairly steady, monotonous routine. Enter one particularly interesting customer.

Words: 2634, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here:

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Uraraka’s Delivery Service
by birdwrites

Uraraka Ochako is the daughter of the local potion brewers and designated delivery girl with a fairly steady, monotonous routine. Enter one particularly interesting customer.

Words: 2634, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here:

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The World Unseen
by Green pie

Deku, a creepy kid in the eyes of others, a mystery to a certain blond-haired. Well, he also thinks Deku is creepy, though.

But still, that won’t stop him to get to the bottom of this mystery. Even though he may not be able to pay the price for such knowledge. But that doesn’t matter since Katsuki doesn’t know yet, right?

Words: 5136, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of Katsuki’s supernatural adventure

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Person A is a tailor with an ability to enchant fabric to minimally alter people’s appearances to diminish aspects they dislike about themselves (making them look marginally thinner, making their eyes appear a shade different, their skin appear clear, the bags under their eyes invisible, etc.). Feeling like doing something nice for some insecure teenagers one winter holiday season, Person A decides to offer their services to design and create outfits for free for teenagers without the money to afford fancy outfits themselves. Person B has always hated their appearance and is shocked when they try on the outfit Person A designed with their input on style preferences that makes them start to like their appearance a little more.

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KuroMori (Komori Kinoko x Kuroiro Shihai)


  • Kuroiro developed a crush when he first saw Komori.
  • At first, he thought she was cute, but then she saw her decimate her opponents on an exercise and he was in love, No going back.
  • When the guys find out, they try to be his wingmen. But it’s really hard.
  • Kuroiro is super shy, he can barely look at her in the eyes without falling apart. And Komori is the most oblivious person in the planet. One time, on their second year, somebody left her a teddy bear with a heart, and she took it to lost and found.
  • Kuroiro is so shy that the first times he tried to talk to her, he hid in the shadows of his clothes with his quirk.
  • Tetsutetsu, Kaibara and Tsuburaba are his main wingmen. They have been promised to be groomsmen at their wedding. They have a speech prepared. Whoever gets them together will be best man.
  • Ironically, none of them get them together. The one who is able to do so is Tokoyami.
  • He and Kuroiro are friends of darkness, and the bird can’t see his friend suffer. He first talks with Komori, who says she never considered romance, but their conversation leaves her thinking. Then he asks the girls from his class to feign interest in Kuroiro. Not to flirt with him, but to show he is an available wanted suitor. Then he gives an inspiring speech, that only Kuroiro was able to understand, which gives the black hero courage to face the music.
  • It doesn’t work, but in the end, Komori asks him out.
  • They go to see a movie and then to walk around the park. To this day, Komori thinks it was the most romantic outing she had.
  • They start dating after that.
  • Komori calls him ‘Her Black Trumpet’, it’s a black mushroom.
  • To hang out on his room, she needs a forehead flashlight. The room is pitch black, and she can’t see. 
  • I headcanon Komori to be an old-Disney fan bc of her hero costume. Like old animations in black and white with Minnie and Mickey Mouse.
  • That’s why one Halloween they dressed as the two mouses.
  • Kuroiro is whipped. He knows and accepts this. If his girlfriend asked him to jump off a bridge, he would ask which one she had in mind.
  • In her birthday, he always surprises her with a new dress based on idol videos. She loves them. She can be seen wearing for a week after she gets it.
  • They stay together after graduation.
  • But being newly graduated heroes and dating is very hard. After a year of trying to make it work, they break up. Komori is the one who pulls the trigger, but Kuroiro agrees with her and says he saw it coming for a while.
  • They part in good terms. But their busy lives don’t let them see each other.
  • They reunite when Monoma invites them to a class B reunion. He heard class A was doing one too and he can’t let those pesky class A brats get away with that. Monoma, we are not even in the school anymore.
  • Everybody is kind of worried about their reaction, but the two don’t make it awkward. And as drinks come and go, they end up making out on Kuroiro’s home and falling asleep on the couch.
  • The next morning they talk and agree to try again, but to start slow.
  • Three years later, they get married. 


  • Komori’s parent are rich. I mean have you seen the dresses she wears on the Shifuku. That has to be expensive.
  • I feel like they would love Kuroiro. He would try to go the extra mile to impress them and how he is super attentive to their daughter.
  • Kuroiro’s parents work in a theatre. That’s were his drama came from.
  • He used to practice his quirk under the theatre.
  • Komori and Kuroiro have two kids.
  • The eldest one is called Kuroiro Tengu. Tengutake means Amarita, (that is a type of mushroom)
  • They have pitch-black straight hair, and crazy eyes like their parents, They are non-binary, pronouns they/them.
  • Unlike their sibling, Tengu doesn’t want to be a pro-hero. They were born after the hospital raid and the golden age of villains, a lot of young people don’t see the appeal of being heroes or having them.
  • Their quirk is called Black Bending. They can shape and form anything black, Tengu uses it to paint.
  • They are also stuck in their goth phase like their father.
  • The other kid, who is four years younger than Tengu, is called Toryu. Toryufu means truffle, another type of mushroom.
  • He is a copy of his mother except for the black skin.
  • His quirks is the same as his mother’s, but he can also change the colour of the fungus he grows. 
  • Komori and Kuroiro are both heroes, but they both have different schedules. Kuroiro works at night and takes care of the kids during the day, and Komori works during the day and takes care of the kids at night. They spend the mornings together.

AU - Fantasy AU

  • Komori is a druid that lives reclused in the forest.
  • One day, she finds this man on her forest with obsidian skin and silver hair. He is wounded and hurt. She takes him to her shack and heals him.
  • When Kuro wakes up, he finds an angel taking care of him.
  • He is a warlock who barely got away from his abusive master. The last thing he remembers is blacking out in the forest.
  • The two spend a lot of time together as he heals and slowly get closer.
  • Komori has no problem with him staying with her for as long as he wants, but one day, another warlock, AFO, takes control of her forest and infest it with monsters.
  • The two ran for safety, and Kuro swears that he will help her get back her home.
  • They hear about this group of young warriors who are searching for a way to stop AFO and journey to meet them and join them.
  • Komori, who has lived almost all of her life on the forest, is very curious about this new world she finds herself in. Kuroiro shows her everything and tries to explain everything the best he can.
  • They do find the group they were searching for. Their leader, a man, called Midoriya, doesn’t give them the best of news.
  • He tells them that they are trying to stop AFO, but they can’t stop to help one small forest. He luckily does know some people that might.
  • Some friends of them had made a group of warrior who tried to weaken AFO forces that attacked the people of the kingdom. They are lead by a witch called Kendo and a dragon companion called TetsuTetsu.
  • The two set off again to find them and cross paths with a lot of different people, another druid with vines for hair, a centaur, a bard, a blacksmith, etc. They all have a thing in common. They are all looking for Kendo and her group.
  • They end up finding her and explain the situation, the group helps them.
  • But, when the forest is cleared, and the group of warrior has to leave, the idea of staying in the forest doesn’t sound as appealing.
  • The forest is Komori’s home. She lived here, learned here and had only recently left it for the first time. She knows her life got a lot of excitement these last couple of months, but she isn’t sure if she is ready to leave everything behind.
  • Kuroiro has made plans to stick with the group and help the people with AFO. He makes promises to come visit whenever they are in the area.
  • The next morning, as they start packing to leave, Komori makes a decision. She says goodbye to her home and goes with them.
  • With this group, the two travel the land and go to places they’ve never seen before, sometimes even crossing paths with Midoriya and their group.
  • They also make a few enemies, especially with the mercenary group, the Vanguard Action and Detnerat.
  • Kuroiro and Komori don’t acknowledge their feelings until the incident.
  • The incident happened in a remote town where magic users were going crazy. When the group arrived, it didn’t take long for their magic users to start losing their minds.
  • The real problem was a man who was controlling them by poisoning the water. But Kuroiro was the hardest to stop. He is a warlock, and so he had been taught much older and much dangerous magic.
  • Komori is the one who snaps him out of the man’s control. It’s a very heart fell moment, and they have their first kiss.

Fanon Opinion

  • So, I can’t think of NSFW for these too.
  • I don’t know why. I just can’t. So they are going to be the first to have the Fanon opinion.
  • And I know that Kuroiro appearentely likes taboo things. But I’m honestely afraid. I don’t wanna google 'taboo sex stuff’. I feel like that is a hole you can’t come out of.
  • The only thing I can think that might be okay with them is Vampire roleplay. Because that would fit. I can see it. Don’t ask me who is the vampire, I haven’t decided yet.
  • So… not many people ship them. Like compared to other ships, they have very little content. Then again, that will change when season 5 comes.
  • Hopefully.
  • The one thing I believe we can agree on is that Kuroiro is a blushing mess when he is near her.
  • There’s also the rivalry with Tokoyami. Komori seems to be interested in Hawks, and the guy now works with him.
  • I have also seen a few pictures with her in gothic lolita dresses and let me tell you, girl looks good~
  • There is not much about them really. I wanted this day reserved for Komori because it’s her birthday today.
  • There isn’t much about them or many of the 1B class. That should change.
  • So, that’s all I have for now!
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Person A is a normal college student until they get a special egg placed in their care by a quirky professor. Turns out the egg is a dragon egg and not only that, but by being the caregiver, Person A and the other students chosen, Person B+, are dragon riders – which gives them magical girl/boy/person transformations and powers based on their interests/personalities/the elements of the dragon they were given to raise.

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𝐖𝐨𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐇𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐧 𝐀𝐮 - 𝟖

✕𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: Siren!Jongho x Pirate!Reader  

✕𝐆𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: Siren, Halloween, Pirate Au, slight fluffy tones if you squint 

✕𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐂𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 3.9k+  

✕𝐏𝐥𝐨𝐭: If there’s any one who can sail through the deadly Wildelight, it’s you. Only your crew can’t have any risky variables and they’ve determined that you, their capatain, is one. Sink or swim, captain or maybe get enchanted and die. Alternatively: “A sacrifice will never please. But love can.”  

✕𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: Human eating, a lot of blood draining, dismemberment, graphic descriptions of blood, slight memory loss, violence, aggression, betrayal, backstabbing. Mentions of enchantment and powerful music. The sirens also eat Hongjoong :) 

✕𝐄𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐒𝐭𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐬: Unedited

✕𝐀/𝐍: Remember that this is fiction and I don’t actually see Ateez in this way. Wow this sucks…oh gosh what have I done…I’m sorry Jongho! Long long journey but we’re finally at the end of all the halloween pieces. Provided it’s almost christmas, I’d really like to thank each and every single who showed these pieces love. 
This takes place in the same universe as ‘Where the sea sleeps’ but the workings of a siren are different from that of a mermaid. I had intended to make this a horror piece but I got sidetracked…sorry…here is slightly fluffy siren!jongho…I’m going to be accepting questions for my halloween pieces now so if you have any questions, pop an ask. 

✕𝐓𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭: @pancakes-for-teddy

✕𝐀𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐭𝐢𝐜: Here


“Are you sure you’ll be able to manage?” You mother asked, tears running down her concerned face that had now begun to display the fine lines of age.

“Yes, mother. If anyone can manage, it’ll be me,” you said, unwavering confidence lacing your words.

“Come back to me, child,” she said and pressed one of her handmade omens in your hand.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way,” you said and pulled her in for a hug, arms wound tight around her body.

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Person A finds an advert in the newspaper for a job that seems too good to be true from the description, but they apply for it, and are surprised to get a call back. But apparently they just applied to be the next Santa Clause. Person B is the elf who interviews them.

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