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Okay okay okay wait. But what if.  What if, they were all modern Galran Princes…anyone?  No? Just me? 

SHKLANCE: as fucking KINGS.  

Rediscovering my love for these bois in the form of endless AUs.  

Thank you fashion ads for your references 

@boscribbles - you’ve got, like, ENDLESS time, right?!  (*knows full well that you’re a literal boss ass bitch with zero free time*) - there’s a fic here…

((Song I listened to on repeat the ENTIRE time I drew this: “Doubt” by Twenty One Pilots)) 

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I don’t like how OP Vince is, mainly because he never actually knows how or why he’s doing stuff and therefore just feels like a vessel for convenient powerups.  He’s nice, but he’s barely a character.  I’d be more interested in his journey of self-actualization if his powers were even remotely tied to his sense of self.

That said, I did enjoy him speeding through all the stupid lion trials like they weren’t shit and throwing in some Lotor Vindication Shade long before VLD Lotor even existed.  (Actually, this whole episode was so similar to the Oriande episode that I’ll probably be “hmmmmm”-ing about it for a while.)

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Galtean (Royal) Klance AU

[click all photos for better Quality]


Okay! So basically here is some backstory to my version of this AU

Lance and Allura are siblings and children of the King and Queen. (Adam is like the main caretaker/butler) There is a war going on with a lot of the kingdoms/planets/species.

King Alfor and Zarkon agree to meet up for a treaty/ally agreement. They both know that they have to each have a way to allow this to be fair and not seem like they are just doing it because they are friends, and have an actual agreement.

Keith and Lotor are children of Zarkon. (Shiro is their Captain of the Guard) When they go to Altea to meet up with Alfor they set up a small welcome gathering/party/dinner.

Allura is trying to impress the guest and make them feel welcome. Lance is just trying not to get into trouble and is told to just stand and wait around.

As Lance is standing around he catches the eye of someone. Keith!

Keith approaches Lance trying to be all slick and surprisingly Lance falls for it and is very intrigued by Keith because he is very different from regular Galra and doesn’t seem to understand completely what he is.


They talk for a while until it was time for the meal to be served, but as Lance was gonna tell Allura about how he feels about Keith she interrupts him and tells him that she finds Keith to be attractive and sorta gushes over him. Lance being the kind brother he is introduces Keith to Allura but Keith has no interest In her.

The two “kingdoms” keep meeting up every once in a while to discuss what they should agree on.

Keith keeps trying to flirt with lance and even sneaks out sometimes to see him and go for walks. Lance tries to resist but he knows that no matter what happens he will end up hurting someone he loves. Lance gives in and starts letting it be known that he loves Keith.

After a while of them secretly “dating” they decide to tell their parents. Keith starts talking first and gives a whole speech about how he loves lance, but there is only one problem…he never addressed which one of the siblings he was talking about. So, Zarkon and Alfor think he is talking about Allura and automatically see the opportunity to a good agreement/fair way to bring the two “Kingdoms” to alliance.

Alfor stands up and telling a Keith that it is settled and he will be wedded to Allura as soon as possible! Once Keith tries to explain he sees the excitement in Alluras eyes and sees the way Lance hesitates and stops. Lance never says a word other than “I’m happy for you both.”

Lance knows the sacrifice he made but he loves his sister a lot and could never kill her happiness and instead basically chose to sacrifice Keith’s happiness instead. He also knows that the kingdom was not ready for two Kings.

So, these photos depict the wedding ceremony where Lance is basically talking about how Keith will never be “Satisfied” but also how he will never be “Satisfied.”


Kinda morbid I know….

But that’s just how I imagined it haha!

(Also of course this is kinda based on the Hamilton Schuyler Sisters Plot haha! Including the quote!)

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Should I start a fanfic/request account?

I dont know if I should or not, I would write requests for the following :


Avatar : The last Airbender

Dmc [Devil May Cry]

Fairy Tail

Voltron : Legendary Defender

Bnha [Boku no Hero]

Blue exorcist [maybe??]

Soul Eater [??]

  • And any other fandoms I think of in the future

Anyway, should I?

[Comment any other animes/fandoms]

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These idiot characters can see the red currents coursing through these obvious preset paths, and it visibly only affects them when they’re standing on the paths.  But the trial is so poorly conceived as a narrative device that they all have to jump around like morons and keep getting painfully shocked rather than just not standing on the circuit paths.


(I’m not gonna attempt to include more shots because they literally get shocked after or in-between every line of dialogue.)

Like, there’s an obvious conflict between the narrative premise (VF gets caught in a perilous, time-sensitive trap and have to use their wits to escape) and the puzzle premise (big circuit board needs to be fixed), but no one bothered to resolve this incongruity.  They just let this idiot-ball nonsense go all the way from episode pitch to final production.  Will it potentially confuse young viewers and completely remove the tension of the scene?  Meh, who cares.  Electric shock effect go bzzzzzzzzz

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@monthlyklance​‘s Klance Trope Month day 26, Sharing Clothes

        If there’s one thing Keith enjoys it’s his hookups with Lance. He’s confident about what he’s doing, has a great body, and god his voice is divine. Keith will always pick Lance first if he’s looking to get dicked down and he likes to believe that he’s Lance’s first choice too. And all it takes most of the time is a challenge, a bet, some deal being made between them. Though sometimes they will be straight out with each other. 

        Today was a bet day. If Keith got the higher quiz score they’d bang at his place, if Lance got the higher quiz score they’d go  somewhere . The hint of it being ‘somewhere’ does have Keith on edge. Last time that had happened he ended up choking on Lance’s dick in a bathroom stall on the campus. It was fucking exhilarating but horribly dangerous if someone else had come in.

        Keith crosses his fingers and prays he gets the higher score. He fears what part of campus Lance would drag him to next, considering he  knows  it won’t be the dorm room he shares with Hunk. They take their slips of paper where the quiz scores are and look at each other in the eye.

        On the count of three they flip. Lance got a solid ninety-five percent and Keith looks down at his paper. Ninety-five point five. Half a point higher than Lance. The guy clicks his tongue and concedes to Keith’s win. He smirks dangerously and taps his pencil against his paper as he watches the clock count down the time left to class.

        Then they’re out of their chem class and they both lock eyes. It’s a race back to Keith’s apartment not far from the college campus. Lance presses him against the elevator wall and hungrily kisses him. Keith moans, clinging to his shoulders until they get to the right floor. They can’t keep their hands off each other as they rush down the hall and Keith struggles with the key for the lock.

        He pulls Lance into his place and locks the door with his lips against his. Lance’s hands push his jacket off his shoulders, shirt quickly following suit. He moans into his mouth as Lance claws at his back and he’s quick to pull Lance’s hoodie and shirt off as well. Lance hums fingers undoing Keith’s pants and he pulls him towards his room. 

        He pushes Lance up against the wall, his arms coming behind his thighs and lifting him up. Lance shivers, fingers tangling in his hair, and wrapping his long legs around his waist. He carries Lance into his room, having to press him up against the wall a few times on his way, and then depositing him on his bed. 

        Lance looks amazing, flushed and panting hard against his sheets. He kicks his pants off and crawls onto the bed. He leaves a trail of kisses down Lance’s chest and further. His fingers skim down along the happy trail and then palm the very obvious tent in Lance’s pants. 

 “You really like sucking my dick don’t you?” Lance chuckles as Keith nips his hip.

 “Maybe. But what can I say? It feels good on my tongue and down my throat.” He kisses the top of the bulge.

 “Does it? Guess I’ll have to test that theory.”


        He feels warmth against his back, soreness in his jaw and sides. He hears his alarm go off and he groans when he glances at the time. Before he can move to do something about it, Lance’s hand fumbles for it and turns it off.

 “Why do I have a class at nine in the morning.” Keith sighs and leans back against the warmth of Lance’s bare chest. Lance drapes his arm around him and pulls him in close.

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I miss voltron. But specifically the good parts before it went downhill. It had so much potential to become a classic and then it all went to nothing lol

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