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The First Kiss

Keith Kogane x Female Reader

requested: Oml darling, I love your writing! Could I request what Keith is like when trying to kiss his girlfriend for the first time?? Thanks so much darling!

word count: 1205


You were happy. Genuinely happy, for the first time since you and your Garrison friends got stuck in space to fight a war that wasn’t yours. You had always had a small crush on the red paladin, even during the Garrison days before he got suspended, but by the way he treated you, the thought of him feeling the same never once crossed your mind, until the day he asked you to be his significant other, and the day you said yes.

Surprisingly, the two of you made a damn near perfect match. Your fighting capabilities complimented each others beautifully and you showed each other enough affection to be cute but not so much that it felt smothering.

You had been together for a while when out of the blue Lance called you in for what he called a ‘Love Experts Intervention’. You had laughed as he dragged you off, a confused team being left behind the two of you on the bridge, and an even more confused Keith staring after the two of you debating whether or not to follow.

“He’s never going to make a move.” Lance stated the second the two of you were alone.

Lance was your best friend at the Garrison, and still your best friend in the castle. Even after you started dating Keith the two of you were thick as thieves. You had spent hours telling him all about your crush on Keith before the two of you got together, and likely just as much time after as well. That’s why Lance was so competitive with Keith, he wanted to make sure the boy was worthy of his bestest friend in the whole universe.

Lance knew all the details of the relationship thus far and could tell by how Keith acted around you that the red paladin was not planning on moving out of the comfortable thing the two of you had going on now, and if he was, he was way too nervous to actually succeed.

“What’dya mean Lance?” You had finally asked, confused by the blue paladins prior statement.

“I mean I get the feeling Keithy has never been in a relationship before. He’s a total noob!”

“Oi! I’ve never been in a relationship before either Lance.” You countered.

“Yes but you aren’t a socially awkward shut in that got kicked out of the Garrison and lived alone in the desert for two years either.”

“Did you just call my boyfriend a socially awkward shut in?”

“Yes, but that’s not the point. The point is you guys have been dating for like months probably and haven’t even kissed yet.”

“I do believe that is absolutely none of your concern, pal.” You couldn’t decide if you wanted to laugh or smack him upside the head.

“You being my best friend makes it my concern, pal.” He responded downright indignantly.

You rolled your eyes, fighting back a smirk. “Okay, so we haven’t kissed yet. That’s an issue because…” you trailed off, already knowing he would answer your question.

“It’s an issue, my dear Y/n, because the boy is too awkward to make the first move. I’ve even given him pointers! Fool-proof plans down the drain. He’s hopeless I tell you, so you and I have got some work to do.”

Thus, the start of what would become a very memorable night in all the ways unanticipated, began.

The plan was simple really. Keith would ask Lance for some help, Lance would give him the most stereotypical answers possible, and the ball would be in Keith’s court. But, as I’m sure everyone would be shocked by, Keith chickened out.

Part of you started to think that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. You were hyper aware of all his movements, already seeing what he was trying to do before he could even fully figure it out, and he kept backing away from you. The insecure side was starting to think that maybe he just doesn’t like you like that, maybe he just wants to be friends. But you already knew that wasn’t true, which made blocking out that part of your thought process a little easier, though the thoughts were still there.

It was half-way through the movie the two of you picked together that your boyfriend squeaked out a horrible fake yawn and awkwardly rested his arm across your shoulders. You giggled as you rolled your eyes and repositioned yourself, as well as his arm, so you could be completely nuzzled into his side.

As the movie finally came to an end, Keith moved to look down at you. You propped your head up on his chest and stared right back at him, smiling softly.

“Hey you.” He said quietly.

“Hey yourself.” You responded just as gently, refusing to stir the silent peace surrounding the two of you.

He slowly inched toward you, your heart skipped a beat. It’s finally happening, you thought to yourself. But then he hesitated, and started to pull back, preparing to either ignore it or give a ten minute apology speech, but you stopped both by grabbing his face in your free hand and pulling your lips to his.

You had waited patiently for him to make the move, and you were growing tired of him constantly second guessing himself.

The kiss was sweet, hesitant, he was shocked still for a moment before finally relaxing into it. Your broke away at last when your lungs had run out of air, you giggled as you pressed your forehead to his, listening to his uneven breaths.

“That was incredible Y/n.” He whispered, staring into your eyes, a grin playing at his lips.

“Wanna do it again?” You asked, running his hair through your fingertips. Keith nodded happily before taking control and pressing his lips to yours.

Each kiss took your breath away, and not just because you both refused to stop until the lack of oxygen hit. Everything about your boyfriend felt like a dream, and the idea of waking up frightened you more than Haggar herself.

As the weeks past, the two of you broke it of your comfortable habits and started doing things that would have previously made you both hide in embarrassment. You became more open about your feelings, less shy about showing physical affection in front of the team, you felt as though your boyfriend was actually yours, and not just half yours while in private.

“Be careful out there.” You mumbled, holding Keith’s helmet as he finished prepping for a longer than usual mission.

“And you be careful here.” He responded, gently taking your face in his hands and pulling you into a kiss.

The two of you very easily get lost in each other, so it wasn’t until you heard Lance’s voice through the helmet set that you realized you had taken too long. You quickly pecked him on the lips one more time and put his helmet on his head, watching as he and the rest of the Paladins flew off to perform another universe saving mission, Lances voice ringing in the back of your mind as a smile played at your lips.

“I so regret helping you two get out of that awkward phase.”

~Admin Rori💜

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I couldn’t really tell if this was one of those things where y’all want me to just haul off and rant in my totally professional way of writing out scenarios or you wanted this to be an actual imagine, so happy birthday!! you’re getting both!

okokok so like, it took homie a while to work up the courage to ask you out, precious bean too awkward and stubborn to admit he thinks you’re actually, like, a person he’d wanna spend every waking moment with, pfft, mostly he either ignored your existence or shot you sarcastic comments, and swooned when you’d shoot them right back with zero hesitation, so once he finally asked you out it was a bit of a shock but like ofc you returned the feelings and then y’all were pretty much inseparable. he defo asked Lance for advice, bc that just feels like such a Keith thing to do, and Lance defo gave him all those cheesy awkward movie scene type lines and Keith was just like aight if you think that’ll work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, movie night, awkward yawn/shoulder hug, the whole nine yards. eventually you realized what was going on and pulled a massive ‘fuck it’ and dragged his face to yours and smacked one on him, he melted, like actually just fell apart in your arms. he’s a total needy bastard after that constantly begging for kisses and kissing you at any given chance.

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So, if anyone is interested in a voltron rp (what? In 2020? It’s been forever) as lance, hunk, or lance and hunk, let me know

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Day 1 : Queer 

Happy Pride Month you guys!

So, Pidge is my favorite character from Voltron: Legendary Defender, and they’ve always been inspirational to me as a nonbinary person. Having that kind of representation in media has never failed to move me, and I hope we can continue our fight for POC and LGBTQ+ representation in media. 

So keep fighting out there, and stay safe!

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This is very true and very valid :^)c.

We’re doing our best to consider all the canonical information to work with from seasons 1-7 and tie up the plot threads. This is while also doing the characters justice for their arcs and the relationships to one another as allies against a great enemy, and then taking that a step further in a way that makes sense to us given that previously presented information. We believe this will be not perfect, but a vast improvement than what was given to us in canon. And at the end of it, it’s a fan project, so you can treasure it among many of your favorite fan AU’s and interpretations or disregard it entirely. Thank you so much for your love and support 💖.

To go further with this conversation we ask this of our followers:

What are some plot threads you felt were dropped from seasons 1-7? Here’s an example: “The White Lion isn’t done with Shiro yet” was a plot thread and question presented to fans that felt dropped and could be explored. So, what are your questions? Reply to this post or send us a message!

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Hi, can anyone give me any random quote, any random charactor from any of the fandom,  and whatnots listed below.. (Mostly cuz i either watched or at least know and/or remember what goes on in it)

Transformers (any)


Star Wars (any)


The Dragon Prince

Youtuber Sides and Egos?

Alpha and Omega

Stranger Things


Miraculous Ladybug

There is probably more i could put? But so far these are what comes to mind at the moment.. if theres any fandom that is not listed, those can be asked for as well if one wants to…

I am planning on doing a drawing, or drawings depending on how many i get., the drawing will be, (in a simplified manner) the charactor, and quote.. ?

No this is not commission thing, I dont even know how to do those, so its free?

Anyways, feel free to ask/suggest any character, quote, and fandom, and ill get it done as Soon As I Can. So… no deadlines.. I apologize if itll take a while to post the drawing, and so.. espessially since my connection sucks when posting images.. which is why im not posting this with an image of one/some of my drawings. If anyone wants to see some of my drawings, though most are outdated and i havent posted them much..? There are some in my deviantart (NekoRinnie) and I managed to put one on Instagram, (also NekoRinnie,) and I dont have any art on tumbler yet..? (Also NekoRinnie…..)

Anyways! Ill be posting the art on where it was asked/suggested? for.. suggest it on Instagram.. ill post on Instagram.. suggest on Tumbler, ill post on Tumbler.

(This was written with the intention to post on both these medias i mentioned, (not Deviantart???) With pretty much the same message?)

Well then! I apologize that this post is pretty cluttered, but have a nice day and stay safe!

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