one-and-lonely16 · 2 days ago
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pidge being fed up with klance is amazing
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scp-5802 · a day ago
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bugman02 · a day ago
This was originally a tiktok i made but i figured it would translate well into a lil comic, so enjoy
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klancesoul · a day ago
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one of her best looks actually, she looks so damn pretty
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awhoreintheory · 2 days ago
"You know, if you ever get shot in the head, is actually impossible to hear the gunshot before you die? Because the bullet travels faster than sound, so it'll be in your brain way before you hear it! To actually hear it, you'd need a frontal lobe and things like a colliculus and temporal gyrus, but obviously you won't have that anymore." Lance blurted out randomly, and the silence that followed was more than a little awkward.
"Anyways, you guys think I can fit my bayard in my mouth?"
"Woah woah woah, we are not just moving past that!" Pidge threw her hands up, a fair reaction for Lance's random info dumps. It wasn't even fun information half the time! It was scarring stuff! Like, why does he know that single tooth is thirty-three calories? If asked, Alraan forbid Lance even give a straight answer either.
Keith buried his head is his hands. His just gotten back from the fifteen hour reconnaissance mission with Lance. Fifteen. Hours.
"Lance where do you even get this information." It wasn't a question Shiro asked. Everyone had long since learned you'll never pry information you actually want from Lance. It was just a sentence to voice the trauma Lance induced day by day.
Lance smiled innocently, completely ignoring Shiro's question.
"This skin on your lips is the same skin thats on your butthole!" He cheerfully tacked on.
Hunk pursed his lips then quickly unpursed them. "I'm uncomfortable knowing this. It just— that feels illegal to know."
Keith threw his head back, staring at the ceiling and actively wishing for the Galra to attack. Pidge looked as lost as forty-eight seconds prior, and was probably the one that had been the least traumatized in all their space adventure by Lance. Terrorized is another good one.
Allura looked genuinely, and reasonably, disgusted by the revelation. "The human body has very, uhm, questionable genetic make-up."
"Yeah! And did your know a humans sneeze has the similar effect as an orgasm, because the tissue in your nose is the same tissue that is on a penis, which causes the stimulation of a sneeze to be orgasmic! And thi—"
Shiro placed a hand over Lance's mouth. Keith sobbed. Hunk gagged. Pidge was actually interested. Allura would never look at human the same again. Coran was the only one sparred that night.
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I headcanon Keith looking absolutely amazing in eyeliner, and when Allura finally convinces him to let her do it for a banquet theyre attending, he walks out of the bathroom with it on. Lance just turns into a flustered mess. He runs out in a panic and the rest of the team just watches the chaos ensue as Lance tries to explain that it does infact look good, great even, and that he didnt leave becuase it looks bad BECAUSE IT TOTALLY DOESNT, and Keith just there confused as to why Lance refuses to look at him in the eye. Meanwhile, Pidge and Hunk are just absolutely cackling at what just happened.
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1980sactionfigures · a day ago
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Robeast Mutilor - Voltron (Panosh Place)
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viv-is-a-clown · a day ago
Convo with my friend that could definitely be turned into Klance:
Lance: Keith
Keith: Sorry, Shiro dragged me on a walk without my phone
Keith: What's up?
Lance: Nothing much, just making a playlist
Keith: Lance, you had me legit worried
Lance: why?
Keith: You texted me and then didn't respond
Lance: that's ok
Lance: I've left on read before
Tumblr media
Keith: Dumbass Shark looks at you with a disapproving gaze
Keith: Do you think it's cute?
Lance: Yeah but it kinda looks like a toe
Keith: Do you like sharks?
Lance: Yeah but mainly in plushie form. Softer than the actual thing.
Keith: That's great because it's yours
Lance: Wait seriously?
Keith: Well, I bought it for you
Lance: thank you 😊
Keith: You're welcome
Lance: I have a hypothetical for you
Keith: Mk?
Lance: What would you do
Lance: if
Lance: You were a detective
Lance: Like working for the police and stuff
Lance: Because your brother wanted you to
Lance: And he was murdered
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thek0dy · 20 hours ago
here have a keith ((:
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autisticlancemcclain · 15 hours ago
Okay. Kitchen. Snack. Water. Washroom. Ten minutes. Back to project before the delicate (oh my God so delicate) lining collapses. He can do this. He just has to go go go —
Lance’s giggles make him backtrack from where he just speedwalked by the common room. The man is sitting sideways on an overstuffed chair, legs swinging over the armrest, making goo-goo eyes at his phone. Hunk rolls his eyes fondly. Lance has been glued to that phone since the second Keith’s pod blipped out of sight. It’s cute, Keith and Lance, in the way that makes Hunk to vomit a little.
(Nah, not really. He’s happy for them, but you know. Can’t let that kinda cheese slide. He’s gotta tease, at least a little.)
“I miss you,” comes Lance’s sigh. Hunk huffs a laugh, as quietly as he can. Miss him? Keith’s only been gone three days!
Lance has his headphones on, so Hunk can’t hear Keith’s response. It must have been a pretty good joke, though, because Lance bursts into laughter, head thrown back and shoulders shaking. The sound makes Hunk quirk up a smile, and it’s several moments before his mirth dies down a bit, leaving behind a sappy smile and heart-eyes like Hunk’s never seen.
“God, I love you, Sam. I feel like I haven’t seen you in months.”
Lance continues on with his conversation, telling a silly story from training this morning, but Hunk can’t hear him over the blood rushing in his ear. His heart drops to the floor, and he rips himself away from the doorway, eyes wide and horrified, barely shoving down a sharp gasp.
Who the fuck is Sam? Why is Lance — Lance, who cries every time Keith leaves on a mission, who always has a hand on Keith when he’s around, who mentions Keith in every conversation, who brags about Keith to random people — telling some other man he loves him? Telling him he misses him in the months they’ve been apart? Keith only left a few days ago. It’s —
Hunk swallows roughly, gripping his hands together tightly. Lance is his best friend. His closest friend, his oldest friend. He’s known Lance since before they could walk, and loved him that long, as well. Lance is good and kind, smart and brave, and up until now — well. Hunk thought he was loyal, too.
Lance, a cheater. It doesn’t seem real. It seems like a dream, like a waking nightmare. How could Lance be so cruel? How could he be entrusted to deeply with Keith’s heart, how could he know that Keith has trouble with trust, and still do this to him? How could he betray Keith in the worst possible way?
Hunk rushes back to his workshop, heart heavy and brain whirring. He can’t — Lance is his best friend.
But Keith is his friend, too.
The situation plagues him nonstop in the days it takes for Keith to finish his Blade mission, and everyone can tell. He completely loses his appetite, except for in the late nights, hours spent overthinking in the dark making him stress-eat.
Lance is the first to voice his concern, of course. Cornering him in the hallway, brown eyes narrow in concern.
“What’s wrong, Hunk?” he asks, soft. He places a gentle hand on Hunk’s bicep.
Before, the gesture would have comforted him. He would have sagged forward immediately, into his best friend’s embrace, spilling everything.
But now… he can’t now, obviously.
He laughs, nervously, shaking Lance’s hand off him and pretending he can’t see the hurt in his eyes.
“I’m good. No worries. Just a difficult project. Nothing you need to stress about.”
He does his best to twist his face into a smile, holding his breath. Lance holds his gaze for several moments, scrutinizing, before he sighs and steps back.
“If you’re sure.”
Hunk nods, not even bothering to make an excuse before scurrying away.
Shiro is the next to approach him, two mugs of tea and a comforting smile, but Hunk makes an excuse and rushes off before Shiro can even convince him to sit down — if Lance’s sad eyes make him squirm, Shiro’s gentle concern will make him crack for real.
One by one, the rest of the team approaches him, all in their own way. Hunk evades and makes excuses. He knows they’re all worried, and he feels bad, but he’s in between a rock and a hard place and it fucking sucks. Obviously, he doesn’t want to betray Lance. He didn’t even mean to find out. But, and he knows this in his heart, what Lance is doing is unforgivable. And he won’t let it slide. He can’t.
Finally, five days after Hunk hears the phone call that ruined his life, Keith returns. To say Hunk is relieved would be a gross understatement. He waits until everyone has greeted him. He tries to calm the churning in his stomach as he watches Lance run up to Keith, who catches him deftly, supporting hands on his thighs as Lance wraps his legs around Keith’s waist and leans down to kiss him deeply.
They look so happy. So in love.
How could Lance decide that’s not enough?
Regardless of the pain in his chest and the upset in his belly, Hunk pulls Keith to the side after dinner.
“What’s up, man?” Keith asks, strong eyebrows knit together in concern. “You look nervous. Everything okay?”
Hunk wrings his hands together.
He has to do this.
“No, it’s not,” he whispers. He forces himself to meet Keith’s eyes. “I’m sorry, Keith, I wish I didn’t have to tell you, I wish it didn’t happen, really, God, this feels miserable, I’m so, so sorry, Keith —”
“Breathe, dude,” Keith interrupts. “Holy shit. Take a breath. Just tell me.”
Hunk follows Keith’s advice, inhaling deeply until some of the stirring in his chest settles.
“It was five days ago,” Hunk starts. “I was doing something, I walked by the common room, Lance was in there on his phone —”
Keith face drops immediately, panic clouding his eyes.
“Is Lance — he seemed fine, this morning, is he —”
“He’s fine,” Hunk rushes to assure. “He’s fine, sorry. It’s just —” he closes his eyes. He can’t look at Keith, watch the pain crumple his face. “Lance was talking to some guy named Sam. Told him he loved him. He’s cheating on you, Keith. I’m so sorry.”
Hunk’s expecting a lot of things. He’s expecting yelling. He’s expecting betrayal. He’s expecting Keith’s face to go hard, his walls to slam up. Even for him to quit.
He is not expecting to hear Keith’s laughter. His eyes fly open, as does his mouth, and he takes in the sight of the Black Paladin, bent at the waist, laughing so hard tears form in his eyes.
Maybe… he’s in shock?
“S — sorry, Hunk, I just —” he breaks down again, and this time Hunk can see the mirth in his eyes.
So… not in shock, then?
“I’m so confused,” Hunk breathes. “I, personally, would be way more upset if I found out my longtime partner was cheating on me, but that’s just me, I guess.”
“No, it’s —” Keith takes a deep breath, fighting down a smile. “That was me, that Lance was talking to. Lance only really calls me Keith when I’m pissing him off. Or, well.” He smirks a little. “When he’s passionate for… other reasons —”
“Gross,” Hunk comments.
“—but usually he has an amalgamation of nicknames for me. ‘Samurai’ is his favourite, but it’s long, so sometimes he just calls me Sam.” Keith’s eyes go soft, the mischief leaving his expression. “He’s not cheating on me, Hunk. I promise. He’s way too loyal for that.”
Hunk feels like a million weights have lifted off his shoulders.
“Oh, thank God.”
Keith grins at him, clapping him heartily on the shoulder. “Thanks for the concern, though, man. Seriously. I appreciate it.”
Hunk musters the strength to smile back. A genuine one this time, even though he’s so drained all he wants to do is collapse in bed for the next century.
“‘Course, man. You’re family. I wouldn’t keep that from you.”
Keith blinks in surprise, looking at Hunk with something like awe. Another smile flashes on his face; smaller, this time. A little crooked, eyes crinkled and kind.
(For the first time in a while, Hunk can maybe see why Lance is so whipped for this man. Suddenly he understands why he was so shocked to hear Lance sighing another man’s name.)
“You’re family too, Hunk,” Keith says. “I’m happy to have a brother like you.”
based off this post
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trytofocus · 2 days ago
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Remembered the unicorn/satyr allurance from the deer unicorn sheith AU and got soft!
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corefenarts · a day ago
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Thanks @nomadicism for commissioning romelle hazar memeing
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eeniiart · a day ago
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I've decided to open COMMISSIONS <3
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veracxa · 12 hours ago
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finally saw myself worthy of drawing that kiss lmao i don’t know if im actually satisfied with the end result, but i hope you guys can enjoy it anyways
obviously not a must, but reblogs help me a lot :)
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What’s Lotor like in this universe? (is he a meanie or is he more chill like his vld or devils due publishing counterpart just curious)
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a tota drama king with pretty bad karmic timing
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Shout out to @ikimaru for carrying the voltron fandom on their back. Never stop, i thank you for your service
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fearlesswolf101 · a day ago
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Started rewatching Voltron. Man, I kinda missed this fun flawed show XD
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