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continuation of the girl's night replies on that one pic you drew: before chica invites sun/moon to girl's night, he (same body) would crawl thru the vents and input convo. roxy says something about freddy being cringe and moon (from the vents) is like 'he's super cringe, but in a cute dorky way'. roxy's like 'i mean i GUESS but- WAIT WTF ARE YOU DOING IN THE VENTS?!?!'
Absolutely. They have no filter
Also, HC that sun and moon are like cats and like to squish into obscure places.
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Look!!!!! Look!!! So beautiful!!!! this is phenomenal ❤️❤️❤️ want to look at this forever
Thank you for sharing this infinite joy hack. :’D
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OBSESSED with this design by @rainy-nomad !!!
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guess who got invited to be a real boy in an actual campaign? Wish Sofa luck
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Happy belated birthday, birthday buddy!
For the incredible, talented, and kind @sw124 her adorable OC: Clover.
I am actually in love with this character she is such a sweet heart. keep your eye out for more of her.
Thank you sw124 you fill my heart with life  <3
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one of the staff teaches sun/moon how to make their own stickers and now they use the homemade stickers as prizes when they play with the glamrocks. some of them say 'great job superstar!' or 'you tried' or they're pics of the glamrocks etc. all of them are poorly drawn and some are misspelled (either on cuz they suck at art or it's on purpose, like a meme)
My love I love this!!!!
girl's night activities
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Legitimately I can’t thank you enough! This made my life I don’t even have the words to explain. Thank you thank you thank you ❤️❤️❤️
Tumblr media
present for @rainy-nomad
Keep reading
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This makes me stupid happy!!!! Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️ best b-day ever you literally mean so much to me thank you 😭
‘Yarn, Silk and Butterfly Milk’
{Context: The reader has very long hair, yes its important to the story, the relationship is Platonic/Familial an they share that same relationship with the other animatronics. Also Sun and Moon have their own bodies and don’t share one, the reader is referred to as ‘Sis’ and all physical contact is Platonic and meant to release stress and soothe someone’s nerves. This is also a birthday gift for you @rainy-nomad I hope this makes you happy}
“Not again- MOON!”
Your locker was raided…again, your backpack and its contents strewn on the floor. You were glad you left your laptop at home but now your ‘stash’ was gone. Not just that but your utensils were missing too, without a doubt you knew who did this. Sure you couldn’t prove it but you knew darn well it was him, you stomped out of the security office with your flashlight in hand.
“You can hide but you can’t run ya bug, I’m gonna find you..”
Tonight was not the night for this, you had a very bad day…one you shouldn’t take out on Moon. You rubbed your face, took a deep breath and continued. He wasn’t doing this to be mean, you have to remember that. At heart he was a kid who had a serious case of kleptomania…you never did tell anyone about what he was doing since..like you kept telling yourself he never did this out of spite or malice. That wasn’t the only thing you didn’t tell people, you knew where his ‘stash’ was and without a doubt would find your belongings there.
Yeah he got all huffy you dug in his stash but he never stayed mad for long, longest he was ever mad at you was ten minutes and that was cause you rearranged some of his items. Though you did find it funny placing his Monty doll in a dress, he pretended to be mad at you but…you could see he liked the dress. You were proud of how it turned out too.
The sudden vibration coming from your pocket knocked out back to reality, you pulled your phone out. Your face twisted in an expression that looked like you swallowed a million rotten lemons, against your better judgment you opened and read the text. You felt like your blood became magma as you read through it.
So wrapped up in reading the text you never saw the Glams coming up behind you, stuffing your phone into your pocket you let out a loud bark in absolute fury.
You could hear a pin drop with the silence that followed, you spun around to storm back to the security room….but were blocked by the Glams. Their eyes wide with shock…and fear, Monty and Roxy looking around quickly; heads ducked low.
“….You…heard that huh?” Rhetorical yes but someone had to be said to break the silence.
“I’m pretty dang sure the whole place heard you, an if I were you I’d run before Moon finds you!” Monty growled.
“….At this point I don’t care…I was looking for him anyway…” Your exhaustion was catching up to you, not physical…but your mind felt like it ran a emotional marathon the past few hours.
The Glams stared at you….aaand they were giving you that look, the ‘what happened, tell us please’ look. Oh no…Freddy was giving you that look, the pleading puppy eyes. Well that changed into fear when he looked past you.
“…Moon’s behind me isn’t he?”
That question was answered when you were swept up into the air, four pairs of arms wrapping around you like a straight jacket. Normally you’d start kicking and throwing one heck of a hissy fit…but you went limp like a doll, an like a doll you were cocooned in blankets that…you swore were made of silk, suspended in the air in the Daycare. Moon, perched beside you with a book.
“Our first book tonight is ‘Little bird’s bad word’ an after that we’re gonna go over the rules on why you should never-…”
Your mind was staring to tune Moon out….you weren’t really paying attention but in your defense after what you went through earlier…no focus, if you didn’t it would tick off Moon. You turned to look at him…an he was staring at you, the book he had set down beside him.
“…I’m listening-“
“What happened?”
Uh oh, he was getting serious now, you hated when he got serious. Think fast, if you didn’t you were sure he’d bring in Sun and if that happened…
“Just a bad day thats all, stress and junk-“
His face was right in front of you now, a few inches away. He stared at you for a few seconds before pulling back and dangled there like a spider…before turning to the stage above the ball pit.
“Moon, No-!”
…Too late, out came Sun in all his loving glory. Arms stretched out wide and calling out his usual three words, but instead of diving into the ball pit below his harness clicked on to his back and he sprung over to Moon.
“Hello~ what seems to be the trouble?”
“Sis here is in a bad mood, I caught her shouting a very nasty curse word around the others. Naughty, naughty but I think there’s something bothering her and she’s not telling me.”
Sun tilted his head at you. “Is that so? Sissy, you know better then to use bad words around ‘anyone’ especially our friends. Why would you use such language?”
“Guys…look I’m sorry for swearing, I’ll stay for a bit but you guys know I have a job to do…and Moon you need to return my loom, I know you took it along with my yarn and knitting utensils.”
Moon’s perpetual grin almost took on a Cheshire look as he spun his head around, however he wasn’t gonna play into your little diversion.
“Changing the subject won’t help you know, Sis you can tell us.” said Sun as he inched closer, he was doing it again….he did this a lot when he wanted answers.
He’d get really close, reach his hands up to your head…and start rubbing the back of your head before moving his thumbs to your temples..it really wasn’t fair. It became almost criminal when Moon would start brushing your hair and even turn your locks into beautiful braids.
But what happened earlier….what you saw….what you found out…you just didn’t want to bring a frown to those sweet faces of theres. Not only that but you knew Moon was really protective of people he cared about….you didn’t want to cause any issues with them.
However your resolve was wavering, the moment you felt Sun’s second pair of hands on your face you knew he was getting serious. Making you look directly at him, the floodgates were starting to show cracks but you..were holding strong.
Or you were…if Moon didn’t start on your hair, brushing the full length of your locks down to the ends. Sun had stopped rubbing your scalp but now had taken your hands into his…while his other pair were still holding your face.
…That did it….you broke….
You started to blubber like a baby, curling up in your cocoon of sheets trying to hide away…but that wasn’t happening. Moon started pulling the sheets away as the three of you descended down to the Daycare’s pillowed floor. Sun refusing to let go of your hands, Moon’s second pair were now resting on your shoulders, his first pair abandoning their work with your hair and wrapped them around your waist in a hug.
You started to talk, you talked about how at school you discovered one of your closest friends was spreading rumors about you, trying to get you expelled and in general trying to make your life a living nightmare. Thankfully nothing came of it cause you exposed your friend’s wrong doing…what hurt the most…was that she wasn’t alone in her endeavor. You had four friends in school…but now you had none, they all played a part….even going so far as to try an frame you for stealing test answers for a big test.
An earlier you had received a text from one of them basically trying to say it was all ‘your’ fault for what happened, her actions were ‘your’ doing and…a lot of completely awful words. You knew you shouldn‘t have read the text but….you were hoping your old friend would at least apologize but…that wasn’t going to happen…
Not now…not ever…
You could feel Moon’s grip tighten on you, aw jeez he was mad…you tried to reach for one of his hands but Sun was squeezing them tight, not too tight that it left a mark…but tight enough. The two of them shaking…you could feel the rage building in them.
“Guys don’t bother….they’ve already been exposed for the witches they are…they’ve received proper punishment for their misconduct.”
Well that calm them down..if just a bit, but now they were giving you the puppy eyes like Freddy was doing before.
“I didn’t tell you guys…cause I’m suppose to be taking care of ‘you’ not the other way around, my problems are my own weight to bare. You guys take care of the Glamrock band and that in itself is a burden of love that I know you carry with pride. You don’t need my issues weighing you down.”
“That doesn’t mean we like seeing you sad….” Said Sun.
Now four arms wrapped around you in a tight hug before Moon spoke up. “You may have a point…but when someone hurts ‘our’ family it becomes ‘our’ problem, not just yours.”
You…started crying again, geez you felt so…your emotions were everywhere at that moment. You couldn’t understand how wonderful these two could be, yes they could be a huge pain in the backside but….it was moments like this that reminded you why you never quit this job. Why you came here night after night…
This is where you belonged….where you were welcomed…..where your family was always waiting, an always had their arms open to you.
[Two hours later: Glamrocks POV]
Quiet now, everything was….really quiet. Everyone was growing worried, Moon always let their ‘Sis’ go after at least fifteen minutes. Maybe she was being extra difficult and Moon was re-reading the ‘time out’ book to her over and over again. Still though Moon would let her go and do her rounds before returning.
None of them saw her….
Monty was growing a little paranoid, Moon could be terrifying when pushed in the wrong direction…having seen his ‘collection’ and his fascination with…medical themed shows..he made it a duty to never tick or cross that particular animatronic.
“You think she’s ok?” Chica asked…clinging to Monty’s arm.
Freddy gave a nervous chuckle.“C-Come on guys, have a little faith. Moon’s probably reading to her right now, not only that but she’s got Sun to back her up-“
Roxy interrupted. “Not if he’s taken her somewhere Sun can’t find..”
The group shuffled together into the Daycare lobby, they walked down the stairs towards the large fake plastic castle doors. Freddy was the bravest of them, seeing he was the only one who took hold of the door…and slowly pulled it open.
What greeted them was something…they weren’t expecting.
Sitting just at the far end of the Daycare, right by the ball pit was Sun, Moon and their ‘Sis’ all together under a portable lamp. Sis was sitting in a green beanbag chair, Moon behind her playing with her long hair. Tying it in braids and other styles, sometimes tying a ribbon or two into it.
All while….she played a game of cats cradle with Sun….all three of them smiling.
A very warm, loving, contented smile.
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rainy-nomad · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Huge thank you to @morganthemushroom for the idea. This was super fun to draw and the concept makes way to much sense.
Sardonyx SU + Daycare attendant = Eclipse lookin boi
side-I just found out that PNG files are much higher quality than JPEG opps
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Tumblr media
The regular content will be back soon but the brain worms are taking me on a journey and I haven't had much time.
I made him smol because they can change vibes and I love that.
Sofa has become a cushion 
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
I do not play DnD. I want to, but never have and probably will never be able to.
last night I learned that you can play as a robot golem this is my hyper fixation child. They don't have a name yet but I know its going to be something like chair or peanut
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Tumblr media
Do I hate this? More than anything yes
Can I figure out why I hate this? Apparently not but I'm moving on
Sketch that got out of hand inspired by that oil line from Brass Goggles
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PART 1: any ship but it starts out with either sun or moon playing with plushies, back to the daycare doors, and they have their own plush smoosh snoots with one of the glamrock plushes and say 'now kiss'. but then it cuts to the open daycare door and that glamrock (or a group of them) are looking at him wide eyed. sun/moon turns to look back at them shocked like '...how much did you see'
Oh how the turns have tabled
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sunbug/moonbug headcanon: YARN!! moon can knit/crochet and sun likes doing cat's cradle or mending stuff (he can't make things, only fix them up a little). maybe they have a big ass spider web in the corner of their room (like a hammock) along with a bed, depending on which one they wanna sleep on
YESSS so cute!
Moon makes the kids little sweaters and scarves while sun patches any damaged clothing.
What a bunch of motherly dorks
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You guys cant do this while I'm trying to do school work!!!
The daycare might be a little crowded but they can handle it. Every single one of you are incredible, stunning, creative, amazing and I'm so glad your here to see my silly little doodles.
Thank you, ya'll mean so much to me
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For you @mnemoiisms
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Tumblr media
Is… is that lore? Moon is socially awkward and unaware that his party tricks are wildly unsettling. Also they have a compartment behind their teeth. Sun reserves it for first aid and snacks while moon has more creative uses.
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the cast is split btwn 'good and bad' aesthetic and they do this for multiplayer games sometimes. freddy, chica, and sun on one team, monty, roxy, and moon on the other team.
I put way to much thought into this!!!!
Game night with the gang
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I literally planed out all their outfits if yall interested in more info.
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