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If you are not already aware, my awesome Aunt Cassie is also my biological mother! Which I’m case you’re wondering, YES I AM AWARE OF HER PAST WITH MY DADS THANK YOU!

I’ve never bothered to check which of my Dads I’m biologically related to (because they’re my dads), and Aunt Cassie having similar powers to Dad Kon, it helps.

To actually answer the question:

  • Superhuman senses
  • Super human strength
  • Superhuman durablity
  • Superhuman agility
  • Superhuman reflexes
  • Superhuman speed
  • Flight
  • Accelerated healing

I know Aunt Cassie has a longer life span since she’s related to Zeus but I’m not sure if that applies to me.

Yeah, My other dad, Tim, he says it’s been fun raising a kid that could break him in half since birth.

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Originally posted by callistop

1. Complementary Traits: Meant to be!!




3. Trust: Oooohhh. Well. SO MUCH POTENTIAL


4. THE SEX WOULD BE GREAT that is if Lex doesn’t go all suicidal-depressive-desperate and destroy the Fortress of Solitude again. BUT IT WAS FOR LOVE.




Originally posted by loganlermansboyfriend

@lexkent@momosansovino@lex-el@smallvilleclex@abushelandablog​ any opinions or supporting evidence appreciated

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The Violations of Scent

 Having things that weren’t his or at least not meant to be his was something Tim was rather used to, it was but a second nature. For instance, the title of robin, or the seat as Wayne enterprise’s CEO. So, why did the mere fabric feel so entirely different from all the rest?

It’d been a little over a year since Kon’s tragic perish, and only 98 cloning attempts in did Tim finally break.

His knuckles bled, arms covered in micro shards of glass from constant punching, pounding and cracking of the thick glass tube that contained Superboy’s infamous shirt.

It was the last thing that smelt like him, of sweat, leather and maybe a hint some sort of spice?

Tim hugged the shirt for a long time, and he laid in the pile of glass for what felt like an enternity, though was only but a half hour.

When he finally arose, the pricks in his skin intensified with pain, so he clutched the shirt on his way to the shower.

Read the rest on ao3

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conner looks just like young lex but with clark’s abilities and hair and it’s really obvious who his parents are

we were blessed


(i know it’s the same actor but it’s still brilliant)

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bruce: no no no you’ve got it twisted. YOUR son simps for MY SON not the other way around

clark: pfft as if. which one bought the other a fucking moon so they could actually say they love them to the moon and back

bruce: yeah? well which one fucked their entire sleep schedule for the other, that’s commitment right there


tim and kon: we simp for each other it’s not a competition <3 :)

clark and bruce: iTs aLwAyS a CoMpEtITiOn >:O

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[chants along with you, banging louder and faster] NEPHEW AU NEPHEW AU 


ugh, so like, there’s plenty of ideas from Supergirl, the CW show that i hope get permanently incorporated into Supergirl, the comic book character (+ lore). Alex Danvers / the Danvers sisters is chief amongst them. The particular dynamic between Lena and Kara is another.

But a concept they never introduced in the show (to the show’s benefit, i’d honestly add) was that of Conner Kent, aka Superboy.

and basically, as someone who’s first real, In-Depth introduction to the DC-comics-verse was Young Justice, my brain went a lil something like:

  1. Conner Kent… has 2 dads. 
  2. Kara is related to Superman, and by proxy, Conner. Lena is related to Lex, and by proxy, ALso related to Conner.
  3. Conner Kent……has 2 AUNTS?!?!?!?

so YEAH, Found Family between Clone Boy and his 2 Protective Aunts!! (who maybe like each other but Conner has no interest in playing matchmaker)

even MORE than discovering that they’re all technically related genetically, what really makes my heart go oOOF is how all 3 of them have been rejected by Superman in one way or another.

  • Clark didn’t have time or energy to raise Kara, so she was “abandoned” (show’s words) by Superman and placed into the Danvers’ care, growing up without her cousin, her only living relative and survivor of the same global disaster. 
  • Lena is the little sister of Lex, and I reFUSE to believe that Clark’s friendship wasn’t automatically and warmly extend to Lena as well….until it wasn’t anymore.
  • Conner (if we follow YJ’s lead, anyways) just makes Clark feel ~weird~, because uhhh it’s my clone?!?? Made without my permission??? By my former friend-turned-deadly-nemesis? And Lex swoops in and tells Conner that it’s literally because I’m your father that Superman doesn’t trust you. And if Superman refuses to be a father to you, then let me instead…

like, this is the concept that i would want to sell to a comic book writer, i FEEL this story’s potential in my BONES!!!!!!

Every Adam Needs their Eve

so, like, when it was revealed that Eve Tessmacher had been working for Lex mid-s4, and then yet aNOTHER reveal that she had actually been assigned Lex by her real employer, Leviathan, i was SO IMPRESSED.

because, here’s a character who has always been written as the polar-opposite of Lois Lane—dim witted, obsessed with her hero Lex in the Worst way, the bimbo henchwoman—and it’s revealed that not only did she double-cross Lena Luthor, she double-crossed Lex as well!! 

Lena bought Eve’s act because she needed a friend. Lex bought her act because, well, why WOULDN’T anyone fall madly in love with him??? he’s the Man of Tomorrow!

so basically i was ALL ABOARD THE ANDREA BROOKS S5 FULL TIME CAST-MEMBER train, because i thought they were literally going to make her, like, a duplicitous Black Widow type spy / assassin, but more vampy and SO! MUCH! FUN!! to watch.

aaaaand then plans went awry…

but this was speculative fic that, who knows, maybe i’ll turn into a series of byte-size ficlet chapters of Eve Tessmacher: bubbly spy, wicked assassin, navigating the secrets of Leviathan, triple-crossing the gang, and basically just being a character i would 1000% enjoy every moment of.

so uhhhh lemme know if there’s any interest in that??? chaptered ficlets are easier to write when the connective tissue is purposefully thin and vague…

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