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hella-writes · an hour ago
The Kent Family, a Young Justice Fanfiction
The Kent Family, by TheInverseUniverse on Ao3
4k, oneshot
Clark may not want anything to do with Conner, but he’s not his only family.
AKA Martha Kent is amazing and willing to fight over her new grandson.
Oh Young Justice, my love. A fandom of my childhood that still is with me today. I remember getting on a call with my friend Paige and we would watch it together by hitting pause and play at the same time. What a mess.
Okay seriously Superman in Young Justice needs to get his head out of his ass, so I wrote this so that Ma Kent could help him out with that!
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incorrectbatfam · an hour ago
Tim, running in with a scraped knee: Hey guys! Sorry I'm late.
Kon: What happened?
Tim: Oh, I just—
Kon: Who did this?
Tim: N-no one—
Tim: NO!
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theteams-notebook · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
March 19, 2016
Nightwing: We were assigned to protect an important satellite launch. Artemis agreed to rejoin the Team just for today.
Nightwing: I should’ve listened to Wally.
(On the left side of the page is a polaroid of Nightwing with a caption written by him reading: “I was so excited... If only I knew.”)
Miss Martian: We lost her! She’s gone because of Aqualad!
Superboy: I should’ve been down there to protect her. How can I live up to Superman if I can’t even save one friend?
Nightwing: This was no one’s fault but my own. I’m the one who asked her to come. I underestimated Kaldur’s apathy toward us.
Robin: And I’m going to remind you that Artemis understood the risks. Just like all of us do. And just like those we lost before.
Robin: Don’t let this tear you apart. We all miss her, but we should honor her memory by continuing on.
Robin: Some of us have already seen first hand what happens when grief consumes you.
Robin: We can do better and not let that happen again.
Nightwing: Look at you trying to comfort us...
Robin: I learned from the best.
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internalsealpanic · 10 hours ago
Sugar and Spice part 2
 Summary: Late night phone calls and hysterical crying from one baker to another. a/n:  I am back with my Great British Bake Off AU! Does it make any sense? NO. This is incredibly short but I hope you guy will like it!
Series Masterlist
Part 1: [Pie Week]
[Week 2: biscuits]
3:00 AM:
You press your face against the counter hands sticky from caramel and half-dead on your feet. Misty eyed from frustration, you take your phone out of your apron pocket. It, too, was covered in gooey caramel. You sigh. Caramel wasn’t your strongest suit which is confusing given how much you love the stuff. Sadly, you were always a purist when it comes to your favorite flavors. This was gonna fuck you over in the long run.
You sigh again thumbing through your contacts. Why were you friends with so many people with healthy sleep schedules?
“Hnnnn?” The voice answers, still thick with sleep.  
“Biiiiiiiilly,” you whine into the phone. It was odd for him to be asleep at this hour but you brush it off. “I was thinking of mixing caramel with strawberry but that just sounded ridiculous but Mary said she liked the idea but I- Look, I love your sister and I don’t think she’s wrong but I just can’t get the ratio- Oh my, I’m really sorry for waking you up at-” You pull your phone away from your ear to check the clock. Space Case. The screen read Space Case instead of Shasham. The contents of your stomach freeze. Fuck. Fuck. Who was the Space Case? “- I’m sorry but… who is this?”
“The king of the ducks… I think.” The person says, voice caught between a yawn and a laugh.
Your mind turns. “Tim?” You ask. You were obviously confused. How did you even-  Ok, they are both in the S category you’ll give your brain that.
“According to my birth certificate.”
It’s strange to hear your new mousy friend talking so casually. The guy was a nervous wreck all throughout the first week which was understandable but it did almost get him booted. You weren’t exactly faring any better.  It’s nice to know though that he isn’t always like that and it was also nice to know he felt like he could relax around you. The thought made your stomach flutter. Then again, maybe everyone was more casual at three in the morning. “Sorry, I’m- I’ll hang up.” You’re such a gremlin.
“No. No. No!” You hear shuffling on the other line. “I was- What’s up?” You bite back a smile. Your mind couldn’t help but picture him sleep rumpled and adorable. You almost squeal at the image.
“Sorry,” you try again, “I was- I just think better when talking to someone and I thought Billy would be awake then I accidentally pressed your contact and- Ah. Sorry.” You want nothing more than to melt into the floor.
“Don’t worry, I get you,” Tim laughs. The coils in your shoulders loosen. You wipe your sweaty palms on your apron. You think you hear a laugh on his end. It’s sleepy and toothless and it makes your insides jumble up. There’s some more shuffling and the click of a lock. “My roommate is nosey,” He says by way of explanation. “What did you have in mind?”
You pull your legs to your chest, careful not to push yourself over the bar stool. “Oh...” This was happening. “I was thinking of adding fruit to my caramel mix for next week and I thought strawberry would work but I can’t figure out what ratio or if I should change the fruit.”
“Hnnn, what recipe were you going for?”
“Caramel apple biscuit.” You pause, realizing just how stupid you sounded. You continue when Tim doesn’t hang up. “I wanted to see if I could make another fruit work with caramel.”
There’s some scratching on a page. “What fruits do you have there?”
“Well… I have...”
It’s 8 AM by the time you finish. You’re exhausted but smiling. Tim is yawning on the other line but you think you hear him smiling too. You’re not sure if it’s the sleep deprivation but you think you’ve fallen a little for your friend.
*************** Roman: Who do you think shows the most promise?
Slade: Is it fair to say none of them? ****************
“I know you want to kill Slade but maybe you shouldn't do that on camera.” Tim chuckles, leaning over your counter.
You open your mouth to tell him to mind his oven but you keep your mouth shut and urge him to go on.
Tim points to your batter.  “You just put salt instead of sugar.”
You look down at your mixture. You can feel the color in your face drain and your feet freeze.  “Do you think it's lethal?” You ask, picking at the mixture.
“For him or you?” Tim says with a coy smile.  
Unamused, you set the bowl down and bury your face in your arms. “Oh god, it’s too late to change it now.” You are so going home. You wanted to a least make it to a confectionary week or even cupcake week.
Tim shrugs.“Just- just tell them they’re salt biscuits.” He says that like it’ll be that easy.
You stare at him wearily. “I… am going to leave the tent...” And run far enough away where no one will recognize me.
Tim rounds the corners with his bowl and stands next to you. He rubs your back. “C'mon we can make this work.”
In the distance, Pam looks over her shoulder, staring at the two of you with a furrowed brow, before turning to the camera. “Here are Tim and (Y/n) yet again forgetting this is a competition.”
“Buuuuuuuuut, Paaaaaaaam, they’re just so cute together.” Harley whines.
“Fine, fine but this is a competition.” Pam exasperates crossing her arms.
Tim splits his mixture with yours and mixes them. You protest but then give up, throwing your arms up and begin to calculate how to adjust the mixture for your icings.  Tim divides the weird concoction into equal parts.  You taste the mixture and readjust each of your calculations then hand Tim the newly minted recipe.
“Are they allowed to do that?” Pam asks, narrowing her eyes.
Harley flips through a book labeled ‘Fake Rule Book’ then throws it away nearly hitting Bart.  “Doesn't say anything!” She announces gleefully.
“Well- I suppose it isn’t hurting anyone.” Pam sighs.
“C’mon Pammy, let them, they’re cute.” Harley coos, wrapping her arms around a grumpy Pam.
Tag list:  @batarella, @anothertimdrakestan, @lucy-roo, @multifandomgirl-us, @idkmanicantenglish , @birdy-bat-writes,  @boosyboo9206, @americasmarauders , @l-inkage, @arestorationofbalance , @cloudie-skay, @wunderstell   @hyp-oh-critical @glorified-red @ marshmallow12435
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quibblereditorial · 17 hours ago
ok ok ok i'm this close to writing a body swap soulmate au for tim and kon JUST to make the joke "i don't think i'm in kansas anymore"
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trunksandcapes · 17 hours ago
one word //  nostalgia @kxnel​
          There was some part of Clark that regretted staying away from the world for so long after Doomsday appeared. At the time, he didn’t have too much of a choice, being whisked away to the Fortress to spend months attempting to heal, stolen away from the public eye, letting his own duplicate take care of what he couldn’t. He never expected others to battle for the same spot, the same title of Superman. He never expected Lex Luthor to bank on the tragedy. He never expected he would think of the result as one of his sons. 
          Clark regretted not staying closer to his half-clone. At first, he’d been slightly apprehensive. What good could come out of a CADMUS experiment gone independent, a forced marriage of Human and Kryptonian genetics, a rehash of the Bizarro incidents? Seeing him work, the Superboy, gave him more hope than he’d initially thought possible. This wasn’t just a puppet purely for Luthor, he was his own organism, his own person. Needless to say, it brought a lot of his more questionable decisions regarding his alien relatives to light, taught him a lesson or two about how to deal with these things should they come up again in the future.
          He only hoped he could to the same for Conner, Kon-El.
          It took a while to track him down. The City, the World, was a big place, even for someone who traversed galaxies. It was even bigger when you were finding a needle in a haystack, one super in a crowd of billions. “Still rocking the jacket look. I dig it, super retro,” He started, a smile gracing his face, head tilted just slightly as he approached. “... That’s not the lingo these days, is it? Gosh, it changes so darn much, they need to make a class for modern linguistics.”
Tumblr media
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spideylovesgwendy · a day ago
Tumblr media
like you were always meant to be right here next to me in your faded denim jeans (when it feels like this) like we were always meant to be to think i never knew it till now
Superboy (2011) #6 / Feels Like This by Maisie Peters
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prismacolor18 · a day ago
Tumblr media
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prismacolor18 · a day ago
Tumblr media
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the-rebellious-one · a day ago
Kon: I think this is a hot spring bath.
Jay: Hun, every bath is hot with you in it.
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imtiredthatsalligot · a day ago
Okay look,
you know how everyone always says everybody in the batfam gets a super except for dick??? 
And how Supers are just attracted to dick like a magnet? 
My headcannon for this is that because dick is so bubbly, funny, and approachable (especially as a kid) so the supers are automatically like !!!! friend shape!!!! and dick goddamn grayson who is friends with everyone, introduces them to the best parts of the bats and makes the supers realize that the bats are not that scary and they must have one for themselves. 
Dick just meets them and is basically: Oh I have someone you’ll like!! and they don’t have friends so it’s a win win!!! and then shoves them onto his family like the little matchmaker he is. 
Clark and Bruce: You cannot tell me that their relationship didn’t improve once tiny little robin came in. His superfan superman phase made them interact and LIKE EACHOTHER 
Jason and Bizzarro: I don’t actually know but i know dick is involved somehow
Tim and Kon: He was supervising the Teen Titans or Young justice team and was just like, ya know what. my brother needs this man in his life 
Barbara and Kara: Joined forces to make a collage of hot nightwing photos and to make fun of him to his face. 
Dami and Jon: dick saw a small adorable child and immediately went and showed off his own small adorable child!!! 
And then he goes on his merry way to find new supers for his family to adopt. 
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newyoungjustice · a day ago
Jon Kent and Conner Kent brother Headcanons?
For sure!
So Jon was originally an only child, but then Conner and Chris came along when he was 5-6.
Conner is about 8/9 years older than Jon.
He is always there to give Jon advice about whatever problems he’s having.
They would do there chores together when they both lived in Hamilton.
Conner would take Jon to hang out with his team sometimes before Jon joined his own team.
15 year old Conner was definitely still adjusting to life when he met Jon, but he definitely tried his best to be a good brother.
Jon has stolen some of Conner baseball caps.
Kon took Jon on one of his first official missions when he was ten.
Kon was the second Kent kid after Jon.
Both of them would cook dinner together once a week, something that the other Kent kids join in on once they’re part of the family.
Both of them are very sweet and respectful kids (most of the time lmao)
Jon is mad that despite being the firstborn kid, he’s still the youngest of 4.
Conner comes and visits Jon a lot when he’s on his team.
Jon is devistated when Kon “dies”.
But when he comes back is one of the best memories of his life.
They both look very similar, and are the only two Kent siblings that actually look a lot alike.
Clark plays catch with the boys when Conner comes to live with them, just to give him a sense of normalcy and let the two of them bond.
Lois is usually the one to take the kids to the daily planet, and takes the two of them when Kon comes along.
Jon calls Conner all the time once he moves out.
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woahjaybird · a day ago
do you have any headcanons of the young justice boys putting their hair up? (from your crop top wearing bart hcs)
um yes i do thank you for asking
it all started with cassie. duh. cassie’s hair was getting longer to the point in which she could do a ponytail (something she’d never done. ever. her hair was always really short and she likes that, except a few weeks earlier she promised her mom that she didn’t need a haircut this year so it was a-okay to use the money on a new skateboard)
cassie started putting her hair up (either ponytails or pigtails or bandanas) 
so OBVIOUSLY, everyone else copied her (no its not called “young justice” its called Cassie and her Boys™)
That’s a lie. Cassie got so sick of wearing bandanas/headbands or having her hair up in ponytails (she always forgot to have a hair elastic because her hair was NEVER THAT LONG and then she got mad at the boys for not having any hair elastics) that she demanded everyone else put their hair up
kon: why don't you just cut your hair? cassie: oh gee that's a GREAT idea, KON! I wonder HOW that didn’t even cross my MIND jeez kon you are so sma- NO KON ITS BECAUSE IF I CUT MY OWN HAIR MY MOM SAID SHE’LL NEVER BUY ME A SKATEBOARD EVER AGAIN *NOR* TAKE ME TO CUT MY HAIR
tim was the only one that paid any attention to her therefore he bought them all matching bandanas!!!! 
he was the only one that actually used those which sucked bc it cost him ten whole dollars ($10) and there were four different colours (green, yellow, pink, blue)
tim got so used to the headband that it stressed him out to not have one. he eventually grew to hate having his hair in his face (not hate but like. it stressed him out a bit yk)
he once saw bart trying to eat a pizza with all his hair in his face and tim couldn’t take it anymore. he basically forced a bandana around bart’s head 
kon was a smug little bitch and he was like “well thats for having long hair suckers. cassie and i are the only smart ones to have short hai- oh. wait. cassie doesn’t have short hair anymore.” and then she hit him (andd put a bandana on him)
cissie saw all of them matching bandanas and she was like (jokingly) “awww what’s next? painting each other’s nails?” and then tim showed his nails and was like “jokes on you we already did” (only like two fingers on one hand tho)
sometimes they’ll take their bandanas off and their hair will be pushed back and idk it looks funny sometimes
they’ll eventually lose the bandanas. trust me. 
(i was gonna add this in the tags but i didnt have room so basically tim got the yellow one bc he got first pick, cassie got blue bc she likes it, bart got green bc its better than pink, and kon wears pink bc he didn’t have a choice)
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nightspider-160 · a day ago
So made a Young Justice Season One team playlist to listen to while writing an au I’m making.
I thought I’d share it to see what people think about the songs I choose for it.
Here you go, enjoy.
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that-dumb-space-kid · a day ago
18- fly for the one word writing prompts
Ok so I’ve never actually written fanfic before (minus one attempt that we don’t talk about) but this prompt immediately made me think of this
(Also sorry this took me forever to get to)
Everyone else had left the cave for the day, and Red Tornado was off doing whatever it was he did in his free time (what does an android even do for fun?). M’gann was in the kitchen making dinner, a pasta dish from a cook book she’d found (it wasn’t there before, so she was assuming it was a gift, but from whom she had no idea), while Conner (her boyfriend! probably, they had kissed after the ice melted) sat on the couch. It was better that he didn’t help. Last time he tried, well it ended in a mess.
“What’s it like to fly?” If M’gann hadn’t been levitating the dish, she probably would have dropped it. She hadn’t even heard Conner walk up.
Quickly, the pasta went into the oven, and she turned around, facing him as he leaned against the counter.
“Oh because Superman can-” she trailed off, seeing him tense up. (Maybe one therapy session with Professor Strange hadn’t been enough.) “Well, I don’t really know how to describe it. You did kind of fly in my head back in Bialya, but that wasn’t really flying. And the Bioship doesn’t really count either. It’s just like nothing else.”
M’gann stopped her rambling when she noticed Conner smiling at her (that smile he only gave her, just like something off TV!). “Maybe you could show me someday.”
Well, it wouldn’t be like the dates on Hello Megan!, still she tucked her hair behind her ear. “Maybe. I mean, it probably wouldn’t be for a while. Levitating a whole other person. I don’t even know if Uncle J’onn can do that.”
“I can wait.” And maybe life didn’t need to be exactly like it was on TV.
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morgansunflower · 2 days ago
You Don't Have To Be Alone 2/2
Words: 1498
Warnings: slight angst
Requested by- @emmaleilani96
Arthur's notes-Thank you for the request! I really enjoyed writing it! Hope you enjoy reading it!
Part 2 of You Don't Have To Be Alone
Tumblr media
Kal's P. O. V
In Smallville inside my parents living room holding my sister-in-law's phone.
"Kal what are you doing on my phone?!" M'gann exclaimed
"oh just lookin' for someone's contact" I casually said
"who's?!" she asked she then gasp with a smile "is this the girl Conner told me about! I know her! Who is it?"
I ignored M'gann knowing endless jokes and questions would follow suit if I answered.
"Kal c'mon man give my girl her phone back" Conner demanded in humorous tone
"not yet" I answered
I see Y/N's contact and swiftly read it. I swiftly swipe off what I was doing and give it back to my very annoyed sister-in-law.
Y/N's P. O. V
I sit on my couch in my apartment. Mid afternoon. I contemplate calling Kal.. Or my family.. I don't know what to do. I feel so shaken. I recall feeling like this when Jason died. I can only hope somehow he'll come back. Thankfully Kal has been here for me. He checks on me a lot. We occasionally hang out together. He's truly helped me from falling down. I hear my door bell ring followed by several repeated knocks. Either my sister Stephanie or my older brother Grayson. I stand and walk to my door. I open the door seeing both my little sister's.
"Steph, Cass" I heavily said
They both nearly tackle me in a hug. I hug them tightly. I hear crying from both of them. I feel my eyes shaking.
"you were gone for too long!" Steph exclaimed
"I know" I heavily said
Afterwards tears were dried "missed you" Cass quavered with a genuine smile
I softly smile "so.." it's been so long since I've been with my sister's, I honestly am speechless
"so.. we came to bring you to the Manor for the 'welcome back Damian party'"
My heart leaps but I'm kinda not surprised. I don't if it was resurrection thing or a fake death. I honestly don't care right now. He's back. That's what matters. The three of us journey to Wayne Manor. It's been so long since I have been home. The girls and I lock arm's. Steph on my right Cass on left. We step in sync into the Manor. I hear lots of celebration, and laughs outside by the pool. I need to take a moment to process everything.
"can you two give me a sec"
The two girls affectionately squeeze my arms and depart stepping outside. I take a deep breath before I step out. I hear slight shaking from glass clinking. I look a platter with food and drinks. Alfred eyes shaking. I use my ring and take the platter safely placing it on the table. I step to my grandfather. His shaking hands touch my cheeks. My heart physically heavies. I missed him so much. I remember when I was little. After patrol Alfred would bandage my wounds and take me to bed. I softly laugh with a stutter. His face in a broken smile. I hug Alfred he wraps his arms around me.
"you have been away from your family for too long my dear" Alfred heavily said
I didn't respond as I began to cry, I'm really in my grandfather's kind embrace. He truly isn't angry with me. After a few more tears we part he smiles to me. He holds the platter firmly. We both step outside. I see my brother's Dick, Jason and Tim in the pool with Cassandra and Stephanie. Barbara casually sitting on the lounge chair. I see Damian beside Grayson. I look seeing Bruce. His eyes went wide he then genuinely smiled. I softly smile my eyes desire to shake yet again. I whistle each head turns to my direction. Each of them ran to me, granted over half of them were about to get me soaking wet.. I don't give a damn. It's been too long. Barbara was the first to nearly tackle me into a hug. As we part she drys her tears and wipes her falling mascara away. Grayson laughed with tears and pulled me into a big hug. I feel my brother's rapid Heartbeat. He kisses my forehead.
"you're never leaving again sis" he quavered "k-k? No one is allowed to leave!" he exclaimed
I softly chuckle with tears falling down my face. He kisses my head. We part Jason gives me a bear hug with my feet off the ground.
"fuck I missed you" Jason mumbled in my ear
"you two little brother" I mumbled with a soft smile
He lowered me to the ground parting from me. I smile to Tim's crying face. He sighs likely embarrassed he's emotional. I hug my little brother. He buries his face into my shoulder. I kiss his head. As we part I smile to him. I look at Damian's saddened face his eyes locked on the ground.
"don't tell me your status is too high to hug your big sister"
He grunted in response. I touch his shoulders. He hugs me tightly. I run my fingers through his hair. I began to sob. He's really OK. My family is OK. I feel my heart is finally mending back together. I hold him tightly. After I part from Damian before telling him I love him. I step to my dad. He takes a deep breath. I hug his, neck. He tightly wraps his arms around me. Moment's later I sit with my sister's in the family room.
"I can't believe you were alone out there" Stephanie sadly said
I clear my throat remembering Kal's embrace "umm well not really"
"not really.." Barbara smirked as Cassandra smiled to me
"oh no! No! You got your heart on someone!" Stephanie exclaims clapping
"no I don't" I lied
"yes you do! You're blushing! Wow never thought a guy could meet up to your standards" Stephanie smiled
"what's that suppose to mean!" I defend
"Y/N you deserve more than you get. Any guy who's got you blushing redder than my hair.. He must be absolutely amazing to you. I hope" Barbara said with a genuine smile
That night Kal and I sit in my couch. I just told him my baby brother is alive. His wheels seem to be turning in his head. It was quite entertaining to see, him speechless.
"actually no your family kinda has a reputation" he laughed
I raise my eyebrows "your brother"
"oh please you have four and each one of them has plus your sis" he defended
I shake my head "mm hmm two fake deaths doesn't count"
"please please I beg of you let me win at least one argument against you" he playfully begged making me laugh
"not a chance" I chuckled
He squint his face at me "you truly are Batman's daughter. All you bat-fam have been out to outsmart my family since the beginning of time"
"well Lois doesn't count because, well your Ma is my favorite out of all of you" I chuckled picking on him, it was a lie
"that was savage Y/N" he smiled
I playfully shove his shoulder. The room became silent though oddly enough it was peaceful. Though with the peace settled the deep desire for more.
"you know I never told you how much it meant to me.. That you were there for me... The night I told you about what happened to my little brother"
He scratches his neck uncomfortably, did I say too much? "yeah, I get what it's like to feel like you're not strong enough to save those you care about" his sighed resting his head on the couch
"but you are" I said softly, he turns his head to me and softly smiled
"thanks that means a lot coming from you" Kal said with a soft smile
I take a step further and touch his cheek, he softly smiled.
"it's the truth Kal you are not only physically strong and muscular. You are in many other ways to" I sincerely said
"I better go" he stands my heart sinks, I pushed too far.
He grabbed his jacket that was on the coffee table. He puts over his shoulder. He steps to the door. I swiftly follow him.
"Kal.. I-I-I didn't mean to" my words refused to further explain
He turns away from the door looking at my face. I feel my rapid Heartbeat. He takes a deep breath.
"Y/N you don't want.... Me. You deserve so much more" he heavily said
"don't say that!" I cried "I don't want you to go" he stares at me his face truly broken, in disbelief "please stay"
Please don't leave. I did not smile because I am scared, scared of rejection from someone.. I really love. I am completely out of my comfort zone. Just as I feel my eyes shake. Kal rushes cupping my cheeks into a deep loving kiss
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incorrectquoteblog · 2 days ago
Dick: Give me my test back
Connor: I just don't understand anything
Dick: That's not my problem
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milton-greasley · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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