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There is an ‘incorrect Batman quotes’ account [or two, or three] on pretty much every social media platform run by a different member of the batfam.

Every Single One of the posts on them is stuff Bruce has said or done in costume. No-one’s worked it out yet and Bruce is thankful for small mercies.

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Made by my partner. Zack Snyder has been leaking what his cut of “Justice League” would have in it for four years and said that Darkseid would kill Steppenwolf. Only one way to find out.

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uh actually kon was always more powerful than clark and that is because of the DRIP. kid was serving looks in the 90s that were simply unparalleled. not to mention the undercut. superman could never. this was a job for a higher being

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It’s a weight off his shoulders.

Alan had known for a long time that his dirty little secret was dragging him down, had known that it was a vice around his heart and a collar around his neck that had stopped him from ever really being happy with himself. He’d lived his life hiding, and keeping secrets; for his own safety at first, and out of fear of change afterwards once it started becoming more mainstream. Back when he was a lad, being caught with another boy was as good as a death sentence - he’d heard so many stories of other kids and men like him being found in alleyways, of them being attacked and beating out in the open and still no one cared enough to help.

It was the norm, and Alan had tried to conform.

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This one is my favourite


This one is alright but I can’t draw hair well enough to remove the thought box, believe me I tried, it was bad.


This was the first attempt and tbh it’s not that bad.


This one was an earlier attempt before I remembered I could reverse images and just put Nubia on the other side. Do you like my fake grass? I just used some random picsart brush.


This one I started but then gave up halfway through, hence why i didn’t crop it properly or fix Artemis’ axe but yeah it’s just Nubia and Artemis tag teaming Grail. I know this one sucks but might as well post it, I’m not gonna fix it. If any actually good editors want to make a better one that would be cool.

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This is Elliot and he Fucks

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having a lovely day pretending rebirth RHATO #25 doesn’t exist and nothing in it ever happened <3 i have never read it <3 anyway i will now write a fanfic where jason’s siblings show up and are pissed as fuck at bruce <3 no reason :)

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Hey gang! I’m posting the fics that were recommended on our last surveymonkey poll; thanks for everyone who recommended fics. Please note I did not get to read every fic on here and depended on your responses and the AO3 tags to mark for any triggers or story notes, so please read with caution if you’re worried about any content warnings!

If you want to recommend more fics, I’ll be posting another roundup poll later in the day today! 

Under the cut are 32 fics from: 

  • Agents of Shield (1) 
  • Bill & Ted (1) 
  • Castlevania (1) 
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (1) 
  • DCU (2) 
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (4) 
  • Game of Thrones (1) 
  • Harry Potter (1) 
  • Leverage (1) 
  • Mission Impossible (1 – series) 
  • Sanders Sides (1– series)
  • Sense8 (1)
  • Sherlock (1– series) 
  • Star Wars (1) 
  • Stranger Things (8) 
  • The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (1) 
  • The Untamed/CQL/MDZS (2)
  • Teen Wolf (2) 
  • White Collar (1) 

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Upcoming Works - Hanahaki Series

Stay tuned for a new hanhaki series I am working on. Keep an eye on my wattpad, quotev, archive of our own, and deviant art accounts for updates. The current character list includes:

-Vegeta (DBZ) x Reader (completed and to be posted)

-Byakuya Kuchiki (Bleach) x Reader (completed and to be posted)

-Kenpachi Zaraki x Reader (in progess)


-Jason Todd x Reader(Joker’s Daughter)

-Jacob Black x Reader (Bella’s Sister)

-Paul Lahote x Reader

-Mayuri Kurotsuchi x Reader (this is not going to end well, obviously)

-Uryū Ishida x SoulReaper!Reader

…to be updated and extended

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Tagged by @emmanuelle-la-rosa

Thank you for tagging me! I’m not not very familiar with fandoms (more of a music person), so here are the ones I do know and like:

1. Assassin’s Creed: Eivor (well duh)
2. Mass Effect: Peebee
3. DC (comics): Batwoman
4. DC (tv): Zari (Legends)
5. Xena: Xena

And I know Star Trek is technically 1 fandom, but it’s impossible to pick just one. 

6. ST Voyager: Janeway
7. ST DS9: Kira Nerys
8. ST Disco: Michael Burnham
9. ST Picard: Seven of Nine
…I didn’t even make it ‘till 10!

I will tag: @spacegirlx01 @offense-is-the-best-defence @fuckinherondale @dobbyofearth @bayek87 @nordic-ravens @thewindcallsmeback @the-chocoholic-writer @eivorswolfkissed @musikfurfreiheit @itsmypeach13 @freyastrider

Hope you are all better at this than me. :)

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