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#incorrect batfamily quotes
dc-incorrect-bats · 5 hours ago
Bruce: You didn't know I play the violin?
Clark: Before today, I didn't even know you ate food.
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chaos-organizes-me · 5 hours ago
Jason: Mistakes were made-
Tim: By you!
Jason: -and people got hurt
Tim: By you!
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Bruce: We’re going on a road trip to Tennessee!
Dick, miserably: Yaaay
Cass: *disappears*
Jason: *bolts for the door*
Duke: You’re a billionaire, can’t we fly?
Tim: I call the trunk.
Steph: I don’t live with you, I’m going home.
Damian: *inhuman screeching*
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dc-incorrect-bats · 8 hours ago
Bruce: Is this where I am supposed to feel sorry for you?
Clark: I mean I don't want you to. But, just so you know, a well adjusted person would.
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incorrectbatfam · 12 hours ago
Clark: Go ahead and introduce yourself.
Jon: My name is Jon with a "B" and I’ve been afraid of insects my entire—
Damian: Stop, stop, stop. Where?
Jon: Hm?
Damian: Where’s the "B"?
Jon, panicking: There’s a bee?!?
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batfamgalore · 13 hours ago
Tim: I can’t get my clam open.
Dick: Here. You just have to-
Dick: Wait a minute. This is a rock!
Dick: Aw! They’re all rocks!
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undeadtodds · 15 hours ago
Bruce: if you kill a killer, the number of killers in the world stays the same.
Jason, with his mouth full: kill two.
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insomniac-bat · 22 hours ago
Bruce: Whenever I’m confronted with a problem, and I feel helpless, I look at a picture of my family.
Dick: That’s so nice—
Bruce: And I think If I can deal with these fools, then I can do anything.
Dick: Less nice.
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Tim: I made tea.
Damian: I would hardly call what you drink tea. No thank you.
Tim: I didn't make it for you.
Damian: Then why are you telling me?
Tim: It's a conversation starter.
Damian: That’s a lousy conversation starter.
Tim: Oh, is it? We're conversing. Checkmate.
Damian: *shatters the teacup with a throwing knife*
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dc-incorrect-bats · a day ago
Barbara: You just need a little self control
Dick: Someone gave me a bag of cookies and I ate all of it without breathing.
Barbara: Well, you're not a child anymore you have more discipline.
Dick: The cookies were yesterday!
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robin-27 · a day ago
^Wayne Manor^
Cass, bursting in: CODE YELLOW!!
Bruce: Code yellow? What’s going on?!
Tim, running: Oh crap Cass, I’m coming!!
Bruce, following Tim: What is going on?
Duke: *incoherent sobbing*
Tim, putting blanket around Duke: Code Yellow Bruce
Cass, changing channel on TV: Duke got to the high ground scene in Revenge of the Sith
Duke, sobbing: They we’re brothers!! They loved each other and it’s j-just so sad!! *sobs*
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dc-incorrect-bats · a day ago
Oliver: I should really frisk her for weapons before I go.
Talia: Try and I'll break your little fingers.
Oliver: She's clean.
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batfamgalore · a day ago
Jason: Okay, that was too much fun.
Damian: I know. I would go ice skating every night.
Dick: Except now we can’t because we’ve been banned from the ice rink.
Damian: Not my fault, the big dude kept bumping into me.
Dick: So you had to jack-slap him in front of his kids?
*Damian and Jason Laughing*
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incorrectbatfam · a day ago
Cassandra: *holding a pot of stew*
Duke: *bumps into her*
Cassandra: What the hell, Duke?!? You almost killed me! I'm not going out in a stew-making accident! Cass is gonna die saving the president, or Cass is never gonna die!
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