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Wally: okay, not to make this worse but we need to boot out Dick.


Roy: hey, jay thinks it’s sexy so-

Wally: and my little buddy fucker.

Roy and Dick: please don’t call it that.

Donna: I agree with Wally.

Dick: wha- why!?

Donna: you a thick bitch, having you on this team district Wally because he’s looking at your ass-

Wally: fine ass.

Donna: - and Roy you have scarred poor Garth while you fucked Jason in the closet.

Wally: irony was not lost.




Wally and Dick: YES!

Donna: it was at a gala and you made Jay finish on Oliver’s jacket so.

Roy: hey fuck Oliver, artie loved it.

Wally: Artie loves seeing the world burn what are you talking about. Oliver’s pain is like the second best.

Dick: tru tru.

Roy: okay so then what are you going to do without us? Dick does our taxes!!

Dick: yeah, I do the taxes!

Donna: okay fine we’ll come up with something for Wally to not die but his ass.

Wally: highly doubtful, it’s a magnet.

Roy: gross. But what about me?

Wally: Artie.

Roy: *gasp dramatic* THAT BITCH!




Donna: welp that will keep them busy

Dick: yep, sex in the city?

Donna: we got at least three episodes worth, I’ll get the popcorn and Garth.

Dick: alright, hold on *scream in sparring room* KICK HIS ASS WALLY, DON’T FORGET WHAT JAY TAUGHT YOU ROY. *Close the door* okay make that five.

Donna: I love you

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Best friends/Brothers

I think Tim and Jason would be the clostest of all the bat siblings.

After a few joined cases together and late night/early morning breakfast and just over all accidently getting to know eachother better, they realise how similar they are.

Jason finds out that-

“Wait you don’t see yourself as part of the family?”

“Of course not, I was never your replacement Jason I was just a place holder till someone better came along, and they did, Damian’s robin now”

He sees how broken Tim is after everything that’s happened to him and makes it his personal mission to help him and be there for himwhen no one else is.

And Tim, when Jason get particularly angry, finds out about-



“Your eyes are glowing green.”

Tim realised that even after all these years the Lazarus pit still has some form of control over Jase. Since then he is always patient whenever Jason is angry or irritated and never blames him if he loses his temper.

  • Jason apologises for the times that he tried to kill him and the scar that he left on Tim’s throat. BUT Tim never blamed him for it, he knew that it was the pits influence and he wasn’t all there. Yeah it hurt that his childhood hero tried to kill him the first time he met him but they’re on good terms now and that’s all he cares about.

“Jay if you can honestly tell me that all the things you did when you came back was all you and not the Pit, then yeah I’ll probably punch you or kick you in the balls”


“Exactly now shut up and hug me so we can go get pizza”

Jase calls Tim “babybird” and “lil red” cause I say so

  1. Jason cooks for him so that Tim actually eats something with nutritional value, which leads to movie nights and falling asleep at Tim’s loft.
  2. Eventually he just sorta, somehow, starts living there most of the time

Tim is the one who gets Jason integrated back into the family. Hes the one who stops Jason when he gets into heated arguments with Bruce before it gets physical, and the family is just like w h a t just happened.

When Dick organises a sleepover at the manor for all the bat kids Jason is dragged along by Timmy but he “won’t stay the night, no way dickface”. When Bruce comes up after patrol to check on all the kids, he sees Jason sleeping with Dami’s back pressed against him and Tim curled up into his side with Jase’s arm around him.

  • They re both huge theater nerds and love musicals, fight me on this I dare you.

They would sit on window sills or balcony’s smoking and watching the sunrise, sometimes talking when they need too, sometimes just being there for eachother after a particularly bad night

  • Tim would bond with Roy over robots and mechanics, and Jason would bond with Kon over motorcycles and leather jackets.
  • Kon would thank Jason for looking after Tim while he was dead. “You ever leave him again I will personally resurrect you and kill you again myself baby super”
  • Jason would be so reluctant to move in with Roy and Lian cause “he’s not allowed to have good things” And after an intense emotional session (with a few tears) Tim would be the one to knock some sense into him.

And yes they would most certinaly be each others best men at their weddings

During a mission Jason’s gun points to a thug behind Tim and he freezes up, Jason then thinks that Tims still scared of him. He basically has a breakdown thinking that’s his (best) friend is scared of him-

“You froze up Tim you can’t just pretend like that didn’t happen, that you’re not scared”

“Do you really think that I would hang out with you, let you cook me food and sleep at my house if I was scared of you!!

Tim then bear hugs Jason “you could stab me right now and I wouldn’t be able to stop you and yet here I am, does it look like I’m scared?”

Reluctantly Jason let’s up “okay okay fine….you can let go now…. Tim…. T i m”

Tim does not in fact let go and Jason has to grapple them both home that night.

It’s fine, I’m fine I’ll just be crying in the corner thinking abt all this.

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Being a new step-parent comes with many hurdles.
One of them is the approval of the other parent, especially if that other parent is a trained assassin. 

Jason is at the weekly market, comparing two pumpkins to find the perfect one for Lian to carve into a Jack-o-Lantern, when he feels it.

The hair on his neck standing up in warning, the crawling sensation under his skin, the sudden jolt running through his system telling him that he is being watched.

Jason has relied on his instincts to keep him alive longer than he can think, had trusted them while he was a homeless kid to tell him which guys he should stay away from, had honed them under the tutelage of Bruce, had lived by them while he was with the League, and now he knows to listen to them when they are screaming that someone is watching him.

Jason is experienced enough not to give away that he has caught onto his stalker and casually continues to examine the pumpkins until he deems one better and puts the other one back. He makes his purchase, exchanges a few pleasantries with the vendor and then turns to head back towards the street.

While he does so his mind is cataloguing every person around him, scrutinizing everyone for the tell-tale signs of a secret operative, anything distinctive that gives them away. He doesn’t spot anyone, can’t find any suspicious shadows on the roofs or in neighbouring buildings, but the insistent feeling that there is something watching him stays.

The fact that he can’t identify whoever it is that is watching him increases his concern, because that means they are good…really, really good. Paparazzi stalking Jason Todd, the famously ‘resurrected’ son of Bruce Wayne, are never that skilled, which means whoever it is is most likely following the Red Hood. And shit, if his cover has been blown, that could spell disaster not only for him, but also Roy and Lian, every Bat and Bird in Gotham, the Arrows in Star City…everyone he is close to basically.

He has to find out who is after him and how much they know.

Jason makes his way down the street walking at an even pace, still scanning his surroundings. He hadn’t taken his bike or the car - the market wasn’t really that far from their apartment and he had wanted to enjoy the last sunshine Gotham would most likely get before winter.

As he makes his way away from the bustling shopping district the streets become less crowded. He still can’t spot anyone, so three blocks away from home he turns from the main street onto a shoddy little alley that leads in the wrong direction. Jason isn’t stupid enough to lead someone straight home to his boyfriend and step-daughter. The alley also isn’t as open as the street, so whoever is following him will have to come closer or risk losing him, which gives Jason the chance to spot them.

He is nearly through the alley and still hasn’t caught a glimpse of his stalker, starting to consider whether he should call for backup or at least let Roy know that he won’t be coming home for a while if he can’t get this sorted soon, when he finally sees it.

A shadow moves across the roofs on his left side and that is all the warning Jason gets before projectiles hiss in his direction. He drops down and rolls behind a large garbage container on instinct, expecting the sound of bullets impacting the wall where he just stood, but instead there is only a soft metallic plink.

Confused, he allows himself the briefest moment to study at the projectiles, still crouched behind the container. On the floor he sees two tranquilizer darts, and somewhere in his mind dots are starting to connect, but he doesn’t have the time to really consider what this means because in that moment he hears the faintest whisper, telling him that the shadow has come down from its lofty perch and joined him on the alley floor.

Dumb move, Jason thinks, grinning.

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Chapter 12

Jason wanted to shoot someone.

He felt the itch in his fingers and his hand unconsciously brushed against his thigh, reaching for the phantom weight of his guns. When his fingers found denim instead of metal and holsters though he clenched his hand into a fist, fighting down the urge for violence.

Three days of non-stop paperwork and talking to Bruce’s lawyers and Jason was ready to jump out of a window if it would free him from this – which, okay, he regularly jumped out of windows and they were currently only on the second floor, so it wasn’t really that dramatic of an action for him to consider and even if he did it, he would most definitely be fine, but his point still stood.

How could anyone stand all this boring legal stuff?

Jason liked to read, but if anyone handed him another stack of papers thicker than War and Peace written in a font so small it was giving him a headache where he had to sign, put his initials and date of birth/death/whatever on every second page he would explode. This was more elaborate than most torture methods he knew of and way more effective on him too. He felt like he was signing away his soul instead of regaining his life (Jason just waited for someone to ask him to sign something in blood – at this point he wouldn’t be surprised).

Didn’t Bruce pay all these people the big bucks so they handled the legal matters for the family? How come Jason had to spend days reading everything himself?

Jason knew that wasn’t fair of him of course. These lawyers had worked the last few weeks tirelessly to do something completely unprecedented and as far as he could tell, they had done an amazing job. But still, he just wasn’t cut out for paperwork…

Jason finished his current stack, pushing it away from himself towards the notary with probably an excessive amount of force, and immediately another lawyer was trying to get his attention.

“Very good, Mister Wayne. Next we have to go over-“

Jason had no doubt that the look he sent Bruce was more than a little wild, bordering on unhinged, and his father didn’t need more to know how close Jason was to snapping. Going by the stiffness of Bruce’s shoulders, he was also sick of this, even if he was more used to endless paperwork and certainly better at hiding his increasing exhaustion than Jason was.

“I think we should continue this after lunch. It is getting quite late,” Bruce said, looking pointedly at his watch and starting to get up.

It really was, especially taking into account how early they had started, and no one wanted to contradict their boss so all the WE employees simply nodded in agreement.

Jason was up and out of the room in seconds, making his way towards the kitchen. There was a buffet set up in the room next to the den they had turned into a conference room, but he absolutely needed some time away from all those unfamiliar people.

God, a month at the Manor and he was turning into a hermit.

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Challenge: Post the Titles of all your WIPs

I saw @bipolarmolarfanfiction do this and decided to totally expose myself to my followers with this challenge. The challenge is kinda self explanatory, you just post all the titles of the WIPs you have in your folder no matter how odd they are.

Send me asks about my WIPs if any of them seem interesting to you to see what they’re about or if you want a line or two from them.

(I’m sticking to my DC WIPs to hold onto a shred of my sanity. The main ships or gen group will be put after each title.)

  • Olivarry Omegaverse Sick Fic (Olivarry)
  • A/F Convergance (Olivarry, Felicity/Iris, Gen Flash and Arrow fam)
  • Olivarry Torture ft. Savitar (Olivarry)
  • DC is a Poly Mess (Well, it’s a poly mess I can’t really list them all)
  • Angel/Demon (Olivarry, Superbat, Natalia/Talia)
  • Poly Mess: Batkids Getaway (the poly mess ships with a focus on Gen Batkids)
  • Father Todd (Gen Batfam)
  • JKW2020 Daycare for Outlaws and Lanterns (Jaykyle)
  • RHatO Rewrite 1 (Gen Outlaws)
  • Frostbite and a Good Family (Gen Outlaws)
  • Jason’s Pups [The Demon Children] (Gen Talia Kids)
  • Shiva and Tangu (Gen Jason&Shiva&Cass)
  • Children of Gotham (Gen Jason&Cass&Steph)
  • Voice Mails (Olivarry, Birdflash, Jayroy, Gen Arrow and Flashfam)
  • An Assistant and a Neighbor (Superbat, Super and Batfam)
  • The Future (Martha/Thomas, Superbat, Super and Batfam)
  • RHatO Rewrite: You Love him, Don’t You? (Jaykyle, Jayroy)
  • Remedy to Lonliness (Jayroy, Timkon, Stephcass, Birdflash, Batfam)
  • Interlude IV-Batman (Jason&Bruce, Batcat, Demonbat)
  • The Fifth Scarlet (Terry&Jason)
  • Baby Scandal (Jason&Bruce, Bruce&Alfred)
  • Fast Enough: One Month Later (Jayroy fam)
  • A Better Father (Jason&Duela)
  • The Seven Crowns (Outlaws, Justice League, Young Justice)
  • All Hands on Deck (Batfam)
  • fear for the one who crosses my love (Jason&Bruce, Superbat)
  • Black Lantern (Jason&Hal, Lanterns, Batlantern)
  • Did You Forget the Contract You Signed (Clark&Jason)
  • The Numb Days (Batfam, Jayroy)
  • Green Eyeliner (Jason&Bruce)
  • NightDad (Jason&Dick, Birdflash)
  • Titans ABO (Titans)
  • Doctor Jason (Batfam, Jaykyle)
  • Prince of Gotham (Jayroy, Batfam)
  • 18 (Jayroy, Titans, Jason&Dick)
  • A Marriage in the Family (Jayroy, Jason&Bruce, Outlaws, Batfam)
  • Brick Walls and Forget-Me-Nots (Jayroy, Batfam)
  • Vampire Jason (Natalia&Jason, Jason&Bruce, Batfam)
  • Time to go Home/Swallow (Batfam)
  • Hunger Games Batfam (Jason&Steph&Duke, Batfam)
  • Words of Love (Jayroy, Batlantern)
  • Nanny McJordan (Batlantern, Batfam)
  • Hurt Me Once (Jaykyle)
  • Titans Ave. (Outlaws, Titans, Jayroy, Starae, Rose/Artemis)
  • The Garzonas Case (Jason&Dick, Jason&Bruce)
  • Bizarre (Jayroy, Jason&Bizarro)
  • Undercover Quadruple Date (Timkon, Jayroy, Birdflash, Damijon)
  • Biz’s First Gala (Jason&Bizarro, Batfam)
  • An Omega’s First Gala (Jason&Bruce)
  • Parallel Darkness (Jason&Bruce, Batfam)
  • Date Night [Proposal] (Jayroy)
  • Sailor Bat (Jason&Eddie&Rose, Jayroy)
  • How to be a Villian Parent (Rouges Gallery&Jason)
  • Kitten (Jason&Selina, Batcat)
  • fall from the nest, far from the tree (Batfam, Jason&Cass)
  • players in a game I don’t intend to lose (Jayroy)
  • Dick&Jason’s Death One Shot (Titans, Jason&Dick, Dick&Bruce)
  • [Instert Girlfriend’s name]’s Story (Jayroy)
  • heal what has been hurt (Jason&Bruce)
  • Shugo Chara! (Jayroy, Jaykyle, Outlaws, Batkids)
  • Mer Eggs (Jayroy, Batfam)
  • Date Night (Batkids&Jason’s Kids, Jayroy)
  • Baby Batfam (Batfam)
  • Little Black [Sheep] Bird (Jason&Batfam)
  • Never Know, Never Forget (Jason&Bruce)
  • Birds and Arrows (Jayroy, Bat and Arrowfam)
  • Childhood Love (Jayroy, Roy&Dick, Titans)
  • Need Your Help (Thad&Barry, Flashfam)
  • Nightwing and Flamebird (Dukechris)
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