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something revolutionary
viking bakugou x f!reader
summary: Born a prophesied king under an exploding star Bakugou Katsuki is used to getting what he wants. That includes you.
cw: Kidnapping, bondage, spitting, choking, rough sex, drowning, ocean stuff, boats, like vaguely viking style but honestly more like barbarian aesthetic, please please let me know if i missed anything. Yandere undertones but it’s historical. Cursing. NS/FW or for ramadan. Dub!con, but bakugou does make her ask for it. MINORS DNI, all characters in their mid twenties, breeding, bakugou slaps you once - BUT A HAPPY ENDING I PROMISE OK I PROMISE
Tumblr media
The mist hangs low on the edges of the water, lapping the sandy banks of the bay. The seawater is freezing, and you avoid it touching your shoes at all costs. It was early spring, and it would be many months before the water was even bearable, even then it was too cold to swim in. Somewhere, the sun was rising, but all you could see was its light elegantly diffused across an expanse of grey clouds. The wool of your plaid skirt keeps the cool off you as you carry the freshwater across the beach, back to the village. The bucket is heavy, your arms ache, but the freshest, sweetest water could only be found on the northernmost point of the island, where the snowmelt meets the sea. You have the two buckets on a yoke over your shoulders when you first see him.
He stands, like some kind of eldritch god, arising out of the reeds by the mouth of the river, face obscured by the bright sky behind him. For a moment you think it could be a boy from the village, but the silhouette is unfamiliar, you’ve never seen a helmet like that.
That’s when you hear it, the angry song of the horn, signifying the first Viking raid that your clan has experienced in years. The man in front of you takes a couple of steps forward, watching your eyes flash with fear before they steel over. You stumble backwards away from him, and you can hear on the horizon, the shouts of men roused from their late slumber. You’re weighed down by the water, but you’re the daughter of the chief, you know your worth, and you can recognize the fire burning in this man’s vermillion eyes. You make a decision, and let him stalk closer to you.
He removes his helmet, blonde hair ruffled by the wind, suntanned skin freckled and unmarred by smile lines. He watches you carefully, eyes skimming your figure, barely visible in your warm dress, long skirt, and soft shirt, your shoulders wrapped in a scarf your mother had knit for you. He gets closer, and closer, but you keep your eyes on the horizon, not even flinching when he’s only a few feet away, boots making heavy marks in the wet sand. His armor is leather and steel, helmet under his arm. His jawline is sharp, mouth angry, eyes narrow. The buckets swing next to you, sloshing gently. You take a deep breath and he reaches out to touch you, to grab a fistful of any of the layers of fabric obscuring your form, but you twist quickly at his actions, twirling and hitting him squarely in the stomach with freezing river water before turning and running deeper into the forest. He yells loudly but you don’t turn around to watch him get angry, you have the advantage here, you know the terrain. It’s rocky, mossy, and unforgiving.
You leap over rocks, hopping over rotting downed trees in the forest, but you still hear the heavy pounding of footsteps behind you. You know what happens to the women the Vikings take, you know what’ll happen to you, your heart thrums, you bite down on the inside of your cheek so hard you can taste iron, tears well and then stream past your face, the wind in your hair.
You’re doing well, or so you think. You hope that you lost him as your chest heaves, when something hits you hard. He tackles you from behind, strong arms pinning yours to your sides, rolling with you, protecting your soft body from the uneven ground with his armored one. You land with his legs around your hips, he smells clean, of musk, of men , and seawater, but somehow better than any man you’d ever been chased by in your village. But you don’t have time to dwell on this, you have one last desperate move, drawing the knife concealed at your waist, used mostly for cooking and household chores, glinting in the grey morning light, and plunge it into the chink of his armor at the shoulder. He grunts, words spilling from his lips in an unfamiliar language, but he doesn’t roll off of you, in fact, it seems to have the opposite of the desired effect. He pins both of your wrists above your head with his bad hand, as if the hilt of your knife wasn’t sticking in his shoulder. You mewl and squirm but he smiles as he pulls a leather cord from his belt, yanking you to your feet, not giving you a chance to run, shoving your body roughly up against a mossy tree. You set your jaw as he ties your hands behind your back. You think he’s done but he takes the rope off of his belt and wraps it around your waist, and then your wrists, securing it and taking the end of it in his hand like a leash, and then pressing his chest against your back, leaning down to speak in your ear.
“Walk.” He growls, voice low and angry. The ropes around your chest scoop under your breasts, pushing them up, plush pillows peeking out of the top of your dress. You struggle against them as you move back through the forest towards the beach. “Faster.” He taunts from behind and you pick up the pace, the sooner the better, maybe one of your younger brothers, your father, your mother, someone will see you on the beach. Without your arms, your balance is off, and you step on a rock only to slip in the damp air. He jerks on the leash, catching you with it, righting you, then urging you forward once more. Just before you get to the beach, you turn to him, eyes wide and pleading.
“Please.” You beg, eyes flicking to the smoke from your village. “Please leave me.” He shakes his head, a huge hand shooting out and curling around your throat, bringing your face near his chest, then he bends down.
“Mine.” He growls. “Understand?” Tears prick at your eyes but you aren’t ready for them to spill. You lean back and spit in his face. He backhands you, hard, only letting you fall for a second when you lose your balance, drawing your face back to his. He can see the tears flowing unbidden now, but carefully notes that your mouth is set, you’re not ready to cry. “Understand?” He says again, his hand held up, ready to make a matching red mark on your opposite cheek.
“I understand.” You respond, throat tight. A huge boat, in a style you don’t recognize pulls up in the sand. An even larger man peeks his head over the boat, unnaturally red hair in an intricate braided style.
“Oi, Bakugou, we weren’t supposed to get prisoners!” The man calls, huge arms bowing with muscles as he waves to a friend.
“Not a prisoner.” Bakugou groans, lifting you up towards the deck. “I’m keeping this one.” The redhead hops out of the boat and snatches you away from him, holding you like a child.
“Hey there,” he says cheerfully, then leaps back up onto the deck of the boat with you, the men manning the oars groan as Bakugou climbs aboard and pushes out into the sea. Your eyes are trained on your home, the smoking ruins of the place you grew up. “So why this one?” Speaking as if you’re not right there.
“She stabbed me,” Bakugou growls, pulling the dagger out of his shoulder, wiping the blood on his pants. “I’m fine. She nearly got away.” The redhead laughs, touching your shoulder.
“I’m Kirishima.” he says to you, squeezing gently, “And that’s Bakugou, doubt he had the wherewithal to introduce himself. You can sit.” He says, gesturing to the deck. You don’t want to, you keep your eyes on the horizon disappearing behind you. “Alright,” Kirishima grunts, forcing you down your knees. “Sorry, I know I didn’t phrase that like a command.” You swallow, and stare blankly out at the ocean, cool wind whipping through your hair.
“She’s also the leader’s daughter.” Bakugou studies the knife. “It’s got her name engraved in it.”
“A match made in heaven.” Kirishima crows. “Hey,” he says, waving a hand in front of
you, trying to wrench your attention from your smoking village. Both men watch as you part your chapped lips.
“I’d rather you throw me overboard than have him touch me again.” You say, voice hitched and rough, but your tone is still defiant. Kirishima nods, sitting next to you and inspecting your bonds.
“Mind if I redo these?” He asks the blond, who just looks away, which is apparently permission for Kirishima to carefully retie the ropes holding you as the sea sprays in your face and men manning the oars groan. You square your shoulders, back arched, chin out, every inch a princess as you sail into the unknown. You watch the blonde attend to his own stab wound, bandaging it carefully, making sure to keep it clean.
“Does that hurt less?” Kirishima asks quietly, and you nod. “Good.” He glances at Bakugou. “He was just in a hurry.” You swallow, twisting to face the man sitting next to you.
“What’s going to happen to me?” You ask, eyes wide and he takes a breath.
“You’re ours.” He clarifies, gesturing to your bonds and the boat. You nod. “And uh, he seems to like you”
“What?” You say, voice light and vulnerable. Bakugou takes your chin in his hand, leaning down. “She just needs to be broken.” He turns away and walks down the side of the ship moving swiftly through the sea. You summon some courage.
“I’m not afraid of you.” You say, sticking your chin out. “I’m a princess. I’ve led through more difficult situations than this. My people will rescue me or I’ll escape.” Both men stare at you. Bakugou’s eyes flick to the rope around your waist.
“Tighten that.” He says darkly, coming to stand in front of you on the gently rocking boat. He squats, his handsome face inches from yours. “Princess, huh?” He says, as Kirishima fiddles with your bonds. He spits directly in your face.
“I will take your fuckin’ virginity in front of all these men.” He snarls. “I’ll fuck you over the side of the boat and then throw you into the ocean.” You laugh lightly, the sound explosive and unhinged, tossing your hair against the wind.
“Not a virgin. So do it.” You feel the wetness drip down your face. “I’d rather die than be yours.” He rears back and for a moment you think he’ll hit you, and but he doesn’t just snarls,
“I’m gonna make you beg for me.”
“I’m praying for a curse on your house.” You say, starting to stand and Kirishima catches the rope around your waist, pulling you back onto your knees.
“Alright, alright, that’s enough out of both of you.” Bakugou scowls and Kirishima quickly continues. “Uh, especially you.” He takes a strap of cloth out of his pocket and slips it between your lips, forcing your mouth open, and tying it tightly behind your head. To your dismay, your kidnapper, Bakugou, sits on the other side of you, close enough so that you shoulders brush.
“Not a virgin huh?” He says and you shake your head. “Good.” He stares across the sea. “Maybe you won’t cry when you take my fat fucking cock.” You turn your face away from him and he grabs your chin. “Look at me.” He growls. “You are my property now, princess. Not cause you’re a fuckin’ woman, but because I caught ya.” You stare up at him defiantly, even next to you, he’s much, much larger. He takes you roughly then and shoves your upper half down into his lap, laying your head on his leather bound thigh, fingers carding through your hair. You whimper, the loss of the horizon takes a toll on your stomach immediately.
“Oh,” he coos, “She needs to see the water, huh, that where you’re gettin’ all this dumb shit courage from?” You squirm a little and his fingers snap together, so that they pull painfully. “Stay still,” he growls. You freeze, and his touches become soft again, gentle almost.
“Be nice, Bakugou, she’s probably terrified.” Kirishima chastises, and you mewl plaintively from Bakugou’s lap. “We’ll take care of you, alright?” He coos. “Don’t worry.” You struggle a little and Bakugou shoves you off of him, spending the rest of the trip staring out at the ocean pensively, while Kirishima keeps a tight hold on your arm. You can feel when it grounds, and Kirishima pulls you to your feet. The men unload the cargo and immediately Kirishima and Bakugou are overwhelmed by several friends who jump onto the boat.
“What’s this!” A young woman with brown skin and soft pink hair notices Kirishima’s tight grip on your upper arm.
“Bakugou took her.” Kirishima shrugs. “She’s a local princess apparently, Mina.” He carries you onto the dock, thankfully they don’t seem to expect you to be able to move much in your current state.
“She doesn’t look scared.” One of the other boys, who came to see Kirishima and Bakugou, with glinting amber eyes and yellow hair remarks. Before Kirishima can respond, Bakugou does.
“She will.” He snarls, taking the length of rope hanging from your waist and pulling you forward at an unforgiving pace. Kirishima and the others stay behind to tie the boat up, but Bakugou drags you up a hill, you barely keep pace with him in the wet new grass, sparse amongst the rocks. You can see his village then, at the base of the valley, much much larger than yours, bustling with people. The men catch up to him, having tied the boat and they walk into the town square with cheers at the things plundered, one of those things being you. Bakugou walks you like a dog, and if you go too slowly he kicks the back of your calves. You get to the center of town, hot humiliating tears burning in your eyes. There are cheers, and people dance, but you’re already trying to imagine what’s broken in the place you come from, your house, your neighbors, the stone walls of your old run-down castle.
“Oi,” Bakugou gets your attention with a low growl. “Don’t try shit.” You feel him loosen the ropes a little, and blood rushes back to your appendages. He hears your sigh of relief and makes a mental note. He keeps a tight grasp on your upper arm as he undoes the leather cord around your wrists, then shoves you to the ground, your back against a thick stone pillar in front of a large bonfire. He takes your arms and ties them around the back of the stone pillar, more gently than he’d done it earlier. It might be your imagination but you feel a quick soothing touch on the welts. “You injured?” He asks, tugging the gag out of your mouth.
“Just a little bruised.” You breathe, his face is inches from yours.
“Where?” He asks and you shift your weight.
“I hit my shoulder when you tackled me.” He nods sensing you’re holding back.
“And?” He says, eyes flicking to your lips and then back to your eyes.
“And I’m a little thirsty.” That was far from the truth, you were dying for a sip of water, you’d been thirsty when you’d gone to fetch water that morning.
“I’ll see to your shoulder.” He mutters, standing, turning back to the party at which apparently he’s the guest of honor. You shrink back into the stone as people laugh and dance and drink as the sun moves across the sky. He disappears into the crowd of people and you close your eyes, unwilling to be aware of the stares you’re getting. He comes back with a bandage and he kneels next to you. “Stay still.” He removes the wool scarf your mother knit you, and folds it beside you. He tugs gently on the shoulder of your dress and inspects the back of the joint carefully. You can feel the eyes, on him, on you, on your exposed skin, and you let out a little whimper when he presses on the swollen joint.
“Shh.” He says, glaring at others who look your way. “You’re mine.” You feel him brace your shoulder with careful hands, gingerly moving around the swollen joint. “Still thirsty?” He asks when he’s done, squatting in front of you. You nod vigorously and he smirks. “Yeah, that’s not gonna cut it bitch.” Your mouth drops open and he shrugs.
“Everything you get, you get because I feel like giving it to you. And I think for water, you gotta beg.” You nod.
“I understand.” Your voice is hoarse already and his grin widens, he takes your jaw,
“Open.” He says, and you obey. He spits right in your mouth. “Swallow.” He growls and it’s disgusting, he kidnapped you, the blood on his men’s clothing is probably your neighbors, your family’s. You squirm with displeasure but he seems to like that. “Let me know when you really fucking want some water.”
“Bakugou!” You call, desperately, you can’t take it, you need it right now, throat burning, and the fire’s been blowing smoke on you for hours. “Please.” You say, a note of desperation creeping unbidden into your voice. He looks at you for a moment.
“One more.” He says, face set.
“Please, can I have some water, Bakugou?” You croak, lashes wet. He nods, stalking off towards the well. The celebration swirls around you, people drinking and dancing, the leather of his armor discarded, he’s now in a loose white shirt, it’s crisp and clean, his pants tight and the bottoms of them muddy. He’s holding a worn skin, and he places one hand on the back of your neck and tips the end of it between your lips. The water is cool and clean and you drink as much of it as you can before he takes it away.
“Are you hungry?” He asks in a low growl and you nod, keeping your mouth shut. He takes some bread off a passing tray and rips off a small piece of it. “Open.” He says, and your face burns with humiliation as he feeds you, slowly, letting you swallow before letting you eat another piece out of his open palm. “The fuck are you crying for?” He asks you after a few minutes.
“I’m worried about my family.” You say quietly. “I had little brothers.” He nods.
“They might be dead.” You close your eyes, inhaling through your nose. He moves swiftly, and for a moment you think he’s going to comfort you, but you feel him slice through your bonds, and pull you to your feet. You wobble for a moment before he throws you over his shoulder. There are a few cheers as he carries you out of the party. The sun is sinking below the treeline, and it’s getting chilly. He opens the creaking wooden door to a one-room cabin. You squint in the low light. It’s exceedingly clean, furs on a bed and the floor, a chimney in the corner, made with rough grey stone, flecked with gold. He sets you on the bed.
“Do you sleep in all that?” He asks and you shake your head. Your cheeks are still wet from earlier but you put your face back on. If this was going to happen you certainly weren’t going to give him any more satisfaction than you had to. “Undress.” He says, and you fumble with the lace at the back of your dress for a minute before he loses patience at your contortions, pulling you up and shoving you roughly against the wall, undoing them himself.
“C’mon.” He grunts, shoving you down onto the bed, now that you’re only wearing a petticoat, a loose slip that covers your whole body. The air gushes from your lungs when you’re pushed down, a soft musical cry escapes your lips as he lifts the furs and scoots you underneath them. You watch as he slips out of his pants so that he’s only wearing the long, loose white shirt. He roughly wraps an arm around your waist, pinning your back to his hard chest. His arms hook upward, and he palms your breasts roughly, groaning, and rutting his hips against your ass. You let out a little involuntary whimper.
“Don’t worry princess.” He practically spits the word. “I’m not gonna touch ya till ya beg me, remember?”
“T-that will never happen.” Your voice trembles. You feel his breath on your ear, and you shiver as he speaks again, the vibrations awakening something deep in your core.
“Know why I picked you?” He says and you shake your head, trying to focus on anything other than the deep sound of his voice, his rough hands on your soft skin.
“No.” You confirm quietly. Trying to hold onto some of your dignity, you close your eyes. You were a princess. A princess from a small fishing village, but a princess nonetheless.
“I was just gonna take your knife.” He confirms. “I liked it. Lost mine, and I’ve needed a new one.” You swallow, and he laughs. “And then, I saw that haughty little nose in the air, and I thought, tch, that won’t fuckin’ do now will it? Can’t have some bitch running around sayin’ I spared her life, callin’ me weak.” You try to scoot away from him on the bed but he chuckles and holds you fast. “Then, ya had the fuckin’ audacity, to hit me.” He snarls the words as he starts to massage your chest, you can’t hold back the soft mewl that falls from your lips as he rubs his thumbs across your nipples. “And run away.” You’re squirming against him in earnest now as blood pools in your cheeks. You elbow him as hard as you can in the ribs, and he laughs harshly, undaunted.
“B-bakugou,” you get out.
“I never told you my name.” He says. “That’s just what the others call me. To you, I’m Katsuki.” You whimper again. “Fuckin love that sound,” he growls, “Make more, be louder, I’m gonna fuckin’ wreck you.”
“P-please.” You say softly.
“What?” He says. “Do ya want me to stop, princess, if you do, tell me, tell me you want me to take my hands off you, I fuckin’ dare you.” You bite down hard on your lower lip. “Ooooh,” he coos, “She can’t, can she, where’s that high and mighty attitude now, bet you’re soakin’ my goddamn bed huh? Should we find out?” You bury your face in the blanket, willing yourself to have the courage to scream, the ability to fight, but it feels - it feels so good. He releases your chest and you whimper at the loss of sensation, then you feel his teeth on your ear. “Stay. Still.” He hooks one muscled arm around your waist, you can’t help but notice, in this close proximity, how much he smells like pine and leather, as his hand dips beneath your skirt. His fingers ghost your thighs and move upwards, brushing the outside of your sex. He runs one calloused finger up your slit and you clench your thighs together.
“I said stay still.” He slaps your thigh hard enough so that you cry out, pinning your leg between his own, holding you open. “You’re gonna have to learn to follow orders.” He says as he touches the softest parts of you, fingers moving between your folds, but his demeanor seems to shift at what he finds. “Oh, you’re fuckin’ soaked.” Your eyes well with tears.
“What’s wrong,” He coos, “Don’t like that you’re my fuckin’ bitch, even though I’ve barely touched you?”
“‘M not your-” you don’t get to respond as he grinds his thumb against your clit and you squeal loudly at the stimulation, but Bakugou doesn’t give you a moment to relax, plunging two fingers into your core, and your hips buck against him.
“Fuckin’ hell.” He snaps, “Do I have to tie you down, are you genuinely too stupid to follow orders?” You don’t answer, you can’t, you’re losing control under his careful touch. He can feel the way your soft walls are squeezing around his fingers, loves watching how you lean away from him and hide your face in his blankets. He lets go of your waist and grabs your chin, forcing you to look directly into his eyes as you gurgle and gasp.
“H-hurts,” You choke out and he shakes his head.
“Poor slut’s never cum before huh?” You start to fight him a little but he’s so strong, it’s like pushing against steel. “Well I’m not gonna finish ya,” he growls, “Till you beg for my cock.”
“What?” You breathe.
“Beg. Beg for help. Beg for me to fuck you.” He says, eyes narrowing, reaching up and closing his fist around your throat, scissoring his fingers inside of you. You’re reaching for logic, for dignity, but everywhere there’s only Katuski. Smelling of pine, and sweat, and man, everywhere you reach he’s there, and the coil in your stomach tightens painfully, you want this, you want him to help you make it stop.
“Please.” You whisper, and he smiles wickedly.
“Please. What.”
“Please, fuck me.” You whimper, “Please please, Katsuki, I want, I want you.”
“What are you?” He asks and your eyes shoot open, you’re so close to the edge of something it’s painful, the tears that have been welling in your eyes spill over and he kisses them off your soft face, “Tell me what you are.”
“I-I’m… I’m yours.” He chuckles.
“That’s fuckin’ right you are.” He says, shoving you roughly to the center of the bed and climbing on top of you, “And I’m gonna fuck my sons right into that soft fuckin’ womb of yours,” you cry out, “That’s goddamn right.” he says, shuddering as he runs the head of his cock along your slit. “I’m gonna breed this prissy fuckin’ pussy.” He roughly sheaths himself inside you, watching your face carefully for your reaction, and fuck, do you you deliver. Your mouth drops open, eyes screwed shut, a high pitched keen escaping from your lips. He groans loudly as he waits for you to adjust to his size, starting to move slowly.
“Fuck,” he swears quietly, feeling how soft your walls were, pulsing around him, warm and perfect, everything he’d imagined when he saw that spark of defiance in your eyes, vowing to extinguish it. “Good slut.” He praises, “Good fuckin’ girl.” You whimper, the stretch was both pain and pleasure, more than you’d ever felt before, and you gasp when he reaches down and adjusts your legs so that he can bury himself to the hilt inside of you. To his surprise, you reach for him, tangling your hands in his braided hair, pulling him down to kiss you. He obliges, setting a gentle pace at first, one of your legs draped elegantly over his shoulder, he finds that you’re more skilled than he expected. You trap his lower lip between his teeth, and he shudders as your nails find purchase on his sculpted shoulder blades, then he opens his eyes to see a slight smile playing on your face.
“None of that, bratty fuckin’ bitch.” He snarls, and pounds into you, you scream, he has no doubt your voice is travelling out into the night, into the village, and he doesn’t fucking care. “Yeah, is this what you wanted, wanted me to fuck you like you’re a whore, princess?” He spits on your face and you choke out a sobbing moan, “That’s what I goddamn thought.” He leans down to your ear, biting it hard, feeling you push him away at the burst of pain. “Uh, uh,” He snarls, picking up the pace, snapping his hips against yours. You see stars every time his cock brushes your cervix.
“F-fuck, Katsuki,” You choke out and he smiles evilly in his victory.
“Yeah, bitch?” He snarls, “Cum for me, cum all over my cock like the whore you are.” Your back arches and you scream again, lips parted, eyes glossy, as he grunts, fucking you like an animal, biting at your soft skin, leaving his mark all over you.
“Gonna fuck an heir right into you, princess,” he grunts, “Gonna breed you like a fuckin’ bitch.” You can barely hear him as your first ever orgasm rips through your body, tears streaming from your eyes as he presses his sweaty forehead to yours. “That’s a good girl,” he says, listening to your little whimpers, feeling you twitch and shake, grunting loudly as he paints your walls with his seed. He keeps fucking you, pushing his cum up further inside of you, but you seem to know what to do, lifting your hips as he slips a pillow underneath them, clenching your legs together when he pulls out and lies down next to you as you cry softly.
“Beautiful.” He says, savoring how messy you look, your hair like a nest, your face flushed, your lips trembling. He kisses your forehead. “And mine.” You nod.
“Yours.” He pulls you into his strong arms, rubbing your head absentmindedly.
“I took you,” He says quietly, “So you’re my responsibility.” You nod into his chest. He kisses your forehead again. “I saw you, and I knew you were mine.” You sleep intertwined, when you move he wakes up, making sure you’re still there, and not trying to escape. You wake well into the night, with a nightmare, you’re wandering through the smoldering ruins of your home.
“Shhhh,” He whispers when he hears you cry. “Shhhh princess,” he rubs soothing circles on your back.
“W-want to go home.” You cry desperately. He takes your chin in his hand firmly, forcing you to look at him.
“You are home.” He pats the bed.
“Y-yes Katsuki.” He nods, something in his face softening.
“I’m home.” He attempts to clarify, clumsy with his words, swinging big with the meaning. You blink a couple of times.
“What?” He points to his chest.
“I’m home.”
“Oh.” He moves you so that you’re lying on his chest.
“You’ll understand.” He mutters. “I’ll teach you.”
When you wake the next morning he hands you new clothes, your old is dress discarded in a corner of his wood-panelled home. In the daylight, you can see how well decorated the room is, clean and organized but full of rugs and furs, warm-toned yarn woven together telling stories you don’t recognize. The clothes he hands you are simple, a long linen dress and cloak, cream-colored, with simple flowers embroidered on it.
“Thank you.” You say quietly, and he nods, then reaches around your body, tying a rope around your waist that he holds onto like a leash, but this time doesn’t restrict your movement, just keeps you close to him.
“Go.” He says, pointing towards the door of the cabin. He pulls you down to a grand hall, a building made of wood and stone and mud, where people sit, eating together. He pushes a plate of food in front of you, hands you a utensil. Quickly, he’s crowded by the people from the boat yesterday, you’d watched them at the party. The redhead, Kirishima, shoots you a warm smile.
“How’d you sleep?” He asks politely.
“We know how she slept,” The yellow haired boy, with a wide, teasing smile responds. “Don’t we, Bakugou?” Bakugou swats at the boy.
“Shut the fuck up.” Kirishima reddens.
“I wasn’t going to say anything.” He clarifies. You’re staring out the window, you can see the ocean from where you’re sitting.
“Oi,” Bakugou growls at you. “Didn’t you have questions for shitty hair?” You blink and then come back down to the ground, nodding, speaking softly.
“Are um, are my little brothers dead?” You ask quietly and he blanches, looking nervous.
“How little?” He asks finally.
“Very.” You say, voice barely audible over the chatter of people eating.
“We don’t kill children.” He says quickly. You nod, in a daze. So people did die, yesterday, while you were getting water. Bakugou watches you drift off into space, you push your plate away.
“That’s good, isn’t it stupid?” He hits the back of your head lightly and you shrug. “Eat.”
“I’m finished.” You say and he shakes his head.
“If you don’t wanna eat you won’t get any fuckin’ food.” He threatens, expecting you to bite back, to fight, but you don’t, you just nod.
“Alright.” He looks away. There’s an awkward silence and you go back to staring at the water, wondering how far you were from home. Wherever he goes through the small city, crowds part, and that means they part for you too. You cower, the unfamiliar faces and sounds making you jump. He reaches an arm behind him and to his delight you curl your body around it, holding one of his large hands with both of yours.
He notices though, that you’ve begun to slowly slip away from him. When you eat, it’s barely, and you don’t protest when Mina braids your hair, even when she yanks on a particularly tough tangle. You keep your eyes on him, where he leans on the doorframe, watching as all traces of your former identity wash away in the basin. All day, he catches you staring out at the ocean, even going as far as to walk you down to the water.
“Is this what you fuckin’ want?” He snarls. “Why won’t you talk to me?” For the first time in hours, you speak.
“Can we walk to the end of the dock?” He nods, so relieved to hear your voice he caves immediately, letting you lead the way until you’re standing a foot away from the endpoint, the sea spraying up and beading on your beautiful face. You turn to him. “My family is dead. Aren’t they?”
Bakugou has always been sure. Sure of his divine right to lead. Sure of who he was. Sure he was making the right decision, the best decision, he’d been born under a prophetic exploding star, signifying a new era, one he had decided would be an age of expansion. But he watches the tears fall down your face, as you refuse to cry, watches the pride he had admired in you crumble, watches you mourn, and suddenly that sureness ebbs from him. He takes a step towards you and you turn away, facing the ocean.
“It’s too cold to swim in here.” He says gruffly, and you nod, eyeing the rope around your waist. He tugs on it, but you stay where you are, watching the waves roll. “They aren’t dead.” He says. “Probably. Can’t account for anything that happened after we left.” You turn to him.
“What do you want from me?” You ask. “I’m submitting, I thought, I thought this was, what you wanted?” He struggles, clearly, it’s words you want, and he doesn’t have them. He doesn’t have an explanation.
“I was chosen,” he begins, and you laugh, it’s a harsh bitter sound. He yanks on the rope around your waist, drawing you back to him, forcing you to face him, his hips directly pressing against yours. “I was chosen,” he growls, “I was born under a broken star, to bring a new age to my people.” Your jaw sets and your eyes narrow.
“So you’re picking off fishing villages and stealing maidens from beaches?” Your lips curl into a sneer, you have nothing, absolutely nothing to lose, “What’s new or revolutionary about that?” You push against him and he moves backwards on the dock. “What’s new about war, about violence?” You ask the fire in your eyes back, you’re angry, and as the blood returns to your cheeks he recognizes you again.
“What’s new is the land, the ore, the riches -” You laugh again and he grabs your face in one huge hand.
“That’s pathetic.” You say as his eyes narrow, you’re testing his patience, you can tell but you don’t care, the hopelessness is finally gone from your stomach, as long as you can make this one point before he loses his temper and snaps your neck. You press a finger to his chest, “Peace. Peace would be revolutionary. Not violence, and plundering. You want to do something no man has ever done?” Your raised voice catches the attention of a few fishermen in their boats, who force themselves not to look. “Try impressing me.” You shove him, harder than you mean to, you’re angry, and you didn’t take into account the uneven planes of the dark wood dock, coated with salt and spray. But when he loses his footing and falls, you expect him to catch himself, to perform some kind of acrobatic athletic feat but he doesn’t, he just falls off the dock, it turns out under all that bravado, hes just a man. It happens almost in slow motion, wind whipping his little blond braid, the rest of his hair wild, expression livid, ready to swim back to shore, and make you pay, no doubt.
What he doesn’t count on, is a huge squall, a large wave pushing one of the canoes up, and bringing it down on his head. You see him go limp, then slip beneath the churning waves. You have seconds. Others are running, but they won’t get there in time, the current is strong, you can tell by the shape of the waves on the beach. You can let him die. You think. You could. And no one would blame you. No god, no man.
Time slows as you decide. You could let him die. You could. You could.
You rip your shoes off and dive into the black freezing waves. It’s been months since you’ve swum, but muscle memory is powerful and you counter each thrust of the ocean, opening your eyes in the burning salt, looking for your captor. A burst of sunlight, something catches his blond hair, glinting in the dark water, bubbles escaping from his lioa and floating towards the surface. You swim towards him, wrapping your arms around him tugging him towards the sky. He’s heavy, heavier than anything you’ve ever picked up on your own. You’re starting to feel the icy temperature of the water as the adrenaline wears off. The feeling in your fingers is the first to go, you’re holding him up on willpower alone as you finally break to the surface, gasping for air, kicking your legs desperately, taking a lungful of sea air before dragging him against the current towards the shore. His lips are purpled, a bad sign, and you’re losing feeling in your skin, the numbness starting to pinprick into sharp pain as the dark salty waters lap at your shoulders, your dress billowing underneath you. You summon the last vestiges of your strength. You can’t keep him above the water any longer and keep moving towards the shore. So as the men on the dock shout, their footsteps pounding on the wood, you take Bakugou back under, swimming perpendicular to the rip current towards the beach.
“She’s drowning him!” Someone shouts, but you ignore them, swimming down, swimming deep, you can hear the grind of the swirling sand, as your skin burns in the cold water, teeth chattering, pain ripping through your now stiff joints. You’re so close, just a few more feet.
You drag his body half out of the water onto the sand and immediately begin chest compressions with your trembling hands. Water gurgles out of his mouth, and when he begins to cough you collapse on his chest, shaking so hard you can’t sit still, your dress is heavy and soaked with seawater, you can’t move as practically the whole village thunders towards the beach and he moans. The first thing he sees is your face, cold, pallid, tendrils of hair sticking to your face. He reaches up and cups it, stroking your cheek as you shake and sob. He keeps coughing up water as the first people arrive on the scene. Kirishima falls to his knees next to Bakugou.
“She saved me.” He murmurs in a low growl. “You…” Your world starts to go dark at the edges, and you lose consciousness, falling on Bakugou’s chest. You wake, in warm soft water, the smell of wildflowers on the tip of your nose.
“Hi,” a voice says softly, Mina. “Hey there.” You’re alone, floating in a warm bath. You open your eyes, looking around a wood building filled with steam. “You’re alive.” She confirms and you sigh.
“Everything hurts.” You confirm. “So I know.” She lets you float in the steam room for a bit, leaving you alone, even if you hear the click of the lock on the door. You squint at the ceiling, bundles of dried wildflowers hang, which accounts for the scent. You take some water and wash your hair carefully, trying to get the sand out of it, out of your nail beds, out from between your toes. You don’t feel warm exactly, but neutral. The women come back in, they dress you and braid your hair, you don’t protest or fight them, sitting for hours on the floor with them, staring at nothing while they drink and talk.
“Where is he?” You ask after the sun starts to sink in the sky and Mina clears her throat.
“After you collapsed he gathered the men of the village for a raid.” She says quietly. “They’re all gone.” You nod. “When he comes back, he’s left instructions for your wedding.” You scoff.
“I’m sure he has.” Mina laughs.
“He’s rough around the edges, but I think he’ll be a good husband. Faithful, certainly.” You laugh and she shrugs. “He’s never been one to sleep around.” You spend the next week in routine, with the men of the village gone, the women work, feeding animals, cooking, and gathering. No one lets you do anything particularly strenuous, which come Friday afternoon, you’re beginning to resent.
Mina spots it first, a ship on the horizon while you’re all working on dinner. You squint at the brown dot. You’re stirring a pot, hair braided back, a couple of loose flowers in it from the field where you and Mina picked berries for dessert. She’s kind, but she never really knew what to say to you. You didn’t know either. She wrenches you away from the pot, pulling you into a large stone house by the river.
“We gotta get you ready!” She squeals, and you crack half a smile at her enthusiasm. “Come on.” You hear the men return outside, with unfamiliar voices, shouting and grunting, the stomping of boots on the muddy spring earth. The women paint your face in the traditional style, light black around the top of your eyes, they pinch your cheeks for a youthful glow, they dress you, in a linen gown with a low neckline and long draping sleeves, a soft pink, the color of the wildflowers they tuck into your hair. You don’t protest, letting them treat you like a little doll until Mina comes behind you and ties something over your eyes.
“Why?” You say, reaching out, and fumbling for something. “Is this traditional?” She snorts.
“Definitely not.” She leads you carefully out of the house, making sure that you don’t trip or fall. She takes your arm, and you make your way up some kind of outdoor staircase.
You can feel a cool breeze in your hair, your hands shake. What would he be like, this beast that had captured you, after a week away? Why didn’t he come to see you before he’d left? You’d been shocked he still wanted you, that the wedding was even being prepared at all. Mina lifts the blindfold from your eyes and your mouth drops. Standing in front of you is your father, dark eyes with crinkled edges, dressed in the traditional wool plaid of your family.
“My daughter,” He says in a low voice. “It would be my honor, to walk you down the aisle.” You burst into tears, throwing your arms around him, he smells of grass and linen and home. You’re standing at the end of an outdoor ceremonial ground, sculpted pews from cold grey stone, covered in lichen and moss. On one side, everyone from your home sits, some of them a little bruised, but each of your little brothers sits in the front row, even the baby squirming in your mother’s lap. The tears keep coming, as your best friend turns to you and smiles, giving a little wave. You wave back. You hear someone clear their throat and your attention turns to the altar. Bakugou Katsuki, dressed in your traditional ceremonial garb, stands in front of you, the smirk melting off of his face when he sees you, the angle of your jaw, the warmth in your eyes, the soft tendrils of hair in your face, it was all, perfect. Worth it. Your father takes your arm and leads you down the stone pathway, your leather boots tapping softly against the stone in the silence. The hills around you are muddy and green, and the sky is the kind of bright twilight blue that crackles with promise and electricity. A single puffy white cloud drifts across the sky. You stand in front of him, and he takes your shaking hands.
Wordlessly, he draws a knife from his pocket, your knife. He gets down on one knee, bows his head, and hands it to you.
“A life for a life.” He growls. You take the silver dagger with your name engraved in it and examine it. This glint of silver that had first caught his eye, that had brought you to the attention of Bakugou Katsuki. “If you will have me,” he looks up, “I will dedicate the rest of my days to provin’ that I am worthy of you,” he grins, “And uh, wipin’ that smug smile off your face.” You giggle, despite yourself, wiping your face clear.
“And if I won’t have you?” You counter, there are titters from the crowd.
“You’ve got the knife, princess.” He looks up, an evil grin on his face. You hesitate, turning it over in your palm. He rolls his eyes, and you can’t stop the smile that spreads across your face.
“Stand.” You say, and he leaps up and kisses you so quickly he knocks the breath from your lungs, lifting you off your feet and swinging you around. You laugh a little, and he wipes a few stray tears from your face. “You did this,” you say quietly, gesturing to your family, “For me.” He nods.
“Thought I’d try something revolutionary.” He says.
“Peace?” You offer and he grins, kissing your forehead before responding.
“Impressing you.”
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Tumblr media
Mighty Discourse
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thecowboykatsuki-anon · a day ago
Tumblr media
Wild Hearts: Chapter 1
Summary: It’s been 6 years since Katsuki Bakugou walked out on you and your hometown without an explanation. 6 long years of humiliation and heartbreak. So what happens when he walks back into your life asking for a favor? You know he’s not good for you, but what if your heart doesn’t?
Genre: angst, eventual smut, hurt, comfort, pining, slow burn, MDNI
CW: language, smoking, threats
Word Count: 826
A/N: I know it’s short and still pretty slow, but I promise we’ll pick up pretty quickly!! 
Tumblr media
Desperate to stay asleep and immersed in his childhood memories, Bakugou fought against waking, trying to block out the sounds of the horses nickering and the leaves rustling in the tree above.
As he turned over, stalks of grass pricked his cheek, their earthy smell replacing the ghosts of those in his dream, dew wetting his skin.
With a resigned sigh, he sat up, lifting his hat off the worn saddle he'd been using as a pillow and placing it on his head as he stretched with a groan, heaving himself to his feet.
He glanced around at their small camp, not surprised to see everyone else's saddles rolled and ready to go, except Mina's, who still slept peacefully, only the slightest bit of her bright hair poking out from under the blanket.
"Good to see you're up, Bakugou. I was beginning to think Mina would wake before you," Denki commented at the sight of the larger blonde, raising an eyebrow as he took a sip from his canteen.
"I was in the middle of a dream. Something wrong?" Bakugo grunted a reply as he buckled his gun belt around his hips.
Denki sighed, running a hand haphazardly through his blonde hair before replacing his hat. "Kinda. We don't have an in at Rose Creek anymore."
Bakugo's gaze shot up at the blonde man's words, confusion clouding his features. "The fuck are you talking about? What happened to the deal with Mineta?" he snapped.
"Creepy little idiot finally got himself shot and killed. It's not like he was a reliable source anyways," Kiri's voice cut into the conversation, and Bakugo twisted to scowl at the redhead as he groomed his horse.
"I fucking know that, But I didn't realize we had to like 'em to use 'em. If you wanna be the one to make contacts all the time, be my guest." he invited sarcastically, to which Kiri only chuckled, holding up his hands in surrender.
"We need someone to go in and get us new information. I refuse to walk in blind and risk dying before the fight has even begun, especially with this lot," Sero chimed in from where he lay, leaning against a log. "We've agreed it can't be any of us. Tomura's gonna keep an extra close eye if he gets wind of our whereabouts, and it's not like any of us can just waltz into town anyways. We can't hire anyone; It'd be too risky." As Bakugou's thoughts drifted back to his dream, the others nodded in agreement.
"How far are we from Palestone again?" he asked suddenly, lighting a cigarette as Kiri glanced at him curiously. "About two days ride. One if you don't stop. What're you thinking?" he asked.
Bakugo shrugged, looking down at his boots. "Might know someone. She'll need a little convincing," he admitted, his cigarette hanging from his lips as he spoke.
"How much convincing? We don't got that much time," Mina spoke up as she yawned and stretched, peering up at the three men. Bakugou glanced at her but ignored her statement, his full attention on Kiri.
"We can spare four days. Three to travel there and back, one to convince her," he decided, and Denki studied him for a moment, sharing a knowing look with Kiri.
"Is this that girl you talked on and on and on about that time you got so drunk you were convinced you could--," he began, and Bakugo whirled on him, eyes narrowed in warning.
"If you don't want me to loosen your cinch next time we ride out, I wouldn't finish that sentence," he growled, and Sero snickered at Denki's grumbling reply.
"So that would be a yes," Kiri chuckled, settling next to Sero on the ground.
"Why the hell not? If she cares about you half as much as you pretend you don't care about her, it's worth a shot," he grinned, ignoring the glare Bakugou shot him.
"Shut the hell up. It's not like that. She's an old friend." he snapped, stamping his cigarette with his heel before tacking and mounting his horse. He hesitated before swinging himself into his saddle, wondering for a second if he really did have motives other than getting the job done.
"Whatever you say, I don't talk about my friends like you talk about her," Kiri shrugged, shaking out a match, a fresh cigarette hanging from his lips.
Bakugou shook off his doubts with a growl at his friend's words, gathering his reins as he settled into his saddle and squeezed his heels around his horse, clucking softly to him.
Mina twisted around to watch him as Bakugo trotted off, shielding her eyes from the sun. "We can always find someone else if you can't convince her!" she called out.
Bakugo heard her and waved in response, but the pressure building in his chest prevented him from answering. He had no plans to fail to convince you.
Not this time.
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Tumblr media
coming home after a late shift together, they look at the sky and say,
"the moon is beautiful, isn't it?"
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ikigai-yukiyo · 2 days ago
Midoriya, Bakugo and Todoroki with an s/o that's addicted to reading and books.
Tumblr media
🌿 *insert surprised pikachu face*
🌿 whether the books you read are fiction or facts, he'd still be surprised/happy about it
🌿 since you really love to read he'd let you flip through his hero notes
🌿 you tell him that the drawings are beautiful and the notes are accurate and on point
🌿 and his heart just goes HWJDKAKDNWNKDKEKEKW
🌿 whenever he needs to find you he just heads towards the library and into the section where your favourite genre of books are
🌿 and the librarian istg-
🌿 she thinks you're both adorable
🌿 *sigh* ♥young love♥
Tumblr media
💥 Katsuki has never willingly picked up a book, you can't change my mind.
💥 I mean his mother doesn't really seem like the type to read him cutesy little bed time stories when he was younger, does she? 🤓
💥 he doesn't understand your obsession over books-
💥 you kind of remind him of deku sometimes when your so engrossed in reading that you ignore the world around you
💥 lmao he hates that
💥 but it makes you happy, so he just sucks it up and deals with it
💥 whenever you guys walk past the book store on your way home from school he sees you staring at a particular book in the window
💥 and then he gets it for you a couple days later
💥 he does a lot of book shopping for you 👀
💥 (one time kaminari and mineta caught him doing that, and they teased him relentlessly for about 3 minutes before he strangled them both and yeeted them across the street)
💥 but shopping for books for you is kinda hard NGL 🥲
💥 you have so many books that its almost impossible to tell which ones you have and don't have-
💥 and NO he doesn't just hand you the book
💥 it appears on your desk on day at school or at your doorstep or smth
💥 for a while you thought it was from a secret admirer, cause you never saw him actually leaving it there
💥 so you told him about it
💥 but a couple days later he was leaving a book on your doorstep and you just burst the window like 👊👊👊
💥 and caught him red handed 😀
💥 you were so touched by the gesture that you almost burst into tears-
💥 plse for his prides sake never again mention how pink his face was when you caught him 😊
Tumblr media
💙 at first he doesn't think much of it
❤ because everyone has at least one thing they love doing
💙 (Bakugo loves yelling, Todoroki loves hating his dad, Deku loves taking notes and personally I like music, art and Genshin Impact)
❤ ✨anyways✨
💙 once he starts to understand how invested you are in reading books
❤ he takes you out on library dates and he doesn't buy you books (bcs you can just borrow them from the library lol)
💙 sometimes when you reach the maximum amount of books you wanna read, he borrows some too and gives them to you after you leave the library
❤ ✨never let him go✨
💙 he helps you find lost overdue books, he takes you out on library dates, he glares at anyone who makes fun of you for reading
❤ this guy
💙 ✨this guys is a keeper✨
Tumblr media
Authors Note: I'm so sorry if it doesn't meet you're expectations. I'm new at this and I'm getting Zero requests so I have no idea what to do 🥲
I haven't proofread it either, which makes it even more trash. 😀
But if by some miracle, you enjoyed this post, please like, comment and follow! It may seem like something small to you but it means the world to me :))
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Fem fantasy AU bkdk 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lou-struck · 2 days ago
Bumper to Bumper
Katsuki Bakugou x Reader
~ The explosion hero acts a little villainous on his favorite Theme Park ride.
Bumper Cars
This is yet another part of my 300 followers event which you could find HERE.
Tumblr media
Although it took a lot of begging, pleading, and promises of affection, you finally managed to convince your boyfriend to go to the amusement park with you.
(Although you did have an inkling that he secretly wanted to go all along.)
It’s amazing how civilian wear can disguise even the most popular pro heroes when walking through a crowd. If Katsuki doesn't have a hero suit he can make it a whole day without being recognized. Especially when he is surrounded by so many sights and sounds that compete for their attention.
You happily go through your day of playing games and riding rides not getting interrupted by any ‘Extras’.
You can tell he has been enjoying himself as well but it's frustrating that Katsuki doesn't tell you what he wants to do. You may not be a telepath but you have gotten pretty good at guessing what he wants to do.
As of right now, you can tell that he wants to go in the bumper cars but isn't going to tell you. This makes you want to tease him just a bit. Leaning against his broad frame you hum. “Suki, what do you want to do next?”
“I dunno,” he shrugs “it all seems to be the same to me.” His seemingly indifferent attitude slightly infuriates you because you know he’s trying not to seem overly eager.
“You have to answer, Suki” you tease “Or else ill choose something that you really won't like.”
Clearing his throat he stares at you and clenches his fist, “You don't mean-”
“I do, if you don't pick a ride then we get to go on that one boat ride with the singing dolls.” 
Your threat reaches his ears and he clenched his jaw in defeat “Fine let's go in the bumper cars.” Happy that you have finally gotten a straight answer from your boyfriend you take his warm hand in yours and walk to the start of the line. 
You are able to see others enjoying themselves playing crashing into one another with the safety of the bumper cars. Some people are aggressive, and some people are downright brutal. You guess that’s why Bakugou likes them so much, pummeling villains during patrol is one thing, but he cant pummel a law-abiding citizen for inconveniencing him in public, not legally anyway.
The loophole that the attraction allows makes for the perfect outlet for his rage. He can hit people as hard as he wants to without consequence.
Suddenly something hard crashes into your shoulder. Turning your head you see that it is the group of rowdy teens behind you. They keep shoving eachother and just causing a scene that makes everyone around them uncomfortable.
“Hey, save the bumping for the cars.” you joke rubbing the spot on your arm. The teens continue to ignore you and one of them gets solved and steps on your foot hard. 
“Oi, watch it. Don’t ya see you’re bumping into people.” your boyfriend scolds coming to your defense. They roll their eyes and completely ignore him choosing instead to continue roughhousing. 
In response to the delinquent rudeness, He clenched his fist and is about to tell them off but you stop him. “Hey, let's ignore them for now. We’re next.”
With a shaky exhale he lets the tension out of his body but he still has a look of murder in his eyes. “Fine, they’re not worth it, but are you okay?”
“I’m fine, those little shits just need to be taught a lesson,” you grumble
With a nod, you step to the platform ready to get strapped into your car. Yours is an angry red color while Katsuki gets into an orange and black one that screams danger and destruction. 
You can feel the protective blood lust radiating off of him as he scans his regulated battleground spotting the teens from earlier getting into their own karts. When the gate closes and the buzzer sounds the car springs to life.
Katsuki speeds away on a warpath bashing into anyone and everyone in the way of his revenge, He crashes into the first car hard. It spins away as he continues on his destructive path grinning like a madman enjoying the fact he’s able to let out all of his aggression without actually hurting anyone.
For a moment you forget that you’re actually sitting in a bumper car yourself until someone rams into yours and causes you to spin into the edge. Play full blood list closet your vision as you two join your boyfriend on a destructive warpath.
You hit person after person watching them satisfyingly spin off into another group with a maniacal smirk on your face. You always keep an eye on Katsuki who still keeps targeting the teenagers laughing the ugliest chuckle you’ve ever heard. 
‘That’s my idiot’ you think to yourself as he once again crashes into the teens. you have a feeling they are so discombobulated they don’t know who or what is hitting them.
The ride ends and the cars come to a stop. Stretching your legs outside of a cramped car you see that some people don’t yet have their sea legs, they sway and clutch at the fence for balance like baby deer.
The group from earlier certainly is worse for wear, an attendant hast to physically help each of them out of the car as they stumbled to the gate. 
“I got ‘em,” your boyfriend's gruff voice declares behind you. Turning around you see him slightly swaying back-and-forth no doubt a result of his aggressive actions.
“ That wasn’t very heroic Suki.” You tease bumping into him slightly. He stumbles but recovers with a giddy expression on his face.
“Nah, I was just toughening them up a bit,” he mumbles, his cheeks a shade pinker than normal. Grabbing your hand in his larger one, he pulls you back towards the start of the line that's cleared out a bit after your display of goodnatured violence “Let’s go again!”
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Tumblr media
love them so much
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dailykrbk · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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The Boys Reacting Towards Your Quirk
Paring(s): Izuku Midoryia x reader, Shouto Todoroki x reader, Katsuki Bakugou x reader, Ejiro Kirishima x reader
Genre: this is more of a "meeting you for the first time", not really fluff but yeah
Warnings: little bit of violence, little bit of swearing, and bit of a lovestruck Kirishima
Your Quirk: Hyena and Fire
With your mother having a hyena quirk and your dad having a fire quirk, you happened to be one of the very few to inherit both of your parents quirks.
With the characteristics of a hyena, including ears, teeth, claws, and tail, and the ability to emit fire from your body (like shouto), you make for a very interesting student at UA.
Though, these quirks don’t come without side effects, as in; cut lips from teeth, having to constantly cut/file down your nails, overheating, burns from emitting certain temperatures of fire, lose of your voice if breathing fire, and sometimes immobility from overworking yourself.
In fact, your hyena quirk also comes with an ability to eat, and that means big meals and many many snacks. But that also means energy to burn and it’s easier to workout.
But guess what?? These boys wouldn’t love you any less.
Izuku Midoriya
You instantly catch his eyes at the UA entetance exam. With your unique laugh and your ability to slip out of opponents hands, he instantly starts making mental notes for his notebooks.
He’s shocked once he sees your fire as you blaze past him. His green eyes widen at the warm glory as you burn the ground behind you.
After the exam, he finds you holding ice to your face. Water dripping down your arms and your tomato colored face.
“You-You were really good out there!” Midoriya stammers.
You look up at his, eyes flitting over his form before nodding.
“Thank you. You were pretty good too, despite your broken arms,” You look between his bandaged arms.
He was like 1/8th of a mummy, though you wouldn’t tell him that. It’s rude.
“Midoriya,” The green haired boy introduces, “I hope you get into UA!! I-I’d love to see you around more!!”
“Me too, Midoriya. I hope to see you around,” Your flick your ears as a loud voice sounds over the speaker.
A few days after the entrance exam, you’re put into the hero provision course and training starts with Sensei Aizawa.
The girls of glass 1-A take a liking to you quick, with your strong, unladylike (as Mineta says) quirks.
The more you show your quirk and the more you train, the more Midoriya keeps writing his notebook. He’s drawn a little figure of you, arrows pointing to where your hyena quirk shows. He has detailed explanations all over your page.
Midoriya notices, after some weeks, training is noticeably hard for you.
The strong rays of the autumn sun wear you out fast. You overheat quickly. Training on shaky legs, blurry vision, and messy flame practice, Aizawa will let you take breaks in between training sessions.
After noticing this, Midoryia looks out for you. Going up to your guy’s intimidating teacher to tell him you need a break, and fetching you water and ice before going back to work.
Speaking of ice, at the end of the day, class 1-A often finds you laying outside in the shady, grassy part of the training area in a large pile of ice, which is quickly melting due to your heat.
Midoriya usually rushes over and makes sure you’re okay. After that, he sits beside you and talks about your guy’s day as the ice melts away.
After awhile of you and Midoriya’s ever growing friendship and being introduced to Uraraka, Iida, Todoroki, and Asui, you both start to start to take turns walking each other home, talking about both of your days.
Then the dorms come into place, and all of the 1-A class is living together. Which means getting closer to Midoriya, which you would like very much.
That means talking in the common area until curfew and walking each other to each other’s dorms.
The girls, now surrounded by your’s and Midoriya’s clear affection for each other and they tease you both constantly. Making you flustered, which makes your ears go down (making you look even more adorable with your pouty look). And making Midoryia flustered and stammering quite loudly, making you giggle to yourself a little bit.
After a few months of dorm living, you notice Midoriya getting nervous around you, more than he was before, and some weird feelings in your body.
You also notice Midoriya asking you to call him Izuku, and him beginning to become more affectionate and touchy with you.
Like for example, guiding you with his hand after a hard practice, holding onto your clothes or hand when he’s nervous, or even just straight up cuddling you on movie nights.
He even makes meals and snacks for you!!
Which you are extremely grateful for, with your never ending hunger.
Then after a few more months of slightly avoiding whatever feeling is in your body whenever you see Izuku around, Izuku asks to talk, outside preferably so no sneaky ears hear what he’s about to say.
“So I um.... I-I like you a lot!” He starts, “Like a lot! Kinda like... I-I have feelings for you and I kinda wanna be more than friends.. I’m not gonna force you into anything you don’t want to do! I just really wanted to get this off of my chest. It’s okay if you say no and-“
“Izuku,” You stop him.
He looks a little flustered at you saying his first name.
“I uh... I feel the same way. I think??” Your little tail wags behind you. “I always feel kinda weird when I’m around you, but like a good weird, y’know??”
He nods.
“So umm... I guess we feel the same way so-”
“Do you wanna be my girlfriend?” He asks, cutting you off.
You nod, and before you can say anything Izuku bring you into a lung crushing hug.
He even picks up in said hug!! Which is surprising cause he’s not that much taller than you, maybe by an inch or so.
—— ——
Shoto Todoroki
You don’t really catch his eye at first, as Todoroki is only at UA for “business only.” The only reason he knows of your existence because of your friendship with practically every girl in class 1-A, especially Uraraka, who he knows from Midoriya who is slowly forcing him into his little friendgroup (but Todoroki’s not complaining).
When you finally do catch his eye, you're a blazing glory of fire who is.... sprawled out on his ice looking like a very happy hyena girl who grins up at Uraraka who almost slips on his ice from laughing too hard.
Todoroki huffs a bit, going to the boy’s locker room to change.
A few weeks later, some pro-heros visiting UA decided to put class 1-A in a heat test, where the USJ is pumped with hot air. This is a test to see who does well in heat and who can adapt to the conditions.
Along with these conditions, opponents are added to the mix. 
You do great at first, but the fighting, sweating, and heat added from your quirk are causing some disadvantages. Which you could have not used in the moment.
You’re on top of a rocky ledge in the arena. Your weak legs shaking as you attempt to see through your blurry, spotty vision. You panic as you feel the edge of the cliff, almost slipping.
“Y/N!!” You hear one of the girls below shout. 
You turn.
One of the fake villains takes to your disadvantage, knocking you off your feet, and the cliff.
You catch yourself, digging your claws into the rock. But you already feel your weak arms giving out.
You blink and suddenly you’re falling. You hit something cold and hear an alarm, or bell maybe, ring out. But that’s all before you fall into your spotty vision.
You wake up later on, sun filtering in through the leaves over you. You squint, growling a little.
“L/N’s temperature’s gone down,” A gruff voices speaks from beside you.
Then, you notice the ice cold hand on your forehead.
You almost cry at the feeling. It feels so nice compared to the heat you felt only moments before.
You look to your left, opening your eyes just a little bit more. You see half white, half red hair and a scarred face looking down at you. His eyebrows furrowed as you both make eye contact. 
“She’s awake,” Todoroki says looking away.
You slowly sit up, your arms still shaky and you almost slip on the ice underneath you.
You settle against the tree, scrunching your eyes closed as a wave of dizziness overcomes you.
“What happened?” You ask, looking at Sensei Aizawa and Uraraka in front of you.
Uraraka shifts on her feet and fittles with her fingers. She looks between you and Todoroki before looking at Aizawa as he begins to speak.
“You overheated and passed out. Todoroki practically saved your life. You’re lucky where you fell, L/N,” Sensei Aizawa speaks, looking between you and Todoroki at the end of his explanation.
“You’re lucky it was Todoroki who caught you,” Recovery Girl speaks, coming into view. “Any more heat and your body would’ve gone into a shock. I’ve told the school and Aizawa to give you frequent breaks at your recommendation to prevent from this ever happening again.”
You nod.
Over the course of the next few weeks, you’re found with mysterious pre-made ice packs if Sensei Aizawa were taking your class to train out in the hot, autumn afternoon.
Todoroki often came to help you if you got too hot, and sometimes you even found him waiting for you outside of school. Him leaning against the entrance to the school, nonchalantly scrolling through his phone. But his eyes would always look up if he heard your loud laugh.
Along with this, a friendship blossoms between you too. Slowly, like a flower taking it’s time to unravel to it’s full glory.
Everyone else in class seems to notice this new friendship. Watching you two spend more and more time together over the weeks.
Like now. You and Todoroki sitting together outside of class 1-A’s dorms. It had been a hot day today, and as well manageable as the heat could be for other students, it was exhausting for you. So you sat with your forehead resting on the top of your hand, a cold water bottle in your other hand, and an ice cold wash rag resting on the back of your neck. To note, you also sat on Todoroki’s colder side.
“You know,” He started. “I’ve been the one leaving the ice packs. You know, the ones on your desk that are there on the days we go out.”
“I figured,” You nodded, lifting your head up to look up at your companion.
“How??” He questioned.
“Todoroki,” You started. “You’re the only one, out of our entire class, that vouches for my accommodations or makes sure I don’t get too hot while training. And if you’re done before me, you’re always waiting with a water. And you spread some ice on the ground for me to lay on.”
You listed off, all while looking Todoroki in his face. Your ears has perked up, showing your seriousness.
“I just got to make sure you’re okay, and healthy,” Todoroki said. “I care about you. You’re a good friend to me.”
That’s the first time Todoroki’s every straight up said he cared about you. It surprised you.
It was a few moments of silence before he spoke up again.
“You still hot?”
“A little yeah,” You answered.
The next action of his you could tell was awkward, but you can tell he put some thought into it.
Todoroki wrapped an arm around you, pulling you closer so you could rest your head on his shoulder. It felt nice to be up against his cold side like this. I guess being close with Todoroki had its quirks, literally!
—— ——
Katsuki Bakugo
There’s only been two times you really caught Bakugo’s eyes.
One time was during a false villain attack at the USJ, but the teacher’s hadn’t said anything beforehand. And another is at Christmas, when Bakugo was cooking.
During the villain attack, it had been an ambush. 1-A had been practicing in the USJ. Guards hadn’t been up too high, so it was a shock when false (unbeknownst to all of you) villains took over the building, your teacher and his companions nowhere to be found.
A couple students panicked, but there was only a few of you who jumped right into action. But you were part of the panicking few, finding yourself in a moment of weakness. You were in the false lake with Asui and Uraraka, and a few of the boys. And it’s the high pitched screaming of Aoyama that triggers the fight in your fight-or-flight instincts.
You order Asui to let Uraraka tether to her via tongue, and for Uraraka to carry you up some distance then throw you in the direction of the main land. The ladies do as told, and you’re a burning up astroid to Ayoama’s direction. Once you land, on top of the villain at your convenience, you’re burning up the sides of his face and hitting a pressure point that knocks them out quick.
You order Ayoama to safety as quick as possible, and are off to other jumble of villains, throwing yourself into the heat of battle.
Now this is where Bakugo sees you for the first time, and the beginning of his respect for you.
He’s trapped under a pile of villains, his hands growing sore at his constant blasting, to no avail. And with you in the heat of the battle, he feels your heat as you pick of Bakugo’s villains one by one. And you pick of his last by a pull by the hair and a nice knee to the back of their head, and down they go.
“C’mon, Firecracker,” Those were your first official words spoken towards him since the first day of school together as you hold your hand out towards the blond, who lay in the dirt.
Sweat dots your forehead, and you’re breathing heavily. But it looks like you’re ready to go right back into battle.
Bakugo grumbles as he takes your hand. His eyebrows scrunching and he refuses to look you in the eye.
You send him a wink before you’re off again. And all Bakugo can do is stand there until someone bumps into him, and he’s off in the opposite direction.
And at the end, when all the false villains are taken down. Sensei Aizawa and his companions come in, standing at the top of the stairs into the USJ.
“Well done,” Aizawa praises.
Recovery Girl and a couple helpers come in to collect the false villains as Aizawa and his companions give your group critiques before sending you to the main campus locker rooms to freshen up before your next class.
And it’s Kirishima and Sero that tease Bakugo on the way back about his lord and savior during the heat of the battle. And they’re not exactly quiet about it either. But you pay no mind, walking back with your girls.
And when Christmas comes around, Bakugo’s cooking and serving the meals. Though he’s having to cook as he serves, as people keep coming back for more. And among those people, you, one very hungry hyena.
By now, you’ve served up your second fixing of Bakugo’s Oyakodon, which was delicious by the way. And you’re definitely letting everyone know in the dorm living room that this dish was delicious.
“This is so good, what the hell?!” You raved, your little hyena tail wagging.
Most, if not all, at the dinner table agreed.
“Who knew Firecracker could cook this good?” You poke fun, nudging Kirishima with your elbow.
With the dining table not too far from the kitchen, Bakugo hears all this praise. And to be honest, it only fills his already huge ego. And you only fill it more by coming back for your third bowl of the Oyakodon.
You sit alone at the dining table, eyes shining like a little kid in a candy store and you're tail wagging a million miles an hour with every bite you take.
He never knew a girl could eat so much, and keep coming back for more. And Bakugo finds himself watching you, even while the class helps him clean up at the end of the night.
—— ——
Ejiro Kirishima
Honestly, you probably caught his eye right off the bat like Midoriya. He thinks your quirks are so cool. He thinks it's so cool that you can match Bakugo's fire and also probbaly beat Kirishima in a fight. He'd probably have major respect for you if you did, well more than he has already.
Kinda like now.
Class 1-A was doing a mixture of sparing and wrestling for the morning today. Sensei Aizawa had put you all in unusual pairs, which landing you and Kirishima as partners.
You'd started the day off with sparing, took and break, and now you're in the middle of wrestling.
Kirishima was overpowering you at the moment, and he looked pretty proud of himself. Up until you took advantage by tripping his vulnurable leg and flipped you both around. You're on top now, legs on either side of him and you hold him down by his wrists above his head, smoking billowing from your nose.
A bell rang, singnaling the end of your class.
You got up, huffing out a sigh and smiling down at your companion. And he looked at you with a dumb, lovestruck expression. He's absolutely wrapped your sharp claws now.
"C'mon," You held out a hand to the red head. "Let's go get some food."
That's right! It was lunch time now. Some cold water would be nice right now.
He took your hand and you hoisted Kirishima up, almost lifting him off his feet.
Kirishima followed you as you took off towards the dorms to get changed. He barely heard Bakugo call him over as he watched you. To say the red head had a crush on you was a bit of an understatement.
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callmemrsbakugou · 16 hours ago
How do you think Bakugo would break up with his s/o after realizing he has fallen out of love?
High school Bakugo would be ruthless, I think. Like the moment he knows it’s over for him, he’d talk to you right away. He’ll ask you to meet him by your usual meeting place and then you’ll see him there waiting with some of your belongings he thought you might want back.
He’ll keep it simple and short. “It’s over. I’m sorry.”
ProHero Bakugo would be more empathetic. He’ll feel bad for falling out of love and for wasting your time. But he knows staying with you when he no longer feels the same would just be cruel and prolong the inevitable.. He would try to get you to break up with him though by making you feel he’s not interested in the relationship anymore. He would respond late to your messages or not at all. Would decline any efforts on your side to turn things around like going on dates or trips out of town. Would flat out say things like, “I just do not have any damn time to waste on you, Y/n. I’m already so fucking exhausted all the time. I just want to spend my days off in peace. Alone.”
And when the time comes that it finally became clear to you that he doesn’t want you anymore, you decide to let him go.
It doesn’t hurt less though when he just looked indifferent and said. “I’ll go get my things in your apartment when you leave for work tomorrow.”
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writersmorgue · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Thanks for submitting @maroononthemoon !!!!!
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lanaxians · 20 hours ago
reader x someone idk BUT
said someone is a dom and is scolding y/n about being stubborn/a brat when they’re just looking out for them. “someone” doesn’t realize that y/n is ACTUALLY in a mood and not IN the mood.
they carry them upstairs spewing off about a spanking and them getting punished for having an attitude and y/n is limp over their shoulder, pouting. when y/n is thrown on the bed they land on their side, face in the sheets, silent as a mouse.
someone goes off about “oh so you have nothing to say? what happened to all that shit you were fronting earlier??” silence. they start counting down from 3 yada yada.
like boo, y/n is sad. not exactly horny.
they don’t realize it until they climb on the bed and order y/n on their stomach and she still refuses to move. afterwards they’re rattling off apology after apology, asking if they were too mean or if y/n was scared of them.
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k4tsukissi · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
just imagining katsu giving you small things to make you feel loved cause babe is not good w his words.
like you’d be sitting on his bed in his dorm waiting for him after school mindlessly scrolling through your phone, and you hear the door open. ofc you know its katsu cause no one other than you and him know the passcode of his door lock. so you just softly say, “hey baby welcome back.” not looking up from your phone.
he shuts the door and you hear him grumble smthing under his breathe, but still your phone is a little too interesting so you’re still very invested in wtv you’re watching on tiktok.
“oi dumbass.” he finally says kinda irritated that you havent even looked at him once.
you hum and finally face your pretty boy who’s standing near the bed with the pretties flower bouquet in his hands, his cheeks as red as a tomato.
“is this for me?” you say in awe of the bouquet and your boyfriend for being so thoughtful.
“ofcourse ‘ts f'you, who else would i buy flowers for?” he grumbles like the gremlin he is, a cute gremlin though.
you stand up from the bed and hold the bouqet in your hands, “'ts so pretty 'suki jus’ like you.” you say as you place a kiss on his tomato red face, “so thoughtful f'me, my pretty baby.” you continue, running your fingers through his ash blond hair, causing him to turn even redder if that was possible in the first place.
“y-yeah whatever, dumbass.” he stutters as he tilts his head to the left so you can’t see his flushed face, which he fails miserably at cause you cup his face in both of your hands and start peppering him with kisses, you kiss his forehead, the tip of his nose, his cheeks and finally give a small peck on his lips
“you’re too good too me, i love you 'suki <3” you mumble against the side of his lips before hugging him and wrapping your feet around his torso, “so good f'me, i love you so so so much.”
“i love ya too dumbass."he says with a genuine smile on his face.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
I just couldn't get this out of my head this morning so here we are
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thewriters64 · 2 days ago
The Stranger He Wouldn’t Forget
Song to listen to ~ Substance 03 Greedo slowed + reverb
He was having a bad day, a very bad day, physically, and mentally, he felt judged, he felt like everyone was looking at him like everyone was thinking the absolute worst of him until he bumped into you. He was storming down the sidewalk not looking where he was going when he bumped into you while you were walking out of a flower shop.
Watch where you're going! He screamed at you fist balled up and face turning red.
You look up at him and softly smile, what’s wrong? You innocently ask your eyes wide with curiosity, face slightly flushed.
Why would I tell you! He screamed again, not caring if he was causing a scene, he knew it was wrong to feel relief when yelling at you.
Sometimes it is better to tell a stranger about what's wrong instead of your friends. You responded in an airy tone that made him stare at you with an unreadable expression.
Huffing he sat down on the edge of the sidewalk glaring at you before huffing, you looked down at your feet smiling before sitting down next to him staring at traffic.
I’m having a bad day, I feel like everyone is judging me with every decision I make, and I feel like everyone is questioning my leadership, like can’t people just take my word and let me do what I know how to. He gripped his hair glaring into the traffic.
You look at him softly smiling. Eh, who cares what people think, you do you, and if they’re questioning you remind them why you’re a leader. Pulling a flower out of the Boca of flowers you had, handing one to him. I hoped this helped.
He turned his head to look into your e/c eyes, slowly taking the flower from you, feeling the warmth of your hand. He felt his face start to flush, and he turned his head away from you twirling the flower in his fingers. He felt you get up the whiff of your perfume hit his nose, and he closed his eyes inhaling, turning his head as he watched as you disappeared into the crowd.
Looking down at the flower he got up gently putting it in his pocket as he walked in the opposite direction. A small smile carved its way onto his face, he’ll remember you, his heart won’t let him forget.
Bakugou Katsuki, Tomura Shigaraki, Dabi, Hitoshi Shinso, Enji Todoroki, Megumi Fushiguro, Ryomen Sukuna, Geto Suguru, Gojo Satoru, Kentaro Kyotani, Tobio Kageyama, Rintaro Suna, Tsukishima Kei, Osamu Miya,
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bkdk-lover-simp · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
source :
(づ ◕‿◕ )づ
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siflshonen · 6 months ago
“I could fix him”; “I could make him worse!” Why??????? Why all this DIY???? I just wanna stand over his shoulder and see what he can possibly fuck up next
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bakugo with a quiet s/o but becomes a hothead in fights
Honestly, people have no idea how you and Firecracker over there are in a relationship. You're so quiet and nice. And he's so... loud and destructive.
You get along with everyone in the class. All the girls and guys love you, Mineta a little too much.
And Bakugo only has his little group of "extras" that he can't seem to get rid of.
It's only when a minor group of villians disrupts your groups afternoon out on the town, is when people realize how you can handle Bakugo.
Everyone's nice, sweet, and oh so quiet classmate is a monster in battle. Defeating one enemy and turning around to strangle another to the ground. Your fierceness almost matches everyone's feared hothead, and you only beg for more.
And when the fight is over, everyone realizes that your quietness is only a mask. And everyone seems to have a bit more respect for you, even when you came out of the fight with barely a scratch, much like your companion.
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callmemrsbakugou · 9 hours ago
How does Bakugou handle being broken up with when he’s still deeply in love with you?
When you asked him to finally end things, everything would come crashing down on him. He'll realize all his shortcomings and would beat himself up for letting shit get this far that you would want to end the relationship. He'll look at you and ask if this is what you really want, if this is what would make you happy.. and even though it's killing him, he'll let you go.
You'll think that was that and you'll set yourself to start anew. But then the next few days, you'll see him come to work absolutely dreadful. His infamous attitude would dial up a notch and he'd take his anger out on anyone.
You knew Bakugo is a proud man. So when he comes knocking at your door after a few months, and practically grovels at your feet, begging you to take him back , you were surprised.
He's not drunk but he's a mess. You have never seen him this wrecked before. Hell, not even his parents or closest friends.
You'll finally realize just how much he does love you..
But it's too late now.
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