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#bakugo katsuki
lace-bun · 2 days ago
sucking them off → bnha
Tumblr media
including; bakugo katsuki • todoroki shoto • midoriya izuku • kirishima eijirou
warnings; deepthroating, cum-eating, petnames, degradation, throat fucking
a/n; i’m happy to be kirishima’s cumdump ♥︎
Tumblr media
⤷ oh my god yes. your mouth feels so good taking his cock like the pretty cum slut you are. of course, the more you suck him off the faster he begins rolling his hips into your throat. by the time he’s close to cumming, he uses your mouth like a suction machine, whining loudly while calling you his “little cockslut.” he makes you swallow all of his cum like the “good girl you are.”
⤷ the pretty boy acts all innocent and sweet but although he thought he had self control, he goes feral with your lips sucking him off. he calls out your name endlessly, finishing off all over your face and tits with their satisfied sigh. “i need to treat you for being so well behaved.” patting his thigh because he knows what you want. and of course he’s willing to give it to you. watching you cum so pretty. fuck. he can’t get enough.
⤷ he has a meek personality. big dick though. he nearly falls apart, high pitched whines of “sorry—‘m sorry—~” while he fucks your throat. of course he’s not sorry. he knows you love it. just watching your eyes roll back, drool coating your swollen lips has him cumming almost immediately. you just feel so good, definitely not as good as your pussy walls but almost there. prepare for you to be absolutely ruined by the end of this session.
⤷ you already know the man is packing, he insists that you don’t have to, but the moment your nose bumps against his abdomen, he’s submitting. holding onto whatever he can, eyebrows creased and voice aching with pleasure. repeating the words, “god god god so good y/n~, like that—“ and then he cums thick, gooey ropes of semen all over your face. there will be a round two, believe me.
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fever-dreamer97 · 2 days ago
Izuku: Kacchan, you’ve been super harsh lately with Todoroki-kun. What’s up?
Bakugo: Hah? When have I been harsh with half and half?
- Last Week -
Todoroki, eating and minding his business:
Bakugo: Look at that bitch eating chicken. *screams at him* WHY ARE YOU EATING CHICKEN, BITCH?
Todoroki, confused while chewing:
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thingsoverheardatua · a day ago
Aizawa: Since I’m going to be gone for a while, I’ve left a complimentary bowl of advice. For example. [picking a piece of paper from the bowl] ‘Bakugou, stop doing that.’ Just applies to everything.
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softmitsuya · a day ago
BNHA + Kinks (pt. 1)
CHARACTERS: Kaminari Denki, Bakugo Katsuki, Kirishima Eijiro, Ashido Mina, Sero Hanta
WARNINGS: this is all about kinks, idk what else you expected (tagged as “tw kinks” and “tw kink mention” bc i’m limited to 30 tags)
switch (50/50)
daddy kink that started as a joke
electrostimulation (aka shocking his partner(s))
titty fucking
cucking (receiving aka being cucked)
masochist (slap him in the face😩)
temperature play (duh)
size kink
also a switch
brat AND brat-tamer (i will actually argue with anyone who tries to tell me otherwise)
cucking (giving aka cucking others)
lowkey a sadist
switch (either a soft!dom <- more likely, or a service sub)
size kink
actually just has a daddy kink
body worship
mating press
pegging obv
double penetration
another switch
praise (giving)
nipple play
bondage (giving)
ass play (giving + receiving)
breathplay / choking (giving + receiving)
hair pulling
© softmitsuya 2021
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greendoriya · 12 hours ago
— i like u
friends with benefits seemed easy enough—until one of you started to catch feelings, and you knew it wasn’t him.
pairing: bakugou katsuki x reader
content: fluff, mild angst, some adult content but it doesn’t really go there. the characters are all grown up for this by the way!
warnings: none! just some mentions of smut like i said but its p fine
inspired by the niki song of the same title. i suggest u listen so u can ~feel~ it a bit better !!
YES I AM ALIVE casually disappeared for like a year to focus on academics and applications and stuff but it’s almost christmas break and hey i missed writing so why not ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) anyw i hope u guys r doing fine and to those who were waiting for me to post something… anything… i’m sorry it took a year here’s an honorary cookie for ur wait ily
Tumblr media
This was where you found yourself every Friday night.
Him atop you as he stole kisses in between ragged breaths. Steady hands securing your hips in place, digging into white duvet, moaning each other’s name like a mantra that slipped out of your tongue with every thrust of pleasure you received. He was always so strong, so determined, that your highs were always quick to come once the two of you got onto it.
And you’d wake up, Tokyo morning sun radiating like rays dancing on the white cloth, waking you out of your dazed trance. Intertwined between sheets, his worn-out t-shirt on you as he laid there by your side shirtless, staring down at his best friend he brought to heaven the night before. Whenever he felt like everything was going to hell, he’d call you, the first number on his contact list—the only person who had seen him through his short-fused explosive phase to the number two hero he was now. His crimson red eyes were always the first thing to greet you on those fateful Saturday mornings, but they were no match with the content smile on his face that he showed no one else but, well, you.
Bakugou Katsuki was a gentleman. As hard as it was to believe, especially for those who were around during high school, it consistently rang true. Like in these mornings as he asked you to stay and made you breakfast in his exquisite high-ceilinged apartment. He always wanted to hear your thoughts about his cooking, on what he could improve, and if ever you were staying over again, what you’d want next (but you already knew the answer to that).
One thing about Katsuki was he never got tired of listening to your drabbling about work. Right now, it was about that stupid sidekick that has been hitting on you for weeks now, despite you blocking them with a clear dragged out no every time. He would chuckle at your little gestures, carefully observing every detail his best friend had, and thought about how he was the lucky man to run his hands through them every week.
He had told you before to move to his agency. Though these little rants of yours were nothing short of entertaining, Katsuki was well-aware that in between those tales lies a bitter truth that you were not well within his reach, and he couldn’t protect you if another pervert tried to touch you again. And you always told him you wanted to—needed to, even, but your boss kept shrugging off your now-piles of resignation papers down the shredder. You were a big asset, after all—a UA graduate, top of your class, a pretty strong quirk, and an excellent internship rating. But Bakugou knew they only saw you for your credentials, not at all as a human who was protecting other humans, and made a mental note to blast your boss’s face sometime he’s free within this week. He reasoned to himself: it was only make him aware of what he was going to be dealing with if he keeps on treating you any less of the hero you are.
It was those little things about your best friend that had you lying awake at night, legs still sore from the action just a few days prior. You had been trying to sleep for the last hour, staring up at the ceiling, basically memorizing its patterns. You wanted to be frustrated with yourself—angry that you thought he could even look at you in that way.
You see, when two people have cramped-up schedules, half a decade of youth still left to live, and raging hormonal impulses—they resort to a little arrangement called friends with benefits. In short, they do stuff couples do: kiss, make out, stay over, call each other and ask them about their day, take care of the one who’s sick from overpatrolling, but most of all, meet each other at a certain time, a certain place to make love. There was no commitment, no red strings, no feelings involved, just two people trying to satisfy their needs through someone else’s. That’s what you told yourself every night.
Until that time he sent you a bouquet of tulips to your office and the blood on your cheeks told you otherwise.
“Katsuki,” you whispered through the phone, voice rough from the bloodrush. “What in the world is this?”
“A gift?” he replied, so casually that it was driving you insane. “I thought you’d like it.”
“I do, but,” you sucked in a breath, looking at the florist holding out a contract for you to sign. “Did you really have to do this at my office?”
“You overwork yourself hard enough,” he nagged, hearing him adjust something on the other end of the phone. Katsuki shouted something to the person calling out at him, then returned to you. “Listen, I’m on patrol right now, but take those. I already paid for them. And don’t feel obligated to come to my apartment later tonight because of that. I just don’t want to be a shitty best friend, that’s all.”
The flowers laid in a vase on your desk, causing your co-heroes to gawk at the stunning arrangement of black and orange tulips adorning your otherwise plain workspace. You weren’t big on decorations, after all, since you were a hero and didn’t stay there often. The flowers finally gave your desk some much needed color.
And it pissed you off. It pissed you off how he said it so casually, how he managed to make your heartbeat not too far from a hummingbird’s, and how he took time out of his day, his most beloved hero job, to get you a gift.
But what pissed you off the most was the fact that all of the grandeur was because he thought of you as his best friend who needed relief.
You mentally slapped yourself. You were being distracted. You were not falling for Katsuki, you just liked how he felt inside you, how perfect he fit into you, and the rest of those feelings for him were platonic.
But why did he have to rummage through your thoughts every single night?
“Do you ever get tired?” you blurted out.
He poured the freshly-brewed coffee into two mugs, adding milk on yours just the way you liked it. “Doing what?”
“Running through my mind every night.”
Your hands flew to your mouth as soon as the words came out, cheeks starting to redden from embarrassment. You were not supposed to say that. Right then and there, you wished for anything that could get you out of there—maybe even a dang UFO—so it could spare you from the shame about to come.
But Katsuki turned around, two mugs in hand, putting them on the counter behind you to look you straight in the eye. His calloused hands, shaped by years of explosions, made it to your heated face, not really helping with the fluster you were feeling at that moment. He carefully pulled your fingers away, setting them on your lap to hold your chin tenderly.
“Only if you tell me why you made me fall for my own best friend.”
And then you woke up.
Feeling slightly frustrated for whatever reason, you threw your pillow to the wall, running a hand through your hair and catching shaky breaths.
Great, he made it into to your dreams, too.
Your stare buried into the duvet covering your lower body. You ran a hand through your face, planning on getting up to get a cup of water and watch Netflix instead. Because dreaming of him again would not help with your current predicament.
This is all your fault, Bakugou Katsuki.
“Oi, what’s your problem?”
And you forgot that you were sleeping over at his place that night.
His voice was low and gravelly as he turned around to look at your side of the bed. You averted your gaze, wanting to shrug it off.
“Nothing.” You raised your chin up. “I’m fine.”
“No, you’re not,” he simply responded, getting up to his knees to sit next to you. “Bad dream?”
You tried not to look at his chiseled chest just there for your gazing glory, and the sweatpants that you swore were about to fall off with how loose they were around his waist. He was so oblivious to the thoughts running around your head it was insane. Why did he have to be shirtless at this time?
“No.” You wanted to be adamant. “I told you, I’m fine.”
“Waking up at 3AM practically having an asthma attack isn’t fine, (Y/N).” Katsuki crossed his arms, looking at the side of your face. “You’re choosing the wrong person to lie to.”
Your hands flew up in defeat. “Fine, then I’m not fine. How could I ever lie to you, huh?”
“Damn right you know. You’ve been my annoying best friend for two decades. I practically have you memorized, whether I like it or not.”
There it was again. That damned best friend title. The situation was starting to become tolerable, but that label just had to come up, right? You felt your chest tighten, knowing well what you were about to say next.
“I think we should stop this,” you said, finally meeting up to look at him.
The blonde let out a guttural chuckle until his eyes met yours, seeing no hint of mischief behind the irises he knew too well.
“But... why?” was all he managed to stutter.
Of course, a half-ass excuse would be better than to tell him hey, I’ve been constantly thinking of you quite unhealthily for the past two months now, and if I don’t pry myself away from you in the next three minutes I might just ruin our friendship.
To be continued…
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xkatchan · a day ago
Trope where Bakugo says shit he means... including his feeling. Part 7
Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Bakugo: hey fuckmunch!
Kirishima: hi bro!♡
Bakugo: you
Bakugo: me
Bakugo: dating
Bakugo: right now
Kirishima: you and me dating??
Kirishima: i didn't know we're dating?
Mina: oh. My poor baby shark...
Bakugo: we weren-
Bakugo: actually...
Bakugo: yes. We were. Whether you fucking like it or not. I'll fucking smother you to death if not
Kirishima: okay!♡
Kaminari: what in the fuck-
Bakugo: good
Bakugo: now fucking hold my hand
Kirishima, grabs Bakugo's hand:
Kirishima: i'm so excited! I didn't know bros could date eachother!
Sero: i didn't know either-
Bakugo: we were dating for months. Didn't you know this, stupid?
Sero: don't lie to him-!
Bakugo: we're fucking boyfriends and shit
Kirishima, excited: nope! I can't believe my best bro is my boyfriend! You take good care of me!
Sero: oh my all might fuck-
Kirishima: GASP
Kirishima: we've been together for so long and we didn't even kiss!?
Mina: oh, my sweet innocent baby boy♡
Bakugo, mutters shyly: ...wanna fucking kiss now?
Kirishima, beams excitedly: CAN WE!?-
Sero: okay. No. Fucking back it up. PG-13 here. We don't need to see that
Kaminari: but Bakubro's mouth isn't PG-13-
Sero: I SAID PG-13!
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snowymaltese · a day ago
don't wanna talk about spoilers, so here's the popularity poll results!!
Tumblr media
i will die mad about Izuku being in second place, idgaf if that makes me petty
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its-funnier-at-night · 17 hours ago
Deku: At least we have the element of surprise
Rody: Exactly, not even we know what we’re doing
Deku: I know what I’m doing, and that’s waiting for the signal
Rody: Are you sure it was a good idea to let Bakugo and Todoroki handle the signal?
Deku: Of course, I trust them completely
Rody: ….what even is the signal?
Deku: We’ll know it when we see it
[Building explodes and topples to the ground in a cloud of smoke]
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zenaiide · 19 hours ago
bakugo gets really emotional sometimes, when you hold his face gently in your hands and tell him you love him. he has to choke back a sob, and blink away the tears in his eyes before you notice. has to cover it up with a frown and a snarky remark before he lets it get the better of him. because he's never known such gentleness. has never allowed himself such gentleness. and it overwhelms him. makes him wonder if he even deserves it. makes him wonder why he's being shown it in the first place. what do you want from him?
but of course you see his inner turmoil, the fear barely kept at bay behind his gaze that's focused on you. and you take his bullshit in stride, just grinning up at him, thumbs running softly over his cheeks as if he's the most fragile thing you've ever come across (and perhaps he is). eyes shining, happy, telling him it's okay. he doesn't have to hide. not with you. not ever. you'll take him as he comes and you'll love him. because he deserves good things. because he's enough.
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friendlytacosyumyum · a day ago
Moral Of The Story
deku x gn!reader, slight bakugo x gn!reader
Warnings: infidelity, reader gets cheated on, angst, angst with no happy ending, really just depressing
word count: 709
a/n: wanted to write angst to this song !! so sorry that it's more deku abuse but he's so easy to write for oml
You were packing your things, old photos, clothes, birthday presents, etc. Tears slipped down your face slowly as you smiled at the memories which were once happy.
Some mistakes get made, that's alright, that's okay.
Folding another shirt, you sealed the box, taking the last one out to your car. On your way out, you saw your fiancé rushing into the house, worry on his face.
"(y/n)? Where are you going??"
You smiled softly, another tear slipping down your cheek.
"I'm leaving, Midoriya."
His face morphed into one of realization.
"I didn't mean it! It was a one-time thing, c'mon (y/n), we can talk about this! Please don't go-"
He was begging now, babbling on about something or other. You finally got the box into the trunk of your car.
You can think that you're in love when you're really just in pain.
Memories flooded your brain as you stared at him one last time. Your first kiss, first date, first everything. How you moved in together right after high school, how people said you were meant to be. The way he laughed with you and the way he held you when you cried. How he started his hero job and you designed his costumes, his support gadgets, everything. How he brought you as his plus one everywhere.
"When did it start?" You asked, voice cracking as you looked away, unable to face him.
Some mistakes get made, that's alright, that's okay.
Midoriya hesitated, his story from before changing. "It didn't start! I never did anything with her, we didn't sleep together, I promise!"
You stopped listening after he said he didn't do anything with her. You'd seen the smiles, the texts that should've been meant for you, the way he'd been coming home much later than normal, blaming it on hero work.
You knew all of it was a lie.
Bakugo said he always left at 5 on the dot, and his office was a half-hour away, so why was he stumbling in through the door at midnight, changed out of his costume into a wrinkled suit and loosened tie?
He stopped taking you out on dates, to parties, stopped hanging out with you. You missed him, missed his warmth, the late night movie sessions and paperwork you helped him fill out (he still can’t figure out the tax forms-).
In the end, it's better for me, that's the moral of the story babe.
He was still talking, desperate for you to stay. You cut him off out of nowhere, words hesitant and soft. "I talked to my mother the other day," you started, shifting back and forth.
Talking to my mother, she said "Where'd you find this guy?"
"Told her about how stuff had changed, y'know?"
You took a shaky breath, glancing at Midoriya before continuing.
Said young people fall in love with the wrong people sometimes.
"She asked me where I'd found you all those years ago, and I- I told her that I'd fallen in love with the wrong person."
More tears fell as you looked at him through bleary eyes and a teary smile.
Izuku's face fell as he realized he couldn't fix this. There wasn't a way to put something that'd been crumbled to dust back together.
"Hope you're happy with her, 'Zuku. I really do. If I couldn't make you happy- if I couldn't make you laugh or smile, I hope she can."
Some mistakes get made, that's alright, that's okay.
You got into your car and drove. You drove for what felt like forever, with no destination in mind. Eventually, you came to a stop in front of a house you knew all too well. Laying your head on the wheel, you let the tears fall while you contemplated what to do next. A knock on the window made you look up.
You can think that you're in love when you're really just engaged.
"(y/n)? What are you doing here? Where's Deku?"
Opening the car door, you stepped outside and opened the trunk.
"He cheated on me," you said, shrugging with a sad smile.
"I'll kill him-"
Putting a hand up, you stopped him.
"No, it's alright, I'm okay. It's better for me, really. I'd rather be alone than be in pain."
Some mistakes get made, that's alright, that's okay.
As you walked into the house with Bakugo, moving your boxes out of the car and into his spare room, all you could think about was your (ex) fiancé.
"It'll be okay," was all he said as you ate takeout together and watched a movie.
You nodded.
In the end, it's better for me, that's the moral of the story.
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ao3kiribaku · 2 days ago
Coffee Cups and Cigarette Butts by @kirikiriwhoops on Ao3
Ch 12
Me seeing Eijirou's suffering:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Don’t know how to feel about Sho and his sass this chapter. 
Now, let’s adress the stupidity in the room. The denial is so strong that he managed to jump to the most preposterously absurd conclusion. For all the gods, how can someone be this dumb?
Kami needs his quirk in this AU to fire up Eijirou’s circuits.
Tumblr media
Denki and Hitoshi enlightening Kirishima’s brain next chapter: 
Tumblr media
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angelsdevils · 2 days ago
Bakugo's Love Letter
Love Letter Masterlist
Tumblr media
Hey Teddy Bear,
I noticed you have been spending a lot less time with me and more with that damn nerd. I am not saying I am jealous, but I hope you don’t fall for him. That would hurt a lot. I love you so fucking much. So it would really suck if you are falling for him. I mean I guess I could be happy for you if you do, but I can actually protect you and love you. I know I don’t show it all the time, that’s because I am not sure how. Maybe you can show me. I find myself wanting to wrap my arms around you and lay my head on your shoulder. I want to kiss your cheek, your lips, cuddle you. I guess what I am trying to say is I want you to be my girlfriend. So will you?
Please consider supporting me on Ko-Fi.
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room25-morgue-street · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
This gave me big “Brother Bear” vibes c:
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bnha-babbling · 2 days ago
Headcanon that because Bakugo does a lot with food he pays attention to his classmates around the subject. And he made sure to section off part of a cabinet for his own cooking, to begin with and so he started putting things in there that he doesn't need, snacks or other nonperishables loaded with nutrients and proteins. And then went around to a couple of his classmates who might have issues with food from abuse (Todoroki), food insecurity (Uraraka), or disordered eating (Yaoyorozu) so if they ever need to stock up in their room for a hard day or don't feel comfortable eating in front of others they can just grab something and sneak away. He of course swears them all to secrecy and they never speak of it again but it's always there
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bnhatxtpostz · a day ago
Ok, ok, okay: BkDk Where:
Bakugou realizes his feelings for Izuku, but instead of admitting them, he becomes his secret admirer. He leaves him sweets, he sends him surprises, he sends him letters, he does elaborate little situations to make him happy.
BUT he also always critiques these things (bc when isn’t he next to Izuku?). Like:
“Wow, someone who’s this into you? They must be a loser.”
“Ugh, they call that a decent baked good? Looks like the idiot got distracted watching tv or something and let them burn.”
“I bet this guy is ugly as fuck, you shouldn’t get attached.”
And then thissss leads to his other friends thinking that he’s jealous of this secret admirer guy. They’re like “whoa, man, just ask him out if you’re so insecure about it?”
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