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I’m going to have a taglist for each character (Bakugou/Todoroki/Kaminari/Kirishima/Deku) so make sure to specify which character(s) taglist you would like to be added to!

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Every kind of love takes time and patience to blossom. Our love for ourselves, for friends, family or lovers…It’s something you’ll have to work on.

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Deku: Percy

They’re both the main protagonists of their series. Deku has extreme hero complex, and so does Percy. Neither of them can resist helping their friends.

Yaoyorozu: Annabeth 

They’re both smart, and they both think practically. The only difference that bothers me is that Yaoyorozu has (had) a problem with self-confidence and had to prove to herself that she was good enough, when Annabeth has a strong sense of pride.

All Might: Chiron

Both characters hold some sort of a teacherly, fatherly role. They’re both pretty much “leaders” or people in charge.

Bakugo: Clarisse

Both Bakugo and Clarisse are protagonists but play the “tough guy” in the story. Neither of them are officially villains, although in the beginning of both the book series and the anime both these characters pose some sort of antagonism. They’re both the “good” character who’s just kind of an asshole. 

Kota Izumi: Nico

Nico gets older, but both of them are pretty much kids. (Yes, I’m aware Nico is like 80 technically but physically he is or was a child). However, when Kota starts out grumpy but changes, Nico starts out as a sunny kid and then turns kind of dark. Of course, Nico is happier in ToA, but for the most part in PJO he’s a moody boi. They both look up to their respective “Percy’s” after being saved. 

That’s all for now

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The toxic seeps through

Genre: angst then fluff

A katsuki bakugo, hitoshi shinso and denki kaminari x reader

A/n: couldn’t think of different plots so its just the same plot but in different circumstances lmao (don’t worry i gave different symptoms). I also chnaged it from bully to ex-friend! Requests are open with 9 slots so please request anything! Let’s get on with it!

Katsuki bakugo


Originally posted by bokenoboke

  • Bakugo invited you to a new ice cream parlor that opened up, you happily obliged!
  • You stopped to look at the parlor and all the people, when you caught a familiar face.
  • You froze, causing bakugo to look at you with a scowl.
  • “let’s go (y/n). If we keep waiting here we’ll never get your ice cream.”
  • “r-right!”
  • When you reached the front of the line, you see your ex-friend at the counter, serving customers. When she sees you, she started to smirk.
  • “hey (y/n), been awhile… What flavor do you want?”
  • “u-um… Strawberry-”
  • “i’ll get vanilla.” bakugo said without emotion.
  • “okay…” she smiled, an unnerving smile while she got their ice cream.
  • What you both didn’t see your ex-friend put something else in your ice cream.
  • Bakugo paid and sat you down at one of the chairs.
  • You hesitantly took a couple of bites of your ice cream, thinking about that smile that your ex-friend gave you.
  • Your boyfriend looked at you, you looked paler, you looked into his eyes and he saw your eyes dilating and your breathing becoming shallow and faster.
  • “(y/n)? (y/n)? Dammit!” he shouted, standing up and supporting your body up, your arm over his shoulder.
  • That was last thing you heard before you blacked out.
  • You woke up back into your shared bedroom, bakugo over by the desk, seemingly writing an email to someone.
  • He looked back and sees you staring. He stood up and sat at the edge of the bed.
  • “that face you made while we were ordering looks like you know that bitch who made that ice cream. Don’t worry, they’ll be fired soon enough. I’ll make sure they’ll never get a job again, got it?”
  • He gave you his signature smirk and laid down next to you, nuzzling into your neck.
  • Soon enough, the news broadcasted a girl getting fired from work after ground zero revealed what she did to you.
  • You first thought she didn’t deserve it. But the way she treated you, made you think she really did deserve that.

Hitoshi shinso


Originally posted by lummophoenix

  • Shinso asked you out to the movies that day.
  • He knew how much you loved this franchise you guys were about to watch.
  • Once you walked in, and went up to get popcorn, that face immediately hit you.
  • “(y/n)! Been awhile! How about some popcorn on the house yeah?”
  • Shinso was abit unnerved by this girl with a very creepy smile as she talked to you but he didn’t question it.
  • You nervously smiled as she handed you some popcorn with a bit of a greasy sheen on top and sent you on your way.
  • You took a couple of bites before entering the theater when you the world started to spin around you.
  • You dropped the popcorn and held your head. You saw the distorted face of shinso before the world faded to black.
  • You come back to shinso carrying bridal style as he was shouting at your ex-friend by the counter.
  • Shinso storms off, calling someone on his phone with one hand while he carries you with the other.
  • He gets a cab and takes you both home.
  • Once he sees you awake on his lap, he starts to comb his fingers through your hair.
  • “that girl isn’t going to bother anyone else anymore. I promise you that okay?”
  • He kisses your head, you didn’t have to worry about her anymore, not after she lost her job.

Denki kaminari


Originally posted by himaeart

  • Kaminari took you to his favorite old diner.
  • You loved to explore new things so why not right?
  • Right?
  • Yep that didn’t go to plan.
  • You enter the diner and sat down at a booth where a server came up.
  • That server was your ex-friend.
  • She didn’t say anything, just the usual pleasantries exchanged and the orders repeated,
  • But she had that smile that could scare anyone away.
  • You really should’ve taken that as a sign.
  • Once your orders arrived, she gave you once last glance before both of you guys digged in.
  • After a couple of bites, denki starts to see you gagging and keeping in something. you could feel the bile going up your throat.
  • You ran to the bathroom and threw all your guts out.
  • Denki takes your food and sniffs it. He calls on your ex-friend.
  • When you came back you saw denki shouting at your ex-friend, holding your food. the manager watching intently and seemingly fuming at your server. He was considering on throwing the food at her but he used every inch of his control not to.
  • He sees you walk back into the room. He drops the plate, stood up and started to walk both of you out of the restaurant.
  • Before both of you could leave, he turned back one more time.
  • “next time, make sure you’re messing with the right person. Maybe you should start packing your stuff up too.”
  • He pulled you outside and then pulled you tightly into a hug.
  • “you aren’t going to be treated like that. Not now. Not ever again.”

Hopefully anon, you enjoyed and you didn’t mind the changes i did. And i hope you guys also enjoyed! I accidentally made bakugo longer than the both of them, oops 😣! Requests are open with 9 slots so please request something! Thanks so much for reading, love you guys 😘❤❤

My rules | masterlist 1 | masterlist 2

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Synopsis: Greasy Pizza, Neon floors, and aisles of arcades games. Plus, what’s wrong with some friendly competition?

Pairing: Bakugo x Reader

Warnings: Cursing, I mean its Bakugo. And fluff.

Words: 1,158

AN: This is really just a bunch of word vomit, nothing to serious! I was in the mood to do a little writing and thought Bakugo might be an interesting challenge; I’ve never written for him before. Anyway, I guess enjoy.😊


Normally, you would spend your Friday evenings laying in bed watching Netflix on your computer or studying, the support course at UA High was no easy track after all. However, on this specific night, you were refreshing your phone waiting for a text message that informed you of your boyfriends arrival to your dorm. For some reason or another, he decided he wanted to get off campus and invited you on a date, the catch however, was that the locations was “some place.” All week you subjected him to constant begging but he kept his lips sealed. 

The phone in your hand finally lit up, “Hey stupid, I’m outside.” Was Bakugo the most romantic boyfriend? If that message was any indication then no. However, you knew he was secretly a giant teddy bear. He had a habit of always finding an excuse to hold your hand or cuddle you, in both private and public settings. You never minded of course. 

You made your way outside and noticed Bakugo leaning against the brick wall of your dorm. He had his hands in his pockets, definitely hyping up that “cool guy” persona of his, and was looking around obviously growing a bit impatient. You walked up to him and tapped his shoulder, his gaze moved from whatever he was looking at to you. “About damn time, you girls take forever to get ready!”

“Katsuki, it took me five minutes to come down.” You ruffled his hair a bit, just enough to slightly irritate him. “So where is this “some place” we’re going?” 

“After that stunt you just pulled, you don’t get to know!” He was shooting daggers at you while fixing his hair, while he’d never admit it, you knew he spent a good hour on his hair everyday. It was his pride and joy. 

After bickering with him for a solid five minutes, you accepted that he wasn’t going to spill the beans on where he was taking you and allowed him to drag you blindly. About five minutes into the walk, Bakugo grabbed your hand with an iron grip, it didn’t hurt but you definitely weren’t getting lose. “Did you miss me?” you giggled a bit, knowing you were slowly poking a sleeping bear. 

“If I didn’t hold your damn hand you’d get lost you moron!” To any strangers, your relationship probably looked questionable, but the reality of it was that it wasn’t really bad at all. Yes, you would get called things like idiot, and moron, even the occasional dumb-ass showed up. However, Bakugo never laid a hand on you in a non-loving way. You had learned how to read him like a book, and you knew that he was only so uptight because of what his home life was like- not that is was necessarily bad, just nontraditional. 

Bakugo came to a halt in front of a pair of double doors, as soon as your eyes noticed the large neon sign you got giddy like a child on Christmas morning. Bakugo smiled at your astonishment before dragging you inside. “Just know I’ll beat your ass at whatever we play.” You rolled your eyes and smirked at him, as if challenging his statement. “Oh really now? Guess we will just have to wait and see.”

This arcade had every game imaginable, there were oldies like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. There were new games like Monopoly and Call Of Duty, and you two played everything. The cool thing about your relationship, if you can consider cool, is that you both are extremely competitive. You both liked a good challenge, regardless of who you were up against, and with that being said you did not go easy on Bakugo. After about three hours, you realized the arcade was mostly deserted. “Should we take our leave?”

“So the princess is ready to forfeit, is she?” That smug look he gave you while counting the tickets he had collected provoked something in you, you began to survey the area for a game you knew you could beat him at. “Dance Dance Revolution!” You pointed at the game situated in the corner. 

“What are you going on about!?” Bakugo followed the line from your finger and saw the game. “You think you can beat me at that? Well lets dance then!” You made your way to the game and put in two tokens. There weren’t to many options for songs but you decided on one rated hard, your only goal was to destroy Bakugo. 

As the music started up, and the voice said “START”, it wasn’t all that hard. You and Bakugo were pretty evenly matched, hardly ever missing a step. However, hard songs are ranked as hard songs for a reason right? This one was no exception. Within a minute the steps started getting faster and faster. I’d like to say you both kept up with it but quite honestly, you both looked more like baby giraffes walking for the first time, very ungraceful. You took a moment to steal a glance at Bakugo, who at this point, was beginning to break out in a sweat. You on the other hand, were still going strong- or as strong as possibly when you’re struggling at Dance Dance Revolution. 

The song was nearing its end when you made a major mistake, you missed a jump followed by a whole row of steps. You thought since you and Bakugo were so close that you were done for. He even flashed a signature smirk at you, “I told you i’d beat your a-” Bakugo didn’t get to finish his sentence because he was now, on his back, top half on the arcade floor and bottom half on the game pad. The game came to an end, declaring you the winner, but you were to busy laughing at your boyfriend. “SOME WINNER YOU ARE!” 

“SHUT UP YOU DAMN NERD! I TRIPPED!” While he was obviously annoyed, considering he was on his butt in front of his girlfriend you caught him laughing just a bit at his situation. You held out your hand to help him up. “Lets get out of here you idiot.”

You exchanged your tickets, Bakugo even let you have his, and you got a giant stuffed panda. You two headed back to the dorms, and Bakugo dropped you off at your building. “Thanks for coming with me” 

“Katsuki! Of course! I’m your girlfriend, remember? I love spending time with you!” You kissed his cheek and pranced inside, only to pop your head back out. “I’ll see you tomorrow!” With that you headed back up to your room and plopped on your bed, it was past your self-proclaimed bed time, and definitely past Bakugos. That didn’t stop him from messaging you though. 

“Goodnight y/n”

“Goodnight Katsuki! Thanks for my panda!” Katsuki couldn’t help but smile at his phone, just a little. He loved seeing you happy, maybe he’d let you win things more often. 

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As someone who used to be exactly like this, I feel so much concern ;-; Caffeine is no joke man, that stuff ruins you. I cut caffeine completely because I had such a huge problem. ;-; Take care OP and I hope you enjoy this~!♥ -Calamari



Originally posted by aishitetsuro

Tenya Iida:

  • Tenya is the epitome of worried about you. This man cannot stand seeing you indulge in so much caffeine, please take care of yourself.
  • He tries to constantly get you to replace your caffeine problem with something else, anything to help you keep up.
  • He does research and tries to help you break out of it in any way he can- starting with replacing caffeine with something else.

Denki Kaminari:

  • Denki, bless his heart, has no clue that caffeine can even be a problem. If anything, he thinks it’s just impressive just how much you can down in one go.
  • He likes to sleep beside you and he worries about you being tired all the time. He constantly checks up on you, but lovingly.
  • He offers to do a lot for you. Wanna nap but you’re hungry? Sleep, and when you’re up, he’ll have something for you! Want coffee? He’ll prep it for you!

Katsuki Bakugo:

  • Suki pretty much bullies you. He can’t stand seeing you down caffeine like it’s water and he makes it pretty blatant just how much he would like for you to cut it.
  • He tries to find healthier habits for you as well, but unlike Tenya, he just kinda swindles you into doing them with him. Ranging from morning work outs, or just having a healthy breakfast.
  • He knows you get tired so he times little breaks for you to let you rest. His favorite thing is sitting you on his lap and letting you curl up while he does something else.
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a/n: hiyaaa! of course hun! this idea is super cute honestly lmao

headcanon: them getting caught checking out their s/o

key: (y/n) - your name / (f/n) - first name / (l/n) - last name / (e/c) - eye color / (h/c) - hair color / (y/q) - your quirk

warnings: fluff, swearing

»»————- ★ ————-««

katsuki bakugou


»»————- ★ ————-««

  • Totally tries to play it off but fails horribly. He’s super smooth don’t get me wrong, but he’s loud and he can never truly ‘pipe down’ as Kaminari would say.
  • “I wasn’t staring at her!” His voice is echoing off the walls and the reddening of his ears isn’t helping prove his statement. He probably would’ve been better off if he didn’t say anything at all.
  • Bakugou now knows that Kamari, Kirishima, and Sero will tease him about it if they catch him staring at you, so he begins to time his staring.
  • He doesn’t do it to be creepy perverted, or sexual by any means.
  • He’s just genuinely infatuated with your beauty. You’re fucking gorgeous.
  • He could look at you for hours and never get bored. The more he looks at you the more he discovers. The way your hair frames your face, or how when you smile your dimples poke through.
  • You’re cute without even trying, and when you put effort into your looks, you still look stunning.
  • So it’s like any other day, Bakugou’s finished writing the notes from the current slide down and his eyes wander over to your desk, over to you.
  • He watched your hand grip the black pen between your fingers as it spreads ink over the pages, filling your notebook with doodles and notes.
  • Like you could feel someone staring at you, you turned your head toward Bakugou and you could feel your heart begin to race. He was looking at you. No staring. Admiring.
  • Heat began to spread across your face as you began to blush.
  • Bakugou quickly whipped his head around, his ears reddening from both embarrassment and fluster. He got himself caught again. By you this time.
  • He hated blushing, especially when it was noticeable on his cheeks.
  • After class you awkwardly greeted Bakugou on the walk back to the dorms.
  • “Hey Bakugou…” You started the conversation, keeping up with his fast walking pace.
  • “What do you want?” Bakugou had his hands shoved into his pockets, his bag slung over his shoulder.
  • “I was wondering if maybe you could tutor me on some of the stuff we learned today.” You spoke softly, a faint blush settling on your cheeks.
  • “Sure whatever.” Bakugou replied cooly.
  • It wasn’t until you were sitting in his room clad in some comfy pajamas notebooks sprawled across his floor that the thought of studying with you registered in his mind.
  • Even while studying with you, telling you some better techniques to solve equations or remember literally terms, he found himself getting lost just by looking at you.
  • “Bakugou?” You waved your hand in his face, bringing him back to reality.
  • “Sorry.” Bakugou mumbled.
  • “No no, I think it’s cute.” You giggle.
  • “What?” Bakugou looked at you confused.
  • “You’re always looking at me, and when I catch you, you get all flustered. It’s cute.” You fidget with your fingers, feeling a bit of tension grow between the two of you.
  • Bakugou leans over and places a quick kiss on your lips, pulling away before you even get the chance to register what was happening.
  • Your face begins to heat up as you watch him lean back.
  • “Sorry I needed to do that.” Bakugou apologizes again.
  • “Can you do it again? You didn’t give me time to really feel it.” You smile, waiting for him to kiss you again. And Bakugou didn’t need another word from you to go in and give you a better, longer kiss, his large hand resting on your cheek.
  • When he pulls away, he traces his index finger down your jaw, tilting your chin up before fully pulling away.
  • “Now where were we.”

»»————- ★ ————-««


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Thanks for the ask anon! I hope this is what you wanted, if not submit more and I’ll hit it again!

Head cannons!



🥦 is eating breakfast when you walk in and immediately chokes on it turning bright red because B-B-B-BOOBS

🥦 cannot hide his blush as he looks at you wearing a tight t shirt and tight shorts showing off your legs.

🥦 literally can not speak coherent words. All comes out “I- hello. You-nice looker today. Wearing clothes”.

🥦 mind literally explodes as you hug him. He cannot fathom your body was like this????

🥦stares at you the rest of the day, like holy wow you’re so pretty

🥦 literally full cowling 100% kicks Mineta into next year for trying to touch your ass

🥦 wants to hold your hand all day to show everyone you were his

🥦 will literally destroy everyone if they look at you funny 👀👀👀

🥦he just wants to wrap up you up and hold you close to hold your small frame

🥦 accidentally gropes you and his spirit leaves his body!!

🥦takes pictures of you all day to “remember the day” but just wants them to see you shining in a new look you were scared to try


Originally posted by baekugos


❄️🥵 looks up from his phone to see you in a tight elegant gown to go to one of his fathers dumb award crap fests

❄️🥵almost doesn’t show any reaction because he doesn’t know how to react???

❄️🥵 is he supposed to stare this much??? Is he supposed to sweat this much??? do you like his constant attention from oblivion?

❄️🥵 tells you that you look beautiful and when you ask if it’s alright he says he’d think you were beautiful regardless of wearing a potato sack or nothing.

❄️🥵 did he just say he wants to see you in nothing???? And looks so calm?!

❄️🥵steps in between you and his father to receive his fathers hand than let that man touch even just your hand

❄️🥵 gets super possessive around his father over you

❄️🥵 drapes his coat over your shoulders when you start to feel uncomfortable in the dress

❄️🥵 takes all the pictures that Paparazzi take

❄️🥵 holds you in the spot light because you’re literally the most gorgeous being he’s ever seen


Originally posted by afoxthatpretendstobeabear


💥 sees you walk out in a skin tight full length body suit for your hero costume upgrade

💥 hands literally let off tiny explosions before he composes himself

💥literal growls leave his mouth as he eyes you over 👀👀👀

💥instantly wraps his arm around your waist and pulls you close

💥explodes dunce face into a wall for trying to get a selfie with you

💥”damn extras, learn your fucking place. She’s my badass hot as fuck queen. Get near her and I’ll fucking kill your ass”

💥Cannot keep his hands off you, rubs his hands over your thighs, stomach, arms, (actually asks for permission before rubbing his hands over your chest and ass

💥loves the way the body suit hugs you perfectly

💥asks you for a hero pose to take a picture of to hang a poster of you on his wall

💥praises your body like a goddess kissing your neck and making out with you

💥says he’d even let you have number 2 hero to his number 1

💥 smacks your ass with his quirk every chance he gets because booty jiggles.



Originally posted by sansan9

Present Mic


🎤 asks you to pose like a model as he dances around you snapping photos gassing you up



🎤 turns to Eraserhead and goes “I’ve got my top spot filled, what are you gonna do now eraaaaaser. Yaooooo gonna be all alone!”

🎤gonna take you shopping for tight concert gear because I cannot keep his eyes from you

🎤wants to take you everywhere and show you off

🎤stares at you all day

🎤once in private goes crazy with kisses and his hands

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Yas! Thanks for the request!


Katsuki Bakugo

Types of movie he likes: Serial Killer & Old cult movie (Silence of the Lamb/The Shining)
Types of movie he doesn’t like: Monsters movie & all the stuff with high school girls screaming.

- You’ll be the one initiating the horror movie session, first, he’s not a huge fan of horror movies in the strict sens of it, second, if it’s during the day, he has better things to do than sitting and watch poorly played movie, if it’s during the evening, guys, we’re talking about a man who’s already asleep at 10p.m.

- If you insist enough, he’ll eventually accept, because he can’t resist when you ask him things with your big shiny eyes, so he will huff, turn his head to the side with his signature frown that will cost him a lot of wrinkles when he’ll get older.

- So here you were, sitting a bit too excitedly on his bed the remote in your hand [at 9p.m which is already too late for him because you fought for an hour to find a movie that could please you both]

- «Fine, but I swear to god we’re NOT going to sleep with the light on. AGAIN.»

- In the end, he capitulated and let you choose. *internalconversation What poor taste you can have sometimes and stop smiling stupidly like that *pinkonhischeeks


- He has to admit one thing, even if he won’t going to voice it out loud, having you moving so close to him for some comfort and sticking to his body like that, he could be used to that kind of stuff, so…why not doing that again?

- «Katsu’? Katsuuu, are you asleep?*shakinghimawake *grunt * Can we turn the light on?»

- Nope. Forget about it.


Izuku Midoriya

Types of movie he likes: ø
Types of movie he doesn’t like: All? Exorcism

- It’s one thing Midoriya was happy with when he became a young adult, the fact you have the right to decide what you want and don’t.
Aaaah it was so great to not eat some shirako anymore, to not fold your shirt as soon as you pull it off, as it was great to not flog yourself with scary videos that would prevent you from sleeping.

- Oh Boi. If it wasn’t for your cute smile and excited behaviour, he would have refused it right away, but maybe, he would have the chance to hold your hand and reassured you?

- He would try to play it cool because he was super embarassed, but the truth is, he was already anxious before the movie even started, and in addition, you decided to watch it ALL LIGHTS OFF? Really?

- By the end of the movie, he had bite all of his nails.

- Pop corn was flying everywhere everytime you screamed, he was so tensed it made him jumpy.

-  He spent the whole movie, curled up on himself, his head on his knees, his eyes shut closed hoping you won’t saw him in such a weak state.

- Happy with the movie when it ended, you decided to not make any comment about the lack of colors on Midoriya’s face.
You just hugged him tight instead, promising him that you won’t bring that kind of movie again as he nodded against your hair.

- After that, he’s reassured to have the little All Might collector’s edition glowing figures just above your heads..until his mind wandered into dark places and he began to imagine shadows moving on his ceiling.

- He will keep his eyes tightly shut, trying to rationalize every single sound he thought he heard.

- Will definitely wrap both of you in the blanket not letting a toe outside even if he’s sweating like a sinner in a church.. it will get worse when you’ll wiggle against him in your sleep.


Eijiro Kirishima

Type of movies he likes: Zombies and classic monsters (1920/50’s movies)
Type of movies he doesn’t like: Ghosts

- It became a tradition somehow, you find yourself in Kirishima’s room every friday night for a movie or two and he’s so excited to be that time of the week again.

- MOST IMPORTANT THING, it’s probably just after his shower and before going to sleep so.. HAIR FREAKIN’ DOWN!

- One week it’s him who chose, the next one you’re the one who bring a movie, the other has to pay for the snacks

- And to be honest, better bring the movie rather than the snacks because he’s a bottomless pit and will even slip his hands without shame into your bowl of popcorns/chocolates when his own is empty

- He’s more amused than scared by those, and he can’t keep his mouth shut, always bringing his theories or comments about his favorite scenes (when it comes to classic movies he knows by heart)

- When it comes to more jumpy movies with screamers, he waits in the dark watching you intently when you’re focused on the screen and grabs your side with a ‘Roar to make you scream… and he’s damn proud of it!

- When it comes to more «relax» horror movie, he would be lying down on the bed, his head on your laps hummming slightly as you play with his hair.

- He’ll probably take the opportunity to put his hand around you while stretching casually, and even if you’re not scared, please, let him play the tough guy and cuddle in his arms.

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AHH he was a dream to draw! Bakugou won this months solo poll on parteon!!

Check out my Twitter for the uncropped and Patreon for the NSFW variations 🥰💦

Both links in bio 💞

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NSFW, 18+

AN: Okay, let me try this again. I deleted the previous version because it was not… right. Enjoy! bakugou x reader smut

Warnings: degradation, dub/noncon, swearing, unprotected sex

Thank you @joyousandverywarlike




Originally posted by afoxthatpretendstobeabear

Katsuki grumbled as he ate his lunch, thinking of you, of your eyes. There was something that changed in them the second your palm touched the door. Your pupils dilated even though it was bright inside, lips slightly parted, breath shallow. He saw it, the way your entire being vibrated, and it confused the shit out of him. You’re a hard one to figure out and he hated it. His chopsticks stabbed at the plate, clinking noises echoed in the silent room.

He hated losing. He hated change. He hated the fact that he was stuck inside for a full day, and he hated you. His hands scrubbed his plate clean, trying to rid his mind of emotions, rinsing off his feelings as the plate dipped underneath the running water. It wasn’t true, though. He doesn’t hate you, and his head shook as he reprimanded himself.

Stop lying, dumbass.

Towel drying the plate, he remembered the feeling of your hair tickling his knuckles. It was so soft. He had kicked your seat to control those urges of trailing his fingers through it, wrapping his hands around the ponytail, pulling it. Then he thought of the first time you fought him, breathing heavily, panting as you circled each other. That look of pure glee and adrenaline as you stared him down, predator vs predator.

That’s it, that’s what was in her eyes. He sighed when the plate was packed away.

Rage, adrenaline, glee… lust. However, it was not the kind of lust he was used to seeing, sometimes directed at him. This lust was for something specific, which he couldn’t recognize. He knew that nagging feeling of needing release, but that’s not what you wanted. You wanted to consume. It made the hair on the back of his neck, forearms, and shins stand on end. That look.

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💚 Y/N’s Friends


💚 Izuku’s Friends 



💚 💚 Warnings: 16+ for some suggestive content, drinking, etc. but mainly fluff, and a lil bit of angst.


Y/N is a TV star starting her own YouTube channel. In the mist of vlogging, she reveals her horrible cooking. Her fans immediately tell Izuku, a cooking channel on YouTube, that she needs his help. They decide to collab and suddenly cooking is much more interesting to Y/N.

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