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MY REVIVAL ACADEMIA- A Bakugou Katsuki x Reader

MANGA SPOILER WARNING!!! This HEAVILY includes a character and his backstory that hasn’t been animated yet, if you don’t read the manga or don’t want spoilers, please don’t read this fanfic!


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Two Minutes (Written) (18+)

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↝ Chapter 24📸: Y/N and Bakugo talk and Bakugo is soft and things get steamy

↝ Chapter Warnings: 18+, suggestive language, swearing per usual, smut, sir kink, oral (female receiving), dirty talk, choking, begging, smut is under keep reading line, filth just pure unadulterated filth🤷‍♀️

↝ Word Count: 3.3k+ (obviously got a lil carried away💀)

↝ A/N: Hiya!! I decided to make the written talk a reality. It ended up being more smut than a talk but it izz what it izzz🥴 I hope you guys enjoy this chapter and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled smau next update. This choater is edited but I suck at editing so sorry for any mistakes!!


Bakugo stares at his phone for a solid 3 minutes. He had just gone to bed and was on the brink of falling asleep when your message tone went off. The moment you told him that you needed space he changed your tone to something specific so he wouldn’t miss anything. He was silently praising his past self for that because if it had been anyone else, Bakugo was ready to ignore the message until the morning.

Reply you dumbass!

A voice in the back of Bakugo’s mind screamed at him. With shaky hands he quickly types out ‘be there in a couple minutes’and rolls out of bed with a speed he usually only saves for missions. Bakugo has half the mind to just run over to your place in his boxer-briefs but ultimately decides that it isn’t late enough for that, there is still the possibility of him running into someone in the hallway. Aggressively pulling his drawer open, Bakugo grabs a pair of sweats and shoves them on.

The explosive man grabs a black tank top he had hanging on the foot of his bed frame. Bakugo pulls the article of clothing on while making his way to the front door. Not even bothering with shoes he pries his front door open and exits the apartment with a slam of the door.


You stare at the message sent back to you. You weren’t expecting such a quick response. Two minutes. You can do this. You know what you’re going to say to him. You know that you trust him enough to know there must be an explanation. There had to be right? You’ve been stewing on this for the last week and a half and the more you think about it the more your anxiety heightens. So you decided maybe it was finally time to talk to the man.

You’re pulled from your thoughts and slightly startled by 3 loud and frantic knocks coming from the other side of your front door.

I can do this.

Taking a deep breath you get up from your seat on the couch, careful not to wake up the small creature curled up next to you. You smile fondly before making your way to the front door. One more deep breath then you gently open the barrier between you and the man that has been plaguing your thoughts for the past 9 days.

When the door is opened you’re face to face with Katsuki Bakugo and he looks like a beautiful mess. His spikey ash blonde hair is flattened in some spots and sticking out in others. You notice that his breathing is ragged and his under eyes have bags and dark circles. Frankly it looks like he had gotten into a nasty fight with a villain and got punched in both eyes.

“Y/N.” The explosive blonde breathes out.

You blush at the way he says your name and remember the effect this man truly has on your heart, among other things. “H-hi. Uh… Come on in.”

You move to the side and the hero walks in and just stands there awkwardly. You close and lock the door. You don’t turn around, staring at the cracking white paint and tacky gold door knob as you try to calm the butterflies swarming in your stomach. You’re so busy with calming your nerves that you don’t notice the small mewl and Bakugo crouching down to greet the curious little kitten.

Bakugo once again brings you out of your thoughts. “When did you get this lil guy?”

You turn around to see Ren nuzzling his little fluffy face into Katsuki’s large hand. Honestly the little creature could probably fit comfortably in the palm of the hero’s hand. You smile at the endearing sight and thought. “I found him on a walk a couple days ago. I looked to see if he was missing but I think he was either abandoned or a stray. His name is Ren.”

Bakugo hums. “Hi there little Ren.” He coos to the baby cat.

“Do you- Do you wanna move to the couch?” You say, still staring at Ren purring.

Katsuki’s hand stills at your words and Ren looks at him curiously. The man scoops up the kitten and stands up. He looks at you from his shoulder. “Yeah. Sounds good.”

Sitting down you find yourself wringing your hands together. Bakugo notices and reaches over to place a hand on yours. You peer up at him and it’s like he’s staring into your soul, taking a peek at your innermost self, with how intense his gaze is. Then he goes to say something , opening his mouth but you swiftly cut him off with your own words.

“I’m sorry!” You didn’t mean for it to come out so loudly but Bakugo doesn’t seem fazed by the volume of your voice. He just looks confused.

“Why are you saying sorry? That should be my line.” Bakugo chuckles nervously, not knowing what else to do

What does take the explovie blonde by surprise is when you move your hands to grasp his large one that was still resting near you. You gently caress the top of his hand with your thumb and rather look at him you watch your own actions. You let yourself move without really registering what you were doing. You surprised yourself too.

“I need to apologize for taking so long to process things. I know you’re not the most patient person and I honestly could have talked to you when I came back home two days ago but I wanted more time when I didn’t really need it and that was selfish because I know you must have been losing your mind.”

You finally look up to find a rare soft smile resting on the hero’s face. Something you realize only you ever really got to see and that made your heart flutter a beat faster. “I don’t wanna hear you apologize. I’m the one that screwed up here. I was trying to be your hero and decided for you that you didn’t need to stress over Camie’s most likely empty threat. I should’ve told you about the meeting and what she said to get me to meet with her. I wasn’t thinking straight. All I knew was that I had this overwhelming urge to protect you from my psychotic ex. I felt responsible for all the shit I was putting you through because I was the one that dated Camie. I was the one she was really after.” Bakugo starts to wring the neck of his tank top with his free hand. It’s like he’s trying to stop himself from clawing at his chest.

You look at his face once again and realize why he’s acting so desperate. Here, sitting in front of you, was the strongest man you had ever met and he was on the verge of tears. You could see the guilt and regret swimming in his ruby eyes. Your heart breaks a little to know that he has probably been struggling just as you have these past 9 days. You make the decision in that moment that there was no way Bakugo did anything wrong. He was being so earnest and open with you and has been that way from the start of this whole affair.

You let go of Bakugo’s hand and move closer to him on the couch. Straddling the blonde you sit on his lap and caress his cheeks that are now in your hold. Your smile is sad but soft as you look at the broken man in front of you. “Lucky for you it isn’t too late to tell me what happened. I trust you, Katsu. You’ve never given me a reason not to.”

Something in the man changes when you use your endearing nickname for him. He takes a shaky breath and explains what happened. Everything from Camie threatening to report you to the Hero Commission to using her quirk on the reporters to her psychotic messages. You listen carefully and drink in every single word he has to say.

“So she wants to report me to the Commission huh?” You frown at this new information.

“Yeah. The only way to get her to back off, according to her, is to break things off with you. I’ll be damned if that happens.” Bakugo holds onto your hands which are now resting on his extremely toned chest.

“I figured as much. I sort of realized that could have been why you were with her when I texted Shindo last week. She filed a harassment complaint against her and I almost said I was surprised she hadn’t reported me to the commission yet but you just confirmed my suspicions.”

Bakugo smirks. “You’re one smart cookie y’know that, Sweet Cheeks?”

You laugh softly and crack the first genuinely happy smile in over a week. “Flattery will get you everywhere, Katsu.”

The hero chuckles and moves his face closer to yours before his gaze flickers to your lips. “I missed ya, Princess.”

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Omg you have to see Hannu Koskinen on Twitter! She has amazing MHA 3D models to show off that belong in movie pictures!! Art not mine. Go see her it is so worth it there is way more then this!!

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Bakusquad reaction #1.



Warnings: nsfw below , all characters are above the age of 18.


Bakugo: I feel like he would be confused at first just a little than get cocky knowing that he was the one to make you feel so good that you had to make a face like that. He’ll tease you just a bit about it. But would continue to pound deeply into you.

Sero: he didn’t even catch that, he’s in his own little world. But if he was to open his eyes and look down at you that would be a big turn on for him. Making him increase his speed and pounding you harder.

Denki: HUGE turn on like seriously he probably has a kink for it. He loves to see it. He’ll lean into your neck moaning. He just really loves knowing he made you feel so damned good that you couldn’t contain how you looked.

Kirishima: I honestly think that kiri wouldn’t see it because he hits it from the back some times and if he isn’t, he as your legs almost above his shoulders while his head is deep into your neck , biting down in you. So he doesn’t have a clue that you made that face sorry. But if he did see it he’d be turned on and cocky at the same time “manly” is what he’ll call it knowing he fucked you too good and he’ll say that only he can do that.


Thanks for asking , ask again because the ask box is always open.

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Bakugou: A'ight, give me your fucking hairdryer.

Deku: What? What are you talking about?

Bakugou: Don’t you carry one with you??

Deku: Kacchan have you ever met a real human being?

Bakugou, calling Todoroki: Oi half-and-half do you carry a hairdryer around with you?

Todoroki, immediately: Of course, I’m not an animal-

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