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horikoshi has made the absolute funniest series of choices here. first he straight up kills katsuki on-screen. THEE katsuki bakugou. then he immediately goes on a week-long break leaving fans on the edge of their seats. then he comes back and promptly switches POVs and gives us AFO's oh-no-he's-hot new body instead. i need to learn his trolling ways. troll master
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Imagine dying lol can’t relate.
Tumblr media
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Basically: "use me!!!"
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i have no words but
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[from twitter]
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mha stans when they see leaks are out
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— soft makeout session + Katsuki
Tumblr media
contains: established relationship, making out, reader is called a pretty girl, katsuki being soft
Tumblr media
your lips brush against each other and you’re situated in his lap hands settling on his broad shoulders while his rests on the small of your back pressing you closer against him and his other holds your face, thumb caressing your temple. he pulls back to look at you, really look at you and take you in.
you’re panting, lips bruised and a little dazed he thinks you look cute. a smirk tugs at his lips, he breathlessly chuckles, the laugh rumbling throughout his chest “you still with me, baby?” he asks teasingly. eyes flickering up to look at you, nodding and saying something about more. his lips travel to the span of your jaw pressing soft but meaningful kisses to the skin. he’s invading your senses and if he’s being honest you’re invading his.
a soft moan of “katsuki” leaves your lips as his lips brush against the skin behind your ear and he kisses that spot that leaves you dizzy. “you’re so fuckin’ gorgeous, ya know?” he says. you squirm a bit in his hold his hair ticking your cheek “you think so?” you tease but also for that part of you, the part that sometimes needs reassurance. “i know so” he retorts quick to wash away your worries. his hand moves to rest on your hip giving it a squeeze as he nips at your ear “my pretty girl” he affirms.
and it’s your turn to look at him, eyes holding emotion much too intense to put into words, so he does what he can with this. holding you close, pressing your body against his, laying delicate kisses along your skin, allowing himself to let you hold his heart the same way you let him hold yours. washing away any doubt that comes to mind about you, about him, about both of you together.
kissing on white sheets and the sound of frank ocean in the background leave you both feeling nothing but comfort in each other’s presence. and in this moment that you share together, a soon to be memory not only in your minds but also in your hearts, you’re certain, as certain as the sky is blue, that you love katsuki and he loves you.
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Test driving the look 😔
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his pretty girl
okay tumblr didn't want to touch this with a 10 foot pole yesterday so i am trYING AGAIN wc: 2.2k cw: afab reader, subspace, praise, explicit sexual content
You found Bakugo in the spare room, but it wasn’t hard—you heard him let out a loud string of expletives aimed at someone on the other end of his headset from your spot across the house. Despite the venom in his voice, he’d been in a good mood all day, and it made you feel bold enough to interrupt his game. It would only be for a second, after all—and you missed him.
“Do you have eyes in that big ass head of yours or—” he was cut off by the soft squeak of the door as you pushed it open. He tipped his head back to look at you, eyes crinkling as he watched you linger in the doorway. He threw an arm over the back of the chair lazily, beckoning toward you as he turned back to his game. You padded over to him, leaning against the back of the chair to watch over his shoulder. The arm he’d thrown up to you snuck around the back of your neck—it definitely looked and felt like a headlock, but you knew it was Bakugo’s version of affection.
“What’re you doin’?” He asked you, eyes still on the screen.
“Wanted to show you something. And I missed you.”
His lips turned up at the corners at that. “Oh yeah? C’mere then,” he patted his lap, and you gladly obliged.
You settled over top of him, legs dangling over either side of the chair. You leaned into him, pressing your face into the side of his neck. His arms came to rest around you, and you felt the controller against your back as he continued to play. You heard the familiar voices of Kirishima and Denki in the headset, and it made you smile. Bakugo hardly saw much of his friends these days, as he and the rest of them were swamped with work now that they’d been thrown into the pro-hero world, but you thought it was nice that they were still able to do things together like this.
“You wanted to show me somethin’?”
His voice snapped you out of your thoughts. “Oh, yeah,” you paused, moving to hold your hands out in front of you, “look! I painted my nails, and my ring came in.”
He looked down, regarding your work. He would be remiss to say that his favorite shade of burnt orange against your skin didn’t do something for him, but his eyes zeroed in on the ring on your finger. He’d sent it to get resized after discovering that you were a weird half-size, and the way it wrapped around your finger had his heart constricting in his chest.
“So it did,” he breathed, grabbing your hand in his and moving it side to side, watching the ring glint in the light. You hummed.
“Thought it looked pretty,” you said somewhat bashfully—you hadn’t expected him to inspect it so closely. You were acutely aware of a spot you’d missed with the polish on your ring finger.
He looked up at that, eyes trained on yours. The intensity of his gaze sent a shiver up your spine.
“Hey, dumb and dumber, I gotta go,” he said into the headset, already pulling it off before he heard the protests of his friends. He turned the console off from the controller and dropped it on the floor next to his chair. His hands came up to grip your hips, and you squeaked at the harshness of it. He pulled you closer to him and dropped kisses over the skin of your shoulder.
“What’re you gettin’ shy for? Of course it looks pretty. My baby’s always pretty,” he told you, punctuating every other word with lips that made their way up your neck.
“Katsuki,” you breathed, and you felt the groan rumble in his chest. He was on his feet then, dragging you up with him in his arms. He walked you down the hall to your bedroom, setting you down on the linen sheets of your bed. He hovered over you, leaning down to resume his kisses over the ridges of your throat. He opened his mouth to suck gently on your pulse point.
“So pretty, all the time,” he murmured, lips dragging up your jaw, pressing chaste kisses up the bone until he nipped at the spot behind your ear, pulling a gasp from you.
“I think my pretty girl needs to be made to feel good, yeah?” His gaze met your half-lidded one and you nodded dumbly, making him grin. He leaned down to meet your lips, and it was hot and heavy and suffocating, the way he consumed you so easily. His tongue licked into your mouth as his hand slid under the sleep shirt you wore. You moaned at how warm he felt as he palmed at your chest. He chuckled when you broke the kiss to help him pull your shirt over your head.
“Aw, you hurtin’ for it?” His tone was mocking-- it settled deep into your core and lit every nerve ending on fire. At his words, your hips jutted up and made contact with the thigh he’d placed between yours, and you let out a pained groan. You couldn’t help but get carried away with him. He never let you live it down, but he always gave you what you needed. Even if he made you plead for it.
He leaned down to take a nipple into his mouth, sucking harshly. You let out a choked breath at the pressure, and then a moan at the way he soothed over it with his tongue. He alternated between each nipple and between tongue and teeth until you were a writhing mess underneath him. “Katsuki,” you choked out, half delirious, “please—need you.”
“I know, pretty girl,” he cooed, pressing open mouthed kisses down your tummy, pausing to suck on the skin above the hem of your underwear, “m’gonna give you everything you need. Be sweet for me.”
You nearly keened off the bed when he pressed a chaste kiss to your clothed core. He dragged his tongue over the wet spot you’d created, pausing to inhale deeply.
“God,” he ground out, “smells fuckin’ divine.”
Your body twitched involuntarily with every touch. You whimpered and squeezed your eyes shut, hips jutting upwards and praying he’d give you something substantial. You felt your stomach drop at the tsk he let out.
“Want you to look at me, pretty girl,” and it was gentle in a way that surprised you—usually his tone was a demanding one that had your blood buzzing in your veins, eager to do whatever he asked of you. This was almost worse, though, with the way the love saturated his voice sent white hot arousal pooling in your gut. Your eyes fluttered open to meet his, and the grin spread across his face.
“There she is,” he murmured, eyes never leaving yours as he hooked a finger through the waistband of the fabric and pulled it from your legs. His eyes drifted to your exposed cunt.
“Oh,” he breathed out, and you mewled at the way his breath brushed over your sensitive folds, “never gonna fuckin’ get tired of this.”
He brushed the back of his pointer finger through your heat, and you let out a moan that would’ve embarrassed anyone who heard it. It just egged Katsuki on, though, and he leaned forward to press a kiss to your clit.
Your body thrummed with need and your hips moved with a mind of their own. You fought to keep your eyes open as he licked a long swipe straight up, pausing at your clit to let you grind yourself against his face. He moaned his approval and the vibration of it melted every cohesive thought from your brain. He pulled back and you couldn't stop the whine that tore itself from your throat.
“Always done up, just for me. Fuckin' luckiest man alive. Tell me,” his eyes met yours and you shivered at the hunger you saw there, “who’s the prettiest girl in the world?”
Your eyes went wide at his question, and you whimpered at the feeling of the pad of his thumb brushing devastatingly soft circles over your clit. You could do nothing else but gasp out an “I—huh?”, slurred with pleasure. The grin on his face was dangerous.
“Want you to tell me,” he told you, pressing down harder on your clit and turning your whimpers into broken moans, “who the prettiest girl in the world is.”
Your face grew hot and you cursed the blush that surely crept over your cheeks. You weren’t necessarily in the dark about your looks—you certainly agreed with him most days that you were pretty. But this was new, and you felt vulnerable, with his sharp eyes fixed on you from between your legs. You wanted to look away, to escape the intensity of his affection--to avoid the way it almost felt humiliating, to say something so simple-- but you knew better. You wanted to be sweet for him, after all.
“I am,” you muttered, almost inaudible, but you’d guessed he’d heard it if the lips wrapped around your clit were anything to go by. You cried out, dangerously close to falling apart, and then he pulled away.
“You are…?” He teased, back to tracing little circles over your pulsing cunt. You whined, and it bordered on brattish. You sucked in a breath and gathered your resolve.
“I-I’m…the prettiest girl in the world.”
He slipped a thick finger into you and crooked it upwards, fucking into you slowly and letting you drag your aching clit over his tongue with every stuttered movement of your hips.
“Tell me again,” he ground out, reveling in the way your face contorted with pleasure, but your eyes never left his. You really were very good, and all for him.
“I’m the prettiest girl in the world,” you groaned out, less bashful in your attempts to chase the high he could feel you approaching. You were familiar with the headspace he was pulling you into-- you were wholly overwhelmed at the way the vulnerability tangled itself in the wanton want you felt, and your throat burned with emotion. You knew anything he pulled from you next would be absolutely pitiful.
“Oh, I love you. Again.”
“I’m the prettiest girl in the world!” Your words were broken, tears spilling over your lash line and head snapping back at the feeling of the flick of his tongue over your little nub. Your love and your pleasure fell from your mouth in unintelligible babbles, and you distantly wondered if he'd always be able to reduce you to this with seemingly minimal effort. His free hand wrapped around the skin of your thigh, rubbing soothing circles into it as you shook under his ministrations, and you knew he was trying to ground you.
“One more time, sweet girl.”
“I’m—oh my god, fuck, fuck—the prettiest girl—”
You were cut off by the force of your orgasm, and Katsuki would’ve sooner died than stop what he was doing for a second, feeling the way you clamped down on his finger as he fucked you through it. There was no stopping the way your eyes rolled to the back of your skull, mouth hung open in a sob as the blinding pleasure lash through your body like a whip. Your vision was fuzzy as you came down, and you barely registered Bakugo as he hovered over you, pressing his lips to the tear stains that lined your cheeks.
“So good,” you heard him say, and it was like you were underwater, “did so, so good for me, pretty baby.”
You whimpered as he pulled his finger from your body and popped it into his mouth, sucking the last drops of you away as you watched through heavy eyelids. The sight of it curled in your gut, mostly because you knew that it was not intended to be as erotic as it looked—he just genuinely liked how you tasted, and would never pass up an opportunity to do so.
He caged your head between strong arms and bent his neck down to press kisses to your forehead. You let out a soft sigh, feeling a new wave of tears threaten to spill at the intimacy of the moment. Your hands found purchase in the T-shirt that you certainly just ruined and you clung to him, pulling his chest to yours.
“You’re okay,” he whispered, lips to your ear, and you nodded, believing him wholeheartedly and letting the tears slip out. He kissed them as they fell.
“My sweet, pretty baby,” he cooed, repeating it softly as he carded his fingers into your hair and pressed a kiss to your temple.
You sniffled and leaned into his touch, prompting his mouth to find your temple again. He happily obliged.
You held each other there for what felt like both an eternity and no time at all, tangled and devastatingly open, relatively silent save for the whispers of Katsuki’s love into your ear. The weight of it settled into your chest, where it pushed everything out of the way to make room for the enormity of his love. Your mind focused on the ring that you rolled around with your thumb, feeling the dip of the engraved words he’d had etched inside the band. He whispered those same words into your ear now, and you turned to press your smile into his in reply. You quite liked the idea of a forever like this.
this fic belongs to me (@b-writes-things). i do not allow anyone to repost, edit, or reproduce this work.
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BNHA 362
Tumblr media
I always thought I might be bad, Now I'm sure that it's true. 'Cause I think you're so good, And I'm nothing like you.
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novaneondream · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy womb eviction day
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katsucream · a month ago
1000th Post Special!
Back by popular demand...
Dad/Dilf!Katsuki Bakugou Headcanons
Tumblr media
₰ pairing: Dad!Dilf!Katsuki Bakugou x f!Reader
₰ wc: fuck, idek
₰ cw/an: my 1000th post (yay)!, katsuki is aged up (as per usual), dad/sfw section first, dilf/nsfw section last, mdni, tbh i'm so fucking exhausted rn so kindly let me know if you see something that i should include here and i'll be happy to do so, hold onto your ovaries my fellow bakuhoes!
Tumblr media
₰ Dad!Katsuki (sfw)…
…chuckles when his kids wrap their tiny arms around his thick ones yelling “lift us up, Daddy!” He proceeds to do bicep curls with a kid hanging off each arm while they laugh and squeal. Lifting kids is a great workout for his arms, back, and chest.
…whose baby daughter’s first laugh was at him yelling at you to please help him because she’d had a blowout and baby shit was leaking out the legs of her diaper onto his arms and chest. “Oh my fucking god, baby! Fucking help me!” he cried with his face twisted in disgust. You gingerly took her in your outstretched arms, giggling along with her as he slowly got up to go clean himself up, bitching the whole way up the stairs about how fucking gross babies can be. “Jesus fucking Christ what the fuck are you feeding her?!”
…loves your body even more after having his babies.
...sees your cellulite and stretch marks as reminders of what you and your body went through to carry and deliver the lives he helped to create. Literally all he had to do was cum. You bore the full brunt of the trauma a mother’s body naturally takes on then fucking smiled and cried tears of joy after being literally ripped apart (in one of the most awful places he might add).
...tried and failed to choke back the tears when you thanked him while breastfeeding for the first time.
...shook his head and pushed your hair back before planting a long kiss to your forehead, his wet cheeks pressed against your glowing face. You’d never looked more beautiful and he couldn’t stop telling you he loved you. And all those little imperfections on your body still remind him of the things you’ve put yourself through because you love him so much.
…LOVES grilling out. Has a really nice built-in grill on your large backyard patio with a sink on one side and a mini fridge on the other.
…had a large, detached shed built in the backyard for all his tools and work-related gear.
...keeps it under lock and key to keep the kids out when he’s not in there to make sure they don’t hurt themselves.
…also had a custom safe added onto the back of your master closet in which to store his “battle suits” (refuses to call it a costume. “It’s not a fuckin costume! Do I look like a goddamn clown to you?! Tch, this isn’t ‘dress-up’! It’s purely functional and just so happens to also look fuckin cool as shit!”) The safe is huge too, like an additional closet with a combination lock. Gotta keep his brats away from his grenades, gauntlets, and grenadier bracers.
…has the Dad Look™️ when the kids start getting out of line.
...usually doesn’t even have to say anything because they know all too well how loud he can get when they don’t listen.
...just has to clear his throat a certain way and they’ll stop whatever they’re doing to find him staring at them with his crimson eyes narrowed at them. Most of the time they get the message that Daddy is gettin’ real tired of their shit and is not in the mood to be trifled with.
…had never laid a finger on any of his kids until his teenage son bowed up to him ONCE, thinking he was man enough to challenge his father’s authority. The teenager had broken his curfew one night so Katsuki told him to give him his car keys. “Nah, fuck that, I’m out! I’m not a kid anymore, old man,” your son said and started towards the door with his keys in hand.
…moved faster than it took you to register what was happening.
…got right up in his son’s face, so close that the breath coming out of his flaring nostrils made the boy’s hair flutter. “Give me the keys,” the older Bakugou growled. “Now!” Your son, who got his build from his dad, put his hands up and tried to shove him out of the way. You gasped, knowing things were about to get really bad really fast. Sure enough you saw the anger flash in your husband’s eyes and the fear in your son’s, but he didn’t back down. “Katsuki!” you cried, afraid he was about to rage.
...grabbed his son by the collar and shoved him against the wall so hard it knocked the breath out of the boy as his keys hit the floor with a clamor. “You think you’re a man now, hah? Is that it? You think you’re man enough to throw hands with me? Well then let’s step the fuck outside, boy, cuz I’d love to see you try!” Katsuki said with that vicious grin of his. Your son surrendered, his open hands up by his head, his heart trying to pound its way out of his heaving chest and run to safety. “Katsu. Baby, let him go!” With a wild look in his eyes Katsuki harshly released his son. “Get out of my sight,” he hissed. “‘Fore i fuckin hurt you…BOY.” That was the first and last time your son tried his father.
…wow, that last one got away from me a bit. 😬
…made his son the proudest kid in the school when he showed up for his 4th grade class’s Parent Career Day. The other kids gawked and exchanged words of excitement when the cool and famous Dynamight walked through their classroom door. They were all so engaged with him as he talked, and asked him loads of questions. They all got his autograph and took a class photo with him that they later all got signed copies of. Your son beamed brighter than the Sun that day, and his friends went on and on about how cool it was that the pro hero was his dad.
…whose daughter is a card-carrying daddy’s girl. She clings to him and went through a terrible separation anxiety phase when she was a toddler. Almost inconsolable every time he had to leave. It didn’t matter how many times he kissed her forehead and promised he’d come back as soon as he could, after he walked out the door she would cry for what seemed like an eternity saying “Daddy” over and over as if chanting his name would make him reappear. It was AWFUL. Whenever he had to be gone for days at a time on missions, he would talk to her on the phone or FaceTime with her whenever he could, which helped immensely. And when he finally did come home? Oh watch the fuck out because she would barrel through the house, running as fast as her little legs would carry her to fling herself into her daddy’s arms. For the next couple of days she would cling to him every chance she got. It was comical sometimes the way your husband would walk around with a toddler glued to his hip. And the times he couldn’t hold her bc he was cooking or taking a piss, she’d stay as close to him as he’d let her.
...would look down to see her little fingers slide underneath the bathroom door saying “Daddy go peepee?”
...just shook his head and groaned. “Not a moment’s peace, huh sparkler?” What really took the cake though was the jealous phase she went through with you! The first time she pushed you away when your husband leaned in to kiss you, it hurt your feelings so bad you had to go cry in your bedroom.
...scolded her and put her down, refusing to pick her up again until she stopped wailing and reaching for him. “I love Mommy very much and wanna hold her too, sparkler,” he told her. “I don’t want you to ever push her away like that again. That hurt her feelins. And mine too.” Oh her little carmine eyes went wide at that. She never wanted to feel her father’s disappointment ever again. “M’sowwy, Daddy. I don’wanna huwt feewings anymore,” she said while shaking her cute little head.
...picked her up and hugged her saying “That’s my girl. Let’s go apologize to Mommy now, okay?” With her head tucked neatly against his neck, she nodded, sniffling. “‘Kay.”
...carried her to your shared bedroom and slowly opened the door. When she saw your tear-streaked face she made grabby hands at you. Katsuki put her down on the bed and she crawled into your arms to hug you. “M’sowwy, Mommy. I won’t make you cwy again,” she said, which made you smile against her hair. “Thank you, baby,” you cooed before looking up at Katsuki.
...sat down on the bed next you and said, “Now, I’m gettin that kiss” before pressing his lips to yours, smiling. “Love you, babe.”
…(while we’re on the subject of kisses) was mortified the first time his little girl kissed him on the lips. It was just a quick peck, but Katsuki.exe stopped working for 20 whole seconds.
...had no idea how to react, just sat there with his eyes as big as saucers. You started giggling at his dumbfounded expression.
...was so confused. “I-is that…even legal?” he whispered to you. “Wh-what do I do, (Y/n)?” You shrugged. “I legitimately don’t know?” you mouthed. Both of you were trying not to react the wrong way. “Fucking Google it!” he whisper-yelled.
...sat her down and told her to keep playing while you and he went to talk for a few minutes. After a little bit of research and a quick conversation about it, y’all went back into the living room and sat down with her.
...never dreamed he’d be having a talk with his 3-year-old daughter about kissing. This is gonna be interesting if not entertaining, you thought to yourself. You’d both agreed that Katsuki should be the one to talk to her. It was ultimately his decision after all, and it wouldn’t be right for you to set his boundaries with her. “Hey, sparkler, c’mere a minute.” He patted his thigh and she happily crawled into his lap. “I wanna talk to ya about that kiss ya gave me.” She looked up at him with those sweet doe eyes and nodded. “Why’d ya do that?” “S’cuz I love you, Daddy.”
...gave her a crooked smile and said, “I love you too, baby girl. More than you’ll ever know…but…” He looked over at you with a nervous look in his eye. You grimaced a little, not envying his precarious position one bit. Since high school, he’d gotten much better at having delicate conversations, especially after you two started dating. But this was uncharted territory for both of you and would put his communication skills to their most challenging test yet. “…but I uhh-let’s just stick with cheek and head kisses, alright?” “But why?” she whined. Oh boy. “Well, because that’s what I like more.” “But Mommy kisses you on the lips all the time!” “Yeah, but…she’s my spouse. When people get married they’re the only ones allowed to kiss each other on the lips.” “I wanna marry you too, Daddy!”
...shook his head slowly. “I’m sorry, sparkler, but parents aren’t allowed to marry their kids.” “But why?” This hole just kept getting deeper. You rubbed Katsuki’s arm, silently communicating to him that he was doing great, encouraging him to keep going as he looked at you with desperation in his eyes. This was by far the most painfully uncomfortable conversation he’d ever had. “It’s a little hard to explain and it’ll make a lot more sense when you’re older, so for now all I can say is that it’s wrong. Do you trust me enough to believe me for now until you’re a little older?” “Yes, I twust you, Daddy. I bewieve you,” she said with a sad, downcast face.
...hugged her tight and kissed her on the top of her head. “I love you so much, baby doll. Thank you for understandin.” With her arms still wrapped around her daddy’s neck she looked at you and said, “You awe so wucky, Mommy.” You covered your mouth, trying not to cry as you nodded. “I know, baby. I love your daddy more than any other man in the whole world and I’m very lucky to be married to him.”
...smirked at you, the love that exploded in his warm chest spreading all the way to the tips of his ears.
Tumblr media
₰ Dilf!Katsuki (nsfw)…
…is still buff as fuck well into his 40s. Like, his scowl smile lines are deeper, and you catch the occasional silver hair when it glints in the light just so. But he’s always taken great care of his body and it shows. The padding over his thick muscles has grown fleshier, and maybe he's got a 6-pack now instead of an 8-pack, but he’s stronger than he’s ever been and just as easy on the eyes.
…has always had a high sex drive and that didn’t change one bit after your first child was born. As soon as you were cleared to start having sex again, Katsuki sighed in relief and you both eased back into it. So once your first infant became a toddler who could turn doorknobs, you and Katsuki learned the hard way that you had to start locking doors during sexy time.
…was balls deep in your pussy, wet hips clapping against your ass as he pounded into you while holding onto the headboard. Your desperate whimper turned into a shriek when you heard a familiar little voice behind you. “Daddy? Is Mommy okay?” your son cried out as he hugged his favorite plushie before sticking his thumb back in his mouth.
...let out a string of curses as he threw the covers over your naked bodies before pulling out. You kept your face buried in the pillow, mortified that your innocent little boy just caught an eyeful of his dad’s bare ass popping and flexing and ksnbxjsjjdnn you didn’t even want to think about what else he probably saw. “Yeah haha, Mommy’s fine! Right, Mommy?”
...put his mouth right up next to your ear and hissed, “Help me the fuck out here! It doesn’t look like you’re okay when you’re suffocatin yourself with the damn pillow!” You turned over and pulled the sheet up to your chin. “Yes, sweetie, I’m perfectly okay!” you promised with something between a cringe and a big smile on your face. My gods, you couldn’t even look him in the eye. “We were just…uhh-umm…” “…playing a game!” Katsuki chimed in. “Wif no clothes on?”
...sighed and nodded. “Yeah. Grownups play some really weird ass games sometimes.” Your little boy just stood there, staring at both of you while sucking his thumb, almost like he wasn’t buying it. “Sweetheart?” you sang, “Why don’t you go wake up your other plushies so Mommy and Daddy can get dressed and make breakfast, okay?” “Okay, Mommy.” He gave his father one more suspicious look before slowly walking out of your bedroom.
...looked over at you and lost it, falling back against the headboard while roaring with laughter. “Katsu, stop it!” You slapped his arm. “This is not fucking funny!” But your husband was in literal tears, his loud ass cackle echoing off the bedroom walls. “Ah fuck!” he wiped his eyes. “I ain’t even mad that I’m gonna have blue balls after this!” he howled before sobbing with laughter again. It took you a few days, but eventually you were able to laugh about it too. You're just grateful that your sweet little boy was too young to have formed any long-term memory of that horrifying event.
…smiles and swings his squealing daughter up around after scooping her up in his arms when he comes home from a long mission.
...takes one look at you though and immediately his loins begin to stir.
...props his little girl on his hip and watches as you prance towards him, telling him how happy you are that he's finally home before yanking you up against his side and laying a long, wet kiss on your mouth.
...drags his teeth over his pouty bottom lip while heat spreads across your pretty face.
...kisses and hugs and squeezes and cherishes his daughter before setting her down, explaining that he’s gotta go to the bathroom. And no, it can’t wait. Not if he doesn’t wanna have to explain the long, hardening bulge in his pants.
...winks at you with a daring smirk as he heads back toward the bedroom. You sit your daughter back down at the table to continue coloring, explaining that you've gotta go use the bathroom too before padding after Katsuki.
...is waiting for you behind the door, shutting (and locking!) it before backing you up against the nearest wall and consuming your lips with his. Hands groping at body parts, fingers squeezing flesh, clothes flying every which way. "Mmfuck, missed you so fuckin much, baby," he growls against your neck before sucking your skin between his teeth. You try to keep your whines and moans to a minimum while reaching between his legs for his hot erection. "Missed you too, Katsu," you say before biting his bottom lip. "Need your cock so bad, baby." "Fuck," he hisses when you squeeze the swollen head of his thick cock.
...practically smacks your hand away, grabs the back of your thighs and picks you up. Your arms wrap securely around the back of his thick neck, tongues plunging into each other's mouths as he pushes you up the wall.
...frantically reaches under you to bring the tip of his drooling cock to your entrance and pushes past your tight ring of moist flesh with a soft pop. Your fingernails dig into his back, and you bite down on his shoulder to keep from crying out as he slowly buries his hard length deep inside you. A quiet whimper escapes Katsuki's lips when he bottoms out, stilling to keep from cumming prematurely as your walls flutter around him.
...slowly pulls out until just the angry red tip is all that's left inside you. His breath is hot against the side of your face when he thrusts his shaft back inside you, faster this time. Harder. With your ankles locked around his butt you meet his movements, rutting your clit against the tight, glistening honey-colored curls around the base of his cock.
...whose heavy balls draw up closer to his body with every deep thrust, so full of cum he can already feel the beginning of his orgasm pooling, burning up the base of his spine. Time and again he slowly pulls out just to spear you with his aching cock. Over and over. "Shit, (Y/n)," he breathes into your mouth. "I'm gettin so fuckin close already. Want you ta cum on my cock, sweetheart." "Faster, Katsu...oh god!"
...whose blunt fingernails create red crescent moons in the plush flesh of your hips as he pulls you down into his thrusts at a bruising pace. "Yeah baby, keep fucking me just like thahhhh god! Gonna cum, Katsuki! Please!" "That's it, pretty girl, cum for me," he groans, teeth raking over your exposed throat. Your fists pull at his ash blond hair as ecstasy sets every nerve ending in your body on fire. "Oh fuck, baby yeah. Milk my cock with that sweet pussy...mmfffuuuck." With a loud grunt, your husband's legs tremble and his hips slam into yours one last time before coming to a dead stop, unloading almost a week's worth of his sticky hot semen into your throbbing cunt.
...is still cumming when it starts to leak out and drip out of you, his full length still nestled all the way inside you as his nut drips into a small, white puddle on the hardwood floor beneath you.
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sorry, that's all i have time to write atm. i'm super sleepy and gotta eat something before getting ready for bed so gotta quickly stick this in the queue. i'll write more dilf!katsuki content soon! my pretty little head is so empty from all the katsuki brainrot today. i'm grinning like an idiot tho. this was fun.
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