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#bnha fanart

Mask · Bakugo being a nasty ass

「 Waiting isn’t an option. 」

Nasty ass.

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I have no clue if these pics are exactly the same, or totally different in terms of size/quality, but I’m posting both so I can check.

I basically traced the outline, since I’m only learning to draw. It’s a screenshot from the anime, but I did pretty much everything else myself. I mostly just wanted to see what the quality difference would be, the first one is straight from procreate and the second on is a screenshot of the same image (at least I think that was the order I put them in)

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my last piece was a dabihawks nsfw drawing and idk if tumblr would be okay with me posting it but i posted it on instagram and twitter if anyone’s interested

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I started reading “Burn Your Wings” by @crowbird-kamakse and, although I havent finished it yet, when it mentioned baby izuku wearing his hair on a bun I just HAD to draw it.

Its a bit different from what I usually do, but I think it ended up quite cute 🥰🥰

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