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Personal Heater

“Get the fuck over here,” Tomura hissed, shuddering with two blankets wrapped around his body like a cocoon.

Across the bed, Dabi raised a brow. “Somethin’ wrong, mophead?” He chuckled, barely glancing up from the phone in his hands.

Tomura growled, “I’m freezing my ass off over here, dickhead. I’m all bone and no fat and you have a fire quirk, now get up off your ass.”

Dabi grinned, “I dunno boss, you look pretty comfy over there with all those blankets.”

“Yeah, and I’m still fucking cold!”

“You could just go get another one of those things.”

“News flash, asshole, Toga’s hogging the rest. You’re the closest heat source around, I wouldn’t be asking otherwise.”

Dabi snorted and relented, crawling over to Tomura’s side of the bed. “Fine, fine. Needy much?”

“Fuck you.”

In response, Dabi rolls his eyes and bites down on the skin behind his boyfriend’s ear, snickering when Tomura squeals and bats with a gloved hand at Dabi’s face.

Also posted on my AO3! User is the same as on here, PotatoTrash0.

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Another pair of thighs I would gladly be crushed by. And, like, hhh. He does not look like he has muscles, why does he have them, it’s not okay.


I’m very angry about it for no reason. Who gave him the right? The audacity? What the heck? And then he doesn’t even act like he has them either, stupid baggy clothes. I can wear baggy clothes, I need them, but why do they have to wear them all the time? Unfair.

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.:Welcome To The League:.

   ((Author’s Note: Heyo! So, I’ve been in a depressive slump and have spent most of my time sleeping. But I don’t want to just be sleeping all day and crying all night. Not anymore, I guess. I wanna do something, so… here I am, writing once more. Hope y’all are up for more Ekitai x Dabi shit. In this, Ekitai’s career is left in tatters. Which leads them to making a drastic decision…

WARNING: This fanfic contains curse words and violence, especially in the recap. If this makes you uncomfortable in any way then please check something else out. Thanks. If you decide to stick around then I hope you enjoy!))

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ((IN THE MEANTIME…/ RECAP!)) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   Several U.A. students sat around in the common area of the dorms, mulling over the school day. It was early evening, so some of the kids were arguing in the kitchens, others were running up and down to different floors, and some were just chilling on the couches. One kid in particular was flipping through the channels on the TV. When it landed on the news again, he was about to click away. But what was being broadcasted made the boy with spiky, ash blonde hair pause in shock. A major villain was spotted fighting an unknown water bender in a shopping district. And it was a villain he recognized from the Yokohama Incident.

   At this point, everyone who was downstairs in the common room heard of what was on the television. Hearing of a villain attack is commonplace, but its unusual to watch a live fight between 2 villains. Especially when one of the criminals happened to be from the League of Villains. Several students huddled around to watch the fight as new details emerged. “Dude, my money is on the water bender!” another blonde exclaimed in excitement. This one had a black lightning streak in his hair. “Whoa, wait dude, what if the lady is also a villain?,” a redheaded male spoke up. “Well, what if she isn’t? She’s fighting Dabi, man!” the lightning boy argued back. “Dumbass, the news already covered that she attacked him first! That makes the water bender a villain too!” The ash blonde boy yelled, getting his composure back. His outburst shut down the talk between the electric boy and redheaded dude. The lightning blonde slumped in disappointment, expressing it with an “Oh…”. A freckled boy with a head of green curls began to mutter as he watched the fight. That caused the angry blonde to yell at the freckled kid. Everyone continued to watch as the shopping district around the criminals burned on TV. The group, consisting of an invisible girl, a frog girl, a pink girl with horns on her head, a red and white haired boy, lightning boy, angry blonde boy, green haired freckle boy, and the redheaded boy, tensed up when a massive firewall came for Dabi’s opponent. The firewall was about as high as some of the taller buildings in the district. The heat was so intense however, that it started to affect the quality of the video, making the helicopter fly higher in the air. That made everyone miss the water bender’s counter. “Well, I don’t think the water girl made it.” The invisible girl spoke, turning away. The group began to disperse, thinking that was the end of the exciting fight. But they were wrong.

   “Could it be…? THE WATER BENDER HAS SURVIVED THE FIRE ATTACK! THE FIGHT BETWEEN THE LEAGUE OF VILLAINS MEMBER DABI AND THE VILLAIN KNOWN AS EKITAI CONTINUES!” the female reporter yelled in surprise. The dispersing group had collective whiplash over the revelation. How did the water villain survive?! The students quickly gathered around the television once more. Everyone watched with baited breath as Ekitai dodged the fiery assault with cartwheels and rolls. Then things came to a standstill… Literally. The 2 villains stood for a few minutes before Dabi released one final fire attack. Ekitai jumped into a store to dodge the attack. The cameras then fixed onto Dabi running away from the fight. “YEAH! YOU BETTER RUN!” The electric blonde boy cheered.

   … Meanwhile, at the center of the disastrous altercation, Dabi noticed the news helicopter tailing his location. He needed them to back off if his escape was going to be successful. So he shot a fiery attack up at the plane. The live feed from inside the copter was cut as the plane swerved, narrowly dodging the blue flames. The distraction was good enough. He escaped the reporter’s sights, ending the show as he slipped back into the shadows…

   Everyone who was watching the TV was shocked as the newsfeed went from blue to suddenly cutting, with the newscaster stating there were technical difficulties. The group stayed around for a few minutes to see if anything would come back on. When the “technical difficulties” persisted, the students decided to turn the TV off and go to bed. It was late, and they’d find out more about the fight tomorrow anyways…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (TIMESKIP! ALMOST 2 WEEKS LATER…) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   The infamous “water bender" known as Ekitai sat in an abandoned building. Pro-Heroes and the police were patrolling the streets day in, day out, so it wasn’t safe to go out anymore. Ever since the fight they had with Dabi, their life had gone down the drain. Their vigilante-ish career of stealing for society’s outcasts was over. Dabi just had to see to that. The thought of that burnt bastard left a sour taste in their mouth. “Fucking prick…”  Ekitai muttered in defeated rage. They slammed their head back against a wall, irritated at everything. The room Ekitai was in was meant for storage. The large crates that were scattered around the room hadn’t been touched in months, allowing a fine layer of dust to accumulate. And it was in one of those boxes, at the bottom of the stacked crates, that they hid. All that Ekitai had with them was a bag with their measly belongings, and a cellphone in hand. They were waiting on a call from a man who could give them answers, as well as new opportunities.

   An underground broker known as Giran was supposed to call them back. Ekitai had called him first, asking for help a few days after the fight. They needed a place to hide, and they also wanted to meet the League of Villains. Ekitai’s reasoning for wanting to join such a dangerous criminal group was that, no matter what they did, they were still considered a villain. And if they were gonna be a villain, why not align with others for protection and support? Giran understood that well enough, and he promised to call them in a few days’ time. That was over a week ago. And Ekitai was starting to get impatient.

   Suddenly, their phone lit up and began to buzz. Ekitai looked down to see that the broker finally picked up. Clicking accept, they put their phone up to their ear as they answered. “Took you long enough. What news do you have?” A chuckle was heard on the other side of the line. “Well, the League has finally contacted me about your request. It took some consideration, but Shigaraki’s agreed to meet you tonight. I’ll be stopping by to pick you up and bring you to the rendezvous point.” Ekitai smiled at the news. “When?” “In a couple of hours. Why? You impatient already?” Giran responded lightheartedly. Ekitai scoffed at that. “Hardly. I’ll see you then.” And with that, they hung up on the broker. They had a few hours to kill, might as well put their talents to good use and grab some better clothes.

   To put it lightly, Ekitai looked like a mess. Their braid was coming apart, allowing their straight red hair to cascade down their back. the redhead had dark circles under their eyes from the countless nights they spent keeping watch. They had to run from the cops since they were 16 years old, so sleeping wasn’t something they could afford. Not to mention the nightmares they’d get if they slept at night. Ekitai’s clothes were the most damaged, however. The puffy, light blue jacket? Half of it was burnt to a crisp. The black tank top? Had a large hole on the side that Dabi burned with his Quirk. Their dark blue shorts? Half of it was still wearable, while the other side was in tatters. The black knee-high socks were the only clothes they had that was salvageable. The light blue sneakers they owned? One shoe was black and falling apart. The other was losing its sole. Its clear that Ekitai needed to get a makeover. They crawled out of the box they

were hiding in, grabbed their bag, and slipped out of the open window in the room…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (TIMESKIP! NIGHTTIME) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   A group of Villains sat around, waiting for the potential recruit and the broker to stop by. A young man with white hair and an embalmed hand covering his face was absentmindedly scratching at his neck. A young schoolgirl with crazy blonde buns and piercing yellow eyes sat on top a pile of boxes in the warehouse, messing with a knife in her hand. A masked entertainer sat on the box next to the one the blonde sat on. He twirled marbles between his fingers in boredom. A gecko man sat on the floor, leaning against the containers as he snored. A big woman with a muscular build sat on a box apart from the pile. She blew bubbles from the bubblegum she chewed. A man in a grey and black bodysuit sat next to the big woman. And the villain only known by his alias, Dabi, stood against a wall, brooding.

   The door opened and Giran stepped through. “Long time no see, Shigaraki. I brought the recruit. Meet the formidable thieving boss, Ekitai.” Ekitai stepped in with that introduction. Their red hair was styled back into the usual high braid. Black paint covered the upper half of their face again. They wore a sleek, dark blue vest, unbuttoned and exposing the black tank top underneath. The vest almost blended into the light blue shorts they stole a few hours ago. Light blue wristbands poked out from the shorts pockets from where their hands hid. Dark blue socks were pulled to their knees and their black sneakers walked soundlessly across the floor. Everyone stared at the short criminal as Shigaraki asked, “Ekitai is just an alias, right?” Ekitai frowned. It was a bit obvious, but they answered with “Yes.” The white-haired man grunted before asking “What’s your real name?”

   “… Kawaguchi. Minato Kawaguchi.” Ekitati answered, crossing their arms. Shigaraki turned to Dabi. “At least they gave me their real name.” he said in a snarky tone, pointing to the short redhead. Dabi only huffed in annoyance. The blonde giggled at the interaction, and Ekitai arched a brow in confusion. ‘Did Dabi never tell Shigaraki his name?’ Before they could ponder on that, the man with the hand obscuring his face spoke up once more. “What brought you here?” “I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the news of what happened a couple weeks ago.” Ekitai responded. It was a pretty vague answer, but the white haired hand man nodded. “Well, one of your members ruined my career. And while I would normally go for some sort of payback, that is not what I’m here for.” The man in the grey and black bodysuit questioned them. “What are you here for? GET OUT OF HERE ALREADY!” “Hmph. I’m here because I need support. And protection. If you haven’t seen the news, I’m now one of the most wanted criminals in Japan. Even if everything I’ve done was for good, it doesn’t matter-“ “A thief’s a thief.” The masked entertainer interrupted Ekitai. They turned to the showman. “I’ve heard of your work. And while your work leaned towards vigilante-ism, murder of not only your enemies but your allies puts you squarely in the villain box.” Ekitai glared, noting the condescension in his tone. They pulled out a small canister, flicking the cap off. A clear liquid shot out in the form of a hand, stopping just in front of the masked mans’s face as they answered. “You’ve done your research. But you should also remember I was working with other criminals. Murder was the only way to control them. Keep the other thieves in line and make sure that I wouldn’t be on the chopping block.

   The big, muscular woman grabbed a large, cloth-covered object when Ekitai shot the liquid at the masked man. The masked entertainer laughed, misreading the situation. And how much danger he was actually in. “Water won’t do much against me, dear.” Minato grinned at that. “That isn’t water. The liquid in front of your face is sulfuric acid. I can easily bet that your mask isn’t acid-proof, so you better watch yourself, or you could lose more than just a mask!” Everyone was shocked at that. The muscular woman, the split-personality man in the black bodysuit, the blonde schoolgirl, and the gecko got into a defensive pose. All of them were ready to fight. Shigaraki stayed silent as Giran chuckled. “I told you they were formidable.” he stated, grabbing a gun to light the cigarette hanging out of his mouth. “… I thought you could only manipulate water…?” Shigaraki half stated, half asked. This was an interesting surprise.

   Kawaguchi manipulated the sulfuric acid away from the showman, pulling it back to the flask before closing it. “My Quirk is called Liquid Manipulation. I can manipulate any liquid, so long as I ingest it first.” they stated. The young blonde girl squealed in delight at that fun fact. “Ooooh! That’s similar to my Quirk! My Quirk is Transformation! I can turn into anyone whose blood I ingest!,” The blonde then turned to the leader, “Hey Tomura, can Ekitai join us?? Please? Oh, it’d be great to have another female member on board! And their Quirk could be useful!” Dabi groaned at the schoolgirl’s ruckus. It was clear he not only found her annoying, but a risk. “Shut up. Do you want us to get caught?” Dabi growled. Before the short blonde could respond, Tomura raised his hand, defusing the tension in the room.

   “I normally would’ve rejected you, but we need more members… Welcome to the League.” Shigaraki stated to Ekitai. “You say that with everyone, yet you recruited all of us!” The blonde girl exclaimed, waving to everyone else in the room. Tomura didn’t comment, instead turning to leave. The pretty blonde girl bounced over to the short newcomer. “I’m Toga! Himiko Toga! Can I call you Minato? Or would you prefer Kawaguchi? Or just Ekitai?” Ekitai dismissively answered with “Whatever you want. I don’t care.” Himiko grinned, flashing her fangs. “Minato it is! Now, lemme introduce you to everyone!-,” Before Toga could continue however, Dabi backed out. “Nope. No way. I’m leaving… Oh. And Ekitai?” Minato turned, glaring at the smug bastard. “I want a rematch sometime.” The short redhead turned away in an arrogant manner, replying with “In your dreams.” Giran smirked at the group. “Well, my job here is done. So I’m gonna leave before I get hit in the crossfire. You two-,” Giran pointed to Ekitai and Dabi, “have some unresolved issues. The tension is palpable.” Ekitai rolled their eyes at that statement. 'Well, no shit, sherlock!’  they thought. Dabi had a cocky grin on his face as he riled them up once more. “You still haven’t proven yourself to be worthy.”

   Ekitai scowled at that comment. In a flash, the acid shot out of the canister and wrapped a ring around Dabi’s neck. It was wide enough to not touch his scars but it definitely made Dabi stop as Ekitai reminded him. “You said that maybe I was worthy. Whatever you mean by that-” Dabi then turned back, seemingly unfazed. “Yeah, maybe. Doesn’t mean that you are.” Toga crossed her arms, looking bored at the interaction. She was about to speak when Ekitai pulled the acidic ring away from the burnt man. “Then I accept your request. When shall we fight?” Dabi smirked at their answer. “I’ll find you.” he answered before walking away from the newest LoV member. Leaving Ekitai frustrated at the burnt asshole and Himiko Toga excited at the prospect of fighting and bloodshed…

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   ((Author’s Note: So I was kinda being a lazy bastard as far as drawing goes (I wanna draw but I don’t have the energy to do so. I’ll draw tomorrow… Maybe.), but I need to keep myself occupied as well, so… Yeah. I’ve gone back into writing some more Ekitai x Dabi shit. I left off at the beginning of their fight, which is what this will cover I suppose. God why are action-packed scenes so difficult to write?! Then again, I’m not used to/not good at writing them.

   Speaking of fights… WARNING!: This fanfic contains violence. If this makes you uncomfortable in anyway, then step away from this and go do something else. Whatever. Let’s just get into this…))

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ((DABI’S P.O.V./RECAP)) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   It was currently nighttime, around 9:45 pm, in a city about an hour’s drive from Yokohama. It had hardly been a week since the incident at Kamino, where the Pro-Heroes stormed our hideout. Since then, the League of Villains separated and had gone into hiding. I would say that we’re all looking for new recruits… but I doubt it. The League was filled with lazy bastards and wannabes anyways. And I wasn’t looking to recruit anyone I came across on the street. I’m not as naive as Toga or as trusting as Twice. I have standards. Standards that have yet to be met.

   I’ve come across plenty of thugs and low-level criminals that wouldn’t serve the League any purpose. The only purpose I felt that those pests served was as kindling for my flames. But the majority of criminals I killed fought for someone named Ekitai. I found the criminals’ loyalty perplexing, so I dug around a little. And with Giran’s help, I pinpointed their current location. I wanted to meet them in person, and see if all those deaths meant something to this thieving kingpin. I searched for this Ekitai in the shadows, and had figured out where they would be thanks to 2 petty thieves walking the streets.

   And it was on this night that I sat back, keeping my face obscured under a streetlight as I waited for their arrival. There was chatter to the left, and I noticed that the men I eavesdropped on earlier in the day were walking this way. Though it appeared that they didn’t notice me. Good. That’d make my entrance even more surprising. Shortly after the idiotic pair arrived, I heard someone speak up. “Hmm… excellent. Everyone’s here.” A man’s voice immediately asked “This is all that’s left? Seriously?” “Yes. You have a problem with that?” a feminine voice asked, clearly agitated. I smiled at that, taking it as my cue to interrupt this little rendezvous.

   I turned, taking a few steps to stand at the entrance of the alleyway. Around 6, maybe 7 people stood in an ovoid-like shape, cramped by the small space. 2 on the left, 2 on the right, and the last pair stood in front of me during the exchange. The 2 men in front of me were at least 6 and a half feet respectively, making it hard to look over them. “I told you the bitch was cursed.” one of the men in front of me said. When the leader’s voice threatened the man who called them cursed, I took it as my chance to speak. “Am I interrupting something?”

   Everyone in the alleyway turned to and I finally got to see the person at the end of the alleyway. As my suspicions confirmed, Ekitai was at the end of the dark alley. They already seemed as fiery as the red hair they had, though their hair was held back in a tight braid and dyed blonde at the ends. Golden eyes practically glowed through what appeared to be a black mask that was painted on their face. They were pretty monochromatic in clothing as well, wearing an unzipped, light blue puffer vest, a black tank top, dark blue shorts, black socks and light blue sneakers. Everyone around them immediately broke into a fighting stance. Well, everyone except the 2 men in front of me. The broad one glared as he looked down at me, while his ratty friend’s eyes widened in horror. But before he could say anything, Ekitai did. “You don’t belong here.”

   I grinned, sarcastically replying with “Your words wound me. Is this all that’s left of your gang, Ekitai?” Ekitai glared at me, gripping the water bottle they held with so much force, I was surprised it didn’t explode on them. The ratty man in front finally spoke, telling his friend “E-Ekitai isn’t cursed mate! T-that’s Dabi, from the L-League of Villains!” My grin grew wider and more maniacal as I acknowledged him. “You recognized me. That’s nice, but too bad… you’re not worthy.” I had my hand raised and in an instant, the alleyway was painted blue and burning everything. I lowered my hand, watching the bodies burn for a little bit. “None of you are worthy of carrying on Stain’s legacy.” I said, a tinge of disappointment in my voice. From what I had learned, Ekitai was supposed to be fearsome and tough. They were supposed to be unmatched, as far as their Quirk’s capabilities were concerned. But everything was finished rather quickly and I began to walk away, thinking they were a burning corpse.

   The moment I turned my back was when I was attacked. A wave came out from the alleyway, crashing into me. The water pushed me forward, sending me flying across the street. Pain shot across my wet body as I crashed through the glass panel of a clothing store. Screams and running footsteps mixed with the ringing in my ears as I got up. I turned, glaring, yet shocked that Ekitai survived. And not only did they survive my flames, they surprised me with a wet and gross-smelling wave. They got into a fighting stance, openly challenging me on the street. This would be fun…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (BACK TO THE PRESENT!) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   "You stink.“ Ekitai stated, arms outstretched to keep the water ring around them. Dabi, dripping wet, stepped out of the store. He tried to look scary, but that went out the window when he nearly slipped between the water and the glass all around him. Talk about a failed intimidation attempt.

   "Are you referring to the wave or what I’ve done to your team in less than a week?” Dabi said, partially sarcastic this time. Ekitai wasn’t gonna take the bait so easy though. “Let’s stick with both. And now, I will show you why I’m not one you should cross!” The villain’s hands began to burn blue as the pair stalked around each other. Their stances, one casual, the other down and determined, made them look like predators about to fight for dominance. “Is that so? Well then… Prove it. Prove to me that you are worthy.”

   With that, Dabi released his flames again. Ekitai released the ring to counter his blue flames. As they predicted, doing so wasn’t enough, as the fire made the water evaporate and the garbage burn. But the ring wasn’t their only source. The kingpin did a backflip, away from the growing attack that Dabi sent out. Ekitai brushed their fingers against the ground and felt the water through the underground pipes. With another leap to dodge the fiery assault, they stood their ground with a stomp. A scream ripped through their lungs as their fists went up in the air. Dabi’s flames would’ve gotten to them, had a pipe not burst in front of them. In fact, several underground pipes burst, followed shortly after with the ground shaking and coming apart. This was allowing Ekitai to use more water. This also made Dabi stop his flames momentarily, as he lost his footing. Dabi blindly shot his blue flames again. And they countered his attack with an uppercut, releasing some of the water they collected. Just enough to counteract his flames. The water they had left had curved, flanking Dabi from the left. It hit him with full force, sending him flying to the right. His back got the brunt of the damage as he collided with a door to another store.

   Dabi fell to the ground in shock. He had power, but they had precision. He stood up, shooting flames from his foot with a kick. Once again, Ekitai countered, pushing the water forward to put out the fire. Both of them took in their surroundings. People steered clear of the damaged area like the plague. Several pipes poked through the cracked concrete, supplying Ekitai with a surplus of water and giving them the upper hand. Up in the air, a helicopter flew overhead. It was probably the news, reporting on the two villains fighting head to head. If Ekitai wasn’t well known before, they would be now. Dabi on the other hand, knew he’d have an even harder time hiding now that the news was reporting this. And with the news would probably come the police and pro heroes. He had to end this quickly, especially because steam was rolling out of his scars.

   He sent up a massive firewall. Ekitai yelped, sending all their water out in front of them to act as a last minute shield. It partially worked. It was enough to keep them alive and relatively unharmed from the flames, but now there was no more pipe-water for them to use. The firewall was cut in half and the shopping district was alight in blue flames as a result. He shot another fiery kick and Ekitai cartwheeled out of the way. They cried out in pain as the fire hit their side. Ekitai dropped and rolled not only to put out the flame that was on their right side, but to dodge the newer flames he kept releasing. Dabi gritted his teeth in pain. He was going over the limit, yet Ekitai wouldn’t burn. His opponent quickly got up. They looked disheveled, yet took on a boxer-like stance. They also had a fierce gaze trained on him.

   "Is that it? That all you got?“ Ekitai yelled. Dabi smirked. “I could go all night, doll!” He replied. Ekitai glared as a light blush coated their cheeks, though Dabi couldn’t tell if it was from his comment or from overexertion. Dabi’s wording, on the surface, sounded flirty. But there was a condescending undertone to it. Ekitai also knew, based on the steam coming out of his scars, that he was bluffing. But what he didn’t know was, they were about to hit their limit too.

   Their throat felt extremely dry and their lips were already getting chapped. Although one could attribute their dehydration to the heat (thanks to Dabi’s attacks), Ekitai knew it was the drawbacks of their Quirk. Manipulating liquid for too long left them dehydrated, at best. At worst, it would lead to dry drowning, severe bleeding and/ or death. So they had to be careful on how much and how long they manipulated the liquids around them.

   Dabi’s flames sparked up again. It was at this point that he had the advantage. There were no liquid sources nearby anymore, not unless Ekitai decided to burst more pipes. But doing so was a risky move, given how tired and wobbly they were. Doing that move once is dangerous. Doing it twice could prove fatal to their health. Dabi was about to shoot fire out of his palms once more but stopped. Police sirens sounded in the distance. Which meant that the pros would arrive soon too. Dabi stepped back, deciding it was best to retreat for now. Ekitai straightened in confusion.

   "Hm… Maybe you are worthy…” were his final words before he released another fiery ring. Ekitai lunged into the clothing store to dodge the flames. The very same clothing store that Dabi crashed into at the beginning of the fight. The fire burnt out shortly after, and when Ekitai slipped out of the broken window of the store, Dabi was gone.

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I made him a werewolf hope thats okie!

Warnings. Breeding kink. Stockholm syndrome

Monster prompts #3NSFW” im going to breed you” with werewolf Dabi


What were your parents up too? Did they miss you? Your job peobably wondered where you were, your friends. But you would never know. You belonged to him now. He swept you right off the street one night , all you knew was that you were picked up and you could feel wind hitting your face. You had been kidnapped by a werewolf. It was… hard training you to be okay with living with him. But a few… punishments mixed in with some soft handling turned you into his little breeder in no time.

You wanted nothing more than to be with him, his large build, paws, furry body. Even if parts of his body were burned and stapled together. You loved him, so much. You wanted to give him his dream, puppies.

He had you in a mating press and was panting overtop of you with droll hitting your face along with his heavy breath. You begged and begged. “Put your puppies in me Dabi. Please. I want to give you puppies.”

And just like that he shoved himself all the way inside you with a howl that made you go deaf for a second. You came instantly from his thick monster cock that stretched you over your limit. Your insides burned as you clenching pussy pulled him in even farther. He bit into your neck drawing blood while he thrusted into you as hard as he could sending your head back to see the sky each time.

He let go of your neck to lick your face in one long stroke with a chuckle. “Im going to breed you human. Im going to fill you up so far youll be waddling around with my pups in no time.”

You agreed kissing his furry neck as your second climax hit you harder than the first , making a mess of his cock. “Yes , yes please Dabi. Breed me. I only want you . I want to serve you!!!”

He snarked down at you pushing his knot inside of you stretching nuch farther that you could handle . He came hard howling low and satisfied. You pulled him close to stroke his head and ears to help calm him down from his high.

He was not pulling out any time soon. It would take maybe a hour or two. To make sure you were good and breed while his knot went down, so to pass the time he humped into you lazily for awhile , while he waited.

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Literally all my posts are just your requests not but I’m certainly not complaining. I love it 🥺 You seem to like the League a lot (same tho)

Also, happy pride month everyone 🏳️‍🌈

Warnings: reference to injury

Having a healer in their ranks was incredibly useful for the League. It wasn’t surprising when they came back from missions littered with injuries, and you were always the one cleaning them up. They were used to your scolding when they arrived back hurt, but you were immediately there to help them as their figures appeared in the door frame.

You hadn’t told the League how your quirk worked, so they simply figured it was just a regular healing quirk. What they didn’t know was that each injury you healed was transferred to you. You yourself healed faster from the injuries you took, so you had been able to hide if from them for a long time. 

Unfortunately, that didn’t mean forever, and after one of them came back with their arm hanging limp and broken at their side, you knew your charade would soon be up.

After you healed them you attempted to excuse yourself to you room, telling them that you were tired and needed to sleep. However, when Dabi accidentally brushed too close to your arm, you let out a small whimper of pain, and everyone froze.

“What’s wrong?” Kurogiri asked. “Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine.” You shook your head, faking a smile while attempting to ignore the agony shooting through your body.

“You’re lying.” Dabi narrowed his eyes, his hand shooting out to grip your injured arm as you let out a scream of pain.

He let go almost immediately, but the damage was done. It wasn’t hard for the League to figure out what was wrong. You arm had been perfectly fine before you’d used your quirk, and now you could barely even move it. Suddenly your insistence on being alone after you healed any of their injuries made sense. You didn’t want them to see that you were now the one wounded.

“You don’t just heal, do you?” Shigaraki asked, a single red eye peering out at you from behind the pale hand across his face.

With a sigh you shook your head. There was no point in lying anymore; they wouldn’t believe you anyway.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Toga asked, her face falling as she placed the knife she had previously been playing with on the table in front of her.

“I didn’t want to worry you guys.” You said quietly. 

“Hey, we look after each other here.” Magne said with a smile, placing a hand on your uninjured arm.

“Let them sleep.” Shigaraki interjected, eyes falling back to the glass in his hand. “You’re not healing as much from now on.”

You opened your moth to protest, but you knew there was no point. Not with Shigaraki. You said a quick goodbye to the others, before you made your way upstairs to a spare room, being careful of your arm while laying down. The minute your head hit the pillow, your eyes fell shut.

You were still going to look after them, no matter what Shigaraki said. 

They were your family, after all.

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Yay! More requests! *happy writer noises*

Warnings: does betrayal count as a warning? Shigaraki’s crusty face

You weren’t sure how to react when you found yourself in the clutches of the villains, hands chained together next to Bakugou as Shigaraki requested you join them. I mean, it was a bit sudden of a request. But at the same time, it felt almost… right?

Shigaraki’s words ran through your mind like a broken record. Everyone here has been restricted and suffered because of people, rules, and heroes. You began to realize the supposed villains around you weren’t necessarily bad people. Maybe they could have been great heroes themselves, if the real heroes hadn’t convinced them they weren’t meant for that.

Why shouldn’t you turn on the heroes? What had they really done for you? Nothing but look at you like you were already a villain. If that’s what they thought, maybe you should be. Maybe you were sick of being looked at like a freak, someone who should be watched with careful eyes in case you decide to turn around and stab them in the back. So maybe, just maybe, you should.

You didn’t attack when they freed your bonds, although Bakugou (unsurprisingly) did. As the heroes arrived you faltered, but by the time you saw Kirishima, Iida, and Mydoria call out to you from the sky, you’d made up your mind.

When Bakugou held out a hand to pull you with him and escape, you pushed him away, instead running behind Shigaraki as he leapt towards Bakugou. With no other options, he created a huge explosion to propel himself skyward, and you felt yourself fly back with the sheer power of it, landing in the arms of Toga who looked down at you with a confused, but gleeful expression.

As All For One sent the remaining villains towards two of you Toga tried to stop them, but you fell through the portal nonetheless. On the other side, you were surprised when Shigaraki held out a hand to help you up, pinky finger kept low to avoid decaying you.

The villains were slightly surprised they’d won their case with you. They would have thought Bakugou would have been the easy one to turn away from the light. But they quickly realized how perfect your betrayal to the heroes was.

The heroes would see, if they didn’t change their ways, if they didn’t stop viewing certain quirks, certain people, as villainous before they had a chance to prove themselves, then their fears would become a reality.

And with you, they did.

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Part Two of my MerMay Fic! Part One is at the bottom!


Kurogiri was making his way through the crowded meadhall to the door. Lightly pushing vikings out of the way but also having eagerness in his step. A child? In the slave trade ? A harpy no less . This is not good. He had to see for himself.

Once outside the meadhall Kurogiri’s eyes locked on the docks to see the slave ship just pulling in and crowds already surrounding the auction deck. With haste he rushed to the docks hoping he was not late. He spotted the red head that was at his bar just a minute ago , quietly he slipped next to him watching the ship unload its prisoners. All women mostly, heavy chains on their wrists and raggy clothing looking very scared and depressed. At the end of the line his heart sank.

A harpy child, just like the red head said. Messy short purple hair that hung over her eyes with brown wings tied behind her back. A dirty brown dress covered her little body . She could not have been 10 years old. The red head next to Kurogiri fussed with his pockets touching all over his pants and heavy coat as if he was looking for something. Kurogiri stepped closer to the deck waving over the viking in charge of all this. Loud yelling and shoving started up in the crowd while Kurogiri talked to the man.

“A harpy child?” He asked concerned.

“Yeah found it all ‘lone off the coast. Was gonna die if we left ’er”

“How much?”

The viking rubbing his chin looking all around. As if unsure.

“Every drink is on the house from now on .” Kurogiri said .

The man smirked and slapped Kurogiris arm laughing. “Okay okay. We both know you just don’t want her to be taken by some dangerous man. 10,000 Hacksilver.”

Kurogiri was a little annoyed at the over price , Harpies usually went for 5,000 . Must be because shes a child. With a groan he dipped his hand into his fancy animal fur coat taking out a little bag and dropping it in the mans hand. The man tucked the little bag away in a pouch and waved his hand. “Give ole Giri the harpy boys.”

The red head rushed to the front with a little bag in his hand but the man shook his head. A second man picked up the girl and Kurogiri took her from him holding her tight. The red head was visibly upset and Kurogiri could feel the child shaking in his arms. Without saying anything he made his way back to his meadhall.

The redhead stomped to his captains house hoping to take his frustrations out on his hew mermaid but the captain was already asleep. He would have to wait till morning.

Kurogiri opened his door to see Toga dancing on the bar with knives and Shigaraki behind it making drinks while Dabi lit candles around the meadhall to keep the area well lit. He was pretty sure he asked Toga to keep an eye on the place, not dance. At Least no one was fighting.

The harpy was still shaking in his arms with her face in his chest . He looked down at her as he made his way to the bar. Her feathers were very spotty in places, she seemed to be missing some and her hair was a dark dirty purple with knots. She had short bird legs with chipped talons and her dress was raggy .

Kurogiri stopped at the bar to look at Toga for a minute till she noticed him. She giggled and crouched down looking the harpy over saying how cute she was. Dabi and Shigaraki came over and very slowly the harpy showed her face to them.

“Aww! Cutie!” Toga said giggling.

“Just a kid.” Dabi said, blowing the flame out on his thumb.

“Trades are getting worse.” Shigaraki saud going back to serving drinks. If anyone was going to take this hard it was him. Kurogiri saved him from the trade as well way back when.

“Himiko, can you clean her up? Her room is the spare one.”

She jumped off the bar taking the harpy from him eagerly and rushing upstairs.

“ so who else was there huh?” Dabi asked pouring himself a drink

“That red head that was here with that Captain and the usual others”

“I saw them come in..” Shigaraki said, looking at the cup before sliding it down the bar. “Bad news.”

“How much was she? The trader give you a half ass price?” Dabi asked pulling a nearby woman to him by her hips swaying slightly, enjoying her giggle.

“Yes. 10,000 . So I need some extra hands here for awhile.”

The woman pouted at the man’s words and wiggled free of Dabi leaving him frustrated and needy. He looked at Kurogiri and he only shrugged.

Meanwhile Toga had gotten the Harpy in the bath and cleaned her up. She winced every time the cloth hit a cut and Toga would have to console her till she calmed down.

“Hey, whats your name huh? I bet its pretty!” Toga asked, washing her hair.

The harpy said nothing , instead she watched this girl take care of her. “Wanna know mine? Its Himiko Toga! But you can call me big sis!!!” She said putting a dry cloth on the girl’s head drying her hair. She pulled the cloth away to see bright purple hair and some freckles on the girls nose .


The harpy smiled a bit .

“Here here!” She pulled the girl out sitting her on the ground drying her off. “I got something for you okay!” She ran off to another room leaving the child with the cloth on her head.

When Toga returned she had a special light purple dress in her hands . “For you! I made it out of one of my dresses. She dropped to her knees putting the dress on the harpy and buttoning the front up. “You can still use your wings! And don’t worry about stepping on the dress since its the right length. “

She looked down touching the dress, a faint red appearing on her cheeks. Toga picked her up and took her to her room. It was huge , a nice open room with a very furry bed and a big window . Toga sat her in the bed patting her head before leaving so she could get settled in.

The harpy wiggled out of bed and climbed up to the window to sit in it. So many houses, people. This was very different from her home. Maybe.. not all people were bad.. The wind kicked up and she sang softly into the night. The men downstairs stopped yelling and looked up at the ceiling . Kurogiri looked up and so did Dabi and Shigaraki. Toga jumped onto the bar to dance to the song . For the first time in a long time Kurogiris meadhall was peaceful.

Meanwhile , not so ways away was the mermaid. She lifted her head to hear a gentle harpy song, slowly her tail swayed in the water.


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Hi, my loves. It’s Lyn. This is my masterlist for all of my Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia work. I had to revamp the original masterlist from there being too many links. Huzzah! This list will be updated periodically, so please do make sure to check back here from time to time to see if you’ve missed any of my work.

Note: Many of these works are NSFW, just a forewarning.

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Hi, Ash. Don’t get too worked up.

It’s okay, my cough left.

Where did you guys go today? Why are you back so early?

We saw younger me again. And Papa. And Kurogiri. We were gonna see Dadpa too, but it didn’t work out.

Where did your clothes go?


Romance blood.

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| She likes the puddle slimes (“because they’re shy like Papa”) and the tabby slimes.

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| Ah. Um. Well. Easiness. We kinda both require it, she only plays video games when she’s sick. She actually tries to follow the game, I’m just trying to figure out how to keep Tarrs in corrals, because they’re gay/emo solidarity, and I want one desperately. Also, I’m trying to make MCR songs work with the chime things.

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