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#uraraka ochako

Young adult shenanigan selfies! Uraraka is using her quirk to zero gravity her phone up to take the picture

Outfits appropriated from joshuachanarts (Instagram) and @onughost (tumblr) cuz their designs are boss

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Super, SUPER late, I am so sorry. 😓

Honestly, he seems to be very oblivious of Uraraka’s feelings for him. In all honesty, I believe it would be best for now if Izuku remained oblivious because knowing Uraraka has a crush on him might get in the way of Izuku’s dream and other things.

Besides, it is a shonen manga, after all. So it would definitely be action and character development first, romance later, situation similar to what we saw in Naruto.

I hope this answers your question.

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Sexuality headcanon: she’s pansexual and trans!

Favourite ship: Izuocha

Brotp: i love iichako and todochako

Notp: kacchako

A random headcanon: she’s autistic and she stims by floating!

General opinion: I love her! She’s one of my favourite characters!

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another bnha re-draw this time ft. the lovely crack ship i was really into when i first watched the sport festival arc

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Hello I wanted to let u know Uraraka is babey and I love her 💕😭✨!!!

jsjsjsjs so I stole my friends tablet to make an ochako doodle :) idk which saturation I like better but I’m happy overall!!!



(click for clarity, reblog don’t repost ✨)

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