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#uraraka ochako
Uraraka: Fuck capitalism. It's a rigged system that keeps us poor and it isn't fair. You shouldn't need to work three jobs to afford basic necessities.
Uraraka, playing Monopoly: Sorry if you wanted to win you should have tried being Not Poor.
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guardian-of-da-gay · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagine: A calm but fun atmosphere where pro-heroes pose for pictures, dressed as drag queens in the spirit of the pro-heroes’ LGBT Charity Drag Ball. 
Suddenly there is a flurry of movement on the red carpet; cameras flash, people shout, everyone rushes to see: The Explosion Murder Debutante!
(w/bonus Izuocha realizing their 'upscale drag' is more 'upscale' than 'drag' but it doesn't matter cuz they lost on both fronts X0 maybe next year guys!)
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otaku-elf-cos · a day ago
okay imagine deku kissing his classmates
Bakugou: Immediately flushes and challenges him to a kissing contest, screaming before he kisses him: ”You really think YOU could beat me! I’ll show you the best kiss of your life!”
Todoroki: Flushes, and is immediately awkward because he has never experienced physical affection
Ochako: Flushes and stumbles over words, eventually telling him how she enjoyed it and awkwardly asks for another
Tsu: She smiles, grabbing his hand, “You know Midoriya-Chan, I really like you too!”
Iida: BLUSH X 100, standing there as Izu tries to get him out of his dream-like state
Momo: Smiles warmly, moves his bangs and gently kisses his forehead
Jirou: Blushes slightly but turns her face to the side so he can’t see
Mina: Smiles, Dips him, and kisses him on the lips. “You know, just returning the favor.” *winks*
Kaminari: Flushes, goes into ‘whey’ mode and Izu helps him around all day (even after he breaks out of it) bc he feels guilty
Kirishima: He smiles widely, “THAT WAS SO MANLY IZU-BRO, DO IT AGAIN!” (He does)
Sero: Izu tries to turn his face but Sero does the chin-lift, dazes into his eyes, then kisses him again.
Aoyama: Smothers Izu’s face in kisses
Tokoyami: He flushes, asking, “C-Can I have another…” In a quiet voice while Dark Shadow cheers his boy on
Shoji: Smiles and kisses him with one of his hands
Kouda: Blushes, nods, then signs a ‘Thank You’
Sato: *Baking a cake together when Izuku pecks him on the lips* Flushes and awkwardly says he taste like cake
Ojirou: Blushes and covers his face with his tail
Hagakure: “You missed my lips,” she says as she kisses him on the lips (again).
Shinsou: Smiles awkwardly, turning his head as he rubs the back of his neck
Monoma: Smirks, “Oh the golden boy of 1A thinks he can beat the best kisser in all of UA? Lets have it then.”
Kendo: Smiles and pecks him on the lips
Tetsutetsu: He smiles widely, “THAT WAS SO MANLY IZU-BRO, DO IT AGAIN!” (Same reaction as Kirishima)
Mei: Smiles and starts spewing on about their future together at a million miles
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sawsbuckgo · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
MHA pieces I did in 2020! I’ve learned a lot since then but I still enjoy them. Middle one is Deku with Mirko’s quirk for a commission, the rest were just my own nonsense.
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made-by-jade-222 · a day ago
First-Year, Third-Year
Mirio x Reader
Lers! Mirio, Reader, Izuku, Uraraka
Lees! Izuku, Uraraka, Reader, Mirio
Length: 🍨
Mirio Togata, everyone’s favorite third year. Well, that’s what you teasingly called him sometimes to bug him. But he’d always smile and ruffle your hair, saying that you were everyone’s favorite first year. The two of you had met when he and Nejire, and Tamaki, the big three, had been introduced to your class, 1-A.
You, like everyone else, had gotten your butt handed to you after battling with him. After the match, everyone hit the showers. You were one of the last to leave though, and dragged your feet coming out of the locker room. As you walked out, you noticed two of your best friends, Izuku and Uraraka, walking away with Tamaki and Nejire.
“There you are!”
You jumped out of your skin, gasping sharply and holding a hand over your heart as you turned and saw who was behind you. “M-Mirio! You scared me!” you breathed, smiling a little.
He laughed and put a hand on your shoulder. “Sorry about that, heh. You okay?” he asked.
“It was only a jumpscare.”
“What? Oh, hahaha! No, I meant in general. You seemed pretty down after our match, and you were one of the last to leave. The Senseis had things to do, so Nejire, Tamaki and I volunteered to wait for you guys,” he said as you both started walking towards the door.
“Oh, you didn’t have to do that,” you said, slightly embarrassed. “I’m okay I guess. I mean, I just got my butt handed to me, who wouldn’t be discouraged?”
“But Y/N, I’m a third year. I have a lot more experience than you.”
“Yeah, and I get that…but I feel like I could have done a lot better,” you said, pausing in the doorway.
He turned around and frowned at your crestfallen expression. “Did you do your best?” he asked.
You looked up, not expecting that reply. “Huh?”
“I said, did you do your best?”
“Well, yeah. Of course I did.”
He beamed. “Then there’s nothing to be upset about! That’s all we ever wanted. Me, my friends, and the Senseis. We wanted your best, not perfection. And for the record, I think you all did a great job. Seriously! You guys are much farther ahead than other first years we’ve faced off with,” he said, then held his hand out to you. “Now come on, it’s almost time for dinner. And I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse!”
You couldn’t help smiling a little at his goofiness and encouraging words. You took his hand and then jumped down the four steps that led into the building. You headed back to your dorm, and were pleased to find out that he, Nejire, and Tamaki were all staying for dinner.
You, Izuku, and Uraraka caught most of their attention and ended up chatting with them for most of the night before they had to head back to their dorm. Soon after that, you six kept bumping into each other. Fate seemed to want you to hang out, and who were you to argue with it? It didn’t take long, but a sibling relationship developed between you all. You gravitated towards Mirio, Izuku to Nejire (which was incredible considering a lot of girls made him nervous, but he felt comfortable around her, though why he did nobody knew), and Uraraka to Tamaki. She was really good at getting him to come out of his shell, which absolutely blew Mirio and Nejire away. How could a little first year who hadn’t known him for that long do what had taken them two years?
The Senseis, once they were sure your relationship didn’t cause any favoritism when it came to training, adored your relationship with each other and thought it was rather endearing.
“Sho, sho! Look! Look at them!” Yamada whispered, pointing towards the common room.
Aizawa, who was working at the kitchen table, looked up to see Uraraka and Tamaki talking calmly. Tamaki was holding the yarn around his hands, while Uraraka crocheted what looked like a blanket. “Aw,” Aizawa said quietly, his grumpy exterior crumbling and giving away into a smile. “That’s adorable.”
Yamada giggled. “Isn’t it?”
“Yeah. She’s really doing him some good, helping him come out of his shell. I’ve seen a change in his confidence level on patrols and missions.”
“I hope this continues, if I don’t die from cuteness first.”
“Heh, yeah.”
Tamaki must have unintentionally said something funny, because Uraraka suddenly went into a fit of giggles. He smiled, then started laughing quietly as well. Yamada clutched his heart and slowly fell to the floor, dying from cuteness. Aizawa just went back to his work, grinning like an idiot.
Toshinori was pleasantly surprised to see Izuku warming up to Nejire, and hoped that being close friends with her would help him be more comfortable around girls. And it did! Plus the two got along really well and always had a great time together.
“Midoriya, slow down. Give yourself a break. We’ve been working for hours,” Nejire said. They were both doing their own homework, but she’d stopped occasionally to help him out. It was a nice day outside, so they were working at one of the outdoor picnic tables in the backyard while having lemonade, apple slices, peanut butter, and cookies.
“But I have to understand this concept for the test!” Izuku said.
She put her hand on the book, blocking his reading. “You’ve got another three days. It’s not gonna kill you to give yourself a break. Besides, your brain probably needs a break too. I’m sure it’s well beyond fried at this point and needs time to rest and actually absorb the information.”
He pouted.
She poked his cheek a few times. “Take a break,” she said.
He snorted, unable to keep from smiling. “Okay, okay,” he agreed, shutting his book and setting it aside. She did the same.
“You haven’t even touched your snack!” she gasped. “You’d better hurry before I eat it all!”
After munching on cookies and apples with peanut butter, then washing it down with some lemonade, Nejire pulled out a little notepad.
“Let’s play mad libs!” she said.
Izuku frowned.
“Oh come on! It’ll be fun!”
“I don’t know…”
“What, think I can’t come up with funny stuff?”
She gasped. “You challenge me? How dare you sir! Just you wait, Izuku Midoriya! I’ll make you laugh so hard that all the freckles come off your face!”
And a few minutes later, both of them were in stitches. And there wasn’t a cookie left in sight.
“Hey Y/N! Whatcha up to?” Mirio asked, coming into the study room. It was empty save for you two.
You glanced up from your book. “Oh nothing,” you sighed. “Just reading. There’s nothing else to do.”
“What? Do I detect a hint of boredom in your voice?” he asked.
You smiled a little and shut your book, then stood up and stretched. “Yeah, a little. I did all my chores, finished all my homework, literally everything. I’ve got time to kill until it’s time to eat, so I decided to come in here and read.”
“Doesn’t look like you’re having much fun,” he said, picking up the book. “Hmm. Doesn’t look too bad.
You gasped as he opened the book to the page you’d marked, which just so happened to be a steamy romance scene. You blushed and covered your face with a groan.
He blushed a little himself, but laughed when he saw your face. “Y/N! You shouldn’t be reading stuff like this!” he tried to scold, but was too amused for it to take much effect. “I know you want a significant other, but geez!”
You pouted and playfully smacked his arm. “You’re the worst,” you grumbled half-heartedly.
He put the book back on the table, then patted your head, making you pout even more. “I love you too,” he said, grinning widely. “So, what do you wanna do now? Ooh, you know what I’ve always wanted to do in a library?”
“Have a dance party!”
“Are you serious?”
“Yeah! Because normally you’re supposed to be quiet, but we’re the only two in here! So why not?”
Both of you were terrible dancers, well, Mirio was. You were slightly better than him because of the dance lessons you’d gotten from Mina, and from playing Just Dance with the Sero and Kaminari. Somehow he’d gotten a pair of ridiculous hot pink shutter glasses and a pink plastic lei, and you’d gotten a headband made out of glow sticks around your head, and a purple plastic lei.
“Hahahaha! The sprinkler?” you asked, leaning against a bookshelf for support while you laughed. “You dance like a dad!” you giggled, walking up to him.
“Excuse you, I dance a lot better than that,” Aizawa said.
The two of you screamed and you jumped into Mirio’s arms like scooby doo. Aizawa tried so hard not to laugh, but ultimately failed and leaned against the door to support himself as he cracked up, partly covering his face. But you could see the corner of a smile and his eyes crinkled up, sparkling with mirth. And it was amazing.
“Come on you two,” he said, trying to stop laughing. He took a breath. “And don’t ever let me catch you goofballs doing that again. There are plenty of places to party, and the study room is not one of them.”
He knew you’d heard him, but had a feeling that his words fell on deaf ears since the two of you were too busy giggling and celebrating the fact that you’d made him laugh.
While you, Izuku, and Uraraka gravitated towards one person in particular, you all loved switching it up and spending time with everyone. Izuku and Tamaki usually body doubled, aka they spent time in the same room together and sometimes talked as they did their own thing. He and Mirio would throw the football around or train together, usually doing outdoor athletic activities when they weren’t playing board games. Uraraka would do Mirio’s makeup, hair and nails, and they’d often watch cartoons together. Nejire would take her out shopping, and they’d go to the pool, or just sit and cuddle while Nejire read to her.
You and Tamaki would do puzzles together, play video games, or play with Aizawa and Yamada-Sensei’s cats. You and Nejire would bake together, or just talk, or play video games together.
It was a lazy Friday afternoon, and everyone had dispersed to do their own thing, whether that be homework, gaming, cooking, whatever they liked. You, Izuku, Uraraka, and the Big 3 had planned to meet up in the study room and do homework, then follow up with a few episodes of your favorite TV show.
You walked in with a bowl of popcorn and a couple sodas, grinning at the sight before you. Mirio sat sandwiched between Tamaki and Nejire and was currently pulling Izuku and Uraraka onto his lap, one arm each. The two of them were giggling and squirming, trying to get out of his grip as he started tickling them.
“Hey now, I told you I was gonna tickle you if you didn’t stop arguing,” he said, grinning brightly as they giggled like children, futilely trying to escape the hands kneading and tickling their sides.
From what you’d heard, Izuku was taking too long to type in the name of the TV show in the search bar, and Uraraka was trying to take the remote from him and do it herself.
“Ahahahahaha! Mirioooo!” Izuku whined through his giggles.
“Plehehehehease! It tihihihickles!” Uraraka managed to say.
Tamaki was smiling slightly, and Nejire was outright grinning and taking a few pictures to send to your group chat. You sat down at the coffee table and happily munched on popcorn as you watched your friends get tickled silly, if they could get tickled any sillier than they already were that is. Izuku was the first to escape, leaving Uraraka to be tickled by their captor.
“Deku! You trahahahahaitor!” Uraraka giggled as she felt Mirio tickle up her sides and into her armpits.
“Haha! Sorry!” Izuku called, running off.
Nejire and Tamaki exchanged a look, then got up and followed after him once he was out of sight, tho Tamaki was lagging behind shyly until Nejire grabbed his arm and pulled him along with her.
Mirio lightly pushed Uraraka onto the couch, and she landed on her stomach. He tickled up her spine, then went back to her armpits, adding the slightest bit of extra pressure to get her really laughing.
“Told ya I was gonna getcha!” he teased. “I told you I was gonna tickle you! And if there’s one thing I know, it’s that I never go back on my word!”
“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Uraraka writhed and squirmed as her spine was poked, prodded, squeezed and tickled, and she was defenseless to stop it. She managed to roll onto her back and tried to sit up and stop him, but she was laughing too much. And the silly faces Mirio was making certainly didn’t help things. “EHEHEHEHEHEHE!”
“Something funny?” he asked, tickling her tummy.
She snorted. “Tihihihihihickles!”
“Tickles are really funny, yeah! Hahaha!” he said, then sat up and gave her knee a few squeezes as a proud Nejire and shy but smiling Tamaki dragged in a blushing, giggling and squirming Izuku.
“Guys! Lehehemme gooo!” he pleaded, knowing he was next.
Mirio stopped tickling Uraraka and helped her sit up. “You okay?” he asked, then pulled her into a big hug once she’d nodded. “Oh, hey Y/N!” he said. “Stay put. You’re next!”
You hid your smile behind your hands. “Why does he have to be so casual about it?” you asked Uraraka, who was still panting a little and drinking one of the sodas you’d brought.
She smiled. “Probably because he knows it flusters us,” she said. “You know, I don’t think we’ve ever really tickled Mirio back.”
“We have sometimes, but it’s never been crazy, not like when he tickles us. We give him pokes and light tickles because he always overpowers us,” you said, then turned back to the others as squeal pierced the air.
Mirio was slowly stalking towards Izuku with his hands formed into claws, grinning evilly. Izuku giggled and squirmed in his captor’s hold but the two had a pretty good grip on him.
“Here comes the tickle monster!” Nejire teased in Izuku’s ear.
“I’m gonna getcha!” Mirio teased. “I’m gonna getcha!”
Izuku screamed with laughter as Mirio kneaded his hips. “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NAHAHAHAHA!”
The three third years laughed, even Tamaki, who was actually having a lot of fun. Even though he personally enjoyed being tickled, it was nice not to be on the receiving end.
“STAHAHAHAHAP!” Izuku cried, and instantly Tamaki let him go, giving him just enough leeway to wiggle out of Nejire’s grip and run away with Mirio chasing after him.
“Get back here, freckles!” Mirio called. “I’m not done with you yet!”
Nejire pouted and poked Tamaki in the stomach a few times, making him giggle. “Did you do that on purpose?” she asked.
He grinned shyly. “Uh, ehehe! Mahahaybe…”
You leaned back on your elbows and watched with delight as she forced him back onto the couch, giving him tickly pokes all the while.
Izuku ran into the room and tried to hide behind the other couch, but his hair stuck out from the top of it and gave him away.
“Hmmm...where did Midoriya go?” Mirio wondered loudly, sauntering into the room. “Is he...under the table? No. Hmmm. Is he...behind the curtain? No. HMMM. Is he...behind the couch? Aha! Gotcha!”
Izuku shrieked as he was lifted up and playfully tossed onto the couch. Mirio chuckled and tickled his sides, occasionally using one hand to knead his thigh.
“Tickletickletickletickle!” he teased. “Who’s a ticklish future hero, huh? Who’s a ticklish future hero? Is it you? I think it’s you, cause you’re laughing an awful lot!”
Izuku was blushing and giggling relentlessly, batting at Mirio’s tickling hands. “Eeeahahahahahahaha! Mehehehehehehe!” he answered, making Mirio pause, unable to keep from laughing.
“Not only are you ticklish, but you’re also cute,” he said, ruffling Izuku’s hair.
Izuku beamed and jumped up from the couch, surprising him with a big hug. After which Mirio turned to you while Izuku went to join the cuddle pile on the couch with the others.
“Aw, is someone feeling a little left out?” Mirio asked teasingly, kneeling next to you.
“No,” you lied, avoiding eye contact.
Mirio sat next to you and poked your stomach a few times. “Are you sure?” he asked. “You’re sulking.”
You hadn’t even noticed that you’d stopped smiling. You were laying back and leaning on your elbows, but found it hard to keep yourself upright at the endless assault of tickly pokes. “Pfft! M-Mirio!” you sputtered, desperately trying to keep it together.
“Yes, Y/N?” he asked.
When his finger poked your belly button and tickled there, it was over. You fell back onto the floor, giggling hysterically.
“Noooohohohoho! Nahahahat the behehelly button! Ehehehehe!”
Mirio chuckled. “Yes, the belly button! Tickle, tickle, tickle! I love your laugh, Y/N,” he said, using one hand to knead your ribs on your left side.
“See? It just lights up a room! Ehehe! Who’s my giggly, ticklish little buddy? Huh?”
You felt like giggly jello, the tickly sensations switching to your knees and thighs all of a sudden. “STAHAHAHAHAP TEHEHEASING! I’M NAHAHAHAT A DOHOHOHOG!” you shrieked, severely flustered.
“Are you sure? Because you suuuure look like a cute little puppy right now!”
Mirio shrugged and moved to pull your feet in his lap, ignoring your pleas.
“Nononono! No tickles there! Plehehehease!”
He glanced over you and raised an eyebrow slightly, then smirked when you groaned and hid your face behind your hands. He, being the mean friend he was, made you wait for a good ten seconds before he finally started tickling your socked feet. Darn those thin socks. They didn’t protect you at all.
“Man, what a ticklish pair of feet you have, Y/N! Tickletickletickle!”
“Ahahahahahaha! Behehehe quiet!”
He gasped dramatically. “Did you just…?!?!” he asked incredulously. “Ohhhh you’re in for it now!”
You howled with laughter as he tickled your belly button again, and only your belly button for a solid minute. Then he used one had to knead your hip.
“EEEK! AHAHAHAHAHAAAA! I’M SAHAHAHARREHEHEHE!” you cackled, kicking your legs wildly and rolling around on the floor.
Mirio could tell you were reaching your limit, so he slowed down and gave you a few light, playful tickles on your sides before stopping completely. “You okay?” he asked. “I tickled you pretty good, if I do say so myself.”
You lay on the floor, on your back, panting. “Whew! Yeah, I’m good!” You said, slowly pushing yourself up. He hugged you and briefly massaged your scalp as he did, because he knew you loved it. And sometimes one of your friends would lovingly tease you about it because if someone scratched your scalp, you’d practically melt.
“I’ll get you back,” you mumbled as you pulled away.
Mirio snorted. “Sure buddy, suuure,” he teased.
Little did you know that Uraraka had been whispering to Izuku about what you’d said earlier. And once he said that, it seemed like the perfect cue for them to pounce.
Mirio yelped in surprise as he was suddenly tackled by two first years. You jumped back, then grinned evilly when you realized what was gonna happen.
“Aw yeah!” you cheered. “Let’s get ‘im!”
The three of you pounced on him and all started tickling at once. You at his armpits, Uraraka at his right side, Izuku at his left.
Mirio burst into adorable, squeaky giggles as he was attacked with tickles. “Gahahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahaha!”
The three of you smiled and teased him as he squirmed around on the floor, trying and failing to roll away from the tickles.
“Tickle, tickle!”
“Muahahaha! I’m gonna getcha! Now you’ve been got!”
“Take this, tickle monster!”
Mirio rolled onto his stomach, only to have his spine, sides and hips targeted.
“Nohohohohohohohoho! Dahahahahahad! Dohohohohohon’t!” Mirio laughed and kicked his legs like a child throwing a tantrum.
“Don’t what?” Izuku asked, tickling underneath his knees.
“Tihihihihickle mehehehehe!”
“Tickle you? Okay!”
The three of you kept tickling him, but after a moment Uraraka huffed in frustration.
“Ugh! Where’s your spot?” she asked.
“I’m nahahahahat tehehehelling you!” he giggled, endeared by the three of you teaming up to tickle him.
Izuku frowned and looked to Nejire and Tamaki for help.
Nejire giggled. “Try his tummy,” she said.
Mirio shrieked and fought as you three turned him over onto his back, with help from Tamaki and Nejire. Then the three of you tickled Mirio’s tummy at once, sending him into hysterics.
“Aw, what’s the matter?” You teased, scribbling into his tummy. “Does it tickle? Hmm? Does it tickle?”
Izuku smirked. “Who’s a good hero? Huh? Who’s a good hero?” he asked.
The three of you laughed.
“Told you it was flustering!” you said.
“OKAHAHAHAY! OKAHAHAHAY! YOU GOT MEHEHEHEHEHE!” he cackled with tears in his eyes. You took this as your cue to stop, and the three of you did.
Mirio lay on the floor, still laughing and tears streaming down his blushing face and his smile bigger than you had ever seen it. It took him a solid two minutes to calm down for the most part, and when he did he got up and crawled over to Tamaki and Nejire, who hugged him. The three of you stared at him worriedly, but relaxed when he spoke.
“Save me! Protect me!” he panted, being overdramatic. “I almost died!”
Tamaki snuggled into him, mumbling just loud enough for everyone to hear. “Best way to go,” he said. “Death by laughter.”
Nejire stroked his hair. “Oh you’re fine,” she sighed. “Stop being melodramatic. Now shoo. Go get your hugs.” she said, then lightly shoved him in your direction.
Mirio kept up his little nervous act until he was close to you, then beamed and opened his arms. The three of you hugged and cuddled him.
“Man you three are good ticklers,” he remarked. “Even without knowing my worst spot.”
“Now you know how we feel!” you said. “Not that we mind though. We always have a lot of fun with you.”
Uraraka hummed happily. “Mmm-hmm!”
Izuku gave him one last squeeze and said, “I don’t know about you, but I’m tired and more than ready to be a couch potato for a while. What do you think?”
Mirio reached over and ruffled his hair. “Sounds good to me!”
And so a few minutes later, Mirio was still being intensely cuddled. Uraraka and Nejire on his left, Izuku and Tamaki on his right, and you were sitting in his lap.
“Aw man! There’s no more room!” You whined once you came back from the kitchen with a bottle of water.
Mirio waved you over. “Sure there is! Come on!”
You were surprised when he pulled you onto his lap, but you definitely didn’t complain. “You’re comfy,” you remarked as you settled in with your head on his shoulder.
He smiled and leaned his head against yours affectionately. “So are you.”
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kiku-ojou · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Artwork i made for "Can You Keep a Secret" by foxynite on ao3 for the kacchako big bang event.
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notanythingyet · 12 hours ago
How bnha characters would accidentally confess to / get a confession from their crush:
BakuDeku: This one happens on a whim (let’s say a phone call) which Bakugou receives from Deku at some ungodly hour of the night and answers on the second ring mostly out of annoyance bc “WHY IS HE CALLING ME SO FUCKING LATE?!” and partly out of concern bc “wait, why is he calling me so fucking late?”. The nerd’s muffled voice on the other side is whining to someone on the other end, and Bakugou quickly realizes he was woken up by a butt dial. However, before he angrily hangs up the phone to get back to sleep, he hears Deku telling whoever he was talking to, “I can’t believe how beautiful Kacchan is though... like it’s not fair that I have to physically stop myself from kissing him at all times.” Bakugou would then immediately hang up the phone, not wanting to hear any more of a conversation he wasn’t meant to hear. But knowing this information gives Bakugou the confidence boost to confess to the nerd himself.
MomoJirou: Jirou is a busy woman; a hero by day and a rockstar by night, yet she manages to make it work. This doesn’t mean she still doesn’t get stage fright, sometimes so bad she gets herself sick with worry. Right now Momo is backstage trying to pull her together. Ever so patiently, she waits until Jirou’s breathing has steadied before she says, “Hi Jirou, welcome back. I know you’re scared right now, but you’ve got nothing to worry about. All those people out there, your fans that adore you so much aren’t here to see perfection. They just want to see you have fun and do what you do best, which is rock out. So when you go out there, just remember all you have to do is have fun and the rest will fall into place.” Jirou will look up at her with watery eyes and a slightly more calm heart rate, and just thinks fuck it and kisses Momo, hard. Momo gasps before melting into her embrace and when they part Jirou says, “I don’t know why I did that”. To which Momo would respond, “I love you too.”
ShinKami: Kaminari has a habit of saying things without thinking. So while he’s out with Shinsou (let’s say over coffee) he randomly admits to having a huge crush on someone from U.A. and immediately regrets it, because said crush is sitting right before him. Shinsou subtly asks him who it is, and is only slightly more nervous than Kaminari himself to hear the answer. Kaminari weighs his options, and although he didn’t want to confess anytime soon, he supposes this was his own doing, so he throws caution to the wind. He’s sitting in front of the object of his affection, a boy with the ability to force him to spill his guts, and he somehow feels the need to come clean on his own accord. So he nervously says “well it’s you, silly” and they both look away blushing.
TsuChako: It comes out when Ochako casually starts doing something incredibly domestic for Tsuyu, that being folding the frog-girl’s clothes in her dorm room. When Tsu objects to the action saying she can fold them herself later, Ochako just says, “But Tsu, they’ll be wrinkled if you don’t fold them now! Just finish up your homework and I’ll take care of it okay? Don’t worry.” And continued folding her clothes with care. Tsu watches for a while before thoughtlessly blurting out “I really do love you, Ochako” and the other keeps folding while she says the same sentiments back to her in between a fit of giggles.
Send me what you thought as well as more pairings I should add in part 2 here.
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aashi-heartfilia · 2 days ago
Toga upcoming in chapter 327? Vol 32 ending with Ochako vs Toga Finale?
Tumblr media
With the release of the latest volume cover featuring Lady Nagant, Deku and Toga too surprisingly, it got me questioning if she is about to make an appearance very soon.
For a fact we know that volume 32 starts from 307 and ends on chapter 317 leaving Bakugo's entry as a that sweet sweet cliffhanger. So volume 33 starts from chapter ch 318 and it should probably end on 327 or 328.
Chapter 327 is about to release tomorrow and what could happen now is just anyone's guess. Stain has given info about Tartaros to All Might and Endeavour etc are already looking for Dabi. Out of the three main nemeses Toga should be the easiest one to save. She has already made an appearance in previous chapter but it was always in the form of a callback or flashback.
It was also stated in ch 325 that Aizawa and school are all taking precautions regarding the invasion in UA. Heck we had half of ch 323 dedicated to showcasing how Nezu has turned it into his moving castle.
Tumblr media
My point is, Toga should make an appearance physically too.
The last time we saw her in person was during war arc when she left in tears after battling Ochako. So what if she makes an appearance in the next chapter? Or better, what if she was in the crowd and heard Ochako's speech too?
Remember this guy?
Tumblr media
Looks suspicious? Everyone was taking about how All Might at the end of ch 325 could be Toga but what about this guy?
Also, remember how Ochako literally remembering Toga during her speech?
With the events in manga that are going on lightning speed lately, why not end the entire freaking Volume with OCHAKO vs TOGA FINALE?
I'm hyped.
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