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underoosparkerr · 2 days ago
morgan: dad, can you check under my bed for monsters?
tony: of course sweetheart
*looks under the bed, sees loki*
tony: what the fuck?!
loki: boo!
tony: get out!
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goddess-complexx · 8 months ago
Tiktok: rickyjab
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moonianbbyg · 2 months ago
saturn 🪐 and people’s karma after your fall out with them
saturn is the planet of karma, but not just your karma - it can show you the karma people get if they mess with you! (saturn also represents our father but this isn’t the topic here)
1H: when you become close to someone they could see you as ‘their person’ their comfort.. and you are an inspiration/motivation to many. their karma after falling out with you could be problems with themself, feeling lost, wanting you back but not reaching out because of their pride
2H: honestly? they could feel a relief after losing you but it won’t last for long!! 2H deals with our belongings and finance. after you they might find someone they feel like is better than you but it won’t work out because their karma will be losing you. they didn’t appreciate you enough so why would their new person appreciate them? if you randomly find them having luck after your fall out [luck with money etc.] they might just suddenly have that good luck turn into bad luck. it’s not your place to try and give them karma - in your case you have to let karma do her job on her own.
3H: it doesn’t matter if you treated them good or bad they still will get karma simply because at one point you were an important role in their life. as we know 3rd house is all about communication, thinking and etc. so they won’t be able to get you off their mind. if some of those people don’t have pride they might act psychotic about you and always chase you, you could feel stressed out because of it.
4H: whichever placement of yours falls into their 4H in your synastry charts you still felt like home sometimes. the pain they feel after their fall out with you is that pain that feels like separation anxiety, always lusting for you, no matter the situation wanting you back, missing you 24/7
5H: most of the times - you weren’t the bad guy here. 5H dealing with creativity you always get described as ‘one of a kind’ so after someone loses you they won’t necessarily miss you but you will stay on their mind forever, they might not think of you all day but they just won’t be able to forget you you are unforgettable remember that! they might even have their relationships fail after you. (i wanna take nicki minaj as an example for what i’m about to say so cope with me) after nicki leaves her partners or whatever the situation may be everyone moves on right? but always regrets getting with the new person they moved on to because they know nicki was just so different. your future exes could even regret having children with their new partners
6H: oop talk about getting sick after losing you 💀 they could simply just get extremely sick or their loved ones after your fall out. wether it be constant migraines or casual headaches, tumor, whatever.. or especially if they told you about their ambitions/goals they won’t succeed. it’s just their karma
7H: even if you weren’t someone’s first love you will feel like you were. when your ex gets with someone they moved on to their new partner could feel insecure because of you. their karma could be developing anxiety, social anxiety/PTSD or insomnia. 7H being ruled by libra you were the perfect balance in people’s lives so generally losing you is going to feel like a curse. the smallest unnecessary things could go wrong for the person
(TW: death, venereal disease)
8H: 8H deals with sex and sudden losses including sudden deaths. so if they have a business running and you fell out it’s going to fail, if they get with someone new they could get aids, std, herpes, chlamydia etc. - this is another placement where the karma can feel like a curse. their most unnecessary moments in their daily life could go wrong.
9H: possible accidents happening to them, getting hit by a car/bus and so on. possibly getting kidnapped while alone, feeling superior and like they don’t need you after losing you but intentionally messing their life up on their own because of you not being present in their life anymore
10H: identity issues and identity crisis, that’s their karma. 10H originally being ruled by capricorn and capricorn being ruled by saturn which is all about bad luck, negativity, karma and maturity you were the shoulder they needed to cry on so losing you makes them feel lost and could possibly fall into depression. if your 10H is in capricorn and saturn is placed here you both could get karma because capricorns get karma regardless, there’s some astrologers calling this ‘capricorn karma’
11H: 11H deals with our hopes, fantasies, desires and our friends. after falling out with you they might feel worthless, unimportant and so on. they say the worst things about you but deep down missing you (especially if you have venus here too) their ambitions could have trouble manifesting because people could try making them suffer after treating you bad. i’d say you have good karma on your side!
12H: honestly this is the second placement for saturn in a natal chart that i think gives you good karma 😭 i’m friends with a girl who’s saturn falls into her 12H and she has this powerful ability to manifest or cleanse negativity away from her. if you’re spiritual this brings you even better karma because you can master manifestation and block any negativity out of your way. but the main karma others experience from you is entering/meeting the worst versions of themselves possible. they could start looking less good, do bad at school, get cheated on and so on.
ARIES: constant conflict with their loved ones
TAURUS: gluttony and financial issues
GEMINI: getting lies/rumors spread about them
CANCER: developing depression or insomnia
LEO: identity crisis
VIRGO: life being overly stressful/unlucky
LIBRA: getting cheated on/betrayed often
SCORPIO: PTSD or their loved ones leaving them
SAGITTARIUS: getting bullied
CAPRICORN: suffering in their relationships or suddenly going broke
AQUARIUS: their life attracting drama easily
PISCES: attracting negativity all the time
this post was created by @moonianbbyg on tumblr <3 if reposting please give credits.
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bakemonogatarii · a year ago
So far Destiel, Twilight, Sherlock, One Direction, Adventure Time, Markiplier, 5sos and Glee have made it onto the top 10 trending list on tumblr this week.
When in the fuck did it become 2012 again
(Edit: had to add Markiplier, Sherlock, One Direction and 5sos because this is insane)
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