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notanastrologer · a day ago
Compilation of Astro notes -12 🕊️
Take what resonates.
All work of @notanastrologer
Not my pictures/gifs.
Read for western unless implied.
Donot use any of written content in your work.
Donot plagiarize, copy or translate.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🦄 Saturn in 12th disrupts sleeping patterns of an individual. And notice whenever you are in a phase of fear or anxiety, all those subconcious fears come up in dreams.
🦄 Moon in 12th are demisexuals.
🦄 Saturn in leo may stay away from their home town.
🦄 Afflicted sun gives trouble or difficulties with government.
🦄 A 9th/12th house sun if afflicted may give immigration troubles. If you have
🦄 Ashlesha nakshtara in any planet, you will be misunderstood by people related to that house that planet is in, or just related to the activities/themes that house represents.
🦄 Most Moon in 10th are patriotic and would actually call out people that diss their country/homeland.
🦄 Planets in 5th house of navamsa come out easily in you, it's something you are best at.
🦄 Jupiter in Gemini/ Virgo in navamsa can give a younger spouse.
🦄 Aries in navamsa house can show where you might start high on in marriage and then get bored or aren't as enthusiastic.
🦄 Ketu will give some health trouble related to the body parts associated with house it is sitting in.
Example- Ketu in 7th can give problems related to genitals.
Ketu in 6th can give disorders of th le nervous systems.
Ketu in 5th can give problems with stomach.
Ketu in 4th can give problems related to chest/breasts.
🦄 Ketu house shows postive results when you detach from themes that house represents. It means giving in completely and lose control.
🦄 Ascendant lord in punarvasu or Saturn in Punarvasu or sign lord of your Saturn in punarvasu nakshatra means coming out of battles victorious.
🦄 Mercury conjunct Rahu in 6th, 8th or 12th house gives nervous system troubles. If either is afflicted and aspecting moon definitely anxiety.
🦄 11th house from any house if unafflicted gives you gains from it.
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🦄 Saturn in Swati, Poorvabhadra and Ashwini are likely to live in a foreign land.
🦄 In vedic when judging any house, look at its bhavat bhavam as well. In simple words bhavat bhavam is nothing but nth house from the n house you want to know more about. Example- For career you look at 10th house but also look at how 7th house because 7th house is 10 houses away from 10th house.
🦄 Following up on the above for children you look at your 5th and 9th house(in case of first child,yes).
🦄 The more planets your venus conjuncts the more expectations and standards you expect in a partner.
🦄 Saturn in your d9 first or Aquarius/Capricorn rising in d9, can get early thinning of hair.
🦄 10th house or 10th lord of in Gemini/Libra may have a hard time deciding their career or juggle between two options consistently.
🦄 A personal belief of mine the following the nakshtara placements describe you best - ascendant nakshtara+moon nakshtara+Atmakaraka nakshatra+sun nakshtara(secondary).
🦄 Rahu is an indicator of your in-laws.
🦄 How easy you manifestations come true is a theme of 12th house. In vedic, if ketu/Jupiter are associated with 12th house and 12th house is unafflicted, manifesting is easy. If navamsa 12th house is a rather difficult placement than your birth chart 12th house, manifesting would require only so much work before it comes true.
🦄 Saturn/Rahu/Mars/Ketu in 1st or 7th of d9 shows possible late marriage. Vedic's concept of late is outdated so its Usually after the age of 30 which is pretty normal now (if not should be pffsht).
🦄 Jupiter in magha can proud on their knowledge. Can be borderline arrogant, developing superiority complex.
🦄 Venus/Jupiter/7th lord in Uttaraphalguni can bring abundance through marriage/spouse. Even though venus is Debilitated in Virgo and Jupiter is detrimental in Virgo.
🦄 12th moons have a lost childhood, or a part of their childhood feels lost. It isn't all normal, they may have had some incidents, of which they carry some trauma till their adulthood.
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🦄 Uranus in 8th can experience some really weird transformative changes in life, they maybe the one in their Circle/group to go through a something first.
🦄 Saturn in 8th gives potentially gives hard hitting slow changes, making you adjust to those changes slowly.
🦄 Saturn in 8th can give fear of death or death related themes. A common misconception is that it's fear of own death, but it's usually dealing with death of others.
🦄 12th house sign of your natal chart is difficult to deal with. It's energy is something it make take you time to understand, it's deep within you but it's energy can be difficult to incorporate or deal within yourself, hence a love-hate relationship.
🦄 Moon in Scorpio in navamsa have strong possessive and jealous tendencies especially when it comes to their partners.
🦄 Virgo and scrorpio suns have the most dirt on any body else.
🦄 Look at your partner's d9 venus' sign to get a better understanding of your partner's love language.
🦄 Be mindful of what you eat when Mars/Rahu/Saturn transiting your 2nd/6th house.
🦄 11th/2nd/10th lord in revati brings prosperity in life through good luck and financial abundance. 2nd lord in revati maybe born in a wealthy family, unless afflicted heavily. 11th/10th lord Howe Indicate abundance that you create yourself and comes later in life through self effort.
🦄 Utilize the planets conjunct your parts of fortune, to attract abundance and happiness. Closer the conjunction higher the impact.
🦄 Planets in the 8th house sign of natal chart in navamsa are generally considered inauspicious. For a Libra rising, Taurus is the 8th house sign, planets that are in Taurus in navamsa are generally considered inauspicious, in terms of their results in their planetary dasas. If Jupiter aspects it the maleficity decreases.
🦄 Ceres in 7th, Ceres close conjunct 7th lord is more likely to be the the caretaker in the relationship, and not the other way around. You may find comfort in giving out help to others than be on the receiving end. Same for Ceres in 10th. Ceres in 8th for one, secretly likes being on the receiving end, and loves when people another them.
🦄 Pluto in 6th is the first to go to work the next thing, when a major life altering thing happens. They tend to distract themselves by committing themselves to their work.
🦄 Parts of Fortune besides abundance, is consider an indicator of health and wealth. If unafflicted whatever the sign POF is in, the body part associated with that sign is the least problematic. Ex- For POF IN Aries, if afflicted, one might get migraines/headaches often.
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🦄 For Jupiter conjunct your Part of Fortune, the body part associated with it maybe more bulky or huge or wide.
For Aries POF : big cheeks, wider face, eyes at a distance, bigger eyes.
For Pisces POF : big feets, wider feets, long toes, massive nails.
🦄 Scorpio venus/Moon can be subject to unrequited love. They tend to crush on someone for so long and not say a thing.
🦄 Whichever house scorpio/Aquarius in your natal and navamsa will feel heavy and difficult. Scorpio placement in house has some past life karma attached to it.
🦄 5th Stellium is attracts attention without even wanting to, due to sun being the natural ruler, sun shines bright and attracts attention.
🦄 9th lord conjuct 10th lord means a direct connection of your current life actions/karma on your luck and fortune.
🦄 5th house lord in Revati or Venus in revati in 5th/7th/12th can push musicians towards percussion or drum instruments.
🦄 Ketu in 1st house d9 makes you easily give in to other people's personality, you lose your identity and behave differently with different people.
🦄 Ketu in 1st in d1/d9 can look to astrology/tarot and other occult sciences to know more about themselves.
🦄 Wherever Capricorn is in your chart is where you take slow and planned steps, think things through and then act.
For example- Capricorn in 5th thinks a lot when speculating finances, is picky with love partners, choose their major subject after careful planning, they don't accept new music tastes as well.
Capricorn in 8th is careful with their intimate partners may think about sex or plan well ahead with partners, they are careful with their finances and rigid with taking loans.
🦄 In vedic planets in Capricorn give karma related to the people associated with said planet. You may end up giving more in that Relationship than receiving unless it's connected to your 9th house and your Saturn is placed well, and 5th house is unafflicted, then it represents receiving more due to past life karma.
🦄 Relationship with people associated with planets in Capricorn seem restrictive or testing at times as well.
🦄Most retrograde venus I know have severe trust issues, especially if it's in Capricorn degrees ( 10°,22°).
🦄 Activities related to your sun house brings you fame and popularity.
For sun in 7th partnerships/partners or the kind of people you hang with or business ventures; with sun in 6th your routine and social work endeavours or even career may make you known for these things ; sun in 12th makes your known cuz of your imagination, creativity, foreign interests, in foreign land, even for your sleeping patterns.
🦄 ^The same applies for 5th lord sign placement in your birth chart.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
© notanastrologer 2021, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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moonianbbyg · a day ago
saturn 🪐 and people’s karma after your fall out with them
saturn is the planet of karma, but not just your karma - it can show you the karma people get if they mess with you! (saturn also represents our father but this isn’t the topic here)
1H: when you become close to someone they could see you as ‘their person’ their comfort.. and you are an inspiration/motivation to many. their karma after falling out with you could be problems with themself, feeling lost, wanting you back but not reaching out because of their pride
2H: honestly? they could feel a relief after losing you but it won’t last for long!! 2H deals with our belongings and finance. after you they might find someone they feel like is better than you but it won’t work out because their karma will be losing you. they didn’t appreciate you enough so why would their new person appreciate them? if you randomly find them having luck after your fall out [luck with money etc.] they might just suddenly have that good luck turn into bad luck. it’s not your place to try and give them karma - in your case you have to let karma do her job on her own.
3H: it doesn’t matter if you treated them good or bad they still will get karma simply because at one point you were an important role in their life. as we know 3rd house is all about communication, thinking and etc. so they won’t be able to get you off their mind. if some of those people don’t have pride they might act psychotic about you and always chase you, you could feel stressed out because of it.
4H: whichever placement of yours falls into their 4H in your synastry charts you still felt like home sometimes. the pain they feel after their fall out with you is that pain that feels like separation anxiety, always lusting for you, no matter the situation wanting you back, missing you 24/7
5H: most of the times - you weren’t the bad guy here. 5H dealing with creativity you always get described as ‘one of a kind’ so after someone loses you they won’t necessarily miss you but you will stay on their mind forever, they might not think of you all day but they just won’t be able to forget you you are unforgettable remember that! they might even have their relationships fail after you. (i wanna take nicki minaj as an example for what i’m about to say so cope with me) after nicki leaves her partners or whatever the situation may be everyone moves on right? but always regrets getting with the new person they moved on to because they know nicki was just so different. your future exes could even regret having children with their new partners
6H: oop talk about getting sick after losing you 💀 they could simply just get extremely sick or their loved ones after your fall out. wether it be constant migraines or casual headaches, tumor, whatever.. or especially if they told you about their ambitions/goals they won’t succeed. it’s just their karma
7H: even if you weren’t someone’s first love you will feel like you were. when your ex gets with someone they moved on to their new partner could feel insecure because of you. their karma could be developing anxiety, social anxiety/PTSD or insomnia. 7H being ruled by libra you were the perfect balance in people’s lives so generally losing you is going to feel like a curse. the smallest unnecessary things could go wrong for the person
(TW: death, venereal disease)
8H: 8H deals with sex and sudden losses including sudden deaths. so if they have a business running and you fell out it’s going to fail, if they get with someone new they could get aids, std, herpes, chlamydia etc. - this is another placement where the karma can feel like a curse. their most unnecessary moments in their daily life could go wrong.
9H: possible accidents happening to them, getting hit by a car/bus and so on. possibly getting kidnapped while alone, feeling superior and like they don’t need you after losing you but intentionally messing their life up on their own because of you not being present in their life anymore
10H: identity issues and identity crisis, that’s their karma. 10H originally being ruled by capricorn and capricorn being ruled by saturn which is all about bad luck, negativity, karma and maturity you were the shoulder they needed to cry on so losing you makes them feel lost and could possibly fall into depression. if your 10H is in capricorn and saturn is placed here you both could get karma because capricorns get karma regardless, there’s some astrologers calling this ‘capricorn karma’
11H: 11H deals with our hopes, fantasies, desires and our friends. after falling out with you they might feel worthless, unimportant and so on. they say the worst things about you but deep down missing you (especially if you have venus here too) their ambitions could have trouble manifesting because people could try making them suffer after treating you bad. i’d say you have good karma on your side!
12H: honestly this is the second placement for saturn in a natal chart that i think gives you good karma 😭 i’m friends with a girl who’s saturn falls into her 12H and she has this powerful ability to manifest or cleanse negativity away from her. if you’re spiritual this brings you even better karma because you can master manifestation and block any negativity out of your way. but the main karma others experience from you is entering/meeting the worst versions of themselves possible. they could start looking less good, do bad at school, get cheated on and so on.
ARIES: constant conflict with their loved ones
TAURUS: gluttony and financial issues
GEMINI: getting lies/rumors spread about them
CANCER: developing depression or insomnia
LEO: identity crisis
VIRGO: life being overly stressful/unlucky
LIBRA: getting cheated on/betrayed often
SCORPIO: PTSD or their loved ones leaving them
SAGITTARIUS: getting bullied
CAPRICORN: suffering in their relationships or suddenly going broke
AQUARIUS: their life attracting drama easily
PISCES: attracting negativity all the time
this post was created by @moonianbbyg on tumblr <3 if reposting please give credits.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Saturn Sky Concept, 2002. A 2+2 roadster prototype with one and a half doors on the driver's side. It was powered by a 2.2 litre low-boost supercharged engine driving the front wheels. The production Sky was a badge-engineered version of the Opel GT though it did share it's 2.2 litre engine with the Sky concept
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asstrolo · 2 days ago
𝓢𝓪𝓽𝓾𝓻𝓷 🪐 ("it's not your fault, it's your father's" version)
We talk about how the house (and aspects) you have on Saturn makes the themes of the house more challenging, they are difficult to deal with and it's something we get better at as we get older. Okay, well I actually think Saturn goes one step forward in making sure it's really challenging you, the themes of the house it's in was probably something you weren't able to work with when you were younger, or it was restricted, something you had no control over; I'll give you an example! I love giving examples 😌⭐💫🌠
A person with Saturn in 5H could've been born into a very restrictive household, where not just any art was allowed, or it was something the family felt ashamed of, thus giving the house person a very distorted view of art and self-expression, you will also think it's dumb or a waste of time, as you get older you can be very drawn to drawing, or painting, or writing, and it's time to unlearn everything you were taught, probably by a father figure.
Another example (hehe) is Saturn aspecting Jupiter, obviously, it changes wether it's well-aspected or not. In this case, if it is well aspected you could've been influenced by an older person, also probably a father, about religion or academics or traveling and overall trying to teach you to expand your own world, while also leaving you unprotected or not being a reliable person you can trust, this giving you trust issues or being scared of commitment, because the person you trusted the most, although well intended on you wanting to be independent, they might had left you alone a lot. Having Saturn in a hard aspect to Jupiter, however, talks about a household that's very protective, won't really let you grow into your own person without their input, or only letting you do things on their own terms, saying they want to protect you, thus creating attachment issues (prone to have helicopter parents too 😔) or being scared of going out in the world.
Overall I believe the themes of the houses we have Saturn in are things we were never fully allowed to enjoy or experience when we were young for external sources that were out of our control. Once we do grow up and as we get older and have more autonomy, is time for us to learn what they didn't teach us, the hard way.
(Of course this is something I just come up with and I am not a professional astrologer, I just came up with this theory, it is not legit but it's good to think about, you should check your Saturn placements 👀👀)
Tumblr media
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segacity · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
‘Loaded’ Body Bag not included SEGA Saturn
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plutoswrath · a day ago
luca!! i loved reading ur saturn in the 8th post. thank you for making it<33 i hope you don’t mind but could i ask you about my saturn in the 8th placement? ive always wondered what this meant, but i have saturn conjunct jupiter in the eighth house. So would the effects of saturn in the 8th be lessened by my jupiter in the 8th? ive tried to read up on it but i can’t find much☹️ anyway, i hope ur taking care~ thank you again for all of ur hard work!!💓💕💖
Hello! Thank you so so much for the kind words, I hope you take good care as well dear! <33
🔸 General: Saturn and Jupiter in the same house
✧ not a contradictory energy, but rather working together, complementary, one needs the other and symbolize an exceptional way of learning and growing ✧ if they are not in the same sign, consider the younger sign (the sign coming first) to set the foundation for the other to act out. Either it's Jupiters fruitfull, generous and regenerating nature coming into play first and blessing the individual, or it's Saturn endurance, longevity and order making the first move to get access to Jupiter's gift
🪐🌌 Jupiter Conjunct Saturn in the Natal Chart:
✧ brings Jupiter closer to reality, an aspect that can be beneficial for manifesting and working for what one dreams of ✧ reaching desired destiny and ideals can be easier here as you ideally understand the interplay between dreaming, expanding, enjoyment, work, planning and taking responsibility ✧ therefore can actually manage the balance between gaining, losing, expanding and maintaining pretty well; Saturn's cautiousness works well with Jupiters drive and desire ✧ it's a conjunction so it's a neutral aspect, but I'd still say it's generally a good placement for people to actually grow and evolve from any experience, this individual is most likely very self aware of the impact they have now on their future and how to influence it ✧ realizing possibilities leads to steady and thorough planing, but be aware not to become too obsessed with how things should be or slowing yourself down by hard truths of reality clashing with your desire for more, leading to being overwhelmed or too caught up in the future, being not enough in the moment ✧ or on the complete other end, your nature to keep actualizing your desires and dreams can turn you into a workerholic, someone who is always doing more and more since it seems to work out though ✧ this conjunction can lead to someone with very rigid ideas: someone can follow a very specific mindset that allows them to follow through with their plans and generally how they walk through life and view themself and others in the collectiv. On one hand this can be a good
🖤🎇 In the 8th house:
✧ I might as well say this aspect can give someone the benefit of extreme emotional regeneration: no matter how big the hit is, Jupiter and Saturn make sure to gift the native with ressources of the own or others to overcome rougher periods
✧ might thrive off of the generiosity of others: can indicate someone who gets financial and emotional aid by others when things get rough
✧ likewise will go through periods of solitude: ought to develope a healthy sense of intimacy and vulnerability
✧ might be forced to accept help and to develope a positive understanding of help from others, as well as a balanced give and take in intimate connections (platonic, family, romantic, etc.)
✧at the same time must pay attention for people not to become too attached to them, dependent on their emotional and financial aid
✧ can (secretly) have a strong 'this or that'/'all or nothing' mindset
✧ sounds harsh but could thrive off of losing and being forced to be alone -> strength in readjusting/setting their boundaries, leads to self discovery and revaluation of self
✧ generally gives the benefit of selx exploration, almost like being on the trail of your self. Jupiter here will be open to try out many different methods and to tap into various spaces that allow for self healing and self exploration/therapy. Occult/spirituality, other people, creative hobbies, or actual forms of counseling/therapy
✧ thing is, there's a deep need to understand why things are moving the way they do: of the native undergoes some sort of 'trauma', one can can run in circles trying to understand the big why. Due to death (metaphysical and literal) as well as power/-lessness being part of the main themes of 8th house, the individual might early on develope stroing philosophies about how to live best as a vulnerable being on this world
✧ change is important here: analysing is good, but moving is better, things (especially internally) are not meant to become stagnant here. Can feel like a tug of war of trying to be thoroughly and conscious and falling head over heels into new waters. Gradually continuing to puruse any goals and to keep moving is advised
✧ shouldn't punish the self too hard for letting the wrong people in, can potentially self isolate on purpose, self sabotage can be another main theme here, purposefully not allowing the self to become vulnerable and intimate with others - being on a journey of self is not the problem here, rather it being seeing others as not resourceful when it can actually be quiet the opposite
✧ probably very enigmatic, might be selective of revealing their inner wisdom and being open with their intuitive insights, or on the other hand can actually make good money with it, there’s definitely a good opportunity to be abundant by working with intuition/spirituality/occult/psychology/counseling/therapy/finances
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newhologram · 2 days ago
Beautiful little hellos from afar 🪐✨
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sleepyearthbabe · a day ago
Saturn in the 9th house
Tumblr media
Saturn can represent parents, karma, restrictions, lessons, and maturity, as well as growth. In the 9th house Saturn may represent: Restrictions in beliefs, travel, and learning institutions.
May have had strict parents who tried to impose their beliefs onto them. May have been heavily criticized and ridiculed for ones own beliefs.
May have struggled with higher learning institutions, taking a longer time to finish studies or taking multiple breaks away from school.
This placement is often brilliant but doesn’t feel the need to be in conventional academic settings. May have had to deal with harsh teachers and people in authority.
May be anti authority, as being exposed to those who abused their authority when younger.
May not believe or have faith in anything growing up. The type to be atheist. But as they mature and grow they learn about their own spiritual power in connection to the universe.
They can learn a lot from their travels 🧳, whether it’s physical or of the higher mind, these will expand their mind greatly.
In severe cases could of have had parents that tried to force religion on them. In turn repelling them from it entirely.
Highly intuitive but needs to learn to not be afraid to speak out at times.
They can help open others minds
May have long travels, or travels with delays.
Loves to explore things that expand their horizons and mind.
They can actually be highly spiritual, great teachers as well.
They truly do care about upholding ancestral traditions if they’re truly beneficial and sacred.
Needs to cultivate their own belief system rather than following someone else’s.
Despises anyone or thing who tries to control their mind.
They don’t want to live on the surface they want to go deeper
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virgobestie · 22 hours ago
I was drawing Damiano David and I realized that he literally fits the Capricorn Rising appearance description SO WELL.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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wonders-of-the-cosmos · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Conjunction: Moon, Jupiter and Saturn over Alborz mountain, Iran
Image Credit: Alireza Vafa
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Saturn PreVue Concept, 2006. A coupé SUV prototype before such things were as commonplace as they are now. The PreVue Concept was identical to Opel’s Antara GTC Concept. Though the concept was a pillarless coupé SUV the series production Vue was a conventional 5-door SUV.
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ericrorich · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Jupiter and Saturn
21.12.2020.... the closest approach for 800 years
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dimetrodrawn · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Saturn: King of Ages
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