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“Very needy opossum lady, who clings to people and cries when she doesn’t have her way. She looks insanely cool until you get to know her and she often just screams and cries at you so you’ll do something for her. Fairly lazy, but will grumpily be talked into doing things if that means she can get something in return.”

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master’s so cute when he moans for me! <3

im his lil bunny and he’s my lil fox~

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wanna be eaten out by one of my masters while the other kisses me, muffling my moans with his lips

then he pulls away to tell me what a good slut i am for them. that im such a good bunny.

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hahaha what if instead of finishing my current normal mode completionist playthrough of LA I started a hard mode one,,, and had both going at the same time,,, and also had my file for practicing my speedrun strats,,,,, hahaha,,,, just kidding,,, unless??

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  • FULL NAME: Audrey Fa.
  • GENDER & PRONOUNS: Cis Female & She/Her.
  • DATE OF BIRTH & AGE: April 14th, 1988 (32).
  • ZODIAC SIGN: Aries.
  • HOMETOWN: Cupertino, CA.
  • CURRENT LOCATION: Amory Village.
  • OCCUPATION: Publicist at a PR Agency.
  • HOW LONG THEY HAVE BEEN IN AMORY? Resident — 4 years.
  • FACECLAIM:Brenda Song.


  • TRIGGER WARNINGS: Cheating, age difference.

WORK HARD; Audrey Fa is born to a lower middle class family near San Francisco – she’s used to tanning in the sunshine until her mother laments the state of her skin and sticky sweat clinging to the small of her back when they can’t quite make the electricity bill.  she prefers to swim but she’s not tall or fast enough to pursue it seriously; reading is a learned habit, but no less loved for it. After all, the only way out and up for her family was education, and as the eldest daughter of three (all named after glamorous old Hollywood stars), that meant the responsibility fell squarely on her shoulders. Audrey worked hard, staying up late often enough to pay off with the title of valedictorian and three college offers. Her parents are both proud and relieved when she selects UC Santa Barbara over the out of state schools. Though their Asian grocery store did alright, college fees would have been difficult without the full ride. Audrey’s simply excited to be out of the house and freed from the yoke of her responsibilities at home. Every time she comes home for break, her parents’ life, their whole world, seems too small for her. Audrey knows she want’s something bigger, something better - but what?

PLAY HARDER; She originally planned on studying literature; she takes a look at the post graduation job rates and salaries and immediately applies to the business school instead. Networking comes easy with a silver tongue and golden smile, group projects a breeze under her over organized planner and email threads, and class discussions a genuine pleasure when she’s always right. She doesn’t rush the sororities – can’t afford the matching outfits or the absurd fees – but joins the marketing clubs instead, climbing her way up various leadership positions until her name is comfortably known around campus. Audrey’s invited to all the parties, shows up to a quarter of them and leaves halfway through because she works night shifts in the undergraduate library. It’s a coveted position (what other student job let you get paid for more or less studying during work time) Audrey won through an aggressive strategy of befriending the other library assistants first. It will be years before she realizes how transactional all her relationships (platonic and otherwise) were in college and how actively she’d cultivated them to remain that way. Business school unveils a particular kind of assholery she didn’t know she was capable of; literature becomes a soft secret she only shares when she bares her heart.

LOVE HARDEST; Unfortunately she bares her heart quite often. It’s hard not to fall in love when every interaction feels like the start of a story, when chemistry oozes out of her pores in the most innocuous way. It’s her love for love that gets her the publishing assistant position fresh out of college, under her boss/mentor/crush who can’t be bothered with reading romance manuscripts. He’s older, handsome, married and whip-smart. It’s her adoration for him that leads her to follow him to the other side of the country with a cushy promotion to executive assistant. The publishers offer to pay for an MBA, get her moved to the marketing department – she accepts because that’s how her parents raised her, appreciates it when her boss texts her “dinner?” the day she no longer works for him. The torrid affair lasts three years - the love he promised never materialized into anything but drunken nights at work conferences, late nights in the office, and other hidden debauchery. She’s not proud that he’s the one to end it, that she’s the one who begs. Audrey can’t handle seeing him around the office every single day, but she can’t face her parents either who’d been dubious when she left California. She spends a weekend applying to other jobs and accepts the first offer she receives, even though it means a pay cut and moving off the island to a quieter suburb. Her world has become smaller again, and Audrey’s still struggling to find her place in it.


  • POSITIVE TRAITS: Magnetic, intelligent, persistent.
  • NEGATIVE TRAITS: Impulsive, blunt, selfish.
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