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Vieni con me,
la strada giusta la troviamo
solo quando ci perdiamo
e restiamo da soli.

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  • NAME: Nadia Franco.
  • AGE: 30.
  • GENDER/PRONOUNS: Cis female, she/her.
  • ORIGINALLY FROM: Brooklyn, New York.
  • OCCUPATION: Architect and Owner of Oblivion Designs.

“I became good at pretending. I became so good after a while the lines blurred between my truth and fiction.”


Trigger warnings/content warnings: suicide tw and cancer tw

Growing up in Brooklyn, a skip away from the heart of New York and America’s largest and most densely populated city was perfect for a creative child like Nadia Franco. It was a place the girl’s imagination could flourish, especially with the nurturing and encouragement from her immigrant parents. While they were successful in Spain and lived a comfortable middle class life, her father, ever the entrepreneur, had always had the dream of making it in New York City. He believed he could give his family and future children a better life in America as well. Socially he was a stray from the predominant religion and societal expectancies. Once he and his wife moved to The Big Apple, they had three children over the course of five years, with Nadia being the middle child and first daughter. He worked many odd jobs before landing on his feet in the film and production industry. Nadia’s mother started entry level at a bank and over the years worked her way up the ladder, and when Nadia was supposed to be focusing in school on her coursework, she was busy drawing buildings and furniture from visions and ideas in her head. On the weekends her mother would take her to the flea market and a few other shops with her and they would pick up relatively inexpensive pieces for Nadia to work with.

Teachers easily picked up on her sketches and the detailed plans she would make in her notebooks, something they would couple with her strong scores in mathematics, and encouraged Nadia on a path to work in architecture and design. When she was sixteen she would take the subway into the city and photograph buildings, to the point where she collected so many great shots around the city that she amateurly published a photobook showcasing the beauty and artistry that could be found where most didn’t give more than a passing glance to. To Nadia’s surprise the book sold out in the few stores that actually carried it. By then she was in shop classes; woodworking and welding. She devoured any kind of art class she could get her hands on as well as any type of crafts class. It wasn’t that she had the bug for art or working with her hands, it really was something innate for her. Something her father would say she got from him. University was really where she figured out exactly what she wanted to do though and once she earned her bachelor’s degree Nadia went on to the school of architecture. She had already launched her own furniture business; custom designs and personally crafted. The business she titled Oblivion Designs and she made quite a notable reputation in the industry.

Hard times hit when she was twenty two. Nadia had already gone through heartbreak but it was the time that she lost her father that really wounded her deeply. She had no idea the amount of stress and pressure he was under, he always seemed to be smiling whenever they were all together so it was a shock when he took his own life. A letter had been left for her by him and the contents of it she never shared with anyone but his words encouraged her to continue on with her dreams and to fight for her success. At the time she moved back in with her younger sister and their mother to help take care of her but she was away on a half a year working trip in Paris when her mother fell ill with cancer. Nadia was ready to pack up and come home but her mother kept assuring her that she was okay and things were progressing slowly, that she needed to pursue her dreams. The words her mother actually said were remarkably close to the ones her father had written her years earlier and they motivated her to continue on. It was a decision that Nadia will always consider to be a mistake and something she feels guilty of to present day. Her mother took a turn for the worse and died in Nadia’s absence.

Losing both of her parents had been tough, she fell into a depression for a while but did her best to keep her head up for her siblings who also were taking it all just as hard. When she finally finished her Master’s in architecture, Nadia got her licensing and took up a job offer she received in Boston. She had always dreamed of living in the famed city and seeing what Massachusetts was like so she didn’t hesitate when it came to snatching up a great opportunity at a great firm. Once settled, Nadia found herself in Devinstone and still carrying on her design business, something she actually made a bigger and stronger living at. Especially in Massachusetts where the Boston people found custom furniture so appealing to their lifestyles and tastes. It offered them an exclusivity and thankfully for Nadia, they weren’t shy about passing around her name and business card.

+ hard working, independent, creative.
- sarcastic, stoic, mysterious.

  • PLAYED BY: Ryan.
  • FACE CLAIM: Ana de Armas.
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  • NAME: Remi Durand.
  • AGE: 29.
  • GENDER/PRONOUNS: Cis female, she/her.
  • ORIGINALLY FROM: Devinstone, MA.
  • OCCUPATION: Bartender at Vibe.

“There are parts of me that will always remain untamable, messy and reckless; but I refuse to apologize for it.” —Kaitlin Foster


Remi was always meant to live in the shadows. In her ambitious twin brother’s shadow, in her bubbly best friend’s shadow, in other artists’ shadows. It all started when she was a kid and she came out of her mother’s womb kicking, screaming and just a tiny bit blue while her twin brother was quiet and healthy and all-around perfect. The blond-haired little girl was immediately dubbed the difficult one and the label just… stuck. It stuck so hard, that Remi just slipped right into the role and never looked back. She was a troublemaker all through elementary school—sticking gum in little girls’ long locks and attempting to frame the class clown for the crime— and all through high school—getting drunk in school with the burnouts and making the impressionable students do her homework. In the meantime, her twin was busy getting straight A’s and joining every club imaginable. Their parents made it clear which kid they favored, but, weirdly, that never affected the twins’ relationship. Levi has always been, and will always be, her closest friend and confidant. Sure, Remi turned slightly sarcastic and cynical, but she never once blamed her brother for the shitty cards she was dealt with. It wasn’t his fault that he happened to be more ambitious, more easy-going and more helpful than she was.

At seven years old, she found her calling and to this day it kept her sane. It began with doodling on her exams and progressed into slightly illegal street art and graffitis. Art is what saved her every time her parents fought and, eventually, when they separated after her mother found out about her husband’s affair. While they were having screaming matches about Remi’s father infidelities and his mistress’ surprise pregnancy, she was keeping herself distracted with painting and drawing and whatever art form she could think of. As easy as the academics came to Levi, everything that required creativity was Remi’s cup of tea.

Sadly, that side of her was never encouraged much. Her parents’ always warned her about the hardships most artists had to face and her friends laughed at her dreams of being the next Banksy. The only person who truly believed in her ambitions was herself and that wasn’t enough to get very far. After graduating from high school with unremarkable grades and, therefore, no acceptance letters, she got stuck in Devinstone with absolutely no prospect and very little money.

While murals and tags are fun, neither those things pay the bills and Remi was eventually obligated to get an adult job. Or something like it. Vibe was never her cup of tea, but mixing drinks was one of the blonde’s few talents and the tips were good enough to pay the rent. It wasn’t as impressive as medical school (which Levi had gotten into), but it was her own and that was good enough for her.

+ artistic, daring, straightforward.
- cynical, self-indulgent, callous.

  • PLAYED BY: Ellie.
  • FACE CLAIM: Elizabeth Lail.
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  • NAME: Ivy Reinhart.
  • AGE: 29.
  • GENDER/PRONOUNS: Cis female, she/her.
  • OCCUPATION: Publicist.

“You can only hold a smile for so long; after that it’s just teeth.”


Trigger warnings/content warnings: very brief mentions of recreational drug use and depression

Sometimes life deals you a certain set of cards and you’re expected to play the hand you’re given. For a Reinhart, that shouldn’t have been a problem. Their family name was synonymous with the sort of wealth and prestige most people only dream of. Perhaps that’s why, when Richard, a judicial powerhouse, and and his wife, Melinda, welcomed a second child into the world they were certain of one thing— she would be perfect. And how could she not? From the top of her downy head to the tips of her tiny toes, Ivy was everything you’d expect from one of the Northeast’s most affluent, fate kissed families and more…

Or so Richard, Melinda, and all of Boston thought.

Despite all that the life of a guaranteed trust fund afforded her, Ivy grew restless. Rambunctious. Unsatisfied and utterly, miserably bored. There were only so many times she could look at the same pristine dresses - pitch the same meticulously rehearsed lines - before her head threatened to explode. Whether it was a blessing or a curse she’d been instilled with an unquenchable curiosity and voracious appetite for life— every vibrant, gritty, decadent and depraved side of it.

You see, despite quite literally being born and bred to take the top one percent of society by storm, Ivy didn’t filter the world through the same rose colored glasses as her immaculate peers. For her, everything came in crystal clear, razor sharp clarity. Even at an early age she was perceptive enough to notice the good, the bad, and the hazy realm of shadows in between. And if she really sat down to think about it back then, that’s probably where Ivy would’ve placed herself— somewhere adrift within that all encompassing middle ground. She appreciated the stability of her prosperous lineage, but lusted after the liberating thrill of living laissez faire.

Maybe that’s why Ivy wasn’t dismayed, but rather somewhat fascinated, when she realized her parents weren’t quite the well intended, all American couple they led the public to believe. For the first time in all her years she’d finally been given a glimpse of what lay on the other side of boring trials and six course meals. She’d never go as far as to say she idolized them or their flair for deception after that, nor did she necessarily condone their little happily in love charade, but the idea of upholding the Reinhart image while, in the background, operating however the hell she wanted left her intrigued.

Much like everything else in life, she took what lessons she could from their influence and morphed them to suit her own needs. If they could go about life as they saw fit and somehow convince everyone to support them anyway, why couldn’t she? Who said the docile and obedient role she’d been scripted was the only role to play?

What happened in the years to follow wasn’t a rebellion so much as it was an act of discreetly trying on new skin. To the world she remained every bit the socialite on the rise, but behind closed doors Ivy stuck vintage, studded boots beneath her debutante gown and hid a jewel-toned streak within the bottom layer of her hair. She drew caricatures of all her parents’ friends on her walls behind her headboard and penned anonymous, lovesick letters to inappropriate men. Why? Because she could. Because, at that age, she had no idea who she really was beneath the golden cage charade but she knew exactly who wasn’t— a cookie cutter, carbon copy future trophy wife who never experienced life beyond tri-monthly botox injections and bits of kale running $90 a plate.

Make no mistake, Ivy still adored the wealth and status attached to her family’s name, but merely being Richard Reinhart III’s daughter or another pretty face wouldn’t cut it anymore. The only difference between her break from expectation and her older brother, Isaacs, was that Ivy opted not to flaunt it in their face. She dutifully applied early admission to Yale (the only acceptable Ivy League for a child of theirs, of course) and by the time she’d made it halfway through her degree she’d already road tripped across the country on the back of a perfect stranger’s bike and dabbled her way through a bucket list of drugs. She was young, she was free, and she was finally finding herself away from her parents’ discerning gaze.


Some things were harder to hide than others. For instance, Ivy couldn’t thwart a phone call to her parents alerting them that their daughter missed the week of finals so that she could nap on a yacht somewhere off the coast of France, and they certainly didn’t appreciate the publicity stain of her little three day marriage stint in Vegas. Where she earned their ire and annoyance, though, Ivy’s peers ate the antics up like cake. They were enthralled by the girl who’d throw a dirty denim jacket over a designer dress worth thousands. Wanted to know how she could treat sleeping on a beer spilled floor like a luxurious night at The Plaza Hotel. She delighted herself in shedding all inhibitions while, for all intents and purposes, falling back in line whenever Mommy and Daddy dearest got close to bringing down an iron fist.

Living so capriciously wasn’t without its pitfalls, though. By the time senior year came to an end and it was time to head home Ivy possessed little more than a tantalizing collection of memories and a checklist of fulfilled whims. Despite her intelligence and promising pedigree, she’d only scraped her way to a degree by the skin of her teeth.There wasn’t any reason to worry, though— not at all. She made quick work of placating her parents with the promise that her abysmal results were due to little more than a waning phase. Vowed, from the bottom of her heart, that she had a plan. All she needed was early access to her trust fund and she’d prove it’d all work out.

At the time, it seemed like a far fetched dream. How could anyone who’d blown off their education actually hope to make their mark on the world and succeed? To do her family name the justice it deserved without causing another scene? Richard didn’t have much faith in his capricious daughter, and implied her biggest hope would be to marry well, but with Isaac’s abandonment of their prestigious legacy he negotiated a deal: a quarter of what she’d inevitably be owed and one year. After that, if she hadn’t upheld her end of the bargain and satisfactorily salvaged herself in the eyes of everyone plus God, he’d cut her off and cast her out to fend for herself.

Desperate to redeem herself Ivy took that money, threw it together with what little she’d learned at Yale, and then a bit of networking and countless long nights later PAGESIX Communications was born. Now, eight years later, what started as a grassroots PR firm is slated to become one of the premier and most sought after agencies on the eastern coast. Maybe it wasn’t the law degree Richard and Melinda coveted, but she’d used her experience and knack for talking her way out of a bind to her advantage. She found a way to influence the public’s perception on a daily basis just as seamlessly as her parents fabricated every inch of their lives.

Ivy should’ve been ecstatic to prove her father wrong. Should’ve been content having everything a girl could dream of in life. Money, success, her parents’ approval and praise… Unfortunately, whatever high those superfluous things might’ve brought about faded with time. The weight of ‘for appearances sake’ and propriety fell back around her neck like a noose. With every passing day her million dollar grin grew more forced. Her interest in what life looked like from inside her parents’ pocket waned. Lost, lonely in the teeming crowd of Boston’s who’s who, and on the brink of a full blown depressive state she did the only thing she could think of. She packed up and ran as far as she could from the microscope of the proverbial spotlight.

Devinstone was more convenience than choice, it’s coordinates on a map coupled with the presence of her estranged brother a little too close to home for comfort, but she took what she (and her fraying sanity) could get. After all, it was only meant to be for a little while, right? Just a break to slow down and shake the fog from her head? That’s what Ivy told herself but, a year and a half later, she still hasn’t left.

+ ambitious, gregarious, resourceful.
- restless, impulsive, unsatisfied.

  • PLAYED BY: Kayla.
  • FACE CLAIM: Olivia Culpo.
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  • NAME: Behati Nieves.
  • AGE: Thirty-six.
  • GENDER/PRONOUNS: Cis female, she/her.
  • ORIGINALLY FROM: Devinstone, MA.
  • OCCUPATION: Master Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps.

“relive, replay, each death, each day. there’s a guilt you can’t shake for coming back.”


Trigger warnings/content warnings: mentions of war and (brief mentions) of injuries and death, military.

From a young age, Behati was always encouraged to be the very best version of herself that she could be and pursue what she wanted. As a kid with a whole lot of imagination to spare, Behati found herself deep diving head first into different career paths as a kid, researching them and playing them out in the backyard with her friends until she got tired of that one particular career and moved on to something else. One week, she could be 100% certain that she would be an actor growing up and would build up a whole Hollywood scenario in her head and play it out, only for her thoughts to change completely the next week when she wanted to be a vet.

She never sat still and read a book or two, she was always doing something, always constantly feeling a need to keep herself busy with whatever she could find. She was an energetic kid, but a happy one, nonetheless. Being calm and sitting still for more than five minutes at a time simply wasn’t her thing – and she sure gave her parents a run for their money whenever they were guests at somebody’s house or whenever there was a birthday party in the Nieves household. She wasn’t necessarily a kid that got into a whole lot of trouble, she just had a lot of energy that she needed to get rid of.

Behati was the same way in school, often finding herself being the joker of the class without really meaning to but because she had that kind of outgoing personality that had her all over the place and befriending everyone while also cracking jokes here and there. And while her teachers certainly appreciated the happy girl they had in their classes, she wasn’t interested in the aspect of studying. She was intelligent, no doubt about it, but she could not bring herself to sit down and do the work she had to do to get herself above an average grade – and she was okay with that. College had never been in her plans, after all. She didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life, but college? No. She didn’t want to be stuck in school for another three or four years to get stuck with a degree that wouldn’t get her any jobs, anyway.

It wasn’t until a career day in her senior year that a missing puzzle piece finally found its place in her life. From the hundreds of different jobs that Behati could’ve seen herself in as a kid, she finally found one that really spoke to her – the military. She wasn’t the most athletic kid and she certainly wasn’t the type to play point and shoot kind of games at home, but it called to her. It felt like the right thing for her.

Straight out of high school and a day after her graduation, Behati walked into a recruiter’s office and enlisted into the United States Marine Corps. Telling her dad that one of his kids would be going off to join the military wasn’t easy, but as she’d always been encouraged to do what she wanted with her life, Simon Nieves wasn’t in the business of stopping his daughter, especially not when she was eighteen and could make her own decisions.

Bootcamp was the toughest thing Behati had endured in her life, with the exception of her mother’s death. Being away from home with only strangers and practically getting stripped of her dignity and pride only for it to be built up again stronger really tore on her, and several times, she found himself ready to quit. But she stuck it through and once she was an official Marine, she was stationed on a base on the west coast – far away from Devinstone and her family, but not far enough that she couldn’t come back and visit whenever she had time.

She enjoyed his time at the base, it was simple enough, but it didn’t take long before she was called to go overseas – her very first foreign deployment into a war torn country. At age twenty-four, she did her first tour in Afghanistan, a twelve-month long deployment that truly tested who she was as a person and as a Marine, and really cemented the fact that this was what she wanted to do with her life. Not for the war portion of it all, but for the change that she knew they were making overseas even if she at times disagreed with how a whole lot of things were handled.

After her first deployment, she went on to go on three more tours overseas, always coming home to Devinstone between each time for well-deserved time off before being called to service once more. But during her fourth deployment, something went wrong.

It had been a perfectly normal day for the marines, nothing had been out of the ordinary and they were enjoying a well-deserved day off when they were ambushed. It all happened so fast that Behati never really knew or was able to acknowledge what happened. One moment, she was playing cards with her fellow marines, the next she woke up in a hospital on a military base back in the states.

She’d gotten struck by several pieces of shrapnel after an explosion had gone off, leaving her hanging between life and death for a few hours until she was finally stable enough to be moved back to the United States. Her deployment was cut short by her injuries, leaving her unable to properly to do her job for quite a while. She was put on medical leave and is now back in Devinstone to properly give herself time to recover and relax before she’s back in her uniform again.

But something’s changed for the woman. Nearly losing her life in combination with the things she saw while overseas has her not caring for much of anything anymore. She wants to live life to the fullest and do things that necessarily wouldn’t be considered legal by any means, but life’s too short to live cautiously and she’s tired of being good all the time. She’s got a lot of anger to work through, and she doesn’t care how she does it.

+ adaptable, protective & spontaneous.
- temperamental, volatile & scatterbrained.

  • PLAYED BY: Sofie.
  • FACE CLAIM: Inbar Lavi.
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