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Fun Fact

Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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For all you Oxes and Rats..

I’m giving you a freebie…

You should fight like hell to find someone born in the Year of the Dragon

It is the one moment in time that The Dragon has been neutered… Perhaps the greatest individuals born in every Age is the talent-filled Dragon…

I love the Dragon and you will too… they no longer can pay attention with the technology created… I treat my dragons with respect, but you really don’t have to… they refuse to acknowledge that information can be attained through their own eyes… to others, they see you as just another cell phone, with no interest in your brain or brainpower… the measurements of brainpower has been written in stone to them and they feel there is nothing new to learn..

They are 100 % controlled by their ear and are quite loyal… they trust any moron and they consider you to be one of the smartest morons they have ever met… Congratulations.

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