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“If war was coming, they needed Tamlin and his forces in fighting shape. Needed Tamlin ready. Rhys had been visiting him regularly, making sure he’d be both on their side and capable of leading. How Rhys had managed not to kill the High Lord of Spring was something Cassian still couldn’t understand.”

I was so shocked when I read this. Like I get that they need tamlin but I never in a million years thought that overprotective Rhys, that still hates Tamlin for what he did to Feyre and his family would actually go help.. especially after acofas where he was being so rude I never imagined he’d ever even try.

Now I know he does it purely because they need him for the war. But I still think it needs a lot of strength to face him so many times without remembering. However, Tamlin did help save his life so maybe he has let go of some of the anger if he goes to the Spring court frequently. Anyways.. I need to see one of their interactions im too curious. I bet they go a lil better then the interaction tam tam had with our queen👀

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Y’know sometimes I’m about to criticize Cassian and be like man are these the actions of the main romantic hero in a book? But then I remember that Rhysand drugged Feyre, painted her naked body to be put on display night after night, and twisted a literal exposed bone in her wrist soooooo ok maybe I’ll give Cassian a pass on sexualizing Nesta and taking other people’s side at the beginning of the book.

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i adore feysand baby. and the fact that feyre is married. but damn i rlly wanna see her do some normal 20 year old shit

  • feyre hungover as hell after a night out with mor, face resting on the kitchen counter eating plain crackers
  • feyre going to the night court equivalent of university, trying to get rhysand to help her cheat (he refuses)
  • rhys picking feyre up from uni at 3am because she fell asleep in the library
  • drinking so much coffee she gets hyperactive and rhysand has to calm her down (😉)
  • going to lectures in slippers because she’s too lazy for real shoes
  • trying, and failing, at a new hobby but she spends a week making ugly little knitted dolls for everyone
  • trying to learn to cook because it’s ‘the motherly thing to do’ and nearly burning down the kitchen
  • being proud when she manages to make an edible potato dish (rhys doesn’t mention the potatoes are still partially uncooked in the middle)
  • getting her nails done and breaking one off because she was dancing too hard at rita’s
  • spying on conversations where uni girls are crushing on rhys and casually dropping that btw he’s my husband
  • late night deep chats with nesta and elain about boys, wanting order sister advice on rhys
  • ‘road’ trips across prythian, staying in hotels and exploring the lands
  • nearly getting kicked out of a court for being too rowdy (it’s mostly definitely summer)
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GOsh I LOOOOVED Nesta and I LOOOOOVED Gwyn and I have been a nesta stan since day one periodt…BUT I LOVED EMERIE SINCE ACOFAS AND I HAVE BEEN A STAN OF HER SINCE DAY 1 AND I FEEL LIKE SHE IS NOT TALKED ABOUT ENOUGH. I HEAR SM GWYN AND SM NESTA BUT CAN WE PLS TALK ABOUT THIS BEAUTIFUL BBY (also like the only distinctly POC female that actually gets to stay ALIVE in the SJM series —besides juniper but I think she might die next book while Emerie will not bc mor love interest). BUT YEAH EMERIE HAS BEEN THROUGH HELL AND IS STILL A BADASS BITCH AND SHES HELLA FUNNY AND SHE DOESNT TRY TO HIDE HER LAUGHS. SHES ALSO REAL ASF and she’s the oldest out of all of them which makes her very wise but even though she’s old, in all her long years much more than 25-28 like nesta and gwyn, she’s never had friends. She’s at least over 50 (I’m assuming at least 80) and she’s never had friends. And ugh I could go on for hours about how much I love her but omg she deserves so much attention, please and thank you. 😭❤️

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Nesta Archeron

I’ve currently read up to part three of ACOSF and I honestly have no idea how to feel. Starting the book was a little rough for me because I hated the way that Nesta acted. As I kept reading, I thought she was getting better and was starting to grow and I honestly liked that she was doing her own thing and finally starting to live. I understand that she has been though a lot and has trauma, and it takes time to get over it, but it felt like she was just painting herself as the only victim and wasn’t even trying to help herself even though everyone was trying to help her, does that make sense? *SPOILERS BELOW* It was nice seeing her befriend Gywn and Emerie and from that I thought Nesta was slowing starting to change but what really made me mad was when she blew up and told Feyre about what can happen to her if she had the baby. After that scene, it really made me think that Nesta isn’t really learning and getting better. It feels like she purposefully says hurtful things so others can hurt like she does.I don’t know how to feel even after reading the whole hiking through the mountain scene with Cassian. He gave a nice speech and we see that Nesta has a lot built up inside of her, but it made me think and it felt like she isn’t even trying. She spent so long pushing everyone away and blowing up whenever people try to help her. That whole scene with Amren and her telling Nesta how it was loyalty to her over everything really just explained the first five hundred pages of the book in two sentences. 

This book has got me on a rollercoaster of hating Nesta to liking her to hating her again. I still have about two hundred pages to read and I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish it anytime soon. I saw a couple of spoilers of the ending and *SPOILER ALERT* I don’t know how to feel with the book ending with Nesta being happy???? Is that mean?? I just don’t understand how these next two hundred pages will redeem all the mean things she has done from the span of four books??? Maybe I just gotta read it and those two hundred pages will get me to like her again. Maybe I’m just a hater. Maybe I’m just letting the rush of emotions cloud my thinking.

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regarding eris vanserra

y'all i LOVE eris’ character and as of now he’s like the most interesting char/my favorite char but like… a lot of eris stans are heavily anti-IC and a lot of IC stans are heavily anti-eris

are there any other pro-eris ppl who like. don’t hate the IC bc i still love them-

i’m starved for eris content but all of it tends to bash on the IC really hard and i ain’t here for that so

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I wonder if we will see more apologies in the next book, namely the IC (coughRhysandMorcoughcough) apologising to Nesta for some of the ridiculously horrible things they’ve said to her

Asking someone like Nesta pre-ACOSF for forgiveness kind of has the vibe of trying to pet an angry snapping turtle like you’re just going to lose a finger. No matter how genuine and remorseful, or how much they SHOULD apologise, it can only lead to more conflict if you know the other person doesn’t have forgiveness or grace in them

But now she’s on a better path, and in a better place, she’s created a more constructive environment for those who have wronged her - and feel remorse - to make amends with her and move forward

idk I’m just hoping we get those apologies eventually because Rhys and Mor are still super on my Shit List and I’d like to forgive them

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Y’all remember when rhys was like “we’re not in the business of discussing plans with the enemy” and tamlins goofy ass said “no, you’re in the business of fucking them”

Like??????? Easily the best line in the entire series

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Just a quick off the cuff drabble with: fluffy domestic family time, Cassian’s favorite Nesta story, and how Azriel manages Nessian’s sexual tension

“Tell it again, Nes” Cassian grinned, tucking Nesta in closer to his side as she curled her feet underneath her body on the dusty rose sofa.

“Cassian, everyone here has heard that story at least ten times.” She sighed, rolling her eyes.

“It never gets old” he shrugged, grinning a little at the conspiratorial glance that Nesta and Azriel shared over his shoulder.

“I for one agree with Cassian” Elain, of all people, snickered into her palm. Oh how far she’d come since their prudish human days.

“There is a child present” Nesta reminded the room, with a gentle smile towards the bassinet that Feyre rocked lightly back and forth.

“Oh don’t use Nyx as an excuse. I want him to hear this. I’m considering passing a law to create a whole new category of warrior based on that specific kill.” Feyre smirked, teasing her mate with a gentle elbow to the ribs. He grinned his approval of her bloodthirsty plans.

“We don’t want your titles” Gwyn scoffed, eyes widening the second she did, as if remembering who she was speaking to. Nesta laughed first, and then the room joined her. It would take some more time for Gwyn and Emerie to get used to the casual energy of Velaris’ ruling family. They didn’t join them often, preferring private sleepovers to larger gatherings, but Nesta had managed to coax them both down for a family dinner since she and Cassian were hosting that week.

“Nor should you” Mor smiled at Gwyn before settling her gaze on Emerie “joining your Valkyrie training kicked my ass like an Illyrian workout never has”

“That’s because we take it easy on you” Cassian scoffed.

“Bullshit” Mor rolled her eyes “you lot would never pass up an opportunity to prove how big and strong you are.” Nesta snorted in agreement, causing Cassian to level her with a smouldering gaze that promised to show her exactly how big and strong he was the moment everyone else left the House.

Azriel stood straight up out of his armchair, moved to his brother’s side, and flicked him hard on the ear. “I distinctly remember forbidding the retelling of that story in public for this exact reason.”

“I’m not that bad!” Cassian protested.

“I need a gas mask to be in the same room as you two when she tells that story” Amren stated drily.

“Can you blame me” Cassian backtracked his denial “it’s hot as fuck.”

“You’re deranged” Nesta sighed, fighting to keep the smirk from her lips.

“You’d have bored of me in seconds if I weren’t”

“That implies that I did not bore of you in seconds anyway.”

Cassian hummed, running his thumb up and down her shoulder “if you want we can go upstairs and I’ll show you just how interest-ow hey!” Azriel looked forward calmly, the picture of innocence, even though the pillow that slammed into Cassian’s face was dripping in his scent.

“I don’t know why you’re so obsessed with that story, brother” Rhysand rolled his eyes “I’m still just shocked that it took 25 years and the Blood Rite for Nesta Archeron to stab a male in the balls” Nesta raised her mug in solute, accepting the words as the grandest compliment.

“And we are all surprised that the male she stabbed was not you” Az smirked.

“Oh I would never” Nesta grinned slyly “what use would he be to me then?”

“We could still make it work.” Cassian’s eyes lit up with plans that sent a blush to Nesta’s cheek, and this time it was her who found an ornate brocade throw cushion colliding with her jaw- courtesy of Gwyn.

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Nesta parallels:

But Nesta had gone with that mercenary. My hateful, cold sister had been willing to brave Prythian to rescue me.

“What happened to Tomas Mandray?” I asked, the words strangled.

“I realized he wouldn’t have gone with me to save you from Prythian.”

And for her, with that raging, unrelenting heart, it would have been a line in the sand.

I looked at my sister, really looked at her, at this woman who couldn’t stomach the sycophants who now surrounded her, who had never spent a day in the forest but had gone into wolf territory … Who had shrouded the loss of our mother, then our downfall, in icy rage and bitterness, because the anger had been a lifeline, the cruelty a release. But she had cared—beneath it, she had cared, and perhaps loved more fiercely than I could comprehend, more deeply and loyally. “Tomas never deserved you anyway,” I said softly.

-ACOTAR Ch. 30

She tucked the dagger into her belt. Picked up the sword. And drew a line in the dirt in front of the archway.

Her final stand. Her last line of defense.

Nesta gathered the shield. Peered over her shoulder to where Emerie had cleared the last cluster of boulders and now struggled up the long, straight path to the peak.

A small, quiet smile passed over Nesta’s face.

Then she hefted her shield. Angled her sword.

And stepped beyond the line she’d drawn to meet her enemy.

-ACOSF Ch. 69

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Cassian is an actual menance to society. One man cannot be THIS horny THIS often.

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With Tamlin and Amren being afraid of Nesta pointing at them as a death promise, every time someone annoyed her, Nesta should have been slowly raising her hand, stretching her fingers, watching the fear in  their faces and then giving them the finger. Lost opportunity for peak comedy.

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Can we talk about how Dorian, Aelin and Nesta would bond over smutty books???!

Probably them as parents:

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“You already have your prize..

You just passed the Blood Rite qualifier…”




Originally posted by oneteam

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I would love to see Nesta’s power actually being death or magic or something to do with souls, you know like this nuclear concept of life and death, rather than this abstract, philosophical concept of death and destruction. We know she still has some of the power, we just don’t know what it is. So let me explain. 

Nesta is described almost always like a star, like this “newborn star” is what she’s referenced as when she first turns fae and there’s constant references to explosions. “When you erupt girl makes sure it’s felt across worlds” is what Amren says. When she first uses her powers it just kind of swipes out of her, blasting Hybern’s army, taking them out and leaving only ash. When she’s dreaming, she’s this glow-y bright mass of light that gets smothered by Rhysand’s darkness. When she faces briar-who’s-it-what’s-it her powers again explode out of her and is felt across Prythrian. In my head, the constant references to stars and exploding link to supernovas, and then to just this general concept of chaos and destruction… which I guess could be considered “death” in the most esoteric of ways. Again, I think this is a rather cabbalistic way of thinking of death. However it would make sense that Nesta wouldn’t know how to use this without destroying herself or hurting herself or losing control, which tended to happen, and why she wouldn’t want to use it as it would be horribly overwhelming for her. Because the concept itself of mass extinction, chaos at it’s core is already just too large to comprehend and it’s way more power than one person can really use and Nesta didn’t even know what it was, just that it was too much and it was sometimes out of her control.

But we see the littler aspects of life/death with her power, which personally I see as two sides of the same coin, especially when paired with this concept of making and unmaking things. When she makes the house, she essentially gives it life, but she also technically unmakes it because it’s no longer just a house. Like when she is made fae, that human part of her dies. It no longer exists. She’s not just changed. She’s entirely different. She can’t go back. And then we see this again, when she makes the weapons and then charms the bracelets. And we know because of what happened to Feyre, that Nesta probably could have saved her life without giving up any of her power except she didn’t know how to use them. So Nesta’s power couldn’t have been just “death.” I’m assuming that it would have probably been the life and death combo and this making and unmaking things concept. I think it should be said though that the people who said she was “death” or had “death-powers” was literally Feyre and Rhys, and they don’t know shit I’m sorry. Why would they? It was purely assumption. How can they really grasp that concept, and then just keep asking what did you take? Like didn’t you just say? 

Anyways, we also know that SJM doesn’t like explaining powers in ACOTAR specifically. But it would make sense that Nesta would keep the power that SJM has already explained, if only to not have to do it again. Because she has to explain something, because Nesta still has some of that power. This being said though, I would LOVE if Nesta can now be the more accessible concept of life and death as in how it relates to people around her, how it perhaps relates to the magic of Prythrian, the balancing concept of life and death and the cosmos, making and unmaking things. The nuclear version of her power rather than the destruction of the cosmos themselves. A smaller concept of her regular powers that she can actually control and learn to use. Especially now that she’s blessed by the Mother, and the Mother is the one who spilled the cauldron’s contents to make the known world. Personally I would like this power to be related to like witchy magic, because why set up literally that idea and associate it purely with Nesta and never make her a witch? Especially since the Triple Goddess is literally a witch concept, and a cauldron is a witch thing, and now she has literally every association with witch lore. So… Nesta’s a witch. 

That’s my conclusion. 


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Idk if it’s bc i just think men are obsolete but at 200 pages in Cassians pov genuinely has added NOTHING to this book 😭🤚🏽

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friends that have become like sisters.

A chosen family…


This was hit me hard. I am so happy for Nesta to find her people. People who make her feel safe, loved, and supported.

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