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okay HELP, i am trying to find this quote thats from either acowar or acofas and I CANT. i dont recall if it was feyre or rhysand’s pov but it went sth like them looking at nesta and saying that they knew the look she had in her face, that they’ve seen it before… god im going insane

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““She gripped the arms of her chair, as if restraining herself.

“Don’t talk down to me. My answer is no.”

I angled my head. “I understand that what happened to you was horrible—”

“You have no idea what it was or was not. None. And I am not going to grovel like one of those Children of the Blessed, begging High Fae who would have gladly killed me as a mortal to help us. I’m not going to tell them that story—my story.”

“The High Lords might not believe our account, which makes you a valuable witness—”

Nesta shoved her chair back, chucking her napkin on her plate, gravy soaking through the fine linen. “Then it is not my problem if you’re unreliable. I’ll help you with the wall, but I am not going to whore my story around to everyone on your behalf.” She shot to her feet, color rising to her ordinarily pale face, and hissed, “And if you even dare suggest to Elain that she do such a thing, I will rip out your throat.”

Excerpt From

A Court of Wings and Ruin

Another nesta art I made in Artbreeder

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Sjm said that in Acofs there would be many sex scenes, but she did not say that they would all be nessian. So…

Will they have lovers? Opinions?

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Summary: Nesta and Cassian visit the Ironcrest clan and are forced into close quarters ft. an Illyrian wedding 

Read also: Chapter List, General Masterlist 

Warnings: None for this chapter I think 

Updates every Tuesday/Wednesday… mostly Wednesday. I will edit this tomorrow since I can’t look at it any longer.


Nesta scowled as Cassian set her down on the platform, crossing her arms as a permanent fissure took up space between her brows.

“Don’t touch me.” She said, patting the skirts of her gown with one hand as she tried to carry a basket full of exotic fruit with the other. Delicious reds, vibrant greens, and some that smelled of candy. The scent made her gag through the flight.

Cassian rolled his eyes, sighing dramatically as Nesta glared. But he grabbed the handle of the basket before she could take a step forward.  

“Stop that,” She grumbled, swatting him away, but he didn’t let go. Instead, he moved to face her, blocking her view of what waited beyond him.  

“Nesta, listen.” Cassian said his voice lowering. “I know you’re intent on making everything difficult for all of us, and you have the tendency to run off to Mother knows where, but here, I need you to stay close to me.”

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Aww you’re welcome nonnie! I love the asks ❤❤❤

Ooh this is hard. I have personal reasons for my hatred of Tamlin. Not just because he’s a tool, even though he is.

Do I think he deserves a redemption arc? No.

Why? Now that’s the question.

So Tamlin, this rusty ass tool. Aside from murdering Rhys’ sister and mother, there’s nothing exactly to redeem. He’s simply shallow and a dick. His “issues” aren’t issues. That’s his personality. He’s controlling for one. And that’s not something you can simply shut off or change. He can shut it off for a time but it will come back. The fact he was completely oblivious to Feyre’s ptsd sits poorly with me. You’re telling me this man. No this fae. Who has super hearing can’t hear his fiance wake up in the middle of the night and puke her guts out? That he doesn’t know the color red is triggering for her? He either is so absorbed in himself and the idea of loving her that he doesn’t pay attention. Or he knows and chooses to ignore it. Either way it’s selfish and disgusting. So that’s pretty much why.

I will say this. In his own way I think he really did love Feyre. What he loved about her died under the mountain.

My least favorite besides Tam?

I mean alot of my least faves are everyone else’s Beron, Ianthe, Amaranthe, Hybern, Tomas, Graysen etc.

I’m going to answer with Mr. Archeron.

Because he’s a shit parent tbh. Nesta and Elain are both frowned upon and berated by antis for Feyre’s childhood. For Feyre going out and hunting, not being able to read or write. Okay fair enough they never stopped her or helped. But as siblings that wasn’t their responsibility. It could have been if their father was dead. But he wasn’t. He was right there. The entire time. Rarely do I see the blame on him. And it should be.

He’s crippled and makes crappy wood carvings. He could’ve worked in a kitchen peeling potatoes or something idk. He should have taught Feyre how to read and write. He was a merchant and therefore intelligent, he could of taught them how to sell things well. Sell Elain’s flowers and herbs. Have her bake fresh bread and sell that. Nesta could have told stories and left a bowl out for money. Something nonnie idk.

My point is that I’m so tired of seeing Nesta and Elain get the brunt of how Feyre was raised but not their father. So yeah he’s on my least liked list.

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A Favor: Part Five

Nessian Modern AU



Nesta hates loud noises. She hates loud thunder and loud people and loud machines and loud music, but no one ever understands her when she tries to explain how certain volumes of sound are a direct assault on her senses.

She especially hates yelling, at least when other people are doing it. It’s big and scary and reminds her of Tomas— where her own shrieks feel powerful, being yelled at makes her feel weak.

Except when Cassian snaps at her, it feels different. So different that she can only blink in confusion and say, “Fine.” She’ll go to the stupid doctor.

He didn’t scare her. That’s what Nesta’s still thinking about as she sits in the fluorescent-lit doctor’s office with Cassian. He was loud and he was angry, but he wasn’t scary. There was the moment where she waited for fear to kick in, and it didn’t.

Maybe it’s a sign Nesta is finally evolving. Maybe she’s starting to become normal, and she doesn’t have to cower every time someone raises their voice at her.

Or maybe it’s just Cassian.

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Somebody on tik tok really put Feyre in Ravenclaw😭😭. But what are the ACOTAR characters harry Potter houses because there are some arguments?

I think when deciding you have to look at their overall traits and not just one moment. Like Nesta for example we know she is very smart she loves to read and is really good at math. But that’s only one part of her. I would sort her in Slytherin because her pride is a huge part of her character and how she is portrayed and she has a lot of ambition. Her whole attitude gives me Slytherin vibes. But her Hybrid house would be slytherclaw for sure.

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i feel like some nesta stans are only able to stan nesta because they twist her actions to always have a good or hidden reasoning behind it, and therefore theyve convinced themselves that in all ways, she’s actually this great person? which sure, maybe she is, but the reason i’ve always liked nesta is that sometimes she’s just genuinely mean lol. i don’t want her to be a nice person at heart who was misunderstood all along, i want her to be a bitch with her whole chest. that’s a valid personality trait if you’re gonna be surrounded by people like the ic who deserve to get bullied every now and then (as long as she’s not actively hurting people, which come on,,,she doesn’t)

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Can we at least all agree that there is no excuse for Feysand to violate Nesta by invading her mind since she has been violated time and time again in the series?

She is a SA survivor, she was shoved into the Cauldron and her body turned against her will, and Rhysand commanded her to sit down (a SA survivor forced another SA survivor to bend to his will 🤢)

This was Nesta’s reaction when she saw Feyre violate Lucien by invading his mind:


At the very, very least can we all expect an apology for this behavior?

Nesta has trust issues, obviously. Her body has been violated by her fiancé and now her mind has been violated by her family

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Elain and Azriel possible deaths in ACOSF thoughts:

People constantly worrying that if Elain dies it would affect Lucien and if Azriel dies it would afftect Elain…but…am I the only one thinking that if either one dies… the ones that would feel it the most is Nesta and Cassian??

The healing path Nesta is about to embark would go through the window if Elain dies. You think Nesta is going to be all happy and nice watching her sister die after a year of depression?? She might end up killing herself, specially if Elain dies during a war or is killed.

And same for Azriel, you think Cassian will move on with his life if Azriel dies?? I dont think people realise how deep Cassian and Azriel love each other. Their friendship is way much deeper than their friendship with Rhys. Just like Nesta loves and protects Elain, Cassian does the same with Azriel.

The guy tore his wings to protect him from Hybern back in ACOMAF. I think it would take Cassian at least a hundred years to move on from Azriel’s death. I don’t think it would be easy for him to live happily ever after with Nesta if his brother is dead and the same would go for Nesta if Elain dies. Feyre and Rhysand are the type of people to move on with life…yes they would be sad and they will pay tribute to their respective siblings but dont think for a second that they will keep dragging it.

So I hope for the love of any god, that SJM doesnt kill either because all the progress Nesta and Cassian will have in ACOSF will honestly be sooooo wasted.

As much as I’m looking forward to all the Nessian content we will get in ACOSF, I cant deny that I’m so excited to see more of Elain and Azriel. I want to know how their dynamic works with Nesta and Cassian.

Because we have always seen them from Feyre and Rhysand’s perspective, but I do want to see more of Nesta’s relationship with Elain. How they get along when they’re alone, without Feyre in the mix. And I do want to see more of Azriel and Cassian without Rhys or the rest of the Inner circle getting in the middle.

Ps. I’m also curious to see Nesta and Azriel getting along. I think out of the IC, they’re the only ones I desperately want them to be friends. Azriel minds his own business and for that he has my whole respect. And Nesta has never had a bad word or thought against Azriel and I think after he saved Elain, he has earned her respects. So yes, I want to see more of them together.

Also….how cute would be to have Cassian treating Elain like a little sister knowing how much she means to Nesta….and to Azriel???

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Nesta just wants to be left alone

I can really relate to Nesta in the sense of sometimes acting so cold or closed off or even saying outright bitchy things just because you don’t want to talk to someone or don’t have the emotional energy to be around others. It’s an easy way to get people to leave you alone or back off.

She’s made it so clear on so many occasions that she just wants her own life, she needs time, etc… I think that when Feyre rolls up all happy and sunny and life is great with her mate, Nesta just tries to say literally anything that will get Feyre to leave so that she can be alone again.

Because of this I kind of understand Sarah’s statement that Nesta has to “face her past behaviour” and I don’t think it means some big omg I am awful I must apologize to the IC. I think that it’d be so unrealistic to imagine that Nesta isn’t completely aware of what she’s doing. I bet she gets home sometimes and is like why did I say that?? But in the moment it’s just like *say literally anything that will make them STOP talking to me, stop trying to fix me please just let me be alone* and I think that her healing internally will mean that these defence mechanisms slowly subside.

Admitting to things that one has said or done when in a bad mental space isn’t weak, but I also firmly believe that it isn’t something she needs to apologize for. (and it’s truly my belief that we have never seen the character of Nesta in a healthy head space because girl has had a ROUGH go of it. At least Feyre had some moments in between that made life seem worth it but Nesta has really just been handed one devistating blow after another)

In summation, I give you Nesta:


Originally posted by devilsh

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People compare Nesta and Feyre’s time needed to get over their trauma. FIrst of all Feyre is not over her trauma but she is getting better and better every day. People want to say Feyre didn’t need alot of time to cope with her trauma so why should they allow Nesta to have that time. For people saying that I’m going to set it to you straight. I think that’s the shittiest argument you can give. Feyre had a supportive group of friends who did not judge her on a person’s bias and get their opinion of her from a person who only knows one side of the story. They were all kind and respectful to her mostly because she was Rhysand’s mate but we won’t ever know how they would have treated her if she wasn’t such a significant part of Rhysand life. This was one of the reasons Feyre was advancing in her journey to recovery. But my home girl Nesta has no one. No one to urge her to get better. No one who is there to push her towards the way to getting better mentally. Even though maybe her actions aren’t the best course of treatment she’s handling it a lot better than most people especially when having no one to support her and having the ones she cared about die. She’s not jumping off of buildings or trying to drown herself. So that’s something. Bottomline is don’t invalidate Nesta’s trauma just because she isn’t healing as quickly as the others would.

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