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emilia3546 · 40 minutes ago
Tell Me What You Want - Feyre x Rhys x Cassian x Azriel NSFW
Ever since that offer at Solstice, thoughts of more than her mate have been racing through Feyre's mind, but he hasn't exactly helped to get rid of them, not at all. After one too many suggestive comments, Feyre gives in to her desire for all three Illyrians.
Feyre slammed her mental shields up, lowering them for a moment, just long enough to hiss at Rhys,
Prick. She ignored the dark chuckle from across the bond, the image he'd sent across, and tried to turn her attention back to the painting in front of her. She tried to focus on the sunrise, on getting the colors to blend together, and not on the way her mate's hair was ruffled, just like other, more private, times. She shook her head, and Rhys slipped back into her mind in that moment of weakness, and Feyre swore at the images popping up. She knew he was training, but knowing, and seeing three shirtless male bodies was quite another. Fuck off, I'm working. She snapped, but Rhys just laughed,
We miss you. Come join us, we're bored.
I'm working. Feyre repeated, sure that anything else would snap her self control,
You're painting me, come back and find the real thing. I'll make it worth your while. Feyre shoved him away, ignoring the heat spreading across her body, each little joke, each suggestion had slowly been building up. Ever since she'd hesitated to decline his offer to join them in the birchin, he'd been infuriating, mostly because he was right, she wanted them all. She was a mated female, this was ridiculous, but still, her mind wandered to the training ring, to the three half-naked Illyrians there, her mind wandered further, further, until she swore, and stood up, just to try to shake the effect.
None of her half-finished paintings could distract her now, not after the last image Rhys had sent her, she'd never had two males at once, let alone three, but the thought of being between them all sent heat rushing through her, building between her legs, and she finally gave up. She tidied the room as quick as possible, winnowing straight to the bedroom, hoping that maybe she could bathe before Rhys got home, could pretend she was fine. She had no such luck, her mate was sitting on the end of the bed, still shirtless, still grinning, his eyes locking onto her the moment she appeared, and he chuckled as her scent wafted over to him,
"Need a bit of help there, darling?"
"No. I'm fine." She turned on her heel, but Rhys was already there, wrapping his arms around her from behind, and kissing the side of her neck. She melted into him, and nodded when he gently nipped at her skin,
"I want to hear you, darling."
"Yes." she panted, but Rhys made no move to carry her to the bed, or to pull her clothes off, "Rhys," she complained,
"Tell me what you want, Feyre."
"You," she panted, "I want you." Still nothing, she wriggled backwards, trying to urge him into action. This wasn't fair, he was the one who'd been winding her up all day, the least he could do now was to follow through on his promises. "Rhys, please," she whispered, and felt him smile against her skin,
"There it is. Good girl." He whispered, and swung her into his arms, both their clothes vanishing and reappearing in the corner. "We missed you at training today," he murmured as he lay her down on the mattress,
"Some of us have work to do," Feyre managed, her voice slightly breathless, but steady,
"You missed a good day." Rhys continued, kissing along her jaw as she tangled her hands in his hair, holding his face against her. "We had to force Cassian to put his shirt back on at the end." Feyre squeezed her eyes shut as Rhys trailed kisses down her neck, "You should have seen him and Azriel today, if I didn't know better, I'd have said they were putting on a show." At the last word he bit down gently on her collarbone, and Feyre moaned. She cried out when he pulled away, reaching out blindly as she opened her eyes, only for him to yank her down the bed so that her legs fell onto his shoulders as knelt on the floor. "I wonder," he mused, "Would you make the same noises for them as you do when I'm inside you?" Before she could answer, he sucked her clit into his mouth, leaving her wriggling and moaning. He stopped the moment before she reached her climax, "I'd like to find out." Feyre blinked, and tried to form words, any words, "Do you want that?" Rhys whispered, and she finally manged one,
Feyre wasn't scared exactly, but she certainly was nervous, she had no idea what Rhys had planned. She knew he'd relayed their whole discussion to Cassian and Azriel, and that they had both agreed, she'd never liked waiting, and now she was here on her own. She stood from the bed, pacing in front of it, and flushed as she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, completely naked except for a black satin dressing gown, she'd left it open, but she fought the instinct to tie it as the door creaked open,
"It's just me." Rhys smiled at her before crossing the room, "Are you sure about this?" Feyre nodded,
"I just don't like waiting,"
"We just wanted you to be sure."
"I am sure, now stop making me wait." Mischief flashed in Rhys's eyes as he leaned down to press a quick kiss against her lips, and slipped the dressing gown off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Feyre was still staring at Rhys when the door opened again, and two more male forms stepped into her vision,
"Wings, now." Rhys muttered,
"Wings." Feyre concentrated for a moment, almost forgetting to adjust her balance to adjust to the added weight of the wings on her back. Rhys spun her round, and tugged her against him so that her back was pressed against his front. She flushed again when she met Azriel's eyes, he and Cassian were still fully dressed, so was Rhys actually, and she squirmed under their gazes, but smiled when she noticed that both of them were already straining against their pants. Feyre gasped when Rhys gently pressed between her shoulderblades, making her wings fly out to the sides. He tugged her backwards, and ran a finger along the ridge of a wing, making her collapse completely into him as he sat down on the bed, setting Feyre in his lap.
Even as Rhys began a slow exploration of her waist and stomach, he began talking, small talk, he was really making small talk while she was here, naked, wanting them all. She wriggled in his lap, and it was Cassian who laughed,
"Oh, you are cruel, Rhys." he chuckled, "Poor Feyre,"
"Well, I am High Lord of Night, she knew who she was dealing with."
"Rhys!" she snapped, and all three males laughed, especially when Rhys kissed the side of her neck, and her head fell back onto his shoulder. She made to complain again, but just let out a loud moan as two pairs on hands descended on her wings. Slowly, too slowly, Rhys dipped a hand lower, lower, until he found the evidence of her arousal. He swept a finger through her sex, then two, but removed both, and pushed them into her mouth. She moaned louder at the taste of herself, but whimpered when Cassian and Azriel both stepped back, leaving her trembling with desire,
"Shhhhhh," Rhys murmured, "Patience, darling." She switched her attention between the two males currently stripping all their clothes off in front of her, stumbling when Rhys pushed her to her feet, crashing into Azriel's arms. Rhys made no move to join them, instead settling into a chair across the room, and gently stroked himself as Azriel helped Feyre regain her balance. She glanced across at Rhys, who just shrugged, "What are you waiting for? You want him, have him." Feyre didn't need any more encouragement to haul her mouth to Azriel's, immediately opening and moaning as he gently caressed her tongue with his own, slowly exploring her mouth, his hands rubbing up and down her sides. She panted for breath when he released her mouth, immediately kissing along her jaw. Feyre moaned when a second pair of hands wrapped around her waist, she almost came then and there from Cassian's breath across her wings, but she stopped herself, she had to wait for Rhys' say-so tonight. Cassian rested his chin on her shoulder, and kissed her cheek, she dropped her head backwards onto his shoulder, and moaned when he moved his hands slowly up her body, starting to tease her breasts in time with Azriel's kisses along her neck,
"Eager, aren't we, Feyre?" he chuckled, and she tried to respond, but only managed a strangled moan, earning chuckles from all of them. She wriggled and tried to grind backwards against him, but Azriel pinned her hips still,
"Uh-uh, stay still for us, Feyre."
"But-" Cassian stole all complaints the moment he slanted his mouth over hers, Azriel had been slow, seductive, Cassian's kiss was all fire and dominance. She moaned into his mouth, and reached back to hold his head against her, gripping the ends of his hair, and tugging slightly. Azriel gently lifted her off the ground as Cassian nipped at her lower lip, and she gulped down air when he finally released her, only to nudge her forwards into Azriel's lap on the bed. Feyre looked again at Rhys, and he gave her an encouraging nod,
It's okay, I want to see you on his cock. Feyre shifted to straddle Azriel's lap, rolling her hips teasingly against his, never quite giving him enough, at least until he gripped her hips. She wriggled, trying to tease him again, but he held her still, and pressed a kiss to the hollow of her throat, raising an eyebrow,
"Yes," she muttered,
"I can't hear you," Azriel murmured,
"Yes," she repeated a little louder,
"Yes, what? What do you want?"
"I - I want you to fuck me." She let out a cry as Azriel pulled her hips down and slammed his own upwards at the same time, driving his cock deep inside her right away,
"Like that?" Feyre's mind was blank, burning pleasure coursing through her at each movement he made, she slumped forwards, and tucked her face into the crook of his neck, whimpering softly with each move he made. Feyre squealed when Cassian's hands replaced Azriel's on her hips, rocking her faster back and forth, leaving Azriel free to explore her wings. She tried to speak, to tell him where to touch, but all she could manage was another squeal. There was no escape, each time she rocked backwards, away from Azriel, she found herself pinned against Cassian's chest. He kissed along her neck, and Azriel brushed the most sensitive spot on her wing, she screamed, and fixed Rhys with a pleading look, unable to even beg for what she needed,
"You can do better than that, Cass," he chuckled, and Feyre could almost feel Cassian's smirk behind her,
"Have you ever had two males inside you?" Feyre turned to face him as best as she could, and he grinned, turning her chin back to Azriel, who slammed his hips up into her,
"Eyes on me." She obeyed, even as she recognized the sound of the bottle of lubricating oils opening. She collapsed into Azriel's arms again when Cassian slowly eased a finger inside her. With Azriel still pounding into her from below, the second sensation was almost too much, and she sobbed with pleasure when he added a second finger, slowly moving and stretching her out. She buried her face in Azriel's shoulder when Cassian disappeared, and he ran a hand up and down her back slowly, soothing the nervousness threatening to show up again. Still, Feyre whimpered in fear when she felt Cassian's cock pushing at her ass, but she nodded, moaning as he slowly pushed into her, then pulled out, and pushed back in, making sure she was comfortable before shoving her down on Azriel's cock with the force of a thrust. She cried out, her body going loose and uncooperative when both males started moving in tandem,
"Please," she sobbed, gasping when Cassian guided her chin up and back so that she was looking straight at Rhys,
"Look at him while you let both of us fuck you," she did, she looked Rhys in the eyes as he smirked, deliberately stroking himself to match Cassian's rhythm inside her,
"Please," she gasped again, she needed to come, right now, and she wouldn't, couldn't until Rhys did something, Cassian and Azriel could fuck her all day, but if Rhys stayed over there, she'd never be able to climax. It was so close, so close, but just out of reach. Azriel's hands were still on her wings when Rhys stood and made his way over to them, wiping away the tears pooling in the corners of Feyre's eyes,
"Tell me what you want," he whispered, stepping back just out of reach as she reached out for him, screaming in pleasure when Cassian and Azriel both slammed into her at the same time, "Use your words, darling," he hummed, and Feyre sobbed again,
"Please, I, please," she managed, "Can I-" she broke off when Cassian dropped a hand to her clit, it was too much, and she couldn't even climax, she sobbed again, tears starting to fall down her face as Azriel spilled inside her, but he made no move to pull out, he was content to let her sit on his cock as long as it took for Cassian to come as well. Azriel banded his arms around her chest, supporting her as she desperately reached for Rhys, her fingertips just inches away from him as he watched, "I want to come." She whispered,
"What was that?"
"Rhys, please," she gasped, "Can I come?" Feyre sighed as Rhys shuffled along the bed to sit behind Azriel, cupping Feyre's face in both hands as he kissed her, deep, claiming, and finally said those words she needed,
"Come for us, Feyre." She did, right then, her vision failing as she screamed and cried at the overwhelming pleasure washing through her. Cassian kept working her slowly through it as he came moments later, brushing her hair to one side to gently kiss the side of her neck as she came down from her high. She blinked to clear her vision, and mumbled a 'thank you' to Azriel as he helped her climb into Rhys' arms. She buried her face in his chest, but her head shot up at the sound of a low moan across the bed. Rhys turned her in his arms, still rubbing her sides as Azriel smirked, shoving Cassian's face into the mattress as he pumped his fingers into his ass. Cassian wriggled, and tried to dislodge Azriel's hand on his head, but finally fell still, earning a dark chuckle from the shadowsinger,
"Stop that," he hissed, slapping Cassian's hands away when he tried again to lift his head. Feyre glanced back at Rhys when shadows wound around Cassian's hands, pinning them behind his back, and she laughed at Cassian's muffled complaint that quickly changed to moans with the addition of a second finger.
"Alright, darling?" Rhys whispered, "I know that was a lot,"
"That was great," Feyre breathed, "But now I want you. I always want you."
"Of course, you do." Rhys laughed, and Feyre scowled, but rolled her eyes,
"You always want me."
"Can you blame me?" He murmured, palming her breasts as she watched Azriel slide into Cassian, and she let out a moan as Rhys pinched a nipple, then slowly rolled her hips back against him, "I want to be inside you," He growled, and Feyre raised an eyebrow, slowly lifting her hips to lower herself onto him, his groan of pleasure sparking a deeper satisfaction than anyone else could ever give her.
Feyre ground her hips down against Rhys as he kissed and sucked at her neck, biting down at the junction between her neck and shoulder. She tipped her head sideways, moaning softly as he sucked a mark into her skin, groaning out her name as she rolled her hips down onto him. Feyre's rhythm faltered at the sound of a louder groan from Cassian, his head now tipped sideways as he panted, squeezing his eyes shut.
Go touch him. Rhys murmured into her mind, and Feyre laughed, crawling across the bed, and brushed Cassian's hair away from his face,
"He looks pretty like this," she chuckled to Rhys, and laughed at Cassian's weak attempt at responding, Azriel grinned, and slowly rolled his hips before pulling all the way out, and slamming back in to the hilt. At the same time, Feyre grasped the base of Cassian's wings, and he whimpered, actually whimpered, before spilling himself on the sheets beneath him. Feyre still didn't let go of his wings, zoning out of the room around her as she searched for the spot that would make him scream her name. She didn't notice when the shadows around his wrists released him, only realizing when he surged forwards, flipping her underneath him, and pinning her wrists over her head,
"Cruel High Lady," he crooned, chuckling as she tried to twist away, but she fell still when he nudged her legs apart, sliding a knee upwards between them. Feyre gasped as he rubbed it back and forth, grinding against him as she chased another high, and gasped when darkness descended around her face, and something else pinned her hands still, shadows, Azriel was deliberately blinding her. She tested the bindings of the shadows, and couldn't move an inch, especially with Cassian redoubling his efforts to bring her to the edge.
Words were absolutely beyond her as Rhys slipped into her mind, wringing a new pleasure from her as he caressed her mind, his essence melding into hers until she couldn't tell where she ended and he began. She sobbed his name again and again, out loud, in her mind, she didn't know, she only knew the pleasure washing over her in waves, the pleasure from herself, and Rhys's own pleasure as he stroked himself at the sight of her trembling in Cassian's arms another tear slipped down her face as Cassian switched his attention from her body to her wings, and the only thought she could form was the command for her wings to vanish, with three males, anything involving her wings would be too much, and Cassian merely moved back to her sex, wringing another climax out of her with his fingers.
She knew that she must be trembling and whimpering, but she didn't care enough to try and stop, she just cared when Cassian slowly slid into her, and her hands released so that she could grip his shoulders as he flipped them over. She'd barely taken a breath before someone pushed into her ass, Azriel, and she gasped when he gripped her hair, and pulled her head up, only for Rhys to tip her chin up. She opened her mouth, breathing through her nose as he slid in. She carefully timed her breaths to Rhys' thrusts, but choked when Azriel thrust into her, shoving her further onto Rhys' cock. With Cassian pounding into her from beneath, there was no way she could keep a rhythm. She let go, let them guide her, let them bring her to climax, once, twice, thrice before each spilling inside her one after the other.
Feyre collapsed onto the bed, the males' release still dripping out of her as she struggled to fill her lungs. Rhys gently tipped her head back, rolling her onto her side. She grasped for his hands, clinging onto him as she gathered herself back together. She half registered someone gently cleaning her up, and mumbled something incoherent as she pushed herself up into a seated position. She laughed as three pairs of arms and wings wrapped around her,pulling her back onto the bed. Cassian complained that he was being left out as she nestled into Rhys' side, quickly snuggling into the bed between them, with Rhys in front of her, and Azriel pressed against her from behind. She draped an arm across Rhys to find Cassian, and snorted with laughter when he stretched a wing across the four of them, the darkness quickly sending her to sleep.
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ratabrasileira · an hour ago
Tumblr media
i love u brazilians <3
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jxmiehxrondale · 3 hours ago
Cassian: If I punch myself and it hurts, am I strong or weak?
Azriel: Strong.
Mor: Weak.
Amren: An idiot.
Rhys: And a coward. Use a knife.
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dark-london · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Which book is this?
*Shrugs* I don’t know, something with FAE in it, okay?
Just pretend it’s your favorite ship.
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naturallystupidforyou · 5 hours ago
Marcella as azriel daughter? What if he had twin daughters?
i've decided that instead of marcella, it's natasha and if there's twins, it's natasha and lydia
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sylenciio · 9 hours ago
OK but wait, is Feyre more powerful than Rhys or not?
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vassiensupremacy · 9 hours ago
— a court of thorns and roses
pairing edition | my acotar ships
Vassa x Lucien • Vassien
Elain x Azriel • Elriel
Feyre x Rhysand • Feysand
Viviane x Kallias • Vivillias
Nesta x Cassian • Nessian
Gwyneth x Balthazar • Gwynzar
Helion x Lady of the Autumn Court
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foughtconquered · 15 hours ago
I’m a huge Eris Vanserra apologist and I have no shame. This is my supreme Eris fic recommendation.
Not many fanfictions make me audibly get excited when they get updated, but this one does. The slow burn, the tension, the upset parents, chefs kiss. I normally don’t love original characters in fics either but I would die for Astra: WHO JUST HAPPENS TO BE FEYSAND’S SECOND CHILD.
“Born into the cut-throat Autumn Court, Eris Vanserra had been surrounded by monsters his entire life and spent most of his time scheming for the crown his cruel father still possessed. His world is thrown into chaos when an unexpected source gets to his father before he can.
Astra was raised in the flourishing Night Court and had been gifted with powers from the stars. When she takes revenge on an ancient High Lord, she is forced to bear the explosive consequences. The Mother had a wicked sense of humor and blessed the two rivals with a mating bond.”
It’s called:
A Court of Fire and Starlight
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fatimaussain · 17 hours ago
So we got two and half a book for Feysand. One book for Nesta and Cassian. We know for sure there'll be an Az book from the live and we already know that Elain will have her own book as well.
The main idea here is that Az and Elain will have separate books to discuss thier journey and not a joined book/s like the others!! so what does that mean for them as a couple? Because if they well end up together, why not just give them two joined books or one with multiple pov like Nessian?
If each of them is getting a separate book, doesn't that mean they will end up with different people like u know Lucien and Gywn? At this point we all know that all the three ships are possible like don't even try to deny it.
But it'll be such a mess to have a love square. Can SJM manga to have a love square and a war plot, in addition to other couples in the making? Because the war with that kochie guy will be developed in their books obviously and there will be a war TOG style!!
something to think about.
I'll tag both gwynriel and Elriel because i want to know what u think so don't fight, it's really not worth it. We'll be waiting for at least two years for the next book, by then you'll get bored of your ship anyway.
Disclaimer: I'm a gwynriel shipper ( at least i think) I was very excited about it but now after all the fighting idk.
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feysandandnyx · 19 hours ago
"I see all of you Rhys. And there is not one part that I do not love with everything I am" from Acowar by Sjm.
Art : @tloczuss (Instagram)
Tumblr media
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rhys-daarling · 20 hours ago
Azriels actions towards Elain are fuelled by guilt
Guilt because he had an arrow in his chest, that prevented the IC from stopping Hybern throwing her into the cauldron. It’s the same guilt he feels around Mor. His failure at finding Mor earlier is why she was left alone for so long brutalised outside the autumn court.
Azriel is familiar with guilt and self hatred and cruelly places himself in situations to continue that cycle. He knows he can’t be with Elain- he’s punishing himself by refusing to give himself a meaningful relationship by pining for her, it’s the exact same thing he did with Mor.
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wintersouldier57 · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
it's me I'm girls lol
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ratabrasileira · 23 hours ago
Feyre does not have ANY flaw this bitch is perfect!
And that's why Feysand is such a beautiful relationship: Rhys all problematic with some flaws and Feyre being the queen flawless.
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