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so lemme get this straight. Hybern’s name is Hybern and he is the king of Hybern

Therefore he is Hybern, King of Hybern???

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So with ACOSF almost out there’s something I’ve been needing to get off my chest.

I really dislike Nesta.

No, really, I can’t stand her.

I don’t want to say I hate her because hate is such a strong word; but- okay fine I hate her. I’ve been trying for the past months to reconcile myself with her and get myself to like her because I really am so excited for the new book, but I CAN’T. And it’s been so frustrating how I can’t even think of her without wanting to jump into the book and punch her in the face; especially when I keep seeing so many people defend her and blame the IC for how they treat her. And I have to say I’m usually someone who likes hearing different opinions that oppose mine because they make me question myself and make sure my opinions are well founded. But as much as I’ve been trying, I can not get people who actually like Nesta.

Let me clarify that this is coming from someone who has a loooong history of falling in love with bad, fucked up, morally grey characters. I mean, Damon Salvatore, the Darkling, Zoya, Legend, Kaz Brekker, Maven Calore, Aaron Warner, Nicasia… you name it, if they’re toxic assholes who are too bad for their own good, I’ve probably fallen for them. So why can’t I even tolerate Nesta?

Simple, it’s not even about anythign she actually did when the story started. I mean, did I hate everything she did in ACOMAF and ACOWAR? Absoluely. I hated how she seemed to not understand what feyre went through, and how feyre was ready to do anything for her and Elain and that what happened to them was not her fault. BUT.. I can look beyond all that and how she acted because, well, it IS understandable. She wasn’t very willing to help feyre & co in ACOMAF because she was trying to protect herself and Elain. She was a bitch in ACOWAR and ACOFAS because she was probably having some major PTSD from everything that went down and was lashing out. I can understand that, I can even LIKE that about her.

Which is why I realized that my intense dislike for Nesta goes back to before all the action even started. It all actually happened in the very first chapters of ACOTAR. Nesta was… well she was an ungrateful, irresponsible, intolerable raging bitch. AND FOR NO SECRET DEEP HIDDEN REASON. Nesta (and Elain, yes, I hate her too) let her baby sister go into the woods, risk her life daily, to keep the whole family from starving, and didn’t even have the decency to treat her like an actually human being even after all she did. Defend Nesta and hate on Feyre all you want, but feyre did nothing to deserve years of mistreatment, isolation, and cruel jabs from her “sister”. And you can’t justify it as a result of her mother’s death and the loss of their fortune because, a) that’s a bullshit reason, and b) she still coddled Elain so clearly she was still able to show love, just apparently not to Feyre.

So Nesta’s actions in the rest of the series might be understandable and redeemable, but the fact that they only add up to years of abuse that feyre had to endure for NO REASON is the reason why it will probably take one hell of a redemption arc for me to be able to stomach Nesta. She might not need to redeem herself for her actions during or after the war, but if she had an inkling of decency in her she would’ve used the war as a chance to support her sister and mend their relationship, not just do the bare minimum to save everyone. She owns the IC nothing, because, yes, she did do the right thing by risking her life and saving the world, but she does own Feyre one hell of an apology, but she’s too proud to even say one nice thing to her.

So, there you have it. My essay on why I hate Nesta’s guts and nothing but a hell of a lot of her groveling to Feyre (which is probably never happening considering she’s, well, Nesta) will ever fix that, much less make me even consider shipping her with my favorite bat boy Cassian.

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ACOMAF (2016)

Rhysand: I don’t have feelings for Feyre.

Cassian: Mhm sure.

ACOFAS (2018)

Azriel: I don’t have feelings for Elain.

Rhysand: Are you sure about that?

ACOSF (2021)

Cassian: I don’t have feelings for Nest-


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The inner circle is toxic, they have no boundaries at all.

  • Rhysand offers up his brother to his own mate
  • Rhysand once wanted to sleep with Amren
  • Cassian made a comment about sleeping with Amren
  • Azriel is a spy but misses cues about Mors sexuality, he continues to love her even after 500 years.
  • Mor is the best friend but has willingly continued a love triangle between two brothers
  • Cassian continues to be the buffer even as it must hurt his brother and bestfriend
  • They act like a exclusive misunderstood group that honestly makes me laugh 😹
  • Cassian flirting with Mor is just 🤨 and then her flirting back or not doing anything about it is just ☹️

I understand that Miss Maas wants to make this cool group with some steamy romance. But like I thought they were friends, this is not how friends act. And I can’t imagine for the inner circle to continue being friends after acosf, if they do then it just doesn’t add up. Especially not with Nessian.

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She could have even framed it as doing a favor for Tamlin- kill his arch-enemy.

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And to give her a hint that he has only done it all to protect his people.

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Good god my friend just started reading Acotar and she loves tamlin and thinks he’s so hot, everytime she texts me I get sick in my mouth and instantly have to go and find some feysand fanart to console me, send help

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I love that when the acotar fandom reads about Rhysand being the High Lord of the Night Court, they think of Velaris. Just that minor detail shows how neglectful he is off his other territories. 

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Feyre: What do you want?

Rhysand, smirking: You, darling.

McDonald’s employee over the drive-thru speaker: Sir this is a McDonald’s.

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The High Lady and High Lord of the Night Court live in an riverfront house that’s more like an estate, so…


While the majority of Illyria live like this…


And a real life war camp looks like this 

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I refuse to believe that Maas sat down and wrote about Feyre destroying the spring court and then was like wow she’s completely justifying in doing so. Because girl… I understand Feyre’s animosity toward Tamlin and the toxicity she endured but obliterating an entire court and its civilians was not the wave. And as a newly established high lady she should’ve been aware of that. Of the fact that thousands of Fae civilians were left unguarded and unsafe just before a war began to brew. 

And then when she returned to the Night Court, Rhysand consoled her as if she was guiltless. Like I thought that you two were mates, which is supposed to mean you two are equals. You love each other despite anything but you still hold each other accountable which allows them to grow. If anything, Rhysand should’ve known better because he’s been leading a court for about 500 years.

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I know there’s people in the fandom who hate Rhys (not about to discuss that, this is not a “I hate Rhys” blog k, I stan)

But I find it odd, that a lot of people who love Rhys and understand him and Feyre’s relationship especially in the second book…when Rhys would mess with Feyre just to get her to feel something…

And yet, some of those that love Feysand also hate Nessian? It’s cool if you don’t vibe with a ship, that happens. But Cass & Ness have a very similar relationship to Fey and Rhys, right now anyways. Cass tries to mess with Nesta so that she’ll be angry or exasperated so that she’s at least feeling something! Instead of just being void and focusing on everything that’s dragging her down.

I guess I just don’t understand that. Obvs every relationship isn’t the same, but there are similarities there. So I don’t understand the Cassian hate

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Okey so i just read that sarah said that acosf will be a retelling of the snow queen and the last(third) book is gonna be retelling of swanlake (so probably with vassa?) can some one confirm or deny this

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ok but, am i really the only person who thinks that Feyre is hell of a hypocrite??

I mean, your girl got locked up by her lover and had a panic attack so heavy she unleashed her powers and lost consciousness. Because yes she got fcking locked up in a manor, and no one was helping her neither listening to her. And then, the next book she does W H A T?


Your fav girl with a horrible experience with sequestration fcking sequestrated her sisters in this house while visiting them rarely, too preoccupied fucking her mate, and never asked them how they felt about it, like it was something normal.

Both Elain and Nesta were pushed into the cauldron, locked up in here without being able to break free before IT decided to release them. How did not occur anyone that they might not feel confortable being locked up in a house without any way out of it, thousand miles up from the ground.

Feyre never asked them how they felt about it, never, which is extremely hypocritical coming from her. And don’t come at me saying « they should be grateful rhysand is letting them stay in his house », CUS HE ALSO FCKING LOCKED THEM UP KNOWING FEYRE WENT TRHOUGH THE SAME SHIT.

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