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madschofield · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
🦇 The Heir of Night 🌌 I have this head cannon that Feysand give the court of nightmares to Nyx and he starts shaking things up from the inside 😈
Characters by: Sarah J. Maas | Book series: A Court of Thorns and Roses
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hellogoodbye14 · 2 days ago
Wow okay so some folks on tumblr definitely don’t know how to use their tags and I’m kind of sick of seeing Rhys and Feyre slander going around.
Most of you already know that I adore the ACOTAR universe and the characters within it, I love the complexity behind each character. I love Nesta’s complexity too but her character is perhaps not in my top list. But do I go out of my way to throw hate? Nope. If i do,
So now that you’ve unleashed me, I will be debunking all your claims about Nesta being amazing and your slander against the iconic Rhys and Feyre. Be warned. 🙃🙃🙃
1. Nesta’s journey makes no sense whatsoever. This woman gave no explanation as to WHY she treated one of her sisters like utter fucking crap. If anything, her journey demonstrates that she kept competing with a sister who was starving and who was neglected. SJM offered no real reason or background as to why Nesta made the decisions she did and Im fucking sorry but this is not your typical sibling rivalry . This was pure god damn jealousy and disdain for a sibling that did them no harm. Don’t sugarcoat something SO TOXIC.
2. LMFAO on y’all hating Feyre taking control and taking Nesta away from a toxic environment. I have a brother who faced addiction and let me tell you I had to make some VERY difficult choices, one of which was forcing him out of situation he was in. Did he hate me at the time? Sure. Is he now healthy, happy and successful? Absolutely. Does he now tell me every now and then that he’s glad I did what I did? You know it. I did what I had to do for my brothers fucking wellbeing. FEYRE DID THE SAME GOD DAMN THING. If there is one thing SJM got right in ACOSF, it was definitely this.
Comparing her to TAMLIN? Hahahahahahahahahhaahah what.a.joke. Tamlin literally emotionally/physically abused Feyre and trapped her. What did Feyre do? Get Nesta out of an enabling environment, made sure she was in a safe space and still had her own choices (apart from her addictive choices for her health), Feyre tried showing her a healthier lifestyle to make sure Nesta wouldn’t spiral and kill herself with the trauma she had. Feyre fucking saved Nesta. AGAIN AND AGAIN. And you have the AUDACITY to hate on this queen. Y’all’s favourite wouldn’t even be alive and thriving if it wasn’t for Feyre. YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY to compare Feyre to Tamlin? Hahahah theres no similarity at all but you know who is similar to Tamlin in some aspects? Nesta. Just like Tamlin, Nesta repeatedly emotionally abused her little sister…. And yet again we had no reason for her behaviour.
2. The Rhys slander? Lmfao. Okay so you’re telling me that if you saw your significant others sibling constantly abuse and belittle them, you wouldn’t hate them? Especially when your significant other has done LITERALLY NOTHING TO THEM. His hate is justified but even with his despise, this ICONIC MAN still made sure Nesta had everything, had every resource. This man handed out an olive branch everytime and Nesta burned it to crisp for no reason. This man did all that because he loves his significant other and cares for her family as his own and you have the sheer audacity to hate on him as well. What a joke.
3. Lastly, I have had it with people invalidating Rhys’s fucking trauma. You can acknowledge Nesta’s but you can’t do the same for Rhys huh? Ive seen posts COMPARE traumas which is sickening and I wouldn’t do that but what I will do is highlight for some folks what Rhys went through and what they MUST FUCKING ACKNOWLEDGE. This man faced the problem of harnessing a power no one has ever seen and control it, this man trusted the wrong man and then saw his baby sister and his mother die in agony, this man was sexually abused FOR YEARS, this man was away from his loved ones for years, this man had to see his mate die then see her come back to life and die slowly again at the hands of the same man who killed his family, this man died to save EVERYONE, this man had to see his wife and child almost die and you STILL INVALIDATE HIS GOD DAMN TRAUMA LIKE ITS NO BIG DEAL.
I have honestly tried my best to keep my blog wholesome but I needed to get this out because holy hell its been enough!
Peace out and oh yeah…. FEYSAND SUPERIORITY
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gopeachllama · 23 hours ago
what love looks like in ACOTAR
Rhys picking up that dagger to kill amarantha, even though he knew he had no power against her. Feyre on starfall, wearing the dress Rhys' dead mother made for her even though they lived lifetimes apart. Rhys' "I look at you and I feel like I'm dying". Feyre sacrificing herself by going back to her abuser to protect Rhys and their family.
Nesta draping herself over Cassian's broken body, ready to die with him. Cassian always watching over Nesta when she was at her lowest, always trying, always caring, always reaching out his hand. Nesta knowing from the moment she first laid eyes on him. Cassian taking a dagger to his own heart becuase he'd rather die than be the one to harm Nesta.
And that's all amazing. Really, top tier romance. Chef's fucking kisses. But now I want that for Elain and Azriel. They are the final piece of the puzzle. 3 brothers 3 sisters. I want all of that. The rising tensions, the uncontrollable desires, the quiet understandings, the heartbreak, the sacrifice and the sweeping declarations.
elriel are practically halfway there, so it just make sense. They make sense. And it's going to be EVERYTHING
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s-tormwitch · a day ago
feyre literally never said she wouldn't be a wife or a mother. like, literally never. she didn't want to be locked up with tamlin, without being able to choose. wtf did u guys read? like? seriously
also, rhys never locked her up. he asked her if she would be okay with a shield and feyre consented. there’s nothing there feyre didn’t want to. also, nothing in the world justifies abuse. feyre never did anything so wrong for her to deserve to be mistreated. wtf you guys 
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mmvalentine · a day ago
Pomegranate pt 4 | Feysand
Hades/ Persephone inspired AU. We gettin spicy now. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Hybern have slipped into the mortal lands, and will any day now be at the wall.
The wall has always been the weak point of Pythian, and the Spring Court holds the south most border. After gathering as much information as he can, Rhys sends word to Tamlin.
The first attempt is a letter, which goes unanswered. Rhys waits for hours, until he cannot wait anymore. The second attempt is to send Mor, but by afternoon she returns. She was not granted an audience with the High Lord.
“Gods fucking damn it,” Rhys roars when she tells him. She doesn’t flinch, just looks worried. “Tamlin you stupid fucking prick,” Rhys mutters. He has started pacing. It is one thing for Hybern to attack another court. It is one thing for Hybern to breach Prythian. It is one thing for war to be on their doorstep.
It is another to endanger Feyre.
“I’ll go myself,” Rhys growls.
“Careful,” Mor says. “If you go in there all hot-headed, you’ll only give him a reason to start a fight.”
Rhys gnashes his teeth in frustration, but eventually nods his acknowledgement. Mor bites her lip, bows her head, then leaves him. Rhys takes a deep breath in through his nose, rolls his shoulders, and then winnows onto the steps of Tamlin’s manor.
It’s been a very long time since he has been on this doorstep.
Once, years ago, his father brought him, wanting him to have experience of a High Lords’ meeting. Rhys had known Tamlin had a daughter, but on that day she was nowhere to be seen. Rhys wonders idly how much of her life Feyre has spent locked in her room.
He strolls through the great doors, not bothering to wait for Tamlin to deny him entry. As he walks, he shoves his hands into his pockets, and listens to the chatter of the minds of the house residents. He does not look for Feyre’s. Doesn’t want the distraction.
Rhys finds Tamlin in the study, and leans against the doorframe.
“Afternoon,” he says in greeting. Tamlin’s face twists at the sight of him.
“Didn’t I tell you I’d grind your bones if you ever came back here?” he says. Rhys just looks at his nails.
“You did,” he said, “but I’m in an altruistic mood, for some reason.”
“What are you jabbering about, boy?” Tamlin snarls. Rhys pushes off the door frame and looks him in the eye.
“Hybern,” he says. Tamlin snorts.
“Not this again.”
“Tamlin. My spies are never wrong. Hybern is moving against Prythian as we speak, and you need to be ready.”
“I don’t take orders from whelps,” Tamlin growls.
“Fine,” Rhys says cooly. “Do what you want. I only thought you’d be interested in the preservation of your own lands, or your people, or your daughter for that matter. I shouldn’t be so presumptuous.” Tamlin growls again, but Rhys looks bored.
“You dare speak of her,” he begins.
“Calm down old man,” Rhys says. “I just wanted to come here in person, so that I could be assured that when Hybern attacks and the Spring Court falls, you knew it was happening and you let it.”
“What do you care?” Tamlin spits. “You only rule a savage court, you’ve never spared a thought for another in all your life.”
“Yes,” Rhys says simply. “And if we’re worried, so probably should you be.”
“Leave. Now.” Tamlin pounds the desk as he speaks. Rhys just shrugs.
“As you wish.” He sketches a bow from the waist, and exits the room.
But he doesn’t walk out of the manor.
Rhys folds himself into the shadows, and climbs the grand staircase without anyone noticing him. Feyre’s bedroom door is locked, of course, but he he shimmers through the wood without much effort.
“I know I should have knocked,” he says, “but I’m not looking I swear.”
“Can I come in?”
Feyre laughs, soft as eiderdown, and pulls his hands from his eyes.
“Yes,” she says. “Thank you for asking.”
“I would have asked from outside,” Rhys tells her, drawing her into his arms, “but that would have ruined the whole sneaking around thing I’ve got going here.”
Feyre stands up on her toes to kiss him. Rhys sighs over her lips, and the taste of her soothes his soul.
“Are you okay?” she asks. Rhys chuckles.
“I’m not the one being kept prisoner in my own bedroom.”
“You look tired.”
“I haven’t slept the last couple of days.”
Feyre touches his cheek and he leans into her palm. “Well come lie down then,” she says, and turns toward the bed by Rhys stops her.
“Feyre,” he says. “I have to tell you something. It’s important.”
Feyre’s eyes darken with concern, but she tugs him forward and he gets on the bed with her. They lie on their sides facing each other, and Feyre touches his chin.
“What is it?” she asks. Rhys folds her fingers into his.
“For a long time now, Hybern has been looking to expand its territory,” he tells her. “I have reason to believe- I am sure, they are now gathering in the mortal lands, and plan to attack Prythian from the south.”
“The south… is us,” Feyre says, eyes widening in understanding.
“Yes,” Rhys says. “I have tried to tell Tamlin but he won’t listen. I’m starting to think that if I told him the sky was blue he’d disagree, just because it was me saying it.”
“That’s probably true,” Feyre admitted. “So… what do we do?” Rhys lifted their entwined hands and kissed her fingers.
“I want you to know that I won’t let anything happen to you. The Night Court is ready and willing to send aid. Tamlin won’t hear me. Could you try to convince him to let us help?”
Feyre exhaled heavily. “Well, he doesn’t listen to me either. But of course, I’ll talk to him.”
Rhys kisses her knuckles again, on both hands. “Thank you,” he says.
“Rhys? What if doesn’t agree to it? What if he doesn’t listen?”
Rhys slides a hand under her hair, and his thumb strokes her jaw. “We’ll come anyway,” he says. “And I am finally going to get you out of here. Okay?”
“Okay,” Feyre says, and her voice is small with worry. Rhys kisses her until the tension slides from her shoulders.
“Rhys?” she says.
“Yeah honey?”
“I love you too.”
Rhys quirks a smile, and kisses both her cheeks and then her nose.
“I love you too, too.” He kisses her mouth then, and she wriggles closer to him. Rhys slides an arm under her and rubs his fingertips against the is of her skull.
It is so easy to forget wars and jailers when Feyre is touching him.
Feyre’s bare feet press into his ankles, and Rhys slides a hand down the outside of her thigh. The silk is cool beneath his fingers, and there’s a split in the fabric just above her knee. He catches her calf and hitches it over his hip as he keeps kissing her, and she squeezes him closer with her leg while his hand strokes her ankle.
“Are there flowers in the Night Court?” Feyre murmurs between kisses. Rhys smiles against her lips.
“Yes,” he says. “And the most wonderful fruits.”
Feyre’s hands are sliding up his chest now, fumbling with the fastenings in his shirt. She nips his bottom lip, and he licks the back of her teeth.
“Don’t they need sunlight to grow?”
Rhys laughs. “Feyre darling, we have just as much sunlight as you do.” His hand on her ankle has slid back up her calf, and is now curving around the underside of her thigh above her knee. The cream coloured dress is pushed further up her legs.
“But it’s always Spring here,” she says. She’s found the hem of his shirt and her hands have slipped beneath it. They are warm on his stomach.
“Well it’s not always night in the Night Court,” he assures her, and moves his lips to her throat. Feyre tips her head back to give him better access.
“Why?” she gasps.
“Because,” Rhys murmurs, trailing kisses down her neck, “things need to grow. And we need the warmth.” His hand on her leg is moving again, and cups her backside now. “And because no amount of power in the world stops the sun from rising.”
He kisses her mouth before she can ask any follow up questions, and the taste of her moan is so sweet it makes his head spin.
Rhys presses Feyre onto her back, and his hand on her ass slides around to her hip. His other arm is still behind her, and he massages his fingers in the back of her head. Feyre tugs at his hair, and he pushes her skirts further up so he can stroke her from knee to hip. Feyre shivers under his touch as his thumb skirts her inner thigh.
“Touch me,” she whispers, and Rhys’s hand tightens on her thigh before it dips between her legs.
Feyre’s hands fall from his neck and grab a hold of the sheets. Rhys watches her eyes flutter closed as he moves his fingers again, lightly over the cotton of her underwear. He slips beneath the waistband, and Feyre’s back arches up off the bed. He bites down on his own moan- Feyre is so wet on his fingers.
“Gods Feyre,” he breathes. He slides his hand down over her pussy before circling lightly against her clit. Feyre bites down on her lip and makes sure to stay quiet. Rhys thinks he’s never been so turned on as he is as he watches her writhe on his hand. He’s circling faster now, and sucks against her nipple through her dress. Never taking his eyes off her face.
“Don’t let anyone hear,” he reminds her softly, just as he pushes his index finger deep inside her. Feyre grabs the front of his shirt and kisses him hard, as she begins to fuck herself on his hand. Rhys grinds the heel of his palm against her clit as she does, and his other hand makes a fist in her hair.
“You are so fucking gorgeous,” he tells her. “I just wanna make you feel good.” He adds a second finger, and can’t help but imagine what she’d feel like if she was rocking on his cock like she was on his hand. Feyre’s nails scrabble at his chest, and her eyes meet his only momentarily before rolling back in her head.
“Do you feel good Feyre?” he asks her. She nods, mouthing words but not making any sound. “Can you come like this?” he whispers. Her hands tighten in his shirt and she’s struggling to draw breath. “That’s it,” he says. “Don’t make a sound, just come on my fingers.”
And she does. Her lips move silently, and her hips bow up off the bed. It takes Rhys a minute to realise she’s mouthing his name.
Feyre tightens around his hand as she climaxes, and when she finally comes down, she looks so peaceful. Rhys gives himself another moment to watch her, and then kisses her softly.
“I’ll be back tomorrow,” he whispers. Feyre’s eyes open into his, and waves crash in her gaze. He put his fingers in his mouth, kisses her again, and then disappears like smoke.
TAGLIST: @ghostlyrose2 @highladysith @stardelia @feysand-loml @tillyrubes10 @ratabrasileira @live-the-fangirl-life @maybekindasortaace @annejulianneh111 @thebonecarver @rowaelinismyotp @loosingdreams @whythefuckdoiexist @inejsarrow @swankii-art-teacher @sjmships @courtofjurdan @teddytdr @positivewitch @thalia-2-rose @darling-archeron @rapunzel1523 @fairchildjace @philosophorumaurum02 @story-scribbler @allthecolorsneverseen @asteria-of-mars @fandomstalker27 @realbookloverproblems @dealfea @s-tormwitch @cretaceous-therapod @whenyadoesntcutit @scatterbrainedgirl @tanvee1231
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kayla-2 · a day ago
Feysand pact is a terrible pact because of what it was rooted in. It’s not romantic, I didn’t swoon, I never quote it when I’m thinking of my favorite feysand moments, most dont, it’s not a cute trope and it’s not suppose to be. It was a pact made out of tramua and desperation and would later have deadly consequences.
At that point in acowar, when the pact was made (it’s ridiculous to bring up children as they were not planning or pregnant at the time) feysand had barely known each other for a year and not only fell deeply in love but saw each other died. And neither died from natural causes, avoidable fights, or anything. It’s always one of them saving the world. It was always doing what’s right
Both characters explain clearly the agony they felt and we literally saw feyre loose her mind. Rhysand describes always having something he loves taken from him. Like, use context when understanding characters decisions.
We explicitly read how impossible it is for fae to live without their mates. This is when stans have to start applying the fantasy element of a fantasy book. Mating is a strong and powerful bond. That even if broken, fae can still be in agony for the rest of their lives. Humanly, yes it’s dumb, but these are fae, with lives connected to the others forever. Literally. We’re not feeling that here in the real world
Feysand not wanted to feel or go through that trauma again is very normal and not something that should be criticized.
But, them leaving the night court, who are their only responsibility at the time, can be criticized. Because they let their emotions and trauma overtake their leadership roles. Personally, I wouldn’t give a fuck about responsibility and leadership if someone close to me, like my mother died over and over. If I had a chance to leave with her, I would. But to each their own.
But imagine Rhys trying to lead the nc with feyre gone? What type of leader could he be? He was about to unleash his powers when she was dying in acosf.
Rhysand and Feyre are well aware of their inability to live without each other and acted accordingly.
It’s also hurts because feyre did die again, expect Rhysand saw his baby and wife die. Do people NOT think this stuff is traumatic? It’s horrible, SJM can’t come up with another plot point than death, so we have to let characters action be influenced accordingly.
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ratabrasileira · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
“He locked you up because he knew—the bastard knew what a treasure you are. That you are worth more than land or gold or jewels. He knew, and wanted to keep you all to himself.”
Instagram Twitter Speed Painting
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imsointobooks · 2 days ago
You know people want Elriel to happen, the GD forbidden love trope, and they are defending it according to how feeling protective and lusting after the girl and possessiveness is hot and shows romantic feelings for the girl because those feature are a staple in romance books.
But SJMaas is a fantasy and romance writer. Her style is wholly different from the typical possessive dominant male stand alone books. She goes for deeper attraction then just sex. And the reason why readers like to read a particular authors books are because it mimics what style they like to read.
SJMaas' writing style is definitely not the forbidden trope type. It falls into warmer and passionate tropes like found family, friends to lovers, enemies to lovers. She writes bantery couples, couples who support and encourage each other's antics, call out their bullshit, and above all are great friends and empower each other to be better.
I think one of the biggest points for me that Elriel won't happen is that it doesn't match the author's writing style. Its too bland for that. And too passive.
Gwynriel, feysand, nessian, rowaelin, elorcan, elucien they all come out of their shells around each ither and in sjmaas universe that's endgame 😍😍
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rhysands-hoe · 2 days ago
Feyre archeron
Tumblr media
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meher-sumedha · a day ago
Mini Feysand and Nyx Parenting Headcanon
Cassian : You know I was NOT the one to hide your damn dagger
Cassian : Well I- AT LEAST I HAVE SEX
Mor : Oooooo, That one must've hurt
Amren : Say my name with that mouth of yours ONE more time and you're dead.
Azriel : Yes ma'am.
Meanwhile the Valkyries
Gwyn : You ate the LAST PIECE OF CAKE!
Everyone : *quiets down and looks at Gwyn cause when she curses, you know shit's about to go down.
Nesta : *oooo her ego got hurt but she ain't backing down* I'M NOBODY'S BITCH YOU BITCH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
A literal cat fight.
Meanwhile :
Cassian : Damn
Mor : Damn
Azriel : Shouldn't we stop them or something-
Cassian : YOU NEVER stop a cat fight. And it's Nesta and Gwyn, they're literally sisters-
Nesta : *takes out ataraxia out of nowhere*
Gwyn : *takes out truth teller out of nowhere
Azriel : Oh please, you know I have millions of daggers And YOU USED ONE OF THEM DURING SEX WITH NESTA.
Suddenly feysand enter the room :
Feyre : *goes to Nesta and pulls her away* WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!!!!!!
Nyx walks in with a phone in his hand : *doesn't even care anymore cause it's so common* and everyone quiets down.
Nyx : Oh go on, don't stop on my account.
Everyone : *shrugs*, *ok* STARTS SHOUTING AGAIN
Nyx : *sighs*, *messages to Tamlin's daughter* "I'll pay you a million bucks to marry me and make me the high lord of the spring court. Just get me out of here"
Tamlin's daughter's text : Tempting but no, I like it when you get tortured.
Nyx : Oh you like it-
(Lol i've been reading too much wattpad)
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hellogoodbye14 · 14 hours ago
You know what makes me really happy?
Like I know Rhys absolutely loves the casual affection Feyre shows him (like how she casually perches on him, or lets an arm rest on him, or plays with his hair) but what makes me even more happy is knowing that every time the inner circle see’s it, they adore it too because they get to see Rhys get all the love he deserves.
(P.s We all know the biggest feysand shipper of the inner circle is Cassian. Tis a fact.)
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daevastanner · a day ago
ACOTAR - Feyre dies
ACOMAF - True Love 💕
ACOWAR - Rhys died
ACOFAS - Baby time 👶
ACOSF - Feyre & Nyx die
… Is this a pattern? Can we expect no deaths in the next book then?
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moonbeampies · 2 days ago
random quotes i have written in a note on the notes app of my phone that i think represent all of our favorites. this is probs crack af, i make no apologies and i will not accept any criticism at this time. hope you guys all enjoy! LET’S GO!
nesta, because she’s a badass queen bitch: “i am not questioning your honor, i am simply denying its existence.”
cassian: “and honey there are just some people you don’t trust because they will use it to stab you in the ribs!”
rhys: “stars. can’t do it. not today.”
feyre: “let me guess, he wrestled you into submission with his eyebrows.”
azriel, with just that oh-my-gods-i-hate-these-people-don’t-look-at-me, kind of face we know he gets when he’s done with peoples shit: “i’ve seen stocks of corn with better physiques.”
gwyn, because she’s our ray of sunshine, i don’t care what the antis say: “and that concludes my wonderful story!” 😄
elain: “no it’s my damn garden and i’m sick of you kids dressing up and having talks of betrayal in it!”
lucien: “a 3 is a perfectly average grade!”
mor: “oh my god, your inbox is literally filled with penises!”
emerie: “i know what I know. you know, if you don’t know, then you don’t fucking know, do you?”
amren: “the ENEMY…has opted for oblivion.” *varian sweating profusely and nervously in the background*
*bonus because i am one of the ones who loves eris and wants his full fucking redemption arc because there has GOT to be more to him than some basic villain we’re supposed to hate. we were supposed to be wary of rhys too, remember? look how that turned out! anyway, let’s gooooo!
eris, when he loses his shit i’m sure: “YOU WRETCHED, MYTHOLOGICAL MORON!”
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kayla-2 · 2 days ago
Anyway. We stan Feyre Archeron, who continues to carry her family on her back, who would’ve been dead without her. And the inner circle for knowing this and protecting her
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I honestly don't understand why anyone gives their time to being an anti. Why focus on something negative that you obviously don't enjoy?
To also tag your anti posts in such a way that a person who does enjoy that character sees your post? Do you think you're going to change their mind or do you just want them to feel shitty for liking that character?
Why not just give your time to the characters that you do enjoy?
Key word here being 'character'. You know. Because they aren't real? No matter how much we wish they were. So.. I guess what I'm trying to say is get the fuck over it or keep it to your-fucking-selves.
Tumblr media
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