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#feyre x rhysand
viaaryax5 months ago
a very good night to everyone who writes modern aus for magical fandoms. hope you sleep very well, the side of your pillow is always cold and your phone charger works at every angle 馃槍馃槍
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mercurianbisous2 months ago
The Inner Circle as parents... yeah don鈥檛 touch me
These are my personal headcanons + ships so if you don鈥檛 agree that鈥檚 fine 馃懇鈥嶐煉火煠
Rhys and Feyre
weirdly enough I think they鈥檇 stop at two kids???
for some reason I can鈥檛 imagine them having like a huuuuge family
maybe 3 kids max
their second child is definitely a girl
and rhys becomes even more insufferable with his overprotective mother hen behaviour because guys... rhys had a sister once and鈥- imma need to stop 馃ズ
nyx as an older brother though??? that鈥檚 just pure gold
I can totally see him teasing his sister and being a prankster like his uncle cassian but deep down he鈥檚 feysand鈥檚 son... so he鈥檚 territorial af
if someone even looks at his sister the wrong way, they鈥檇 better run
imagine having the most powerful high lord and his son as your bodyguards... yeah, nobody stands a chance
feyre is just like 鈥渨hatever, she鈥檇 rip their heads off before you two even get to say hello鈥
rhys and feyre are so proud of their little family
their daughter can definitely kick her brother鈥檚 ass by 20
and nyx wouldn鈥檛 have it any other way
Cassian + Nesta
cassian has girl dad energy
and I won鈥檛 accept any criticism on that
so their first born is obviously a girl and cassian is... well, he鈥檚 a goddamn mess
he鈥檚 never held anyone so tiny in his arms ever
鈥渓ove, she鈥檚 not that tiny. you鈥檙e just... huge鈥
cassian falls in love with their daughter the second he learns nesta is pregnant
he rests his hand on her swollen stomach at every chance he gets
and when the baby starts kicking he loses it, so mesmerised by it
and if you think rhys鈥檚 overprotectiveness is over the line... well
cassian is so, so much worse
nesta wants to kill him everyday for it but deep down it turns her on ngl
pregnant sex. a lot of it.
I can totally picture them having three kids in total... all girls
cassian jokes that he has an army of valkyries at home
but just imagine how powerful their daughters would be. their dad is the most skilled general in history and their mom is death herself.
no one messes with them, that鈥檚 for sure
his girls couldn鈥檛 be more deadly yet all of them are pure rays of sunshine for him
Azriel + Gwyn
az is the last one of the three brothers to become a dad, but he doesn鈥檛 mind
babysitting his nieces and nephews is tiring enough
so when gwyn breaks the news to him... he cries
azriel bawls his eyes out for days
he couldn鈥檛 be happier
but, as expected, he becomes an insufferable overprotective prick just like his brothers
gwyn goes to nesta and feyre 鈥渉ow did you manage to not kill your mates during pregnancy? cause it鈥檚 been two days since I told him and I鈥檓 already plotting鈥
all jokes aside, it makes her heart tingle that someone cares that much for her
az talks to the baby a lot while they鈥檙e in the womb
a lot of belly kisses too
he can鈥檛 physically wait to be a dad
in the end they have three boys, and just when they thought that was all... gwyn gets pregnant again
and it鈥檚 a girl
az cries harder than he鈥檚 ever done because he鈥檚 having a little girl... a little mini gwyn
his heart can鈥檛 take it
all her older brothers are super protective of their daughter, even though she鈥檚 a valkyrie herself and could take anyone down with a single kick
Elain + Lucien
I can see them taking the longest to become parents because of the whole 鈥淚 have to figure out the mating bond thing鈥 stuff
but they do eventually sort things out and Elain gives them a chance
and boy... she should鈥檝e done it sooner
lucien treats her like a true princess
and when she gets pregnant, she鈥檚 a bit shocked at first, but overall really happy
lucien is over the moon
they first have a little girl with fiery red hair and soft features like elain
she loves running around in the garden and having her dad chase after her
lucien would pick her up easily and blow raspberries on her little neck every time, making her scream with laughter
elain feels so full of love watching her mate and their daughter play together
lucien never knew he鈥檇 have this big of a soft spot for children, but he absolutely adores being a dad
give their children the love he never received
and they can鈥檛 stop
I feel like they鈥檇 have a lot of kids
like, definitely around 7
I just think both of them are totally thrilled to become parents and they just can鈥檛 help themselves
elain definitely teaches all of them how to cook and bake and lucien is big on the training side
I can imagine them living a very peaceful and fulfilling life in a house full of (kinda chaotic) children
Amren + Varian
I can totally picture them seeing all their family鈥檚 kids and being like... no thanks
I don鈥檛 think they鈥檇 want to become parents, at least not for a long time
they鈥檙e more than happy to be the cool(est) aunt and uncle and spoiling all their nieces and nephews
also teaching them everything their parents don鈥檛 want them to know
amren is definitely set to piss off cassian and nesta the most
but just because she loves them and 鈥測our girls need to know everything鈥 鈥渁mren I鈥檒l fucking end you鈥 鈥渢ry me bitch鈥
and they don鈥檛 even like children that much so... why bother
if they do end up having a family of their own though, I think it would be very down the line and they鈥檇 stop at one kid
nonetheless they鈥檙e so damn happy they don鈥檛 have to change diapers, clean vomit stains and chase flying Illyrian babies around
yeah... they made the right choice
Mor + Emerie
coolest aunts energy
although amren disagrees because she鈥檚 the coolest aunt, duh
they definitely want to adopt a baby together, but they鈥檙e waiting for the right time
in the meantime they鈥檙e more than happy to babysit their family鈥檚 little devils
but when the time comes, they adopt the littlest Illyrian boy they鈥檝e ever seen
he鈥檚 so small and cute and smart and ugh, they鈥檝e wanted their own little family for so long
they鈥檇 totally adopt more babies over the years
I think they鈥檇 stop at around baby 3 or 4, two boys and two girls
can you imagine how powerful those babies would be?? how deadly??
mor is so here for it
emerie is definitely the worrying 24/7 mom, but mor鈥檚 steady presence calms her nerves every time
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prettygirlonthenet2 months ago
its actually scientifically proven that romance peaked when this scene was written and literature has never been the same since
Tumblr media
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a-court-of-milkandhoney26 days ago
I will never get over that Rhysand's mother made all of Feyre's gowns.
Here is an Illyrian woman, suffering in an unhappy marriage to a cruel High Lord, doing everything she can to make her future daughter-in-law feel welcome in the only way she knows how.
His eyes were star-bright. "Long ago, when I was still a boy, she made them-- all your gowns. A trousseau for my future bride." His throat bobbed. "Every piece... Every piece I have ever given you to wear, she made them. For you."
It is customary for a bridal trousseau to be prepared by the bride. Yet Rhys' mother made one for her. No wonder Rhys loves to spit on tradition; his mother threw tradition right out the window to make sure his bride would feel loved one day.
She carved out a place for Feyre before she even existed.
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highladyofprythian7 months ago
feysand baby things i can鈥檛 stop thinking about
nyx in little purple onesies
his tiny wings getting stronger each day, flapping while being held but not yet flying
how tiny he is in cassian鈥檚 arms
playing with azriel鈥檚 shadows, giggling when they twirl around his head
playing with cas and az鈥檚 siphons
his little baby fists gripping rhy鈥檚 talons in his hands as if to say 鈥榠 have those too!鈥
being obsessed with the planets in rhys鈥 study, so much so rhys makes one for his nursery
coming into his powers, sneezing out clouds of starlight
his magic changing based on his mood. when he鈥檚 happy it鈥檚 all constellations but when he鈥檚 fussy it鈥檚 rhys鈥 brand of darkness
rhys holding him in his study with feyre鈥檚 portrait looking over them when she鈥檚 away on court business
rhys freaking out when the baby accidentally falls over or coughs a little too loudly 鈥榝eyre get the healer!鈥 (feyre meanwhile tosses the baby around 鈥榓nd he鈥檚 fine鈥)
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incorrectacomafquotesa month ago
Feyre: You're lying. Rhys doesn't have a crush on me.
Mor: Yes he does.
Amren: Yes he does.
Azriel: Yes he does.
Cassian: Yes he does.
The Suriel: Yes he does.
Rhysand: Yes I do.
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mercurianbisous2 months ago
ACOTAR men as fathers, my personal headcanons
brace yourselves 馃ぇ
soft dad鈩笍
forces feyre to be the 鈥渂ad guy鈥 because he lets his kids get away with literally everything
he spoils them to death too
鈥渇eyre, darling, look at their faces... how can i say no?鈥
feyre is 101% done even if she secretly finds it cute (and hot)
mother hen mode activated 24/7
forces helion to put shields around his kids when they鈥檙e younger
he definitely reads them to sleep
and falls asleep on the floor next to them to make sure they鈥檙e safe
cassian is 100% a girl dad
there鈥檚 no other possible option and I won鈥檛 elaborate
he has big bear energy too
gives the best comforting hugs
and he loves his girls so much
he would make sure they鈥檙e properly trained since they鈥檙e young
when his girls start flying, he freaks out for a second before tears of pride and happiness start rolling down his cheeks
because his princesses can fly
he鈥檚 definitely not ok for a few days after that
overprotective? check
isn鈥檛 shy to talk to his daughters about anything, from periods to safe sex
will beat up anyone who even looks at his girls the wrong way
the sarcastic, sass-master dad
but when he turns serious, he鈥檚 scary as hell
can鈥檛 function without morning cuddles from his little ones
he鈥檚 surprisingly the clingy parent
gets pissed off when his kids miss a day of training
and makes them sweat the following day
鈥渦ncle cass is a better teacher!!鈥
鈥渙k that鈥檇 be 200 more pushups鈥
sings their babies to sleep
would 100% tuck them inside his wings protectively
his shadows are wrapped around his kids
very much like rhys, he lets his kids get away with anything
although he鈥檚 a bit more into discipline
proud dad mode activated 24/7
he鈥檚 definitely a soccer mom kind of dad
puts extra effort into making sure his kids are loved and never ever doubt that
because he didn鈥檛 have a great childhood himself and he doesn鈥檛 want his babies to go through the same
surprisingly good at giving advice too
all his nieces and nephews go to him when they have an issue
because he always knows what to say
if him and amren ever have kids, he鈥檇 be the softie dad
even more than rhys
he鈥檚 not that overly-protective
amren eats up that role completely
he bothers his kids with hugs and kisses when they鈥檙e around their friends
鈥渄ad!! stop!! that鈥檚 embarrassing!!鈥
*kisses them harder*
definitely cries at his babies鈥 accomplishments, no matter how big or small
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highladyofdawn6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
feyre archeron : a moodboard
I was not a pet, not a doll, not an animal. I was a survivor, and I was strong. I would not be weak, or helpless again I would not, could not be broken. Tamed.
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colorlesschristmastree6 months ago
鈥淲hen you spend so long trapped in darkness, you find that the darkness begins to stare back.鈥 Feyre Archeron - ACOMAF
Tumblr media
This Feyre art is so devastatingly heartbreaking. From the expression on her face, to the way she is holding herself, and even the outline of her ribs. This is the best artwork of Feyre UTM I have ever seen.
I think we as a fandom truly forget how terrible it was for her, how she was thin and dying and barely getting by.
Art credits: on instagram!!
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incorrectacomafquotes2 months ago
Feyre, looking at Rhysand鈥檚 black clothes: Who died?
Rhysand: I haven鈥檛 decided yet.
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