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“He’d wanted to bury her in Velaris. Somewhere full of light and warmth, full of kind people. Far away from these mountains.”

don’t ask me why this made me cry. cassian deserves the world. all of the bat boys do. literally cannot wait to read more about him and nesta

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I bet that one of the reasons why Elain doesn’t want to get to know Lucien, is because of his Family !

She doesn’t know that Beron isn’t luciens father and I think knowing that he isn’t the son of this bastard, bringing all the bad genetics with him, would change a lot. It would probably change her to a point that she would give lucien just a little chance

I think she’s mostly afraid of Lucien being exactly like his fam at the autumn court

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To all the talented artists out there:

Please draw the Whole Vanserra Family !! Like I need eris and his brother in one pic with beron and his wife and Lucien

I don’t know why but I want that

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“To the stars who listen— and the dreams that are answered.”

― Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Mist and Fury

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(Currently working on this. The .GIF is 45% Complete.)


High Lord of the Night Court.

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<div> —  <i>A Court of Wings and Ruin</i> </div><span>I was well aware how wildly I loved him, but looking at him then… I felt it in every pore of my body, felt it as if it might crush me, consume me.</span>
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Dusk and Shadows

A/N: In which Emerie yells at the IC and finally meets Azriel.

⚠️Warning: two curse words + brief depiction of a traumatic scene + a little bit of violence

***P.S. If you want to be on the tag list, pls let me know in the comments, reblogs, messages, etc. ***

Summary:  Emerie, shopkeeper and spy for the Illyrian rebellion, had a simple task when she befriended the High Lady’s sister, Nesta Archeron: get info on the High Lord. However, when things turn south after a disastrous encounter with the Inner Circle, Emerie may risk both the rebellion and her own safety when she is approached mysteriously by the Shadowsinger who has motives of his own.


Part 1 - Chapter 2

The High Lord’s house was ridiculous, firstly because it was his third house in Velaris. What a waste of land, Emerie thought as she looked up at the mansion, which had windows filtering light that was brighter than the sunset on the Sidra across the way. She felt like a moth looking at a candle’s flame, but at least moth’s enjoyed being in the proximity of a candle.

“Aren’t you coming in,” Cassian asked. He stood by the doorway, Nesta three steps below him and looking pointedly at something far away in front of her. She had been unusually silent throughout their tour of Velaris, but then again this was the very city she had been exiled from. No happy memories to be had here.

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Ardenweald but with Azshara as its Queen - or, alternatively, as leader of the Night Court.

It’s just the basic design for now and I hope that I will finish this instead of letting it rot in the graveyard of broken dreams. Main influences were Azshara’s Warbringer outfit, then the general Night Fae designs and then a little spider-y touch. The hair was the main thing I wanted to draw and then just kind of went from there.

(I also fully believe that after atoning for her sins after death, Azshara gets assigned to Ardenweald - to do what she had chosen not to do in life.)

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Dusk and Shadows

A/N: I was going to hold off on this until after ACOSF came out, but with the surge of Emeriel / Emerie content on my dash, I really wanted to start putting this out, at least the first part of it. I should have the first two or three chapters out this week, depending how long the writing and editing will take, and hopefully the entirety of the first part of this fic will be out before ACOSF and my mini-reading haitus. Thank you to everyone who supported this crackship + character / contributed to the crackship + character head cannon content! You have helped fuel so much of my will to start writing again after, what, four years? You’re lovely people, and thank you so much to those of you willing to read this!!

***P.S. If you want to be on the tag list, pls let me know in the comments, reblogs, messages, etc. ***

Summary: Emerie, shopkeeper and spy for the Illyrian rebellion, had a simple task when she befriended the High Lady’s sister, Nesta Archeron: get info on the High Lord. However, when things turn south after a disastrous encounter with the Inner Circle, Emerie may risk both the rebellion and her own safety when she is approached mysteriously by the Shadowsinger who has motives of his own.


Part 1 - Chapter 1

The darkness of the Illyrian forests were tamed only by the mountains that loomed above them. Snow-capped and dusk-lit, to Emerie they seemed like the Three Reapers of Old Illyria. One of blood, one of bone, one of soul, three in the doorway of your home: that was how the forgotten ballad went. The old tongue was not widely remembered except by those enduring cliff-dwelling tribes who had preserved it over the centuries in a desperate attempt to keep their stories alive. Emerie’s pronunciation was no doubt butchered and infantile, but the shape of the letters on her tongue kept her calm on her solitary walks to and from her weekly meetings with Kallon.

Emerie whistled softly, three notes going high-low-high, so that the men Kallon had stationed in the trees surrounding the mountains’ base, arrows at the ready, would know not to shoot. The only time camp members came to the mountains was during Rite season, when the newest crop of Illyrian soldiers would butcher each other in some nonsensical ritual that accomplished nothing except continuing the Night Court’s perversion of an Old Illyrian tradition. Still, that didn’t mean one odd trainee militant wouldn’t break away from the monotonous dreary of Windhaven and reveal the secrecy of their operation on some off chance they stumbled into caves below the Soul Reaper mountain.

The shadows grew thicker as she approached the mouth of the cave. The darkness was artificial, a trick borne from the innate magic of her people that was as forgotten as the customs and languages. The light of the wilderness faded as Emerie stepped into the shadows, letting them embrace her like a lover’s arms and whisper to her of a time of bloodless winters and summers that bloomed like carnations.

“Emerie.” Kallon’s voice, deep and rumbling, broke her away from the reverie as she registered the gleam of firelight.

“Hm?” Right. I have work to do.

“I asked you if you’ve gotten any news for us,” Kallon spoke. His expression was stern, his hazel eyes solid and focused. “The plan for transporting the group of twelve out of Illyria, are we still set to do that tomorrow night?”

“Yes,” Emerie said, taking out the transport documents from the pocket of her cloak and handing it to Kallon. “The next food shipments are coming tomorrow night. It’s the usual men. Once they unload, they can take the twelve onto the cart and out of Illyria. They’ll go to the nearest Night Court village and take the usual route across the borders and into Day.”

Kallon glanced over the documents. They were always the same, but one could never be too cautious. As much as the High Lord’s Circle wished to believe the Illyrian rebellion was nothing more than a few angry widows stirring up controversy, it had in fact been operating long enough that they had successfully smuggled entire families out of the oppression of Illyria for years. There was more– the secret preservation of magic and language by the tribes, the quiet sabotage of the traitorous camp lords, the attempts at preventing wing clipping, and, yes, angry controversial widows –but this was Emerie’s portion and she had run it smoothly enough the past decade since her father had sucked her into it. And she had been doing a decent enough job keeping it afloat on her own for the past two years since he had died.

“What about Archeron, have you gotten anything out of her,” Kallon asked suddenly.

Well, her only job had been helping the refugees across the border before she had met the High Lady’s sister, Nesta Archeron. High Lady, the title made Emerie want to scream. She gripped onto that thought to keep remembering that Nesta Archeron was not her friend. She was a way to get to the High Lord. That was exactly why Emerie had remembered Nesta’s birthday two weeks ago, and why she had asked Kallon to have a very specific book of poems transported across the Day Court border to gift Nesta with. That was exactly why she spent every morning for the past three months training with Nesta at an unholy hour of morning, and why she teased Nesta over afternoon tea about that overgrown Illyrian general who pretended not to moon over her. All that trust built up so that Emerie would one day find just what the rebellion needed to break the tie between Illyria and Night Court’s High Lord. Yes, it had everything to do with that, and not at all about how much Emerie’s loneliness lifted whenever Nesta was around and how much the woman seemed to her like a spark of life that set this dead gray land into glorious fire.

“Nothing of use yet,” Emerie said slowly. She carefully composed her face into blankness. “I’ll be going to Velaris five nights from now. Nes invited– Nesta invited me to dinner with her family.” Family was the more courteous version of what Emerie suspected Nesta had wanted to say in that moment.

Kallon’s eyebrows rose. “You’re going to the protected city. To the High Lord’s house.”


She could see Kallon’s head working to see what it could possibly mean that Emerie of all people had managed to get an in on the High Lord’s Circle. For so long, the rebellion had been about survival, and now it could be really, truly rebell. Emerie’s stomach twisted along with something deeper inside her, some strange magic that coiled restlessly. I’m going to be sick, she thought, but breathed steadily through the feeling.

“Look, I don’t know how much information I can get,” she said steadily, Kallon’s head snapping up at her voice. “We can’t get ahead of ourselves.”

He nodded his head, but his eyes were gleaming like she’d never seen before.

“You’re right,” he said. “Just get whatever you can. What Velaris is like. If you can sneak into one of their rooms and…”

His voice dropped off as Emerie shook her head. “Too risky right now.”

“Right,” he conceded. “Slow and steady. Anyway, given your… inclinations, magical and temperamental, perhaps it would be a miracle you don’t burn down his house.” When Emerie said nothing, he added with a half -smile, “If you manage not to destroy anything while you’re there, I’ll get you more poetry.”

“I don’t even like poetry,” Emerie mumbled as she walked out of the cave and into the shadows of the night, feeling more unwell than she wished.


END NOTE: Thank you for reading it you did!

Part 1 - Chapter 2

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12) What are your guesses for the main plot conflict in the book?

Okay so this is a doozy and kind of a long post but I’ll try my best.

The blurb says they’re dealing with the human queens who are looking for revenge. Their main goal in ACOMAF was to gain immortality through the Cauldron which was why they had that alliance with Hybern. They were not completely successful in that, and so that makes me think that their main motivation in this book is to not only destroy their enemies (the Night Court), but to also gain control of the Cauldron which Rhys and Feyre currently possess. However, they are currently very weak after loosing the war, so they would need to forge the alliance between someone else who views the Night Court as enemies. We’ve seen in ACOFAS that Beron wants to expand into the human lands, which the Night Court does not want, and we’ve gotten that spoiler that includes Eris. I don’t think Eris supports Beron, since he very much wants his dad dead so he could be High Lord (this is from ACOWAR). Beron likely forged a secret alliance with the human queens that would allow him to expand into the human lands, and later the continent, and the human queens would have an access point to the rest of Prythian via the Autumn Court.

Now here’s the issue: we’re in Illyria most of the time, so how exactly are we gonna connect that. Illyria, despite how the IC view it, is a big aspect of the Night Court’s power because that is where it’s armies and primary defenses are concentrated. (Let’s be honest, Velaris is really only just ornamental, there is almost no politics going on there because Feysand just don’t tell people about it + it’s been destroyed before and didn’t impact the larger power of the court as much.) If the Night Court wanted to fight against anyone or prevent territorial expansion, they would send their Illyrian army. But if they have no Illyrian army to do this, there’s no obstacle for the queens of Beron in gaining what they want.

Azriel is also going to be in ACOSF a lot, so I don’t doubt that the little rebellion that was in ACOSF is not going to be addressed to some extent here. Perhaps there are spies in Illyria working for Beron of the queens, since they also hate the Inner Circle. Maybe during some big moment when Illyria is momentarily weakened, Beron and the human decide to strike.

NOW. While of this is happening, there somehow needs to be set up for the next book. I fully believe the next book is going to Lucien, there’s just too many unaddressed threads with his character that I don’t think the plot can wait any longer for him not to have some kind of journey. If we go along with the idea that the humans queens and Beron are going to attack Illyria, based off geography (see: Prythian map), they would have to go through not only the Winter Court, but also the Day Court (which no one knows yet that Lucien is heir to except for Feyre and Rhys).

I feel like this set up is going to happen all the way towards the end. Eris, being in Autumn and hating his dad, will orchestrate the assassination of Beron with the help of the Night Court who already learned a great deal about the queens’ plot. The human queens’ armies have gone through the Winter Court and have attacked the Day Court. Day Court is saved with the help of Illyria and queens are defeated but Helion dies or gets severely injured. Eris, thinking he would be High Lord of the Autumn Court, is faced with the fact that Lucien has the potential to be the High Lord of Autumn and has sent out assassin for him. HOWEVER, because Lucien is also the heir to Day and Helion has died or is dying, this makes thing complicated. Lucien is on the run, Night Court doesn’t know what to do, Autumn and Day are in turmoil, and this is where the next book picks up.

As for how Nesta and Cassian fit into this, they are connected both to the Night Court and Illyria, both have connections with Azriel who is likely spying on this once he gets wind of it through some Illyrian defector, and Nesta has an attachment to her old homes in the human lands, so I feel like a lot of Nesta and Cassian’s journey will involve fighting for keeping the human lands and the Night Court safe. Once they accomplish this, the story will change to Lucien and his conflicts.


- human queens want Cauldron + revenge, Beron wants territorial expansion, both hate Night Court = alliance

- human queens and Beron want to attack Illyria to destroy the Night Court’s main source of power

- Illyrian defectors who support the queens because they hate the IC

- Eris works with Night Court to execute Beron

- Human queens destroy Winter Court but get defeated at Day Court BUT Helion is either dying or dead

- Day Court + Autumn Court succession issue that leads into next book that’s probably centered around Lucien

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imagine azriel wrapping his wings and shadows around you either when you’re scared or having an intimate moment so your focus is only on him and it feels like you’re the only two people in the world omg

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