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hellogoodbye14 · a day ago
Stay with me - Gwynriel (One shot)
Hehe sorry not sorry for the pain this might cause you.
Highly inspired by the phoenix pack series - Suzanne Wright
Tumblr media
Despite Koschei’s barrier spell, they had managed to defeat his seconds Tryianna’s army near the foothills of Autumn court.
The screech had everyone spinning to face a hysterical Tryianna. She fired an ash arrow, and something slammed into Azriel. It was like there was an explosion in the left side of his stomach.
The impact made him grunt and he put a hand to his stomach. Distantly aware that Mor had disarmed and gutted Triyanna. Azriel pulled away his hand. And frowned. There was no blood.
Beside him, Gwyn fell to her knees and he reached for her. “Gwyn?”
She blinked up at him, her expression one of utter shock. Then he saw the red blooming across her leathers. Panic raced through him.
He dropped to his knees and cupped her face. “Gwyn, it’s okay.”
She nodded. But she didn’t feel okay. She hurt. God, it was like she was burning from the inside out. Shock gave way to panic, and she clung to Azriels arms as if he could anchor her.
“This will hurt a bit babe.”
Azriel snapped the arrow and took it out.
“Lay her down, put pressure on the wound,” Cassian told him, all business.
Azriel gently eased her onto her back and pressed his hand over the fucking hole in her stomach. She winced.
“Shit, I’m sorry.”
He shoved strength down the bond he knew with all his heart was there.
He listened as Rhys and Feyre tried to break through the magical barrier and get to them.
“Feyre will fix you, she can heal.”
“You’ll be okay Gwyn”, said Emerie but her voice sounded worried.
She didn’t need to worry. His mate would be fine.
Azriel looked into eyes swirling with the pain, fear echoing through him. “It’s okay. You’re going to be fine. Say it.”
Gwyn swallowed. “I’m going to be fine.” She wasn’t certain she believed that. Her stomach burned and throbbed. She could feel warm blood on her skin and pooling beneath her.
She’d already lost some in her fight with one of Koschei’s men. As fingers linked with hers, she looked to see Nesta and Emerie kneeling close by.
“Don’t you die,” Nesta hissed, eyes wet and fierce.
“She’s not going to die,” snapped Azriel.
“That’s right,” agreed Emerie, voice breaking. “Gwyn’s strong.”
Azriel kissed her gently, brushing a thumb over her cheekbone. Her eyes fluttered closed. He tapped her cheek.
“No, Gwyneth . Look at me.”
She forced her eyes open. “I’m tired,” she whispered.
She was pretty sure the only thing keeping her conscious was the strength Azriel was feeding her. She clung to it. She didn’t want to die, didn’t want to leave him or miss the life they could have together.
But it was so hard to stay awake, no matter how hard she fought the urge to sleep. Everything seemed to be darkening. Like she was sinking.
“It’s okay,” said Azriel, his pulse beating frantically.
“The wound’s not that bad.”
Her mouth kicked up into a small smile. “Liar.”
He was a liar. No matter how much pressure he put, her blood kept seeping through his fingers.
“Gwyn.” The vibrant bond between them flickered slightly. And he knew what that meant.
“No,” he yelled out. “No, no, no, no.” She couldn’t die. He wouldn’t fucking allow it. He glared at Cassian. “Where the fuck are they?”
“Almost there” Mor choked out, eyes shiny. She wasn’t the only one crying.
Azriel dropped his forehead to Gwyns.
“Did you hear that? She’s coming.”
Gwyn gave the tiniest nod. And closed her eyes. “No. Eyes open. Look at me. Good girl.”
She coughed, and he saw blood in her mouth. His chest tightened. “No.” This was not fucking happening. It just wasn’t. “Feyre is coming. Just hold on a little longer.”
Gwyn forced a smile. They both knew Feyre could never make it in time. “Don’t die with me.”
Rage flared through him.
“Don’t you dare fucking give up! You stay with me.”
She coughed again, tasting more blood. “They need you.”
“And I fucking need you. If you want me to live, you have to stay alive. You fight.”
She tried to, she did, but she was so tired and . . . “Cold.”
Azriel forced more strength down the fading bond. It made no difference. Her heartbeat kept slowing, their connection kept weakening.
“It doesn’t hurt anymore,” she murmured.
“That’s good.” No, it wasn’t good. He knew it; she knew it.
“I love you, super shit timing, haven’t I?” She heard Nesta and Emerie sniffling, wanted to tell them to take care of Azriel. But she was sinking again.
Her eyes closed again. “Gwyn, look at me.” She didn’t. He shook her. “Open your eyes!”
Her heartbeat stuttered and the bond began to wink out. Azriel heard a roar in the distance and wasn’t sure if it was someone else or if it was his own.
Hands yanked at him. “Get the fuck off me!” They didn’t. They pulled at him, ignoring his efforts to fight them off, and dragged him away.
He couldn’t get back to her, couldn’t fight them; he’d pumped most of his strength into Gwyn and wasn’t able to—
“Easy, Azriel! Just give her some room! If you want your mate to live, give her some room!”
He stilled, only then noticing Feyre squatting beside his mate. Rhys and Cassian released him, and his knees nearly buckled.
Azriel went back to his mate and held her hand, trying to push what little strength he had left into her, whether it knocked him unconscious or not.
Feyre’s eyes stayed closed as she healed, the wound began to glow. He couldn’t tell what the fuck was happening. It was only when Gwyn’s heartbeat steadied that hope trickled through him. He tightened his grip on her hand as her pulse quickened and their bond strengthened.
Pale as a ghost Feyre sat back leaning against an even paler Rhysand. Both of whom had used almost ever drop of power they had to break the barrier and heal Gwyn.
Azriel scooped Gwyn and craddled her against him.
He was shaking. It actually hurt to breathe. His lungs burned. It didn’t matter that he could feel that she was alive; fear still had him in it’s clenched grip, and it wasn’t letting go anytime soon.
He kissed her forehead and tucked her face into the crook of his neck.
He gave Rhys and Feyre a nod of thanks, unable to speak while a knot of emotion was lodged in his throat. He owed them more than he could ever repay.
Gwyn’s eyes fluttered open, dazed and confused.
“Hey there red”, he said as he kissed her cheek.
She smiled at him and cupped his cheek with her blood stained hand.
“Never do that to me again.”
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kayla-2 · a day ago
Feyre use to have to hide her money so n.esta couldn’t get to it. She gave n.esta “every last copper” for years so she can buy things the family didn’t need. If after a year of n.esta not having to work and Feyre keeping her fed and buying anything she wanted, after watching her not having to provide years before that, if Feyre didn’t want to fund her addiction, she is very well in the right to. Please don’t tell me you think a.cosf was the first time she ran up the bill?
There’s always some underlying trauma or disfunction that Feyre has with n.esta. She’s just not being selfish or not wanting to give her anything just because…..(but i forgot only select characters can be influenced by their trauma) or n.esta would be dead
It’s feysand money and anyone can do whatever they want with their money. N.esta knows this since she use to turn down her nose at the poorer people in the village.
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loveamarij · a day ago
A huge part of me wants SJM to rewrite the entire ACOTAR series over again. Plan that motherfucker out from beginning to end just like ToG series. I would not be mad and I would honestly ignore this first edition.
She puts too much life into her series. It’s comical that she actually thought that this series was going to be a trilogy. From now on, it would be great if she writes long series. I would be with her the whole way.
No one asked for this and because I’m a bitter asshole, each couple would have a trilogy. I can kinda break down the big bad for each one 😌:
ACOTAR: Amarantha
ACOMAF: recovery from UTM, learning about your power. She should have learned them from the people who gave her fucking powers NOT FROM A TEXTBOOK, wtf (and SJM wonders why people accuse her of white privilege) 
ACOWAR: King of Hyburn. Nesta would be the one to release Amren from her body. That would bother Nesta a lot knowing that it was a hard decision. Rhys would not have a lot of power left but he would still be High Lord
novella ACOTAR 3.5: ACOFAS Feysand can still have their fucking baby but Nesta doesn’t have to give up her powers to do so. We don’t have to worry other kids in this series for awhile. I want to read this series for the adventure and romance NOT FOR FUCKING BABIES
ACOSF: recovery from ACOWAR, creating the Valkyries & leaving the NC. In this edition, Amren is dead from ACOWAR.
ACOTAR5: establishing her place in the world, Nesta becoming High Lady of the Dusk Court, training with the Bone Carver & Stryga, fighting her past demons. Visiting the Prison and the CoN and actually helping the people there unlike the IC.
ACOTAR6: Queen Bryallin
Novella ACOTAR 6.5: growing her court, revealing the remaining issues
Gwnyriel: (if I spelled this ship wrong forgive me)
ACOTAR7: not being afraid of the world (Gwyn), possibly losing his shadows (Azriel). Small bad: The Illyrians
ACOTAR8: understanding that love doesn’t just come from a mating bond (Azriel), having confidence to love again romantically (Gwyn) . Accepting their heritage
ACOTAR9: Beron
novella ACOTAR 9.5: accepting their heritage, revealing remaining issues
ACOTAR10: leaving the NC both of them. Accepting that she’s high fae now (Elain), healing past scars
ACOTAR11: training their powers, the remaining Mortal Queens, Elain being High Lady of the Spring Court
ACOTAR12: Koschei
Novella ACOTAR 12.5
~~~~~other novellas~~~~~
This is a whole beast, but the story arcs would be amazing. SJM had the audacity to say that she wants to write about other characters in the series but ACOSF was a bunch of Feysand propaganda bullshit. I have a fear the next books would be the same.
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huntress-f · 15 hours ago
Bat boys & the Archeron sisters
Tumblr media
Azriel Shadowsinger & Elain the Seer
High Lord Rhysand & High Lady Feyre
General Commander Cassian & Nesta, Death Goddess
art credits to the artists!
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meher-sumedha · a day ago
Nessian, Cassriel and Gwynriel in a nutshell -
Nesta : *showing Emerie her ring* It’s Beautiful isn’t it. Cassian gave it to me
Feyre : about to respond* *is cut off by cassian-*
Cassian : *scoffs* *shows off his hand* *with a bigger diamond ring on it* Have you SEEN this ring. Azriel gave it to me.
Nesta : *growling* *about to say something* *sees Azriel wink at her* *throws a show at him which he catches easily* YOU’RE A DICK! STOP TRYING TO STEAL MY MATE!
Cassian : *looking fondly at Azriel* Oh I think that ship has sailed hon-
Gwyn : *enters wearing a diamond dress. Literally. Her dress is covered by a million diamonds* Sooo, how do I look.
Everyone : *gaping at her*
Azriel : You look amazing my love. *offers her his hand, she takes it and he picks her up and flies away.
Meanwhile -
Cassian : *sobbing in the crook of Nesta’s Neck* HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MY LOVE! SHE STOLE HIM NESTA SHE STOLE HIM! full on ugly crying now*.
Nesta : *Gives up now* *pats cassian on the head like a dog* *actually feels bad now* There there. But you know what, you’ll always be his first love. And he’ll always have you in his heart, and that’s what matters.
Cassian : *looks up to her hopefully* Really?
Nesta : *smiles* *smirks* No.
Cassian : *starts to lean into Nesta’s shoulder again to cry*
Nesta : *backs away* *walks away with a middle finger in the air* PAYBACK BITCH
Cassian : *cries* *looks towards Emerie*
Cassian : *ugly laughs, cleans his nose with her shirt*
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dreaminginvelaris · 8 hours ago
sometimes i get so mad at feyre for caring so much for her sisters. like baby, these bitches abused you, they mooch off of you, they dont respect you, why do you still love and care for them?!!!
but then i remember that's what i love most about my queen, her capacity to forgive and move forwards with compassion and love. no one does it like her <3
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Men being brought to their knees literally and figuratively by the women in their lives is a top tier trope. It doesn't get any better then that
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rhysand-vs-fenrys · 8 months ago
I cannot decide if Azriel was just a shit chaperone, if he was shipping Nessian, if he did it on purpose so no one would ask him to babysit Nyx, if he did it as part of a convoluted plan to have Cassian so sex-tired he loses the Snowball War, or if it’s a combination of all four...
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nikethestatue · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Rhys and Feyre
Via: mftfernandez
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kayla-2 · a day ago
Sarah need to go back to these moments
Tumblr media
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awkwardhumpback · 8 months ago
The acotar fandom is at each other’s throats on who to ship azriel with after reading A Court of Silver Flames while im just here like:
Tumblr media
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cybelleslettres · 7 months ago
Nesta : I gave you an anatomy that will allow you to have Illyrian children later.
Feyre : Omg thank you !
Nesta : Yeah your welcome. I did it for me too.
Elain : That’s so cool ! And for me ? ☺️
Nesta, a hard Gwynriel shipper :
Tumblr media
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house-of-galathynius · 8 months ago
Things from the SJM online event
Sarah started the book years ago
When she was writing ACOTAR Sarah realised that there was more to Nesta than just the “bitchy older sister”
ACOWAR was meant to be the end of the series, but Sarah wanted to explore Nessian more and she wrote aorund 200 pages and couldn’t get it out of her head and drunkenly pitched it and they went for it 
Sarah didn’t want her to be the perfect loveable sister, she wanted her to have baggage to then explore how she can grow as a person and heal 
Each of her characters get a part of her, but she thinks Nesta got the biggest chunk out of all of them, she got a lot deeper into the head of Nesta compared to any other character
She loves writing about the IC as a group and as individuals and loves writing about their histories together 
There were lots more parts of the ACOTAR world she wanted to write, including different characters and different courts 
Even though she loves Rhys, she sort of loved writing Nesta’s hatred towards him, she liked showing his actions through someone else’s eyes who isn’t going to swoon over him 
She was going to have Rhys and Feyre perspectives throughout the book but because they were in 1st person not 3rd so it was confusing to read. But also her editor said it was a distraction from Nesta’s story
The friendship between Gwyn and Emerie is one of her favourite friendships she’s written in all of her books 
Their friendship was also just as important as the relationship she had with Cassian
Sarah’s best friend was lot of the inspiration for the friendship between Nesta, Gwyn and Emerie
She doesn’t think Nesta’s story is complete, and she could’ve written another 1000 pages on Nesta just doing stuff. She will also have a major role to play in the future 
She was with a physical trainer (pre-covid) and she asked him to give her some basics on how to use and train with swords and so she drew from a lot of that for the scenes where Nesta is training 
Ever since release day she’s been trying not to think of any of her family reading this book because of the “steamy parts” 
Before the book came out she would explain that ACOSF is in the vein of ACOMAF, in so much they’re both healing stories in their own way 
The House of Wind came from her middle school days where she wanted Cher’s house from Clueless and took inspiration, and that she wanted a house that could cater to her every need and that’s where she got the ideas for the House of Wind from 
She loved the idea of Nesta connecting with something that isn’t actually alive, but making that connection nonetheless and knowing she isn’t alone
She wants someone to make art of Nesta’s black dress because she loves it. She was partly inspired by the Black Swan for that dress. 
The whole scene of her wearing that dress was her coming into control of herself again
Tchaikovsky does inspire some of the book, various movie scores
Stay Together for the Kids by Blink 182 actually helped her get into the head of Nesta- that song gave her the inspiration of how Nesta felt about her dad and family 
Sarah has to write at home because she get’s so into her scenes and characters she needs the privacy. But now shes a mum, she kind of writes wherever she can
She thinks Clare from Outlander would get along with Feyre and Nesta to some extent, and wonders what it would be like if Clare and Jamie fell through into the ACOTAR world 😂
She’s currently in edits on the second Crescent City book, and rivals ACOSF for sex scenes and steamy moments
She knows who’s story she wants to write for the next ACOTAR book, but doesn’t want to give anything away just yet 
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belaheathcute · 9 months ago
“Azriel’s mouth curled up at the corner.
“— I hope you’re not giving my brother a hard time.”
She sat down her teacup
“—Is that a threat, shadowsinger?”
Cassian took a long drink from his own tea. Drained it to the dregs.
Tumblr media
Azriel said cooly:
“I don’t need to resort to threats”
The shadows coiled around him, snakes ready to strike.
Tumblr media
Nesta gave him a smile, holding his stare.
“—Neither do I.”
Tumblr media
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