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gwyn-from-middle-earth · an hour ago
i can’t be silent so i’ll tell my thoughts...
1). nesta archeron and jude duarte would be VERY good friends;
2). nesta is one of the most realistic and beautiful characters in acotar and i hate when she gets slut-shamed because, firstly, a woman can sleep with anyone the wants to and shouldn’t blame herself for that, and secondly, why men can sleep around and be cool and hot and women can’t?
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nikethestatue · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Remember how Feyre painted red flames for the fiery Nesta and Cassian’s Red Siphons and equally fiery personality?
And how she painted a rose, Elain’s flower, alongside a violet? She didn’t paint a marigold, or a sunflower, or a daffodil. She painted violets, which represent wisdom and modesty, and are blue in color. 
Hmmmmm, wonder why that was?
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ACOTAR-FANFIC  *Rhysand watching Feyre and Tamlin leaving together for Spring Court after her trials*
I felt sick. After 3 month in hell, watching Feyre almost getting killed by Amaratha, I still can’t believe everything is done. I can’t believe she’s alive, we all are and things turned out good. I can’t believe this story had a happy ending after all  or, at least, happy for some of us. I still felt Amaratha’s hands all over me, I still felt her breath on my neck and no matter how many showers I took, nothing seemed to help me get this feeling out of my mind. So I went outside for some fresh air. I was standing on the balcony on the last floor of the building and I just watched the stars. Long time ago, the stars and the night used to calm me down, used to make me feel of home and remember about my Court, but now, not even my love for the sky could make me feel any better. It was this emptiness that was eating me alive, that was driving me crazy and the only thing... the only person who could make me who I was long time ago was forbidden to me. Yes she was my mate, but she was not my lover, she was not mine to hug, mine to kiss or mine to protect. She was my mate but maybe I wasn’t hers.. I know that’t not even possible but how could I have fallen so hard for her when she can’t even stand in the same room as me without being annoyed... 
And then, as if someone heard me and wanted to kill me, there were Tamlin and Feyre.. My mate and another man. No, not another man, but my worst enemy, They were holding hands, her head on his shoulder and her other hand placed over his elbow as if  he would vanish away if she let him go. He whispered something in her ear and then, she lifted up get gaze, stared into his eyes for way too long and then she smiled. It was the most beautiful thing.. I never thought I’d be hurt to see her smile, but no, not her smiling was the problem, but who she was smiling to. I loved to see that peace in her eyes, that pure happiness was written all over her face and it made me wonder if I’d ever feel that way. If I could only have her by my side, even for one second, then yes. I’d be able to smile just like she does right now, but looking at them, feeling her heart beat growing faster and faster everytime he looks at her.. I don’t think I’ll ever have the privilage of even seeing her again. I know we have that deal that binds us together for life, but what kind of mate would I be to take her away from her lover when he is the one that brings her the most happiness. No matter how much it hurts me, no matter how unfair everything is for me, I don’t want to be the reason behind her unhappiness or the reason her smile starts fading away. No, I won’t be that, I won’t do that to her. She deserves to be happy and I’ve suffered for so long.. I can go on like this especially if it’s for her.. My mate
Tamlin kissed the back of her hand and said something that made her laugh and as I heard their voices blending together and their whispers becoming more and more lowder, I got inside. I closed the door behind myself but not even that seemed to stop their voices from invading my mind. My brain was on fire and my blood was boiling. I felt my legs getting weaker and I felt the need to close my eyes for only one second but when I did so I kept seeing their faces so close to each other and their hands holding tight. A tear fell down my face and as it reached my mouth and I felt the salty taste, the taste of pure pain, I vanished into darkness not wanting to see the two of them together ever again. 
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silversparks27 · 2 hours ago
In Rhys's sort of defence......
Okay so I have seen SO MANY posts regarding Rhys's behaviour in acosf and how people are mad about him being "out of character" and terrible to Nesta and that entire drama with Feyre and her practically terminal pregnancy.
Yet, I honestly never for one moment thought he was out of charchter or that what he did is completely non-understandable. So here are my thoughts on this entire thing:
The book is from the pov of someone who hates him. Nesta doesn't like Rhys a whole lot (to say the least) at the start, and for most of the book. It's honestly refreshing to read a perspective that is criticizing him and not constantly saying how perfect he is, which as this book showed, he is not. We feel a lot more connected to the thoughts of Nesta in this book and thus see aspects of Rhys that are not so great. He is flawed, he makes mistakes, he is not perfect in any way.
Saying that, Rhys's treatment of Nesta is obviously, not good. But it's also nothing new. He has treated her the same from the moment he met her, and we all know why. She's someone who hurt his mate, who is honestly, potentially very dangerous at the moment given her powers and delicate emotional state. His treatment hits different because we firsthand read how much of an impact it has on Nesta this time. Could he have done better? Absolutely. But so could have literally everyone in the IC.
The pregnancy disaster. I'm not even going to try to say what Rhys did was in any way, shape or form right. Feyre had the right to know, and I like to believe she gave him hell for hiding their collective demise from her. But, like I said above, Rhys can make mistakes. Sometimes big and terrible ones. He has already lost his mate once, and been in many situations where he could lose her again. Can we not TRY to accept the possibility that Rhys, mortifyingly panicked, tried to fix the entire mess himself because, A) he most likely blamed himself for this situation and B) cannot bear to face Feyre and tell her they are quite possibly gonna die, again.
All in all, the book made Rhys an even more compelling, complex and relatable charchter for me. Someone who is capable of making big mistakes, who can be clouded with emotion and be dumb like everyone else, who is selfish at times. Someone who is still very much healing and is going through a lot. Rhys is not a perfect, selfless feminist. He is much more complex and every bit the morally gray charchter we love and adore. More importantly, he is a person, and we should treat him as one too.
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fairyqueensworld · 3 hours ago
Part 4,
As requested I'm posting part four, I am glad some of you like it
Tumblr media
I have managed to keep myself in check. But I don't know for how much longer I can do it. But luck seemed to be on my side as Rhysand informed me that he and the others had some work to be taken care off and will be back soon. I almost got too excited and he gave me that look. Like he was trying to figure me out.
Please stay out of my head, that's all I begged as I watched them leave. Once I was sure Rhys and the others were gone, I ran into Town. To one of my dad's friend that lives here. Henry has been friends with my dad since their were kids. And he was a blacksmith out off all things.
"Henry" I hissed as I closed the door behind me.
His eyes widen as he ran over to hug me, "I thought the worst had happened to you"
I smile and hug him. Ever since I was little my dad brought me here. It was the only place safe at the time.
I told Henry everything as he put my bracelets, anklets and a belt around my waist. I looked down and counted, five siphon.
"Five, you think it will be enough" I asked
"Trust me, I worked on this with Amberlien. It is enough"
"How do you feel" he asked, watching me carefully.
I took a deep breathe, "Most definitely sure I'm not gonna kill anyone and turn them to dust" I grin at him.
He laughed, " I can't believe no one caught you by now"
I shrug, "Eh..I'm just that awesome that's why and you know it" I whip my hair back and hold my chin high.
Henry laughs, "Most definitely like your father," he suddenly looked sad and that made me sad, " I miss that damn fool"
I could tell he was trying so hard not to cry. So was I, it hurt. Like there was this void in me that nothing could fill and I hated it.
"So how was it like being so close to your brothers" he asked, trying to change the topic.
I smiled, "I had to control myself from running and hugging them. I keep forgetting how much Cass looks and sounds like Dad."
"Soon, very soon they will know." He smiles and hugs me, "Don't forget to hide those." he points at my new jewelry.
With a wave of my hand they were hidden and I am glad I learnt some spells from Amberlien. With that I turned and left the shop, just hoping things go smoothly. I decide to cook for them, as a thank you. So I go asking around about what they like to eat.
So, surprise!!! Yes there is alot more to Feyre that meets the eyes. I always thought Cass and Feyre would make great Siblings. They just fit. Remember, I said brothers, what's Feyre middle name now.. Hmm.
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highlady-fireheart · 3 hours ago
Cosmic Love by Florence + the Machine is the ultimate Feysand song.
A falling star fell from your heart
And landed in my eye
The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out
You left me in the dark
No dawn, no day, I'm always in this twilight
In the shadow of your heart
And in the dark, I can hear your heartbeat
I tried to find the sound
But then it stoped, and I was in the darkness
So darkness I became
I took the stars from my eyes, and then I made a map
And I knew that somehow I could find my way back
Then I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too
So I stayed in the darkness with you
Feel free to share your acotar songs!
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colorlesschristmastree · 3 hours ago
Forever wishing I was Nesta or Elain so I could have the privilege and the honor of saying I’m related to the High Lady of The Night Court, Feyre Archeron. 🧎🏻‍♀️🌌
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ladyelain · 3 hours ago
U know that one scene where Feyre asks Rhys why Elain‘s mate is Lucien & not Azriel?
I ✨love ✨how this is being taken out of context, just to use it against Elucien. 🤌
So where exactly does Feyre imply that she thinks Azriel should be Elain‘s mate?? Pls show me lol.
She generally questions how the cauldron makes his decisions. She does not question Lucien‘s qualities as partner for Elain. Put yourself in Feyre‘s situation. The chance that her sister & Lucien who have never met are mates is so unlikely and the least she’d expected to happen. She throws in Azriel as a random counter-example bc at first glance him & Elain might seem like a suitable match.
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colorlesschristmastree · 3 hours ago
Ok why were people upset about the dress Mor arranged for Nesta during the solstice scene? Like it had full skirts, covered her breasts, sides, and hips. The part that went down to her naval wasn’t really all that revealing??
Like Nesta expressed that she didn’t want to wear something as raunchy as what Mor and Feyre wore because she’s not comfortable with that and that’s what they gave her?? Nesta’s dress is extremely modest compared to what Mor and Feyre wore and almost looks like something a ballerina would wear. They weren’t disrespecting her wishes by giving her that dress and if Nesta genuinely didn’t like it she wouldn’t have worn it.
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feysandandnyx · 4 hours ago
There are people who say Nesta should have left Velaris as if it was really relevant whether she was there or not. Honey, to tell you the truth, she shouldn't even have gone to Feyre's court. I would be better off with this story if Feyre's abusive sisters were no longer part of his trajectory, on top of giving a headache that Feyre doesn't need. And even when Nesta could have left the city, she didn't because she was always a worthless one who always depended on Feyre, anyway. I would be more than happy to see a relationship being built between Cassian and an Illyriana, who could be Emerie. I am sure that Cassian's development and his relations with the Illyrians would have been much more satisfying instead of seeing him as a coach and sex toy for Nesta
Gwyn could still exist, not even her story would need Nesta, since she was in the House of Wind library anyway. Az already knew her because he saved her life and Lucien could be perfectly developed with Vassa. Did he see how it makes no difference? Without Nesta in Velaris, I would still have been spared Feyre's lousy pregnancy plot line, which was certainly something invented only for ACOSF 🤭
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adventuring-lady · 4 hours ago
Okay but
If Rhys were to say in front of me "she's mine", I would already be on my knees ready to serve his gloriousness.
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fairyqueensworld · 4 hours ago
Part 3
Hey so I bring part three Feyre POV, enjoy
Tumblr media
I have been here a week. And I am scared, not of the inner circle but of them knowing who I truly am.
The spell has broken, I remember. My name is Feyre Azriel Fairchild, Fairchild was my grandfather from my mother's sides last name. Azriel, became I'm not only a half illyrian but I am also a shadow singer.
I am scared because of how untamed my magic is and I don't have my siphon with me. OH BLOODY HELL.
My mother is a half fae, grand daughter to the high lord of the Day court. Yes, yes, what the hell, my great grandmother who passes for my aunt is my grandmother's mother and lover of Helion.
My head hurt as everything, my past and present flood my brain. The spell my great grandmother, Amberlien put on me was to protect me. So once Tamlin look me by force, I wasn't the real me anymore but the human everyone thought I was.
Truth is, I was never human. I was once was, when I was born. I was born half human and then..well, that's all I can remember for now. As everything seems to be messed up in my head.
And there who you go, that my twist. There is more to come. So be ready, most of it is from Feyre side but I will try to add some of the other characters in too
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kayla-2 · 4 hours ago
Remember nesta always had the option to leave velaris... the door was wide open. But we know she can’t part with Feyres money and security all her life so why stop now, I guess
Tumblr media
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stars-and-scripts · 5 hours ago
Eris at star fall for the first time? And he dances with nests but watches az and wishes it was him. And then they dance.
ooh yes!!! eris and az dancing
send me azris prompts
tag list below the cut (lmk if you want to be added/removed!)
@theleavesarecinders @inejjg @iezzern-ao3 @arinbelle @spookylightkidranch @firebirdofscythia @qamariana @inkdrinkershadowsinger @llilyslovee @chloepereyra @lucien-stan @purplecherrypie @sellyoursoulforagoodname @acope24 @theeditchablepromdate @friendshapedcastiel @starlightorstarfire @sickandtiredofyourshit @mxde-kriegerin @rozewayne2005 @friendshapedcastiel
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feyre-a · 6 hours ago
Training was fun today, rhys actually joined us
I ended up practicing with nesta while him and cass kept trying to fight the other and win
Nesta and i ended up leaving them to get breakfast
While our illyrian babies kept trying to show off their fighting skills
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feyrearcherons · 6 hours ago
"[Rhys and Feyre] are the center of everything"
-SJM (x)
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dreamokid · 6 hours ago
Can somebody write me a group therapy session fanfic between all the characters because that's what I feel they need?? Like can we get some solid mental health help for them?? Instead of like the power of dick healing them?
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purpleglitterypinecone · 7 hours ago
I saw a post the other day, which I won’t be tagging because I don’t want to start any drama or for anyone to think I’m attacking them, but it made me want to write this.
It talked about how without Feyre’s POV there wouldn’t be a story. Which is well, yeah, obvious. Then they went on to discuss that without her POV we wouldn’t have the characters we have right now and that we shouldn’t try to override the canon (essentially).
@aelingalathyniusrailme writes a very good explaination (it’s a bit anti elriel so I wouldn’t check it out if it’ll piss you off) on how we should always take the thoughts of that character from their own POV than what Feyre perceives them to be.
Feyre is known for not knowing what is actually happening to the other characters and assuming stuff. For example, Nesta when she thinks she knows what she needs but ends up making it worse. She does it with Elain too, making her out to seem sweet and innocent when we all know she isn’t. I’d even go as far as saying she does it with Cassian, Azriel and Mor as well. Obviously, she does it with Rhysand too, that’s more than clear. This is NOT an attack on Feyre, she is still young and naïve and I expect this kind of behaviour from someone who has experienced what she has and from what she hasn’t experienced.
What I’m trying to say is that just because one character thinks something about a person, doesn’t mean that it is true.
When you analyse other characters from a non-biased perspective but written from another character’s POV, you go off of their dialogue and facts — not assumptions and perceptions.
Going back to the original post, saying that without Feyre’s POV on the characters we wouldn’t have a story is simply not true. That’s the same as saying if the first three books were written from Nesta’s POV that her perception of the characters are who the characters truly are.
The truth is, we don’t know who any of the characters TRULY are until we read their POV.
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