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regarding eris vanserra

y'all i LOVE eris’ character and as of now he’s like the most interesting char/my favorite char but like… a lot of eris stans are heavily anti-IC and a lot of IC stans are heavily anti-eris

are there any other pro-eris ppl who like. don’t hate the IC bc i still love them-

i’m starved for eris content but all of it tends to bash on the IC really hard and i ain’t here for that so

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Everyone here wanting an Azriel book and I do too but.. But tbh, I really really reaally want an Eris book!

I want him to marry someone who hates him, for political reasons, and then watch as his wife slowly uncovers the truth about our boy Eris…

I want an Eris book and I want it with an arranged marriage trope.



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I know Lucien hates his family but he definitely has a different kind of tension with Eris specifically. Eris says he was the one who warned Tamlin so he could take in Lucien. At the end of ACOWAR, it was also said, “But as Eris strode by … I could have sworn there was something like sadness—like regret, as he glanced to Lucien.”

And again, “…where Lucien now stood in the sitting room, close to Elain’s side as she and my sister silently kept against the wall by the intact bay of windows. Beron, wisely, didn’t approach—and Eris only looked over every now and then. To watch.”

I think Eris does really care about Lucien in his own twisted way. In the only way he knows how to given who he was raised by. I feel like Lucien might not be as aware of Eris’s attempts to have a brotherly relationship with him but I honestly hope we get to see it in future books. Lucien needs someone in his fucken corner from that household of doom aside from his mom. We now know Eris is not who everyone thinks he is, there’s much more to him. Cassian’s judgment means a lot to me and if Cassian says he’s a good male under all that nonsense, then Cassian is correct XD. 

I would’ve LOVED to have been a fly on the wall when Eris was hanging out with Lucien, Vassa, and Jurian. What did they talk about, huh Sarah???? What did tHEY TALK ABOUT!

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I always felt there was more to Eris.

Watch this guy have the biggest character development

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Excuse my horrible handwriting but I literally sat down to sketch out this disaster and this is the funniest shit to me



  • I included any couple I’d seen considered on tumblr/ that there were hints too so I’m not necessarily endorsing or writing off any of these but I wanted to include them all for the fuckedy of it. Lmk if I missed anyone!
  • Eris and Azriel are there for Mor but crossed out because she’s on record as romantically gay but physically bisexual so we tossed those boys in as “hopelessly pining at some point”
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I know it wasn’t the focal point of the scene but I couldn’t help but zero in on the fact that when cassian went to visit the band of exiles, eris was already in their house when lucien answered the door. anyone else incredibly intrigued as to what nature of conversation was happening between the two brothers before cassian arrived, or am I just fulfilling the ache in my heart for wanting an angst-ridden confrontation about the wounded relationship between the brothers?

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I can’t be the only one who struggles to imagine Eris with long hair and a GINGER at that another Lucien? Nah .. I lowkey kinda imagine him with short platinum hair

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Eris: I live in constant fear that someone will kill my father Beron, who lives in the Autumn Court castle, third floor, second door from the right, can be accessed from the window outside, power tools and ladder kept in the shed.

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Confirmation that Eris WAS under the mountain is at the beginning of chapter 62!

I’ve seen a couple people saying they aren’t sure if he was or wasn’t, but when he talks about the 3 sister mountains he says that Amarantha “made US act like a sorry imitation of your Court of Nightmares”

So he can’t be Gwyn’s father- seen that theory as well and I really think all signs point to Tim Tam or Lucie boy.

Also just more proof that he has been through unspeakable trauma like many of the other characters and we don’t know why he does the things he does/ what demons he is fighting thx u


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I’m going to be so upset if we don’t see the Autumn Court with more depth, with the Scarborough Fair, Samhain, Regency Scotland type of vibes. You cannot tell me that they wouldn’t be based more on true Celtic mythology when the Autumn Court is traditional, agrarian, and Autumn is like the epitome of fairy lore… Like hmmm. 

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