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This is based on something I actually did as a toddler. My poor mother. It was the first time I saw her cry. Hope you enjoy!

It wasn’t often that Azriel got the chance to cook for his wife. Elain was usually the one in the kitchen, bustling around with Cerridwen and Nuala, making sure everyone was well-fed and enjoying the sumptuous goods from her meticulously cared for garden.

But tonight was special. Tonight was their ten year anniversary – a full decade since the quiet seer had made her feelings known to him, since she’d officially rejected her mating bond. Since they’d forged ahead with something new and soft and perfect, just the two of them. So, Azriel stood in the kitchen, putting together as much of a feast as he could while Elain was out with her sisters.

He stirred at the large pot of stewed meats, adding another layer of chopped herbs from Elain’s garden to the top before covering it and lowering the lid. Bread was toasting in the oven, as well as dessert, meats were stewing on low heat, salads were already prepared and waiting to be consumed.

All Azriel had left to do was to set the table and put their three-year-old, Nadia, to bed. Then, everything would be perfect.

He remembered he’d need to set aside a large piece of dessert for Iman, Feyre and Rhys’s youngest, who had helped him with today’s plan, keeping Nadia entertained so he could get everything done. Their three-year-old was going through a bit of a rebellious phase, and if anyone could coax her through it, it was the young Princess of the Night Court, who had a penchant for the wild side herself.

Azriel stretched his wings out, which were stiff from being by his side all day. He never realized how strenuous being in the kitchen was. He’d have to thank Elain more often.

When, at the thought of her, his wife suddenly appeared. Azriel’s eyes widened in panic – she was a full hour early.

“Y-you’re home early,” Azriel stuttered, frozen where he stood.

Elain scrunched her freckled nose and laughed softly. “Az, are you wearing my apron?”

His face heated as she approached him and tugged on the straps of the apron, tilting her head up and kissed the underside of his jaw. “It suits you.”

Az wrapped his arms around her slender waist and sighed as she nuzzled her face against his chest. “It was supposed to be a surprise. I’m going to have a word with Feyre. She was supposed to keep you out for another hour.”

Elain placed her hand against his beating chest and sighed. “So that’s why she was being so cagey all afternoon…”

Elain lifted her face and sniffed the air. “It smells delicious.” Her warm eyes lit up with excitement. “I can’t wait.”

“Should we go put Nadia down together, then?” he asked, his shadows lightly curling around her wrist to lead her forward.

As they got to the bottom of the stairs, Azriel held his breath.

“Dada…” the tiny voice called out to him.

Nadia stood in the middle of the staircase, cheeks stained with tears. And in her hand was a small round brush…covered in her precious chestnut curls.

Elain gasped loudly and rushed forward to their child, tears streamed down her face as she took Nadia’s face in her hands and examined the bald spot at the crown of her head. Jagged pieces of hair jutted out from where her soft bangs used to lay. “Baby, what happened?”

“I’m sorry, mama,” Nadia cried. “I didn’t mean to…”

Azriel sat next to his crying wife and crying child as Nadia stuttered through sobs that she had snuck into her parents’ bathroom and played beauty shop with Elain’s brush – something she knew was forbidden – so when the thin brush had gotten stuck in her hair, instead of calling for help, she cut it out.

“Where was your cousin?” Azriel asked, wondering how Nadia had managed to play beauty shop and cut the brush out of her hair under the supposed watchful eye of her older cousin.

“She said she’d come right back…” Nadia lower lip trembled. “Am I in trouble?” she whimpered, and Azriel shook his head and ran his hand over the sparse bits of hair on his daughter’s forehead.

Elain looked to Azriel, who was trying to hold back a laugh at the crying pair beside him. “It’s not funny, Az.” She stared at Nadia. “My beautiful baby…”

“Hair grows back,” he insisted, his shadow reaching out and sending a cool comforting breeze around her.  

Breathless, Iman bounded around the corner, her dark hair swishing behind her and her violet eyes wild with panic. “I was only gone for two minutes!”

Azriel looked up at his niece and wrapped his arm around his girls. “You are so not getting dessert.”

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Hey! Definitely still bawling over KoA but for sure gonna need suggestions

The problem is I just never want to leave the ToG or ACOTAR universe (although I keep seeing six of crows artwork is that a sign)

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This has been requested many times and I just haven’t had the time or interest to do it tbh. Life catches up quick and some of my older interests no longer felt exciting! But for all who still feel the magic of ACOTAR and TOG, here are my Faceclaims! When I started this project of Fancasting, I took a lot of time and consideration in finding the right people to embody the characters. I hope you can all enjoy and see how much time and effort I put into this. Enjoy!


Feyre Archeron  : Saoirse Ronan

Rhysand : Tyler Ballou

Nesta Archeron : Elizabeth Debicki

Elain Archeron : Lily James

Lucien Vanserra : Alejandro Brown

Morrigan : Tamsin Egerton

Azriel : Isaac Churchill

Cassian : Marcos Miranda

Amren : Rila Fukushima

Helion Spell Cleaver : Adonis Bosso

Kallias and Viviane : Shaun Ross and Diandra Forrest

Vassa : Rose Leslie

Miryam : Gina Torres

Tamlin : Derek Jaeschke

Thesan : Godfrey Gao -RIP :’( -

Tarquin : Kendrick Sampson


Aelin : Clara Paget

Rowan : Ed Skrein

Lysandra : Tsuaina

Aedion : Christopher Mason

Nesryn Faliq : Sofia Boutella

Dorian Havilliard : Jamie Wise

Chaol Westfall : Theo James

Nehemia Ytger : Adesuwa Aighewi

Sartaq : Jan Uddin

Yrene Towers : Dani Valenzuela

Manon Blackbeak : Yana Shmaylova

Asterin Blackbeak : Teresa Palmer

Elide Lochan : Jessica Parker Kennedy

Lorcan Salvaterre : Zach McGowan

Gavriel : Charlie Hunnam

Fenrys : Ricky Whittle

There you go ya’ll!

If you want to follow me in IG my link is below :) Enjoy!

P.S- I might do fan casts of Crescent City ;)

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Rhys: feyre we’re out of cereals again!!

Rhys: hey cassian, do you know who ate the cereals?

Cassian: no *hiding a smile

Rhys: Azriel, do you kno–

Nesta: the cereals are in cassian’s room

Cassian: damn she devil

Feyre: why were you in cassian’s room???

Rhys: ?????

Cassian: we were–

Nesta: that’s not the point

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So I’m on some serious post-ACOTAR depression rn and I was listing to some music when I realized that Be Kind by Halsey and Marshmallow perfectly describes Feyre and Tamlin’s crumbling relationship. The lyrics all talk about a relationship where one member (Tamlin) is shutting out their significant other (Feyre) and harming them in the process by not dealing with their own Trauma and fear of Feyre being taken from him. By the end of the song the singer (Feyre ) is able to see that she has to leave and that her treatment is unfair. I think this song is so beautiful and captures the nuance to why Tamlin and Feyre fell apart more than just Tamlin being an absolute tool lmao.

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