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nestaswhore · 2 days ago
the way rhys, cassian and azriel have been banging girls left right and center for 500+ years and have no secret babies is beyond me
i’m 99.9% sure that young horny bat boys don’t give two shits about protection considering they banged girls in the same room as each other?
you can’t convince me that one of them hasn’t accidentally impregnated some random one night stand girl and then just lost contact with her forever and have some hundred year old kid running around in another court
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yazthebookish · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
𝙈𝙞𝙣𝙚. 𝙔𝙤𝙪 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙚, 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙄 𝙖𝙢 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧𝙨. 𝙈𝙖𝙩𝙚.
The Story of Elain and Lucien ✨ commissioned piece by the wonderful meridyan_art
Link to the art piece here (show the artist some 🤍)
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hellogoodbye14 · 2 days ago
All things Bath times and Bribery - Feysand/Nyx fluff (short one shot)
Feyre entered the room and groaned.
Rhys who had Nyx in his arms and was feeding him his bottle snickered.
“Azriel gave you a tough time at training?”
“I made the mistake of teasing him about Gwyn.”
Nyx smiled around his bottle as soon as he spotted Feyre and wiggled his arms. She moved forward and gave him a peck on the cheek. She then gave Rhys a soft kiss before stepping back.
“I’d hold you baby boy but I need to clean up first.”
Rhys put the bottle down and rubbed Nyx’s back.
“He needs a bath too.”
Nodding, Feyre stripped off her leathers in the bathing room and took a quick shower to get rid of the grime. She then added baby wash into the clean lukewarm water and sat down in the bath.
“Ready whenever you are”, she called out to Rhys.
Rhys brought in a buck naked Nyx who was now wiggling in his arms.
“Do you think we need a floater?”, said a concerned Rhys who was also very distracted by his mate in the bath tub.
Feyre rolled her eyes. Mother hen.
“Come here, love,” she said, as she reached up for Nyx.
She placed him on her chest and gently poured water onto his back.
Rhys sat down on the tiles watching them both and placed a hand on her knee.
When Feyre moved Nyx onto her lap, Rhys shifted, moving in just in case. She snickered at him and washed Nyx’s soft hair.
“I know we both need to go to the Day court for the meeting, but I’m not comfortable taking him with us yet.”
Rhys nodded at her, “I agree, especially with all the uncertainty right now.”
Nyx slapped his hands over the water and babbled as if saying he agreed too.
Feyre laughed and wiggled her nose against his.
Once they were done bathing, Feyre dressed up Nyx and took him down to where everyone had gathered.
It was hilarious how everyone reached for Nyx and grumbled at one another when someone took him away. Nyx, being the social kid he was, was basking in all the attention.
Azriel was the one staying back alongside Amren to look over Velaris and Nyx. As he took Nyx into his arms, he lifted him up and blew bubbles against his tummy. Nyx squeeled and pulled at Azriels hair. As Azriel began to yelp, Nyx cooed at him as if trying to bribe him with his cuteness.
The minute Gwyn entered the room to hand over the scrolls Rhys had requested, both Nyx and Azriel’s eyes lit up. Nyx reached for the woman who often sang him lullabies and she took him into his arms gladly.
“Ah, there’s my favourite man in the universe.”
Nyx squealed in joy as she took out his favourite chocolate pudding.
Azriel raised an eyebrow at her, “Are you still trying to bribe him into saying your name before mine?”
She simply sniffed, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
He shook his head but smiled at her, “You’re impossible.”
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incorrectacomafquotes · 11 hours ago
Cassian: i don’t think we can mansplain, manipulate or malewife our way out of it this time
Azriel: [cracking his knuckles]
Azriel: manslaughter it is
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highladyofthedark · 2 days ago
Nesta: Cassian and I made a promise to never go to bed angry with each other.
Cassian: We’ve been awake for two days.
Nesta: If you would just admit to being wrong-
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arinbelle · 12 hours ago
We do not give Nesta enough credit for what Feyre pulled on her ACoMaF
"Hi I broke up with the boyfriend you thought I was dead for all this time before and now I'm at a different place and it's very obvious this new guy in my life is going to be the next boyfriend and oh yeah I'm Fae now and btw I need the house to conduct meetings where if ppl were to find out, they would definitely ostracize you from society. Oh and this hot man with shoulder length hair that stands behind me with many weapons and too many innuendos has made you fall in love with him while simultaneously pissing you off."
Like...hello? How are you? I'm alive btw?!?
Baffles me
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cascadingmoon · a day ago
Mourning in Moonlight
A/N I always forget that Gwyn has a stone that literally heals people and recently it’s been running through my mind that Azriel is the Angel of Death and Gwyn quite literally can help people live. Idk I just really like that parallel. Also, I don’t think that Gwyn and Azriel are the ones who are going to defeat Koschei, I just needed a setup. 
A/A/N This is not the Gwynriel fic that has the excerpt I posted yesterday, it is my old Feysand one that I re-wrote to fit a Gwynriel storyline so if there is any mistakes I apologize. If you enjoyed please like, reblog, but most importantly comment! Feedback is not just appreciated but encouraged! 
The Angel of Death and Goddess of Life say goodbye
WC: 4000+ 
TW: Blood, death, angst, recalling Gwyn’s sexual assualt
The moon was still rising in the sky as Azriel suited up for the battle ahead of them. This night attack was the only chance they had of getting the upper hand over Koschei and for once all of the generals and high lords had come to the same agreement. The past days had been draining on everyone with the meticulous planning that had been done throughout meetings and discussions. 
The creeping feeling of unease surrounded Azriel to the point where the high collar of Illyrian leathers felt suffocating and the shadows around him slithered as if they could also sense the impending fight ahead of them. 
He had never felt so out of control in his life, even all those years chained up in that cell as a child didn’t compare to the sheer anxiety building up inside Azriel. The fact that there was no way to ensure his brothers, friends, family, and mate were safe throughout this battle made Azriel’s heart accelerate to the point where he thought he’d have a stroke. 
He quickly spun around, and his breath escaped him as his mate came into view. Only one thought echoed in his mind. 
I am the luckiest male in the world 
To Azriel, Gwyn was everything he didn’t know he needed. No amount of wishes or dreams could have possibly prepared him for the love and adoration he felt for the female. Mor often teased Azriel about how star struck he was around her, but he couldn’t help it.  
When he started loving Gwyn, it was like everything fell into place. For so long Azriel thought that he was destined for nothing but a life full of solitude but all it took was one moment of seeing her teal eyes light up and he realized he couldn’t have been more wrong.
When Azriel saw Gwyn, the earth didn’t tilt on its axis but aligned and balanced. When he admired her, the world didn’t fade into the background, but rather burst into life. The colours seemed more vibrant, the scents more pronounced, and even the beating of his heart sped up. 
To him, Gwyn was a goddess and his loyalty to her was unfaltering. Because while others may pray to the Mother, to the Cauldron, or to the Gods, the only thing Azriel worshiped was her, his Goddess of Life. 
 “A penny for your thoughts?” Gwyn’s voice snapped him out of his daze. He chuckled before pulling her closer to him, wrapping her in a hug. 
“Just a penny? I thought they would be worth more than that.” Azriel replied. She rolled her eyes as if annoyed, but the smile on her lips told him otherwise. 
“Even in moments like this, your never-ending humorous attitude doesn’t cease to amaze me.” 
“Would you believe me if I said that I was panicking on the inside?” He questioned, “Because I am.” 
Her eyebrows furrowed together in concern, “Since when did you become such a worrier?” 
“Since I found you.” 
Her eyes softened before she stepped back to tilt his head to meet her eyes. “You’re worrying for nothing, Angel. With the amount of planning we’ve done and the number of times we’ve gone over said plan, I don’t think there’s any way for any of us to fuck it up.” Gwyn teased, nudging him with her shoulder, “We’re going to get hurt and we’re going to get injured, but all of us will be alright in the end. We have to be.”
Azriel leaned down and kissed the crown of her head, wrapping Gwyn in his embrace. His hands sought out hers, but he paused as he felt something already grasped in her hand. Ever so gently he lifted up her left arm and gazed at the teal invoking stone gleaming back.
“You’re taking the healing stone with you?” He asked with a quirked eyebrow. Even now it was rare to find her with the object that seemed to be a reminder of what she went through at Sangravah, why she had that stone to begin with. 
“Why not?” Gwyn shrugged, “I figured if someone needed immediate aid, this stone would be the best way for them to receive it.” 
“A warrior and a healer? How did I get so lucky?”
“I ask myself that same question everyday.” 
The two mates embraced in silence, trying to memorize every detail of each other before they had to separate for the impending battle. 
Cassian’s voice suddenly rang out so loudly they jumped out of their skin, “Gwyn! Come here! Lucien’s hair got caught in the Illyrian leathers, but he won’t let me cut it off!” 
A cry of muffled anger resounded. “Oh, be quiet you fire brained fox, I’m trying to help you! This is why you should have listened to me when I was showing you how to tie your hair for battle!” 
“You weren't showing me shit Cassian, all you did was tangle up my hair in your leather strips! Where’s Elain she always braids it nicely.” 
A sigh escaped Azriel’s lips, “Children, they are literal children.” 
Gwyn let out a bellowing laugh that echoed in the tent. She slipped out of his hold, a small sound of protest escaping him which she simply chuckled at, before turning towards the exit where the voice of Cassian and Lucien only got louder. 
Gwyn looked over her shoulder at him, a teasing glint in her eyes, “And Angel? Stop worrying, I’m not dead yet.” 
Tumblr media
The roaring of battle in Gwyn’s ears drowned out the pounding of her pulse. Even with the night attack, their numbers had substantially dwindled with Koschei’s few flares of magic. The power it held shook her to the bones. A legion from both the Winter Court and Night Court were decimated in seconds because of it and would have killed Emerie had it not been for Mor winnowing her away in time. 
Death seemed to creep over Gwyn’s shoulder as she fought to stay alive. Her arm was sore from parrying and swinging, her legs ached from running, her head rang with every sound of metal and scream that echoed around her. It was getting harder and harder to concentrate as every person whose heartbeat did absolutely everything they could to win this war. 
Even just around her, during any other moment Gwyn would have been enamored with the scene in front her. Pure fire from Lady of Autumn glowed in the night against the bodies that burned in its path, Tarquin’s waves of water flooded the fields swallowing the cries in the dark, and Vivianne’s ice spikes impaled anyone who wasn’t watching in the areas of the battlefield that the moon did not illuminate. Feyre and Rhysand had taken to the sky and were misting off entire groups of Koschei’s army. 
In the corner of her eye, Gwyn’s attention was drawn to a dark corner where something glinted even in the pale light. Her eyes widened as she realized it was Koschei himself gliding towards the peak of a hill, one that had a high vantage point over the entire battle. Not only that but hanging off of his hip was a tiny black box, one that Elain had mentioned was his one weakness, the only way to kill him. Rapid huffs of air left Gwyn’s lips as she found herself being the only one close enough to see the slinking man and metal in the shadows. 
Nesta, Emerie, and Azriel were all out of her vision and there was no way to shout for anyone who was in the midst of combat as no one would not hesitate to kill them if they were distracted for even a second. Gwyn contemplated her options before quickly running towards the hill and merging with the shadows, hoping that they’ll give her the much-needed cover. 
Her breath evened out and she creeped towards the Death Lord, trying to spy an opening for a killing blow. However, she paused her steps as she noticed he was actually smiling. 
“Ah the Valkyrie, how wonderful of you to join us!” 
Alarm bells clanged louder than a steel drum as Gwyn recognized that it was a trap, and as quickly as she could pulled out her sword, ready to defend herself against the enemy. Arrows flew at her from the shadows as Koschie’s soldiers stepped out and she tried her best to dodge them, however more than a few clipped her armor. 
The flurry of arrows passing by caused a clearing in the field and Gwyn started backing up towards it, trying to get as far away from Koschie as possible. Suddenly she bumped into something hard behind her to her horror he registered that there was something between her and others on the battlefield. Unfiltered panic took hold of her as this invisible shield caged her in with the soldiers and most terrifying, the Death Lord himself. 
A cloud of shadows appeared on the other side of the barrier and Azriel’s face appeared, fear written across his face. “Gwyn?” He called, voice dripping with horror, “Why can’t I get to you?” 
“I don’t know,” she cried, “Azriel he’s here! He’s with me!” He looked confused for a split second before his expression switched to one of realization. Immediately he started firing blow after blow in front of him, with Gwyn following soon after, hitting it with every ounce of power they had while the shadows around Azriel destroyed any attacks coming his way. The soldiers with Gwyn had stopped firing their arrows but it didn’t fill her with relief, if anything it did the exact opposite. 
Koschei cackled as he saw the two of them trying to break through the clear wall. “Adorable! Just adorable! Please continue, I quite like seeing you both try to break through something Death itself has created.” 
Gwyn spun around a ball of dread forming in the pit of her stomach as it dawned on her that there really was no way to break through the barrier.  Her eyes found Koschie’s, who was now standing, and she squared her shoulders, ready to meet her foe in battle. Determination sparked inside of Gwyn. 
I have never found a fight I haven’t been able to win, I don’t intend to lose today
After each of the previous blasts of power, Koschei had taken some time to build up his strength for another one, so with that knowledge Gwyn quickly thought of a plan.
She drew Silver Majesty and threw herself into the middle of the soldiers, digging her sword into any and all objects around her. It was gruesome, with her enemies’ blood dripping from her hair and down her face, screams of pain and cries of anguish emulated through the air, and the metallic stench of death spread throughout the plains. 
To Gwyn, everything was a blur. There was no recollection of her kills, just endless swinging, and hacking, trying her best to stay alive as more of them came at her. A sense of calm had washed over, and her body was on complete autopilot. As she impaled a soldier, Gwyn twisted and while grabbing an arrow off of the ground, she used her momentum to hurl it towards Koschei. A seed of terror took root in her as she saw how it simply ricocheted off of him like a pebble, as if there was a translucent shield around the King. 
As soon as she saw a gathering of shadows start to form from the Koschei, Gwyn shifted closer to the soldiers who were all too focused on trying to kill her that they didn’t notice the impending blast from the Sorcerer. 
Come on, come one, just let this work
A shot of shadows, death, and darkness came from Koschei so powerful that even the air around seemed to burn in its vicinity. Gwyn threw herself sideways and tried to move quickly out of the way as the soldiers behind her disintegrated immediately, the only thing left of them were their ashes which were soon blown away in the wind. 
A shriek of pain left Gwyn’s lips as the blast caught the right side of her body, her arm burning and her Illyrian armor turning to dust, the skin underneath blistering immediately. The feeling of being set ablaze spread throughout her body as the Death Lord’s magic dug into her skin, sinking into her veins. 
Shrieks of horror sounded from across the battlefield. With what she could muster, Gwyn’s eyes flickered up and she saw the tear-streaked faces of Nesta, Emerie and Azriel staring back at her.
Get up 
Get up
Get up
Gwyn wished that she could do what her mind was demanding, but her body was giving out on itself. A hand curled around the back of her neck, long fingers gripping onto her skin and her hair, getting tangled in it and suddenly, she found herself staring into the dark eyes of Koschei. 
A shiver ran down Gwyn’s spine as the black pupils seemed to bear into her soul. Never in her life had she seen something so void of life, so dark and gloomy that it seemed to suck the life out of the air while not moving at all. 
The urge to get away from him made Gwyn fight against the hold on her neck. She tried everything, every single maneuver that Cassian and Azriel had taught her and every attack she read about. Kicking, punching, thrashing, but the pain of the blast was still reverberating throughout her body and paired with Koschie’s iron grip, there was no escaping. He batted her sword away like a fly and the dagger strapped to her leg was soon discarded too. Gwyn found herself weaponless and defenseless before the Death Lord 
“You have a warriors heart Valkyrie I’ll give you that,” he taunted in her ear, so close to her that his breath grazed her skin, “but you will not be the first person with one to die and I do not plan on you being the last.” 
A lump formed in Gwyn’s throat as she thought about her family and friends who she would leave behind and it took everything inside her to not cry in that moment. Gods she wished she could hold them one more time before the end. Cassian the gentle giant whose heart was as big as him, Nesta and Emerie the sisters she’d bonded with through love, loyalty, and acceptance. And Azriel, 
Oh Gods Azriel.
Gwyn didn’t even want to think about not feeling her mate again, the very thought formed tears in her eyes.  
Gwyn’s hands curled into fists as the weight of the world felt like it was on her shoulders, the feeling of death creeping into her chest. Suddenly she felt something digging into her thigh. Her eyes glanced down, and Gwyn realized it was the invoking stone she earned because of that fateful day in Sangravah.  Her heart rate accelerated as a plan started to form in her head.  
“Your life has been quite the journey, but death for everyone, even you Gwyn Berdara is inevitable.” 
Pools of water gathered and soon fell from her eyes, the tears trailing down her cheeks washing away the blood that had splattered there. And as a smile came upon Gwyn’s face, she whispered no louder than a breath, “I’m not dead yet.”
She arched her back like a cat and twisted as much as she could, feeling pieces of her hair being ripped out of her scalp with the movement. And with all of her might, Gwyn slammed her invoking stone onto the black box strapped to the Death Gods side. He screamed in agony and dropped her out of reflex to grasp it. 
Gwyn panted as she felt the air get knocked out of her from the impact but with the sheer amount of adrenaline that rushed through her, she managed to lift her head to see the now howling Koschei.
The former Sorcerer was writhing in pain and parts of his body seemed to crumble into wisps as the black box was shattered by the stone. The grass around him shriveled up as black blood dripped out of his nose, eyes, and ears. Koschei was literally rotting from the inside out. With every passing second more and more of him decayed away, the wails of despair and black liquid being the only thing left from the mighty Death Lord. 
From her peripherals, Gwyn saw the glimmering barrier crumble and immediately swirls of shadow and the depths of night appeared, pulling her into a firm, warm, chest. The faces of her family and friends appeared beside her, their frantic eyes running over her body, taking in the carnage of Koschei’s blast. 
Her eyes dart upwards to find Azriel’s, his chest rumbles as he yells for someone to help her. 
“Thesan, Madja, anyone please!” Hands pressed on her bleeding wounds and soon after both the High Lord of Dawn and the healer winnowed right to them. It takes no longer than mere seconds of glowing magic from the Dawn Court ruler for the male’s face to fall with sorrow. 
“I’m so sorry,” Thesan started, his voice shaking, “but the magic of a Death Lord is one I cannot heal, that power far exceeds anything that anyone living in Prythian has.”
For a few seconds it turned so quiet that a pin could drop. Then Nesta’s body racked with a sob and a domino effect seemed to happen as everyone came to the realization that Gwyn Berdara was going to die tonight. 
Her eyes flickered up to all of those surrounding her, the family that took Gwyn in as one of their own. Gratitude unlike any other flooded her body.
I have to say goodbye 
Prying her dry lips open, she was able to rasp out, “Nesta, Emerie?”
“No.” Nesta stated knowing what her sister was going to say, voice wavering with emotion, “No goodbyes, not yet, not ever.” Cassian wrapped his mate in a hug as though it could hold them both together. 
“Gwyn you can’t say goodbye,” Emerie cried out, “We were going to go to pick out my dress for my mating ceremony remember? And then- and then we were going to rebuild the Valkyrie Lands, with a training centre and a home just like the House of Wind! How are we supposed to do that without you?”
Gwyn swallowed the lump in her throat, “I don’t want to leave you two, but it seems like fate has different paths for us.” She took in a stuttering breath, “Thank you for being the most loyal and devoted sisters I have ever known. Never did I think that I would find this bond again after Catrin yet from the moment I met you two I knew that I had found just that and so much more. There are no words that will ever encompass the love I have for you two.” Sobs escaped the two females' mouths as they came to terms that this would be their last moment with their sister. 
“Cassian,” Gwyn called, and the General lifted his tear streaked face. “Thank you for being the older brother I have never had and for pushing me to do better, be better. I will forever remember those bullshit drills you made me run when I came late. I couldn’t have found a better trainer or friend even if I searched for centuries.”
Cassian then bent down and ever so softly pressed a kiss to the top of her forehead whispering I love you
Gwyn looked at the trio in front of her and the encompassing feeling of love overwhelmed her. “We are not related by blood, but I couldn’t have asked for a better family.” 
Her head then tilted as she saw Rhysand and Feyre, “Thank you for taking me in all those years ago after Sangravah. That sanctuary is the only reason I am here today and for that I am eternally grateful. It was an honor to call you two my High Lord and High Lady.” 
Their eyes shimmered with tears as they took in the dying warrior, whose eyes still gleamed with life as she bled out before them. “You will never be forgotten Gwyn. The books will bear your story and the streets will sing your name. I swear it on my life,” Rhysand swore. She could only smile in thanks at the oath. 
A flash of light appeared, Elain and Lucien suddenly winnowed to them. Immediately the former let out a gasp and tears sprang into her eyes. “Gwyn, oh my gods.” Even Lucien with all of his charm was speechless. 
“Sunflower, sunshine,” Gwyn greeted with a pained smile and the two shifted ever so much closer, “I wish I had more time to know you two. Maybe I could have learned a couple things about gardening, fishing, and running a manor. Thank you for the few moments we did have that were filled with nothing but joy and may we have more of that in another life.” The two rulers of Spring nodded their heads. 
“Another life,” Elain whispered.
A smile came upon Gwyn's lips, before she turned her head away from them and rested it on Azriel’s chest, which was shaking with the effort to hold in his sobs. 
“Angel,” she softly called, “I do not want my last moment with you to be one where you’re wearing a mask that hides how you feel.” With those words escaping her bruised lips, the dam broke and Azriel was soon sobbing over her, his fear, anguish, grief, all of it came out of him as the shock wore off. 
“Gwyn, I love you, I love you so much,” he whispered in her ears as a shield as blue as the deep sea came around the two. She shuffled around and with the strength she could muster, raised her hand and cupped Azriel’s face. 
Gwyn’s tear-filled eyes met his and her thumb brushed away a tear that rolled down his cheek, “My beautiful mate,” she murmured and a strangled sound came out of his throat. She opened her mouth again, but a cough of blood came out instead. 
“Save your energy my love,” Azriel begged her, not wanting to let go yet, but Gwyn shook her head. 
“I am dying Angel, there has never been a better time for me to talk,” she choked out. His head shook in denial at the words. 
“Listen to me Azriel,” Gwyn begged, and he lifted his head.
“My life has not always been a kind one. For years I mourned when the few people in my life were ripped away from me, even now the image of Catrin’s bloody head still haunts my dreams when I sleep. My dignity was stripped from me like my clothes, my body touched and violated by those who sought nothing but to hurt me and those who I cared for. And when I finally built up the courage to leave the one place I considered home in hopes of overcoming my greatest fear, I was captured unconsciously in the dead of night, out of my own bed, and placed in the most deadly ceremony to ever exist.”
 Azriel hugged her closer to his chest as she recounted the pain in her life. Gwyn’s hand moved up to cup the back of his head and he rested his forehead on hers. 
“I would do it all over again,” she breathed, “I would do it 10 times over, a thousand times over, lifetimes over, if it meant that I found you at the end of it all. The pain, the grief, the despair, it is worth it if I get any amount of time with you. Our love has not been perfect, it never has been, and it never will be for love itself will never be that, but it is us and it is ours. That alone makes it the most precious thing I have ever come to have.” 
“I wish I could do more,” Azriel sobbed, “I always imagined that the end would be thousands of years from now, in our house, with our children, family, and friends around us, never here, never like this.” 
“My Angel,” Gwyn cooed, “I am laying on a battlefield, my enemy dead, those who I love safe and protected, and in the arms of my mate, the one who holds my heart in the palm of his hand and his in mine.” A gentle smile came onto her face, “I cannot think of a better way to go.” 
“Gods do I love you,” Azriel swore. “The greatest privilege I have is being your mate and getting the chance to love you. No one, not even the Mother herself will ever be worthy enough for the gift that is your heart and nothing fills me with more joy than the fact that I called you mine and you called me yours.” 
A weak cry escaped Gwyn’s mouth as she felt the aches in her body grow stronger, “Wherever you go and whatever you do Az, I will be with you I swear it. I found what I hadn’t known I was looking for and I don’t plan on letting something as trivial as death separate me from you,” her voice turned to gasps as the pain became almost unbearable, “I’m so sorry my love that you will not see me or hear me, but I will be there.” 
He gently brushed a hair from her bloodied face, “Gwyn, my lovely Gwyn it’s okay, we’ll be okay.” A soft look entered his eyes, “My brave warrior, you have fought all your life for others and for yourself, you can rest now my love, you can rest.” 
Everyone around could hear how the once rhythmic and lively pounding of Gwyn’s heart had decreased to an uneven and slow thump. Her eyes closed until only the white of the moon could be seen behind her lids and the presence of Azriel was all she could feel. 
“Yes, my love?”
“When I am gone, do not hide what you feel. Embrace the emotions that come with life, all of them no matter how ugly or terrifying they may be. And if there is one thing I beg of you to do, it is to love. Love with every fibre of your body and every ounce of your soul. You have too kind of a heart for it to freeze inside ice.”  
“I will Gwyn, I will. I’ll love for you Gwyn and all the love that you couldn’t share in this world, I’ll do it in your memory. And I truly hope that you may find the peace you never got in this life in the next one. Just know that I love you so much.” Those last words were repeated like a mantra in her ears, endless adoration that lulled her like a lullaby. 
I love you
I love you 
I love you
A smile came onto her face as those were the last words she heard before the breaths stopped, her hand dropped, and the beating of her heart ceased to exist.
Azrie’s entire body shook with the sheer force of the sobs that overtook his body and there was no one that could comfort the male who was racked with grief. The touch of his friends, the arms of his brothers, even the glow of the moonlit sky, all of it did nothing to stop the absolute emptiness as his mate died in his arms, feeling the warmth leave her body. 
And the world watched as the Angel of Death mourned for his Goddess of Life. 
Tumblr media
A/N Thank you so much for reading! Once again, I do not think that Gwyn will be the one to kill Koschei or anything like that, I just needed some sort of plot point that would require her to do a sacrifice. Also I just thought it would be a cool concept for a stone that’s purpose is healing to be the thing that destroys the Death Lord’s box. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed!
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azaideen · a day ago
My Little Fire
Chapter 9
First < Previous > Next
During the day after Azriel’s visit I spent the whole evening writing the letters I would ask Cassian to take with him. At least until Elain called me for dinner.
Nesta and I still hadn’t spoken since the previous day. After our fight. I almost didn’t see her at all, and if I had I might have tried to squeeze some sense inside her head. I didn’t want to argue again so soon. So I avoided her too.
I sat on her left side and Elain in front of me. Nesta took the head of the table, just like she had been doing since our father left. We didn’t look at each other, didn’t talk to each other, but when I saw her expression - distracted and light, different from her hard exterior - I knew she was thinking about what had been said the day before. And I hoped she would understand what was happening.
I went to my room after doing the dishes. I laid on my bed but didn’t sleep. Through hours and hours I let my thoughts travel. I let myself imagine what the Fae lands would be like. So similar to the fairytales I read about.
I thought especially about the Night Court, where I had a better description.
As soon as I fell asleep my dreams were about a shiny city, surrounded by high snow capped mountains. A river cutting its middle and the sea on the horizon. While I flew above it, side by side with the stars.
Waking up early in the morning I didn’t want to lose dawn. So I ran to the outer side of the manor still in my sleeping gown, and only a robe to protect me from the cold. I went to the furthest part of the garden, so then I wouldn’t be seen by anyone who could possibly be spying through the manor’s window.
I climbed up one of the trees to have a better view and waited.
Minutes went by and soon the firs bursts of light apeared, spreading and covering the land. It gave life to the dark sky and shooed the mist clinging to the air.
Then I turned around to see the night, still dark and cold, on the other side of the horizon. Their balance was mesmerizing. Night and day, moon and sun, cold and warm. It was peaceful.
I stayed there, sitting on a tree branch for a couple more minutes. Just feeling the sun warm
my skin until I could not bare the warmth any longer.
I climbed down back to the ground and cleaned the barbs that were stuck on my dress.
But then I heard something behind me. Close. I clenched my fist tightly and spun around fast. Too fast. But not fast enough. The person held my fist and, when the blur on my vision eased and the adrenaline flowing in my blood calmed down, I saw who was standing in front of me.
He grinned, noticing the movement I would have made, was it not for him.
“Good morning for you too, clever girl.”
“Cassian,” I said, “you scared me. I thought it was someone with bad intentions.”
“I pity the poor human being that ever tries to harm you. If you hit them with the strength that you were about to hit me with they could easily faint.”
I smiled at - what for me - was a compliment. He was a warrior after all, the leader of the Night Court’s tropes, as Feyre had told me.
“Thank you.”
“But your posture is not good. If you didn’t blank them out your ribs would be exposed for a punch that would leave you breathless, and you wouldn’t be able to react. You’ve got the strength, but you’re missing the tattics. Who teached you how to fight?”
I didn’t know if I should say this. Fighting was a secret that I kept from everyone, no one knew. And I liked it that way. But I trusted Cassian, even if we had only met a few days ago.
“I learned alone.” His eyebrows knitted together and lifted almos above his hairline. I wanted to laugh at his face, but I held it so I could explain. “I was afraid of the men from the village, so I decided to stop fearing something I didn’t need to be afraid of. I started going to the forest every morning to punch trees,” it was kind of ridiculous now that I was speaking it out loud. “I would protect my fists with a piece of old cloth and release all the tension and anger in each punch. I got as strong as I could, since I didn’t have enough food to get the energy from. I used to get the techniques from a book or two. But gratefully I never had to use these abilities, especially when you’re saying I’m doing it wrong.”
When I finished Cassian had a look that I knew well on his face. Pity and comprehension. But also determination.
“I’ll teach you. If you want, I mean.”
I looked at him gaping. A fighter wanted to teach me, not only that but a warlord, a powerful one, if the seven siphons were any indication.
“Cassian, I - I don’t even know what to say. Yes, I’d love it! Thank you so much. How can I thank you?”
“Take me down, one day, on the ring, and I’ll know it wasn’t in vain. It will be more than enough as a thank you.”
I smiled broadly to the gentle male in front of me. Nesta didn’t see this, that’s why she hated the idea of him.
“When can we start?” He smiled noticing my excitement.
“I’m training your sister everyday. But with you, it will have to be different. I can’t come here all the time, going through the wall is dangerous when done frequently. So we’ll have lessons once a week, maybe two if I come in Az’s place more times. In the morning, right before dawn.” I smiled, because he remembered that I liked to see the sunrise. “And I also want you to practice by yourself, understood?”
“Understood.” He smiled.
“Well, now that we’ve got the lessons settled, I came here on a mission. Did the queens send news?”
“No, not yet.”
Cassian snorted. He was frustrated with the answer. But he went on.
“And what about your sisters.”
“We’re good.” I said looking at my feet. We really were good, but not between us.
“Hey, what’s wrong?”
“Nesta and I, we argued. She still doesn't trust Feyre, even after everything that happened.”
Cassian froze, his face blank, leme he was suppressing something. Then I saw his browns knitting and knew he was angry.
“You sister have the ability to make me angry instantly, she really can.” He grunted.
I almost laughed. Knowing that my sister, who barely reached his shoulders, could make him this angry was comical.
“I’ll fix it. At least I was able to make her think about it.”
Cassian nodded.
“In that case I’ll take my leave then, I’ve got to give a lesson to your sister.”
“Don’t you want to come in and eat something? Azriel dined with us, it’s only fair that I offer the same to you.” Cassian laughed.
“Thank you little one, but I prefer to avoid your sister as much as I can.”
“My sister is still sleeping and I have flour to make pancakes. Are you sure that you don’t want to stay a little? Either way I’ll have to go inside to take the letters.”
“Letters? Which letters?” So Azriel hadn’t told him. He might have forgotten, he looked really tired two days before.
“Azriel told that if I wanted I could write letters to my sister and you would take them to her.”
“Oh, okay. So let’s get those letters and make some pancakes.” He grinned and I did too.
I took him to the kitchen and asked him to search for the ingredients from the recipe while I went upstairs to get the letters.
I went to my room and wrapped up the papers in different envelopes, sealed them up and signed.
When I got back downstairs I saw Cassian smiling shyly, with flour covering everything. The floor, his clothes and hair. Even the other side of the kitchen.
“Cassian! How-how did you make this?” I asked, suppressing my laughter.
“I… also don’t know?” He said more like a question.
I shook my head slowly. I sighed thinking about the mess I’d have to clean. I looked at him then and couldn’t hold it anymore. I laughed so hard that my stomach hurt. He was covered in flour and embarrassed.
I kept laughing for several minutes until his embarrassed left and he sent me an angry look. Which just made me laugh harder.
Thankfully my sister did not wake up with the noise.
I prepared the pancakes and we sat at the counter to eat. Cassian said that he didn’t care where we ate if he could put the pancakes in his stomach.
“You illyrians destroy my kitchen.”
“What did Az make?” He asked surprised. “He’s usually so under control. What did he make?” He would without a doubt talk about it with him.
“He almost burned the food while I was doing something else. Then he distracted me and I forgot about the food in the oven. Thankfully he remembered about it before it got burned. And lastly he got foam from the dishes all over my face and water on my dress.”
Cassian laughed with his cheeks full of pancake.
“You know, Az is a very good male. He knows how to cook, he’s gentle and loves kids. Did you know?”
“No… I didn’t.” I couldn’t understand what Cassian wanted with this. He was speaking strangely.
“And handsome, don’t you think?” He arched a brow.
“Yeah… I think that… you could say so.”
Cassian smiled satisfied.
“Any female that had him would be lucky, no?”
I grinned.
- Ah, já entendi Cassian, pode deixar, não vou chegar perto dele, e não contarei a ele também - “Ah, I get it Cassian. It’s okay, I won’t get close to him, and won’t tell him anything either.” Cassian looked at me confused. “That you’re in love with Azriel.”
Cassian choked with the pancakes and I laughed until my muscles were sore.
“I think you like to choke with my pancakes Cassian.” I said between giggles.
“Don’t cry when I make your muscles melt during the training.” I laughed even more at his threat.
We finished eating and I took the letters in my robe’s pocket to give to him.
I never cared about dressing up. I only wore dresses to please my sisters and don’t hear about it later.
Cassian watched the envelopes curiously.
“Two? Whose is the other one? I thought it was only for your sister.”
“Ah, this one is for Azriel. He said I could ask him some questions that he’d answer. So since I didn’t know if he was the one coming I wrote to him.” I smiled a bit shy.
“Sorry to say but he is the one coming next time. To tell the truth, he’ll come most of the time. I’ll be coming when he is tired and Rhys makes him sleep a little. Az have been having a hard time at work. He dedicates himself so much that sometimes he forgets to eat and sleep.”
My heart jumped to learn that Azriel would come more times. But it ached at hearing about his lack of care for himself.
Cassian noticed my mood and changed the subject.
“I’ll give him the letter anyway.” He put both of them away in his pocket. “I’ve got to go now, otherwise your sister will get used to waking up late. I’ll be back in a week for training, okay?”
“Okay. Thank you, Cassian.” I stood up and hugged him.
He seemed surprised at the act, but hugged me back after the shock had passed.
"You’re welcome. And thank you for the pancakes, even at this side of the wall they’re delicious.”
I laughed imagining how it would taste above the wall. I guided him outside and saw him depart with a gush of wind that blew my hair.
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kayla-2 · 18 hours ago
I don’t think anyone has a problem with n.esta making friends, especially if they aided her to get better. I don’t want her in the inner circle, I barely want her around feyre. The problem is stans/the author make it seem like the years of emotional and verbal abuse she bestowed upon feyre and the lack of her helping in her own survival was because she was traumatized, which is not an excuse for her behavior but at least a clear understanding of n.esta. For her to give basic respect to others but slut-shame, degrade, and threaten feyre, someone who also actively helps her, just contradict the whole “she’s to traumatized” statement, if she clearly shows she can stop herself from lashing out…
For example, it’s known that Feyre taught her how to use a bow and arrow, which n.esta didn’t use for her own family or herself but for someone she had known for months, again, no one has a problem with that. But it proves that she was equipped and able to help feyre feed the family. She can learn to reign in her thoughts and words for others but became so overwhelmed that she told Feyre she was going to die simply because she was feeling called out and not because she thought feyre should know. She can differentiate what in hers and hers friends control and tell them not to blame themselves for things that happens to them but blamed everything on feyre. N.esta called them sisters after a few months but hated when feyre used the word family, she didn’t even understand why feyre would consider the inner circle family and that’s horrible and proves she don’t understand what n.esta or the rest of the family put her through. It’s demanded that Feyre be sympathetic to everything n.esta went through, while n.esta can’t even grasp why the ic is better than what feyre had gone through for years..
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rhysanoodle · 21 hours ago
Between Light and Shadow
Tumblr media
Elriel’s story after ACOSF
Word Count: 2351
Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Mountainous hillside, shrouded in trees. The perfect place to remain hidden. The perfect place to remain forgotten.
Lake Orel.
Elain repeated the words over and over again in her mind as she took in the blurry landscape, muted by whatever magicks were veiling this place, but slowly revealing itself to her as she scoured it. There. There was a stream, feeding out of the wooded patch, one Elain felt certain would lead to their quarry.
“There.” She was getting used to having the map in her lap now, a precaution they had taken since learning the lake’s name. Because she had first started seeing pinpricks of color, slowly broadening day-by-day until she got enough of a view.
“The lake is somewhere in the mountains surrounded by the woodlands.”
“That could be anywhere. That range is the size of the Night Court.” It was the most Azriel had said to her since that day in the House of Wind, having returned to his stoic and only barely polite mask.
He greeted her. He bid her farewell. And she hadn’t seen hide nor hair of him in between scrying sessions.
She figured that he was just waiting for her to be useful again in order to engage.
“But there’s a small stream. It leads into the forest, and I just know it’s important.”
“You think if we follow that stream, we’re going to find the lake?”
“I don’t know why else I would’ve seen it. Do you think you could follow it?”
“Perhaps. If I can find where it starts, I can get my shadows to scout where it leads. It could take me days of flying to fully trace it if I don’t know which direction it winds.” Those were days which could mean the difference between Vassa’s freedom and her return to captivity. Or worse.
“And you’ll be safe?”
He huffed a dark laugh. “Safe as any of us can be, considering the circumstances.” It wasn’t quite an affirmation, but it was the best Elain could hope for. And she still found herself intimately concerned with his safety. Everyone in this damned court was so self-sacrificing that she didn’t put it past anyone to go off on some suicidal solo mission if they thought it would keep the others safe.
He ruffled her hair softly before quickly jerking back as if burned and fading from view with a pained expression on his face.
Azriel returned the next day, whipping the door open on her session with Lucien in what could only be aggravation.
“No luck?” She posed the question carefully, glancing cautiously at the shadowsinger, wreathed in the eponymous misty whorls. It was how she had felt with the ghost of his touch on his scalp the whole time she’d been waiting for his return. Perplexed. Agitated.
“I found the stream, but … something about magic warps differently there. My shadows were unable to extend more than a few feet before returning to me.”
“You’ll likely need to go in on foot then,” Lucien offered. “I never actually found the lake before Vassa found me, but that was my only option when I went seeking her out.”
“I could fly.”
“You already said that would take days,” Elain quipped. “And you’ll need time to rest. You can’t go for days on end. You can’t go it alone.” He already looked beyond exhausted every day, and that was without the taxing physical work of keeping himself airborne and hidden constantly.
“I don’t—”
“I’ll go.” Azriel’s head whipped to Lucien, nostrils flaring, but Lucien ignored him. “I know the lay of the land somewhat better than you do, Shadowsinger. I’ll be an asset.”
“You’ll need me too,” Elain piped up.
“No. Absolutely not.” Azriel looked on the verge of exploding, an impressive feat considering how measured the spymaster’s masks always were.
“My visions have been getting clearer,” she reminded him. “What if actually being there helps? Or what if I see something important? You’ve already said that magic feels like it warps there—I’d have no way of reaching you.” She crossed her arms over her chest, staring the male down, daring him to refuse her.
Azriel was clearly waffling, the silence as his mind whirled thick and penetrating. “Fine,” he finally said. “If Rhys agrees. To both of you.”
Azriel had been banking on Rhys having the good sense of reason that he should not be allowed to be so far away from the court with Elain and that he and Lucien would surely kill each other, but of course his brother had assented, and preparations were being made for their journey to the continent.
They would be roughing it on foot, following the winding path of the stream as Azriel did his best to map the land. And praying that Elain would see some way through all the mist surrounding this place. But the second they ran into any sort of trouble or hit any sort of stumbling block, he was to get her out. Lucien could fend for himself. Good riddance if he got lost in Koschei’s maze.
He was in charge of the packs, affixing the tents and bedrolls to his own and Lucien’s while packing the remaining space with first aid supplies and rations. He was going to take no chances with them eating or drinking anything from that cursed territory. For all he knew, the tainted water was flowing all the way from Lake Orel to the sea, and none of it was safe.
Lucien was to return at nightfall, when Rhys and Mor would winnow them across the sea, under the guise of darkness. Azriel trusted the cover of night more than he trusted his own shadows with the others involved.
When he returned to the foyer of Rhys and Feyre’s estate, he found Elain sitting in the living room, dressed head to toe in leathers, one knee twitching uncontrollably. She shot up though when she saw Azriel. “Hi.”
The hope in her voice destroyed him. He’d been doing a very good job of trying to discourage her since their kiss in the closet, but here they were. Alone. Trapped together again. And it seemed like she was going to try to make the most of it.
“Hello.” He scratched at the back of his neck, willing someone, anyone to walk in and save him. “Nice outfit.” That was the understatement of the century. He knew Elain would never be a warrior, but he’d only ever allowed himself to fathom about her wearing such tight leathers in some of his more … intimate fantasies.
“Feyre insisted.” She shrugged, her long braid falling down over her shoulder. “I didn’t really have anything very suited for what we’re doing.”
His eyes roved over her form, as he willed himself to keep his face indifferent. She was properly dressed, but … “No weapons?” He cocked a brow at her.
Her cheeks flushed, and she admitted, “Do I really need one with you and Lucien around?”
“Yes,” another voice chimed in with Azriel’s, and Azriel whirled to find Lucien stepping into the room, Vassa in tow.
“She insisted on coming. Says she’s more likely to get anywhere than the rest of us combined.” Lucien didn’t sound thrilled about it, but from the mirth in Vassa’s eyes, Azriel could only imagine how she’d needled the other male until he gave in.
And blessedly, this other female was armed to the teeth. One less person he’d need to convince.
“Here.” Azriel wasn’t fool enough to try to foist Truth-Teller on her again, especially not to have that precious piece of him rejected under the watchful gaze of her mate. So he pulled a random knife out of its holster. “I’ll grab you a belt which will fit when I grab an extra pack and bedroll for Vassa.”
He didn’t stick around long enough for Elain to shove the hilt of the blade back into his hands. When he returned, she complained, “But I don’t even know how to—”
“Yes you do. You might be able to fool the others by letting Nesta take the claim, but we all know you’re the one who struck true that day.”
He watched her throat bob, whatever retort she had originally planned lodged permanently within. Azriel handed her the belt and watched raptly as she slung it around her waist and sheathed the blade without further comment. It would make him feel better, especially if he ever needed to leave her to scout ahead.
Everyone donned their packs, and Azriel called for Rhys, his brother and Mor appearing after only a moment.
“Take no risks, Azriel,” Rhys ordered his shadowsinger. Elain and Vassa are our top priorities. Whatever schemes Koschei is up to, he’ll be a thousand times stronger if he gets a hold of either of them.
I know. Vassa did present a complication. He could easily scoop Elain up and fly away from any danger, but carrying both would prove problematic, especially if they needed to move quickly. And if that leash of hers dragged her into Koschei’s lair, there likely would be nothing he could do about it.
He would just need to be overly cautious and pray Lucien would be able to winnow.
He straightened up and nodded at his High Lord, who grabbed onto his and Lucien’s arms before winnowing them over to the coast of the continent. Only a moment later, Mor appeared with the females.
“I’ll be over in Vallahan,” she said. “Call if you need help.”
But Azriel knew it was an empty promise. The odds of his shadows reaching her when they were so mired in the magic of Koschei’s forest were slim to none. “We won’t need you,” he offered her.
He could take care of them all. He could be spy and shadow and protector. It was the only way.
“Let’s get moving. I want to be firmly ensconced in the tree line before we settle down. We can get a good few hours of hiking in before needing to rest for the night.”
They were able to cover some good distance before he could feel Elain flagging. At about midnight, he finally gave into the fact that they were going to make no further progress that evening. He pulled them a little ways off the beaten path of the stream, hoping they would be well enough ensconced but not wanting to lose his way in case the area proved difficult to navigate come morning.
He and Lucien silently worked at setting up the two tents, as Elain and Vassa gathered firewood, staying well within range of the camp, and stoked a blaze.
“Elain and I will bunk together,” Vassa said matter-of-factly as they tore into a late night snack of bread and cheese.
Azriel paled. Of course … of course he couldn’t share a tent with Elain, and he certainly didn’t want Lucien to, but … They only had the two tents, and they were tiny, designed to be carried for days on end. Cauldron, he would have brought four of them if it weren’t for the fact that he didn’t want Elain sleeping alone.
Cauldron knew what had happened to her the last time she had been left alone in a tent. A brick dropped in his gut at the mere memory of having to rescue her from Hybern. He would afford Koschei no such easy access to the female who meant so much to him.
Lucien just stared at the flames, as they glinted off his gilded eye. “Of course.” Azriel knew he was probably just as uncomfortable with the arrangements as Azriel himself. But he couldn’t help wondering … had Lucien also been hoping to sleep next to Elain? Something thick and tainted with jealousy boiled in his blood.
At least neither of them would get to, but with the wings, it was going to be a tight fit for two full grown males. He could always—
“I’ll take the first watch,” Vassa offered.
Cauldron. Azriel’s jaw ticked. This woman was slowly but surely getting on his last nerve. “There’s no need. I’m used to it.” He did his best to leave no room for contradiction in his voice.
“I’ll be awake anyways.” She shrugged. “I much prefer this time of day. One of you can come relieve me before dawn, but I prefer to spend as much time as I can in this form. I’ll get a little sleep before I change back, and then we can be on our way.”
Azriel huffed, but he understood. It had to be tough not being in control of one's faculties. The least they could offer her was the freedom to exist in her favored form while it lasted.
Elain poorly stifled a yawn, which had Lucien saying, “We ought to turn in for the night then.” He watched and waited for Elain to enter her tent, making sure she took the dagger with her. Even with Vassa taking watch, he wanted her to have every defense available to her.
Then he took a deep breath and followed Lucien into their shared tent. The other male was already making himself comfortable on one of the rolls, his bandolier of knives lying just behind the balled up shirt he was using for a pillow.
Azriel took his place next to him, rolling to his side so that his tucked in wings backed up to the canvas walls. There was no way in hell he was exposing his most vulnerable part to the male he’d made an enemy of—at least in spirit. He had no way of knowing if Elain’s mate felt the same towards him, could feel that spark that had lit between himself and the flower grower.
“I don’t like this any better than you do,” Lucien grumbled, eyes darting towards where Azriel lay staring at him.
“Don’t try anything, Vanserra.”
“I wouldn’t dream of it.” The other male turned over, and Azriel had only the dim glow of the fire outside to keep him company until he drifted off, more quickly than usual.
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Assentio Mentium Chapter 17
Warning: This chapter is basically the literary equivalent of cotton candy. Soft and sweet and tooth rotting. I’m disgusted by myself, tbh.
“Are you…” Feyre paused for a second. “Are you happy, Nesta?”
 There was something loose and warm and beautiful about how easily the word fell from Nesta’s lips, “Yes.” She smiled before she could help it. “Are you?”
 Feyre nodded. “More happy than I ever thought possible.”
 “Then everything worked out exactly as it was supposed to, didn’t it?”
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gwynsnesta · a day ago
Azriel: You know, it’s actually been proven that there is ugly babies.
Cassian: By who?
Azriel: By you.
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broodybatboy · 9 hours ago
Feyre: Merry Solstice! I made you all a little something!
Cassian, confused: Feyre, this is just a framed painting of you and Rhys.
Everyone: 😐😬
Feyre: That’s right. Only the best for you all.
Everyone, lying through their teeth: Gee…thanks!
Cassian: Ok, these are getting worse, right?!
Azriel: Yes.
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