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Feyre when she saw her sisters in Hybern after 1) telling Ianthe where they lived, 2) asking them to risk their safety for her cause because she was going to protect them and 3) never checking on them unless it was to ask them to deliver a messagge from her to the Queens.

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hii!! yes! from blood and ash is def on my list for my hunt!! tbh I tried to start it a few weeks back but I was finding it difficult to get into it but I think I just wasn’t in the mood for it,,, BUT YES I WILL DEF BE READING THAT I HOPE I LOVE IT

have anymore books I can put on my list for my hunt? LET ME KNOW

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I just realised that I’ll probably end up breaking my spine on acosf like I did to the rest of the series👁👄👁 this ones gonna hurt

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Many in the fandom have never dealt with major trauma in their lives and it shows!

But that’s ok when I see people like that I don’t start trolling them or their views I just say to myself lm glad they don’t empathise with the character, storyline etc.

Instead of getting angry let’s try and just feel glad for this and we might all get through this book release without turning into a toxic fandom!

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You are Feysand’s daughter and you’ve just come home from your studies in the Day Court. Azriel needs someone with extensive training in magic in order to complete a mission for the Night Court. You happen to be just what he needs.

Fic Warnings: age gap?, cursing, angst, smut, wing kink ;)


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

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Azriel x Female!Reader (acotar)

Word Count: 2.4k

Summary: You are Feysand’s daughter and you’ve just come home from your studies in the Day Court. Azriel needs someone with extensive training in magic in order to complete a mission for the Night Court. You happen to be just what he needs.

Fic Warnings: age gap?, probably cursing, eventual smut, wing kink ;)

Chapter Warnings: the there’s only one bed trope, angst, cursing, wing kink, oral sex (female receiving), slight overstimulation

Note: I am so happy be sharing this chapter, it was an absolute delight to write! I love writing soft happy Az because we didn’t see nearly enough of that in the books lol. Enjoy!



You left the next day. After healing Azriel’s wings completely, in terribly awkward silence, you packed lightly and were off. You expected to be away from home for only a few nights. But, your pack seemed to weigh a ton after hours of flying. You and Azriel decided that it would be best to conserve as much magic as possible to bypass the wyvern and whatever other enchantments there might be to keep people out. 

You finally touched down right as the sun was setting, at the edge of a town near the castle. You quickly used your magic to cloak your wings and then Azriel’s before walking down the cobblestone road into town. The town was decorated with all sorts of banners and streamers, there must be some sort of festival or celebration going on.

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I saw someone on Instagram say

“Liking SJM’s books is okay but denying the fact she is problematic is not.”


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If Netflix or Hulu doesn’t pick up the ACOTAR series and turn it into a television show soon I’m going to combust.

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EMERIE, KALLON, and VASSA. I know that’s a varied group but I get very frustrated when minor characters are introduced and they play a bigger role in the plot and like we never see them again…. So those three would interest me greatly:)

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To all my friends who sent in requests or prompts,

hi:) first of all thank you guys for everything- secondly i’m working really hard to get them out into the world before ACOSF.

My year started off with a bang and I just had to undergo surgery so I’ve been struggling to keep writing in this position.

That being said, I can’t promise I’ll be able to write and produce anything BIG soon but while I’m recovering i’d LOVE to answer any questions or opinions:)

with all my love,

bab <3

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Antis: “Feyre hates poor people”


  • Taught herself to hunt to save her family while they were in fact poor people
  • Left money on the doorsteps of people who she knew would not accept her charity
  • Gave jewelry to a water wraith when she could not pay her tithe
  • Convinced everyone to use up their energy to winnow people to Summer court to save them
  • Donated and volunteered at every single charity she could find until they literally kicked her out to rest 
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Nessian Appreciation Week Day 6 - Free Choice

Nesta and Cassian are in each other’s orbits since partway through ACOMAF, until the final battle against Hybern at the end of ACOWAR when they stop orbiting and crash together like some kind of supernova. 

Now I acknowledge that the exchange between them, when all fighting and power and strength between them seems to be expended and gone, is incredibly moving (“I will find you again in the next world…” 😭). 

But that’s not the bit I want to share now. I want to share snippets from right before that moment, of these two fighting Hybern for each other. I find them some of the most fierce and moving and just plain badass moments in the series. 

I kind of want to put a spoiler line here because the details are so fierce and amazing, you should really only read them if you know what came before for these two (so, spoilers after the break…)

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I just a scene like this in the future books:


papa helion going to take his baby home

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Nesta and Cassian in the mountains… mountains are cold… can’t light a fire… Nesta hates fire because of her PTSD… well… this will be scary… and interesting?

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Azriel has his own spies, and his fair share of lovers. Diem is the one he never expected. In which a half Illyrian may be all the hope he needs. 

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I just want Helion to accept Lucien as his son so bad

We haven’t had a good father relationship for literally any character, and my boy could use a win.

“would you want it- your father’s crown?”

no one’s ever asked me that, the bloodshed that would be required to earn that crown wouldn’t be worth it. Neither would it’s festering court

He is heir to the thrown. No bloodshed. No festering hatred from the summer court.

“I don’t have anywhere else to go. You ruined any chance of going back to spring, not to Tamlin, but to the court beyond his house. everyone either still believes the lies you spun or they believe me complicit in your deceit and ask for here… I can’t stand to be in the same room as her for more than 2 minutes I can’t stand to be in this court and have your mate pay for the very close on my back.”

He needs somewhere to belong. The band if Exiles is great, but he could have a real home. A place and family that accepts him.

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