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Harry Styles | The Zane Lowe Interview
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A Great Mentor: Tattoos
A One Shot
Tumblr media
Summary: Your daughter likes hearing about her daddy’s tattoos but doesn't understand why he doesn't have one for her. Partly inspired by an idea a lovely anon gave me 🥰
Pairing: Andy Barber x fem!Reader, Andy Barber x Daughter
Warnings: None
Word count: ~1,200
Series masterlist
*Flashback in italics
Tumblr media
“What about this one, daddy?” 
You faintly hear your daughter’s voice as you begin to wake up. If you had to guess, it's probably the rustling of the bed that woke you up. Andy tries to contain Evie to his side of the bed in the mornings, but her inability to sit still usually overpowers his efforts. 
“Umm,” you hear your husband hum after her question. That one means daddy was young and drunk and let his equally-drunk friend choose his tattoo, is what he wants to say. “I just thought that would look pretty on my shoulder. What do you think?” 
“It’s ok,” she shrugs, tracing the dark black lines with her small finger. 
By now, you’ve caught on that she's asking about his tattoos, and you almost laugh out loud at her blunt indifference. You want to speak up and agree with her knowing exactly which one that was about, but you always enjoy listening to their morning conversations, so you keep your back toward them and let them think you're still asleep. 
“This one?” She moves on to a different one, pointing to some seemingly random numbers separated by a few dashes. “One… One… Two…”
“Good job, peanut,” he nods, giving her a reassuring look as she reads the numbers. “Keep going.” Waiting for her to be done, he tells her what it is. “That's a date–a day very important to your mama and I.”
The day of your first date. You knew that's the one she was on as soon as she started naming the numbers. You can vividly remember him proposing the idea for that one to you… mostly because that wasn't his first choice.
Tumblr media
“Of course,” you laughed a little, shaking your head at the question he asked. He'd been getting tattoos long before he even met you; you weren't sure why he was asking if he should this time–basically asking for your permission. “I think they're hot. Why would I say no?” 
“Because…” He drew the word out and you gave him a go-on look. “I'm thinking about getting your initials or something.” 
You couldn't help the sudden laugh that escaped you, stopping what you were doing to look at him for a sign he was fucking with you. He just scoffed, letting out a confused laugh of his own.
“You're an idiot. Why would you do that?” 
“Honey–” He found how appalled you were amusing if he was being honest. “What's wrong with that?” 
“Don't you think it's bad luck or something?” 
“Not really,” he shrugged, but his eyes narrowed on you. “You planning on leaving me or something?” 
That got you to crack a smile again. “Shut up.” 
“If you don't want me to, I won't.” He held his hands up in defeat. “That's why I asked.” 
“Decide on something that isn't my name, and I might go with you,” you offered. “There's something I've been wanting to get too.” 
He waited for you to elaborate, but instead you moved to leave the room. 
“Okay,” he laughed. “You're not going to run yours by me?” 
“No because it's not something stupid like a name,” you called out as you kept walking.
Since that's how it was going to be, he kept his new idea a secret too. Until the day you actually went to get them done. He could feel you staring at him as he parked in front of the studio, an expectant glare. 
“The date of our first date,” he said, knowing exactly what you wanted him to answer. 
Your gaze instantly softened when he looked over at you. 
He jokingly cringed. “You're not going to veto this one too, are you?” 
“No,” you laughed, reaching over to give him a reassuring pat on the leg. “No, I’m not. Why that date though? Don't people usually wait and do their wedding date or something?” 
“I don't know.” He shifted a bit in his seat so he could face you better. “By then we’d been together basically six months, but it was a really weird six months without a label, and we'd been through a lot. I feel like things kind of fell into place for us come our first date.” 
“You sap,” you smirked. “That's really nice.” 
“So I have your permission for this one?” 
You answered by leaning over to give him a quick kiss. “You have my permission.” 
Tumblr media
“Mom was with me when I got this one,” he tells her. “She got a tattoo that day too. On her arm.” 
Before he can stop her, she's crawling over to you to look. He asks her not to wake you, but your laugh cuts him off. 
“I’ve been awake,” you chuckle, rolling over to face them. “You guys are loud.” 
He mouths a quick Sorry before Evie’s resting a hand on your shoulder to get your attention. “Daddy said you have one too!” She points at his chest, telling you she means a tattoo.
“Right here.” You hold your arm out for her to see the small outline on the inside of your upper arm. “Angel wings. ‘Cause of the nickname daddy calls me.” 
“Pretty,” she gasps, running her fingers over the dainty lines. 
You can't suppress the urge to stick your tongue out at Andy. At least she thinks one of you has a pretty tattoo.
The expression on Evie’s face abruptly falls though as she turns back to her dad. “None for me?” 
“No what for you, princess?” You both share a look, not sure what she's talking about. 
“Ta-do.” Her lip quivers as she answers. “One for mama, but not me.” 
Oh. He quickly gathers that she doesn't understand why he has one that symbolizes you but not her. Neither of you want a full meltdown this early in the day, so he quickly, but gently, pulls her back against his side while he reaches for his phone. “C’mere, I’ll show you something, sweetie.” 
It takes him a second to find it amongst all the random pictures and videos he has of her in his phone, but he finally taps on it for her to see–a draft of a new tattoo. 
“This is gonna go right next to brother’s,” he points to the left side of his chest where he has Jacob’s name. “That's your foot print from when you were a baby.” 
She giggles at that, reaching out to touch the screen trying to make the picture bigger. Andy helps her so she can attempt to read her full name. She struggles because of the fancy typeface though, so he reads it for her. 
Her eyes flicker to the spot he pointed to next to Jacob’s name as if she's trying to envision it. 
“Do you think that'll be a good place for it?” 
“Uh-huh,” she sniffles, snuggling closer against him. “Pretty, daddy.”
Tumblr media
Tag list: @chris-butt @patzammit @denisemarieangelina @thummbelina @pppsssyyyccchhhiiiccc @princess-evans-addict @chris-evans-indian-fanfic @la-cey @turtoix @katiew1973 @harrysthiccthighss @tvckerlance @bluemusickid @rocketrhap3000 @mrspeacem1nusone @murdcox @geminievans1 @doozywoozy @americasass91 @dwights-new-plague @wwwmarissa92 @redhairedfeistynerd @bostongirl13 @beck-alicious @whxre4cevans @aubreeskailynn @white-wolf1940 @melchills-j @xoxabs88xox @just-one-ordinary-fangirl @before-we-get-started @chrissquares @christowhore @ice-dtae @mariestark @justile @rogersdrysdalebarber @dilfbarber @livstilinski @payperhearts @vintagestarlight @gitasor @chaeycunty @miss-ariella @bemysugarbean @t-stark35 @seitmai @reginaphalange2403
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The Wilds + ANY GIVEN SUNDAE 🍨  
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Request: Jack and Urban arguing over who gets the last piece of pizza so the reader sneakily eats it lol
A/N: Love these types on requests. Of course I can do it. Just for u anon 💓
ℝ𝕖𝕢𝕦𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕤 𝕒𝕣𝕖 100% 𝕠𝕡𝕖𝕟 𝕥𝕠 𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪𝕠𝕟𝕖
"Urban just let me have the last slice. You already ate 3!" Jack yells at his best friend.
"And your point is? Come on man, I'm still hungry." Urban replies.
"But we are sharing the pizza. Do you not know what sharing is?" Jack tells Urban, starting to get a little aggitated.
"Whatev-" Urban stops as he realizes that the pizza slice is already gone. Urban looks up to find you sitting on the other end of the couch, slowly eating the last slice he and his best friend were just arguing about.
Upon being caught, you look at both Urban and Jack right in the eyes and say,
"The slice was getting cold."
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Jaiden Animations is going to super hell for aromantic and asexual crimes and to make some super cool animations!!!
requested by: Anonymous
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requested by @whatwebelievebecomestrue
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nia gonzales + flower girl ✧。*゚✿ S05E18
requested by @autisticsansastarks
[Image Description: 2 gifs of Nia Gonzales in season 5 episode 18 of 9-1-1.
Gif 1: The camera focuses on the stone pathway, silver sparkled shoes in frame, taking slow steps. A ruffly pink dress is worn as we see a tiny hand reach into a beaded handbag.
Gif 2: The shot changes, now head-on. Nia's face is concentrative as she scatters flower petals from inside her bag on the ground. Her hair is styled naturally with a golden headband.
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Late Night Cuddles
requested by: @loopy-lupinn
pairing: regulus black x reader
Sneaking into Regulus’ dorm wasn’t as hard as you would think. So slowly creeping up the stairs into his dorm became a habit, one neither of them wanted to lose. After dating him for a while Y/N picked up on the fact that he loved physical affection. He wouldn’t admit it to anyone, not wanting to seem weak, but she knew him better than that.
It broke her heart once she found out what his home life was like. No one should ever have to face that type of abuse. Ever. So when things got too hard she would hold him in her arms and whisper words of encouragement, kissing his head over and over again. Making sure he knew he was safe and loved.
So once school started again after holidays Y/N snuck into his dorm and climbed into bed, chuckling softly when Regulus wrapped his arms around her so tightly and buried his head in the crook of her neck. “Hello to you too.” 
“Hi.” His breath tickled her neck as he sighed and breathed in her scent. 
Y/N frowned slightly when he didn’t lossen his grip, so she placed a kiss in his black curls. “What happened, Reggie?” She felt him shake his head against her. “I’m right here, my love. Tell me what’s bothering you.” She spoke softly as a small pit in her stomach formed. He only acted like this after a really bad holiday. 
“My mum…” 
She let him talk about everything that happened at home. Every word that fell from his lips made her heart break more. But she knew he didn’t need pity. So she gave him comfort. The only thing she could do for him. That fact made her feel so helpless, but she put her thoughts aside and held him tightly. 
“Please, Reg, remember this. I’ll always be here for you. And no matter what I love you.”
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♕ Anonymous ; ”Hi, I’m new here and I love your writing. could you write a cute fem Mc scene with diavolo in the human realm? like she surprises him for his birthday and somehow manages to get him to see the human world and in the end he kind of thinks it’s a date?“
» Scenario / |F!MC| / Fluff « W ; writing/spelling mistakes? | ›
An; Hi Anon! Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy the scenario ^^❤️
(♡ω♡ ) ~♪ Aaand Thank you for loving my writing anon! I appreciate it a lot! I’ve had a really bad writer’s block these days 😭
Tumblr media
Arriving at the demon lord’s castle, MC’s eyes sparkled and her face lit up as she hurried off to Diavolo’s chamber. It was the night before his birthday, and she had the perfect idea to celebrate his birthday with him. They were going to do things he liked today! In the human world.
The heavy wooden door MC was about to knock on was immediately flung open by Diavolo, who had a look of childlike excitement on his face “MC! Shall we go immediately?” Diavolo asked, holding his hand out for MC to take.
MC smiled and was about to take his hand, but a voice from behind her caused her to stop in her tracks. “Young master, MC. Where do you think you’re going?” Ah, Busted…
Barbatos had caught them. The next thing MC knew was happening was that she was sitting down on the floor next to Diavolo while listening to Barbatos‘ scolding. she silently wished that a miracle would happen which would get her and Diavolo out of here… And as if someone- or something, had heard her wish, a rat suddenly crawled by, it sneaked behind Barbatos.
MC’s eyes lit up with mischief as she grinned and called out “Hey Barbie, is that a rat behind you?” Barbatos‘ heart sank and he hurriedly glanced down behind him, and much to his horror there was a rat. Barbatos immediately yelped and tried to stomp on the rat which in turn climbed on top of his foot.
⟨‹ Read more ↓›⟩
“Now’s our chance!” MC exclaimed, and Diavolo nodded then took her hand.
The scenery around them quickly changed as the two were teleported to the human world.
In the human world, The sun was setting and the sky was dyed in deep orange and red hues. Diavolo beamed with excitement as he looked around “So what are we going to do here?” He asked her. The devildom’s prince had been impatiently waiting all week long for this quick trip to the human world, MC informed him one week ago that she would like to spend some time in the human world with him. He excitedly did all his work and cleared up his schedule for the day.
“Well, we’re going to have some fun!” MC said. “Let’s go cycling!” She suggested “That’s a great idea!” Diavolo agreed
“Oh, and if there’s anywhere you want to go you better tell me.” MC huffed. Diavolo nodded, And so the two ended up renting bikes and going for a bike ride together.
While cycling, Diavolo stopped by several shops with MC, A souvenir shop selling beautiful seashells and trinkets, a cafe with a wide variety of sweets, and a little shop by the end of a forest selling beautiful pottery and tiny clay sculptures. His favourite clay sculpture was one of a cute little sheep sitting down and doing paperwork, it reminded him very much of MC. And MC, seeing how interested he seemed to be in it, took it off the shelf and bought it for him. “You know, this is a special trip so I’d like to get you a little present to remember it.” MC told him.
Soon, it was dark outside and MC and Diavolo reached a spot on top of a hill that was illuminated by moonlight. The spot MC had chosen had a clear view of the nearby village, and the huge forest surrounding it.
MC took off the backpack she was wearing and took out the picnic blanket she had prepared earlier, she spread the blanket out on the ground and then placed a few of the rocks that were nearby on its edges so it wouldn’t get wrinkled.
Diavolo sat down cross-legged on the blanket and looked at MC as she took out plates and lunch boxes, opened them, and filled them with food and sweets. His eyes lit up and he grinned widely when he saw his favorite hellfire mushroom rolled cigar cookies “It’s like we’re on a date!” He laughed. MC chuckled at him and gave him a sweet smile “It is, isn’t it?” She teased him.
“Hmm… Then… This is a date?” Diavolo inquired bashfully. Honestly, whenever he was near MC he couldn’t help but blush and grin widely like an excited schoolgirl talking to her crush.
“Sure, it is!” MC replied before handing him a plate with some delicious food on it. She then handed him a package with a fork and knife in it.
“Luckily for you, there are no pickles in the food,” MC said. At the mention of pickles, Diavolo frowned and sighed loudly “I’m glad.”
“Oh, and no bell peppers!” MC added.
MC and Diavolo made small talk while eating, soon they emptied their plates.
Diavolo laid down on the blanket and looked up at the moon “I like the calm atmosphere” he said, and MC hummed in acknowledgment. Then she offered him a hellfire mushrooms cookie “You looked pretty stressed this whole week.” She told him. Diavolo accepted the cookie and ate it in one bite. “I’ve had a lot of work to do.” He admitted
“I see…” MC murmured. She reached into the front pocket of her backpack and took her D.D.D she unlocked it to check the time; It was 2 minutes before Diavolo’s birthday.
MC smiled to herself and tucked her D.D.D back into her backpack’s pocket. Looks like she’ll be the first one to wish Diavolo a happy birthday this year.
“Hey Dia, I’m glad you made time for us to come to the human world, I appreciate it. I know it must have been especially hard clearing your schedule since your birthday is coming up.”
“Oh, It’s nothing you need to thank me for! I’m always happy to spend time with you so I’ll do my best to clear my schedule no matter what.” Diavolo smiled at MC, and MC gave him a smile in return, “Thanks” she replied.
The next few moments passed in silence until the alarm of MC’s D.D.D went off, indicating that it was finally Diavolo’s birthday.
“Happy birthday!” MC Cheered happily.
Diavolo’s eyes widened before he laughed “Ahahaha! Did you set an alarm for that? Thank you, MC!”
“You’re welcome, I wanted to be the first person to wish you a happy birthday, and I was. hehe!” MC grinned widely at him before leaning in to hug him.
“Ah, is that why you came up with the proposal of going to the human world?” Diavolo asked as he hugged MC back, “It is!” MC answered.
“Thank you very much for the wonderful birthday! I had a lot of fun” Diavolo told MC honestly. “I’m glad!” MC giggled.
“Maybe you should take me on another date sometime?” Diavolo pulled away from the hug and winked at MC.
Someone interrupted from behind them. Again..
MC and Diavolo quickly turned around and saw a very displeased looking Lucifer along with Barbatos…
Oh well… Looks like the two were in trouble but at least they had a very fun time.
“MC…” Diavolo whispered quietly “I think it’s time for us to run”. MC nodded her head, Diavolo quickly shifted into his demon form and he picked her up, then he leaped off the cliff much to Lucifer and Barbatos‘ Surprise. “DIAVOLO! MC!” Lucifer yelled from behind them.
“We might as well go for a late night flight before returning to the devildom, right MC?” Diavolo chuckled as he flew past a pine tree.
MC laughed and adjusted her hold on him, she tightened her arms around his neck “Don’t let Lucifer catch us or else I’ll be on cooking duty for a whole year.”
‹ End. ›
⟨ Thank you for reading~ ⟩
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Unconventional Meetings
Tumblr media
Summary: you wanted change, a chance to fix all of the wrongs in your life. but that was easier said then done when helping someone leads to unconventional meetings
Pairings: Eddie Brock/Venom x f!reader
Word Count: 6225
Warnings: some cursing, depictions of violence, attempted rape, blood and gore
Genre: slight angst, action (?), slight fluff
Main Taglist: @legolaslovely @dolonia-spencer @fizzyxcustard @c4ts4ndstuff @mathom-box @notabotiswear
Marvel TL: @otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore @notabotiswear
A/N: ooooo I enjoyed writing this a lot!! It’s definitely more graphic than what I usually write, but I hope it’s enjoyable nonetheless!! thanks for sending this request in @hanaotaku95 and I hope it’s what you were looking for!!
translation(s): свинья без члена - dickless pig
Tumblr media
It felt… weird. Like a cloud had been lifted from over you and now you were looking at the world through a looking glass, not a frosted window. The people that passed you in the street, you remembered how you used to look at them as obstacles or targets. Not humans. You saw names, dates and times; names of those who you knew to be on your hit list and times and dates of when they were to take their last breath. But the fog that clouded your brain, the blood that coated your hands and sometimes seeped into your socks had been washed away and now you were left with a clean slate. The faces you remembered throughout your day, neighbors you had met or a stranger you exchanged hellos with weren’t a threat anymore. You had no one, nothing to your name in this new city except some cash and a hypothetical book you vowed to keep clean. A new journal with empty pages that you got to fill with endless notes and pictures whenever you wanted. No more blood, no more hurt.
The start-up, however greatly anticipated, was slow and a bit boring at first. Your apartment was small, too small for you and the secrets you kept hidden from the world. But you made it work. The walls were grey and bland, and when the sun shone in from the creaky windows which made the living space seem even smaller. Pictures and paintings would’ve made the scene more homey, more like you, but you couldn’t find it in you to hang something up just yet. The couch you had picked up was just the right size, but its cushions felt hard against your bones from lack of use. It wasn’t that you hated living there, but rather you found using your time and talents for good was a better idea than wallowing in self-pity in your dinghy apartment. Its wooden floors and paper-thin walls seemed to mock you, so you took to the streets to try and find a way to pass the time, maybe even find a job or two until something permanent, less violent than your last occupation made itself known to you. But even if your past was behind you, and the grip he had on your mind was loosened and nowhere to be seen, it seemed your instincts were harder to ignore than you thought.
The only thing you kept from your time in the Red Room was a thick mask, one that covered the bottom portion of your face. You used it then to protect your identity, now you used it for comfort, hoping no one could see the lack of control you realized you had over your emotions and expressions. The leather covered cloth was smooth against your skin, hiding the deep frown etched into what seemed like stone from the world. Tonight, however, It also hid the surprise in your features when a faint scream was carried out of an alley you were passing by. Though it was muffled, you could tell from lack of reverberation, it was loud enough that your keen sense of hearing could pick it up. You paused for a second, your head turning and glaring at the darkness that shrouded the alley as you contemplated your next move. The sound of shuffling clothes and quiet cries carried on, and your heart began to hammer against your ribs at the sound. You didn’t want to hurt anyone, you thought as you felt the prick of your trimmed nails dig into the skin of your palms. But it was late, and no one should be out at this time of night. Not even you. But the sounds in the alley were terrifying, and you dreaded the thought of someone walking away hurt and traumatized because you made the wrong move.
“Fuck it.”
Your body moved down the alley in a flash, feet barely making a noise against the ground as you moved quickly and silently. You hated the feeling of your instinct taking over, the dull ringing in your ears nearly deafening you as two bodies came into view. Despite the lack of blood, the scene before you was graphic. A man, pushing himself on to a woman who clearly did not want to be in that position, his hands grabbing at her skin and ripping at her clothes in an attempt to defile her body. She was half naked, shirt torn to shreds and pants halfway to her knees as she was frozen in fear. Your heart clenched at the sight of tears flowing down her cheeks; she was terrified and rightfully so. The shaking in her bones and the pleads for him to stop were kept at bay by one of the man’s grimy hands as the other slithered around her body and skin. They both froze when you appeared, sliding to a halt with a glare set in stone upon your face. Her eyes were wide and hopeful yet still embedded with fear as the man on top of her growled and held her tightly.
“I don’t think she appreciates you doing that.” You're not sure why you spoke, trying to reason with the bastard as you took up a defensive position. Maybe it was to try and ease your way into the blood bath that was to shortly ensue, or maybe it was to stop it. “Step away from her, and maybe I’ll send you home with minimal broken bones.” Definitely to try and stop it.
“Fuck off!” The man screeched, ripping himself off of the girl and grabbing a fallen knife from off of the ground. His paints hung low on his hips, and you averted your gaze quickly when he adjusted himself. You never liked how men looked, especially with cocks as ugly as his own. “This has nothing to do with you,” he warned, taking a step forward and shoving the knife in your direction, but you remained still. Though the sharp and shining knife might’ve scared any normal person who thought it was smart to be a hero, you weren’t any normal person by a long shot. “So just move along and let me finish.” A cruel laugh erupted from him, one that shook the poor girl on the ground to her core. She cried harder, tears pouring down her cheeks in waves as she tried to curl into herself. “Now let me have my fun and—“
In a second you made up the distance you kept between yourself and the man, knocking his wrist to the side and grabbing the knife from the air. You smashed the hilt of the knife against his nose and while he was dazed from the hit, kicked the heel of your foot against his shoulder. You heard the familiar crack of his shoulder being dislocated from the heavy blow you had delivered, followed shortly by the blood curdling scream he let rip from his throat as his own blood came pouring his now broken nose. You were quick to hoist the girl to her feet, and in a moment you had shed one of your jackets to throw it over her trembling body in an attempt to make her decent. “You’re alright now,” you tried to comfort her, smoothing your hands over the jacket now on her shoulders once before transferring the knife into her possession. “You run, go to the nearest store, station, whatever the fuck is available and tell anyone what happened.”
“W-what about you?” Despite the situation she was just in, the care she held for you, the worry that laced her shaking voice made your heart squeeze in its place. Her eyes then moved from your face to the cursing man behind you and she froze again. “W-what about him?”
You snorted at his pathetic cries and the profanity he threw your way. “Don’t worry about him, the police will find him later.” Even though she couldn’t see it, you gave a reassuring smile before turning her around. “Now go, I’ll take care of this. You need to go.” With a small shove in the direction of the alley entrance, she took off running. You were well aware of the man still behind you, but you didn’t make any move to acknowledge him until you were sure she was out of the darkness and in full view from the street. He was still holding his nose when you turned, blood now staining his hands as he tried to stop the river of red from pouring out of his nose. His body shook from the pain in his now broken bones, and as you took slow steps towards him, fists already clenched tight, he tried his best to look intimidating. He failed, of course.
“You bitch!” His screams were ugly and totally uncalled for, and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes as he tried to swing his dislocated arm. “Ugh, I’ll kill you! I will fucking kill you!”
“In your dreams, asshat.” You dodged his miscalculated swing with ease, your steps still quiet as you moved to the side and once again, raised your leg to attack. The question mark kick was delivered hard, the top of your foot making contact with his temple and knocking his head to the side. The force behind your kick wasn’t enough to knock him out, no you wanted to make sure he was conscious for the next little while. But his body still flew to the side and he landed with a cry, his bloodied hands flying to his head as a new pain wrecked his skull and his brain. “You said you wanted to have some fun, yeah?” Whimpers replaced his curses as you stalked towards him, and for a second you felt yourself growing more excited at the sight of red that coated his hands like tight gloves. The sole of your shoes stuck to his skin as you held him in place by his ankle. You applied enough pressure for more screams to bounce off of the walls, but not enough to break it as you leaned closer to the mangled mess that would become his face. “Why don’t we have some fun then?”
Something came back to you as you eased your fist into Malik contact with flesh and bone. The smell of iron dusting the ground and walls of the alley made memories flood back, memories you thought were shoved so deep into the cave in your brain that they’d never see the light of day again. But they did. The man’s face under your thighs was squeezed tight, his eyes bulging from their sockets as the air from his lungs dwindled by the second. It was easy, choking him out this way. Your hands were painted red from the number of times you had hit him, and the cuts on his face and body, both seen and not, showed that whatever pain he was in was for a reason. You hated how easy it felt to hurt him so, and how your body reacted to the gurgling breaths that came from the man, his opened palms splaying against your thighs in an attempt to get you to release him. But you made no move to let him go.
One of your hands that was used to pin his arm above his head and too your stomach went loose when he chose to dig his fingertips into your legs. It was seen more of an annoyance than as a pain as he did so, and as you gripped his wrist, having pried it from your leg, you found yourself relishing in the clicking and cracking sound his wrist made when you snapped it. Another scream, though clouded with the blood in his throat and from the lack of air in his lungs, broke free as yet another form of pain was inflicted on his body. Your eyes remained cold still, staring down at the man who not long ago thought it was fun to hurt an innocent woman. Who thought it was okay to touch someone despite having been told no over and over and over again. He was lucky, you thought, that you didn’t snap his neck and dispose of his worthless body the moment you stepped foot into the alley way. The mercy you were showing him was more than he deserved. But now you were tired, and ready to leave.
“Say goodbye, свинья без члена.”
You hadn’t realized before now, as your hands wrapped around the man’s jaw for a better grip to end his life, that someone had decided to make their presence in the alley known. Your head snapped up at the erratic breathing that sounded in front of you after a scream ripped through the air for you to stop. Your eyes blew wide when a man moved in front of you and froze from the sight of you. In an instant the bones in your captives neck were twisted to the side and cracked at the impact. He fell limp in your hold, your legs separating and spinning as you used your arms to propel you to the side and on to your feet. The man jumped back at your action, his eyes watching your every move as he raised his hands in defense. You were thanking whatever higher being was in heaven at that moment, your hands brushing against the fabric of the mask that was still on your face as you reached for the hood of your sweater. He flinched back at the movement, stuttering words in an attempt to what appeared to be saving his life as he tripped over his feet a bit. That gave you an opening.
“No, wait, wait!”
You darted to the right, hoping that whatever terror he had flooding his body at the scene he just witnessed would make him move out of your way. You just wanted to leave and never look back. What’s done was done, and while yes, you shouldn’t have killed that guy, something in your mind told you it was for a good cause. Hell, you knew it was. But no one was supposed to see you finish the man. You paid no mind to this new man, pushing your feet to propel yourself forward and around his sudden outstretched hands when he made a move to grab you. But you were quicker, pushing off the balls of your feet so that you were even further from his grasp and closer to a wall just before his fingers could reach you. Or so you thought.
Something tugged harshly against the fabric of your sweater, and it knocked your hood off of your head quickly when your back suddenly made contact with the wall. A gasp fell past your lips as a dull pain ran up your spine, your eyes blowing wide when you were suddenly faced with pearl-like eyes and row after row of jagged teeth. The oily creature stood high above you, its muscles glistening against the moonlight while its skin, if you could call it that, shifted and moved with each breath. Something you hadn’t felt in ages surged through your veins like fire, and your hands gripped tightly against the black tendrils that seemed to flow from its body and smooth itself against your shoulders. YOU SHOULD NOT STRUGGLE. The voice that emitted from its body made your eyes bulge, the low and rumbling tone vibrating against your skin and deep in your bones. IT WILL MAKE EATING YOU MUCH EASIER. FOR THE BOTH OF US. The fear that gripped you, held tight on to your lungs and brain made you want to vomit. You couldn’t remember the last time you had faced anything as terrifying as this. But you weren’t going to let that show.
“Fuck you!” You somehow managed out, despite the clawed hand that was wrapped around your throat. It wasn’t tight enough to choke you, but it was tight enough to where each time you swallowed down a glob of spit, you could feel the cool, slickness of this creature's skin. “He deserved it!” For some reason, you found yourself trying to justify yourself to this creature. Justifying your previous actions despite not even knowing who, or what for that matter, was exactly that was pressing you against an alley wall. “If it wasn’t for me, that fucker would’ve—“
WE KNOW. You paused, eyebrows furrowing in confusion at the creature above you. Its eyes glistened softly in the night, giving an effect like it was blinking as it growled lowly. The rumble once again steeped deep in your bones, but what really stumped you was how it seemed the creature was upset that it knew. And who was this we it was talking about? Was there more than one? THE GIRL TOLD US. WE JUST HAD TO SEE FOR OURSELVES.
In an instant the claws holding you upon the wall dropped and you fell to the floor with a gasping cough. Your fingers held the skin of your throat as you watched the creature step back, one of your hands balling into a fist in case it tried to attack again. But instead, much to your surprise, you watched as the oily substance seemed to shrink and shift until only the form of a man was left. The man from before. His hair was the same as before, short and wild against his forehead and he took a second to smooth out the canvas jacket he had on his shoulders before looking at you again. Shock must have been evident on what facial features you had showing, your mask still blocking your nose and gaping mouth from view. You raised your fists as a warning as he stepped forward, a small ‘don’t’ falling passed your lips and on his ears before he stopped.
“That girl ran into us on my way home,” He explained after clearing his throat. An awkward smile was present on his lips, and he made sure to keep his distance as you kept up a threatening position against the wall. “I took her to a station after she explained, but Venom wanted to see ‘the girl who kicked my attackers ass’, or that’s what she told me.” You could tell he was trying to not come off as threatening, as the laugh he tried to let loose sounded airy and somewhat light. His soft voice was a bit raspy, but still nice to listen to nonetheless. But you knew better than to fall for anything like that. Despite his voice and the look of assurance that filled his steely eyes, you kept quiet for a moment longer. So did the man. You eyes him cautiously, taking in his loose form and gently raised hands in a way that made him seem less of a foe and more of a friend. It wasn’t until you caught a glimpse of that oily substance again on his shoulder that you let out a small grunt, another tendril forming and doubling in size until you saw sharp teeth and giant eyes sprouting from the undulating mass again.
“That thing’s name is Venom?” Your accent was thick now, and you cursed yourself mentally for letting it show, but what was the use in hiding now. The man’s eyebrows quirked at this, but he nodded his head nonetheless at your question. “Why didn’t you run? Most men would’ve called the cops.”
“Most men don’t have an alien living inside of them, either.” He snorted, slapping his fingers against the alien's head when its tongue darted out and slithered across his cheek. “Dude, I’m trying to negotiate! Knock it off!”
“Well, he’s a rapist, if that makes you feel any better.” Something made you interrupt the two before any real arguing could ensue, your head nodding in the direction of the man’s mangled body before you looked back at the pair in front of you. “Well, was a rapist. Eat my brain all you want, but I’m not letting some asshole have his way with some girl.”
The yelp that came from your body was involuntary as large, viscous tendrils shot out from Venom and wrapped tightly around your body, and in a moment you were hoisted in the air and closer to the two of them. You fought against Venom, your fists bashing agaisnt the appendages that were holding you until you were brought closer to his face. Eddie, the man, protested, his voice becoming loud and frantic when Venom’s mouth enlarged and his tongue swiped across his teeth hungrily. “Venom, no! She’s not a bad guy, you cannot eat her!” Eddie grasped your shoulders as Venom brought you closer, and you found your body beginning to ache at the opposing pressures you felt on your waist and shoulders. Your fingers dug into the flesh of Venom's mushy skin as he lowered his head, mouth wide open in an attempt to eat every inch of you. Eddie continued to protest, pushing your upper body further away from him and Venom while you too tried to keep the alien at bay. “Enough, Venom! Chill the fuck out!”
“I’ll notice, you freak!” With one last attempt at freeing your body from being snapped in half from opposing forces, you dug your thumbs into the white irises of Venom. For a moment it worked, his tongue lashing around as a shrill sound bubbled in his throat and he snarled. Your body suddenly made contact with the floor as he let go, a groan falling past your lips when you felt the rubble cut your pants and dig into the skin of your knees. It was then that you grabbed a fistful of dirt and rocks before you stood to your feet and attacked, tossing the dirt mixture into Venom’s face to disorient him before your palm made contact with his face. You felt a stinging pain when one of his teeth cut jaggedly across the palm of your hand, but you said nothing as you pointed an angry finger in the aliens direction. “Don’t touch me again or so help me god I’ll gut you and your boyfriend like a fucking fish!”
Eddie froze in surprise when you suddenly squared up against the alien symbiote, all fear from earlier having disappeared from your body and now replaced with anger. You ignored Venom's growls and snarls at the fact you had thrown dirt in his face, and instead you pushed his swirling face away from your own as you turned to glare at Eddie. The man wasn’t expecting the rage that was present in your eyes, and he was thankful for the fact the bottom half of your face was still covered, otherwise he was sure he would’ve shit his pants. “If you kill me, he’ll kill you,” He sputtered out while trying to pull Venom back and away from you, hoping to defuse the situation in any way he could think. “Listen, we just wanted to see if you needed any help—“
“I can take care of myself, alien or no alien.”
“I can see that, but the girl said—“
“That I kicked his ass, and I did.” You huffed, crossing your arms in annoyance at the fact that Eddie was still staring wide-eyed at you all while Venom was practically drooling all over the floor to take a bite out of you. The alien continued to eye you as you motioned to the lifeless body of the man from before, and he couldn’t lie to himself that the remorseless words you spoke intrigued him. “Now that we’ve established I can handle myself, I think I’ll be going now.”
“The hell I can— hey, let me go!”
Once again, the tight grip from Venom’s tendrils wrapped securely around your waist, and within a moment's notice you felt the world under your feet disappear. You would’ve screamed as you saw the ground suddenly vanish and all you could now see was the night sky, and even though it felt as if your body weighed nothing as you were pulled through the air, you couldn’t. A blob of fear was stuck in the back of your throat as you watched building after building fly around you, slowly becoming a haze of nothingness as a darkness began to surround your vision. You squeezed your eyes shut, the wind whipping your hair around your head as Venom and Eddie continued to trapeze their way through the city with you held captive. Your legs curled up and into your chest, your fingers grabbing a hold of each opposing forearm before you suddenly felt your body coming to a halt. You didn’t dare open your eyes, not even when you felt another pull against your body, this time with not as much force, as you were pulled along and maneuvered into another building. Even as you felt something soft cushion your butt as Venom set you down, your eyelids blocked anything coming into view.
“You uh, you can open your eyes now.”
“I don’t want too.”
“You would be too if you got kidnapped by an brain-eating alien and his boyfriend.” You snapped, finally opening your eyes and glaring at Eddie, who appeared to be looking at you with concern. It appeared the two had taken you too an apartment of sorts. Better than yours, you discerned after looking at the poster covered walls. A cardboard box had been made into a sign that read “NO EATING PEOPLE” and was stuck to a brick wall, and if it wasn’t for the fact you still felt as if you were flying, you would’ve laughed. “Where did you take me anyways?”
“Uh… home?”
“This isn’t my apartment.”
Venom appeared again, still licking his teeth hungrily as his large eyes stared at you, unblinking. You narrowed your eyes, sucking in a deep breath as you watched the aliens skin slither and slide around as if it were a sentient being. Well, he was in a sense, but the way his skin glistened in the apartments dull light was uncanny and gave you a shuddering feeling. YOU KILL A MAN BUT ARE SCARED OF HEIGHTS?
“No, not scared.” You pushed yourself to stand, your hands smoothing down your clothes. He cut on your palm snagged against the fabric, and while you wanted to curse at the stinging pain in your hand, you kept quiet. Only once you felt you were unharmed did you look at Eddie again, this time noticing how his eyes lingered on your face for a moment before he looked away frantically. “Just not accustomed to being kidnapped and then flying across the city. With no warning. By an alien.” You went silent then, glaring hard at said alien while he growled and twisted his head to the side. Eddie seemed unsure of what to do, something between hushed whispers and blocked coughs tumbling past his lips in an attempt to calm both you and his symbiote down. Tension was heavy in the room, thick as a cloud above your heads. He still wasn’t sure how to approach the situation, hell he didn’t even know he would’ve made it this far when that terrified girl first ran into him in the street. But now you were in his apartment, out of view from anyone else except for him, Venom, and his two chicken friends Sonny and Cher.
“Listen, um… whatever your name is—“
“(Y/n).” You're not sure why you told him your name, but you did. And you cursed yourself for giving it up so easily.
“(Y/n), okay great!” Eddie gave a small cheer, his fists dancing in the air before he clapped his hands together. “(Y/n), we just wanted to get you off the streets. If the cops came and saw you kill that guy, they would’ve arrested you.” He hoped you understood where he was coming from. It looked bad for you, snapping some guy's neck in an alley, just to the two of you. Only your face was covered, it still was, and the other guys wasn’t so aside from the fact you had just murdered this man, no matter what you told the cops it seemed like you killed the guy in cold blood. “That girl could’ve vouched for you, sure, but nowadays that doesn’t matter.” You hated to admit it, but Eddie was right. Your shoulders fell at this, your butt making contact with his couch again after you fell back with a heavy sigh. “Yeah, you made the city safer by killing his ass, but you…“
Eddie’s voice seemed to fade into the background as your face fell into your hands. This was the reason you wanted to move. To get away from the violence and death that seemed to follow you like a plague. It had taken years, thousands of dollars and loads of therapy to get you and your mind back into a good place. And the amount of time it took you to stop believing that it wasn’t your fault took even longer. But tonight, that was all on you. No one was controlling your thoughts this time. No one told you he was your next target and that he had to go. You decided that, and now a man was dead. His blood still stained your fingertips and knuckles, and you're sure whatever flesh that had fallen from his mangled body from the beating you gave him was trapped on the bottom of your shoes. Despair seemed to wash over you like an ocean, and suddenly, for what seemed like the first time you could remember, tears stung the back of your eyes. You had your freedom, and you used it to kill someone. This wasn’t what you wanted with your life.
“He deserved it.” Your whispers came through loud and clear to Eddie. He caught on to the remorse that poured out with your words, and it wasn’t long until you felt a few wet drops fall on to the palms of your hands and sting he cuts that littered your skin. “He was a bad man. And he deserved to die the moment I saw him.”
“Hey, hey it’s okay!” Eddie had taken a hesitant seat beside you when you looked up, his voice flooding your ears again. He began to panic, his hands falling to your shoulders for a moment before you tensed at the contact. “Don’t cry, listen, it’s uh, it’s gonna be fine. Just try to relax and… don’t go to that part of town for a while.” You sniffled for a second, rubbing your hands down the expanse of your face before adjusting your mask again. The look in your eyes must’ve been filled with confusion, as Eddie let out an awkward laugh while waving his hands in the air. “You know, to keep people from recognizing you or something. Do you live nearby?”
“I was wearing a mask, Eddie. I don’t think I’ll be recognized by anyone anytime soon.” You brushed your fingers against the fabric of your mask, and a small smile pulled up your lips when you saw red creep up his neck in embarrassment. “And unfortunately I do, I live about two blocks from that alley.”
“Didn’t you want to eat me like, 10 minutes ago?” Both you and Eddie had mirrored expressions of shock as you looked at Venom, teeth spread in a terrifying grin as his head sprouted from Eddie’s shoulder blades. The change in tone and mood from his alien’s voice was surprising to the reporter, especially the fact that Venom was offering his own apartment to you. He definitely wouldn’t oppose the offer, who wouldn’t want someone as skilled and attractive as you staying in their apartment? Not that he knew if you were attractive or not, well he did, seeing as how well you held yourself and how gracefully you nearly beat his ass back in the alley. But he wasn’t one to judge.
I CHANGED MY MIND. Venom seemed to read Eddie’s mind like an opened book, perks of the symbiotic relationship they had, and snickered when Eddie turned red from his next comment. YOU CAN STAY. I'M SURE EDDIE WOULDN'T MIND EITHER, WOULD YOU EDDIE? When all the attention went to the man next to you, for a moment you laughed. His expression was wild, eyes wide and mouth hanging open as shock took over his body. What was he gonna say, no? SAY SOMETHING EDDIE. YOU'RE EMBARRASSING YOURSELF.
“You just offered my apartment to some random person! For all we know she could be a serial killer!” Eddie suddenly burst, face turning red from the sudden bout of annoyance and embarrassment that flooded his system. The veins in his neck popped as he stood to his feet and pushed Venom’s face away from his body. He hated the thought of leaving you to fight off whatever cops might come after you if someone recognized you. Obviously you could handle yourself, but killing cops definitely wasn’t a good look on anyone, especially there in the city. Venom still looked at him expectedly, white eyes unblinking, only moving between your semi-relaxed body on the couch and between the host he was currently inhabiting. It wasn’t until Venom slithered his way to his other shoulder, looking Eddie dead in the face as he had shifted his head away from Venom's, did he give in. “Fine! We don’t even know what she looks like but sure, she can stay I guess.”
Eddie hated the teasing tone in Venom's voice, his eyes narrowing as he looked at the alien. “How the hell do you know—“
Once again, Eddie found himself stuttering over his words when a tendril slithered its way out of Venom’s body, grabbed the top of his head and forced him to look in your direction again. Some time during his ranting and arguing with himself you had finally removed your mask, revealing your nose and lips and thus giving him and Venom a full view of your face. He wasn’t going to lie, he had been enamored by your eyes the moment he saw them in the alley, your shining irises pulling him in when you locked eyes for a moment. Your lips were lush and soft, he imagined. He was punching the air when he realized he was right. The slight smile you had adorning your face made his heart pound like drums in his chest. Venom once again snickered at his thoughts, pulling your attention away from Eddie and to the alien on his shoulder. “You’re very weird, did you know that?”
“How the hell do you know my star sign?”
WE’VE BEEN OVER THIS, EDDIE. I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU. Venom’s head dipped low, his smooth forehead dusting against Eddie’s for a brief moment before he looked back to where you were standing. Eddie gulped at that, knowing good and well what the symbiote was referring to. EVERYTHING.
“That doesn’t really matter to me.” The laugh you let out seemed to lighten the air around you and the two in front of you. And the smile you showed them brightened the room when your lips pulled up and revealed a set of pearly whites. Eddie felt his heart hammer against his ribs again, and he hoped you didn’t notice the way his gaze seemed to dance between your lips and eyes. Venom noticed though. “As long as you’re okay with it, Eddie, I’ll lie low here for a few days before heading back to my place.”
“You don’t need anything from your apartment?”
You stopped for a second, hands patting the pockets on your sweater and on the back of your jeans before you looked at him again with another smile. You had to stop doing that or else Eddie was sure he was going to burst. “No,” With a shake of your head you revealed a set of keys, a phone, and a small wallet before putting them away in their respective pockets. “This is all I need.”
GREAT. You watched with wide eyes as Venom suddenly detached himself from Eddie, the man before you letting out a shudder at the empty feeling that washed over him as Venom did so. He rose to his full height, you having to crane your neck to look at his face, before he wrapped his claw-like hands around your shoulders and set you down on the couch again. Moments later the two chickens from before were placed on to your lap with wild clucks from being disturbed, and if it wasn’t for the complete shock running through your veins at being manhandled by a seven foot alien, you would’ve laughed at the face Eddie was making. MEET SONNY AND CHER. I THINK YOU MIGHT BE GOOD FRIENDS. LIKE US.
“She doesn’t want to be friends with the chickens, V! Leave her alone!”
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Tumblr media
<Alt Text:> This System Loves Listening To My Chemical Romance
Requests Are Open! :D
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Harry Styles | The Zane Lowe Interview
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🧸✨ Older Kid Age Dreamer Tails icons requested by anonymous (please reblog if you save)! ✨🧸
Tumblr media
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Hello, I hope you have a wonderful day, if it's not too much trouble, could you do spy x family lockscreens?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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more lockscreens here!
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Blurb about the reader being pregnant and crying over a dog movie and Jack makes fun of her
A/N: He better not cuz those movie always make me cry. Pregnancy or not.
You and Jack decided to watch a movie tonight since you two had been working on the nursery for your unborn child all day.
Half way through the movie, Jack starts to hear little sniffles coming from the side of him. When we turns his head to look at you, he see that you're crying. To a movie. About dogs.
"Baby are you really crying?" Jack asks in a flat tone.
"Shut up Jackman. I'm pregnant. It's the hormones." You respond.
"Yeah okay. Just don't cry when they start playing fetch." Jack says back to you with a little chuckle.
"Stooooopppp. It's not funny." You say as you hit him in the head with a pillow.
"Damn. Let me guess, the hormones make you agressive too?" Jack says, as he gets up to go get something from the kitchen.
When his back is turned, you take the perfect chance to chuck the empty popcorn container at him. While replying, "Damn right."
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Otto Apocalypse from Honkai Impact is going to super hell for literally everything including gay crimes!!!
requested by: @cocolia-took-the-kids
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clark from Connecticut is microwaveable!
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requested by @fangirltofangod
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requested by: @smiling-girl
pairing: remus lupin x reader
She didn’t want to be here. She never wanted to be at parties, it just wasn’t her scene. But here she stood, in ripped jeans, a nice top Marleane told her to wear, her hair and makeup done. Her friends convinced her to show up at the party tonight, promising her that they’d stay with her. Fifteen minutes in and that promise has been broken. Again. Don’t get her wrong, she knew she wasn’t the main character in their stories. She was one of those side characters that only feature in a few chapters before they suddenly disappear. She couldn’t hate them for it. She never would, but it still hurt. She was so lonely, but at least this was their last year. After this she could stay at home, find a job and move on. 
Y/N sat on a seat in the cornner of the room, trying to keep her distance from the crowd. The music could be felt through the floor as a tightness started to rise in her chest. She tried to take deep breaths but the tightness spread to her throat. The music seemed to get louder as she stood and pushed her way through the crowd, heading to the door. Tears finally escaped her eyes and she pushed the door open and rushed out of the common room. She snuck down the corridor and sat by an open window in the hall, tucked away to the side. 
What she didn’t realize was that she was followed. Remus saw her the moment she walked into the room, surprised to see her at the party. He knew she didn’t like those types of events, she’s mentioned it multiple times. He knew about her anxiety, he noticed the way she would tense up if things got too loud, or she was in a room with too many people. What he didn’t realize was that he was the only one who noticed. 
Once he turned the corner he saw her hugging her knees to her chest, leaning her head against the cold stone wall beside her. She turned her head when she heard his footsteps come to a stop next to her. Her teary eyes widened in slight surprise. 
Remus felt his heart clench at the sight of her, “I’m not going to ask if you’re okay. And we don’t even have to talk, but I’m not leaving.” He moved to sit in front of her. He felt her eyes on him but didn’t look her way, keeping his eyes on the window next to them. 
Y/N watched him in confusion. Why did he follow her? How did he notice her leaving? She didn’t take her eyes off of him, feeling the tightness in her chest fade slowly as she traced his scars with her stare. The moonlight made them glow slightly, and his eyes sparkled. Just the sight of him was mesermizing, but she still had one question. “Why are you here?” Her voice was slightly raspy as she spoke.
“‘Cause it looked like you needed help.” 
“How did you know?” Her eyebrows knitted together in confusion.
“How could I not?” 
“Because no one else seems to give a damn about me.” Y/N’s eyes widened as she realized what she said. 
“Frankly, my dear, I do give a damn.” 
She stayed silent, turning her head to look out the window once more. Remus looked out the window as well. Y/N snuck glances at the boy beside her, trying to suppress her small smile. 
“Thank you.”
“You have no reason to thank me.”
She chuckled quietly. “I mean it, thank you.”
His brown eyes watched her with slight amusement as he whispered, “Always.”
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Tumblr media
🌙 🌸 😴
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