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harryisart · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
St. Paul- 9/22
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babylonhockey · 2 days ago
what? ✿♡
pairing: peter parker x reader
warning/notes: female pronouns, super slight angst, fluff, mention of death (light heartedly) 
summary: Y/N cares for her boyfriend, yet he can’t pay attention to anything but her his clothing.
request/prompt: fluff prompts 3. “are you wearing my shirt?”, 7. “you’re hot when you’re angry.” & 37. “okay, where are all my jumpers?”
word count: 855
Tumblr media
It was a disaster.
A complete and utter disaster.
“Oh my god” you mutter to yourself, sight hidden by the cups of your hands.
The flashes of light of the television corrupt the calm atmosphere of your Queens apartment. You originally planned to have a relaxed night, time to yourself, a much needed break. That was the plan. But instead, here you sat, in front of your old box set TV watching your boyfriend swing from buildings on national television. 
You sigh as you brush your hair off your face, looking up towards the empty ceiling. Why couldn’t Peter just have a nice night, settling down with his girlfriend? Oh, that’s right. Because he’s Peter Parker. 
As thoughts overwhelm your racing mind, you quickly grab the TV remote and hover your thumb over the ‘off’ button. What if you missed something important? You shake your head, ceasing the thoughts and turn the television off. He’d be home any second now, he always was.
The tiny roman numeral wall clock read, 10:05pm. You paced the small New York City apartment, nail biting as you ponder your thoughts. 
Is he okay?
Should I turn the TV back on, just in case...
Maybe he’s injured
He could be dea-
“Hey, sweetie”
You fly towards the kitchen window, greeted with the frame of him. Peter.
He spreads his arms out, ready to have you engulf him into a warm, tight and long-awaited embrace. Instead, you begin to march over, ready to strike at any moment. How dare he do this to you?
“Peter Parker” you scowl, staring into his innocent and cowering eyes. His body language had completely flipped. Peter immediately dropped his welcoming arms by his side, and prepared himself for the complete shit-show that was about to unleash, all thanks to you.
Face to face with your boyfriend, you take a deep inhale, before questioning, “Where have you been, Peter?”
He lowers his head, looking around as if to find someone to defend him. “I-I was just, you know, fighting crime. Neighbour Spider-Man...and all”
“Ugh!”, you throw your head back in frustration. “Peter, I...I just,” 
Peter looks you up and down, his eyes landing on your, his shirt.
“What!” you yell, pleading with your hands and furrowing your eyebrows in confusion. Peter shakes his head and quickly gathers himself,
“No, no it’s nothing. Nothing” he confirms attempting not to smirk to himself. 
“What? Tell me!” you pester further, stomping your feet as though you were a child throwing a tantrum.
“It’s really nothing. Really” Peter lightly chuckles, folding his arms as he leans against the window frame.
If looks could kill Peter would be 6 feet under by now. You arch your eyebrow in a way that communicated, ‘well, go on’.
“It’s just...are you wearing my shirt?” He gestures towards the shirt reading, ‘I survived my trip to NYC’
You pause, dumbfounded almost as you look down to confirm his accusation. 
“You know what, maybe I am!” you divert, placing your hands on your hips in order to appear more confident. “So what! I’m not the crazy Spider-Man swinging from sky-rises in my free time, that should be spent with my girlfriend!”
He sighs, throwing his head back before gathering his words.
“I’m sorry! I really am”, Peter begins to make his way towards you, displaying his puppy eyes as he sulks. “I’m sorry” he repeats, holding your hands gently.
“Can you just, please never do that again?”, you plead. “I get so worried about you, Peter. I miss you, just please don’t do that”. 
Peter brings his hands up to his lips, pecking them lovingly. 
“I promise” he smiles, the way he does. “And besides, you’re hot when your angry. Just makes me love you more than I already do”. 
You bite your lip slightly, pulling him into a very much needed embrace.
“In all honesty, i’m completely exhausted” he murmurs into the nape of your neck, pulling you closer to his body.
“Well sure you are, being a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man would tend to get exhausting every so often” you tease.
Peter places a delicate peck onto your soft lips, before leading your hand towards your shared bedroom.
Tumblr media
The warm sheets of the bed engulf your figure as you wait for Peter to finish brushing his teeth, as well as fighting the constant urge to fall asleep.
Nights were growing colder in Queens, New York. The constant heating system flowing throughout your apartment didn’t aid you in staying awake at night either.
You hear the faucet of the kitchen sink turn off, signalling that your boyfriend is finally joining you in bed.
“I’m surprised you’re still awake” he teases as he opens his side of the joint closet.
You yawn in response, “don’t get your hopes up”. You begin fluttering your eyes closed momentarily as the exhaustion overtakes you.
“I’m coming, i’m coming” he smiles, searching for something warmer than the thin layer of sheets to protect his body during the night.
The shuffling ceases, causing you to open your eyes in confusion due to the change of scene.
“Okay, where are all my jumpers?”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
@heritageposts is going to super hell specifically for the crime of continuously making us aware of Supernatural's existence!!!
requested by: Anonymous
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tommybaholland · a day ago
No. 10 (Grumpy affectionate list) drabble with Gumi please!
you’re the only one who gets to call me that, you know
Tumblr media
featuring: megumi fushiguro
no spoilers but references to a recent chapter...enjoy! x
there were several things you did that he found insufferably annoying.
one being all the stupid nicknames that you had given him. there was gumi bear, gum-gum, fushigumi, and of course, the classic…
“gumi!” you greeted brightly, wrapping your arms around his neck to hug him tightly. “how was your day, gumi?”
“fine,” he answered while patting your head gently. “and stop calling me that.”
“aw, you don’t like it?” you asked, pulling away slightly from him. 
“not...particularly,” he responded, turning his head away from you in an attempt to hide his flushed cheeks. you grinned, leaning in to kiss his cheek. 
“okay. i won’t call you that anymore,” you agreed.
you left him dumbfounded, thinking that almost too easy. however, he had unknowingly created new consequences for himself in the next couple of times that you would address him. 
“hey, fushiguro. i was wondering if--”
“wait, did you just call me ‘fushiguro?’” 
“yeah? that is your name, isn’t it?” you asked, amused by his puzzled reaction.
“well, yeah. but it’s weird. you haven’t called me that in a while,” he remarked. 
“well, get used to it, fushiguro!”
so that bothered him real quick. you were dating and it felt wrong to have you address him in such a formal way.
“why don’t you just call me megumi?” he offered.
“megumi,” you repeated, tasting the word on your tongue before looking back at him in realization. “but you hate when other people call you that. guess i must be pretty special then, huh?”
he allows a small chuckle to slip out as he wraps an arm around you. you are very special but he couldn’t let you know that with his words. instead, he grins, “shut up.”
he was over that in about two days. now it somehow felt even more formal as if he were getting a lecture from gojo or something. he hated to admit it but…
“don’t,” he warned, covering your mouth with his hand to keep you from saying his name. “i don’t want you to call me that anymore.”
you scoffed against his hand before pulling it away from his mouth. “what do you want me to call you then, sea urchin head?”
“no!” he rejected. he sighed before slowly releasing his next request. 
“i would like use your own names for me.”
you gasped. “does this mean i get to use gumi?”
“i guess so,” he grunted. you cheered in joy, wrapping your arms around him. 
“thank you, gumi,” you replied, nuzzling your head into his shoulder.
he held you tightly, closing his eyes as he breathed in your familiar scent. “you’re the only one who gets to call me that, you know. so don’t wear it out.”
“oh, don’t worry,” you reassured. “i’m going to be brainstorming real hard for some new ones.” 
“oh, yay,” he reacted facetiously before grinning and leaning in to give you a small kiss on the lips. 
“gotta admit, i kinda like sea urchin head,” you giggled after you pulled away from him.
“i don’t look like a sea urchin,” he countered.
“you don’t look like a sea urchin but your head does,” you corrected.
“whatever. just stick to gumi,” he requested before pulling you by the hand. “now, let’s go so you can hold me as your punishment.”
there were several things you did that he found insufferably annoying….. but undeniably cute.
Tumblr media
pulling out all the wild cards tonight....wishing for more, maybe a request?
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diazchristopher · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
requested by @evaneddie.
[Image Description: 6 gifs from 9-1-1, all of Evan Buckley and Eddie Diaz, with lyrics from Daine’s Picking Flowers.
Gif 1: Two gifs, coming one after the other in black and white. In the first gif, Buck claps his hands together as he looks at Eddie with a huge smile on his face. In the second, Buck and Eddie hug at Buck’s surprise party, laughing and smiling. The text reads, “Pushing back and fighting memories.”
Gif 2: In a two shot frame, Buck and Eddie gaze at each other in shock right after Eddie has been shot. The text reads, “I never thought it would end like this.”
Gif 3: Two gifs, coming one after the other in black and white. In the first gif, Eddie lies on the pavement after being shot, his eyes closing slowly. In the second gif, Eddie is lying unconscious in a hospital bed. The text reads, “I never wanted hospital bedsheets.”
Gif 4: Two gifs blended together. On the right, Buck talks to the 118 about Eddie with an angry look on his face. On the left, Buck speaks about Eddie passionately to Bobby. The text reads, “I tried my best to be all that you need.”
Gif 5: Two gifs, coming one after the other in black and white. In the first gif, Buck watches Eddie and Chris wistfully as they reunite after the earthquake. In the second gif, Buck smiles fondly at Eddie and ducks his head. The text reads, “Did I find some hope in my old dreams?”
Gif 6: Buck stands still in shock, his face covered in Eddie’s blood, after Eddie has been shot. The text reads, “I lost you to feeling like I was at peace.”
/End ID]
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neotrinitysource · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the sheer chaos a single sentence caused                 requested by @meanderings0ul 
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erensoftcaca · 2 days ago
after crying from you're immaculate amazing angst that i suggest i decided to ask you for a version where the sister is alive.
ᵐⁱᵍʰᵗ ˢᵗᵒᵖ ᵐⁱᵏᵉʸ ᶠʳᵒᵐ ʰⁱˢ ᵈᵃʳᵏ ⁱᵐᵖᵘˡˢᵉ ᶠᵒʳ ᵃ ʷʰⁱˡᵉ
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bonten x Female!Reader
Hurt/comfort(?),mention of bad family state,mention of character death,a lot of hugs hugs <3 +plot twist
Note: sorry if this feel rushed I didn't added Koko and Kakucho hope you don't mind♡
My request will be closed tomorrow(I still need to finish one request),there's chance that I will reopen them in October or November
Tumblr media
Manjiro Sano:
You leaving the household was a surprise for him mostly since its was some years after Shinichiro's death
He supported your choice because as long as your boyfriend also made you happy
But with all those event who happened to him that made him fall down,he was rarely wondering about you
Until he had a meeting with your boyfriend now husband who was really popular
He knew that he heard his name somewhere,not because he was popular but for something else that he didn't remember
After that he was done with the meeting,he took the man to the main hall and he never expected to saw a familiar face
"Honey! How was your mee-..M...Mikey?!"
"I thought i was hallucinating when i saw you...You still stayed with the same man since you were younger?"
"Yeah! I loved and I love him so much,we even a little baby girl! She's at home right now with her baby-sitter"
You showed a picture of your little girl,sitting on a chair eating some food
"I love her so much...Oh come you are doing criminal stuff now Manjiro?"
Akashi Brothers:
Tumblr media
When Sanzu was the first one to leave the household because of a fight,it caused some problems in the family's relationship
And with your departure too,leaving them for your boyfriend,Senju was kinda mad at you for doing this choice but for Takeomi respected it as long as you were finding happiness with him everything was okay
But after Senju's death which marked him mentally,he didn't dared to say about it to you.
Years later,Sanzu never when I say never he really never expected to see your face that he thought he forgot,here
When both of you locked eyes,you noticed that familiar scar on his lips
"Um..sir,I'm sorry if I'm wrong but I've got a brother who got the same scar as you and I wanted to know if-.."
"[Name]'s Sanzu..."
And he immediately took you in his arms,not even letting you trying to talk
He never expected you to be there but if you were there that mean that you know about Bonten's shit
A gasp is heard from a male coming out from a hallway
"Hey Sanzu,you are going to strangle this women with how you holding."
"Shut up Takeomi,lemme hug [Name] forever.."
"Haru..Takeomi is fucking killing me!!"
Anyways you and Takeomi explained to Sanzu about how you Husband was there and all for some business,Takeomi was the first one to see you there.You also showed them a picture of your little boy who was soon going to be 4
You founded out about Senju's death one week later.
Haitani brothers:
Tumblr media
You and your brothers didn't had the best childhood b'cause of those parents but you had both of them and as long as they were there,everything was fine for them
Until they had a divorce and the custody of the childrens were fixed at the trial.You had to stay with your dad but you didn't minded about it but Ran and Rindou were obligated to stay with the mother
And that's were both of you were separated.
Years later,you were living kinda in a expensive environment since your boyfriend and soon husband was the Owner of a company and you were owing a model company
You heard a little about Bonten on the news but you never really cared about until your husband had a meeting and he proposed you to come with him and to wait when he will be done since he got a suprise for you
You never thought that his meeting would be with Bonten
"Aren't they a dangerous organisation or something like that,Honey?"
"Yeah..but they were the one who asked for the meeting and I couldn't say no."
"Why with you thought,I don't want them to hurt you..."
"Don't worry about it,everything is going to be okay."
While he went to his meeting,you accidentally fell into someone chest,that person's wallet fell off their pockets and when they looked at your face.This person was getting pale.
"[Name]...? It's me,Ran..!"
"Ran...ran..ran..,OH! Ran?! I thought you weren't in Japan anymore?!"
"Yeah..Me and rindou never really left Japan, a lot of bad things happened and all but I'm a executive now,in a criminal organisation.With Rindou of course."
"Oh...if only none of this custody happened we will probably be together.."
"Ran..why are you taking so much time,he's going to be-...who's this women?"
"It's [Name]."
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mockscreens · 2 days ago
can you make some sambucky lockscreen from tfatws please?🥺🤍
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
here you gooo 💛
please like/reblog if you save!
more mcu lockscreens here!
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one-piece-aus · a day ago
Crazy Train
Law x Reader | Music 100 Milestone Event
Law + Metal + Fluff + 🎉 | Requested by: @simpforroses
Tumblr media
Law scratched the lower part of his neck when you stood next to him, uncharacteristically he felt nervous around your presence. The train station always seemed to be a ghost town when you were there, waiting for the train. I suppose that's just what happens when someone is lovestruck. There was only one problem, he didn't know your name.
Every day you would arrive at the station shortly after Law did, but you were always wearing headphones, drowning out the noise of reality and nodding to the beat of whatever you were listening to. That made it difficult to talk with you, not that Law enjoyed making small talk, he just wish he could get your attention. The doctor has tried bumping into another person that'd end up making you drop something so he could pick it up and hand it to you, but you only thanked him before going back to minding your own business.
The only thing he knew about you, other than the fact you listened to music daily, was that you took the same train as him. Convenient in a way, he could see you longer but he tried to keep himself from staring by going over stuff from work or thinking what to make for dinner. There were times he had been tempted to follow you after both of you got off the train to see where you go but there was no telling how long that'd take and he didn't want to give you the impression he was a stalker.
Walking home, Law sighed wondering if there'd ever come a time where the cycle would break and he could get to know you. He wasn't sure if hanging around Luffy started to affect him but a small spark of hope reassured him that day would come soon. Great, but when?
Law checked the time on his phone, you still haven't arrived at the station yet and the train would be here soon. Normally he wouldn't care if others were late or miss something important because that was their fault, he didn't have anything to do with it, but the thought of not being able to see you didn't well with him, and the image of you missing the train with a devastated expression left a sour taste on his tongue.
Grumbling, he slipped his phone back into his pocket, careful not to squish the earbuds in there. The sound of rushed footsteps growing closer caught his attention, his eyes scanned the crowd to find the source but instead, someone crashed into him.
"Oof!" Law caught himself from falling and the person who ran into him, getting a better look at the figure in his arms he recognized it was you. Law couldn't feel his breath, too shocked that you were in his grasp.
"Sorry, sorry," you apologized, backing up and standing up straight.
Law cleared his throat, retrieving his voice before responding, "It's alright."
You brush some loose hair behind your ear after shuffling the items you were carrying back into a proper hold. You glance Law and relief washes over you, making you smile.
"Oh good, it's you!" You exclaim, laughing slightly. "I was worried I missed the train."
"You know me?" Law inquired, raising a brow. He could feel his heart flutter when you spoke to him with recognition.
"Well, sorta." You shrug your shoulders. "I know we take the same train, so I make sure to stand beside you at the station. You probably didn't know because I don't exactly talk much with my headphones on."
So that's why you always stood beside him, Law just thought you were there since that was the spot furthest away from the crowd yet convenient to get on the train, at least that's part of the reason he waited there. Law had a ghost smile, this was the highlight of his day, knowing you knew he existed and seeking him out. That did raise a question in his mind though.
"Where are your headphones?"
"Oh, I forgot them at home this morning," you sweatdropped. "Going throughout the day without them kinda threw me off my game. I never knew everything was so noisy..."
"If you want, I have some earbuds, you could use them if you want," Law offered before he knew what he was saying. Just as the words left his mouth, he mentally scolded himself for being so nice. That wasn't like him, that's something Luffy would do not-
"Really?" You beamed with happiness, it was too cute for Law to go back on his offer.
"Yeah, only until we get off at our stop." Law averted his eyes so he wouldn't be overwhelmed by your adorable expressions.
As if he summoned it, the train zoomed in and came to a stop. The doors opened, people stepped off or boarded the train. You grabbed Law's hand, leading him into the train and searched for a place to sit down together. Millions of butterflies flew around in Law's stomach while you were holding his hand, how were you able to make his emotions go all wild?
"Yes! Free seats away from people!" You whispered cheered and took a seat in the rather empty part of the train, letting go of his hand in the process.
Law's hand frosted over, now missing the warmth your hand provided when it held his. The raven-haired man shook his head and sat down beside you, taking out his earbuds then passing them to you. Your eyes sparkled, putting any of the stars in the night sky to shame as you happily took the earbuds from him. Law couldn't help but smile at how adorable your expressions were, and he wasn't aware he was staring until you offered an earbud.
"Oh, did you want to listen?" you asked him, holding out an earbud.
"Sure," Law replied, taking it from you and placing it in his ear. Law couldn't care less what people listened to, as long as he didn't have to hear their terrible taste he was fine. You on the other hand, well, he did want to get to know you more. He just prayed it wasn't one of those cheesy or questionable pop songs.
'Allllllll aboard! Ha ha ha ha ha haaaa!
Ay ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay'
Law's eyes widen and his jaw dropped, sneaking a glance at you listening to the metal music just the same as you did when he saw you listening to music across from him on the train every day. He never thought you'd be the type to listen to metal, was he missing something?
'Crazy, but that's how it goes~
Millions of people living as foes~'
No, that smile you wore, and the way you swayed to the music with your eyes closed told him you listened to this song millions of times.
'Maybe it's not too late~
To learn how to love and forget how to hate~'
Law's heart rate matched up to the rhythm of the song, feeling connected to you by the song. Was this what love felt like?
'Mental wounds not healing~
Life's a bitter shame~
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train'
Well, that took longer to make than intended. So Rose, I hope this makes up for Law's loss in @idontlikeiobsesswriting bachelorette event, thought that event has long past unlike mine (^.^;
I do hope you enjoyed this, thank you for reading and for the follow uwu
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kassxndre · 2 days ago
J’ai vu que tu étais fan de Julie Zenatti, du coup tu penses pouvoir écrire quelque chose inspiré de la chanson Dans les yeux d’un autre ? Avec Wanda ou Natasha, s’il te plaît 🙏
A/N: There you go! Hope you’ll like it, good reading!
𝐈𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐞𝐲𝐞𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 | Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Summary: When love is too much to bear, when you only live in the shadow of your girlfriend, you end up finding the courage to think about leaving. And tonight, with so many questions jostling in your head, you might just be diving into eyes that might save you.
Warnings: break up
Masterlist | Character Masterlist
✦ ✦ ✦
To be bound hand and foot is to have no choice. It’s to feel trapped without being able to find the key that unlocks the dungeon. For you, it’s living on a love that destroys you but from which you cannot escape. After three years, this love is all that you’ve known of truer, of strongest. And yet, some evenings you dream of knowing something else. Why? Quite simply because Natasha doesn't know how to love. Because you will always come after the rest, after the Avengers. And because it destroys you.
But despite this growing pain deep in your heart, you never found the courage to leave the former assassin. You never knew how to leave. On the contrary, you stuck to her as if she were the last person on Earth, the only love you can reach. But that courage, that courage to think about leaving and really do it, you have to find it. It’s time.
But as you finally consider the idea of ​​loosening the chains Natasha puts on you, you realize you're scared. You don't know if anyone else could love you. You wonder if you're worth it.
Under the makeup that love draws
Will I have the courage to please someone again one day?
If it wasn’t her, all those words we drank,
Would anyone say yes or has the drunkenness disappeared?
Behind appearances hide so many secrets and so much desire. There was a time when you knew them, when you guessed them, but today you don't know anything, you don't see anything. You are just the woman stepping into Natasha Romanoff's shadow. Without ever looking away. Without ever going to look elsewhere. You remain faithful to this love which is vain. To this love that no longer brings you anything.
Tonight you are sitting at the bar and you are waiting. It's like every night, at those parties Tony Stark throws or all those gala and other charities. You came because Natasha asked you to and you don't know how to refuse her anything. But like every night, no sooner has she arrived than she already ignores and forgets you. So automatically, you trace your way to the bar and order a drink. You know it's going to be a long evening and Natasha won't come and talk to you once. It's okay, you're used to it. So you drown your pain in your glass and you smile at the bartender. He's probably the only person you'll talk to tonight. Like every other night.
Yet tonight something is different. Your thoughts race and quickly questions come up. Your eyes sweep the room and sometimes your gaze stops at a few women who you might have liked if you weren't with Natasha. And this is where the questions come back.
You wonder if, without doing anything other than being yourself, you could please one of these women. Could any of them look down on you and want you? Could she come over and talk to you? Could she want to get to know you? And if it was ever you who took the first step, you wonder if she would like you. You wonder if there is anyone in this room who could love you better than Natasha will ever love you again.
Could we still talk about my smile
And make my body the first of her desires?
Can it be that people love me, that they forgive my faults?
Will I be the same in someone else’s eyes?
Your eyes fall on the curves of a woman with dark hair and light eyes. You've never seen her here before. You would remember it if that was the case. She is one of those women who leave an indelible mark on everyone’s memory. One of those gorgeous and sensual women.
Your eyes observe her for long minutes before plunging into her eyes which are already looking at you. You then feel an unusual heat running through your body and the woman’s shy smile tells you that she feels the same heat. Your gazes tease one more moment, then you turn to take your drink. What’s wrong with you? Since Natasha, you’ve never laid eyes on a woman like this. You never thought about it.
But these questions run into your head as the woman walks up to you. You feel her presence behind your back and you wonder why there are all these things that make you wait for her like it’s the first time. Like it’s time for you to find something new. Something more beautiful.
She puts her hand on your shoulder, a shiver runs through you, you feel nervous next to her. You turn to smile at her and the blue of her eyes makes you want to love her to death. It is as if her gaze is offering you the most beautiful of wonders. As if suddenly nothing other than you existed for her. You don’t think Natasha ever looked at you like that.
It’s your heart that guides you when you smile at her and it's the first time you’ve looked happy on a night like this.
All these questions are jostling but you do not tremble. She offers you a drink and introduces herself to you. Her voice is like her face. A sweetness, an omen. And when she puts a hand on your thigh, all your fears slip away.
I don’t think badly, when my doubts are exposed
A normal feeling when you’re a woman I guess
If I ever lose her because we get lost sometimes
Could I please? Could I, tell me?
But something brings you back to the surface. Your doubts are stubborn. In a second, you get lost. What do you have to please her? What if she only wanted your body? What if she had no treasure to offer you?
You don't want to get lost over something illusory. You don't want to betray Natasha. But the questions keep coming back and you know why. You know that Natasha has surely betrayed you already, that she only likes the taste of your skin about you. Maybe right here, right now, she's in someone else's arms. Maybe you lose her.
But it's you that you waste every second of lying to yourself. When you tell yourself that you can hold on while this love is destroying you. It’s you that you lose every minute of your life.
The woman looks at you with concern. She can see that you are tense and she wonders if she is to blame. But suddenly you look up at her and the sparkle in your gaze reassures her. If she likes you, then so be it. If tonight she offers herself to you, why give it up? After all, Natasha doesn’t even think about you. She wouldn’t realize your absence.
Could we still talk about my smile
And make my body the first of her desires?
Can it be that people love me, that they forgive my faults?
Will I be the same in someone else’s eyes?
So when she starts talking about your smile like it's the greatest wonder in the world, this woman makes your heart beat again. A breeze of fresh air blows over your soul and it is happiness rediscovered. Suddenly you no longer feel bound hand and foot. You no longer feel a prisoner.
She whispers a few words of love to you and your smile widens. She is not interested in your past, she only wants your present so that she can offer you a future. She is ready to love you and forgive your faults.
These are so many words Natasha has never said and will never say to you. You know it. It's so much proof that Natasha will never show you. But it’s everything you need.
Could someone follow me for a look in the street?
Tell me that they want to experience the unknown with me?
Tell me that they love me, that they forgive my faults?
Will I be the same in someone else’s eyes?
That's why you surrender yourself to other arms. Because one look is enough for a woman to want to love you the way you deserve. Because it only takes a few sentences for you to feel alive again. Because in the eyes of this stranger, you found the key to the dungeon. Because now you're breaking the chains at your feet.
She takes you by the hand and you leave the party, without a regret. Without looking behind you. You are ready to live the unknown because you know that it’s better for you than all the shadow Natasha offers you. So, for the first time in forever, you don’t hesitate and you go.
You finally find the courage to leave it all behind. You find the courage to save yourself. To live again in the eyes of a woman other than the ones that made your tears flow.
You are reborn from your ashes. In the eyes of another.
Can it be that people love me, that they forgive my faults?
Will I be the same in someone else’s eyes?
But the eyes into which you plunge tonight are no longer the ones that made you believe in so many dreams, so much glory, so many promises that are broken today. The eyes you dive into show you what you are, someone good, someone who deserves to be loved. And those eyes, which share your love tonight, are not those of the one who saw you leave the party without a goodbye, without a look. These are not Natasha’s now teary eyes. These are not the eyes of the one who lost you.
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tbhchoi · 2 days ago
hi hi love !! hope you’re doing well,, was wondering if you could write a little drabble or something about wooyoung comforting oc because they feel alone and a bit detached from everything?? haha this is a bit specific sorry i’m projecting 👍👍👍 all goods if this is too sensitive or if you don’t feel like writing <333
hi hi! i'd be more than happy to write this for you <3 i'm sorry if it took me a bit to get it written but i hope what i wrote is okay and that you like it! if you ever need anything, i'm always here! ateez loves you and you're doing amazing 💗
for what it's worth
pairing: wooyoung x gn reader
genre: angst, fluff (hurt/comfort)
word count: 595
warnings: terms such as baby and love
wooyoung was just starting to get ready for bed when he received your call. dropping what he was doing, he quickly answered, worried since you don't usually call this late.
"y/n? why are you still up?" he asked.
the line remained silent, he could still hear your breathing but it seemed to be erratic.
"baby, are you okay?" his worries heightening.
after a few seconds, you let out a quiet, "no."
wooyoung swore he's never moved so fast. by the time that word was already out of your mouth, he had already grabbed his keys and was on his way out of his place.
"give me five minutes, okay? i'll be right there," he tells you.
a short while later, you heard the knock at your front door. getting off the couch, you went to answer it, already knowing who it was.
as soon as the door was opened you were engulfed in a big hug. and that's when your tears started.
"baby, it's okay, i'm here, it's okay," he reassures while running a hand up and down your back.
you two walk back to your couch, his hand in yours as you both sit.
"what's wrong, love?" he asks.
"that's the thing i don't even know what's wrong," you start, "it's just everything, just life."
"it's okay not to have a reason, just let it out my love."
"and i constantly feel as if i don't have anyone, and that sucks because deep down i know it's not true but my mind tells me otherwise."
you continue just to let everything out, the whole time wooyoung's listening so intently to you while drawing circles on your hand.
"that felt good to get out," you say, ending your small tangent.
"good," he says, giving you a smile.
then, a few seconds later he starts again, "for what it's worth, i'm always here, always. i'll always answer your calls and texts and make sure you know you have me. i'll always be around to offer you the reassurance i can," he stops for a second to pull you into his chest, "i think it's normal to feel this way or to feel disconnected from the places or people around you. so many things get thrown at us and that's okay. it's okay that it will take time to be okay, it's okay to have these days, it's okay to not know who you are or who you want to be. and it's okay to not have a reason why you're sad," he finishes, laying a kiss atop your forehead.
"i love you," is all you're able to muster, not expecting his reply.
"i love you most," he replies.
"i'm proud at how for you've come and i'm glad you let yourself get everything out. bottling these emotions up can do more harm, love, i'm always here to talk to," he adds.
"i know woo, thank you," you tell him, now feeling your eyelids get heavy. crying tends to take a lot out of you.
after a few beats of silence, he notices that you've fallen a sleep. trying to be as careful as possible, he picks you up and takes you to your bed. after tucking you in, he curls up with you, bringing you back into his chest. for awhile he listens to your quiet breathing, soon starting to feel tired as well.
before drifting off into his own slumber, he whispers, "you're never alone, i'll always be around. i love you more than you think, goodnight y/n," giving you a light kiss.
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Tumblr media
RTGame is going to super hell for ally crimes, being the Drift King and also pretty man crimes!!!
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Tumblr media
clark from Connecticut is microwaveable!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Neo calling Trinity ‘Trin’ - requested by @trinity-definitely
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