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Honey, Baby, Sweetheart (Alfie Solomons Drabble)

Character/s: Alfie

Word Count: 621


Word Prompt/s: Affection, Relief, Doe-eyed

Tag List@dontdowhatisayandnobodygetshurt

A/N: Sarah!!! My love oh thank you for requesting!!! I nearly cried of happiness because it is such a good request and I knew it would be so fluffy!!! I adore Alfie and have been meaning to write something for him! I had this idea immediately, but I’m just not sure how good I translated it from an idea to writing… I’m not super happy with the ending, but it’s so late, I didn’t want you to wait any longer!!! I hope you like it!!! Feedback is always appreciated 💜




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may I request a scenario where reader (maybe a Karasuno manager?) is nervous about going to the Tokyo training camp and feel like they don’t fit in the rest of the managers and by the end of it they are bffs with kuroo and bokuto and having the time of her life being chaotic with them? Thank you!

name a more iconic trio than kuroo, bokuto, and y/n

the first few days of the tokyo training camp were rough. even as managers who didn’t play on the court, you all had to stay on your feet to make sure the boys were fed and well-taken care of and that all of the supplies for the practice matches were intact. it was just as much of a commitment as being a player on the team.

you had tried talking to some of the managers outside of karasuno and they were all nice, but you couldn’t personally connect with them. you felt bummed about not being able to form tighter bonds with the people around you and felt tense at the thought of being in this same environment for a whole week.

the rest of the camp had finally passed and it did end up feeling as uncomfortable as you had imagined it. you were just thankful that you were able to end it with a barbecue at least.

you stand by the grill, mouth watering as you eye the sizzling short ribs in front of you. they look just about ready to eat but before you could pile them onto your plate, someone else scoops them up faster than a flash. you turn to find none other than fukurodani’s spiky haired ace, showing off his newly obtained food like a trophy.

“i know, bokuto is so annoying isn’t he?” says a familiar voice that you recognize as kuroo’s, nekoma’s captain. he notices your disappointed expression and chuckles.

“if you want to get something to eat, you’re gonna have to fight him.” he grins playfully and you turn to face bokuto.

“is that so?” you take a step forward and bokuto peers at you with wide owl like eyes. you bring your tongs up, pressing them together in a challenger’s stance, making him smile confidently. “oh it is on!”

you and bokuto spend quite a long time exploiting grill to grill. or more like, he spends a lot of time exploiting grill to grill. every time you feel that you’re close to taking the meat before him, he sneaks up on you and whips every single piece up when you’re only a hair’s inch away from claiming them.

“GAH!” you exclaim. “i almost burnt my hand for that too!” bokuto laughs at your frustration. he wants to give in and offer you some of his, but he’s having too much fun with this and based on the way you laugh at your own failures and intensely watch the grill each round, you seem to be enjoying this friendly competition too.

you decide that enough is enough even though you never want this to end because it’s the most fun that you’ve had throughout the entire trip. it’s time to play a little bit dirty and get the reward that you had so deserved after being defeated by bokuto multiple times in a row.

“oh my god, bokuto-san! what’s that behind you?” he immediately turns around and before you can burst out laughing at how easy it was to fool him, you take the meat behind his back.

“WHAT??? HOW COULD YOU??” bokuto gasps upon realization of your little trickery and puts his hands in his hair. now it’s your turn to grin triumphantly at him.

“alright guys, you’ve had your fun, now could you please stay quiet so i can get tsukki over here to eat? YOU TOO KENMA!” kenma jumps and curls up into his corner even more at kuroo’s nagging. tsukishima just raises his hand and politely says that he can’t eat any more.

“ey, c’mon tsukishima-kun!” you join in on the doting of your fellow classmate. “i fought for this meat and you’re just sitting here!” he sighs, knowing that his third gym crew friends had already gotten to you and there was no going back.

“listen to your manager, tsukki!” bokuto adds, dangling a piece of his own short ribs in front of the younger boy.

“at least eat some veggies!” kuroo continues to shove his plate into his face and you chuckle at how annoyed tsukishima looks yet doesn’t bother to even try escaping. he’s completely trapped and at you guys’ mercy.

the training camp itself hadn’t been the most pleasant experience, that’s for sure. but joining in on these boys’ shenanigans has given it a whole new meaning and made you realize that you could make friends after all, even with the people you least expected.

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“Hey do you have any other handon/hope headcanons? Maybe while josie and landon were a thing.” (Requested by Anon)

So my brain kind of automatically split this question into three parts so I hope you don’t mind me answering it like that. :)

Hope Mikaelson Headcanons:

  • Hope has an ongoing war with Alyssa Chang on who can drive each other the craziest. Alyssa keeps throwing her laundry on Hope’s side of the room so Hope takes the opportunity every morning to steal her coffee. Side note: Hope is the kind of person to add coffee to her sugar.
  • Sometimes on the full moons Hope spends the night racing with Rafael in wolf form. They’re tied on wins and losses.
  • Speaking of wolf form, she’s one of those animals that thinks she’s a cat and will curl up anywhere ESPECIALLY when she’s feeling lazy. One time Lizzie found her in one of the lower cabinets at 3am and nearly had a heart attack.
  • Hope fiddles with her Mikaelson pendant necklace when she’s nervous 
  • Due to so many traumatic events in her life, Hope has been known to have a few anxiety attacks and sometimes goes with Lizzie for meditation and peace of mind with Alaric and learns new coping mechanisms from Emma

Originally posted by sarahsjeffery

Other Handon Headcanons:

  • One time when Hope was in wolf form she got really into her animal mentality and ended up bringing Landon a dead bird (carried in her mouth) and laying it at his door. After the initial shock, Landon wonders what it says about him that he was more confused than grossed out. And apparently that really satisfied wolf Hope because she just keeps doing it and feigns confusion when she’s human. Question - can wolves smile?
  • Whenever Hope goes deep into her research for hours at a time Landon will surprise her with food. Occasionally she will thank (see: attack) him with kisses all over his face
  • Hope rarely gets jealous (mostly because Landon is just so blatantly enamored with her) but when she does Landon, for the life of him, can’t stop making dog territory jokes. His current personal favorite is “you’re not gonna pee on me if I try to walk away right?”
  • This is not scientifically proven in the slightest but on the days Hope wakes up in a better mood than usual are usually the days she slept in Landon’s room
  • Sometimes Hope will make a controversial pop culture reference that she knows Landon will disagree with just to watch him rant about his passions in action. Plus it’s kinda nice to have someone who isn’t afraid to disagree with her and won’t automatically agree (she knows that she can be a bit…intimidating at times…if not just for her family name) and she’s pretty sure she gets that from her father

Originally posted by stevesharington

Handon Headcanons during Jandon

  • After loads of “conversations” with the prism and countless drawings, Hope takes a page out of Landon’s book and starts writing him letters of all the things she means but can’t get herself to say out loud. (Most infamously, the “I can survive this” letter from 2x11)
  • Every now and then Landon has a hard time thinking of things to do with Josie because every time he got an idea he got the strangest feeling of deja vu and the sudden urge to do something else. Almost like he was trying to preserve a memory or something…
  • Before it was Alyssa Chang’s room there was this abandoned room upstairs in the attic that Landon would always find himself walking towards whenever his mind was elsewhere (usually on Raf.) It felt natural to go there even though he had no idea why
  • Whenever Hope saw Josie and Landon around town it made her feel so insecure sometimes that she had to take out the prism and reassure herself via fake!Landon that everything about their relationship was real even if Landon had forgotten
  • As much as Landon absolutely adores Josie and wants nothing more than to do right by her, he has this unexplained sense of immediate comfort with the milkshake girl. And it goes both ways. During the events of 2x03 and 2x04 it felt immediately like old times with monster hunting picking the ash out of Landon’s hair

Originally posted by monstrousfemmes

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Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Warning: Drinking

Word Count: 2,146

Requested: Yes!☺️🖤

A mix of Harry Styles “Falling” and Prompt #2 “You’re so fun to touch.” @oh-mymendes

I fell in love with this song so I’m going to make this angsty and fluffy🖤


I’m in my bed

And you’re not here

And there’s no one to blame but the drink and my wandering hands

Forget what I said

It’s not what I meant

And I can’t take it back

I can’t unpack the baggage you left

It was another night of drinking. Another night of falling into a pit of dispair. Another night of staring at the ceiling wondering what went wrong. Another night. If you could go back to that regretful night, you would. It had been three weeks post break up, and you had begun to turn into someone you didn’t recognize. Being in a relationship with Kylo Ren, required, a lot of effort, a lot of trust and communication, and most importantly, a lot of understanding. Kylo, didn’t want to make your relationship public, while at the beginning you were understanding, however you grew less and less understanding during the relationship, a year had gone by, and the man still didn’t want to make it known. 

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Anon: A very confused Damian when his heart skips a beat when he is around his crush.
Words: 985

          God knows you’re not the best student at Gotham Academy because just being any good would mean you come from a privileged family. You’re just below average, just like everybody else who’s on a scholarship, the project student of a family willing to throw some cash around in the name of charity.

          The Dawsons were no different. You’re grateful but humility wasn’t going to be an obstacle that will stop you from thriving to be above the average margin, even by just a point. 

          That’s why you’re already on the academy grounds an hour before homeroom so you can start showing up those snobby elite students on your first day. But you stand still under the classroom’s doorway because somebody else is already inside, their head laying down on the desk and sitting on your assigned seat.

          You tighten your grip on your bag because today is going to be the day Y/N makes her mark, even if it means starting with claiming what’s yours in an hour’s time.

          You walk toward the front of the desk and stand directly above the sleeping boy’s head. You suddenly slow down your thoughts as you watch the gentle rise and fall of the boy’s shoulders. You turn to the side and see the sunkissed skin around tightening facial muscles as if he’s having a sudden nightmare. His eyebrows furrow and a small strip of black hair slide down his forehead, the ends tickling the tops of his closed eyes. You see his lips twitch and you couldn’t stop yourself from tucking back the stray hair.

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You had been traveling on your own for more than four moon cycles. Of course, you never spent too long away or out of water. Water was essential for life and its cycles.

That was among the many things you wanted to learn and explore while on land.

It was fun, really, being on your own adventure. One where you made choices on a whim and lived for every moment.

You flicked the end of your aquatic tail. With a smile, you watched how the water rippled and flowed passed. Each droplet gathered with another in their oneness. It was beautiful, natural, magic.

Head abruptly snapping to attention with a straight back, your smile disappeared.


You looked over your shoulder and alarm struck you.

Men. Rugged and alerting more of their people that you did not want to see.

You pulled yourself out of the water, tail shedding and shifting. Hastily, you slipped on a pair of soft shoes, pulled the skirt of your dress further down, grabbed your only bag, stood up, and ran the opposite direction from the shouting men.

You were thankful for traveling light.

Blurs of greens and browns passed the sides of your vision as you ran. Water still dripping down your skin. You were careful and aware of your footing for you could not lose the small lead you had.

Their shouting behind you became more aggravated, tired, and desperate. Hungry for a prize. They were not stopping.

There was always a high price for mermaids, especially during the warmer months. Humans held their own beliefs and ideas of mermaids. You were not about to let any of them find out which beliefs were true. Not the distrustful humans at least.

Tripping a step, you managed to remain upright to continue running. You weren’t sure how much longer you could evade them. Even as you wove around trees, they were still extremely close behind. Any second could change your fate.

The land in front of you dipped down into a slope. Heartbeat pounding in your ears, you slowed your gait just enough to land your footing safely. Again, you had to be quite conscious.

A rush of cold terror and air surrounded you as a heavy body collided against your back. Tumbling and sliding, you landed on flat ground.

Energy of fear and determination fueled you to scramble to your feet. Your bag swinging by your side.

No!” You cried as the man on the ground lunged at your legs. Catching an ankle in his filthy hands.

The shouting of the men doubled. More than five of them racing down the green slope.

Your throat burned and your stomach felt sickly hot.

This would not be your end.

You kicked and stomped. Heels contacting the man’s wrists.

Cold raced through veins, but it was not your powers. Fear. Sheer terror filled you even as another man managed to take your arm into his vice grip.

NO!” You shouted. Surely, that was their language.

Your fist collided against a man’s shoulder, there was netting hanging from his back.

The hit, the kicks, and the screaming did no good against them. It was a struggle you were starting to lose as more humans surrounded you with determination and selfish eyes. Hungry for riches.

A grin full of greed was presented in front of you. The same man who had tackled you down. Someone handed him a section of net.

No,” you urged.

Where was their empathy? Their compassion?


You looked up to the tree canopy.


There laid a large branch atop of the man—on the ground.

Was that luck…or something else?

The large group of dirt-covered men only took a second of silence before tugging to free the net, which laid tangled in the branch.

You took the opportunity to kick the person bruising your arm. He grunted, but did not release his hold.

Shouts came from beside you as three men were pulled through the air before slamming into separate tree trunks.

It was not luck. Definitely not.

You knew magic when you saw it. Tired or not, you knew.

Chaos erupted through the remainder of the group as they bolted. Scattering themselves back into the green foliage like crabs on the shoreline.

Tugging your arm, the man refused to let go.

Selfish, desperate eyes. He yanked you towards him in his need to run. To keep a possible profit.

You dug your heels into the ground, dirt shifting underneath the soles of your shoes.

The man gritted his teeth as he pulled again.


A rock, about the size of your fist, flew against the man’s head.

Expression blank, the man fell.

You were free.

Stumbling back, you put distance between you and the unconscious man. You turned around to survey the area. Trees and other foliage as before. That was—until you eyed a head peering from around a tree trunk. Another human.

The human, a young man by the look of the ease of his walk, emerged from behind the tree in long strides.

“Are you alright?” He asked.

“I am now.” You answered, ears trained for another ambush.

He nodded, “That’s good.”

Dressed in earthy browns, red, and blue, he walked closer. He was not adored with glittering rocks like nobility, but there was a power about him. An earthly power—no…more.

You allowed yourself to smile then.

“Thank you, Emrys.”

The young man stopped short, in midst of offering his hand. Eyes wide and vulnerable. Blue shades of the ocean on a bright afternoon.

“Are…are you a druid? Was that why—?”

“No,” you answered simply, “I am a mermaid. Not a druid.”


You smiled again.

“Er…,” Emrys’ eyes explored your face for a moment. “We should leave—the bandits might come back.”

No, no—they can not.” You looked over at the unconscious men. “They ran away.”

“They’re thick in the head. I’ll bring you somewhere safe. I promise.”

You swallowed, the hammering of your heart had steadied after the first bandits had ran off.

“I trust you.” You stepped up to the dark-haired sorcerer. If there was one being you knew to trust, it was him.

His smile was soft even as he double checked the bandits before gesturing for you to follow him.

Keeping a pace similar to the beating of a heart, the two of you trekked through the forest.

Emrys kept an eye on you. Probably making sure you did not fall behind.

You were more than grateful for his appearance and even more so that he helped you escape. Additionally, that you were lucky to had hydrated yourself when you did.

“Emrys,” you called, “where are we traveling?”

“To Camelot.”

“Camelot?” You gave him a concerned look, even as a mermaid you knew of the kingdom. “Magic is outlawed in Camelot, Emrys.”

“I know, but there are good people. People I trust.”

“And what of Camelot’s king?”

“He’s a great king—Arthur.”

“King Arthur does not know you have magic?”

No,” he said quickly. “Definitely not. It’d be best if you didn’t mention it. Not to anyone.”

You placed a hand over your heart.

“I promise to keep your magic a secret, Emrys.”

“Ah—um. Thank you….Also I go by Merlin not Emrys. Emrys is what the druids call me.”

“Merlin,” you tested the name. “I like it.”

The sorcerer sent you a bright smile. Genuine and full of light.

Fields of long grass greeted you as you walked closer to the city’s stone walls. Strategically piled stones rose as high as mature trees in the woods. Like towering corals teeming with life.

Once inside the gates, Merlin lead you along stone paths until you were passing through wooden doorways. Not one human giving you a second glance.

“Here we are.” Merlin announced as he allowed you entrance into a well lived-in area. Bottles, containers, seating, and paper. A single door at the far end. A very human home.

“It’s wonderful.” You smiled. It was only proper to compliment his home.

“It’s home.” He had walked over the right side of the room, at some sort of station.

Water. Many drops spilling as an echo in a small cup.

“Here,” he offered the cup.

You accepted it gratefully. The running and extra traveling was an unexpected exertion on your body. You drank happily. It was exactly what you needed.

Drinking from his own cup, there were questions running through his blue eyes.

You smiled and said, “You may ask.”

His dark eyebrows rose for only a second before he set down his cup.

“How long can you be out of water?”

“As my knowledge serves me, I need to drink water often or enough to remain healthy. It helps i—.”

The front door opened as an older man with white hair stepped inside. Wide-eyed and raised eyebrows at the sight of you before he immediately turned to the young sorcerer.

“Merlin,” said the old man.

You hoped that your presence had not brought trouble to the sorcerer. You would certainly take your leave if it did.

“Ah…Gaius, this is…ah,” Merlin looked to you with widening eyes.

“My name is (Y/N).” You said to the man presumably named Gaius. Smiling, you stepped forward and offered him your hand.

As customary for humans, he grabbed your hand and gave it a short shake.

“I am Gaius, the court physician. It’s good to meet you.” He smiled shortly before eyeing Merlin.

“I saved her from bandits.” The young man announced.


“Yes,” you nodded, “most unfriendly.”

“I see.” Gaius crossed his arms over his chest. “So you didn’t gather the herbs I asked for?”

Merlin cleared his throat and spoke lowly, “Sorry Gaius.”

“Yes, well I needed those herbs for the lord’s eye treatment. At least you two are safe.”

Again, you smiled. You were unsure what to say around the court physician. If Merlin did not give specifics then it was logically unsafe for you to do so.

“Well, I should show (Y/N) around,” Merlin quickly walked over to you and gently took the empty cup out of your hand. “See you later, Gaius.” He moved to set the cup down and returned to the door as he steered you out with him.

Merlin sighed loudly as the pair of you took a route further away from his home and Gaius.

Your bag padded lightly against your side as you walked through the stone structure. The walls were made to last, to shelter, and protect. Yet closed its inhabitants off from the world. You wondered how a sorcerer could live in such an environment, in hiding no less. There must truly be something about Camelot that you were unaware of for him to live safely.

Turning a corner, your eyes were given their first view of the inner workings of a castle. Many people walking upon their two feet progressing through the available space.

“Em—,” you caught the rest of the name in your throat. “Merlin? I am grateful for your help and do not wish to offend…, but are you certain safety is here? Your court physician….you did not tell him what you had done.”

“Right,” Merlin looked to you as you both joined the flow of people. “He knows who I am. You can trust him.”

“Then why did you not tell him how you had helped me?”

His eyes trained forward, watching as he lead you through halls that were lit by large open sections where sunlight was free to enter.

“I thought—…I thought that he might have overreacted or…might have asked too many questions,” he glanced over to you. “You need to be protected.”

“I can handle questions, Merlin. Even the concerned ones. I promise I will not dry up at the too many questions.” You laughed lightly. There was no need for him to suffer twice through worrying.

Small smiles were shared. Quiet and trying to assure the other of security.

“I greatly appreciate what you have done for me, truly.” You offered your hand to formally introduce yourself. “It is great to meet you, Merlin.”

“It’s good to meet you, (Y/N).” He shook your hand lightly.

“I had forgotten to tell you my name. I apologize.”

“There were bandits. You don’t have to apologize for anything.”

Still walking, he released your hand. A brightness returning to him after sharing words.

He has a good heart, you thought. Certainly grows attachments quickly.

Though you had no idea what section of the castle you were in, you were quietly enjoying Merlin’s company.

The young sorcerer turned down another hall and soon was murmuring something under his breath.

You followed his line of sight to three men with long drapes of red fabric behind them walking over to the pair of you. Three sets of eyes held you in their sights of interest.

“Hello, Merlin,” the man with skin of dark earthly tones greeted.

“Merlin.” The tallest one smiled.

Ah, Merlin,” a third man smiled sweetly to you after nodding at the young man beside you. “Would you do the honor of introducing the lovely lady.” There was a curiosity and heavy glint of playfulness in his eyes.

“Gwaine.” Merlin took a step closer to you, “this is (Y/N). (Y/N), meet Gwaine, Elyan, and Percival.”

“Hello, it is an honor to meet you three.” You said, extending a hand.

“A pleasure,” Gwaine said as he took your hand and lent down to place his lips over your knuckles.

That is a new greeting, you thought with a tilt of your head.

Beside you, Merlin cleared his throat audibly.

You looked to Merlin briefly as Gwaine released your hand.

The three men in front of you were sharing looks between one another and Merlin. Amusement and questions in their eyes. The sorcerer on the other hand was seemingly disapproving the man’s actions.

Perhaps the greeting was inappropriate? I hope not. Gwaine seems to be friendly. Merlin seems to know them well, based on their behavior. It would also seem safe to start conversation. I hope.

“Merlin was showing me through the castle,” you said, breaking their silent talk. “Camelot is very lovely.”

“Are you new to Camelot, then?” Asked Elyan, kindly.

“I am.”

“What brought you to Camelot?”


The men looked to said man.

“I was being chased by bandits.”

Their gazes snapped back to you.

“Merlin helped me get away from them. I am very grateful to him.”

“That was brave of you, Merlin.” Said Percival, “You are both unhurt, I hope.”

“We’re fine, thank you.” Merlin nodded.

“What were you doing out there, Merlin?”

“Collecting herbs for Gaius.”

“You forgot the herbs, Merlin?” Elyan asked with a smirk.

“He did,” Percival said.

“I would too and I don’t blame him.” Gwaine sent you a smile. “It would happen to the best of us, Merlin.“

Merlin gave a pointed look to the man as the others chuckled.

They have similar attire, I wonder if they are of important status in the kingdom. They are wearing a great number of metal.

“Arthur has been looking for you.” Elyan added after his laughter subsided.

Merlin made a noise in his throat.

You looked to him.

“Why would the king be looking for you?” You asked in a hushed tone. “Are you in trouble?”

“I’m not in trouble,” Merlin reassured you quickly. “I’m the king’s manservant.”


Oh my. That wasn’t anything that I imagined. He sure is full of surprises.

“Better see what he wants.” Merlin said, placing a hand on the small of your back and leading you around the three men.

“It was lovely to meet you three,” you said, bowing your head shortly.

“The pleasure was ours, my lady.” Gwaine bowed.

The sorcerer kept his pace with your beside him.

“We need to find Gwen.”


“Gwen. She’s a friend of mine.” Merlin explained shortly, “you need somewhere to stay. I’m hoping she can help us—you.”

I had not thought of that. Shelter, and shelter for a mermaid. This seems worrying. You thought as you hurried along with Merlin’s steps. There must not be room where Merlin sleeps.

“You are not going to find the king?”

Guinevere was a woman with a bright smile and intelligent eyes. She was in-between duties when Merlin found her and introduced you two.

Merlin was much more careful with his words when explaining how he helped you and had even asked her if you could stay with her. He had asked on your behalf.

Ever since he had rescued you, Merlin had been taking full responsibility without a second thought. How selfless could someone be?

Though you were a complete stranger to her, Gwen agreed.

Your palms became clammy. You needed to trust Merlin’s judgement.

In a matter of days, you learned how to entrust Merlin and Gwen completely. They were no strangers to living and working in Camelot. The pair had managed to help you set up selling your craft items in the market. You had to reassure Merlin that you could craft more than just shell-adored items.

You wondered if they had done the same for another before you.

Living with Gwen was a test in unknown waters at first. She had lived alone with a space of her own. She did not have to take you in, but she did. She gave you shelter and a place to sleep. It was only right that you kept it clean and tidy for her in return between bringing in coin from your sales.

Your first night might have been lacking of sleep, but you had got on well with Gwen. She seemed to get on well with most people in the city. For kindness alone, you were grateful.

As far as friends, Gwen was an excellent friend to have. Although, she was more observant and aware than most humans you had encountered. That made hiding your tail and abilities more stressful at moments than you would had liked. She at least did not question the amount of water you drank each day.

The day had been profitable and fun. Having sold a great deal of your items, you were in a light-spirited mood. You were more confident in knowing that citizens liked your products enough to purchase them. The trinkets were new for the people of Camelot. You were glad to share your creativity.

Finding your way back to where Merlin and Gaius resided, you knocked lightly on the wooden door.

It was around time for a noon meal. You had already eaten and hoped that the pair would not mind your company. Even after seeing many people walking around the market, you were wanting to see your favorite sorcerer.

“(Y/N).” Merlin’s smile greeted you as he opened the door and let you inside.

“Hello,” you beamed and quickly reached up to place a corded necklace around his neck before walking into the room. “Hello, Gaius.”

“Hello, my dear.” Gaius greeted from his place at the table. “Have you eaten?”

“I have, thank you.”

An empty bowl sat across from the older man’s.

“How are you today, Gaius?” You asked, standing beside the table.

“I’m well. Busy as every day. How did your sales go this morning?”

“Much better.”

To your right, Merlin stood with a hand plucking at the necklace. A small, cleaned fossil hung from it.

“Is there anything you need, Merlin?”

“Ah…what is this? Thank you—for the necklace, but…but what is this little…?” The rock-like charm fumbled between his fingers.

“It’s a fossil fr—…I found it some time ago.”

“Er..thank you. Again,” Merlin’s feet soon took him to gather the dirty dishes and hastily clean them.

It was quiet inside other than the scrubbing and clanking from where Merlin was cleaning. That was not the only time you had almost given too much information about yourself away to the wind. You figured that it was still alright regardless.

“Are there any chores you still need to complete, Merlin?” You asked the first question you could think of. It was safe to believe that the young man was always busy.

“Cleaning and polishing Arthur’s armor.” He answered from over his shoulder.

You hummed as you started towards the sorcerer’s room.

“The armor is most likely filthy,” you mused.

Hurried steps followed behind you as you entered the small bedroom. As soon as you walked in you had to stop because of the mess of metal littering the floor. With careful steps, you managed to sit on the edge of the bed without any mishaps.

Merlin slowly shut the door behind him as he came into the room.

“I can help you if you’d like.”

“I can handle it.” He assured you.

Stepping around the arranged pieces, he made himself comfortable in the middle of all of the armor. Immediately he began picking up the necessary supplies and got started with cleaning and polishing the metals.

Without a word, you sat down onto the floor with him. Being that you were usually occupied with your own business ventures, you scarcely got to watch Merlin’s daily activities. And from the looks of it, it involved a lot of cleaning up after the king.

Later, Gaius walked into the room with a cup. Rather than giving it to Merlin, who was hard at work, he handed it to you.

“Here, you need to stay hydrated, my dear.” Gaius stated as he handed you a cup of water.

“Thank you.” You said, carefully taking the cup from him.

He walked away, out into the open area after closing the bedroom door.



“How did Gaius find out that I am a mermaid?”

“Er…this is not his first time around magical beings.”

“I use too many shells in the jewelry?”

“What? No! I mean…Gaius figured that was it and,” Merlin’s lips pressed together tightly. “He asked. I told him about the bandits and he figured the rest out. I’m sorry. I should have asked.”

“Do you trust him? Fully?”

“I do.”

“Then so do I.” You took a sip of the water.

“You have a lot of faith in me.”

“Of course I do.”

He set down the rag. Taking a deep breath, he looked to you.

“Because I’m Emrys?”

“Yes, but more than that. Just as I know that you are Emrys, I know that there is great good in you and a great capacity for love and empathy. I trust that as well.”

“You’ve hardly known me.”

“Does that matter?”

“I guess not?” Merlin shrugged, a smile on his lips as he picked up the rag again.

As quiet settled down between the pair of you, you took on studying how the dark hair on his head seemed to want to curl in odd places, however lacked the length.

“Do you only speak with me because I am a mermaid?” You asked.

“What? No. No, I—you…” Merlin turned to you completely, “it doesn’t matter to me. You are a kind person. Whether you have magic or not doesn’t matter. I still like you.”

You smiled.

“What?” His voice was low, softer.

“Your eyes say much more than your words, Merlin.”

He ducked his head.

“I appreciate you.” You whispered.

As more days followed, you and Merlin were getting along very well. Even little misunderstandings couldn’t hold you a part after it was resolved. His company was most welcome.

Even as Merlin was sitting down on a bench while the knights did some training, you sat beside him as he sharpened a sword.

The Knights would begin their teasing of Merlin when he was with you. It was light and often lead to Merlin’s eyebrows raising. The teasing did not bother you—you used it against them some of the time. This often resulted in surprising Merlin and the knights.

On one occasion however, With a hand on his shoulder, you kissed Merlin’s cheek in front of the sparring knights.

A new change was brought about.

Merlin’s eyes widened for a brief moment.

You, on the other hand, turned your attention back to watch the knights as your smirk was visible for all to see.

It was in that moment, that the knights knew that you could just as easily counter their teasing. And you were sure that they approved of you even more that day.

Birds chirped and water danced between the trees. A secluded area of the woods near an abandoned village was deemed the perfect location for both you and Merlin to practice using magic. Credit of finding the spot went solely to Merlin. You had no idea where he found the time.

Taking a much needed break, you had submerged your lower half into the water of a small river as Merlin continued to practice a spell.

Being able to use your natural abilities was like breathing had become easier. Not using them often was equal to Sir Gwaine ignoring his ability to walk or Gwen ignoring her ability to speak her mind.

It seemed so long since the last time you were able to relax in natural waters. Allowing the energies to seep into your skin and curve around you. Learning about the world on land had its share of disadvantages.

Splashing the water with the end of your tail, you returned your gaze to the sorcerer. Focused and self-trained. You loved watching him use magic. How his cerulean eyes sparked golden and he shone in his true self. Magic.

Gently dropping the stones to the ground, Merlin walked over to you. The moist ground lightly giving way under each step. He sat down along the edge of the river beside you, keeping himself as dry as possible. Most of which was impossible given that you had sent a bobble of water to his side earlier.

You smiled at him. Meeting his eyes again, you found them soft, vulnerable, and deeply loving. Traits that you valued in beings. Leaning over, you kissed his cheek. You were soon greeted by his bright and soft grin.

With a long intake of air, you rested your head on his shoulder, sighing to yourself.

“You have a strong heart, Merlin.” You whispered.

He pressed a kiss to the top of your head.

Though you were there to learn, Merlin was exactly what you needed.


(I know this insert reader was requested some time in January and I do wish that I was able to finish it sooner, however it probably would not have turned out the same at all. A lot has been going on since February…, but hey! I hope you enjoyed it and that you are doing well. I wrote a big chuck of the beginning after I got the request and made a little background information about the kind of mermaids there might have been there, which was really fun. Again, thank you. I’m sorry Gwen didn’t really have a scene… :/

If you love my writings and want to support me, I have a Ko-Fi where you can buy me a coffee. I would be eternally grateful.

Best wishes and happy reading.


DreamerDragon Tags: @cubedtriangle @pilindielofgondor )

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wallpapers josh morrissey + simple aesthetic

Requested by anon

Credits of the wallpapers’ elements go to their respective owners. I only assembled them to make the wallpapers.

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Since your requests are open and I loooove your icons, may I request Ricky Bowen (from High School Musical: The Musical The Series) icons please?

Thank you!! 😊😊 

I was going to make a fourth, but my photoshop pooped out on me. So, here are three different photos. 5 Colors each, you can get then undercut or on my icon page! ( Sorry if preview is blurry, tumblr suck when resizing :/ )


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Not the worst Day [F] | [M]

Request: “Can I get an imagine with dom male reader x taekook, where the reader had a bad day and the boys cheer him up with fluff or some smut, thank you!”

Requested by: anonymous

Pairing: Sub! Taekook x Dom! Reader

Gender of the Reader: male

Word Count: 2k

Genre: Fluff (Idk? xD) and some Mentions of Smut at the End

Warnings: not really buuut the reader has a bad day and some anger outbursts; Swearing; a bit smutty content at the end; soft Dom-/Sub-Themes; sub! Taekook; Dirty Language; Dirty Talk

A/N: first Reader x Member Pairing request uhhhh~ 🥳

…and to the dear anon who requested this, I hope you’ll be able to find this here! 😅💜


My Masterlist for your requests!

My official Masterlist!


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May I ask for match up with Ikemen Sengoku? I’m woman. My zodiac signs are sun-pisces, moon-cancer, venus-pisces, mars-taurus. I’m very gentle hearted and with inclination to depression and panics attacks. On the other hand I can be very cheerful and playful during a good day. I love cooking and my job is painting pictures and teaching art. I’m loyal type of girlfriend. I can get a bit jealous. I need a stable partner with whom I can feel safe. I can be stubborn and strong willed. I like to finish what I start. I can get workaholic and tired easily. My other hobbies are reading, cynology, belly dance, swimming and history. Thanks in advance!




i match you with … TOYOTOMI HIDEYOSHI

  • soft boi soft boi soft boi
  • astrologically, very compatible, movin’ on.
  • he feels the urge to protecc™ you due to your gentle nature. will be there for you through darker periods and panic attacks. his presence is soothing.
  • feed him please, he will worry about you and everyone else so much he may forget how to eat, ahhhhhh.
  • seriously though, will enjoy your cooking and will look forward to trying things out. if you pack him lunch, he will die on the inside AND outside because of how happy he is.
  • he may have fangirls but he is loyal himself. though, you being jealous could be cute and he will appreciate it — it just means that you care about him. 
  • though he is very emotional himself, he is a stable and loyal person, and is definitely going to give it his all to make sure you are safe.
  • that being said, he will take care of you during your workaholic moments — in his opinion, it’s great that you are motivated, but he will look out for you, because he cannot have you skipping meals or forgetting to take care of yourself during those busy sessions.

other matches include:

  • nobunaga oda ( not my primal choice due to the fact he has a thick shell, but he will enjoy your surprisingly stubborn and wilful nature. also, belly dance? c; also feed this boi, too and you may or may not give him more konpeito along the way. up to you. )


i hope you like this !! feedback would be appreciated !!

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@nightrainn2​ ; decided not to copy/paste the entire info, if you’d like me to share it, link it or whatever, let me know c:




i match you with … KOTAL KAHN

  • this was really a tough one, so i doubt i’ll even say much here.
  • he can be a bit reckless or hot-tempered, but he seemed like the best choice out of the ones i have listed on paper.
  • despite his harshness that was presented in the past stories, kotal does have quite an understanding and soft heart. some may consider him foolish for that, but that’s exactly why i chose him.
  • he is not the type to trick and betray. perhaps if the battle requires him to be sneaky, then maybe, but in personal relationships, let alone romantic ones, he doesn’t strike me as a character who would be interested in cheating in any way.
  • he is a man of his word, through and through. he is loyal to a fault.
  • that being said, i imagine that he is very patient in love. he seems like that type to accept someone through and through — though he seemed surprised that someone would accept him through and through, not gonna lie. 
  • he is not a wild person himself, when it comes to extrovert-introvert traits, that is. he has enough confidence to present himself before people without a problem, but that doesn’t mean he prefers the crowds. i see him as a type to enjoy his selected group of people, so we have compatibility in terms of behaviours there — more similar than opposite.
  • i am not saying he avoids confrontation in relationships, and i’d rather use the word ‘tolerant’. though, if you wish to openly speak about something, he will oblige without a problem.
  • he isn’t too needy on affection. meaning, he isn’t clingy. he adores physical touch, yes, but is also easy-going, i imagine. he is romantic, but not forceful. as i said, tolerant. so, he will take it easy before you are comfortable enough with displays of affection.
  • um, he can turn into a lion so… does that count as an animal? it’s a lovable form. 

other matches include:

  • kuai liang ( calm spirit. though, he does seem a bit too bland despite his wise and collected nature, so i find that growth might be a little tough here. kuai can be a bit too professional. )


i match you with … LUCIEN

  • need i say more?
  • *proceeds to say more*
  • okay, so this boy might be a sneak and all of that spoiler stuff that is going on, but we will throw that aside here. evol-free zone.
  • lucien is withdrawn himself, preferring the small company rather than big one, so again, introverted energies collide nicely.
  • lucien is extremely understanding and easy-going. he is soft and gentle ( despite the sinisterness and passion, but we will come to that later ).
  • what i am trying to say, he is everything but a shallow person. he can understand where you’re coming from and he can understand every insecurity you might have regarding emotions. they are a weird thing, anyway. he would have denied it himself if he hadn’t fallen for you.
  • he isn’t that pushy. he is pushy but again, we wILL GET TO THAT LATER.
  • what i am trying to say is, lucien is not the one to jump head-first into a relationship. he would have nothing against the entire deal of befriending you and forming one primal bond, before developing into something more.
  • and in that sense, he is pushy. if he likes you and if he is serious about you, he won’t let you go as long as he is certain that you feel something, too. and let me tell you, he can sense that amazingly well.
  • lucien is stubborn and one of a kind slytherin ( the guy is also scorpio, i think that is all i need to say ), thus he will not stop until he gets to you. keeping his respectful distance and still having in mind your boundaries with opening-up, he would slowly find his way into your heart. not like a game, but like, development. he wants you to open up and be honest about your true feelings.
  • speaking of which, he will oftentimes remind you of how he wants to be there for you and support you. whether through texts, calls or meetings, he will let you know that you can share anything you’d like with him and it will stay between you two and just between you two.
  • patient and understanding in terms of endearments and relationship itself. though he may want displays of affection and would subtly throw them in here and there, they are light, weighted and calculated.
  • and he will happily oblige if you are in need of attention yourself.
  • he can be a tinyyyyyyyy bit playful and teasing, kind of reminding you of a game, especially with how private he can be, thus that can be kind of iffy, but eh, could work out.
  • he can play the cards where his own intimacy isn’t a problem. he likes to put attention to you and make you feel wanted.


i hope you like this !! feedback would be appreciated !!

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Hello there! Sooo hear me out, this may be a long ask. I’ve seen many match ups and I got curious... next thing I knew, I was hooked with those so I decided to try one myself, if that’s alright? As to the fandom... are you alright with Ikevamp? I’ll send in my description in the next ask! (1/2)

So, hi! I’m Alia, I’m female, gemini (I don’t delve much into astrology so I can’t help you with this info), INFP, I think I’m in true neutral or so my friends say, House Slytherin/Thunderbird. (Note: okay I said ½ in the previous one but it turned out to be really long sooo hang on for the next part okay? Sorry for the inconvenience!) (2/3)

Basically, I’m an introvert who can socialize if given the right reason, or was forced by an authoritative figure (read: my mother, friends use force on me), I’m an insomniac who sleeps really late-wake up early-then try to sleep again in the morning if energy is too low. I do write stories from time to time, poetries too and I am a novice in watercolor art. And while I’m a person of art, I pursued a program in medical field so I’m a big contradiction of myself. (Done! 3/3) Thank you so much!

Last one! I’m really really sorry for bothering you. Can it be two fandoms? Ikevamp and MLQC? If that’s okay? If not, then you can ignore this one… so sorry for the trouble and thank you again for indulging me! 💙




i match you with … VINCENT VAN GOGH

  • aries + gemini are a thing, movin’ on.
  • S O F T !
  • please paint together. he will definitely teach you tricks and tips, and he will be so patient and supportive and it is adorable as hell. 
  • so supportive :’)
  • don’t worry about being dragged outside, lmao. this boi won’t go authority on you when it comes to going out.
  • strolls and being in sunshine is definitely a thing, though.
  • can stay awake with you, or will try to help you with falling asleep. cuddle on the couch together, if nothing.
  • might or might now show off your work and poetry, just saying.
  • you could be good friends with theo, too.


i match you with … LUCIEN

  • i am absolute mess for gemini x scorpio pairings, you can tell me they are not compatible all you want, FIGHT ME
  • he will be an insomniac with you istg.
  • though he’d prefer you get your sleep, he knows the feel of not being able to sleep, so think movie nights, deep night conversations, or whatever activity you two can come up with.
  • i will assume that you have strong ambitions of your own ( slytherin + thunderbird ) and i feel like lucien would notice and appreciate that. as much of a support he’d be in anything, he loves to see you grow and reach your goals. he may be a freaking genius, but he isn’t arrogant and ignorant.
  • introverted himself, so you don’t have to worry about being forced into crowds, loud spaces and masses. if he does drag you out, it’s probably going to be just the two of you.
  • speaking of dragging you out, i hope you like surprises — this guys gives a lot of them.
  • loves to watch you paint and, given the fact that he knows all sorts of stuff, might as well give you suggestions or tips. may as well even share some kind of story regarding watercolours.


i hope you like this !! feedback would be appreciated !!

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