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Ichijiku Kadenokouji from Hypnosis Mic is going to super hell for lesbian crimes, simping for Otome and corruption!!!

requested by: Anonymous

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  • stolen glances
  • dancing together
  • holding hands [intertwining their fingers]
  • somehow always ending up in each other’s arms
  • complimenting each other
  • tending to each other’s wounds
  • hugging each other closely 
  • going to sleep on different sides of the bed, waking up entangled
  • smiling at each other, then blushing as their eyes meet
  • crying on each other’s shoulders, wiping tears of the other’s cheek
  • a good amount of healthy jealousy when seeing their love interest talk to someone else, and then completely denying it
  • buttoning up their lover’s shirt, or zipping their dress, alternatively, the other way around, say, if they’re going to tend to a wound, trying not to take a peek at their lover’s body, but sneaking in one anyway 
  • lingering as their lover walks away from them, not taking their eyes off of them until they’re out of sight
  • defending each other when one of them is insulted, alternatively, risking their own life to save their lover’s if they get in trouble, not caring about the consequences as long as their lover is safe 
  • awkwardness after every almost kiss, sweeping it under the rug and pretending it didn’t happen but they can never really relax around each other, because there’s this sense of unresolved tension between them 
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here you go, angel! i hope you like it. <333 ily!

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Thank you so much! As a little bit of a space nerd, I’m glad I can finally use my limited knowledge for something useful! 


  • Space is a vacuum, right? It’s simultaneously the most interesting and coolest place you’ll ever experience, but also, the scariest. 

So think of space as a void, it’s essentially what it is. Think about how you would feel, say, if you got stuck in place. You’re sitting on this unfamiliar planet in space, with nothing but darkness around you, all alone, and with no clue if you’re going to be able to make your back home or not. 

Think about it, how would you feel if you were in your character’s situation? All alone, surrounded by nothing? Think about your own reaction and emotions, and WHAT IS THE WORD 

  • Remember! Space is a vacuum! Sound can’t travel. 

Use that to your advantage, to really describe the world around your character, try to really capture the vastness of space. There is nothing. No sound, no sign of life, no source of light, spared from the star the planet is orbiting around.


Let your character stare out on the abyss, thinking about home, and that’s another important thing. When you’re referring to earth, use the word home. ‘’They were supposed to come home.’’ ‘’We need to bring them back home.’’ ‘’They promised me they’d come back home.’’


  • So if B has a breakdown, there could potentially be a moment in which they hallucinate A, and they hug them, but they’re obviously not real, and B says ‘’I can’t feel you anymore.’’ And this sends them down a spiral. ‘’Why can’t I feel you anymore? Why can’t – I can’t – You’re not – You’re not real – You’re not real –’’ and they back away from [A’s hallucination], continuing to say ‘’You’re not real. You’re not real, you’re not –’’ 
  • When A finally makes their way back home, B shouldn’t trust it immediately. They’re still under the belief A’s dead, and A says they’re real, but it’s going to take a little while for B to believe it
  • And if you want, at the end of the story, which I assume has a happy ending, you can have B say ‘’I feel you. I feel everything.’’ As a way to tie it all together. 
  • Losing a loved one, or if one goes missing, is a horrific feeling, and you’ll end up thinking to yourself, what happened to them? How did they die? How did they go missing? B should think themselves insane over this, coming up with the worst possible outcome of what really happened. Was there a problem with the space suit? Did the pressure of the planet’s atmosphere kill them? Did they burn alive in the shuttle? Are they floating around somewhere in space, waiting for their ultimate demise? Or, God forbid, are aliens real, and A got captured? 
  • So you told me that B doesn’t eat, doesn’t sleep, which tells me that B should stare themselves blindly at a computer screen, trying to find a way to make connection with A’s spaceship. And eventually, their colleagues does an intervention, and drags them out of the communication room [B’s obviously trying to resist, it takes at least two of them to pull them out of the room]. B’s colleagues then make sure that they get some actual sleep, and get some food into their stomach 
  • Like you said, B’s dying in their grief, and there’s a whole variety of emotions flowing through them. I recommend you use more than anything: FEAR, GRIEF AND ANGER

Disclaimer: B’s anger should be directed towards A. Sure, they love them, and they’re grieving them, but at some point, their grief turns into anger, anger at A for ‘’abandoning them’’ and ‘’for not listening.’’ 

That’s all I have for now! I hope some of the prompts can be of use :-) 

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Jasmine from Pokemon is going to super hell for ace crimes!!!

requested by: @the-lavender-creator

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Padme Amidala from Star Wars is going to super hell for gay crimes and not marrying the requester!!!

requested by: @sweetphilautia
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sure! here you go :)

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[requested] taylor swift (lover secret sessions) icons

like or reblog if you use them 

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Double Diamond and his boyfriend Party Favor from My Little Pony are going to super hell for mega gay crimes!!!

requested by: Anonymous

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Takatoshi Hijiyama and Tsukasa Okino from 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim are going to super hell together for gay crimes and several other redacted things!!!

requested by: @cayenne-twilight

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Flora from Animal Crossing is going to super hell for lesbian crimes!!!

requested by: Anonymous

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Trent Oliver from The Prom is going to super hell for trans gay crimes!!!

requested by: @pamesjatterson
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♡ ♡ Bisexual Dead by Daylight female survivor icons requested by anonymous (please reblog if you save)! ♡ ♡

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Vidia and Tinkerbell from the Tinkerbell movies are going to super hell together for lesbian crimes!!!

requested by: Anonymous

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Originally posted by mrunicornrainbow666


“I’m the winner who has the prize (YOU) they’re (the loss causes) the losers who sits and cries!”


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Originally posted by bellucius

IMAGINE: Bellatrix when she almost loses you in front of her eyes


“You know the truth about the world is that crime does pay, and by god, there is going to be hell to pay.” She points her wand at your attacker as she pushes you behind her before saying the unforgiving.



Originally posted by birussianspy

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