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boredth · 2 days ago
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Intermission in Rome
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johnswick · 10 hours ago
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Keanu Reeves as John Wick John Wick (October 24, 2014)
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scottiefavor · a day ago
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my own private idaho by tacogrande (shop link)
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filmhabits · 2 days ago
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“Reflections” - The Matrix Trilogy 
Series by Dave Merrell
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khrisscortez · 2 days ago
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Mr. Wick.
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Summary: You agree to meet the man that you had been sexting with for almost a year. You weren’t prepared for how your life would change.
Pairing: Donaka Mark x fem. Reader
Wordcount: 2.1 k
Rating: E
Warnings: Sex Toys, Masturbation, Overstimulation, Dirty Talk, Nipple Play, Choking, Handjobs, Smut (unprotected sex) Public sex but not really lol
A/N: This turned out hella soft comparing to anything else I have written for Donaka lmao. This weeks kinktober fic with prompts Masturbation || Nipple play || Choking || Hand jobs || Overstimulation || Sex Toys || Dirty Talk by @the-purity-pen
Tumblr media
You were tired.
It was just after 9 am, the biggest rush in the little coffee shop you were working at just finished. You were alone today, Amber, your co-worker bailed on you, not for the first time. God, you wanted to have a normal life. With one job that paid enough instead of three. Where you would get a decent amount of sleep instead of working on your dissertation in between jobs. You wanted a fucking break.
Closing your eyes only for a second you breathed in deeply, finishing the order of a hot chocolate. You handed it over with a smile when you felt your phone in your pocket. You looked around, making sure that everyone was taken care off when you pulled your phone out, seeing it was from him.
Almost a year ago you set up an account on tinder after having a drink too much. D was the only one who swiped right (great for your self esteem). He was… mysterious. Unique, and after a year of texting you still didn’t know what he looked like. His (and your) profile on tinder long gone, having swapped numbers to text like normal people.
You only knew that he owned a business and was traveling a lot for work. He could be anyone really.
He was the longest running relationship you ever had (even if you were sure you could call it that) and you had never seen or met him. But oh the way he talked to you on the phone….
D: Are you wearing it?
You: Yes
D: Rules
You: I’m not allowed to cum until I’m home.
D: Good Girl
When you looked up from your phone you caught the eyes of a man across the cafe, looking at you, before he looked away. He was a regular. Always ordering a plain black coffee and sat down exactly on the same spot to read the New York times.
He was attractive, older than you, always dressed in a sharp suit, his brown eyes always kind when they looked at you.
You gripped the counter when you felt the vibrations start. It was the lowest setting. Fuck you were gonna regret this. Months into texting with D he started sending you things. One of the things being an app controlled mini vibrator only he could control.
You’ve had a long day today and D knew it. He probably knew your schedule better than yourself. And he was in town. You would finally meet him. Tomorrow. For the first time. And apparently his goal was to make you beg for him.
The intensity didn’t increase over the next hour. Your colleague Mitch was here to take over while you cleaned the counter and made one last order for the handsome mystery guy.
He gave you a small smile, sliding his credit black card over, his phone in his hand, telling you to tip yourself well. You gave him a smile, as you swiped his card, reading his name. Donaka Mark.
You felt your phone in your pocket as you slid him his card back. He was looking at his phone too.
“Thank you Mr. Mark. And I’ll see you tomorrow?” you asked.
He pocketed his card, nodding.
“See you tomorrow,”  he winked before he turned around. When he was out, you turned around, saying goodbye to Mitch and got out your phone.
D: There’s a box waiting for you at home. Wear it tomorrow.
You: Of course
The intensity of the vibrations went up and your eyes rolled back as you grabbed your bag.
“Fuck,” you whispered.
D: You should have gotten yourself a bigger tip.
You blinked at your phone, confused, when you gasped, looking behind you through the front door. Handsome mystery man, Donaka, was standing there looking at you as the vibrations got more intense and you bit your lip as he looked up.
He winked, before he turned around and left while the vibrations stopped. You breathed in deeply, looking after him. He had started to come here almost half a year ago. D… Donaka. You shook your head to yourself, still flushed, your cunt slick with arousal.
You: How big?
D: However fucking big you want.
Tumblr media
You were a mess by the time you came home. You just wanted to cum. You pushed the box that was waiting for you into your apartment, closing the door behind you. You undressed on your way to your bedroom, grabbing your phone and another vibe and as if he knew you’d be home your phone rang.
“Please…” you whimpered and heard him chuckle. You lay down on your bed. The whole day you’d been on the verge to cum and just when you already felt the first waves the vibrations stopped.
“Be a good girl and cum for me. I wanna hear it,” he said with his deep voice. You got out of your drenched panties, pulling the vibe out you had been wearing all day and replaced it with a bigger one.
“It will be my hands making you cum tomorrow,” he said and you whined.
“And my cock. Wanna make you scream my name…”
“D…” you moaned, fucking yourself with your vibe.
“Say my name….” he growled.
“Donaka….” you gasped, rolling your hips.
“Such a good fucking girl…. Come on. Cum. You earned it.”
You almost screamed when you finally came harder than you ever had before. You felt your whole body tingling, your legs shaking.
“Fuck…” you moaned, turning the vibe of and relaxed your body into the soft covers beneath you.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” you asked, suddenly very tired, you put your blanket over yourself.
“I had to be sure…”
“Sure of what?”
“That you’re the right one,” he said and you smiled.
“I like that.”
“Sleep. My driver will pick you up at 6pm tomorrow.”
“Okay. Good night Donaka.”
Tumblr media
Of course you googled Donaka before you left. You might have been texting with him for a year, but now that you knew… Fuck. You weren’t prepared. One of the wealthiest people in the city, made it to the list of most attractive bachelors for every year since 2004.
And you were about to meet him for dinner.
You would be lying if you were saying that you haven’t been attracted to him before. There were nights the two of you spent just talking. He seemed very lonely to you, only opening up slowly.
And now you were sitting in his car, wearing the clothes he bought for you, the Tiffany necklace that he had gifted you for your birthday and the heels he had sent you.
You were feeling like a million bucks and you wondered if he felt like that all the time.
The car stopped and the door opened. You stepped out, looking around and up the tall building.
“It’s on the topfloor Miss. The elevator on the right,” the driver said with a smile and you nodded.
Stepping into the building you walked towards the elevator that was already waiting for you, bringing you to the top floor. You were nervous. This wasn’t something you were used to. You worked three jobs that made barely enough money to afford your life. You didn’t go to fancy dinners in fancy restaurants. You closed your eyes, taking deep breaths. The elevator stopped, the doors sliding open and you opened your eyes just in time to see Donaka standing there. He was wearing a black suit, with a black dress shirt beneath, his hands in his pockets.
You took a step back when he stepped into the elevator, resting your back against the wall. “You look beautiful,” he said and you smiled a little.
“You have good taste,” you said hoarsely.
“I know,” he stepped closer and you bit your lip, swallowing.
“What… What are you doing here?” you asked and he furrowed his brows.
“I mean why are you here and not upstairs?”
“I live here,” he said, his chest now against yours.
You chuckled to yourself, shaking your head.
“What’s wrong?” he asked.
“This isn’t me. I…”
“Don’t. Don’t think. Let me treat you to a night out. You deserve it,” he whispered and you let your head fall back against the wall to look up at him. He was even more handsome up close, his dark eyes searching for yours. You reached one of your hands up into his neck.
“Okay,” you whispered, before you pulled him down to kiss him.
Tumblr media
You didn’t understand half of the meals on the menu so Donaka ordered for both of you and it was delicious. Probably the best food you had in years. Donaka’s eyes didn’t leave you the whole evening. You learned pretty quickly that he wasn’t a big fan of PDA but you loved to tease him. Letting one of your feet run up his thigh, leaning over the table, so he could see your lack of bra in the dress he bought you.
His eyes seemed to get darker and darker until he asked for the check.
“You are playing with fire,” he said lowly.
“Maybe I like to get burned,” you grinned and he breathed in deeply. The waiter came and swiped Donaka’s card. Your eyes never left Donaka’s until he got up and then helped you up. His hand was resting on your lower back as he guided you towards the elevator. When the doors opened you walked in as Donaka pushed various buttons before he turned around and pushed you against the wall, his lips on yours.
“Teasing me is not something many people survive…” he groaned against your lips, his hands already pushing your dress up. You whimpered.
“Wanted to bend you over the fucking table and make you scream my name for everyone to see,” he kissed down your throat, his hands pulling your dress down to reveal your tits to him. A part of you was aware that you were in an elevator that could stop any time but fuck you didn’t care. Not with the way he was touching you.
You brought one of your hands in between your bodys. You didn’t ask as you pulled at the Zipper of his pants, pushing your hand in to find his hard cock as he bit down on your breast.
“Fuck…” you both moaned and he looked up at you. His lips closed around one of your nipples sucking it in. He brought one of his hands up, resting on your throat. You groaned, your other hand pushing into his pants to pull his cock out. He flickered his tongue over your nipple, using his teeth to pull at it while you began to pump his cock in your hand.
“Can you cum like this?” he mumbled against your skin. You tried to shake your head but his grip around your throat tightened and you whimpered.
He pulled at your other nipple and you pumped him harder.
“Fuck you’re good at this. Wanna be inside you….” he groaned, choking you a little harder.
“Fuck me…. Please… Please….” he let go of you to hoist you up against the wall, his pants hitting the floor. He wasted no time, pushing your panties to the side, thrusting into you in one fluent motion just when the elevator doors opened.
“Donaka….” you whimpered. His hand was around your throat again while you held on to his shoulders, your legs around his waist as he fucked you against the wall like you weighed nothing.
“Shhh…” he hummed, dark eyes finding yours as his hand around your throat gripped harder, choking you. Fuck you were so close.
“Waited so long for this. Fuck…” he groaned. You were looking at him, your brain blissfully foggy as he thrusted hard and you came, surprised from the intensity and he let go of his grip around your throat, letting you breathe as he fucked you through your orgasm.
“Fuck D…”
“Never letting you leave…” he moaned, pumping into you faster, biting down on your breast, hard.
“Shit…” you yelped and felt him pulse inside, filling you up.
You both tried to slow down your breathing before he carried you out of the elevator.
“Donaka….” you tried to get off of him but he only gripped you tighter.
“Where… There… People?” you stammered and he chuckled.
“Private elevator. I own the building,” he shrugged and you blinked your eyes.
Of course he does.
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keanupilled · 2 days ago
are you a bill and ted/the lost boys type bnt fan or a bill and ted/my own private idaho type bnt fan
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fatbottombucky · 7 hours ago
Can people stop begging and talking about Keanu Reeves to be in the MCU…
He has been offered multiple times to join, and he’s declined. There’s reason. Let the man live in damn peace omg
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thesimtraveler · a day ago
Me: *fangirls about Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077*
Mother: You do realise he is like the same age as your father and I, right?
Tumblr media
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