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#gwyn acosf
line2064 · an hour ago
Azriels Shadows
It’s so funny to see the Elriel and Gwynriel shippers fighting wherever Azs Shadows disappearing is a good thing or not.
Let me tell you something. I don’t know. And you don’t know either. We can’t. Because pretty much everything we know about his Shadows came from other people, not Azriel himself. Even Rhys knows almost nothing about them.
So stop saying: “They disappear when he is comfortable, it’s written in the books.”
It’s not. At least I don’t remember reading it in Azs chapter and I wouldn’t believe much about his Shadows if it doesn’t come from him, because he is the only one who knows :)
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velaaaris · an hour ago
sarah and steph are doing a live on may 5th, and on may 3rd steph will let a box when we can ask questions so i suggest we all ask if Gwyn is a child or not, we will have our answer and that will be over.
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velaaaris · 2 hours ago
i don’t even understand how this gwyn is a child is a theory??? rhys was 8 yo when he first went to the illyrians camp, so what ur gonna tell me he was actually a baby? and he, and az and cass were 18/20 yo when they completed the blood rite, as if anyone would let CHILDREN complete a mortal rite.
Also Gwyn is 28. Older than the Archeron sisters. If gwynriel is pedophilia, then so is feysand, nessian or e\riel.
Stop trying to make shitty theory for the sake of a f*cking ship, she’s a grown ass adult that you like it or not. your insecurities about your ship are showing.
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heyovivi · 2 hours ago
Gwynriel Mating Bond
So a while back I made a post about the possibility of a mating bond between Azriel and Gwyn. Along with me, a few other people agreed that it is possible that Gwyn enacted the mating bond before Azriel did, and that it actually snapped into place on her end on the night Azriel saved her in Sangravah. 
I did get some agrees and also some disagrees. My main argument was that maybe it could be due to the fact that the reason why Gwyn was acceptable to the bond was because she was emotionally available to do so--meaning that she wasn’t in a relationship or in a situation that blinded her to the bond (ex: Feylin & Feysand, GreysonxElain & Elucien), but Azriel was because he’s been simping for Mor for the last five centuries. 
Now I know that it was just a suggestion that I threw out as I saw a pattern between the dynamics of certain mated pairs throughout the book. Of course, after I finished ACOSF it only convinces me more as we discovered that Nesta’s side of the bond snapped into the place almost immediately after meeting Cassian for the first time, as she was emotionally available to do so. 
But again, that was just a head canon that I threw out in the fray and in SJM’s own words it is typical for the males of a mate bond to have it snapped into place first before the females, or in Kallias and Vivianne’s case, at the same time. But if you think about it, the bonds we’ve been introduced to so far are are Fae-centered pairs. 
We have Nessian, Feysand, and Elucien. And although it is said that males are said to be more acceptable to the bond, it is also noted that Fae-Human bonds are said be more dulled and that could’ve very well been the case with the Archeron sisters and their mates. The only thing working against this is the fact that Nesta and Cassian’s bond snapped or at least jolted almost immediately after meeting when Nesta was still human. 
Anyways, moving on. These bonds are still Fae-centered, even if they were Made, the sisters are now considered Fae. But from what we know, Gwyn isn’t full Fae. She’s a part nymph making it clear to me that unlike Feyre, Nesta, and Elain, she isn’t bound to the same rules. We don’t know much about the nymphs, at least not in the ACOTAR verse. We only know that they are a wild breed and that if they were cross-bred with Fae then some courts deemed them unacceptable in their lands. 
Now, what we know from the folklore of the nymphs is that they are servants of nature and depending on what type of nymph they are they can live in places such as mountains, rivers, valleys, etc. They are depicted as beautiful maidens who act as the sole protectors of nature and because of that act as either guides or torturers to those who trespass onto their lands. In certain mythologies it was not uncommon for Nymphs to be described as carnal and sexual beings, similarly to the Fae males in the ACTOAR-verse. 
I think because of this, it is possible that for Gwyn the mate bond snapped into place. She is the exception because she isn’t like the other pairs we’ve seen in the series. This tid-bit of information changes the nature of the mating bond making it completely possible for her to feel it first. 
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trashforazriel · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Azriel Appreciation Week Day One Favorite Quote
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hellogoodbye14 · 6 hours ago
Rhys: No I’m not going to intervene, not my place
Also Rhys while looking at Nesta/Cassian and Az/Gwyn: Imma intervene
Feyre: *raises an eyebrow*
Rhys: Look at them, it’s obvious to they are meant for eachother. HOW AM I MEANT TO NOT INTERVENE
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hellogoodbye14 · 6 hours ago
I have all the faith in you Gwyn
Emerie and Nesta were joining Az for spy training so they could learn more stealth as Valkyries. Gwyn wanted to join but she was afraid of leaving Velaris and it’s premises, afraid of the world beyond.
When Gwyn refused the offer, she felt a bit of a coward even though her friends gave her understanding nods. She paced in her room, back and forth, back and forth. Refusal was always on the tip of her tongue, always. She was sick of it, sick of hiding, sick that it was an instinct, sick of always holding back. She wanted these shackles off, shackles she had put on herself. By cauldron, it was time to at least try. She was finally going to step out. Come what may, she knew her friends could protect her, Azriel would protect her but she knew that she could protect herself as well.
Every step toward the House of Wind was filled with resolve, those steps? She’d try to make it as far as she could. She had to try.
Up and up she went, a single focus in her mind. Her lungs burned, her feet ached and she could hear her heartbeat in her ears. It was absolutely glorious.
She made it up and all she had was tunnel vision, she needed to see him. But after climbing those stairs she only realised she had no clue where his room was in this mansion. She thought of calling out his name, but suddenly a trail of pebbles appeared. The house, it was the house showing her the way. Out of nowhere, she could see wisp of shadows swirling around the stones, as if reiterating that it was the right way.
She didn’t overthink it, she moved and before she knew it she stood before a closed door. She raised her hand to knock and he opened the door in a few seconds. His surprised gaze turned worried, looking her over from head to toe,
“Gwyn is everything okay? Are you hurt?”
“No, no. I um wanted to tell you something.”
She was breathing hard, exhaustion catching up to her.
“Did you climb all those stairs? Wait let me get you something to drink.”
She stopped him by putting her hand on his arm, a jolt went through her. Goosebumps everywhere. He too had instantly stilled, but he didn’t remove her hand, just looked at her with those piercing eyes.
“I’m going to go with you and the girls for the training.”
A proud tint entered his eyes and he offered her a smile.
She instantly felt herself relax.
“That’s great to hear”
“You’re not going to ask me if I’m sure?”
He shook his head, “If you think you’re ready then thats all that matters Gwyn, nothing else. I have all the faith in you.”
She nodded, for some reason that made her feel warm, made her feel happy that he found her capable, that he never questioned her, that he always worked at her pace.
If this was a day for trying... then maybe she should try something else as well. Something she had wanted to for a while.
“Azriel there’s something else... um”, he waited for her to finish the sentence but she couldn’t for the life of her think of what to say. Oh fuck it, she was just going to do it, she went on her tip toes and kissed him. A small peck right on his lips and retreated.
Yeap his eyes were in shock and yeap she probably made a mistake but she just wanted to, she was tired of second guessing everything, “look I’m sorry, I- I um don’t know why I just wanted to do that for a while and I know that you may not- “
He stepped closer, his eyes flaring. “Gwyn, I’m going to kiss you okay?”
He waited for her nod and she didn’t know who moved first, but they met halfway and she felt his soft lips on her, gentle. His one hand cupped the side of her face, while his other moved to her waist. Her hands moved to his hair on their own volition, and he took that as her signal to deepen their kiss. She was lost, utterly lost in this, wanted to be lost in him, with him forever.
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cogmello · 7 hours ago
oh girls, those post about gwyn’s age sounds like desperation to me.
Tumblr media
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gwynisachild · 7 hours ago
He wouldn't go so far as to call Gwyn a friend, but...
The author that let Gwynriel sail
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bookstantrash · 11 hours ago
Modern day Valkyries 🦢✨
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
{Credits to llibiarts on ig}
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gwynrielsupremacy · 12 hours ago
One single thread of gold tied me to you
Hey you guys guess what... IT'S GWYN'S POV! Also this was supposed to be the last part of this HC/fic/idk what to call it but now... should there be a part 5?
(and yes this title is exactly what it sounds like: INVISIBLE STRING BY QUEEN TAYLOR SWIFT ref!)
CHECK OUT Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3!!!!!!
Almost immediately, Gwyn heard something inside of her click. She felt as she could see it, too: a faint golden light heating up her chest, glowing. She couldn’t, wouldn’t look at the male beside her. She felt as if she did, he would see right through her. Did Azriel know? Did he make this amazing, magnificent surprise just so he could show her what he already saw?
But Diane, that wise and ancient female, was sitting right in front of her, still smiling, as if her words didn’t just reveal something Gwyn herself didn’t realize was inside of her. It was enough to make her come back to her senses. She would deal with that later, and all it entailed. For now, she would enjoy Diane’s precious company; she was so lucky to be spending time with someone like her, full of stories and creativity and knowledge. It was all Gwyn aspired to be.
Finally, about two hours after that silent revelation, Diane nodded to no one in particular and got to her feet, saying it was time for her to go. They hugged, and Gwyn held her tears: she felt such a calming, warm feeling on her heart. It felt like being embraced by her mother’s love. It was like that female could read her, and understand her. All of it, flaws and mistakes and all.
During their dinner, they shared so much about each other’s lives. Well, mostly Diane, but Gwyn talked about some feelings and things she hadn’t told anyone but her sister. Catrin would be so happy for her, she thought. She wished her sister was there so they could share this whole experience. But she felt so blessed and grateful anyway, just being able to live that. She could live that for Catrin as well, and that was enough for her.
“Oh, I almost forgot” Diane said before reaching out to Azriel so he could winnow her back to Velaris “Here, this is for you, child.”
It was Gwyn’s favorite book by Diane, “And So the Story Goes.” Inside, a handwritten note in a beautiful calligraphy:
For Gwyn,
I hope you find out what you knew all along.
She covered her grin with a trembling hand. It was too much, she felt like she could burst. It felt like happiness, but even more, it felt like hope. Reading those words, from someone whom she thought so highly of, it was the encouragement Gwyn needed to keep on going. She felt like she really was doing something right.
“Thank you”
Diane offered her a knowing smile before accepting Azriel’s extended hand, and the Priestess watched as they both vanished into the night, turning her look again to the dedication. She was re-reading it for maybe the 20th time when Az winnowed back, an unreadable expression at his face.
Gwyn felt her knees wobble all of a sudden as she put the book down to face him. Could he see it too? That faint light she now saw when looking at him? She didn’t know, and wasn’t ready to find out just yet.
“How…” She swallowed and he stood still, a few feet away from her. Bracing himself for her reaction, now that they were alone. “How did you… What…”
“It was Nesta and Emerie’s idea.” He said in answer, a soft smile in his beautiful, full lips. His hazel eyes were assessing her, brows slightly furrowed, as if trying to predict what she was thinking, what were she trying to say. In the moonlight, his tall, slender figure seemed to shine like a star, his strong arms and muscles showing themselves behind his slim shirt- Oh no, what was going on with her?
Get your shit together, Gwyneth.
“So, did you like it?”
His question pulled her away from her insistent thoughts, and she managed to look him straight in the eye before answering.
“Yes… Yes. I loved it.” When she smiled back, she saw his own broaden into a grin.
And at that sight, she beamed. He took a step at her direction, and Gwyn swore his shadows seemed to dance between them, swifting from their master to her in anticipation.
Before Gwyn’s brain could process what she was doing, she launched towards Azriel, covering their distance with quick steps and embracing him tight. She burrowed her head on the crook of his neck and felt his stiffened posture almost instantly relax, as he wrapped his steady arms around her. She felt everything: how warm his touch was, how soft the skin where her hands rested upon, how his breath on her ear and neck gave her goosebumps.
“This was the best birthday I ever had.” She ignored all of that, speaking quietly, her words muffled for she didn’t move her head from his shoulder.
She never thought she would feel comfortable hugging a male like that, but, for some reason, with Azriel she felt like she could stay there forever. No, not just for some reason. For a very specific one Gwyn had just find out, and it was still quite hard to believe. And that thought, that thought alone, was what made the reckless, carefree side of her lift her head and kiss him on the cheek softly, just once. “Thank you, Az.”
She saw his eyes widen just slightly, but before he could say anything, Gwyn parted their embrace and walked away without looking back. She could still feel his eyes on her long after she left the dining room, as though he was also thinking about the moment they both shared.
“So… What did you think about your birthday gift?” Nesta looked at her with a smirk. “Aren’t you proud of our idea?”
It was passed midnight now, and Emerie, Nesta and Gwyn were comfortably seated on the soft couches at the House’s private library, duvets and soft lighting making the space even cozier. They were sharing a gigantic chocolate cake, also gift of the House, and Gwyn took another sip at her sparkling wine, appreciating the heat burning down her throat.
“Oh, you outdid yourselves. She was amazing and so kind, and…”
“Wait” Emerie cut in, brows furrowed in confusion “She who?”
“Well, Diane.” As Nesta and Emerie exchanged glances, Gwyn felt the need to complement “Diane Gadot, my favorite author. I met her.”
Nesta squealed, eyes wide, and Emerie threw a cushion at Gwyn’s face in response.
“He did that?”
“Who, Azriel? Wasn’t that the gift?”
Emerie was laughing hysterically now, and Nesta shook her head, smirking in disbelief.
“I can’t believe this.”
“What? He told me you gave him the idea.”
“Well, yeah. It just wasn’t this one.” Nesta continued, as Emerie finally seemed to be calming down.
“Didn’t he give you the book? The autographed one?”
“Yes, she did. But it was after we dined and spent hours talking- well, I talked - to Diane.”
“I can’t believe this.” Nesta repeated, but she was smiling from ear to ear, and her tone was warm when she spoke “That Ilyrian bastard.”
“He was only supposed to give you the book. Both me and Nesta found it to be a real challenge considering how famous Diane was, but it seems we seriously underestimated Azriel.” Emerie chipped in, a smile still on her face as she looked to her Valkyrie sister.
Gwyn was also surprised, and couldn’t contain her grin as it grew wider. The fact that he would go to such lengths only to give her a birthday gift… And that the gift would turn out to be this amazing, magical thing… She suddenly felt the urge to leave her friends behind and go after him. She wondered what he was doing, how he felt when she kissed his cheek. If he felt anything close to what she did.
She shook that thought out of her mind as she continued the story, detailing almost everything that happened to Emerie and Nesta. She debated telling them about that invisible string she felt, the secret realization she had, but decided not to. Azriel needed to find out first; that was between them, and only them, even if he didn’t yet know. Even if Gwyn herself didn’t know what to do next. For some reason, the fact that there might be a “they” now brought Gwyn a quiet, glowing joy.
That day was the happier Gwyn had in a long, long while. And she was completely content with that.
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lightitup-1989 · 16 hours ago
Cassian: Can someone pass me my will to live
Azriel: Nesta will be back soon, she just went to the grocery store.
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whereisvaughan · 17 hours ago
This scene makes me smile every time I read it.
Tumblr media
She wants to know about him, about what being a shadowsinger means. Is there other moment like this in previous books? I don't think so. We barely know about Az, but Gwyn took him by surprise. In fact, we got more about him in one pov than in the whole series. But yeah they're besties 🥰
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highfaenesta · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
The Valkyries and their book club♡
art credit: kelly.vieir.a on instagram
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hellogoodbye14 · 19 hours ago
Yo I don’t much care for ship wars but saying that its wrong to expect a SA survivor to have a sex life is just plain wrong.
Ship who you want but don’t be so problematic just for the sake of trying to win an argument over fictional characters. Your words could do harm to actual people.
Be kind to one another.
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gwyns · 19 hours ago
Cassian glanced over at Az, but his attention was fixed on the young priestess, admiration and quiet encouragement shining from his face.
Gwyn threw Azriel a withering stare as she strode past him. "See you tomorrow, Shadowsinger."
"Remember how Gwyn was with the ribbon?" Nesta winked and clapped the shadowsinger on the shoulder. "You're the new ribbon, Az."
Gwyn nodded her farewell, again facing the ribbon. A warrior sizing up an opponent, all traces of that charming irreverence gone.
Azriel entered the warmth of the stairwell, and as he descended, he could have sworn a faint, beautiful singing followed him. Could have sworn his shadows sang in answer.
Something sparked in Azriel's chest, but he only nodded his thanks and left. He could picture it, though, as he ascended the stairs back to the House proper. How Gwyn's teal eyes might light upon seeing the necklace. For whatever reason... he could see it.
But Azriel tucked away the thought, consciously erasing the slight smile it brought to his face. Buried the image down deep, where it glowed quietly.
A thing of secret, lovely beauty.
they're just besties 🥰🥰🥰
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gwynriel-owns-me · 19 hours ago
Nesta Archeron and Poppy Balfour would be best friends change my mind.
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faiurytale · 20 hours ago
Friendly Reminder!
Emerie groused, but stepped up to the dangling ribbon, grudgingly taking the sword Cassian extended. Azriel murmured over a shoulder to the priestesses under his charge as they watched. They instantly began moving again. But Azriel’s attention remained on the ribbon.
When Emerie attempted to cut the ribbon, Azriel’s attention was on the ribbon.
They fell silent again as Gwyn shifted her feet, angling the blade. The wind waggled the ribbon again, as if taunting her. Cassian glanced over at Az, but his attention was fixed on the young priestess, admiration and quiet encouragement shining from his face.
But when Gwyn was cutting it, his attention was fixed on Gwyn.
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