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twigoftrust · 42 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Her eyes were the brown of a fawn’s coat. And he could have sworn something sparked in them as she met his gaze.
- A Court of Wings and Ruin
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whereisvaughan · an hour ago
Comparing couples from TOG with the ones in the acotar series won't justified things that are canon in ACOSF. Don't take me wrong, I really enjoy reading the theories about all the potentially new mates/couples in the ACOTAR world. But remember: they're both different books and SJM knows what's she's doing.
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twigoftrust · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Forbidden Love (2021) Guys, I was told by Bloomsbury themselves not to reveal this endgame couple art. You see, they licensed this piece called "Forbidden Love". They were insistent that I say nothing, but I couldn't help it. I think you guys deserve to see it!
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vidalinav · 4 hours ago
One day I will write a one-shot with Nesta ending up in a scrimmage/battle with Lucien and maybe the rest of the gang. I had a fic request for Nesta getting hurt in battle protecting Cassian, but I think it would be fun to have Nesta getting hurt in battle protecting Lucien, with him just being very surprised that she took a hit for him whether by weapon or magic. Nesta of course tries to play the wound off casually as she does, maybe Cassian stitches up the wound muttering to himself angrily because he is so not having her doing dangerous things that could get her killed for some random fae. 
But Nesta knows this isn’t some random fae and when Lucien asks why she saves him, especially because he’s totally thought of her as a viper and dangerous for most of the time he’s known her, she just shrugs and grits her teeth as Cassian pokes and prods at the wound, and says that she’d never hurt him nor let anyone else hurt him. 
Lucien is thus more confused, because he’s good at swordplay, he’s skilled, even more than her, he can handle a hit or two, and Nesta and him are not close, so he doesn’t understand the protectiveness. So he again is like why? 
But Nesta tells him that while Elain may not have chosen yet whether she wants him or not, Nesta will protect her right to choose. 
This then becomes a scene in my mind, where Cassian decides he’s going to start treating Lucien differently, because in an off way this is Nesta’s way of saying that she considers him family if Elain wants him. And if Lucien is Elain’s family, and then Nesta’s family, then he’s Cassian’s family too. And this also becomes a scene where Lucien is like “by gods I hope Elain chooses me,”  because then he’ll have an entire group of people who genuinely care about his wellbeing. This is also a scene where the group is 100% convinced that Nesta’s protectiveness of Elain is not ill-intended, nor restrictive in nature as it’s been framed. As Nesta protected Elain’s right to heal, she also is protecting her right to choose love. (Elain is not present for this scene) 
I imagine that after this, Lucien just has a different perception of Nesta. I kind of imagine him getting more annoying because he’s like “You’ll never hurt me. I can say and do what I want. Look at all this freedom.” And Nesta’s like oy vey, someone try and shoot him again. And thus tips off the saga of Lucien being invited to the House when he comes, always welcome. I kind of imagine him trying to climb all the stairs to get to the top and Nesta just laughing because she’s like you're a doofus. You’ve lived her before, Cassian can take you. And he’s like how the hell do you live like this? while he’s huffing, out of breath. They become friends. I think they’d be interesting friends. 
But I want Nesta’s acceptance so to speak of Lucien to be horribly misconstrued by Elain, who feels that Nesta is trying to push the idea on to her, and that she’s once again coddled because Nesta doesn’t feel she can make her own decision. Her mindset is evidentiarily wrong, so I want it to be framed like it’s wrong. Having that juxtaposition of what Nesta means and what she does to what Elain feels is being done because she feels like she’s lacking control. I love complex drama. 
One day I will write this... one day. 
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chloepereyra · 5 hours ago
after elain n lucien mate, can eris pls just thank elain for making his little brother so happy 🥺
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moremerie · 6 hours ago
the seer and the one who sees through glamours? both excelling in social situations? one needing sunlight, and the other being the son of day whose name means light? and you’re telling me they’re not going to end up together? 
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bananaaazinpyjamas · 7 hours ago
Does anyone else ever think about how, no matter where Lucien goes, he always ends up being made to feel like he isn’t wanted, and is driven out of everywhere he’s lived because of it?
Autumn Court, Lucien is born to a family who, aside from his mother, never appreciated him. He found love in Jesminda, only to have her murdered in front of him by Beron.
Lucien then seeks refuge in the Spring Court, where he makes friends. His best friend, the High Lord, ultimately ends up treating Lucien as though he is far less important than he truly is, being a High Lords son he is. But Lucien sticks around, allows himself to be minimized from High Lords Son, to Emissary. His best friend then starts. His best friend then starts treating him worse, as Feyre actively uses Lucien as a pawn to show the Spring Court how unhinged Tamlin can be.
When Lucien finally leaves, and goes with Feyre to the Night Court, he feels like an outsider. He isn’t the same fun male we met in book one. He’s come, not for Feyre, not for himself, but to see Elain. Lucien feels a sense of not being welcome, but won’t leave until Elain snaps out of the daze she has been in since the Cauldron. It is only then that Lucien volunteers to go look for Vassa.
After the war, Lucien is invited to live in Velaris by Elain, and while this should thrill him, that thrill is extremely short lived. It is known that the only thing that brought him to the Night Court to begin with, and stay, is Elain. He feels unwanted by everyone else, and when Elain shows anything but interest in Lucien OR the mating bond, he leaves.
Living in the Human Lands, with two humans, one who is there on borrowed time, is a lost cause as well. Even if they can free Vassa from having to go back to Koschei, she and Jurian would only have 60-70 years left before they pass of old age. If they make it that long.
When they die, Lucien will be alone again. He doesn’t know Helion is his true father, his mate currently is not showing any hint of interest in him, and is actively avoiding him.
Every where Lucien hopes to find a home, as well as every friend he gets, has, or will eventually, no longer be there to welcome him.
Lucien is living an extremely sad life, and I just want him to be happy. Let him be happy. I NEED him to be happy.
Tumblr media
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starbornsinger · 9 hours ago
ACOTAR Faceclaim Cast
The Archeron Sisters:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Bat Bois:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Valkyries:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Inner Circle:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lmk if u guys want a part 2 :)
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whereisvaughan · 11 hours ago
Not the elpriel people saying that Gwynriel would not happen just because we have a lot of mates in the book...
Ma'am I don't think it works like that- 💀
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ladyvanserra · 11 hours ago
Tales of the Fox & the Fawn [ Masterlist ]
A series of short snippets to fill my Elucien heart.
Tumblr media
Season One 
[ I ] A Touch of Your Love
[ II ] Rabbit on the Run
[ III ] Territorial and Proud
[ IV ] Inappropriate Interruptions
[ V ] Morning Mischief
[ VI ] Tools of the Trade
[ VII ] The Lucien Effect
[ VIII ] A Family of Our Own
[ IX ] Quickie for Luck
[ X ] Team Ginger  
[ XI ] Be My Forever
[ XII ] Ice My Cupcake
[ XIII ] Date Night      
[ XIV ] Bringing Sexy Back
[ XV ] Only the Beginning
Season Two
[ XVI ] Bedtime Delights
[ XVII ] Paint Night
[ XVII ] Woo You
[ XIX} Giddy in the Garden
[ XX ] Insatiable
[ XXI ]  Party Surprises
[ XXII ] Distractions
[ XXIII ] Home
[ XXIV ] Smiley Pots
[ XXV ] We Are Enough
[ XXVI ] The Games We Play
[ XXVII ] Beauty Meets the Beast
[XXVIII ] Something New
[ XXIX ] A Vision to Plan For
[ XXX ] 365 Days
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twigoftrust · 11 hours ago
Elucien Headcanon
Elain and Lucien mating ceremony in the Spring Court.
It is the most lavish, elegant, yet simple of all the mating ceremonies.
The joy they share is infectious.
Helion officiates the ceremony.
In the background, you can hear Cassian trying to hold back sneezes.
Gwyn and Azriel provide the music.
Rhys tears up a bit, while Feyre looks at him.
Mor and Amren enjoy the wine thoroughly.
Emerie glances at Mor every once in a while.
Nesta and Feyre hold hands when they look at the joy in Elain's face.
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chloepereyra · 11 hours ago
helion as a father wingman hc’s:
• while lucien n elain r staying in the day court on a strictly diplomatic mission..... helions estate all the sudden has so many out-of-commission and unavailable rooms! and helion ofc only wants the best for his guests so he puts them in the largest suite he has, and he’s so sad abt it bc the room is all the way on the far side of the home so they have privacy :( and because their sleeping arrangements are so limited they unfortunately have to share a bed :( helion feels so guilty he’s such a bad host :(
• to make up for his hosting shortcomings, he makes sure their room is always stocked with fresh strawberries, chocolates, the finest wines... just to make sure the not-yet-mated couple is comfortable
• while introducing elain n lucien to the general of his armies helion notices that elain is very interested in how the day courts military is structured. he then makes sure to slide in a subtle little “why lucien what are your thoughts on how we train this regimen?” lucien goes “you want my opinion?” helion answers with “well i know you have vast experience of rallying armies and taking command when need be, so yes.” lucien offers his opinion, elain gives him an impressed look and helion waits until she walks away to nudge lucien with a wink
• he just happens to leave elain little pieces of jewelry for gifts, and they just happen to all be made out of the same gold that matches luciens eye, and have bright red rubies that match her mates hair
• while elain n luciens r doing some research in his personal library, helion makes sure that all the librarians take the rest of the day off
• helion notices elain is staring at lucien, so he silently walks over with a “hmm lucien looks really nice today, what do you think?”
• helion when he catches elain n lucien laughing n smiling at each other:
Tumblr media
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twigoftrust · 12 hours ago
Elucien has:
Peak regency vibes with pining and intense sexual tension.
Firedick and the kinky fawn.
Final book supremacy vibes.
The seer and the cunning fox supremacy.
Bringing light and justice to the world.
Negotiations, charm, calculating thoughts.
An impeccably dressed duo that bows to no throne but their own.
Banter between a soft character and a character that doesn't give a fuck.
Fancy sword fighting.
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musicallibrarian93 · 12 hours ago
Follow my second blog @sexyazriel for smutty acotar posts and HCs :)))
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nesemryn · 12 hours ago
I find it hilarious how Elriels thought Elain's art getting licensed meant an elriel endgame. Which idk how the two even correlated but Elucien art is getting licensed and now its quiet ain't no backtalk
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vidalinav · 12 hours ago
I’m slowly hopping on this Elucien train but what I want is Elain to pine after Lucien more than I want to see Lucien to pine after Elain. Like I want to see Elain undoubtedly attracted to this man like the rest of this fandom is. Give me Elain like 🥵 every time she’s alone in a room with him. Like Daphne in Bridgeton. The swallowing. The looks. The breathlessness. The swoon.
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heylucien · 13 hours ago
Elain is always wearing pastels but imagine her in some fall court colors; a rust orange gown, a mustard yellow dress, maybe a burgundy cloak👀 the way it would compliment her blonde hair and brown eyes
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helion-ism · 13 hours ago
petition for elucien pining + unresolved sexual tension like this one 👐
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twigoftrust · 13 hours ago
Reasons why Elucien is probably endgame:
1. Elain hasn't rejected the bond.
2. Elain doesn't use what Lucien gives her, but it's not explicitly stated she's given anything back. She has given back Azriel's gifts. Twice now.
3. Lucien still looks at her with longing.
4. Lucien has been carefully woven to important future plot points.
5. They're mates.
6. Lucien does not act entitled to her, and in general gives her space to be.
7. Not once has Lucien said Elain isn't capable of handling something.
8. The text has not explicitly stated Elain is moving towards a bond rejection. Nor has it been implied, despite her attraction to Az.
9. Lucien finds Elain to be the most beautiful female he's ever seen, and while he does desire her in a way a male would, he doesn't ONLY see that.
10. They are characters that would work romantically once the wall of ice melts between them.
11. We lack Elain's pov. We know exactly what Az sees in Elain, but not Elain. What's truly in her heart is yet to be spoken out into the world, and at this point it's on purpose. Just like Azriel's pov was very damning, so will Elain's pov be. We have not seen Elain fight for Az, but yet she clings to the bond without a rejection.
It's not rocket science. Is it possible Elain will get someone else? Sure. But as of now, Lucien is the only male deeply woven into plot, and as a possible romance. Doubtful SJM will go for anyone else. Especially with people waiting for Elain x Lucien since ACOMAF.
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