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unhealthyfanobsession · 5 months ago
Don’t think about the fact that after 500 years of feeling like a worthless bastard and killing his own rapist father, Cassian is now actually brothers with a member of his found family through their mates and is planning a family of his own.
Don’t think about the fact the this must make Azriel, who also had a horrible father and has endured endless abuse, feel so left out that he thinks Elain is the only answer even though she’s mated to someone else and that his show of emotions came not out of possessiveness but a profound frustration and feeling of standing on the outside looking in at his own brothers.
Don’t think about the fact that Gwyn doesn’t even know who her father is and has lost every person she’s ever loved prior to meeting Nesta and Emerie.
Don’t think about the fact that if Azriel and Gwyn are mates not only would the Gwynriel/Nessian double dates shatter the universe, but they could have a child that ends up being Cassian and Nesta’s child’s mate thus showing that even when Azriel was questioning why he isn’t connected with his brothers the universe was pulling him to a different path for their family to come together.
Don’t think about the fact that Lucien’s entire life has been him bouncing around from tyrant to tyrant with no real sense of place or belonging and he doesn’t know that the man who murdered his lover is not truly his father.
Don’t think about the fact that Elain is sunshine and light personified and that as much as Feyre and Nesta love her she will never truly be free to explore and grow on her own if she stays sheltered in the Night Court. Don’t think about the fact that she could bloom like a tulip under the light of the Day Court and ride across the very sun.
Don’t think about the fact that Night and Day have always been the closest allies and that Lucien and Elain as High Lord and Lady of Day might be the only way that all of the courts can be united to work together (Dawn, Day, Winter, Summer, and Night are already allies but this would pull in Tamlin because despite everything he wouldn’t hurt Lucien. Eris loves his brother and has protected him once before but he’s also smart and wouldn’t even think about going against such an alliance).
Don’t think about the fact that it’s also possible Gwyn is Tamlin’s daughter and if he dies the magic might pass to her and she and Azriel become High Lady and Lord of Spring (because SJM breaks her own rules all the time lol)
Don’t think about the fact that Nesta is mother blessed and in control of the deadliest weapons in Prythian and also mated to the most feared general in history and this fucking POWER COUPLE could raise and lead a Prythian-allied army the likes of which no one could ever defeat and become the god of war and goddess of death reborn.
Just don’t think about any of that.
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yazthebookish · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Lucien Vanserra ☀️ (by ellyness5 on Twitter)
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fascinatedgirl · 2 months ago
an exclusive image of lucien in every solstice he has to spend with the inner circle because it's his only chance to see elain
Tumblr media
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technotzar · 3 months ago
Lucien is sweet and kind in a way that none of the other male characters of Acotar are. All of these horrible things have happened to him, his friends and family have betrayed and thrown him aside multiple times, and he still wants to help. He still wants to fight for those who are even weaker then him, and just be a good person regardless of how it could benefit him.
He has nothing and no one and he still tries.
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unhealthyfanobsession · 5 months ago
Sometimes I’m just going through my daily life and then I get hit with the AUDACITY of Feyre and Cassian to scoff at Lucien, Vassa, and Jurian calling themselves the band of exiles while these two idiots are part of a group that un ironically refers to itself as “The Court of Dreams”
Glass houses, people.
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foxboylucien · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Elucien version of the art trend but make it a sunflower field 🌻🌞🌾
@ladyvanserra I intended to have this ready for your birthday yesterday but I didn’t have it finished in time. Happy belated birthday anyway! 😘
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unhealthyfanobsession · 4 months ago
Theory Time: The 3 Archeron Sisters are going to end up High Ladies of Day, Night, and DUSK.
Ok bare with me while I lay this out, but basically I think that there is an 8th court- The Dusk Court- and Nesta is being called to revive it.
Every time there’s a scene in the prison there is WAY more going on than is on the surface and it’s a place where foreshadowing L I V E S. (Feysand baby, Nesta death god, etc) so I’m always extra alert when this prison comes into play. Let’s start with the obvious.
The prison was likely once an 8th court:
Tumblr media
This got me thinking about how the Bone Carver says in ACOWAR that they all heard of Nesta in the Prison, that she was whispered of on the wind, something awoke when she left the cauldron (Lanthys says this too)... well what if that wasn’t only because she was a new death god but also because she is connected to the PLACE.
This is what Nesta thinks while in the prison past it’s wards:
Tumblr media
“Something vaster.” Like maybe... ancient magic calling to her?? The feeling also bid her to grab the harp and when she does so she is shown that horrible memory about people being locked into the cement and it REALLY impacts her. What if that was the fall of the Dusk Court that she was witnessing and the magic is calling her to restore it?
There a pretty common theory that if there was an eighth court it would be Dusk- which just makes sense because then 4 solar, 4 seasonal, and it feels unbalanced to have dawn without dusk.
Tumblr media
Constellations and the sun... at what time of day might you see both of those things??? Also saying that it feels “different” from NC magic is VERY telling because each court has its own brand of magic.
Then finally when she tries to leave:
Tumblr media
Pulling her back, as if this is where she belongs, as if the magic is reaching for her to rise the court again.
I also think that the Mother or whoever it was had her keep a bit of her power because it is that piece of the cauldron inside of Nesta- the thing that created their entire world- that is what calls the magic to let her rise this court up again. Because others have been Made, but she genuinely holds a PIECE OF THE CAULDRON IN HER.
Also wouldn’t it be just the most beautiful symmetry for these 3 sisters-
Elain is the Day- warm and bright and beautiful as the sun, connected to the very earth.
Feyre is the Night- dark and powerful and breathtakingly intense, released into Prythian like a shooting star that fell to earth.
Nesta is the Dusk- constantly battling the light and dark inside of herself, powerful and beautiful as a sunset that sweeps the earth from day to night.
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nestha · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Elucien at Day Court by ig:ellyness5
So, Elly did this absolutely amazing, gorgeous, breathtaking commission for me and I’m FLOORED. Like I’ve still not recovered. I’m In love <3
 Please give her some love ♥
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vmiae · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
🌸 Elucien 🌸
Honestly I was listening to Paravi Das-Cloud 9 when I drew this—it’s Elains and Luciens song 🥺 Check out my tik tok for how I drew this piece! 💖This piece took me the longest to do because 1) I burned my fingers and 2) I started actually painting my pieces rather than just adding texture!
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unhealthyfanobsession · 3 months ago
Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by the High Lord of Night’s official policy that any price is worth paying to ensure that the 5-7 (depending on the day) people he cares about are alright:
Tumblr media
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vanserrasvalkyrie · 5 months ago
Let's talk about mates in acotar.
I'm really over this and the blatant disregard to how this works because you don't want a certain ship to be endgame. Whether or not you have one mate or two. Mates are chosen by the cauldron and possibly the mother at birth. Which means...
Rhys and Feyre have been mates since birth
Cassian and Nesta have been mates since birth
Kallias and Viviane have been mates since birth
And yes that means....
Lucien and Elain have been mates since birth.
If none of them ever met, they would still be mates. Honestly, I dont believe that mates are ultra rare. Just that some of them live on opposite sides of the wall. Meaning the fae would never know. Clearly with Rhys, Cassian, and Lucien they knew almost instantly once they changed. Granted Rhys and Cassian met theirs months before turning and had suspicions. With Lucien its a little different because he met Elain moments before the bond snapped into place. Even so, he was drawn to her.
In short, the cauldron didn't alter her mate. It didn't give her the wrong mate. Because hers was already chosen years ago.
Now if you don't believe this or choose to ignore it, fine. If you honestly truly believe when Elain went in the cauldron it gave her a mate at that moment and it was the wrong one. Let me ask you this. The cauldron loves Elain right? So why would it give her the wrong mate? If the cauldron loved her it would give her the best damn match possible. Not the worst.
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shameless-gwynriel-stan · 5 months ago
Today I’m just thinking about that time Lucien rolled up his pants, walked into a river, and grabbed a fish.
If that isn’t the biggest dick energy then I don’t know what the fuck is.
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vmiae · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
💖Elucien is now done 💖
I’m honestly a sucker for those two— I remember reading the books as they were coming out and vouching for them ever since. Nessian, gwynriel and Elucien live rent free in my head. ✨
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unhealthyfanobsession · 4 months ago
If Elain actually ends up being a villain I will LOSE MY SHIT in the best way. I honestly think it’s the most intense, wild, brilliant move from a writing perspective.
Like come ON. Nesta... always the bad sister, always the “wrong” sister, always the sister who everyone was worried aboht, the witch, the one who STOLE DEATH, who MADE weapons that can KILL GODS. Who could RULE WORLDS and bring KINGDOMS TO THEIR KNEES and controls a crown that will ensnare anyone to her whims...has NO interest in conquering or crowns and only wants to be loved. Only wants her family happy and together and to make herself worthy of her Mate and her life.
Meanwhile ELAIN. The sweet, gentle, flower blossom who no one looks twice at. The always loyal, always kind, always perfect, most beautiful rose in the Archeron bouquet... HAS THE THORNS. She wants POWER. She wants to conquer and make the world according to her vision. The world has always loved her and she is ready to make a world that SHE LOVES. She’s ready to ensnare Koschei himself if necessary. She is ready to STEAL a crown in order to RULE. She is sick of being treated like a child, looked down upon. She drove that knife into Hybern’s neck and it felt GOOD. She pretends it away. Pretends that Nesta was the killer, the dark vengeance goddess, but... in her heart, Elain knows. She knows who she is. She has been wronged, her family has been wronged. And she will shred the world apart until it bows to her. Every drop of blood that her sisters have given she will pay back in kind and without mercy.
But who... who could possibly pull her back from this edge? And should she be pulled back? What story are we telling? And how are we telling it....
You can’t tell me that isn’t THE MOST INTERESTING STORY FOR ELAIN.
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