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“If war was coming, they needed Tamlin and his forces in fighting shape. Needed Tamlin ready. Rhys had been visiting him regularly, making sure he’d be both on their side and capable of leading. How Rhys had managed not to kill the High Lord of Spring was something Cassian still couldn’t understand.”

I was so shocked when I read this. Like I get that they need tamlin but I never in a million years thought that overprotective Rhys, that still hates Tamlin for what he did to Feyre and his family would actually go help.. especially after acofas where he was being so rude I never imagined he’d ever even try.

Now I know he does it purely because they need him for the war. But I still think it needs a lot of strength to face him so many times without remembering. However, Tamlin did help save his life so maybe he has let go of some of the anger if he goes to the Spring court frequently. Anyways.. I need to see one of their interactions im too curious. I bet they go a lil better then the interaction tam tam had with our queen👀

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GOsh I LOOOOVED Nesta and I LOOOOOVED Gwyn and I have been a nesta stan since day one periodt…BUT I LOVED EMERIE SINCE ACOFAS AND I HAVE BEEN A STAN OF HER SINCE DAY 1 AND I FEEL LIKE SHE IS NOT TALKED ABOUT ENOUGH. I HEAR SM GWYN AND SM NESTA BUT CAN WE PLS TALK ABOUT THIS BEAUTIFUL BBY (also like the only distinctly POC female that actually gets to stay ALIVE in the SJM series —besides juniper but I think she might die next book while Emerie will not bc mor love interest). BUT YEAH EMERIE HAS BEEN THROUGH HELL AND IS STILL A BADASS BITCH AND SHES HELLA FUNNY AND SHE DOESNT TRY TO HIDE HER LAUGHS. SHES ALSO REAL ASF and she’s the oldest out of all of them which makes her very wise but even though she’s old, in all her long years much more than 25-28 like nesta and gwyn, she’s never had friends. She’s at least over 50 (I’m assuming at least 80) and she’s never had friends. And ugh I could go on for hours about how much I love her but omg she deserves so much attention, please and thank you. 😭❤️

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“Twin ravens are coming, one white one black”-Elain Archeron

“Her mate should know” Madja said, but it was Azriel who finds out Elain’s gift. Not Lucien.

Amazing work by @theclever.crow

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“You already have your prize..

You just passed the Blood Rite qualifier…”




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friends that have become like sisters.

A chosen family…


This was hit me hard. I am so happy for Nesta to find her people. People who make her feel safe, loved, and supported.

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ACOSF Spoilers kinda

Writing a lot of domestic Nessian for the next chapter of Symphonia, which may or may not include a bath tub scene and Nessian preparing meal. Which will include blueberry lemon muffins. Since SJM didn’t give me enough domestic Nessian in ACOSF

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Girls Night in The House of Wind..

  • My best girls
  • Smutty books
  • Bubble baths
  • Endless charcuterie and sweets
  • Fireworks inside
  • A Miniature Pegasus
  • Dancing frogs
  • Diamonds and pearls

& Friendship Bracelets!

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When someone says that Cassian would choose Rhysand over Nesta I just recall the scene when he literally hated Rhys. Sure, it was just for a heartbeat. But is Cassian and Rhys we’re talking about here.

Cassian… the man who Rhysand was dying to find among the remnants of humans and fae bodies in a battlefield two years before the wall. Cassian… whose brotherhood is so valuable to Rhys that SJM wrote a prologue in ACOWAR just to show us that.

Rhys… the man who Cassian admires and respects with all of his heart. Rhys… the friend Cassian has never stopped to think about, even during Aramatha’s reign. Rhys… for whom Cassian can give his life to protect and was willing to do so during the end of the battle in ACOWAR.

And Cassian hated him. Because at that moment going along with him meant a treachery to Nesta.

So don’t you say Cassian would choose Rhys over Nesta because it’s clear like crystal after this book he wouldn’t. Nesta is and always will be Cassian’s first option.

There’s no argument about it.

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Nesta slept


Forget sleep…


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And ready for that mating bond frenzy

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Yes, me too! I was a little :( about it at first because I always thought of that as a place where Cassian, Azriel, and Mor could go and relax and be bros, like… a work break room 🤣

But if you think about the house as not only having been given a consciousness by Nesta, but being the perfect friend to her when she needed it? And the way that it always knows what she needs, even if she doesn’t? It’s not anyone else’s anymore. It belongs 100% to Nesta because it’s part of her. 

It’s also super important that she kept the house because it’s the first place she ever felt home. She got to the bottom of those steps and turned right back around and finally felt content, finally knew where she belonged and with whom. It would have been heart-wrenching if she’d ever had to move.

Once Nesta, Feyre, and Elain have truly mended all their problems (because there is still progress to make with Elain), I think it would be a nice place for her to, like you said, stay nearby but still have her own space. Can you imagine Cassian and Nesta hosting family get-togethers? Like on holidays and such? How proud Cassian would be of his mate and his house? Being such a good host? Elain would definitely try to help out but would be surprised at how adept Nesta and the house are at the domestic hostess thing. And Nyx just flying up there himself to see his aunt and uncle? His uncle, whom he idolizes??? 

We all need a fucking humongous library!!!!

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the nessian mating bond acceptance was like “want food? take a biscuit that I took from anywhere” and I love it so much, they are really extra

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And so, we’re here. My spoiler-free book review of A Court of Silver Flames is here, and I’m ecstatic to share it with you lovely people! After four wild books, ending on such a high note is a dream. If you’re unsure if this book’s for you, come and see why it really is!

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Alright let’s do something different, since I’m working on my Nessian family fic, what zodiac sign should the baby be (it’ll help determine the time frame and whoever’s zodiac gets the most votes is when the baby will be born. (I can’t decide on birthday and I thought it would be fun to be inclusive in this fic.

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Tell me something that is not meant to be sexual but you find extremely hot.

I’ll go first…

When Cassian throws Nesta one of his siphons in The Prison.

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Headcanon that Az and Gwyn are the only sure fire way to get baby Nyx to calm when he’s upset. When Feyre and Rhys have to leave baby Nyx for any length of time, Mor calls Azriel in a panic. He shows up, and his shadows reach out to tend to baby Nyx immediately. He takes Nyx in his arms, and the once fussy baby is now giggling and content playing with the flurry of Az’s shadows that peak around the little boy in an elaborate game only those two know. And when Cassian has Nyx at the House of Wind, and he starts to seriously question wanting his own screeching children especially if they are going to have lungs like he and Nesta, Gwyn walks into the room. Cassian sees her at the door, and then the next moment, Gwyn is near his side, and she takes baby Nyx from his arms. She starts to coo under her breath softly, and then Cassian realizes that she is singing. Baby Nyx is immediately taken by her, and Cassian could swear that the pair of them start to glow slightly with a soft light.

At every holiday, occasion, or meeting either Az or Gwyn can be seen with baby Nyx in their arms. Sometimes they entertain him together with their intermixing show of light and shadows and music. The others look on in awe, knowing that when the time comes both Az and Gwyn will be the best parents.

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