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harperbrynne · 2 days ago
I read this as Gwyn’s power and Nesta’s power saying hello to each other:
The priestess drew up to her full height, which was slightly taller than average for Fae females. A crackling sort of energy buzzed around her, and Nesta’s power grumbled in answer. (ACOSF, Pg113)
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talkfantasytome · 2 days ago
If you think Cassian's winter hat doesn't have a big, fluffy pom pom on top of it, you're probably lying to yourself.
He knows it probably looks silly, but he thinks they're fun
Plus, it makes Nesta smile, sometimes even laugh
And sometimes he can get her to wear one with him
And he thinks it's the most adorable thing in the world, Nesta in that type of knit hat, because she can literally pull of anything
He's even gotten her ones to match his
She won't wear those in public though
Save for the one for the sports team Cassian loves, when they go to a game together (if he can convince her to come)
But she, Gwyn, and Emerie will wear a matching set that they bought together one time after they saw Nesta in one of hers
He has a love/hate relationship with that
Because they won't let him match them
And Az won't wear that type of hat
So he gets Nyx one so someone will match him
But the House then creates a baby sized one like the one the Valkyries have, and Nyx prefers that one too
And Cassian is back to no one matching him
Until the next time they're set to go out in the cold, and Nesta has put on one to match his
And Cassian never thought he'd be turned on by a winter hat with a pom pom
But if anyone could do it, it would be Nesta
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The reason why R/hysand hates Nesta so much is because she's the one thing he can't control, it wasn't until the end of A/COSF when she started to submit did he start to actually like/tolerate her.
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*gwynriel arguing over something*
Gwyn: What are you, 5?
Azriel, scoffing: Yeah, 5 heads taller than you
Gwyn: 😀🔪
Azriel: 😳
Nesta: 🤭
Azriel’s shadows: 🍿
*five minutes later*
Cassian to Nesta: Why is Gwyn chasing Azriel with a broom?
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its-chickenwing-450 · 2 days ago
Game Night Azriel x Reader.(Inner Circle AU)
Request: No
Pairing: Azriel x Gn!Reader
Summary: The inner circle is having game night and the reader has to play against Az.
Warnings: Allusions to sex, mentions of alcohol, cursing, slight mention of self harm (in a non serious manner), mentions of scissors and scraping, reader is very high energy.(lmk if I should add more!)
Rhysand cut me a wicked look. "Come on, don't be a scaredy cat!"
I glared at him incredulously. "Scaredy cat?! Have you met him?!"
I could have sworn I heard someone snicker, probably Mor, or Cassian, perhaps even Feyre, cruelty wasn't scarce among my friends.
"What's the worse that could happen?"
"Death. Quick and cruel death."
A howl escaped Cassian's fat mouth and I glared at him too.
"My shadowsinger is not going to kill you in a game of rock paper scissors." A short pause,"Cards maybe..."
I took one look at Az who was definitely amused, and made up my mind.
"I'll throw myself down the steps of the house of wind instead."
"Interesting as that would be, we'd prefer to have you around for a while longer. Right Az?" A smile in his friend's direction.
"How unfortunate." I deadpanned.
A feline smile, "You're stalling."
"Yes, Rhy-sand. Of course I'm fucking stalling. I don't want to play against him. He'd probably find a way to stab me with the imaginary scissors."
"I thought you wanted to have a game night." His voice, deep and cold had a wicked undertone and I felt, more than saw Az's smile. 'Bastard.'
I swiveled, immediately to face him."Was beating your High Lord and his pet in a snowball fight not enough?-" "HEY!" I gnored Cassian and turned to face my mate."Must I also fall victim?"
I held his stare, and the brightness, the life that danced in those hazel eyes made me sigh. "Fine." I mumbled. Az threw me a cruel smile and I let out a groan. Prick. A pinch on my ass with his shadows was the reply.
All I could do was glare, but I was stalling, and everyone knew it.
"We would like to see this happen today you know. " Mor drawled.
"Okay, but why? We've all already lost to him at uno, and I barely won in monopoly. He and Nesta dominated Feyre and Rhys in cards, and pictionary. I'm not sure that I can take anymore of this. I should have stopped playing after uno with Cassian . Or better yet— I should have gone with Amren and Varian."
Laughter surrounded me, and I rolled my eyes.
"I'm not sure that Amren and Varian would find your presence welcoming right now." Nesta drawled, a glare from me and a wicked grin from her.
"Elain should play with him."
At this, her eyes widened. "Oh no, I'm fine with watching you all lose. My tea and I have no interest in joining."
"Cruel, the lot of you."
"Come on, he's your mate, it's not like he'll beat you as badly."
I cut my high lady a wicked look. "You and I both know that's not true."
She laughed at me.
"I'm waiting darling."
I pinched the bridge of my nose. " The Mother did not put me in this world just to be bullied by you all."
"Says who?!" Cackled Mor.
Cassian handed me a small glass with brown liqour in it and I glared at it.
"It won't bite you little one." I glared at him.
"No, but it is nasty. How can you stomach so much of it" I asked the war general.
His mate answered,"Cause Cassian's a brute."
Rhys snorted in response, and Feyre, Mor and I laughed, while he flipped
I smiled, and turned back to Az.
'What do I get if I win?' Az snorted. 'Doesn't matter. When I win though, I get to tear those pants off of you...' His shadows rolled around me, and I sent a tendril of my own power to flick him on the forehead. 'Pervert.' A privately wicked smile in response.
"Ugh. Feyre and Rhys are awful enough, much less Cass and Nesta." The latter couple snickered and Mor threw them a dirty look. "I'm serious, I can barely go in the House of wind anymore. You're scents are everywhere."
It was my turn to laugh, but Mor cut in again.
"Mother save me from the wrath of these horny couples." Elain raised her glass to that, and I found myself laughing again.
'You have a beautiful smile.. I can't wait to scrape it off your face with the imaginary scissors.'
The asshole just shrugged and got into position, and I did the same.
Rhys starts couting us off,"Rock, paper, scissors, lizard spock!"
I look at Az's hands, and scream. "YES!"
My hands launch into the air and a bright smile spreads over my face.
Azriel only mumbles defeatedly,"I thought you were going to play spock."
"So they won?" Elain asked Nesta, who snorted "Yep."
"Good enough for me." complained Cassian, who was still not over his defeat in uno.
I rolled my eyes and looked back at my mate, who was now pointing their middle fingers at me and dancing.
I should have fucking known they would chose the very last minute to change their mind, my shadows heard them chanting Spock the entire time— oh.
I glared at them and they smiled at me. "Cheater."
Their response was to stick out their tongue at me, and continue waving their middle fingers, causing the opal mating ring I gave them to glint in the light.
"Am I the only lost one?"Mor asked, looking around.
"Feyre responded,"They taught us how to play some weird human version of rock paper scissors last week when you were in Vallahan. Apparently," She cut me a look." They and Az have been playing since before that, and they never win."
"Except today!" Another proud exclamation from my very loud mate.
"Cheater." I complained again, I loved seeing them happy but not when it was because I lost in the most predictable way possible.
"I did not cheat, Azriel. YOU tried to cheat, and I intercepted it."
I glared at them. "I see no difference."
"And I, Shadowsinger," my shadows purred in response, curling themselves into my body shyly, -a fat fucking tell-," think that I should brainstorm a punishment", and to me they laughed, 'Pants indeed'
"Oh!" they exclaimed with a start, as if remembering something,"I just remembered, Mor, we should be heading out to Rita's now."
"Oh yes! You're right. Let's get going. Any of you guys coming?"
Everyone mumbled their agreement.
"Anyone seen my shoes?"
"Dining room I think?" Elain offered.
"Thank you!"
I watched as they went to go get them.
"Your mate is a chaotic little thing." Cassian tittered from Nesta's lap.
I snorted. They had no idea.
I watched as they walked back in, still barefoot. They grabbed my hand, and began leading me out.
"We'll be right back!" they said over their shoulder.
We walked into the kitchen and they began crawling under the table, where they kicked their shoes. When they emerged, I asked them"Not that I don't love our alone time," a bright smile that made my heart squeeze," but why did you need me to keep you company while you get your shoes?"
Putting them on, they said " It's not the shoes I need help with." "Oh?"
"Mhm." They wrapped their arms around me, and gazed into my eyes.
Fuck, they're beautiful. My hands found their place on their hips when I asked, "What do you need help with?"
"Something fun." Another smile, and I knew not to trust them.
They kissed me, and with a wave of their hand I knew I was right.
I re-entered the living room where my family was sitting, a big smile on my face.
"Where's Az?" Cassian asked.
"On his way."
He stared at me, a suspicious look in his eyes.
I grinned at him with a wink.
A few minutes passed, and still no sign of Az.
"Please don't tell me you got rid of my brother," Rhys sighed.
"He's the only one with manners, I can't afford to lose him." Feyre agreed.
I winked at her, "He's been through worse."
A mischevious glint entered her eyes, but whatever she was about to say died in her throat as her mouth fell open.
Standing at the door was Ariel, wearing leather pants. Pink, leather pants. He made no eyecontact as he crossed the threshold and walked to the front door. Walking past Mor who dropped her wine glass promptly after seeing what was written on them. Cassian looked tempted to jeer him, before he too saw the word 'juicy' in big, white, bubble,letters across his ass. But it was Elain, Elain however, who started howling first, a bright peal of laughter tearing out of her. Immediately, her hand went to cover her mouth, realizing what she did, but one look at Az again and she lost it. Red nosed, and teary eyed, our Lady of Divine Propriety promptly fell apart. Cassian and Nesta, Mor and Feyre shared a look of pure shock, before joining in.
Rhys watched them, mouth wobbling. I walked over to him, my High Lord and friend.
"Thank you for introducing us." I looked at Az, who seemed to shrink into himself, and was blushing profuselfy.
"My pleasure." A tender smile, and then loud laughter when I walked over to my mate and slapped hiss ass. Cassian, Elain, Nesta, Mor and Feyre began dying anew. Rolling on the floor, Cassian screamed ,and after seeing Az's blush grow darker, Mor fell and joined him.
I had never seen anything as perfect, standing here with my mate, watching our family absolutely lose their shit. One look at Az, and I knew he'd get me back. 'I hope you're happy.' He grumbled down our bond.
I snickered and looked at our family again, took his scarred hand and kissed it. Out loud, I said, "Beyond measure."
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nikethestatue · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Via: StarbitArt
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alaiashchastya · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
I can't decide if this sounds more like Rhysand, Nesta or Amren 😅😅
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hellogoodbye14 · 3 hours ago
Feyre: *yelling in anger from somewhere in the estate house* Rhysand!
Nesta: *In the distance* I’m going to kill him.
Azriel: *Watching Rhys panic*, What did you do?
Rhys: I might have added purple hair dye to Nesta’s shampoo.
Azriel: Rhys….
Rhys: What?! She put laxatives in my drink!
Feyre and Nesta: *Storming in*
Rhys and Azriel: *Laughing at Nesta’s hair*
Nesta: *Coming in with death in her eyes*
Feyre: *About to rip Rhys a new one*
Rhys: *Quickly picks up Nyx and cuddles him against his chest as if somehow his son would protect him.*
Rhys: Shhh…. You’ll wake him up.
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allyswift · 2 hours ago
I'VE FOUND HIM GUYS I'VE FOUND HIM!!!! I've finally found a fanart of Cassian that's EXACTLY how I pictured him in my head and manifested as the face and look of the loml (am I shooting too high?)!!!!!!! It's the latest illustration by on Instagram!! I didn't wanna share it here in case the artist doesn't want their work reshared without permission and stuff. But you guys HAVE to see it. I've seen 100s of wonderful Cassian artwork but this one comes so close to what's in my head that I'm so in awe of the artist's talent 😍😍😍
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rhysand-vs-fenrys · 9 months ago
Azriel honestly just stood there throughout the entire first half of ACOSF going “I shall offer to chaperone, I shall let them fuck like bunnies, I shall cockblock at certain times so they’re desperate for each other, and then let them go on sprees for days. This is how I win the Snowball War.”
Rhys, seeing all this in his mind::
Tumblr media
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ekbelsher · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Everyone thinks my version of Cardan looks like Cassian, so why not do him too? Thought I’d take a stab at straight-up digital colour over a pencil drawing, and it came out looking kind of like a page from a comic book. Based on a scene from Embers & Light by @duskandstarlight -- check it out if you’re up for some Nessian! 😊
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champanheandluxxury · 20 days ago
Gwyn: how's the mom life going?
Nesta: it's alright, I just didn't expected all the crying
Emerie: but aren't newborn babies supposed to cry all the time?
Nesta: oh the baby is fine, I'm talking about Cassian
Nesta: he has been like that for 3 days now
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avendell · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Nesta and Cassian 🌙
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shansenfan · 9 months ago
Gwyneth Berdara
Half Breed ~ Priestess ~ Valkyrie
I am the rock against which the surf crashes.  Nothing can break me.
Tumblr media
^not official fanart but it’s still beautiful^^
(found this on pinterest, love it)
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annashoemaker · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
I’ve finally started a painting of Nessian! 
I know Cassian has officially been described with straight hair (I’m not crying, you’re crying!), but I can’t un-imagine him with some kinda texture at this point. . . .
Tools: Photoshop, Cintique13HD
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