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Mate- Azriel (4)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Azriel x Reader
Characters: Azriel
Warnings: N/A
Request: Anon- Azriel angst x fluff where the reader is a healer/witch that Rhys brings to the House and Azriel is suspicious of her? But she’s really just nervous and shy because she knows she and Az are mates?
Word Count: 415
Author: Charlotte
You did as Rhysand had suggested. You took a couple of days to think over everything and what the mating bond really meant to you, regardless of who it was with. You were torn between the part of you that was desperate for keeping your independence, keeping your world how it was but then part of you tore at the fact that so many people were desperate for finding their mate and you had found yours without even thinking about it.
It had taken over your mind for a couple of days before you were prepared to face everything and finally talk to Azriel. You waited until you found him alone, not wanting the others to be involved in this conversation and had to act quickly before he exited the room to keep clear space between you.
“Azriel,” you said softly, stopping him from walking away. “I’m sorry.”
He turned to you. “Pardon?”
“I’m sorry for snapping at you,” you said. “I’m also sorry for saying that I didn’t want you as my mate. I didn’t mean it personally; I just didn’t think that I would ever want a mate in general.”
Azriel nodded his head in understand. “I am sorry too for assuming the worst. At first it was my job to make sure we were safe, then it was more of a personal task to understand you and the bond.”
Although you had thought it all through so many times, you needed a second to settle anything that was stuck in your mind to be able to be honest and open with someone that could very well be a large part of your life from now on.
“I am not rejecting the mating bond, I’m just not accepting it, at least not yet, not until we know each other a bit better.”
He offered you a gentle smile. It wasn’t the most ideal of circumstances, but it was better than what he was expecting to come from the relationship between the two of you.
“I would very much like to get to know you better,” he admitted. “And then one day, when you are ready, we can discuss the mating bond again. There is no rush or expectation, just the two of us getting to know one another.”
You smiled back at him, also surprised by the direction that this conversation ended up going, assuming that there may only be the option of immediate acceptance or rejection.
“That sounds like a smashing plan.”
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arrantsnowdrop · a month ago
The Hewn City - Azriel x Reader
Tumblr media
Fanart by rosalynnart on DeviantArt
Summary:  As a member of the Inner Circle, Rhys has requested you accompany them for their routine visit to the Court of Nightmares. You’re terrified - enter protective Azriel.
Warnings: crappy parents, brief mentions of violence
Word Count: 5,000
A/N: I love Azriel, that’s all. Requests are still open, and my request guidelines are linked on my masterlist. I hope you enjoy, please consider liking/following and all those things! :)
You hated the Court of Nightmares.
It was the place you’d been born and raised, tormented by your greedy parents and their fake friends. It hadn’t taken long for you to become disillusioned and disgusted by life in the Hewn City; you hated the way everyone was watched and judged, the way any and all relationships could be sabotaged in a matter of seconds all for a little bit of power.
You ran away when you turned 18, right as the War began. Everyone important (including your parents) was preoccupied with funding and logistics, and so no one chased after you. You weren’t surprised, you hadn’t expected them to send a cavalry after you. Of course you were a little hurt by their lack of interest in you, but it only reminded you why you were leaving in the first place.
You walked for days with hardly any food or water, until you were so exhausted you thought you might collapse in the woods and die. So be it, you had thought, I’d prefer death to living in that Cauldron-forsaken city, anyways. 
It was pure luck that you stumbled upon a camp of Night Court soldiers, all of whom were shocked by the appearance of your starving, disheveled self. None of them had jumped to help you, save for one Illyrian soldier with long hair and bright red siphons. He’d caught you as you all but collapsed onto him, carrying you to the healers’ tent and then to his own, where he fed you a really disgusting, genuinely awful stew.
“At least it’s warm,” he said with a shrug, handing you a bowl of steaming grayish slop.
You frowned, prodding a particularly chunky bit with your spoon. “What’s this supposed to be?” you asked, pointing to one of the lumps.
“Rabbit? Maybe deer?” he tried. “I have no idea, I’ve stopped asking.” You sighed, shaking your head as you brought the spoon to your mouth.
And that was how you met Cassian. Though it took all your effort not to throw up whatever it was he’d given you, you were still grateful for the meal, learning a little while later he’d given you his only dinner ration for that night. You were being honest when you told him that was the kindest thing anyone had ever done for you.
Cassian convinced his commander to let you stay with the legion. You were more than happy to help the healers tend to the many wounded, often collecting herbs for them since they had very little time to do so.
After a few months you began to befriend the seemingly brute soldiers, all of whom were actually quite funny and caring in their own way. You had assumed wrongly that they were only fighting out of obligation to the Night Court - on the contrary, many of them genuinely cared about freeing the humans, and were willing to fight and die for such a cause.
You began helping them advocate for themselves, acting as a messenger between them and their superiors whenever they needed anything. They’d been moved when you convinced the commander to get them waterproof bedding. You were just happy to help your new friends.
As the war progressed your legion became quite well known for its strength and enthusiasm in battle. Eventually, they caught the attention of the High Lord, who was eager to know how your commander kept them all so motivated. Your commander never told you that in his response, he attributed the soldiers’ high morale to you.
You didn’t find out about it until the High Lord himself summoned you to his encampment, wanting to meet you for himself.
“Y/N, is it?” he asked. You gulped and nodded, hating the way all the High Lord’s advisors were just staring at you.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he said, walking over to you and clasping your hand. “You’ve made quite a name for yourself.”
“Oh, not really,” you replied dismissively.
“On the contrary, your commander attributed most of your legion’s success to you,” the High Lord said. Your eyes widened.
“He did?” you asked meekly.
“Yes, he did.” The High Lord led you over to the large table in the middle of the tent, covered in various maps and reports. You quickly recognized the different markings noting the enemy’s various armies in relation to your own.
“Their reinforcements are closer than I thought they were,” you said, pointing to an enemy group only half a day’s travel away from the front lines.
“Straight to the point, eh?” he chucked. You shrugged.
“Their proximity is worrying since our own reinforcements are two days away,” he continued. “I’m hoping my son will be able to urge them faster.”
“Your son?” you inquired. The High Lord nodded.
“My son Rhysand is the commander of this legion,” he said, pointing to one of the markers on the map. “He does a good job, though his troops are not as eager to fight as yours are.”
“Our soldiers want to see the humans freed,” you said. “Many of them have told me they would willingly die to win this war. I believe that has helped them stay strong when the fighting gets rough.”
“Very admirable of them,” the High Lord said thoughtfully. “I wish all our troops thought similarly.”
You nodded, still looking down at the table. “This map is very impressive, sir.”
“Thank you,” he replied. “It’s the most accurate information we have.”
“How often do you update it?” you asked, looking up at him.
“We track the enemy’s movements down to the hour. Every shift, every change is reflected here.”
“Down to the hour?” you exclaimed, eyes wide. “How do you accomplish such a thing?”
“You’d have to ask him,” the High Lord replied, gesturing behind you.
You turned around, eyes landing on an Illyrian man clad in black leather. His hair was shorter than Cassian’s, wielding blue siphons instead of red. The biggest difference between the two, however, were the dark shadows that circled around him slowly. Your cheeks flushed as his gaze met yours, hazel eyes piercing. You smiled and gave him a small wave, but his face remained the same.
“That’s Azriel, the official shadowsinger of the Night Court,” explained the High Lord. You nodded slowly, turning back towards the table.
“Go introduce yourself, if you’d like,” he added. “He’s quiet, but perhaps he’ll enjoy some conversation.”
“Yes sir,” you said with a nod, looking again at the shadowsinger and walking in his direction, pushing through the swarm of advisors and generals.
“Hello,” you said softly as you stopped in front of him, craning your neck upwards a bit to meet his eyes. “I’m Y/N.” His eyes widened as he looked down at you.
You bit your lip nervously and offered him your hand, though he kept his clasped firmly behind his back. You dropped your arm awkwardly, grabbing at the bottom of your shirt.
“I’m from the western legion,” you added, trying to make conversation. His eyes softened somewhat at that.
“Do you know a Cassian?” he asked quietly, voice deep and rumbling. “Yes!” you replied brightly, trying to ignore the way your stomach had flip-flopped when he spoke. “He was the one who rescued me, actually, and convinced our commander to let me stay. He’s a close friend of mine.”
“Rescue?” he inquired. You nodded, not really wanting to elaborate.
“Well, any friend of Cassian’s a friend of mine,” he said, giving you a small smile. “I’m Azriel.”
“It’s nice to meet you, Azriel,” you said with a grin.
“It’s nice to meet you too, Y/N.”
You met Rhysand a little while after as he’d been giving a report to his father. When you returned to your legion and asked Cassian about both of them, he told you the story of how they’d met and became friends. You were shocked by all the horrors they’d endured, and a little mad at the High Lord for separating them.
“We probably could’ve won this war months ago if he let you all fight together,” you huffed, crossing your arms over your chest.
“Damn right, Y/N,” Cassian replied.
When the war ended, you were there to watch their reunion. You’d become a little emotional at the sight of them together, all smiling brighter than you’d ever seen before (even Azriel). You had tried to hide your teary eyes from them, only to start bawling when they grabbed you and pulled you into the group hug.
Rhysand had left soon after for the Court of Nightmares with his father. You’d urged Cassian and Azriel to go with him, insisting they needed some time to catch up with each other. You had opted to stay with the soldiers, helping them sort through their belongings and figure out where to go next. Like you, not all of them wanted to return to where they were from. You’d ended up in a small Illyrian camp with several of the soldiers from your legion, where you helped them settle in and begin navigating the ins and outs of running what was essentially a small town.
The next time you saw Rhysand, he was High Lord.
With his father dead, Rhysand was appointing a new Inner Circle with different values and morals than the one before it. He had asked you to be his advisor for social affairs, and you’d very emotionally accepted (“Do you cry at everything?” he teased, wrapping you in a hug as you nodded dramatically).
You were thrilled to learn Cassian and Azriel were also a part of the Inner Circle, as well as Rhysand’s cousin Morrigan and friend Amren. You were thrilled to have female friends for the first time in your entire life.
You also loved your job. As social advisor, you helped the various camps and smaller settlements throughout the court communicate with the High Lord, negotiating financial agreements and the like. It also meant you got to visit all your old friends, many of whom were starting families and working to change social standards in their towns.
The only part you did not like were the mandatory visits to the Hewn City once every few months, just to make sure everything there was running smoothly. For the many years you’d been working for Rhysand you’d managed to get out of every single visit, claiming you had scheduled trips to check up on camps and emergency meetings with different war-lords.
You had, however, run out of excuses.
“Y/N, I cannot allow you to miss another one of these trips,” Rhysand said sternly over breakfast. You glared pointedly at the plate of eggs in front of you, refusing to make eye contact with Rhys. Azriel and Cassian were sitting silently at the table, watching the two of you argue.
“Don’t you think,” you seethed, “that after years of trying to avoid this, I might have some reason not to go?”
“All of us have reasons not to go,” Rhysand said plainly. “No one enjoys these visits, but they’re mandatory. And you’re the only member of the Inner Circle who’s never visited. People have started talking.”
“Let them talk,” you scoffed, stuffing a forkful of eggs in your mouth. “I don’t want to let them talk,” Rhys countered. “I don’t like them calling members of my Inner Circle weak, or negligent, or cowardly.”
“Well, I don’t care what they think of me,” you dismissed with a wave of your hand. “Amren hasn’t gone on the last few trips, either. I hope you’re planning on having this conversation with her as well.”
“First of all, I’d be a damn fool to try and tell Amren what to do,” Rhys stated, Cassian and Azriel nodding in agreement. “Second, she’s been to the Court of Nightmares before. Like I said, you’re the only one who hasn’t gone.”
You sat in silence, staring blankly in front of you. Rhys sighed.
“Y/N, I’m going to have to remove you from the Inner Circle if you don’t make this next trip,” he said finally. Your head snapped up, staring at him with wide eyes.
“You wouldn’t,” you hissed.
“Rhys,” Azriel warned softly, glancing between the two of you.
“I won’t have anyone thinking my Inner Circle is weak,” Rhys said, throwing his hands up. “I don’t want to remove you, but don’t think I won’t do it.”
You sat back in your chair in defeat, thoughts of your childhood and parents racing through your mind. Your breaths became faster, the three Illyrians at the table looked at you in concern.
“Y/N-” Cassian started, but you stood up abruptly, hoping they wouldn’t notice the tears forming in your eyes. “Fine,” you choked. “Fuck you, Rhys.” You stormed out of the room, racing up the stairs, leaving the three of them staring after you in alarmed confusion.
You didn’t talk to anyone until the day of the trip, when you met them downstairs to leave. You were wearing a tight black dress that draped down to the floor, hair and makeup done nicely. You would be able to fit in without calling too much attention to yourself.
“Hi,” Rhysand started hopefully, but you just stared at the ground in front of you, refusing to acknowledge him. He sighed.
“I’m sure you know already, but you’ll have to play the part when we get there. Acting all cunning and ruthless, bowing to me, those sorts of things.”
“I’ll behave,” you replied numbly. Azriel moved next to you, grabbing your hand as you prepared to winnow. You didn’t miss the slight rub of his thumb against the back of your hand, the slight squeeze as you closed your eyes.
When you opened them, you were standing in a dimly lit room, stone walls covered in black banners, no windows to be seen. You breathed heavily, hoping Azriel hadn’t noticed how much your hands were shaking.
“Mor will send for us when the Court’s assembled in the throne area,” Rhysand said, taking a seat in a large plush chair.
“Y/N are you alright?” Cassian asked, concern evident in his voice. You hadn’t once looked up from your feet.
You shook your head, no you were not alright. In fact, you were far from alright, seeing as you were back in the one place you’d never wanted to return to.
You stiffened as Azriel wrapped his arm behind you, rubbing your shoulder comfortingly. You relaxed immediately, leaning into his side.
The room remained silent for a few minutes, Azriel trying his best to comfort you. You were almost sad when he pulled away as Mor walked into the room. You could’ve stayed nestled against him for hours.
“They’re ready for us,” Mor started. “Y/N, your parents are waiting outside. They want to talk to you.”
You felt Azriel tense up next to you as Rhys and Cass looked at you with wide eyes. You felt like breaking something, rage quickly replacing your fear. How dare they want to speak with you, after letting you walk out of their lives into a war?
“I’m going to wring their necks,” you muttered, stalking past Mor with Azriel following closely behind you. You didn’t need her to lead you to the throne room, you knew well enough where everything was in this damned city yourself.
You kept your eyes focused in front of you as you walked through the doorway, shoulders pushed back, features neutral. You ignored the figures waiting by the wall, ignored the calls of your name.
“You filthy runaway!” you heard your mother shriek from behind you. You ground your teeth, refusing to acknowledge her. Azriel caught up to you within a few strides, moving beside you as you continued forward.
“I didn’t know you had family here,” he said, eyes fixed forward just as yours were. Everything was a careful performance here.
“I was born here,” you said coldly. Azriel was silent next to you.
“I had no idea,” he replied finally.
“I never told anyone.”. The entrance to the throne room was now in sight. You could sense Cassian coming up behind you, moving to flank your other side.
“I’m sorry,” Azriel added. He glanced at you, grabbing your hand and squeezing it before dropping it quickly. “I would’ve argued with Rhys about you coming if I had known.”
“I know you would’ve,” you said, watching him adopt the emotionless soldier persona once again. “Thank you.”
The three of you entered the throne room together, walking in sync past the crowds of Hewn City residents to the opposite wall. They fell silent as you approached. It almost made you smile, them at least pretending to respect you for the first time ever. You almost hoped someone would dare to say something out of line, just to see what Rhys and Cassian and Azriel might do. At the same time, you wanted to curl up into a ball in your bed and never see anyone again. Your confidence, as convincing as it was, was still an act.
You stood between them, waiting for Rhys to enter. You watched Mor saunter past her parents, giving them a taunting smirk. Maybe one day you’d be able to do the same.
You straightened as Rhys walked in behind her, purple eyes gleaming despite the terrible lighting of Hewn City.
“Your High Lord, ladies and gentlemen,” Mor announced, dropping to one knee as he sauntered into the room. You did the same, admiring the way Rhys emanated power and control. A quick glance to your left and you made brief eye contact with Azriel, whose muscular thighs were only accentuated by his kneeling. Your eyes widened, gulping as you looked back towards Rhys.
“My subjects,” he drawled with a grin, making his way up to the throne and sitting down casually. He scanned the room for a moment, then nodded. “Rise.”
You stood up slowly, watching Mor’s father step forward to deliver his report on city happenings. You weren’t really paying attention, choosing instead to let your gaze wander over to Azriel again. He was wearing all of his siphons, wings folded behind his back neatly. He looked somewhat relaxed, though his hands were positioned to draw his weapons if needed.
You loved Az’s hands, the hands he had tried to hide from you for months. When you finally asked him why he hid his scars, he’d reluctantly told you about his childhood. He’d been surprised when your reaction was not one of pity, but rather one of immense anger. How dare anyone do that to him? Azriel, who was so selfless and giving, did not deserve such pain.
“You’re staring,” Az muttered, a small smirk on his face.
“Am not,” you replied with a glare, fixing your eyes in front of you as your face heated up.
“Are too,” he teased. You rolled your eyes, hoping he didn’t notice the blush tinging your cheeks.
Kier was just finishing up his dull speech. Rhys looked beyond bored, though you knew it was all just a front. He would probably spend hours reviewing whatever information Kier had told him when you returned home.
“My Lord,” Mor’s father drawled. “I noticed the sixth member of your Inner Circle has joined you today.”
You stiffened as the whole room glanced in your direction.
“Y/N?” Rhys said, gesturing to you. You took a step forward and bowed, quickly returning to your place between Az and Cass.
“Welcome home, Y/N,” Kier said, a twisted grin on his face. “We missed you.”
“I’m sure,” you replied cooly, voice echoing off the stone walls. You picked out your parents rather quickly in the crowd, almost shuddering at the way they were glaring at you. You raised your eyebrows, taunting them to say something. They remained silent.
“If there is nothing more to discuss, I’ll be going now,” Rhys announced, pushing himself up from his seat and making his way towards the door. “Thank you for this, truly. You’re all dismissed.”
You waited until him and Mor had left to follow, making your way through the crowd with Azriel and Cassian on your heels. You failed to see your mother stalking towards you as you approached the doorway, failed to see her until she was right beside you. She grabbed your shoulder, stopping you in your tracks and turning you to face her forcefully.
Your heart skidded to a stop, face palling at the furious look on her face.
“You ungrateful child,” she hissed, nails digging into the skin on your shoulder.
“Let go of me,” you whispered. “Let go.” The whole room had stopped to watch the two of you.
“How dare you align yourself with him,” she screeched. You pulled away from her, heart pounding as she continued moving towards you.
“You’re pathetic,” you spat defensively, wanting nothing more than to push her away from you. She only cackled, eyes blazing as she lunged at you.
You gritted your teeth, bracing yourself for impact, but a leather-clad arm reached out from beside you before she could reach you.
Azriel, who you’d almost forgotten was with you, had grabbed your mother mid-air, pinning her to his side as she struggled in his grip.
He looked more furious than you’d ever seen him, a rarity for the shadowsinger who hid his emotions like secrets. His massive wings were unfurled, jaw clenched as he looked down at her like she was a criminal Rhys had asked him to torture. You almost smiled at how fearful she looked as she glanced up at him, powerless.
“If you touch her,” he said, his voice a deadly whisper, “I will gut you, and throw you off the mountain again and again until you stop screaming.”
Her face blanched, looking around nervously as she tried to get away. Azriel did not let her budge.
“Let me go,” she asked, voice shaking. “Please, let-”
“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t break every bone in your body right here in front of everyone,” he said, voice calm despite the rage so clear on his face.
“Please,” she begged again. “Please.”
He looked back at you and you nodded, watching as he threw her to the ground in front of you. She let out a shaky breath, carefully drawing herself up from the floor…
She was not expecting your punch, eyes widening as your fist connected with the side of your face. Neither was Azriel, if his look of pleasant shock was anything to go by. You admired the way her body crumpled back onto the ground, grinned openly at the frightened look she gave you.
“I hope you die a painful death,” you said, almost cheerily. You turned, seeking out your father in the crowd and pointing to him. “You too,” you shouted, watching as he paled.
You turned on your heel and stalked out of the room, giving Mor a thumbs up as you passed her in the doorway. She gave you a small smile and an approving nod.
You waited until Rhys winnowed you all back to Velaris to let yourself relax, your shoulders slumping as you collapsed into a chair. You were exhausted.
“I’m fucking starving,” Cassian grumbled, lumbering out of the room just as quickly as you arrived. You smiled a bit, opening your eyes to see Rhys watching you intently.
“Y/N,” he started, but you raised a hand to silence him.
“I don’t want you to say anything,” you said flatly.
“I had no idea,” he continued anyway. “I would have let you stay…”
“What’s done is done,” you sighed. “Besides, if I hadn’t gone I never would’ve gotten to punch the shit out of my mom.” He chuckled and you gave him a sick grin.
“I can arrange to have Azriel torture them, if you’d like,” Rhys offered, the same option he’d given Mor when she’d returned to the Court of Nightmares. Azriel nodded earnestly, as if he’d be happy to do it.
“Thanks, but I’d like to do it myself, when the time is right,” you replied. The two of them nodded in understanding. Rhys gave you a small smile and disappeared from view, probably to join Cassian.
Azriel walked over towards you carefully, sitting down in a chair next to yours. He reached his hand out, slowly brushing a stray hair out of your face. You hummed and leaned into his touch, so soft and caring despite the scars.
“I wasn’t expecting you to punch her,” he said quietly. You chucked.
“I wasn’t either, but I’m glad I did,” you replied, opening your eyes and finding his hazel ones gazing at you fondly.
“You’re staring,” you teased lightly, quoting him. He smiled but didn’t look away. You blushed, biting your lip and looking down at your lap.
“Thank you for keeping her away from me,” you almost whispered. “I don’t know what I would’ve done had she actually, you know…” You trailed off, remembering the fear you had felt when she grabbed at you. “It was like I was frozen, I couldn’t move.”
“I think I would’ve actually killed her if she had gotten to you,” he said. You glanced up at him, his face carefully neutral as he thought about his words. “I was mad at her, for calling you filthy and ungrateful, for insulting you in front of everyone.” He met your gaze and his face softened.
“Az,” you said gently, reaching out and gently taking his hands in your own.
“I’m sorry if it was out of line-”
“No,” you interrupted, “no, thank you for doing it. It gave me enough time to remember how little I care about her opinion of me.”
“She still shouldn’t call you such things,” he said, jaw clenching. “You’re one of the bravest people I know, running away from home and joining an Illyrian war camp, of all places.” You laughed, giving his hands a small squeeze.
“That place wasn’t home,” you said with a shake of your head. “That’s why I ran away, I wanted to find a place where people actually cared about me.”
“Did you?” he asked softly, eyes darting nervously between your face and your hands, still intertwined with his.
“Yes,” you whispered, heart surging as he smiled at you.
“You don’t have to go back, ever,” he said, looking at you intently. “I won’t let him force you again. I promise.”
“Thank you, Az,” you said gratefully.
“And I swear,” he continued, “if either of your parents steps one toe out of line I’ll make them regret every minute of their lives.” You grinned.
“Well, if that happens let me know,” you said, “I wouldn’t want to miss any of the fun.”
He laughed then, truly laughed, scooting his chair closer to yours.
“I won’t let anyone touch you,” he murmured, your heart almost stopping as he leaned forward and pressed his forehead against yours.
“Az,” you breathed, stomach fluttering.
“Y/N,” he replied, voice husky with some emotion that made your head swirl.
“Az,” you giggled, sticking your tongue out, licking the tip of his nose.
His eyes widened, a smile spreading across his face. “Gross,” he joked, bringing a hand up to cup your cheek. His eyes became serious, searching your face for any hesitation.
You leaned forward, closing your eyes as you pressed your lips against his. You could’ve sworn you felt his heart leap as he began to kiss you back, reaching around you to pull your body onto his lap. You couldn’t ignore the sparks of joy you felt as his hands roamed your back, nose pressed against your cheek as his lips molded against yours again and again.
You were the first one to pull away, needing air, heart melting as you opened your eyes and saw Azriel watching you with such obvious adoration. You admired the small smile on his face, the flush of his cheeks and his tousled hair, the quickened rising and falling of his chest…
And then something clicked, something deep inside you, and your eyes widened with immediate realization.
“It’’s you,” you gasped, overcome with emotion. He gulped and nodded, looking at you hopefully.
“Yes,” he breathed. “Yes.” He paused, panting heavily. “Is that...okay?” he asked, looking more nervous than you’d ever seen him before.
“It’s perfect,” you choked out, grabbing his face and pulling him in again. He groaned, your stomach doing flip flops as his hands came up to cradle the back of your head. He tucked his thumbs under your ears, claiming your mouth as his own.
“ long have you known?” you asked between kisses, your hands exploring the firm expanse of his chest.
“Since the first day I met you,” he mumbled against your lips, breathing heavily as you pulled back again.
“You’ve known for that long?” you asked incredulously, eyes wide. He nodded, grinning like he was the happiest man alive. “And you still waited for me?” You were touched.
“I would’ve waited until the end of time for you,” he said, ducking his head down and nuzzling your neck with his nose. “Though, I will say, it took you forever to realize.”
You swatted his shoulder playfully, resting your chin on the top of his head and closing your eyes. “I’ll cook dinner tonight, okay?” you said softly. You felt his whole body tense.
“Are...are you sure?” he asked thickly, as if you still might reject the mating bond.
But how could you ever think of such a thing, when you were sitting in the lap of the most protecting and caring person you’d ever met?
“I’m positive,” you murmured, tilting his head upwards and pressing a kiss to his forehead.
“Well in that case, I’m quite fond of chicken,” he teased.
“You’ll get whatever I feel like making,” you huffed, relishing in the way his whole body vibrated as he laughed.
“And I will happily eat whatever that is,” he replied lovingly.
“Even toast?” you asked.
“Even toast,” he grinned, capturing your lips in another kiss.
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Azriel x reader
Authors note: Someone send help, I can’t stop writing fics about Az or Cass. 🥴 if you have other characters you’d like to read things for, send me prompts/ideas with characters from the following fandoms:
Otherwise enjoy some fluff with everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood shadowsinger. 🥰
I landed straight on my back on the mat. Again.
“You have to engage your core. Your left side is weak, you need to watch your blind spots.”
Azriel had agreed to meet me early in the morning to train. I still hadn’t fully recovered from the last mission, when one of the warriors had nearly speared me like a kabob. However, I knew if I didn’t start training again soon, I’d never fully regain all my strength.
“I did engage my core! I even leaned left to try and brace for your impact!” I growled, hands over my face. “What more can I do?”
“Let’s take a quick break. You’re still healing, and even though I’m proud of you for getting back in the ring, you’ve gotta take it easy for a while.”
I smirked at the shadowsinger, “You’re proud of me?”
A low chuckle rumbled from his chest, “Don’t get mushy on me now, soldier.”
I set down my water, and walked towards him until I was standing toe to toe with him. I craned my neck to look up at him, poking one finger into his chest, “Oh, trust me. I’m definitely not the mushy one in this friendship.”
Cauldron boil and fry me.
I can’t pinpoint the exact moment where my feelings for Azriel had gone from purely platonic to something more. It happened like a summer storm - out of no where, full force. But I refuse to risk ruining the time we spend together over some silly feelings. He means too much to me.
“You okay in there?” Azriel tapped gentle on my temple, tearing my attention from my thoughts.
“Hey lovebirds! You mind if I take a turn sparing with your boy-toy?”
“We are NOT- “
“He is NOT my-“
We both stopped and glared at Cassian as a playful grin crept across his face. I grabbed my water and slid on my boots, bracing myself for the cold to come as I trudged back to the main part of the house.
After dinner that night, things got a little out of hand. It started with some ridiculous drinking game Mor begged me to play with her. She dragged all of us into it, and then I had the idiotic idea to challenge Cassian by saying I could out-drink him.
“I want to **hic** dance!! Azzie, can we dance, pleaseee?!” The strong arms that carried me away from the rest of the circle held me tighter.
“You can barely even stand upright, let alone dance.”
“Nuh-uh. I can **hic** totally stand. Watch. **hic** Put me down and I’ll walk in a straight line.”
“You’re full of shit and you know it.”
I smirk up at the shadowsinger, “Actually, **hic** I’m technically full of tequila.”
“If you want to be a smartass,” Azriel chuckles, “I can take us for a fun little flight and see how well you handle your liquor.”
My stomach lurched even at the thought of tumbling through the air, doing loops and turns…
Azriel gently set me down, keeping me between his arms as he opened the door to steady me. As we entered the dark room, I walked towards the bed and threw off my awfully uncomfortable shoes.
When I looked up, all I could see was those glimmering hazel eyes and incredible sapphire siphons illuminating Azriel’s face as he stood in the doorway.
“Stay,” I whispered, so quietly I wasn’t even certain he would hear.
He stood, still as a statue. The only sound was our breathing, and a muffled conversation from the rest of the circle in the living room.
“Stay,” I repeated, a little louder, a little more brave this time.
Those hazel eyes widened, and it took Azriel only two strides across the room to reach me.
He placed one hand on my cheek, the other tilting my head up to look at him.
“Fuck it. I can’t be your friend any longer.” He exhaled.
I tried to move my chin from his grasp and turn away, offended by his words. He held my face gently but firm.
“You’re so much more than that.”
And then we kissed. It was like, I was a star during Starfall, and I had finally found my way home. Like I had been waiting to find the missing piece of me, and it had been right there all along. I felt a tug in my chest as Azriel’s tongue swept over mine.
I gasped as he pulled away, feeling completely sober now, regardless of how many drinks I had downstairs.
“You’re -“
“Your mate.”
“How long have you known?”
“A month. When that soldier had almost taken you from us. From me.”
I was completely in awe.
“While you were unconscious and the healers were working, I could feel the bond fraying. I tugged on it every now and then to keep you with me. I was a complete mess. You can ask Rhys or Cass -“
“They’ve known this whole time?”
“I didn’t intentionally tell Rhys, but when you were hit I lost all control over my mental shield and he could sense it. I told Cassian not long after.”
I stared up at him, completely at a loss for words. This whole time, he had known and continued to care for me out of fear of losing me.
He leaned down to kiss me again, but I took the opportunity to grab his wrists and twist him over onto the bed, pining him down.
“You need to engage your core, and watch your blind spots, Spymaster.” I smirked down at him.
His eyes were like burning embers, flaming with lust and desire.
“Oh, sweetheart, I’ll let you take me down anytime.”
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hyacinthsandbooks · a month ago
Tumblr media
𝗣𝗔𝗜𝗥𝗜𝗡𝗚(𝗦): Azriel x Reader
𝗔𝗡𝗢𝗡 𝗔𝗦𝗞𝗘𝗗: Hiii. if you're still taking requests can you do a azriel one? (Can't get enough of him🤭 ) can you write one where azriel gets really badly hurt on a mission and barely makes it back and the reader freaking out and being really worried?
Here you go, Love. Hope you enjoy and sorry again for the long wait xx
𝐘𝐎𝐔 𝐇𝐀𝐃 𝐓𝐎𝐋𝐃 him this was an awful idea. You had expressed it several times in fact, both to Azriel himself and the High Lord who’d asked him if he’d be willing to put everything on the line. Of course, you deeply respected and loved your High Lord, Rhysand was, after all, a childhood friend and the heart of your little circle, but that didn’t mean you hadn’t been willing to express how stupid you believed his idea to be. 
Azriel was excellent at his job, you knew that, but that didn’t mean he was invincible. You couldn’t express how terrified you were when you watched him winnow away after pressing a chaste kiss to your forehead; a promise. A promise that he’d return to you when this was all over, once the threat had been nullified. 
You knew it was a promise there was no guarantee he could keep. So as soon as he’d vanished, you’d taken to pacing the length of the ornate room in the House of Wind specially dedicated for conducting matters such as these. 
Mor and Cassian were there too, and you could sense the unease in them as they sat huddled together in the corner, passing a bottle of wine between them as they spoke so softly even your fae hearing had trouble catching. 
“Do you think he’s gotten what he needs?” you heard Cassian mutter, “He usually doesn’t take this long.” A frown pulled at your lips. He was right, Azriel was as swift as his shadows and just as discreet. Typically when he gathered enemy intel, he was back within 24 hours to avoid drawing any unwanted attention by lingering. It was always straightforward; get in, get out. 
He had been gone for over two days, not even a trace of his writhing shadows could be seen about Velaris; Rhys had told her as much. 
He had been traveling between Velaris and the Hewn City for quite some time now, attempting to prepare for the storm brewing in Prythian. He’d only stay for a few hours at a time, but he was just as concerned as the rest of them. Mor sighed lightly, “I’m not sure,” she admitted. Your pacing ceased, grabbing their attention. You had an odd feeling, a shiver down your spine, a bad feeling you couldn’t quite place. 
“What is it?” Mor asked carefully rising to her feet, but before you could respond darkness filled the room, and when it cleared, there he stood. 
“Azriel,” his name left your mouth like a whisper as you took him in. The first thing you noticed was the way his wings were flared, the dark membrane appearing reddish in the wake of Velaris’ setting sun. Something was wrong. The second thing you noticed was the way his eyes were unfocused and how his skin seemed a few shades lighter than usual. The third: iron. 
The scent of iron found its way to your nose just as Azriel’s legs buckled. You lunged forward managing to wrap your arms around his frame just before he hit the floor. Mor and Cassian weren’t far behind you, both at your shoulders in a second. 
Blood began to pool beneath him, the crimson a bright contrast to the sandstone floors. You frantically pressed on the tears in his leathers, trying to stem the flow of blood before it was too late. You urged the magic that was in your veins to your hands, which shook as you began to seal what wounds you could. 
You choked back a sob, as the realization that your magic alone wouldn’t be enough, “Get Madja,” you urge them, your now bloody hands, reaching up to cup his cheeks.. 
You could see Azriel’s breathing begin to even as you continued to channel your magic into soothing his pain. 
“Stay with me, Azriel.” His hazel eyes were glassy, but the ribbons of green and brown in his irises were still as beautiful as ever to you. His eyes seemed to soften the longer he stared at you, his gaze unchanging even as you and Cassian began to haul his limp form to your shared bedroom, Mor had already vanished.
 As soon as Cassian had deposited the shadow-singer on the bed, you had dropped to your knees beside him, trying to ignore the tears that streamed down your face as Azriel’s eyes slipped shut. And everything went quiet; until it wasn’t. 
“Isn’t this the part where you say I told you so?” he rasped after a moment. Cassian barked a laugh, and although you shook your head, you couldn’t help the grin the split your face. If he was well enough to be snarky, he would be okay. That’s what you told yourself at least. 
“I have no idea how you can be so blasé about this, Azriel,” you tried to laugh as you began to brush away your tears, but Azriel didn’t miss the way your small faltered as you took in his appearance. 
“Hey, hey,” he said, catching your hand and pressing a kiss to your knuckles. “I promised I’d come back to you.” You nodded, a sad smile stitching at your lips, “You did,” she agreed, “but how many times will that promise hold, Azriel.” 
He watched your a moment, his eyes flitting over your face as if he hadn’t already committed it to memory. “Maybe not forever,” he lamented, “but…”
He pressed another kiss to your hand, but this time he didn’t pull away, allowing his lips to linger on your skin, “I’ll fight until my last breath to return to you. That I can promise.” Your face softened, another tear streaming down your cheek, “I’ll hold you to that Azriel.” 
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onlymexsarah · 3 months ago
Peaceful || Azriel
Pairing: Azriel x Ancheron!reader
Warnings: my english, minor mention of sex ;)
Tumblr media
She was sit on a stool with her feet on the tub before her. Her bare legs bent and a book rested on her knees while her fingers caressed the pages, the words and the characters she was reading about.
Azriel had just finished his bath, only his pants on. His Illyrians tattooes covered his chest, his hair a bit wet and his eyes fixed on the gorgeous woman in front of him. His mate. The Cauldron had the sense of humor. It had made mates three of the four Ancheron sisters of the three bat brothers.
The woman sit before him was probably the one who remained more human in her look, and he loved it, because it reminded him when he started falling for her even before the Cauldron Made her and her sisters. She was the same girl, without need to be more beautiful.
She looked at him while the shadowsinger, her shadowsinger, approached with feline steps. "How are you?"
Her peaceful voice was a song to his shadows that found relaxing and entertaining dancing around her and on her. A thousands answers came in his mind: fine; when i'm with you marvelous; good but if we'd stay in bed for a week living of just sex then I would be better.
Instead he chose to put his right hand on her neck, with his long fingers caressing her cheek raising her face. There was a time when he was ashamed of touching her with his hands, worried of the disgust she might have felt, but that girl had never seemed to notice the different texture that his hands had. Instead, she had the habit to kiss all his scars every now and then just to remind him that there was no part of him that she didn't love.
He kissed her. Once, twice, thrice...he was addicted to her mouth as much as she was addicted to his.
Nothing could separated them. They had spent their mating alone in the cottage, a full week of lips crashing and bodies merging. They had barely eaten, satiated by the taste of each other. There was no wall, no table nor surface that they had not used.
Her legs trembled. Azriel had always had this effect on her body. Even after such long time she still looked at him, in his all glorious beauty, wondering how the Cauldron could value them as equal if he looked like The Mother had sculpted him herself.
She opened her eyes finding his little sly smile few inches from her mouth.
"Ask me again." He whispered.
'How are you, my love?" She said this time sweeter.
That sweetness drove him crazy everytime. It was the sound of the pure innocence that ran in her blood. The same innocence he corrupted long time ago but still filled her body wherever she was. His favourite thing was when that sweetness and innocence showed up in bed, shy to see how much she enjoyed their sex.
He kissed her again, more intensely this time. He tried to voice in that kiss all the gratitude, all the love and all the devotion he felt for her since the day they met. The Mother didn't created enough words to esprime what she was to him, what she made him feel.
"I take it as a 'very good, my gorgeous, goodness mate, but now that you are here even better.'" She mused on his lips. Her book had been forgotten on the floor leaving her hands free to caress his hair whil his right hand stayed firm on her neck. He brought his other hand in her hair, swiping them away from her face for a moment, chuckling at her words.
"You have no idea...let me show you how good I am thanks to you." His seductive voice melted her. His right arm went under her knees, his left one embraced her back lifting her in a perfect bridal style.
She gripped his shoulders with her hands while her cheeks turned of a deep pink. The girl kissed him on the walk toward the huge bed. He squeezed her body in his arms burning his fingers in her skin, his swings wide open.
It was a pure mix of passion and love the one they shared that night. He didn't hold his smirk at the sight at her blushed cheeks, her eyes shone with lust ans devotion while he lied her back on their bed with his body towering hers.
His hungry eyes held the promise of all the things he was going to do with her, all the things he was going to whisper in her ears, with the only intention of hearing just one thing coming out from her mouth.
His name.
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olivereadsbooks · a month ago
In Your Arms - azriel
azriel x gn reader
Tumblr media
genre: angst to fluff
warnings: blood, swearing
anon: azriel x mate reader where they have an argument before reader goes on a mission and gets hurt and bat boi is upset and worried for reader :) <3
I hope this is along the lines of what you were thinking anon :) thank you for the request
I left the reason behind the argument up to the reader. It can be as serious or lighthearted as you want.
Tumblr media
Azriel and I had gone weeks without talking before – weeks, months, whatever the mission required.
But we had never done it willingly.
The argument seemed hopelessly pointless now, and if I had any strength left, I might have laughed.
The shadows drifting around his shoulders looked heavier than normal, their restless movement irritating me for no reason other than existing.
"I want you to leave." My voice was low, rough, from all of the yelling.
He stared at me for a moment, eyes shadowed beneath a lowered brow, the muscles in his jaw tensing, before he uncrossed his arms and strode from our bedroom.
I do not know what hurt more: watching him leave without putting up a fight or trying to sleep that night in a bed that smelled like him.
A tear slid down my face. It slipped from my cheek, tumbling, falling, into the pool of blood at my feet.
It all felt so trivial alone.
Ah, I know that voice.
"Y/n, hey—" Warm hands brushed against the inside of my wrists, the skin of my neck. "—open your eyes for me."
Azriel's magic wrapped around me, gentle and quiet as the midnight breeze, and I blinked my eyes open. When had they closed?
It was definitely night now: the sky was dark, the mountains even darker, and above their jagged edges the stars flickered dimly. The tree I had collapsed against for shade hours earlier now waved gently in the breeze, its dark limbs hiding fragments of the night sky from me.
Azriel kneeled before me, worry and pain clearly written across his face. Relief relaxed his shoulders as our gazes met, and I forced my mouth into a smile. "What a disappointing end that would have been, huh? Dying before you even got to me."
Not once did I doubt whether or not he would come for me despite the fight and the silence between us since then, but it was still a relief to realize he found me.
He frowned at my words but otherwise did not respond, his focus concentrated completely on evaluating my wounds. They ached – everything ached – but after drifting in and out of consciousness for hours, the pain felt as if it was echoing in a different dimension to a different body.
I watched his face as he treated me, the perfect planes limned with light from the moon, and wondered what had gone through his mind when I ended the silence between us by screaming down the mate bond for help.
"Well, it would have been better than dying in your arms I suppose."
Immediately I regretted saying it.
Azriel did not physically recoil, but the agonizing pain that ricocheted all the way down the bond ripped out a piece of my soul. It was the first thing I had felt from him in so long and it hurt.
"I didn't mean it that way," I murmured, hating how his hands shook against my skin as they prodded and wrapped and tied. "I meant—"
"Shut up."
I stuttered to a stop at his voice.
"You are so goddamn stubborn and annoying. Only breaking the silent treatment when you're bleeding out in a fucking forest?" He snapped, the anger in his voice a stark contrast to his gentle touch as he helped me to my feet. "Now I'm going to have to scrape your blood off of my boots—" A scarred hand dragged through his hair. "—and going on this mission alone? How dumb are you?"
I was quiet as he adjusted his group around me. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean that I don't want to die in your arms." He began to shake his head and I rushed to explain. "Not in that way. Not because I hate you, but because it's heartbreaking and depressing as shit and I would never want you to go through that."
He shot me a look, but I noticed the harsh lines begin to soften.
I smiled, reaching up with one hand to cup his jaw. "Ironic, isn't it?"
"I would want to hold you," He muttered against my skin, shoulders unwinding as the anger in the air rapidly dissipated. He turned his head to press a kiss against my palm. "But stop talking about dying," He warned, "You're not going to die in my arms tonight."
Magic hung heavy in the air, swirling around us as he prepared to winnow us home.
"I would die in your arms for you."
"Shut up, that doesn't even make sense."
Tumblr media
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abriefnightmare · 6 months ago
Needs| Azriel x Female!reader|
Type - Imagine
Character(s) - Azriel
Warning(s)- Fluffy
Note - Hi! Request should open up again soon-ish, I have a handful of posts left after this one.
Masterlist                    Request Rules
You and Azriel were very good at communicating your needs with each other. It was a bit of an issue at the beginning of your relationship with the shadow singer, but as time went on and you became more comfortable with each other it became a second nature to the two of you. So you weren’t expecting the outburst that followed your recent lack of alone time with each other. 
Sure, you loved to spend time with Az but recently you were very busy helping Feyre with some of her courtly duties. Once you had lent a hand to her with that Amren needed you to pick off something from her, and by the time you finished that Feyre needed you again. In your defense, you weren’t exactly around Azriel a lot the past week so you had no way of knowing how frustrated he had become. Only once the frustration had festered and bubbled over did you realize that you had been neglecting you mate. 
There had been a few split second moments of time together but they were quickly interrupted with either you or Azriel himself being dragged off somewhere. By the time you found your ways back to each other the other would be called off somewhere.
Truly it shouldn’t have surprised you as much as it did. Azriel as quiet as he was was a very passionate man, and was equally as clingy behind closed doors. He quite enjoyed skin to skin connection and he had been deprived of that for apparently far too long. 
The breaking came one night you had been dragged off from a very brief cuddle session to help Feyre with planning of some sort of event. You were far too tired to pay close attention, wanting to go back to yours and Azs shared bedroom and fall asleep. You would get your wish just not in the way you expected.
You had been with Feyre for all of maybe ten minutes before the door slammed open. Your mate stood there in all his glory. Shadows danced around him curling around the space of the door frame. It was truly a stunning sight and you would have acknowledged it as that if it weren’t for your mates death glare. Not once since you had mated with Azriel had he held that expression. 
His chest was moving rapidly like an angered bull and his steps near vibrated the room with the force behind them. He crossed the room in mere seconds and swiftly attached himself to your side. You and Feyre exchange concerned glances at the bizarre behaviour. You are quick to understand when a near painful pang of need and touch starvation is flung down the bond. 
You are quick to understand and rise from your seat sending Feyre an apologetic look only half meaning it. She responds with a knowing smile and bids you a smug “good night” as you walk out of the room. 
Azriel is very pleased with how things turned out, although he will feel very guilty about it later. You get halfway down the hall before he decides that you are taking too long and winnows you to your shared bedroom. 
He just about throws you on the mattress and is quick to join you there. The warmth of his skin enveloping you as he nears, and you begin taking your shirt of hope to persevere it from his lusty rage when his hand holds your down to your stomach not allowing you to remove the clothing article any further. You send a confused look up to your mate, only to find a fiery blush coating his cheeks. His mouth opens and closes a few times before he speaks. 
“Can we, can we just cuddle please?” His voice is low and he ducks his head to avoid your gaze. There is a beat of silence and his wings begin to shuffle awkwardly behind him as he begins to shift his weight from side to side, a nervous habit of his. A smile breaks out across your face at the action. Part of you worried about his reluctance to ask for affection, the other part was filled with  warm fuzzy feelings at the confession.
“Of course we can.” His head whips up and his eyes meet your own. A smile bright enough to light a small city on the darkest night paints his feature. He shuffles forward as you lean back on the bed below him, opening your arms and inviting him to come lay on you. The warrior leaps into motion and plants himself on your chest. His head finding purchase in the crook of your neck as his legs tangle with your own. Once he settles you move your hands to his hair and begin to run your finger through it. He lets out a low sound similar to the purring of a cat, and nuzzles his head farther into your neck. His breath is even and the warmth of him begins to lull you into a comfortable sleep, you almost think Az has fallen asleep first until he muttered out those eight letters.
“I love you.”
“I love you too Az.”
@unicornpajamas               @gian-giannina            @tremendoussaladtyrant
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arizona2004 · 2 months ago
The Fight-part two
Azriel x Reader
Note: SMUT. This is just the smut that followed “The Fight”
Warnings: Smut, bondage, spanking, biting, hair pulling. (let me know if i missed any)
Word count: 1179
We stood there kissing for minutes or maybe hours. The taste of him is intoxicating. His lips are soft but roughly press into mine. He pushed me up against the kitchen sink and moaned into my mouth when I bit and tugged at his bottom lip.
“You’re walking a dangerous line, sweetheart,” he whispered in my ear as his lips traveled from mine to my jaw, below my ear, and down my neck.
I just smirked where he couldn’t see and moved my mouth to his neck, harshly biting down. He growled deep in his throat and pulled away from my mouth. A little bit of blood dripped down his neck, and I could taste some on my lips. I just smiled up at him, knowing I was about to get exactly what I wanted.
“You’re gonna regret that, sweetheart,” he said lowly, grabbing me by the wrist.
He tugged me toward the kitchen table behind him and pushed me down on it. I tried pushing up, but he placed one hand between my shoulder blades, keeping me down. When his right hand started sliding up my thigh, I remembered just how naked I was. There is nothing, but skin, underneath my thin silk robe.
As his hand continued sliding up, it brushed against the bottom of the robe and pushed it up to the base of my back. My ass was completely bare to Az now, and I bit my bottom lip in anticipation for what I knew came next.
A sharp slap rang, and I felt the burn against my right ass cheek immediately. A moaned loudly at the feeling and almost missed Azriel’s order, “count.”
“One,” I said. 
Slap, “two,” I moaned out again.
Slap, this one harder, “three.”
We continued like this for a few more minutes until finally, “Ten,” I whimpered. 
“Good girl,” Az said, rubbing my ass, soothing the burn. He stood directly behind me now and bent over, pushing his hips into mine, grinding. I could feel the bulge growing in his pants as he rubbed into my ass. Standing up a little straighter, he gripped my shoulders and tugged me harder against him, groaning.
As I pushed back against him, gaining friction, he lifted the robe from my hips and pushed it up and over my head. Straightening my arms, I pushed the rest of the silk down my arms as Azriel slid his hands between me and the table, cupping my breasts.
When he started rolling a nipple between his fingers and kissing my spine, I ground harder against him, seeking my release. But he pulled away from me, and as I groaned, said, “Not yet, love.”
Pulling me up by my hair, Azriel spun me around and kissed me roughly. He pushed me back toward the table and lifted me to sit on the edge. Tugging my hair back again, he started kissing down my neck, leaving marks in his wake. 
I began rubbing my clit, intending to get the release Azriel was trying to keep me from, but when I got close enough, he gripped my wrist and pulled it behind my back, smirking. As I struggled against him, he reached for my robe, and when I had the belt in his hands, pulled both of my hands in front of me and tied them together. When the silk was thoroughly holding my hands together, Azriel smirked down to me again and placed my bound hands behind his head.
Finally, I thought when I noticed his hands travel to his own pants and tug them down. As his cock sprung free, I licked my lips and stared. He’s hard and large, and I’ve gotten used to it over the years, but it has been a while since he stretched me. Rubbing the tip between my folds, I whimpered at the sensation. 
“Look at me,” Azriel groaned.
I looked up, and after we locked eyes, he thrust roughly into me. A sound between a moan and scream ripped from my throat as Azriel sunk his entire cock into me in one stroke. He paused, seated to the base, and waited for me to adjust to his size.
When I rested my head on his shoulder and motioned for him to continue, Az did not start slow. He started quickly and roughly pounding into, repeatedly hitting my spot. I gripped his shoulders and breathed heavily, seconds away from cumming, but he stopped and pulled out. I whimpered for the lost orgasm.
Azriel removed my hands from around his neck and lowered me to the ground. Completely naked before me, he tapped his cock against my lips, indicating for me to open. I quickly do and suck his cock into my mouth as far as it will go. He fists his hand in my hair, pushing deeper into my mouth, making me gag. I take him though, pushing until my nose hits his base. I can taste myself on him, the thought making me moan, and as soon as I moan, Azriel is pulling back, removing his cock from my mouth.
“Fuck…” he groans, lifting me up by my arms. I wrap my legs around his waist while he lines himself up with me again. Slowly this time, he slides into me. When he’s halfway seated, and I’m moaning into his neck, he lowers us to the ground and lifts my wrists above my head, holding them there. He starts rocking into me again, picking up the pace. 
I’m already moaning loudly and nearing my orgasm when Azriel’s thrusts get faster and sloppier. He grips my hips, pulling them up slightly to thrust at a deeper angle, and I grip his back, digging my nails in as I finally hit my climax.  
“Azriel,” I practically scream, raking my nails down his back while my warm juices squirt out of me. Azriel is still thrusting into me sloppily moments later when he meets his own climax and cums deep inside me. 
I’m a panting mess under Az, still gripping his back when he finally pulls out. He presses his forehead to mine again, a huge grin on his face as he says, “We should fight more often if this is how we’re gonna end up.”
I roll my eyes at him, press a kiss to his lips, and attempt to sit up but find it too difficult. Azriel chuckles as I whimper and lay back on the ground hopelessly but lifts me up a moment later and winnows us to our bathroom. He starts the water and adds some oils to the tub. 
Placing me in the warm water, Azriel left to retrieved a washcloth then, sat down behind me and cleaned the mess between my legs. When Az finished cleaning me, I turned around to give him the same care. Sitting in his lap, I washed his hair and wings before resting my head on his shoulder. When we finally left the bath, we just ended up a wet mess of limbs in bed, and we didn’t get up until morning.
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Poor Illyrian Baby - Cassian
Tumblr media
A/N: I cannot settle on a faceclaim for Cass, so I’ll just use some cute fanart. This is my first time writing for Cassian and I am so excited and nervous! This is another of my Disney prompts while I’m at Disney. I’ll be in the park today but please let me know what you think!
Fanart is by Merwild on Deviantart!
Disney Prompt: Peter Pan, #1: Poor Nana? Poor Nana?!
Pairing: Cassian x Reader Word Count: 1,833 Synopsis: When training gets out of hand, the reader takes the opportunity to tease Cassian, and their friends are all too happy to join in.
“I’m trying.”
“Harder, Y/N.”
“Cassian, I’m going as hard as I can!”
“I am!” you yelled. Cassian backed away from you, letting out a sigh. You had been training for the last hour or so, and he had continued to push and push you. But no matter what you did, it wasn’t enough for him. No matter how hard you hit his gloved hands, it wasn’t hard enough.
He had invited you to the training ring for the past couple of months, in preparation for what, you didn’t know. He told you it was always important to be in shape. To be able to defend yourself. And you had made lots of progress, but you still hadn’t gotten to the level Cassian wanted you to reach.
“You’ve got to give more,” he said. 
“I’m telling you, Cass, I can’t give anymore,” you said, stalking away from him to get a drink of water. He watched you go, his eyes trailing down your sweaty body. “Can’t we just call it a day?”
“Why do you care so much?” you asked.
“I just like seeing you get so sweaty,” he said with a smirk. You rolled your eyes and drained your water and then filled another glass and drank it as well. 
“Let’s just be done for the day.”
“Not until you stop holding back.”
“I promise you, I’m not holding back,” you said. Cassian stalked towards you, the smirk on his face growing as he approached. 
“Did you like it when I told you to go harder?” he asked, his voice barely above whisper. 
“Grow up,” you said, trying to move past him. He grabbed your hand quickly but gently, keeping you in front of him.
“Let me go,” you said.
“Break free from me,” he said. “We’ve trained for this.”
“Cassian, I’m tired.”
“So break free.”
“No,” you said, looking up into his hazel eyes. 
“You like me holding you this close?” he asked. You could tell he was trying to get a rise out of you. Trying to get you to give in to his game.
“Not particularly.”
“I think you do. And I think you liked when I told you to go harder. Do you like it when I tell you what to do, Y/N?” he asked. You met his eyes again and couldn’t help but smile a little. You shook your head when his smile grew wider. 
“Let me go.”
“Break free,” he said again. “I know you can give more, so show me more.”
“I’m sure you’d like that,” you said, looking up at him icily. 
“Maybe I would,” he said, inching closer. “But only if you finally give me your all.”
“You couldn’t handle my all,” you said. His grin only grew. 
“I think maybe I could.”
A rush of wings and a loud thud broke you from Cassian’s gaze, and in a quick motion, you ripped your hand from Cassian’s, and ended up punching him right in the face. Cassian reeled back as Azriel fought off his laugh. 
“Oh my-- I’m so--”
“That was hilarious,” Azriel said, chuckling at his friend. Cassian threw a vulgar gesture at him as he righted himself. As you looked at him you saw his eye was already starting to bruise, and couldn’t help but start to laugh, too. 
“You think this is funny?” 
“A little bit,” you said, stepping closer to him. You reached up to touch his bruise, and as you did, you felt the pain in your hand. “Fuck,” you muttered, cradling it in your other. 
“What’s wrong?” Cassian asked, taking a worried step towards you. 
“I think I broke a finger punching your hard head,” you said. He looked your hand over, and when he didn’t find any real damage, he grinned. 
“Well, maybe I can introduce you to my other hard--”
“Stop,” Azriel said, stepping in between the two of you. He took your hand in his and examined the broken finger. “If it’s broken, it’s just slightly. Just wrap it and you’ll be fine.”
“Yeah, thank you Az for that timely interruption,” Cassian said, a hand still on his bruising eye.
“Well, the training seemed to be over,” he said, breezing back away from the two of you. 
“It was,” you said, glancing up at Cassian once. He winked at you quickly before looking to his brother. 
“Turns out all it took was another handsome Illyrian appearing out of nowhere to get her to finally give her all.”
“I think she just wanted to get away from you,” Azriel said.
“She didn’t hit me that hard, Az. I can still kick your ass.”
“I’d like to see you try. Unless Y/N wants to give it another go,” he said. 
“I’m good. He’s all yours.”
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
When Cassian returned to the town house later that night, showered and changed into cleaner, nicer clothes, the bruise around his eye had turned an ugly shade of green. 
“What happened to you?” Amren asked, cringing at his face when he stepped into the living room.
“I got punched,” he said with a shrug. 
“By Azriel?” Mor asked, walking into the room, a bottle of wine in hand. Cassian held out a hand for it and took a swig. And then another.
“No, this little bruise is a gift from Y/N.”
“Good for her,” Mor said, taking a seat next to Amren. Cassian scoffed.
“Good for her? I get punched in the face and you say good for her?”
“Hush,” Mor said as Rhys and Feyre walked into the room.
“What happened to you?” Rhys asked, smirking slightly at his brother. 
“Y/N punched him,” Amren said. Feyre was kind enough not to outright laugh, unlike her mate. 
“Shut up,” Cassian said, taking another drink. 
“Was this a scheduled part of the training?” Rhys asked. 
“It wasn’t,” you said, walking into the room. You had also showered and changed into clean clothes, and Cassian saw that your two fingers were wrapped together.
“What happened to you?” Feyre asked. 
“Oh, I maybe broke my finger punching him in the face,” you said, your eyes shooting to Cassian’s quickly. 
“Aw, poor Y/N,” Mor said, getting up from the couch to look at your hand. 
“Poor Y/N?” Cassian asked in disbelief. “She hit me!”
“Does it hurt?” Feyre asked, completely ignoring him. 
“No, it’s fine. Nothing to whine about.” Again, you shot another glance to Cassian. He shook his head at you. 
Elain walked into the room, Nesta trailing behind her, and they took one look at your broken finger and instantly circled around you. 
“What happened?” Elain asked.
“I broke a finger punching Cassian,” you explained. 
“Poor Y/N,” she said, taking your hand into hers.
“Unbelievable,” Cassian muttered.
“What’s the matter?” Azriel asked, appearing behind him. 
“Cauldron’s sake, you’ve got to stop doing that,” Cassian cursed. “They’re all fawning over Y/N’s fingers.”
“How are you doing Y/N?” Azriel asked.
“I went to a healer. She said I broke the bone but it’d heal soon.”
“That’s not too bad,” Azriel said, “Poor you, though.”
“Ridiculous!” Cassian blurted, slamming the bottle of wine down on the table next to him.
“You alright?” Rhys asked.
“She punches me in the face, and yet you all feel sorry for her!” 
“Well, she broke a finger,” Feyre said, and Cassian could see the smile growing on her face. 
“Unbelievable!” he yelled. “Screw dinner. I’m going to bed.” Cassian made his way toward the stairs and started taking them up two at a time. 
“Better rest up that eye,” Azriel called after him. Cassian slammed the door shut. 
“I better go check on him,” you said. “He never wants to miss a meal. We may have taken the joke too far.” Mor only waved her hand as she continued to giggle.
“He deserved it,” Amren said. 
You moved up the stairs and knocked on Cassian’s door twice. He grumbled something incoherent but swung open the door.
“You pouting up here?” you asked, stepping into his room. 
“I’m not pouting.”
“So you storming up the stairs was just another training exercise?”
“Yes,” Cassian said, sitting down on his bed.
“How’s your eye?” 
“It’s fine,” he said, shaking his head. 
“Looks pretty ugly,” you said, stepping closer to him.
“Well, you pack a pretty mean punch.”
“Only when I’m scared,” you said, sitting down on the other side of the bed, scooting back against his pillows. 
“No, you just need to relax. Trust your instincts.”
“Maybe,” you said with a shrug. Cassian reached for your hand.
“Does it hurt?”
“No, not really. It was just funny to tease you about it.”
“You got everyone in on it?” he asked, looking down at you with a wicked grin.
“Yeah. They loved the idea. I thought it would be a fitting repayment after what you did to me.”
“You liked it,” Cassian said, waving his hand.
“I liked seeing you pout because I got all the attention,” you said, smiling back him. 
“My eye deserves a lot of attention.”
“Let me see,” you said, turning his head gently, your fingers on his cheek. 
“How’s it look?”
“Pretty bad,” you said. “I think your face might be ruined forever.”
“You sure? Maybe you should get a closer look.” In one quick motion, he grabbed your hips and pulled you into his lap. You were breathless for a minute. “Can you see better now?” he asked.
“Yeah,” you said breathlessly. 
“It’s bad,” you said, touching the bruise softly. “Your face is done for.”
“That’s too bad. Are you sure you can’t do anything to fix it?” he asked.
“Like what?”
“Maybe kiss it?” he asked. You raised an eyebrow but inched closer to him and kissed his eye gently. 
“Better?” you asked. 
“It might need another.” You rolled your eyes. And then kissed his eye again. 
“Better now?” you asked.
“A little. But I maybe need--”
“Just kiss me,” you said, gripping his shirt. His hands tightened on your waist as he pulled you against him and kissed your lips. HIs were warm and gentle, but the hand pulling you in was anything but gentle as he dragged it along your back.
“Oh no, poor Y/N.” 
You pulled away from each other and looked towards the door. Rhysand and Azriel were standing in the doorway, smirks on their faces. Cassian whipped the pillow at them. 
“Get out of here!” he yelled as the pillow bounced off Rhys’s quick shields. They retreated down the hallway with laughter.
“Poor Cassian,” you said with a giggle, looking back at him. “Poor Illyrian baby.”
“Shut up and kiss me,” he said, pulling you back into his arms. 
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lexi-imagines · 7 months ago
I Missed You (Azriel x Reader)
Fandom: A Court of Thorns and Roses
Warning(s): none
Word Count:   934
Prompt(s):    “Everything alright?” & “I just missed you.”
Azriel had been gone for a month on an assignment for Rhysand. At first it was fine. It wasn’t the first time he’d had to go away. It wasn’t even the longest he’d ever been gone. But after the second week, you were miserable. You weren’t sleeping. Sleeping alone had never been an issue for you. You always preferred it. Apparently the Illyrian had gotten further under your skin than you realized. 
Your mood continued to deteriorate. Instead of laughing at Cassian and Mor’s antics, you found yourself snapping at them. You apologized after, but it clued everyone in on your mood which you quickly brushed off as lack of sleep. 
They weren’t stupid and neither were you. Figuring out what was really wrong wasn’t hard. You missed Azriel. Really missed him. It had been awhile since he’d been away. Your relationship had progressed a lot more than it had been back then. It wasn’t easy anymore. You didn’t want to be away from him. That realization didn’t help your mood. If anything, it made it worse. 
You were quiet throughout dinner with everyone. Internally, you were grumbling about the new predicament you found yourself in. If you were honest with yourself, you were aware that it wasn’t new. You’d felt this way for a long time, but there was always something to distract you. But things had been peaceful since the war. There weren’t any more distractions so now you had to actually deal with these feelings. You weren’t looking forward to what that meant.  
As soon as you were able, you excused yourself from dinner. You avoided anyone who might stop you, making your way through the streets as quickly as possible. All you wanted to do was get home, curl in bed, and try to at least get a few hours of sleep. 
You let yourself into the house you shared with Azriel and chucked your shoes off as you stomped past the living room. There was light coming out of the living room as you passed and you caught a glimpse of something in the corner of your eye, but ignored it. You were nearly to the bedroom when your brain caught with you and you came to a quick stop. After standing in the middle of the halfway for a moment, you slowly turned and walked back towards the living room. You walked through the doorway to see Azriel reclined on the couch, a small smile gracing his lips. 
A whine tore itself from your mouth as you launched yourself at the male. He chuckled as you wrapped your arms and legs around him. His arms wrapped around you, pulling you ever closer. 
“Everything alright?”
“I just missed you,” you mumbled, burying your face in the crook of his neck. You’re sure you looked ridiculous with the way you were wrapped around him, but It didn’t matter. You needed to be close to him. 
The fact that he was back early lingered at the back of your mind. You were going to ask why but got distracted by tingling in your eyes. You wanted to roll your eyes and tell yourself to stop acting like a child, but couldn’t think past the flurry of emotions that were curing through you. So you just tightened your arms around him and focused on not letting the tears pooling in your eyes fall. Of course he had to wrap his wings around you, blocking out anything that wasn’t the two of you. 
Tears streamed down your face as you sniffled, trying to get them to stop. You felt a small shaking under you and pulled back to glare at Azriel. 
“Stop laughing at me.”
He stopped laughing, but the smile didn’t leave his face. He gently wiped the tears from your cheeks and pressed a kiss to your forehead. You sighed at the feeling, a smile breaking out across your face despite the tears that still occasionally slipped down your face. 
“I missed you too.”
He pulled you back to his chest tightening his grips around you. You closed your eyes and laid there listening to the sound of his heart beating. One of his hands stroked up and down your back and you let out a soft sigh. The sleepiness was weighing down on you but now you fought to stay awake. Minutes ago all you had wanted was to rest but now that he was here that was the last thing you wanted.
“You’re home early,” you said hoping talking might help you stay awake.
“Things weren’t as bad as we thought.”
You let out a hum. You started to lean more heavily into him before you jerked, remembering you were trying to stay awake. He turned his head to look down at you and you gave him a small smile. You sat up slightly to connect your lips to his. He pulled away too soon for your liking which he could tell from the small glare you sent him. 
“Go to sleep Y/n.” He lifted you into his arms and made his way to your bedroom. The drowsiness was already creeping back over you before you even reached the hallway.
“I’ll be here when you wake up.”
He laid you on the bed, and you were quick to curl into his side when he joined you. You said a jumbled I love you and wondered if he could even decipher what you had said. He laughed and pulled you closer. 
“I love you too. Now sleep.”
That was the last thing you heard before sleep finally overtook you. 
A/n: I love him so much. 
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azluvbot · 28 days ago
azriel would definitely be the type of dad that buys foods in bulk just because his child told him they enjoyed eating it once. 
tell me I’m wrong, i dare you...
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illyrian-shadows · 8 months ago
someone better
azriel x reader (acotar)
warnings: self doubt/insecurity, slightly angsty, fluff
word count: 1288
summary: you know azriel loves you, but you can’t help but feel like he could do better.
a/n: ok so this wasn’t requested but i wanted to write something with my favourite bat boy to kick start this account so i hope you enjoy! requests are open :)
“You know you’re being completely ridiculous, right?”
You groan, removing your hand from its position across your eyes as you glance over at Cassian lounged beside you on the bed.
“I didn’t invite you here to insult me, Cass. You’re supposed to be comforting me.” you whine, Cassian shaking his head with a chuckle in response.
“Well, I’m sorry but I can’t comfort you over something that doesn’t exist, Y/N/N.” he retorts, reaching out to poke you playfully in the side. “I mean, do you even hear yourself?”
“Of course I hear myself. And to me, I sound perfectly reasonable.” you grumble, sitting up and running a hand through your hair in frustration.
“Alright, let me get this straight. You think that Azriel, your mate of over 500 years, is cheating on you? Azriel, the man who has been hopelessly in love with nobody but you for said 500 years? That Azriel?” Cassian asks, eyebrows quirking up in amusement. “You’re insane.”
You roll your eyes, standing up from the bed and beginning to pace the length of it, anxiously chewing at your bottom lip.
“I never said I thought he was cheating on me, Cass. I know that Az would never. I was merely saying that maybe he’s decided that he wants a change.” you explain, stopping before him as he rests his chin on his hands whilst listening to you. “I mean, you said it yourself. We’ve been together for over 500 years now. I wouldn’t blame him if he wanted to experiment with someone new. Someone better.”
Any amusement on Cassian’s face disappears at the utter seriousness of your words. He stands quickly, placing one hand on your shoulder and grasping your chin gently with the other, forcing you to look at him.
“Hey, woah, what are you talking about? Azriel loves you. He would never want better and could never do better than you. You’re overthinking it, Y/N.” he reassures, heart aching at the sight of one of his closest friends looking so vulnerable before him.
“What if you’re wrong? What if he’s not happy anymore?” your voice breaks, lip trembling as your words sink in.
What if he wasn’t happy anymore? What if you were the reason he was unhappy? What if he’s only still with you to spare your own feelings? What if-?
You’re so lost in your own spiral of thoughts that you don’t hear the approaching footsteps of your mate, only becoming aware of his presence when it’s too late.
“What’s going on?” his cool voice breaks the silence that has befallen upon the room, his eyes flitting between you and Cassian before landing upon Cassian’s hands on your face, his jaw clenching tightly in response.
Cassian notices his mistake and quickly removes his hands, stepping back from you sheepishly and moving to stand beside Azriel. He offers his brother a sympathetic smile before leaving the room, throwing you a quick thumbs up over Azriel’s shoulder.
“What was that about?” Azriel questions, voice cold and shadows swirling dangerously around his tightly closed fists. “Are you-“
He cuts himself off abruptly when he sees the tears running down your cheeks, face falling at the sight.
“What happened, my love?”
He quickly moves to you, instinctively reaching for your hand. You flinch away, Azriel freezing at the action, instantly pulling his scarred hand back to his side.
“Did I-“ he begins, voice breaking slightly and shadows closing in around himself, almost as if he is trying to protect himself from any potential responses you may give. “Did I do something to upset you?”
“Do you still want to be with me?” you blurt out.
Azriel flinches back as if you’ve struck him, eyebrows furrowing in confusion.
“Of course I do. Why would you ever ask such a thing?”
You shake your head, more silent tears falling as you begin to pace before him again.
“I wouldn’t blame you, you know? 500 years with one person is sure to be tedious, especially considering that person is me.” you admit, laughing bitterly. “I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted something new.”
Azriel just stares at you in disbelief, racking his brain for all the things he’s done and said that could have possibly made you feel like this.
“Something new? Darling, what- did Cassian say something to you? To make you think these ridiculous things?” he asks, voice hardening at the thought.
“What? No. Of course not.” you respond, pausing your pacing but still not meeting the Illyrian’s eyes. “And it’s not ridiculous, Az. It’s okay. I’ve seen the way you look at Elain and it’s fine-“
“Woah, woah, woah” he interrupts you, stepping closer until he’s standing right before you. “The way I look at Elain? What on earth are you talking about?”
You sigh, finally meeting his eyes and he swears his heart breaks at the utter defeat and despair he finds within them.
“Ever since she’s arrived you’ve spent most of your time with her. You’ve accompanied her to the garden, you’ve taken her on walks around Velaris and it’s okay, Azriel.” you say, smiling sadly at the man you love. “I understand if you want to try something different. Elain’s lovely and I’m sure she could make you very happy and that’s all I want for you, so-“
“Stop.” Azriel tells you firmly, removing any distance between the two of you as he reaches for you, cupping your face delicately between his scarred fingers. “Don’t you ever say anything like that again.”
You can only stare back at him in surprise, eyes searching his face for any indication of what he’s feeling but all you find there is anger and pain.
“How could you ever think that? That I would ever want to be with anyone who isn’t you.” he shakes his head. “You’re my mate. The love of my life. I have been in love with you for as long as I can remember and you are it for me. You’re my past, my present and my future and no one else could ever compare to you. Sure Elain’s a sweet girl, but she’s only a friend. She is not and could never be you.”
Tears begin to cloud your vision once again at his declaration, a small sob escaping your throat as you surge forward, clutching his shirt tightly in your hands as you press your lips to his.
He responds immediately, one hand staying on your cheek whilst the other moves around your waist, pulling your body flush against his. He tries his best to express his love and adoration for you through the kiss but he knows deep down that no words or actions will ever be able to convey his overwhelming love for you.
You break the kiss, breathless as you rest your forehead against his. You tilt your head slightly to press a kiss to the tips of his fingers as they lightly graze your features, earning a shudder in response from the winged male before you.
“You promise you’ll tell me if you ever want out? I don’t want to be the cause of your unhappiness, Az.” you say, voice quiet and laced with anxiety.
“You could never make me unhappy, Y/N. Cauldron, you have made me the happiest man alive, even though I still believe I don’t deserve you. I fall more and more in love with you everyday and I thank my lucky stars for whichever god decided to give me the blessing of having you as my mate.” he confesses, eyes fluttering closed as a few tears of his own fall. “I love you. And I will gladly spend the rest of eternity proving that to you.”
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forever-and-more · 2 months ago
Hi! I hope you're having a great day :)! I was wondering if you could write about Azriel taking care of a fae!reader who is on her period. <3
Of course, I totally love fics like this (my guilty pleasure when I'm on mine :)
Fandom: A Court Of Thorns And Roses Warning(s): Period stuff and everything that goes with it Word Count: 470 Relationship(s): Azriel x Fem!Fae!Reader Summary: Azriel takes care of you during your fae period
Bad summary, I know. Here you go:
You had been having light cramps for a couple days before, a sign your fae period would begin soon, but now the actual bleeding started.
You were lying in bed, reading the morning news when the terrible cramping began, and because Azriel did, in fact, have a job, he was off spying in the autumn court. Immediately you called Mor, because she had much more experience dealing with them, and whenever you had yours and Az was gone, she would help you.
Often her helping you involved her convincing Rhys to pull Azriel back, but with the whole situation with Hybern, etcetera, you knew that Azriel probably wouldn't be able to come back home. Plus, it was just your cycle, you could deal with the pain... and then another cramp made your insides feel like they were twisting in on themselves and you scratched that idea.
Instead of Morrigan walking into your room ten minutes later, it was Azriel. He immediately picked you up and moved you into the living room, where a heating pad and three layers of blankets were waiting for you on the couch. You gratefully pressed the heating pad where it hurt as you lay down.
"I thought you were busy Az," you commented as he got you a cup of hot chocolate, because it was winter, and you loved chocolate more than anything.
"I was," he said, handing the cup to you, "but you're more important, and Rhys jumped at the opportunity to have Cass embarrass himself by spying."
"Aw..." you slurped some of the cocoa, "that's so sweet." Azriel smiled softly, then got onto the couch with you. It was a large one, specifically made for two people lying next to each other (specifically Nesta and Cassian or Rhys and Feyre), so even with his wings, he fit as long as you two were cuddling. You placed the cocoa on the console table behind the couch, then wrapped your arms around his middle. His wings wrapped around you warmly.
Another cramp came and you groaned in pain. Azriel looked down at your, in comparison to him, tiny form, and asked, "Should I get you a painkiller?"
"That would be nice," you replied. Azriel nodded, then a second later he was holding a brew still wrapped in shadow. You giggled, "Your shadows love me, don't they?"
"Not as much as I do," he kissed the top of your forehead as you drank the painkiller, and a couple minutes later the pain subsided a bit.
"How long can you stay?" You asked. He grinned down at you, an expression he rarely made with others, but often with you.
"As long as you need me to," he replied. You sighed contentedly and snuggled into his chest.
"Love you Az," you said, slowly falling asleep.
"I love you too Y/N," he muttered, stroking your head.
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loboat · 4 months ago
I saw a post floating through Instagram about a prompt similar to this and I wish I had saved it to link, but alas it has been lost to the void. Nonetheless I hope you enjoy :)
Tumblr media
The door of the townhouse closing behind you sounded like heaven after the hectic night out on the town you and your family shared. Thankfully Rhys and Nesta remained sober enough to herd most of the others to their respective beds for the night, leaving Azriel to you. The shadowsinger had spent most of the night draped across your back, his head tucked neatly into the crook of your neck. His lips had tracked kisses up and down your neck, pausing to murmur comments into your ear before continuing on their way. It was fair to say that perhaps he’d had too much to drink. Cassian hadn’t been much better. 
“Alright Az, just a little further love.” You were rallying what was left of your willpower as you half drug half carried Azriel through the foyer and toward the stairs. His hands were scratching gentle circles against your sides, making your job of getting him to bed a lot more difficult. “We’re at the stairs, work with me here.”
“We’re at the house, not the stairs silly.” Azriel’s retort was interspaced by a few hiccups as he grinned lazily against your jaw. You huffed an exasperated laugh, leaning him against the wall enough to draw him into a slightly messy kiss. Azriel’s hands tightened on your sides, roaming to squeeze at the supple curves of your rear as he nips and licks into the heat of your mouth. You reluctantly pull away after a moment, readjusting him against your side to continue up the stairs.
“Why don’t we move this to the bedroom before you can’t make it up the stairs.” The journey up the flight of stairs was slow going but easy enough, and you were easing him back onto the bed in no time. “I’m going to go change and then I’ll be back to help you.”
Azriel let out a noncommittal grunt, dark eyes roaming the expanse of your shared room almost as if he was seeing it for the first time. Chuckling under your breath, you duck into the bathroom ridding yourself of your jewels and dress at record speed. A pair of soft shorts and one of Az’s old shirts acted as your pajamas. 
You weren’t prepared for the sight that met you when you returned from the washroom. Azriel was standing in his undershorts amidst the pile of his clothes, his back to you and wings flared slightly in the open space.
“Az? Are you coming to bed?” You sidled up to his sill frame, hands skimming his waist gently. Azriel’s eyes locked on yours and he shifted his weight between his feet hesitantly. He allowed your hands to roam the expanse of his muscled and very naked torso only briefly before his large hands caught yours gently by the wrist.
“I’m sorry, I’m sure you’re a very lovely girl, but I’m afraid I’m already mated and I love her very much.” His tone was decisive as he lowered them back to your side and took a step back from your body. You huff a quiet laugh, amused at just how drunk he’d managed to get.
“Very well, at least lie down before you freeze your wings off. I’ll be back in a moment.” You didn’t wait to see if he complied as you swept from the room. The kitchens were dark at this time of night, but were easy enough to navigate. A glass of water was quickly obtained along with some crackers you hoped to get Azriel to eat before falling asleep. A headache tonic was snagged from one of the downstairs toilets, sure that he’d at least be in need of it in the morning. 
For the second time that night, the sight that greeted you when you reentered the warmth of your room amused you. Instead of getting under the covers of the bed like you’d asked, Azriel had curled into a tight ball on the couch that rested in the corner of the room, already fast asleep. His chest rose and fell with even deep breaths and his face was for once peaceful. 
You left everything you had gathered on the man’s bedside table, and snagged one of the spare blankets at the end of the bed. It was thick enough to combat the chill in the air but not too thick as to overheat the Illyrian as he slept. Azriel remained fast asleep even as you tucked the blanket snug around him, swept the too long hair from his face, and pressed a gentle kiss to his forehead. The lights were quickly extinguished in the room and you snuck through the dark to the large awaiting bed that would be solely yours for once that night. You couldn’t help but be a little excited about it. 
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cassmate · 2 months ago
Could you do # 11 so, “You're strong, darling, but not enough" with Azriel and a fem!reader? Maybe they’re like training or something? Thanks, love your writing.
Type: Azriel x reader.
Fandom: A Court of Thorns and Roses.
Summary: Y/N got back to Velars after years out.
Warning: I think Azriel is a warning himself but this is a fluff imagine.
Authors note: Thank you so much for your request and sorry for taking so long do respond, but I'm actually in a creativity break down and I'm not actually writing anything of any kind. But now I'm on vacation and I'll try to write somethings.
Y/N is one of Rhysand's best friends, but she didn't belong o any court and that's why when she came back to Velaris the High Lord was so happy to see her. It was a while since her last visit, Rhysand didn't have a mate at the time, or even was thinking about finding one, so, when Y/N came back she was very happy to see the girl who was mated with him.
Seeing the half Illyrian happy because his best friend and his mate getting along was, actually, refreshing to Y/N, and knowing he found someone good for him made she feel like a million butterflies were dancing in her stomach, but this relaxed feeling vanished the moment she thought about a re-encounter with Azriel, the guy that she had things undone with.
But the girl could not have a Court to belong to but she wasn't helpless at all. Y/N trained her entire life along with the Illyrians, she was one of the few that had this opportunity of actually learning to fight, but years later she had to move and then she kept moving from Court to Court and even territories outside of Prythian. The real thing was, she was pretty exhausted of this not-having-somewhere-to-call-home thing.
Now, she's at the Illyrian camp, it was meant to be a training session with the only person she was trying to avoid but Azriel was late, which was a surprising thing because he was never late. But letting it aside, she sat at the floor and played with her powers one more time when a large masculine figure appeared in her vision field of view.
"You're late" she said simply without talking her attention from the fire wolf she was doing in her hands.
"I know, you're not the only one trying to avoid someone here" he lent his hand to help her get up.
Y/N took Azriel's hand and got up in a hurry. They started the training, first remembering some moves and then getting to the fighting actual part.
The tension between them was pretty clear, everyone around could see and that was actually the reason why there wasn't anyone near anymore. Everyone vanished at the first smell of sexual connection. They were trying to show the other who's the best, so, always trying to make the best moves to see who get's surprised first, who can fall first.
Azriel's eyes were fixed in Y/N's figure, always analyzing her with his deep gaze. No one was able to see his mind, or even get a hint of what he's thinking but the only thing on his mind was her, her and her beautiful lips, beautiful hair, beautiful eyes, beautiful hands, he couldn't take his eyes off her not even for a moment and damn, the way she moves, the way she knows what she's doing and actually coming closer to beat him in this fight is the thing that's driving Azriel's crazy.
"Maybe you're not as good as you think, shadowsinger" Y/N's voice was soft and smooth, teasing Azriel to see how far he would go. But he never fell for her provocations, it wasn't going to be the first time.
So, while Y/N was busy saying those things he managed to grab and drop her on the floor being on top of her. It was becoming dark and they both was sweat and panting from the day of training. Yes, they spent the day together trying to beat one another.
"I have to admit, you're strong, darling, but not enough" he opened a low slime and got up, then offering his hand to help her get up too.
And she did, got up with a smirk on her face and then laughing slightly.
Not once this girls stopped thinking about Azriel, not once she took this male out of her head. He did a brainwash on her and now all she could think of is the love she carry for him, the love she feel and will never stop doing and she didn't even know why.
"It was a good fight, we're at the same level, dickhead" she hit his arm slightly.
"Ok, whatever, at least you're pretty" his tone was jokingly but it didn't stop Y/N from start another fight, but now with both laughing.
"Am I disturbing something?" now it was Cassian's tone.
Azriel and Y/N stopped at the same moment the other voice arrived, both trying not to laugh again, as if they were doing something wrong and got caught. Their eyes encountered again when Cassian turned to talk to someone and they opened a small smile, knowing it wasn't over yet, and maybe would never be.
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onlymexsarah · 3 months ago
No escaping || Azriel
Request: "Hey! I love your azrielxreader post so much! So may I ask for another one? Like I don't mind if there's +18 content but I need lots and lots of fluff if it's okay with you. I mean if you do that I would literally give my heart to you😂 Anyways thank you !💖" @thatdamfae
Pairing: Azriel x Ancheron!reader
Warnings: my english, mention of smut :)
A/n: sooo I don't know if this is what you wanted, but while I was writing it my mind just ran free 👉🏻👈🏻 if you want something else write me and I'll be more than happy to write it😘
Tumblr media
If her sister, Freya, was talented with paiting, she was wonderful with cooking.
She didn't know how it started, where she learnt; but at some point she wanted to make the food that Feyra brought home more valued, and with a bit of immagination she started to create new way to cook the food.
The resources were limited, but in the new house where she lived with the Inner Circle, with the help of some books, she had learnt a thousands of new recipes.
The girl was making a cake while everyone else were out. Feyra and Rhys were probably at her sister's studio; Cassian and Nesta fighting somewhere else; Mor somewhere in Prythian and her mate, Azriel, she didn't know.
She had left him in bed that morning still asleep when the idea of cooking came into her mind. She knew that everyone would be pleased to come home and find out that she took care of their dinner; they always were.
She didn't stop even when her arms hurt. Few days and it would be the fifth anniversary of her father's death. She couldn't let her mind free, not if that meant feeling that burning pain in her chest like every year.
So she cooked. She filled the kitchen with every type of cake she could think about.
Azriel didn't let himself be heard when he approached the door of the kitchen, watching his mate amused with a grin on his face. She had her hair tied up in a messy bun, her arms were cover with flour and he could have sworn to have seen a little on her nose too, but she quickly gave him her back.
"I'm starting to think that Rhys only hired you as his spymaster because your friendship." she laughed without looking him.
He chuckled not being surprise. She always felt him in someway, no matter how hide he stayed in his shadows, but his presence must thrill their bond to let her know that he was close. Surprisingly, he wasn't annoyed by it. She was the only one from who he didn't want to stay hid.
"Do you have a better suitor for this jobs, dear?" he asked walking behind her and hugging her, resting his head on her head.
Hm, I don't know. Lucien seems quite good in his job, she said through their bond.
He let out a growl, squeezing his arms around her thighter. Even if she kept it casual and would never admit it, she loved made him jealous because all the time it brought them in a long session of intense sex in which he made sure to hear his name out loud from her mouth and not the one of another male, or female.
Not matter how innocent she was; he knew that it was what she wanted and it was a reason to not hold back his insticts that the mating bond had grown inside him.
"Are you here to help your beautiful mate or just importune her?" she asked playfully turning around between his arms and raising her head to look him in these beautiful hazel eyes.
She swept away few hair strands from her face not noticing that she left a long strip on her right cheek of flour.
His eyes shone with devotion. In that moment she was the portrait of sweetness, but he could see deep down her eyes the real reason why she forced herself to be so brightful and busy. Since the beginning he noticed the same behavior every year around those days, but he had never said anything. He knew her, she was the type to elaborate her own pain by herself and needing a long hug at the end of the day.
He couldn't and wouldn't force her to share her feelings, but he could open his arms and held her as long as she needed.
"I liked the idea of watching you get dirty and then waiting you up there with a hot bathtub ready for both of us." He kissed her cheek sweetly and she couldn't hold a laugh when she noticed a bit of flour on his nose.
"Now I see why you need a bath." he looked her confused tilting his head. She put her right hand in the bowl full of flour behind her slowly, and beforehe could see it coming she threw the flour on his head. Her laugh grew louder while she slipped away from his arms and ran at the other side of the table. "You seems dirty too, my love."
He widened his eyes looking her for few seconds before shake off the flour from his hair and sweeping the one on his face without much success.
Her laugh filled the kitchen while he studied what to do with her. She was distracted from the main topic of those days, and he wanted to keep her like that.
She knew better than being distracted around the shadowsinger, but she couldn't focus when her belly hurt from the laugher.
"Another proof that your skills as spymaster aren't very high." she moked him starting to circle the table when he walked toward her.
"Would you like Lucien to help you with your cakes?" he asked raising an eyebrow caressing the table with his fingers while circling it, and she shivered at the thought of those long fingers on her. He smirked reading it on her face.
A daring question.
She did the only thing she knew he didn't like, she shrugged looking like she was actually thinking about. "Maybe cooking is another of one of his many talents."
He stopped, grabbing a chair with both his hands and held it so thinght that his knuckles became white. She stopped as well trying to undersrand what her mate was thinking.
"What is in the mind of yours?" she asked tilting her head.
He smirked looking at her like a prey. "Something that will put at its place that mouth of yours." She hadn't time to elaborate his words because the next second he was standing behind her with his mouth right beside her ear. "Look like this spymaster is still faster than you."
She let out a little yell of surprise while he gently grabbeb her waist and made her turn around to face him again. That brightness in her eyes was the only reason he had needed in the past years to keep fighting with all his strenght to protect their land and assuring her a safe future. It was the same brightness he was determined to not let fall, not even in those sad days.
She needed his love more than ever, and she needed a distraction; so he was going to be it.
He kissed her passionally. She brought her hands behind his neck while he brought her closer with his hands on her waist. When he felt the smile on her lips in the middle of their kiss his knees tremble and his heart started to beat faster.
"Hm, I should use my mouth of mine more often if this is what I get." she said between the kisses. The oven bell rang and she broke their kiss. "I should go and turn off the oven or the cake will burn."
He only grunted in her mouth while he made her back reasting on the table behind her. She felt his shadows move behind her and the parfum of the cake filled the kitchen making her raising an eyebrow.
His hazel eyes were dark and hungry while they stared at her, and she felt her cheeks warming. "No bell is going to save you, darling."
Butterflies flew in her stomach while he lifted her body up to make her sit on the table placing himself between her legs. He brought his hand on her neck with a minimum pressure on it keeping her face close.
"Azriel..." her words died in her mouth when he started to kiss her soft place under her ear and kept doing down for all her neck.
"Good, darling. This is the only thing you are allowed to say until I'm done with you...and unfortunately for you the others won't be back until dinner." he said calling back his shadows with his mind ready to use them to hold her on that table.
She wasn't sure how was possible that he enjoyed it as much as she did everytime, but he did and just like her he had never had enough of her.
Even with five hundreds years of training as the fearest warrior in all Prythian, the only thing that needed to make his legs tremble like jelly was her smile, and to bring him on his knees was her laugher. He was deeply, madly and hopeless in love with the Ancheron girl and no matter how many skies he would have to fly, how many enemies he would have to kill; he would always make sure to make her laugh and if someone would come to him and say he has just one last night among the living; he would bring her out to her favourite places at day and kept in bed all night., holding her body between his arms untild dawn.
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olivereadsbooks · a month ago
Winter Solstice - azriel
azriel x gn reader
Tumblr media
genre: fluff
warnings: none
@irene1301 requested another azriel one with more banter & I figured a more light-hearted piece was needed, heh.
Tumblr media
What was going through Rhysand’s mind when he put my mate in charge of organizing the winter solstice party is beyond imagination. Azriel is a skilled spymaster, but his expert tactical skills failed to carry over into party planning and after witnessing more than a few parties snowball into disasters I knew it would be best for everyone’s mental health if I assisted from the start.
And so far, things were proceeding without a problem.
“Azriel, stop eating those,” I scolded, pulling his hands away from the platters. “Those are for our guests.”
“But I ordered them!” He protested, pouting around a mouth full of food. I shook my head, pulling him away before he could sneak another handful. Despite my efforts I knew they would be gone before our friends arrived in a few hours.
Glancing around the room my eyes fell on the tables.
“I thought I told you four chairs per table.” I groaned in frustration, my head swirling with details and times and names.
Azriel rolled his eyes, repeating my words under his breath as he brushed past me. Crossing my arms, I frowned – the mocking timbre stung more than it should.
He stopped a few feet in front of me, his shoulders sinking as he sighed. “I’m sorry,” He said, turning to face me.
“You’re forgiven,” I assured him, my hands falling to my sides. “I shouldn’t have snapped about the chairs, either. The stress is just putting us on edge.”
He stepped closer and my eyes fluttered shut as he leaned in to press a kiss to my forehead. “Don’t worry about the chairs.” He began walking away. “But no promises about staying away from the food,” He called over his shoulder.
“I figured,” I chuckled, busying myself with another task.
We worked in silence for a few minutes until a thought flit through the forefront of my mind.
“Oh, Az, you sent out the invites I gave you, right?”
“Mmmmm.” Was the only reply I received.
Heart sinking, I looked over to see him measuring the chairs and their respective distances from the table.
His gaze turned from the chairs. “Hm?”
“The invites. You gave them to everyone?”
He froze.
“Azriel, this is an invite only party.”
Tumblr media
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abriefnightmare · 7 months ago
The Fear of a Lover - Azriel x Female!reader
Type - Imagine
Character(s) - Azriel
Warning(s)- Angst, Panic Attack.
Note - Request are open. Feel free to send something in :)
Description - After a fight with your mate you head to separate rooms for the night. Only you have a nightmare and he can feel it down the bond.
Masterlist                 Request Rules
You and Azriel didn’t fight very often, so it was no surprise that after a good hour of screaming at each other for one reason or another that you both made the awful mistake of going to bed upset with each other.
Mother nature decided that she was equally upset with the pair of you and decided to release a violent storm of thunder and lightning. The roaring claps of thunder were loud enough that the walls had begun to shake. The once rhythmic and soothing sound of rain, now a spray of bullets against the windows threatening to break in.
Now thunderstorms normally weren’t scary, but after a wicked nightmare, each boom of thunder resonated through your bones. The swaying of trees became the dancing of monsters, the curtains in the corner of the room became the distorted frames of foreign beings and the pile of discarded sheets became the mangled body of your mate. 
The sight of his body made an image straight out of the nightmare. The figure from the dream began to infiltrate the room. Their bodies are wrongly proportioned, too long, too thin. The same killer from the dream, now surrounding you. The cries of your mate fill your head.
Nightmares were not a common occurrence, normally just sleeping beside Azriel warded them off. But now you are completely vulnerable to the cruel hands of your imagination. Distorted  shapes and figures danced around you to the rhythm of the lightning strikes closing in with every brief flash of light. Stray hairs and small drafts became the breaths and ghosting touches of the monsters in the shadows. You started to choke on your breath.
It was if someone had sucked the oxygen from the room, leaving you in a vacuum of fear. All alone. Not alone. Your chest was tightening. You're suffocating. You’re in danger. Not alone. Not alone. You should be alone. Touching. Grabbing. Pulling. Someone is here. Someone is touching you. 
Arms are snaking around your shoulders. You can barely breath. You can't breathe. There is a voice. Distorted and broken. There’s yelling. There pushing you down. You’re going to die. They're going to hurt you. You thrash in their hold. You can’t move. This is it. This is it. Help. Crying out for help. Gasping for air. 
There is more movement on your left. Another figure moving swiftly. Another one. Your struggling increases. Warm hands meet your shoulder. They’re soft, a loving touch. No you didn’t want to die like this. You push harder. Your feels like it might just explode, and breathing through your nose is no longer possible. Vision even more distorted by the oncoming rivers of tears. You didn’t know you were crying. 
You hear talking. Nothing makes sense. You cry harder. There is a pulse down the mate bond. You revel in the feeling of comfort given to you. The voice becomes less distorted. They’re calling you name. It is such a soft voice. You let your head lull and you look up to meet the face of your capture. Funny, they have the same eyes as your mate.
Someone pets your hair. You can breathe. Just a little. You’re choking, on air, saliva and tears. More soft touches. your head is no longer below water. You have broken the surface, the lights are on now. A soft glows encompasses the room, the monsters vanishing with the light. The hands around you cradling your quivering body are warm and comforting. You want to sleep now, you’re exhausted. 
“You’re okay. Take a deep breath, you’re okay.” The voice is oddly familiar and you can't help but follow what it says. Taking a deep shuddering breath and coughing it back out. You’re chest aches but you follow when it says to take another one. Once again, twice , thrice, and the heaviness in your head begins to fade. 
Your hands have wrapped around the forearms encasing you in a meager attempt to ground yourself. Your head is resting on a chest. The person holding you is sitting causing you to have to crane you head into a weird position to confirm their identity. You had a feeling it was your mate. His concerned gaze meets you spaced out on. Managing to focus for one second you send him a smile. 
His shoulder relaxed and he pulls the pair of you into a lying position. Shifting you half way so that you’re tucked into his side. You lie on his chest now and his wings form a wall between you two and the confusion of the outer world. Your breaths are still jagged and you still cough a bit but you have mostly calmed down. You look up to your mate. 
“Thank you.” The words are followed by a harsh set of coughs and he rubs you back until you stop and more. Patterns are tranced into the skin of your back in small shapes. It's soothing and you feel the steadying of your heart with every minute that it goes on. 
“I felt you fear through the bond. I though-” he clears his throat, obviously disturbed by finding you in the state he did. “I thought you were hurt. I thought something had happened.” You relax, head onto his chest and inhale the scent of him. Relaxing further into him, yawning.
“I didn’t think you would come. How we left things and all.” His grip on you tightens and his eyebrows scrunched together. There is some other type of concern in his gaze this time. Did you doubt him?
“Why wouldn’t I come to your aid? You’re my mate and I love, we could not see each other for centuries and that still wouldn’t change.” His voice is low and the soothing rhythm of his hand falter for a moment. Taking the chance you entwine your finger with his. Pulling him closer to you, not that it was possible. 
“Thank you. Thank you for everything.” He whispers a small “I love you.” and you murmur one back. Sleep had already begun to tug you back under. The comforting touch of your mate protecting you from the nightmare, most of which you had forgotten. Lips are pressed to your forehead just as you really began to go back under. The words are so quiet that you almost miss them through the haze of sleep, but you hear enough.
“I’ll always be here for you.” You smile in your sleep. Warm covers are wrapped around your bodies and you fall to the hands of sleep. The pair of you would sleep in the next morning causing Rhys and Cassian to come searching for you. They would find you in the same mess of sheets clinging desperately to each other. 
You both could use a break to just spend time with each other. So they left the pair of you to sleep however long you needed to. It was about high noon when the pair of you stumbled into the kitchen the next morning. Both with unbelievable bed head due to your “making up” that occurred when the pair of you decided to wake up. The inner circle would tease you for months. It was worth it. 
@unicornpajamas @coffeewithoutcaffeine
@gian-giannina @answer-the-sirens
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arizona2004 · 2 months ago
The Fight
Azriel x reader
Warnings: mentions of sex(no actual smut)
Word count: 2931
Note: I used the pronouns “me/I” instead of “you” but it’s not an Original character still y/n
Looking at the lacey, black fabric hanging on the rack it was impossible not to remember the time I had worn a similar contraption -that showed even more skin- for my mate. It was impossible not to remember the way Azriel’s eyes were blown wide when he saw me or the way his hands felt on my skin, giving me his undivided attention. I was so lost in the memory of Azriel’s lips and teeth grazing my skin I didn’t even notice Mor come up behind me.
“The dress is beautiful, and all y/n, but you look like you want to fuck it. Calm down, girly.”
My cheeks immediately reddened at the comment, but I ignored that and said anyways, “Do you think Az will like it?”
“Oh, Azriel is who you’re thinking about. I should have assumed it wasn’t me given he’s your mate and all, but a girl can still dream,” she responded with a wink and a smirk, making me blush even redder, reminding me of another night before I even knew my mate. It was one drunken incident centuries ago that Mor and I hardly ever spoke about, but it was one of the best nights of my life, excluding every night spent with my mate, of course. “I’m sure he’ll love it, but he’d also love you if you were dressed in a trash bag,” Mor continued.
“I’m gonna have to disagree with you there. He’s barely touched me in the last week. I need something that’ll get his attention.”
“Then wear nothing,” she replied with a smirk.
“I’m not going naked to Rita’s tonight, Mor.”
“Oh, but he’d be certain to take you home immediately.”
I rolled my eyes and took the dress off the rack and to the counter to pay. “Are we all going out to eat beforehand or to Rhys and Feyre’s?” I asked.
“Probably out, but it doesn’t matter because Rhys is paying either way,” she responded with a grin.
Rolling my eyes at her, again I finished paying, and we headed for the door.
I haven’t seen Az all day, he had left bed before I woke, and yesterday I hadn’t seen him until he had finally turned in for the night. I’ve been more stressed than usual, even with work being slow. With Azriel and I barely talking or touching, I’ve been incredibly tense. I know Mor would only shut down the thought if I voiced it to her, but I can’t help but wonder if Az is getting bored of me or if he realized he doesn’t love me anymore. I’m probably just being paranoid. 
I climb into the tub scented with vanilla -Azriel’s favorite- and began washing my hair.
As I was just finishing up washing and was about to get out and dry off I heard Azriel walk into the bedroom. He knocked at the bathroom door, “y/n?”
“Yeah, come in,” I answered.
His eyes met mine, he looked tired, and I immediately grew concerned, but before I could say anything, he spoke, “Are you gonna be ready in 45? That’s when we need to meet up with everyone,” he said, never straying his eyes from mine.
“Yeah,” I responded, and he left. He didn’t even look at me, not even a peak. He always peaked a glance when I was naked. Tears welled up in my eyes, and I covered my mouth to stifle my crying. I sat there for a few additional minutes pulling myself together and panicking over my mate.
When I finally pulled myself from the tub, I cleaned up my face, applying makeup to cover any signs I had been crying, and dried my hair, pinning half of it back. Hanging up my towel, I walked into the bedroom naked, Az quickly looked away when he realized, and it was like a knife to my heart. I continued on my path toward the closet to retrieve my dress. As Azriel finished lacing up his boots, he walked out the door and headed downstairs. I stared after him and decided that if he was gonna act like this, then I was gonna be worse.
After slipping into the tight lace dress that had an underlayer that only covering my privates and left the rest of my skin open wherever the lace didn’t cover it, I strapped on some black heels and painted my lips red. I knew Az was standing in the foyer, and I could feel his eyes on me as I descended the stairs, but I refused to look his way. He was angry, and I could feel it, “You’re not leaving the house dressed like that,” he said behind me as I walked toward the door, hips swaying. With my hand on the handle, I glanced back and said, “oh, yes, I am,” before opening the door and swinging it shut in his face. I quickly walked down the steps with a grin plastered across my face and joined everyone waiting for us in the street.
“I just knew you’d look incredible in that dress,” Mor commented, “but I still think you should have come naked.”
I smirked at her and was about to respond, but Azriel had appeared behind me and grabbed my elbow. “Go inside and change. I’ll wait,” he growled in my ear. 
“No,” I said pulling my arm from him.
“I like this dress, and I want to wear it out tonight,” I said, crossing my arms over my chest, pushing my breasts up, showing them even more in the low cut of the dress.
His eyes darkened, and I could feel the anger rolling off of him as he said, “Your ass is practically hanging out the back of it, and the lace barely covers anything.”
“It covers enough,” I said, head still raised high, as I turned from him and towards the others, “So where are we going to eat?” I asked with an innocent smile. Azriel was still staring at my back seething, and everyone else was looking between us, a little hesitant and concerned, but Mor just named a place and put her arm in mine, walking us away.
Everyone soon followed after, and I could feel Azriel’s stare against my back, but I ignored it as Mor and I laughed together. I was perfectly happy being silently angry until Mor said, “Are you and Az, okay?”
I had to will myself not to cry. I took a deep breath, I’m not going to be sad because my relationship might be falling apart, I’m just going to be angry and get my revenge. “Of course. Why wouldn’t we be okay?” I responded with a fake smile.
“Well, he’s definitely mad, and I’m starting to think this dress overdid it with trying to get his attention,” she whispered.
“You don’t think I should have worn the dress?” I asked.
“Oh, no, I think you should wear it. Just maybe not to intentionally piss him off. Or maybe in a larger size, because your ass really is about to be on full display,” she said with a glance at my rear.
A growl immediately erupted from Azriel, and he glared at Mor. She tensed slightly, and I quickly glared back at Azriel and let a warning growl of my own loose as I pulled her closer to me by her hip.
As we arrived at the restaurant, a waiter took us to our reserved table in the back, and I sat with Mor at my left and pulled Cassian into the chair on my right. I could feel Azriel’s anger spark at that as he took a seat across from me, and I leaned into Cassian to whisper about something Mor and I had been discussing. He laughed at my comment but quickly stopped and looked away from me. Looking up, I realized Azriel was glaring at him. “Stop it,” I whispered across the table at him.
“Stop what?” he asked curtly, turning his glare to me.
“Glaring and growling,” I said.
“I’m not,” he said, then turned his head away, ignoring me.
The rest of dinner was tense. Azriel continued glaring or growling at anyone that looked my way a moment too long. And I avoided his looks, continuing my conversation with Mor and Cassian, occasionally adding a hand to their thighs or shoulders just to piss Azriel off a little more. Cassian wasn’t too happy about it, probably fearing for his life, but Mor happily flirted back after she drank a little wine. 
We all got up and headed for Rita’s after dinner. The walk was short, and I stayed next to Mor and Cassian the whole time, mostly to protect them from any threats Az might send their way if I wasn’t there. When we got into the club, Amren parted from the group -probably to go to the Summer court rather than spend the night with us- and Rhys went to the bar to order some drinks. The rest of us headed for our designated booth, and as Azriel and Feyre sat down, I pulled Cassian and Mor to the dance floor. 
Cassian quickly slipped away from me, dancing with some female I’d never seen before, but Mor kept her hands on my hips and danced with me. I glanced to Azriel, finding him downing a shot while Feyre and Rhys looked on worriedly. Rhys whispered something to him, but nothing was gonna help the mood I put him in.
 After a while, Mor and I went back to the table to drink. Mor went back to the dancing before I did, so I sparked a conversation with Rhys and Feyre, avoiding Azriel’s eyes. As I stood to start dancing again, I realized that I should have had fewer drinks. Dancing was gonna be difficult. When I arrived at the edge of the dance floor, I looked over my shoulder at Azriel. He was studiously ignoring me. Of course, he isn’t going to come dance with me, I thought to myself. So I started swaying my hips by myself, wishing his hands were on them. I kept on like that, dancing where I knew Az could see me. If he was looking. Eventually, a pair of hands did find their way to my hips, but the first thing I noticed was that they weren’t Azriel’s. Well, at least someone wants to dance with me, I thought, so I let him pull me closer. 
After a minute, I turned my head toward the booth, but Azriel was no longer there. I was about to pull away from the male to look for Az when I felt his lips kiss my neck. Okay, that was too far, and I was about to say as much when I pulled away, but before I got the chance, he was ripped away. I spun around to see Azriel holding the male by his throat and growling something I couldn’t hear in his ear. 
“Az, stop it,” I protested,  but he didn’t even look my way.
Rhys showed up a moment later and was saying something to Azriel, but my head went fuzzy. My ears were ringing, and everything looked blurry. I tried stepping forward and reaching out for Azriel, “Az…” but instead, everything went black. Right before I hit the floor, I felt hands catch me. Azriel.
It was only a few moments later when I woke up sitting in the booth, and Feyre was placing a glass of water in front of me. I quickly drank half of it and set it down before resting my head on Azriel’s shoulder. But then he pulled away, and my anger from before rose back up again.
“I cannot believe you’re angry with me,” I growled at him.
“You can’t believe I’m angry. Of course, I am. That man kissed you and was dancing with you,” he growled back, eyes blazing.
“I didn’t ask him to kiss me, and he wouldn’t have been dancing with me if you had been.” 
“Maybe he wouldn’t have been dancing with you if you weren’t dressed like that,” he snapped back.
“What the hell’s that supposed to mean? I’m only attractive when I show some skin?”
“Of course not,” he practically yelled back. “But if you weren’t dressed as though you’re just wanting every male to wonder what the hell’s under that lace, then they wouldn’t try to touch you.”
“They also wouldn’t try anything if they had any idea I have a mate. Why do you think I’m dressed like this, Az?” he furrowed his brow and opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, I said, “You’ve barely spoken to or touched me all week,  and we haven’t had sex in almost two weeks. The only male I wanted attention from was you,” I said, standing up and walking toward the door.
Once I was outside, I started walking home. I could’ve just winnowed but, I was hoping Az would come after me. Please, please, please. Run after me. Just like in the storybooks. Please! I practically shouted down the bond, but he didn’t come, so I winnowed to the foyer of our house and cried until I couldn’t anymore. 
Eventually, I picked myself up and went upstairs. I ripped the dress off, never wanting to see it again, before wrapping myself in a robe and walking into the bathroom. I washed all of the ruined makeup off my face and brushed the lingering taste of alcohol away. Not that it mattered, because minutes later, I was seated by the toilet puking everything up and crying again. Azriel still wasn’t back when I fell asleep on the bathroom floor. But in the morning, I woke up in bed. 
A glass of water was sitting on the bedside table, but Azriel’s side of the bed was still mostly made. He hadn’t slept there. I sat up in bed and was drinking the water when Azriel walked in, “You’re up,” he seemed surprised. I didn’t say anything. My mouth was still dry, and my eyes puffy from crying. “I guess we need to talk,” he said, sitting down at the foot of the bed.
“Are you seeing someone else?” I blurted out before I could stop myself.
He looked at me incredulously, “No! Of course not. Why would you even think that?” 
Relief washed through me, and I just shrugged my shoulders slightly, looking down at my lap. I could feel the tears welling up, but I didn’t want to cry, so I tried to push them back down to no avail.
Azriel pushed closer to me on the bed and lifted my chin, “Hey, look at me. Look at me,” When I finally lifted my head, he looked me in the eyes and said, “I love you. I love you so much, you have to know that,” he pulled me into his lap, and I cried lightly into his shoulder while he kept murmuring those words again and again.
I fell asleep again, and when I woke up, I was curled against Azriel’s left side, his right-wing wrapped around us as he lay on his back. I snuggled closer to him, and when he wrapped his arms tighter around me, I asked, “Why haven’t you been around? I wake up and, you’re gone. I go to bed and, you’re still not here,” I looked up at him, and he looked back, pulling me up and pressing my forehead to his. 
“At first, I was just busy with work. Then it felt like there was some disconnect between us. I didn’t know what to do so, I just pulled away. I realize I should have come to you, but it just feels easier to stay in the shadows.”
“I know. It’s stupid, and I’m an idiot.”
I pulled back slightly, opening my eyes, “I was not going to say that. I do wish you would have come to me, it would have made things a lot easier, but the way you feel is not stupid,” He kissed me then. Just his lips pushing against mine. Not too gentle, but not rough either.  We stayed like that for a little while longer, just holding each other tightly.
We finally got up when our stomachs began to grumble and went to the kitchen. It was after 3 pm I sat at the breakfast bar while Az made us a couple of sandwiches. Things were less tense but, we were both still walking on eggshells around one another. I know I’m not mad at him anymore and, I don’t think he’s upset but, things are still a little off. 
We make generic small talk while we eat, but the silences in between aren’t as comfortable as they used to be.  After we finish eating, I pick up our plates and bring them to the sink. Before I realize he’s behind me, Azriel puts his hands on my shoulders and starts massaging. 
“You’re tense,” he says, “what’s wrong?”
“I don’t know. Things aren’t the same,” I frowned and leaned back into him, looking at him over my shoulder. 
He smiled softly and said, “We got into the biggest fight of our relationship. Things aren’t going to be the same. But you still love me, don’t you?”
“Of course I do,” I said, turning around to look at him directly.
He just smiled again and kissed my lips lightly, “I still love you, too, y/n. I’ll love you always.”
“Always,” I repeated with a grin, kissing him harder.
part 2 (smut)
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lexi-imagines · 6 months ago
Hate Me (Azriel x Reader)
Fandom:  A Court of Thorns and Roses
Word Count:    714
Prompt:   “Sometimes I wonder if you even like me…it sure feels like you hate me sometimes.”
Years had passed since you joined Rhysand’s inner circle. For the most part it had gone well. They’d all warmed up to you quickly- even Amren. All of them accept Azriel. He genuinely seemed to dislike you. You’d mentioned it to Mor once and she’s just told you it’s how he was. 
That wasn’t what was happening here. You knew Azriel was quiet and preferred to observe more than actually interact with people. But around the others that front softened a bit. He would even joke with Cassian and Mor. Just being in the same room as them made him seem lighter.
None of that happened with you. Most of the time he just ignored you but when he couldn't his answers were short and never went further than answering whatever you had asked him. 
At first you understood. He didn’t know you so there was no reason for him to like you, but that excuse didn’t really work anymore. You’d known each other a long time and he’d never warmed up to you. It didn’t make sense. Of course it made your current situation even more uncomfortable. 
Rhysand needed to send someone to the Summer Court to attend a festival they were having. Cassian was banned and Mor was already away in Winter. So that left you. You would have been fine going one your own, but Rhys insisted that Azriel go with you. For safety reasons. Normally you could accept that reasoning, but there was a look in his eye that told you he was up to something.
That all led you to stand at the side of Tarquin’s ballroom watching as courtiers danced. The Illyrian at your side had barely spoken a whole sentence to you since you left the Night Court and you felt your annoyance rising. He could at least pretend to like you while you were doing jobs for Rhys, but he couldn’t even do that. Your sigh must have been louder than you intended because he turned to look at you. 
“Something wrong?”
“Not at all.” You crossed your arms over your chest. 
“You seem angry.”
“I’m fine. I’d be even better if you quit glaring at anyone who looks at me. Some of us would rather dance than brood on the sidelines all night.”
You could have sworn you saw the side of his lips twitch but wrote it off as your imagination. He didn’t say anything else, just turned his eyes back to the room. 
You scoffed and leaned back against the wall. “Sometimes I wonder if you even like me…it sure feels like you hate me sometimes.”
 You could feel his eyes on you but kept looking at the crowd. It should matter. If he didn’t like you it shouldn’t matter, but you couldn’t help the fact that it hurt. Because you did like him. He was good. You could see how much he cared about the others and you couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to be cared about like that. 
“I don’t hate you.”
“I was...hesitant. I didn’t trust you when we first met. ”
“It’s understandable,” you said and when silent for a moment. “What about now I’ve tried to be your friend, but you don’t seem very interested.”
He didn’t answer at first, so you thought that was the end of your conversation and looked out over the crowd. 
“Now, it’s hard to be around you and not want more.” 
“What do you-”
“I don’t just want to be your friend. I want more.”
Your eyes snapped back to his. “Oh.”
“I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable.”
“You didn’t. I just thought you hated me until a few moments ago.”
“I’m sorry.”
You stayed silent for a few minutes. 
“What if I felt the same? Wanted more.”
“I would feel like an idiot,” he said, earning a laugh from you.
You turned your eyes back to the room. You felt better than you had in awhile. 
Azriel moved from beside you and you didn’t have a chance to speak before he was standing in front of you hand outstretched. 
“Would you like to dance?”
“Better than brooding on the sidelines.”
You laughed and took his hand so he could lead you to the dance floor. 
A/N:  This took forever. I’m so sorry. 
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