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#pro rhysand
Can we acknowledge the fact that in the methods to “help” Nesta the inner circle and Feyre didn’t think it was a good idea to offer her a therapist? Like for fucks sake, the girl is experiencing trauma from her life and the war and you think the best idea is to send her to a war camp?
And also what’s even worse about them making the decision for Nesta is the fact that she never had the ability to choose throughout most of her life. Like how her mother literally groomed her to sell her off into a marriage. (Trigger warring SA) And when she was assaulted by Thomas to which he tried to make her feel like she couldn’t say no to him. Her freedom to choose what she wanted has always been violated by the people around her. And it’s even worse knowing the the same people who claim to care about her are doing the same things as her past abusers did.
Throughout the entire series no one acknowledged the fact that nesta is a victim, instead they treated her like some burden they needed to fix. And for Rhys to have the audacity to judge her after all the shit he’s done is so baffling to me. She did some bad things yeah, but she takes accountability for her actions. Rhys has done far much worse and yet here he still is being seen as some fucking saint.
And don’t even get me started on Cassian who claims to care about her yet always defends Rhys when he’s attacking her. It’s like he’s Rhys’ bitch. You’re her fucking mate, do something about the way she’s being treated. Instead he agrees with everything making her feel like shit. I’ve experienced gaslighting before and it’s unfortunate to see that it’s what he’s doing to her. He’s making her feel guilty for everything, while she’s drowning in her sorrows.
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Acosf wasn’t a book about self healing. It was a book about a victim being torn down and forced to change who she was in order to be accepted. This is why it’s so hard to find badass female characters in books who are unapologetically nasty to the people around them. Quite frankly I wanted nesta to stay being the bitch that she originally was - just wanted more depth to it. And other authors have done it so nice before. Like Zoya from the Shadow and Bone series. She’s bitter and an absolute bitch and in the end still stays the way she is, which I love about her.
It’s just makes me so angry looking at books and seeing how much females that aren’t considered kind or nice are put down. Not just in the book but also by the fans. Why does a female character need to be “good” or a “hero” for her to be liked? Why is it when a male character acts like an absolute asshole for no remorse for his actions people eat that up. But when it’s a female it’s suddenly looked down upon. I’m so mad with how Nesta ended up at the end of the book. I’m so tired of these women always being put down and not accepted for who they are. The only time they are accepted is when they “change”.
Ngl I just wanted Nesta to be this anti hero throughout the series. I wanted her to still be horrible but I also wanted explanations for why she did the things she did. I wanted her to be that cruel and vicious person she was always meant to be. I honestly don’t even want her to be part of the inner circle. Why be with a group of people that have insulted you and threatened to kill you?
It’s just so interesting how people treat male characters vs female characters. I’m so tired of seeing my favorite female characters change because of these men.
Sorry for the rant! This got me so heated 😗
I didn’t know you could put this many characters in an ask.
i like this ask tho. For me, i agree. I love cassian but nonnie you are completely correct in saying he acts like Rhys’ bitch. Your also correct in saying ACOSF was not a book about healing. I think I’ve said this before on my blog but the moment I finished ACOSF I was so confused because it felt like I was reading Feyres story from the perspective of a side character. The book was so disappointing.
The cover should’ve been our first warning, her publishing company can eat my ass for that one.
Hate to the publishing company not the artist. I actually do like the cover but not for this series.
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feysandandnyx · 12 hours ago
My babies 😭😭😭😭
Tumblr media
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rhysiedarling · 21 hours ago
Somebody write me a Parent-trap inspired feysand fanfic before I write it myself
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the-laughing-bubble · 22 hours ago
Az's initial reaction when Elain turns into the Fanged Beast😂
Tumblr media
Amren watching with absolute glee, cause we all know she's so excited to see what the other side of our lovely fawn looks like...😂
Tumblr media
Feyre and Nesta👀🤭
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mor, often wonder how surprised she'll be 🤔 she knows too much way more than she let's on...
Tumblr media
Rhys after Elain, the Fanged Beast snarls at him to assert her dominance because she's known for a while he's turned her into a political pawn...😂
Tumblr media
Nuala & Cer, cheering their girl on😂😂😂
Tumblr media
Okay that's it. 😊 It's for the laughs and it's Friday after all😌 Happy FriYay!
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justhereforacotar · a day ago
i will never understand rhysand being able to forgive elain for all the shit feyre had to do alone as a child and not nesta. it’s just very weird to me. especially considering how i’m pretty sure feyre brought this up to him and his only answer was something along the lines of “well elain is elain.” what ?? do ?? you ?? mean ??
he literally held a grudge against nesta for three books straight and in the end never really gives an explanation as to why he did this with her and not elain. is it because nesta isn’t as openly kind as elain, or because (unlike everyone else) she doesn’t kiss his or feyre’s asses all the time? even after going in her head in acosf and seeing her trauma and grief and what she went through he still did not feel any sort of sympathy or forgiveness until the end and that was after he felt obligated to after she saved feyre and nyx.
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kayla-2 · a day ago
Imagine thinking you were going to velaris for the first time in thousands of years to help kill eveyone and than this shit start flying towards you
Tumblr media
We need to see more water creatures from Feyre in the next book.
Credit: SoStache on DevianArt
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arinbelle · a day ago
A Rant Because Why Not?
I don’t do this very often, if ever, because frankly, it’s not my problem anymore. But I went into the anti-Nesta tag, randomly, thoroughly convinced that there’s no way anything recent is in there. Because idk, if you hated Nesta before, most people tend to like her after ACOSF. A bit irritating that you needed ACOSF to see her potential but whatever.
But let’s get a few things clear in case it wasn’t clear, i.e., you don’t use common sense and don’t have basic reading comprehension.
1. Nesta was not responsible for Feyre. Not in the cabin, not when she was taken, not after they turned Fae, and not afterwards. When they were children? Yes, perhaps it’s harsh, and you don’t like to hear it, but it wasn’t her job to take care of them. It wasn’t Feyre’s either frankly but it’s good that she did what she did. I’m not saying it didn’t help and I am not undermining all that Feyre did to save her family. She did great. Let’s not say she did it out of self-sacrifice though- she did it out of a promise to her mother. This is in the book. I will not pull the notes. And let’s be clear, Feyre was miserable alongside Nesta and she admitted herself she didn’t know who acted worse with each other everyday. That is a FACT. You cannot argue that. And if you look a bit deeper, that’s how poverty works. It’s just how it is when you’re all living miserably, hungry and cold all the time. You snap at each other and you say horrible things. I don’t have siblings but even I understand that you literally cannot take 70-85% of things siblings say to each other to heart. You literally can’t. Why did I write this huge ass paragraph? Because of 2 points
a. Some people said that Nesta didn’t appreciate what Feyre did for her, didn’t care about her, didn’t acknowledge it. 
“I am sorry for the loss of those children. The loss of one is abhorrent.” She shook her head. “But beneath the wall, I witnessed children—entire families—starve to death.” She jerked her chin at me. “Were it not for my sister … I would be among them.”- ACOWAR
She is fully aware and she is grateful for what Feyre has done. Don’t twist it just because she doesn’t fall at Feyre’s feet every 20 seconds. Her life has been uprooted over and over again and she is a victim every single time. She doesn’t get to make her own choices so many times in the narrative and ACOSF was about her realizing she is in control of her own life and making an active step towards it.
b. Other people, or the same people (idk and idc) are saying that Nesta should have been doing something to save Feyre when she found out she was dying.
AGAIN, NESTA IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR FEYRE. In fact, if you want to bring up responsibility for Feyre getting pregnant with a child that could kill her, Rhys is at fault. In multiple ways. For first of all not realizing that Feyre can’t have an Illyrian child (he knew this, we know he knew this because it is in canon when it’s explained. Everyone knows non-Illyrian women usually die when giving birth to Illyrian children. Rhys also says he knew how Feyre changes her full anatomy. So when she shifts back to her non-Illyrian form, obviously, she isn’t in the same form to have said child. And if you’re gonna say, well they didn’t know she’d get pregnant? Wrong again. They were actively trying for a child.) Now, this is not to hate on Rhys. Frankly, I think Rhys was a bit too OOC in ACOSF in that he was just a bit too dumb. Like SJM tried to make him more of a villain than he needed to be for genuinely no reason except drama. Rhys is supposed to be cunning and smart. He’s not supposed to make dumb mistakes like this. But I digress. The point is, it wasn’t Nesta’s job to figure out a way to save Feyre. One, because Rhys was already working on it. Two, because Nesta doesn’t even know the basics of being a Fae because no one ever really told her about it. She’s barely existing, doesn’t have a way to handle her own magic, and you expect her to figure out a way to deal with anatomy and magic that she doesn’t understand when their best healer literally ends up not being enough to save Feyre? Okay. Sure.
2. People say that Nesta never realizes that she’s wrong and she didn’t heal in ACOSF and she never apologized to Feyre so now I hate her more. Siblings don’t really apologize to each other. Next question. Nesta doesn’t know that she’s wrong and has been cruel and pushed people away?
“I hate it,” she said. “Every part of me that...does these things. And yet I can’t stop it. I can’t let down that barrier, because to let it fall, to let everything in...”... “I didn’t deserve that love. I deserve nothing.”- ACOSF
She’s very self-aware thank you very much. More so than most characters in the ACoTaR universe I would say. She knows full well that she’s done wrong and she also acknowledges later on that she doesn’t know how to address it to Feyre. NOT that she isn’t willing to, but that she literally doesn’t know how to. A therapist would have been helpful here. Also, she doesn’t just hate on other people, she hates herself. And I guess that’s the thing that irks me the most. She literally hates herself and all I can really see from antis is saying “Good. She should.” She think her father shouldn’t have loved her. That’s not how a parent’s love works. It’s not on conditions. It’s always there and it forgives everything. Again, a therapist would have been helpful here. As for the, “she didn’t really heal part,” I’ll agree with you there. But not to hate on Nesta, to say, it’s a process. It’s not going to happen overnight but she’s getting there. 
Now if you were to say it’s a bad portrayal of healing, I’d have to semi-agree. I don’t really care for the fact that she still ends the book feeling like she’s not really enough but that she’s going to work to earn and deserve her sister’s, father’s and Cassian’s love. Because that implies that these are better people than her. And like it or not, that’s not true. But this is not a character mistake, this is an author mistake and this is not to slander SJM, but the healing is not at its best. 
3. “The intervention scene wasn’t wrong.” I have to say this is a 50/50 for me. Because I’ve read people supporting Nesta saying that the IC abused her. They didn’t. Interventions are rough. They are quite literally, “we aren’t giving you a choice, either shape up or ship out,” as Nesta said. They aren’t easy and it is something the person in question feels completely attacked with. The problem for me is the consistency. You tell me that Nesta has to stop her dangerous behavior because we’re very worried about her health and state of mind? Good. She needs to channel everything into something more constructive like a job and training at least for some time so she isn’t out drinking? Good. Nesta never shows signs of addiction or withdrawal or anything remotely reminiscent of behavior in need of an intervention? Wrong. But this is another error on SJM’s part. So I’ll move on.
4. I have my issues with ACOSF because I do agree, Nesta didn’t heal in the way I wanted her to and I don’t like the way it ended. I don’t like how it was rushed and I don’t really care for the plot. But do NOT come for my Nessian. I love them. And you loving Cassian and hating Nesta is just so weird frankly. For people saying Cassian deserved better, I’ve had this fight so many times. Love is NOT about what you deserve, it’s about what you want and what the other person wants back and being in agreement of that. Next, you’re saying Cassian didn’t have a story or role to play? Cassian was Nesta’s sex therapist and that’s it? That’s fair, maybe he was. I’m not going to pull out the quotes where he talks about his childhood and trains the Valkyries and overcomes that feeling of inferiority with Eris by mimicking Nesta or how he fights off control of an ancient magic object to save Nesta’s life and ends up getting his own happily ever after too. Because, yeah, he’s totally just a sex therapist for Nesta. But if he is, what exactly was Rhysand in ACOMAF for Feyre? Did his purpose in the book serve any higher purpose than to help Feyre heal? Not really. And yet you all stanned tf out of it. I did too, don’t think I didn’t. It’s just, that’s kinda the blueprint for most SJM books, and you’re still here stanning Feysand. And I didn’t see Rhysand reduced to a “sex therapist” label even though he did literally the same things for Feyre as Cassian did for Nesta. Why? Because you love Feyre and you hate Nesta. That’s all it is.
I love Feyre. Don’t get confused. I actually really like her. I also think her character’s has been completely assassinated at this point, but I loved her once and that doesn’t just go away. I also love Nesta. And in case everyone’s forgotten, Nesta loves Feyre and Feyre loves Nesta. So hating Feyre to love Nesta is not needed. And hating Nesta to love Feyre is also not needed. There is no rant part to this, I’m just saying.
Thank you and goodbye.
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kayla-2 · a day ago
I hope to get a scene of Rhysand updating the portrait of Feyre behind his desk to include Nyx.
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feysandandnyx · 2 days ago
How would IC give Nesta another year when she was saying in her first few chapters that she didn't care anymore? When is she saying she got so drunk she couldn't remember who she slept with anymore? Nesta forgot to eat, who guarantees that in another year she would not forget to take her contraceptive tonic? Who guarantees that she would not suffer some kind of abuse when she no longer remembered who she slept with and no longer bothered to change the sheets (leaving the apartment with the smell of males). What if she found a territorial male who cared? Who guarantees that in another year Nesta could not explode Velaris for lack of understanding of her powers? Why should she have more space when 1) she's pushed everyone who cared away 2) she's been saying countless times that she's already given up?
According to the context Sarah wrote it didn't make sense 1) the family leaving Nesta alone for another year (she could die or suffer any kind of abuse, including being robbed) 2) sending Nesta to another court was not a good option when the queens were a threat to her safety and Nesta doesn't know how to control her power (Who controlled Nesta's powers when they manifested because she was feeling frustrated in her sleep? Az? Cassian, no, Rhysand) and neither is she saying that she would like to leave Velaris 3) Why Rhys and Feyre forbade people in town from selling liquor to Nesta when she would continue to fuck strangers for herself punish and could prostitute herself to get more drinks? (in real life this is what happens to drug addicts who for some reason, cannot have access to drugs/alcohol and yet are exposed to both).
Like it or not, the IC acted when it had to act. Perhaps what irritates the intervention is that people are worried, but none of them are kissing Nesta's ass, just reminding her that she could be of use and that she could fight for herself. The qUEen is being challenged and criticized, how absurd, isn't it?
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aquafaith · 2 days ago
SJM went out of her way to romanticize Rhysand's abuse from the first book because he's Feyre's mate and y'all REALLY think she won't put innocent harmless Lucien with his mate?
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story-scribbler · 3 days ago
alright i know feysand had their time in the spotlight but does anyone else just.......... miss them? like i know the fanfic world is exploding right now with elriel and elucien and nessian and all that good stuff.... but man i just want my two babies to come back and feature in some good ol' modern au's with fluff and angst and ....ya know 🔥
anyways if y'all have good feysand fics lmk!
(but fair warning that i have literally read all of them so drag up the most obscure ones you can find from the depths of ur tumblr memory!)
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worldsnotsaid · 3 days ago
"Nesta never worked for anything, even before she was depressed. If she did something, was because her sister was pushing her. She never had a reason to be mean, she just was mean. She always lived by her sister expense and even so she felt in the right to humiliate her. She used from personal stuff to hurt Cassian, she was constantly calculating ways to make him suffer."
this is a excerpt of a rant from another blog that is completely pro feyre and i was wondering what you would say to it
Hi anon!
There is always a lot to unpack with N/esta, so this will probably be long-ish (maybe??). I like to talk about her because I do think she is complex, not because SJM honestly crafted her to be, but because I honestly don't think SJM thought about the implication of writing a young girl in poverty -- what that would honestly look like, which I think is complex. I look at this in parts. With respect to this person's opinions! Sorry for typos!
"Nesta never worked for anything, even before she was depressed. If she did something, was because her sister was pushing her."
In my "Cinderella + F/eyre + Katniss" post, I talked about how I hated F/eyre and N/esta's dynamic, and I think this quote represents a reason why -- and not because of this person's opinion, but because of how N/esta is framed in relation to F/eyre. In the referred post, I compared N/esta and F/eyre to Katniss and Prim, because I think there are a lot of similarities. Before I get there though, I'll say that as far as SJM's intention, this person isn't actually wrong. I think she intended for N/esta to be seen in this way; that is, she is this evil, raging bitch with nothing to be angry at (and I will totally get there, because wow). But in its execution, it was done horribly. But, in TAR, N/esta isn’t a hunter, she isn’t a good person, but I think the idea that she had to be is a testament to what’s wrong with YA, and with how we look at women in fantasy. Because F/eyre his framed as being Good TM, while her sisters are framed for being villains because they reacted to poverty differently than F/eyre. F/eyre, who seems not just have forgotten what it was like to have lived In a manner, to have been indoctrinated in one form of life, only for that to have been flipped on it’s head because of someone else’s ambition. When was N/esta not depressed? What makes people think she was supposed to be a happy person during those years in poverty? I don’t defend N/esta’s behavior — wrong is wrong — but I do question the narrative decisions and implications in their dynamic. Because I think it speaks to ideas of purity that persist especially in YA and Fantasy, in regards to women.
SJM goes out of her way to craft this extremely misogynistic world, where it is extremely hard for women to actually move up unless they are high-born or married into it. Yet, when the consequence of having such a world manifests realistically unto both N/esta and E/lain, it is seen as a bad thing. N/esta did work to towards a goal. She had been groomed to marry, and become a lady devoted to the standards of her society, and then that was ripped away from her. She found herself in a place where none of the skills she'd spent so long learning were no longer applicable. And even if SF hadn't been written, these assumptions, given the vague mention of their childhood would be an easy thing to guess.
But more than that, there's this idea that she's in control of her oppression -- and that is absolutely not what poverty is. That's not how poverty works at all. N/esta has no power.
F/eyre is always positioned as "odd" -- meaning her behavior (though inconsistent asf) isn't standard. While N/esta was groomed, F/eyre had free rein to do whatever she wanted, and thus, those expectations were never actually put on her. That responsibility to wed well so that her sisters can live an easy life. It's an equal sacrifice to F/eyre's hunting, and is never expounded on by the text. The abuse she suffered written off in one sentence. It would have been more interesting if N/esta's dislike for F/eyre stemmed from the freedom F/eyre had during their childhood, whereas, N/esta was indoctrinated and abused for about fifteen years.
But more than than, I think people immediately infantilize F/eyre because her own narration does, and here’s what I mean:
She's honestly one of the more...less likable characters in this series, more so than bitchy N/esta. And this is because her choices are always treated very strangely. For example, F/eyre becomes hungry enough that she chooses to venture into the woods for food. She does this because she is going to starve. She decides to share this food with her family for five years, despite them not contributing. But the thing is, F/eyre still hunts for herself, she just inadvertently feeds her family too. Like when F/eyre hunts in the woods, she's not hunting for herself and then her family. She provides for herself and then stretches it for her family. I think this could totally be a good character trait for F/eyre, but the problem is SJM is telling is two conflicting things: (1) that F/eyre loves her family and that's why she hunts (2) that F/eyre was forced into this decision. Poverty shaped her decision, not her sisters. F/eyre has the choice to just...not hunt for her family. No one forced her into that job, she feels an obligation to do it.
Further, what backs up this claim, even more, is the fact that the family had about two years of relative (kind of?) financial assistance. F/eyre didn’t hunt during those years, nor did she do anything other than just be a child. That makes the mother’s promise even an even dumber addition to the story because the hunting was a decision that F/eyre made when their money ran out, she didn't just start hunting solely because her mother told her to.
This is the same for her decision to go UTM, to save her love interest, and then the story acts like F/eyre went there to actually save a whole continent of people. Like no. If T/amlin hadn't gone UTM, F/eyre would not have either. She went to save T/am and inadvertently broke the curse. But throughout the story, F/eyre’s decisions, are always trying to be more than impulsive, irrational choices. F/eyre was warned about the danger of UTM, no one forced her to go, but her narration treats it like she didn’t make those choices, they are always treated like she was forced into them. And it matters. It really does. Because that’s F/eyre saying she understands what’s going to happen, and going anyway. And again, that would have been a great character trait — honestly. But loving one man doesn’t mean she’s a good person. T/amlin loved F/eyre, and he's still pretty shitty of a guy.
She never had a reason to be mean, she just was mean. She always lived at her sister's expense and even so she felt in the right to humiliate her.
I agree, N/esta took her anger out on F/eyre. I don't think anyone justifies N/esta behavior in TAR. People understand it, but's not a shining moment for her. But she has no reason to be mean? Really? Is she supposed to be happy? To automatically bottle up her trauma and run into the woods with a bow and arrow? Unlike Feyre's character, N/esta is actually has a personality beyond the five years of poverty they faced. And I don't mean to disregard this person's opinion, I agree that N/esta's behavior, in the beginning, is tasteless at most, but F/eyre admits that they're both like that.
I partially agree with the second sentence. She's lived off of Feyre's hunting, there's not really an argument there. N/esta does help, reluctantly, but we honestly don't spend enough time with their family to actually understand their dynamic. N/esta is shown to help hesitantly, but F/eyre literally has the choice to just not hunt. N/esta even says she'd sell her body had F/eyre not hunted.
She used personal stuff to hurt Cassian, she was constantly calculating ways to make him suffer."
Okay, C/assian was literally the first one to jab at N/esta. He antagonized her the first day he met her, judging her off of what F/eyre told her. This is also, of course, made worse by the fact that C/assian is a Fae warrior -- who are the oppressor of the humans. F/eyre brings the man who literally responsible for their mutual Friend's death, with his soldiers, who insult and are strained in their reactions towards the sisters, and the first thing that comes out of his mouth is how "N/esta let F/eyre hunt." That's an ugly introduction. C/assian insults N/esta more than naught, and N/esta bites back. He's five hundred years old. How in the world are her words "making him suffer". Why would she suddenly just like this oppressor?? In TAR, I don't like N/esta's behavior, but in the rest of the series??? I can't honestly bring myself to dislike her. In SF, C/assian just straight-up insults N/esta all the same, but she's a monster for returning the sentiment? Not to me, she's not.
Overall, the way N/esta's is framed is ultimately the culprit. It would have taken maybe a paragraph to flesh her out just a tad bit more, for SJM to actually understand the implication behind the world she created. I can't really hate when people hate these characters because the vessel for telling this story is far too skewed. I feel like F/eyre and N/esta had the potential to be amazing. The skeleton and ideas are there, it's just the skill and ignorance on these subjects that end up being the downfall.
Thanks, anon!
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f-cursebreaker · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
This is @kedimari and her boyfriend I follow them on instagram and this gives so much acomaf ch55 vibes😭🥵
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culling-card · 3 days ago
i'd do anything to read ACOMAF for the first time again. the introduction to Velaris was like nothing i've never experienced and the imagery i got from that scene ALONE scratched an itch in my brain i didn't even know i had.
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kayla-2 · 4 days ago
Majority of the artwork with feysand and Nyx is them crying or something because they just fucking died... could sjm give them no breaks??? Did they really need to die for the plot?
They couldn’t even enjoy their pregnancy with Rhysand having nightmares and begging for answers.
It was so lazy, and unnecessary.
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