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q-meeee · 27 minutes ago
just want a girlfriend so i can text her a picture of a snail with the caption “reminded me of you. effervescent.” is that too much to ask
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dillyt · 48 minutes ago
literally cannot fathom how my sister listens to angry grandpa videos to go to sleep especially when that one where he's at the fucking dentist or something and you can hear all the drills and shit keeps playing all the time for some reason
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1kora1 · an hour ago
I hope one day people can come as a community and realize you don't need to make p*rn out of everything
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forcefully-employed · an hour ago 🦀 SLUR IS GONE 🦀
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genshxn · 2 hours ago
Crushing / pre dating Headcanons with bennet or chongyun? If the reader was at first shy/ quiet but then after becoming comfortable they are funny and affectionate thst would be great! Thank you!
here it is
sorry for the wait ehdjwjwkkdjfdb :,,,,DDD
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ultfreakme · 2 hours ago
The planning for the confession scene sounds like literally everyone was just losing their minds and put their brains into overdrive to make it the most heartbreaking, gut wrenching, haunting experience. It honestly sounds like how I brainstorm with my friends about ships for fic scene ideas.
Like imagine the absolute chaos Jackles, Mollins, Richard Speight Jr., Berens and literally everyone who wrote scenes and what decisions to make on set would've experienced when someone said "hey, what if Cas pulls a knife out of Dean's back pocket to draw a sigil??" and "Okay, what if Cas left a bloody handprint on Dean's shoulder at the exact spot as Lazarus Rising???"
I want to be a fly in the wall in that meeting room.
What if-
What if Dean actually tried to reach out as the Empty pulled Cas in???? What if there were more obvious scenes of Dean's reciprocating that was pitched in?
My biggest question is......did they write and brainstorm the scenes thinking Dean loves Cas back or not? I just write fanfiction for a crack ship, but I end up thinking a lot for something even like that.
But This is Cas and Dean and the people thinking up ideas are the actors who play them and it's going to be aired on TV and streaming platforms, the actors and writers involved in the portrayal of the biggest ship on the entire fucking planet(no exaggeration) have to think about this. I'm 90% sure they know the impact this ship had on us little queer kids(whose representation the network had to take a fucking market research on ahahaha I'm not in pain). IMAGINE. IMAGINE THE PRESSURE AND THE THINKING.
Even if it wasn't on paper I just KNOW they have an idea of Dean's level of reciprocation.
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odetolove · 2 hours ago
he lets you guide his fingers out of your cunt, breath hitching in the back of his throat when you reach out for his cock. he hums, pushing you back down, cupping one of your tits with his hand. he glances to where your hand holds his cock, letting out a breath.
okay, but if it hurts too much, just tell me.
he spreads your legs, running the head of his cock along your folds. he should’ve kept prepping you, should’ve made you cum on his fingers too many times than he could count, but the way you looked under him made his cock twitch and the urge to fuck you only grew.
i’m gonna push in a little, o-okay?
he pushes the tip of his cock into your cunt, one hand holding the base of his cock, the other keeping your legs spread. he pushes a little more in, going slow, mostly for his own sake so he won’t cum immediately as he pushes in. the squeeze of your walls feels even better than he thought it would.
is this okay?
he sounds more breathy than he’d like to admit, but, fuck, you’re so addicting.
- samu
Tumblr media
i can only look up at him when he takes my hand away from his cock, heart thumping loud in anticipation, nearly squealing in pure want the second his cock nudges against my hole.
just the stretch of his head inside of me renders me quiet- stopping the short whines i give him, my panting, completely still thanks to the stretch and burn. it takes a while for me to answer him, not able to believe that it was /his/ cock stuffing me full like this.
i-it’s okay.
i respond with a tiny voice, pussy squeezing over and over, trying to get accustomed to him, seeing stars, feeling gush after gush of arousal leak out of me and around his cock, my hands laying on my chest while he pushes in, balled into fists-
big- ‘s-‘samu... you’re so big.
i hum, wiggling my hips at his pace- it /hurts/ but i want all of him already, greedy for him, wanting him to feel good too.
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smellydeadmen · 2 hours ago
Trying out a new artstyle cutely because for some reason the one i have now doesnt sit right with me 😔
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timeandspacelord · 3 hours ago
Leoni says that almost dying as a child may be what gave her such an optimistic outlook on life and Adrik replies that all of his near-death experiences didn't make him an optimist, but I can't help feeling like personally knowing the Sun Summoner during the height of her power when she was also just a teenage girl very out of her depth would lead to a fairly cynical/pessimistic worldview. Like, anyone who was directly involved with the behind-the-scenes happenings of the Ravkan civil war is going to be a little more disillusioned with anything touted as a miracle, just for having known a saint and that she was just a girl
Also, the fact that Adrik's near-death experiences were way more traumatic than childhood illness, being war- and shadow demon-related, probably plays into it
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actuallyfeanor · 3 hours ago
Are you rebuilding a bike, or are you optimizing it to function at ideal capacity in the current environment? Pretty sure that no matter what you do to it, you can call it an Optimized BMX bike! (and I feel quite certain that if your "friend" happened to be Feanor, he would 100% agree)
Only optimizing it, but I’m optimizing it to function in a very non-BMX way, as a small, inexpensive and convenient bike for getting to and from the grocery store and commuting shorter distances. Still, it is fundamentally a BMX bike and all the modifications are easily reversible, so I suppose you’re right.
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godzilla-girl · 4 hours ago
When I was in highschool during my freshman year in the last few weeks I missed a week of school just brutally sick and watched the princess and the frog 11 times and then when I went back to school I had to dissect a frog.
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arealdisappointment · 4 hours ago
Trashy poetic way to say i can't wait to move out but this world kinda sucks.
I have abided by your rules for far to long. Our worlds differ and our opinions clash.
You have decided to life your life vigorously through me. I no longer wish to constantly make you happy. Not when my happiness is on the line too.
I have spent my entire life trying to please you. I want nothing more than to be free from you.
From you and your suffocating ways and your hurtful words.
I have romanticized life because you have given me a world full of problems you could not solve.
I want to run through the city late at night, i want to gaze up at the stars and wonder what it would be like to live amongst them.
But i realize i can not do such things. I'm not safe in the city streets, and there are too many problems to focus on in this world for me to even begin to realize i could never see the stars, not from where we are.
I have to be perfect and ideal. Never out of line and always polite.
I don't want to be that though, i never did, that is what you wanted from me.
I want to be a kid again, climbing trees and scrapping my knees. I want to feel alive and not have the crushing weight of everyone's expectations on me.
I have yet to realize that even if i move on from you I'll never be truly free.
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