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#middle finger
wanosuns22 hours ago
Hear me out owner Zheff of parent is the type to barge in when Sanji and his s/o are kissing in his room
Sanji would be so embarrassed
ok but i also feel like sanji could be the type to stick it to the old man and then continue kissing you bc he knows zeff is just trying to fuck around with him
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iamnmbr3a day ago
Disney: Oh you liked Loki鈥檚 badass armor? Well SIKE BITCH! It鈥檚 gone. He鈥檚 gonna wear a beige trash bag now. Oh and you liked his cool, regal bearing and dry wit? Well that鈥檚 all gone too! He鈥檚 got the same name and the same actor and that鈥檚 it! Whatcha gonna do about it? Just shut up and be grateful we didn鈥檛 rename him Clowno McFartface and recast him too.
Sony: Oh you鈥檙e all shipping symbrock? Ok. Have a symbrock rom com trailer for Valentines Day! :) Oh you want Venom & Eddie being domestic and making breakfast? Here. Have an actual canonical hilarious domestic breakfast scene in the trailer! Thanks so much for engaging with our content! :)聽
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kalairaa day ago
so Natalia is not gonna have the human ice cream cones on stage????
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taliahistoriaa day ago
Tumblr media
i got the claymore prototype but at what cost-
its on the server where im somewhat dropping noelle : (
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i-thiccsa day ago
Tumblr media
Design trade with Salccoon
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oh my goodness gracious one of the lenses in my glasses fell out when i was cleaning them but luckily i put it back in place and tightened the screw
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thebirdyghost7142 days ago
Can We Go Back And Redo
I Actually Hate 2020 And Now
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xyla-does-art2 days ago
Tumblr media
馃ぁ馃洃饾晪鈩濔潟鈩傪潟傪潟 饾晪鈩濔潟鈩傪潟傪潟 饾斀饾晫鈩曗剷饾晙 鈩傪潟凁潟嗮潟庘剷馃洃馃ぁ
So since my first Madness related fanart I posted got a good amount of notes (thank you all for doing this, keep it up鉂わ笍馃挏馃枻馃挏鉂わ笍) I decided to make another one
Only this time it's an actual artwork and of course.... MORE OF TRICKY!1!1!1!!1!!1
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kyxxil2 days ago
etho + hels!etho (patho???)
Tumblr media
recently watched jjk. saw gojo and thought "reverse etho" (I've never watched naruto)
also! @limelocked鈥's post inspired this
- hels!etho's jacket is made leather bc he tries to be edgy/punk etc.
- he most definitely tries to emulate gojo's personality
alt version:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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stanning-reyna2 days ago
I just think it would be cool if Percy was afro-indigenous in the show because evidently he鈥檚 named after Andrew Jackson and Stonewall Jackson and I would love to see those two look up from Hell at an afro-indigenous boy with their name running around saving the world
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paranoidbean2 days ago
It's usually because you are putting too much stress on your wrists (usually when you type or on your phone). Try stretching them couple times a day for about thirty seconds both ways.
I鈥檒l keep that in mind! Thanks!
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seriously-sebvettel3 days ago
That gif of lance flipping that idiot off is literally every other post of my dash but I literally stop and watch all of them bc it鈥檚 so funny and satisfying
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