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draw-the-squad-like-this · 2 days ago
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Draw your characters like this
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skriveting · 21 days ago
A bunch of different dialogue prompts #65
"Oh, dear."
"Could you put the knife down while you're talking, please?"
"Okay, I get it now." "You do?" "Yeah!" "Are you sure?" "No."
"All right, now let's get back to me yelling!"
"Let's eat a kiwi or two and calm down." "You know I don't condone cannibalism." "No, no, that's not what I meant-"
"How is it only Wednesday..." "It's Monday." "NO!!!!"
"Great, you again."
"You mean to tell me she hasn't read 1984?!" "Michael, she's 4." "And??"
"Hm. You know, I didn't really care to know that."
"It's getting worse, isn't it?" "It's nothing, don't worry about it."
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salvagelesbian · 5 months ago
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New alignment meme dropped for all the skrunklies and blorbos <3 (feel free to use!)
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moon-jellie · 8 months ago
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A new template for your consideration
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creation-help · a year ago
Which oc was meant to be just a background person, just kinda hanging out there but your brain just picked them up and went "THIS ONE"
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some-oc-questions · a month ago
Has your oc ever made anyone a friendship bracelet? Have they ever received one?
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easy-as-a-and-b · a year ago
Person A: Hey, B, could you help me with something real quick?
Person B: No. Thanks for asking, but I would rather use a sea urchin as a fork.
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ilivelikeimtrying · 8 months ago
OTP Prompt
Person A: ... You learned how to cook... For me ?
Person B: Well, sort of.
Person B: I learned how to cook one thing .
Person B: I also made you desert!
Person B: At first I wanted to make you a cheesecake! But I burned it.
Person B: Then I tried making an Ice-cream Cake, but I burned it.
Person B: Then I tried making Crème Brulé... but it melted.
Person A, holding back laugh: What did you end up making?
Person B: .... Jello...
Person A: Mmh, I like Jello.
Person B: I know. I wouldn't try to make something you didn't like.
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writingamongther0ses · 6 months ago
Tag your OC who has a history of arson.
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msallyoop · 11 months ago
OC Question 11:
Which OC always gets people's names wrong?
How far is it from their actual name?
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draw-the-squad-like-this · 2 months ago
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Draw your cuties like this
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skriveting · 5 months ago
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awaelchibichaos · 9 months ago
A: Can I really trust you? before we do this I gotta know you can commit...
B: Oh, I can commit... I do it quite often
A: Not like...
B: Arson, tax evasion, fraud... You name it, I probably did or can commit it
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strangeocquestions · a year ago
Which OC would die fighting a clown vampire?
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did-i-do-this-write · 7 months ago
An actual conversation I had with my closest friend:
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Tag the OCs
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wholemonsternut · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
"How and why are you doing here?! It's dangerous!"
"I call it 'cutting my work short for when we get back to Med Bay'!"
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some-oc-questions · 9 months ago
Which oc would wear a blanket like a cape around the house when it’s cold?
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A: “That’s the key slice of truth we need to complete the entire truth pie.”
B: “Ooh can we get some actual pie?”
A: “I like the way you think about pie.”
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ilivelikeimtrying · a year ago
Who else loves the "We're in a life or death situation and since it seems like this is it I'm gonna tell you one of my secrets that I've never told anyone in the world before but hey we survive this but now you know my secrets" trope?
Because I fucking love it.
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