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maxx: “you know the days where you’re like, this might as well happen?”

logan: “eat ass, suck a dick, sell drugs”

ivy: “i am very small, and have no money, so you can imagine the kind of stress that i am under”

alan: “shut up, you’re all gonna die! street smarts!”

corrine: “sometimes babies will point at me, and i don’t care for that shit at all”

carmen: “ooh! ducklings!”

zariah: “brush your teeth. now boom, orange juice, thats life”

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Hey there! This is my first post on my new account, I have another account but it’s basically for headcanons and x readers. Most of them are just x reader or x s/o. If you wanna check it out my here it is @witloph .

Anyways, about the characters here on this art post. The left one one is Amber Frost and the right one is Rainbow, my persona. The left one is a oc that I adopted on Equestria Amino and referred her as my friend in real life. ✌🏻

There both animatronics and both fit into the fandoms Five nights at Freddy’s and My Little Pony. 🦄🎩

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