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unpopular opinion but i don’t see sucy as someone enjoying growing flowers. she has a horrible green thumb. she buys a bunch of hyacinths and they all die the next week. she doesn’t fucking understand that you’re supposed to take care of them, since taking care of mushrooms is vastly different. she becomes disheartened at the fact, wondering what it is she did wrong and akko, who only was able to keep a small cactus alive, tries to help…this ends in a disaster. diana has never once kept a single flower alive in her life - constantly forgetting to water the poor thing and giving it sunlight. so. there are no flowers in their house. they are not trusted to grow any type of flowers. their garden is exactly made up of mushrooms and bushes and that is it 

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Clay, buddy, pal, friendo... Have you ever had any interaction with the convicted murderer out for revenge against your boyfriends? Thanks in advance :)

*Clay sighs heavily*

I haven’t had any interaction with him outside of when Apollo worked for him and I’d stop by on occasion… Not that I was allowed to stay very long when I would visit, he was very strict about visitors to the office who weren’t actual clients.

*he frowns angrily*

And it probably wouldn’t be good for either of us if I had any interaction with him now.

*Apollo nuzzles his face against Clay’s shoulder*

Yeah, I’d rather you NOT end up in prison.

*Clay mutters under his breath*

Murdering that bastard would be worth it.

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Sending hugs to you three and your pets, too! Is Spud aware that his lifestyle is absolutely goals? Because it is

*Clay smiles and shows Apollo the ask*

Look, everyone is sending hugs to us~

*Apollo chuckles, still snuggling up to Clay*

Thanks everyone… And they’re right about Spud.

*Clay nods*

Spud has the best life out of all of us, honestly. Just eat, sleep, and not worry about a damn thing.

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I would like to give y'all some advice to help with panic attacks. I use the 5 senses method. Name 5 things you can see,touch,hear,smell or taste and it usually calms you down. Hope you feel better soon Apollo.

*Clay’s face lights up when he reads this*

Oh yeah! This had slipped my mind in all the chaos, Pollo usually tries that method when he’s feeling panicky~

*he looks back to Apollo*

Pollo, hey… Tell me what you can see here in the room.

*Apollo still clings to Clay as his eyes move about the room*

Um… The tv, coffee table, board games, movies…

*Clay nods*

Yeah, and now a few things you can hear.

*Apollo closes his eyes*

You, the tv again, the AC.

*Clay smiles, rubbing his back as Apollo seems to start calming down*

*Vongole trots over and places her head on Apollo’s lap. Apollo starts petting her*

*Clay chuckles softly*

Good girl, Vongole~

*Apollo smiles softly at her*

She really is a good girl~

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for the Alphabet prompt: H, Max/Pierre/Alex

H: “He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he-” “Absolutely adores and would die for you.”

“Hi.” Alex greeted tiredly as Max sat down next to him on the sofa.

“Hey.” Max answered softly, pressing a kiss to Alex’s shoulder as he pulled the Thai back to nestle against him. Alex quietly leaned back into his touch, closing his eyes as he rested his head against Max’s shoulder.

“How is Pierre.” he asked quietly. Max sighed.

“Devastated.” he answer. Alex let out a pained nose.

“It’s my fault, it’s all my fault.” he whispered brokenly. Max tightened his hold around him, pressing a kiss to the sensitive spot just below Alex’s ear.

“We spoke about this, remember? You could not have let this opportunity go, not even for Pierre. Pierre would never let you.” he said firmly.

“I took his seat.” Alex argued. “I took it all away from him.” he seemed so stuck on the idea, that Max doubted he could convince him otherwise. He instead settled for quietly hugging Alex close. He was hurting too, having seen Pierre after the news of the switch and not being able to do anything as Pierre would not let him close. Sure, Charles had kept him up to date about how the Frenchman was doing, but it wasn’t the same as being able to cuddle Pierre himself.

“It will all be fine, Pierre loves you - loves us.” Max said firmly. Alex sniffled.

“I doubt he loves me after this.” he said, chuckling humourlessly. “I know you are telling me not to, but my head keeps going like ‘He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, He-”

“Absolutely adores you and would die for you.” A tired voice rang from the doorway. “The both of you.” Pierre added softly as he walked closer to the sofa. Max and Alex broke apart instantly, letting Pierre cuddle in between them.

“Mm, this is better.” Pierre whispered tiredly, contentedly cuddling close to both his boyfriends. Alex still seemed a little anxious, pressing a soft kiss to Pierre’s cheek.

“I’m so sorry.” he whispered. Pierre sighed, tugging him in to kiss his lips. 

“Let’s not talk about it.” he decided. Max tilted the Frenchman’s face towards him now, kissing him gently as well.

“We don’t have to.” he agreed. “But know that if you want to talk about it, we’re both here for you.” he added, Alex nodding. Pierre gave the two a fond smile, holding them close.

“I know.” 

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*Apollo's laptop pings quite suddenly, an email is flashing in his inbox* Ah Justice, did you think I would forget about you? My faithful, albeit rather useless, legal aid? I do hope you've been a good boy while I've been gone. I will find you, Justice. Mr Gavin

*Apollo frowns when he gets a new email from an unknown address. He opens it up, color draining from his face as he reads it*

*Klavier is confused as he notices Apollo staring fearfully at his computer screen*

Schatzi? Are you okay?

*Apollo doesn’t move. Klavier leans over, looking at the screen. He curses under his breath when he reads the email. He immediately takes the laptop from Apollo, who doesn’t fight him at all*

I’m going to need to send this to the police as well… Verdammt! Why can’t he just let us be?!

*he stands with the laptop, pulling out his phone. He looks to Clay*

Sit here with him, bitte. I’ll be right back.

*Clay isn’t sure exactly what’s happening, but he nods and scoots over beside Apollo, pulling him into his arms*

It’s okay, Pollo~ it’ll be okay.

*Apollo shakes as he rests against Clay. His mind runs through painful memories that he’s been trying to repress for years. He clings to Clay, burying his face in his shirt. He begins to wonder if he’ll ever truly be rid of that monster*

[the plot thickens, and the ask box thins! Send in your questions! Whether plot related, or just to try and lighten the mood ❤️]

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How about 💙 & 💚 for Sir Handel x Skarloey x Millie?

💙: Sir Handel will just about fight anyone for his lovers, and Millie won’t join them, and Skarloey genrerally tries to stop them

💚: Skarloey generally gets sick more though Sir Handel is not close behind, and Millie is usually the one to take care of either them since they fall ill so often

(hope you like :3)

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💛,💝, and ❤ for Skarloey x Millie x Sir Handel!

(aww yeah my ot3 :3)

💛: Millie truly believes in soulmates and she loves to think shes finally found hers, even if she wasn’t expecting two

💝: Skarloey has literally spent months trying to find gifts for them, constantly doubting his judgement, this usually leads to a very long talk with his partners about it

❤: In public, Sir Handel is definitely the most affectionate. Its gotten to the point of Millie telling him to keep his hands to himself. In private (in absolute privacy), you usually have to pry Skarloey off if you want to get anything done. Once he starts, its hard to get him to stop.

(hope you enjoy! :3)

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I love how after discovering ot3’s are a thing, and getting used to the idea of polyamory the last few years, I absolutely cannot wrap my head around how a love triangle is supposed to be a bad thing. I just think of 3 people who all love each other now. Maybe it’s all romantic/sexual, maybe one of those relationships is platonic, doesn’t matter.

I can’t process the assumption that ‘this is terrible and angsty and they have to choose one person (because more than one is never an option unless you’re a playboy asshole who loves treating your partner like garbage)’ anymore.

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