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#floyd leech
honey-milk-depresso · a day ago
Hello! Headcanons for the octotrio trying to get the reader to sign a contract. Maybe the reader has something that they really want. But...the reader is super smart in reading people, like them, and always knows to look for the fine print. Thanks~
Okay, so I tried since I was thinking, "Hmm, what if s/o boldly states a lot of their demanding dreams, but they're also like 'hey, this ain't what I ordered!' "
So... that's my interpretation! ^^ Sorry if it's wrong :')))
TWST S/o sees the fine prints well
Azul Ashengrotto
Well... do you have some ambitions.
I guess once hearing he's some sort of "fairy godmother" you decided to see it for yourself and give it a try.
"Now, I want a way to have an endless supply of tuna cans, knowledge to talk to animals because I'm not gonna fail my class-"
Blah, blah, blah, blah, Azul is just- oh god-
Once you finished, he cleared his throat awkwardly, bringing out a golden sheet of his contract paper, using his colorful vocabulary and weave it to his favorite in secret.
Or so he thought.
You read through your contract, something rare for many of his contract doers, as you jump a little, frowning at your contract all of a sudden.
"What's wrong?" he smiled calmly.
"This contract... I never agreed to do this! I told you I'm only willing to help out half the shift, that's why I said I'll cut it to half of 100 tuna cans every 2 months!"
He blinked. He used a few words in order for when you come running back to him without the return would he then turn against you.
You sure weren't gonna fall for it. Of course, once you two (somehow) get together, he won't do that on you ever. But the first meeting with him would always stick to him.
Azul's amused his own s/o knows how to read such fine prints. <3
Jade Leech
Oya oya?
How interesting~
You sure have quite the number of things you want. Straightforward and a little demanding, but all out bold. What flavor.
You had-
so many requests, no stutter or hesitance laced in your tone, knowing exactly what you want in detail.
Perhaps that's why you surprised the three of them, frowning upon reading your contract, something many, if not most of Azul's clients don't do.
"S/o, is there something of matter?" he smiles innocently, already masking whatever is in his heart. I'm pretty sure you don't want to know.
"I didn't agree to do this at all? What do you take me for! I did cut out some things to make sure I can pay back, I can't pay this!"
My oh my.
If he knows one thing about Azul, that's how sneaky and particulate he is. He uses his words to frame a seemingly achievable and rewarding deal, to mask the truth of all of what benefits the contract has would only be reaped by him.
No one in his two years of experience failed to spot the hidden details of what Azul hides, of course, until you did.
I'm sure by being Jade's s/o, he'll sometimes bring this incident up.
"Do you remember when you manage to spot out the fine prints of Azul's contract? I thought you were flirting with me~" he jokes. <3
Floyd Leech
Shrimpy's something, alright!
You got so many things you want!
Like good grades for History, new uniform, blah, blah, blah-
your list goes on.
He smiles teasingly at Azul, who was caught off guard by your many bold requests.
And cutting straight ahead of time, you were met with Azul's golden contract.
Now, he knows what's gonna happen: you'll be happy, think you'll get what you want, come running back saying that this is crap, try changing your deal only to have him go against you with the contract you've signed before and do whatever he wants with you. Simple.
So he was expecting you to immediately sign, but instead your read the contract line by line. ARGH- even he finds it boring.
Can you sign it????
Then, you frowned, looking towards Azul with a displeased look. "Hm?" he perked his head up.
"I didn't agree to do this at all? What do you take me for! I did cut out some things to make sure I can pay back, I can't pay this!"
Floyd only blinks, and then broke into a grin, shamelessly failing to hold back his snicker.
So Azul's been caught, huh? Like Jade, if he knows one thing about Azul, it's how sneaky and particulate he is with his word choice, framing a seemingly achievable and rewarding deal, to mask the truth of all of what benefits the contract has would only be reaped by him.
Now you're fun to play with!
Obviously, no such deals would come to you when you're his s/o, but he'll sometimes grin at you while thinking about that incident, before he uses his finger and boop your nose. "You're a really observant person, shrimpy~" <3
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mysteryshoptls · a day ago
SR Leona Kingscholar Scary Dress Personal Story: Part 2
Requested by @ssozidie.
"Sorry I couldn't entertain"
(Part 1) Part 2
Tumblr media
[The Other Dimension – Sparkling Chamber]
Leona: A short time before Hallowen Week, hm…
Leona: Now that you mention it, I feel like I vaguely recall Floyd showing up during magift practice.
Tumblr media
FLASHBACK: [Sports Field]
[whistle blows]
Leona: Alright, break for five minutes.
Epel/Ruggie: [gasps, pants]….
Epel: Ah~~~That's so frustrating! Even though we went up against Leona-san with five people while he had control of the disc…!
Ruggie: Even after 30 minutes passed, we couldn't even snatch it from him once…
Leona: Are you guys all out of breath just from practicing for only this long? How sad.
Ruggie: You just have too much magical and physical strength, Leona-san! Haahー I'm gonna go drink some water…
Epel: M-Me too…
???: ーAha!! Todo-senpai, you're amazing.
Leona: …
Floyd: I was watching~ You protected that disc all by yourself against so many opponents.
Floyd: I wanna go up against you sometime at your strongest.
Leona: …
Floyd: Hey, let me join the next practice.
Floyd: I think you'd have waaay more fun against me than these little guppies, don’t you?
Leona: …It's been about five minutes.
Leona: Magift Club Members! Break is over!!
Floyd: Eh? Hey, Todo-senpai?
Leona: Everyone, let's resume practice!
Epel/Ruggie: YESSIR!
Floyd: Hey, don't ignore me…!
Tumblr media
[The Other Dimension – Sparkling Chamber]
Leona: (…So basically, I didn't play with him, so he went home and sulked.)
Leona: (Ugh. I can't be expected to babysit kids even here at Night Raven College.)
Leona: …So, club activities are cancelled during Halloween Week, you know.
Leona: Ordinarily, I'm all for them doing their own thing during practice, but before Halloween, I end up getting pretty passionate about training.
Leona: It's possible that I unintentionally ignored Floyd.
Leona: Sorry I couldn't entertain your precious sibling.
Jade: Oh, no, that should be my line. I apologize that he inconvenienced you by disrupting your practice.
Jade: Floyd is quite partial to strong people. In addition to your being a magift player…
Jade: You are also quite the capable mage, I'm sure he only wished to challenge you with all his abilities.
Leona: You give me too much credit. Even if we were to have an impromptu match, I don't think I can live up to his expectations, you know?
Jade: Fufufu. How humble.
Leona: That's all I can really say. As I said earlier…
Leona: He wasn't any kind of "inconvenience", you see? Does that help to relieve your worries?
Jade: Fufu. Both Floyd and I should thank you for your magnanimous personality.
Leona: Yeah, thanks. I appreciate you praising me like this, but in this case it has nothing to do with me.
Leona: If you're looking to hear something that's helpful to your work, you should hit up someone else.
Jade: Oya, whatever do you mean? I still have not had enough of our discussion, Leona-san…
Leona: You don't get it at all. I'm telling you out of the goodness of my heart.
Leona: Even if you were to continue talking to me, you "won't be able to gather any more information" from me.
Leona: Continuing this conversation will only serve to waste both our time.
Jade: Oya… How vexing.
Jade: I only wished to grow my friendship with you, Leona-san.
Leona: Hah, don't make me laugh.
Leona: If you're that worried about your brother, all you had to do is stay by his side and watch him.
Leona: Your whole purpose of coming to talk to me using your "important family" as an excuse is…
Leona: To feel out my weaknesses, is that right?
Jade: Fufufu... How kind of you to have continued the conversation even with such suspicions.
Leona: Well, it's just a bother to ever be in debt to one of you Octavinelle guys.
Leona: I was just paying you back for this drink you brought me by chatting with you.
Jade: I see. It seems you are one with a keen sense of duty, then. I seem to have learned one thing.
Leona: Yeah, regardless of how I may come off, I actually do have a delicate side. Just leave me be next time.
Jade: Thank you for the entertaining time. Let us talk again sometime soon.
Leona: …What an incorrigible guy.
Leona: [sigh] …How bothersome. I didn't think I'd have to keep an eye out for their intentions even on Halloween.
Leona: …And right when I thought the easy-to-deal-with folks were returned safely, I'm rewarded with this for all my troubles along the way.
Tumblr media
Leona: BOO!
(Part 1) Part 2
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glass-cage-of-emotion-12 · 22 hours ago
Hello! I have returned! Married life with Floyd, married life with Jade..... Argh! I can't choose! But since I love both of them, can you do married life with two eels? (I'm interested in how you write them)
Is poly marriage allowed in the sea?
Married life with Jade and Floyd Leech
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Marrying yourself into the Leech mafia the wonderfully normal Leech family, eh? Good for you. Jade pulls the covers over you gently, tucking his face into your shoulder as Floyd throws a heavy arm over your side. If you haven't gotten used to them boxing you in from both sides, you will soon.
Floyd wants to take you out all the time, to go meet all sorts of fun people. Jade's got mushrooms all over the house. I don't wanna stay here anymore! But Jade would rather stay home with some tea and a good book. You wound me, Floyd. What's wrong with my mushrooms? So you three settle on taking turns, but sometimes Floyd doesn't play fair.
Both of the Leech are quite active with their interests, so prepare for a workout every weekend. Whether it's Jade dragging taking you with him to his weekly hikes, or Floyd wanting you to come play a sport with him, you're going to be just as fit and healthy as them soon enough.
They have very different ways of showing affection. Jade's love is quiet and soothing, making you your favourite drink, giving you a massage after a long day. And Floyd's love is showy, hand-holding, hugs and kisses, everyone knows you're in love after spending five minutes with you both 😍.
When it comes to pets, you're probably going to have a lot of them. Some fish for Jade to take care of, decorating the aquarium and all, with Floyd peering at them every afternoon. As well as a dog or cat to (hopefully) burn off Floyd's excessive energy.
They mostly Jade can be busy with working for Azul sometimes, but they make sure not to neglect you to the best of their ability. Jade texts you between shifts, sometimes bringing you a meal from the restaurant. Floyd mostly ditches work in favor of coming to see you. Azul is this close to asking you to work for him.
Floyd misses his family a lot, Jade less so. Still, you will be taken to their annual family gatherings, where you find out from whom Jade and Floyd inherited their personalities from. Just be careful around the rest of their family members 😬.
All in all, good luck keeping up with your husbands. May your marriage last for years to come~
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bakujho · a day ago
New Leech twins theory: they came from the same egg and that's why they say one isn't older or younger than the other.
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ovega · a day ago
Tumblr media
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draceempressa · a day ago
I like that TW went extra miles to clarify that fey are still more alien than mermen, despite seemingly fey lived on same land surface as normal people and mermen lives underwater
Like, mermen actually made an attempt to reach out to mankind' culture, making an institute to learn the humans' culture for mermen who wanted to live on land, when fey made no such attempt, there is only war.
and ofc this come from someone who considers the appeal of the fey is precisely how ethereal and whimsical they are sooo
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noodles-and-oodles · 19 hours ago
Love the baby hcs for both vice dorm leaders and dorm leaders soo i might as well request the same concept for the 1st years if thats okay with you 💦
It’s A-Okay with me! Almost all of NRC is done now with all of these baby requests 🤣🤣🤣 to finish it up, I’ll just add Silver, Floyd, & Cater to this one!! (This is going to be a hefty one whew chile) Thank you for requesting and I hope this is to your liking!!
Cater Diamond
Cater shrieks when he sees your babyfied form, who did this to his poor s/o?! When the culprits are revealed to be the very duo that brought you to him, Cater can’t even bring himself to be shocked anymore
Cater surely isn’t prepared to take care of you, not in the slightest, but he does his damn best with some help along the way. But he sort of has a problem with trying to capture your every move, cooing and pressing the button on his phone to take dozens of photos of you. He just finds you too adorable!
When Cater’s magicam becomes inevitably filled with many photos and videos of you, his followers are confused. Cater has a kid??? When??? They knew nothing about this from the boy who normally keeps everyone updated on what’s going on in his life (for the most part)
Cater tries his best to feed you the proper things that a baby needs, he’ll spend hours on the internet looking up several different guides and watching videos. He wants to make sure he’s doing this right! It’s also only normal that he’d clone himself so that he can take care of many things at once like you, work, magicam posts, etc.
The Heartslabyul third year is very affectionate with you and he absolutely melts like a popsicle in the blazing sun when you return his affections. He’ll get sad if others get the same treatment though, he thought he was special (poor Cater LOL)
When you’re finally back to normal, Cater is relieved. Taking care of you was hard work but the fruits of his labor was sure worth it! He’ll share them with you, gushing about how you were so cute lol
Ace Trappola
When the accident happened in potions, Ace is horrified at your baby form. Deuce and him argue back and forth about whose fault it was before Crewel starts glaring. He doesn’t care whose fault it is, ONE of them had to take responsibility (they flipped a coin and Ace lost JDNSKDKSK)
There should be a sign slapped on his forehead that says ‘DON’T GIVE HIM CHILDREN’ because boy I wouldn’t trust my child with Ace if my life AND his life depended on it. He’s the worst person to give a baby tbh
Y’all know that meme with the girl doing a Kobe with a baby? Yeah, that would be Ace. He’ll bring you to basketball practice and forget about you, might even pick you up to use you as a basketball as a joke and then actually drop you (but he catches you!)
Has likely almost dropped you on your head multiple times, having you be officially labeled as that baby that was dropped smh. His safety skills are on a never moving scale of 0 to 10, his position always being 0.
Doesn’t have a clue what to give a baby and doesn’t feel assed to ask so he pretty much feeds you whatever he has on hand. Trey is extremely scared that you’ll grow a cavity and has since told Ace to let him know whenever you get hungry
Ace isn’t good with being affectionate, he thinks it totally isn’t cool but if it’s in private he may allow it. He’ll call you a cheeky kid and pinch your cheeks til they turn red like the bully he is. But don’t cry, he’ll give your cheek a kiss in apology!
The moment you’re back to normal, Ace is pulling your cheeks and cooing at you as if you’re still a baby. What happened to his little chubster? You were sooooo cute~
Deuce Spade
This dude is still a baby himself-
Deuce is also in horror when seeing the result of his and Ace’s accident during potions. He couldn’t believe you’d fallen victim to it…guilt is eating him up and he volunteers to take care of you until Crewel can figure out a way to change you back
Deuce doesn’t let you out of his sights for a moment, or at least he tries not to. His nerves have kicked into overdrive and he shits bricks whenever you do something even remotely dangerous. Because he’s on edge, his delinquent side also makes appearances more often, ready to crush anyone who dares to harm a hair on your precious head
Deuce would totally call his mom and ask for help, he can’t do this by himself after all! He’d be rambling about everything and eventually his mother would likely scold him and just try to coach him as best as she can over the phone
Affection isn’t his strong suit and he’ll blush if you nuzzle your nose against his but in the end, he’ll give you a warm smile. You’re just so cute, how could anybody resist that infectious laughter?
He gets you a chick onesie
Deuce is an apologetic mess when you finally get back to normal but imagine his surprise when you thank him instead. You could remember some parts of your time as a baby and all of them were full of Deuce doing his best to take care of you
Jack Howl
The poor Savanaclaw first year is startled when ADeuce come crying to him with a little ball of stress in Deuce’s arms. He picks up your scent immediately and can only stare in shock as the two tell him about what happened during their potions class
At first, Jack is hesitant to take care of you. He’s afraid that he’ll hurt you just by holding you but he isn’t given much choice when the ADeuce combo just drops you into his arms. You’re the most precious thing in the world to him and he’s determined to protect you with all he’s got
You go EVERYWHERE with Jack, there isn’t a moment where you are by yourself. He doesn’t trust anyone to watch you even for a second, not even Ruggie (and certainly not Leona LMAO). He’s not too well verse on how to feed a baby but he’ll do some reading before serving you anything really, also using his own sense of smell to make sure that it’s okay for you to eat
If you’re bored, he’ll let you play with his tail, even if you yank it or try to put the fur in your mouth he’ll gently scold you and tell you not to do that. But if you continue anyways, then he’ll just sigh.
Jack’s often holding you in his arms so it’s not hard for you to reach up and squish his cheeks, or even press your cheeks together. His tail wags in delight at your affection but he won’t move a muscle, letting you do as you please.
You can FEEL his relief when you finally turn back, he’ll take a seat and just sit there. He’s so thankful that you’re finally back to your regular self, maybe now he can get a good night’s rest
Floyd Leech
ADeuce must have been turned down by everyone else if they’re handing you over to Floyd of all people. Both of them know that he’s not exactly the most trustworthy but you’re his s/o, wouldn’t he treat you more carefully?
Remember what I said about Ace being the worst? Yeah I LIED. This mf right here? He is the absolute, most positively, worst man to leave a baby in his care. You’re not seeing that baby again jk jk…maybe-?
Doesn’t know what to feed you, doesn’t care, matter of fact he wonders if he can feed you certain things before just shrugging his shoulders and giving it to you. If it weren’t for Jade finally stepping in, not because he cares but because he doesn’t need Floyd being charged with murder of an infant, you’d probably be dead within the hour
He holds you in a hazardous way whether it be by your arm or your leg, surprisingly you giggle so it only eggs the eel’s dangerous behavior on. He’ll even put you on his shoulder and let you hold on to his head (but he’ll keep his hands on you to make sure you don’t fall)
Floyd loves your little affections and he’ll return them tenfold. Be careful though! This eel loves to squeeze and if he gets too excited, he may forget his strength and just try to smother you with all the affection he has to offer
He’ll be sad when you’re back to normal, he missed seeing your tiny baby form. You were so cute and he could just squeeze you all day~
Epel Felmier
Another baby taking care of a baby smh
Epel has no idea how to react when he sees the baby you, his eyes just staring at you in Deuce’s arms. Why does stuff like this happen to him? Not that he’s often told to take care of babies but…you get the idea!!
The pomefiore first year tries his best to be gentle with you, it isn’t too hard and you weigh like, nothing anyways lol. He’s protective of you but he doesn’t keep you on a tight leash, allowing you to have your freedoms and whatnot
Applesauce. That’s all your diet consists of, applesauce. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. It becomes such a nuisance to Vil that he has to step in and scold the boy, telling him that you can’t live off of just that. From then on, Vil makes a dietary plan for you and gives it to Epel, instructing him to follow everything he’s written on it
Epel struggles to be affectionate with you at first but once he warms up to you nuzzling his cheek every now and then, he won’t be as stiff. He’ll make apple carvings for you in return, chuckling every now and then as you try to eat the carvings
Nap time for you is probably his favorite time, he doesn’t have to be so fretful all the time nor does he have to worry about your cries. He may even take a nap with you if he’s that tuckered out from a long day of babysitting
Eventually, you turn back to normal and Epel will throw an internal party. He’s so happy to have you back as your normal self but he’ll totally say you owe him one lol
Silver is shocked when the ADeuce duo gives him a baby, wondering why the baby looked so familiar as well. Through all their rambling they somehow manage to finally get across that they made a mistake and now you are, well, a baby
Now y’all know this man has narcoleptic tendencies so why…you know what, it doesn’t even matter. He takes responsibility for you regardless of his sleepy disposition, saying that as a knight and as your s/o he’ll do his best to watch over you
The knight takes you pretty much everywhere, not really wanting to let you stray from his sight. Sure he gets weird looks but he hardly notices them since he’s so focused on you.
If Silver is ever lost on something, who better to ask than the very man that raised him? Lilia’s advice is for the most part helpful, but anything that has to do with cooking is instantly disregarded
Your feeding is mostly overseen by Malleus and Lilia, the faes do their best to help out where they can. In reality, it’s just Lilia suggesting many things he can cook and Malleus turning all of them down. If Silver manages to stay awake, he’ll give you something that he bought from the shop, hoping that it’s to your liking
Silver’s way of affection is holding you close while he sleeps, making sure that he isn’t crushing you and leaving you enough room to breathe and move around. He won’t even notice if you nuzzle his cheeks before taking a nap of your own lol
Once you finally get back to normal, Silver is pretty chill about it. You didn’t give him too much trouble and he’ll reminisce slightly about how cute you were but other than that, he’ll just say that he’s glad you’re you again
Sebek Zigvolt
This man is screaming, crying, and shitting himself. What do you mean his s/o has been turned into a baby because of two idiots?! Sebek is scolding the shit out of Ace and Deuce, so loud that the entire Diasomnia dorm felt as if they were being yelled at as well
Sebek grabs you away from them and is immediately running to Lilia, reiterating what he was told and asking if the fae can help him out since he raised both Silver and Malleus. Lilia is overjoyed that Sebek asks for his help and immediately starts giving tips and pointers for caring for a child
Sebek follows everything Lilia tells him to a ‘T’. He’ll have you be the healthiest baby on the planet if he could, and he doesn’t stray at all, not even with those big doe eyes of yours. Nu uh, he ain’t falling for it…
Okay, maybe you can have a snack…and an extra nap…and play with his hair…but that’s it!!!! Sebek is an absolute sucker for your smile, he’d do anything to see it and if that meant giving you a crumb of leniency, than he’ll do it when no one is looking that is
He’s extremely protective, ready to yell, bark, shout, scream, etc at anyone who puts you in harms way. This is his s/o and he’s going to protect you with everything he’s got, I feel sorry for the other guys lmao
Affection? He doesn’t do well with it at all. He’s shouting: ‘Stop that human!!’ constantly but if you just continue he’ll have no other choice but to let it happen. The most he’ll return the affection is holding your tiny hand, admiring the softness that comes with it
Once you are finally back to normal, Sebek will tell you all about his heroic deeds that he did for you while you were a baby. Praise him a bit, okay? He worked hard <3
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persephone-flower · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
"I wanted pomegranates, darkness- and you Idia♡"
Tumblr media
Name: Persephone Soteira 
Age: 18
Percy, Percy-chan: Most people
Kitten, Kora, 3D waifu, my player 2: Idia
la jeune fille (The maiden): Rook
Physalia-chan (The blue bottle jellyfish): Floyd
The name Persephone is thought to mean “destroy” and "murder." 
꧁Twisted from꧂ 
The Goddess Persephone- Below ground, she was dreaded as the goddess of the Underworld. So feared was she, that mortals often invoked her name in curses.
Persephone is graceful and considerate, she adores anything she finds cute. Though seemingly innocent, she is not one to be toyed with! Anyone unfortunate enough as to invoke her wrath will soon find out how vengeful Percy can be.
꧁Unique magic: Seeds of Wrath꧂ 
This spell is slow burning but deadly like poison, victims slowly have their magic drained from them to Percy until there's nothing left. With it, their physical health deteriorates. This process is extremely painful and can not be broken with outside forces only until Percy decides to stop the spell. 
School uniform Sprite
Dorm uniform Sprite
꧁Extra Details꧂ 
Year/Class: 3rd year 3-B, sits next to Ortho and Idia’s tablet
Birthday: 09/05
Species: (Demi-Goddess; distantly related to the Greek Gods) Daughter of the twisted version Goddess of Harvest, Demeter.
Gender: Female
Height: 167cm/ 5′6
Dominant hand: Right
Place of origin: Isle of Lamentation 
Eye colour: Lime Green/turquoise with specks of pink and indigo
Club: Science Club
Best subject: Biology (specifically necromancy!)
Likes: Dancing/Singing, Reading, Gardening and Animals
Dislikes: Thunderstorms, small spaces and her mother controlling behaviour to her
Favorite food: Gummy drops (pomegranate flavor) 
Disliked food: Anything bitter tasting
Talents: Can finish books in less than 5 mins
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piochin204 · 3 months ago
(Blog still under editing but lemme post this AHAHAHA)
Face reactions I nonstop loving it during 'Suit Up' A.k.a Birthday Banner of Twst Boys (*≧∀≦*)
The Perfect Smile Birthday Boy
Tumblr media
The Winky & Smile Birthday Boy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Closed Eyed Birthday Boy
Tumblr media
The Formal Smile Birthday Boy
Tumblr media
The at least Smiled Birthday Boy
Tumblr media
(Must protect the last two dorms I'm crying already (இ﹏இ`。)
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💓🥀💋😆👀 for floyd please •3• I hope I didn't ask too much-
Dolphin!!! I was wondering where you went.
Emoji prompt 💓🥀💋😆👀 for Floyd
💓 How do they act when they realize they’re in love/have a crush?
If you're really observant, you might notice Floyd being more touchy with you than the others, or being in a good mood and giving you free food (that he made himself)! Other than that, you probably won't know about his crush until you piece together he and Jade's ambiguous comments, as well as Azul's complaining about Floyd's sudden spike in ditching his shifts.
🥀 How do they act when falling out of love?
Like he's in a bad mood, but only with you. He'll pull a face and trudge away whenever you approach him, but then you'll see him playing with Kalim immediately. He will call you annoying if you keep pushing for him to spend time with you. Your relationship is completely dead once he loses interest in you, but breaking up officially is for you to finalize.
💋 How do they kiss?
Sometimes they're ravenous and sometimes they're short and sweet. No matter how he's feeling at the moment, he strives to leave you breathless. Hehe, like a fish out of water!
😆 How do they make their s/o laugh?
Just being his usual playful self should be able to have you wheezing on the ground. But if you're feeling particularly down, his first instinct is to pull funny faces. It always works with kids and Jade! But if that doesn't work, then he'll tell a joke! Or slip on a banana peel so you can laugh at him. 🤷‍♀️ Anything to cheer you up.
👀 Are they protective?
Ahem. Very. He'll offer to beat up anyone who's bothering you, partly because he likes to fight, but hey. And if he can't beat up the person, he'll get Jade and Azul to help him out some other way.
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twst-shenanigans · 10 days ago
Basically what happened in TWST Halloween event Part 2
*sudden realization that Deuce, MC, and Grimm are missing*
Ace: *silent tear* “Where are my friends? Give me back my friends…!”
Crowley: “This has turned out to be a very serious predicament. We need to think of a logical solution that wouldn’t hurt anyone.”
Floyd: *calmly walks to the mirror with a baseball bat in hand*
*encountering the ghosts*
Silver: “If you help us, we’ll return the mirror to you.”
Jamil (without his impulse control *cough, Kalim, cough*): “Return this!👊🏽”
Jack: “I was possessed by a ghost, and it made me be disrespectful to my seniors and cry?!”
Jack: “That ghost is gonna wish it was never born!”
Jamil: “I think you mean died.”
*finding Jade?*
Ruggie: “How can you tell that’s Jade? He could be Floyd.”
Riddle: “Oh don’t worry. I’ve learned how to tell Jade apart from the annoying specimen he calls a brother.”
*finding Deuce? crying*
Trey: *mother instincts kick into high gear*
Sebek: “Oh suck it up, you shameful human!”
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Random Thoughts!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I realized a little while ago that there’s this idea (not sure of how common it is) that Leona and Malleus have special nicknames for the main character, Yuu (Leona’s being “herbivore” and Malleus’s being “child of man”). I don’t think this is actually the case!
If you look at the main cast, only Rook and Floyd really have nicknames specifically for Yuu (”Trickster” and “Shrimp”, respectively). They don’t call anyone else by these names. Leona and Malleus, meanwhile, are occasionally shown to use the terms “herbivore” and “child(ren) of man” to refer to other humans or to humans as a collective.
Related to the whole nickname thing: I think that Leona and Floyd’s wording (“herbivore(s)” and “Shrimp”) is not meant to be endearing, it’s meant to be derogatory.
In Leona’s case, I think it’s to point out how weak he believes the other party to be (compared to carnivores, who are typically hunters that use their strength, agility, and/or smarts to overtake their prey). His natural arrogance really helps play into this as well. He thinks highly of himself and looks down on others, so it’s reasonable to think that he’s calling humans “herbivores” to assert his own dominance and power over them.
In Floyd’s case, I think it’s a subtle way for him to mock others via the traits of the sea creatures he names others after (the most obvious example here being Shrimp, most likely referring to being small and Floyd’s perception of Yuu as being weak/magicless). The only people he ever refers to by name are Jade and Azul, two people he’s close to and knows well. I believe back when he first paid attention to Azul in middle school, he called Azul “Octopus/Tako-chan”, but now Floyd knows him and likes him enough to drop the nickname. For Floyd, I think that dropping the nickname is actually more endearing, respectful, and special than granting a nickname.
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