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#jamil viper x reader
hurricaneonanesthesia · 2 days ago
poly jamilxkalimxmc hcs :D?
Oh lord, if you can somehow manage to get Jamil to work with Kalim in getting your affections I will personally applaud you lmao. Here you go anon! Sorry this is a bit short, I’m busy speedrunning my hw aha. ~Admin Hurricane
If you’re in a poly relationship with Jamil and Kalim, prepare yourself dear reader ;)
Kalim is most likely more forward about expressing his affection for you, mans has no shame and he will pamper, praise, and shower you in affection and gifts. Something catches your eye? No problem! Kalim’s on it and he’ll buy 10 of the same thing.
Jamil on the other hand is a bit more conservative. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t have as much affection for you! He’d just prefer to keep PDA to a minimum in public as opposed to Kalim who will practically cling to you.
Jamil’s love language includes words of affirmation, quality time, and physical touch cause we all know he’s touch starved af. He won’t necessarily be upfront about when he craves affection so you’ll have to initiate most of the time unless you guys are alone.
Kalim’s love language on the other hand includes quality time, physical touch, and acts of service. He enjoys spending time with both you and Jamil because it’s the two people in the world that he loves the most and he wouldn’t exchange anything for it.
Even though you’re in a relationship with the two of them, Jamil definitely gets a bit jealous when you’re giving attention to Kalim as opposed to him when the three of you are together, he doesn’t have as much compared to Kalim so it takes some gentle kisses and reassurance that you love him just as much. Rip jamil inferiority complex
Kalim reassures Jamil that he is just as loved as well! He can’t leave him out too, especially when you mean the world to the both of them.
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majesties-palace · 12 hours ago
[ heed tags ]
your voice is low when you speak, but it still manages to make the male jump. he drops the rope in his hands and allows the body to drop to the floor.
the brunette says nothing when he stands and straightens his spine, a deep breath filling his lungs as he calms himself.
"jamil." you repeat, taking several steps towards him. he turns with the rigidity of a statue, refusing to meet your gaze. he kicks the body to the side and begins backing away when you draw closer to him.
"jamil," there's no fear in your voice. no resignation. just concern. just love. it scared him. "stop running from me. you could never hurt me."
the male's lips thin when he stops backing away, watching as you glanced to the corpse with squinted eyes before snapping your attention back to him. it takes every muscle in his body not to shrink in on himself when you finally stand toe-to-toe with him.
he's hyper-aware of your breath hitting his skin. the rise and fall of your chest grazing against his own. the way your fingers graze his jaw with the touch of a feather. the way your weight shifts onto him when your lean onto him.
jamil's brows furrow when your eyes soften and trail over his face. "are you okay?" his jaw unclenches when you ask him this.
he just murdered someone and you're asking if he's okay?
blinking himself out of his stupor, he nods and pulls your hands away from his face. "y— .. yes.." he mutters, letting the tips of his fingers linger around your wrist before returning to his sides. ".. i'll be fine."
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twistedr0se · 25 days ago
Dorm leaders + Jamil reacting to their s/o getting attention from their RSA counterparts (I.e the Disney princesses/heroes)
Note: GN(gender neutral) reader, Leona’s RSA counterpart is not Cheka, but another beastman prince with personality similarities to adult simba, Kalim isnt included here since he doesn’t have a “hero” counterpart ;^;
Riddle Rosehearts
Tumblr media
- Riddle isn’t one to get jealous of his s/o getting attention, he trusts that they won’t get easily swayed by any random flirt
- But this…this is a different scenario
- Why do so many students from RSA know you?? And more importantly, why are they all trying to win your heart all of a sudden??!!
- Riddle couldn’t make sense of it. But what’s more nonsensical is seeing Ellis, the resident daydreamer and troublemaker (a former friend) back in his middle school get smitten with you.
- He starts pouting whenever he sees the two of you during school festivals, unbeknownst to him, the two of you are pulling one big prank to mess with him a little
- The both of you hug him lots, you two would make it a competition as to who would make riddle red the fastest and it always ends up in a tie (much to the chagrin of your redhead bf)
Leona Kingscholar
Tumblr media
- Unlike riddle, Leona is the complete opposite and is INCREDIBLY jealous and possessive of you when you told him of all the RSA students who took an interest in you
- Seeing those spoiled princes fumble their words trying to flirt with you makes the poor lion’s blood boil.
- “Why do I hear boss music?”
- His sense of jealousy skyrockets when he finds out that another beastman prince has taken an interest in you. A charismatic firstborn prince from a neighboring kingdom in the afterglow savannah wants HIS herbivore?! He isn’t going to stand for this.
- He would growl at just about any RSA student that would look at your direction. If he’s going to have his date be disturbed by a bunch of goody two shoes then there would be hell to pay
- Honestly this situation is very comedic to watch on the outside, seeing an overgrown cat be overprotective of his s/o is funnier than Ruggie and Jack thought it would be…
Azul Ashengrotto
Tumblr media
- Azul would hate to admit it but the moment he saw you receiving letters and gifts from the shaky hands of the RSA students he felt like crawling into his octo pot and crying in peace
- he envisioned all the ways he could rope those boys into a contract with him as punishment for bothering his dear angelfish. Jade had to hold him back from nearly exhausting his magic if he ever did succeed in getting every single RSA student to do his bidding.
- He thought that he’d seen the end of it until he heard a familiar voice chat with his s/o
- “RIELLE????”
- You’ll have to thank the tweels for restraining Azul before he does something he’ll regret later on when he saw you receiving a tiny conch shell as a souvenir he bought during his travels
- when all is said and done you gave Azul some warm hugs and a kiss to assure him that he is the one for you.
Jamil Viper
Tumblr media
- Like riddle, he isn’t one to get jealous so easily over some boys from RSA. He remains completely poker faced and calm whenever the usual flock of boys try to vie for your attention
-…is what it looked like on the outside
- on the inside, he’s annoyed and irritated that not just one, but MANY boys from RSA took a sudden interest in you for whatever reason (he still can’t figure it out to this day).
- It’s bad enough that he had to keep up with kalim’s antics, but now he has to keep an eye out on any student from RSA that tries to even think of flirting with you. Like that one suspiciously charismatic student and his monkey familiar, that one floating person and- Is that one of kalim’s cousins?!
- He spends most of his time shooing the people crowding you during any events NRC and RSA have together and acts as your bodyguard bf against any annoying disturbances
- The best part about this arrangement is that you two spend a lot of time giving away all the unwanted gifts to friends or family. Knowing that you easily parted with these romantic gifts eases his mind and tells him that you will always be with him no matter how many adversaries stand in your way.
Vil Schoenheit
Tumblr media
- Vil looks down in disgust at how those unpolished potatoes fumble their words at a poor attempt to flirt with his sweet potato. Their performance was honestly pathetic and a bit pitiful at times, he was sure that you wouldn’t be swayed by such unruly manners when you have the queen himself by your side.
- Still, it’s hard for him to remain calm when they try and hold your hand, gift you flowers, and inch uncomfortably close that he could’ve swore that they invaded your personal space multiple times
- He still remained confident that some random potatoes wouldn’t shake your will. After all, your lover was the fairest of them all! Who else could compete with him?
- “neige.”
- In all honesty, Neige really didn’t think that what he was doing would be considered romantic in the eyes of Vil. I mean, complimenting you and giving you little trinkets is what friends do right??
- Neige’s innocence was adorable yet so…so dangerous, but regardless, your love for Vil is stronger than Neige’s unintentional ditzy behavior
Idia Shroud
Tumblr media
- Idia gets REALLY insecure about this whole debacle. It’s bad enough that he has to worry about normies bothering his s/o at night ravens, but to see the same thing BUT with the airheaded kinds in RSA??? A school full of caters and kalims?!?! The poor boy can’t stand it
- When you’re away, He’ll scream at the top of his lungs “WHY ARE THOSE NORMIES FLOCKING MY S/O??? WHAT KIND OF SHITTY ROMANCE ANIME PLOT IS THIS???”
- You’re just as confused as he is when you suddenly caught the attention of Hercules, the RSA boy who is a descendant of a Greek god with the same name. “I guess I just attract himbos” you said jokingly during one of your many game nights with him
- He’ll grumble a lot about how Hercules isn’t all that and he’s an “overhyped” character. “W-who needs all that muscle mass when they’re not that technically savvy…” he says as he hunches back like a banana in his seat…
- All it took was a peck on the cheek and some reassurance that you won’t be leaving him for some beefy students at your rival school
Malleus Draconia
Tumblr media
- Malleus felt a sense of uneasiness quell inside of him when he saw that you’ve been receiving attention from royal sword academy
- The school full of prince charmings, ones that have students that descended from dragon slayers and witch hunters, are now giving you gifts and flirting with you directly, not knowing that you already have a Prince Charming, and that was malleus.
- He sulks at the thought of you accepting one of the so called “Prince Charming”’s proposals and ending up getting swept away by one of them. Lilia assured that this wasn’t the case, and for a time malleus believed it.
- That is until he saw one particular boy strike up a conversation with you. Aurelius, Descendant of Prince Philip and Princess Aurora handed a rose to you in one of the school gardens. Malleus couldn’t just sit there and watch by the balcony as he sees that his most precious treasure is being taken away by another prince
- You barged into the room a few minutes after silver and sebek had broken up your conversation with the blonde over an “emergency” with the young master, only to find out that nothing is out of the ordinary. Nothing except one sulking dragon fae that sat near the window.
- “malleus, you said this was an emergency” you said, pouting at how dramatic your boyfriend can be as he held you close to him in his bed. “My dearest treasure nearly got stolen by another prince, is that not enough of an emergency?” He retorted back, smiling mischievously. Ah, you really couldn’t argue in that case…
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star-crossed-cafe · 23 days ago
Hi, there~! So I have this really fun idea in my head. I would like a scenario in which the fem! reader askes the Dorm Leaders (including Jamil) to be her pretend boyfriend. But what happens if the boys fall in love for real? Super fluff, please! Thanks!
summary: dorm leaders + jamil + pretending to the reader's boyfriend [fake dating]
warnings: gendered reader
word count: 2.9k
author's note: anon, this is one of the Baker's favorite tropes ever! fake dating my beloved ♡ also, for future requests, please note the Baker is only accepting requests up to all of the dorm leaders, but as this request was sent in before the Baker added that rule, he will still do all + jamil regardless
✧.* ✎ today is a double upload day! look forward to a second post in a little bit! i hope you enjoy!!
Tumblr media
You... wanted him to pretend to be your boyfriend? Riddle was speechless.
Such an idea could only be described as ridiculous! Why even ask him? If it was for something stupid, which he figured it was, you'd be better off asking the first years, he scoffed.
But you were insistent that you needed him to pretend to be your boyfriend and, when you flashed your adorable puppy eyes at him, he couldn't find it in him to say no.
Pretending to be your boyfriend sure as an experience all right. He always turned red just at the thought of it, almost giving away the fact that it was a ploy.
In true Riddle form, however, he really gave it his all. He did his best to fulfill the role you set out for him, even if his acting skills weren't the best.
Unfortunately for him, however, there was a cost. The longer Riddle pretended you were his girlfriend, the more he found himself yearning for it to be true. It was almost like he was convincing even himself that it wasn't a farce, and he didn't immediately know what to do.
His heart started beating faster around you, his blushing coming from a genuine feeling of love instead of embarrassment. He was beginning to fall for you, and he didn't know how to deal with it.
His heart still fluttered whenever you acted like he was your boyfriend, but now Riddle had real feelings behind it. He wanted, yearned, for it to be true when you claimed it, deliberating on if he should ever tell you.
Straightforward as always, after thinking about it for a while, Riddle decided to test his luck and confess to you, thinking you at least didn't dislike him if you had asked him to be your pretend boyfriend.
Tumblr media
Huh? Why the hell would you ask him that? All Leona did at first was raise an eyebrow at you, carefully scanning you with brilliant, emerald eyes. He couldn't tell what you wanted from your proposition, but it sounded like a lot more effort than he was willing to put forth.
Somehow, you convinced him. It was almost miraculous, really, like some kind of magic. You were surprised he didn't send you off to find and ask Ruggie, instead agreeing to your idea with a relative lack of struggle.
Calling Leona your boyfriend, whether it was real or not, was an instant shock to the rest of the student body. How did you manage to pull that off, they wondered, surprise evident on their faces.
Leona was a perfect actor, playing his role without fail. His expression was impassive and his acting immaculate. There was no telling if it was real or fake with him, so most instantly believed the story, even if it seemed rather sudden.
Eventually, however, the acting began to get muddled with reality. He found himself thinking you really were his girlfriend, slowly realizing that feelings began to take place in his heart, digging their roots in deep. Leona hated it.
When he held your hand for all to see, he wanted it to be real. He wanted to really be your boyfriend, the one getting to flaunt you in front of the students. He didn't want this stupid, fake ploy any longer. Why did he ever agree to this!?
He'd lean back in his chair, thinking about how he wanted to go about this. What could he say, what could he do? How would he even approach you about this? Just walk up to you and say "why not make it real?"
Eventually, Leona decided he had enough. His heart felt full to bursting when he looked at you and he wanted this to be real already!
So, with no pointless run around, he sat you down with him (in private, of course) and laid it all bare in front of you, telling you that he wanted this relationship to be genuine already. It was up to you to decide...
Tumblr media
Agreeing to a deal with Azul always had risks. There was always collateral to be given, and he was a coy, coy man. He knew that if you wanted his help that badly, you would be willing to give him almost anything he wanted, so he played his cards wisely.
So, with his usual self-assured smile, secure in his dealings, he agreed to your request, thanking you for doing business with him.
This was a business deal, no more, no less. There were no strings attached and no hidden charges, a fair and square agreement to which the both of you signed your names. When Azul appeared before the rest of the student body beside you, claiming to be your boyfriend, he had every intention to hold up the deal as agreed on.
The rest of the student body couldn't tell it was a ploy, really? Very few could ever truly read Azul and were capable of seeing through his lies, but that minority didn't care enough to point it out. His acting was passible, accustoming to his new role rather easily.
He was always going a bit above and beyond. Call it a VIP benefit, and what lead to his eventual downfall, but he was always doing just a bit extra to really sell the act. Sliding his hand into yours when you sat together, sweetly dabbing at your lips with a napkin after you eat, whatever it took. He played his role well, acting like he truly was smitten with you.
Unfortunately for him, however, the deal changed. Soon, his heart cascaded into a waterfall of affection for you, developing intense romantic love for you before he could stop it.
This wasn't supposed to happen! He was supposed to play his role and get his payment and that was it! Not only was this a breach of contract, but this was also an extreme deviation from the plan! Completely unaccounted for! Azul never would have figured it would backfire this badly and, if he had, he would have asked for more payment upfront.
These annoying feelings for you swirling around his heart led to him sitting at his desk in his office, staring blankly as his head swam with thoughts of you.
He wanted to truly be your boyfriend. The one you showed off with a gleeful smile, no strings attached. The one you greeted with joy and delight every morning and loved dearly. He wanted to be the one you looked at with pride, the one you were happy to call yours.
It seemed it was time for the two of you to draw up a new deal...
Tumblr media
You didn't even have to tell him the whole plan. He was already in, big smile and everything.
Kalim made it look easy. His arm was slung around you effortlessly and his booming voice echoed your praises up and down the halls. Only Jamil knew him well enough to know it was a ploy and, as long as it didn't bring him any extra work, he didn't care.
The rest of the student body, however? They had no clue. Kalim was so sweet and so honest that they had no reason to believe he'd participate in such a plot.
As far as the rest of the school viewed it, he was your boyfriend.
How could they be blamed? He did it so effortlessly. He draped himself on you in a casually sweet way, leaning up close against you every time the two of you sat together. He shared his food with you, shoving you as much as you could handle. Affection was his forte, and he was happy to indulge in as much as possible in order to sell your act.
Honestly, Kalim was one of the least upset when it came to realizing he fell for you. He wasn't that surprised, really, and a part of him always held a lot of love for you, even if it was purely platonic. Rather than viewing it like some kind of curse, he thought of it as a fun new experience the two of you could possibly venture on together. A new adventure unfolding right before your eyes!
He didn't take too long to confront you about it. Why would he? The sooner he did told you, the sooner the two of you could (hopefully) date!
Either way, whether you accepted his confession or not, he was delighted and honored to have been asked to be your fake boyfriend.
Now all he wanted was for you to be his real girlfriend.
Tumblr media
You had to be kidding. Did the basketball club put you up to this? What about Jamil screamed that he would be willing to agree to some stupid ploy for your personal gain?
It was only when you showed him how this could benefit him too that he agreed. On one condition, of course. This would in no way, shape, or form hinder his duties or bring shame upon the Asim family.
Just like Leona, he played his part well with an unreadable expression. Lending you his hoodies, sitting beside you when able, he seemed like the perfect, princely, textbook boyfriend.
There was no way the simple fools the two of you attended school with would be able to sniff out the truth, not with his act.
Originally, Jamil approached this entire situation with careful trepidation. He had no intent to let anything more fester inside of his heart, keeping up his aloof act when the two of you were alone. There was no need to keep up the lie when it was just the two of you, so he didn't.
Nothing could ever go his way, could it? Whatever he wanted to happen the least, out of every single possible course of action, just had to happen. Before he knew it, his heart began softening. Softening just for you.
Jamil found himself genuinely worrying for your wellbeing, truly taking the extra care to pack you a wonderfully made lunch alongside Kalim's. What had happened to him? He hated doing extra work, so why was he subjecting himself to it so willingly?
The idea of falling in love with you was annoying, more obnoxious than all of Scarabia dorm during a party. This wasn't supposed to happen! What was the point of planning for things when things like this happened!
Eventually, Jamil decided to simply bite the bullet and confess to you. He reasoned that if you were able to look at his typically unapproachable self and decided to ask him to pretend to be your boyfriend, you had to at least view him favorably in comparison to the other students. A thought that warmed his heart a bit.
Perhaps... it didn't suck so much that this was how things turned out. Not if he walked away from this whole ordeal with you as his girlfriend.
Tumblr media
Well, when looking to fake anything, it is always smart to have a trained actor on your side.
Getting Vil to agree to your request was a challenge itself. He had an image, you know, and if this escaped to anyone outside of campus, it could impact his career. People liked when celebrities were single, you know, and he'd hate for his name to make headlines simply for an alleged relationship over his beauty and talent.
Similar to Azul, Vil struck up a deal with you. Not a contract, thankfully, but a set of requirements he had for if the two of you were really going to go through with this. You were lucky he went this light on you and, before you knew it, the curtain rose on your performance together.
Vil was elegant and poised as the two of you pulled the wool over the other's eyes. His skill truly shone through now as he kept his manicured hand resting around your shoulders, assuring the astounded crowd that the two of you were truly a couple.
There was never any intent for this to be real. Any of it. It was an act, just simple practice for future roles. Unfortunately, things worked out differently.
The longer he acted out his role, the more it became the truth for him. He found himself really wanting you to be his girlfriend, even off stage. When the curtain fell at night, when the show came to a close, he wanted to be the one you held dearly in your heart.
He wanted to experience the soft moments with you. Practicing skincare, making healthy smoothies together, he wanted to do it all. He wanted you to be his.
Falling for you was... an experience. Not one Vil ever thought would happen to him, sure enough. Well, a true actor was always able to adapt to any abnormality during a performance, and he was an actor through and through.
Vil ended up deciding to simply approach you in private and tell you how he felt. Perhaps you'd like to be his costar...
Tumblr media
What? Huh??? What kind of???? What were you asking him to do??????
Idia's face exploded into a million shades of red while his hair burned hotter than the school's fires. You had to be joking? Wait, that wouldn't be good either. Were you doing this just to mess with him? Did you want to bully him? Tease him? Laugh at him?
Idia refused. There was no way he was falling for this normie garbage! There was no doubt that you wanted to tease him, drag his name further through the dirt.
Your charm had to be a higher level to win him over, but you eventually wore him down.
It's not like the students would really know, anyway. He rarely made an appearance outside of his room, so you could have said anything about your relationship. To confirm it, however, Ortho trailed along sweetly behind you, nodding his head cheerfully when you revealed it. With his assurance, the students figured the two of you were truly dating and moved on.
Idia didn't. But it wasn't his fault. You took it so seriously, dropping by his room to leave him candy and snacks and texting him to ask about his games. No one had ever shown so much concern for him before, and you weren't even his real girlfriend.
This had to be some kind of plot, some villainous scheme to mess with him further and lure him into a false sense of confidence. He wouldn't fall for it!... were his famous last words. He didn't know what status ailment you afflicted him with, but it worked.
He found himself gnawing on his lip in the dark of his room, his thoughts circling only around you. Was there ever a chance of asking you out? Surely not, you'd just laugh at him. But... what if that chance really did exist?
Idia wasn't sure about taking that step yet. For now, he'd keep quiet, reveling in the attention you gave him and telling everyone he really was your boyfriend. Maybe, with time, he'd work up the courage to tell you what he really felt but, for now, he was satisfied playing this RPG with you.
Tumblr media
Oh? Aren't you cute, child of man. What an interesting proposition, definitely not something Malleus would expect from anyone else. Only you were this brave. So, valiant one, your courage would be rewarded, as Malleus easily agreed to your request.
It was more on you than him to alert others of your "relationship", but that was fine. You asked for it anyway. You told other students with a brilliant smile, and Malleus felt a hint of pride in the way other's eyes glinted with awe and shock, almost as if they couldn't believe you had gotten with one of the most powerful Wizards known to man.
Lilia was amused. Sebek was outraged. What was going on?? Lilia thought it was funny, quickly seeing through the whole plot but keeping it to himself, finding it too humorous to spoil. He'd let you carry on for as long as you wanted. Sebek, on the other hand, was too blinded with shock to realize there was nothing behind the empty relationship. He was the first to be fooled, honestly.
But then things started to change. Child of man, Malleus always had a soft spot for you. Not only were you brave, approaching him to chat without fear of his terrifying might, but you were kind. You told him about your day and asked him about his, treating him like you would every other student. It was... something he never thought he'd get to experience.
Even while your ploy was in effect, you treated him sweetly. You treated him like you viewed him in such a sweet, romantic light. Treated him like an equal. Malleus was grateful.
Malleus was smitten. There were no other words for it. You were so lovely, so sweet, so kind. He couldn't be blamed for falling for you.
It wasn't evident to you, not at first. He made no obvious change during the act, not appearing around other students enough to act like a stereotypical "boyfriend", but the look in his eyes was soft. Soft enough where, when he did appear around the other students, they believed the fake dating lie.
Eventually, Malleus reasoned that he would have to step up and truly share his feelings with you, knowing that waiting for too long would only bring him heartbreak. Besides, you were so sweet to him, the first of your kind to ever be, so surely you had to have at least some kind of soft spot for him, right? Perhaps... he would have to see for himself.
Tumblr media
ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴀꜰᴇ ɪꜱ ɴᴏᴛ ᴄᴜʀʀᴇɴᴛʟʏ ᴏᴘᴇɴ, ʙᴜᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴀᴋᴇʀ ᴛʜᴀɴᴋꜱ ʏᴏᴜ ꜰᴏʀ ʀᴇᴀᴅɪɴɢ ᴀɴᴅ ᴀᴘᴘʀᴇᴄɪᴀᴛᴇꜱ ᴀɴʏ ꜱᴜᴘᴘᴏʀᴛ
Tumblr media
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luvrbug · a month ago
Twst boy's Favorite places to kiss
(edit: i may be shadowbanned so pls comment if u see this in the tags thank u)
(a/n: sfw ofc ! i wanted to get some sort of content out, lest my blog completely whither and die)
Malleus likes to kiss your hands. He gets teased by Lilia for being so "old-fashioned".
Lilia prefers to kiss your nose. It makes you giggle, the cutest flush covering your cheeks.
Sebek is normally the one being kissed, but he's a cheek-kisser at heart. the type to text "can i kiss your cheek after school" and delete it 30 seconds later
Silver likes your shoulders, or anywhere near the shoulder-neck area. He'll wake up from napping against your shoulder, and press a sleepy kiss on your neck.
Leona's favorite pillow is your stomach, so obviously its his favorite place to kiss. If you're ticklish, i pray for you.
Ruggie likes to kiss directly between your eyebrows. It's a habit, to place a smooch there whenever he's passing by.
Jack is also a cheek kisser. He DOESN'T delete his text though. (even if his tail is between his legs while he waits for your awnser)
Azul is a temple kisser. Even when he's got a desk entirely full of paperwork, he still finds the time to give you a smooch.
Jade like to kiss your forehead. He's not really a fan of lip kisses, but his forehead kisses carry all of the words he'd ever need to say.
Floyd is an all over kisser. He doesn't have a favorite place on his beloved shrimpy; all of their body is equally kissable!
Idia is normally too embarrassed to kiss you, but he'll place a smooch on your eyelid while you sleep. (don't wake up, he'll die of embarrassment)
Vil doesn't care about smudging his lipstick when it comes to you. (he wears smudge proof anyway). He finds kissing your forehead to be soothing. A reminder that you'll always be there for him.
Rook claims to love all of your parts equally, but he pays special attention to kissing the inside of your wrists. The thrum of your pulse is soothing.
Epel is the type to ask for a hug after school. He does like to kiss your cheek, even if he does turn the colour of an apple.
Riddle isn't one for kisses in general, but he favours your lips.
Trey is also a forehead kisser, it plays into how parental he is. He'd absolutely melt if you did it back.
Cater likes your neck. It usually makes you giggle, and it just feels intimate to him. Cheek kisses are for posts, but his neck kisses show how much he cares.
Deuce would have a heart attack the moment he pressed his lips to you, but he really likes the space where your eye and nose connect.
Ace likes to kiss your stomach or any pulse point. He always wakes you up with stomach kisses.
Kalim likes to kiss everywhere! Can and Will pounce on you to smother you in kisses.
Jamil is reserved with PDA, but he loves to kiss your temple in public, and shoulders when its just you two
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drac0nia · 26 days ago
✞ 𝐁𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐒𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐨𝐧
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You're on your period and this is how he deals with it.
Periods. Enough is said. (also possible inaccuracies and no proofread)
im doing this during class and mostly bc this is helps me cope :,) (and i havent posted much-)
Tumblr media
Most dependable during these times ↴
❥ TREY, Cater, RIDDLE, Ruggie, Jade, JAMIL, VIL, Rook, Lilia (sorta), & NEIGE.
Doesn't know what to do most of the time but tries anyways for your sake ↴
❥ DEUCE, Ace, Jack, Leona (sorta), Azul, KALIM, Idia, MALLEUS, Silver, & Sebek.
Tones down the teasing so you don't get mad at him ↴
❥ ACE, Cater, LEONA, Jade, Lilia, & Chenya.
Willing to carry you around if you can't stand up ↴
❥ Deuce, Jack, Ruggie, FLOYD, KALIM, Malleus, SILVER, & Chenya (then he drops u on the bed </3).
Brings you food, he gives you whatever you crave ↴
❥ TREY, Riddle, Deuce, RUGGIE, Azul, Tweels, SCARABIA, Epel, Idia, Malleus, LILIA, & Chenya.
Persuade/tells you to take a nap with him so he doesn't have to deal with your mood swings ↴
❥ Ace, LEONA, Floyd, Idia, & Chenya.
Does shitty jokes when you're mad which makes you more irritated/frown ↴
❥ ACE, Deuce, Trey, RUGGIE, FLOYD, Kalim, Rook, Idia, LILIA, & Chenya.
He thinks pads with wings fly ↴
❥ DEUCE, Floyd, KALIM, Epel, MALLEUS, & Chenya (he's joking 🙃).
Remembers your cycle so he can be prepared ↴
❥ RIDDLE, Trey, Deuce, RUGGIE, Jade, AZUL, Jamil, VIL, Rook (for research purposes), Malleus, Lilia, & NEIGE.
Massages the sore parts of your body ↴
❥ Trey, Deuce, Riddle, Cater, RUGGIE, JADE, Azul, Scarabia, POMEFIORE, Silver, & NEIGE.
Sushi rolls you in a blanket before comforting you and placing you on their laps/cuddle ↴
❥ CATER (he saw it on magicam), Ace, LEONA, FLOYD, Epel, Idia, Lilia, & Chenya.
Lends you his coat/jacket if you have period stains ↴
❥ Trey, Riddle, DEUCE, Jack, Kalim (if only it wasn't light colored :,), Jamil, EPEL, Rook, Silver, & Neige.
Lowkey makes fun of you/hides his laugh when you cry over minor inconveniences ↴
❥ ACE, Cater, RUGGIE, Leona, FLOYD, Epel, Rook, Idia, LILIA, & Chenya.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nanamisflowerfield · a month ago
Hello! Finally the orders are open, I've waited so long to order something for you as I love your writing. Could you make headcanons where (Y/N) is walking when she is accidentally pushed and lands on top kissing on the lips with Riddle, Leona, Malleus, Jamil and Azul, how did the boys react getting a kiss from your crush?
sorry if my english is bad, it's because it's not my first language
Oh my, now you make me blush (/////) I hope that you like it and have a great day!
Tumblr media
🌹 Riddle’s head nearly exploded. It was so damn loud at the garden of the Heartslabyul and the feeling that you – his crush – will come to visit him, while he has those headache and grumpiness, made him a little bit upset and mad. Could the first-year gang maybe be nice and calm for a day? Maybe it was too much to ask for… 🌹 But then something unexpected happened, that changed Riddle’s current emotion, as his stomach bubbled in joy and happiness. 🌹 You walked to the garden, whistling a sweet tune with Grim walking next to your side. As Grim got excited by the tasty smell of one of Trey’s cakes, his tail swung around, hitting your feet and making you trip over it. Grim hissed in pain, as you fall down before you could have greeted Riddle properly, pulling him down on the ground with you on top of him. 🌹 If Riddle’s lips weren’t occupied with your soft ones, that accidently graces his, by falling on top of the red-haired dorm leader, he would have gasped. His cheeks got redder than the color of the paint, the younger students had to paint the roses in, while you immediately stood up, helping Riddle, who tried to ignore the whispering voices of the nearby students. “D-Don’t apologize… It’s alright…” Riddle tried his very best not to stutter in front of him. The blush on his cheeks spread out, making even his ears blush, as the joyous dorm leader turned around and walking to a table and nagging at the laughing vice-dorm leader.
Tumblr media
🦁 Leona just wanted one thing. To take a nap! It was so calm and relaxing in the botanical garden of the school, but he knew that it will change sooner or later, as you wanted to talk to him. The lion didn’t know what you exactly wanted to talk about, but he didn’t really care, as he always enjoyed your presence. 🦁 Perhaps it was the fact that he had a crush on you or maybe you were not as annoying as some other students. But what has happened, surprised him more than anything that he had seen at the school. 🦁 Grinning, while you had took a look at the video you wanted to share with Leona, you walked towards the sleeping lion, until one of your friends had the most greatest ideas he had in store. To push you to the lion. You always thought that it would end up badly, if you would wake up a sleeping lion, but this time, it shocked you, as Ace pushed you to your crush, making you fall on the lion. 🦁 Leona’s eyes sprung open, staring into yours as he felt your lips on his. Was this truly happening right now? Were you kissing him? Did you do it on purpose? By the shock in your eyes, he knew that it was an accident, but he couldn’t help himself and just wanted to tease you, as you jumped up. “Well, I don’t mind any wake-up kisses. But next time, do it without Trappola’s help.” The lion winked at you, turning on his side with a smirk on his lips and trying to hide side slightly flushed face.
Tumblr media
🐙 Azul sighed, as he heard the booming voices of your friends, who discussed something not-important in the Monstro Lounge, making the place louder than it usually was. Couldn’t he just have one day, without the students to be so loud? Probably not, but he doesn’t mind the fact that you were there, smiling at your friends before you rose up and walked to Azul. 🐙 But Azul nor you noticed the mischievous smirks of the tweels, who stood near you. They just wanted to help out their dear friend and how could they help? If two sweet people just bumped into each other. Perfect idea! Well, at least it was to them. 🐙 You gasped loudly, feeling hands on your back before you fell down, making Azul try to grasp you as fast as he could, but he was too slow. Falling down with you on top of him was something that he had never even dreamt of, even though he had too many sweet dreams of you. 🐙 And to share his first kiss with you, even ended up unexpected. How would he one day tell his kids of the day, he kissed his crush and their future parent!? Only after a second Azul’s lips had felt yours, his face blushed madly and you could swore that you saw his glasses getting foggy, before Azul babbled; “I-I’m sorry! I have something to do in my office!” Rushing away, he closed the door, leaning on it, having dozens of thoughts of that sweet kiss he wished to have again.
Tumblr media
🐍 Jamil rubbed his fingertips on his forehead, while he watched the students of Scarabia running around to prepare the next party, even trying to make a bigger and greater party than the previous one! The only good thing of Kamil’s parties was one first-year that happened to go to the parties, as they were a close friend of Kalim’s and Jamil and surprisingly also the vice-dorm leader’s crush. You. 🐍 And like any good friend, Kalim had dozens of ideas for his dear friend Jamil, rambling around how he could finally confess to you, but Jamil would always roll with his eyes, ignoring the white-haired boy. “Or just kiss (y/n)!” Jamil laughed, shaking his head at the newest idea. Just kiss you? He wished to do this, but he knew that you would never wanted to share a kiss with him. 🐍 But during the party, Jamil had thanked the great seven for the current moment, as many people danced around, pushing some other sometimes, which resulted in you getting yourself being pushed towards Jamil, who you wanted to talk with. 🐍 Jamil grabbed your wrist, wanting to help you, but fell down with you. His head bumped onto the ground, making him hiss, but his thoughts got interrupted as he felt something he always wanted to feel, since the day he got a crush on you. Your lips. It was as if two puzzle pieces finally found each other, but maybe you didn’t want to kiss him, which is why Jamil immediately stood up, pushing himself through the big crowd and leave you there, while the dark-haired boy tried to calm down his racing heartbeat.
Tumblr media
🐉 Malleus’ smile never left his lips during the entire night, ripping away several flower petals and mumbling to himself words of; “Child of man likes me… Child of man likes me not…” But when the last petal fell down and he had whispered the sad words out loud, he mumbled that the flowers might have lied to him. How would a sweet being like you ever feel the same he did? 🐉 “I’m sure that it’s another lie.” He sighed, turning around to see you running towards him with Grim behind you. “Sorry for being so late! Grim needs another can of tuna and will go to Ace and Deuce now.” You explained the presence of your little friend, who bumped into you, after you stood in front of the fae prince. 🐉 Shocking all of you, Grim bumped so hard into you, that you tripped, making you and Malleus fall down like in all the animes you had watched! Who would have known that the small creature next to you, could be so strong!? 🐉 Malleus lips were under yours, smiling at the feeling of your lips, while Grim stood there shocked, nearly fainting at the sight he had seen. To the tall fae it was like a sweet story written in wonderful fairytales, while it was a big nightmare for Grim. He had wished to never see such a thing, as it was too gross for him. “Ew! I will go, bye, henchman!” The stormed away, leaving you two alone. Flustered by what has happened, you stood up, apologizing to him. “No, my child of man. It was no problem.” He smiled, putting his hand on your cheek, while he smiled at you happily.
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I was wondering if i could maybe request the gn! S/o sitting in the rain to destress concept but with trey, rook, jack, jamil, and jade?
You can read headcanons for the same prompt (but with Riddle, Vil, Leona, Idia, and Malleus instead) here!
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
Imagine Trey’s surprise when, on his way home from a run to the Mystery Shop, he finds you sitting in the rain. He warns, “Hey now, you’re going to catch your death of cold out here,” then invites you to Heartslabyul. Trey promises to help find an alternative to destress--and so, you follow, shoulder to shoulder under his umbrella.
He lends you his room to dry off and change into a spare set of clothes. Trey’s T-shirt is too big for you, so it hangs off you like a dress... but at least the elastic band on his sweatpants makes it a comfy fit! You shuffle into the kitchen to let him know you’re done changing, only to be tossed an apron and told to come lend him a hand.
You work together to make a batch of sugar cookies! Trey gives you instructions for each step, and you carry them out diligently--save for kneading, which you quickly tire of. Trey comes up from behind you, and (with you stuck between him and the table), using his powerful forearms, demonstrates the proper technique.
While the dough is chilling in the fridge (and later baking in the oven), he wipes stray dustings of flour and sugar of you. With the clean up done, he brews you a cup of your favorite hot drink and settles with you in the lounge. A window is slightly cracked open, gracing you with the refreshing scent of rainfall and roses as you sip at your drink and share a warm conversation with Trey.
When the cookies are done, you mix up batches of colorful frosting, grab bags of candies and cannisters of sprinkles, and start decorating. You’re putting the finishing touches on a particularly elaborate “thank you” cookie for Trey when he suddenly hands you a cookie iced to resemble a rose covered in dew drops. A special surprise, just for you--a beam of light peaking out through the rain clouds.
Tumblr media
“Mon dieu! What have we here? You’re soaked to the bone, mon amour.” Rook cries out when he spots you in the rain, but it is not long before you notice his eyes adopt a glimmer of interest in what you’re up to. To your surprise, he closes his umbrella and strips off his rain coat, exposing himself to the elements.
Rook tugs you up from your seat, asking you to join him in enjoying the rain--he wants to be able to share this experience with you! You’ll chase one another through puddles, make grand splashes, and take turns spinning the umbrella around, watching in awe as droplets bounce off of it.
Ever the dreamer, Rook at some point bursts out into song. You don’t really understand the lyrics (they’re about as long and convoluted as his usual speeches are, with the occasional French), but you think it sounds beautiful anyway and attempt to come up with your own song, too. Why not? It’s fun~
By the time the rain clears up and the sun comes out, you’re both totally drenched. You can barely recognize Rook--he’s so soaked that the brim of his hat covers his face, and his golden hair forms a wet curtain that further obscures his features. Yet he laughs all the same, delighted to have spent this quality time with you.
Luckily for Rook, he has quite the resilient body, so the frolic in the rain doesn’t affect him later. You, on the other hand, catch a cold as a result. The huntsman catches wind of your predicament and like the man man that he is comes a-knocking at your bedroom window with a basket of treats and fresh wildflowers. What’s more, Rook insists that he’s not leaving your side until you’re healthy again!
Tumblr media
When Jack notices that you’ve gone missing, he immediately embarks on a quest to track you down without donning any rain gear of his own! The only problem is that the rainfall interferes with his keen sense of smell, so he ends up wandering for quite some time before finally stumbling across you. “So this is where you were. I was worried about you... but I guess you’re doing just fine.”
Jack’s relieved to have found you--but now that he has, his protective instincts are on overdrive! He tells you you’re coming with him indoors (no ifs, ands, or buts!), and he’ll personally haul you home on his back if he has to! What sort of a boyfriend would he be if he just left you alone and at the mercy of Mother Nature?
Not only does he help you home, but he also helps dry you off! Jack means well, but he’s a little gruff when he handles your grooming. Whenever he towels himself off, he does it vigorously to speed up the process of air-drying, resulting in a very fluffy head of hair and fur! Since he uses the same technique on you, your hair ends up all poofy and sticking up!
You’re still shivering from sitting in the rain, so Jack fetches you a blanket. Since you insist on sharing, you end up huddling under it together, your shared body heat trapped in the thick fabric. You snuggling up against Jack’s soft tail and ears, and the hard musculature of his body.
Likewise, Jack also gets to cuddle with you. While you may not have fur, there’s comfort to be found in your shape, your scent--which the rain had once washed away. His eyes begin to flutter, worn from worrying and hunting you down. Together, lulled by the sound of rainfall and heads leaning against one another, you and Jack drift off the dreamland.
Tumblr media
Jamil is not amused to find you without rain gear. Even after receiving your explanation, he seems exasperated and disapproving of how you relax. “Honestly... Of all the possible methods to relieve yourself of stress, you had to choose one of the most nonsensical ones... What will I do with you?”
He takes you by the wrist and drags you to Scarabia, where he runs a bath and commands you to hop in (while his eyes are averted, of course). Once you’re hidden among copious clouds of sweet-smelling bubbles and warm water, Jamil sets to work tending to your scalp and hair with various products that he personally uses. You barely recognize your own hair by the time he’s done with you--it’s so shiny and vibrant!
After the bath, you’re dressed in a fluffy bathrobe and seated on plush cushions while Jamil dices some fruit for you. While you munch away, he delicately dries your hair with a silk towel (meant to minimize split ends and hair breakage). 
Next up, body oil and body butter to moisturize and leave you smelling nice! Jamil applies them to your limbs and helps to massage the products in, even down to your cuticles. When that’s complete, he departs for the kitchen and returns a short while later with a cup of chai and a platter of food.
As he sets the meal before you, he confesses that it’s just something he quickly threw together, but that he’d rather have you not operating on an empty stomach, as that can lead to disastrous decision making (”like sitting in the rain for Great Seven knows how long,” he grumbles under his breath). You dig into your meal--and Jamil makes you promise that, the next time you feel stressed, you don’t go putting your health at risk again and just come to him instead!
Tumblr media
Jade appears before all decked out in camping gear. “Oya, do my eyes deceive me? What a coincidence it is, running to you here. I take it that you are partaking in your usual cleansing ritual.” He explains that the optimal time to hunt for mushrooms is after rainfall, so he has planned a mountain expedition. Jade then invites you to join him on his adventure (”A far superior and more productive use of your time, rather than sitting in the rain and catching something dreadful afterwards,” he insists.) And so, you take his hand.
The trek to the mountains is magical. The entire world looks mystical under a veil of rain, fat droplets rolling off of the leaves overhead and falling like fat crystals. While you’re busy drinking in all the sights, Jade locates a suitable camp site and sets up the tent. When it’s pitched, he allows you to go in first and use it as a station to dry off and change into a spare pair of (way too big for you) clothes.
Jade crawls in when you’re done and prepares a simple but tasty meal using a can opener, rations, and his magical pen. He even brews you some tea in a thermos using bottled water, dried leaves, and fire magic! Sitting cross legged, you share a cramped, cozy dinner together.
After dinner, you tuck away into a sleeping bag. Unfortunately, Jade only brought one with him, meaning you have to really squish up against one another to be reasonably warm. He chuckles as you struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position (and do your best to ignore his teasing). Eventually, you fall asleep to the steady rhythm of his heart and his hand supporting the small of your back.
The next morning, you rise bright and early for mushroom gathering! The world is coated in the aftermath of the rain, shiny the glow of sunshine. Reenergized, you roll your sleeves up and launch into a productive day of mushroom gathering--and when you turn in with your impressive haul, Jade has a thank you gift for your efforts: a pretty little flower, tucked behind your ear with a tender smile.
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wolken-himmel · 4 months ago
In which Jamil casts all of (Y/n)'s friends out of the Scarabia dorm during his overblot, but keeps her by his side as a prized treasure.
In order to distract Jamil from realising that Kalim and co. managed to get back into the dorm, (Y/n) will have to go as far as seducing him.
Request by anon.
Tumblr media
"My dearest princess, where are you hiding?"
With how strongly you had your back pressed against the door to the room you were currently using as a hiding place, you could feel every vibration that his voice caused as he spoke. Your limbs were trembling, freezing in the revealing outfit he had made you wear: a red top that only covered your chest and left your stomach exposed and a pair of fluffy red pants. Well, at least the pants were comfortable...
Jamil was coming closer, the cold he exuded drawing closer, too. The way he began to laugh so loudly and frighteningly made you wince and cower into yourself, your breathing growing shallow as to not draw his attention to you.
Jamil clicked his tongue as he came to a stop right in front if the room you were hiding in. "You know that you can't hide," he cooed, as if talking to an animal or a child, "...and that your friends won't come to save you, either." He paused ominously, making you think that he had moved on for now. So, when he flung the door open, you let out a little scream as you fell. You stumbled right into his arms, eliciting chuckles from him. "Because you're mine now. Along with everything else in this place."
"Ouch, Jamil!" you cried out when his fingers curled around your upper arm to drag you off to the common room that he had changed into his throne room. You thrashed around, yet his grip was too strong for you to escape from again. Exasperated, you began sobbing. "Let me go—"
Jamil clicked his tongue and merely tightened his hold on your arm. "This is what you get for disobeying your master..." he seethed through clenched teeth, amused by the way you shrank back when he turned around to glare at you. To see you fear him so much — it did something unexplainable to him; keeping you as a pet had been the right decision, even if you were a bratty one... "You're lucky I haven't used Snake Whisper on you, yet. Do you want that? Do you want to join those bumbling fools?"
Your eyes widened in horror. "N-No, please!" you cried out as he more or less threw you to the floor upon arriving in his throne room. He watched you with sparkling and keen eyes as you shakily sat up, your gaze full of fear as loomed over you.
Jamil knelt down and grabbed your chin in a rough way, so much that it made you wince and whimper. Yet, his eyes bore into your own and enchanted you, not allowing you to avert your gaze or close your eyes, no matter how much you wanted to. "Then you better listen to what I tell you, my desert flower," he drawled as he leant closer, his face nearing in on yours. "Understood?"
You nodded shakily. "Understood..."
He seemed dissatisfied by your answer; something was still lacking. "And—?" he asked, rolling his eyes.
"Understood," you muttered fearfully, "Master..."
Jamil hummed and immediately let go of your chin, rising to his feet in a sweeping motion. Towering over you once again, he began grinning at the way you struggled with regaining your composure. "That's more like it," he said in calm yet excited tone as he twirled his golden snake sceptre around. He turned around, happy that he had found his pet again. Rubbing his chin, he gazed over the ocean of mindless Scarabia students. "Now, where were we..."
You remained on the ground, still fuming over how horribly you were treated. Why couldn't he have cast you out into the desert as well? Then you could have been with your friends and wouldn't be stuck in such a humiliating position. Your sadness soon turned into anger and determination, especially with every time Jamil turned around to shoot you a smug grin.
Before you could lose yourself in mindless hate for your captor, your gaze found — amidst the unmoving feet of the overblotted student's subordinates — shoes that seemed very familiar: three pair of polished black shoes, one pair of hind legs, and one pair of sandals. Your eyes lit up at the notion of your friends having escaped the treacherous desert, somehow, and were now coming back to save you and everyone else that Jamil had subdued!
Your head snapped into the direction of Jamil, who was about to spot your friends amidst the crowd of his mindless slaves. Gulping nervously, you stumbled to your feet and dashed over to him. "M-Master—!" you cried out as you threw yourself at him, your arms wrapped around his neck and your body pressed against his. You purposefully made sure to latch onto him with such force that he was turned into the opposite direction — now unable to spot your friends approaching.
Jamil seemed amused with the way you suddenly clung to him so desperately. "Yes, dear princess?" he cooed as he ran his hand through your hair, picking a few strands up and bringing them to his nose. He let out a blissful sigh and chuckled.
"Master Jamil—" you muttered quietly, trying to let your voice sound as honey-like and velvety as possible. In an attempt to appear more confident, you pulled away from him, but kept your arms loosely draped over his shoulder. Smiling up at him seductively, you tilted your head to the side. "I never realised how incredibly handsome you were."
Jamil's eyes widened in surprise, only for a small grin to appear on his lips at your words. "Oh?" Intrigued, he put his hands on your waist to pull you even closer to him. You shivered at the cold aura he exuded, but tried your best to not show your fear of him too much. A knowing look flashed over Jamil's face. "What a pleasant surprise; I knew you would change your mind. Now... tell me more about myself."
"You're so... tall..." you cooed while waving your friends closer, telling them that it was safe to come closer. From the corner of your eye, you could indeed see the group of five venture closer. Your eyes softening, you brought your face closer to Jamil's. "So intelligent~"
Jamil laughed, enchanted by your compliments that made his heart flutter in joy. "Continue," he demanded eagerly, craving more praise like an addict.
You laughed in a ditzy way and brought your left hand to his cheek, cupping it gently. He nuzzled into your touch and kissed the inside of your hand sensually. A shiver ran down your back — especially when the snakes around him began curling around your body, restraining you from most movement — but you kept up your cool facade. "So hard-working and diligent." You were about to remove your hand again, but his own hand shot up at the speed of light, and his fingers curled around your wrist to keep it in place. "You deserve everything in this world."
Jamil nodded and sighed longingly. "I truly do."
"You've just stolen my heart," you confessed, on edge with how Azul, Jade, Floyd, Kalim, and Grim had left the crowd now and were out in the open, easily for Jamil to see if only he turned around. The anxiety finally got to you when Jamil grabbed your chin again to tilt his attention back to him — luckily, he hadn't grown suspicious of your distracted behaviour yet.
His eyes bore into yours, demanding an answer — the correct one. "And what about Kalim?" he asked with narrowed eyes, his grip on your chin tightening with every second you didn't answer.
You winced in pain while choking out, "Kalim? He's just a friend..." Jamil seemed satisfied enough to let you go afterwards, much to your relief. Biting your lip, you brought your face closer to his, the tips of your noses already touching. Jamil seemed entertained enough to let you continue with your advances, eagerly absorbing your affection and praises like a child. "You, Master Jamil, are so much more than a friend to me—"
In that exact moment, Kalim managed to trip over Grim since he had been so busy watching the strange spectacle of you seducing Jamil. The sound of a body colliding with the floor was enough to make Jamil turn his head around.
To prevent your friends' cover from being blown, you instinctively grabbed onto the back of Jamil's head and twisted his head back to its original position to smash your lips against his. Although his eyes were wide at first, they soon fluttered close as he melted into the kiss, hungry for more. His arms tightly wrapped around your waist, and he pulled you even closer.
Your friends jumped back in surprise, and Grim even gagged at the sight in front of him. Jade merely quirked his eyebrows while Floyd winced, leaving Azul to almost gasp in surprise. Kalim would have begun screaming if it weren't for Jade clasping one hand over the dorm leader's mouth.
You pried one eye open to see if the danger had been averted, and indeed, the coast was clear again. Slowly, you pulled back again, your lips tasting like ink and stained with the dark liquid that seeped down the corners of his mouth.
Jamil looked at you with wide eyes, the surprise returning again. "(Y/n)—" he breathed out, speechless.
A little bit embarrassed, you winced. "I'm sorry—"
Yet, you didn't get to finish your sentence with how Jamil pulled you into a kiss again, this one being more hungry and desperate than the other. You squealed against his lips, especially when his hand latched onto the back of your head to prevent you from pulling away before he wanted to. Caught off-guard, you began thrashing around wildly, which he didn't seem to mind at all — no, he was far too immersed in the moment.
"You're mine, dear princess," Jamil growled against your lips. "Don't forget that."
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teashopwritingzz · 7 months ago
I saw your headcanons on “what if some of the TWST boys met their future child/children with reader” and I was wondering: could you do that same premise but with Riddle, Leona, Jamil and Vil? Also, I hope you’rev having a nice day!
Oh, of course! And you have a nice day/night, too ^^
Also thank you for having me write more of Riddle I lub him
Here’s your order! Four cups of tea; One Rose Milk Tea, one Decaf Lemon Jasmine Tea, one Lavender Chai Tea, and one Taro Milk Tea! Enjoy~!
¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º° °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸
Riddle Rosehearts
Tumblr media
~ He was patrolling through the Rose Garden, making sure each rose was painted perfectly and that no troublemakers were in sight. He let out a content sigh, but his moment of peace was soon interrupted by childish giggling. He didn’t remember there being any kids in the school... Unless it was Grim!
~ He huffed and stormed over to the direction of the laughter, ready to scold that flaming furball. He turned the corner and opened his mouth to object, but stopped at the sight in front of him. He instead found a small boy playing and holding the hedgehogs, giggling at the little creatures.
~ He grew confused and a little awkward, but ignored it as he cleared his throat, which got the kid’s attention. “What do you think you’re doi-” “Papa Papa, look! They like me, heehee!” The child’s interruption made him splutter in shock and confusion. 
~ What?! Papa?! But Riddle didn’t have a kid, it was obvious he didn’t! But... The boy did look like him, with the red hair and the heart shaped tuft of hair atop his head. But the eyes were different. They looked... Like yours! Riddle face flushed and his confusion only grew. this boy had a lot of explaining to do...
~ Riddle sighed and reluctantly held his hand out to the small child, a stern yet soft look on his face. If this child was the offspring of both you and Riddle, the dorm leader would have to show you as well. Maybe this could be a sign for the future?
Leona Kingscholar
Tumblr media
~ A typical sunny afternoon for Leona was a nap under a shady tree, and that’s exactly what he was doing. With his hands under his head and his eyes closed, he sighed as he started dozing off, not even worrying about his responsibilities and missed classes.
~ Though his relaxation was cut short when he heard rustling and stifled giggles, his ear twitching in annoyance, but he tried to ignore it and go back to his nap. But suddenly, something pounced on his chest and knocked the wind right out of him! He growled and shot his eyes open, but the little girl giggling in front of Leona shocked him.
~ “You should’ve seen me, Dad! I stayed low and sneaky so that I could spook you, just like Uncle Farena taught me!” She smiled at him, showing off her little fangs as her cat ears and tail twitched excitedly. “S-Sorry, Dad, I tried to warn her not to!” Another kid, a younger boy, peeked out from the bush nearby, a sheepish look on his face.
~ He glared at the two in confusion. Surely they confused him for some other lion! Leona grumbled and pushed the giggling girl off of him so that he could sit up and he told them to get lost. “Okay geez, we’ll just go hang out with Mama Herbivore insteeeaad~!” The girl teased, knowing full well that it got the grumpy loins attention.
~ He only knew one “mama” herbivore and it was you! Did that mean these two loudmouths were both of your kids? The realization made him smirk to himself and he finally stood up, following the two kids as they started searching for you, his hands in his pockets and his tail swishing side to side eagerly. Maybe being around you isn’t so bad if it means this is the outcome~.
Jamil Viper
Tumblr media
~ Finally... A moment of relaxation for Jamil, overworked and stressed as hell from the day he’s had dealing with Kalim and school. He laid down on his bed after shutting the lights off and sighed, closing his eyes. He didn’t know that his moment of peace would soon be interrupted.
~ His room door slamming open and Kalim bursting in with an excited grin made poor Jamil shoot right up, turning to the excited dorm leader with a confused and annoyed glare. But he stopped when he saw a little girl in Kalim’s grasp, looking at him with her wide eyes. Kalim hurriedly explained about the girl and how she kept babbling about wanting to find “Dad”, but it only confused Jamil more. He was supposed to be relaxing right now!
~ The little girl in Kalim’s arms though started to try wriggling and prying herself off of him, jumping out of his arms and running to Jamil with outstretched arms and a big grin, proudly exclaiming “Dad!!” Jamil widened his eyes and stared awkwardly at her, glancing up at an equally confused Kalim.
~ He must’ve been dreaming, this had to be a dream. But, the girl felt very real and she even had his eyes and hair... But who was the mother? The only girl he knew of was... You! And he was quite close with you. Did that mean... The realization made him blush and he looked back up at Kalim.
~ He told Kalim what he thought, but soon regretted it when the sunshine boy grinned and scooped up the little girl, chanting about how he was going to be an uncle in the future! That’s not exactly how it works, Kalim... Jamil sighed and shook his head with a smile. How was he going to tell you about this? Maybe he should wait until tomorrow, he was exhausted after all...
Vil Schoenheit
Tumblr media
~ Walking through the halls and scolding his dorm students for any minor detail was common for Vil, and everyone knew it. He wanted his dorm to be in tip top shape, showcasing Pomefiore’s beauty! He can’t have any potatoes messing things up.
~ But a few people’s stares looked more bewildered and confused than normal and it slightly bothered the dorm leader. He eventually spoke up about it and asked what they were looking at, startling the poor students. They sheepishly pointed down at his cape and as Vil looked down at where they were pointing- Huh?? 
~ There was a young boy, with blonde hair like his, gripping the end of his cape with a sheepish look in his eyes. How long had he been following Vil? The taller blonde narrowed his eyes at the kid and, in the most polite way he could, asked the little boy what he was doing. “I wanted to see you, Papa... A-And help you!” 
~ Vil was now utterly confused. Was this child lost? He rose a brow at the boy and decided to examine the kid further. Hmm, blond hair, amethyst eyes... But a different nose shape. One that he recognized- Oh! It looked like your cute nose! What a surprise, a child who looked like you and Vil!
~ This seemed to amuse Vil and he smiled as he picked the shy boy up, who smiled back from the sudden affection. Him and his sweet potato, having a future as well as a child together... The thought put a soft smile on his face as he doted on the little blonde boy in his arms, ignoring the strange looks he got from the other students.
¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º° °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸
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fairestwriting · 2 months ago
Heyo! Could I get Leona, Jamil, and Riddle (separate) with a gn!s/o who just gets random urges to shower them with affection and praise? Like cuddling/clinging to them, giving them with kisses all over, complimenting their looks and skills, and so on.
Leona Kingscholar
Huffs, crosses his arms, all around pretending to be feeling oh so neutral about the entire situation, with maybe just a dash of annoyance. Deep down, though, he can feel his heart swelling with pride.
You know Leona has a huge ego and a bit (Maybe more than a bit) of a jealousy-prone streak, so the affirmations that you love him this much just do wonders for him. He doesn’t want to be clingy because he’s too proud, but he absolutely loves it when you act like that.
You can notice his hidden appreciation in how he doesn’t complain about it all. He does try to act like it annoys him just a little bit, but he never makes any moves to push you away.
Jamil Viper
Another one who tries to play it cool, except he succeeds at it some more, and doesn’t try to pretend annoyance. He just lets you hang off his arm, giving him all that love and praise, casually reacting whenever you drop something like an I love you, assuring with a small smile that he feels the same. If you’re alone, he punctuates it with a kiss.
Some comments really get to him, though, in a good way. Especially when it’s regarding his efforts, Jamil’s self esteem is wonky and he’s often tired, so to hear you say something like that really makes it all feel worth it. You’ll see him smile wider at those comments.
Warns you about excessive PDA, however. Not that he doesn’t enjoy all the affection, he disclaims, but he has an image and so do you, it’s not the best look for either of you to be clinging to each other all day, sadly.
Riddle Rosehearts
Oh, it flusters the hell out of him. Riddle really wishes that wasn’t the case, because he’s deathly embarrassed at how reactive he gets to your affection, but he can’t help it. Whenever you as much as tell him he did a good job today, his heartbeat skyrockets.
Asks you to try to keep it to when you’re alone together, or at least when you’re just between friends, trying to keep a scolding tone to his voice and failing miserably.
Honestly, he’s just really affection starved so you’re doing wonders to him, but he’s also very concerned about his position, reputation, and general school rules, so you’ll have to tone it down when it’s deemed inappropriate. In private, though? Knock yourself out, give this boy all the love he so desperately needs.
Tumblr media
if you wanna support my work, you can buy me a ko-fi or commission me!
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rainy-day-coffee · 3 months ago
may i request hcs for the vice dorm leaders (minus ortho-) with a crush who just constantly drowns them with compliments and praise and is just overall super supportive! also small lil note: your writing is so sweet! i always get excited when you post! :D
Thank you so much!! That is very nice of you to say! I hope I can continue to make more things you enjoy!
Also, I apologize for the long wait!
Vice dorm leaders with a supportive crush
Tumblr media
Trey’s usually on the giving end of the support stick, not the receiving end. Your kind nature flusters him greatly, though he tries his best to now let it show. The most you’ll get to see are rosy cheeks as he rubs his neck in slight embarrassment. He’ll try shifting the conversation onto something else before he blushes any harder.
He’s very thankful for what you do! You remind him to take breaks from his duties often, and even when he refuses, you try to make his life a little easier. A nice change of pace from what he’s used to! 
He most likely will never get used to the endless amounts of praise you give him but he gets better with it over time. He even manages to slip in more compliments directed towards you after a while!
He often gives you sweets he baked just for you as a way of saying thanks. If those aren’t your thing, there are plenty of savory treats he can make too! He just wants to let you know that he appreciates you greatly, and food is a good way of showing it.
Tumblr media
He’s taken aback at first. Someone who gives him genuine compliments and adoration with no strings attached? Someone who’s willing to help him with his tasks and doesn’t mind doing so? Oh, he falls very hard for you. 
He doesn’t know how to react to your constant praises apart from chuckling and shifting around in embarrassment, all while his cheeks heat up. He absolutely loves it! It’s a pleasant feeling! Needless to say, he soaks up all your compliments like a sponge.
While he appreciates your help with his schoolwork or his never-ending pile of chores, he also appreciates that you push him to take rest days too. Ruggie is the kind to always push himself to work in one way or another, not wanting to let his free time go to waste. He’s always looking forward to your visits and is always more than happy to spend time with you whenever he can!
Tumblr media
Initially, Jade thought you were simply trying to butter him up, use him to gain something, or perhaps even make him fall in love (a task you succeeded in.) He thinks a lot about someone’s actions, always wanting to predict what they’re doing, you are no exception. Your supportive and overall loving nature definitely attract him. He wants to test out just how far that kindness is willing to go, but he’ll control himself.
While your compliments flatter him, he usually doesn’t get flustered by them! You’d have to really catch him off guard to see a blush of some sort. That being said, he thanks you for all your praises.
He appreciates the support you give him when it comes to his interests! He could happily be explaining something about a common mushroom and you’d be waving your imaginary glow sticks while listening intently. You’re always more than welcome to stop by his club room or go hiking with him. Talking with someone who hypes him up feels a lot better compared to someone who just listens because they have no choice!
Tumblr media
He’ll be uncomfortable at first. Not because he doesn’t want it, but because he’s not used to so much genuine kindness directed at him. You push yourself to understand his feelings, and even when you can’t, you still remain supportive.
He keeps his cool exterior, brushing your words off and trying to let his smug self shine through. On the inside however, he’s burning with a mixture of embarrassment and giddiness. Sure, other students praise him for his various talents, but it’s different when you do it! When you do it, his stomach fills with butterflies, his face warms up a bit, and his heart beats loudly in his chest. A foreign frightening feeling, yet welcome all the same.
He finds himself showing off more when around you, especially since you push him to do so. He loves being able to show you his true potential! 
Jamil repays your kindness, even though you’ve told him countless times he doesn’t have to. It’s exactly because he doesn’t have to that he wants to. 
He makes sure to give you extra helpings of food when you visit Scarabia for meals. You’ll be visiting a lot. After all, any friend of Jamil is a friend of Kalim’s! 
He’s also willing to help you with your studies, and always willing to listen to you talk. He’s not one to give out too many compliments, but he makes sure to praise you about things you’re proud of!
Tumblr media
You two are practically two peas in a pod! Your energy and his energy blend very well together. 
He’s not one to get flustered over honey-coated words but they touch him and make him feel warm.
Anything you do for him, he’ll be throwing right back at you, tenfold. It’s a war of words, each thrown with pure adoration and support, enough to fluster any normal person. Anytime you compliment him, he’ll be sending something right back at you. He leaves many poems and notes for you to find around your dorm!
He’s always delighted to talk to you about his different interests! Among a bunch of other things, he tells you about these new science experiments he’s conducted in his club and things he’s noticed about other students. There’s always a lot to unpack.
Many students are genuinely surprised you two aren’t a couple yet. They are shocked when told you two are still in the crush stage.
Tumblr media
Lilia finds you very charming! He very much adores the supportive and loving energy you display.
He loves basking in your praise and is quite shameless about it. He flirts with and teases you playfully. He also returns said praise with lots of compliments directed towards yourself, of course! You two become each other’s best hype man essentially.
Since you’re willing to listen, he absolutely loves telling you stories about his past! It makes him feel good when someone listens so intensely to his tales. It’s even better when that person actually believes them! He won’t hesitate to talk your ear off.
While he appreciates your willingness to help him with his tasks, he constantly tells you to not worry about him. If anything, he should be the one pestering you to take more breaks and enjoy life. With that in mind, he loves dragging you to different places to just relax. That way, you both are taking a break from your daily schedules.
Tumblr media
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cynthinesia · 3 months ago
Hi ⊂(•‿•⊂ )*.✧ So what if Crowley found a way for reader to go back to their world but reader is unsure if they should go back or stay. How would Azul, Jamil, Ruggie and Leona react and what would they do to convince reader to stay? (◕ᴗ◕✿)
A/N: Hmmmm... That is my first request and it's a headcanon. 😳 Okay~ Here goes nothing!
First time writing some headcanons... 😳
Also, I am writing it as if the reader is that characters' significant other/love partner... You got it!!
Tumblr media
🐙 Azul Ashengrotto 🐙
"My angelfish is... going away..?" Is what he'd immediately thought when he heard the news. The poor boy is devastated to hear that!!
He'd probably call you to his office is discuss that. Of course, he'd keep his businessman facade on you.
He would offer all the things that he could give to you. Hugs, kisses, money, power, everything.
If that doesn't work, he would break that facade I said earlier. Bit by bit. He would hug you from behind. "Don't go.. I n-need you... Please..."
If that works on you, he would pepper your beautiful face with kisses and he'd start to cry again. But this time, it's from joy!
He would definitely give the things he promised you.
Tumblr media
🐍 Jamil Viper 🐍
On the outside, he doesn't care a bit.
But on the inside, he is emotionally numb. His desert rose, the only person who understands and comforts him, is going back to their world... Leaving him there... He was aware that this time would eventually come, but not when he is that drawn into you...
He would remain silent, but.. he would come to you and offer you to stay there, with him...
If you accept it, he would be happy for you. He would help you in any way possible. Studying, cooking, cleaning.. everything!
If you refuse it, he would understand. You got separated from your friends and family, and fell to there. Now you are returning to the place once you came from. But.. him and you would have to make a deal that you won't ever forget each other. Maybe the next time you come back, if possible, you two can reunite~
Tumblr media
🐆 Ruggie Bucchi 🐆
Great Seven help him-- Hyena boi is both sad and shocked.
You are going away and is he gonna be stay still? Nope!
You can be %100000000 sure that he will do something to cause a mess to not let you leave. He would use his UM on somebody to "accidentally" do something.
If it would succeed, you are gonna wait for a long time too. You totally are unaware of the culprit.
If it wouldn't, then too bad... You're going back with many many good byes...
He is gonna grief you for a long time.
Or... He would ask you to meet him somewhere where you two can be alone, and he'd ask if you can stay here with him...
If you accept, you'll make a hyena the happiest he can ever be~ He'll jump around and laugh for a while until you take him in your arms. Then, he will hug you and laugh as usual.
If you refuse, he'll also understand. Though, he will spend the entire day with you to give you some good memories to remember. He won't forget to give you a good-bye kiss~
Tumblr media
🦁 Leona Kingscholar 🦁
So you're going away, huh?
Well, it's not that easy.
He will definitely hold you back until the whole "sending you back" thing is over.
Like; he will be cuddling you while the other people is searching for you. He can't risk losing you anyway~
If they ever find you, he will beat their asses off. Nobody can take his herbivore away from him!
Or... He will use his unique magic on the mirror that will send you back, turning it into nothing but dust. He can't allow you to go back and forget him.
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torikaku · 6 months ago
Hello! I love the scenario where the Dorm Leaders wake up and see their S/O in their shirt. Could you possibly do that same scenario with the Vice Dorm Leaders?
Hi! Thank you for enjoying that post, here it is.
As for your request, absolutely! I love this cliché, hehe
Tumblr media
When Trey wakes up, he feels you hugging him. You always do. You always tell him that he smells nice and sweet, and you can't help but cling to him. But Trey just smiles at your words, allowing you to hug him in your sleep.
He tries to slip away from your embrace carefully and not wake you up. Putting on his glasses, he looks back at you and notices you wearing one of his shirts.
He quietly chuckles at you. The shirt is a bit big for you, but you look adorable in his eyes. Trey leans down and pecks your forehead. After getting dressed, he leaves the room, not disturbing your sleep.
A bit later he enters the room with some breakfast and tea for you, he finds you already awake. Playfully and smirking, Trey asks you why you put on his shirt.
You suddenly feel flustered under his mischievous gaze. Awkwardly, you scratch your nape and tell him that his shirt smells like pastries he always bakes, and you really enjoy the smell. Trey gently smiles, feeling his heart flutter in his chest, and tells you that you should eat your breakfast and not forget to brush your teeth.
Tumblr media
Ruggie enjoys your night cuddles so much, he feels so loved and doesn't want to leave the bed. But sadly, he has a lot of stuff to do even in the morning.
He frees himself from your arms carefully and tries not to wake you up accidentally. He checks you and notices that you're wearing his shirt. Not that he minds, but he was planning to put this shirt on.
The more he looks at you, the more he feels his face getting warmer. His tail begins wagging unintentionally. Ruggie hides his flushed face in the hands and sighs. He never thought that you would look adorable in his clothes.
The fact that you wear his clothes is very important for him. It means you see him as your partner and beloved one. Later, when you left, the clothes still have your scent on it, which Ruggie sniffs when he misses you.
Since you took his shirt, now Ruggie has the right to take yours as well, doesn't he? Don't be surprised later spotting him wearing something yours.
Tumblr media
Jade wakes up and finds himself lying on his side and you facing him and clinging to his chest. Aren't you sweet? He gently pets your head.
In the process of sliding away from your embrace, he notices that you're wearing a shirt that is quite big for you. Obviously, he recognizes this shirt as his own due to its size.
You're almost drowning in the shirt, but nevertheless, decided to use it as your pajama? Well, you look cute, Jade must admit. He grins at you with his usual mischievous smile.
Your obvious size difference always amused Jade, but seeing you wearing his pieces of clothes really makes his heart flutter in his chest and him feel butterflies in the stomach. If you weren't sleeping right now, he'd definitely turn the tables and make you flustered by teasing you and giving you compliments.
Well, since you enjoy wearing Jade's clothes so much, he can allow you to do so. But be ready that his gaze won't leave your figure, because he enjoys seeing you in his clothes as well.
Tumblr media
Jamil is usually not a heavy sleeper, but tonight he sleeps like a log. He's not much a cuddler, but allows you to cling to him. You lie behind him, coiling his waist with your arms and hugging him.
He is busy even in the morning. But he hasn't had enough sleep tonight, so getting up now is a bit tough for him. Sighing, with all his will, Jamil tries to leave the bed, but your arms prevent him from doing so.
Gently removing your arms, Jamil looks back at you and notices that you're wearing something he recognizes as one of his hoodies.
Jamil feels his face getting warmer as he puts the hand on the cheek. Oh, well, you look actually cute, he must admit. How are you always able to make his heart flutter? He sighs and smiles, leaving you lying in the bed and not bothering your sleep.
He doesn't like it when his stuff is taken, but since it's you, he can allow you to take and wear his clothes if you want; they suit you really well.
Tumblr media
Rook enjoys sharing his bed with you and feeling you in his embrace. He lies behind you with his arms around your waist and hugging you, his forehead is on your nape.
Waking up, he carefully squeezes you in his hug. He pulls away to study you and, watching closely, he notices you wearing a shirt that big for you. He quickly recognizes it's his.
Rook gasps in surprise. You look so belle/beau! He would sing you praises and compliments if you weren't asleep right now. It's just a morning now, and you already look so séduisant(e) and only wearing his shirt!
He cups his cheeks and smiles, spending some more minutes watching your beauty before leaving you to get himself ready for the day with his usual morning routine.
A bit later, Rook will mention how magnifique you look in his shirt. Oh, there's no need to be so flustered! He will gladly share some of his clothes with you for you to look more lovely!
Tumblr media
Actually, Lilia doesn't require much sleep as you do, but sometimes he keeps you company (honestly, he just wants to cuddle with you), just like now. He sleeps beside you, clinging to you.
In the morning, when he finally opens his eyes to see your adorable sleeping face, he notices that you are wearing one of his favourite oversized shirts, which is a bit big for you as well.
Lilia is hard to fluster, but now, you somehow have succeeded in making this old man's heart go doki doki because of your cuteness. Oh, is this something you feel when he steals and wears your clothes?
He quietly giggles to himself. He decides to stay with you on the bed until you wake up. Lying on his stomach and holding his face in his hands, Lilia playfully swings his legs back and forth. Now, he has so many reasons to tease you! Ah, you will look so cute with a flushed face.
You can be sure that Lilia won't leave you alone after this situation. Standing behind you and draping himself onto you, he will pleadingly offer you some of his clothes for you to wear. They will definitely look good on you, why don't you try to put them on? (Cue Lilia showing you a puss in boots face)
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star-crossed-cafe · 2 months ago
Hi, I saw that you're asks are open and was hoping to make a request. I saw another tumblr post a prompt with Floyd and was wondering if you could do a scenario or hc building on it for Floyd, Jamil, Lilia, Leona, and maybe Maleus. The prompt is from alynabeatley and goes
"Floyd: You love me, right, Shrimpy?
MC: Normally, I’d say yes without hesitation, but I feel like this is going somewhere and I don’t like it."
I hope this isn't too much feel free to ignore if it is or it goes against rules or what you're comfortable with. Thanks so much.
summary: "you love me, right?" with floyd, jamil, lilia, leona, and malleus
warnings: none
word count: 1.7k
author's note: here is the original post by @/alynabeatley! go ahead and give it some love! anyway, this is a fun idea and it has a lot of potential for all of the different characters! the Baker is kinda iffy on how he wrote this, but he really hopes you enjoy it nonetheless
Tumblr media
"You love me, right, Shrimpy?"
A question like that was bound to mean trouble when coming from Floyd. Why was he even asking? Did he do something stupid again? Or, even worse, did he want you to go and do something stupid with him? With trepidation present in your voice, you looked at him and responded, "Normally I'd say yes without hesitation, but I feel like this is going somewhere and I don't like it."
Floyd's laugh was gleeful and high-pitched as he slung an arm around your shoulder, pulling you up against him. "Come on then!" He tugged you along with him and you couldn't pry yourself out of his predatory grasp. "Lets go play! ♡"
His voice was so excited and his body language happy. At least he was seeking you out while in a good mood. But being dragged around by Floyd is tiring, and you still had things you wanted to get done. "F-Floyd," you began. "Maybe... maybe we can play later? I've still got-"
You were cut off by the way he suddenly stopped pulling you and stood completely still. Olive and golden eyes stared down at you in complete silence for a moment. You couldn't tell if his expression was more sinister or more sad. He looked somewhat like a mix between a kicked puppy and an angry one.
"Shrimpy,... you said you loved me though?"
"Well, o-of course I do, Floyd, but I still have things I need to do and-"
"But if you loved me you'd come play with me!"
Ah. He was in one of his more childish moods. No matter what you did or said, he wouldn't stop moping until you dropped everything and accompanied him all around the campus. You knew that from experience. With a sigh, you surrendered yourself to your boyfriend's whims.
Floyd grinned widely, full set of sharp teeth on display. He won, so of course he's going to be happy! "Stop dragging your feet or else I'll squeeze you!" he giggled, yanking you after him once more. It seems his innocent little question was a trap after all...
Tumblr media
Jamil has never been one to openly ask if you loved him. He took comfort in the ways you showed him you loved him instead. So his question caught you completely off guard.
"You love me, right?"
His charcoal eyes sparkled at you through the dimness of the room. The two of you were sitting in his room after dark, Kalim having already been safely tucked away into his dorm room. You two spent your nights like this quite often, as it helped Jamil wind down from the stressful work of the day.
Maybe that's why he was asking? Was Jamil so tired and stressed that he sought comfort and confirmation about your love? Even still, it was a worrying question coming from him.
"Normally I'd say yes without hesitation, but I feel like this is going somewhere and I don't like it."
Jamil laughed quietly. It was like music to your ears. He rarely laughed so openly and unabashedly, and it made you smile every time. "There's no need to worry, Dearest. I was just asking." The coy smile on his face said otherwise.
"Yeah, sure," you scoffed, plopping down next to where he sat working with a grin.
He faked an offended expression. "You're calling me a liar?" He wasn't really offended.
"Well, depends on what you wanted."
"Well, surely since you love me so much," he began while you wore a skeptical expression. "Won't you please help me babysit Kalim tomorrow? He's been planning yet another party and I have so much to do in preparation." You knew he wanted something. Jamil's lucky he's your boyfriend or you might have walked out right then.
"THAT'S what you wanted?" you scowled at him and he just looked at you innocently as if he didn't just ask you to help watch the human equivalent of a category five tornado. "Fine, I guess I can lend a hand."
You practically rolled your eyes at him when he smiled and leaned toward you to kiss your forehead. "Thank you, darling." You smacked his arm lightly. He was lucky you loved him, indeed.
Tumblr media
"You love me, right?"
Four of the most terrifying words you could ever hear from Lilia. That coupled with his big, raspberry eyes blinking at you innocently. What was he up to?...
"Normally I'd say yes without hesitation, but I feel like this is going somewhere and I don't like it." You were on guard, and you weren't going to let him weasel you into any sort of trouble.
He laughed quietly, giggling at your reaction. He seemed so eager and it was starting to freak you out. Lilia is a hard one to read, which made his small question ever more ominous. "Come now," he cooed. "Why are you hesitating so much?" His fang-filled smile gave him away.
"Because I don't trust you, obviously."
He faked a look of hurt and offense, placing a small pale hand over his chest as if your words had physically wounded him. "Hehe, you're so mean! And here I was, kindly going to offer you some homemade soup!"
You grimaced at his words, practically flinching when he said the soup was homemade. He wanted you to try it? No way... you knew how awful his cooking is...
"Well," he continued. "I've gone through all the trouble of bringing it here, so you'll eat it, won't you? I mean, you do love me, don't you?" The way he batted his long lashes at you made you suspect he knew exactly what he was asking if he could subject you to.
With every passing second, the abhorrent dish was brought closer and closer to you. He kept practically thrusting it at you, big eyes blinking as if that would persuade you to take a sip. "L-Lilia," you stammered. "It's, it's alright! I can... I can just get some lunch from the cafeteria!"
"Nonsense!" His tone was jolly and his expression bright. "I made this especially for you! And you did say you love me, after all." His fangs were fully on display as he smiled at you. He wasn't letting you out of this any time soon. You sighed, resigning yourself to your fate.
Tumblr media
"You love me, right, herbivore?"
The timing of this question was eerily suspect, as lunchtime was rolling around soon. Your boyfriend was lounging next to you, his face turned toward you, adorned with a cocky grin.
"Normally I'd say yes without hesitation, but I feel like this is going somewhere and I don't like it." Your eyes were narrowed slightly at him, but your attitude only made his smile grow slightly wider.
"Don't be like that!" he bemoaned, putting on his most pitiful expression. "I'm so tired from participating in PE today. Won't you please go pick up my lunch for me?"
"Where's Ruggie? Doesn't he usually did that?"
Leona scoffed, rolling his eyes while his tail flicked in annoyance. "That octopunk stole him away. He's been working in that sleazy lounge all day. Dunno when he'll be back." He swiveled his head slowly back to you, a fake, cheesy grin plastered back over his face. "That's why you'll pick up my lunch for me, won't you?"
"Come on now! Look, I'll share if there's anything left?"
Instead of replying, you just shot your boyfriend a glare. He sighed lowly and loudly, making a big show of his exasperation. All of a sudden, it seemed like an idea hit him. He looked at you once more, but this time his gaze was soft and his ears downturned. A soft pout adorned his lips as he did his very best to come across like an adorable kitten.
"What are you doing?"
"You said you loved me?" he faked a sniffle. "B-but you won't even help me get my lunch." You were annoyed. You knew he wouldn't let up any time soon, keeping up his sad kitten act until you gave in. Deciding to just cut it short, you sighed and stood up, brushing off your clothes. His eyes practically glittered with glee as he relished in his victory.
Yeah, you loved him. But did he ever test how far he could push it...
Tumblr media
"You love me, right, Child of Man?"
Malleus's question struck a chord with you. While Malleus often sought reaffirmation from you, he rarely asked you with his words. No, he usually did things like reaching for your hand, seeking your warmth, instead of asking you upfront.
"Normally I'd say yes without hesitation, but I feel like this is going somewhere and I don't like it." Your eyes were full of worry as you looked over at him. Half of his face was covered in shadow as he faced away from the fireplace roaring beside the two of you. He smiled softly for a moment while looking downward, but you could tell there was no joy in it. No, he looked sorrowful and sad, and it hurt your heart deeply.
"Fear not, Beloved. There is nothing to worry about." He turned his face toward you, reaching to hold your hand in his own and stroke it softly. There was something off about his body language.
"Malleus, did something happen today?"
Your boyfriend sighed, dropping his gaze from yours once more. You got it without him having to explain it - he was left out once again today, wasn't he? You got up for a second to move closer to him, holding him gingerly and rubbing his shoulder.
"Yes, Malleus. I love you. I love you very much." You finally responded to his original question, giving him the answer he so desperately hoped you would. He wanted your love so badly it hurt, and it soothed that ache for you to remind him that he always had it.
His head bowed slightly, coming to rest upon your shoulder. He was always careful when he did this, making sure to not jab you with the sharp point of his horns. He muttered out a small thank you, his voice barely able to be heard. He just wanted to sit like this with you for a moment, it seemed.
You were right, his question was going somewhere. It was delving into his issues and innermost insecurities, but you always managed to help him feel better instead. He loved you so much, just as you loved him.
Tumblr media
𝕚𝕗 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕖𝕟𝕛𝕠𝕪𝕖𝕕 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤, 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕔𝕒𝕗𝕖 𝕚𝕤 𝕔𝕦𝕣𝕣𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕝𝕪 𝕠𝕡𝕖𝕟 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕣𝕖𝕢𝕦𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕤
𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕔𝕒𝕗𝕖'𝕤 𝟝𝟘𝟘 𝕗𝕠𝕝𝕝𝕠𝕨𝕖𝕣𝕤 𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕟𝕥 𝕚𝕤 𝕠𝕡𝕖𝕟!
Tumblr media
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treysbimbo · 3 months ago
pairings: jamil, floyd, leona / reader | all chars are 18+.
requested by anon.
( dumbification, degradation, dacryphilia, overstimulation. edging, drool, rough sex, light choking. )
Tumblr media
jamil only gets possessive whenever you’re around kalim. you know his feelings towards him so it makes him question why you hang around him, don’t you know your boyfriend is right there? he knows you’re just trying to make him jealous at that point — even if you really aren’t, he’ll act like you were.
| “do you like making me jealous, sweetheart?” jamil’s tone is laced with venom, his cock pounding in and out of you. he’d usually make you wait for hours, edging you until your crying and begging for his cock to fill you up, to make you cream around him. but, tonight he wants you to beg for him to stop making you cum, that it’s just too much for your pussy to handle.
fat tears run down your cheeks, nails scratching down his back, deep enough to draw blood. “‘s too much jamil!” he can’t help but let out a groan as you cling to him, your tears only having him closer and closer to cumming. “is it? you seemed to have wanted this from kalim, you slut” you shake your head as he feels you tightening around him again, “no ‘s not true.. only want your cock, i swear!”
and that sends him over the edge, filling you to the brim. satisfied in knowing this is something kalim could never beat him in.
you already know that you won’t be going anywhere once floyd becomes possessive. when his mood changes for the worst, he’s very easy to get jealous and when he’s jealous, even jade and azul can’t stop his from throwing you over his shoulder and going back to his room.
| “do you want those other boys cocks, shrimpy?” are floyd’s first words to you since he’s started, his cock dragging along your walls agonizingly slow, “do you think they can fuck you as good as me, huh?!” you let out a moan as he roughly thrusts up into you, his hand wraps around your throat as he uses the other one to keep his tight grip your hip.
“n-no.. they could never be as good as you, floyd!” he smiles and lets go of you, picking up your thighs and wrapping them around his hips. “that’s good, shrimpy. i wouldn’t wanna have to do something unsightly to them..” your eyes roll back as he pounds into you, his slow pace swapped for a much rougher and faster one, hitting that one spot inside of you where you know you won’t be lasting long at all.
“aww is shrimpy-chan gonna cum for me? all over my cock? what a dirty, dirty shrimp..” moans leave your lips as your nails drag along his back, trapping him inside with you legs and leaving him only one place to cum, inside of you — the perfect place to show everyone who you belong to.
leona isn’t a fan of you being around any other guys, especially in a dorm like savanaclaw. he knows that they’ll easily snatch you up, and he’s told you to not interact with them before just knowing that. yet, here you are, happily talking to these beastmen.
| leona laughs as drool runs down your chin, your eyes rolled back from your nth orgasm. your poor overstimulated pussy being abused by his cock, “ya like being used like this? fuckin’ nasty, bet you’d let anybody fuck this pussy” you can’t even respond from how far gone you are, your mind thinking about nothing but his cock pounding in and out of you.
“stupid, dumb girl.. this is my pussy, and only mine, huh?” you respond with slurred moans, hands gripping at the sheets as he feels you tighten up around him again, “cumming again huh? dirty fuckin’ whore” a groan leaves his lips as he feels himself reaching his own orgasm, ready to fill you up once again to prove that you’re his, and his alone.
Tumblr media
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drac0nia · a month ago
♡ 𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐦𝐚𝐝
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❣︎ details ; what they do when you're mad.
❣︎ content ; various students x reader, fluff, no proofreading.
❣︎ notes ; this has been living in my mind so have my 'semi-break' brainrots, my friends.
Tumblr media
❥ They get really clingy.
— Cater, FLOYD, MALLEUS, Silver, & Neige.
❥ Apologises profusely because he's either scared or doesn't like you being mad.
— Deuce, Kalim, & IDIA
❥ Leaves you alone till' you've calm down and apologises afterwards.
— Riddle, Trey, Jack, Azul, Jamil, Vil, & Silver.
❥ Adds more flames to the fire by annoying you more.
— ACE, Floyd, JADE, Lilia, & Chenya.
❥ Suddenly your wish list has been fulfilled and everything you wanted to buy was at your dorm.
— KALIM & Malleus.
❥ Bribes you with your favourite snacks to forgive him.
— Heartslabuyl, RUGGIE, Azul, Epel, Idia, LILIA, & Chenya.
❥ Takes you on a date.
— Cater, Deuce, Jade, Azul, Kalim, ROOK, Silver, & NEIGE.
❥ Too stubborn/prideful to apologise so he ends up ignoring you too.
— Ace, LEONA, Floyd, Vil (maybe), & SEBEK.
❥ Brings you flowers or chocolates, thinking it would work and make you forgive him.
— Riddle, Deuce, Ruggie, Azul, EPEL, & Neige.
❥ Makes you nap with him because he thinks you're cranky cause' you're tired.
— LEONA, Jack, Silver, & Chenya.
Tumblr media
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headcanon of yandere overblot!jamil with a fem queen/slave
Yandere Overblot Jamil Viper
Tumblr media
Jamil would have fallen in love with you long before the Overblot incident.
You were probably a servant of Kalim just like him.
And every time you were near Kalim Jamil felt a burning envy in his chest.
He would often have planned how he would oust Kalim and take you as his partner.
( But Jamil had forgotten to tell you about this plan.)
And the Overblot event was the perfect opportunity.
Although the "coup" is short it is still a memorable event.
You will become the queen and slave of Jamil at the same time.
Jamil would love you but he would expect you to serve and obey him.
And Jamil refuses to understand what the word "no" means.
If you resist Jamil can always get you golden shackles so you can’t escape.
And he gets noooooo sexual pleasure from this.
( Notice the Sarcasm )
And it's just a shame that Jamil's reign will be the shortest.
But it gives him new hope to kidnap you later.
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S/O of Jamil adopting a himalayan cat and named it Jameow caused both of them has that "I'm so done" expression X,D (btw happy summer, Raven)
*WHEEZES* JAMEOW-- (P.S. Happy summer to you too, Anon!)
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
“... I fail to see the resemblance,” Jamil declares (while making the exact same “I’m so done” face as Jameow). “And of all the possible names you could have chosen, you had to go with a pun?”
He’s not nearly as amused as you are, especially not when you ask to take a “family” photo together. Jamil soon finds himself sitting with a cat smushed against his left cheek and you smushed against his right cheek, and smiling for a selfie that he wanted no part of. Like it or not, he’s now got another animal to look after.
When you’re busy with club activities or homework, Jamil’s often the one catsitting for you. Despite not being very pleased with your pet’s name (or its general behavior), Jamil treats his cat counterpart well. He’s already so used to looking after Kalim’s 101 pets that he feels obligated to be nice to Jameow, too. (Plus, he knows you’d appreciate it!)
Jamil pays careful attention to your instructions on how to look after your cat. He even goes out of his way to be extra. For example, Jamil makes fancy homemade meals, like fresh fish tartare, for Jameow. (Only the best for his beloved’s pet!)
He and Jameow quickly develop the habit of getting into staring contests or sizing the other up whenever they’re in the same room. They have a lot of pride, and they’ll stake it on whether or not they can intimidate the other with just a look.
Jameow often gets in the way of Jamil’s chores (which annoys him to no end). The cat might nap in the laundry basket, or make a big hissy fuss about getting bathed... and Jamil deals with the inconveniences like a champ (though it is a test on his patience).
They both hate bugs! Sometimes Jameow will manage to swat a fly before Jamil can, which earns him a nod of approval and maybe head pats or extra premium grade tuna.
He goes out of his way to purposefully buy Jameow octopus and eel-shaped toys to chew on and bat around. What’s more, he encourages the cat to go wild on those toys. (When you teasingly ask why he specifically picked those shapes, Jamil responds with a straight faced “No particular reason,” but you know better.)
He actually takes great joy in playing with Jameow. Jamil’s favorite activity is actually dangling a little feathered teaser toy and watching the cat on his hind legs, aggressively swiping at the colorful feather. Like a puppet on strings, while Jamil is the puppeteer—
Jamil shoos Jameow away when he’s doing something important, but you’d be surprised how readily he caves to a pleading look. Jamil might grumble and complain that “you’re needy, just like your owner”, but he’ll still crouch down to give a scratch behind the ears or a good head pat. Curse cats and their cuteness.
A sleepy Jameow will recline in Jamil’s lap while he strokes the cat and recounts his day (aka vents about the idiotic things he had to put up with earlier). You’ll return to pick up Jameow, only to find that they’ve fallen asleep against one another! They really are alike, you think to yourself as you take a photo of the adorable scene to show Jamil when he wakes up.
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wolken-himmel · 3 months ago
In which (Y/n) happens to catch Jamil breakdancing.
Jamil is very flustered at first since he of course is not used to getting praised, but another side of him craves compliments and affection.
Request by anon.
Tumblr media
"Jamil, have you seen—"
You immediately stopped in your tracks upon setting foot into Scarabia's empty common room — void of life aside from the boy dancing to the music blaring out of the speakers of his phone that lay tossed onto the nearby couch. Indeed, the boy was the one you had been looking for — Jamil Viper.
Yet, seeing him dance with such elegance and passion made you forget whatever it was that you needed of him in the first place; instead, your jaw fell down, and you silently watched him in awe. Luckily for you, he was so occupied with his dancing that he hadn't spotted you yet. You took the opportunity to step behind a decorative column to use it as a hiding place.
His moves reminded you of a snake — quick, smooth, and graceful. Truly, every twist and every jump he did made your eyes grow larger in size, and when he stopped with his dancing, you swore your eyes were about to fall out of your head due to their sheer size.
As Jamil stood frozen in his final move and simply breathed in and out in a ragged fashion, you decided that you couldn't hold in the praise any longer and thus stepped out from behind your hiding place to clap, slowly yet loudly. Your clapping echoed through the high ceilings of the lounge and served to startle Jamil especially well because he had just turned off the music.
"Woah, Jamil!" you cried out with a giant smile on your lips. "I didn't know you were so good at breakdancing!"
The Scarabia student stared back at you with horrified eyes, and he even began shaking and quivering in embarrassment at the thought of someone having watched him practicing. So, pulling his hood over his head and hiding his face beneath it as well as he could, he croaked out, "(Y/n)—?" His voice was weak and small, much unlike his usually so composed and rather cold demeanour. "W-What are you doing here— How long have you been standing there?"
"Long enough to know that you got real talent!"
Your words made him shy even more away from you, and he grumbled curses under his breath whenever you attempted to get closer to him. Eventually, his hands were trembling so hard that he didn't think he could take much more. "U-Uhm— I should go—!" he yelled out, embarrassed to the core. "I think Kalim just called for me!"
"Nonsense." You rolled your eyes at his horrible excuse he had come up with on the spot. Jamil usually was such a good liar — but how come he was reduced to a stuttering mess now? Nonetheless, you laughed and shook your head in amusement. "Kalim just took Grim out for a ride on his carpet. I was actually about to ask if you knew when they would return— but then I got so distracted by your dancing!"
"Ah—" he muttered while feeling his heart do saltos at your generous praise. "You're just saying things..."
His humbleness made you furrow your eyebrows in exasperation. Why wouldn't he see his own self-worth? Sighing, you protested, "No no!" Jamil seemed to perk up at the way you raised your voice like an angry mother, and for the first time today, he raised his gaze to meet yours. Upon finding true admiration sparkling in your (E/c) eyes, he couldn't help but smile in happiness. "Your dancing truly is hypnotising, Jamil. I swear on Grim's tuna that I could watch you all day long."
Although you could tell that he very much liked and appreciated your compliments, you were also aware that they seemed to make him uncomfortable with the way he fidgeted under your gaze. Despite the grateful smile on his face, he soon said in a much firmer and less shaky tone, "I really don't know what to say."
"That's alright!" That smile you shot him seemed to make him ease up — even if it only was by a small bit. "How about you show me some more of your moves?"
Jamil really wanted to show off for once and prove that he truly was better than Kalim in a lot of things — especially dancing; but the prospect of embarrassing himself in front of you wouldn't leave his head. So, choosing the safer route, he turned away and closed his eyes. "I'm not sure if you'd be interested—"
"Oh Jamil... you're really adorable," you cooed, which made a large blush appear on his cheeks. Yet, what you said next made him jolt in surprise and slight horror. "But it's alright... I'll just leave if it makes you comfortable—"
"Wait! No, stay—!" he yelled out and snapped around at the speed of light, his instinct and reflexes having gotten the better of him. Once he realised what he had done, he sighed and let his shoulders slouch forward in frustration. "Why did I say that..."
Finally having gotten what you wanted, you pranced over to his phone to play music again. "Your wish is my command!"
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