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#lilia vanrouge x reader
azuls-octobussy · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
The Lineup
10/15: Lilia Vanrouge - Needle Play
Rated E for Explicit, R18+
TW: Reader-Insert, Fem!Reader, Needles, Piercing, Consensual Flesh Piercing
Lilia gives you a lovely new accessory.
“Let me know if this hurts, ok?” Lilia said, followed by a faint pricking sensation. Far from painful, a tingling sensation radiated from where the fine gauge needle punctured your skin. The tingling increased as a metal ring was looped through the hole. “We’ll only do a couple sets, since this is your first time.” You felt another tiny puncture across from the first one.
Three more rows were added under the first, the tingling spreading across your back. Lilia gently ran his nail down the center of the column of piercings, making your back arch. It was such a strange feeling, the tingling increasing under his touch. You could feel yourself growing wet, your breathing getting heavier.
“Are you alright? Is it too much?” Lilia asked, leaning down to look at your face.
“I’m fine.” you said, shaking your head. “It’s just… Such a weird feeling… But it’s good. I like it.”
“Alright. Well, we’re not done yet. I have these.” Lilia held out spools of lime green and black ribbons. “We’re doing a simple lacing.”
The piercings in your back tugged a bit, sending little jolts of pleasure down your spine and between your legs. You tried not to fidget as Lilia’s nimble fingers laced the ribbons through the rings, his hands occasionally brushing against your back.
“So pretty…” Lilia said, leaning forward and kissing the back of your neck. He ran a finger down your back, the ribbons slightly pulling your skin.
“Really? Here, take a picture.” You handed him your phone over your shoulder, which was promptly returned after a quick photo had been taken. As you looked it over, you were inclined to agree. And though the ribbons were simply woven back and forth, you found yourself enchanted by the sight.
You were jolted back to the moment by Lilia tugging one of the ribbons, making you gasp. This was slightly rougher than his previous motions, but this only made the ache between your legs intensify. Lilia brushed his nose against the back of your neck, kissing his way down your shoulder.
He plucked at the ribbons like you were some sort of instrument, the slight vibrations travelling throughout your body. Your clit was throbbing as Lilia continued to pick out a song only he could hear, his tongue darting between his lips to lick up your neck.
“You’re really squirming around there… Are you going to cum?” Lilia asked, his lips brushing against your ear. His fangs grazed your lobe as he nipped it, both of his hands now alternating tugging on the ribbons.
“I... th-think so…” you gasped. You could feel that familiar feeling deep in your gut, building as Lilia manipulated the ribbons on your back.
“Then allow me to lend a hand.” Lilia brought one of his hands around to your front pressing into you through your clothes. It was almost embarrassing how little it took for him to make you cum, your body going rigid as your muscles clenched around nothing.
“Well, now. That was something.” Lilia rubbed your thigh as you came down from your orgasm. “How are you feeling?”
“I feel good… I’ve never felt anything like that before.”
“I’m glad to hear that. I was worried it may have been overwhelming for you.” Lilia began to gently unwind the ribbons, easy with your sensitive skin as he then proceeded to remove the rings in your skin.
“I wouldn’t say ‘overwhelming’, but certainly intense.” you said, rolling your shoulders once the last piercing had been removed. Lilia ran his hands over the holes, closing them with healing magic.
“As long as it wasn’t too taxing for you. Maybe next time we can use needles in a more… sensitive area.” You looked over your shoulders to see Lilia grinning at you wickedly. “The possibilities really are endless.”
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luvrbug · a month ago
Twst boy's Favorite places to kiss
(edit: i may be shadowbanned so pls comment if u see this in the tags thank u)
(a/n: sfw ofc ! i wanted to get some sort of content out, lest my blog completely whither and die)
Malleus likes to kiss your hands. He gets teased by Lilia for being so "old-fashioned".
Lilia prefers to kiss your nose. It makes you giggle, the cutest flush covering your cheeks.
Sebek is normally the one being kissed, but he's a cheek-kisser at heart. the type to text "can i kiss your cheek after school" and delete it 30 seconds later
Silver likes your shoulders, or anywhere near the shoulder-neck area. He'll wake up from napping against your shoulder, and press a sleepy kiss on your neck.
Leona's favorite pillow is your stomach, so obviously its his favorite place to kiss. If you're ticklish, i pray for you.
Ruggie likes to kiss directly between your eyebrows. It's a habit, to place a smooch there whenever he's passing by.
Jack is also a cheek kisser. He DOESN'T delete his text though. (even if his tail is between his legs while he waits for your awnser)
Azul is a temple kisser. Even when he's got a desk entirely full of paperwork, he still finds the time to give you a smooch.
Jade like to kiss your forehead. He's not really a fan of lip kisses, but his forehead kisses carry all of the words he'd ever need to say.
Floyd is an all over kisser. He doesn't have a favorite place on his beloved shrimpy; all of their body is equally kissable!
Idia is normally too embarrassed to kiss you, but he'll place a smooch on your eyelid while you sleep. (don't wake up, he'll die of embarrassment)
Vil doesn't care about smudging his lipstick when it comes to you. (he wears smudge proof anyway). He finds kissing your forehead to be soothing. A reminder that you'll always be there for him.
Rook claims to love all of your parts equally, but he pays special attention to kissing the inside of your wrists. The thrum of your pulse is soothing.
Epel is the type to ask for a hug after school. He does like to kiss your cheek, even if he does turn the colour of an apple.
Riddle isn't one for kisses in general, but he favours your lips.
Trey is also a forehead kisser, it plays into how parental he is. He'd absolutely melt if you did it back.
Cater likes your neck. It usually makes you giggle, and it just feels intimate to him. Cheek kisses are for posts, but his neck kisses show how much he cares.
Deuce would have a heart attack the moment he pressed his lips to you, but he really likes the space where your eye and nose connect.
Ace likes to kiss your stomach or any pulse point. He always wakes you up with stomach kisses.
Kalim likes to kiss everywhere! Can and Will pounce on you to smother you in kisses.
Jamil is reserved with PDA, but he loves to kiss your temple in public, and shoulders when its just you two
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honey-milk-depresso · a month ago
which twst character(s) do you think hate it when you squish/pull their cheeks? (i need this for research purposes...)
Me when I see "research purposes" : 0-0
LMAO- I- OK BESTIE- kinda sus but meh-
Leona is definitely one of them, 100%.
He'll lightly swat your hand away in annoyance, then he pinches your cheeks firmly and ask how YOU feel.
Then he'll sleep cuddle you cuz why not?
Vil also wouldn't want you pinching his cheeks as well, he doesn't want red marks on his face, but would allow you to squish them gently in private.
Jade wouldn't want you doing it in public, though he'll most likely pinch yours gently in private, and I don't think Floyd wants you to pinch his cheeks. He wants to pinch and squish yours!
Azul, Sebek, Riddle and Ace is also one who doesn't want you to pinch his cheeks in public, and would be flustered about it.
Deuce, Jack and Silver would be flustered about it, and confused.
Trey and Malleus are just confused, while Rook and Lilia teases you back with the cheek squishing and pinching.
I'm not sure about everyone else, but that's my opinion in general.
Hope it helps your research! ^^
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readdressmeasduchess · 3 months ago
We have Rook flustered and I love it! Now, how about making Malleus, Leona, Vil, Riddle, and Lilia flustered??? 😈😈😈😈😈🧐🧐🧐🧐
The flirt in me loves flustering people~ also sorry for taking so long with this, I work slowly 
Tumblr media
Prompt: If you have a silver tongue, naturally you should use it, especially if you're able to fluster the ones you adore
Word count: 1.9k
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Comedy
Ship(s): Riddle Rosehearts; Leona Kingscholar; Vil Schoenheit; Lilia Vanrouge; Malleus Draconia X Ramshackle Perfect
Tumblr media
Spending some time with Riddle was always welcome and well appreciated, especially when you two were alone and he decided it was okay to relax a bit. He had taken off the coat of his dorm uniform and his famed thigh-high boot heels, leaving him in only his white slacks and dress shirt. The continental necktie was still secure and pristine as ever. As the light poured into the study room through the windows, the sun rays illuminated Riddle’s scarlet locks the same shade as the brightest and most vibrant red roses in Heartslabyul’s gardens.
˝Has anyone ever told you that you’re so incredibly handsome, it makes it hard not to stare at you?˝
The visual that accompanied you was so delightful it was painfully hard to fight against giggling at the sight. It was like watching a machine go through all the stages of processing very slowly before reaching a conclusion. Riddle seemed to be lost for a moment, then focusing on the words, mulling them over in his head, pupils shaking as his body stood stiff, the book in his hands forgotten. Then his mind was finally catching up, fully comprehending the comment. His eyebrows raised so high they were almost completely hidden by his bangs. A beautiful shade of pink rising to his cheeks while his lips parted slightly in a silent gasp. The book in his grasp almost fell to the floor.
In the blink of an eye, his gaze sharpened and his eyebrows frowned. His body tense and shoulders stiff, reflexively going into a defensive position, his lips pressed together barely swallowing back an embarrassed groan. The pretty pink blush from before melting into a feverish red from bashfulness. Riddle’s grip on the book seemed to tighten all too quickly.
˝E-excuse me?˝ He croaked out, still stuck in place.
˝You heard me.˝
He turned away from you immediately, showing his back to you as he faced the window, though you still see the way his ears and neck seem to glow red despite his poor attempt to hide his face.
A small voice reached your ears and you deem the mission successful, though Riddle still wasn’t showing you his face you could still hear the sincerity in his voice as he spoke 
˝...thank you...˝
Tumblr media
It’s pretty hard to get Leona to blush, it’s hard for Leona to be bashful about anything really. So you’ll either get there through relentless trying or complete accident.
There’s a certain spot in the greenhouse where the sun rays pool in through the large leaves, leaving the grass lush and warm - a perfect spot for a cat to nap. That’s where you find Leona laying down one day with his hands behind his head, perfectly calm and serene, with the slow and steady way his chest rose with each breath you’d think he was asleep. The twitch of his tail gave him away though, so you approach him, casually joining him on the soft ground. The way the sun hits him is breathtaking, he looks ethereal bathing in a golden glow. For a moment your mind clouds over so you speak honestly about your current thoughts and feelings.
˝Not to burden you with a sudden emotional conversation, but I want to tell you I’m grateful for meeting you. Having you in my life has made me happy and I feel you’re not aware of how much I enjoy your presence˝
He’s caught off guard and you can immediately see from the way his eyes snap open to stare at you. His ears are flat against his head and the lazy swoosh of his tail has come to a stop. Leona’s stare is almost fearful, with wide eyes and shrunk pupils zeroed in on you, almost as if he was assessing some danger. You can practically see the gears turning in his head as he processes your words.
There’s a sudden ‘tch’ as he clicks his tongue in annoyance and subsequently turns away from you. He’s laying on his side now with his back to you, protectively curling up. His tail is back to swishing happily and his ears twitch when he hears you giggle at his reaction. 
Leona so badly wants to hide, his heart is beating fast and his face feels uncomfortably hot, not only that, but he feels restless - he wants to get up and go for a run, exercise, just something, anything to get rid of the sudden and intrusive troublesome thoughts swimming around in his brain.
˝...thanks,˝ his voice is a quiet half-growl, but the message is conveyed ˝’s the same for me...˝
Tumblr media
It’s incredibly hard to fluster Vil, it’s not impossible, but there are a few rivers you need to cross for that outcome to even be a possibility. Vil’s an actor, has been one from a young age, not only that, but he’s also a celebrity, naturally, he’s become quite immune to simple flattery and flowery language.
There’s a level of trust you can reach with Vil when he feels comfortable inviting you to his bedroom or even his home and then taking off all the ornaments, accessories and makeup that build up the extraordinary actor, model and dorm leader of Pomefiore and leave behind ...Vil, as he is. It’s at those times that he’s the most vulnerable and susceptible for an attack to his calm composure.
It’s late into the evening and he’s fresh out of a bath, meticulously drying his hair in front of his vanity, eyes completely focused on his reflection. You’re lounging on his bed casually, he’s taken note of your attentive stare, but hasn’t commented on it yet. The atmosphere is calming and warm, you’re both in casual clothing - or as casual as Vil’s clothing is capable of being. 
When he finally sets the blowdryer down and gives his hair a final brush through that’s when he turns around to look at you. As you make eye contact there’s a certain intensity that’s conveyed through your stare that’s unmistakably filled with love, sincerity and happy content.
˝You’re so unaware, but I’d argue you that you’re the most beautiful during moments like these, it really makes me fall in love with you even more...˝
That’s the killer line that makes his eyes gloss over as he struggles to remember how to breathe properly for a moment. He briefly turns away to face the wall for a moment, he’s not hiding the pretty red flush that rises to his cheeks, he’s simply finding it hard to keep looking at you without his heart leaping out of his chest and landing at your feet.
When he turns back to look at you again he sends you an absolutely killer smile, it’s practically blinding in its delivery, but his voice is surprisingly soft and almost bashful when he next speaks ˝...thank you, dearest.˝
Tumblr media
Catching Malleus off guard isn’t exactly hard for the reasons one would first assume. Difficult is a good descriptor only because of his seemingly oblivious nature over the courting styles of the modern era, almost all of your attempts to flirt or play coy with him fly over his head. 
If it wasn’t for the sheer amount of patience you had, you might have considered just yelling at him about your romantic feelings for the fae. What’s the point of witty flirtatious banter when it only seemed to evade the mighty dorm leader of Diasomnia.
One night while on a stroll with your lovely company, you decide to finally delve into your master plan on wooing the young fae prince. As the moonlight brightly illuminates your surroundings, you take a deep breath before steeling your nerves to court Malleus. With that in mind you grab his hand, he stills and curiously looks at you, green eyes filled with confusion.
˝My dear Malleus,˝ his eyes somewhat widen at the formal tone and the way you bowed your head towards him slightly, bringing his hand up ˝please interpret this as my formal request for the honour of courting Your Highness, Malleus Draconia. It is with utmost love and care that I ask for your merciful benevolence when it concerns the matters of my heart, should you accept my feelings I can promise you my best effort in ensuring your happiness for as long as I am by your side˝
With that said you gently kiss his knuckles, you hear a brief shaky gasp from your companion, but don’t look up at him. 
The silence that follows your confession is odd, so curiously you look up at Malleus to assess his reaction.
His pupils were shaking as he stared, standing there frozen in place. Malleus seemed almost paralyzed. His mouth was parted in a silent gasp, as his eyes looked into yours, seemingly searching for something. A growing blush made its way on his face, dusting his cheeks and the tips of his ears in a light pink. He snaps out of it hastily, pulling his hand away from your grasp to clutch it close to his chest. 
His voice is a bit breathy as he speaks almost as if he were too lost to fully comprehend the reality of the situation ˝Ah, it- it would be my honour, for me to- ...yes, I accept your... your feelings Ch-Child of man˝
Tumblr media
While Lilia is arguably the easiest to approach and converse with from Diasomnia, he’s also an ancient being whose composure so rarely cracks that if he didn’t have such a cheerful and joyous attitude perhaps you’d think he was made of stone. However, there are times when genuine sincerity makes him melt on the inside, reminding even himself of his youth.
So on a rather cold night, after leaving the ballroom in favour of accompanying Lilia to the gardens you’re met with the breathtaking sight of the ancient fae almost glowing, bathed in the moonlight beneath the twinkling stars. It’s such an enchanting sight you momentarily forget to breathe as if even such a small thing could potentially ruin the visage of beauty in front of you. He turns towards you slowly, smiling lightly as if existence hasn’t wholly bewitched your entire being.
˝My love,˝ You call out to him happily, his eyes focus entirely on you as he waits patiently for your next words ˝I don’t know if I’ve said this enough, but...truly your presence is unparalleled. Every time I see the moonlight grace and illuminate your features beneath the night sky I’m left speechless...I’m blessed by the sight of your beautiful and regal figure standing before me, truly the picture of an elegant and magnificently handsome lord.˝
His blankly surprised expression only holds for a moment before he promptly bursts into boisterous laughter, almost doubling over. With his hands clutching his sides he laughs freely, the sound echoing through the empty garden. After regaining some of his composure, as little giggles still escape him, Lilia brings up one of his gloved hands to wipe away a tear gathering at the corner of his eye.
˝My, where did you learn such flowery words and flattery, little one?˝
Your smile doesn’t falter, only growing brighter at the sight of your beloved’s happy expression. ˝Flattery? I’m merely speaking the truth, how can I not with such a dashingly handsome gentleman in front of me?˝
Lilia laughs once more, but you notice a distinct red flush on his cheeks steadily growing. He lifts his hand, covering his mouth slightly to prevent more uncontrolled laughter from spilling out ˝Thank you, little one, you’ve effectively charmed me˝
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star-crossed-cafe · 2 months ago
Hi, I saw that you're asks are open and was hoping to make a request. I saw another tumblr post a prompt with Floyd and was wondering if you could do a scenario or hc building on it for Floyd, Jamil, Lilia, Leona, and maybe Maleus. The prompt is from alynabeatley and goes
"Floyd: You love me, right, Shrimpy?
MC: Normally, I’d say yes without hesitation, but I feel like this is going somewhere and I don’t like it."
I hope this isn't too much feel free to ignore if it is or it goes against rules or what you're comfortable with. Thanks so much.
summary: "you love me, right?" with floyd, jamil, lilia, leona, and malleus
warnings: none
word count: 1.7k
author's note: here is the original post by @/alynabeatley! go ahead and give it some love! anyway, this is a fun idea and it has a lot of potential for all of the different characters! the Baker is kinda iffy on how he wrote this, but he really hopes you enjoy it nonetheless
Tumblr media
"You love me, right, Shrimpy?"
A question like that was bound to mean trouble when coming from Floyd. Why was he even asking? Did he do something stupid again? Or, even worse, did he want you to go and do something stupid with him? With trepidation present in your voice, you looked at him and responded, "Normally I'd say yes without hesitation, but I feel like this is going somewhere and I don't like it."
Floyd's laugh was gleeful and high-pitched as he slung an arm around your shoulder, pulling you up against him. "Come on then!" He tugged you along with him and you couldn't pry yourself out of his predatory grasp. "Lets go play! ♡"
His voice was so excited and his body language happy. At least he was seeking you out while in a good mood. But being dragged around by Floyd is tiring, and you still had things you wanted to get done. "F-Floyd," you began. "Maybe... maybe we can play later? I've still got-"
You were cut off by the way he suddenly stopped pulling you and stood completely still. Olive and golden eyes stared down at you in complete silence for a moment. You couldn't tell if his expression was more sinister or more sad. He looked somewhat like a mix between a kicked puppy and an angry one.
"Shrimpy,... you said you loved me though?"
"Well, o-of course I do, Floyd, but I still have things I need to do and-"
"But if you loved me you'd come play with me!"
Ah. He was in one of his more childish moods. No matter what you did or said, he wouldn't stop moping until you dropped everything and accompanied him all around the campus. You knew that from experience. With a sigh, you surrendered yourself to your boyfriend's whims.
Floyd grinned widely, full set of sharp teeth on display. He won, so of course he's going to be happy! "Stop dragging your feet or else I'll squeeze you!" he giggled, yanking you after him once more. It seems his innocent little question was a trap after all...
Tumblr media
Jamil has never been one to openly ask if you loved him. He took comfort in the ways you showed him you loved him instead. So his question caught you completely off guard.
"You love me, right?"
His charcoal eyes sparkled at you through the dimness of the room. The two of you were sitting in his room after dark, Kalim having already been safely tucked away into his dorm room. You two spent your nights like this quite often, as it helped Jamil wind down from the stressful work of the day.
Maybe that's why he was asking? Was Jamil so tired and stressed that he sought comfort and confirmation about your love? Even still, it was a worrying question coming from him.
"Normally I'd say yes without hesitation, but I feel like this is going somewhere and I don't like it."
Jamil laughed quietly. It was like music to your ears. He rarely laughed so openly and unabashedly, and it made you smile every time. "There's no need to worry, Dearest. I was just asking." The coy smile on his face said otherwise.
"Yeah, sure," you scoffed, plopping down next to where he sat working with a grin.
He faked an offended expression. "You're calling me a liar?" He wasn't really offended.
"Well, depends on what you wanted."
"Well, surely since you love me so much," he began while you wore a skeptical expression. "Won't you please help me babysit Kalim tomorrow? He's been planning yet another party and I have so much to do in preparation." You knew he wanted something. Jamil's lucky he's your boyfriend or you might have walked out right then.
"THAT'S what you wanted?" you scowled at him and he just looked at you innocently as if he didn't just ask you to help watch the human equivalent of a category five tornado. "Fine, I guess I can lend a hand."
You practically rolled your eyes at him when he smiled and leaned toward you to kiss your forehead. "Thank you, darling." You smacked his arm lightly. He was lucky you loved him, indeed.
Tumblr media
"You love me, right?"
Four of the most terrifying words you could ever hear from Lilia. That coupled with his big, raspberry eyes blinking at you innocently. What was he up to?...
"Normally I'd say yes without hesitation, but I feel like this is going somewhere and I don't like it." You were on guard, and you weren't going to let him weasel you into any sort of trouble.
He laughed quietly, giggling at your reaction. He seemed so eager and it was starting to freak you out. Lilia is a hard one to read, which made his small question ever more ominous. "Come now," he cooed. "Why are you hesitating so much?" His fang-filled smile gave him away.
"Because I don't trust you, obviously."
He faked a look of hurt and offense, placing a small pale hand over his chest as if your words had physically wounded him. "Hehe, you're so mean! And here I was, kindly going to offer you some homemade soup!"
You grimaced at his words, practically flinching when he said the soup was homemade. He wanted you to try it? No way... you knew how awful his cooking is...
"Well," he continued. "I've gone through all the trouble of bringing it here, so you'll eat it, won't you? I mean, you do love me, don't you?" The way he batted his long lashes at you made you suspect he knew exactly what he was asking if he could subject you to.
With every passing second, the abhorrent dish was brought closer and closer to you. He kept practically thrusting it at you, big eyes blinking as if that would persuade you to take a sip. "L-Lilia," you stammered. "It's, it's alright! I can... I can just get some lunch from the cafeteria!"
"Nonsense!" His tone was jolly and his expression bright. "I made this especially for you! And you did say you love me, after all." His fangs were fully on display as he smiled at you. He wasn't letting you out of this any time soon. You sighed, resigning yourself to your fate.
Tumblr media
"You love me, right, herbivore?"
The timing of this question was eerily suspect, as lunchtime was rolling around soon. Your boyfriend was lounging next to you, his face turned toward you, adorned with a cocky grin.
"Normally I'd say yes without hesitation, but I feel like this is going somewhere and I don't like it." Your eyes were narrowed slightly at him, but your attitude only made his smile grow slightly wider.
"Don't be like that!" he bemoaned, putting on his most pitiful expression. "I'm so tired from participating in PE today. Won't you please go pick up my lunch for me?"
"Where's Ruggie? Doesn't he usually did that?"
Leona scoffed, rolling his eyes while his tail flicked in annoyance. "That octopunk stole him away. He's been working in that sleazy lounge all day. Dunno when he'll be back." He swiveled his head slowly back to you, a fake, cheesy grin plastered back over his face. "That's why you'll pick up my lunch for me, won't you?"
"Come on now! Look, I'll share if there's anything left?"
Instead of replying, you just shot your boyfriend a glare. He sighed lowly and loudly, making a big show of his exasperation. All of a sudden, it seemed like an idea hit him. He looked at you once more, but this time his gaze was soft and his ears downturned. A soft pout adorned his lips as he did his very best to come across like an adorable kitten.
"What are you doing?"
"You said you loved me?" he faked a sniffle. "B-but you won't even help me get my lunch." You were annoyed. You knew he wouldn't let up any time soon, keeping up his sad kitten act until you gave in. Deciding to just cut it short, you sighed and stood up, brushing off your clothes. His eyes practically glittered with glee as he relished in his victory.
Yeah, you loved him. But did he ever test how far he could push it...
Tumblr media
"You love me, right, Child of Man?"
Malleus's question struck a chord with you. While Malleus often sought reaffirmation from you, he rarely asked you with his words. No, he usually did things like reaching for your hand, seeking your warmth, instead of asking you upfront.
"Normally I'd say yes without hesitation, but I feel like this is going somewhere and I don't like it." Your eyes were full of worry as you looked over at him. Half of his face was covered in shadow as he faced away from the fireplace roaring beside the two of you. He smiled softly for a moment while looking downward, but you could tell there was no joy in it. No, he looked sorrowful and sad, and it hurt your heart deeply.
"Fear not, Beloved. There is nothing to worry about." He turned his face toward you, reaching to hold your hand in his own and stroke it softly. There was something off about his body language.
"Malleus, did something happen today?"
Your boyfriend sighed, dropping his gaze from yours once more. You got it without him having to explain it - he was left out once again today, wasn't he? You got up for a second to move closer to him, holding him gingerly and rubbing his shoulder.
"Yes, Malleus. I love you. I love you very much." You finally responded to his original question, giving him the answer he so desperately hoped you would. He wanted your love so badly it hurt, and it soothed that ache for you to remind him that he always had it.
His head bowed slightly, coming to rest upon your shoulder. He was always careful when he did this, making sure to not jab you with the sharp point of his horns. He muttered out a small thank you, his voice barely able to be heard. He just wanted to sit like this with you for a moment, it seemed.
You were right, his question was going somewhere. It was delving into his issues and innermost insecurities, but you always managed to help him feel better instead. He loved you so much, just as you loved him.
Tumblr media
𝕚𝕗 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕖𝕟𝕛𝕠𝕪𝕖𝕕 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤, 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕔𝕒𝕗𝕖 𝕚𝕤 𝕔𝕦𝕣𝕣𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕝𝕪 𝕠𝕡𝕖𝕟 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕣𝕖𝕢𝕦𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕤
𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕔𝕒𝕗𝕖'𝕤 𝟝𝟘𝟘 𝕗𝕠𝕝𝕝𝕠𝕨𝕖𝕣𝕤 𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕟𝕥 𝕚𝕤 𝕠𝕡𝕖𝕟!
Tumblr media
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bubbledumbbinch · 2 months ago
Can you do the "hug boobs" hc that anon requested with the other dorm leaders + Lilia please 🥺
Tumblr media
Thank you so much Mariposa!! Your words are so kind and I’m soo happy to hear my writings make you happy!! 🥺 same to you darlin, keep hydrated and stay safe! Gonna just answer both like this , and jumping to these because a lot are asking for it!!
This piece is a bit suggestive!!
Leona Kingscholar
His breath hitches in his throat when he hears your voice saying “Leona-saaaan~!” He knows what is coming
Sighs and pretends to be annoyed when you come around
“Alright herbivore, I’ll indulge your desires, but shortly.”
He loves how… pillowy your breasts are…. He starts yawning and pulls you in closer
Leona also… sneaks a sniff of your hair while he embraces you,,,
Vil Schoenheit
He has to make sure he’s ready for your hugs, he doesn’t really wanna wrinkle his clothes…
Vil finally lets you hug him after adjusting himself.
He isn’t caught off guard by your chest - he’s been around so many actresses who are also big chested!!
But deep in his heart he knows it feels different because it’s you who’s hugging him
He only blushes lightly when you let go, you can barely notice it
Rook Hunt
HUGE smile, he loves you and always sings your praises when you come around!!!
He loves your hugs more than anything, he memorizes everything you have to offer. Your scent, the feel of your arms, the pressure your boobs puts on his chest - this man is a menace lmao
He whispers in your ear about how much he cares about you or just little sweet things~
If you haven’t picked up on his crush on you yet then…. Idk if u ever will unless he has to spell it out for you
Kalim Al-Asim
Absolute ball of sunshine, he is beaming smiles as soon as he sees you, practically runs to hug you too!!
Giggles and laughter all the time, he isn’t super flustered by your chest.
He’s more excited about the fact that you LOVE hugs and therefore love to hug him!
Kalim is accepting of any form of affection from you! The hug is just a super bonus!
Hugs you when you greet him, hugs you in the middle of the hangout, hugs when you have to leave too
Malleus Draconia
Malleus in general I believe is very touch starved. So when you asked if you could hug him the first time he was so surprised, but in a good way!
Malleus loves your hugs but always do it when Sebek is not around - he may rip you off of Malleus LOL literally.
Malleus holds onto you a liiittle too long but you don’t oppose!!
He is so large that he has to bend down in order to hug you, or he has to sit down. Which means your boobs like are nearer to his face.
He doesn’t blush so easily but he just has a shocked expression which turns into content.
Lilia Vanrouge
This little demon I headcanon Lilia to be a bit of a pervert - he definitely uses his cute appearance to be like a front.
He will hang upside down to hug you. Take that in anyway you want. boobs in his face
Lilia does genuinely enjoy being hugged by you though, I feel like he is also lacking in the touch department. He was probably really sweet to Silver, Sebek, and Malleus when he raised them but like. He needs some loving too!
Definitely a boob guy. When he likes you, he likes you for you!! But the boobs are an extra bonus!!!
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wolken-himmel · 5 months ago
In which (Y/n) is visiting NRC to visit her boys, whom she helped raise alongside Lilia. She hasn't seen her family in years, but she's ecstatic to do so now.
As the four Diasomnia students excitedly wait for her arrival, Lilia tells his boys tales of how he met their mother.
Request by anon.
Tumblr media
"Mom is coming over, old man."
Lilia immediately perked up at the mentioning of his significant other he and his boys hadn't seen ever since entering NRC a few years ago. A few squeals escaped his lips as he skipped over to the second-year and immediately tugged at his arm playfully, his feet impatiently tapping against the floor.
"Really?!" Lilia cried out happily, much to Silver's amusement. A smile appeared on the boy's face as he peered down at his father, who did his best to calm down from his excitement again. Coughing into his fist playfully, Lilia grinned cheekily. "I mean— of course! I knew she would come to see us!"
Malleus and Sebek looked surprised at Silver's announcement, too.
"Really? (Y/n) is coming?" Malleus asked, ecstatic as well. It had been so long ever since he had seen the woman who had raised him alongside Lilia, the one who had laughed at Lilia when his bangs got burnt and the one who always comforted Malleus on his lonely birthdays. The smile that appeared on his face was large and bright, so much that it temporarily stunned Sebek.
"Yes," Silver confirmed, smiling, "she said she wanted to attend your birthday, Malleus."
Surprised gasps escaped Malleus throat, and he immediately gained an aura comparable to an innocently excited child. Clasping his hands together, he repeated, "She... She would do that?" Silver nodded, causing the dragon fae to almost faint from happiness. Yet, there was something that held him back from doing so. "I thought she was busy rebuilding after the war?"
Silver shrugged, not possessing an answer to their steady stream of questions since you had barely told him anything aside from the fact that you would arrive sometime today. "She mentioned something of an exception," he explained, satisfying Malleus' curiosity enough for now.
Sebek threw his hands into the air, a big grin on his lips. "This will be a splendid opportunity to spar with (Y/n)!" he exclaimed with a determined expression decorating his face. "I'm sure I can beat her this time around!"
Silver's lips contorted into an amused smile. "Sure... Sure..." he muttered, yawning his soul out. "Keep on telling yourself that, Sebek."
"Hush, Silver. Don't be so mean to Sebek!" Lilia chided playfully, albeit with a mischievous glint in his red eyes. Turning to Sebek, he floated up and put a hand onto his shoulder. "Of course you can easily defeat an esteemed and infamous general of the Valley of Thorns, my boy!"
Sebek huffed and puffed. "You're all mean..."
Malleus quickly nudged a sulking Sebek aside, so that he could face Lilia. "Can you tell us some fun stories about her?" he asked, a fond shimmer in his eyes.
"Of course I can tell you stories about how I met your mother!" Lilia replied immediately, as cheerful and energetic as ever. He quickly led them over to the couch in the common room and sat them all around him, so that they surrounded him in a lose circle — Silver napping away on his left, Malleus intently listening on his right, and Sebek sharpening his sword in front of him on the floor.
Silver tried to keep his heavy eyelids open, not wanting to miss such an interesting conversation. His mother had always been very mysterious, even more so than his father — so he could never get enough of Lilia's tales about you. Yawning, he started off with, "How did you meet exactly?"
A fond smile immediately appeared on the bat fae's lips. Planting his chin in his palms, he breathed out audibly. "We were in the army together," he muttered, a nostalgic glimmer in his glowing eyes. "We had our beginnings as recruits together and actually served together for a long while. Eventually, we went our own ways... but we did meet each other again when the queen called her inner circle together for advice a long time ago."
"You're so different from Mom," Silver commented, curious like a child. "Did your personalities never clash?"
Soft chuckles escaped Lilia's lips, and he immediately nodded upon registering his adoptive son's question. "Well, she's always been softer around children." His eyes turned to the three boys he, some more than others, had helped raise and shape into the people they were today; pride filled his chest, and he wished you could see them, too. "All three of you included, even Sebek."
"Hey!" Sebek protested while narrowing his eyes and finally setting aside his baton to pay full attention to Lilia's tailes. "Singling me out like that!"
Lilia laughed at the knight's reaction before he returned ro the topic at hand again. He turned to the boy on his left, quickly extending a hand to ruffle his ragged hair. Silver let out an irritated gasp, having been on the brink of falling asleep. "She really really adored Silver," Lilia exclaimed, smiling when Silver immediately brightened up in happiness. Yet, Lilia quickly turned his attention to the other two again. "Not that we ever had any favourites, though!"
Malleus' bottom lip quivered as he whispered, "I thought I was her favourite..."
"L-Let's continue!" Lillia quickly cut in while having an arm slung around Malleus' shoulder, a sheepish smile on the bat fae's lips. With the other hand, he tapped his finger against his chin, deep in thought about what to tell his boys next. "So, she's quite infamous for being very strict, demanding, and hard to approach."
"So the exact opposite of you," Sebek remarked, humming.
"Exactly!" Lilia chimed, giggling at memories of you chiding him for always being so carefree and careless. You never seemed to understand that there was another approach to enduring millennia of loss and pain; Lilia and you were just on the other end of the spectrum. Lilia sighed, a smile on his lips. "We've always been a strange pair of two faes. She always acts like she hates me, but you all know how that isn't true~"
Malleus nodded, laughing softly upon remembering all the times he had seen you bicker and even seriously fight sometimes; but in the end, you and Lilia always stuck together like a perfect team. "Now that you say it..." he trailed off, chuckling when Lilia punched his shoulder.
Speaking of Malleus, a particular tale immediately appeared in Lilia's mind. "We really bonded over raising Malleus," he explained while laughing happily. "She immediately volunteered when the queen went through her inner circle to search for a guardian for her grandchild. (Y/n) has always loved children despite her stern nature."
Sebek pursed his lips, teasingly asking, "And you just barged in and demanded to take care of the young master together?"
"Exactly!" Lilia chirped while his chest rumbled with all the laughter that spewed from his lips. Clasping his hands together, a long sigh escaped his lips. "I said that Malleus needed a father, too. So that's how I met your mother!"
Silver rubbed his eyes and sighed. "I wonder if she's alright... I miss her, truth be told..."
"Yes," Malleus agreed, nodding with dim eyes, "it's been years since I last saw her."
"It's been years since I last could ask her for training advice!" Sebek chimed in.
Silence overtook the common room that was completely empty aside from the four students, and they all used it to just sit there and think of memories of and with you. Lilia especially had a melancholic expression on his face, quite rare for an energetic being as him.
Yet, their sulking was interrupted when they noticed someone coming through the mirror nearby. At first, they didn't mind the new arrival, thinking it was just a student coming from campus grounds — but when someone suddenly appeared in the door frame and remained there, they looked up to find a fellow fae standing there.
"I'm here now," you said, a rare smile on your lips. "Did my boys miss me?"
"(Y/n)!" they all yelled out at the same time, all of them jumping up and storming towards you like they hadn't seen you in a lifetime. You were immediately swarmed, four pairs of arms wrapping around your smaller form.
A little chuckle escaped your lips when they finally pulled away from you again. "I apologise," you said curtly and bowed slightly. "I got lost, and a kind human with a vicious kitten helped me out."
Silver's bottom lip was quivering as he jumped at you again, his arms wrapped around you so tightly as if he was afraid you would leave them for years again. "Mom, I missed you..." he whispered, and you only silently patted his back, a smile forming on your stoic lips, as well.
"Aw, my precious Silver..." you cooed, that cold facade immediately breaking down. Without hesitating, you wrapped your arms around the teen; he had grown so tall over the years you hadn't seen him. "Come here! Say, has your sleepiness been getting better?"
When he retreated again, you were still fussing all over him. "No... not at all..." he replied quietly, his cheeks red when you straightened his slightly wrinkled uniform — it was wrinkled because he had fallen asleep in it this noon. This motherly and warm side of you was only reserved for your boys — no one else ever got to see you like this.
"Don't worry," you muttered warmly. "I picked up some herbs that some merchants gave me on my way here. I'll mix you up some herbal tea, alright?" Silver immediately nodded, quite eager to take you up on your offer.
"Thank the Great Seven that you're here to cook for us," Malleus mused as you went up to him and forced him to bent down down to press a little kiss to his forehead — like you had done when he was younger. He watched you with relieved eyes. "I've been missing your food."
You immediately stopped with giving Sebek a hard pat on the shoulder upon hearing Malleus' words.
"Has Lilia not been feeding you properly?" you asked while narrowing your eyes at your significant other.
Lilia looked confused, and he merely exclaimed, "They love my food!"
"Sure..." you muttered, suspicious with how dreadful your boys' eyes looked. So, letting them lead you to the Diasomnia kitchen, you decided that you'd cook as much as you could during your stay. You turned around to face an innocently grinning Lilia, and you merely clicked your tongue with a little grin on your lips, as well. "I don't know how you three survived the last years, really."
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twistedr0se · a month ago
Diasomnia members with a bubbly princess s/o 👑 🌸
Notes: Fem!Reader
Malleus Draconia
Tumblr media
Poor mal mal is pining SO HARD for you ;w;
He's very confused at your mannerisms. Growing up as a royal himself, the ettiquette that comes with royalty don't usually fit someone so outspoken and bubbly
Gets somewhat flustered when you're around him. He’s not used to this kind of warmth, especially coming from a princess given his draconic fae bloodline
Often goes to lilia for advice on how to properly court you, don't be surprised when he often comes baring flowers and gifts on your next outing
He spends a lot of time trying to write letters to you, he hasn't known of love as a lone fae, so words don't come easy for him
Gets incredibly possessive of you due to how much you mean to him, he won’t let any prince steal you away from him
He daydreams and fantasizes a lot about what his future with you would look like. Once he graduated he would love to bring you to the valley of thorns and officially make you his queen
Lilia Vanrouge
Tumblr media
Oya oya? What do we have here?
He gets along with you very well due to your bubbly and sociable nature, he finds it interesting and absolutely adorable!!
Once he finds out that you are a princess, he’ll start to call you more regal petnames like “your highness” and “my liege”
Like malleus, he will do more old school ways of courtship, albeit more laid back
He’ll text you every now and then to see how you’re doing and if you need a fairy godfather (tm) to be by your side
Dancing and waltzing is almost a daily activity for you two. Residents of diasomnia will find you two echoing the halls of their dormitory with laughter and footsteps
He tells you a lot about silver, sebek and malleus during your dates. Like the proud father he is, they’re all his pride and joys. Perhaps in the future you’ll feel the same maternal love Lilia shares with his boys 👀
Tumblr media
At first he didn’t know about your status as a princess and thought you were just a regular social butterfly
Tbh nothing much changes once he knows about your status as a princess, he’ll still love you all the same, albeit being more chivalrous.
He jokes about how he is now your knight in shining armor despite him being sleepy most of the time
Your bubbly personality doesn’t bother him, even if he wakes up from your antics he’d gladly stay awake if it’s with you :3c
Loving kisses the palm of your hand and your forehead every now and then to show you he loves you dearly
Wouldn’t mind becoming your personal knight and bodyguard if malleus and Lilia allow it (and they will hehe :3c)
You’ll have a loyal and quiet knight guarding and protecting you every step of the way, he swears by his sword that he will stop at nothing to keep you safe.
Sebek Zigvolt
Tumblr media
If you think malleus is overprotective then BOY are you in for a surprise 😭
He finds your persona a mild annoyance, but he won’t admit that he secretly likes your vibrant presence. The minute he finds out about your royal status he’ll start to be very protective of you
He wont treat you like you’re fragile, but he’ll certainly be willing to fight anyone who dares to disrespect you
Bless your ears because you’ve earned a bodyguard (tm) boyfriend
Despite insisting that he’s a serious and tough knight, all it takes is a hug or a kiss to render him speechless
He would invite you to go on horse rides with him during his free time, and maybe you can accompany him during knightly training with silver. He wants to show off his swordsmanship too!!
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rainy-day-coffee · 3 months ago
may i request hcs for the vice dorm leaders (minus ortho-) with a crush who just constantly drowns them with compliments and praise and is just overall super supportive! also small lil note: your writing is so sweet! i always get excited when you post! :D
Thank you so much!! That is very nice of you to say! I hope I can continue to make more things you enjoy!
Also, I apologize for the long wait!
Vice dorm leaders with a supportive crush
Tumblr media
Trey’s usually on the giving end of the support stick, not the receiving end. Your kind nature flusters him greatly, though he tries his best to now let it show. The most you’ll get to see are rosy cheeks as he rubs his neck in slight embarrassment. He’ll try shifting the conversation onto something else before he blushes any harder.
He’s very thankful for what you do! You remind him to take breaks from his duties often, and even when he refuses, you try to make his life a little easier. A nice change of pace from what he’s used to! 
He most likely will never get used to the endless amounts of praise you give him but he gets better with it over time. He even manages to slip in more compliments directed towards you after a while!
He often gives you sweets he baked just for you as a way of saying thanks. If those aren’t your thing, there are plenty of savory treats he can make too! He just wants to let you know that he appreciates you greatly, and food is a good way of showing it.
Tumblr media
He’s taken aback at first. Someone who gives him genuine compliments and adoration with no strings attached? Someone who’s willing to help him with his tasks and doesn’t mind doing so? Oh, he falls very hard for you. 
He doesn’t know how to react to your constant praises apart from chuckling and shifting around in embarrassment, all while his cheeks heat up. He absolutely loves it! It’s a pleasant feeling! Needless to say, he soaks up all your compliments like a sponge.
While he appreciates your help with his schoolwork or his never-ending pile of chores, he also appreciates that you push him to take rest days too. Ruggie is the kind to always push himself to work in one way or another, not wanting to let his free time go to waste. He’s always looking forward to your visits and is always more than happy to spend time with you whenever he can!
Tumblr media
Initially, Jade thought you were simply trying to butter him up, use him to gain something, or perhaps even make him fall in love (a task you succeeded in.) He thinks a lot about someone’s actions, always wanting to predict what they’re doing, you are no exception. Your supportive and overall loving nature definitely attract him. He wants to test out just how far that kindness is willing to go, but he’ll control himself.
While your compliments flatter him, he usually doesn’t get flustered by them! You’d have to really catch him off guard to see a blush of some sort. That being said, he thanks you for all your praises.
He appreciates the support you give him when it comes to his interests! He could happily be explaining something about a common mushroom and you’d be waving your imaginary glow sticks while listening intently. You’re always more than welcome to stop by his club room or go hiking with him. Talking with someone who hypes him up feels a lot better compared to someone who just listens because they have no choice!
Tumblr media
He’ll be uncomfortable at first. Not because he doesn’t want it, but because he’s not used to so much genuine kindness directed at him. You push yourself to understand his feelings, and even when you can’t, you still remain supportive.
He keeps his cool exterior, brushing your words off and trying to let his smug self shine through. On the inside however, he’s burning with a mixture of embarrassment and giddiness. Sure, other students praise him for his various talents, but it’s different when you do it! When you do it, his stomach fills with butterflies, his face warms up a bit, and his heart beats loudly in his chest. A foreign frightening feeling, yet welcome all the same.
He finds himself showing off more when around you, especially since you push him to do so. He loves being able to show you his true potential! 
Jamil repays your kindness, even though you’ve told him countless times he doesn’t have to. It’s exactly because he doesn’t have to that he wants to. 
He makes sure to give you extra helpings of food when you visit Scarabia for meals. You’ll be visiting a lot. After all, any friend of Jamil is a friend of Kalim’s! 
He’s also willing to help you with your studies, and always willing to listen to you talk. He’s not one to give out too many compliments, but he makes sure to praise you about things you’re proud of!
Tumblr media
You two are practically two peas in a pod! Your energy and his energy blend very well together. 
He’s not one to get flustered over honey-coated words but they touch him and make him feel warm.
Anything you do for him, he’ll be throwing right back at you, tenfold. It’s a war of words, each thrown with pure adoration and support, enough to fluster any normal person. Anytime you compliment him, he’ll be sending something right back at you. He leaves many poems and notes for you to find around your dorm!
He’s always delighted to talk to you about his different interests! Among a bunch of other things, he tells you about these new science experiments he’s conducted in his club and things he’s noticed about other students. There’s always a lot to unpack.
Many students are genuinely surprised you two aren’t a couple yet. They are shocked when told you two are still in the crush stage.
Tumblr media
Lilia finds you very charming! He very much adores the supportive and loving energy you display.
He loves basking in your praise and is quite shameless about it. He flirts with and teases you playfully. He also returns said praise with lots of compliments directed towards yourself, of course! You two become each other’s best hype man essentially.
Since you’re willing to listen, he absolutely loves telling you stories about his past! It makes him feel good when someone listens so intensely to his tales. It’s even better when that person actually believes them! He won’t hesitate to talk your ear off.
While he appreciates your willingness to help him with his tasks, he constantly tells you to not worry about him. If anything, he should be the one pestering you to take more breaks and enjoy life. With that in mind, he loves dragging you to different places to just relax. That way, you both are taking a break from your daily schedules.
Tumblr media
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Familial headcanons for Riddle, Vil, Malleus, Trey, and Lilia taking care of their child after they catch a a cold please!
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
Riddle sticks to a strict schedule when it comes to looking after his sick child. At certain intervals, he comes in to change the washcloth on their head or to retake their temperature. He even has alarms set on his phone to make sure he never falls out of line!
He takes several other precautions to make sure his kid is comfortable! Riddle sets out a box of tissues, a glass of water, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and all other health or hygiene related items on his kid’s night stand. That way, anything they’d realistically need will be in reach.
Riddle brews fresh lemon tea with a touch of honey to help soothe his child’s sore throat. He’ll take a cup as well, chatting with his kid while they share the pot and sliced sandwiches.
Riddle makes them take their medicine with a spoonful of sugar (“It helps the medicine go down,” he explains.) He personally dislikes bitter concoctions too, so he wants to make the experience of swallowing medicine a bit more pleasant for his child.
He’ll sit by their bedside and make sure they keep up to date with their schooling and homework, despite being sick. Riddle’s a good teacher, so his child won’t fall behind or struggle with their assignments!
Tumblr media
The first thing Vil makes his child do is change out of their current outfit and into something more light, like a night gown or a T-shirt and shorts. That way, their breathing won’t be restricted—there’s form and function considered.
He encourages them to engage in mild to moderate exercise to help “sweat” a cold off and temporarily relieve nasal congestion. Vil will pitch in, serving as a coach, cheerleader, and work out buddy for his child.
He keeps a close eye on their condition and announces frequent water breaks to keep them from overheating. Vil also keeps a bowl of water with a damp washcloth nearby so he can consistently wipe sweat off his kid’s skin.
He puts his knowledge of magic pharmaceuticals to good use by brewing a little home remedy to help cool a fever and reduce other symptoms. Vil also makes sure his kid eats plenty of fresh fruits and veggies to help their immune system fight off the cold!
Vil doesn’t believe aromatherapy is a replacement for medicine, but he does think it can help you relax. He prepares a vial of scented oils (citrus, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, etc) to be diffused in his sick child’s room to help them sleep well.
Tumblr media
Malleus pulls out all the stops to make sure they’re comfortable in bed. There’s lots of thick blankets, silk cushions, and cute plushies for his beloved child!
He has his royal chef prepare a veritable feast for them, including several hearty soups and stews. If his kid finds the solid food too hard to chew or to swallow, Malleus will take a knife and fork to personally cut the food up into more manageable chunks.
He has read that temperature control is very important for the ill, so he’ll pay close attention to that. However, because thermostats don’t exist in the Valley of Thorns, Malleus has to guesstimate when the temperature needs to be adjusted. This leads to him offering to either breathe fire or summon ice storms to conjure a more agreeable temperature for his child.
Since his child is fae, their magic can get out of control when they’re sick. To remedy this, Malleus suggests they suck on ice chips to help temper their internal temperature, and therefore keep their fire breathing in check.
Malleus purchases a virtual pet toy for his kid to play with while they’re in bed. “It is a companion that will always be with you, in sickness and in health,” he chuckles. (It has connective capabilities with his Gao-Gao Dragon-kun, so their pets can interact with one another!)
Tumblr media
Trey plans a menu of foods that are soft, bland, and easy to swallow. Not only that, but he’s sweet enough to serve the meals on a trey tray in bed, complete with a little decorate vase with a rose in it—just to bring a smile to his child’s face.
Trey really dotes on them and acts especially attentive when they’re sick. If his kid asks for something, he immediately rushes out to grab it for them, and if they so much as kitten sneeze, he’ll appear at their side with a box of tissues.
He keeps a window open so they can still get fresh air, even if they can’t exactly be as active or explorative as they usually are. If the window has to be closed because of chilly or rainy weather, Trey will at least draw the curtains back so his kid can still get some some sunlight.
Instead of candies for their pockets, Trey hands his child cough drops until they make a full recovery. (... Though he'll still nag them to properly clean their teeth, since cough drops are also full of sugar.)
He’s not very creative outside of the kitchen, so he’s kind of at a loss on what to do with his kid when they’re stuck in bed. Trey attempts (I repeat, attempts) to sing to amuse them, but it ends up backfiring on him. The lyrics he ad-libs are so stupid that his kid laughs super hard and flies into an uncontrollable coughing fit!!
Tumblr media
Forget buying medicine, Lilia will make you a home remedy with fresh ingredients plucked from the garden, plus a mortar and pestle to grind it all up. Just like the good ol’ days!!
... As it turns out, Lilia’s remedies are just as bad as his “cooking”. It all tastes awful...! Salt water mouth wash, raw garlic and rosehip paste, a strong mint and citrus juice... (His kid waits for Lilia to turn his back before they dump the remedies into a nearby plant pot.)
Speaking of “cooking”, you bet that Lilia’s going to want to cook for his bedridden bundle of joy! He throws every nutritious thing he can think of into a slow cooker and lets it sit for several hours before serving it up. “Eat up, kufufu. I made it with lots of love, just for you!” (He offers to feed it to his child himself, doing the whole cutesy “here comes the plane/magic broom” thing to encourage them to get it all down.)
Lilia’s bats help him look after his kid! The bats take turns watching over the sick child, and quickly fly off to seek Lilia if they’re in need of something, or if they sense the child’s condition is worsening.
He sits by their bed and relays stories to help them fall asleep, since he knows stuffed sinuses can make that difficult. (Did he tell you about the time he attended a ghost wedding? How about when he hunted down Malleus for Beans Day?) Lilia offers to sing as well, but his kid stops him before he gets the chance to, since they know it will only keep them awake!!
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Can you do Yandere Malleus and Lilia with a darling who is the descent of sleeping beauty and Prince Phillip, and the effects of the sleeping curse passed down to them and so they always have trouble staying awake and it’s very hard to wake them up once they fall asleep. If you don’t want to do this that’s fine!
This is a good idea. Imagine that whenever mc puts them fingers in something they will fall asleep for 100 hours.
Yandere Malleus Draconia
Tumblr media
Malleus would be very pleased.
You are the first person to ever approach him.
That he finally found someone he can love.
Really, Malleus is a little sorry that the curse his grandmother passed on to you.
But I would be lying if I said that Malleus would not use this situation to his advantage.
He really would like to protect you.
Malleus would do his best to undo the curse that is on you.
Or so he wants you to believe... really he just wants to spend a lot of time with you.
Eventually, Malleus becomes very possessive.
He would definitely lock you in the tower.
It’s very easy because Malleus can just stick your finger in the needle and you fall asleep.
He will take full advantage of this.
( So he strokes your head and braids your hair while you sleep )
You can't even try to escape him.
If you try to talk to others or escape Malleus will only force you to sleep.
You curse the decision of your grandparents quietly in your mind.
If your grandparents had gone to buy more plates and invited Maleficent to a party, you wouldn’t have been captured by a loving dragon.
" I believe our meeting is the fate. We have been created for each other... I am so happy with the actions of our grandparents because it brought us together"
Yandere Lilia Vanrogue
Tumblr media
You would face a new and very serious threat.
Lilia's lullabies.
He can make the crying baby calm down and make you fall asleep in just a minute.
Secretly Lilia wonders if Silver is related to you.
Lilia's singing skills make it very easy to capture you.
But even if you can’t really resist him easily, that doesn’t mean Lilia isn’t dominant and sadistic.
He is very interested in what different conditions you can sleep in.
Even though he knows that escape is impossible he will still chain you to bed.
Your parens are definitely worried and Lilia understands that.
That’s why he suggests that you get married as a “gesture of peace” and to improve the relationship between you and the Dracconia family.
And he makes sure your family agrees.
Lilia will treat you well if you start obeying him.
" Oh dear did you fall asleep again? You are so sweet dear. Your parents accepted our engagement I'm sure you're as happy about it as I am, right?"
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fairestwriting · a month ago
Not the same anon, but could i request their ideal type for diasomnia???
Malleus Draconia
The thought of a real, truly intimate relationship has always seemed distant to him, almost unrealistic, so his concept of an "ideal" ends up being something quite vague. He's just never thought about it in much detail.
Malleus knows he would like someone with an affectionate, sweet streak. He's spent too much time alone, he has a lot of backed up love to give and would like to have the favor returned too. They don't have to be showy about it, just relatively open about their feelings at him.
He also would like someone curious. Malleus is often just sort of jaded, bored with the world around him, and having someone be so interested in it would feel like it's teaching him to see beauty in things again.
Lilia Vanrouge
Oh, Lilia's type is all over the place. He just likes interesting people, really, anyone who's full of personality, whatever that might be, is capable of catching his eye. It's often just an intuitive thing for him, he'll know if someone seems amusing from a first glance.
Similar to Malleus, he'd like someone curious, with an addition of being maybe a bit naive. He has a lot of knowledge to share, and a "pure soul" is just something he ends up being drawn to, wanting to dote on them.
But there needs to be some contrast to it too. A surprising strength, something that contradicts that seemingly defenseless part of that hypothetical person. It's... cryptic and vague, but that's just Lilia, isn't it?
Silver wants loyalty, full stop. Not necessarily seriousness, you wouldn't have to proclaim how much you want to marry him every day, but he wants to feel like he has a very genuine bond if he's dating someone. Something they'd sacrifice things for.
Mellow and quiet personalities are types he finds himself the most drawn to, finding them easier to talk to, but that doesn't mean he can't appreciate someone who's on the bolder side. As long as you're capable of being down to earth, of course.
Generosity, as cliché as that might seem, is also something he likes. You might say everyone does, but it affects him differently. Silver knows good intentions and dedication when he sees them, and being a giving person is something that shows that very clearly, to him.
Sebek Zigvolt
Sebek wants someone with spine. He's not fully aware of that, but he does. He's a person who takes up a lot of space, so if his partner isn't able to assert themselves too, they might not balance each other out as well.
He doesn't like jealousy in general, but especially when it's towards his duties, or even Malleus himself. He holds his role close to his heart, and it'd be very important for him to have his partner respect that.
Like Silver, he's also big on loyalty, with an addition of wanting the person he loves to let him protect them. He wants to be their knight in shining armor, so someone who appreciates and supports that would be nice.
Tumblr media
if you wanna support my work, you can buy me a ko-fi or commission me!
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torikaku · 6 months ago
Hello! I love the scenario where the Dorm Leaders wake up and see their S/O in their shirt. Could you possibly do that same scenario with the Vice Dorm Leaders?
Hi! Thank you for enjoying that post, here it is.
As for your request, absolutely! I love this cliché, hehe
Tumblr media
When Trey wakes up, he feels you hugging him. You always do. You always tell him that he smells nice and sweet, and you can't help but cling to him. But Trey just smiles at your words, allowing you to hug him in your sleep.
He tries to slip away from your embrace carefully and not wake you up. Putting on his glasses, he looks back at you and notices you wearing one of his shirts.
He quietly chuckles at you. The shirt is a bit big for you, but you look adorable in his eyes. Trey leans down and pecks your forehead. After getting dressed, he leaves the room, not disturbing your sleep.
A bit later he enters the room with some breakfast and tea for you, he finds you already awake. Playfully and smirking, Trey asks you why you put on his shirt.
You suddenly feel flustered under his mischievous gaze. Awkwardly, you scratch your nape and tell him that his shirt smells like pastries he always bakes, and you really enjoy the smell. Trey gently smiles, feeling his heart flutter in his chest, and tells you that you should eat your breakfast and not forget to brush your teeth.
Tumblr media
Ruggie enjoys your night cuddles so much, he feels so loved and doesn't want to leave the bed. But sadly, he has a lot of stuff to do even in the morning.
He frees himself from your arms carefully and tries not to wake you up accidentally. He checks you and notices that you're wearing his shirt. Not that he minds, but he was planning to put this shirt on.
The more he looks at you, the more he feels his face getting warmer. His tail begins wagging unintentionally. Ruggie hides his flushed face in the hands and sighs. He never thought that you would look adorable in his clothes.
The fact that you wear his clothes is very important for him. It means you see him as your partner and beloved one. Later, when you left, the clothes still have your scent on it, which Ruggie sniffs when he misses you.
Since you took his shirt, now Ruggie has the right to take yours as well, doesn't he? Don't be surprised later spotting him wearing something yours.
Tumblr media
Jade wakes up and finds himself lying on his side and you facing him and clinging to his chest. Aren't you sweet? He gently pets your head.
In the process of sliding away from your embrace, he notices that you're wearing a shirt that is quite big for you. Obviously, he recognizes this shirt as his own due to its size.
You're almost drowning in the shirt, but nevertheless, decided to use it as your pajama? Well, you look cute, Jade must admit. He grins at you with his usual mischievous smile.
Your obvious size difference always amused Jade, but seeing you wearing his pieces of clothes really makes his heart flutter in his chest and him feel butterflies in the stomach. If you weren't sleeping right now, he'd definitely turn the tables and make you flustered by teasing you and giving you compliments.
Well, since you enjoy wearing Jade's clothes so much, he can allow you to do so. But be ready that his gaze won't leave your figure, because he enjoys seeing you in his clothes as well.
Tumblr media
Jamil is usually not a heavy sleeper, but tonight he sleeps like a log. He's not much a cuddler, but allows you to cling to him. You lie behind him, coiling his waist with your arms and hugging him.
He is busy even in the morning. But he hasn't had enough sleep tonight, so getting up now is a bit tough for him. Sighing, with all his will, Jamil tries to leave the bed, but your arms prevent him from doing so.
Gently removing your arms, Jamil looks back at you and notices that you're wearing something he recognizes as one of his hoodies.
Jamil feels his face getting warmer as he puts the hand on the cheek. Oh, well, you look actually cute, he must admit. How are you always able to make his heart flutter? He sighs and smiles, leaving you lying in the bed and not bothering your sleep.
He doesn't like it when his stuff is taken, but since it's you, he can allow you to take and wear his clothes if you want; they suit you really well.
Tumblr media
Rook enjoys sharing his bed with you and feeling you in his embrace. He lies behind you with his arms around your waist and hugging you, his forehead is on your nape.
Waking up, he carefully squeezes you in his hug. He pulls away to study you and, watching closely, he notices you wearing a shirt that big for you. He quickly recognizes it's his.
Rook gasps in surprise. You look so belle/beau! He would sing you praises and compliments if you weren't asleep right now. It's just a morning now, and you already look so séduisant(e) and only wearing his shirt!
He cups his cheeks and smiles, spending some more minutes watching your beauty before leaving you to get himself ready for the day with his usual morning routine.
A bit later, Rook will mention how magnifique you look in his shirt. Oh, there's no need to be so flustered! He will gladly share some of his clothes with you for you to look more lovely!
Tumblr media
Actually, Lilia doesn't require much sleep as you do, but sometimes he keeps you company (honestly, he just wants to cuddle with you), just like now. He sleeps beside you, clinging to you.
In the morning, when he finally opens his eyes to see your adorable sleeping face, he notices that you are wearing one of his favourite oversized shirts, which is a bit big for you as well.
Lilia is hard to fluster, but now, you somehow have succeeded in making this old man's heart go doki doki because of your cuteness. Oh, is this something you feel when he steals and wears your clothes?
He quietly giggles to himself. He decides to stay with you on the bed until you wake up. Lying on his stomach and holding his face in his hands, Lilia playfully swings his legs back and forth. Now, he has so many reasons to tease you! Ah, you will look so cute with a flushed face.
You can be sure that Lilia won't leave you alone after this situation. Standing behind you and draping himself onto you, he will pleadingly offer you some of his clothes for you to wear. They will definitely look good on you, why don't you try to put them on? (Cue Lilia showing you a puss in boots face)
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honey-milk-depresso · a month ago
Hey, can I request Lilia, Leona and Malleus with a crush/s/o that runs away? They don't end up telling anyone about it, they just grab Grim and go
I was unable to find any rules related to your asks, so sorry if any annoyance!
Oh no, those weren't rules, they're just suggestions! ^^ I don't mind any other asks so long as it's not NSFW, anon! So- I hope you enjoy!!
TWST S/o has a crush and runs away
Leona Kingscholar
Confused as frick-
Why are you running??
The minute he comes by, he didn't even plan on starting a conversation with you and he just y a w n s-
You fricking grab Grim and run for dear life-
Like ????
W t f-
Leona shouldn't care for something as stupid and trivial as this, in fact, it shouldn't even bother him, you don't make a sound.
But for some reason...
he's annoyed that you keep hastily avoiding him.
So, being the bold lil shit he is, went to confront to you about it.
Yes, Leona stood up and went to see you during his nap time which is every time- good job you king lion shi-
You blushed tenfold, shyly telling him you were just really nervous about him, but you didn't necessarily hate him..
And oh my god- he is smug as hell-
He makes sure to tease you ALL the time <3
N o-
Malleus Draconia
Confusion number 2-
Another "why are you running???
But insert sad confusion.
He genuinely doesn't know what's up,
and he legit thought you're scared of him like everyone else.
He legit thinks you don't like him at all, and that you're scared of him. And all he wants to do is say "hi"-
After unintentionally hurting his feelings,
you run the FRICK BACK-
And tell him with a sincere yet timid blush on your cheek that burned a bright pink,
to tell him you were just really shy but you don't mind being with him.
So, you were shy?? Well, he's glad you're not scared of him-
"So this how humans react when they're shy. I understand-"
Oh my god, I can't tell if you're cute or he's cute I- <3
Lilia Vanrouge
He smiles teasingly when you run away from him,
and the way you grab Grim and run is just so hilarious to him.
Humans truly are intriguing~
Lilia also likes to prank you a bit, just to see your reaction.
Of course, nothing harmful. Just playful pranks that do no harm!
It's really funny-
Grim's screaming is just the highlight of his day-
Poor Grim-
Lilia eventually will be serious, and approach you about it.
Though, he probably knows the tea-
You shared with him timidly that you were just shy around him, but his pranks do make your day, like the time he unexpectedly showed up with a bunch of roses.
He simply chuckles, and ruffles your hair, watching in amusement as your cheeks bloom pinker.
Ah, you are such an adorable, little, muchkins!~ <3
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readdressmeasduchess · 6 months ago
I heard you’re a Vil simp too! Hello! I love how you write Vil 🥺🥺
Can I request Vil, Riddle, Rook, Lilia, Leona and their FeS/O meeting their future selves? Maybe some timey wimey magic or something? And somehow they meet?? I think it would be cute.
Sorry this took so long, but I do hope you enjoy and thank you for requesting!
Tumblr media
Prompt: Riddle, Leona, Vil, Rook, Lilia and their F! S/O meeting their future selves
Word count:  1 459 
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Comedy
Ship(s): Riddle, Leona, Vil, Rook, Lilia X f! Ramshackle Perfect
Tumblr media
Riddle was thoroughly not amused by the mirror’s decision to unceremoniously drop them in the wormhole of space and time. Magic was truly an incredible thing, the key being when it worked.
Which is not what he could say for this situation, he checked himself over for any injuries and once deeming himself safe he turned to check over you, only to be met with a curious pair of grey eyes suspiciously similar to his own. 
His shock was immeasurable and he immediately bounced back in a defensive position, the strangely familiar stranger sending alarm bells going off in his mind.
The two redheads blinked at each other, both equally confused, if they weren’t dressed differently perhaps you would have mistaken them, their only real difference was the fact that the other male was just slightly taller than Riddle.
Suspiciously-similar-to-Riddle man sighed and started explaining time skips, almost as if he were anticipating, expecting this to happen.
Ah, that was older Riddle.
The two Riddle’s eyed each other up and down, until they were both satisfied? Or at least younger Riddle seemed to nod in approval at his older self.
The situation was calm as the older Riddle counterpart walked you two through the process of getting back to your original timeline, at which point you asked about the ring he was wearing.
Younger Riddle blushed furiously at the fact it was a wedding band, he was rendered speechless and confused till an older version of yourself popped her head through the door to check out what was going on.
He was married to you.
His heart melted, knees weak and brain fried. He wasn’t prepared for this new piece of information, he needed a warning!
Tumblr media
Landing through a mirror timeline on his arse, not the most graceful thing he’s ever done, but he’s dealt with worse.
A growl sent him on high alert as he looked around for its source, he needed to find where you had landed and get you away fast from whosoever territory they had unfortunately intruded on.
It wasn’t until he looked up and met with a familiar mane and scar that he was left frozen in place. That scent was..his? Cue confused and agitated growling from both lions.
It wasn’t until you cut the tension and asked where you were that the older Leona introduced himself and without even batting an eyelash started explaining your way back home.
After the quick instructions the two male lions eyed each other, as if in some silent competition, eventually they nodded at each other in a show of some kind of begrudging respect? It was tense and awkward for a moment before a small childish yell cut into the room.
Two small lion cubs ran into the room, their energy chaotic, at incredible speed they attached themselves to older Leona’s legs, the beastman didn’t even look surprised, the swish of his tail as lazy as ever.
Meanwhile the younger Leona’s eyes bulged out of his sockets, staring at the kids as if they were some strange alien creatures.
When he heard the older you’s voice yell from the other room something about dinner that’s when he decided he needed to get you back to your own timeline before you learn too much information and risk ruining this future.
He’ll deny the way his was flustered by the future you two had experienced, you were married, with kids no less.
Tumblr media
Vil was the type of person to double, triple check something before he finalized to make sure there were no mistakes, that however did not mean he was not a person, and a person was always prone to mistakes.
So as he landed somewhere foregin, he cursed at himself for potentially putting the both of you in danger before he set about trying to get you two back home.
His head snapped up quickly when he heard someone clear their throat behind him, mentally preparing himself for whatever was to come he really didn’t expect his spitting image to stare back at him.
Well, almost spitting image, the other person’s hair was longer, purple locks barely reaching past the middle of his biceps, the extravagant purple embroidered suit looking expensive and his makeup impeccable.
A part of him was a little jealous.
Vil pushed you behind him, keeping his body firmly between you and whoever this was. The stranger smirked and it irked him for some reason, until he started explaining himself and their current predicament. 
After the initial shock wore off and you were both about to head home to your own time Vil caught a glimpse of a certain ring on his older counterpart’s finger, when questioned he simply smiled, stated he was engaged and pointed to a picture hanging on the wall of the apartment.
An elegantly framed photograph of older Vil and you in a meadow of lavender with matching rings adorned with precious gems. Older Vil quickly shooed you off though, he hardly had the time to entertain the two of you, he had a wedding to plan, you’ll understand in a few years so be patient.
Tumblr media
Perhaps adding that element to the potion was a bad idea, but who could fault him when he simply wanted to create something beautiful? Though he did regret dragging you into the whole ordeal now that it had proven less than ideal.
As he helped you up from where you had landed on the ground, he looked around to find himself in a garden of sorts near a quaint cottage. His curiosity got the better of him as he looked around, it wasn’t until he felt the air split near his ear, an arrow flying its course uncomfortably close to his ear, that he sharply turned around.
The all too similar silhouette of a hunter with his trusty hat and bow made itself clear at the entrance of the forest.
The older blonde smiled warmly, proclaiming loudly that he had been expecting them. As flamboyantly and charmingly as regular Rook he introduced himself as his older counterpart, proudly showing off his older physique.
The man made quick haste of explaining their situation with all the theatrics you’ve come to expect of Rook. Until a little child with a bow and hat way too big for them made their appearance, yelling happily.
Older Rook’s attention immediately went to them as he caught the running child, spinning them around before complimenting their hat in his usual French.
While you were stunned, Rook seemed to quickly shake off any hesitation and talked to the child without any worries. When he saw older-you though, walking out of the cottage slowly, that’s when he was left speechless.
The older you was obviously pregnant. 
You were the one who had to drag him back to your own timeline while he gushed about your future, grinning happily the whole way, spouting ridiculous poetry.
Tumblr media
Lilia was no stranger to the unfortunate mistakes that could happen when it came to magic, he had been on receiving end a number of times, however he hadn’t yet experienced a time magic flux, though he handled it with relative calm, he was only concerned for your well being, considering you were with him now.
As he looked around he recognized they were at his estate at the Valley of Thorns, or at least the future version of it? There were obvious trinkets and travel mementos that he hadn’t yet acquired, so obviously future.
He grabbed you by the hand, dragging you to where he knew the lounge room was and when he knocked on the door he didn’t expect to be greeted with a familiar lullaby. He slowly entered, quietly ushering you inside.
His older counterpart barely acknowledged them, already anticipating their arrival, he simply continued singing to the small bundle in his arms, which Lilia gleefully recognized as a small baby.
He could jump from joy, the child’s aura was of a half-human fae, the baby’s small pudgy hands sleepily clutching a small dragon plush close to his chest. That was the toy he had originally sewn Malleus, but it ended up being passed along to Silver, and now this child.
He could feel his smile widening so far his cheeks hurt.
When the door clicked open again, and older you walked in with a tray and some tea cups, after the baby was put to sleep, the four of you had a nice discussion about the future before heading home to your original timeline.
Lilia couldn’t help, but silently cheer, not only had he secured a happy future with you, but  Silver will be so happy to find out he has an adorable little sibling! 
Tumblr media
Another one down, some more to go and then requests will be open again soon~
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nanamisflowerfield · 6 days ago
Hello. Can I ask for a scenario with Lilia and Y/n during the master chef event? Y/n tries Lilia food and suddenly cries. Everyone think it's because it's horrible, but she says that it's tears of joy because Lilia's cooking reminds her of her mom's and it'sher favorite. Thanks!
Of course! I tried my best and hope that you like it! Have a great day!
Tumblr media
Tears left your eyes, as you stared at the food in front of you, which Lilia had placed on the table. The smile that had graced his pale and young-looking face had left, when his eyes widen. The only thing that the old fae wanted to do, was to surprise you with his wonderful new dish he tried out – just for you! But maybe, he had cooked differently than last time he had made it. “I-I’m sure the old man killed (y/n)…” Silver whispered under his breath, staring at the scene in front of him.
Your hands grasp got tighter as you ate more and more of the blackish food. “Please, stop. I don’t want you to die on us… How should I tell him that you have died, because of the old man’s food…?” Even Jade had stood next to the smaller fae, shaking his head in disbelieve and agreeing to the whitehaired student. The Diasomnia dorm leader and a few other students that had you dear in their hearts, would truly not be happy about it.
“Are you alright, (y/n)?” Your friends asked you, while you digged into your food. “You are crying…” You shook your head immediately, sending a small smile into their direction, while you chewed on the dish, that no one would ever want to taste. “It tastes so great.” Your joyous voice irritated everyone in the room, making nearly a few students think that you got crazy by Lilia’s food now. “It tastes just like my mother’s food. I always loved it, when she cooked it for me. It tastes delicious, thank you so much, Lilia.”
The fae grinned by your nice compliment, that you had loved his cooking, suggesting that he could cook more for you, which you had appreciate and thanked him once again. “Isn’t that great, Silver? (y/n) enjoys it! Just like you! Maybe I should cook more often…” The usually sleepy student’s eyes shot open by the fae’s words. “Please, do not. Next time, Sebek and I will take over… You really don’t have to do it… Right, y(n)?” – “Mh? Oh, I would be happy to eat more of his food.” Asking for more and holding the plate up high to Lilia, whose smile never had left.
“… More of the old man’s food…? Please, great seven… Have some mercy…”
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bubbledumbbinch · 2 months ago
I read Malleus sleepiness and omg qwq please do the same for Lilia!
i made this one longer than the others idk what happened but man… i hope yall like it 👁👁
This piece of writing is intended for 18+ audiences only. Minors DNI. NSFW
Warnings: dubcon/noncon elements, somnophilia, stalking, blood
Lilia Vanrouge x Fem! Reader
Lilia’s favorite thing to do is watch you sleep at night. It doesn’t matter what position he’s in outside your window, hanging upside down your roof just to peek inside, sitting on a branch on a tree closest to your room, etc. Lilia just feels wonderful to see you in such a vulnerable state.
For some reason, tonight feels different for him. He can’t help but feel more attracted to you than normal. That is, until you roll around in your sleep. The blankets adorning your form roll off the bed as you writhe in your subconscious state.
Lilia’s magenta eyes widen as he notices your almost nude form, save for the thin pair of (f/c) panties you were wearing. A thin sheen of sweat covered your body. The warm temperature must have been too much for you, since Ramshackle dorm’s A/C units probably haven’t been fixed.
Lilia hatches a plan to cool your body with his own! Transporting into your room wasn’t difficult. After he was in there, he made sure to rid of Grim and put him into another room to sleep in.
Before climbing onto your bed, the fae removes the outermost articles of clothing piece by piece, piling them gently on a table, leaving him in his undergarments and shirt.
You shift, moaning gently in your sleep, yet never waking. Sweat looked like it was dripping down your face, causing Lilia’s member to throb in his pants. He would NEVER want to make you do anything you don’t want. Lilia was a gentleman, through and through!!
When his cold skin made contact with your hot body, you released a high pitched squeal of discomfort, yet still stayed asleep. You shifted again, turning your head into his chest and throwing your leg over his own, your thigh so painfully close to his dick.
Lilia giggles and decides you must definitely feel his presence here! You’re even cuddling up to him and asserting your attraction to him by putting your body so close to him!
What really sends him over the edge though is when you start rubbing your crotch onto his side, the heat from your clothed and sweaty cunt sending him into overdrive.
Lilia would trail his fingers along your body, rubbing light circles onto your clit, marking you up with his teeth as much as he can before you finally begin to wake up.
He loves being able to see the markings and bruises he leaves on your skin and laps at the little trails of blood that drip down your body.
“Aah, my beautiful Y/N…” Lilia coos. The fae simply takes in your presence at first. When you begin to move in your sleep, your jumbled groans and noises send dirty thoughts to his head. ‘Out of context those groans could have sounded like…’ Lilia thought to himself. Powered by his own selfish desire, the fae decided he wanted to be the one to coax more sounds out of you.
Swiftly, he soaks two of his fingers with his own saliva and teases your nipples, fondling them to hardness. Your breath hitches and you mewl - shifting ever so slightly, grinding on Lilia as he groans. Carefully he rearranges himself so he’s now towering over your form, kissing your neck and moaning once he inhales your scent. You’ve always smelled so good to him - so different, so innocent. And for some reason, Lilia wanted to take that for himself.
You think you’re having a lovely dream until you realize the weight in your bed has shifted and you feel a presence close to you. Your skin feels like it’s on fire - from both pleasure and hot pain. You open your eyes to see a pair of half lidded magenta orbs staring right into your own from between your legs. Because of the darkness you couldn’t really tell WHO it was. Instincts kicked in as you tense and try to back away from the person. As he held you down, you open your mouth to scream, when a cold rough hand slams down on it.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, my dear Y/N. I have no intention to hurt you, until you give me a reason to.” The fae stated firmly, his usual kind demeanor now replaced with a stern expression.
“Lihliah-shan?” You tried speaking from behind his hand, muffled into his skin. He donned a grin again once you recognized him.
Chuckling lowly, Lilia removes his hand from your mouth. “Mm, that’s right. Now, go back to sleep and be a good girl for me, won’t you?” He waves his hand above your face as you begin to doze off.
“N-no, don’t.. haanh-“ you weakly bobbed your head up, letting Lilia’s lithe index finger reach your lips.
“Shh, sleep now… You won’t remember this in the morning.” You closed your eyes, last remembering the magenta eyes and sharp teeth that adorned Lilia’s wide smile.
At least he’ll make sure your body remembers how good he makes you feel.
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wolken-himmel · 3 months ago
In which Lilia and (Y/n) have to take care of an egg for a school assignment.
All goes well until Lilia starts being all smooth, randomly remarking that this is great practice for their real future child.
Request by anon.
Tumblr media
"Lilia, I'm back! How is JJ?"
The fae in question perked up when he could sense your presence nearby, able to spot your form standing in the doorway to the Diasomnia common room. Lilia hummed and quickly returned his attention to the egg in his arms, cradling it in the green blanket he had wrapped around the hard yet fragile shell.
While you pranced closer to the little crib Lilia had constructed for the small egg, quiet giggles of delight escaped your lips at the adorable sight in front of you. Your laughter brought a smile to Lilia's lips, and he immediately transferred your little baby to your arms once you arrived by his side.
"JJ is doing very well, dear," Lilia muttered with a large smile on his face, one that made him look as youthful and child-like as a small hatchling. As he watched you cradle the egg in your arms, gently moving it left to right, an amused chuckle escaped his lips. "I hope babysitting your friends wasn't too hard."
A wistful sigh escaped your lips, and you raised your gaze to reveal exhausted (E/c) eyes to Lilia, who merely furrowed his eyebrows in worry. To calm him down, you shot him a sheepish smile. "You know how Ace sometimes is... I'm sorry it took so long for me to come see JJ now." The embarrassed frown on your face was soon replaced by a grateful smile as you chirped, "But, oh, you're the best, Lilia! You make such a good father, do you know that?"
Lilia began to fan himself some air with his hand at your words, and a series of exaggerated giggles escaped his lips. "You flatter me, (Y/n)~" he cooed while extracting the precious egg from your arms again, and you let him do as he pleased; Lilia always knew best, after all. Cradling the egg in his arms, his eyes grew with wisdom and nostalgia, as well as a tint of sadness. "I've raised a few younglings here and there... but they've all left their nest already..."
"Aw, don't worry!" you exclaimed while putting your head onto his shoulder, your eyes trained on the egg he was carrying. "JJ won't leave any time soon."
Lilia exhaled in a melancholy as he rested the side of his head against yours, his eyes fluttering close in a moment of bliss. "And he at least won't burn my bangs like another youngling did..." he muttered between laughter, his chest rumbling slightly. "Anyway, don't tell Malleus, Silver, or Sebek... but I think JJ is my favourite out of all of them."
You pried one eye open and removed your head from the bat fae's shoulder again to look him in the eyes, a large and amused smile on your own lips. "Very much understandable." Covering your mouth with one hand, you did your best to hide your amusement in fear of hurting anyone's feelings. So, with a muffled voice, you wheezed out, "JJ is very easy to take care of, after all. We've had no struggles so far."
"Maybe it's because we're good parents?"
"Definitely!" you replied, your chest swelling in pride. "The professor will have no other option but to give us an A on this project."
"Besides," Lilia began with a large grin forming on his lips that showed off his sharp fangs, "—this is good practice for us when we eventually have a real child."
His words made you halt in your tracks, and a bright blush spread across your cheeks. Suddenly, the air seemed so stagnant and hot — so much that you thought you would suffocate. "E-Excuse me?" you cried out, embarrassed to the core.
Lilia, on the other hand, seemed unbothered by the sudden shift in mood, and he seemed unaware of your sudden flustered expression — or at least it seemed like he hadn't noticed. Turning to face you with a devilishly innocent smile on his lips, he drawled, "Yes. You'll be a fantastic mother! I can see it already."
His brashness caused your brain to stop functioning temporarily. "Uhm... I—"
Before you could make a fool of yourself much longer, Lilia straightened his back and walked right past you, the fragile egg safely secured in his arms. "Now excuse me," he announced and aimed straight for the door; as he walked by you, you could feel his shoulder brush against yours — intentionally. A smug grin that you couldn't see adorned his lips as he exited the common room. "JJ needs to sleep now. I shall tug him into bed."
Left behind as a giant mess, you sighed and buried your red face in your trembling hands. "What a smooth talker you are, Lilia..."
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Hello! May I get a few head canons of Trey, Jamil, and Lilia when they see their S/O in a bride dress? Not before wedding, but maybe one of the students was just asking S/O to be the model for the dress that the student designed? (Hope you have a wonderful day <3)
Jamil Viper: 
Jamil feels the vice around his heart tighten whenever he looked at you in your wedding attire, not entirely unused to you knocking the breath from his lungs but this was a special case. He hadn’t thought much about marriage as it never seemed like his life was his own and even in his dreams, he was chained to Kalim as though he was the one he was marrying. Dating you had been something that he never would thought would happen and now seeing you in this dress, twirling around and showing off for him as you sought out his opinion, was making him think of even more things that might be obtainable now that he had broken the seal. 
Lilia Vanrouge: 
Lilia stared at you with a fond look on his face, chin in his palm as he quietly admired your beauty. His overall image of the type of dress he’d like to see you in is far different than the traditional one you’re wearing now but he keeps those thoughts to himself as you seem excited, twirling around to show it off a little more. He thinks you look like a princess from a fairy tale, so elegant and chipper, he wants to come over there and pinch your cheeks lovingly while calling himself your fairy godmother. He started to wonder if there was a way for him to get a traditional fae wedding dress without raising suspicion, quite curious now to how you’d look in it (but he wouldn’t want to spoil your actual wedding day, so he guessed he could wait a little longer). 
Trey Clover: 
Trey is so flustered at the domesticity of it all that he can hardly look you in the eye, pretending to look at something extremely interesting on his lap instead. You’re a little disappointed with his reigned in reaction but you knew that Trey didn’t always openly express how he felt, especially not when there were others around. He did, however, indulge you as you told him you wanted to get a few pictures as this dress was absolutely the kind you’d want to get married in. He doesn’t know if it’s a hint but he works hard to memorize every little detail of the dress he could, hoping he could find a replica for when he finally got up the courage to propose (he also figured he’d better start saving for it now). 
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treysbimbo · 4 months ago
please please please
vice version of these
finding model s/o’s explicit photos.
pairings: trey, ruggie, jade, jamil, rook and lilia | all chars are 18+.
dorm leader ver. here!
( explicit/nude photography, implied semi-public, mentions of degradation, body worship, mentions of praise. )
Tumblr media
when trey happens to stumble across the rather lewd photography of you, he only smirks, he’d been looking for you to try his new sweets he’d made for later today, but this was even better than that. he would find you later, but for now he’s grab it to take back to his bedroom. if you asked what he was doing with it, he’d simply just say that he didn’t want anybody finding it.
he’d never attended any of your photo shoots, so he didn’t know how much clothing your eve took off, all he knew was that it was explicit and inappropriate. he’s a bit glad he never did, because he finds this to be a lovely surprise, having some sexy pictures of his girlfriend and being able to tease you for being so lewd and leaving right in the open for him (or anybody) to find. you just wanted him to take them, didn’t you?
if either you go to him or he comes to you, it’ll end in teasing, in both ways. his rather mean words, telling you that you’re so dirty for wanting him or somebody else to find these explicit pictures of you. and to what? take them and jack off? you’re a dirty, dirty girl you know? and he’ll have to teach you a lesson about just letting them hang around in an easily accessible area. you’re his, and it’d be such a shame if anybody got their hands on them instead.
ruggie thinks he’s hit the jackpot when he finds this pictures, just strolling around in the dorm and he just happens to choose to come mess around with you when he walks by your room, only to find these (amazingly) explicit photos! he’ll let out a whistle as he looks at all of them, letting his eyes take it all in as he reminds himself to talk to you later when he takes them back to his own bedroom.
now, at first he’d thought that the modelling was just good for the money — which, he still stands by the fact that it’s good for money — but now he sees that it’s great for loads of other things, too. being able to see his smoking hot girl in sexy lingerie and even completely nude in some of them really gets him going, even if he has seen you in some things similar to it. it’s gonna be hard to resist taking you right then and there when he finds you.
he will drag you off somewhere semi-private when he finds you, telling you how much of a tease you are and how you just wanted him to find those pictures, didn’t you? well, luckily for you, ruggie isn’t like trey and will gladly satisfy your every need right there without teasing. he doesn’t mind some explicit photos left around for him time to time, because it just gives him a reason to come and seek you out.
jade isn’t too surprised at first, he gets a bit of a shock, but knowing you’re in adult magazine gives away what kinds of photos you might be taking. he’ll snatch them up in a heartbeat, making his way to you to tell you how dangerous it could’ve been if somebody else happened to come across them — since, well, he would’ve beaten the shit out of them. he can’t have somebody else knowing your naked body but him, can he?
he does get excited when he finds them, it’s not an everyday thing that could happen, just happening to come across your girlfriends explicit photos? maybe for others, but definitely not for jade. he’s loving the unexpectedness of this whole situation, and can’t help but to drag you along back to his room, not caring if you were having an important conversation or taking an important test, etc. when jade wants something he’ll get it, and right now his mind is preoccupied with thoughts of you swimming around, and he’d like to get them out..
he gets a bit rough, letting his teeth bite down a bit harder than normally, his nails leaving small scratches everywhere — since they aren’t exactly long — and gripping you tightly where you know you’ll be bruised afterwords. like trey, he sees that you need a punishment, taught a lesson for teasing him so shamelessly. maybe you weren’t entirely sure that he’d find the pictures, but now that he did you couldn’t care to complain.
if jamil finds them before kalim does — because kalim does like to come by to see you often — he’ll be taking them instantly, not even taking a chance to admire them. he doesn’t want any nosy people (kalim) to come across you in such a dorm that only he should be seeing — and the people you model for — he has no problems with your modelling, but he’ll have to get a word in with you about leaving such valuables (as he says) in the open where somebody who isn’t him can easily see them.
he gets a bit.. frustrated in multiple ways. but he’s mostly annoyed by your carelessness, reminding him of kalim himself with it. he’ll look over the pictures, taking in everything that’s visible in them, whether they’re nude pictures or you in a lingerie set, he’s enjoying it (though he won’t say it aloud). afterwards, he’ll have to scold you, ya know? you need to get told about making sure you aren’t just letting things such as this hang around open spaces and letting others easily snatch them.
he, along with both trey and jade, will be acting as if he’s teaching you a lesson. his words more degrading that usual — though, the degrading is nothing new — and getting a bit rougher, leaving marks in extremely visible and hard to cover places, having a few bruises from his roughness here and there as well. he’s the opposite of ashamed when he sees you in the early morning, smirking to himself as he watches you desperately try to cover the marks to avoid any troubles or teasing.
oui, oui! rook is only so lucky to be able to come across your beauty in such a form, his breath is stolen as he sees the photos when he was only coming to check if you’d gotten back yet. he’ll take them with him — to be able to admire your beauty further, he says — and keep them pinned onto his wall so that he can always see them no matter what. and even vil cannot get him to remove them from his walls, so it will be a bit embarrassing for you (or anybody who happens to walk in)
after a bit of time, he’ll come and find you once he’s done appreciating the photography. smiling to himself as he hunts you down, to anybody else it looks like a good boyfriend bringing his girlfriend to do something, but you know better than that. you know that you won’t be leaving the bed until you can think of anything but him and him only.
he’s very sweet in bed that night (he is every night) appreciating every part of your body as he tells you how beautiful you look, “oh mon amour, tu es une déesse”, pressing kisses all over you and leaving bites and marks in places only he can reach. he won’t fuck make love to you until he’s kisses and appreciated every part of you, maybe even slipping on lipstick to know for sure that he’s gotten every single part.
lilia has a smirk plastered on his face on his face as he takes the photos, he’s seen them earlier when you’d left them, but he hadn’t had the time to come and take them. he finds them very enticing, and they make him feel as if he’s young again. they get him excited and make him have a bit of trouble staying still, and he can’t help but to seek you out and snatch you back to his own room.
he’ll tease you about it for a little bit, but throws in some praise there too, telling you how beautiful you looked and how you should wear things such as that for him too. he takes things a bit slower that night, letting you give him some begging words as you stare at him with teary eyes, he’ll have you all dressed up too, maybe putting you in something with bats on it if you have something — or he can find something — like that.
he’s gonna ask you to show him all the pictures you have from your photo shoots and he might steal some for himself too. he’ll ‘show’ up to them too — very silent and sneaky, hanging from the ceiling in a hidden corner — watching you with sharp eyes and constantly licking his lips. he loves seeing you in cute and/or sexy lingerie or just plain naked! he’s all for everything you wear (or don’t wear) for him and will always show his thanks.
Tumblr media
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