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idv-sunsxin3 · 2 days ago
Ok ok last one anyone you want with hair that shows their emotions because their face literally shows NO expression except when they feel EXTREME emotions. Like they get flustered and start frabbing their hair and hiding their face and they have a monotone voice
The Leech Twins & Idia with S/O whose hair shows their emotions as they’re facially expressionless(unless feeling very EXTREME emotions)
Header’s art via Twisted Wonderland Official Game {edit by me}
Gender Neutral! S/O
Note// I hope I did wrote what you exactly wanted to request,,, nwn;;;
Tumblr media
I surprisingly have the mood to write for Idia in this one Hehe-
He is pretty much the most anxious looking one out of the both of you, and probably lets you do the talking-
He honestly wouldn’t make fun of you since he’s pretty similar; his hair react a according to what he feels but he’s pretty expressive with his face (yet he tends to make questionable expressions we love so much about hhh-)
Though, he pretty much finds your hair cooler than his, favoring you more than himself in the process- :’)
He would notably not do eye to eye conversations with you even if he’s not playing a video game
He nearly 24/7 looks at your hair nervously or your forehead, pretty much anxious to say something wrong to you so he wants to know what you’re actually feeling as face-to-face conversations don’t help at all with your unchanging facial expression.
He pretty much wouldn’t complain about it, he’s alright if that makes you who you actually are. :3
Usually gets concerned whenever you try to hide your face with your hair when you get embarrassed, wondering if he said or did something uncomfortable to you,,, x’3
In the rare times you get to finally smile at him, that’s when it’s Idia’s turn to get his hair turn pink….-
Tumblr media
Floyd thought you were dull at first impression, until he starts seeing your hair moving and changing colors-
He gets super curious about it yet finds it cool, that he starts to linger around whenever bumping into you or passing by-
“Ah? Don’t hide your cute face, Shrimpy~! Let me look at it~”
Sorry, he’s a big tease, as he discovered that getting a reaction out of you turns out to be a fun game for him once he starts learning a little more about your hair’s interesting abilities.
Probably would immediately start using a piece of your locks to play it as a mustache whenever it changes into a color after humoring you,,,, X’D
Frequently giggling whenever your hair moves, flinches, or curls when you react to whatever shenanigan/teasing he does.
If you ever try to put a hood or a hat on, Floyd will just give you a goofy grin, making you know that he’ll grab the headwear off of your head and make you chase him for it- 😅
Sometimes wishes to try harder to make you smile or even laugh actually- even wondering about strange thoughts like if your hair can even laugh or make noises-
Tumblr media
Like Floyd, he thought you were merely ordinary at first.
Then he honestly thinks you’re pretty impressive by how your voice and tone are unreadable, yet your hair says otherwise…-
He internally finds it adorable tho- UvU
At least he gets to read your emotions and tell what things do you like and what things do you dislike,,,-
Very observant with you, so hope you don’t feel uncomfortable feeling eyes wondering on your hair frequently when he’s around either because he feels the need to get to know your tastes, or come up with ways to surprise you either in a bad or good way-
Big tease #2-
Likes to twirl your hair gently, even kiss it lovingly to tease you further and get a reaction out of you,,,,- 🤭
Few weeks after observing you like a lowkey madman, he may or may not pretty much know few general things that make you express in different reactions.
He eventually finds himself making the goal of making you cry, or even smile everyday with an extreme emotion for real, rather than seeing that stoic look constantly.
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Mind having a cute Grim with a female yuu together alone that is sheerly pletonic and just have a nice picnic
Tumblr media
It was a really warm and beautiful summer day.
You were a little bored and wanted to start doing something.
So you’re wondering what’s fun to do together.
So you figured out you could go on a picnic with Grim.
First I had to ask Grim for his opinion.
And apparently Grim "graciously agreed to your idea because he's so awesome and he can't let his human get bored."
So Grim is trying to cover up his enthusiasm.
He really wants tuna.
But first you have to make the food.
Grim is trying to help.
But he is a little more annoyed than useful in cooking,
But it was fun. Finally you got to start having a nice day together.
You ate together and after that you stroked Grim Turkey.
You could read at the same time.
Grim looks really sweet.
So sweet that you won’t notice you’re being watched.
Of course, this did not go unnoticed.
Many twst boys are jealous.
Especially first graders.
They will watch you behind all possible trees, rocks and shrubs.
Everyone would love to have a Grim spot.
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butterflyemi · a month ago
— Accidentally calling the NRC Staffs ‘dad’
Tumblr media
Tags & Notes | Any Pronouns! Reader, humor, fluff. I apologize if the characters are OOC. Stay safe and healthy everyone! <3
Warnings | Crowley.
It was on accident, you swear-
Now you have a grown ass adult clinging to you.
Begging you to say it one more time.
“CHILD! PLEASE! JUST SAY IT ONE MORE TIME!” You tried removing his hands off you but it’s no use.
You sigh in defeat and turned to Crowley with a forced smile.
“Dad, please get off of me” Your tone sharp, practically threatening him.
Crowley finally lets go off as he starts tearing up, distracted by you calling him ‘dad’ instead of ‘sir or ‘headmaster’.
Which gives you the time to get back to your friends before they do something stupid.
Your eyes widened once you let that word slip out of your mouth as the classroom grows quiet.
You both stare at each other with no words exchange.
That was until Crewel started grinning to himself as he clasped his hands.
“I am touched pup” You awkwardly laughed as he continued.
“Now tell me, who is the better father Dire— or me?” You don’t know whether you are hallucinating or not but you could clearly see Crewel sparkling or was it just the light?
“Ahaha, well sir I don’t—” He cuts you off “Well it is obviously me, of course”
You stayed there at his classroom, listening to his lecture of how he’s a better father than Crowley.
He was lecturing you on about something and you muttered a “Alright, dad...” and that was when he stopped speaking as he lets those words sink in.
He then asks you to repeat what you just said. 
Lucius rolled his eyes and told Trein on what you just said.
You give Lucius the stink eye while he just meowed at you.
Trein feels touched not gonna lie and is the most calmest one when he heard you call him dad.
He really appreciates it and is thinking of arranging a little meeting so you and his daughter can get along! :) 
Just like Crowley he tears up as he hugs you tightly.
You tried getting off of him but he’s way too strong.
You patted his back awkwardly as he sobs on your shoulder.
He then swears that he’ll protect you from the boys if they ever did something to you and will train you some self defense.
To which you mentally slapped yourself.
Okay, Sam is a different case.
You’d probably accidentally call him brother and he would just laugh it off.
He doesn’t mind really! He’ll most likely ask you to call him that again tho so...
Next time, you come over at his shop. He’ll tease you about it.
If he hears you call him with formalities, he’ll say “Awh, what ever happened to ‘brother’? Come on! Don’t be shy, say it again :)”
Which leads you to flustered mess since he keeps teasing you about it.
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Riddle: Y/n, you’ll be working with Vil and Malleus.
Y/n: Alright! My fantasy threesome!
Everyone else: *blank stares*
Y/n: …Of people on a team.
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jd-loves-fiction · a month ago
how do you think Leona and Malleus would deal with their s/o peaking into the room and shyly asking to sleep with them just to be with them? S/o isn’t a particularly clingy person, so this does not happen often where s/o asks, they’re just feeling lonely tonight and want to be with their lion/dragon man, quietly cuddling to sleep?
🌑imma do this one in headcannons :)
Tumblr media
❖ 𝐌𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐮𝐬 ❖
Oh he'd melt
His sweet, sweet Child of Man comes to him for comfort? He's never felt so special
He'll open his arms wide, beckoning you into them
Like I said before, i don't think Malleus really needs sleep
At the very least, he doesn't need a lot of it
But he'll lay down with you, hold you in his arms and listen to your breaths even out
He doesn't even hesitate, also doesn't think anything weird of it, he understands what you need at that moment and he's absolutely ready to give it to you
Also feel like either Lilia has done this for him, or he's done it for Silver or Sebek
Diasomnia just all looks like cuddly boys :)
Tumblr media
❖ 𝐋𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐚 ❖
Blushy blushy catman wondering how in the Great Seven are you so damn cute
He's taken aback by the sudden vulnerability
But after just a moment of hesitation, he wordlessly lets you in
Leona is cuddly, no matter how much he huffs about it, he love cuddling and is completely ready to give you the comfort that you need
No words are exchanged, he simply pulls you against his chest, hand against the back of your head, petting your hair while purring
Like mothers do for their cubs🥺
Pls I'm so soft for this man
He will only let himself fall asleep when he's sure that you're comfortable and sleeping like a baby
Then, he takes a deep breath, inhaling your lovely, comforting scent before closing his eyes for the night knowing that you'll be alright
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roseheartsed · a month ago
Tumblr media
✼ SUMMARY: delight is the hardest to contain, so you ask them for a hug — except you didn't do the asking part and dived straight in. (first years edition)
✼ PAIRING: first years x reader ft. platonic ortho. (written in second pov)
✼ GENRE: fluff, slight comedy.
✼ KEYWORDS: none.
✼ QUICK WARNINGS: implications of unintended asphyxiation (in epel's section).
✼ A/N: woohoo, welcome to the surprise post! this is yet another formatting style and i actually liked how simple it turned out! as always, enjoy reading and let me know what you think <3 - bree ☆
[ dedicated to my one and only mama, @emizel! lin, look at these precious boys <3 ]
・・✿ ・・→ masterlist. + read the vice dorm leaders edition (ft. platonic grim) here!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PRETENDS TO CRINGE. Stares like you just ate the last pizza on the table off of the floor— Pfft, he's just messing with you! Ace snorts, remarking about how lucky you are he didn't 'somersault' you out of surprise or something like that. As if he would; he likes you too much to actually do that.
Tumblr media
STARTS BUFFERING. Just malfunctions and heats up on the spot. Isn't hugging supposed to be something intimate? Does this change something between the two of you? Or is he the one overthinking this? Those thoughts come rushing to him in the space of a few seconds — and you're left wondering why Deuce is just standing still like a statue. His cheeks are red too, is he okay?
Tumblr media
FLINCHES AS NATURAL INSTINCT. His kind doesn't do that type of buddy huggy thing so obviously, Jack's first instinct is to jolt away. Not only does it fluster him that you just swooped in closer like that but he also felt like a trapped prey there. But it's not like Jack is voluntarily rejecting your hug... Just don't catch him off guard next time, he warns you with an exasperatedly fond face.
Tumblr media
GETS SUFFOCATED, LITERALLY. Usually, Epel would have politely inched away to get his fairly needed intake of oxygen — but he hesitates because he does want to stay in your embrace. But his oxygen supply is running out and he pats your arm as a sign of "can you let go a little?". Epel still finds your enthusiasm and physical strength kinda amazing though... Fine, maybe he did just fall for you even more.
Tumblr media
ALMOST SENDS YOU TO THE AFTERLIFE. As one of Malleus' knights, he immediately considers surprise attacks like that as an ambush. He could've injured you! Sebek shakes his head disapprovingly, lecturing you for minutes afterwards. He's only angry because you're... someone... important to him, okay?! Besides, you could've just asked!
Tumblr media
GETS SO HAPPY HE FLOATS. Unlike most viruses, happiness isn't supposed to be contagious; or at least, it hasn't been scientifically proven. But when you give him a hug, Ortho can't help but reciprocate? As if your glee is channeled into him, activating the engines under his feet in the process! Maybe happiness is contagious, after all?
──・──・・✿ ・・──・──
© 𝐫𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐬𝐞𝐝, may 2022. do not repost, plagiarize nor translate without permission, thank you. likes and reblogs are extremely appreciated!
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namjoon-koya · 24 days ago
I see you’re a fan of twisted wonderland👀 how about a headcanon with grim (platonic of course)
a/n: I’m stuck in the fandom and I can’t get out 😭
Tumblr media
Grim definitely sleeps on top of your stomach the moment he sees that you’re finally asleep and won’t move much in the night, if you’re a light sleeper you might feel grim knead at your blanket at night. If you confront him about it he’ll definitely tell you that you’re just dreaming, but that won’t stop him from kneading.
Grim loves you, yes he may call you his minion; but he really does love you. Grim often fears when Crowley will tell you one day that he find a way for you to get home, Grim fears being alone and now that he has you he’s grown a strong attachment to you.
oof you’re definitely a parental figure to him, especially with how much trouble him, deuce and ace get into. You pretty much debate on buying them a backpack leash with how many times you catch them doing something suspicious, during the winter time you FORCE grim to wear a scarf. “I told you! I don’t wanna!” “GRIM! You’re going to get sick now put the scarf on!” Of course he wears it.
If Grim catches you paying attention to Lucius he WILL pout about it, “just say you don’t love me anymore.” “Grim—“ “just say it I can handle it.” It will probably take 10 cans of tuna for Grim to accept that you love him and not Lucius.
You both can often have deep conversations with each other, usually at night when neither of you guys can sleep. “Hey minion, you asleep yet?” “Nope.” You hear a soft shuffle before feeling soft fur brush against your cheek, grim settles beside the pillow next to you. “Do you miss your family?” You think about your answer for a second before answering Grim “it’s a bit hard to miss something you don’t remember, but it’s okay.” Grim just stares at you confused at your answer “how it is okay?”
You gently rub Grim’s ear making him lean more into your touch, “because I have you guys, sure you guys might drive me insane at times; but I would probably give up going back home if that meant I could stay with you guys.” Grim doesn’t say anything instead he nuzzles closer to you, even if he didn’t say anything you could hear the small purrs from him. “Goodnight Grim.” You say giving his ears a gentle rub again before falling asleep.
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rae-aizen · a month ago
little otp prompt (୨୧)
Tumblr media
yuu; what are you doing?
floyd, hanging upside down from a tree branch; shrimpy~! i'm trying to kiss you!
yuu; you're going to fall... please come down.
floyd; ...
floyd; shut up and kiss me, i'm getting lightheadead.
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aphrodites-letters · 26 days ago
i'm gonna take this chance to slide in a request... if possible, could you do headcanons where the dorm leaders have an s/o who did competitive figure skating? i want then to find out when vargas takes students out for a phys ed class at an ice rink to have some fun. the dorm leaders make it a chance to make it an ice skating date with their s/o, but as soon as very specific songs start playing (either il volo's notte stellata, send in the clowns by judy collins and/or haru yo, koi by shinya kiyozuka), suddenly the ice is their stage and the dorm leaders are just entranced and probably falling in love with them all over again, being blown away by their spins, jumps, the complex transitions and choreography that is unfolding before them.
just pure wholesomeness. genderneutral pronouns because figure skating is a very pretty sport hehe
i'm also a mega nerd when it comes to ice skating and those three songs up there were performed by yuzuru hanyu and yuna kim DHAHSHD
i hope this won't be too hard on you, i just wanted to see this so i could cry about it later—and of course, please take your time on this if you do happen to accept it!
- Of course! I am extremely sorry for the wait, I have been a bit busy lately with life and well lack of motivation as well. However, I hope you do enjoy this one, thank you for your patience, dear.
#dorm leaders
#competitive figure skater! Gn! Reader.
➤ ❝You’re as graceful as a swan ❞
Tumblr media Tumblr media
R. Roshearts
-> We all know Riddle isn't one to find physical strength much necessary. So, when Vergas announced that instead of practicing flying a broom or running for 1 mile, they will be ice skating, Riddle was a bit nervous.
-> Riddle was just never taught how to ice skate, which leaded to you helping him. Luckily, Riddle is a fast learner, so he learned the basics of ice skating. Riddle found ice skating rather fun, it was not too hard once you got the hang of it.
-> Then, a certain song started to play. haru yo, koi was a beautiful song, it sounded pure, it was just perfect. You would always skate with that song playing while practicing. You couldn't help yourself but skate, showing your true skills to everyone.
-> When Riddle noticed everyone was looking at the same direction, he turned his head around to look at what they were looking at. It was you, skating oh so beautifully and elegant.
-> He was surprised, have you been skating for a long time? Those are skills a figure skater competitor would have. Did you perhaps practice ever since you were a kid? He is curious. You seem to have a passion for skating.
-> Could Riddle get his eyes off of you? Not even a second, he paid attention to your moves, your posture, the way you moved your arms, the way your face relaxed. You looked so angelic, so graceful.
-> Oh, Riddle was falling in love all over again, you are just so beautiful. Just what are you doing to him?
-> Once the music ended, you looked at everyone surrounding you. Just like Riddle, they were all shocked, amazed, awe stuck. You could even hear Rook praising with tears in his eyes.
-> Riddle didn't forget to ask you the question he has been thinking about recently. He must know. Have you been doing this for years?
-> However, he was even more surprised once you told him you're actually used to/or are a competitive ice skater. Well, that explains everything, how come he never knew about this!?
-> At the end of the day, Riddle is quite happy and proud of his ice skater partner. If you ever come to practice, he is there to watch you, never once taking his eyes off you, his attention is all on you. On most dates he even takes you ice skating, where you can teach him more skills and have fun together. There will also be a bit of praising here and there, trust me, there is much more Riddle wants to say, but he is far too embarrassed to say them out loud.
Tumblr media
L. Kingscholar
-> Right, so... When he heard about the ice rink, he just groaned in annoyance. Listen, he would rather sleep off instead of ice skating, he just finds it stupid. There is nothing special about ice skating, just slide and move your arms and done (or he just doesn't know anything about ice skating and is not interested)
-> However, he found out it can be an easy way to solve his problem, lately he has been thinking about your firs date, he wasn't quite sure what to do. He would just stay with you in bed, but he figured that you wanted to do something else rather than staying in bed.
-> So, for your first date he took you to the ice rink. He didn't want to go, but anything for you <3
-> Leona at first refuses to ice skate, saying that he will just watch you skate. But then you insisted, wanting him to join you. At the end he had no choice, he agreed just to get you to shut up. Although, he is still a bit annoyed. Now the hard part, teaching him.
-> Leona will keep complaining, seeing the movements stupid, then he started to try and copy you, but failed miserably. He actually slipped and fell 9 times or more. But he did not give up, until he eventually learned and mastered the basics. He still thinks it's stupid... But.... Perhaps a bit fun, but it's not like he will admit it.
-> Until your favorite song started to play, haru yo, koi. The melody was soft, if Leona was in bed, it would even make him fall asleep in less than a second.
-> But what Leona was not expecting was the sight of you skating. No, they were not basic moves, they were the moves only a professional ice skater would be able to do. Has he missed some episodes?
-> You looked so beautiful, truly, Leona was amazed, although he didn't show it much, he just stared at you with a smirk. Who knew the little herbivore was so skilled in ice skating? He must ask you about this later, he is curious to know more about your past.
-> Once the music ended, you opened your eyes to see everyone looking at you. Everyone was surprised, but when you saw Leona, only was smirking. He asked you if you practice ice skating, if being a competitive ice skater was your dream. No, Leona is not interested in ice skating, yet. But he IS interested on knowing more about his herbivore.
-> When you told him you are actually/ used to be competitive ice skater, he was surprised, but he was also proud of you. Who knew his little herbivore was one? He is proud of your skills; he thinks you did amazing. He won't say all those things out loud. He'll just say, "You did good out there" and pat your head.
-> Leona is still not much interested in ice skating, but whenever he is bored, he would like to see you ice skating. He will keep a small smile as he observes you, silently thinking to himself how beautiful you look. Oh my, the lazy lion is falling in love with you again, and who knew that would even be possible?
Tumblr media
k. Al-asim
-> For your first date, Kalim was pretty much stuck. He had a lot of fun ideas, but Jamil kept saying that they were not the best choices for a first date. However once Vargas announced about the ice rink, his problem was solved. Ice skating should be fun! He can learn how to ice skate and you can both even hold hands while skating too!
-> Does Kalim know how to skate? There is a possibility he knows a few, although you might have to help him a bit. He can slip and fall accidentally sometimes.
-> Kalim would think ice skating is so fun, who cares if he falls a few times? You have to fail a bit in order to have fun. Truly, it was the perfect place for a date. You both managed to skate together while holding hands, it was just cute!
-> Kalim didn't pay much mind to the songs, however he snapped out of his thoughts when he felt you have stopped moving once a certain song started playing, haru yo, koi.
-> Kalim has actually heard you hum the song once. But he never knew you loved the song so much. So much that you started to skate so beautifully in front of everyone. The way your arms moves, the way you jumped high and landed on your feet, the way your face relaxed and your eyes concentrated. It shocked Kalim, as well as the others. He never knew his Jewel was so talented.
-> Just watching you skating so beautifully and elegant, it made Kalim fall in love with you all over again. It's just like the first time he started to have a crush on you, he was flustered. Thinking in his head about how amazing you are, about how talented you are. He is so happy to call you, his partner.
-> He is even more surprised when he learned that you were a competitive figure skater. Why didn't you tell him! Jewel that is so mean of you! Don't worry he forgives you though.
-> Whenever you go skating, he will watch you in amazement like a kid would. He can't help it! He will always smile at you and say you did an amazing job or "Wow! You did great Jewel!".
Tumblr media
A. Ashengrotto
-> Listen, he wanted to make your first date perfect. He had some ideas, but he was not too sure, he kept re-thinking about it. Until he heard about the ice rink. Now, Azul does not know much about ice skating. But maybe there is a possibility you like ice skating? He will ask you. And once you say that you actually enjoy ice skating, Azul will be relived. Finally, problem solved.
-> Now, it isn't like Azul doesn't exactly not know how to skate, he just needs a little bit of extra help, and he will be all set! Thankfully, like Riddle, Azul pays attention and learns fast. Azul thinks ice skating is rather peaceful, he quite enjoys it!
-> He also enjoyed the songs playing! They were peaceful, definitely music he would hear in order to release any stress. He did not notice anything strange at first, until he could not feel your presence near him. He looked up, shocked at the sight in front of him. It was you skating while the song haru yo, koi was playing. He has seen you listen to that song before. And he won't lie, the song was beautiful, no wonder why you loved it so much.
-> However, he was certainly not expecting to see you skate so beautifully, Those where impressive skills. Skills only a proper skater who has practiced for years would be able to do. Have you done this for years? Practiced? It would make much more sense if you did.
-> Azul felt... like he was in love with you even more, as if he has fallen for you all over again, yes, such an impressive feeling. He never knew he would be feeling such a way. You truly are something, aren't you? You really made him flustered. But how can he not? How can anybody not blush just at the sight of you skating so beautifully. You looked like a true angel. Azul himself cannot even believe you are his... His angelfish.
-> Azul was a bit surprised when you said you were a competitive figure skater. He had guessed once he saw you ice skating. However, you never told him about it. Perhaps... Perhaps you can ice skate and entertain the people at the Mastro lounge? Don't ask him, he will find a way to make it possible! Now just sign this contract-
Tumblr media
V. Schoenheit
-> Ice skating? It was not his plan for your date at all. He was actually thinking about going to the spa. However, when he learned you enjoyed ice skating, he scratched those plans. Be grateful, this beautiful man is changing plans just for you.
-> Vil actually knows how to skate. He has taken classes, and he is perfect at skating, he skates beautifully, just as beautiful as himself, so there is absolutely no need to help him, thank you very much. Skating is something Vil quite enjoys. It can be relaxing; he just doesn't like it when he sweats. So Vil does not mind much, but he still wanted to go to that spa. Although I suppose you two can go there later.
-> Vil will skate along the music's Rythm. people will be amazed; Rook will praise as if his life depends on it. But then you came, skating once a specific song started to play, haru yo, koi. Vil was familiar with the song. He sometimes plays it while he is busy doing his makeup. He thinks it's rather peaceful, and that it has a beautiful melody to it.
-> Now, Vil is absolutely shocked. Who knew his potato had such impressive skills!? Now, he knew you knew how to skate. But not in a million years did he ever think you would be this good at it. However, do not get him wrong. Vil is actually quite proud of his partner. You truly are perfect for him. Just the way you skate so elegant. Your posture, perfect. Spins, absolutely perfect. Jumps, marvelous. You must feel lucky, the beautiful man himself is complimenting you. Not only that though, but you also got him falling in love with you more... You are indeed perfect for him.
-> Don't get it too wrong, you'll never be as perfect as him nor as the fairest queen
-> At the end of the day, you two skate together. Making everyone gasp at the beautiful sight you both are making. Vil will hold you, spin you around as you smile. Truly, it was such a cute sight.
-> Vil will be taken back when you revealed that you are a competitive figure skater. He will be a bit pouty about it. I mean, you never told him. He is a bit sad about it. But he 100 percent supports you! Of course, if you ever make your mind about participating on an ice skating competition on twisted wonderland, Vil will absolutely help you do your makeup and pick an outfit for you.
Tumblr media
I. Shroud
-> Look, he figured for the first date you wouldn't just want to spend the time playing video games and chill in his room, to which he panicked because he did not know what to do. Until Vargas announced about the ice rink. Idia remembered that you mentioned liking ice skating. Now, does Idia like ice skating? No, no because there are people around, but anything for you...
-> Idia actually does know how to skate, he knows how to do a few spins and small jumps, but nothing crazy pretty much. He actually practiced alone after watching the whole series of Yuri on Ice. But Idia tries not to drag too much attention, if he does, he gets embarrassed and nervous. Thankfully, you are there to calm him down.
-> Until You and Idia heard the next song play, haru yo, koi. Idia is familiar with that song. He has it on his playlist and mostly listens to it at night or when he feels rather peaceful. He was quite happy when he found out you liked the song too! But it was more of a surprise when you started to ice skate so... professionally? Your jumps got higher, you landed perfectly on your feet every time, your spins where ones only a skilled competitive figure skater would be able to do.
-> And it did not take long for Idia's heart to start beating fast. You looked so beautiful, like a god, a beautiful and graceful god. Just the way you moved, the way you relaxed your face features, making you seem so calm. It was so beautiful, it made Idia blush. What are you doing to him? How can you be his partner? You are too amazing for him. Oh gosh, he is falling for you again! How is that even possible?! He thought it was only possible in anime! AAAAAAAA-
-> he will be even more shocked when he finds out you are actually a figure skater. He will pass out. I MEAN HIS PARTNER IS A COMPETITIVE FIGURE SKATER?!?!? HIS PARTNER?!?!?!? HOW CAN SOMEONE SO AMAZING LOVE SOMEONE LIKE HIM, PLEASE?!?!?! HE FEELS SO LUCKY, HE CANNOT BREATH AAAAAAA-
-> He 100 percent supports you, is your biggest fan, he admires you. Wow, you have got him head over heels for you.
Tumblr media
M. Draconia
-> Malleus has heard about ice skating. He does know how to surprisingly; he also enjoys it. He thinks it's rather peaceful and fun. Although he would like it if Sebek stopped following him and staying close to him. Sebek just doesn't want his Waka-sama to fall ... Please Sebel, baby, leave Malleus alone, he will be okay ...
-> Did Malleus know you were a competitive figure skater? No. Not at all. However, that changed once he realized you let go off his hand when haru yo, koi started playing. He was familiar with the song due to how he has heard you humming it before. He won't lie, he grew rather fond of the song.
-> But he was not expecting to see you skate, no, you were not skating like some random person would. you were skating as if you are a professional at it! Malles stood there, unable to take his eyes of off you.
-> But how could he? How could he look away from such a beautiful sight? The sight of you spinning so beautifully, you looked so elegant, graceful. You look like the most beautiful being he has ever seen, and is he lying? Not one bit. He wonders, how is it that you managed to love him? e never thought someone as amazing and talented at you would ever love someone like him, who is the most feared person of all.
-> You really are something, aren't you, child of man. You are making one of the most powerful Fae fall in love with you all over again. Did you cast a spell on him? Is this your true ability?
-> Once you're finished, he will ask you about it. He is curious to know more about his child of man. He will be taken back when you tell him you actually are a competitive figure skater. He wonders, why haven't you told him before? But he supposes you just didn't think it was a necessary detail to know.
-> He will be happy to see you skate at times. He will constantly compliment you and pat your head. Congratulations, he is now your biggest fan.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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aqricus · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
brain fuzzy, just goading leona into a play-fight that turns out to... be a little different.
thinking that the atmosphere is a bit too peaceful as you sit on the floor in front of the body-length mirror embedded in leona’s bedroom wall, an assortment of cosmetics scattered around you as you pucker lips glassy with liquid rose in the mirror. you’re no stranger to leona’s nonchalant, lazy personality and the lack of energy he applies to… well, pretty much everything; yet, as your eyes flicker to his reflection over your shoulder, watching the fluffy tuft of fur on the tip of his nail twitch and flick as he lounges on his bed, you can’t help but yearn to stir the pot just a little. it’s too quiet; and, to be completely honest, it’s been far too long since you’ve had his undivided attention. he’s barely interacted with you all day.
but, when you started prodding at him, nitpicking at his lethargic behavior and his refusal to leave the bed, he was less than willing to indulge your attempts to get a rise out of him. all of your remarks were deflected by simple hums of acknowledgement or breezy agreements of “if you insist” and “i’m sure.” it wasn’t until you kept applying pressure by muttering under your breath—something you know has always rubbed him the wrong way—that he started to retaliate. discreetly adjusting the arm tossed limply over his face to crack open one piercing, emerald eye and glower at you, grumbling about how all you do is run your mouth and about how you never learn when to shut the hell up.
but, when you foolishly comment, “your big head ass can’t even beat me in a fight” and receive no rebuttal other than the shifting of his arm back over his eyes and the small upturn of one corner of his lips, you know you’ve won.
Tumblr media
but, play-fights with leona when locked in the privacy of his room never really work out the way they’re supposed to. the light-hearted wrestling and pushing and shoving never last very long; because, before long, leona will have you on all fours on his bed, one strong hand splayed between your shoulder blades to keep your chest pressed to the mattress while you squirm and whine under him, pretty ass hiked up and back melted into a ravishing arch, just the way you know he likes. the damp seat of your panties hooked around his finger to be pushed to the side, his patience with you stretched so thin that he didn’t even bother to rip the delicate material like he usually does when you cop an attitude. your manicured fingernails scrabble at the sheets and twist them into your fists, knuckles pale as his fat cock splits the seam of your sodden pussy and ruthlessly bullies your sweet spot.
“this what you wanted?” he’s mean. tears of bliss lacquer hazy eyes as you listen to him chuckle so condescendingly down at you, laughing at you while your cunt clenches pathetically around his shaft. “thought—fuck—you wanted to fight. thought it was gonna be innocent,” he grits his teeth, “but you were already drippin’ before i even touched you.”
“no,” you sniffle, but it’s pointless. you know the truth, and so does he. still, that doesn’t stop you from shaking your head fervently, lying through your teeth like you didn’t choose your panties while fantasizing about your twitching clit being spit on and his thick cock stretching you out so deliciously. “swear, i was just messin’ with you.” you hiccup. “i didn’t mean... i didn’t want—it was an accident, leo—” a particularly rough thrust jolts you forward, his name fracturing into a moan muffled by the sheets. you pout. “you just... you never act like you like me anymore.”
“what, i can’t get some sleep?” with that, the next few moments are a blur, your bleary eyes only focusing back in once you’re sprawled on your back with your legs hooked over his shoulders and his cock stuffing you even deeper than before. his cock forces its way through your walls, imposing and throbbing with heat, sliding deeper and deeper until his bulbous, mushroom tip is nudged right up against your cervix. he’s seated inside you as far as he can manage—as far as you can manage. each thrust leaves you thrashing under his weight when the head of his cock smushes up against the puckered, gummy area deep inside your cunt, the dewy pre-cum pearling in his slit doing little to aid in lubrication and alleviate the stretching sensation of your walls struggling to accommodate his size. 
he’s big—so, so big. and what frustrates you the most is that he’s well aware. from the predatory eyes that glint with twisted amusement every time you huff and puff while trying to work yourself down on his cock to the shit-eating grin that always curves his lips every time you whimper about being able to feel him all the way in your tummy—he’s such an ass. 
“i don’t like you?” leona huffs out a wry laugh. a strangled gasp snags in your throat when he lowers himself to lean all of his weight on you, sandwiching your thighs between your chest and his and effectively ceasing your annoying squirming. his lips quirk upward, flashing a sliver of his sharp canines. “if i didn’t like you, i wouldn’t be balls-deep in you thinkin’ about making you a mommy.”
and, just like that, your brain switches off.
“you don’t see me going around fucking with other girls, do you?” you don’t offer a verbal answer, but it isn’t like he expects you to in your current state. instead, you settle for a shake of your head. “then quit whinin’. shit,” he hisses.
when your cunt constricts around him, tightening down like a vice, leona’s big hand slides under your chin, fingertips squishing your cheeks and causing your lips to pucker against your own will. the lip gloss that you had so meticulously applied is thoroughly ruined by now, a shimmery streak smeared down your chin and a distinctive strawberry twinkle to leona’s own lips. it’s stamped along leona’s neck in the form of smudged lip prints and halos of glitter encapsulating dark love-bites, adding an extra sparkle to the beads of sweat that trickle down the tanned column of his throat.
“you gonna cum?” it’s a rhetorical question. he knows your body well enough by now to understand all of its tells, including when you’re on the verge of creaming around his cock. 
regardless, you do your best to glare up at him, the fire ignited by his haughty demeanor still sizzling on your tongue. “no,” it’s simple and feeble, yet spoken definitively enough for him to quirk a brow.
“you’re a horrible liar.” leona chuckles. “but, if you say you aren’t, then i guess i’ll just have to keep going.”
@semmie you seem a bit too peaceful
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lov3yl · a month ago
omg guys
so i had to delete twisted wonderland, cause i needed storage for an update and like i was dumb and thought all my data would save
it did not.
but as i’m playing the beginning again, i noticed something..
do y’all remember the practice fight we had to do for a tutorial?
Tumblr media
Y’all who does that look awfully alike to?
that’s right
Tumblr media
this mf probably ate too many of those damn charcoal looking overblot gems
now he’s too powerful and killing off everyone from twst
i get you wanted to be the most powerful wizard and all, but bruh
y’all struggling when all you really need to do is throw a can of tuna his way
be back to normal real quick
but like actually…. maybe i’m dumb and somebody has already discovered and mention this
but it could be disney foreshadowing the future fate of NRC
listen man, i’m all one for angst, but if anyone lays a hand on my mf back talking baby cat
i’m raising hell.
The same goes with all the other twst characters lmao, they just slightly below grim.
Grims my lil bastard son.
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idv-sunsxin3 · a month ago
Idk if requests are open for twisted wonderland but can you do the dorm leaders like malleus and leona with a s/o that acts like Froppy from mha? Bonus points if s/o also has the same frog quirk as her!! Thank you and have a nice dayyy
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
TWST Dorm Leaders with MHA Froppy-like! S/O
Gender Neutral! S/O
Note// I'll pretty much do all the dorm leaders despite that I was originally planning to just do Leona, Malleus, and Azul djfnnrn- But anyway, have a nice day,,, nwn
Tumblr media
Probably have seen many twisted stuff before like anyone, but never expected his S/O to resemble as a frog,,,
Honestly finds you cute and endearing even thought he would be a bit disturbed whenever you touch things with your sticky tongue out of habit-
He still loves you, tho,,, ówò
Kindly and half-heartedly would tell you which object to not lift with your tongue once in a while-
If you don’t mind, he would actually take your quirk as an advantage and have you use it to molest Ace in doing the chores- 😅
Some Heartslabyul students would go to you whenever they want to calm Riddle down, or have you save them from his fearful wrath-
You’re pretty much the chill one in the relationship and an emotional support to Riddle,,, He often tries to stop himself from being raged whenever you’re around.
Tumblr media
Ruggie tends to go to you when he needs to wake Leona up-
If you’re the mischievous type, you would stick your tongue in Leona’s cheek as a way to wake him up for his dismay- (which is effective hhhh)
When there’s a time after he stands up for a few hours to finally go to a class at least once, he would just straight away pick you up like a sack of potato and head to bed for cuddles and a nap-
You’ll either stop him from doing that by sticking your tongue to his cheek once again-
Would definitely lick and lightly bite your cheek in return-
But please- it would be so adorable if a small froggy gets cuddled by a floofy lion HDHDHDHWHW 🥺✨
Tumblr media
Low-key weirded out by the frog sounds and the long tongue- but still tries to cover his shock by fixing his glasses occasionally.
Pretty much you two can stay in areas where water is near, so you both probably would hang out often underwater,,, thanks to the frog quirk, you can stay underwater for 4-7 hours at most like most frogs. At that point, you’ll have to resurface for air as you still can drown like a human-
It actually takes a long while for Azul to show you his octopus form,,, but he definitely won’t mind taking walks on the sand underwater, while holding your hand as you swim… Your company always soothes him smh,,, úwù
Definitely not me now thinking of the tweels singing “Kiss the Girl” but is also “Kiss the Frog” to make Azul kiss you while having a boat ride with you HAHAHA-
I’m also this close to think that Azul would probably make observations or study you since he have never met someone like you before,,,, (like, how can that tongue extend that long while also being able to fit into your mouth-) He’s pretty much fascinated by your abilities.
The octopus-froggy dynamic would be pretty eccentric,,, yet so wholesome,,,- (Like the octopus holding the froggy gently with his tentacles,,, ;u;💕)
Tumblr media
When outside the dorm, Kalim would find a frog at rare times and the first thing he thinks about the frog is you-
Kalim would sometimes copy your frog-like behavior with innocent intentions,,, like making the frog noises to play along or stick his cute tongue out whenever you do, with a bright smile djjdjdjdjej,,,, 🥺
Would squish your cheeks since they look surprisingly squishable,,,, hhh
Pretty much holding and poking you out of occasional curiosity,,, such as holding your slightly bigger hands and play with it too-
Possibly the type of bf to encourage you to stick your tongue out and extend it to the longest as you can for him to see- the last times he saw that were so cool to him,,, X’D
Tumblr media
Pretty much wouldn’t notice at first until you stick your tongue out and extend that SUPER LONG tongue-
Eyeballs literally going wide like plates-
Would faint if you ever catch a fly with your tongue and ate it right in front of him-
Lowkey loves how the end of your long hair has it into a huge bow cutely- makes him get a mental note to braid your hair for you too,,,-
Loves to boop your nose for some reason- even when he’s looking at you in the eye with a blank look or was seriously scolding a Pomefiore student that was in front of him few seconds ago,,,
Pretty much giving the excuse that there was “some dirt on your tiny, little nose of yours”-
Tumblr media
Weeaboo alert-/ih
I imagine Idia thinking that you’re actually cute- as you seem to really came from a manga(exactly)-
Every dorm leader would be very impressed with your tongue’s strength, Idia would be the one who got very shock-
Most likely would use you as a shield or hide behind you as if you’re his bodyguard jdjdjdjdj-
He would let out a high-pitch scream whenever you pull him away from danger with your frog tongue-
You’ll do most of the talking for him, as he would be the one to cling on you or cuddle you the most hhhh- 🥺
Tumblr media
He often has you around on his shoulders or around his neck- seems to often lose you by sight whenever there’s a big crowd,,,, 😔
I like to imagine that tall-short dynamic you both would have- it would be pretty cute,,,
Malleus would sometimes hold you in his arms carefully like a stuffed animal- or as if you’re really a frog-
Probably would call you “Beauty of the Pond”, instead of “Child of Man.”
He’s pretty curious about you, not only about your frog quirk but also about yourself- you just seem very interesting and comically endearing to get to know with,,,
I remembered something about frogs hibernating during winter- (if that’s even possible to be part of the frog quirk but-), Malleus would be pretty thoughtful and caring about the things you like and the things you don’t like. He would be willing to take care of you and watch over you as you hibernate.
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Dorm leaders reaction when you kiss them first time
Malleus would be surprised at first. This is his first kiss. Keeps his eyes open throughout the kiss. Malleus doesn't understand why you're closing them. Probably the kiss would be short. However, Malleus quickly kisses you again. He's a greedy dragon and that's not enough for him.
Idia would need help. The idia would get a really bad nosebleed scene. This would be like a blessing to him. You have to wait 30 minutes for him to calm down. After that, maybe you can give him another kiss.
Leona would have a really arrogant smile. He would really love this. It really isn’t a quick kiss with Leona. He would deepen it and might use language. You are both out of breath after a kiss. And Leona really wants more. he likes your taste…
Azul would be a reddened octopus. Really blushed. he would love to feel your lips against her lips. That would make him really happy. Finally someone loves and accepts him. Azul wouldn't want to stop kissing. He can be a really clingy and needy octopus.
Vil would love this. he loves to feel his own lips against your lips. Your lips are really soft in his mind. Vil finds himself wondering what lip balm you are using. The kiss would be short but passionate. Maybe something else will follow.
Kalim would be a really innocent and happy boy. Or he was. Kalim would really enjoy a kiss. It awakens the more adult side in him. Kalim would deepen the kiss quickly. He really wants more.
Riddle would blush. He would be really confused. The kiss would last a short time but Riddle would enjoy every moment. He doesn’t even care that rule 34 forbids kissing between four and eleven in the morning.
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butterflyemi · a month ago
— A sibling’s approval | Twisted Wonderland
Tumblr media
Tags | F! Reader, fluff, humor, a little hurt, reader is the eldest sister, picture is from ‘A stepmother’s märchen’. I apologize if the characters are OOC. Stay safe and healthy everyone! <3
Warnings | Profanity.
Summary | In which [Name]’s younger siblings unknowingly are teleported to Twisted Wonderland. Now with her younger siblings here, the twins and Grim are after everyone who has a crush on their older sister.
“Oh! I would love to Azul...Unfortunately I have plans with my siblings and Grim” You send Azul an apologetic look as he glances at your siblings and Grim who gave him the death glare.
A sweat dropped from his forehead as he laughed playfully “Ah...I see then─ then perhaps tomorrow─” Azul was cut off by your siblings suddenly yelling at him as they clung to your legs “NO! SHE’S BUSY TOMORROW TOO!!”
“YEAH! YEAH! SHE PROMISED ME SHE WOULD COOK ME MORE TUNA!” Grim joined in as the twins nodded along.
Azul sighed in defeat and annoyance but he couldn’t really blame the twins wanting to spend more time with you. You turned back to Azul and sent him a soft smile “Maybe another time Azul? If you are not busy, of course” 
Pushing back his glasses, Azul shook his head and smiled at you “No, it’s fine. I’ll schedule a time for our meeting” You nodded your head and thanked him while placing your palm on the back of your sibling’s heads.
“Come now, Freya, Faizan” The twins stuck out their tongues at Azul and Grim hissed. The twins held your hands while Grim sat on your shoulder.
Azul watched you as you slowly disappeared in the corner of the school halls.
He lets out a irritated huff as his fingers runs through his hair in frustration “I take it that it did not work, hm~?” Jade comes out of the shadows along with Floyd who giggled to himself “Ehehe~ Little shrimpies were so cute, I just wanted to!” Floyed then tightly hugged himself and grinned.
Jade and Azul ignored him “Lets just go, we need to open up. We wouldn’t want to keep our customers waiting” On the way to the Lounge, Azul was lost in his thoughts and stopped mid way as he gazed at the Leech twins.
“Jade, Floyd. Find out what the prefect’s siblings like and it can be anything as long as we can use that to get the twins favor” Both Jade and Floyd grinned as they looked at each other with a knowing look.
“As you wish Azul~”
“Yes!─ Oh, it’s just you” Freya’s grin dropped as soon as she sees Ruggie “Ahahaha...” Ruggie’s heart pounded faster than ever as he was expecting you to be the one to greet him.
Ruggie scratches his nape “Heyyyy Freyaa! Remember me?!” Freya stared at him with an unfazed look and her arms crossed while Ruggie looked down at her with a shaky smile.
Freya’s gaze turns to the small velvet box on his hands, her [e/c] eyes widened and she tried to shut the door if it weren’t for Ruggie’s feet blocking it “Oi! Wait up! Freya, come on!” Freya huffed as she tried shutting the door with all her force.
“No way! Go away!! My sister isn’t here!” Ruggie rolled his eyes “I’m not dumb you know! I know what you’re trying to do!” Freya didn’t give up as she tried pushing the door back.
Ruggie couldn’t help but thought ‘Just how much stamina and strength does this little girl have?!’ and what’s even more is that Freya’s a human!
“Ah, then does she like candy apples?” Faizan shook his head, not sparing a glance at the frustrated Heartslabyul students.
Ace shots up from his seat and bangs on the table “Listen here you little br─!!” Cater immediately placed his palm on Ace’s mouth and nervously chuckled when Faizan stared at him with a raised brow.
“What Ace means is that you are so adorable that he wants you to listen what he has to say!” Faizan deadpans at the passive aggressive statement.
Deuce looks up at Faizan and exhaled, tired from the boy’s answers which are not helping at all “Faizan please! We need to know what the prefect’s favorites desserts are!” 
Grim yawned, slightly purring when Faizen soothed that one spot “Or she just doesn’t like desserts” Grim shrugs, eyes slowly falling asleep.
“She doesn’t?” Cater tilts his head “I don’t know” Faizen replied with a shrug as he continued eating his sliced apple. Irritated by his response, Ace’s forehead popped out an irk mark and he started yelling.
Faizan rapidly nodded his head and took his bowl and carried Grim as he bolted away from the table, running to find his sister as the trio watched, dumbfounded.
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misszealeastersblog · 2 months ago
Shrimp Yuu 😙
Tumblr media
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jd-loves-fiction · a month ago
i saw u're accepting requests (^∇^)ノ♪
do u write for jamil viper (twst)? disregard this if no. but if yes, can u write (nsfw) jamil using his unique magic on his fem!s/o (w/ consent ofc). also include cock warming pls.
🌑 👀ooh i was waiting for this if I'm honest :) hope it's to your liking ❤️
⚠ hypnosis kink (Jamil’s UM), dumbification, I went off with the dirty talk tbh, mean dom!Jamil, cockwarming, penetrative sex tho i don't specify beyond that, degradation, master kink, a bitch skipped foreplay again.
Tumblr media
[21:36] "Are you ready?"
"Jamil." You call to him sternly, hands on his shoulders in hopes of reassuring him that you're ready.
"I'm just making sure." He reasons, "Alright, here we go."
"The one reflected in your eyes is your master. If I ask, you shall answer me; if I command it, you shall bow your head to me. Snake Whisper." Jamil's words are soft, inviting your mind into a haze as your eyes turn to ruby.
"Good, now, take off your clothes. Slowly." He steps away from your lightly swaying body to lay back on the bed, closely observing your movements as you obey his order.
Jamil takes a moment to look over your naked body, enjoying the sight of you, uncovered and unable to shyly cover yourself like usual, "Beautiful."
You watch the scene through hazy lenses, unbelievably aroused and embarrassed in equal parts, but the unfiltered love and lust in Jamil's eyes makes you feel a little better about your exposure.
"Come, sit on my lap, my love." His hand stretches out in your direction, beckoning your foggy mind forward.
You do so easily, finding comfort upon his strong thighs, but feeling unsatisfied by the fact that they’re still covered, though you can’t do much about it. Beyond squirm, that is.
“Oh?” His lips curl upwards in amusement, hands settling on your hips, digging into your flesh to keep you still, "Stop moving."
He hums, pleased by you stopping your movements in a second. The power quickly rushes both to his head and down south; the knowledge that you're helpless to go against his orders stirs something deep within him, hesitation thrown to the wind.
"So sweet, so helpless," his soft, delicate fingers trail down your face, sharp eyes following, "Ride me, love."
Without the ability to interpret his instruction, your hips press down against his clothed bulge; riding him, yes, but not exactly as he'd intended.
"Aww, helpless and dumb? What am I going to do with you, my love?" His fingers form a collar back around your throat but your actions don't stop. "Do you need me to hold your hand through every little thing?"
Jamil's tone sends shivers down your spine, his words make you even wetter, slick dripping all over his lap despite how mean they sound. "You like that, don't you?"
"Y-Yes, master. I like it." In the moment you're thankful for Jamil's magic, your answer is simple but at least it's not missing like it would've been without it. The truth is, your mind is completely blank without his orders to fill it.
"I know you do, but i want you to do it properly. So help me undress and sit on my cock." You barely nod before doing as he orders, quickly, eagerly, before taking him inside with no preparation whatsoever, a decision you might later come to regret. But at the moment, it only serves to further drive you up the wall, emptying your mind if any coherent thoughts and switching them out for Jamil's cruel but tantalizing words.
"Stop." He says suddenly, eyes sparkling with fascination as your mind counters your body's urge to move. All he needs is one word, and you stop. One word and you speak. One word and you let yourself go completely, no shame to hold you back and that makes him shiver.
"Stay, love. Sit right there and look pretty for me." Long fingers grasp your chin, turning your vacant gaze towards him, observing your features, this time leisurely, with no rush.
Your limbs tremble with the need to move once more, but it's as if snakes coil around you to hold you back, hold you down, with Jamil's will.
"Master, please..." Your voice is weak, soft and shaky, and it tugs at your master's heartstrings.
"Should've ordered you to speak only when spoken to," he comments, "or perhaps not. I do like how pathetic you sound when you plead like this."
"Fine, you can move. But you have to do all the work yourself. Go on, fuck yourself on my cock for me." Once again he sits back to enjoy the show you put on upon his command.
The expressions on your face, the way your body moves, so desperate and so quick to reach the high you seek, drive him close to the edge, holding tightly onto the his carefully protected power by resisting the urge to help you (and himself) along.
But nonetheless, with or without his help, you get there, tongue hanging out if your mouth, pupils like hearts on his face as you get oh so close.
"Master, may I? Please..."
Jamil's eyes narrow, patience snapping like a frail twig, before he take you by the waist and lays you don't beneath him, finishing the job you started.
"Almost there aren't you? So am I, hold on a little longer for me, petal." His words are careful as always, but they shake under the pressure provided by his own lust and love for you. The nickname almost breaks his own spell along with his current mental instability brought around by the feeling of your walls around him, tightening, fluttering.
Such a sweet name feels almost out of place within your clouded mind, filled with harsh orders and demands. And yet, it serves to remind you that this is Jamil, your sweet Jamil who calls you sweet nicknames like 'petal' and cooks you your favorite meals when you most needs them.
The knowledge of it is what really drives you off the edge of the cliff, Jamil's following with the lock of your lips into a wet, sloppy, desperate kiss.
"Jamil," you breathe as you come down from your high, the spell has worn off, has disappeared, the haze over your eyes has dissipated and the cloud over your mind have lifted.
You breathe deeply, greedily, feeling as if you've just been yanked out from under water, finally able to see your lover fully without a filter.
His eyes come up to yours as his forehead rests against yours, "Are you feeling alright?"
"Yeah, yeah, I'm great," you giggle, hands around Jamil's face, "thank you, master."
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roseheartsed · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
✼ SUMMARY: being in love with the members of octavinelle includes antics as such.
✼ PAIRING: octavinelle x reader. (you/yours pronouns used!)
✼ GENRE: fluff, slightest bits of crack, and one teeny tiny little drop of angst (in azul's part).
✼ KEYWORDS: words in bold are emphasized traits and words in italics are emphasized words.
✼ A/N: it is finally here! 🎺 writing azul's part left me drowing in my feels but then i moved on to the twins, and the tears suddenly turned to wheezes (/lh). nevertheless, i hope that all of you will enjoy this one like the rest ♡ feel free to let me know what you think! — bree ☆
・・✿ ・・→ masterlist.
Tumblr media
𝙰𝚉𝚄𝙻 𝙰𝚂𝙷𝙴𝙽𝙶𝚁𝙾𝚃𝚃𝙾. staring at you from afar and 'gracefully' letting out a fit of coughs when you notice him. calling azul pretty and him letting out a resigned sigh because he thinks you're teasing him (you're not). kissing the mole under azul's lips and watching him malfunction stutter flusteredly. listening to his spirited rambles about the progress of the lounge's profits (he even brought out a whole chart once, he reminds you of a giddy child bringing back their report card). keeping a framed picture of you on his desk so he can admire it when he misses your presence. helping azul out at the mostro lounge and staying after closing time to spend time with him. being in a state of self denial because it still seems surreal to azul that you chose him of all people. whispering a quiet 'i love you' when he thinks you can't hear him.
𝙹𝙰𝙳𝙴 𝙻𝙴𝙴𝙲𝙷. admiring the subtle yet firm spark in jade's eyes as he talks about his interests (mountains and mushrooms mostly, but jade still looks charming doing it so yolo!). telling you about the gossips he keeps overhearing in the cafeteria and how he finds them amusing. having a terrarium specifically arranged by jade for you + fawning over jade's collection of terrariums together with him when you have nothing to do. being the taste-tester for his mushrooms recipes and him just eagerly waiting for your review (he literally just stands there expectantly as you take a spoonful!). seeing the way jade relaxes around you and his 'menacingly polite' persona becoming less restrained and more expressive around you (which apparently includes daily weird fun facts time with jade, seeing him show visible frustration, and also him making fun of azul behind said man's back).
𝙵𝙻𝙾𝚈𝙳 𝙻𝙴𝙴𝙲𝙷. being tugged around on spontaneous adventures with him (they might be abrupt but where floyd goes, mischief is bound to follow!). shamelessly giving you backhugs no matter where or when (+ special neck snuggles). kissing the bruises on floyd's hands when he accidentally hurts himself from his club activities or daily antics. bringing back little things that remind him of you (it could be one of the roses from heartslabyul's garden, a piece of paper with a heart drawn on it, or even a random seashell he found on the ground). barging in to interrupt with an angry pout when others get a little too close to you. floyd swinging your intertwined hands back and forth with a giggle when the two of you walk beside each other.
──・──・・✿ ・・──・──
© 𝐫𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐬𝐞𝐝, february 2022. do not repost, plagiarize nor translate without permission, thank you.
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rae-aizen · a month ago
little otp incorrect quote (?)
Tumblr media
yuu; /on laptop in the middle of the floor/ why are you so faaaar?!
idia; /on laptop on couch/ the outlet is here and i'm more comfortable.
yuu; /long sad stare directly to idia/
yuu; /sniff/ fine then, be that away.
idia; don't be so dramatic!
— 5 minutes later —
idia; /moves to sit next to yuu/
idia; shut up. /to yuu's smug little smile/
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aphrodites-letters · 2 months ago
Hello I have a other request if you could do Dorm Heads s/o as satoru gojo if you know who he is and if you do could they react to them when they see their eyes since they wear a blindfold all the time only do this if you know who he is and if you don't it's okay.
Yeah sure! Request were closed, so maybe next time make sure to check? It’s okay though! (✿◠‿◠). Also I haven’t watched jjk yet, but I do know a tiny bit about Gojo! I also apologize for the extremely late response! Thank you for requesting once again!
Tumblr media
Dorm leaders with a Gojo Saturo
Uncolored lines = you
Colored lines = them
Tumblr media Tumblr media
➤ … How did you two end up together? Who knows. You are literally nonchalant and playful which leads to him yelling at you or giving you a glare, however he is glade you take things seriously when it is needed . But anyways, you two managed to work it out and fell in love.
➤ Honestly, Riddle thinks you’re weird at times, in a good way of course. Riddle is actually very impressed with your abilities, Especially with your cursed energy Manipulation. He believes you are just as powerful as the dorm leader in Diasomnia, if not, maybe even stronger.
➤ Riddle also invites you to all of his unbirthday parties, not only because you’re his s/o, but because he has also came to learn that you yourself has quite a sweet tooth like he does.
“Ooo~! Did you invite me to your unbirthday party, my king?”
“Yes, after all I do recall learning about you having a sweet tooth”
“Aww! So you do pay attention to me!”
“Oh please hush now”
➤ he asks you multiple times about your eyes. He will eventually stop if you tell him that you would rather not talk about it or are uncomfortable. However if you just ignore him or tease him, he won’t stop asking you.
“Pfft. You really want to know so badly, my king?”
“I am simply curious what it is that you’re hiding from me. You are making me think it’s something very serious”
“Hmm. Alright! I’ll t tell you some other day sooner or later. It’s nothing too serious, really”
➤ but when the day you show him your eyes came, baby boy was shocked. He just couldn’t look away from your eyes. They where beautiful, and he thought your eyes where the most unique and beautiful of all,
“I-oh.. u-um.. You have such beautiful eyes, darling. They are unique, that’s what makes them beautiful”
Tumblr media
➤ … He really doesn’t a fuck if you wear a blindfold, your just weird and annoying to him, but either way he loves you. He will turn anyone into sand for you… But clearly with your abilities you don’t need any help-
➤ He was surprised by your abilities, but that only lasted for a second, he later was like “I don’t give a fuck”. But he remained amused. He could be wrong but he believes you might be even stronger than that Horned boy (Malleus)
➤ Leona isn’t much of sweet tooth, he just likes meat… But he will tell Ruggie to go to the store and buy some for you. However you better thank him and give him your whole attention, after all it’s only fair.
“Here herbivore. Now, dont get all too excited, you still have to replay me. But don’t worry much, you will repay me by sleeping with me today all day” *smirks*
“Hehehe~! Leona! How dirty you areee~. I didn’t know you wanted to have sex with me right now, but okay, let’s get started” *smirks
“Eh!? You dumb herbivore I didn’t mean it like that, dumbass” *rolls eyes*
*laughs* “I know, I know! I’m just messing with you! You should of seen your face!”
➤ he might ask you one day to beat up Malleus on the next tournament… But he was half joking. He doesn’t want you to get hurt and to get in trouble. But he would like for you to annoy Malleus, just to see his reaction. But don’t worry he will make sure Malleus doesn’t hurt you if you ever agree to his idea.
➤ When you first showed Leona your eyes, he was out of breath. He thought they where very beautiful, they had this unique shine to them… and then he went back to “yeah that’s cute… anyways let’s go to sleep”. However he will ask you a few questions.
“You only covered your eyes because using them What a tire you too quickly? Hmmm. You could’ve told me sooner, silly herbivore”
Tumblr media
➤AYO HE VIBES WITH YOUR ENERGY-. You two just randomly goof around and are energetic. Poor Jamil, now he has to deal with two balls of chaos.
➤ unlike the other dorm leaders, Kalim didn’t see you weird for wearing a blindfold, he was cool with it and thought it made you unique. Though he would ask you from time to time as to why you cover your eyes.
“So tell me jewel, why do you cover your eyes huh? I’m curious! I want to know!”
“Hehe! That’s is something you will find out later sunshine! Be patienttttt”
“Aww. I wanted to know so bad! Hmph… but you will show me someday right?”
“Hmmm… Welp… now that I think of it maybe not-"
“But jewellll!”
“Bwhahahaha! Just kidding just kidding! I promise to tell you later!”
➤ Kalim is amazed by your skills! He is so open to knowing about them! But he does tell you to be carful wile using them, you don’t want to accidentally damage someone.
➤ HE. TAKES. YOU. TO. ALL. OF. HIS. PARTIES. He will mostly ask Jamil to make some sweets due to how you are fond of them. He is willing to try Jamil’s sweets with you and rate it!
➤ And when when the day you show him your eyes comes… He showers you with compliments LIKE WHY DO YOU HIDE THEM!? THEY’RE BEAUTIFUL WTF-. He lowkey thought you where a god for a second.
“Hm? What’s wrong?”
“WHY HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING THEM, JEWEL!? THEY LOOK BEAUTIFUL! Hold up let me look at them closer!”
“Haha! Oí, take pictures of you want, sunshin!”
Tumblr media
➸ He has the contract paper already in hand. So how about you give him half of your power in exchange of higher grades and endless bag of sweets? Or every time you visit him he can put more sweets on the menu and you can order for free? Just sign the contact paper, don’t be shyyyy
➸ Oh yeah he does love you but how about you two share your power? Anyways about the contract-
➸ Azul is just… shocked and impressed by your abilities, he even wonders how someone can have that much power. I MEAN YOU CAN SLICE THE WORLD IN HALF IF YOU WANTED TO-
“Incredible! How can is it that someone like you can posses that much power?” *deep in thought*
“Hehe, you just have to practice and practice and practice and practice and practice and practice and practice and practice abs practice and practice and practice and practice and practice and practice and practice and practice and practice-”
“That’s quite enough lovely… I understand now”
➸ … You already know floyed is going to prank Azul with you. To which irks Azul a bit. He still is upset that one time you said his d was small.
“Azuleee! Azul! Azul! Azule!”
*sigh* “what is it darling?”
“Look in your pocket!”
“Hm? Why should I if I may ask?”
“Hehe. Just look! Then you’ll find out what it is”
“… fine… alright” *looks at his pocket and takes out a small piece of paper*
(╭∩╮- your weenie :) )
➸ ever since that day, he never left his octopus pot in like a week.
➸ Also about the contact-
➸ He only once mentioned about your eyes. But when you didn’t tell him anything, he assumed you were just insecure of them to which he understood. He himself is insecure too.
➸ Now when he saw your eyes, he thought they where beautiful. He thought they looked more beautiful than the sea. Such a shame you always cover them up.
“Oh my!…. Dearest, they look beautiful. Tell me, why would you ever want to hide something as beautiful as your eyes?”
“Welll… They kinda make me tired if I use them too much, keener!”
“Ah… I see. Well that’s a shame… how about we make a contract, I can make your eyes tire you less-”
Tumblr media
➸ He thinks you’re the most annoying shit ever. No, he won’t ever let you take pictures of him… They all come out blurry and with weird, different Angles-
“Potato… I simply asked for ONE photo”
*still taking pictures* “Say cheese! Hehehehehhe~”
“ ‘Kay done!”
“Hmm.. let me see…….. Potato….. I told you to take a picture of me… Not your face”
➸ He will tell you to take off that blindfold multiple times. And it irks him that you don’t listen to him… Luckily you still look attractive with the blindfold so he won’t make too much fuss about it.
➸ He likes sweets just for aesthetic… But doesn’t eat them. Vil tells you to not eat too much or else you’ll get fat and die.
“Don’t eat too much sweets or your going to get fat, get diabetes, and die”
➸ He is impressed by your abilities, just like the other dorm leaders. It’s unexpected that someone who was not from here would be so powerful. He would like to learn about your abilities and watch you use them… Just don’t ruin his hair or outfit while your using your powers.
➸ when he got to see his eyes, he thought they where beautiful and gorgeous… But not as much as his-. He thought your eyes made you look like a doll in some way. Your eyes also reminded him of gems to be honest, just the way they shined like one.
“You’ve been hiding your eyes because you get tierd when you use them? I see… Maybe I can look for a spell to fix that. After all, your eyes are a beauty that must be seen if you ask me”
Tumblr media
➳ he’s low-key afraid of you-. Like who wouldn’t!? You could the destroy the whole fucking world if you wanted to-. He will be far away from you for a few month, and eventually come closer to you.
➳ He thought you looked good in a blindfold. He did ask you why you wear one, but when you didn’t tell him, he took it as a sign that you didn’t want to talk about, which he respected and never asked again.
➳ Idia as well is fond of sweets AND also knows and enjoys Digimon, so he will invite you to his room and watch it with you while eating sweets!
“H-huh? You like Digimon too? Well… I think you can come over to my room tonight… We can watch it together… But only if you want to!”
“Awww! Idia how cute and nice of youuuu!”
*blushes* “it really isn’t much”
➳ you two are just different. Idia is shy, but your not. Idia is more gloomy, and your more of the happy and confident and. He is quiet, you’re loud. But even though you two have big differences, you two managed to work it out.
➳ And when you showed him your eyes… he thought they made you look non-human. I mean they looked beautiful! Like a porcelain doll’s eyes. He would get all blushy if you look at him with your eyes. They look even more beautiful than the anime characters eyes… Yeah he’s comparing them to fictional character eyes-
Tumblr media
➳ Malleus thought… You where interesting. You’re a mere human, yet you posses great power which caused you to be one of the most feared students aside from Malleus.
➳ He wants to know a lot about you and your abilities, were your relatives also powerful? Why do you cover your eyes? Does it have to do with your powers?
“Child of man, why is it that you wear a blindfold? Does it perhaps have to do with your powers?”
“Welp! That’s something you will have to know laterrrr!”
*frowns* “why is that?”
“Oi, Oi, oi! Now don’t frown! I will tell you later, hehehe~!”
➳ He is surprised by your very wonderful ability of heightened sight, to which is why you don’t have to worry about your covered eyes and not being able to see.
He will also invite you to Diasomnia to drink tea! He will make sure to bring some sweets too!
➳ not only that, but your the opposite from being scary like the other students in NRC say you are. You are in fact goofy and fun to be with, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have your moments of being serious.
➳ And once you shows him your eyes, he started to re-think about you being human. I mean your eyes look too pretty to be human, just the way they shine made it think you where inhuman.
“You’re eyes are far too beautiful to hide them. Tell me, why is it that you cover such a beautiful feature you posses?”
“Well, we can say I get tired easily when I use them. However they’re not something I need to use, not when I have such strong senses… Also! Did you just say my eyes are beautiful? Hehehehe~ is my handsome dragon getting flustered? Ooo~, I should use them more often huh?”
“May we please change the subject now?” *blushes*
Tumblr media
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aviagax · 7 months ago
"𝕀'𝕝𝕝 𝕒𝕔𝕔𝕖𝕡𝕥 𝕪𝕠𝕦𝕣 𝕔𝕠𝕟𝕗𝕖𝕤𝕤𝕚𝕠𝕟 𝕚𝕗 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕘𝕚𝕧𝕖 𝕞𝕖 𝕒 𝕗𝕣𝕠𝕘."
Scenarios of Jamil, Jade, Jack, Rook, and Malleus reacting to the reader saying "I'll accept your confession if you give me a frog" right after they confess lol (gn)
This is literally me fangirling, laughing, and then feeling guilty in a circle-
TW: Frogs, Kalim thrown into a well and whatever happened at the end of Malleus' one-
He hesitated a lot, before finally gathering the courage to confess to you. You first became friends, slowly developing your relationship. He tested his waters, checking what you think about his financial and family status. Obviously, not many people would want to date a mere servant. Even fewer of them would want a future with him.
So of course, the man was pretty insecure. He put a lot of effort into planning a meeting you would deserve. In the end, he opted for a cottagecore themed date. You seemed like a fan of those.
So he prepared the tastiest snacks that would fit the atmosphere, picked the most suitable place, where no one would disturb you and threw Kalim into a well so he could not get in his way for once, and changed a few things with his magic so it would be even more lovely than it already was.
Everything was perfectly in its place, creating a unique atmosphere. It was time to carefully approach you, offering to spend the whole afternoon together.
And you agreed! Naturally, you had your suspicions, but the view that appeared in front of your eyes when you got there was beyond your expectations:
It was a small meadow, surrounded by flowery bushes and trees, secluding you from the rest of the world. Sunrays shone exactly at the spot, where a picnic blanket with all kinds of foods shaped like plants and mushrooms was laid. And don’t forget the traditional wicker basket covered with a white napkin!
Jamil smiled proudly at the sight of your eyes sparkling with amazement. He took your hand in his and led you to your places. Both of you sat down as he encouraged you to try it. He prepared everything for his precious love after all.
You took a bite of a flybane-shaped cookie. And it was delicious. You tried a pie that looked exactly like those shown in fairy tales and it tasted wonderful too. Before the male dug in the food himself, he asked for your feedback. Your praises and happy smile made his heart flutter in delight.
Sometime later, when you were laying on the warm grass and chatting carelessly about everything, he suddenly stood up. You raised your head and met his warm, dark eyes. Sunshine illuminated tanned skin on his face, with blush evident on his cheeks. Voice calm and soft as a whisper, hiding the tension he felt in his stomach well.
“Y/n, would you like to become my lover?”
You stood up too, smiling back at him. You took one step closer, your noses almost touched. Jamil resisted the sudden impulse to step back, his skin growing redder.
“Well. “ Jamil held his breath in anticipation. “I’ll accept your feelings if you give me a frog,” You exclaimed, clapping your hands, looking at him innocently.
“A… frog?”
“Like a real one or-”
“A real one.”
“You’re serious about this?”
“After all the effort I put in you ask for a-”
“Indeed I do.”
“ :) ”
*trying so hard not to explode*
“ :) ”
“...You know what, there’s a pond nearby I’ll be back in 15mins”
And so, Jamil went in the pond’s direction, with an irk mark on his forehead, muttering about annoying y/ns wanting fucking frogs-
You sat back as if nothing ever happened, enjoying the scenery and waiting for your frog. You only turned around sometime later, when you heard footsteps behind your back. Scarabia’s vice dorm leader knelt next to you, still irritated, with a lily pad laid flat on his hand, the other one moved from over its surface, uncovering a cute lil green frog.
As soon as the hand was removed, the frog jumped its way to your lap and stayed there long enough for you to admire its beauty and soon was snatched back on the lily pad.
“Let’s bring it back now, shall we?”
This man barely controlled his growing impatience and you nodded, humming along the way. When you finally reached your destination, he let go of the cute animal that hopped back into the water and turned his gaze to you.
You on the other hand only chuckled. This was awfully enjoyable. But enough playing. Instead of saying anything, you threw yourself in now-your-boyfriend’s arms, your lips colliding with each other’s. The sudden impact caused him to stumble and land on soft moss.
Both of you laughed into the sweet kiss, your arms behind his neck and his wrapping around your waist. None of you showed any intention of moving from your position.
Later that day, Scarabia dorm students were quite confused at Jamil’s wonderful mood to say it gently he even got Kalim out of that well at the end of the day-
Jade knew a lot about you. Man has a great ability to get the information he wants from almost anyone. Once he realized his feelings, he made it his honor to get to know you well. So obviously, he would know about the fondness you held towards frogs. He even considered giving you one, but for some reason, he resigned from that idea.
Well, he shouldn’t have.
When choosing the perfect date setting for your confession, he chose an aquarium - a tourist attraction pretty popular on the island. At first, he wanted to give you a potion and bring you into the ocean, but after a second thought, he realized that you may not have the best memories from there, so he’d save it for another time.
Instead, he bought tickets and made some snacks for you to share later. Of course, after you agreed to come. The man behaved ever more like a gentleman than usual, greeting you by taking your hands in his and looking you in the eye, in a warm manner, reserved for you only. He led you all the way from the college to the place of your actual date.
The way wasn’t short, but your companion knew exactly how to entertain you so you wouldn’t feel tired at all. With his well-known smirk, he brought you inside the building.
The place was quite a big one for sure. With all these different kinds of underwater creatures behind glass walls, you felt like you could touch them if you only reached out your hand.
Jade observed your face, with growing satisfaction. You were already so fascinated, and this was just the beginning. He told himself to be patient and don’t claim you his until you say ‘yes, but one look and he could already feel like his chances with you were rising.
It was time to show off.
“Would you like to know how these are called?” He pointed at a shoal of little, colorful fishes, “Consider yourself lucky because an underwater life expert is at your service.”
Time passed quickly, as you slowly marched forward, Jade talking about all kinds of fishes you saw, you nodding along and the staff sulking their shoulders in utter shame after hearing his lectures, which amused eel boy greatly.
It was rare to see him so compassionate and excited. This side of his attracted you, while your enthusiastic nodding and asking sincere questions brought that man to cloud nine. The way you seemed so interested made him realize that except for you, there was nobody he could share his interests with. Even Floyd quickly lost his interest in talks regarding these subjects.
When you left, the sun was already setting. One indeed does lose track of time, when spending time with those one holds dear.
You climbed on a nearby hill and watched the whole sunset together, sitting shoulder to shoulder and eating snacks brought by Jade. He stood up, his tall figure blocking the last rays of sunshine - this was his chance. His hand rested on his chest, a mere attempt to calm his racing heart.
“Would you do me the honor of becoming your one and only significant other, my dearest y/n?”
You didn’t answer, clearly expecting something more.
That caught the man off guard. Did he not do enough?
He stayed silent, but thousands of thoughts raced through his mind. Eventually, you spoke again.
“Where’s the frog?”
Just as he thought you couldn’t surprise him anymore.
“A frog?” He repeated, to ensure he heard correctly.
“Yeahh, I ain’t accepting your feelings if you don’t give me a frog,” You answered casually as if this was the most normal thing in the world.
“Let me get this clear, if I bring you a frog, you will accept my feelings?”
“That’s exactly what I said.”
You remained unmoved while Jade regained his composure.
“Well then, would you mind waiting until tomorrow for the gift of my love for you?
“Yeah sure, take your time.” You finally stood up and patted him on the back. You went back to the college building, the sky already dark when you arrived.
The next day, the first thing you saw in the morning after leaving your dormitory, was a square-shaped terrarium with a beautiful White’s tree frog looking at you from inside, in the hands of your new boyfriend explaining in detail how to take care of it. He also prepared notes in case you forgot anything!
He carefully set the object on the ground and this was the time you took his tie in your hand, pulling him down and managing to steal a kiss on his lips. That surprised him, but his expression changed to a pitiful one in an instant
“Is that all I get for all my efforts?” He teased and you playfully rolled your eyes.
Without letting go of the accessory, you grinned at him in a naughty manner.
“Fine, c’mere! I’ll spoil you rotten!”
Jack is not the type of person, who would straight up let you know his feelings. Every time he tried to approach you, he hesitated and backed away every time, cursing himself for being such a coward. He wasn’t going to give up on you either, though.
He wasn’t stupid. It was obvious to everyone that the Ramshackle prefect had many adorators. But he still waited until one day, he witnessed some student from Pomefiore dorm confessing to you. Man has never been this scared in his whole life. And has never been this thankful when you declined. He still had a chance!
That was it. He couldn’t run away anymore. It was time to be a man and face his feelings.
The next day, you were invited by no one else, but the fluffy wolf boy to join him on his workout routine. It was no rare occurrence. Depending on your mood, you would train with him or cheer for him from under a tree and enjoy the view. So of course, you accepted.
At first, you tried to join him, but he did more exercises with more repetitions than usual and you grew tired quickly. So you sat under the tree you usually sat under and watched him in silence.
“Hey, Jack. You okay? Your face is quite red. Don’t overwork yourself, okay?”
“D-don’t worry about me!”
When he sat on the ground next to you to take a break, you wiped the sweat off his face with a towel and offered him a water bottle. This somehow managed to make him even more flustered than he already was. But why? You did it every time, didn’t you?
“I was on a walk in this area the other day and found a nice, shady place to relax in. Wanna go with me there?” His voice was quiet. He didn’t even look at you. His eyes were pinned to the ground. You actually started to worry about him but agreed.
The beastman thought about ways to break the silence that fell between you as you walked, yet nothing came to his mind except the intrusive thoughts living there.
‘Do I confess now or later?’
‘How do I say that?’
‘What if they don’t accept?’
‘Obviously, they could find someone better.’
‘I’m too greedy.’
‘I shouldn’t ask for more than I deserve.’
His slowly building panic attack was calmed down by your hand on his shoulder. His eyes met your worried gaze.
“You don’t look well. Maybe we should come back now?”
He felt so guilty about worrying you. So he decided that he won’t make you sad anymore and will only bring you happiness from now on.
Before he realized, you were already in the place he mentioned earlier. A secluded area full of boulders of all kinds of sizes and shapes. A small spring located to your left had such clear water, you could see the bottom clearly.
Jack took a deep breath and called your name. When you turned around, you met his determined gaze.
“Y/n, I am… I am deeply in love with you, please go out with me!” He shouted, bowing down.
You gasped softly. So this is why he has been acting strangely for the whole day!
“Alright then,” His eyes perked up at your response, “I’ll go out with you, if you give me a frog.”
The man straightened his back, looking at you for a while. Then, his ears laid flat on his head as he lowered his gaze, scratching his neck.
“I don’t have one,” He almost whispered.
“Don’t worry about it! You can bring it to me anytime, I’m not going anywhere.”
You ensured, petting his head which cheered him up greatly.
“Can you wait for a while? I’m sure there must be some frogs nearby.”
“Alright.” You made yourself comfortable on one of the rocks, observing his silhouette jogging into the woods.
It wasn’t long till Jack came back with a Northern leopard frog carefully placed in his hands. Of course, his sharpened senses would make this task relatively easy.
He placed the heavenly creature on the moss in front of you, awaiting your response.
“You caught a cute one! Very well, we’re a couple now,” You announced placing a kiss on his arm cuz this man hella tall. He turned into a stuttering mess, but couldn’t deny his happiness and relief.
The rest of the day you spent in an incredibly unrealistic situation.
While you had a break, from your magic college for fairy tale villains, you laid on soft grass in a clearing surrounded by huge rocks, petting your werewolf boyfriend’s head laying on your lap and guessing what thing does this or that rock’s shape resemble. With a wonderful frog on your shoulder no less!
Yeah, that was a very good day.
One shall never know what’s on this man’s mind. Even you, despite how close you may have seemed to others, how much he smiled and complimented you, he always felt too distant.
So of course, you would be confused by his feelings. Does he adore you romantically, or platonically? He may shower you with good words, but he did the same with everyone else. Aah, this was too much!
For Rook, however, his feelings were painfully obvious. He could go on and on, about how much you meant to him… And he did. But instead of being flattered, you were troubled because HOW DID HE MEAN IT??????
Therefore, there was no way you would confess so quickly simply because of the uncertainty you felt. And that was even better because the hunter could take the matters into his own hands, and show you his love the best way possible.
It’s time for the scheming, guys.
It was a warm, sunny day. It was neither chilly nor too hot. Just perfect. You were minding your own business when suddenly, an arrow flew right in front of you, piercing into the wall, causing your whole life to flash in front of your eyes.
You could practically feel an expectant gaze on yourself, even though the owner was hidden from your eyes. You sighed and massaged your temples, counting to 20, before reading the message attached to the item.
My dearest trickster y/n,
I will
look at you
any room
and think
you are
the most
person I’ve
ever seen
for as
long as I
Allow me
the privilege
of going out
meet me
in the science
club room
at seven
You raised a brow and coughed to hide the smile that appeared on your lips. You knew that he noticed anyway, but it didn’t bother you at all. You had romantic scenarios to imagine in your head other things to do.
That day, you spent your whole afternoon taking makeup lessons and trying on countless outfits with Vil who was in fact, quite amused. Not that he didn’t cheer for you. But still, he couldn’t beat Epel who one day showed up in a shirt saying “Motherfucking Y/n x Rook must be my motherfucking favorite motherfucking ship” VIL TRIED SO HARD TO SCOLD HIM, BUT IT WAS KINDA HARD WHEN THE WHOLE DORM ALMOST CHOKED WITH HOW HARD THEY WERE LAUGHING and you spent that day dragging confused hunter out of the campus, so you wouldn’t have to suffer from embarrassment any further you’re still not sure if you succeed.
And now, you were standing in front of the science club room, still rubbing sleepiness from your eyes, not sure what to do now. Were you supposed to knock? Or enter? Or just stand there and wait?
Well, your doubts were washed away when the door opened, showing a certain blonde in a hat, with a lovestruck expression on his face. Behind him, the room was filled with flying flowers, feathers, and hearts of all colors. Between them, sparkled little lights and you couldn’t resist the urge to touch them. Rook encouraged you to do so, showing you a smile no one else had a chance to witness. He led your hand with his, the other one closed the door behind you.
The feathers were so soft, the flowers smelled so beautifully and the hearts tasted like nothing you’ve ever eaten.
“How did you make these all?”
“A good magician never reveals his secrets,” he said in a mysterious tone, “now come, my dearest. This isn’t all I have prepared for you.”
Caught in all the magic battles and overblots, you forgot how beautiful magic could be, but fear not! The charming hunter of love was here to remind you.
He created all kinds of views and was so close to you. The warmth of his body felt like he was inviting you to lean yourself against him and fall asleep in his embrace.
At the same time, you laughed and chatted so vigorously, you didn’t even get the chance to get bored, much less fall asleep.
The sun was already high in the sky, it was probably noon when he knelt on one knee, placing a kiss on your knuckles.
“Say, my sun, shining so warmly, gently tickling my bare skin. My moon I could look at in wonder for hours and not get bored. My star I could always recognize among all the others because you’re the only one for me. My rainbow, that brings joy and hope whenever it is seen. My cloud, bringing me rain lulling me to sleep, and bringing the greatest smell when I wake up. My wind, so elusive yet so-”
“Aight, aight, I get it. Bring me a frog and I’ll accept your feelings,” you responded crossing your arms. The man looked at you and then stood up.
“Magnifique! Wait for me then, my trickster. The hunter is going on a hunt!” And then he jumped out from a window-
You raised a brow at the villainous gleam in his eyes and yelled after him.
“A one that’s still alive please!!!”
You sighed and sat on the floor, smiling at a magic butterfly that sat on your finger.
Rook came back just as quickly as he left with a glass frog in his hands.
“This one’s rare!”
“Of course, my breathtaking flower! I can catch as many as you wish!”
“You’ll be my pet from now on.” You took the frog in your hands.
“You said that to the frog or me, my sweetest honey?” Blond asked, half-joking half-serious.
“Uhhh, both, I guess?” You shrugged, cupping his face with your palm (the other one still holding froggo) as he put his arm around your waist. You shared the sweetest fairy tale kiss one could imagine.
Malleus has always admired you and your relationship was priceless to him. Therefore even when after Lilia’s constant nagging he realized his feelings, he was extremely insecure. What if you didn’t like him back? What if he ruined everything you’ve had built together over the past months?
And even if he did confess, how was he supposed to do that? He knew nothing about human love culture. And he didn’t really get to ask anyone about that, because people ran away at the sight of him.
Thankfully, Lilia came to the rescue! And so, during a few next days, one could hear screaming of frightened students when Lilia appeared out of nowhere, upside down, right in front of their faces.
And then he ran over to Malleus, sharing information he obtained. It seemed like the thing was easier than they expected. Who would think that during confessing humans don’t give each other the most expensive treasures and the rarest items to obtain as a sign of their love? All one needs to do is take their love somewhere they find suitable and say what they feel???
It felt kinda unreal but okay.
At least for Lilia, Silver, and Sebek. Somehow, that conclusion put Malleus into the peace of mind. He didn’t really feel excited at the idea of declaring love with things. It was almost as if he was buying your love. Of course, if treasures were what you desired then he would bring you absolutely everything you ever wished to get, but it didn’t seem like it would satisfy you.
These days, you could spot your horned friend wandering around Ramshackle dorm more often than before. He always seemed to think intensely about something but welcomed your presence just as gladly as always.
You tried asking about what’s on his mind once or twice. He didn’t really shrug it off, it’s just… His responses were tangled and unclear. Somehow it felt like he wasn’t talking to you but to himself, so you let it go.
It was one of your night strolls around the campus, when you noticed something was off. They were just details, like his gaze lingering on you a little longer or him walking a little closer to you. It was strange. You had a feeling that Malleus’ attention was more concentrated on you than ever but at the same time, he felt distant.
Well, whatever. You were probably overworked from all the work that was put on you recent-
“Child of man?”
Your attention shifted to the fae beside you. You weren’t walking anymore. Right now you were standing, right in front of each other. You found yourself lost in his magnetic gaze.
When your companion noticed the way you were looking at him, with trust and not a single trace of hostility, his heart melted, and all his doubts were washed away.
He wished this moment could last forever, but he had to interrupt it for the sake of something greater. It took him a while to finally gather the courage he needed, but finally, he spoke again.
“Child of man, I want to tell you that I hold… Certain feelings for you. Seeing you makes my day better and I really wish I could be able to stand by your side at all times,” his voice vibrated with uncertainty but you knew how honest he was with you right now. It felt bad to let an already anxious dragon wait too long so you nodded.
“I’ll accept your feelings if you give me a frog.”
“.....I should have thought about it,” He mumbled, angry at himself.
“No no, don’t worry,” You shook your hands desperately. “No other human would ask you for a frog. It’s something only I could ask you for and something only you could give me! Think of it as of a seal of our love.”
That seemed to cheer him up greatly. He snapped his fingers and a Red eye frog appeared on your palms.
“Is this one alright? I can get you any other one you’d like-”
“No no this is more than enough thank you,” You placed the creature in your pocket carefully. “Now, pick me up.”
“E-excuse me. Could you please repeat the last sentence? I think I misheard-”
“I asked you to pick me up,” You outstretched your arms in his direction.
The sudden demand left him wide-eyed and blushing, but he complied nonetheless. He picked you up in a bride-like style, paying special care to the pocket the frog observed everything from.
You made yourself comfortable in his arms and pointed out the campus and the dorms.
“Now, my dragon, run around this place with me in your arms so I could let everyone know that we belong to each other!”
“Are you sure, it’s the middle of the night…”
What happened next?
Well, let’s just say Lilia who spied on you from afar had great fun that night.
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