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I love that headcanon SO FUCKING MUCH. I’ve seen some beautiful art of Bruno with zippers where his scars should be. I feel like as soon as his Stand manifested, his mind was whirling with the possibility and it was incredibly liberating to do for himself. He is such an amazing man, I don’t even know how much more I can gush without sounding like a dummy hhhh. 

Nonbinary Leone yessss. I love that Leone straight doesn’t give a fuck and will wear whatever he wants!!! I think I’ve made a post about this in the past but doing makeup or shopping for clothes with him would be so fun. Just seeing his process in what he considers wearing versus what he doesn’t. As an nb person, he’s my fucking hero

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I hope everybody has had a good week and are feeling hopeful for the future.. good things are coming!

i’m always here if anybody needs to talk💘

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Hi Anon,

Try these ones~

Baby, It’s Cold Outside by jaegersaint

(Rated T, 1,968 words, oneshot, complete)

For the Tumblr prompt: “So we’ve never met but our showers are on opposite sides of the same apartment wall so sometimes we’re showering at the same time and we sing duets” AU. Also, “Sometimes we’re showering at the same time and I can hear you moaning.”


Cathedral choirs and whatnot by Margri3t

(Not Rated, 2,301 words, oneshot, complete)

Eren hated church. Not because he wasn’t religious. He’d been in the fucking cathedral choir for four years. No. It was the fact that Eren’s crush, and best friend, Levi, always sat right next to him. Eren definitely didn’t want to ruin the friendship he had built with Levi, so he had a big problem.


Wearing Sunglasses Inside by orphan_account

(Rated T, 6,461 words, oneshot, complete)

The young man nodded at him with a wide smile, and Levi had never felt so flustered in all of his life. He was thirty-three years old, and was blushing like a damn schoolgirl in the presence of One Direction.

Jesus have mercy on his soul.


Leave Your Lover by SailorHeichou

(Rated E, 183,581 words, multichapter, complete)

Levi is a 30 year old divorced Chef who works at his best friend’s restaurant.
An ex military Sergeant, Levi lives his life according to a strict routine. One day, his strict schedule is thrown off when a mysterious cat makes it’s way into his apartment from the open Balcony. When Levi hears it’s owner knocking on his door, he wasn’t aware that his life would be turned upside down and all because of this boy standing in his doorway with the biggest, brightest green eyes he’d ever seen and his name is Eren Jaeger.

The story in which Levi doesn’t know he’s gay and is in denial about it until a certain bright eyed boy moves in next door and steals his heart. The only problem is… he’s got a boyfriend.

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Balan just shows up at your house demanding the tim back

Not because of himself, but because of Lance. Lance actually likes the tims, but that is a secret that only Balan knows because he found out on accident

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No, no es fake:

Cómo se nota que es política, las cosas se van a la mierda a su alrededor y ni se inmuta.

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today’s very hilarious editing compilation 😂😂😂😂

From: I Must Hit Men

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Macro commission for JerichoWing, 2019. Chonkier.

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Heyya🍀 thank you very much for saying so! I laughed when I saw the samurai dumbass duo, it’s too true. Sorry for the delay and hope you enjoy ~

SFW and NSFW Headcanons: Kinemon, Kanjuro x F! S/O (Poly)

(Female Pronouns)

Headcanons: SFW and NSFW – Kin'emon + Kanjuro x F! S/O (Poly)

Warnings: NSFW🍋


Kin'emon and Kanjuro


🖌🦊As expected of the two who neither told {Name}, nor each other about their feelings until the moment of confession and they happened to confess to her on the exact same day, at the same time. Which shocked {Name}, she had the idea that perhaps the other two were crushing on her, but never once did she expect them both to confess. {Name} accepted both of their confessions and admitted with her own feelings, being mutual. Kin'emon and Kanjuro actually didn’t mind the idea of being in a poly relationship.

🖌🦊Kanjuro takes a very unconventional approach to his attempts to seduce {Name} and flirt with her, his attempts are very sweet. He will offer gifts of his own making, things like hand drawn flowers and offer her jokes and a performance or two to cheer up or entertain {Name}.

🖌🦊Kin'emon takes the approach of being a complete gentlemen and despite his roguish and occasionally impulsive nature, he is very charming when he tries. He still cannot use any pick up lines though seeing how he will usually botch them, but his attempts are endearing enough.

🖌🦊There is definitely some competition between the two, especially when they think {Name} has been paying more attention to one of them. Their constant rivalry results in being over zealous in smothering {Name} in affection and doing stupid things to try earn her attention.

🖌🦊Knowing this, she does try to pay them equal attention and cheer them up, while comforting them from the notion of her loving one more than the other. Even Kin'emon and Kanjuro realized they could be a bit childish in this regard, {Name} was someone who had endless love for the two of them.

🖌🦊Kin'emon likes giving {Name} an embrace whenever he can, feeling it revitalizes him and cheers him up. Especially after a fight, Kin'emon likes to have his head in her lap, with her fingers running through his hair while he rests and recuperates.

🖌🦊Kanjuro likes spontaneous affection, he is always passionate, no moment should ever lack romance nor the dash of theatrics. Kanjuro loves kisses, and when she sits in his lap, an arm around her waist while he holds her close.

🖌🦊Needless the say the two of them can be complete idiots sometimes, though {Name} enjoys it. She loves that on their off time, when they can just be themselves they are a bunch of chaotic gremlins when together and extremely chilled when on their own.

🖌🦊 {Name} can always find comfort and advice from Kin'emon, he seems to know the exact words she needs to hear when she needs them. He is good at being attentive and observant to how {Name} is feeling.

🖌🦊 With Kanjuro, {Name} is never left to be bored, he enjoys adding that bit of flare to her life and with his curiosity it can lead to some interesting new experiences as well.



🖌🦊Kin'emon is not too obvious when he is feeling for a little ‘intimate’ time, he does subtly hint it to {Name}, mostly in the way he will touch her and kiss her. Silently asking for some private time, if {Name} catches on to what Kin'emon is doing, she can easily embarrass him by asking outright “Oh love, do you want me to touch you?’ {Name} whispers causing Kin'emon to stumble over his words, but in the end he will grin, excited at her preposition

🖌🦊Kanjuro can be very honest about when he wants {Name}, he can be cheeky and adventurous, specially when he has {Name} sitting on his lap in public, making sure she sits in the perfect position to feel how hard he is.

🖌🦊Kin'emon enjoys taking things slow, savoring time and pampering {Name} with plenty of affection and foreplay beforehand, he has a lot of patience and self control so he can hold back even with {Name’s} outrageous teasing. Kanjuro is the complete opposite, mostly acting on impulse and getting swept up in passion, letting the mood dictate everything. Unless he is having a day of sadistic intention, Kanjuro usually is very upbeat and eager to get to the main event.

🖌🦊Due to their conflicting natures when it comes to the bedroom. {Name} has accepted their peaceful compromise, trying to cater to one another’s pace. When Kin'emon has the opportunity to spend time alone with {Name}, he takes his time to drive her crazy, before giving her what she wants. Kinemon likes taking it slow, though listens to what {Name} wants as well.

🖌🦊Whenever Kanjuro has time alone with {Name} he definitely feels like his brakes have been taken off, giving him full access to be just as lustful, passionate and deprived as he wants. Especially when he gets to ravage {Name} without someone telling him to 'slow down’

🖌🦊Kin'emon absolutely loves watching {Name}, happily perched on her knees wit her eyes looking up at him as she gives him head, making the lewdest sounds he has ever heard. (Not opposed to getting a titjob, in fact he absolutely adores them).

🖌🦊Kanjuro admittedly has a size kink, being as tall as he is there has rarely been a chance to find a partner who has reached his height, and loves making {Name} ride him in reverse cowgirl, mostly to 'help her along’ but also because it’s a comfortable position where his size kink comes into play.

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