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jaiyandt · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tail goes first and foremost, in this piece for Mutuals March. [2021]
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lavenprinz · 10 hours ago
Another idea i have this time with childe is that he had fallen out of love with reader and cant bear to tell the reader and decided to pretend he still loves them but the reader knows but still chooses to hold on because she loves him but then she saw how childe and lumine interact, it reminded her of her relationship with childe before they become a couple how they used to be so sweet and happy. So the reader just decided to end the relationship because she realized that if you truly loved someone you will let them go if that means they will be happy. ( childe didn't really cheat but he does starts to have feelings with lumine but you know cant be lumine because reader)
hi anon!!! i put a lil twist on this idea by making hanahaki disease exist in genshin. there is a perspective shift from childe to reader!
content warning: angst with no happy ending, mentions of death and blood, memory loss
word count: 1.2k
note my blog contains dark/nsfw content. minors DO NOT interact.
"Welcome to Scent of Spring, what can I get you today?”
It’s almost hilarious that the last time Childe had frequented this store, he was courting you, purchasing a bouquet each time he went to win over your heart. Others had joked that the next flowers Childe would buy were for your wedding - the customary flower ball for the married to toss into the oncoming crowd, for blessings of married life and eternity. And now, he was requesting a sorry bouquet.
Where did it go wrong? When did his thoughts start to drift to Lumine’s face and not yours? The pleasant tranquility of peace that you would bring him dulls in comparison to the electric rush that Lumine sparks in his heart, and even as he browses the store's wares, his eyes are drawn to pale yellows and whites, reminiscent of the heroine. Childe knows how to pretend, he’s Fatui after all, so the role of a loving boyfriend who just forgot their anniversary and not fallen out of love is one he can play without a fault, though he knows he’s breaking your heart with every white lie.
As the shop assistant wraps up the bouquet of pink and purple carnations, Childe’s mind drifts to thoughts of sparring with Lumine, when he could spend time with Lumine, memories with Lumine and just Lumine. It seemed like all he could ever think of was her, not even a second spared to you and when his daze is snapped by the complete bouquet, his practiced feigned charming smile sends butterflies into the assistant’s stomach, no wonder you couldn’t let go.
Childe approaches your door with the bouquet hidden behind his back, image of sweetness and not a traitor with his heart elsewhere. When he knocks, you’re at the door immediately and as his amber guilty eyes meet yours, you know. His thoughts must be on Lumine and not you, you could tell, you’ve been in love with him just too long to not know. Even as he thrusts the flowers into your shaking hands, you know that there is no love behind them, his feelings are reserved for another. You know who he pretends you are.
How can you compare to the one chosen by the stars as you stand as shaky as a leaf in Barbato’s wildest winds in front of the man you love? Perhaps the archons give you strength in that moment, gulping back your internal pleas to keep Childe by your side, you interrupt Childe before he gets to sway you with his honeyed tongue. “Childe, thank you for the flowers. Let’s.” You pause, hesitating to yourself as tears fall down into the bouquet.
“Let’s break up. You should see other people.” The tears threaten to choke you, feeling your heart break inside your chest and when you’re met with stunned silence, you gather the strength to slam the door, dropping the flowers to the floor as you begin to sob. It’s over. You’ve parted with Childe, the ghost of his once promised everlasting love and as the tears flow unrelentingly like a river, petals unfurl within your chest. Your once awaited spring with Childe have dug their roots into your lungs, bloodying your throat with agony as you hack up a garden, one Childe had planted inside you.
You’re reminded of him as the flowers of his bouquet begin to wilt, feeling your health begin to fail you. You know that despite finally letting him fade away from your life, you still treasure him beyond words and actions, having treated the flowers with care you know you can no longer give to Childe ( You repeat to yourself : He chose someone else over you. The flowers have no meaning.) What once were the beginnings of the disease, your throat’s flesh tickled by uncomfortable petals have begun to blossom into buds that make you choke in pain when trying to breathe. Sometimes, when it gets bad and your heart aches desperately for Childe’s warmth, your sink ends up rinsing blood and rotting carnations down the drain.
When you visit Bubu pharmacy, Qiqi’s soft mention of your state makes you laugh softly. How could you explain that you broke up with the love of your life? And that you’re now dying, but you did it for him. Because you love him. Baizhu’s sympathetic smile as he hands you a concoction to aid your deteriorating throat tells you that this is not the first time he’s seen this condition. Though you had never wanted to let go of these feelings, you’ve found yourself with courage in many unexpected moments recently. “Is there a cure?”
The man looks down at Qiqi who posed the innocent question that had meanings beyond the mind of a zombie child and answered in a somber tone. “Yes, but it involves cutting off your feelings for the person who made you this way forever. Sometimes, when you love someone very much Qiqi, it’s hard to do that.” Baizhu’s wisdom is like an old oak tree and his words comfort you temporarily as he speaks, though they only strike home as you’re struck by a violent coughing fit of fully fledged flowers, bloodied by the thorns scratching at your throat. As you collapse onto the floor of the pharmacy, supported by Baizhu and Qiqi, reality hits like winter to orchards, barren with the knowledge that you must decide. Your love or your life.
“Your condition is becoming critical… any longer and you will die. Will you take the surgery?” The outburst of petals, blooming as they fall from your bloody lips are a painful reminder that Childe’s moved on without you - he no longer loves you. Painfully ignoring the internal desire to keep your love for him and through blurry tears in your eyes, you accept Baizhu’s offer.
The long wilted bouquet from Childe sits by your bed as you recover from the procedure, their meanings lost to you as you tend to your health with Qiqi, whose forgetfulness only warms your days as your condition improves. “Remember me. I’ll never forget you.” Though somewhere in your heart, a part of you aches when you gaze at the vase of decaying flowers, you discard of them - they no longer hold any memory to you.
After the surgery, brighter days are imminent, smiling like a sunflower as you stroll through Liyue, Qiqi in your hand as you guide her to your appointment at Liuli Pavilion - a celebration for your complete recovery. As you pass by the glaze lilies, you pause to show Qiqi the way they sway and respond to song. With a nostalgic melody of forgotten love and marriage that brings joy, the glaze lilies dance along as you sing. Above the patch of flowers was Northland Bank and the familiar tune captures Childe’s attention, having not seen nor heard from you for weeks now as you recuperated away from his sight. A part of him feels guilt, relief and most of all regret as he hears you radiant compared to the misery he had seen you last. When he calls your name with a faux cheery “How have you been?” you only tilt your head sideways, a motion that he’s long observed to mean utter adorable confusion, and you reply, “Hello there, who are you?”
The anguish that stings Childe is well deserved despite his obliviousness to the fact the surgery had removed not only your feelings for the man but your memory of Childe completely. Perhaps it’s better this way, the two of you now no more than strangers who were once in love.
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unchristianwoman · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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siimplygone · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
:: Figure Study
Character: Albedo Pronouns: Gender-neutral Warnings: Mentions of explicit drawing - still sfw don't worry
|| I know I said I would wait before I did favourites, however, I'm completely stuck on ideas for Kaeya, Diluc, Zhongli and Childe. Characters such as Diluc, Zhongli and Childe aren't exactly my expertise (Or my favourites characters) so I'm going to be struggling for a while. Hopefully a Kaeya story is out soon. ||
Tumblr media
The weather was tame, it usually was once night fell - the snow had stopped falling, only snowflakes floating down and the wind sat still.
Exhaling sharply, boredom was setting in; with Albedo out of the lab gathering resources, you were stuck on your own, your imagination and the frostbitten pages of the research books in Albedos lab keeping you sane. The months you had spent in the quaint Dragonspine lab, led it to slowly become vapid; the lack of change causing you to rely on Albedo when you became bored.
Making your way to Albedo's book shelf, your fingers ran across the spines of the books, each title becoming familiar; the contents easily recalled after multiple re-reads. After everything, your fingertips still stumbled across something completely new.
Sliding a thin notebook out from it's encased hiding spot between two large books, curiosity got the best of you. Admiring the cover, the leather of the book was badly damaged; stained and peeling off of the wooden board separating the leather and fragile pages.
You opened the book, eyes settling on a damaged lawachurl - the strokes of the pen smudged, ruined by water and snow. Alas, you could still recall where exactly this was drawn - the lawachurl you and Albedo regularly avoid coming to mind.
Curiosity killed the cat - a moral that can be inferred as, 'minding your business.'
Turning the page, your face flushed red; breath hitching in your breath and body freezing. This notebook was likely hidden away for a good reason, the combination of fresh ink, graphite forming a captivating piece of yourself - your chest exposed, hands entangled in your hair and water droplets following the outline of your body.
"[Name], could you find me the results from last week's experiment?" Albedo's voice chimed into the lab, the footsteps against the snow turning to softer ones as snow turned to dirt. Gently placing a fragment of scarlet quartz on the table, he turned, finally spotting your frozen form.
The alchemist froze, hand still grasped around the fragment - even from this distance he could see the outline of your body sketched onto the page in front of you. "[Name]," his voice cracked, his eyes rapidly scanning your face. "For-.. Forgive me, it was extremely unprofessional for me to draw that." Desperately scraping his brain for anything but the truth, he kept as calm as he could; his hand letting the scarlet fragment go and falling to their natural position by Albedo's side. "I had stumbled across you bathing last week and took the opportunity to do some figure study - It was purely memory but, that doesn't excuse my behaviour."
Your eyes jumped rapidly from the paper then, to Albedo. Brain processing his response before you finally started moving again, breaking from your frozen position and calming down. "It's really good.."
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grandorderconfessions · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
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cyborg-franky · 12 hours ago
$!$@%@%@ My heart jumped when I saw the prompts for your new event!!!! Everything is so good and hard to choose from 😭 anyways if its alright Lucky number 2 for Shanks and Kid (these 2 red heads got me on chokehold fr) thank uu 🌺
I wouldn't normally do BOTH but I had inspiration <3
Shanks x GN Reader Kid x GN Reader SFW Prompt: Winning a bet
Tumblr media
“Looks like I won darlin’!” Shanks grinned ear to ear, he was not a graceful winner, not in the slightest. He chuckled and watched as you threw your cards to the table, sighing and leaning back in your seat, arm outstretched to grab your half empty mug of beer, slouching in your seat, trying to avoid the brilliant blinding grin of your captain.
“And what do you want as the winner?” You asked as you sipped the drink, careful not to spill down yourself in your lazy, sulking form.
“Well didn’t you say I could have anything?” you let out such a sound, the beer you’d been drinking had now split over your top, making you sit up with a hiss, the captain laughing as you struggled to right yourself in the seat, annoyed your shirt was soaking now.
“Captain!” You huffed and watched as Shanks smiled, not the amused shit eating grin from moments ago but a cheeky, coy smile played on his lips as he leaned into your personal space. “So, what does this anything entail?” He waggled his eyebrows at you.
Tumblr media
“Don’t poutlike that, you shouldn’t have fuckin’ made a bet against me” Kid laughed as he laid out his cards, the smirk on his painted lips was boarding on feral you gripped the edge of the table watching as he scooted closer to you, the way he dragged the chair, the sound on the floor it made, how his arm leaned on the table, he seemed to be boxing you in.
The smirk never left his face as he reached over, he tilted your chin up, making you look into his eyes, you bit your lip as your captain turned your face to one side then the other, as if he was really admiring you for the first time.
“I am going to have so much fun with you rookie” Kid’s laugh was a dark chuckle, it sent shivers across your body, you weren’t sure if it was in a bad way or a good one just yet.
“You cheated” You mumbled.
“Welcome to being a fucking pirate”
@flameboyace @pebbsie @undercoverweeeb @slut4animedilfs @acesmarigold @sanjithesimp
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outlawnina · 7 hours ago
Winter Wonderland Prompts ❄️ Day 8: Decorating the Christmas Tree
pairing: Chris Redfield x Reader
warnings: a little bit of angst but LOTS of fluff!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chris wasn’t a fan of the holidays or Christmas. He wasn’t the type to be a full on grinch about it of course, but this time of year was rooted in bad memories for him. Often times he’d get reclusive once the holly-jolly holiday music started plaguing malls. He’d avoid it as best as he could, and play it off with ‘lots of work to do’. But, deep down he just had a hard time missing his traditions with his family before his parents died.
He could remember being a child on Christmas morning in 1980, getting so excited about his toys. He was only a child then, and he was so innocent to the dangers that would plague his world. Losing his parents, his best friends - his teammates. When would it end? When could he just be happy?
It was late when Chris begins to drive home with a skimpy Christmas tree shoved in the back of his Jeep. He knew you loved Christmas and he admired how you went all out. In a way it almost reminded him of his mother, the way she loved to decorate and bake all season long. A smile comes upon his face as he remembers her; driving through the snowy roads before eventually coming back to your secluded home.
Immediately, Chris feels nervous - but the warm candlelight from the window and the smell of the fireplace going makes him excited and confident, to say the lease. He drags the pine tree in - an easy task considering his large stature - and opens the door, bringing it to the living room. He can smell gingerbread baking, and his mouth nearly waters as you come to approach him
“Baby!!” You shout, excited to see him, but frustrated at the fact that there’s pine needles all over the floor. “I missed you!”
Chris looks into your eyes, face flushed. How long had it been? 2 weeks? 3 weeks? It was nearly the middle of December now, and though Chris didn’t like to celebrate Christmas - he felt guilty for taking so long to get you your tree.
“Sorry, had an issue back at the base with some BOW nonsense. Nothing you have to concern yourself with though.” He smiles, and takes your hand. They’re softer compared to his, and warmer too. He didn’t realize how cold it was getting out here.
“I’m just glad to have you home.” You hum, resting on your heels before looking curiously at the tree. It was small but perfect! You couldn’t wait to decorate it with him! That had to be your favourite part of the holidays, truly.
Chris takes a few minutes to unwind and two of you chat. It’s small talk mostly. He doesn’t want to scare you of the horrors of his job, so he always keeps it vague. You’re so beautiful and innocent to him - he doesn’t want to taint you with the horrible things he’s seen. But that’s okay, you listen anyways and nod. Excited to hear him speak and have him here with you.
Clothes get changed and Chris gets to work putting them tree in the stand. It doesn’t take very long but by the time he’s done, you’re ready with the lights and tinsel. “I want to do a green theme this year.” You chuckle, holding up a sparkly-green garland. “The color reminds me of you, and I know it’s your favourite!”
Chris hums. It’s true.. he doesn’t like the holidays, but green is his favourite colour.
He helps you with the garland and the lights; reaching the top of the tree where you can’t reach just to make sure everything is perfect. When you start to grab the ornaments, he pauses to look down at you for a brief moment.
Your hair, your skin… the smile on your face, the outfit you were wearing… he could only wish to feel that joy about Christmas like you do. But that was besides the point. He loved you. He was tired of denying it, and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you by his side; through thick and thin.
It’s unusual for him to be vulnerable like this; trusting someone so easy. But love makes you do stupid things, and now he couldn’t wait.
Humming to yourself as you place another ornament on the tree, you see Chris reach into his pocket. You pay no attention to it, he’s probably looking for keys or something, but when he places a pink ornament on the tree you can’t help but be curious.
“Pink? Why pink? We’re doing green silly, but I appreciate your enthusiasm! ” You inquire, laughing at him to get a better look at it and oh…
Tumblr media
You feel your heart stop for a moment, and your face lights up a bright red. Chris is looking down at your eyes, admiring the glow of the lights in them.
“Chris I-“ you stutter, looking over to him while frozen in place.
Was this real? Was he really asking you to marry him!?
“Y/N, I’ve loved you for a long time now.” He says, taking the ornament back off of the tree, he walks next to you and opens it up, revealing a diamond ring cushioned inbetween. “I don’t want to spend my life with anyone else - except you.”
Chris gets down on one knee and you gasp, covering your mouth as you look down at him; pure joy written on your face.
Oh my god. This is really happening!
“Will you marry m-“
He doesn’t even get to finish his sentence. In a split second you’re on him, wrapping your arms around your neck and crying into his neck. “Yes Chris! Yes a thousand times - YES! I love you so much!”
He wraps his arms around you, ornament still in hand as he smiles, excited to see you in the ring and start this new chapter in his life with you. “I love you too,” He knows it won’t be easy, but he will die to protect you. He won’t let anything happen to you.
Chris doesn’t like the holidays, but maybe now he might enjoy them just a little bit more with you by his side.
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bigshotspambot · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
I made this one on a sticky note
(in the middle of doing my homework)
ALSO THAT IS ALL REALLY THOUGHTFUL AND NICE OF YOU TO SAY. THANK YOU…🥺❤️ actually now that I reread the ask, maybe it was just a compliment and not a request. BUT HERE’S A DRAWING ANYWAYS.
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tokai-teio · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
behold, one of my doctor OCs, depicted terribly through a lazy sketch i did at work
she’s based off an aplomado falcon because her speciality tactic is ambushes
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grandorderconfessions · 30 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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askduskull · 10 hours ago
How'd you get that mark on your arm?
Tumblr media
"Surprised you've already forgotten. Your memory appears worse than mine on a Tuesday." The chalky outline of the door begins to shiver. Almost dark.
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the-shin-reborn · 16 hours ago
Pyrrha, did Jaune ever ask you out? Or did you finally ask him?
Honestly this is how it would go in my mind.
Pyrrha: Well... It was an... Experience. This is how it went...
Both Jaune and Pyrrha bumped into each other as they wanted to ask the same thing
Jaune and Pyrrha: Hey! I want to... No you first... No you... hehe
Jaune: Pyrrha? Will you go out with me?
Pyrrha began to blush madly and accidentally activated her semblance. Jaune suddenly felt his armor get pulled towards Pyrrha. Pyrrha could smell Jaune's aroma that made her lose control and accidentally sent Jaune flying.
Pyrrha: Oh my goodness! Are you ok!?!?
Jaune: So... is that a yes?
Pyrrha: And that's how it happened. It was embarrassing but we're still together.
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