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vhsanimalan hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
馃馃尨馃寠 馃摷 animted vhs icon for @funky-fangs! her character was WONDERFUL to work with in this style聽 (i鈥檓 still open for this commission type!)
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grandorderconfessions6 hours ago
Tumblr media
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captainierart8 hours ago
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Meditation on the greater things in life... the floof
Commission for @/NatricCrossFox from Twitter!
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cloudninescenes7 hours ago
no questions asked - s.j.y
Tumblr media
rating: fluff
member: jake (enhypen)
warning/s: some cursing
you've known jake your whole life. finding out you're both wizards despite having muggle parents just made your relationship stronger. but, when an arrogant pureblood stomps all over your dignity, jake doesn't care about the names he's called. he vowed to protect you and that's what he'll do
a/n: first installment of my hogwarts series! reblogs and tags are always highly encouraged and appreciated <3
"you're going on a date with who?"
"seojun from slytherin," you say defensively, giving jake a look. "you know, the super popular one, other than park sunghoon, of course."
jake shakes his head. "no, absolutely not. you do know how dangerous this is, right?"
"what do you mean? you think i'm incapable of pulling someone like jeon seojun?" you ask, quirking an eyebrow in jake's direction. the boy just exhales, eyes flitting to the ceiling of the great hall.
jake has situated himself across from you at the hufflepuff table, taking advantage of the meager number of students sitting at breakfast. what was supposed to be a relaxed morning chat turned into a mini bickering session.
"that's not what i meant, ______. you know how those slytherin guys are. they're all the same," jake argues.
"they are not. there are nice ones in my potions class," you counter, crossing your arms in defiance.
"yeah, but they're not the super popular ones like those seojun and sunghoon guys."
"you're judging him too quick," you say dismissively. "seojun is extremely sweet and asked me out in the cutest way possible."
"he asked me for help at the library for one of our potions assignments and he got all shy when he asked if i'd agree to tutor him," you gush, missing the way jake's eyes rolled. "then he asked me out on a date as a way to make it up to me. he said he'd take me out to do something nice like sweets shopping at honeydukes."
"boring," jake says, waving his hand dismissively.
"you're just jealous because you don't have the guts to ask lia out," you tease, sticking your tongue out at him. just as you say this, the same crescent-eyed, apple-cheeked lia passes by behind jake.
"hey, _____! hi, jake!" lia greets before stalking off further down the hufflepuff table.
jake turns to you, a deep red blush spreading over his face.
"loser," you joke, earning a look from jake.
"just, be careful with guys like seojun. he isn't famous for nothing."
you really should have listened to jake.
if you had, you wouldn't be standing out in the chilly autumn air, crying your eyes out.
you had dressed up nice, wanting to impress seojun as much as you can. you did your hair perfectly, same with your makeup. all you had to do after getting ready was to wait by the hill for seojun so the two of you could walk to hogsmeade together.
you saw seojun, that's for sure.
with his friends, laughing all rambunctiously.
"hey, i thought we were going to hogsmeade together?" you had asked, stopping seojun in his tracks. the fact that you had to do this meant he didn't even see you standing there in the first place.
"what?" seojun asked, eyebrows pinched together as he surveyed you. his eyes lit up as if remembering who you were.
"oh, you're the hufflepuff that helped me with potions," seojun chuckled. "look, for a mudblood, you're actually really pretty. but, let's just forget about our "date", shall we?"
those words shouldn't have hurt as much as they did, but...
they did.
the word rang in your ears as you tear up, alone on the hill, with no one to comfort you. perhaps, it's time for you to get back to the comforts of your dorm. screw hogsmeade. screw seojun.
you turn around to see jake climbing the hill, a concerned look on his face. one glance at your tear-stained cheeks had him rushing to your side, fallen leaves crunching under his boots.
"why are you crying? what happened?" jake asks frantically, pulling you into a hug.
"don't tell me...," jake begins, words trailing off after a moment.
"you were right," you sob into his shoulder. you don't even know why you're crying so hard. maybe it's because of the illusion of seojun shattering right before your eyes. maybe it's the slur. maybe it's just you, tired and hopeless about romance.
"i get asked out for the first time, by seojun no less, and he calls me a fucking mudblood." you practically spit the word out as you recall exactly what he said.
"he did what?" jake asks, pulling away. his eyes darken as he stares at hogsmeade in the distance. his grip on your shoulders tighten and you can see anger starting to build on his features.
"jake, don't," you start, but jake's already storming off down the other side of the hill.
"jake! don't make a scene at hogsmeade, please," you practically beg, heels skidding against the earth as you try to halt jake in his steps.
jake seems to snap out of it, eyes clearing and softening as he looks back at you. he sighs, pulling you in for another hug.
"i promised you the day we both got our hogwarts letters that i'd protect you," jake murmured against your hair.
"yes, but i don't need you starting fights for me," you say, cuddling up closer to jake's firm chest. you can hear his heartbeat and it stirs up something strange in you.
yeah, you and jake have been close. but, you've never been this intimate before.
"i'd start a war for you," jake blurts out and you freeze in his arms. he'd do what?
"you don't mean that," you say, burying your face in his shirt.
"i do," jake answers, stroking your hair soothingly. he stops and pulls away for a second, staring right into your still reddish eyes. he gives a little laugh before reaching up to boop your nose.
"you're cute when you cry," jake observes, eyes trailing all over your features. you look away shyly, not used to him being this close to you.
"jake, let's just go back," you suggest, trying to change the subject.
thankfully, jake agrees, taking your hand in his as the two of you walk back towards the castle.
"you know, i'm still jumping that motherfucker the next time i see him," jake speaks up as you approach the courtyard some minutes later. "i don't care if he calls me a mudblood, too. that's better than being an asshole like him."
you shake your head, lightly bumping your shoulder into jake's as a warning. jake laughs, leaning down quickly to plant a kiss on your cheek. you stare up at him, dumbfounded.
"sorry," jake says with a sheepish smile. "just felt like doing that."
you slowly turn away, trying to hide the smile that's spreading on your lips, but jake sees it anyway and he giggles, pulling you to his side by your waist.
"go out with me instead," jake declares. you know he's not asking.
and so, you don't question it either as you nod.
"sure, jake. i'll go out with you."
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viejospellejos10 hours ago
Y ya est谩
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grandorderconfessions13 hours ago
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hotforsasha3 hours ago
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jazzy-art-time18 hours ago
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[ S C R E A M S ]
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viejospellejos4 hours ago
Directa al trabajo, de empalme al salir del after
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shadow-in-the-garden12 hours ago
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reject firealpaca, embrace mspaint. some doodles of my OCs
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gothamsworst7 hours ago
Can I please get the nerd squad if their s/o was a powerful witch and coven leader? Please and thank you.
Jonathan Crane:
It takes Jonathan a while to even warm up to the idea of magic being聽鈥淩eal,鈥 so he definitely doesn鈥檛 take you seriously at first. But once it does land, by god he is so into it. Can you teach him how to hex and/or curse people? Can you summon flocks of crows at will?? Can you make teach him how to be a wizard or a warlock or something please he鈥檚 begging--
Edward Nygma:
If Edward had been born in the聽鈥淗arry Potter鈥 era, he would have been one of the thousands of kids who desperately wanted a letter from Hogwarts. The moment he finds out about your powers, he almost loses his goddamn mind. One: because Magic is Real???聽And Two: MAGIC IS REAL!!! He is practically vibrating in place with pure, unadulterated excitement. Tell Him Everything. Teach Him Everything!!聽And he means Everything.
Jervis Tetch:
Are you kidding me? The man lives for whimsy and adventure! Sure, he doesn鈥檛 believe you at first, but once it clicks he is So Fucking Excited. Magic Is Real!!! Does that mean you could teach him how to use magic?? (This is a terrible idea. Do not do it.) He wants to know everything about what you do and how you do it! This is the best day of his entire life!!!
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jazzy-art-time18 hours ago
Tumblr media
A Shiny Raichu with some luxray traits A adoptable I made but got snagged quickly! [ THIS DESIGN NOW BELONGS TO @mod-lucid ]
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nuka-after-dark8 hours ago
Can you do fo4 companions reacting to a history nerd sole? Like, there's some dialogue at monuments where they wonder out loud what happened or something, and that just prompts sole into going on a rant about it. An if anybody were to ask them about something, then they would get excited and give way more detail about the subject than necessary
Cait learned rather quickly to not ask about anything. Literally not a single question over anything when Sole was around. As much as she loved to see their face light up in delight as they spouted out random facts about the places they visited, she hated how long winded they could be about it. For example, if she wondered aloud when something was built, Sole wouldn鈥檛 simply give her a year, they would give her an entire lesson of when, how, and why it was done. All she had wanted was to know how long it had been standing, not that it was originally intended to be an out-house!
Codsworth loves to hear Sole go on and on about the history of random places and objects all around the wastes. Not only does he get to see the look of pure joy on their face as they talk, he might learn a thing or two that wasn鈥檛 already hardwired into his databases! How thrilling! He will make sure to ask all kinds of questions to keep the conversation going as well, taking in every bit of information offered and even offering some insight as often as he can.
Curie (Pre- and Post-Emergent Behavior)
Curie loves a little tit-for-tat about things she already knows. For every piece of information or bit of trivia Sole has to offer on the history of a place, Curie offers another bit in return. The best part, however, is that every now and then Sole will tell Curie something she didn鈥檛 already know. It鈥檚 those kinds of moments that Curie lives for, the times when she gets to learn something new that she can share with others.
Danse (Pre- and Post-Blind Betrayal)
Danse will cling to Sole鈥檚 every word. For the most part, at least. There are some situations when he thinks he knows more or better than Sole, which can sometimes lead to arguments between the two in which neither of them give in but some to a steady truce that one of them is remembering incorrectly and not to bring up that subject again.
When things get too quiet, or Sole seems like they need a bit of a distraction, Deacon will purposely misquote a historical fact to grab their attention and allow them to correct him. Sometimes, his misquote isn鈥檛 even intentional, it鈥檚 simply something he had been told his entire life. He doesn鈥檛 mind when Sole corrects him, however, as it makes it much easier for him to lie about himself on down the line.
Dogmeat doesn鈥檛 care about history, but he loves the sound of Sole鈥檚 voice when they talk about it. He will respond appropriately while they go on and on about something or other just to keep them talking as they walk through.
If it鈥檚 places, Hancock couldn鈥檛 care less. Start talking about people, especially the rabble-rousers from the days of yore, and he is all ears. Sole should be warned, however, they might adopt some of the mannerisms and ideals of the people mentioned so some censoring or omitting certain things that someone has said or done might be needed.
Much like Cait, MacCready has learned not to ask or prompt Sole when it comes to history. He doesn鈥檛 want a long winded history lesson, he just wants a short and satisfactory answer. Unlike Cait, he will interrupt Sole when they鈥檝e gone on for too long about some outhouse or whatever, telling them flat out he really doesn鈥檛 care anymore. He will apologize later if he hurt or offended them, however, and explain again that he really doesn鈥檛 have the attention span or patience to deal with so much detail.
Nick Valentine
Nick has taught himself to tune them out while still keeping an ear out for key-words or the appropriate times to respond. He knows history as well, it鈥檚 all a part of the job after all, but he doesn鈥檛 exactly care for it. But hey, it brings a smile to Sole鈥檚 face when someone asks about it, so why not bore himself now and then just to make them happy?
Piper Wright
Piper is going to absolutely pepper Sole with questions, writing the answers down carefully to present to Nat later. Piper herself has little interest in the past, but she has seen the way her sister's eyes light up whenever history is mentioned. So long as Sole is willing to be a fountain of information, Piper will listen, but if she can set the two in the same room together for a while, she thinks that might be an even better option.
Preston Garvey
Much like Danse, Preston will cling to Sole鈥檚 every word. Unlike Danse, he won鈥檛 argue differently. Sole is actually from that time, so wouldn鈥檛 they know better? And the memories of places and things would certainly be fresher on their mind than that of a ghoul since they were frozen for over 200 years and don鈥檛 have any new memories shoving out the old.
If it鈥檚 not literature or help in finding the milk of human kindness, Strong doesn鈥檛 care. He will walk away in the middle of Sole鈥檚 rant or pick them up and carry them if they stopped to point out a place or monument, telling them they鈥檙e far too loud and excited for him. But he can sit and listen to a Sole willing to talk about Shakespeare for hours on end if they鈥檙e into that, but only because he鈥檚 looking for any hint on how and where to find the milk of human kindness.
X6-88 will purposely learn all he can about historical places, monuments and events just so he can discuss them with Sole. It has nothing to do with seeing how excited they are to talk history, but everything to do with just having someone to talk to and expanding not only his mind but theirs as well. Plus it makes him feel more like an equal, something he never realized he was missing while working in the Institute.
Ada fluctuates between interest and disinterest all the time, so there will be times when Sole is going on and on about something and Ada just isn鈥檛 listening to a single word. Then there will be times when Ada is clinging to every word, prompting Sole to continue until she has exhausted every last bit of information from them. Honestly, there is no in between for her.
Old Longfellow
Old Longfellow will sit and pretend to listen, responding whenever he feels like it. He doesn鈥檛 care much for history, and why should he? Not only has he lived it, he knows that hardly anyone pays any mind to it anymore. Look at all the people on the island, freaking out over a little bit of fog? He can still remember the days when it was clear and the days when it was even thicker than it was when Sole came around. But if it makes Sole happy, he won鈥檛 stop them.
Porter Gage
Like Cait and MacCready, Gage has no interest in history and might actually tell Sole to quiet down about it. The history is in the past for a reason and looking ahead is the only way to actually get ahead in life. No, he doesn鈥檛 need to know the history of Nuka-World, all he needs to know is what threats they are facing now. Oh, great, now he made the Overboss cry. Yeah, sure, fine, tell him all about Nuka-Cola and why it took so long to develop, things are pretty quiet, so go on.
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gothamsworst5 hours ago
The dork squad with an s/o who just effortlessly radiates 鈥榮chool cool kid who got better with age鈥 energy?? Like it鈥檚 physically hard to catch them slipping with anything, they鈥檙e just so effortlessly cool to the point where they play off slip ups and mistakes seamlessly.
Idk man, with most of them being doofs/having doozy moments, I feel like the dynamic would be hilarious
Jonathan Crane:
He has so much pride and yet. Standing next to you makes him feel like the complete and utter nerd that he is. At the same time, the fact that you even like him must mean something, right? He just doesn鈥檛 know how you seem to handle everything so...effortlessly! (He鈥檒l never admit it, but he secretly hopes that, somehow, some of your coolness will rub off on him.)
Edward Nygma:
He is such a dweeb and the fact that he鈥檚 desperate for your approval just makes the whole thing that much funnier. He wants you to think he鈥檚 cool so bad it makes him look stupid. (Adorable, but stupid.) Any sort of praise from you, no matter how small, goes Straight to his head, and he will be walking on air for the whole day. (You think he鈥檚 cool!!!)
Jervis Tetch:
He does his best to keep his decorum at all times, but honestly the man is a mess, and you both know it. (He still has his pride, though, so even if he does something embarrassing, he refuses to acknowledge it.) Still, he is pretty envious of how smoothly you seem to handle everything. Can you...teach him to be more like that? If it鈥檚 even possible, for someone like him...
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grandorderconfessions11 hours ago
Tumblr media
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