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Being Eren Yeager s/o

Warnings: none sfw

User note: I tried to be as eren like and add thing I think he would do if not leave a comment❄️


• Oh lord he’s over protective asf. I’m surprised he even let you out in battle and I’d he does , best believe he’s watching even in titan form.

• He gets super jealous, even if your only talking to armin. He’ll try to pull you away , hover over you and or just stick SUPER close to you.

• When the two of you are alone he is super clingy, he wants all the attention. He will always lay his head on your chest or thighs. He likes hugging you from behind .😌

• He is constantly kissing your cheek or forehead. When things get heated 🥴 he’ll kiss your neck and lips 😌.

• Mikasa absolutely hates you 🥺. But if you were in danger she would help. Not like eren would let that happen BUT she doesn’t like the fact that he would be hopeless with out you.

• C U D D L E S at night are a must. He gets teased for it and always get scolded for it. When he need it or wants it beat believe he’s gonna go in that room.

• Prepare for his self anger melt downs. He needs support won’t ask for it but he’ll need it. Hints the cuddles. You might get yelled at but he’ll apologize right after or after 30 minutes or you ignore him. He’s a baby when it comes to you ignoring him.

• He loves to be big spoon but will lay on you when he needs it. The sound of your heart beats put him to sleep.


I hope I did well ❄️ do ask for more and request are open.

Follow for more ❄️

~sommi 💠


Originally posted by noheartospare

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Did everyone forget that both Alberius AND the Other both proclaimed Euden to be a descendant of Alberius? When Alberius met Euden, he could instantly sense Euden was one of his descendants, and the Other could also tell he was a descendant of Alberius while possessing him in Zena’s adventurer story. Also I’m pretty sure he can only possess people of Alberius’ bloodline anyway thanks to the blood casket, so even if Euden isn’t a son of king Aurelius, he’s still a member of royal bloodline.

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(I’ll time this before they got married and engaged etc)

cw: slapping 

Nayeon pulled up at Jihyo’s building on campus and got out, pointing the key fob over her head to lock and arm the car. She got a few looks, but ignored them, putting her sunglasses on. She pulled the door open and strode in, trying to remember the way to Jihyo’s class so she could walk her out. But as soon as she rounded the corner, she saw Jihyo backed against the wall by someone she didn’t recognize. Jihyo’s shoulders were up slightly higher, which told Nayeon she was anxious. 

“Excuse me,” Nayeon said loud enough to echo down the hall and reach them. Jihyo turned her head and seemed to relax a little at the sight of her. “Can I help you?” 

“No. Bye.” The person dismissed Nayeon, turning their back toward her to keep talking with Jihyo. 

“I have to go.” Jihyo ducked under their arm and rushed to Nayeon, who put her arm around her waist. 

“Oh, come on. I was just about to my point.” 

“Your point means fuck all to her, I’m sure.” Nayeon scoffed, moving Jihyo behind her. “And it sure as hell doesn’t mean shit to me. If I ever see you backing her to a wall again where she can’t leave, I’ll kick your ass.” 

“Oh, I’m so scared. Rich bitch Im is gonna call her daddy-” their words were cut off by a ringing slap. “How dare you?” 

“How dare you?!” It was Jihyo’s voice that rang through the hall this time. “Don’t ever talk to her that way!” 

Nayeon stood there, her jaw slack. “Okay, baby, we need to go.” She grabbed Jihyo’s hand and pulled her, leaving he person behind them shell shocked. After getting into the car, Nayeon took off and parked a few buildings away. “Whoa.” 

“I hate it when people talk about you like that.” Jihyo whispered. “I’m sorry.” 

“Don’t be. It was kinda hot.” 

Jihyo shook her head with a soft smile. “My hands stings.” 

Nayeon took her hand and kissed her palm. “I’ll take care of it. No more hitting.” She teased. 

“I won’t.” Jihyo reached up and cupped her cheek, running her thumb along it. “I’ll get in trouble.” 

“Yes you will. If they snitch, I’ll get them back.” 

Jihyo shrugged. “We’ll see. Let’s just go home.” 

“Yes ma’am.” Nayeon leaned in and pecked her lips. 

“I better hear that later too.” She whispered, making Nayeon smirk. 

“You will.” 

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alright, japanese tumblr, i need help with how to spell a character’s name

my character’s name is atsumi hazusagi (first, last) and i’m not sure how to write her last name

i want her name to mean “shameful rabbit” and combining the two words, i get “恥ず兎” which would be read as “hazu usagi” when put through google translate

however, this is an issue, because it would mean her name is literally “shameful rabbit” instead of a shitty combined word name

so my question is if i can just write “恥ず兎”  and have it read as “hazusagi”, or if i must spell it like “はずさぎ” in hiragana or the same equivalent in katakana for it to be read as 4 syllables (ha zu sa gi) instead of 5 (ha zu u sa gi)?

thank you for your time, please help.

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he’s in the middle of a sentence when one of her little fingers touches his top lip and she whispers ‘it’s so spikey…’ and he’s like ‘honey can you please come get didi!!!! she’s being very distracting right now’

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Bittersweet Work


I’ve been craving more imagines with Shigaraki during the Gigantomachia training and sometimes you just gotta make dinner yourself!

  • Honestly you likely expected the battle to last long but a month? It’s a real wonder to you that everyone, including yourself is still going. Not as strongly as when you first started, but still. You’re a tenacious bunch led by the most unrelenting of them all: Tomura.
  • But…even he has to be losing steam? He claims the beast is slowly being chipped down by all of your efforts but the more you take him in the more you feel could be said of him. And that frankly, worries you. You know he would likely brush off concerns about his own well-being, likely not wanting to appear weak or helpless. That expression of his oozes confidence and assurance you will win this game. But being you, it’s still hard to ignore his sluggishness and dark rimmed eyes when you’re all taking a moment of respite by the fire. You can see the blood and grime, old and new, painting his body. It’s truly a wonder he’s still mostly intact. But that’s to be expected by someone with a spirit like his who’s been pushed to survival under such conditions
  • That all said, you’ve frankly been moved to wanting to provide comfort or TLC. He hardly eats or sleeps, which is partially warranted given the short amount of time you all get to breathe and recuperate. Which is precisely why you’re approaching him as soon as Gigantomachia goes back to sleep. Everyone else has either left the area to scrounge for supplies or has fallen asleep.
  • He’s not looking your way, quietly muttering to himself, when you approach his slouched over form. He jerks slightly when you rest a hand on his shoulder, not expecting you to be in personal space. He eases slightly however when he does realize it you as he turns towards your direction. He doesn’t like the look you’re giving him, feeling it’s laced with more pity than he’d like to see. But he doesn’t say anything; simply observes and waits for you to continue.
  • “I want you to have some of my food. You don’t need to eat it now, or even ever, I just want you to take it,” you set it down next to him then move to kneel down in front of him. You begin checking him over for any new cuts or bruises; he’s not going to ask to be patched up nor will he attempt to do it himself unless he’d have to. Your eyes scan what they can see although it’s made difficult by his attire.
  • “Get some rest,” he’s trying to shoo you off when you move to reach for an arm he appeared to be nursing. It’s also a halfhearted order as, while he’s now got a loose grip on the wrist of the hand that’s pushing his sleeve up, he’s not doing much to actually move you away. Your cheeky retort is to tell him you’ll rest if he does.
  • He scoffs at your suggestion but allows you to patch him up anyway, not having the energy or the want to argue. And to your relief, it truly isn’t anything major this time around. But having something to do for him puts you at ease and makes you feel useful; there’s only so much any one of you can do in this situation. Satisfied with your work, you feel the toll of the fight from the day begin to bear down. You move your back against the log Tomura is sitting on, sitting on the ground while he sits up, eyes continuing to bore into the fire in front of you two.
  • Absentmindedly, you ask him how much HP the beast has left, stifling a bit back on laughter over the fact that great, now you’re picking up on some of his gamer lingo yourself. A confident smirk befalls his features as he tells you that he feels clearing this level is going to come soon. You smile at that before you start to feel yourself fading. The comfort provided by the warm fire, sounds of the forest at night, and Tomura’s quiet breathing is pushing you closer to sleep. You’re gently tugging at Tomura’s hand that’s closest to him and mumbling for him to actually sit on the ground next to you before you’ve passed out.
  • Tomura doesn’t sleep that night, despite your requests, but you do awake later to find yourself snuggled into his side, your arms hugging one of his to your body. You pretend to still be asleep in order to enjoy the moment, and Tomura doesn’t have the heart to move just yet himself
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awe 🥺 or he just shrugs it off n puts it over your shoulders without even asking n ur like ‘no spence it’s okay’ and he’s like ‘ur shivering 🥺’

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Hi Anon, 

Here’s a few for you~

honey sweet by cloudwisp

(Rated G, 1,722 words, oneshot, complete)

Levi looks up from where he cleans the counter as the bell over the door rings and a customer barrels into his teashop. Thirty minutes before closing time, on the dot. As always.

Eren gasps in the doorway. His face is red and just looking at him makes Levi warm under the collar. Every time it’s the same, the brunet shows up at around 6:30pm, short of breath, as if he had just run a marathon


Brewing Love by morebeesthanyoucouldimagine

(Rated G, 25,395 words, multichapter, complete)

Levi has been struggling to keep his mother’s tea store open for the last few years. When a handsome man re-opens the bakery next door, will Levi have a chance at financial stability and perhaps even romance?


HumaniTEA’s Strongest by mybrainproblems

(Rated G, 3,920 words, oneshot, complete)

The ereri tea shop AU that apparently didn’t exist yet. (How?)

Eren accidentally stumbles upon Levi’s tea shop and has the audacity to order a coffee. Levi decides that he needs to educate this heathen about the beauty that is a steaming cup of white tea and Eren is more than happy to learn.

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  • most people sign up to take his intro bio lab classes because they think he’s hot. he doesn’t get it, but he’s aware of it and the first two weeks of his courses are always extremely difficult to weed those people out. after about the first month when only the people who actually care about biology are left, he eases up.
  • all his classes are pretty straightforward. he sticks pretty close to the written material and doesn’t grade crazy. if you show up, pay attention and do the work, you’ll be fine.
  • he doesn’t care if you call him dr. kujo or professor kujo. he’s not super big on decorum or stuff like that.
  • he’s a busy guy. he’s got a daughter, he’s gotta help manage his grandfather’s company and he’s the head marine biologist at a local aquarium. he’s got more important things to do than trying to trip up undergrads with trick questions on quizzes for a class outside their major.
  • with his personality and the way he glowers at everyone who manages to raise a shaky hand into the air to ask him a question, you’d think he’d be a hardass, but he just looks like that. he wants people to understand the material and he wants them to know why it’s important.
  • if you ask him for help, expect him to nod and give you a terse answer- but then drop eight books he personally selected about the subject to help you understand.
  • who you’ve really gotta look out for his partner, the head of the computer science department- professor kakyoin. that man talks a mile a minute and his tests make it seem like he’s actively praying on your downfall.

out of class

  • if he’s not in class, he’s picking up his daughter from his mom’s house. if he’s not picking her up, he’s pulling doubles in the lab at the aquarium. if he isn’t there, he’s on a dive and if he’s not on a dive, he’s having office hours.
  • do not bother him at his office hours. he uses them to sleep. you’ve walked in on him more than a few times with his coat thrown over the back of his chair, his hat pulled over his eyes and knocked out on his office’s couch while a six year old girl with his eyes and somebody else’s nose draws butterflies on the inside cover of one of his text books.
  • he has no free time, please help him. he’s so tired.
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I’m gonna focus on mostly the painful cramps and maybe some moodiness, feel free to send in another ask for like total mood swings. (I just feel it’s easier to focus on one, so sorry about that. >u<; )

I totally get the bad cramps… God. I have PCOS and it’s either barely existent… or so painful I can barely move.

Using they/them so any persons of any identity who experiences painful cramps can enjoy the HCS. :)

Gintoki Sakata


Originally posted by baekholi

Gin is used to being in pain, after all almost every fight leaves him in bandages. While he usually jokes about that time of the month, he’s very sensitive with his partner. He always makes a big exception around that time to not waste his money on booze or sweets or gambling.

He makes sure to save it to be able to buy anything they want. If they want chocolate, he’s out the door before they can finish the question. He makes sure to have some over the counter pain medication and sacrifices his entire bed set to make sure they are comfortable. He’ll let them use him as a pillow and he’ll rub their back and lower abdomen if they want him to.

He also has a heating pad that he bought after they started getting more serious and practically moved in with him. He’s read all the instructions to make sure they don’t get hurt, since he was skeptical about the device.

Kamui Yato


Originally posted by diggintama

So he’s uh, not very good at being sympathetic about the pain, but he will offer them whatever they want to eat. He gets a lot of money from his job so he’ll buy whatever they say. Tylenol? Okay. Heating pad? Sure. Chocolate? There’s enough to feed a Yato, which they should expect him to steal a little.

They just need to ask him for what they want and he’ll do it. He’s pretty good with that.

Sougo Okita


Originally posted by ydotome

Sougo is familiar with the annoyances of having a uterus and experiencing up to a week long pain session. No matter how well Mitsuba hid it, he could tell it was bothering her. He didn’t quite know the exacts when he was younger, but he did some research as he got older. He wanted to send packages to Mistuba, and included a care package that included chocolate and some ibuprofen.

Once he starts dating his partner, he has everything that one could possibly need. As soon as they’re showing any signs of pain, he offers them a bowl of ice cream and snuggle time.

They should take it since he’s really warm and makes a good snuggle partner.

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