horrorcon · 2 days ago
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Here’s magnus! I love his wide-eyed, unwavering, perpetually consternated  look in g1 and I’m sad that’s not super achievable with more normal and expressive eyes. So I decided to combine the two by giving him a sort of partial visor :) 
also thought a full “beard” would look quite distinguished on the guy. But now he also kind of looks like buff Abe Lincoln to me. Oops
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links-destiny · a day ago
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Laughs evilly as I indulge myself into drawing my favorite grumpy medic that loves to talk back with sass
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thewiglesswonder · a day ago
TFP MegaSound is so… good. It’s so timeless. It’s got that je ne sais quoi about it that makes it juicy. It’s bolstered by the fact that in TFP, both Megaton and Soundwave are undeniably really weird. Soundwave is called creepy even by Decepticon standards, he’s taken a multi-million year vow of silence that he breaks once to troll the Autobots, puts smiley faces and meme clips on his visor, all while spying on literally everyone, all the time. Megatron is another level of nuts right from the get-go, he thinks it’s a great idea to shove Unicron’s crystallized blood into his spark to make zombies and then clone ancient dragons to help win the war. They’re terrible and utterly perfect for each other. And that’s not even getting into the fact that they were both gladiators on pre-conflict Cybertron, who were shown to have been at each other’s side since the inception of the Decepticon faction.
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muscle-worlds-stories · a day ago
If you’re able to I would love a request! I’m 22, a bit of a twink. I would love to get some nice pecs and be a bit older, maybe with a salt and pepper beard too.
Hey man I totally get you. An older muscle daddy is absolutely hot, and I'll help you get there. You're gonna step right into this natural spring waterfall and just sit back and relax. You'll start to feel a little warm as the water falls over your smooth twink body. Your body begins to stretch up on the rock wall, making you well above 6 feet. Your body then begins to expand, as your square shoulders begin to grow away from your thin torso. Yeah now it'll be hard to put on shirts and wall through doorways for you cause of how broad your shoulders have become. You've started to moan in pleasure as your skinny body begins to grow muscle and push out your small body. Your body swells up, giving you a set of nice, juicy pecs and big arms. You hear your shorts tear and stretch as your thighs and ass become too thick for them to hold. You're enjoying this aren't you? I can see that the water is also making your dick grow hard as well as thicken up. You place your now meaty hands underwater to relieve the sexual pleasure this growth has given you as you moan and moan deeper and deeper. A beard now pushes out of your now older and sexier face. You begin to finish as white liquid rises up from the water and you feel your plump pecs. Light hairs begin to grow out of your pecs and you smile, as white hairs begin to shine out your dark beard. You begin to relax as the transformation is complete, and you just lay under the waterfall and enjoy the daddy you have become.
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tankor · 2 days ago
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Drift from Transformers would drink the Sonic Pickle Slush!
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vii-kaika · 4 hours ago
perfectly cut shot
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vyllain · 7 hours ago
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Bunch of Megatrons. Full Greys and Reds matching his smug tfa megz.
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huminahon · 16 hours ago
Hindi lang sa pagsandok ng kanin na nakangiti mo malalaman na gusto mo na yun tao... Kundi kapag naiisip mo na rin na kasalo mo sya at para bang gusto mo ring matikman nya yun sarap ng kinakain mo. Yun nangangarap ka na dadarating ang araw na sya yung lagi mong kasalo sa kung ano man ang blessings na nasa hapag.
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thewiglesswonder · 2 days ago
I'm like 95% sure that Blitzwing ate Ratchet's hand after he ripped it off getting the key.
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melishade · 17 hours ago
Attack on Prime Deleted Scene: The Crystal Cave
Link to Story: https://archiveofourown.org/works/36583423/chapters/91243426
Before I begin, I recognized that I mentioned the Survey Corps using the crystal cave that belonged to Rod Reiss during the coup. But in Attack on Prime, Rod never transforms into a titan, so the cave doesn’t get broken due to the transformation and size. And i never wrote how the cave got destroyed. So how does the cave get destroyed and the crystals get used? Oh, that’s simple: Megatron and his secret miner skills that he doesn’t like to talk about.
Hanji remained seated on Optimus’ shoulder while Levi remained on the ground with a collection team on standby. A few days after the slew of events, from the coup to the basement, the Survey Corps were finally able to address the issue about the crystal cave belonging to Rod Reiss. Examination of the crystals showed they glowed in the dark, so this would be a beneficial resource for both military and civilian, especially for the people living in the underground. 
However, Hanji and Levi were a little confused at the...method. They could really only sit back and watch as Megatron tapped the ground with his sword a couple of time. The former warlord seemed to wait before doing so again. He then stepped on the ground twice before moving his pede to step on another portion of the ground. However, the distance between his initial step and current one was so little. 
“You know, when we asked Megatron to do this, I didn’t expect for it to take this long,” Hanji admitted, raising and eyebrow with curiosity as Megatron tapped the ground again with his sword.
“I’ve never seen him be this precise,” Levi remarked, “If we can call it that-! Okay, Buckethead is just tapping the ground!”
“I do not know what Megatron intends to do,” Optimus confessed, “But I have learned from experience to not interrupt him.”
Megatron spun his sword and stabbing it in the ground before walking and dragging it along, leaving a trail behind.
“Why? Will he get angry?” Hanji rolled her eyes, “It’s his default emotion.”
“Can he feel anything else besides anger?” Levi threw a jab.
“Humor,” Megatron merely answered as he walked past them.
“You know what humor is?!” Hanji shouted back at him, the opportunity was too good to pass up. Megatron glared at her, but continued walking regardless.
“Probably dark as shit,” Levi mumbled. They were all confused when Megatron reached a certain point before turning around and marking his way towards the church, his distance slightly further away. When Megatron reached the church, the Survey Corps realized that Megatron had drawn a large ellipse shape in the ground. Megatron then walked inside this ellipse shape, tapping his sword along the ground as he went. Megatron reached a certain point, which Optimus recognized to be the middle of the shape, and Optimus realized what Megatron intended to do.
“Everyone, please distance yourself,” Optimus advised.
“Distance?” Levi questioned as the collection team decided to take the titan’s advice.
Megatron tapped his pede on the ground. Megatron hummed to himself before stabbing his sword into the ground. Levi finally took the pieces together and took steps backwards. Megatron removed the shield from his back and adjusted it on his arm. He flexed his digits and noticed the crowd had moved a reasonable distance away. Megatron transformed and flew upward while Optimus set Hanji on the ground and put himself in front of the humans for protection. Megatron transformed back into his bipedal mode and was in freefall. He aimed his shield for the hilt of the sword and essentially crashed into it. 
The sword went through the ground like a nail through a wall, and the ground shattered beneath Megatron, revealing the blue cave below. The humans stumbled as the ground shook due to the impact, while Optimus watched the ground to see if the cracks spread further out. When the dust and ground settled, Optimus, Levi, and Hanji peered down below to see the now destroyed crystal cave, marveling at the quantity of it. Megatron stood up and dusted himself off before grabbing his sword and transforming it back into the hilt. He looked up to see the three looking down at him. He stretched his arms, gesturing to the damage with a bored expression.
“Satisfied?” Megatron questioned.
“Thank you!” Hanji smiled before turning to the collection team, “Alright everyone, let’s get to work!”
Optimus and Levi saw Megatron transform and fly off before looking back down.
“Looks like there’s a method to the madness after all,” Levi remarked.
(Maybe I should do some writing prompt questions. What do you guys think?)
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llulabeee · 17 hours ago
Why did my job application want me to take an in-depth personality test. It basically boiled down to do you follow the rules or not and do you steal office supplies. Bro what
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bumblebeeshorns · 23 hours ago
The Rung is Primus thing is cool and all but someone should have clocked the number thing WAY earlier.
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