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kaneki my beloved 😙

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sksdjkffndk thank you so much! :’) you’re so cute uwu 🥺💞

honestly I was a little bit surprised by this ask! I personally do not identify as agender or nonbinary so I was really afraid to offend somebody cause I might end up sounding ignorant rip so I decided to change it to where juuzou is just a femboy and really in touch with his feminine side rather than being agender/nonbinary. I’m so so sorry it’s not what you wanted exactly but i also don’t want to spread misinformation so I’m just going to stay on the safe side! if you wanted something different then feel free to send another ask in!

juuzou being non toxic and adorable


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Heeeeyy if any of you are still here. I’m alive and will be rereading tg+tg:re somewhere after my exams finish next month. So get ready for some possible new content??

Now you might ask “Is said content just gonna be some more shitty memes?” You sure can bet on it.

Feel free to send me any tg related asks, till then. Seriously anything, plz🙏🙏🙏

Also I’m really into danmei lately so if you’re also interested you can now find me at @kuriipi

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So I finished Tokyo Ghoul. I started it a while ago and stopped because life got in the way, but now that I’m finally not in school anymore (god bless) I can watch all the anime to my heart’s content. 

I only WATCHED Tokyo Ghoul. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer reading manga to watching anime, but I’m occupied with a different ongoing manga series atm and it’s hard for me to focus on more than one manga because my brain is incapable of multitasking. 

Tokyo Ghoul (this includes Re) was good overall, however that last season, all of Re, was just kind of out of place to me. But that’s personal preference, I just don’t like having to get to know new casts when a series is halfway over. The ending was okay. I always want a happy ending for everybody in a story and that’s what it was, but it felt weird and out of place in comparison to the first two seasons. I feel like Rize’s arc/situation was out of place, but after doing some research I believe I would have gotten more information if I had read the manga instead of just watching it. But as an anime, it was very confusing. There wasn’t really an explanation of what was going on with her. I mean it was indicated that she was being used to create more one-eyed ghouls, but there wasn’t much of an explanation for how. After reading about her I learned that she was basically being tortured. She was being driven insane and losing sight of reality as she was being farmed out to create these ghouls, but it doesn’t show this in the anime, and therefore you miss a lot of information that contributes to the ending–where Rize was the dragon, and how sad her death was meant to be. In the anime it was just like, “Oh, it’s Rize, okay bye”. It felt like there could have been more to it, but that’s okay. A character I would have loved to see more of was Eto Yoshimura, the real one-eyed owl. I wanted to see more of her, but she disappeared from the show as quickly as she came in. Overall, I’m glad I watched it, and I definitely recommend it if you enjoy happy endings–regardless of how they happen. 

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ok is banjous weird chin thing facial hair or a tattoo????

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+ we can hug trees too ✨

+ listen in my mind i’m sitting on a log in the middle of the pine woods, sharpening my sword and impressive collection of knifes 😫💓


send me a colour

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“i want to fight you in the most homoerotic way possible”


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+ “stand in the woods with me” say less, i can’t wait!!

+ “i don’t have a crush on you but i don’t not have a crush on you either but if i saw u in public i might still think about u later that day” OH YEAH? kiss me about it😚

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+ YES let’s go right away i miss the forest sm!!!<3

+ i have a STICK for practicing but i’ll have a sword one day:’)

+ sddfdfssdf i will write it professionally and end it with *wink* & heart emoji

+ i bet YOU smell great <3

+ Emma my heart is yours.

+ OHHH let’s see how many rounds can u lose in 10 min 😈

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+ i could probably write you that professional email but i’d hate every second of it lmfaoooo<3

+”wait u of all ppl don’t own a sword???” god if i truly give a vibe that i own a sword i can die peacefully i g, i always wanted a collection of swords on my wall and i’ll have it one day!! 

+ “i don’t have a crush on you but i don’t not have a crush on you either but if i saw u in public i might still think about u later that day” that sounds like a proposal and i might consider it💍

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So I noticed something…


Is the protagonist.

Introverted, depressed and shy.

Fights against his instincts to eat people.

Becomes a badass after accepting who he is.

Doesn’t know much about his dad.

Mother dies while he is in elementary school.

Drops out of school.

In love with a rabbit.


Best friends with the protagonists since elementary school.

Always there for them.


Is literal sunshine.

Smarter than they look.

Extroverted and funny.

The fandom absolutely loves them.

Is pure af.


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