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Suudyddyyfyddt I finished my drawing of takizawa I said I’d do in my previous post I think I did good lol 🍍❣️🍍❣️🍍❣️🍍❣️🍍❣️🍍

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I remembered urisai and ayahina today and how delightful it was to follow the development of both, not as a couple, since there was no confirmation from Ishida, but as individuals in the text of tokyo ghoul: re. It was not something that was deepened quickly, they had their beautiful and fast moments and, at the same time, enough. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to measure how grateful I am for the manga.

I was rereading and I fell in love again with Kaneki and all the others that shaped him and were part of his trajectory until its end and RESTART. And, I admit, the first time I read it I didn’t pay much attention to touken and how Touka made Kaneki feel important and alive, or how Hinami made him feel necessary. And Ayato, with so little contact, made him see the obvious. I don’t think I was mature enough… Or ever, but Kaneki is such a different protagonist for me. I love many out there, but he is definitely that character that if he were real, I would give my life.

Rereading was my best decision, as it only fortified my feeling and made me understand more of everything. I always smile when I think that the ending was Ishida’s kind answer to all the questions we asked about what he addressed throughout the work.

Maybe years will pass and I will still be delighted about everything related to tokyo ghoul and Ishida’s work. I really love.

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pineapple 🍍❣️🍍❣️🍍❣️🍍❣️🍍❣️🍍❣️

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i just finished reading tokyo ghoul and re and oh my good my heart is so full rn. especially love the fact that after years and years of suffering ishida gave both kaneki and touka a happy ending, like thank you soooo much.

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Summary: Silly fluff, Kaneki meeting his daughter for the first time and giving her a name.

Word Count: 1,582

Notes: This was the first work I ever shared online and I deleted it along with my account during a particularity difficult time. Although reading it now, I see a lot of things I would like to fix, I am still proud of being able to share it.


“Touka is in labor. Come quick.”

The call was short, like all of Ayato’s calls, but it was enough to send a jolt of panic through Kaneki’s body. He was on the outskirts of the city with some members from the United Front and was preparing to start running in whatever direction led to the hospital until Hide placed a calming hand on his shoulder, implicitly understanding the terrified look on Kaneki’s face, and telling him they could take Marude’s car.

So that was how he found himself squished in the backseat between Takeomi (Yoriko was already with Touka) and Itou (just excited about seeing a baby) while Hide (for the father’s emotional support) took the front seat and Marude (who wouldn’t allow anyone else to drive his new car) drove, grumbling about having to leave the mission early.

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Kaneki ken!

I was watching Ishida drawing yesterday for Kaneki’s b-day and I had to paint my favorite ghoul~

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