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paperspence · 2 years ago
gideon: i have made the perfect profiler
hotch: you screwed up a perfectly good child prodigy is what you did. look at it. it's got anxiety
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Hotch: so what's the new rule here?
BAU: no daring Reid to do stupid stuff
Hotch: why?
Reid: [grumpily] because i have no regard for my personal wellbeing
Hotch: right
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reidsmemory · a year ago
Cuddling with Spencer on the Plane
Tumblr media
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Genre: Fluffiest fluff ever
Request: Can I get a HC of cuddling with Spencer on the jet after a case. Thank you!!!!
Quinn Speaks: First of all I love this request!! Thank you so much for sending it in <3
So it started off pretty innocent with it being a late night after a tiring case
You sat next to Spencer on the way home and as much as you tried to stay up, you ending up falling asleep on his shoulder
Just kinda leaning on it with your face smushed up against him 
He kinda was freaking out and looked to JJ and Derek who were sitting across from you guys
They just kinda laughed and JJ told him not to move until you woke up and Derek kinda just teased him as he kept blushing
He didn’t move and just kinda watched you as you slept thinking to himself how peaceful you looked with your cheeks flushed lightly and mouth parted and your eyelashes were fluttering every now and then and how kissable your lips looked
It wasn’t until you all hit a spot of turbulence and it jolted you awake and Spencer was knocked out of his trance
You didn’t realize that you had been leaning on Spencer and just wondering why his cheeks were so pink 
Turning away you went to sleep and Spencer kinda missed you just leaning on him but didn’t think to much of it
That was until it happened again about a month later
You had ended up tackling and unsub after chasing him through a busy city and it had been tolling on you 
So as soon as you sat down on the jet you knocked out
Spencer took his normal seat next to you 
Soon after liftoff everyone had the same idea as you and the team began to drift off to sleep
You unconsciously moved closer to Spencer and ending up leaning you head on his shoulder again
In his sleep he wrapped an arm around you and rested his head on top of yours
Emily woke up first and saw this and couldn’t resist taking a one or a few photo
Everyone else woke up soon after Emily except you and the doctor
JJ thought it was very cute, Morgan took photos like Emily had done, Hotch had secretly been hoping you 2 would get together and the thought made the man smile, Rossi made sure to mentally note this as another chapter in his autobiography
You woke up first and felt Spencer clinging onto you and looked to Emily for guidance as she just snickered and you grew more nervous
You had a crush on the slightly older man for some time now and this situation you were in right now didn’t help your feelings one bit
You stayed like this until the pilot announced they would be touching down
Spencer woke up and stretched out as you pretended to be sleeping still 
Spencer had a small frown on his face as he thought that you hadn’t grabbed him in your sleep like you did last time
He shook off the feeling and ‘woke you up’ as the plane landed and everyone was on their way home
The next time it was totally on purpose
Spencer had a hard time with the case you had gotten back from as he related to most of the victims as they had been bullied in high school
Everyone was cautious around him and didn’t bother him on the way back home
Instead of sitting in his normal spot next to you, he sat upright on the couch and had a tired and blank look on his face
Everyone had fallen asleep except you and him
You felt as if you had to look after him
You made your way over to the coffee machine and made two cups of hot water as you put a tea bag into each of them
You walked over to him and placed the teas in the cup holders next to you
Spencer didn’t say anything for a while and you didn’t push him to tell you anything either
You both sat in silence and you occasionally took sips from your tea
He finally turned to you and spoke in a hushed voice
He ranted on about how he should saved them and that he could’ve done better
Then he asked you something
Something that you never thought the man would want from you
A hug
You nodded and opened your arms as he rushed into them and started quietly sobbing on your shoulder
You held him tight and rubbed his back sweetly as you felt you shirt getting damp
Soon Spencer was worn out and just clinging to you
You peeled away and saw his eye were droopy so you pushed him down lightly so he was laying on the couch 
Grabbing a blanket and laying it over him and as you were walking away you felt him hand pull on yours
“Stay,” he whispered and you did just that
He moved over so that you could hold him as his head rested on your shoulder and his arms wrapped around you 
You cupped his cheek with one hand and traced his features as well as playing with his hair 
You both fell asleep quickly and the team said nothing when you all woke up, not wanting to bother Spencer
After that it came natural for you and Spencer to cuddle up to each other after cases 
“It’s just comfy,” you or Spencer would defend when the team asked you about it along with the classic, “we’re just friends!”
Both of you would blush and pretend to get back to whatever you were supposedly doing before
Then Spencer and you would grab dinner after cases or sneaking into each other’s hotel rooms on away cases to cuddle thinking the team didn’t notice they did or sit next to each other every place you went
The team was sick of it 
They devised a plan that couldn’t fail
On the next plane ride home, Morgan would sit next to you and pretend to fall asleep on you 
It worked
Spencer practically had smoke coming from his ears when he entered the plane and saw the Derek Morgan sat next to you, in his spot
His spot!!
As the flight went on Derek ‘fell asleep’ and even wrapped a hand around your waist
He hugged you multiple times before as well as saving your butt and vice versa so you didn’t really mind
Spencer did
Oh man did he mind
If looks could kill, Derek would be six feet underground
JJ and Emily stifled their giggles and Hotch hid his smile as Rossi was able to pretend to look over the case
Spencer could’ve swore that he saw Morgan’s signature smirk grace his face a couple times
When the plane landed Derek let go and everyone left the plane and packed up
Spencer pulled you aside when getting into the SUV’s 
He admitted to his crush and that he often sleeps better with you around and never gets nightmares and if you didn’t feel the same it was totally fine and-
You kissed him and successfully stopped his rambling
Pulling away slowly you started to apologize until he dropped his bags and pulled you face closer to his
He did the Spencer Kiss TM
Full face grab, super aggressive, and very passionate
Cheers were coming from nearby and when you two pulled away with swollen lips the team had smiles on their faces
Derek explained the plan and Spencer blushed as they teased him
JJ, Emily, Derek, and Rossi handed over 20 bucks to Hotch who smiled widely
“We were betting on you,” Emily explained, “Hotch bet Reid would make the first move but you would initiate the kiss.”
You giggled as Spencer just blushed further
From then on they would tease you two, but were so very happy for the both of you
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paperspence · 2 years ago
rossi: what scares you the most?
garcia: werewolves!
morgan: sharks
reid: the unstoppable marching of time that is slowly guiding us all towards an inevitable death.
prentiss: reid
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reidscanehand · 7 months ago
The Statistical Probability of Falling in Love
Master List to The Statistical Probability Series
Spencer Reid x BAUfem! Reader
Category: Fluff 
TW: Mentions of bullying, cursing, kind of a depressing mental space at the beginning, mentions of an erection, and again, like...desiring somebody beyond the realms of friendship. 
Also, good lord, he’s so awkward, so this is kind of overdramatic, but all in good fun. It’s also kind of super long because I have no filter. And I loved this request by @radtwinkie .
This request has taken me literal ages to complete and I am so sorry for that! It’s really just because I genuinely loved this request and thought it was so precious and lovely; I really didn’t want to mess it up...all that to say I’ve rewritten it at least twice, so I hope it’s close to what was imagined when requested. Thank you @radtwinkie for your patience and I hope you all enjoy! xx
Tumblr media
~ “Most of us have nicknames - annoying, endearing, embarrassing. But what about your true name? It is not necessarily your given name. But it is the one to which you are most eager to respond when called. Ever wonder why? Your true name has the secret power to call you.” - Vera Nazarian ~
Spencer is not a huge fan of nicknames. Part of it, of course, was the intense bullying he’d received as a child and teenager. Which was, frankly, rather hard to get past, even as an adult. He loved his BAU family, and for the majority of his time working with them, he felt loved and seen and accepted. But every so often Derek would make a comment that hit too close to home, Hotch would shut down one of his tangents with a slightly more annoyed tap than usual, Rossi would roll his eyes a little harder than usual, Penelope would seem genuinely overwhelmed, or Emily or JJ would be just a little too relieved to get to walk away as he began to ramble. It felt vastly unfair; Spencer wasn’t one to believe in karma, but there was something in him that felt like...maybe he deserved this acute loneliness. The brain he had been given, the intelligence he had...only for it to be received with...not hatred, exactly, but a sort of begrudged acceptance felt like a penance for the brain he was lucky to have, but never asked for.  
No one is perfect, but in those moments when he allows his anxieties and insecurities to get the better of him, Spencer can’t help but feel that his perceived imperfections are maybe too much? 
JJ is overly competitive, but Will loves that about her. Hotch is borderline humorless, especially when it comes to the job, but both Beth and Haley were able to see beyond that. Rossi is sarcastic, too wry sometimes for his own good, yet he is loved and respected. Derek can be testy to the point of meanness, and yet he always seems to be showered with affection by Penelope and many, many women. Penelope is quirky, sure, but always adored and never doubted. Emily could be borderline cruel and yet still manages to maintain a level of intimacy with the team that Spencer just does not seem to have. So, though nobody is perfect, Spencer is worried that he is so imperfect that his brain has muddled himself a hole he will never be able to leave. It feels like an absolutely hopeless situation...that is, until he meets you. 
It was after a particularly gnarly case in Los Angeles that Strauss decided to hire a new communications liaison. The publicity surrounding the case was fierce prior to the BAU’s arrival, but their involvement only brought more attention. The case was incredibly complicated and the investigation dragged on longer than anyone wanted it to. The press was practically vicious by the time the thing had been solved and, upon arriving back at Quantico, the whole team was shuffled into several meetings with Strauss regarding how best to handle press moving forward. Strauss didn’t want to add anyone to the team, nor did anyone else, really, but after an exploratory meeting with you, she was impressed and you were hired. 
Had it been literally anyone else in the universe in your position, Spencer’s convinced they would’ve fallen flat on their face. The team really didn’t want a new member, Emily and Derek were borderline hostile about it prior to your arrival, and Penelope was so nerve wracked by change that her thoughts flew from hacking every piece of technology you owned to hugging you like a teddy bear in a matter of seconds. Spencer himself didn’t love change. The balance of life at the BAU was temperamental at best with the type of work they did, so the addition of anyone was jarring. However, from the moment you walked through the glass doors of the BAU, Spencer knew everything would be alright. At least, for the rest of team. He was well and truly fucked. 
First of all, and rather most importantly to Spencer, you’re super nice. Not just “nice”, but rather so nice that the word itself feels inadequate. After your first case with the team, you noticed that Hotch was having a hard time. Well, everyone noticed (they are profilers, mind), but you were the only one to do anything about it. Spencer is still unsure of whether you were unaware of Hotch’s incredible reserve, or you’re just so kind you weaseled your way around it, because when you offer him a hug before boarding the jet, he not only accepts it, but leans into you and reciprocates. He thanks you for it. The team is dumbfounded. Not to mention the absolutely cracking job you’ve done of handling the publicity surrounding the case. You’re quick to underplay your work on this one, but it was a rural town in Mississippi and you handled the delicacy of the case with a level of grace and tact that blew everyone away. Thus, secondly: you’re rather mind-blowingly excellent at your job. Spencer swears you could be a profiler with the capacity you have for human emotion. Whether it be a newspaper reporter, a grieving parent, an obnoxious local television personality or the unsub’s family, you seem to have a knack for talking to people, making them comfortable, and keeping the entire team safe, well cared for, and out of harm’s way in the public eye. Spencer even heard JJ mention to Emily that, had you always been the communications liaison, the BAU’s position in the bureau would never be questioned. And finally, though Spencer’s a little ashamed that he has such a fixation on it: you are incredibly pretty, which is always just a little hard for Spencer to get around. And had you behaved like everyone else, he would have acclimated to it, as he had with the other attractive women he worked with. But, the thing don’t behave like everyone else. 
It’s on your first case with the BAU that it happens. 
Spencer’s been careful not to say too much around you. He desperately wants to make a good impression, though at this point he’s not sure why. He wants you him, he supposes. Not in a loving way (not yet, anyway), but just in a generally pleasant “you’re not so bad” kind of way. Thus far, to his mind, he’s gotten away with it. It’s sad, really, that he almost feels as though he has to pull off a trick, a magic trick of sorts, in order to make a good impression with new people. Truly, you’re so kind and lovely that he could probably be himself and you’d still like him, but that’s something Spencer’s not very willing to leave to chance. He’s cut himself off on at least three different tangents since the case started, worked carefully to correct people in a more gentle manner than usual, and allowed his answers to come at what feels like a more natural pace than he typically would. Hell, he even shook your hand when he met you, just to stave off what Spencer feels is the inevitable stasis of weirdness he’ll be in when you finally get to know the real him. He’s fashioned what he hopes is an appealing version of himself in order to get to know you. He’s damn near head over heels for you already, but nothing prepares him for this. 
While he’s worked hard to cut back on The Reid Effect in order to keep you at arm’s length, the Mississippi heat and intensity of the case are waning on his determination quicker than he’d like. There are obvious burns on the victim, dumped unceremoniously in a creek in a woodsy area, but the burns had gone unmentioned by the local cops prior to the BAU’s arrival to the scene. As it’s your first case, Hotch pairs you with Spencer and Rossi to go to the most recent crime scene to get a feel for the back and forth with the BAU and the local police department. Spencer can feel the sterile version of himself falling back with every second as the local PD prove themselves to be relatively useless. 
“The burns,” Spencer says, slowly, trying to forestall his corrective nature. “Why weren’t those mentioned in the initial reports?” 
“Oh, we assumed those were from the sun. Exposure, ya know?” answers Sherriff Riley. 
“That seems a bit...farfetched,” Spencer corrects, carefully, ever so slowly. 
“Now I know y’all don’t know nothin’ ‘bout the Mississippi sun, but-”
“Actually, this area of Mississippi sits in the 2 to 3, low to moderate range of the UV index, meaning that, while it’s advised to cover up on bright days if you’re prone to burning and wear the suggested average 30 SPF sunscreen, which is the average SPF suggested for the majority of the country, it’s not that far removed from what you’d find in Quantico or D.C. In fact, in a wooded area like this, it’s almost entirely unlikely that someone would sustain burns of this nature.” It’s out before he can stop himself and Spencer cringes inwardly at the quickness with which the facts fall from his mouth. He can feel you looming behind him, can almost feel your breath hitch as Sherriff Riley stares at Spencer blankly, attempting to take in what he just said. As is typical when this occurs, Rossi steps in.
“Basically, we think the unsub is burning them as part of the signature,” Rossi explains. 
“Oh,” Sherriff Bailey says vaguely. “Okay. We’ll let the medical examiner know, then.” Rossi smiles and steps toward another part of the crime scene, diverting the attention of the Sherriff. Spencer gulps, his throat suddenly dry as you sidle up next to him. 
“How did you know that?” you ask, quietly. Spencer can’t bring himself to look at you. He’s terrified that he’ll see some form of ridicule or rejection in your eyes and, even in the mildest of forms, his not really sure he could deal with it. 
“Um,” Spencer begins, awkwardly. “I have this...eidetic memory thing?” He cringes inwardly again as he phrases this fact as a question because he feels kind of ridiculous. 
“What does that mean?”
“It’s like...I’ll read something, or even, sometimes see or hear something, and I just...remember it. Auto-didacticism, to some extent,” he answers, trying not to sound as nervous as he feels.
“Like, forever?” you ask. “You remember stuff forever?” He gets it together to look at you because your tone is confusing to him. You’re not being rude or teasing him, you’re just genuinely asking questions.
“Uh, kind of...I don’t forget much,” Spencer says. “I can also read really fast, so I gather that information at a relatively rapid rate.” 
“How fast do you read?” you ask, turning your body to face him. Spencer stares at you for a moment, sifting through your facial cues and mannerisms, perplexed at the honest curiosity you’re exhibiting. 
“Well,” he swallows, scared that, at any moment, this genuine air of interest that you’ve granted him will shift into something he’s more used to. “20,000 words a minute.”
“Wow,” your eyes widen. You look down for a moment and smile to yourself. “You’re a proper genius then, aren’t you?”
“Actually, I don’t really believe that genius can be quantified-”
“That sounds like something someone who’s definitely a genius would say,” you tease, gently. 
“Then I guess I am a genius...because I did just say that,” he responds quietly. You stare at him for a moment allowing a gorgeous smile to play on your lips before throwing your head back in the prettiest laugh he’s ever heard. Spencer feels a grin growing on his face because you’re not teasing him meanly, but playfully. And you’re not laughing at him, but with him, at a joke he made. And he’s pretty sure you’ve complimented him. You, a pretty and sincerely nice woman, just complimented him, Spencer Reid, awkward nerdy man that he is, in the woods on an FBI case. And he made you laugh. And now he can’t stop grinning. 
“Got any other facts or figures for me?” you ask, again, so very genuinely. He just stares at you, unsure of what to say as his brain can barely comprehend what’s happening, let alone come up with a singular fact or statistic. “Seems like I’ve got you tongue-tied, Stats,” you smile. 
“Stats?” he asks, cautiously, your kind stare not allowing the bona fide grin to move from his face. 
“Do you mind if I call you that?” you ask, a sudden hitch in your cadence making Spencer recognize that you’re also nervous. “It’d be nice to...have a friend, you know?”
“Stats, huh?” he whispers to himself, his grin not abating. “I'd love that, actually, Y/N.” 
“Cool,” you smile, giving him a look that he’s damn near sure he’d kill to keep. “You feel free to make up a nickname for me too, if you’d like, Stats,” you say, walking away. 
And now Spencer knows he’s in trouble because he literally can’t stop grinning. Even when the case gets harder, the idea that you want to be his friend...that you think he’s worthy of a fun nickname, that you might think he’s interesting, that you’re - dare he believe it - playful with him.... he simply can’t wrap his head around it. 
It happens more often than he’d like to admit and being the baby of the BAU family (even though, much to his annoyance, you are definitely at least a couple of years younger than Spencer and he is still considered the baby) comes with its price. And when you’re a certified genius in possession of an IQ of 187 and the social skills of a scared butterfly, things like this tend to happen. For Spencer, it’s really not a big deal at this point. 
The team has been called to help the Sacramento Police Department due to a string of medically coerced heart attacks. The unsub is forcing heart attacks on his victims by delivering them an overdose of caffeine. The victims are all mild caffeine addicts, either drinking excessive amounts of coffee, tea, or energy drinks which the unsub is lethally dosing with absurdly high amounts of the stimulant. At the roundtable, Spencer chimed in with the average amounts of caffeine found in typical sources: 80 mg for the average energy drink, anywhere from 50 to 235 mg for the average black coffee - only to be cut off. He’s used to being cut off, either verbally or, as had just occurred, a gentle tap on the arm from Hotch. What he isn’t used to is your response. The briefing is over, everyone breaks to gather their go bags and prepare for the incredibly long flight to Sacramento when he feels a gentle pressure against his back, right in between his shoulder blades. He turns and almost smacks into you. 
“God, you have long legs,” you say, “you’re almost impossible to catch up to, Stats.”
“Sorry,” Spencer replies, not ever quite sure if people are joking or not. 
“Long legs are a virtue,” you correct, whether you’ve caught on to his apprehension or not, Spencer’s not sure, but he appreciates it either way. 
“How can I help you, Y/N?” he asks. He still hasn’t come up with a nickname for you. As you’ve grown closer over these past few cases, he’s not sure what to call you. You seem set on a platonic friendship, though he’s very quickly gained a completely understandable crush on you, meaning that his ideas on nicknames are tending toward the rather overly affectionate variety. Plus, your name suits you. It’s just as lovely and perfect as you seem to be, anyway. 
“I was wondering, Stats,” you begin, awkwardly, “if you could finish what you were going to say.” 
“What do you mean?” Spencer stares at you, a little lost in your eyes. 
“The average amounts of caffeine thing you were saying,” you amend, staring up at him all wide-eyed and curious again. “I was listening and, um, I think Hotch tapped you or something and you stopped? It seemed kind of rude, to be honest, but...well, I wasn’t quite done learning yet.” 
Spencer is so dumbfounded he can barely speak, let alone recall the average amounts of caffeine found in typical sources. You want him to finish a statistic. A borderline meaningless, completely random fact that he knows from a glance at a newspaper or medical article. You caught up to him in a hallway, nearly chased him down, to learn something from him. He opens his mouth to speak, the beginnings of a sound dying in his mouth. Once again faced with your abject kindness, Spencer finds that he can’t quite string two words together, much less finish his thoughts from moments before. 
“Have I done it again, Stats?” you grin at him, all twinkly and precious. 
“Done what?” he rasps out, still in a daze of confusion. 
“Rendered the resident genius speechless?” you sweetly tease, that delightful smirk toying with your mouth again. It takes Spencer a second to realize he’s straight up staring at your mouth rather than responding. 
“Uh, yeah,” he manages to say. “Uh, yeah”? What the fuck? His mind is moving again, but not in a helpful way. 187 IQ, my ass. “I guess you have.” 
“That’s kind of fun,” you whisper, mostly to yourself. You look back up at him and Spencer is once again bowled over by the fact that you’re just being kindly playful. You’re not being mean or even too terribly jokey, you’re just...God, you’re so sweet. “It’s nice to be able to keep you on your toes.” 
All of my body parts - tip to toe - will be at full attention as long as you keep looking at me like that, he thinks, jarred by the abrupt, ever-so-slightly salacious turn of his thoughts. He’s suddenly very aware of how very pretty you are, how good you smell, and how playful you might be in- 
“Is it?” he gasps, the air finally deciding to reappear in his lungs as he attempts to break through any thoughts of you in his bedroom. Despite how delightful those thoughts may be. 
“Yeah,” you say, wrapping an arm through his and walking you both toward the bullpen to gather your things. “It’s a nice reminder that even geniuses are human. I’ll hit you up for facts just to keep it interesting, is that all right?” You can hit me up for literally anything and I will worship the ground you walk on, he thinks, but all he can manage is a kind of nod. Spencer swears his body is on fire from your touch, but he feels almost sad as you begin to pull away. You squeeze his arm and look down before deciding to continue. 
“Just know that I’m always listening to what you say. No matter what it is,” you reassure him. And as you walk away, it’s not his sexual attraction to you that plagues his mind, it’s the fact that Spencer’s falling in love with you. 
Spencer had been quite certain that, almost a year into knowing you now, your relatively regular habit of sneaking close to him to ask him for a quick statistic or fact would assimilate his entire body to your presence, but no such luck there. You do it more regularly now, and Spencer’s very nearly got the hang of it. Part of it is the closeness, this he knows. And it has nothing to do with his semi-germophobic tendencies and everything to do with the fact that his lungs can’t seem to get used to how absolutely gorgeous you smell. And his eyes can’t seem to get used to how beautiful you are. And his ears can’t seem to get used to how melodic your voice is. Again, IQ Points? Almost entirely useless for something of this nature. 
At this point, he’s relatively sure you know the effect you have on him. It’s pretty hard to miss. He knows this because, obviously, he’s an incredible profiler, but you also both work with a bunch of incredible profilers who have all noticed your effect on him. 
“Seems like Pretty Boy has found himself a Pretty Lady,” Derek sing songs one afternoon. You’re all on the flight back to Quantico from a successful case in Montana. Despite the fact that you've most definitely just entered the jet’s bathroom, Spencer nearly throws his back out as he whips around in his seat to make sure you don’t hear. 
“I have not,” he defends, lamely, his cheeks burning. 
“Oh, come on, Spence,” Emily tags in from across the aisle. “You’re pretty obvious.”
“Well, obviously not, because she doesn’t know. And if she does, she clearly doesn’t want the same thing, so will you please, please not say anything?” Spencer knows he sounds frantic and desperate, but if any of them ruin...whatever this is between you, he’ll almost certainly kill them. JJ stares at him for a moment, her eyes widening at his panic.
“You don’t think Y/N likes you?” JJ looks genuinely surprised, as does Derek and Emily. 
“Not...not in that way,” Spencer murmurs, pretending to brush some lint off of his sweater so he can look away from them all. 
“Kid,” Rossi jumps in from his spot across from Emily. “She calls you Stats.”
“It’s just a fun nickname-”
“You always sit with each other on the plane.”
“I just sit near her, it’s not usually the other way around-”
“You hang out with each other outside of work.”
“I don’t have any other friends and she takes pity on me-”
“Reid,” Hotch says from his seat near the front of the craft, not looking up from his paperwork. “Don’t be dumb. You’re way too smart for that.” The conversation thankfully dies as you reenter the cabin, returning to your seat next to Spencer. He gives you a quick smile as you return to your book. He also tries to pretend everyone isn’t staring at the two of you, but it’s hard considering they’re all being annoyingly obvious. About twenty minutes later, you put your book down. At this point, JJ and Derek have fallen asleep, and Emily looks no more than a few minutes away from it. 
“Hey, Stats,” you whisper, very close to his ear now. So close that he’s pretty sure you can feel the heat from his blushing cheeks.
“What’s the statistical probability of you allowing me to use your arm as my pillow right now?” Your playful smirk is toying so preciously with your lips that Spencer thinks he might agree to a root canal if you asked. 
“100% likely,” he smiles, trying not to sound giddy. 
“Thanks, Stats,” you sigh, laying your head on his arm. Your breath evens out rather quickly. Spencer attempts, he really does, to focus on his book, but the gentle weight of your head, the sweet smell of your shampoo, the adorable scrunch of your nose as you dream, all give way to him giving up on the book and deciding to simply stare at you. Stare at you in awe, it would seem.
“Don’t drool, kiddo,” Rossi whispers, “it’s unseemly.” 
“I’m not drooling,” Spencer argues weakly, his hand twitching with the desire to check whether or not he’s actually drooling. 
“Listen, Reid,” Rossi says, moving to sit across from you, next to a sleeping Derek. “I may not know what it’s like to have an IQ of 187, or an eidetic memory, or be able to read 20,000 words a minute, but I can imagine that it can’t be easy to wander through life with that kind of brain.” He glances at you and, as if on cue, you snuggle slightly into Spencer’s arm. Without thinking, he wraps his arm around you, thankful the armrest is already up, as you snuggle into his side, a small grin decorating your pretty face. Spencer stares at you, unabashed affection in his gaze. He looks back up to Rossi who is watching the scene before him with a wistful smile. “I’m sure it’s not easy to wander through life alone with a mind like yours. And if I had a girl like that-”
“But, I don’t have her, Rossi,” Spencer whispers, the truth of the statement creating a gentle, but unignorably present lump in his throat. He swallows, trying to keep it together. 
“I think you do,” Rossi disagrees. “Look, I know we tease you from time to time, and I’m sorry if that ever goes too far, but...if I may: don’t let this pass you by. Y/N is the only person I’ve ever met who fully recognizes and celebrates how lucky we are to have you. And that’s something you can’t lose, kid.” With that, Rossi stands, crossing back to his seat. 
Spencer rubs the back of his free hand over his mouth now that Rossi is looking away. He wasn’t drooling, but he knows he might as well be. Because he’s in love with you. And it’s a fact he’s been avoiding admitting to himself because he’s not at all sure what you’d do with this information. Or what he will do with this information.
The jet touches down in Quantico and Spencer gently wakes you up, but you’re so tired he lets you lean on him, nearly carrying you from the plane. When you get into the office, Hotch quietly orders Spencer to drive you home as you’re far too tired to get there safely. He agrees because he kind of planned to do that anyway, but it’s nice that he doesn’t have to bring up the concept to you. He gets your keys from your desk, and leads you to your car on the parking deck. 
Spencer helps you into the passenger seat, and you immediately are fully asleep again, which leads to him buckling you in. Your nose scrunches up in your sleep and, without thinking, he leans forward and places a gentle kiss on it. You groan slightly in your sleep and Spencer snaps his head back, hitting it on the roof of the car.
“Fuck!” he yells in pain. Your eyes pop open, suddenly very awake. You take in the scene over you with a great deal of confusion, as Spencer looms over you, clutching the back of his head. 
“Spencer!” you yelp, “are you alright?” 
“Yeah,” he grunts through gritted teeth, “just superb.” 
“What are you doing?”
“Um,” he winces, pulling his body out of the car. “Buckling you in to take you home.” 
“Oh,” you say. “Did you hit your head? Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine,” he whispers, now lying to you and himself. “Let’s get you home, Y/N.” He starts the car and pulls out of the parking deck, heading toward your apartment, which happens to not be too far from Spencer’s, a fact he is not proud to be thrilled about. You’re about five minutes down the road when you speak up again. 
“You still don’t have a nickname for me, huh Stats?” you tease. In the dark of the car, Spencer can’t see it, but can hear the smile on your face. He’s also relieved that you can’t see his renewed blush.
“Can’t say I have, Y/N,” Spencer smiles.
“And why’s that, Stats?” You sound like you’re fully enjoying yourself, but he’s still amazed at your ability to tease him without being mean. 
“I don’t know,” he states, surprising himself with his honesty, “nothing seems to suit you.” 
“Oh, really?” you counter. “Let’s see, I used to be called lots of fun and horrible family calls me Y/N/N, which I actually can’t stand, but you knew that one. I got called ‘Four Eyes’ in school when I first got glasses-”
“Same here,” Spencer mumbles. 
“Ah, kids are nothing if not somewhat unoriginal,” you joke. “A mean girl in middle school called me ‘The Grotesque Girl’.”
“Seriously? How...why?” There are many words that run through Spencer’s mind when he sees you and not a singular one involves the word grotesque...or any of its synonyms. He’s rather horrified that you ever had to deal with that.
“Um,” you murmur, your voice slightly quieter now, “I don’t know. I’m not the prettiest of girls, and I most certainly wasn’t back then-”
“Y/N,” Spencer interrupts, trying not to sound as utterly in love as he is, “you’re one of the most beautiful women I know.” For the first time in a long time around you, he feels himself cringing inwardly at his overly honest admission. 
“You have to say that, Stats,” you say, somewhat wistfully, “you’re my friend. Besides it’s alright,” you perk back up, “not all of us can be as gorgeous as you.” 
“Y/N,” Spencer speaks slowly, trying not to reveal too much, even though his resilience is waning fast. “Please understand that when I say you’re one of the most beautiful women I know, I mean you’re actually the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.”
“I will brook no arguments,” Spencer insists, attempting to turn the conversation back toward more lighthearted fare. “I’m a genius, remember.”
“Well, fine,” you joke, and Spencer can hear the smile in your voice again. “I suppose if genius thinks I’m beautiful, I must be.” You’re quiet for a moment before speaking again. “You know I call you Stats in, like...a nice way, right?”
“Of course,” Spencer answers quickly.
“Good,” you whisper, partially to yourself. “I just...I know that bullying can be rough and kids call each other names and just...I...”
Spencer pulls into your apartment complex and turns off the car, looking at you as you stare forward, clearly trying to decide what to say. 
“I just so highly respect you,” you whisper. “And I know that you still get teased and you still get... I know that it can be really rough sometimes. And I never want you to think that I’m...making fun of you. I just want you to know that you always have a friend.” 
Spencer feels the tears forming in his eyes and he can’t confidently tell if it’s because of how overwhelmingly genuine your reassurance was, because he’s exhausted, or because you’ve, in the space of about ten minutes called him your friend twice. And he loves being your friend, really, but he has now admitted to himself that he wants to be way more. He covers your hand with his own and squeezes it. You squeeze back and his heart is melting. He sniffles, trying to control himself.  
“Let’s get you to bed, Y/N,” he manages to say. Spencer gets out of the car, grabbing your go bag from the back. 
“Stats,” you say, as you get out of the car, “how are you getting home?”
“Oh, I can walk from here,” he says, vaguely, rather looking forward to the ten or twenty minutes of silence to contemplate how best to work on his aching heart. 
“Would you,” you start, clearly a little unsure of yourself. “Would you maybe want to stay here?” 
Spencer doesn’t trust himself to respond. His brain and body feel as though they’ve separated in this moment. There are so very many thoughts running through his brilliant head and half of them make him blush. In this vast chaos, his body opts to simply stare at you. You look away for a moment, contemplatively, then look back at him. 
“It’s really late,” you continue, “and it’s kind of cold. And, not to be selfish, but it would give me far more peace of mind if I knew you were safe.” 
He looks at you, ever in astonishment at the utterly uncomplicated quality of your kindness. He simply nods, grabbing his go bag as well, and follows you into your apartment. He’s been here before, but this time feels entirely different. More intimate and intense, though he’s fighting at the feelings, trying to quash them with every breath. You easily convince him to share your bed. He’s mildly pleased by the fact that he pretended not to want to for about five seconds longer than he thought he would. As Spencer gets into your bed, you scoot closer to him than he thought you might. Arm to arm, leg to leg, you begin to doze off, which is the only reasoning he can give to the fact that you turn your body in towards his as you fall asleep. He watches you for a moment, allowing himself to prop his head on his arm and unabashedly admire you. 
“Got some facts about sleeping for me, Stats?” you ask, yawning, barely awake.
“Sure,” Spencer whispers, finding it easier to speak to you now that your eyes are closed, “you got enough energy to hear them?”
“I just like hearing you talk,” you admit. Another flutter pokes Spencer’s heart. 
“Alright,” he says, glad you can’t see the heart eyes he’s sure he’s giving you. “Um...humans can survive longer without food than they can without sleep. This discovery is mostly attributed to the 19th century Russian scientist, Marie Mikhaïlovna de Manacééne.” You hum in response and he smiles as he continues, “She conducted one of the earliest experiments on extreme sleep deprivation. She found that when she deprived puppies of sleep, they all died within four or five days, despite every effort to keep them alive, like food and water.” 
“That’s sad,” you breathe, the cutest pout in the world adorning your face. Spencer clears his throat. 
“Hmm, no more dying puppy facts, then,” he jokes, ashamedly proud of the breathily delicate giggle that escapes your lips. “When you sleep, your brain sort of unifies all of your thoughts and skills. So it reorganizes and strengthens when you sleep. That’s why sleep is important.”
“Mm, m’glad you never get a full night’s sleep then,” you hum. “Imagine if your amazing brain got a full night’s strengthening sleep? You’d be unbeatable, Stats.” 
“I think you’ll find I’m pretty unbeatable now, Y/N,” he jokes. You snuggle slightly closer to him, rendering him almost breathless.
“S’not true, Stats,” you tease. “S’why I like to keep you on your toes. S’fun to see you speechless for a second.”
“I’m not speechless right now,” he half-heartedly argues, just happy to have you so close to him. He can hear the slight tremor in his voice and hopes you’re exhausted enough not to pick up on it. 
“'Cause I’m indisposed. Half asleep Y/N isn’t at her full powers of genius incapacitation.” 
“Big words for a sleepy baby,” Spencer breathily laughs. 
“Mmm,” you hum into his arm. “You should call me that more often.”
“What’s that?”
“Baby,” you whisper, your voice fading as you fall further asleep. Spencer can’t breathe. This is too much. It’s so intimate and you’re so warm and beautiful, and you smell so good, and you just told him to call you baby. 
“I can’t call you that, Y/N,” Spencer mumbles, almost hoping you don’t hear. And the universe seems to take pity on him as you’re finally fully asleep. 
He may be a genius, but it always takes Spencer’s brain a second to click on when he wakes up. He’s actually spent an embarrassingly large amount of time thinking about this brief span of time between sleep and full awareness. He wonders if, due to the substantial abilities of his brain, it might take his brain a longer time to catch up to his body when he wakes up. He’s also wondered if it might go faster because of his brain’s capabilities. This thought process briefly cross his mind when he opens his eyes and it takes him a few minutes to fully process where he is. And the fact that you’re still asleep next to him. 
Next to him is a generous term for what you’re really doing. You’re nestled so closely into his side that Spencer’s scared he’ll wake you up if he breathes too deeply. As if aware of his thoughts, you nestle your head impossibly deeper into his chest, and it’s so precious that Spencer’s suddenly worried his now pounding heart might wake you up. He’s just happy he’s got a shirt on. If your head nestled into his bare chest, he feels positive he’d never recover. He returns his head to the pillow, finding that it slots just perfectly above yours. And that’s when the universe decides to turn the intensity up a few notches. 
“Mmm,” you hum into him, a sound that rumbles through Spencer’s chest with a warmth he’s only dreamed about. “Darling.” 
What. The. Fuck. 
Spencer blinks ten times, rapidly, not convinced he’s awake. He allows his eyes to flicker towards you. You’re still asleep. You have to be, you would never-
“Mmm, Spencer,” you keen gently, eyes still closed as your nose proceeds to give his chest an Eskimo kiss. He’s going to have a heart attack. This is it. This is the end. He’s going to have a heart attack and die, right here and right now. He’s equal parts terror and absolute joy as your arms snake out from their spot beneath your head, reaching towards him, one slipping behind his neck, the other finding a home on his chest. It’s then that everything goes south. Spencer assumes that you actually thought you were dreaming and the reality of touching an actual breathing human was so shocking that that’s what actually caused you to wake up. 
Your eyes flutter open, staring at his chest for a moment. You squeeze your eyes tightly, only to open them again a moment later. 
“Good morning,” you rasp, clearly uncomfortable, but still unmoving. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah,” Spencer lies, his voice gravelly with first use. “Why?”
“You’re trembling, Spencer,” you whisper, your hand pressing into his chest with an ever so slight pressure. Oh, that he was fully aware of as he’s trying desperately to control his body’s natural reaction to you, nearly pulling his hips off the bed as he pulls his groin away from you. 
“I’m fine,” he responds, surprisingly evenly for such a tremulous situation. “I need to...go to the bathroom.” He gets up and thinks he manages to mask his...issue, thankful that you have a guest bathroom. Once in there, he slams the door shut and turns on the sink as loudly as possible, allowing himself release...a release for which he feels mildly ashamed, but he eventually cleans himself up and reemerges. 
He’d assumed you’d be in your kitchen, but when he walks in there, you’re nowhere to be found. Spencer sighs deeply, because he knows you better than he knows himself and he knows that, because you’re not in the kitchen, he’ll find you sitting in your room, still in bed wanting to talk. Because he knows you know something’s up with him. 
He adds coffee grounds to the machine and water, turning it on before crossing to your bedroom, to what feels like inevitable doom, at this point. Because he didn’t pull away from you this morning. Because he stared at you until he fell asleep. Because he can’t come up with a simple nickname for you because he wants to call you something altogether more loving than what he’s sure you’ve envisioned. Because he’s in love with you and he’s worried you now know. His steps feel heavy as he walks towards what he’s sure is the inexorable begrudging acceptance he’s managed to avoid for a year. Spencer can feel a lump forming in his throat with the idea that your kindness to him might transform into the mildly resentful behavior of the rest of the team. He’s not sure he could bear even a slightly snide remark from you. It might actually kill him. He enters your room and you look up at him, a bewildered expression on your face.
“Spencer, are you okay?” 
“Yeah, I’m fine,” he sniffs, trying not to cry. His voice is still thick and heavy. It feels like it’s not in his body, as though the sound is coming from somewhere else. He can only really hear his heart, pounding so loudly he can hardly hear anything else. A warmth encompasses his middle and he looks down to see you, your arms wrapping around him, your head pressing into his chest. He wraps his arms around you as the tears begin to fall. 
“I don’t want you to hate me,” he chokes out, really crying now. 
“Darling, why ever would I hate you?”
“Because...because I ruined it, just like I ruin everything,” he sobs. 
“Sweetheart, you never ruin anything,” you coo, rubbing delicate circles into his back. 
“No, I do,” he cries, clinging onto you tighter. He doesn’t want to. He wants to run away, to go hole up in his apartment to try and get over this, but you don’t let go and he can’t seem to make himself let go either. “I ruin everything because I can’t...I can’t be normal. I can’t stop thinking, can’t stop brain will never slow down and that’s-that’s why I can’t-”
“Shhh,” you breathe, pulling Spencer closer, if possible. His head nestles its way into the crook of your neck, but you don’t pull away. You begin to tangle your fingers into the hair at the nape of his neck, gently combing through it. “Darling, you never ruin anything. Oh my goodness, you brilliant genius, you. You make everything better just by being yourself. And I’m so sad that you can’t see it that way. Normalcy is overrated, anyway. And why else would you be so important to the team? So important to me?” you continue to ramble and Spencer continues to cry, the rumble of your voice calming the rougher edges of his anxiety. “Oh, baby, how long have you felt this way?”
“Forever,” Spencer manages to croak. “Until...until I met you. You make make me feel better. Like it might be okay me.” 
“It’s more than okay to be you, darling. It’s absolutely wonderful,” you whisper. It’s at that moment that it hits him, squarely in the heart. He pulls up his head and stares at you. Your eyes are glassy, your lips set a gentle smile. 
“You called called me ‘darling’. Y-you called me ‘sweetheart’. And...and ‘baby’,” Spencer rasps, not letting you go. It’s barely a question, more of a statement because he can’t quite comprehend what’s happening. 
“Yeah,” you let out on a huge sigh. “Is that alright? A bit more intimate that ‘Stats’, seems more appropriate.”
“How-” Spencer falters, not wanting to let himself believe it. “How is it more appropriate?” You stare up at him, a curious look in your eyes as you consider his face. He can’t breathe anymore. 
“Because I love you.”
Spencer is pretty sure his heart explodes. Because he’s staring at you, profiling your every micro expression, every look in your eyes...and you’re telling the truth. A grin tickles its way onto your mouth. 
“Have I done it again, Stats?” But he doesn’t respond. He cups your face in his hands, taking a deep, elated breath before closing his lips over yours. After what feels like an eternity later, he pulls back from you, but doesn’t let you go, pulling you into an impossibly loving embrace.
“I love you,” Spencer whispers. “I love you so, so very much.” He presses a kiss into your shoulder, into your cheek, into your temple, and another on the top of your head. You giggle into him and it’s like he’s floating on air. 
“I’ve loved you for so long, sweetheart. I thought you knew, I thought you didn’t feel the same way-”
“I couldn’t...believe that someone like you could love me. That’s why I couldn’t come up with a nickname for you because all I wanted to call you was-” he cuts himself off, afraid he’s going too far. You run your hands up his chest, cupping his face in your hands and pressing a small kiss to his jaw.
“What did you want to call me, darling?”
“My love,” he says, so tenderly it feels like the air could break it. The sweetest smile he’s ever seen grows on your face. 
“You are the most extraordinary person I know, Stats,” you say, wiping away the residual tears on his cheeks with your thumbs. “I was worried that I wouldn’t be quite enough for you-”
“You’re perfect,” Spencer interrupts. 
“Nobody’s perfect, Spencer-”
“You’re perfect for me, my love,” he corrects. A beautiful blush glows on your face. You wrap your arms around his neck, pressing another gentle kiss to his lips. 
“I could easily say the same about you, darling.”
~ “Nobody is perfect until you fall in love with them.” - Unknown ~
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reidamancy · a year ago
skinny tie || spencer reid
summary: It’s Spencer’s first day back at work after your honeymoon and you can’t seem to keep your hands off of him... or his damn tie. (husband!spencer reid x fem!reader)
category: fluff... lots of domestic fluff
warnings: none
word count: 1.4k
a/n: this is my first fluff on here and idk how i feel about it lmao. i honestly think i’m better at writing angst but i literally think about spencer’s ties all the time, so i put it into writing! lmk what you think!
Tumblr media
The blaring of the alarm clock awakened both you and Spencer from your deep sleep. You groaned and wrapped the blanket around you tighter as he went to turn off the alarm and turn on a nearby lamp. 
“Why do you have to work so early?” You groaned. 
He returned to his spot on the bed and you took the opportunity to roll over and curl up next to him. He chuckled as he wrapped an arm around you and placed a kiss on your temple. “What? You don’t miss waking up at 6 every morning?”
You narrowed your eyes at him before rolling them. He laughed and placed another kiss on your forehead, which caused a smile to form on your face as well. You placed a hand on his chest and leaned towards his face. “Mm, well you better get ready. Don’t want to be late on your first day back.” You cooed into his ear.
Spencer visibly swallowed. You giggled at the effect you had on him and laid back on your pillow so he could get up. Spencer rubbed his eyes and yawned before quickly getting out of the bed and into the shower. 
You dozed into a light slumber while he showered, the soft noise of the water lulling you to back to sleep. You hadn’t even realized you were sleeping until the clinging sounds of Spencer’s clothes hangers awakened you. You sighed in content and finally got up from the bed. “Good morning again, sleeping beauty.” He teased.
You laughed while you rubbed your eyes. “I don’t have to work for a few more hours, I think I deserve some extra sleep.” You quickly stretched and made your way over to your husband.
Spencer continued to get dressed until you were standing right in front of him. You took a moment to admire his half-dressed state. His unbuttoned dress shirt hung loosely around his shoulders, exposing his chest. Spencer smirked as he watched your eyes rake down his body, admiring the view. His slacks clung to his hips, dangerously low, and you noticed his belt draped on the back of a nearby chair. You bit your lip as your gaze went lower and lower until you noticed his socks.
“Spence, your socks don’t match.”
In the low light provided by the lamp Spencer had previously turned on, it was hard to tell what color Spencer’s socks were. But they definitely weren’t the same.
He looked down at his feet and exclaimed, “What? Yes they do!”
You shook your head as you went over to turn on the lights. A soft brightness illuminated the room and revealed a red sock on one of Spencer’s feet and a green sock on the other. Spencer ran a hand through his hair as he chuckled. 
“Oops, oh well.” He shrugged.
You playfully rolled your eyes before walking back over to him. As you were approaching, he grabbed you by the waist and pulled you close.
Butterflies erupted in your stomach at the simple gesture. You wrapped your arms behind his neck and smiled up into his eyes. Spencer’s lips curled into a smile as he gazed down at you lovingly. 
Laughter rumbled in both of your chests as the two of you both pulled the other in closer. The two of you admired each other, soaking in the moment and getting lost in each other’s eyes.
“I love you, Y/N.” Spencer whispered.
Your arms traveled down from his neck to rub his exposed chest. “I love you too, Spencer.” You placed a kiss on his lips as your fingers ghosted their way down his abdomen, leaving a trail of goosebumps in their wake. You broke the kiss when you felt Spencer shiver, smirking at his reaction to your touch. Your hands continued their descent until they reached the bottom of his dress shirt. You smiled as you began to button him up.
Your movements were slow and sultry as you worked your way up his shirt, one button at a time. You felt your heart fluttering in your chest as you felt the heat radiating off his body. Spencer’s hands never left your waist, and the sheer proximity of your bodies only contributed to the intimate ambiance. 
When you finished, Spencer began to tuck in his shirt and put on his belt. You stepped back and excitedly asked, “Can I choose your tie?”
He chuckled and nodded. 
You giddily walked over to his closet and sifted through his selection of ties. You settled on one of your favorites, a dark charcoal skinny tie. You practically skipped over to Spencer and draped the tie around his neck. “I’ve always wanted to do this!”
Spencer laughed. “Then why didn’t you just say so?” His hands were on your hips again and you blushed.
“We weren’t married yet.”
Spencer furrowed his brows in confusion and you giggled. “It’s just different now.” You explained with a smile. You brought a finger up to his nose and lightly booped it. His nose scrunched at the action as you both giggled. 
As you went to tie his tie, you encountered a problem. You realized that you actually had no idea how to. You glanced up at Spencer then tried to mask your confusion as you fumbled with the fabric.
“Y/N... do you know how to tie a tie?” Spencer asked, teasingly.
“Shut up, I’m learning.”
You wrapped the tie, made loops with the tie, fed the ends through those loops, but to no avail. You were no where close to tying it properly. Spencer looked down at the mess of knots you made and laughed. 
“Hey, no! This was supposed to be romantic! Let me just-” You stuck your tongue out in concentration as you tried one last method. You pulled on the tie and...
The entire thing fell apart. 
Spencer laughed and you huffed. “Y/N, look.” He took the tie from your hands and slowly tied it as you attentively watched.
“You cross it over, bring this over here, pull it up, then feed it through this loop.” He explained, emphasizing each step. 
“Wait, wait, let me do this part!” You grabbed his tie and pulled, tightening it against his neck and satisfyingly completing his look. “Is that too tight?” You whispered.
Spencer shook his head. “It’s perfect.” He pecked your cheek. 
Your cheeks flushed as you said, “I’ll get it next time!”
Spencer smiled. He pulled you into a bear hug and rested his head in the crook of your neck. He turned towards your ear and lowly whispered, “Mm, I’d much rather you take it off.”
You immediately backed away and lightly slapped his shoulder. “Spencer!” You scolded.
He let out a laugh as you sarcastically shook your head. “You have work, mister.” You pointed a finger chided him. 
“It’s Doctor.” He corrected. 
You beamed at him. You couldn’t even pretend to be annoyed at this point, he was just too cute. 
Spencer smiled back at you before quickly throwing on a jacket and leaving your shared bedroom. You followed him into the living room and grabbed his satchel for him. He went through a mental checklist of everything he needed for work and nodded to himself when he had everything. He reached for his satchel in your hands but you stopped him.
“Wait, you’re forgetting something!”
Spencer looked at you in confusion. Without warning, you grabbed his tie and gently pulled him down into a sweet kiss.
You got on your tip toes to meet him in the middle as your lips collided. Your noses slightly bumped at the unexpected action, but Spencer quickly adjusted. His hands went up to cradle your face, pulling you towards him, while yours stayed on his tie. You tugged a little harder on it, closing any distance between you, and enjoying the leverage you had on him. Your lips moved in sync as you both breathed each other in. He hummed in satisfaction and you slowly pulled away. 
As your eyes fluttered open, you saw each other’s flushed cheeks as you let out heavy breaths. Smiles adorned your faces as you bit your lip.
He pulled you back for a quick peck on the lips then let you go. 
You tried to ignore the buzzing of your lips as you handed him his satchel.
Spencer slung the bag over his shoulder and made his way towards the door. He turned towards you once more.
“I’ll see you tonight, Y/N.” He beamed. He held on to the straps of his satchel and toyed with his lip, no doubt feeling the same buzz you were. He walked towards the door, but before he could make his way out, you called out to him.
“Have a good day at work, Dr. Reid!”
“You too, Mrs. Reid!”
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reidsmemory · a year ago
Spencer Reid
Tumblr media
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Summary: Y/N is abducted while working a case and the team has to find her before it’s too late.
Genre: Fluff with a touch of angst
Warnings: Mention of death of minor character, torture
not my gif!
The team had been looking into case that had targeted girls with Y/H/C hair and Y/E/C eyes. All had looks strikingly similar to you and if anyone were to see either one of the victims in a room with you, they would say you were related. You all had been on the case for about a week now and you were still no where close to catching this guy. 
     “Agent Y/L/N,” a voice called as you whipped your head to face them, “these came in for you,” the officer was holding a bouquet of red roses with a small white card on the top of it. 
      “Do you know who these are from?” you asked as he shook his head and walked away. 
      “What does the note say?” Emily asked as the whole team had watched the interaction. 
     You opened the envelope and read the note as you furrowed your brows, “echo.” The team looked at each other with puzzled faces, “what the hell is that suppose to mean? Have we already dealt with this unsub?” The rest of team began theorizing as the same officer walked up to you again.
     “Agent, we’ve got someone that say he needs to speak to you.”
      “Can’t they come here?” Hotch asked, getting defensive.
      “He says that he won’t go into a place of justice, whatever that means,” the officer began to lead you as the rest of the team followed. You began walking towards the entrance of the station as the officer looked around for the mystery man. “He was just here,” the man spoke. 
      “Spence,” you spoke out as your boyfriend looked to you before you collapsed on the ground. You head hit the flooring as a ringing sounded in your ears as well as their being two of everything. Two Spencer’s holding your head, two Hotch’s yelling and pointing fingers, two lights blinding you from seeing anything. 
     What felt like hours later you were being lifted onto a bed. Two men had arrived with an ambulance as shouting and yelling was all that was heard. “Are you family, sir?” the first responder asked as Spencer opened him mouth and closed it again, “I didn’t think so, you all can follow in cars.” The man said as his colleague gave him as weird look as the both of them lifted you into the ambulance as the rest of the team rushed to get their keys and get into the SUVs.
     The ambulance sped off as the sirens wailed and your team rushed to the cars. “What in the fresh hell?” Derek said as he looked at the tires on one of the SUVs. “My tires are popped, what about you, Hotch?” 
     “Same here,” the raven haired man said. 
     “It’s a set up,” Reid spoke as fear flooded his face. 
     You awoke in a cabin where you had been tired to a chair and had a gag on your mouth. Your vision still hazy and your thoughts even hazier. 
     “Oh good, you’re up,” a male voice said from the corner of the room. You tried to get a good look at him, but he stayed in the shadows. “Ben Cyrus,” he said as you furrowed your eyebrows. The name sounded so familiar, but you couldn’t quite remember where you had heard it before. 
      “Who are you?” you asked as the man chuckled. “Let me go, I’ll talk to my team and we can work this out.” He scoffed at your words and began to walk towards you. 
     “Ben Cyrus. He ran the greatest church known to man and you,” his face was hardened and his eyes had a crazed look in them, “took away our faith!” He struck his hand across your face as a burning sensation filled your cheek. 
     It all rushed back to you. A few year back you, Prentiss, and Reid had all gone undercover in a cult-like church. The leader, Benjamin Cyrus, had been suspected of child abuse and sexual harassment and the government had wanted the BAU to get involved. 
     “I remember,” you said as the man smiled. 
     “Good, Agent,” he grabbed a chair from the side of the room and brought it over to sit across from you. “Now,” he started again, “you might not know me. My name is Joey Cyrus and I would say it’s a pleasure to meet you, but I’d be lyin’,” he studied you as you did the same.
     “What do you want, Joey?” 
     “Well my daddy would be nice for one, but I don’t believe you have the power to do that. So you’ll do just fine,” he got up from his chair and walked over to the bag that you had seen from the corner of your eye. He dumped the contents on the ground in front of you and a spill of tools came out. A hammer, pliers, a baseball bat, a few knives, and other things that could do damage. “Let’s get to know each other.”
     Back at the station, Spencer was frantically trying to figure out who had taken you and why. The note on the roses had been laced with a medicinal herb that had knocked you out and the ambulance had been found in a ditch on the highway with all but one of the first responders on it. The medics had been killed in a brutal way that even made Spencer sick to his stomach as he thought about what this guy was doing to you.
     “Reid,” Hotch’s voice broke his train of thought as he met eyes with the older man. “Go ahead, Garcia.”
     “Alright. Our mystery medic is Joseph Mulgrew , he moved to Utah just a few years ago and before that he has been off the map,” Garcia told the team. “This guy, he’s like a ghost. No records of his name anywhere else and no former address of any kind.”
     “Did you say Mulgrew?” Spencer said as the team looked at him.
     “Yes I did Doctor, what about it?”
     “Look up Joseph Cyrus,” Spencer told her as they heard the taps of Garcia’s keyboard. The team looked at him for an explanation, “Benjamin Cyrus, he was an unsub we had.”
     “Yeah,” Emily started, “he was that guy that ran that church and...” she trailed off as the team got the gist of what she was saying. 
     “He was Charles Mulgrew before he made a come back at the church. It could be possible that he has unknown family, considering what he was really doing all those years,” Spencer explained, “Garcia, how old is Joseph?” 
     “He is 27 years of age and the good doctor is right. Joey here changed his name like dear old dad and oh...” Penny trailed off.
     “Penny?” JJ asked.
     “Joseph has been in and out of jail and juvie for as long as I can see. Charged with assault, petty theft, and oh my. Domestic abuse filed by his ex-wife who looks a lot like our Y/N,” a sounding on their tablets was heard as they opened it and saw a woman very similar to you.
     “But Spencer and I went undercover too, why would he pick Y/N?” Emily said as she immediately started to solve the puzzle, “you think it’s because of the looks of the ex-wife?”
     “I think so,” Rossi mumbled, “Penelope pull up the most current address to Joe and anything that could be used to store Y/N.”
     “I’ve got a home address and a storage unit and they have all been sent to your phones! Go crime fighters and get our princess back!” Penelope told them.
     “Thanks, Baby Girl,” Morgan hung up the phone.
     “Reid with me and JJ. Rossi, Morgan, and Prentiss take the storage. We’ll have to use squad cars until the SUVs are fixed so lets go get Y/L/N,” Hotch ordered as they all nodded ad went to the parking lot. 
     You muffled your screams and grunts as Joey had began to carve into your stomach. He laughed as you clenched your teeth and held your hands in fists, surely four crescent shaped cuts were to be found on the inside of your palms if you opened them. “You son of a bitch,” you struggled to get out as Joey wiped the knife off on your pants. 
     “Don’t you talk about my mama that way, girl. I’ll make sure you regret it.” You received at blow to the side of your face. You spit out the blood that formed in your mouth as Joey began to take the other tools out from his collection. “These look nice, don’t they, girl?” He held up a pack of cigarettes and a lighter as he popped one in his mouth.
     “Those things kill,” you said remembering Spencer tell you countless facts about the ‘cancer sticks’ as both of you had nicknamed them. “On second thought, why don’t you just keep smoking them.”
     He laughed, “you are a firecracker. My daddy always said the young ones are.” He stroked your hair as you tried to move back.
     “Your dad was sick in the head and you are too,” you spoke with such tenacity. 
     He looked at you blankly, “I thought I said you don’t speak of my family like that,” he took the cigarette from his mouth and stuck it on your exposed collar bone. 
     You grunted as he held your face in free hand. He leaned into your ear and whispered, “I want to hear those screams, girl.” He press the cigarette into your skin further, finally inciting a small scream to slip past your lips. “Good.”
     The team had arrived at both locations and there was no sign that you were there. Spencer paced around with his hands in is hair as the rest of the team was now even more worried than before, if that was possible. The team had no idea where you could be and if you were even alive. It had been at least 13 hours since you had dropped in the lobby and it was eating Spencer and the team alive.
     “You have nothing?” JJ asked Garcia over the phone,.
     “No, i’m sorry. I’ll keep looking and-” she was cut off by Spencer who had just had a revelation. 
     “Garcia, make sure the jet is ready. I think I know where Y/N is.”
     On the jet Spencer had explained the note and how it read ‘echo’ as saying that Joey might want to recreate the explosion at the church and now the team had touched down in Colorado where they got in SUVs to go to the church’s location. 
     A swat team followed them along the dirt roads that were bumpy and the night sky that was dark. The sun was starting to rise in the distance. Spencer remembered you always saying, ‘the same beams but a new day,’ and that made him the tiniest bit hopeful that they would find you in this new day. 
     The church came into view as they could see it was now a smaller wooden building. “What the hell,” Morgan said from the drivers seat as he say the building, “this guy built up a whole new structure to what? Avenge his father’s death?” The car came to a stop as the team hopped out of the car and Hotch began to go over the plan with the others.
     “From the front-” he was cut off by a ear piercing scream that came from no one other than you. Spencer looked at his boss in worry as Hotch returned the look and started again, “let’s go.”
     Joey drove a knife into your stomach as you screamed loudly. He left it in your body and quickly grabbed another knife from the ground. “You have got to work out your daddy issues another way,” you told him as he dragged the new knife down the side of your face as it cut into your skin. 
     “You wanna try something different, girl?” You immediately regretted your words and recalled Spence always telling you that your smart mouth was going to get you in trouble some day. He began to unbutton the top of his flannel, but quickly stopped as he heard footsteps in the distance. You heard them too. 
      “Spencer!” you yelled as loud as you could as Joey came over to you and cut the ropes on your ankles and arms as he quickly grabbed you and put a knife to your neck. 
      From the front of the house Spencer could hear your cries as his ears perked up as his heart rate grew faster and Hotch nodded as Morgan kicked the door down. The team moved through the structure and finally Spencer came face to face with you, “Y/N,” he said as you locked eyes with your boyfriend and smiled lightly, despite the situation at hand. 
     “Joseph, put the knife down,” Hotch told the man as the knife just dug deeper into your skin. 
     “I don’t think so,” he took grip on you and made it tighter. “You killed my family. He never did anything but help people in need of his guidance.”
     “Your father ruined the lives of young girls,” Spencer said matter-o-factly. 
     “No! He did them a favor, he gave them the greatest gift he could,” Joey said as he began to move his hand without the knife a bit more. You furrowed your eyebrows as you tried see what he was hold and finally saw a small remote concealed in his hand. 
     You moved your eyes to Hotch’s and blinked rapidly. You just hoped he would pick up on the Morse Code and get everyone out of the building. 
     “Let’s just talk this out, Joey,” Hotch started, “JJ get everyone out, I want to talk to Joey alone.” JJ furrowed her eyebrows at the man but he gave he a stern look as she understood and began to move the team out. 
     “No! Bring them back!” Joey yelled, “or she dies.” Spencer looked at JJ as she tried to get him to leave the building, but he refused to move so she quickly called Morgan who grabbed Reid as he struggled against him.
     “I can’t leave her!” he told them and Morgan ignored his pleas and called a couple SWAT members to help him with the genius. 
     “As much as I like her, I’ll do it,” Joey said as he continued to watch the men and women exist the building. “Bring them back!” Joey yelled as his grip on you faltered for a second which you took advantage of as you got out from his grasp and struggled to take the device from his hand. 
     “Go!” you yelled at Hotch but he jumped in and started to help you as the three of you wrestled and quickly the device was flung across the doorway to another room. You all freezed before you grabbed Hotch’s hand and dragged him towards the back of the building. 
     The team waited outside for Hotch and you as Reid screamed at Morgan, “you have to let me go back in there!”
     “You can’t Kid, you heard Hotch!” Morgan yelled back as the rest of the team cringed at the fight. “I know all of us want to go back in there, but we can’t! You gotta understand that, Kid!”
     “No! You don’t understand!” Spencer screamed, “she’s all I have! I didn’t even get to tell her that I love her! That I have been in love with her since that stupid dinner at that Thai restaurant in California!” 
     “That was two years ago...” JJ mumbled.
     “Yeah! Two years! I’ve only been with with her for a couple months now and I haven’t even told her!” Everyone’s hearts pained as they heard Spencer’s cries and saw the liquid that dripped down his cheeks. “I can’t-”
     All head turned as the house exploded a safe distance away from them. The orange flames roared as the team had their mouths’ open in shock.
     “No,” Rossi and JJ whispered at the same time. 
     Morgan’s grip on Reid was gone as he watched the flames and turned to Emily who had had disbelief and horror over her face. 
     Spencer’s mind raced a mile every second and now his mind was completely blank of everything but you. Your face, your smile, your eyes, your lips, your laugh, your touch, your everything. Spencer ran towards the flames as the team yelled after him. 
     “Spencer,” JJ’s voice breaking as she leaned into Rossi’s embrace. 
     “Kid. Come on, don’t do this,” Morgan called as Emily just watched in disbelief with a gaping mouth and teary eyes.
     Spencer didn’t care about their calls, he needed to find you. He scanned the firery rubble for any sign of you or Hotch, but there wasn’t any. Just ash and fallen wood covered in sweltering heat. “Y/N!” he yelled out, “Y/N! Hotch!” Spence continued to look through the wall of intense heat and for a second he saw a delicate hand reach up through the burning wood. “Y/N,” he whispered to himself as he began to walk through the blazing fire that threatened to burn his body and ruin his lungs. 
     He moved a piece of wood off of where he saw your hand and saw you and Hotch laying side by side. “Guys!” he screamed at his friends, “help!” The team gave each other confused faces before coming over to Spencer. JJ gasped as she saw your form next to Hotch’s as tears of joy spilled from her faces. Her and Emily joined hands as they worked to get the wood off of you. 
     “Medic!” Rossi yelled as people began to rush over to help. 
     Morgan and Reid worked to get a big piece of debris off of the two of you. Hotch’s eyes opened and he immediately looked to his side where you had been, holding his hand tightly. He coughed violently as the medics lifted him up and brought him to the ambulance. You blinked a few times and saw Spencer standing over you. 
     “Hey, can you hear me?” he asked as you gave him a thumbs up and he laughed at the simple gesture. He brought you up for and embrace as you struggled to keep your eyes open. The medic came over to you and began to carry you away as Spencer and the team followed you and Hotch to the ambulance. 
      “Can I?” he asked one of the nurses as she nodded and he climbed into the ambulance and held your hand as you drifted off to sleep.
     When you woke up, blinding lights had been the first thing you saw. The second was Spencer who was asleep in a chair next to your bed, his head resting on the bed and his fingers interlaced with your own. You blinked a few times and saw the rest of the team in the room with you. Hotch was in bed identical to yours, but he was up and had his eye focused on the TV in front of him. By his side was JJ and Morgan as the conversed with each other in hushed voices. Penny was writing in a card with a sparkling pink pen as she handed it off to Rossi who smiled lightly at her. Emily was just outside your room as you saw her talking with a nurse or doctor; rather it looked more like arguing.
     Derek glanced over to you briefly as he then turned back to JJ and then back to you. “You’re up,” he said quietly, a contrast to his usual booming voice. Everyone looked to you as you smiled.
     “You gave us quite a scare, Y/L/N,” Hotch said as you laughed quietly which then turned into a cough. 
     “Em! Get a nurse or doctor!” Penny exclaimed as Emily rushed and called a nurse in the hallway. JJ got up from her seat and made her way over to your bed.
     She examined your face before hugging you tightly. “God, you can never do that to us again,” she chuckled as you rubbed her back. You felt a few tears fall on your shoulders as JJ pulled away and wiped her cheeks. “He’ll be happy to see you,” she gestured to Spencer.
     “Glad to have you back, kiddo,” Rossi told you with a smile, “you need anything?” As soon as he said that a doctor walked into your room and started to go over your condition.
     “You are very lucky, Agent Y/L/N” she started, “you have a mild concussion and that wound on your abdomen will take some time to heal over. You received first and second degree burns all over your legs, arms, and torso, just like Agent Hotchner. Your eardrums are very fragile and I recommend no flying for at least 3 weeks. Your face has some minor bruising and cuts that should heal over time.” She set her chart down. “The both of you should be able to leave in a few days time, but for now just relax.”
     “Thank you,” you said as she smiled.
     “Dinner will be up in a few minutes,” with that she left and Morgan was seen grinning widely. 
     “What?” you said.
     “She didn’t mention one thing.” You furrowed your brows at his words and he started to rub his head which just made you more confused.
     “I have a concussion, you’re going to have to actually say it.” He laughed at your words.
     “Do you think pretty boy will like the new haircut?” he asked as it finally clicked and you ran your fingers through your hair. 
     “Oh my, God,” you said as everyone laughed. “Oh my, God!” you repeated as Emily handed you a mirror and as you brought it up to your face your jaw dropped. Your hair was cut in jagged parts, but none shorter than your chin. The team laughed as you continued to gape at your reflection.
     “Some of your hair ended up burning off, just a bit,” Emily said as you looked at her with wide eyes. She laughed as you began to laugh too and soon everyone joined in as you all smiled at your stupidly, funny haircut.
     Spencer rubbed his eyes as he saw your smiling face and immediately hugged you tightly. “Thank Goodness,” he whispered as he pulled back from the embrace. “Why are we laughing?” he asked as you gestured towards your hair and smiled widely at the tall man.
     “Is this gonna be a deal breaker, babe?” his cheeks flushed at the nickname.
     He laughed a bit, “no, I still love you,” he said as the team froze at what he said as did he.
     “Awh, I love you more, Spence,” you told him without skipping a beat as he pressed a kiss to your forehead. 
     “Even if you do kinda look like David Bowie,” he said as you opened your mouth and smacked his arm playfully.
     “Spencer Reid!”
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paperspence · 2 years ago
morgan: wow the stars are beautiful tonight
garcia: yeah they are
morgan: you know who else is beautiful though?
garcia and morgan: reid
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reidamancy · a year ago
too late || spencer reid
summary: Spencer and you never got closure after you broke up. But hidden feelings and confessions reveal themselves when you’ve been abducted. Now Spencer is forced to analyze a voicemail you left for him to try and save you before it’s too late. (spencer reid x fem!reader)
category: angst
warnings: s2 spoilers, kidnapping, knife and gun usage, slight mentions of blood and drugs, plot holes, probably incorrect medical info
word count: 4.4k
a/n: this is my very first cm fic, and I’m completely new to the fandom so I hope there are still people out there who read cm fics lol
(part one | part two)
Tumblr media
Spencer’s POV
“Spencer?” Her voice breathed shakily through the voicemail.
Y/N. I recognized her voice immediately. For a split second I was filled with bliss just from the sound of her voice, but my heart dropped when I recognized the terror laced in her words.
She paused for a bit before continuing. “Hi, it’s me. I’m sorry, I know you don’t want to hear from me right now,” She choked on a sob, but little did she know that was furthest from the truth. “But I didn’t know who else to call.” Another pause. 
I leaned forward in my seat, resting my arms on my desk while listening intently to the message. 
“I... I’m in trouble Spencer. I don’t know who he is. He took me from my car and brought me here. He made me call you because he knows,” She took a deep breath before letting out a sob. “He knows you will never save me in time.” By now, her voice came out as a squeak. My breath caught in my throat as my worst nightmare came true.
“No, Spencer, wait, please listen to me.” I shut my eyes and exhaled. I pinched the bridge of my nose; she must have had to pretended I answered the phone, and I wasn’t there when she needed me most.
She sniffled on the phone and continued.
“I don’t know how much time I have left... So I guess this is goodbye Spencer...” I felt my heart shatter as tears pricked my eyes. 
“When we met, I knew exactly where I was in life. But you, you changed that. You taught me so much, Spencer. I remember all the games we'd play when you were home.” Y/N paused as she left out a sigh. A sad smile crept on my face as I recalled our shared competitive nature and the countless games that sprung from it. I could only imagine her expression mirroring my own as she spoke. “You'd always win but I guess that's what happens when you play against Dr. Reid. I still think you forgot two dozen names just to let me win.” She let out a dry laugh. 
“The last time I saw you was on our anniversary, June 6. 9:30 on the dot. And then you abandoned me Spencer, you left me alone in the big, cold world.” She took a breath and I let out a small gasp when I heard the sound of a gun cocking in the background.
“I told myself I'd never forgive you, but the truth is I already have. I can't leave without you knowing that. Please save me, Spencer.” She whispered the last line before the phone was yanked out of her hands, evident by the small yelp and shuffling I heard, and the voicemail ended with a low growl saying, “You’ll never get here in time.”
The voicemail ended and the fear I felt from before melted into rage. I knew exactly what I had to do. Phone in hand, I marched straight into Hotch’s office.
Reader’s POV
The man snatched the phone out of my hands and quickly hung up on the call before redirecting his gun at me. He had it pointed at me the entire call and cocked it once he was getting impatient.
The worst part was he didn’t bother to hide his face. He had bound my arms and legs together, but never blinded me. I knew exactly where I was and who he was, which only meant one thing: I wasn’t getting out of here alive. 
My abductor shot at the ground and I let out a scream. “That was a bit long now, wasn’t it?” He sneered.
“You’re gonna kill me! I had to say goodbye properly!” I sobbed. 
It was partly true. What he didn’t know, however, was the fact that I had an FBI agent for an ex-boyfriend, and a genius one at that. I haven’t spoken to him in months, but I prayed that he would understand the hidden clues I left in the voicemail. I hated how this was our first interaction since our breakup, but I needed him now more than ever. 
I’ve wanted to call him countless times; it’s almost ironic that it took a literal kidnapping for me to finally do so. In the wake of our breakup, I found myself completely miserable. I missed everything about him, and I caught myself staring at his phone number on my screen numerous times, contemplating if I should actually call him or not. I wanted to, I really wanted to. I wanted to tell him how much I missed his voice, his touch, his love. But every happy memory we had would then be overshadowed by stronger memories of him snapping at me, being repulsed by my touch, and his mood swings. So I never got the courage to push the dial button. 
It was a never ending cycle. I’d want to call him; perhaps I wanted to try to fix things one more time. I knew something was wrong, maybe I could have done more to help him. But then I would realize I couldn’t help him unless he let me. So I’d always end up deleting the digits on my screen and hope he was doing okay. But days later I’d find myself punching in those exact digits once again, only to delete them minutes later. In time, I had memorized his number by heart, which is why it was almost instinctive to dial him today.
The fact that he was an FBI agent was the last thing on my mind when I pushed call. I just needed him, I needed Spencer. It felt wrong, after months without speaking I thought we had both moved on. But he was the first person I thought of when given an instrument to cry for help. And as soon as I heard his voicemail, as soon as I heard his voice, I realized I needed more than Dr. Reid. I needed Special Agent Reid.
I tried to remember everything I could from the few times Spencer would talk to me about his cases. If I could understand this unsub like he and his team could, maybe I could survive. But the more I remembered, the quicker I realized my chances of survival were slim. He’s way too confident for me to have been his first victim. He gave me the freedom to call whoever I wanted and say whatever I wanted, and he wouldn’t have done that if he knew he wouldn’t get caught. So the phone call must be part of his signature, but why? Why give that much freedom to his victims at all? Maybe he just likes to hear the pain in our voices when we say goodbye.
No, it has to be more than that. Right before I dialed Spencer, the man told me, “Make sure they answer.” And that’s when it hit me. He must take pleasure in knowing his victim’s loved ones are aware of what’s happening but can’t save them. He’s stripping them of their power to help, to save, their loved ones. I hope that isn’t the case for me. I didn’t want to call Spencer (okay, maybe deep down in my heart, I did), because he made it very clear he wanted nothing to do with me. But if anyone could save me, it was Spencer Reid.
I was pulled out of my thoughts when my abductor leaned in front of me, his putrid breath fanning over my face. I noticed his gun was now in his holster and one of his hands was behind his back. He slowly pulled it out to reveal a knife and he placed the blade against my arm. I winced as he put pressure against my skin, but not enough to draw blood.
“Now that... what was his name? Spencer?” He let out a low chuckle. “Now that Spencer knows you’re here, he’ll try to save you.” The unsub slowly dragged the knife up my arm, still not breaking the skin, and I let out a whimper. 
“He’ll tell the police, but they’ll be too late.” He taunted. “They always are.”
The man now used his knife to push hair out of my face. “While we wait... Let’s have some fun.” He sunk the knife into my shoulder and I let out a scream.
Spencer’s POV
As the case was presented to the team, I was paralyzed in my seat with the voicemail replaying over and over again in my head.
It’s me. I’m sorry, I know you don’t want to hear from me right now.
I’ve been wanting to hear her voice for months, and when I finally do it’s because she was abducted. Even worse, she’s apologetic that she even has to call me. As if she’d ever have to apologize for speaking to me... 
“Reid?” Hotch’s voice pulled me out of my thoughts.
I looked up at him and he repeated himself. “Will you analyze the voicemail for clues on Y/N’s location?”
I silently nodded. He turned to JJ and whispered to her to stay with me. Everyone then dispersed to do everything they could to bring Y/N back.
“Kid, who is this?” Morgan stayed behind and questioned me.
“Hm?” I questioned innocently. 
“Look, she could have called anyone in the world, but she called you. And you obviously care for her or else you wouldn’t be so quiet right now. So who is she?” Derek displayed concern in his eyes.
I let out a sigh. JJ took a seat in front of me and Morgan leaned against the table. My eyes were fixated on my hands, which were in my lap. “Her name’s Y/N. She was the one who got away.” I heard my voice crack, but I didn’t care. JJ and Morgan looked at me with sorrow as they listened to me open up about the love of my life. 
“I met her at the library. She saw I was checking out a book about physics and she gushed about how it was her favorite subject. We went on for 20 minutes talking about the subject, and then she asked me out for coffee.” I bit my lip.
“We started dating for a few months and everything was perfect. She didn’t mind my work schedule, and she listened to all my rambles. Sometimes she even had some facts of her own to add.” I recalled all the times Y/N would add to my fact spews instead of shutting me down, and I couldn’t stop the smile resulted from the memories. “She was perfect. In every way.”
I took a deep breath as my love story took a sour turn. “But then I... I started to push her away. After Tobias Hankel I pushed everyone away, but Y/N got it the worst. I was a horrible boyfriend, but she never gave up on me. She never knew why I was acting that way, but eventually I pushed her too far. We broke up because she thought I hated her. But I don’t. I never did.” I trailed off, remembering fragments of the last fight we had. I cringed as I remembered how broken her voice was, and how I continued to tear her down. I wasn’t in my right mind. If I could go back, I’d never let her leave that door. But in hindsight, I don’t blame her for leaving.
I quickly wiped the tears off my cheeks as Morgan rubbed my shoulder. JJ got up and hugged me. She lowered her face towards me and said, “We’re gonna save her, Spence. And when we do, you’re gonna tell her all of this.” She flashed me a kind smile.
“After I got off dilaudid, I realized I lost her, so I tried to get her back. I wanted to surprise her, so I went to the cafe we went to the day we met, and I saw her there. She was there with another guy... She had already moved on and I was too late. I never got to apologize to her.”
I didn't want to meddle in Y/N's new relationship. She had every right to move on. So I tried to as well. But it didn't hurt any less, especially since I never got to explain myself to her. I had accepted the fact that Y/N had moved on from me, but her voicemail gave me an ounce of hope. In the direst of circumstances I was the one she called. Perhaps it was because of my job, but I let myself hope that maybe I misread the situation. That man could have been a friend. And I could still have a chance.
But hope is a dangerous thing.
“Reid, I know this is hard. We all want to get Y/N back safe, but you’re the only one who can understand what she’s trying to tell us here. Think you can focus?” Morgan wanted to make sure my head was clear enough to analyze Y/N’s message. The truth was, I wasn’t sure.
But I nodded and played the voicemail again.
“June 6?” I repeated once the voicemail ended.
“Is that when the two of you met?” Morgan asked.
“No, that date doesn’t have any significance to us at all. June 6, 9:30? Why would she say that?” I wondered out loud as I wrote 6/6, 9:30 on the board. 
“Can you play it again?” I asked JJ.
When we met, I knew exactly where I was in life. 
“There right there, pause.” I knew that was a lie. “When we met, she was a graduate student but she didn’t know what to study. I helped her with that.”
“Okay, so she knows you can catch onto her lies. What is she trying to tell us?” JJ wondered out loud.
It was then that I realized what Y/N was doing. “This entire call is full of lies. She knew I’d catch onto them, but I don’t know what she’s saying.” 
Morgan jumped in, “Okay, so if you catch all of her lies, we’ll decode the message.” I nodded as JJ pressed play and I wrote down all the lies in the voicemail.
By the end of the call, my board looked like this:
6/6, 9:30
“knew where I was in life”
winning game - 2 dozen names?
“Okay, so what does this all mean, Reid?” Morgan asked. 
I stared at the board, trying to make a connection. “I don’t know...” I mumbled. I knew Y/N was trying to tell me something, and if I could figure it out I could save her. The thought gave me enough confidence to analyze her diction. “But did you hear the end of the call? She said I left her alone in the ‘big, cold world.’ It’s odd that she would describe it like that.”
“So she’s somewhere big and cold?” JJ chimed in.
“Probably...” I answered as I added to the board. 
“What about abandoned? Is that describing where she is or is this actually about your relationship?” Morgan asked.
“I don’t think she would use 'abandoned' to describe our relationship...” I bit my lip. I wouldn’t say I abandoned her, but I couldn’t help but wonder if that was how she actually felt. I cleared my throat. “That’s probably where she is. Big, cold, and abandoned.” 
“So what are we thinking, warehouse?” JJ inputted. 
Morgan nodded. “Okay, we’re getting somewhere. So does that mean when she said she knew exactly where she was in life, she meant she actually knew exactly where she was taken?”
“What about the game she talked about? What does that mean?” JJ asked.
“I never let her win any games, she insisted we both play fair and square.” I tried to think back to all the games we played. “She mentioned names... There was only one where we used names,” I held back a smile. “We were trying to see who would be the first to name all the U.S. presidents.”
Morgan and JJ looked at each other. “Why am I not surprised.” Morgan let out a small chuckle.
“But you forgot two dozen names?” JJ questioned.
“Two dozen is specific... and Reid doesn’t forget.” Morgan thought out loud.
I tried to remember more about the game. “I won that game. I was the first to put down my pencil and she teased me for it. But she wanted to finish her list so I’d give her clues to who she forgot... But there was one name she just couldn’t remember.”
“Two dozen... Did it happen to be the 24th president?” JJ wondered.
I let out a small smile. Clever girl. “Yeah, it was Grover Cleveland. The 24th president.”
I now looked at my new board, filled with new information.
6/6, 9:30
“knew where I was in life” am
winning game - 2 dozen names? ➝ Cleveland!
big, cold
My head was swirling, trying to make sense of what Y/N gave me. My eyes darted up and down the board, trying to see her message. She knew where she was. She gave me a name, numbers...
“I got it!” I yelled. “It’s an address. She knew exactly where she was and she was trying to tell us! June 6, 9:30? 66930. Where’s Garcia? I bet there’s an abandoned building at 66930 Cleveland Street.”
Morgan raced out of the room to grab Garcia. Moments later she rushed into the room with her laptop and I hurriedly asked her, “Garcia, what is at 66930 Cleveland Street?”
Her fingers blazed across the keyboard then she shook her head. “No, I can’t find that address.”
JJ leaned towards the monitor. “Try Cleveland Road?”
Garcia shook her head once again, “Sorry my sweets, there’s no 66930 Cleveland Road either.”
She continued to clack at her keyboard, and moments later she lit up and said, “Wait, I see an abandoned warehouse at 6693 Cleveland Road!”
“It was probably easier for Y/N to use time to disguise the numbers, even if it added another digit...” I thought out loud.
Morgan rushed over to her computer as I felt my body fill up with hope. “What can you tell us about it, baby girl?” He asked.
“It was previously owned by a man named Hubert Roffkins, but then the trail ends 2 months ago. It looks like it was abandoned then, and oh dear.”
“What is it?” Morgan pushed.
“Hotch asked me to look into similar abductions with phone calls ending with murder.”
I swallowed harshly. “And?” I asked.
“The dates coincide with the first kidnapping.”
“Let’s go.” Morgan commanded.
Third Person POV
Hubert Roffkins had stabbed Y/N for the seventh time by the time the FBI got to the scene. He was cornered and surrounded by agents, he knew there was no way out of this. As he reached for his gun, Agent Hotchner fired a single shot to the head and Roffkins was dead before he hit the ground. 
Y/N was still conscious when the agents came. She was surrounded by her own blood and dizzy with pain, but she knew once she saw those FBI vests, she’d be okay. She wasn’t sure what was happening, but she heard a gunshot and saw a pair of converse running towards her. Her vision was blurring, but she didn’t need it to identify the figure who picked her up off the ground and held her face. He kept telling her to stay with him, but she couldn’t hear him. Her vision focused on his face for one second and she smiled at the familiar face. “Spencer,” she whispered, so faint he could barely hear her.
“I’m here, Y/N, I’m here.” He cried, holding her closer to him.
Her vision blurred once more and she let the darkness succumb her.
Spencer rode in the ambulance with her, and he would not let go of her hand the entire way to the hospital. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, wondering what could have been if he’d arrived just a few moments earlier. 
Once in the hospital, it took an army of nurses to separate Spencer from Y/N. He couldn’t let her out of his sight, too scared of losing her again. So he settled on sitting outside her room while the doctors operated on her. 
The rest of the BAU team met him at the hospital. They exchanged glances and sighs, unable to help their youngest teammate. No matter how they tried to comfort him, his mind was fixated on the well-being of his lost love.
The doctor emerged from Y/N’s room and Spencer immediately sat up.
“Her vitals are stable and he missed the major organs. She will be incredibly sore, but she’s gonna make it.” The doctor announced.
Spencer smiled. “Can I see her?” He asked.
The doctor nodded, warning him that she was still sleeping and she will be very tired.
Spencer walked into the room and sighed. He hated seeing her like this. She was pale, and she looked so fragile. He wanted nothing more than to wrap her in his arms and hold her forever. 
He took a seat next to her bed and grabbed her hand. His thumb traced small circles on the back of her hand while he studied her face. Finally, after months of being apart, he was finally here with her. He was both relieved and terrified, knowing that once she woke up, she would have his entire heart in her hands. 
“Hey, Y/N.” He whispered, his voice coming out broken. He cleared his throat and continued. 
“I uh, I got your voicemail.” His voice cracked and he let out a sad smile. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there. But you did so good. I understood, Y/N. I remembered everything.” His voice cracked and tears were welling up in his eyes, but he continued. “You’re so strong. I’m so proud of you.” His voice was now barely above a whisper. 
Spencer stopped for a moment to compose himself. It was the moment he had been waiting for. Y/N was right in front of him and all of his emotions were overwhelming. He had to tell her right now. Even if she couldn’t hear him; he needed the practice. Because the words have been bottled up for so long, and now that she was right in front of him, he felt like he was going to burst. But he just didn’t know where to start. 
“Y/N, I don’t know if you can hear me, but I really need to tell you something, and I can’t wait any longer.” Spencer let out a sigh and stared at her hand in his. “I’ve been wanting to talk to you for months, and I-I need to let the words out before I lose my confidence.” Spencer swallowed thickly. “Or I don’t know, maybe you can hear me. Studies have shown that...” He trailed off. He was rambling.
Spencer let out a deep sigh and brought his eyes back to Y/N’s face. “Y/N... You were the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I can’t believe I let you go.” He gave her hand a squeeze. “You were right, you know. Something did happen to me on a case. But I didn’t want to bring you into the evil that corrupts my world, so I kept you in the dark. But then it got out of hand... It became less about shielding you and more about protecting myself.” Spencer licked his lips and lowered his eyes again. He felt ashamed. Had it not been for his own pride, perhaps Y/N would still be in his life. Maybe he could have even prevented this. But he let out a shaky breath and continued.
“I was abducted and tortured by a man named Tobias Hankel. He had multiple personalities. So when he wasn’t torturing me, he was giving me painkillers. It was dilaudid.” Spencer shook his head as the memories of his abduction came back to him. 
“I... I became addicted, Y/N. I knew I needed help. But I wanted to prove I was strong. I wanted to prove that I could bounce back and show that I could handle it. But I couldn’t.” By now, the young doctor was crying. He continued through his sobs. “I guess I... I guess I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it on my own, so I pushed everyone away, Y/N. Not just you. And I know that doesn’t make it better, but you were never the problem, Y/N. It was me.”
Spencer looked at Y/N’s face and rubbed circles on her hand. “I know there’s no way you could have known that, but I don’t want you blaming yourself for what happened between us. And I know what you would say if you were awake right now. I know what I did was wrong. I realized that you would never see me as weak for this, but in that moment I've never felt so weak. I’m so sorry, Y/N.”
Hot tears streamed down the Spencer’s face as he continued. “I’ve been sober for half a year now. I’ve been sober ever since we broke up. And I know drugs don’t excuse how I acted towards you, but I just needed you to know,” Spencer held onto Y/N’s hand tighter. “I never stopped loving you.”
As the young doctor spilled his heart out to his love, the words he spoke never reached their recipient. Y/N laid in deep slumber, unaware of Spencer’s confession as he sat next to her. She would stay in her comatose-like condition until the next day, never to hear the truth behind the end of her and Spencer’s relationship.
Because when Y/N awoke, Spencer had gone to get his morning cup of coffee from the hospital’s cafeteria. He had spent the entire night sleeping by her side, desperate to be the first person she saw when she woke up. By the time he returned, fits of giggles were emerging from Y/N’s room.
Spencer’s heart fluttered as he heard her laughter echo in his ears. She was finally awake, and he could finally get his confession off his conscience. All he had to do was repeat the words he had said the night before, this time to active ears.
But the words were caught in his throat once more, because when Spencer entered Y/N’s room, he was met with two sets of eyes instead of one. Y/N had lit up and exclaimed, “There’s the man who saved my life!” Her excitement and smile still brought butterflies to Spencer’s stomach. But they quickly disappeared when she spoke her next sentence, confirming Spencer’s fears. 
“Spencer, I want you to meet Connor. My boyfriend.” She gestured to the man sitting next to her. Spencer had recognized him immediately, he was the man he saw Y/N with at the cafe.
Spencer’s stomach dropped and his heart broke once again. 
He was too late.
read part two here!
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reidsnose · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
overview: reader doodles on her hands a lot and spencer has to give into the temptation of coloring it in
genre: flufffffff
a/n: sorry ive havent posted a fic in like a week, ive been in quite a slump but i had this idea well after midnight but i just had to write it so lmk what u guys think of this one :)
doodling on your hands: a once nervous habit that had seeped into your everyday life and now is just a regular habit. nearly everyday you would come to work with clean hands and get home with a mini art gallery on your non dominant one.
Spencer admired this from the moment he noticed it. at first he thought you had a tattoo but when you came back the next day with it completely gone, he was a tad confused, only to catch you doodling on that very same hand a couple hours later on the jet. he thought maybe it was an occasional thing, a habit you'd quit once you got better situated into the team, but after nearly a year you still left work almost everyday with some cutesy sketches drawn on your hand.
Spencer found himself looking forward to your doodles, imagining in his head what you might draw each day, and thinking of all the colors you would add if you had the time. being the great profiler that he is, he noticed a pattern: you subconsciously correlated your doodles with your mood.
after especially hard cases or just bad days you always drew roses.
when you were very happy you drew all sorts of fruits.
anxiousness bore little swampy creatures and lily pads.
tired days filled your hands with random, intricate designs that you didn't even have to try hard to make.
and content was anything else.
he was so impressed and absolutely adored your little coping mechanism. watching you concentrate on making those teeny pieces of art simply for your own pleasure was definitely a sight to see. the way your eyebrows furrowed and tongue poked out a bit was absolutely positively adorable. and soon he had noticed that he was looking forward less to the doodles and more to watching you draw them. and after that he began looking forward to just you.
you were sat on the jet with your back to the corner of the last seat on the plane, creating a pattern of roses on the back of your hand. Spencer plopped down in the seat next to you, growing tired of watching from so far away.
"that bad, huh?" he asked, noticing the type of flower you were gracing your hand with.
"hm?" you looked up, confused.
"you only doodle roses on bad days." he explained, pointing to your hand.
"what? no i don't!" you defended, " i just think roses are neat."
to be fair, you were having a bad day but he could've profiled that without the doodle. he cant be right, can he? there was no way you had a mood system for your doodles! unless there was.
"repetitive strokes are therapeutic, so roses being rough days make sense. the spiral in the middle followed by however many layered petals you want is a perfectly repetitive while still interesting enough to doodle."
"if i didn't know any better i'd say you've been spying on me, Dr. Reid," you teased, enjoying the slight rouge that appeared on his cheeks.
"what! no! i'm- i'm a profiler i notice patterns! i just- spying sounds creepy." he stammered.
"ok. how about admiring." you jabbed, turning a little red yourself.
"fine. but you know coloring helps too." he flipped back to the old topic of conversation.
"unfortunately i only have the standard blue, black and red ink."
"roses are red." he chuckled.
"interesting point," you bent down and reached into your bag, pulling out a red pen and handing it to him, "knock yourself out."
"what?" he looked at you slightly bewildered.
"coloring is therapeutic, you said it yourself. and you and i both know that you need something to relax you after a case like that. we all do." you explained, trying to be as nonchalant as you could knowing his skin would touch yours.
he grabbed the pen and clicked it open, coloring smoothly and slowly inside the lines you had already made in black, careful not to go over them and smudge the ink. you and him both tried your best to ignore the warmth shooting through your bodies from every place your hands touched. his fingertips lightly grazing your knuckles as he worked your way up your arm, giving you both space to work and by the time you landed, you had a half sleeve garden of surprisingly well colored (and somehow shaded) red roses.
you went home that night and bought a pack of colorful (washable) pens, hoping this little rose garden with him wasn't a one time thing. and even if it was, you would want to add your own pop of color to your doodles.
thankfully it wasn't.
you and Spencer found yourselves drawing and coloring on your hand a lot. he would catch you doing it and pop in over your shoulder just to add a touch of color where he thought it fit. and you began to feel sad washing off what the two of you had created that day, feeling nostalgic for time that has hardly passed.
and sometimes on the jet you would get tired of your own skin, so you would draw little doodles on his hand, often times leaving a little heart at the base of his thumb. these little hearts he avoided washing off for as long as he possibly could because they felt like a part of you was always with him. he started doing the same thing to your hand, a sort of signature the two of you shared.
most days, the doodles on your hands were pretty much fully colored in.
but now Spencer began to worry. what if you get ink poisoning because of his coloring? sure, the risk was statistically low, improbable even; but never zero. so one night after work he went out and bought a little sketchbook and on the front he scrawled,
"y/n's super duper special sketchbook"
upon receiving it, after giving him a hug he never wanted to let go of, you took a sharpie and started editing the title he had given it. so it now read:
"y/n and Spencer's super duper special sketchbook"
the two of you used up a whole page that day, front and back filled with all types of fruits. Spencer smiled to himself, knowing this had made you very happy. you took a second to take a step back and admire him doing the very thing he admired you for. and you understood why; he just looked so precious and you suddenly realized you craved the feeling of his hand touching yours. so you leaned over and drew a little black heart at the base of his thumb. he looked up at you, smiling widely before returning a red heart to the base of your thumb.
and you guys tore through that book, using a page a day and filling it cover to cover in no time. your own personal handmade coloring book. it turned out to be both of your most prized possessions, a pang of sadness filling your chests as you finished the last page.
you felt bad taking it home with you that night, wondering if maybe Spencer wanted to keep it. maybe you should keep it at work so you can both have it. thats the fair thing to do. you looked down, smiling sadly at the little red heart on your hand.
he did want to keep it. but he had a better idea in mind. he looked down, smiling excitedly at the little black heart on his hand.
the next day when you arrived to work all your worries were solved. on your desk laid a new sketch book entitled:
"y/n and Spencer's super duper special sketchbook: volume ii"
you laughed as you read a small lilac post it note that said, "i want to keep this one please" signed with a little red heart in the corner.
ultra mega super cool taglist:
@mac99martin @imhreid @spencersmagic @hollydaisy23 @raelady1184 @a-broken-pact @padfootswife @hey-there-angels @star-stuff-in-the-cosmos @sonnydoesrandomshit @coffeereid-deactivated20210303 @averyhotchner @laurakirsten0502 @reidyoulikeabook @rem-ariiana @spencerreid9 @vampire-overlord @takeyourleap-of-faith @s1utformgg @violetspoetic
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paperspence · 2 years ago
hotch: reid, what are you doing?
reid: making chocolate pudding
hotch: it's 4:00 in the morning, why on earth are you making chocolate pudding?
reid: because I've lost control of my life
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unholyobsessions · 10 months ago
Random BAU headcanons
these all live in my head rent free. enjoy
Spencer does not like iced coffee. Not because of the taste he actually finds that quite nice, but because of the condensation that gathers around the cup
Emily and Spencer vibe to Panic! At the Disco together and will often sing their songs during karaoke drunk out of their minds
Penelope writes everything on post-its—reminders, plans, phone numbers, addresses—everything. She will eventually loose them and forget about them 
Hotch gets clingy when he’s drunk and will tell all the team members what he loves about them
Dave has a pool, he never uses it so he will sometimes come home to find Will and JJ with Henry and Michael chilling there. He knows they broke in but he doesn’t care and offers them dinner
Spencer can’t sing, he is basically tone deaf but one day he has a little too much to drink and starts playing piano and the team is a little amazed at how good he is. When questioned about it later he will 100% deny it
Morgan coaches a little league baseball team and will have arguments with Hotch about who the best coach is even though they coach completely different sports
Spencer is prone to dropping his contacts down the sink so the rest of the team starts carrying spares since they’re tired of him squinting the whole day because he also forgot his frames back home
Hotch will cuddle whoever he is sharing a room with, Emily teases him about it but is also always the first to volunteer to room with him
Spencer once caught JJ watching YouTube videos on how to do magic tricks to be “cooler than uncle Spencer” (he spends four hours teaching her a simple card trick that she is insanely proud of)
Rossi kisses each of them goodnight before they all go back to their hotel rooms
JJ reads Henry and Michael a bedtime story every night when they are on a case, Morgan, Emily, and Spencer all sit around her to listen too
They are all the type of people who when one is in the shower the other one is getting ready or using the toilet
Garcia plans a ‘surprise’ birthday party for each member of the team. They all know about it but act surprised just to see her grin when they do
Emily refuses to play scrabble with Spencer after one time he absolutely destroyed her and bragged about it for a month
If someone eats Spencer’s chocolate sprinkles donut they will deal with the silent treatment form him and disappointed looks from the rest of the team for a week
They all have Snapchat and send each other snaps throughout the day even when they’re at work. “Reid you don’t have to send me the picture of the dead spider, I killed it”
Jeid confession never happened and it was all a fever dream
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sapphicdeath · a year ago
I’d like to imagine after Elle killed that guy and left the BAU she went on to kick other rapists asses.
*case for the BAU comes in*
JJ: oh some ex FBI agent is killing rapists?
*slides file into trash*
JJ: whoops
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baby-i-am-fireproof · a year ago
Naughty! (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Tumblr media
A/N So this is my first ever imagine writing for the criminal minds fandom and of course I had to start it off with our lord and saviour Spencer Reid along with some smut.
Warnings:Female masturbation, DDLG kink, Unprotected Sex, Pregnancy Kink, Female Oral Receiving.(Wrap it  before you tap it)
When you first met Spencer, you were quite an introverted person and so was he. So it came as a surprise to all your friends when you both had started to come out of your shells, as you were both as socially awkward as the other. You had both started to participate in going out more and being more outgoing. Spencer was always more for doing most things and he helped you work up confidence to do them, and talked about any worries you may have with them. He was nothing but supportive of you, and you him, his friends at the BAU seen him change as your relationship progressed. They seen him become more assertive and confident in a way they couldn’t really describe but they knew it was down to his knew found relationship with you. 
Now Spencer was very much sexually experienced which had came as a shock to you, and probably would to others as well. But he was well experienced and you, well not so much. Your relationship was slow in the beginning, agonisingly slow. But when you guys had progressed to being intimate with one another well it all went up hill from there. Sex with Spencer was mind blowing it was an experience in itself and after your first time together, even thought is was passionate and hot you were exhausted the next day and needed Spencer’s help to walk. That was something you were not used to and to be honest wouldn’t be something you would get used to so easily.
You had been together nearly a year before Spencer had asked you to move in with him, you immediately agreed but worried that you were moving far to quick in the relationship but it was all settled when Spencer said “ I love you more than I’ve ever loved anybody, I always will.” That settled it all and you knew that as everyday passed your love for him grew. Spencer and you were hot and heavy there on in the relationship. Your sex lives were very active, you guys tried to have sex as much as you could despite your jobs being in the way and Spencer being away quite a lot. 
Every time Spencer went on a case it was hard but you spoke as often as you could with him. You were always texting Penelope to make sure he was okay. He had become your everything, and you his. Losing him was your ultimate fear, so when he was away it was like your heart was in your throat and would only go down as soon as he had you in his arms. 
Now, yours and Spencer’s relationship was obviously serious, you were both committed to one another with big plans for the future. Three years into the relationship, you guys had bought a house together, it was quite a grand house in some people eyes, but it was quite common in the area you guys lived in. The house was your perfect state of the art home, very modern, four bedroom, 2 baths not including the en suite in the master bedroom, large kitchen with great facilities, 2 offices, a lounge and a living area. It also had a laundry room and good enough storage. That garage was spacious for both of your cars and the backyard was spacious and had lots of potential and you had already planned what to do with it. When Spencer and you decided to buy a home together this wasn’t what you were thinking you were thinking a good enough apartment with the right facilities. But it was him who wanted a grander place and he took it upon himself to put your names down to view. When you seen it you were sold as was Spencer, you were the first ones to make an offer that was accepted and so that was it.
Fast forward to now, you were in a big house all alone waiting for Spencer to come back from grocery shopping, he had took a holiday from work so that you and him could have some quality time together. Which you couldn’t wait for. You had woken up alone which filled you up with some disappointment, until you saw his note on his pillow saying he was out and would be back soon. That brought a smile to your face so you turned back round onto your back and sank further into your pillow. With a smile graced on your lips, you thought about Spencer his warm loving eyes, that sometimes held a possessive look in their gaze. His dimples when he smiles. His soft hair that is long enough for you to grab as he fucks you into oblivion. His big hands that you loved wrapped around our waist out in public and your throat in the bedroom. His fingers that you love having pump in and out of your pussy bringing you to the edge and then cumming all over them as he just looks down at you with a smirk. And fuck his mouth, the way he lets his tongue flick over his lip when he looks at you is enough to get you dripping.
Just the thought of him turns you on. You feel yourself start to get wet, so you take one of your hand and start to rub your clit. It feels so fucking good to touch yourself. To feel your self get wetter and wetter, you start rubbing you clit hard and fast as moans star to spew out of you mouth. But as you’re doing it you’re imaging it as Spencer rubbing your clit, his hand on your shaved pussy. “Just like that Spence!” “Harder!” “Fuck yes please!” were just some of the phrases you were practically screaming now. And just as you were about to insert a finger into your pussy you were stopped by a voice you know all too well. 
“Aren’t you being a naughty girl”
Y/e/c immediately met Spencer’s warm brown ones, however all they held was lust.Spencer stalked over to your shared bed and ripped the duvet off of you and he saw you hand in your panties.
 “Tut, tut, tut, your still being a naughty little slut aren’t you baby girl?” his voice came out as husky and low which made you even wetter if that was possible.
You kept rubbing your clit “Yes daddy, but I can’t help it, it just feels to good.” You shut your eyes and kept rubbing you clit until a hand roughly grabbed you wrist and pulled it away from you pussy.  Your juices dripping from your fingers as Spencer held you wrist in his hand.
“ Baby girl is just so needy isn’t she? Only whores get this wet, are you a whore?” His eyes meeting yours with a hard gaze. You nodded your head.
“Nuh uh, say it, say that you’re a whore. Tell daddy that your a filthy little whore that wants nothing but her little tight cunt filled with his cock!” Spencer basically growled it out and if you weren’t already sitting down your legs would have gave out on you by how turned on you were. 
“ I’m a whore daddy. I’m such a filthy whore that needs your cock daddy. I need it so bad  my pussy aches for it.” You breathe out with need. 
Spencer takes your fingers that are dripping with your juices into his mouth and sucks on them. You moan out, you need him so badly you start writhing under him. He pulls your finger out of his mouth and immediately attacks your mouth with his lips, the kiss is filled with passion, lust and need. So much need. The force from the kiss has him straddling you, but he doesn’t put his weight on you . One of his hands is at the back of your head, gripping your hair causing you to moan into the kiss the other on the headboard to keep his balance. Soon he pulls away leaving you disappointed and panting. But not for long as he moves, taking off you nightgown exposing your tits that were soft and ready to be played with, the nipple hard and ready to be sucked. Then finally taking your panties off as quickly as possible, that you don’t even register what he did until his mouth found his way to your clit.
The moment he started sucking on your clit your moans started. Your fingers tousled in his hair. Gripping each time he hit a sweet spot. He entered two finger into your pussy and you were screaming his name. His other hand gripping your tits, his thumb rubbing over your left nipple then moving onto the right.
“Spencer! Fuck! P-please more! I need more!” Your voice came out hoarse from all the screaming and moaning. But he stopped everything causing you to whine. 
“Now that isn’t my name little girl and you know it.” He sounded angry and forceful, but you knew what he wanted and who he was.
“I’m sorry daddy I need it bad. Please!” The last word trailed out your mouth as Spencer returned to eating out your pussy. You felt him hum into your clit causing you to screeching pleasure, his finger pumping in and out of your hole like no tomorrow, you were gonna cum and Spencer would sure as hell see to it that you did.
“That’s right baby girl. Moan for daddy. Tell him how good your little cunt feels. Tell me how much you want to cum!” As he said this he was spanking your clit, causing your pussy to spasm and you to cry out. Tears welled in your eyes from all the pleasure.
“My cunt feels so good daddy! It feels so fucking good! I am so close, I am gonna cum soon daddy! Please can I cum?” You begged Spencer and he had a look of pride on his when you said it and set to work even harder. Sucking on your clit harder and faster. Then moving on to fucking your hole with his tongue as his finger rubbed your clit. He then switched back so his fingers were in your cunt fucking you relentlessly. You started to feel it in the pit of your stomach, you were gonna cum and Spencer knew it too .As your pussy was gripping onto his fingers as he fucked them in and out of you. 
“You gonna cum for daddy? You gonna cum all over daddy’s fingers you little slut? That right cum all over them show me that you can be a good girl! That right fucking cum on them NOW!”
His fingers were fucking you faster as he said it and that’s what brought you to the edge. Your pussy repeatedly spasm-ing on his fingers,as he pumped them in and out of you as you rode out your high. Black spots filling your visions as your orgasm rode throughout you. Yours moans still as loud but more breathless than before and your juices dripping from your cunt even though Spence’s finger were still in you.
“Good girl, I knew you could do it. Now baby I’m going to fuck you so hard. You won’t be able to walk”
As he said this you were just now coming to your sense and you sen him start to unbuckle the belt to his pants. You could see his hard cock through them and you were eager for him to fuck you. As Spencer was took off his pants you reached over into his nightstand drawer for a condom as that was where you both kept them. However, there was none but an empty box. Fuck.
You pulled out the box, disappointment clear on your face. Spencer had already stripped down to his boxers, now noticed the empty box.
“Fuck” His voiced was strained, like he was in pain  and damn did you understand. You felt like you could cry. All throughout the relationship condoms were all you used as your body didn’t react well to birth control and Spencer was more than okay with it. But right now you cursed your body, you want nothing more than to be fucked. But that’s when the idea struck.
“Spence it’s okay just pull out.” Those six words caused a look in his eyes you’d never seen. And it made you just want to ride him right there.
“Are you sure becau-” He didn’t even get to finish his sentence as you had already attached your lips to his pulling him into you. Whilst kissing each other Spencer managed to get his boxers off and set his cock free. It was always a sight you loved to see. You were eager to get inside of you and the thought of him going in bareback made you even more eager.
Spencer laid you on your back and got in between your legs, rubbing his cock up and down the slit of your pussy. His cock already dripping precum, throbbing for release. 
“Please fuck me daddy! My tight cunt wants your cock in it fucking it!” You moan out, and that was all that Spencer needed before he thrusted into your pussy all the way, ball deeps. Both moaning, at the pleasure. Spencer gave you a few to adjust before beginning to thrust in and out of you. He brought all his cock out of your hole besides the tip, leaving you feeling empty. Spencer could see all your juices dripping down his shaft, egging him on to fuck your pussy more.
He started fucking you harder, making you scream loud, making you glad that your house was large enough to capture the sound so your neighbours wouldn’t hear. His thrusts were getting forceful and guttural moans emitted from him, mixing with your own lustful moans.
You started raising you hips to meet his thrust, adding to both of yours pleasures. His cock was making you feel so good. Your hands were raking up and down his back as he fucked you, scratching him. But he loved it, he knew it would leave marks but fuck he didn’t care, he loved the feeling of it. He loved anything you did. And the fact you allowed him to go in bareback made him harder than ever.
“Fuck- fu, baby girl your pussy is so good! Gripping my cock so nicely. Your juices covering my shaft. So fucking pretty!” His words were muddled but you didn’t care and neither did he as he kissed you as he fucked you. 
All of a sudden his hand found you clit and you were screaming yet again as he fucked you and rubbed your clit. You were gonna cum on his cock you were gonna cum all over him. You pussy began tightening on his cock allowing him to know you were close.
“You gonna cum for me pretty girl? You gonna cum all over daddy’s cock?” 
All you could do was writhe under him as he fucked you, your moans loud as you began thrusting back into him again. 
“Yes daddy I’m gonna cum on your big cock. I’m gonna cum so fucking hard daddy!” After that he thrusted harder than before, causing the bed to bang against the wall and the bed start to creak. 
Then as he fucked you, you felt it overcome you. Your pussy gripped his cocked so good as you creamed on him. Your screaming not dying down but screaming for him not to stop fucking you as you orgasm coursed through your body.
“Fuck daddy! So goo-ood! Harder! P-please don’t stop! Keep fucking me!” Was what came out your mouth as you rode your orgasm out. Spencer obliged and kept thrusting in and put of your pussy. 
You wanted him to cum so badly after him making you cum twice already, but you didn’t want him to stop fucking you.
“Spence cum in me”
Those words stopped Spencer in his tracks. He had no idea what to think, his eyes met yours, they were filled with nothing but love and need. Fuck, he thought, how did he get so lucky?
“Are you sure?” His voiced was soft but strong as he spoke his hand gracing you cheek.
“Yes I’m sure Spence, fuck me harder and fill me up with your cum” Those filthy word that left your mouth drove him into a frenzy. His cock fucking you cunt hard and fast, making you scream out. His cock always made you feel good. You were close to your third orgasm but you want Spence and you to cum together. And as probably proven you didn’t seem to care about the possible consequences from this escapade. You may as well go with it.
“That’s right daddy fuck your little girl, breed her cunt!”
You screamed out in pleasure, Spencer was close and you knew he was so turned on as were you form the possible consequence.
“You want daddy’s cum? Huh? You want my cum in your fertile pussy? You want daddy to knock you up real good so that everyone knows your mine?” He growled out in your ear. Fuck you were close any second you were gonna cum.
“Yes daddy fill me with your cum. Knock me up real good. Breed me like the slut I am daddy! I want you baby in me please!”  The last word was screamed out as your third orgasm flowed through your body, more powerful than the last two. Your orgasm had triggered Spencer’s as did your words and you felt his cum fill you and his cock throb in your pussy, adding more to your pleasure as you moans mixed with his groans. 
He still thrusted in and out of your pussy as his cock was milked by it spilling the contents of his cock into your fertile womb. When he stopped fucking you he stilled inside you as he leaned down to kiss you passionately which you reciprocated. 
When he pulled out of your pussy, his cum dripped out and did some of your juices, there was so much of it. It would take a miracle for you not to get pregnant. Spencer collapsed next you but turned to look at you.
“I love you so fucking much.” His voice was strong and it sent butterflies to your stomach.
“I love you too.” Your voice was small and soft, he looked at you with so much love and you looked at him with love too. After those events you knew a conversation would be held about what took place and what could possibly happen from it but right now all you could do was admire each other.
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