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Top figure: a Mnemosurgeon’s cable.

Primary uses: interfacing with minds and altering or removing memories, and implanting false ones via a process known as Shadowplay. There are always four cables, and they retract into the backs of their users, their ports usually covered by false back plating. Mnemosurgery cables are a standard size, being twenty five feet long regardless of the frametype of their user.

Other uses: Unknown

Known (living) Mnemosurgeons: None. Most were killed during the raids on the Institute. Those who survived were hunted down and killed by both factions, save for one, [REDACTED], who is missing and presumed offline. His last known whereabouts were [DATA EXPUNGED], and he was sighted with [REDACTED]. Any new data found on him is to be immediately destroyed. No report nor file is to be made under any circumstances. This order comes from Megatron himself.

Bottom figure: Data cable.

Primary uses: Data cables allow the user to plug into computer systems and interface with them directly, as well as download and upload information. Mecha with them installed have secondary drives added to their processors that allow them to store vast amounts of data via downloading the information. These cables are also used to edit and work with code, and install coding patches into mecha. There are always six, and length varies according to the height of the user.

Other uses: They can be used to jack into a mech’s processor and view memories as a spectator, however one cannot edit the memory or delete it, only look.

— Decepticon intelligence and communications officer Soundwave.


Ah, cables. A touchy subject, now that the Institute’s records have been made public due to its destruction. Most mecha think of data cables, the kind I, and all my fellow techies, use to interface directly with technology. As you can see in Soundie’s report up there, there is another kind. Mnemosurgery cables. Creepy glowy nightmare stab-stab tentacles that can erase your memories and literally reprogram you as a mindless drone. Fun. They were used by mecha who worked for the Institute, a shadowy organization that operated for millennia before the war. Everyone knew they existed — well, had a vague concept of them. Sometimes, mecha with strange powers… went away. People who looked into their whereabouts also vanished, though not for long. They’d come back with no interest in talking about the missing person. Sparklings with unique or strange altmodes would be snapped up from their creches, and you’d never hear from them again. Stories and rumors abounded, some mild, and some truly horrific. We all were vaguely aware these missing mecha, known as the ‘disappeared’ went somewhere — where exactly they went was a mystery. Empurata victims, after they were released, would have no memory of the day of the procedure. As if it’d been wiped away. Many attributed this to the processor simply suppressing it.

The truth was something out of only the most hellish nightmares.

I don’t have the time nor mental fortitude to lay out every sick, twisted, and disgusting experiment they ran, or every monstrous crime against the species committed in sprawling facilities beneath Cybertron’s surface. To keep a twisted, gruesome and gut-churning story short: they poked, prodded, experimented on, dissected, and kept prisoner mecha deemed as ‘abnormal’. Those with strange or unique altmodes were dissected, treated like a science experiment. Outliers were the subjects of horrific tests and experiments, done by mecha who wanted to know where their abilities came from, and what the extent of them were. Diseases were developed there, strategically released in places to cull populations of dissenters. And mecha who spoke out against the Functionists were altered, maimed, rewritten, or never seen again. Mnemosurgeons would snatch up homeless mecha and use them as test subjects, to see how they could destroy the mind. It was disgusting. Horrific.

Fortunately, it was not to last forever. In the early days of the war, a femme outlier imprisoned there, Nightracer, managed to escape. She was found by the Decepticons, and after sharing her harrowing tale, pointed us in the direction of the Institute. It was raided, the prisoners who were able to be saved freed, and the monsters who kept them there were either captured, or scattered like cyberroaches. All, doctor and Mnemosurgeon alike, eventually were found and brought offline, many by the very mecha they’d hurt. The Institute’s record of experiments were released, and the facilities themselves were destroyed. Their ruins still stain a Cybertron’s surface, like a lingering infection. Many institute survivors either went to Paradron as refugees, or were taken into the Decepticon fold and used their abilities to fight the Functionists, and later Autobots. The tales of what these cables could do… they seem straight out of myth. Some intangible horror, a nightmare made real. Subjecting someone to this is… a violation unlike any other.

Though it does not erase what they did, and what they wrought upon the world, it is a small comfort that all those who could do this are dead, and the knowledge lost… Save for [REDACTED] who [DATA EXPUNGED]. Nobody really knows what happened to him— and befragginglieve me that is for the better. In fact, it’s better if we cease speaking of him altogether. You never know who’s listening.

— Decepticon Seeker Bitstream

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