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#malleus draconia
honey-milk-depresso · 2 days ago
Oh darling~ do you mind doing the Dorm Leaders with an S/O that randomly teleports? They just have no control over it and will randomly teleport places every once in a while- -Dandy-chan
Sorry it was kinda short :'))))
TWST S/o teleports randomly
Riddle Rosehearts
Oh my god-
Having you teleport randomly out of nowhere and so abruptly has him shocked out of his skin sometimes.
When he asked you to tone down on your surprise appearances, you told him you really had no control over it, and that it happens out of the blue without you doing anything.
Perhaps there's a way to help you, there must be spells and/or potions to ease your problem.
Riddle makes it his duty to help you, but for now, he'll just have to put up with you teleporting everywhere. <3
Leona Kingscholar
Dear god-
W H Y-
Halfway sleeping with you, he doesn't feel your torso around his arms, instead finding you later asleep on a tree branch. God-
"S/o- can you, like, stop disappearing and appearing out of thin air scaring everyone?"
You bashfully told him you seriously had no control over it,
sometimes you don't even know that you teleported elsewhere (like when you're sleeping-).
*Sigh* So now he has to do something, huh? The only thing that can get Leona STANDING is that he actually tried finding a way to help you stop teleporting everywhere.
Just stay put, s/o. <3
Azul Ashengrotto
Azul is always scared shitless whenever you appear and teleport out of nowhere.
Including when you disappear out of thin air.
Azul had to consult with you about him being worried every time you teleported, and he wishes you don't do that so often.
And honestly, you had no control over it. You just couldn't help it, even if you didn't want to.
Well, your boyfriend's smart. He'll probably find a way to help you. Potions, spells, he'll try them all. Well hopefully you won't be out of his sight when he finishes making a potion or research on a spell. <3
Kalim al Asim
He's surprised whenever you appear out of nowhere.
As he jumps to you and tackle you with a warm embrace, five seconds later and you're not in his arms anymore.
"H-huh?? S/o?!"
He gets panicky whenever you just suddenly disappear, and he tells you why you keep teleporting everywhere.
So... you don't have control over it? Aw man- well, don't worry!
He and Jamil will find a way to help you! No biggie! :D <3
Spoilers: It was a huge biggie-
Vil Schoenheit
Vil almost smeared his face with the lipstick when you appeared to him in his room out of thin air.
Come on s/o-
Telling him you have no control over it makes him sigh.
So I guess he should help you, no?
It'll be difficult, but with the right ingredients and magic, he can probably whip up a potion for you and hopefully, worse case scenario, reduce your incontrollable teleportation skills.
Just watch out, okay?
Idia Shroud
Halfway playing video games did he find you teleporting onto his lap, to which he freaked out and blushed hard.
It was quite frequent.
You appearing and disappearing every five seconds.
"S-s/o... sorry to tell you this but... c-can you like... um.... stop teleporting every time..?"
"Sorry, Idia. I seriously have no control over it."
Okay, no, it's fine. He got gadgets and technology at his fingertips. He can make something that can prevent you teleporting uncontrollably. No big deal.
Just- don't scare him like that again- <3
Malleus Draconia
He's only surprised, but not really shocked.
Lilia's always appearing and disappearing out of nowhere, so he has experience.
But you keep doing that all the time.
"Child of Man, is there a reason why you like to teleport everywhere around the campus?"
"I- I can't really control my teleporting... it's not by choice."
Ah, he sees.
Fear not, dear Child of Man,
for he knows many spells and potions that can help you.
Just stay there for awhi- and you're gone.
He'll find you soon, and he'll help you no matter what. <3
Reblogs help! ^^
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fr0st-km · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
S/o gender? Gender neutral
Warnings? None
Summary? Them with an s/o whom loves sleeping and is a demon.
Notes? I was planning on making a Osamu Dazai! S/o but after seeing Thirteen, Raphael, and Meph made me shift back to Obey Me after waiting for the new lesson ( 61 ) for quite some time— Btw,, I wrote all of this based on my stupid memory about Belphie’s personality— Help 🐒😭
Tumblr media
- You literally made him have a panic attack omfg
- Malleus was doing his daily night walks as usual when all of the sudden he saw a figure in front of the Ramshackle dorm’s gate.
- He immediately knew it was you and ran up towards you, kneeling down next to you to see if you’re breathing or not.
- Thank the sevens that you’re breathing but then he realized…
- Why the heck are you sleeping in front of the abandoned dormitory?
- He shook your body gently and earned a yawn coming from you. You forcefully opened your sleepy eyes and turned your around to see a blurry figure in front of you.
- After you rubbed your eyes slowly, you saw Malleus hovering over you with a worried look on his face.
“Oh, Tsunotaro. It’s just you. Hello…Yawn…”
“Beastie, why are you sleeping outside of the Ramshackle dorm?” Malleus asked, concerned of your current state as he watched you stretch your hands sleepily.
You slowly stood up whilst holding your beloved pillow near your chest before yawning again “Oh. I didn’t realize that I fell asleep during my walk back to the Ramshackle dorm. Whoops…My bad.”
- He didn’t mind you sleeping and he doesn’t want to disturb your beauty sleep too. Malleus is just…Confused on why you sleep at random places.
- Don’t worry tho, you remind him of Silver a lot.
Tumblr media
• SILVER. . .
- Every time Silver sees you sleeping, he’d just…Lay down on your lap and sleep along with you no matter where you two are at.
- Every time Silver sees you sleeping, he’d just…Lay down on your lap and sleep along with you no matter where you two are at.
- Every time Silver sees you sleeping, he’d just…Lay down on your lap and sleep along with you no matter where you two are at.
“( Y/N ). Wake up. The bell rang.” Silver said as he shook your shoulder gently.
You forcefully opened your eyes and yawned, stretching your arms and rub your eyes whilst glancing at Silver. Humming as you stood up with your pillow in hand.
“…Thanks for waking me up. I’ll be going now. See ya, Silver.”
- Silver adores you so much omgg he’s head over heels for you—
- Cuddles everywhere!!! He just goes up to you and wraps his arms around you literally every time he sees you sleeping <33
- Again, old man Lilia is very happy <3
Tumblr media
- Jamil is your personal alarm clock.
- Now his new daily routine is to come to the Ramshackle dorm to wake you up since he knows how much of a sleeper you are ( he does that routine once he already finish dealing with Kalim for awhile )
- He’d usually wake up by yelling your name from outside and if that doesn’t work, he’ll go into the dorm and go to your room.
“( Y/N )? Wake up. School is starting in ten more minutes.” Jamil said as he knocked on the door of your room. When he didn’t receive an answer but only a snore, the brunette sighed and walked into your room.
Usually, he’d see Grim beside you and is sleeping as well. But now? The raccoon type of cat left you sleeping. Jamil rubbed his temple and walked towards your bed, kneeling down to see your face.
“( Y/N ), wake up. School will be starting soon and I don’t want you to be late.”
Eventually, he heard a yawn coming from you and watched you rise up from your bed whilst gripping onto your beloved pillow.
“Mmmmnm…I’m awake…”
- You and Kalim will both have Jamil as a tutor for future tests.
- The thing that irritates Jamil the most is that the both of you just— sleep during his explanation 😭👍
- But! Since Jamil has a huge crush on you so he decided to spare you. But for Kalim? Hoho~ ABSOLUTELY NOT. /hj
Tumblr media
• ROOK HUNT. . .
- ……………..
- Manz really watches you sleep from afar with binoculars /srs
- Calls you lots of French nicknames which you don’t mind but sometimes’ll annoy you—
- He suspected that you were a demon and he’s right.
“Mon amour, are you perhaps a demon?” Rook asked curiously.
Your spit out the drink you were drinkinh and took a glance at Rook in shock “Wait how did you know—”
The hunter chuckled “Fufu, as a hunter, I have my ways of knowing my prey!” Rook exclaimed.
“Hunter…Huh…” You muttered.
- You yourself is still curious of how Rook managed to find out that you were a demon.
- You asked if he has seen one but the blond claimed that he has never met or seen one and the first time he met one was you.
Tumblr media
Reblogs help! <3
- Head empty, only Thirteen, Raphael, and Meph
- Day 1 of me not being able to remember Meph’s full name
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alextheoreo · 2 days ago
Twisted Wonderland Actor AU Bloopers : Heartslabyul
bloopers and behind the scenes of the crimson tyrant arc
*filming a serious scene*
Ace, mouthing: don't fucking laugh, don't-
Trey: *laughs*
Riddle, drinking tea: mmm... BLEH, hot...
Everyone: *laughing*
*they're filming Overblot Riddle's fight, Trey easily picks up Riddle by the armpits and holds him up*
Yuu: Grim, get back here!
Yuu: It's weird when there's no one there o-o
Ace: I want a chocolate criossant.
Deuce: And I want an iced latte
Yuu: ...I hope your pillows are cold, and your toilet seats are warm
Leona, in the back: What the hell-?
Everyone, eating the tart: *nom*
Also everyone: BLEH SALTY!!!!
*there was actual oyster sauce in the tart*
Yuu, in interview: There actually wasn't meant to be Oyster Sauce in the tart, but the producers added it in as a prank
Riddle: It was all impromptu.
Cater: That tart was disgusting ;-;
Lilia, hanging upside down: Hello- AH!
*the cord snapped and he fell*
*video shows Deuce actually attempting punch out the seniors on main street, Malleus holds him back*
Che'nya, in full greenscreen costume: ...I'm green Slenderman.
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Hello! I just followed your blog and I really love your writing 💛
So I want to request where is mc caring for malleus who became a small child due to a chemical accident, and malleus is very spoiled with readers (I'm sorry my english is so bad)
Have a nice day 💛
I'm glad you're enjoying my blog!!💞✨ And your english is fine!🤗 I'm doing this as a platonic and scenario!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐌𝐀𝐋𝐋𝐄𝐔𝐒 𝐃𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐎𝐍𝐈𝐀; reader taking care of child! malleus!
Tumblr media
It is common for a person to take responsibility when they make a mistake in their part. It's so they can keep the memory of the day that they made those certain mistakes, and be a remainder that they shouldn't repeat the same course of action that they did before when they came across a similar situation in the near future.
And you'll be sure to do that, as you made a mistake in your potion that you were brewing with Malleus. The two of you were assigned by Crewel to be partners of this particular Alchemy joint classes.
As you were a first year—and still adjusting to this school's way of learning—you immediately warned Malleus of being not too knowledgeable to the teachings of chemistry. You've made mistakes before in the class, so you're very worried. Though there is a similar teaching back in your homeland, the experiments there are far more normal than the ones in NRC. They're actual potions—a substance assistance to magic.
As your friend and senior, Malleus assures you to just follow his instructions. And you did just that.
His instructions were simple. He'll pass you the correct ingredients, you'll put them in the cauldron. Simple as that. And when it comes to stirring, he decides that he'll do it and told you to watch him so you'll know when to stop mixing the ingredients.
It was going well—with him just giving you the things listed on Crewel's instructions, and you carefully dropping the contents into the heating cauldron.
Eventually, you observed him stir the ingredients inside of the cauldron. You can hear it bubbling up. You were sure that your potion would be approved by Crewel.
But when he comes around to check on your cauldron, he strictly scolds Malleus for lacking one more ingredient into the cauldron to perfect your potion—the Mermaid's tear.
As Malleus is occupied with mixing the cauldron, you decided to be the one to get the Mermaid's tear. But you got confuse when you walk to your table of ingredients to find multiple stones that is in a shape of tear.
"Hurry up, puppy!"
And because of Crewel rushing you, you panicked and picked up one of the stones—with the possibility of it being not the mermaid's tear slipping out of your mind due to your panicked mindset.
It wasn't a Mermaid's tear—but a Child's tear.
But you've already drop the tear into the cauldron.
The thick substance from inside the cauldron seemed fine at first, but then a sudden surge of bubbles bubbled up the surface of the potion. The two older men appears to be fine with it, as that kind of reaction is perfectly normal.
But the feeling of regret was too late—the cauldron shakes uncontrollably, and though you could take a step back as to not get hit by whatever the cauldron is about to do, your reactions were too slow; you were about to get engulf by the burst of the cauldron, when suddenly you felt someone pushing you off to the side as you landed on your elbows.
The smoke covers up the entire laboratory, everyone immediately reacting by coughing and covering their noses.
You lift yourself from the floor, fanning the smoke with a wave of your hand as you searched for Malleus—but he was nowhere near to be seen.
And when the fog fully clears up, there stood a small child that bears the features of your fae friend.
The responsibility of taking care of the child figure of your friend will now be on you, as you were the very person who made the mistake. Though secretly, you also blame Crewel for trying to rush you.
The young Malleus in your arms contrasts the personality that Malleus shows in his original form. He was eagerly snuggling up in your clothes, a content smile on lingering on his lips. He wasn't this affectionate as when he was his normal age, your friend prefers meaningful conversations more than anything.
Though he was warming up at you, you didn't know how to take care of him. You don't know anything about his childhood, a normal feat as not everyone knows about their friend's younger days, but you needed it right now. So you know what kind of food he eats, or what games or toys that he considers to be his entertainment.
There's only one person you can go to for this type of information. So with little Malleus in your arms, you stride your way towards Diasomnia.
Safe to say that his three everyday companions were shocked to find their Dorm Leader in a vulnerable state. And Sebek, didn't missed to blame you on this.
"This is your doing isn't it, human?!?!"
Malleus buried the left side of his face in your chest to block the loud shouts of Sebek, with his other small hand covering up his right one. You frowned at this, clicking your tongue as you glared at your fellow first year. "Why would I even WANT to do that? I didn't want him to be in this state either."
Sebek instantly retorted. "You may say that on the outside but deep inside you're celebrating the weakened form of the Young Master!"
You can see Silver getting stressed with Sebek's unnecessary outbursts. "Sorry for him."
You sighed. The conversation is not going anywhere with him. You might as well just pay your attention more to what would Lilia say to help you take care of Malleus.
All of a sudden, you felt a finger poking you on the bottom of your chin. Looking down, your eyes met Malleus' big, green ones. With a close of his eyes, he gives you a big warm smile that you couldn't helped but return the innocent gesture.
Lilia beamed happily at the cute interaction between you two. "Well, Malleus seems to already have warmed up to you. But-" He gave you a lopsided grin, "-It will also be a great chance for me to tell you some of Malleus' childhood stories that you can keep in mind of."
Lilia told multiple stories behind the mysterious, Dorm Leader. It was like reading a book, as you listen to Lilia's foretelling of different chapters of Malleus' book. From how Malleus likes roses so much that he would wove a crown from it with his bare hands, to how he would cry and sob as no guests came to his birthday parties that he's forced to eat all of cake by his own.
As you were sadden by that detail of his birthday, you decided to give him his deserved party that he longs for ever since he was a child.
You made him wait at a table within the Diasomnia's lounge. He swings his legs back and forth, patiently waiting for you with his three companions.
After half an hour, his eyes widens as as it landed on you—who's carrying a plate of cake towards his way.
"Is..." He starts to sob. "Is that for me....?"
You answered his question with a slice of cake, smiling at him as you gently pat his head. "Yeah, we're going to celebrate together okay?" You grinned. "And we're gonna eat the rest of the cake with the others. Does that sound good to you?"
A big smile grew on his face as drop of tears rolled down his cheeks, nodding vigorously. And to give you his thank you—he goes down from the seat to give you a hug. You cooed, wrapping your own arms around his smaller body.
You really deserved the world, Tsunotarou.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ira-hydrangea · a day ago
A little headcanons between Dorm Leaders and Cookie
Tumblr media
She is one of the first food souls that Y/n have. She acts like her mother sometimes. Very protective mother-hen together with Peking Duck. Y/n sometimes call her mother as a joke. Although it didn’t end well. Her cold attitude makes her look like a villain. Often gets misunderstood because of her face.
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts
Riddle is very scared of her the first time they meet. Cookie is known for her smart mouth so she often keeps challenging Riddle authority.
When Riddle almost put the collar on Y/n, Cookie already throwing her sharpest chisel at him. Misses by a few centimeters from his head.
After his overblot, he properly apologizes to Y/n. Their relationship starts to get a little bit better. Especially after she knows about Riddle's mother's situation. She starts to ask him to model for her statue sculpting. It ended with Riddle's body becoming stiff all over. (She maybe did it to teach him a lesson)
When Riddle starts to have feelings towards Y/n. Oh boy, it didn’t end well.
“I heard someone try their best to court my master attendant…”
“I didn’t want to hear excuses. I maybe still didn’t like you for what you did but if you show me that you really change. There tiny little chance I allow you to date her.” 
Riddle almost gets in tears hearing that if not because Ace screams about something in the background.
“… And you clearly have a long way to go.”
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar
“What is this talking food doing here?”
“I’m sorry, can you stand 20 steps away from me. I’m allergic to cat fur.”
Yep. Not a very memorable first impression. They practically throw an insult at each other faces. Leona can’t really attack women so he settles with a sarcastic remark.
She is the first one that knew about Leona's plan to sabotage the tournament. At first, she didn’t really care. It's not her business. But after she witnessed her master attendant get hurt accidentally, suddenly it become her business. She needs to stop Peking-Duck before he brutally attacks the Savanaclaw students.
After the Overblot, the relationship still didn’t get any better. If it's not because of Y/n, I’m sure they will at each other necks. So imagine Cookie's reaction when she knows that cat harbor a feeling towards her master attendant.
“I will never give my blessing to you.”
“Tsk. You, not even her mother.”
“Oh? I maybe not her mother but she still thinks of me as family. Should I tell her what you did to me the other day?”
“You wouldn’t dare…”
“I dare.”
Good luck Leona! 
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
She almost smacks him because of that suspicious smile. She knew Azul is like a dangerous mafia mob so she accidentally threw her sculpting tool towards him each time he get too close to her master attendant. (Unfortunately, Jade will catch it.)
“My… It seems like your hand's grip is not that strong. Is that an age factor?”
“…Are you saying I’m old?”
“Oh no! I’m sure you are not that old seeing that you are still able to walk.”
Congrats to you Azul. You gain one tough enemy for the future.
When Azul starts his scheme to trick Y/n. Cookie is already at her side together complete with her tool set and Azul statue that she slowly destroyed as the silent threat in the background.
For the first time ever, Cookie wants to work with Leona to destroy Azul's contract. For a personal reason.
After the Overblot incident, she still holds grudge against Azul so it gets worse when Azul starts to fall in love with her Master's attendant and even has the nerve to court Y/n in front of her.
“Y-Y/n… Would you like to-“
“Move along, octopus. You blocking our path.”
Now, Azul regrets making an enemy out of Cookie. Every attempt he did to win Y/n heart is failed because of Cookie interference.
‘Hmph! I will not allow my master attendant to date someone like Azul.’ and She does her best to prevent it.
Tumblr media
Kalim Al-Asim
She is a few people that find Kalim too naïve thus think that he is so annoying. Almost remind her of someone. She finds Kalim's curiosity as a curse. She can’t even sculpt her statue in peace. Kalim likes to appear out from nowhere with that big smile that shines like a sun.
At Scarabia arc, she literally hit Kalim in the head whenever he has that weird mood swings. Fortunately, it work and snapped him back to normal. (Someone didn’t like that).
After the whole fiasco in the Scarabia arc ended, surprisingly she was the one that help mend the relationship and trust between Kalim, Jamil, and Scarabia students.
She is the first one that notices Kalim's feelings towards her master attendant. (Kalim is still confused with his feelings).
“If I give you my blessing. Take care of her well.” She calmly said one quiet evening while Kalim look at her weirdly. (Poor Jamil need to explain it to Kalim)
After Kalim understand, he bolted out of the room to meet with Y/n and confess to her. Unfortunately, it failed because of Peking Duck.
“What happens out there?” Cookie asks curiously.
“Nothing. Just some pest decide to try their luck to court Y/n” Peking-Duck complain. Cookie looks outside the windows to find Kalim dangling in the tree.
“Ha… Master attendant. You really have a way to attract weird people…”
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit
Let’s be real here. She probably finds Vil in one of her stroll and after that keep pestering the young man.
“You are so beautiful… did you want to become my model?”
At first, Vil didn’t like it and acted like she is another crazy stalker (like Rook). Until he sees one of her sculptures. Impressed by it he allows Cookie to make the statues out of him.
Their relationship overall is great until the VDC preparations. She didn’t really mind the extra addition in the dorm but she does mind the diet. They are still a child just let them eat.
When Vil overblot, she is focused on her own sculpting tent. Imagine her surprise at getting a call from Brownie saying that Y/n is accidentally get poisoned. (She want to smack Vil but didn’t want to hurt his pretty face)
When Vil comes clean to her about his feeling towards Y/n, She is delighted. Finally, someone worthy enough to court her master attendant. Although Vil will be under surveillance for a while because of that Poison accident.
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud
Not much talk between them. Whenever Idia caught a glimpse of her in the hallways, he will bolt out from there immediately.
The first time they meet face to face is because Idia forgets the art project and Cookie casually walks towards Ignihyde and breaks down Idia's door. That scared Idia so much, he actually fainted.
When Idia realize he start falling in love with Y/n, he just fainted again. Thinking on how to ask for Cookie blessings. In the end, Ortho forces him to meet with Cookie.
“U-Um… Miss. NO! I mean ma’am! C-Can I ask for…”
“You taking forever and the answer is No.” a blunt answer is coming out from Cookie's mouth making Idia crack.
“Miss. Cookie! You didn’t need to be that mean towards my brother!” Ortho protested making Cookie sigh.
“Fine! Work that speaking skill of yours and I think about it.” 
Well, at least you have a chance now Idia. Good luck!
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
Cookie meeting with Malleus is not something they prepared.
“Oh? So now you have a secret date with this stranger?” Cookie said sarcastically while looking at Malleus upside down.
“Although, I must admit… he is quite a beauty.”
Malleus survived that night because of his beautiful face and Cookie only let him go with a warning.
“The next time you try to take her to date. Do it formally.” Remind Cookie while taking Y/n arms towards the Ramshackle building.
She immediately regretted it after seeing tons of gifts at their door every day. 
In the end, she needs to go to Diasomnia and properly ask him to stop sending the gift.
“I thought you want me to do it formally? So I send a courting gift to a child of man as a custom from Valley of Thorn.”
“I didn’t mean for you to send the entire treasury to her.”
After Lilia finish laughing on the ground, he decides to help Cookie explain thing to Malleus.
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teo-storm · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
So yeah, memes
I think Mal didn’t get it xd
F for sleepy boy, Sebek won’t forgive him that in front of Wakasama
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kio-may · 7 hours ago
Can I request for Malleus, Vil, And Riddle (separately) falling for someone that is very confident and flirty but overall very sweet and gentle with them. And when the three of them confess their feelings towards them they turned into a flustered mess.
Hello nonnie!! Thank you for the request <3 its like almost midnight where im writing LAMPSQJWO so please forgive me if theres any mistakes wkdhwis
Im not completely sure if i wrote it correct ー please do send in another request if it is not what you had asked <3
Tumblr media
Chances are your flirty but sweet nature was what attracted him the most ー you're not scared, are you?
And y'know, when he sees your flustered reaction he's definitely amused
Since he's not used to this side of you, for a second he won't know what to do, kinda stands there and just watches you become a flustered mess
But chuckles and makes teasing comments about it to see you get flustered further; it's a very intriguing side of you, he shouldn't take it for granted
"Oh? Did I catch you off guard?"
Smug bastard /j KQJSKSJW
He's actually happy about it in a way
He'll tell you to think about it if you can't respond from how flustered you are
Pats your head, and smiles at you, maybe he'll even cup your cheek to calm you down. But would also not mind if it flustered you further.
Tumblr media
Ok so
When he sees your flustered reaction, he's also smug about it
If it's very flustered compared to a more playful but stable side, he's taking advantage of it
"I didn't think I would get so much of a reaction, potato"
The way he smirks at you omg
It's either he's smirking at you and teasing you a bit further, or he'll just smile fondly at you, waiting patiently for you to calm down
Also like Malleus, he may cup your cheek and gently calm you down, and if it flusters you further, hes slightly laughing.
Definitely cherishes this memory
Tumblr media
he's as flustered as you're going to be LWMSOQJ
Homie was hyping himself up for 3 hours, has been memorizing each and every word of his confession for a week straight but still stutters so much, especially since it's you
So when he hears you stumbling and flustered
He's oddly comforted
Laughs a bit about it wholeheartedly
Such a pure smile
"It must be a shock to you, I won't blame you"
He crosses his arms and waits for a minute for you to calm down
If you can't seem to calm down, he'll gently but firmly put his hands on your shoulders and tells you it's okay and to take your time
Cherishing this but won't admit, won't really bring it up anytime soon other than if he's feeling very bold and both of you are somewhere private
He will feel so much more better now that he knows he can also fluster you, so he'll probably start flirting back from time to time
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lucyfloyenworkshop · 2 days ago
Twst Endless Halloween Night’s event is now over.
I really enjoyed this event, in fact it become one of my favorite. All the tension, the misundersating, the ghosts possessions, the dark and funny moments... 
Oh my Thor !  It was so great !!! ^/////^
Now,  I wanna to do one only thing...
Tumblr media
Of course there is a lot of others moment in that event that I truly wish to draw such as Riddle experimanting teasures’s hunt for the first time, the scene where Jade imited our dear King of Heartslabuy in front of Ortho and Ruggie, Silver talling the story of Mulan and his childhood in the forest to a speachless and clueless Jamil, Rook singing under the moon as he was in opera (or in a Disney XD), when Malleus made a deal with the ghosts... AND all the possessed students’s behaviors !! I means... It’s was a pure delice to see it ! (my favorite Jack, Epel, Carter, Deuce and Vil)
But Malleus, Malleus Draconia, our dear favorite gothic dragon-fea, faking to be possessed by an Evil Emperor’s Ghost, and enjoy himself dancing and laughing in the hall while he enchanted the organ to play !
Tumblr media
(and I both look foward and fear his overbolt)
Yes Malleus is not Maleficent or evil.
But he is a freaking a fea AND a dragon !!! It’s littery the two most dangerous folk in tales and legends ! Even the most friendly fea or dragon can turn into a danger for anyone who dare to challenge it or put in danger its treasure ! (in twst that mean us/Yuu). Ancient Magus Bride is full of exemples !
And who in his Voice Lines said that ghosts wasn’t the only ones to love prank human ;-)
Tumblr media
[screenshot taken of Ekala’s video: [TWST] SR Malleus Draconia - Scary Dress Voice Lines (link here]  
And also, in couples of times, Malleus become trully scary (look his Groovy Ceremonial Robes Cards, that smirk !) and with that even we can truly see that even he is mostly a kind and belevoded fea-dragon, he stay one of his kind and doesn’t see thing such as sacred people for a prank, a human will do...
He is so different of us and the fact that he enrolled in Night Raven College in order to learn more about human is so endearing...
Tumblr media
Oh my... I love that dragon so much even his dark side ! ^/////^
So all that talk for to said that I WILL DO a that art with Malleus with an organ in a medieval gothic hall !
Tumblr media
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vanrougess · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
a sequel to this post !! the THIRD years get to play dnd now and they’re sponsored by whatever olympus summits version of dndbeyond is. theyre significantly worse at cooperation than the second years but maybe if malleus stopped rolling nat ones
edit I recognize vils hair is on the wrong side . I’m sorry but. I’m also too tired to change i
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honey-milk-depresso · 17 hours ago
Hello!!! May I request HCs of Riddle Rosehearts, Idia Shroud, Kalim Al-Asim, and Malleus Draconia (Separately) with a [S/O] [Gender Neutral] (Romantic) who got Boba Tea for both of them? I don’t think Boba drinks are popular in Twisted Wonderland but I could be wrong. Who knows? You can choose which flavor that suits the Four Dorm Leaders’ tastes.
I love boba tea- and I added in Trey because- well- simp-
TWST Bringing them for Boba Tea
Riddle Rosehearts
ᴏʀᴅᴇʀ: ꜱᴛʀᴀᴡʙᴇʀʀʏ ʀᴏꜱᴇ ᴍɪʟᴋ ʙᴜʙʙʟᴇ ᴛᴇᴀ (ᴏɴ ɢᴏᴏɢʟᴇ-)
Has never tried it before, and he's a little skeptical about it.
He's heard once or twice from Cater on his Magicam, but it's not something too well known.
The only thing he's heard of it that it has some sort of... "sweet pearl" that he's not too sure if they're even good.
He prefers his tea hot, and boba tea is commonly cold. But, since you were really eager as his s/o to bring him to try, he complied.
Riddle was a little hesitant when met with the tip of the straw, reluctant to take the first sip. But seeing you happily drinking away, he finally drank it.
The smooth, pastel pink milk flowed his taste buds, the significant sweetness from the rose gave a nice, honeyed flavor, followed by the hint of sourness of the fresh strawberries. The pink tapioca pearls were really chewy and he found himself taking another sip of his drink with a smile.
"Is it nice, Riddle?" you questioned him with a warm smile while he was drinking, making his boba tea pleasantly a little sweeter.
"It's nice." <3
Idia Shroud
ᴏʀᴅᴇʀ: ᴍᴀɴɢᴏ ᴊᴀꜱᴍɪɴᴇ ʙʟᴜᴇ ʙᴜᴛᴛᴇʀꜰʟʏ ᴘᴇᴀ ᴘᴇᴀʀʟ ʙᴜʙʙʟᴇ ᴛᴇᴀ (ᴠᴇʀʏ ʟᴏɴɢ ꜰʀᴏᴍ ɢᴏᴏɢʟᴇ-)
He knows what it is, but he's never tried it before.
There's not many boba tea shops in Twisted Wonderland, but.... he knows Azul's trying to make some of his own.
Going over to his friend's lounge with you (Azul being his wingman may or may not have given him special arrangement to have just the two of you in a separate area since Idia is paranoid sitting with others-)
Idia's got his aesthetic looking bubble tea, and while he was pretty chill about just drinking it, he couldn't because you were there and he didn't know if he was gonna look awkward or something like zGjhjdhgjhdgKJGDJDHJ-
But regardless, once you drank yours he began to sip is own too. The tanginess and sweetness of the mango combined with the earthiness of the jasmine leaves taste, it felt really nice having it chilled. The blue pea tapioca pearls were pretty and rich in color, almost looking like a blue gemstone. He loved it.
"How was it, Idia?" you asked him with a kind smile, making him blush a dark pink shade.
"U-um... it was... good.." <3
Kalim Al Asim
ᴏʀᴅᴇʀ: ᴡɪɴᴛᴇʀ ᴍᴇʟᴏɴ ʙᴜʙʙʟᴇ ᴍɪʟᴋ ᴛᴇᴀ
He's never heard of it before, but he's really keen on trying it now that you say so!
He's heard it after club practices with Lilia and Cater, mostly Cater whipping out his phone showing them some aesthetic cafe drinks, some of which were boba tea.
And what's better than enjoying it with you! His s/o!
But... he got all excited when he chooses the flavors, like his mind went, "Ooh! That looks nice! Ohhh, but that also looks good too!!!"
So, he ended up getting one of the more popular drink choice flavors being the winter melon bubble tea (at least- popular from where I live-).
Kalim bought you yours cuz he can- and asked if you two can take your first sip together. Such a dork.
With the winter melon's sweetness balanced with the creamy milk beverage, it was complemented with the tangy and just as sweet fruit tapioca pearls, and his ruby garnet eyes lit up with a sip.
"Wow! This is really good!" he stated with you with a pale pink blush on his cheeks, which were puffed up since they has tapioca pearls stuffed in them.
He's too cute sometimes. <3
Malleus Draconia
ᴏʀᴅᴇʀ: ɢʀᴇᴇɴ ᴛᴇᴀ ʙᴏʙᴀ ᴛᴇᴀ
Never tried it, and only ever heard of it recently ever since Lilia brought it up in his dorm. It was shared by Cater, and Malleus got very curious.
"Boba tea"? What an interesting beverage name.
When you offered to try boba milk tea with him, he was ecstatic. Yes, he can drink it with you, and he was invited! SCORE-
Malleus didn't know what flavor was good though (or what they even were-) so he let you decide for him. Maybe he can buy the same ones you offered to Lilia, Silver and Sebek.
After purchasing yours and the flavor you picked out for him (which is the one I wrote above-), he looked towards you who was eagerly sipping your drink, and so did he.
The sweetness from the tapioca pearls and honeyed milk wasn't overpowering due to the grassy, nutty and herbaceous green tea that was mixed together with the smooth, snow milk that gave it a now pastel green color. Malleus' face brightened up considerably, taking another sip of the boba tea.
"From the looks of it, you like it?" you asked, smiling at him.
He only smiled back, nodding.
"Yes, it's such a nice beverage to consume. Perhaps I should buy more of this boba tea for everyone back at Diasomnia, too." <3
Trey Clover
ᴏʀᴅᴇʀ: ʜᴏɴᴇʏᴅᴇᴡ ᴍɪʟᴋ ᴛᴇᴀ
Trey has heard of it due to Cater scrolling through Magicam, but it's not quite popular in Twisted Wonderland.
But if you really wanted to drink with him, our dear pogchamp ain't buying it.
Why? Because he's making it. Yes, our dear king of baking has decided he's gonna make it with love and skill-
But since he's new to it, he decided to try a popular yet simple flavor to create. Which was honeydew.
What the heck do you mean I used honeydew which can somewhat match my name- heck no- *sweats*
Offering you a free glass of his homemade boba tea, he also took a sip of his own glass with you.
The honeydew sweetness was complimented with the creamy milk, followed by the tapioca pearls he made specially which satisfied your taste buds. He's gotta say, not bad on his first attempt.
"Trey, this is really good!!" you smiles brightly at him, your eyes lighting up with joy.
Trey chuckled, ruffling your hair. "Glad you liked it!"
He's definitely gonna make more to see your bright and adorable smile more. <3
Reblogs help! ^^
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fr0st-km · 14 hours ago
Helloooo Frost! I gotta say that your writing is so pretty and eye-catching so can I request a oneshot where Malleus's sister visits him at NRC? But Malleus's sister is very shy and doesn't know how to talk to men so all she does is stutter words everywhere! Like Shouko Komi from Komi-san Wa Komyushou Desu! I hope that you like this idea :D
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Reader gender? Female
Warnings? Lots of stuttering
Pairings? Various x reader
NOTES? The Anon sent me a DM saying that they forgot to mention that they want the request to be a various x reader.
Tumblr media
Heels lightly tapped the floor as a female fae stood in front of the Diasomnia dormitory. The said fae was shivering out of fear. Feeling anxious when she teleported to the location where he brother is currently at.
‘O-Okay ( Y/N )…Y-You can do this! Just…J-Just knock on the door and you’ll be a-able to meet Malleus, Lilia, S-Silver, a-and Sebek again! This’ll be easy!’ The princess cheered in her thoughts but paused when she extended her hand near the large doors in front of her.
( Y/N ) started sulking, burying her face in her hands until she felt a familiar and yet strong presence behind her. The ravenette glanced over her shoulder and saw him, her dear brother!
Her eyes lit up and she stood up, sprinting towards Malleus with unfolded arms. ( Y/N ) pulled her brother into a warm hug to which the male fae was a bit taken back by his sister’s actions but is clearly happy with her surprise visit.
“Brother!” The princess chirped, hiding her face by burying herself in Malleus’s chest.
Malleus couldn’t help but to smile and hug his sister back “Hello, dear sister. Have you perhaps came to visit me as well as Sebek, Silver, and Lilia?”
“Y-Yeah! I was hesitant though since y-you know…I-I’m not used to talking to men…?” ( Y/N ) laughed nervously.
Malleus chuckled and reassured her that it’s alright. His sister’s presence is already enough to make him happy, especially when he finished his daily night walks!
Malleus chuckled and reassured her that it’s alright. His sister’s presence is already enough to make him happy, especially when he finished his daily night walks!
Malleus chuckled and reassured her that it’s alright. His sister’s presence is already enough to make him happy, especially when he finished his daily night walks!
Malleus gently grab his younger sister’s hand in his and dragged her into the Diasomnia dorm. ( Y/N ) gulped and started trembling, again.
The prince chuckled upon seeing his sister’s anxious state “Do not worry, dear sister. If you need anything, just call out my name and I’ll be right next to you, just like when we were both two little young children.” He consoled, hoping that his words with calm ( Y/N ).
When the female heard her brother’s soothing words, she brought a small smile on her face and hummed.
“Mm. Thank you, Malleus.”
Or so the Valley Of Thorn’s future ruler thought…
Here it is, ( Y/N ) trembling simulator behind her brother as soon as the two entered the lounge. The shy fae felt pairs of eyes pinned onto her even if she was hiding behind her ( much more taller ) brother.
“My dear ( Y/N ), why are you hiding? Are you perhaps still not used to being under your guardian’s presence?” Lilia asked, then clenching onto his chest dramatically “I’m hurt!”
The poor female fae flinched upon hearing Lilia’s words and ran towards Lilia ( whilst bullet sweating ) to comfort her caretaker.
( Y/N ) placed her hand on Lilia’s shoulder, patting it when all of the she was embraced into a tight yet warm and welcoming hug. The female ravenette let out a squeak, only to feel Lilia’s grip tighten.
“Oh how much you have grown, my dear! I feel so proud of myself for taking care of you ever since you were an infant! Ah…Oh, how much I remember you drawing cat whiskers on my face back then! I felt so happy when you put that beautiful art on my face!” Lilia exclaimed as the female fae he’s hugging is currently trying to wiggle out from her guardian’s grip whilst whimpering ( out of embarrassment ).
Malleus walked over to the two faes and snatched his sister out from the other fae’s grip. Lilia pouted and crossed his arms over his chest.
“Malleus, I don’t remember raising you as a spoilsport!”
“…What’s going on…?” A new voice spoke along with a yawn.
The faes looked up to the staircase and saw Silver holding his pillow whom is rubbing his eye, still feeling drowsy. The silver-haired human decided to check the commotion in the lounge and realized that it was his adopted father and the two well-known royalties of the Valley Of Thorns who are causing the commotion. Though Silver knew it was his father starting it.
“Oh, Ms. ( Y/N )…I didn’t know that you were visiting.”
The human swore that he saw the princess’s eyes lit up from excitement upon seeing his presence, that’s when ( Y/N ) teleported in front of him and hugged the silver-haired boy.
Like Malleus, Silver was a bit taken back by the female ravenette’s surprisingly affectionate actions. The boy decided to hug the princess back, letting her cupping his face afterwards.
“Silver! How are you?”
“I’m doing fine. How about you, Ms. ( Y/N )?”
“Doing a bit fine…I-I guess. Nothing much happened in the Valley Of Thorns really…”
Understanding the princess’s statement, Silver nodded and slowly drifted back to sleep. ( Y/N ) with her fast reflexes, quickly caught the silver-haired male before he could fall.
“Aww~! What an adorable reunion! Don’t you think, my dear Malleus?” Lilia chirped as the prince of the Valley Of Thorns nodded in agreement.
“Yes I truly do a—”
“WHAT’S GOING ON?!” A loud voice boomed across the whole dorm, causing half of the residents wake up from the outburst.
( Y/N ) yelped and accidentally dropped Silver— to which Lilia immediately caught his son.
“I heard Lilia-sama’s voice and—”
Sebek had his mouth hung open as soon as his antique golden eyes landed on the crowned princess of the Valley Of Thorns. Sebek suddenly fell unconscious but is still ( somehow ) standing up, maybe he’s currently petrified out of shock and admiration?
“Oh dear…Sebek has seemed to be frozen in place! Good job ( Y/N )!” Lilia gave the female fae a thumbs up which made ( Y/N ) deadpan at him.
“Anyways~ how about Silver and Sebek show you around the campus? From classrooms to other locations such as the garden, field, and others like the rest of the dormitories!” Lilia suggested gleefully. “What do you think, ( Y/N )?”
Tumblr media
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could you do a scenario where fem mc was injured from overblot vil and malleus kissed it and it healed (much to everyone's shock) pls
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐌𝐀𝐋𝐋𝐄𝐔𝐒 𝐃𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐎𝐍𝐈𝐀; healing f! mc's wounds with a kiss!
Tumblr media
The skies was once grey with pain and anguish. It let out thousand of cries, letting it's agony be known and understand by those who can hear it. Though of course—just like how a person who have cried their heart out have felt sense of peace and relief—the skies have now calmed down; their tears were now only a drop of rain.
After every storm, comes a rainbow.
The battle with the Beautiful Queen was finally over. With Deuce's desperate attack—Bet the Limit—he was able to end Vil's further sufferings from his guilt and mistakes.
But he can't say that he was able to stop another one's suffering.
Because here you are in Ace's arms—shaking and crying as you felt thousand of pain striking your entire body at once. The boy who's currently hugging you is trying his hardest to reassure you, but Deuce can see that Ace is in the same amount of pain as you. Not because he was injured, but because they weren't able to save you from bearing all those wounds that you got from Vil's poisonous attacks. Kalim was also there with Ace, reassuring you with his gentle rubs behind your back.
Your arms glowed with an ugly color of violet; the color trailed down to your legs. It was painful to see you in that kind of state.
The other VDC members could only watch you, including Vil. Deuce can see the genuine guilt in the Dorm Leader's tired eyes, but he might be having a hard time expressing his apology with his words. And so, he opted to just express his quiet apology with his eyes.
"Ace! We need to bring the Prefect immediately to the infirmary!" Deuce at the opposite direction of the two boys who are comforting you, and carefully wrapped his arms around your waist, trying to slowly pull you away from Ace's arms to his.
"What seems to be going on in here?"
Deuce have heard of that voice before. That powerful voice at the magift competition.
With the short second you spend basking in his warmth, he felt you getting taken away from his hold. And when he slowly turns to the person who replaced his arms with theirs around your weakened body, he finally was able to confirm his assumptions when he first heard the voice spoke.
"Roi du Dragon!" Rook was the first to vocally acknowledge his new presence.
Malleus simply ignores the hunter in favor of shushing your cries in his arms. He was sitting down like the rest of them who comforted you before you get pulled into his hold.
He can feel you flinched and tremble uncontrollably whenever your legs would make any kind of movements. He frowned at the scattered purple wounds in your fragile body.
And without any hesitation—he rose one of your arms delicately close to his face and planted one soft kiss in them.
Safe to say it earned a shout of shock from them.
Your sobs somehow quieted down after his little kiss. You felt better, actually.
"... Could you kiss me again...?" You mumbled to his chest, burying your teary face even further to his clothes. Though your voice can't almost be heard, Malleus only has his ears open for you. He smiled.
"As you wish, Child of Man."
Kisses after kisses, you felt yourself feeling better and better. You can even smile right now as there's no reason for you to cry anymore; your wounds were no longer hurting your body.
Suddenly, the kisses in your right arm stopped. But sooner tham later, you felt the soft touch of his lips brushing against the skin of your left arm. You sighed happily in content. And not too long after being in his hold and loving touches, you fell asleep.
The others just witnessed a intimating interaction between you. The expressions of each of the VDC members varies. Jamil is discreetly cringing on the inside, but it also shows subtly through his face. The three first years as well as Kalim, are blushing as they're not used to seeing a couple get all loving in front of them. Vil was just glancing away, probably respecting the two by not giving them a single glance. Or he merely doesn't want to continue watching the couple any further. And Rook was simply delighted at the beautiful sight of a couple loving the other so dearly.
Malleus eventually finishes giving kisses on your right arm, and they were all surprised to see that both of your arms are actually healed and back to it's original tone of color.
He smiles a genuine one, as your arms were no longer feeling the pain of your previous wounds that were not there anymore. But your legs were still left out.
Guess he'll have to just kiss them better for you. But not in front of their peering eyes.
So with a gentle grip on your sleeping body, he lifts you up in a bridal style. And with a last flash of smirk across his face, he moved the two of you away in somewhere more private.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thatwildnya · 2 days ago
Harte walked down the hall as he made his way over to the Botanical Garden. He planned to go there to read a few chapters of the romance novel he had with him. He was trying to hurry and not garner any attention to himself.
“That new therapist is so weird.”
Harte’s ear perked up when he heard someone bring up Nya-sensei.
“You’re telling me. They’re like, unnaturally tall.”
“I don’t mind their height, but how he acts just rubs me the wrong way.”
Harte frowned as he tried to rush past the group of students.
“He thinks he can help us, but I bet he doesn’t even know what he’s doing.”
Harte stopped. It didn’t feel right to just let them say those things about Nya-sensei. He turned around. “Hey.”
The four other students look to Harte. “What’cha want?”
Harte held onto the strap to his book bag tightly. “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”
One of the boys raised an eyebrow at Harte. “Hah? What proof do you have?” He approached Harte, being a good foot taller than him. “How am I wrong?”
Harte was pissed at how ignorant and rude this guy was being, but he tried to keep himself composed. “Nya-sensei is good at his job.”
“Seriously? You’re joking.” The other three boys approached and surrounded Harte.
“He’s so clingy.” “And he’s putting everyone in danger by keeping that weird dragon around.”
Harte tried to keep his tail from slipping in between his legs. His ears turned backwards. “Koda may be strange, but he’s not a danger to anyone here.”
“Eh~ You know it’s name? Were you dragged in for a forceful session?”
Harte’s brows furrowed and his hands clenched tight. I can’t hit him, as much as he deserves it. If he hits first, though…
“He didn’t force me to do anything.” Harte tried to keep his voice low and steady, despite the anger growing.
“So, you went to him on your own then?”
Harte bit his lip and looked away.
“Ha! So, he did force you. He just doesn’t know when to quit.”
“Shut it…” Harte said quietly.
“They should just leave. They ain’t even a real-”
Harte reeled back his fist to put this idiot into his place-
A hand grabbed his wrist as a loud clap of thunder boomed.
“Ara ara, looks like someone needs to be educated about the new staff.”
Malleus Draconia, Lila Vanrouge, Rook Hunt, and Vil Schoenheit stood before their underclassmen.
“I suggest you keep thoughts such as these to yourself, potatoes.” Vil warned, glaring at the group. “Unless you’d like to make enemies of the entire third year population.”
“Nya was able to make many changes to our school during his time here. It’s thanks to him your uniforms are free of charge and there’s such a huge variety of food choices.” Lilia added, his usually bright eyes now darkened, “and he has ties to many royal and powerful families. Though I’m guessing you already assumed that.”
Malleus hadn’t said anything, the only thing he’d done was stopping Harte’s fist. But that was probably for the best, since a wicked thunderstorm was happening outside. And there smoke was streaming from his nostrils. And he huffed out an occasional large cloud of smoke with the accompaniment of green flames. The boys started backing away. However one tripped and brought the whole group to the floor with him. How very unfortunate.
“Nya can best me and Malleus in a fight, he’s traveled the world and is one of the wisest beings in our twisted world.” Lilia patted the dragon fae’s arm as if to calm him, though it didn’t do anything.
“To insult him is to insult us!” Rook loomed over them, smiling. “And we don’t care as much for ‘playing nice’ as he does. Though, Nya is the only staff allowed to beat up the student body.”
Now was the time Malleus stepped forward. His slit eyes glowed with a fiery rage, a low growl could be heard as he spoke.
“I will not stand for any insults thrown at him. If you want to keep your pathetic lives, don’t ever-” out of nowhere came Nya.
In the span of thirty seconds, he’d leapt over the quartet and punched Malleus in the gut hard enough to make him double over, judo flipped Vil, wrapped his tail around Lilia’s legs to pick him up and smack him into the floor, and finally had Rook in a choke hold.
“Now many times have I told you to stop making the children scared of me.” Nya sighed, his tail flicking annoyingly. Looking down at the one’s who’d been talking behind his back, Nya gave them a closed eye smile.
“You might not agree with my methods or think they’re weird, but I’ll have you know every client I’ve ever had has opened up to me one way or another. I will fight and advocate for you whether you want me to or not, it’s my job to do what I can to help all of you. However,” Nya tightened hold on Rook. Behind him his tail slapped Lilia back down onto the ground.
“It is true that I am the only staff that can get away with beating up the student body. Wanna know why? Cuz nobody dares to do anything about it.” releasing Rook, the tall catboy squat down so he was now at eye level.
“If I go there will be a shitshow to follow. In the few weeks I’ve been here not only have I improved student mental health, I’ve caused the rise of grade averages, student moral, decreased stress levels, and twice as many internship options have been offered.”
His eyes opened, but the smile wasn’t there. Elbow propped up on his thigh, Nya gave them a grin accompanied by very sharp teeth.
“Your school career is literally in my hands now. What I put on your record will make or break the opportunities you’ll have as a fourth year. Be careful with what you do, who knows when you’ll be tattled on by a sneaky fiend~”
To top off his short intimidating speech, Koda dropped from above to scare the boys off. Not once did his eyes leave them as the ran, simply staring at them unblinking. The lifeless body of a large rat was in his jaws. The crunch of bones could be heard with every chomp.
“So.” a dark aura began emitting from the catboy. He stood up, arms crossed over his chest as he looked down at all of them.
“Who started the it?”
All the boys avoided their seniors eyes, trying to come up with an excuse.
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whisperthepup · a day ago
Now I stopped to think, that of "the weird being that everyone hates/the powerful being that everyone hates" then I remembered Bruno, obviously , but I remembered that I'm someone else's Simp. Malleus draconia (A quick explanation for those who don't know him, he comes from a game called "Twisted Wonderland" by Japanese Disney [or Chinese, I don't remember], In the game each character is inspired by a disney villain, in the case of Malleus, he is inspired by Maleficent, but the point is, in the game no villain is evil from what I understand. Going to the point I want to get to, the characters stay in a school, and guess who is the one who is excluded from everything? Yes he, many students say it's his aura, they also say that his dorm members cause that feeling [yes, twisted has a Harry Potter-like dynamic, in this situation where you go to a certain house at Hogwarts]. But Malleus wants to make friends, and it's not as scary as they say. And he was already forgetting to speak, he preferred to exclude himself from the rest of the students [except those in his dorm, Diasomnia], apparently he is old because his age is not revealed.
Remembering that if I've explained something wrong Twisted Wonderland fans, I've kind of not finished watching the game's history yet, laziness, but being obsessed on Malleus, I know a few things.)
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avionvadion · 2 days ago
Pianos are considered string instruments so I wouldn’t be surprised if Malleus knew how to play one. I imagine he has a grand piano or something.
…Of all my years of being a band kid, I’m ashamed I did not know this. Makes sense though when I think about it.
He’s so extra he HAS to have his own organ, only canon will be able to convince me otherwise. Like, this man FLOATS during battles and stopped time just to entertain some lonely ghosts, and proceeded to scare the life out of everyone for giggles. HE USED THE PAPER MACHE DRAGON TO SCARE THE TOURISTS THAT BROKE INTO RAMSHACKLE.
He’s such a dramatic bastard that he had us convinced for ages he was 6’6 without the horns until we got an official height chart. He’s gotta have his own organ or grand piano. 🤣
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draceempressa · a day ago
I like that TW went extra miles to clarify that fey are still more alien than mermen, despite seemingly fey lived on same land surface as normal people and mermen lives underwater
Like, mermen actually made an attempt to reach out to mankind' culture, making an institute to learn the humans' culture for mermen who wanted to live on land, when fey made no such attempt, there is only war.
and ofc this come from someone who considers the appeal of the fey is precisely how ethereal and whimsical they are sooo
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