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#trey clover
flowerofthemoonworld2 days ago
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Twisted Wonderland Line stickers Part 1
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ikathousandflowersa day ago
is it just me or does it look like cater is talking to himself HAHSJAHA
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(I'm not an expert when it comes to translating especially on editing. I only made them just for fun and for me and my friends to use in dc! 馃槅 I'll take it down if it's not allowed.)
don't repost on other sites xD
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honey-milk-depressoa day ago
tweel stan anon here :D
may i request a s/o who is like really childish and also loves to cling around trey, and the tweels (both the brothers in a story)
Hey Tweel Stan!! ^^ Here ya go!
Finally can start working on all the requests properly :')))
I'll do a separate one on twins individually and with the twins in the headcanon! ^^
TWST s/o who loves to childishly cling on them
Trey Clover
He's got his fair share of experiences dealing with the same kind of thing with his younger siblings.
He's carried so many of them who cling onto his arms like they're playing on a monkey bar.
Having to have the same thing from you; clinging onto his arms, engulfing him from the back as you wrap your legs and arm around his torso, or maybe coming in from the front and grabbing his hands to wrap them in front of him makes him softly chuckle.
You're like his younger siblings, how cute~
Trey smiles, his eyelids half lidded as he ruffles your hair when you face him in the front and cling to his torso, giggling and grinning so happily without a care in the world.
He snorts when you make funny faces like puffing up your cheeks or just something so weird that it just makes him crack up. He can't help it, you just look so cute.
Trey places a chaste kiss on your forehead, interlocking your locks in between his fingers as he smiles. He wouldn't trade you for the world. <3
Jade Leech
Oya oya? How cute~
You're like Floyd, so affectionately and physically clingy. Good times.
Like Trey, he's had his fair share of experiences with Floyd, Floyd being the clingy brother who whines about how early it is to start school.
Sometimes he feels you lazily cling onto his back and here you softly whine about how you want him to just go to bed with you instead of always having to work for so long. He needs a break after all!
Jade sighs, but has a warm smile plastered on his face. He simply shrugs, and lightly pat your head, his mismatched olive green and golden orbs softened at the sight when you looked up to him in your sleepy form.
You look so cute, it'll be such a waste if he didn't kiss your puffed up cheeks.
He lightly kisses them, but he teasingly licked it when he sees you almost falling asleep. The warm and wet sensation of his tongue lathered on your cheek startled you awake, whining and pouting about his "dirty little trick".
He chuckles, highly amused by your reaction as he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead.
With a soft yet cheeky grin, he smiled. "I'm just teasing you, darling, no need to get worked up~"
Floyd Leech
Floyd is down for you being clingy and physically affectionate! That means plenty of hugs and squeezing you affectionately!
Floyd loves hugging you back whenever you tackle him and cling onto the front of his torso. He hugs you back, and coos about how cute your face is and just peppers it with kisses.
Floyd would squish your cheeks, hug you, squeeze a little, kiss you a lot, because your child like affection just drives some sort of urge in him to give you an enthusiastic return of gesture.
However, there are times Floyd would get moody,
sometimes he doesn't feel like he's in the mood for any cuddles from you, and maybe it may make you feel sad.
The best way to still cling to him is when he falls asleep, and you can sneak into his arms and rest beside him, slowly cling one arm on his torso or back and fall asleep, your head resting on his shoulders or arm.
He wakes up, still moody, and sees your cute sleeping face, you snuggling up against his arm makes him grin widely, and hugs you with both his arms tightly, and awakes you with an euphoric and airy look on his face.
"Ehehehe!~ Koebi chan you're so adorable!!~" Ah, such an love-struck eel~ <3
Oh my god..
This is the most adorable one yet. Jade and Floyd absolutely adore you!
Of course, Jade is the least clingiest out of the three of you, mostly witnessing you and Floyd having a daily cuddle fest almost anywhere when you guys meet.
But your innocent touches of affection never fails to make Jade melt for you, and hugs you lightly together with the already openly cuddly brother.
Sleeping with them, with you in the middle, clinging onto both their arms while smiling childishly at them..
aren't you being too adorable?
They hug you tighter in between them, pulling themselves closer to the centre of the bed, close to you.
Cling onto them everyday please, I swear to you, they'll never let you go when you three sleep and cuddle through the night. <3
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sylois2 days ago
FINALLY Twst Line sticker!
This is what I want for a long time! You can purchase the sticker on Line sticker shop.
[Twisted Wonderland]
The sticker only in Japan region.
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Tumblr media
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dawnguerraa day ago
There is only one concern I have about the anime
And that is if it's going to be on Disney+ that means little kids are going to see it and I know they are the young people in the fandom and some of them cause problems and some of them don't
And I feel like the youngest people in the fandom are like 14 to 17 in which I don't care about as long as they don't get involved with the 18+ stuff but if it is on Disney+ we talking about like kids under 10 and in this day and age kids under 10 can get ahold of a phone really fucking easily and look up Twisted Wonderland and easily find something 18+ and that fucking scares me
And when someone under 10 find something 18+ some Karen probably going to get really pissed and start drama and the fact that polygon did this
Tumblr media
And I know that there is a part of the fandom that is 18+ and I'm totally fine with part of the fandom but the idea of a kid finding out about that part of the fandom scares me
And I feel like people need to know about this because it's probably going to happen if it is on Disney+
Also like I said if 14 to 17 olds don't get involved with 18+ stuff I'm fine with not blocking them BUT if someone under 10 gets involved fucking block them because as a person who is in this fandom I know it's not safe for a under the age of 10
And if you don't feel the same way about this as I do that's okay but if you do feel the same way about this as I do Reblogs are appreciated because I feel like this is fucking important
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alynabeatley2 days ago
Twisted Wonderland LINE stickers (for region Japan only)
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It's my first time doing something like this so it may have some mistakes 馃槄..
Warnings? Nope
鈥N Y/N
鈥hort Y/N (around 150cm) [Has almost nothing to do with text, just some mentions of small height)
How would they react to their crush confessing to them?
You came to the Heartsabyul to help everyone prepare to the next unbirthday party. Ofcourse Riddle knew that you came, I mean how would he don't know? You're the one who told him that you will come lol. In the beggining only thing that you wanted to do is just to help your friends with preparing, but by the time you couldn't help the weird feeling inside you. You liked, no. Loved Riddle. A lot. But everytime you wanted to confess your feelings to him you chickened. So you thought to yourself:
"I think it's time to confess.... Today or tomorrow, will I get rejected or accepted, I just want him to know how I feel.....Well and maybe know if he feels the same way to me..>\\\\<..
So~ after you've done your job you went to your dorm to "check Grim". Riddle was upset that he didn't get the chance to talk to you. After some time, he went to his room, where he saw a letter.
"Could it be....A love letter?" - quietly hummed Riddle. He opened it and started to read it.
"Hey Riddle! Go to the rose mase, nearby the purple rose."
"What does this mean?" <鈥 (Riddle said that)
He went to the rose mase, as the letter said. It took him quite a lot time, but he did found the purple rose. Nearby the purple rose he saw another letter.
"Yay you found me ^-^. Now go find another purple rose in the lounge u.u"
"What the-". Riddle had no words. Like that he went there, and there until he collected 7 purple roses. The last letter said this:
"Back to the rose mase~"
On a moment he thought it was a joke. He had to go back to the rose mase. He went there anyways lol.
After coming to the rose mase he found 2 purple roses, now he had 9 purple roses. Between them there was a letter that was saying "behind you"
He turned around, and saw Y/N. He was surprised because he wasn't expecting to see you before classes. He wanted to say hi, but you suddenly took both of his hands in your hands, and roses between you both. You said:
"Will you date me? Sorry for making you go everywhere, it's just was a game hehe~. I love you, do you feel same way?". Riddle blushed. I mean, ofcourse. It's not everyday your crush tells you that they love you. Ofcourse he accepted you ^-^
Ace and Deuce was kinda shocked to know that you two started dating.
Cater and Trey wasn't really surprised, they saw the way you look at each other, so they knew this could happen.
They all was happy for you two ^^
It was another "peaceful" day at Heartsabyul. Ace was messing with Riddle, Cater taking pictures for magicam, and Deuce working out with Jack. Nothing new. until鈥
馃挜B A M馃挜
The door slammed, and the person who did this came into the room. It was Y/N. Trey smiled when he saw your small figure. Riddle yelled:
Meanwhile Y/N just was looking like that:
Tumblr media
Y/N didn't understand why he was yelling at them for "breaking" door, even tho door is still here. All fine.
Trey just smiled and told Riddle to calm down.
"Hello Kawaii Chan, how you doing? Also why did you come here so suddenly, I thought you was trying to kill Crowley today". Trey heard Cater saying that and making his way to Y/N.
"Oh well, this bird of a headmaster flew away ;-;"
Y/N said that with unamused face.
"I'm doing good, how about you guys?". ~After some time~.
"Where are you going Trey senpai?"
"?! Oh, it's you :0". Y/N caught him off guard.
"I'm gonna bake some tarts, wanna join?".
"Yes". Y/N said that, while their eyes was sparkling.
By the time they was baking, Y/N turned to him with very serious face.
"Trey senpai..". Quietly asked Y/N.
"Hm?". Trey didn't understand this sudden change of mood, but he smiled anyways.
"I love you, do you like me back?.."
"?! I-" Yet again, Trey was caught off guard.
"Yes, yes I do. I do LOVE you back"
This time nobody was surprised when you two started dating.
They was happy for you two.
I'll make part 2 with Cater, Ace and Deuce
And the other dorms too, but yet again later
That's all I can do right now because I have exam month :')
Bye, hope you enjoyed >w<鈾
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adarkenedforesta day ago
Trey: Now what do we say when we have the urge to throw ourselves off the nearest buidling?
Mc: .....
Mc: yeet
Trey: NO-
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twstrewritea day ago
Deuce: So if Grim got hurt would you take him to the vet or the doctor?
Ace: I think the vet cause he's physically a cat but personally I'd just let him suffer.
Riddle: It's 3am.
Trey: Go to sleep.
Grim: *injured* Just tell me where I need to go.
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julymarte5 months ago
Tumblr media
pro tip and聽 yes聽 another meme redraw
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cerisenes4 months ago
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Happy birthday for one of the most precious and babiest boy in Twisted Wonderland, Deuce Spade. He really bring many positive things in my world. Please don鈥檛 reupload/repost/use my arts without permission, I really invested my time and my soul to make this. (I forgot to upload here. I have too many socmed now, I think I need deactivated one of them)
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