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#otp ideas
quick-otp-prompts · 2 days ago
Um... if you have asks open, could I ask for some OTP prompts where one person is trying to help another person recover from trauma 👉👈
Person A, calmy stroking B’s hair: Hey. Hey, it’s okay. I’m not going anywhere I promise. I’m staying right here.
Person B: But it’s not fair to dump all of this on you. What if-
Person A: I dont mind it. I want to be here, with you.
Person B: Even now?
Person A: Even now.
In the months after something heartbreaking happens to a person, everything feels like a blur. But the little things add up overtime and remind us that things can get better, even if slowly. What do A’s and B’s little moments include?
A goodmorning text to remind B that ‘I am here for you’
B helping A shopping to make them feel a little more safe and secure going out in public.
Does A keep B’s favorite tea/hot cocoa on the cabinet always ready to make just incase B needs cheering up? Does B notice?
Person A doesnt know how to trust people anymore after certain events play through.
So B plans a day trip to show them that life isn’t as awful as it seems.
The trip is a massive failure and B feels bad but A seems to be happy at their attempt at least.
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deathtomychoas · 2 days ago
OTP Prompt: Competitive Sleeping
Imagine your otp are both insomniacs and because of the lack of sleep and staying up till three am, they decide to have a competition: who can fall asleep first.
At first B is confident that they can stay up way later than A, that A always falls asleep first but when B starts rubbing their eyes and yawning, they go to drastic measures for A to fall asleep.
B tries to convince A that they need to sleep, that they are going to be grumpy and hate themselves in the morning if they don't. A, who is obviously delirious from staying up tells B that they aren't tired, that they can stay up for another hour or two, that they are going to win this competition.
B, tired and annoyed moves closer to A and wraps their arms around them, pulling A to their chest. A protests and tries to move away but once they're safe and secure in B's arms, they fall asleep in a matter of seconds.
B has a smug look on their face and finally goes to sleep, knowing that they won.
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peterneptune16 · a day ago
So- I know I disappeared, forever, as I tend to do (School has started back, life been kinda hectic), but, I have a question. What are y’alls favorite Ship/OTP tropes?
For me:
Diner/Café/Bakery Dates
Cuddles and Movie Nights
Making Dinner Together
Sick Comfort
New Parents Figuring it all out
Cute Flustered Proposals
All take the cake
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screnwriter · 2 months ago
small details for fictional kisses
whispering ''kiss me'' to your lover
wrapping your arms around your lover's neck
kisses that travel from your lover's nose to their lips
breaking the kiss but instantly pressing your lips back together
intertwining your fingers
kisses that start out gentle but grows more passionate
forehead against forehead
running your fingers through your lover's hair
unbuttoning your lover's shirt, pressed against the wall
surprise kisses, in which your lover weren't prepared for it but responds immediately
a kiss in which, ''we're late for work but let's be later''
kisses shared under a waterfall
pulling your lover closer by the waistband
kissing under the stars
messy kisses, destroying furniture trying to reach the bed
a kiss that isn't meant to happen but it does anyway
sliding your hands down your lover's chest
grabbing your lover by the collar
''if we get caught kissing we're dead but let's risk it''
hand kisses
exploring each other's lips
smiling in-between kisses
now-or-never kisses
caressing your lover's cheek
good night kisses
''i was supposed to take a shower alone but sure, jump right in''
brushing your lips together, lingering for a moment
an accidental kiss between two exes
kisses in which, you've already said goodbye but can't help stealing another one
this might be our last kiss ever so let's make it last
kitchen counter make-outs
jumping into your lover's arms
soft kisses while cuddling in bed
i missed you kisses
a kiss that leave you breathless
stopping a kiss when it gets too heated
a kiss on the cheek turns into a kiss on the lips
trailing kisses from your lover's lips to their neck
''everything is going to be okay'' kisses
kisses that start of passionate but grows more delicate
pulling away from a kiss to look at each other, then smiling as you dive in for another kiss
wrapping your legs around your lover's body as they lift you
a goodbye kiss, but neither of you can quite let go
''we shouldn't do this'' but they do so, anyway
a swirling reunion kiss
''i've had a terrible day at work so just kiss me''
a kiss that lasts longer than it should
tending to your lover's wound, placing a kiss on top of their head, grateful they're still alive
spinning your lover into a kiss on the dance floor
kisses in which, i can't believe this is real, but i love you so much
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suchitasenthilkumar · 13 days ago
Prompts for Writing Physical Intimacy Between Characters
Tumblr media
wrapping arms around the other person from behind
burying head in the crook of the neck of the lover
tracing the veins on the wrist
dropping a kiss to the wrist
gently playing with the other's fingertips
tracing the curve of the lips
running a thumb over the lips
kissing the eyelids
gently caressing the eyelashes
easing the wrinkles when one has brows furrowed (when worried/annoyed etc) with the fingers. That is, as though separating those wrinkles away.
playing with the hair at the nape of the neck
smiling against the other person's neck
hugging, but the shorter person wraps the arms around the taller's head (i don't mean to imply that all couples you write must have this tall-short dynamic)
playing footsie
playing footsie but with legs caked with mud/soil etc
ruffles wet hair (after rain/after a shower? so it sprinkles onto the other
tugging the chin upward/closer
kisses own fingers and then places it on the other's cheek/forehead/lips.
places a kiss atop the hairline
pinching cheeks fondly
caressing the cheeks
tracing the edge of the ears
kisses pressed onto the back of the ears
kisses planted onto the collarbones
running fingers across the length of the neck
tracing the spine
Hope this helps your writing! Feel free to request for more prompts/advice/insights etc.
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why are the best ships always the chaotic one becoming slightly less unhinged because of their love for the methodical and organized one, who in turn becomes slightly unhinged themself. did that make sense?
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ritelli-draws · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here’s a Master Post of My Ship‘s Dynamic Summary and some older templates I made a while ago! They all have transparent backgrounds!:)
Feel free to fill them out and share them to any platform you like, just make sure to credit me when you do! Have Fun! :D
🌸My Artfol:
🌟My Instagram:
💚My Twitter:
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yanderemommabean · a month ago
Dumb idea for a book
You have a florist who pushes their cart of flowers around a very old but still flourishing town
They're very sweet and timid but have a great upbeat personality
They meet a someone who looks a little bleak for such a colorful town and after a few questions they find our they're a vampire
A very introverted and closed off vampire who's actually a sweetheart who's not used to having actual friends due to being seen as a monster
They meet up more and more and soon romance blossoms and what not
And the title will be called..."Pushing Daisy's"
Cause ya know it's a saying for death and stuff
Anyway there's my stupid idea lol
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quick-otp-prompts · a month ago
Person A: It was a one in a million chance we met in the first place. What makes you say it’s possible we’ll meet again?
Person B: Because if I’ve already found you on accident, im sure I can find you again.
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homefreeptx · 7 days ago
Things Characters Do That Make Me Feel Things
Carrying the other on their hip when they get tired and allowing them to rest their head on their shoulder.
Doing little breathing exercises together when the other's feeling anxious or frightened.
Playing with the other's fingers or tracing the lines on their palms.
Embracing after a long time apart.
Sitting by the other's side whilst they're in hospital and refusing to let go of their hand.
Crying into the other's shoulder as they hold them close and rock them gently in their arms.
Squeezing their thigh. Not sexually, but as a gesture of comfort.
Massaging the back of their neck or running their hand up and down their back.
Going out of their way to make sure they're doing okay, even when the other is actually fine.
Asking for consent, even for little things like kisses or hugs.
Doing things for them that they absolutely wouldn't do for anyone else.
Wearing the other's clothing and getting praised for looking so good in whatever they're wearing.
Going as emotional support to something with the other when they need it.
Showing them something they're super proud of.
Doing something just to hear their laughter.
Moving closer to them in their sleep because they're cold.
Padding off to the other person's room to sleep with them because they're lonely, and said person tugging them into their arms without hesitation.
Tilting their chin up just to kiss their forehead at random moments.
Stopping whatever they're doing, no matter how important, to put their focus on the other person when they need it.
Cuddling up under a blanket in bed and pressing their foreheads together before falling asleep.
Telling them that they love them just because they can.
Hugging them just to take in their familiar scent.
Sticking up for the other person when they're getting picked on.
Leaving a crowded area to keep the socially-anxious one company.
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daily-otp-prompts · a month ago
Person A: I can't focus on anything this is all your fault
Person B: And how is it my fault?
Person A: Because all I can think about is kissing your stupid face!
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burningsoprettily · 6 months ago
A: What are you looking at?
B: You.
B: Always, you.
A, blushing and trying to hide it: Fuck off.
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screnwriter · 4 months ago
a shit ton of enemies to lovers prompts
warning: includes nsfw
your enemy has been badly wounded, and somebody needs to bandage them up, so you agree to help them, and suddenly they're shirtless, and you can't help but admire their body, something this cheeky motherfucker takes notice of
you and your enemy has to kiss each other to create a distraction, though you get lost in kissing each other, and the only one who ends up getting distracted is the two of you, and as your enemy shoves you up against the wall, and you fumble with their belt, the antagonist sneaks right past you
chaining your enemy, leaving them behind while they scream and curse at you to release them
there's only one bed, but this time, they're arguing over who should sleep on the floor, which nobody agrees to, so instead they end up sharing, incredibly annoyed over having to share their space (it’s not like friends to lovers, in which they both awkwardly get into bed. this is straight up just. i will set this bed on fire if you don’t stay on your side)
your enemy seduces you by kissing your neck, tracing their fingers down your body. bonus if it takes place on a balcony, with your friends in the garden below you. if one of them look up towards the balcony, you'll get caught, and yet you can't bring yourself to push your enemy away from you
you're upset one night, and you don't know where to go, so you end up at your enemy's house, and as they open the door, you stay silent for a second, before saying (with tears in your eyes) ''i don't know where else to go.'' your enemy doesn't say anything. instead they pull you into their arms, giving you a shoulder to cry on.
during a dance, formal or informal, character A is dancing with character C, and character B can't take their eyes off of them, and when character B notices this, character B smirks, and starts dancing more intimately with character C, while not taking their eyes off of character A
your enemy's crew is talking about kidnapping or torturing you, and your enemy doesn't understand why they feel a sudden urge to strangle their crew for wanting to put you in harms way
pinning your enemy against the wall, or straddling their hips, pinning their arms above their head
you snatch a knife from your enemy's grip and throws it at the ground, then you grab your enemy by the collar, and crash your lips against theirs. they're surprised, but responds immediately
you threaten your enemy, and when they close the distance between you, you realize how attracted you truly are to them
your enemy's crew tells your enemy that they have to choose between you and their crew. your enemy doesn't hesitate. they choose you. as your enemy's crew raises their weapons, your enemy shields you, because if the crew wants to get to you, they'll have to kill [your enemy] first
jumping into bed with your enemy to ''blow off some steam'' or to ''resolve sexual tension.'' you promise each other it's meaningless, but the next night, it happens again
wrestling your enemy to the ground when they threaten you, holding a knife to their throat ''touch me if you dare.'' ''is that a challenge?''
''you're not going to kill me.'' ''don't be so sure about that.'' ''if you wanted me dead, i'd already be six feet under.''
you've been wounded, your face is all bruised up, your enemy puts a finger under your chin, bringing your eyes to theirs, asking: ''who did this to you?'' when you don't answer, they ask again ''who did this to you?''
your enemy keeps on smiling when you've got them pinned down, and seem to enjoy having a knife against their throat ''are you getting off on this?'' ''i quite enjoy the view.''
you and your enemy bond over something you have in common. when your conversation is over and you need to leave, your enemy follows you to the door and says ''we still hate each other, right?'' you hesitate for a moment: ''i'd still kick your ass.'' ''i'm counting on it.'' you share a laugh, and as you walk out the door, you start blushing
you and your enemy hug each other, it's completely accidental, and neither of you know why it happened, and it's like,,, you glare at each other, with an expression of ''let's never speak of this again'´
avoiding each other for weeks after sharing an intimate moment, be it a kiss, a hug, holding hands, or just looking at each other's lips
you end up on your enemy's lap, and you yank the belt from their pants ''let's just get this over with.''
it's 1am, your enemy knocks on your door, and you're like wtf are you doing at my house, then you notice that they're carrying a dead body, and you're like what the fuck is that, and your enemy's like, i need your help, now, desperately, and you're like, fine, but if you get blood on my carpet, you'll end up just like him (dead)
you recently broke up with your partner, who cheated on you. knowing that you're upset and pissed, your enemy shows up at your house. you claim you don't want them there, and as you open the door, insinuating that you want them to leave, your enemy slams it shut and says ''use me.'' you know they mean in bed. and you know it's wrong. and you know you shouldn't. and you know you'll regret it. and you end up sleeping with them the same night.
''i can't go there with you, you know. everything's just... too complicated.''
''if you hurt them, i will kill you. do you hear me? i'll kill you.''
your enemy says ''slap me.'' you slap them, no hesitation. your enemy's like ?????
i might make a part two
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joestynes · a month ago
Some (hopefully) short prompts for your otps
one collapsing onto the couch or bed after a rough day and blindly reaching for the other to cuddle
one washing the others hair. Either just because cuteness and intimacy or cause they need help (after a surgery for example)
leaving a post it on the others forehead when leaving to not have to wake them up
sleepy grabby hands to signalize the other to finally come over for cuddles
you like height difference? what about temperature difference? One of them being naturally warm™ all the time, and the other is freezing real fast and misuses warm for their personal heater all the time
or cold™ cooling their partner down with cuddles cuz they feel like overheating
one dreams about the main problem making the other annoying sometimes is gone, but they realize they like their partner more like they are, when they wake up
kissing on the forehead
kissing on the forehead, but when the other is already asleep
joking into kisses, smiling or giggling while kissing
they hoped no one would notice they borrowed the other's shirt, but everyone noticed
"if eye sex could make someone pregnant, they would have so many kids already, and still refuse to marry"
the "you are an idiot I hate you - I love you too" thing, but really soft and while cuddling
or the absolutely passionate love confession, but angry, yelling, at the battle, and idk throwing stuff at eachother or something
"dude shut up or I'll kiss you"
describing eachothers aesthetic. no matter what kind. Food aesthetic, genre aesthetic, temperature aesthetic, furniture/room decoration aesthetic, weather, music, animals, nature, plants, sports, smells, tastes, things to touch, there are so many different aesthetics a person can radiate, and so many ways to make the sweetest, tooth rotting fluff out of it.
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Person A and C: *being busy doing something*
Person A: wow it gets really hot in here, did person B came in?
Person B, coming in through the door: nope, it's just you flaming your beauty
Person A blushes and C facepalms cause they're sick of those two idiots and their puns
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fairiebyunprompts · 2 months ago
Person A curled in bed crying quietly, only to sob when Person B lays down behind them without a word. Only a whispered I'm here and a kiss to their temple, later on, with Person A cuddled to their chest.
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kryouma · 2 months ago
contrary to popular belief, romance is not red roses and intricate poetry. it’s alternating between mutual tolerance for each other and extreme competition until you realise you bicker like an old married couple and oh shit this i would kill this person but i would also die for this person oh fuck oh god no
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